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Henry Louis Gates Arrested

How we can all save effort.

Bloomberg News Svc: White Men Can’t Trump Sotomayor on Life Story

Sarah Palin's master plan

Free Republic's target audience:

Free Republic's target audience:

Internal Goldman Sachs Memo Leaked


self delete. silly. Off to the Lounge.

Idaho town prays for captured soldier’s return

Why I'm skeptical about health care reform, the public option, etc.

Health care w/o TV

I yelled at a hate-monger with a Bible again today. I tried not to, but failed.

Just back from the Big Eddie Town Hall meeting in Madison, WI

VW to pay $11.28 billion for all of Porsche

Racism, or something else?

Sen. Klobuchar: Republicans handled Sotomayor hearing with dignity and a lot of civility.

Will right-wing extremists still be committing acts of violence....

Operation Blackbriar

Re Jacko, my one/only post:: after viewing his hair on fire incident, who sprayed the accelerants

It's all about the Right Wing Media Bubble.

President Is Set to 'Take the Baton'

Regarding the U.S. military identifying the soldier captured in Afghanistan.

CIT board approves deal with bondholders: source

In contrast to Detroit . . .

IRRATIONALITY: Conservatives dismiss that which CAN be proved, and cling to that which CANNOT.

Freeps tingling in anticipation over Palin: "I would L-O-V-E to see her on FOX on a daily basis..."

Has anyone filed for survivor's benefits for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) vets?

Huff Post: Memo To Members Of Congress - Don't Be On The Wrong Side Of History

The accidental trail blazer

First Lupus drug in 50 years passes phase 3 trial

Your favorite weekly podcast...The Moth, This American Life, Talk of the Nation...

Your favorite weekly podcast...The Moth, This American Life, Talk of the Nation...

Dairy ‘herd’ protests in D.C.

Democrats' New Worry: Their Own Rich Voters (blocking health care reform)

Man walking on the moon

How many can tell a similar story?

A chick whose time has run out

Yessiree .... we're a service economy .......

An older friend of mine (now long gone) always used the saying "racing away like a herd of turtles"

Do yourself a real favor ....... rent the movie "Moving Midway"

WSJ: As Boom Times Sour in Vegas, Upward Mobility Goes Bust

Hispanic worker deaths up 76% since 1992

Please join the Creation Museum, Prasco and the Cincinnati Reds for the 3rd Annual Faith Day

Frank McCourt Story

It's big money multi-national corporate...

British Jet Crashes in Afghanistan

American Voters, the GOP has no empathy... for you

Interior to halt uranium mining at Grand Canyon

What should be our reaction, as a nation, if our captured soldier is tortured?

Halliburton 2Q Earnings Fall 48% On Weak Demand, Lower Prices

Bush's Key Men Face Grilling on Torture and Death Squads

michael steele is launching new rnc campaign to oppose government healthcare

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Jindal inaction allows bills to become law

And now from the AFA... ahem Action Alert... RE the GAY

Who Attends the Dover Ceremonies?

Obama Heads to the Front to Do Battle on Health-Care Reform

Neil Armstrong Took One Small Step, Then Made a Giant Retreat Into Private Life

Oregon to allow farmers to grow hemp

"Cheney Informed Of 'Objectionable' Interrogation Guides In 1992"

Sunday night toons, part 2

After German unification she discovered her husband had been a Stasi informant. She divorced him

What can average citizens do to support health care reform?

Imagine an Amy Goodman/Democracy Now opening news segment read by Walter Cronkite.

A Room Full of Cadavers

LOSER Rick Santorum weighs in on Honduras.

ACLU: Oral Arguments Wednesday in FISA Amendments Act Lawsuit

John Dingle has been working on Health Care from 1957

Mitch McConnell Makes the Dems Look Good

British fighter jet crashes in south Afghanistan

This sounds like a pretty cool job opening: Co-Host, The Takeaway

More Freeper talk of violence, revolution and/or secession...

Irony is Far From Dead - DoD Division

Five Republican judges switch to Democratic Party, including four from Jefferson County

US military silent on Bagram jail protest

The hypocrisy. For all the freedom they claim to want,

U.S. increasing counter-narcotics efforts in Afghanistan

EPIC FAIL: Reich-wing "Values Voters Summit" yields ZERO Attendees

Healthcare - serious cartoon

the Rich won't even notice the health tax put on them

A lovely logo tonight: Ad agency schemes to make the moon a canvas for advertising

Wouldn't it be nice if we could stop people from posting about unrec anymore?

Advanta Says Credit Card Default Rate More Than Doubled to 57% Last Month

From Out of the Memory Hole: CIA Referrals for Torture Prosecutions


Randall Terry Warns of (Threatens?) Violence over Abortion and Health Care Reform Measures

The grownups of the news business are all gone now

260 car pile up on major road way

The Rude Pundit: Walter Cronkite in Purgatory (A Fantasia)

Drive-by shootings kill 3 in Thailand

ACTION ALERT: Tell the Senate to Defeat Sessions' Amendments to Hate Crimes Bill

Fundies: Ex-Gays will be persecuted if the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill becomes law

Straight DU men, please chime in

Mark Sanford emails expose how David Gregory plays the game

DLC proposes a Kindle eBook for all School Children

Steele Unplugged: ‘Don’t Know’ If There’s Moral Responsibility To Cover Uninsured, ‘I Don’t Do Polic

Fear of Obama Gun Grab Prompts Nebraska’s GOP Party Head to Shop Til He Drops

As investigators turn their eyes toward Cheney please keep one thing in mind

As investigators turn their eyes toward Cheney please keep one thing in mind

Flashback Video: David Gregory defends the media in the run-up to the Iraq War.

Now, a word from the "do nothing about health care" camp...

Obama's Mortgage Modification program is working

What if Huckabee had the right answer??

a lie propagated by Blue Dogs and neo cons:

One of these is a nation of sheep

Has CNBC all of a sudden become Pro-Obama? The tone change is palpable...

Has CNBC all of a sudden become Pro-Obama? The tone change is palpable...

Lipstick wearing Pitbull tears apart the a$$ of it's owner

Botched Surgery Costs Airman His Legs, and Maybe His Job

The Top 10 enemies of single-payer: AARP, AMA, Barack Obama, Business Roundtable etc.

Want to make an easy $895 bucks? Go here

Feinstein: Cheney may be asked to talk in CIA investigation

Feingold Hits Obama’s Intel Chief: You’re Wrong, Secret CIA Program May Be Illegal

Let's Think About This - What Would Health Reform Do For Job Creation?........

Taibbi: Is Goldman Screwing Taxpayers in TARP Negotiations?

EVERYONE needs to check out THE ONION today.

Am I off base here? Tenant applying for an apartment says her husband works for a think tank for the

Dear Senator Lieberman

Dear Senator Lieberman

He never let us down

Acording to MSNBC..Train emergancy brake never engaged in Sunday accident

Iran: The Green Brief #33 (July 19) Latest news from Iran

Discussion on

Fox's Brian Kilmeade apologizes for "pure species" comment from two weeks ago.

I saw my first "Impeach Obama" bumpersticker today..............

USDA: 760,000 lbs. of ham for $1.2M

Wipe Monday's butt and send it out to play . . . then please come CAPTION!!!!

Sell the house, ditch the spouse . . . then please come CAPTION!!!!

A better plan needed for 4-year-old panhandler (Parents refused help from San Fran)

Put a smile on Monday's mug . . . please come CAPTION!!!!

Washington Post/ABC Poll: Support for Obama on healthcare slips to less than 50% for first time

Forty Years Ago Today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin opened the door that made it possible for

No let-up in US drone war in Pakistan

Jenna, Barbara Bush Were Secret Service Nightmare: Book

What does it cost to add 20,000 'troops' to the US military?

What does it cost to add 20,000 'troops' to the US military?

Kaiser Family Foundation, PNHP and AHIP....Which organization works for the people?

Funniest shit ever - The media myth of Palin's rambling resignation speech

Major Cities' Plummeting Crime Rates Mystifying

Senator Sessions Looking to Add "Poison Pill" Amendments to Hate Crimes Legislation

The Beastie Boys' MCA, a.k.a. Adam Yauch, has cancer

Why do Republicans object to Sotomayor's possible 'Liberal Agenda"

U.S., India Announce Trade Agreement in New Delhi

Has anyone heard about a $3 million project for a turtle culvert?

NEWSFLASH : We're already one of the world's biggest socialist countries!

Someone please explain ...

Fox News guest wants Taliban to kill captured American soldier

No Shit Dept.: US teenage pregnancy rose sharply in Bush years

"a woman dies every 35 minutes because of problems from pregnancy or childbirth"

We Can Put A Man On The Moon But We Can't Provide Astronauts With A Working Toilet

CIT is being bailed out at TAX PAYER EXPENSE

Reform Or No Reform, Employer Provided Health Insurance Is On The Decline

Nixon welcomes Apollo Astronauts

Another Twitter FAIL courtesy of Pete Hoekstra

"The industry...didn’t like seeing those countries’ healthcare systems depicted in a positive light"

Carnegie Report: The Taliban's Winning Strategy in Afghanistan

Brian Williams on MSNBC - what a lightweight...

Vermont has the laxest gun control laws in the country. It also has one of the

The moon or mars...

Performers Allegedly Set Man's Hair On Fire

Obama skewers DeMint in reply to the 'Waterloo' remark

Solar Eclipse Pits Superstition Against Science(Predictions of Violence)

30 or more U.S. troops have been killed this month in Afghanistan

There are some VERY smart people in the Obama PR group (BTW, THANK LOU DOBBS!)

We all want to change the world..... don't we?

Difference between DU and FR? DU sticks its "trufers" in the dungeon

Difference between DU and FR? DU sticks its "trufers" in the dungeon

The Eagle has landed

Put the cap on a Monday, seal it tight, & bury it deep. Then . . . come CAPTION!!!!!!

Will the Afghans we are fighting eventually surrender to our military?

Joe Jackson the star of a new Brazilian child abuse ad.

5-Legged Pup Rescued From Coney Island Freak Show

KBR Sued by Veterans for Toxic Exposure in Iraq and Afghanistan

MOON LANDING ANNIVERSARY... by all the top cartoonists!

We Choose The Moon (interactive Apollo XI site by the JFK library)

double post, please delete

"This just might do nobody any good"

Sunday night toons, part 1

Do you EVER think torture is just?

July Becomes Deadliest Month for US in Afghanistan

Judge Sotomayor's "wise Latina" remark -

gagworthy: A Vineyard Weekend for Donors

ABC/WaPo Poll: Obama crushes Republicans in trusting to do better job on healthcare reform - 54%-34%

ABC/WaPo Poll: Obama crushes Republicans in trusting to do better job on healthcare reform - 54%-34%

"He's just trying to do too much."

Mitch McConnell - "[T]he U.S. has the best health care in the world." Obama's Proposal Is Radical

Official House GOP Website Promoting Video Of Rep Saying Obama’s Mom Might Have Aborted Him

Randall Terry Does PR for Murder: Is Attorney General Eric Holder Paying Attention?

The Rich are Hurting: USA Today Wants to Spur Congressional Action

CIT clinches 3 Billion in rescue

Peter Picked a Beck of Crappy Diapers . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

CCR Action Alert: Keep provision in NDAA barring private contractors from interrogations

Robert Parry discusses Bush's assassination program

Congressman suggests sex surcharge in health insurance premiums.

"Delay!", say Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Ron Wyden, Joe Lieberman, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins

Jon Stewart aids fan suffering leukemia, promotes bone marrow drive

HAHA! Glenn "Get off my phone!!1!" Beck gets remixed

My church had to cancel its youth programs

Have you ever wondered what all those fees on your phone bill are?

Eliot Spitzer not my only governor - hooker who worked for Kristin Davis

Carrie Prejean gets a book deal with ... you guessed it ... Regnery

Pa. Supreme Court upholds state prisons' porn ban

Indian astrologers view coming eclipse as a sign of potential doom

Missouri car dealer offers free AK-47 with purchase of new truck.

Which person being gay would more greatly influence your general opinion of gay people

CBC News: Amazon erases Orwell books from Kindle service

Nate Silver: Rumors of the demise of health care reform are greatly exaggerated

Screendoor Sunday is Coming - Funny post from The Mudflats

Matthews is consistently inconsistent

Matthews is consistently inconsistent

Matthews is consistently inconsistent

Tweety's show is all f--ked up:

RNC chairman: Obama's health care is socialism

Nicaraguan leader seeks referendum for reelection

My form letter response from Sen. Patty Murray on health care

AP: US report charges drug flow rising in Venezuela

Couple With Same Name To Marry

Kids turned away from Philly pool getting a trip to Disneyworld from Tyler Perry.

Is it me or does MSNBC give WAY too much air time to the Rethugs?

So it this IT for Walter Cronkite Tributes by the MSM?

Death Valley 's moving rocks.

Health Insurance Companies are pulling out all stops to stop reform

Missing U.S. Soldier May Be in Pakistan

Billings murder investigation is about to take an odd twist

XM Listeners:

So, NorMan GoldMan will have his own show on MSNBC in Sept...

America has just experienced SIXTEEN YEARS of the its very own Dark Ages

Rush Limbaugh has lost 58 pounds!

Paper releases Berlusconi 'tapes' (BBC) {made by 'escort'}

Health Care Reform will not actually lead to better Health Care.

Carrie Prejean Clinches Book Deal: Why She Talked To Perez Hilton

Carrie Prejean Clinches Book Deal: Why She Talked To Perez Hilton

PUMA Lite New Agenda Fail. You will Love Who Amy Siskind Now Supports.

Catholic News Service: Pope urges workers' voices be heard, unions adapt to global economy

I'm tired of the people on Wall Street bashing Obama.

Insurance Industry Lobbying Group To Spend Seven Figures On First PR Campaign Salvo

Big Pharma Bribes Doctors to Hook Your Kids on Drugs

The Healthcare Bill PASSES First House Committee

WSJ: As Boom Times Sour in Vegas, Upward Mobility Goes Bust

WSJ: As Boom Times Sour in Vegas, Upward Mobility Goes Bust

Hate crimes amendments pass easily

Report: Bernard Madoff's Fellow North Carolina Inmates Looking to 'Smack Him Around'

Report: Bernard Madoff's Fellow North Carolina Inmates Looking to 'Smack Him Around'

Newshour w/Jim Lehrer, PBS, interviews Obama tonight, fyi. nt

Oldie but goodie: Why Does US Health Care Cost So Much? (Part II: Indefensible Administrative Costs)

Fire damages LA medical marijuana clinic

CNN's hoax on America. video proof, Gulf War 1

Does Chuck Todd ever know what the fuck he's talking about?

Mormonism currently has a living prophet who traces his ancestry directly back to Jesus Christ

Dems mulling working into August recess

4 US troops die in deadliest month in Afghanistan

We've got to begin the annual War on Christmas already?

How are we going to end this insanity ?

How to live until your 113- "cigarettes, whiskey and wild, wild women."

Resolved: Congress Needs To Get Off Public Healthcare

I am seeing a repeated theme of 'naked' being used.

Palin Abandons Bouffant at Buffet

So - what is so great about Obama that the rest of the World should celebrate about?

Black officers want immediate ban on website

What the Public Option Means to the Chronically Ill

Fox "news" has a "military expert"

Subprime Brokers Resurface as Dubious Loan Fixers

someone once told me that every civilization has about 300 good years

Sen. Susan Collins to announce her vote on Sotomayor confirmation tomorrow morning, Thune is a "no."

Is the public option going to be Medicare?

Cheney, High-Level Wrongdoing Must Be Focus of Inquiries

S.C. case, Obesity as child abuse. Mother arrested, 555 lb 14 yr old in foster care

A functional Democracy requires an informed populace...

The Bank Lobby's Insane Assault on Consumer Protection

let the games begin...Obama Making Push on Health as G.O.P. Steps Up Criticism

Damn, I Was Stunned & Had To Report A Racist Comment To The Head Of A Local Company

The DU has reached TABLOID LEVEL to a great degree: Diluting series discussions

I don't think we can have meaningful health care reform until we rid ourselves of lobbyist

VH1 Documentary on the Sexual Revolution...

In honor of the "suspicious package" found at LAX ...

Healthcare--"False Promise of Choice"

Who is Your Mt. Rushmore of Journalism?

Who is Your Mt. Rushmore of Journalism?

The militia extremists of the '90s are back, and organizing quietly in the woods

Rasmussen Reports Poll shows tight 2012 race

Fox & Friends' Kilmeade apologizes to the "other species & ethnics" in America's "Huge Melting Pot"

Can you tell a Democrat from a Republican guest speaker on TV with the sound muted?

I want to see some ads demonizing insurance companies

Day 6 preparation for "Call Harry Reid and Max Baucus" day on July 22, 2009.

NPR Wrongly Tells Listeners that Goldman Sachs Repaid Its Taxpayer Aid

Why would any Democrat oppose Unions or Health Care Reform?

Obama goes after GOP senator DeMint on health care...fucking A!!!!

When cops shoot pets first then ask questions

You don't have to be Einstein to know that Socialism is the best way...

Paid To Do It 72 Times

House probe of covert CIA program could target Cheney

The logistics of a right-wing uprising simply don't make sense...

Special alloy sleeves urged to block hackers?

Special alloy sleeves urged to block hackers?

The GOP primary schedule for the 2012 election shows you how desperate they really are...

I am not voting again until the ballot has" None of the above" option.

Are America's Best Days Behind Her?

Y'all need to listen to Ed Schultz right now. Replay of Madison, WI Town Hall last night.

Get Ready for Pak War: Clinton Says 9/11 Ringleaders are in Pakistan

Well, maybe some people will get their eyes opened. Maybe some red states will turn blue.

"There's probably no God" snappy comeback

Judge rules CIA committed 'fraud' in suit, may sanction Tenet

To those of you making fun of the tenth ammendment movement

France: Workers facing mass layoffs threaten to blow up plants

Trying to find Dean's List of Senators not supporting Public Option

Drinking binge at banquet kills Chinese official

US May Lift Entry Ban on HIV Patients

Lawyer Shot by Cheney While Hunting Still Has Shotgun Pellets in Jaw and Gums

The coming investigations are jagged windows into Richard B. Cheney's Shadow Government.

How to end America’s deadly coal addiction

Well, say goodbye to "The Onion" as we know it...

Well, say goodbye to "The Onion" as we know it...

What's the truth about health care in Canada? (Canadian healthcare?)

Sacramento Bee: Youth doe hunt draws fire

Goldman and JPMorgan -- The Two Winners When The Rest of America is Losing

Really long prison sentences handed out in Central Florida county. Some weird ones.

Re: kidnapped soldier...dumb question.

Re: kidnapped soldier...dumb question.

All 5 of the Watergate burglars who broke into Democratic headquarters were CIA operatives

Tweety to Michael Steele: "I'm glad I voted for you for senator"

Tweety to Michael Steele: "I'm glad I voted for you for senator"

In business over 130 years, Dehner is in trouble (Thanks China)

Could Dick Cheney Go to Prison?

If we had a Liberal Media - 7-20-2009

Want an abortion? Get a note from a dude.

Postcard from Bristol Bay

DJIA now at highest level since Jan 7th (when you-know-who was President)

It is time to consider George Bush's true legacy.

James Garner on Ronald Reagan

Los Angeles, July 23rd: March for Reform, Health Care Initiative

Should We Revive "Victory Gardens"? Will Agri-Business Object?

Franken Offers Service Dog Legislation for Veterans

AIG - $186 billion bailout - $5 billion net worth per as of today.

WTF? Really.

Jimmy Carter Leaves Church Over Treatment of Women

Washington Post Invents a Japanese "Demographic Calamity"

Crews Find Dead Body While on the Search for a Missing Hiker

About the "make your own energy for $200" ads on DU.

Senator Demint receives publicly funded health care, why not US?!

Make-A-Wish turns down bikini car wash $$$

Facebook now lets advertisers use your picture

Snakes on the glades – Florida launches mass python hunt

Interesting article on women's dress in workplace

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up by Bush/Cheney and our media

Single-Payer: The Top 10 Enemies- We have met the enemy. And they ain't us.

Will universal healthcare lead to a doctor shortage?

So, what's so bad about socialism?

Shona Holmes didn't have a brain tumour...

The ONE PAGE Health Care Bill

Top black scholar Gates arrested in Mass., suspected of breaking into his own home

The next DU tweak: ***UN-APPRECIATION*** threads!

What's so bad about socialism? It goes against the corporate fascism that conservatives endorse

Mom Charged With Child Endangerment for Letting Kids Go to Mall Alone

Kirk Cameron is a massive tool...

Yeah, the whole Osama Bin Laden story pretty much comes down to this

Dispelling the lies: Obama's Signing Statements.

It was a giant leap for me. A personal story.

I totally missed this: (NYT) Democrats Cut Labor Provisions (Kill Card Check, Ruin EFCA)

Sex on C Street: GOP Rep Slept With Mistress in Christianist Enclave

Should Fathers of Fetuses Know that their Girlfriends are Pregnant?

Why the Bank Bailout was, is,and will continue to be - a fucking joke:

Where's the birth certificate?

Not What Obama Promised

Ronald Reagan: Was He Really that Dumb? (a warning from history)

srepoR .sv sydnuB

The monthly photography contest has begun. The theme is

My 10 Favorite "Read Two Ways" Headlines:

Best Naked Gun movie

Baby Sea Lion Swim Lesson!

Which 25+ year old airplane spoof movie is not shown on TV enough?

I miss "Friends" so much, each day I dress up my cat as a different one of the characters.

BBC - What do we do with a problem like Maria -- fantastic & heartless

Got my hair cut today and the stylist was male. I gotta say that he totally confirmed my suspicions.

What's your favorite Facebook app.?

I whooped her brother and I whooped her pa

what in the name of all that is holy is CONDI doing presenting at the ESPYs?

How incredibly stupid is this?

I don't normally support the death penalty

Dessicant silica gel package in a box. What to do?

David Tennant as Bilbo Baggins?

Another EMail gem, I'm sure glad I know a lot of people with too much time on their hands...

Part of last week just generally sucked all around

So, for the first time in months, hubbie and I had a date night.

I'm watching HGTV Design Star, and there is a dude on there who is a DEAD RINGER

Anybody else watching this year's Armageddon like TV Movie on NBC?

The Burmese Harp on AMC now

One! (nothing's wrong with me) Two! (nothing's wrong with me) Three! (nothing's wrong with me)

If not for porn, how shallow and empty would your internet experience be?

Here's some really good music for you: Rogue Wave...

Good night, DU, (Good morning, Miss HoneyChurch.)

The Monk TV series--I'm watching it now on DVD. SPOILER

The Fire Truck

Call me stupid, but I really like watching SciFi/Syfy produced monster movies.

Love Hurts

Moon landing hoaxers beware!


More Lucy pics to say "Awwwwwwww" to.

Anyone here have a cat that's the direct descendant of a cat they had ages ago?

I just saw a black SUV with a Blackwater bumper sticker on it

i want to take my autocad architectural elevations, and create color renderings

Lost love letter reunites couple after 16 years

This ant movie on SyFy right now is seriously one of the dumbest movies I've ever watched.

quick garden question - pumpkins

"Love It or Leave It" - Agree or Disagree?

Are you cheap or thrifty?

I need some Brylcream and 2 toothpicks sent to me ASAP.

Belly rubs - do your pets love them or hate them?

Lately I have noticed that almost every time I try to read something on HuffPo,

If you don't already know about this stuff, do yourself a favor and bookmark this post.

Do you have cell phone insurance? Is it worth it?

Casper says hi, funny pic I took on the way to CO

Has anybody noticed the amount of bees around lately?

Anyone used a website where they buy your old electronics?

Some pictures I took this morning

Butterflies in decline? i haven't seen any this year. How bout you?

Yearbook snub - What would you do?


You can't fight in here- this is the war room!

Re Jacko, my one/only post:: after viewing his hair on fire incident, who sprayed the accelerants

Which commercial is more offensive?

I just accidentally came up with the best band name.

Our Chief is retiring as of today

I am planning a Memorial for a 22 year old friend of mine who drowned in Fire Island

Just a word from the wise: do not EVER taunt a badger.

My review of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' (MAJOR SPOILERS!)

Filipino Food festival next month!! woot

Aftermarket rear window wiper: yes or no?

a minor piece of serendipity

CRUCIO, David Yates!!

Come on, Lounge, step it up!

"Steve! Go kick his ASS!"...Phil Hartman's greatest SNL bit, "The Sinatra Group" on Hulu

Wowza! It'a concert bonzana this week for me!!

I have given up on the Boston area

Creature of habit

Aftermarket sunroof: yes or no?

I am very disappointed in

HOORAY!! I'm employed again!!

Look out, Bloomberg! The Naked Cowboy might be gaining on you!

Why do Europeans hate AC Milan?

I'm calling out Orrex.

I just got back from Portland...what a cool city!!

I just got back from Portland...what a cool city!!

I have a neighbor kid who reminds me of Joseph Gribble from King of the Hill.

Why do Europeans hate AC/DC?

Why do Eurotrash hate Alyssa Milano?

I hate all of you for not rec'ing my Lounge threads any more

What's the best beer you've ever had?

Iron Monkees

I made a wicked pun in GD

I come out of GD and this is how I feel...

A chick whose time has run out

Favorite boneless skinless chicken breast recipes? I need some ideas for dinner tonight

I need help with an abusive relationship

If a picture is worth a thousand words then why can't I paint you?

True Blood fans check in. What's up with Maryann? *spoilers*

Why you eye'in mah lemon drink?

It is 84 degrees Thank God!!!


Are you a talker?

EAGLES training camp starts on July 27 - pre-season football starts in August!!!!!!

How many tear drop tatoos do you have?

Armstrong's heart rate was 156 at landing

I have a coworker who is about as subtle as a 5 megaton thermonuclear airburst.

Some podcasts for you!

A good laugh - Judas Aparagus

*******HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Nicole Lambeth!!*******

Career change input requested - Union to management?

ALERT! ALERT! Good Eats back on tonight.

Congratulations Buzz Clik! 20,000 posts!

"Mercury", "Gemini", "Apollo", umm... "Shuttle Program"?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/20/09

Lost love letter reunites couple after 16 years

Can I just say that I Southwest's boarding procedures?

All I wanted was a Pepsi

Are you romantic?

I came THIIIIIIIIS close to just walking out on my job today.

Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch announces...via YouTube...his surgery for "very treatable" cancer

I think I'm not as hot natured as I used to be.

Saw these come in for a landing at the Sheboygan airport. (Dialup alert)

more fun from the FAIL Blog:

Ticket scalpers can all go die in a fire.


Would you be comfortable with your significant other hanging out with his/her ex as a friend?

My mom,sister,and I are thinking about going to The North Carolina Zoo this Saturday.

Now I have seen everything...a junkee sitting at the bus stop

Next door dog. jeez...

Any jobs for a statistician?

Who on DU has tried abstinence?

Their circular life.

Fans of The Band..a question...

Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K. If you know what I'm talking about, you are EXCELLENT.

Best band names you've ever come across?

Monday, July 20th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Who on DU has tried absinthe?

Just ate about 2 lbs. of Chinese food. Why am I now disgusted with myself and the rest of humanity?

Torchwood Children of Earth starts tonight!

Red letter night for Amelia the monkey cat: POSSUM!

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to suninvited!!*******

What food or drink did you grow up thinking was healthy (or not) but now find the opposite?

How are everyones' tomatoes doing this year?

Anyone here ever seen Michael Moore's "The Big One"?

I'm kind of ashamed of myself.

I would like to kill my coworker.

Show us your best/favorite/interesting recent photos.

OMG! I sent a letter to the editor of Vanity Fair and it got mentioned in this month's VF

Did anyone else get an email saying they had a PM in their inbox...

Why do Europeans Hate A/C?

What do you do when you're lonely?

The biggest fool that ever hit the bigtime.......

Trader Joe's fans check in!

What was the best concert you've ever attended?

Israel Rejects U.S. Call on Development in East Jerusalem

Australian warships in NY to mark alliance at sea

Muni train driver tells investigators he blacked out

Bush's key men face grilling on torture and death squads

UK takes back waste dumped on Brazil

Tennessee police: Suspect's wife, her relatives among 6 slain

Dairy ‘herd’ protests in D.C.

Auto Makers' Firmer Pricing Risks Denting Sector's Recovery

Fox News guest wants Taliban to kill captured American soldier

18 Rest Areas set to close Tuesday, VDOT wants to privatize them

NATO: Fighter Jet Crashes at Afghan Base

Halliburton profit slides, but tops forecasts

Apollo 11 crew: Moon less interesting than Mars

Chemicals That Eased One Woe Worsen Another(hydrofluorocarbons)


U.S. Marine killed in Anbar (province, Iraq)

Clinton Hails India's Leadership, Discusses Arms Agreements

UK soldier killed in Afghanistan

Firm tied to Iraq scandal profited

Pakistan ambush kills four police: officials

Dollar Falls to Six-Week Low as CIT Prospects Boost Risk Demand

Iraq leader plans to visit Arlington (PM to offer a personal 'thank you' @ cemetery)

Falun Gong seeks US support in Internet censor fight

Falun Gong seeks US support in Internet censor fight

S.Korea police to end car plant occupation (by unionists)

Drive-by shootings kill 3 in Thailand

20 dead in clashes in troubled northwest Pakistan

South Africa stops funding for AIDS vaccine research

Finally, long-term home health care

Mumbai attacks gunman pleads guilty and confesses in court

Iraqi forces restricting US military

Survey: Customers more satisfied when white males serve them

Countering Riots, China Rounds Up Hundreds

Drinking binge at banquet kills Chinese official

Pakistan edges towards Waziristan "Path to Salvation" (Final showdown with Taliban)

South Korea pushes to restart nuclear talks with North

U.S. increasing counter-narcotics efforts in Afghanistan

BA and Virgin to stop suspected swine flu victims from flying

(dupe) U.S. Rescue May Reach $23.7 Trillion

Pelosi Wants to Scale Back Health Surtax

Ex K.Rouge guard describes life under jail boss

Nicaragua rejects UN peacekeeper deployment in Honduras

Jordan offers new tourism deal: Save money on surgery

NATO urges allies to do more in Afghanistan

White House Putting Off Budget Update

White House Putting Off Budget Update

Naval Recruiter Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking of a Child

Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys Has Cancer

Gibbs Says White House Wants Pre-Recess Action on Health Bills

Obama on GOP Criticism: 'This Isn't About Me'

Deadline for GM's Opel sale looms

Concealed Handgun Permit Holders Kill 7 Police, 44 Private Citizens Over Two-Year Period

Georgian President Moves on Reform Before Biden's Visit

Interior halting uranium mining at Grand Canyon

Second Turkish 'plot' trial opens

In Reversal, Mumbai Attacker Admits Guilt

Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Halted

Leading Indicators Climb, Signaling U.S. Economy Nearing End of Recession

Tajiks say 5 foreign terrorists killed in clash

Obama: health care reform urgent, indisputable

Bailout Overseer Says Banks Misused TARP Funds


Britain downgrades al-Qaida terror attack alert level

2008 voting rate down despite Obama hype

4 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Bombing

Over 55 Organizations and Scholars Call on Obama Administration to Warn Honduran Regime Against Furt

Waller of '60s pop duo Peter and Gordon dies at 64

Japanese fishermen brace for giant jellyfish

More Tennessee cities opt out of guns in parks

Serb cousins guilty of burning Muslims alive

U.S., Cuba quietly hold joint exercise at Guantanamo

US turns up pressure on Honduras coup government

Chinese villagers flee county in radiation scare

Judge rules CIA committed fraud in court

Aim for Mars, Apollo 11 crew says

Airman Loses Legs in Botched Gallbladder Surgery, Future of Career Uncertain


Chevron Expects to Fight Ecuador Lawsuit in U.S. ($27B fine for rainforest damage)

Obama's Gitmo Task Force Blows Its Deadline

RNC Chairman Attacks Obama on Health Care

Watchdog: Government Potential Support Of Financial Sector Could Approach $24 Trillion

Fujimori convicted of corruption

Gates Announces Army Being Increased By 22,000

Economic Indicators Up More Than Expected in June

Illinois Deputy Accused Of Using Stun Gun On 3 Kids

Blast kills 12 civilians in west Afghanistan

Judge orders removal of seals from Children's Pool

EU suspends Honduras budgetary support payments

Major Cities' Plummeting Crime Rates Mystifying

Charles Schwab denies Cuomo's fraud allegations

(400) Mayors against (Senator) Thune (concealed weapons) amendment

India court reviews gay sex order

Civil war fear for Honduras after talks collapse

Saudi princess 'given UK asylum'

CNN-Obama aide on health care

Activists at Pro-Dem in Iran Rally dispute that USA and Britain behind uprising

7/19 Kathleen Sebilius on MTP re Healthcare

Homeless Get Paid To Wait In Lines For Lobbyists On Capitol Hill

TYT: Hamas Believes Israelis Giving Children 'Sex Candy'

Sarah Palin's Speech Writer

The Week In Cartoons 07/18

HR 3200 Health Care Reform

GRITtv: Howard Dean on Healthcare


Fox News Guest Ralph Peters Suggests Taliban Should Kill U.S. Soldier If He Deserted

Amy Goodman Interviews Former CIGNA Exec Re: SICKO

Blue Dogs Bribed Over Health Care 0001

Jim DeMint, R-SC, and G. Gordon Liddy Agree That Obama Has Created Nazi National Socialist Govt

Capitol Hill Agenda: July 20, 2009

Healthcare Reform Isn't Socialism

People Working Together

Bill Maher Compares Mark Sanford's & Mark Foley's Love Letters

YWAM Antipolo Training Center (2009 Version)

Wal-Mart's Greenwashing Campaign

Do Powerful People Want to Hurt Us-Just to Hurt Us?

Kill-Die: Graffiti Direct Action Against Military Recruitment Target at Minorites in NYC

ANIMATION:You Can Make a Difference by Ted Rall

Apollo 11 40th anniversary

Is the Stimulus Working?

Captured American Soldier

Obama Considering New Anti-Terrorism Task Force

Apple Approves Medical Marijuana App for iPhones

Max Keiser on the Financial 9/11

Spoiled brat selfish scum tries to stop health care reform

Lance Wallnau tells Christians that they should be doing what "jihad oriented Muslims" are doing.

Lieberman: 'Impossible To Me' on Health Care

Obama Lashes Out At Republican, Health Care Will Be Done By End Of The Year

Who Will Pay for Healthcare Reform?

President Obama Responds to DeMint's Threats To Kill Health Reform And Break Him

TYT: Secret Insurance Industry Memo Discovered (Links Included)

Dennis Kucinich on Health Care - July 19, 2007

Joe Scarborough makes a lot of sense on 'Real Time'

Fox commentator encourages Taliban to kill captive U.S. soldier.

Matt Taibi Joins Cenk To Discuss His Latest Rolling Stone Article

Blast From the Past: Hitchens Slams Ronald Reagan (1996)

War and Lies featuring Dennis Kucinic and Ron Paul

Layoffs Send Wall Street Soaring

Why marijuana is illegal - and why it'll probably remain so - in the US.

More rnc anti health reform ad buys, where are ours?

John Yoo's Law Lecture at Berkeley Interrupted

Sarah Palin Resignation Song by Hockey Mama for Obama (I Feel Quitty)

The Surveillance Society: The Government is listening what you say EVEN if your cell phones are OFF

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic Emergency Room

Meet the Torturers


GOP Proposes 'Cap and Trade' for Health Care Reform

Guardian UK: More wallets, less willies

Foreign policy -- the hammer and the screw

Iron Fist, Velvet Glove: Obama and Honduras

Democra-Phobia: Fear of Citizen Power in Honduras

Is Obama Gorbachev? (James Howard Kunstler)

"Musicians ask Obama to ban music torture" by Mary Shaw (7-20-09 Online Journal)

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up by Bush/Cheney and our media

Shame on Senator Mary Landrieu for fighting against HEALTH CARE for Americans!

Oral Arguments Weds. on FISA Re-Write Law

NY Times: Sharks Circle in Congress

First, Do Harm

Watchdog sees huge U.S. bill for bank bailout

Nabucco Turkey EU and Obama Geopolitics

Gay Marriage and the Constitution

Human Rights report reveals brutal repression in Honduras

AlterNet: The Bank Lobby's Insane Assault on Consumer Protection

Moon Men

Obama has nominated Republican Jim Leach as Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities

Chris Hedges: War Without Purpose

Honduras: “They knew and they helped a little”

What's Wrong With The Media? (#1 Rated Diary @ DailyKos Right Now, by Cenk)

Haaretz Editorial: Playing with fire

US does not want protectionism: Hillary Clinton

What your President has accomplished just 6 months into his first term

The Obama Haters' Next Move

Obama Demands: The Bill I Sign Must Include Public Option

I'm Concerned Obama Won't Get Re-elected, When He's Late For His News Conference!

Moderate House Republican Mike Castle takes on birther (VIDEO)

DeMint's "We will break him" statement was on CNN and CBS (or ABC) tonight,

While DeMint Vows to “Break” Obama on Health Care, South Carolinians are Going Broke Under Our Syste

Obama Admin. Halts Uranium Mining In Grand Canyon

Obama challenges GOP critics on health care

Gorgeous Hillary

Should people on two-year Masters programs be told they are a failure for not completing degree?

Yahoo poll on Healthcare- NEEDS HELP!

Why Obama likes his odds...

Only top 1.2% of wealthiest would pay health surcharge.Family with $400,000 AGI would pay only $500!

Just back from three days of seeing the stimulus dollars at work!

Lax Management Secret Service Endangers POTUS new Book Claims

Rassmussen Reports: If 2012 election were held today Obama/Romney tied at 45...Obama 48, Palin 42

Breaking: America Still Hates Republicans

Sarah Palin: Praying for Captured Soldier; we have not defeated terrorism

The Vice President in Kyiv

What needs to happen now is to finish the GOP off for good

I have never done this before... DU a poll

Obama's budget, one of the most progressive ever, is still on track to pass

Lindsey Graham betting Obama fails on healthcare effort

Ezra Klein: Obama on conference call to progressive progressive bloggers on health care. Trust us.

DeMint: "If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo."

New PPP poll: Obama 49%, Romney 40% (2012 President)

TV coverage of Cronkite's death has been 24/7 over-the-top overexposure!

MSNBC did a cell phone poll today.......

salon: My GOP: Too old, too white to win

Hey, obstructionists, hear that low growl? Alpha Dog is about to take a bite out of your ass . . .

News of Roosevelt's Death Threw Hitler Into Hysteria

Damn. Obama's approval rating is tanking.

Oh No, Obama is Doomed: Andrew Card gives him a "C" Overall

Hundreds of thousands to lose unemployment benefits

Nominee to lead park service has deep roots in West

An article in an Irish newspaper that makes me want to SCREEEAAAAAM!

William Kristol Declares This Is The Time To Kill Healthcare Reform

Turnabout: Is Obama Denialist Orly Taitz Really a Lawyer? Will She Be For Long?

Poor Rep. Hoekstra. He has to stay up late to work on healthcare. Boo Hoo. Rumors of the Demise of ObamaCare Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Walpin (Inspector General) Firing: Confused, disoriented, failure to disclose, absent

Obama goes after GOP senator DeMint on health care

Bad News GOP: With the Pubs...its all bad news.Then, they try to make themselves look good by making

Washington Post suggests that White House is delaying economic report on purpose

Do I see a pattern here? Just when Obama is trying to attack the health care crisis

The GOP would stop all government healthcare - therefore no medicaid/medicare

President Obama happy with his 'dismal' ratings

Bobby Jindal is back and he's had enough!!

Robert Gibbs Broadens Health Care Attack, Hits Bill Kristol

Why did Bob Casey go on CNN tonight - like a pig's ear

Hey, I think I've been posting in the wrong discussion threads...

President Obama Set to Take the Take The Baton on Healthcare

George W. Bush - "[W]e've got the best health care system in the world."

Outrage for the sake of outrage. Krugman today:

"Think about that. This isn't about me. This isn't about politics..."

why children should NOT have universal health coverage

****Heads Up: POTUS Remarks on Health Care, Live****

"I got the fried chicken" Steele pulls out the ooga booga. Obama's health care is "socialism."

GOP Fear Tactics: RNC ad campaign targets “risky experiment" with our health care

Al Franken on his first Senate bill - service dogs for wounded Iraq/Afghanistan vets

Maloney quoted using the n-word

New US/India Defense & Nuclear deals or Why Hillary was in India

This is what Senator Kennedy concluded about health care reform in his Newsweek article

Economic indicators up more than expected in June

We are only 6/48ths (6 months out of 48...or 1/8) into the Obama presidency...

Healthcare is a War. Now the Mayo Clinic attacks

Link to Reuters Poll on Health Care Reform is Hugely Misleading

IL-07: Davis Leaving Congress For Local Politics

'Let's do it right, or not at all.' A bill that 'doesn't compromise care that people already have.'

"It's critical that the Obama administration prepare a second stimulus to sidestep a major downturn"

So here's a really dumb question...

Jenna, Barbara Bush Were Secret Service Nightmare

If Obama can't pass Health Care, than we ain't ever gonna get it!

White House Plans to Use DeMint's "Waterloo" Quote to Rally the Troops

CNN poll really needs help re health reform and POTUS..

Obama's first six months: Compare and contrast with 1993.

Do You Think Obama Talked Down to Africans in Accra, Ghana?

Per Media, 49% supporting Obama vs. 44% opposing on Health Care Reform means .....

What happened? Why didn't Rep. Clyburn mention the REVISED CBO report?

Nancy Pelosi Wants to Raise the Surtax Trigger to $500,00 for individuals, $1 million for families

Obama and the Bush years

Hillary Clinton: 'Larynx' is fine, thank you

Michelle Obama's confidant-in-chief: Susan Sher

Obama’s Aces in the Hole

"If we stop Obama on this (health care) we will break him."

President Is Set to 'Take the Baton'

Breaking News? or simply Recycled with a twist? Bailout Overseer Says Banks Misused TARP Funds

Just watched "W." again...

Did Obama NOT appoint Howard Dean to HHS to save Dean's life?

Damn! Six Months in Office and Barack Obama still hasn't sealed the deal?

What taxes has President Obama/Congress Raised? Only The Cigarette Taxes?

Are DU posters too critical of Obama, not critical enough of Obama, or just about right?

The President's Big Push on Health Care

Hey Mods---Really?

Obama Aide Declines Visit to Bank Board

Oregon’s Stahlbush Island Farms Launches First-of-Its-Kind Biogas Plant

Rep. Rahall to leap out of a plane on behalf of coal

Interior halts uranium mining at Grand Canyon

Peak Oil Review - July 20

DrumBeat: July 20, 2009

Children’s IQ Can Be Affected by Mother’s Exposure to Urban Air Pollutants

Water Levels At Alberta's Prairie Pothole Lakes Down Substantially - 60% Down At Least 1 Meter

Tropical low 97L

# Of Himalayan Glaciers Up As Fields Crack Into Smaller Glaciers - Up To 38% Mass Loss In 40 Years

With a gust of wind, an Iowa crop duster can squash an organic farm

Peak Oil Overview - July 2009

Future of Western Water Supply Threatened by Climate Change, Says New CU-Boulder Study

National Research Council: High-Risk, High-Payoff Vehicle Technology Research Should Continue

Eleven Cool Cars for a Renewable Energy Future

2008 Wind Technology Market Report

New Scientist: World starts to act on climate change IPCC chief: Benefits of tackling climate change will balance cost of action

KYOCERA solar modules exceed performance expectations at PPL renewable energy park (in New Jersey)

TAKE ACTION: Pregnant farm workers exposed to pesticide drift while harvesting organic onions

Washington Post: Chemicals That Eased One Woe Worsen Another (HFCs)

Ogalalla Groundwater Quality "Generally Acceptable" For Drinking, Irrigation, Livestock - LJS

'Invisibility cloak' could protect (buildings) against earthquakes

BusinessGreen: Coal on the slide (down 13.9%) as renewables top 11 per cent of US power mix

Pacific tsunami threat (on the West Coast of America) greater than expected

biofuels study that is getting zero hype

U.S. energy use drops in 2008

Corporate Control Over Our Political System, Case In Point EXPOSED...Progress Energy!

Tribe vs Nats WS will it happen?

Understatement of the season:

White Sox vs Cubs WS will it happen?

Hey all Red Sox fans!

New Jersey River Rats vs Toronto Argonauts WS: Will it happen?

Jason Schmidt to start for Dodgers Monday vs. Reds

Time for the Mets to concede the race

Dodgers vs. A's WS will it happen? (poll)

The Rox have good pitching too - Major League leader Marquis wins 12th

Now that Michael Vick is out of prison, should he be allowed back into the NFL?

Yanks to host Notre Dame-Army game

Around the Horn College Football Predictions --the Big East

Update from Honduras Resists

Movement Leader, Juan Barahona, and other movement leaders calling for a Constitutional Assembly


Nicaragua rejects UN peacekeeper deployment in Honduras

Food for thought: US equals Colombia in cannabis production

U.S., Cuba quietly hold joint exercise at Guantanamo

Iron Fist, Velvet Glove: Obama and Honduras

You Tube interview with Bertha Oliva, in Honduras, regarding this coup:

Zelaya asks Clinton to declare the golpistas "terrorists" (Spanish)

Jean-Guy Allard: Honduran Def. Ministry's List of Drug Traffickers Links Micheletti to Cali Cartel

CUBAN VP Warns Over Consequences of Honduras' Coup for Latin America

Photos from Sunday's 30 year anniversary celebration in Managua:

Over 55 Organizations and Scholars Call on Obama Administration to Warn Honduran Regime Against Furt

US Solidarity Brigade Arrives in Cuba

PINOCHETTI live on Telesur, Talkin' Tough - OVER - maybe it will repeat later.

Brain Drain from Venezuela: Newsweek (Interesting timing for this to appear!)

Hondurans Intensify Protests After Zelaya Announced Return

Fighting for Indigenous Rights with Q’Orianka Kilcher


Interview with Teresa Reyes, Garifuna leader from Triunfo de la Cruz

Hey all Red Sox fans!

S. 1390 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010

DC: One year later, no legal guns stolen and used in crime, or used in crime by owners

Senate to consider interstate CCW reciprocity this week

Concealed Handgun Permit Holders Kill 7 Police, 44 Private Citizens Over Two-Year Period

Daly's anti-gun empire crumbling?

Concealed Handgun Permit Holders Kill 7 Police, 44 Private Citizens Over Two-Year Period

Oh this one is going to be good. Free AK-47s everyone!!!

'No difference to U.S. between outpost, East Jerusalem construction'

Israeli forces penetrate half kilometer into Gaza; burn fields

Threatened And Beaten On The Way To Gaza - Adam Shapiro

Israel: Barack Obama is no friend of ours

The painful cost to Israel of its settler adventure

Israeli settlers burn olive groves in ‘price tag’ retaliation attack

How a Supreme Court Decision Could Squash NBA Players in 2011


Nurses praise House vote to permit state single-payer laws

OSHA fines Neb. store for fatal safety violations

OSHA cites Mass. roofing company in fatal accident

Vermont has the laxest gun control laws in the country. It also has one of the

OSHA: Fatal Accident Involved Forklift, Not Crane

Workplace death numbers uptick stirs some concerns

Construction Deaths Way Up in Texas; OSHA Gets Involved

Wis. high court: Stadium official can face lawsuit (death in 2003)

Inquest finds drowning of Shell refinery worker was accidental

Reuse of nurses' masks sparks dispute (may have contracted swine flu at work)

Today in Labor History July 20 Police began shooting pickets without provocation, killing 2

Interpreting OSHA’s on-line data (death disappears from records!)

Chula Vista, California School District Drivers Vote to Join Teamsters (60-0)

Boston Globe union has 2nd vote on wage cuts

Deaths among Latino workers rise

AP: 12 farmworkers sickened in Kern pesticide drift

TAKE ACTION: Pregnant farm workers exposed to pesticide drift while harvesting organic onions

Mercury Marine Officials Meet with Union (2,000 jobs on the line)

Opponents of HR 3200 are spreading the lie and it will make public insurance illegal

The next time people keep talking about health care in Canada or the UK...

Obama Thursday Cleveland Town Hall Tickets

DISTURBING – Does Splenda Know Something You Don’t Know?

CT Trying to overturn Gov. Veto of Universal Healt Plan. Please DU this Poll!

The next time people keep talking about health care in Canada or the UK...

I lost a whole day.

Why We Must Ration Health Care


Playing around with my iPhone 3GS camera (Pick Heavy)

CIT reaches $3 bln deal with bondholders - WSJ

Final demand is essential to fulfil the government's timetable for recovery

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/19/09

Quelle Surprise! The Fed is Reporting Losses on Its Bear Stearns and AIG SPVs

PBGC takes over Nortel's pension plan

Is Goldman Starting To Offload Prop Positions?

1.5 Million U.S. Unemployed Exhausting Unemployment Benefits

Outplaying your partner: Poorly Made in China (eye-opening book review)


CIT up 78% today

"It's critical that the Obama administration prepare a second stimulus to sidestep a major downturn"

Bailout Overseer Says Banks Misused TARP Funds

Bail Out - U.S. on the hook for $23.7 Trillion

Denninger Savages WaPo Defense of Goldman

Auto Makers' Firmer Pricing Risks Denting Sector's Recovery

Guess how much the baliout REALLY costs?

GM receives three bids for Opel (BBC)

The "bright spots" of this recession and why there is reason for optimism.

Q for others on the economiy forum: Are you still holding dollars?

Yes We Can (Help Main Street); By Karl Denniger

Same-sex couples seek immigration benefit

Mark Segal, The Gay Raiders And Walter Cronkite: That’s The Way It Was

Moon or Mars

Tom Duane gives stunning speech on AIDS

Who cares about the death of a Gay Superhero anyway?: A history of gays in comic books

Gay Marriage and the Constitution

The moon landing was on my 5th birthday; and I wonder about the space program

Lunar Cycle Fertility!

I may regret this later, but...Mars is nearing the cusp of my natal 8th. Predictions?

Dream Interpretation Request

Fundies discover the Establishment Clause

Chargesheet against two priests, nun in Abhaya case

What School Districts Have to Do to Receive ARRA Funds

hi, does anyone know any established macrobiotic or 'the chinese diet' forums?

anyone familiar with the Spokane area?

I don't think I told you I'll be living at a farm-ette for summer-fall

Disinformation Tactics Explained And An Example Of Their Use By The Army Corps Of Engineers

Did the real “cyber 9/11” happen on 9/11?

Shoddy Construction at HISD Schools

Did you guys see this?

My problem is this.........

I hope someone can answer this..................

62 Minutes to Torchwood

Curious, is anyone here planning to see Heaven & Hell on tour?

Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys Has Cancer

Our Former Reform