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*Vibes, please, my dear friends*

Official House GOP Website Promoting Video Of Rep Saying Obama’s Mom Might Have Aborted Him

Robert Kuttner: Smoking the Green Shoots

Foreclosure comes to St. Regis resort, seized by Citigroup. Resort where AIG held retreat

If man walked on the moon today

Abandoning the August deadline would be a huge political mistake by Obama and Dems

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Eric Cantor's Cant

Yet another shining example of Christian Tolerance.

The Republicans will remove all government aid for healthcare including medicare

Iraqi Baseball Team on Rachel.

Saving the Strays: How founder Betsy Saul discovered her calling

(Canada)Federal program seeks to reduce sexual violence

Chris Hedges: War Without Purpose

The INEVITABLE "Flip That House II"..."Low prices pit investors against traditional home buyers"

"I am 72 years old. I have significant health issues. I want to finalize this divorce before I die."

excellent NASA documentary on TCM now

The wisdom of ...... Gordon Gekko?!?!

That cartoon, with the banker or corporate dude yelling "Why won't you spend?" Anybody still have it

On Historic Day, Over 600 Mainers Lead the March for Healthcare Reform

Rachel tears Pat a new one!

I'm unAmurkin.

Sanjay Gupta and Roy Blunt mourn the plight of insurers that could go bust with health reform

I love what Rachel is doing correcting Pat Buchannam

Someone stop Larry King!!!!!

Luxury Orange County resort (St. Regis Monarch Beach) in foreclosure

The REAL reason the GOPigs are fightng so dammed hard to stop any health care change...

Protest of Toxic Dump site (farm pesticides) on the poor in CA (high acct of birth defects)


Gates announces Army being increased by 22,000

And they wonder why we don't care about what actors have to say about things

It's July 20, 2019. How should our space program commemmorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11?

iPhone App Helps You Find Pot!

House Dems Tell Geithner To Stop Making Backroom Deals With Wall Street

Weakling President Asks Imaginary Man In Sky To Bless Nation

This is quite curious ...

iPhone launches 'purity ring' application

Iowa doctor accused of forced sterilization

This Modern World - Sometimes there's more to the picture... By Tom Tomorrow

CNN at the exact 40th anniversary moment when humanity first stepped on the moon...

Pittsburgh housing prices hit peak in 1Q

Is DU a waystation or your destination?

And some THINK the CHRISTIAN RIGHT is "on the run." Think Again....

Obama says, ""The fire is now out..."

Sotomayor Responds to GOP Senators’ Questions in Writing

Rachel is doing a great job tearing apart

Sundance doc running now - "The Ground Truth" (Iraq War & its effects on our troops)

Does anyone here have experience with gin and tonic?

I lost a whole day.

So Ralph Peters Thinks the Taliban Might Do Some Good by Executing a Captured U.S. Soldier

Tonight on PBS New History Detectives!

Watching MOONSHOT on the History Channel

New California "budget deal" permits new oil drilling off Santa Barbara!

Charlie Rose: Christopher Hill, diplomat on. Talking about Iraq. nt

Jane Elliot.

The great state of California has a budget. - relies on large deep cuts to gov services

Dear Obama: Quit sucking the oxygen from the room for policy protests..

Lewis Black was very funny on Daily Show tonight:

Nominee: Put high court on TV

Does anyone here have experience with Gyrotonic?

The imperative of health care reform: Commonwealth Fund finds individual insurance not an option

Has the new feature improved quality on DU Greatest and/or in general?

Rec/UnRec vs something else...

Slow Food: The Restaurant Biz Is Floundering

It's The Economic Paradigm, Stupid! (This economic collapse IS the return to normal)


Did the real “cyber 9/11” happen on 9/11?

CA Reaches Tentative Budget Deal To Close Deficit Without Tax Increases, But Massive Cuts

Judge accuses CIA officials of fraud, unseals secret files

Obama asking bloggers to help get healthcare reform bill passed.

Anybody know why Baucus is running the show?

How do you define your politics and attitudes?

Want an abortion? Get a note from a dude.

Forgive me for living under a rock but why wasnt Brian Kilmeade Fired

America's Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier is up for parole...

Judge accuses CIA officials of fraud, unseals secret files

Judge accuses CIA officials of fraud, unseals secret files

Rachel Maddow: "I love white folks. I'm white folks. Yayyyy white folks!"...

50 Dead in Clashes in Northwest Pakistan

Here's the RW "Concerned Doctor" email, courtesy of my insane brother

Can anyone talk me through Option ARM mortgages and their effect on the economy?

Does Congress have a "Golden Social Security "Plan?

I Finally Figured Out the Fox Audience. A National Audience of Paranoids.

New Hyundai assurance plan lets you keep your new car if you lose your house

Australia Out of Afghanistan in '3 to 4' Years

Home funerals: when old is new

Guantanamo Review Report Delayed(6 Months)

Buying South Carolina (and mucking about in other states too!)

Secret Program Works to Field SEAL Plane

I demand universal healthcare...

NY voters--Short memories? We'll see in November 2010

'The Prophet': Cronkite on Watergate/Nixon, 1973.

My father frequently said that yes, Ronald Reagan was a very stupid man.

HLN News' Robin Meade -----the next Cronkite?

So Joe Scum brings on two Rethug doctors

How a GOP lobbist sold the Iraq war language that works

U.S. Withheld Data on Risks of Distracted Driving...thank you mr bu$h*

Ron Wyden making the rounds this morning promoting his "moderate" plan

The question to ask a republican on healthcare

Colbert Mocks Claims Of Reverse Racism - Calls Buchanan a 'Reverse Civil Rights Leader' (VIDEO)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Senators Lovemesomecorporatehealthcare

Deaths of U.S. Troops Exceed 5,000 in Wars

Be advised: Anti-gay marriage group also opposes civil marriage for straights

Protesters disrupt McCaskill's office and cry foul when cops are called

Protesters disrupt McCaskill's office and cry foul when cops are called

Must see TV....Hockey Mom sings!!

Quick Question about the current Healthcare Bill

"Big Gay" responsible for drop in home ownership, as well as polygamy, beastiality...

Have you or any member of your family ever broken into you home,

Pakistan, Tajikistan Agree to Promote Cooperation(on Gas Pipeline)

Pakistan, Tajikistan Agree to Promote Cooperation(on Gas Pipeline)

French Jets Operate on USS Dwight D Eisenhower, July 19, 2009

I'm posting nekkid because Michael Steele (from my state) is pissing me off,

Republicans Will Be Toast In 2010 If The Dems Pass Health Reform, And They Know It

Fed Chairman Bernake Tesifies: "some improvements in economic prospects"

Professions 'reserved for rich' (Former GB minister Milburn tells BBC)

U.S. withheld data on risks of distracted driving

Stephanie Miller subbing for Ed on MSNBC Thursday?

The United States Press and Honduras.

Racist piece of pigshit pat "bigot" buchanan: Why No Evangelical Justice?

The United States Press and Honduras.

Who’s Becky Akers - lol OP ED

RIP Gordon Waller (Peter & Gordon)

THE NATION: To Investigate CIA You MUST Target Cheney

Treasury, Fed criticized on TARP spending transparency

I found a page from the secret GOP/Freep manual!

Industry Cash Flowed To Drafters of Health Care Reform-Baucus Is a Leading Recipient

It's a simple question for the American people.

Harvard's Feldstein Sees Risk of 'Double-Dip' Recession in US

Birther video:

Ireland Criminalizes Blasphemy.

Interesting observation

CIT Expects $1.5 Billion Loss, May File for Bankruptcy If Debt Swap Fails

40th Anniversary of Moon Landing: First Steps In Long March Towards Socialism?

40th Anniversary of Moon Landing: First Steps In Long March Towards Socialism?

This was duplicate post. Please see & rec this post (link)

DNC Enters Health Care Fray, Hammers DeMint And Steele Over “Waterloo”

Republicans Will Be Toast in 2010 If the Dems Pass Health Reform, and They Know It

Tyler Perry sending rebuffed day-care kids to Disney World - (PA Racist Pool Incident)

Americans Pay Back Debts Most Since 1952 as Joblessness Increases Savings

"IT'S IRONIC" City's Animal Care has cut adoption schedule from 49 hours a week to 17

Now that California has a budget, are they paying off the IOUs?

You Can Reserve Face Time with Gov. Mark Sanford Today

Jesus' General: FEMA Forced Palin to Resign

Cancel or at least drastically shorten the 5 week Congressional August Break

Carrie Prejean Book Deal: "Still Standing" Due Out In November

Industry cash flowed to health-reform senators

US Congress Ends Decade-Long Obstruction of D.C. Medical Marijuana Law

Did you see the first moon landing live on television as it happened?

U.S. Economy: Leading Index Shows Slump May Be Ending (Update1)

How about putting healthcare reform to a national vote?

Does anybody have a corporate number for Chase?

Sorry; this is a dup - link to previous thread in text ...Accused of profiling, cops won’t charge

More bodies go unclaimed as families can't afford funeral costs

More bodies go unclaimed as families can't afford funeral costs

Good news from Iraq: National baseball team getting new gear

Letter I wrote Glenn Beck

I wish the Democrats had not decided to "reform" health care.

OLC: Sen. Whitehouse Raises the Stakes on Dawn Johnsen Vote

So How/s your "mixed" marriage turning out now that so many gays have wed?

Virginia has a uranium event

Note to self: I need to ask my Blue Dog what his response is to this:

Your Govt Inaction!

Deadliest Month For US GI's in Afghanistan- Tell me again how it's the "Good War?"

CCW Holders have a homicide rate 87% LESS than the general public despite VPC claim.

Should Tiller's Assassin Be Charged As A Domestic Terrorist?

Should Tiller's Assassin Be Charged As A Domestic Terrorist?

The 90,000 people building the F-22 can certainly make something else

Byrd Returns to Senate

Is allowing a ten year old child complete access to the internet without adult supervision permissible

"Ah, sorry to bother you Mr. Obama, Sir..."

Jupiter Struck by Object, NASA Images Confirm

Ewwww is this Joe the Plumber?

Man bursts into flames after Taser shock

A Call for Activism.


Stealth Republicans in "nonpartisan" clothes vote: 'Do you think the economy is getting better?'

If summer's here . . . can CAPTIONING be far behind???

Cheney's Inferno

"Jesus Plus Zilch," the man said. I say, . . . please come CAPTION!!!!

Rachel Maddow fact checks Pat Buchanan

Letter to Senator Baucus - a first for me....

My take on Glen Beck as a wrench hucking Union loving Liberal.

What's up with the state-level South Carolina Republicans?

What do you think about "Morning Meeting?"

Ammunition for the health care debate.

Ammunition for the health care debate.

Senator Collins announces intent to vote to support Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Congress Against Health Care, are Hit-Men

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Randall Terry issues terrorist threat

Stolen Puppy Returned To Store By Alleged Thief (she used a little girl to help her steal the dog)

US Senate votes to stop production of F-22 plane

If people are so worried about deficits, please consider the $33 Billion elephant in the room.

Which of these is NOT like the others?

Auto task force warns Congress

How do we deport Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arlington's buried secrets

Arlington's buried secrets

Ten Countries on the Brink of Failure

OK, explain this to me like I’m a Complete Idiot because I don’t get it: Part SIX.

Republicans want to legislate death

Corpocracy vs. Democracy in Health Care Reform

The Cell Phone Report Cover up from 2002

The Cell Phone Report Cover up from 2002

The Cell Phone Report Cover up from 2002

The Cell Phone Report Cover up from 2002

Larisa Alexandrovna: Bush U.S. Atty Arranged Lenient Plea Deal With Company Paying Terrorists

Coastal DUers keep an eye on this

More jobs to India.

Levin on the F-22: ‘If Not Now, When?’

Oh my. A Republican LTTE in My Local Paper (Gun Control)

Just watched "the Right Stuff"

Why Pat Buchannan is SO, so wrong

Ha! - LA County To Sue State If It Takes Local Money

Jimmy Carter - Losing His Religion

Change you can believe in: F-22 Funding Defeated

Change you can believe in: F-22 Funding Defeated

How About Letting Us Change Our REC/UnREC Vote?

The AMA's Take On Health Care Reform.........

I Just Told Someone From Florida.....

Iran: The Green Brief #34 (July 20) Latest news from Iran

may the public option that WILL be passed be the last nail in the coffin of the GOP.



San Francisco Bay Area DUers Heads Up

Great idea for a short video. Have pic of Demint with his audio

Mike Thompson has it Right!

Palin's resignation speech, with edits:

Palin's resignation speech, with edits:

Apple Downplays Fiery iPod Incidents

Comicon International... San Diego

Senator John Kerry on the F-22

Bergdahl is doing the right thing: Analysts who second-guess the captured G.I. are a disgrace

Home Burials Offer an Intimate Alternative

Love This Chart, Says So Much About Bush and War

We don't need a Canadian style health care system

A drug warrior goes soft

Obama Extends Cheney's Secret Service Protection

All due thanks to our lefty forebearers

How many F-22 was the funding for????

Healthcare-Industrial Complex Uber Allies to employ "Michael Moore playbook" to kill health reform

S.C. case looks on child obesity as child abuse. But is it?

The Puppet In The Pulpit

The Puppet In The Pulpit

A short list of all the republican accomplishments in 2009

Rep. Carolyn Maloney Drops the N-Bomb Against Gillibrand

Monkey See, Monkey Do - Theft?

Who is this David M. Herszenhorn in the New York Times ?

Who is this David M. Herszenhorn in the New York Times ?

On the Record: Governors Voice Support for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act


Internal RNC Memo: "Engage In Every Activity" To Slow Down Health Care Reform

The USA has the best healthcare system in the world


Mad Max: Progressives Go After Baucus on Health Reform

Public option start date of 2013 will flood GOP coffers with Insurance industry cash!!!!

Ann Coulter: "Being Black Trumps Being an Insect"

Dean on the Senate's heatlhcare bill

Protestors Clash over Texas Dragging Death

It's not too late for Obama to endorse single-payer. For him not to endorse is like having the

No Longer A Debate About Targeted Killings(700 Civilians Killed in Pakistan)

No Longer A Debate About Targeted Killings(700 Civilians Killed in Pakistan)

Sampling The Sausage: A Health Reform Politics Explainer

CHOPRA - Can We Stop Being a Superpower, Please?

Ugh! Rachel has another "It's Pat!" segment coming up...

Whatever It Is - I'm Against It - The Theme Song For The Party Of No .........

Whatever It Is - I'm Against It - The Theme Song For The Party Of No .........

Once upon a time we visited the Moon, (no really)

Los Angeles County v California

Los Angeles County v California

Are you a patriot?

Was the American capitalist system worth saving ?

Despite the risk, let them have their break before voting on Healthcare--That's our chance!

Apple fiscal 3Q profit jumps 15 percent

Margaret Cho coming up on Craig Ferguson tonight

Margaret Cho coming up on Craig Ferguson tonight

If the insurance scheme that is passing for health care doesn't pass now expect no investigations

Bob Cesca: Healthcare Drama

Bodies of 5 suspected immigrants found in southern Ariz. desert

Rush is fair game for anything. I was listening to him this morning,

It's your money: Health care for Congress and federal employees

An alternate scenario to put the Gates case in perspective:

Question: A friend or family members dying wish is for you to convert...

Gates Says US ARMY will increase in size by 22,000 to keep up with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Single-payer advocate on Colbert Report Tuesday night

Calif: Contractors Hired On State Furlough Days? (state doesn't know how many or at what cost)

Did anyone just see the FOX Business ad on MSNBC ??

Can someone tell me exactly what the Blue Dogs' demands for Health Reform are?

Your Health Care Coverage Status:

First the Christian Right came for Gay Marriage and I didn't speak up...

(Working) In These Times: Big Business Lobbies to Save Tax Breaks Spurring Plant Closings

What if the Executive branch was not one person (President, Governor, etc) but many?

Monday Toons, Part 2 : 40 years of "progress"

Wicker pledges filibuster of any health bill with public option

Democrats in Congress are Giving Up the BIPARTISANSHIP (Just on Big Ed Show)

The Rude Pundit: Right Wingers Ready for Violence to Defend the Rich, White Way of Life

AP NewsBreak: Palin implicated in ethics probe

ATTENTION: ALL House seats are up for vote in 2010. You know what to do.

The toughest edit ever: Sarah Palin

7-11Petition: Customers Please ask Congress to end unfair credit card charges on businesses ..!!

7-11Petition: Customers Please ask Congress to end unfair credit card charges on businesses ..!!

If cost were not an issue and you had the opportunity, would you take a trip to the moon?

Progressive or Liberal? Which term do you identify with more? .....

2004: GOP attempts to get "natural born" clause OUT of the Constitution!

2004: GOP attempts to get "natural born" clause OUT of the Constitution!

How to cut healthcare reform in half

mr orrin hatch says we need to work in a bipartisan way on healthcare

"If u dont have legal right to walk down AKn street, why should u have right to drive same street?"

Monday Toons, Part 1. Is the Status Quo right for you?

Get Your Red Hot Palin Ethic Complaint Report Right Here!

Erin Andrews taped nude in hotel room (Fox "news" tie-in)

Obama’s Justice Department seeks embarrassment exception for Cheney

PNAC is Reborn as The Foreign Policy Initiative

Court Denies State Farm Rate Hike

Amtrak Auto Train...

lol's....I think the "Unrecommend" posts are getting more Views than the Recommend Posts!

Monday Toons, Part 3: other stuff

What would YOU be willing to "give up" to have decent health care legislation pass?

Residents of SC, NC, GA, TN, and other Southeastern states experiencing drought--

Arnie:Whatever happens, ‘I will sit down in my Jacuzzi tonight, I’m going to lay back with a stogie'

Faux News "No Chubbies" t-shirt idiot says Dr. Regina Benjamin too fat

Hoyer lashes out at GOP floor speeches

Who coined that term "Birthers?" I thought it meant those Texas Women who

Jindal Takes Credit for Stimulus, Presents Constituents with Jumbo-sized Stimulus Check

So now the standard is 70 votes in the senate to pass?

America's 2 largest pensions (Calpers and state teachers) lose 25% of portfolio, 100 Billion

Republican party apologises to singer Jackson Browne

Stewart SMACKS Brian Williams: "How does it feel, to fall so short?"

Republicans Don't Care About Facts

Freepers: The more they attempt to destroy Sarah Palin, the more Americans will rally behind her

The recepionist/billing woman at my Doctor's office doesn't have health insurance

Obama's health care reform strikes the absolute fear of God in Republicans.

'Hello mum, this is going to be hard for you to read ...'

Sex and power inside "the C Street House" by Jeff Sharlet 7/21/09

Industry Cash Flowed To Drafters of Reform:Baucus Is a Leading Recipient

Remember yesterday’s Washington Post poll that was full of bad news for Barack Obama?

For more people, scales tip toward buying a home

Jane Harman family's company target of "questionable bids purportedly from the Middle East"?

Tyler Perry treats Philly kids denied entry to swim club to Disney World

Double trouble, Part 2: Bush Twins

Senate Beats Back Military-Industrial Complex In Historic Vote

Remembering Walter Cronkite: A Legend Who Loved Animals

Surgeon: Strangers saved life of boy trapped in burning SUV

Surgeon: Strangers saved life of boy trapped in burning SUV

WSJ says pay inequality is bankrupting the system

Episcopal Church Supports Employee Free Choice Act

Did DoJ Blackmail Siegelman Witness With Sex Scandal?

Update: Senate votes 58-40 to stop F-22 production.

Dead Zones & Ghost Malls

Why do Republicans tolerate a marriage of two smokers?

89 percent of traffic stops in New York City involved non-whites

Is Cheney eligible for burial in Arlington National Cemetery?

Putting the Fed in charge of regulating anything is absolutely wrong

Stimulus That GOP Rep Mike Pence Derided As Failure Created Thousands Of Jobs In His State

Despite clear progress, media declare health care reform nearing "life support

It's time for a referendum on Health Care (rant)

AP NewsBreak: Palin implicated in ethics probe

The Republican Theme Song...

UK NHS Tried Every Method To Save Young Alcoholics Life. Birfer Story a Smear

Health-care in the United States of Katrina

Is the Moon Landing the most amazing thing humans have ever accomplished?

The latest campaign against Iran: 'I wed Iranian girls before execution'

When did we hold the vote on switching from a producer to consumer society?

Why didn't we demand to see the chimp's birth certificate?

“Man refused liver transplant dies” in UK (BBC News)

Old News You Need to Know: Bush Admin closed EPA library - destroyed documents

Iranians barred from Swedish universities

10 pictures that shook the DU world....(pic heavy)

Cantor Wants A 'Judeo-Christian' Foreign Policy

HOW TO: See the Longest Solar Eclipse of the Century Online

Yup. Jupiter got served

Anyone here gotten an extension on unemployment benefits?

Ed Shultz...What do we know about him? I've tried to listen and watch...

Tyler Perry sending rebuffed day-care kids to Disney World

Riot police separate protesters in Texas town -state's handling of a black man's dragging death case

Is it just me?

Taxpayers: In TMZ We Trust - $1.57 Billion in bank bailout money returned

Actor Stephen Baldwin files for bankruptcy in NY

"Bailouts could cost U.S. $23 trillion" - thoughts on this article?

Don't Forget Your Free Starbucks Pastry Today...

David Coe of 'the Family': If you rape 3 girls it's ok because you're one of the chosen ones

Critics Slam Overweight Surgeon General Pick, Regina Benjamin

"Send in the clowns...don't bother, they're here" Horsey cartoon

Are the moon landings tainted because the technology piggy-backed on the U.S. nuclear program?

Exxon faces $1 billion fine for sabotaging Texas oil wells

Michael Vick did his time (in full) and has been released from Federal custody

Does Cuba have national health care?

"Toddlers & Tiaras"...... Another reason why "they" hate us?

Can anyone show me where in the Constitution where it reads that everyone is entitled to health care?

So if the Dems don't pass "meaningful" health care reform, what then?

How many here have sat on a criminal jury?

James Carville? William Bennett?

Put down what you're doing (the razor, the noose) . . . and please come CAPTION!!!!

Socialist Health Plan? In Norway, Obama's Plan Not Even Close

There were six missions to the moon... Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17. Why did we stop there?

YouTube Will Be Next To Kiss IE6 Support Goodbye ("Upgrade to one of these more modern browsers")

Email from the wings, again.

ARGH! Aide: Blue Dog Dems To Press Obama To Delay Health Reform

LAX parking lot is home away from home for airline workers

Actor Stephen Baldwin Files For Bankruptcy - the RW Fundy Baldwin

THC heals. And the best part, Marijuana never needs to be smoked, ever.

New Evidence: Siegelman Witness 'Coached, Cajoled, Threatened'

Governor Gropenfuhrer promised to "run California like a business". And he has....

Kucinich: ‘Is the Fed paying banks not to loan money?’

What are the birthers really fighting against, Obama or the 14th Amendment?

******Israeli scientists discover virus & vaccine to save world's threatened bees & harvests, video

Rep. Mike Castle holds a town hall--the birthers go nuts.

Tweety is tearing the birthers a new one

" It's not a big screen tv"

Lawyer's statement on Gates arrest

you Californians really got whacked today.

Suggestion Re- the Unrec Function

Are there some people here who think DU just shouldn't DISCUSS poverty?

Are there some people here who think DU just shouldn't DISCUSS poverty?

Racial talk swirls with Gates arrest

What is going on in California? Budget cuts that hit elderly and poor the hardest?

Pay of Top Earners Erodes Social Security

Manned Space Flight Is A Collosal Waste Of Money. Robots Are The Ticket.

Not allowing abortion to be covered in health care reform is a betrayal of women by Democrats.

All charges DROPPED against Professor Gates, per m$nbc.

Blowing the Lid off the Bizarre (and Frighteningly Powerful) Members of The Family

Hey all, did you see this Health Care petition? The more pressure, the better!

Hey all, did you see this Health Care petition? The more pressure, the better!

If Media Were Any Good

The Family.... and the powers that be

JFK and the Impossible

"Health Care Reform" Is Just Code For Keeping The FOR PROFIT Healthcare Industry Intact

should a woman tell the father she is having a baby.

NO ONE has ever died from smoking weed, legalize marijuana NOW IS THE TIME

Congratulations GreenPartyVoter! 50,000 posts!

PINK FLOYD jam session soundtrack for MOON LANDING!

Are you programmed to say "Excuse Me" if you sneeze in public?

Today is the 40th anniversery of the moon landing. Wednesday

Chris Brown's court-ordered apology video is so touching, so special, so moving, and all about CHRIS


Joe Jackson going to be on Larry King. Enough,Larry,enough.


F*cking HBO. Did anybody else here know that "Carnivale" was cancelled after 2 seasons??

Does this Apollo 11 moon surface image look fake to you?

Anyone in the Garland/Dallas area want a free puppy?

Am I the only one that finds this icky?

Am I the only one that finds this icky?

Congratulations Tangerine LaBamba! 15,000 posts!

Who on DU has tried obstinateness?

Who remembers Gulf Oil's cardboard Lunar Lander models?

Childhood Memories of Lunar Exploration (pre-Apollo)

So when are they gonna clone the dinosaurs already?


Dude looks Jack Nicholson...sorta

I call this one "Kitten Asleep On A Blanket"

Kasabian-Club Foot

OH hello doggie

One of the weirder fetishes: "Man With Workout-Ball-Slashing Fetish Charged"

Don't blame it on the sunshine,

O.K., I Want A Pic Thread NOW!

Best "Your Order Has Been Shipped" note evah...

Does anyone here have experience with Gyrotonic?

"Fifteen Books" on facebook,pseudointellectual claptrap or what?

The Chinese are trying to use me to attack Taiwan. No, really.

Sichuan peppercorn...probably the most interesting spice i've ever tasted


Does anyone here have experience with gin and tonic?

Rocky Horror enthusiasts...can you enlighten me regarding this particular matter?

I fucking hate the cute doctor.

School? Ain't dat da damn place where they got all dem uhh lets see, whatcha call um uhh? Fold outs

ok..... why do tedious things happen to dis-interesting people

This balloon has been floating in our house for over 5 months now

I wish I could have started a garden this year..

The greatest YouTube video ever...

What's the term for making posts, esp. original posts, calculated to start a dispute?

I hate working out and I hate watching what I eat.

Hey raccoon, here's some flamebait for ya

Favorite small kitchen appliance

Okay. What is something practical we can do for a friend who's getting a divorce?

I need help finding information on methane stripping

You know, soap operas can be depressing

Congratulations LostInAnomie 10,000 posts!

ok..... why do bad things happen to good people

BREAKING NEWS - Woman burns bum on penny

What would be the ideal human average life span?

Now do you understand why we universal health care?

This is the BEST! I found a great way to brighten my day

I would like to fry a duck

What is your favorite transparency ?

Just unsubscribed from truthout - seriously, 2 and 3 emails a day asking for money? Fuck that.

DU Nighthawks #75

Oh dear, my town made ABC World News with the Bikini Bicyclist - video included

This is genius

Health Care Reform should include service reform...

Good morning Lounge

What is your favorite herb?

God is Big!

What is for lunch?

I can't grow facial hair...

jones BIG ASS truck rental and storage

Anyone having problems with Bellsouth internet today?

Your computer...housed in a taxidermy beaver -- I shit you not...

Dude, that is just SO wrong!

Is there a way to get badger urine out of satin?

THIS is the pen that saved Aldrin and Armstrong from being marooned on the moon

'Barrel monster' creator gets community service

This is the Itinerary for the Memorial for today: your opinion on it will be most useful

Fuck! I missed my 70K post: agreeing with Initech about Green Day's recent CD

Flying Nun: Nun clocked driving at 180 kph to be near recovering pope.

"OOPS! Looks like SOMEONE just levelled the playing field!"

"OOPS! Looks like SOMEONE just levelled the playing field!"

My very Republican boss just farted in my office!

Who, other than your parents, was the greatest influence in your life?

Favorite bra color/pattern

What does the cat thermometer read in your neck of the woods?

Why can't I just have an easily diagnosed condition for once?

I took a cold shower with my dog tonight

WOOHOOO!! Let's go to the beach!

I believe I just lost my job, I just slept through my shift

Green Day fans check-in - Favorite song!

Holy crapola. (pics)

Need some advice about a flame

Let's see a show of hands: who thinks this guy is BEAUTIFUL?

Oh wow, I just thought of a GREAT new game for the lounge!!

Fill In The Form!

Oh wow, I just thought of a GREAT new fate for the lounge!!

"I'll have to have the doctor call you"

Never been religious, but now I'm praying to any God what'll listen...

Ou ou, the MySpace America's Got Talent is here! ! ! !

Oh goody,a co-worker has been diagnosed with the swine flu.

I got a TOOL!

Arnold Ziffel, the television-watching pig

I'm calling out the Lounge Geddy Lee/Rush haters...

Futurama Coming Back But WITHOUT Original Cast!

My entire forehead is peeling off!!

Video of what Ireland will be like with their new blasphemy law

someone, anyone, please make me laugh.

Post a planet that needs guitars!

Phils win 9 straight, have 6.5 game cushion in lead of NL East....Nats...

It was bear week in Provincetown last week and as a straight man, looking like I do

Television family sitcoms

Eclipse watch!

Do you read the newspaper comics?

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"You Will Never Go Broke Underestimating the Intelligence of the American Public"

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Apollo 15 panorama. (dial-up warning-one huge photo)

uggggg hubby had my nephew comehelp him with his vehicle Sunday still here How can I get him to GO

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The sixth HARRY POTTER movie raked in over $150M. Which Hogwarts house do you represent?

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Name Your Favorite Candy Bar

Dog drags newborn from family home in Ky.

Did our American hard "R" come from Irish and Scot Immigrants?

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Pressure grows on Honduras, violence feared

Pressure grows on Honduras, violence feared

RIM cites national security concerns as Nortel bid thwarted

Report: Agency withheld distracted driver research

House probe of covert CIA program could target Cheney

Yup. Jupiter got served

US terror policy report delayed

Stressed parents up asthma risk

CBS Decides to Keep Cronkite’s Voice on ‘Evening News’

Double trouble, Part 2: Bush Twins

Democrats say tax hit in health plan goes too far

Irish law makes it illegal to speak blasphemy.

Irish law makes it illegal to speak blasphemy.

Tyler Perry sending rebuffed day-care kids to Disney World - (PA Racist Pool Incident)

From Colombia: Multinational mining company 'hired paramilitaries'

Looking to Score Legal Marijuana? Check Your iPhone

Southwest Airlines breaks losing string, posts $54M profit

Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi Receives Gandhi Award

Obama, Mormon leader meet in Oval Office

Iraqi Military: No Need for US Troops' Help in Security Mission

Oklahoma Baptist newspaper apologizes for fake (Gov.) Henry endorsement

Police Drop Charges in Henry Louis Gates Case

Budget accord reached: Calling for deep cuts and avoiding broad tax hikes, Schwarzenegger and legisl

Thousands throng to village in India for eclipse

Summers Chides Banks on Foreclosures, Says Pace of Recovery Is `in Doubt'

Myanmar going nuclear with N Korea's help?

Panel delays Sotomayor vote as GOP support grows

Byrd returns to Senate

Over 50 militants killed in NW Pakistan's Lower Dir

Huckabee to air Fox News show from disputed East Jerusalem site

Mongolia to send troops to Afghanistan

Byrd Back on the Job

U.S. Withheld Data Showing Risks of Distracted Driving

China Clamps Down on More Social Web Sites, Researcher Says

Indonesia detains 17 suspects in Freeport killings

Autistic Marine Court Martialed and Given Bad Conduct Discharge

Lebanon arrests 10 for plotting attacks on UN troops

Sen. Byrd Back on the Senate Floor

Malay prince sues Indonesian wife

Quake, tsunami potential high on U.S. west coast

US Senate halts F-22 jet funding

Taliban claims responsibility for new wave of attacks in Afghanistan

Sudan threats to Abdelrazik known by Ottawa: emails

Exclusive: Bush US Attorney cut lenient plea deal with company paying terrorists

Nelson (D-Ne) lauds Sotomayor

Report: Ex-Fox News Producer Gets Ten Years for Child Porn

Google Earth Adds Moon To Celebrate Apollo 11 Landing

EU to limit contact with Honduras interim govt


Poll: Public losing trust in President Obama

Australia out of Afghanistan in '3 to 4' years

L.A. supervisors to sue to block state budget cuts; other local governments expected to join

Democrats Slow Work on Health Bill

Giannoulias to formally announce Senate bid

Minority Turnout Was Critical to Obama's Election, Data Show

Big labor changes possible, ex-NLRB chair says

McDonalds Hepatitis Scare: Infected Employee Exposed Thousands

Japan PM dissolves parliament, calls elections

Jackson Browne, Republicans settle case

Auction set to begin for Watergate Hotel in D.C.

Seals that lounge around San Diego cove win reprieve from governor after long legal battle

AP-GfK Poll: Great hopes for Obama fade to reality

U.S. airline irks India by frisking ex-president

Continental Airlines to Cut 1700 JObs

Sotomayor Vote Will Wait While GOP Deliberates

(Hillary) Clinton, in India, says 'outsourcing is a concern for many'

Honduras Orders Diplomats to Be Expelled

Justice Department argues against releasing Cheney interview

Charges dropped against Harvard professor: report

Colo. Senators Want Ft. Carson In Alcohol Program

Reports of Suicide in China Linked to Missing iPhone

Roethlisberger accused of sex assault in lawsuit

President Barack Obama authorizes extended Secret Service guard for former VP Dick Cheney

NORAD to Conduct Exercise Over D.C. Area

Senator Blocks Obama Nominee for Latin America Over Honduras

BREAKING: Jordan Begins Revoking Palestinians' Citizenship

Justice Department argues against releasing Cheney interview

Eight killed in battle in Afghanistan's east

Sri Lanka welcomes IMF bailout

Son of famed newsman found dead in southeast Kansas

Muslim model to be flogged in Malaysia for drinking beer

Gates Says He Is Outraged by Arrest at Cambridge Home

Court Throws Out NRA Lawsuit Against Pittsburgh Gun Trafficking Law

Obama, Gates win on F-22 fighter jet vote

Coverage of Health Care Reform Events from

Cool Women ask the US citizens the tough questions; Listen to their answers

Michael Steel unplugged on Health Care

Pres. Obama Honors Apollo 11 - NASA 'Touchstone of Excellence'

Billy Bragg - The Space Race is Over

Sen. Boxer accused of racism by head of Black Chamber of Commerce

Day in 100 Seconds - Michael Steele Fights & Fights, then calls 'Bingo'

MSNBC's Ed Schultz Interviews Wendell Potter

Conservative Media Tries to Kill Health Care Reform

Countdown: Does Bush Torture Policy Put American POWS at More Risk? (w/ Turley)

TYT: How Politicians Lie to You

Crazy ass bigots, aka Palin's base, almost riot when GOP Congressman says Obama is a citizen

Lanny Davis and US Policy in Honduras: Roberto Lovato and Andres Thomas Conteris on GRITtv

Glenn Beck's NEW Bizarre Rant Against Obama's Healthcare Plan

GOP Rep. Todd Tiahrt Links Obama's Mother to Abortion

Don't Prepare for Chaos & Disaster-PREVENT IT!

Conservatives are paranoid idiots

C-Street: Jesus Plus Nothing -or- The Totalitarianism of Christ! & Tiahrt's plan to outbreed Muslims

Republican Space Rangers

Obama: If We Don't "Score Political Points," Health Bill Will Pass

Hit piece trying to show that Obama is for rationing

"Americans Against Food Taxes" -- ASTROTURF

Groundbreaking Medicine for Bees

Big Ed Highlights Michael Steele's Disastrous Press Conference

Republican Principles

Jim DeMint has a Health Care Hissy Fit on the Senate Floor

Headzup: A Message To Blue Dog Democrats

TYT: Glenn Greenwald Joins Cenk To Talk Prosecution & MSM

Harry and Louise now want and need Universal Health Care.

Rachel Maddow: Republicans Open Wide And Say NAH

GRITtv: Howard Dean on Healthcare Part I

GRITtv: Howard Dean on Healthcare Part II

GRITtv: Howard Dean on Healthcare Part III

Howard Deans goes after Max Baucus for accepting 3.9 million from health and insurance interests

California Closed

McConnell: I have a friend in Florida who had a friend in Canada.

CNN: Canada's Former Minister of Health Reacts to Lies About System ('Absolute Nonsense')


Treasury's Private Ocean

Religious cult Westboro Church creates music video to the tune of Michael Jacksons We Are The World

Birthers: GOP WelcomesThe INSANE!

CNN gives birthers 9 minutes

Alan Grayson: "Which Foreigners Got the Fed's $500,000,000,000?" Bernanke: "I Don't Know."

Chris Matthews Smacks Down Birther Rep. Campbell; Makes Him Admit Obama is U.S. Citizen

Rachel Maddow's Special Comment Countering Buchanan's Bigoted Version of History

TYT: Bad Guys Launch Coordinated Attack on Healthcare w/ 'Corp. Shills' (+ Alec Baldwin's Advice?)

Mike Castle (R-DE) Meets His Crazy Right Wing Constituents

GOP Cites Lincoln to Defend the Secrecy of 'C Street House'

Urban Poor and Hungry Burgeoning Unnoticed

Christian mafia: the Family at C Street

House panel backs ministry procedures on ‘citizenship revocation’ (Jordan)

Prescribing Cake to Cure the Health Care Crisis

The Great Tax Con Job: Thom Common Dreams

NIghtline happily crowed about Obama's poll numbers declining since the Inauguration 'Halo' days. No

Viagra's Latest Commercial Set in 'C Street House'

Culturally Tone Deaf

Bailout Poetic Justice

Lobbies Adopt Tone of Accord With President

Harvard Professor Arrested for 'TWI' — Thriving While Black

Is Bruno Worse For Gays Than Perez Hilton?

Dumping in Dixie: TVA Toxic Spill Cleaned Up and Shipped to Alabama Blackbelt

These are the Coup Leaders, They Will be Judged!

Expansion Of Federal Death Penalty Counter To Furthering Civil Rights, Says ACLU

Honduran unions call general strike

NYT: The Day Obscenity Became Art

C Street House & "Family" Members Push Fake American History House Resolution

Why Single Payer could save the U.S.

Did DoJ Blackmail Siegelman Witness With Sex Scandal?

Socialist Health Plan? In Norway, Obama's Plan Not Even Close

Death Squads in El Salvador: A Pattern of U.S. Complicity

Animal House Redux: Sex, Power, God On Their Side

To what extent do Goldman Sachs and other big banks control Congress, the White House and the stock

Is Obama the Antichrist? Why Armageddon Stands Between the President and the Evangelical Vote

Serious About Green Jobs? It's Time to Throw 'Free Trade' out the Window

Beyond the simple abortion debate

Atheists choose 'de-baptism' to renounce childhood faith

To Save the Republic, Tax the Rich

Guardian UK: George Bush's sex education failure

The Republicans Win Big in California!

I think David Brooks is right. Why is President Obama doing this?

CIA,DEA. Drugs and assassinations in El Salvador.

New Israeli vaccine could save bees

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

The Great Tax Con Job

Waxman: No August Recess without Health Care Bill

India becomes R&D hot spot as high-tech firms cut costs


Palin implicated in ethics probe

BET co-founder endorses Bob McDonnell(R) for Virginia governor

What does the GOP want GOVERNMENT to run? Anything?

Words you'll never hear in the Canadian health care system

Stand with the President. Sign your name in support of President Obama's health care principles.

Idiots on facebook

What is your attitude about the Birthers?

Obama could be commanding a health care revolution with single payer & a grassroots uprising


20 House Dems now claiming that the House Health Plan has an aborton Poison Pill

My idea on a gift to make wacko Birthers' heads explode

I would like to advise President Obama that occasionally Modesty is NOT a virtue

Did you just see that on Rachael.. The "birthers gone nuts"

GOP congressman has birther meltdown on Hardball

Think Kennedy would still be alive today had, you know, it not been for Dallas?

What kind of public option does President Obama want passed?

Obama should just provide his birth certificate to the American people

Talking point: 95% of Americans are 1 illness away from bankruptcy, even if they have insurance

Would it be possible to have the public option run by the insurance companies

How come the Media never report on the "good" that would come from Health Care Reform?

The Art of Underestimating Obama

Salon: Sex and power inside "the C Street House"

Doris Kearns Goodwin on Obama's 'Johnson Moment'

Obama changes Wed. press conference timing to accommodate NBC and Susan Boyle

The typical GOP supporter has Health Care and does not give a crap about anyone else.......

From Cronkite tributes to this... Obama Explains His Mom Jeans: "I'm A Little Frumpy" (AP)

Not much we can do

Sestak Responds To Rendell’s Demand That He Quit Senate Race: Fat Chance

Do you honestly expect that the Public OPtion would be cheap

Obama Still Open to Using Reconciliation Process on Health Care legislation

Matthew Shepard Act passes - thank your senators

Palin implicated in ethics probe

Michael Steele's Disasterous CNN Interview (w/DNC knifing) [Video]

Palin pulls a Perry on State soveriegnty

Republicans splintering on public option!..a prominent Republican came out in support...

Robert Reich: AMA, private insurers and big pharma in line to get what they want in healthcare bill

538's Nate Silver: Blue Dog Districts Need Health Care More Than Most

Progressive Groups, Supporters, Go After Baucus In New Ad Buy

Some Kansas Dems want Parkinson to reconsider

***HEADS UP*** Country Music Workshop, Live From the White House

Fineman on Hardball last night: Hard to describe

Republicans Give Obama an Enemy

Reprint: I'm sure you've Noticed that the Media is "On-Board"......

House Democrats Claim 'Breakthrough' On Health Bill - MedPAC proposal to control cost. (WSJ)

Mayo Clinic Blog Blasts Obamacare

President Obama wants a strong public option, but, Congress doesn't provide for one in their plans!

Franks, Obey, Meeks and Lowey "irked", say Obama sounds like George W. Bush

Hold your nose... Blue Dog Dems are stinkin' up the place!

Tweets from healthcare advocate...Jim DeMint

Orin Hatch--lying liar: Single Payer means the government decides everything.

LA-Sen: Vitter Leads Melancon by 12

I believe that Chris is going to show the attached clip tonight.

CNN's Borger: Dems Messing Up on Healthcare

FL-Senate: Rubio's Running (Still)

Robert Reich: A Surtax is Fair and Easy

I am so proud of Rachel tonight.

David Hasselhoff: Obama Is "Kind Of Boring"

GO GET'em, Dem. traitors....

Talkingpointsmemo: Aide: Blue Dog Dems To Press Obama To Delay Health Reform

Healthcare hit piece on Obama

Blue Dog Boren on FauxNews: We May Take Health Care Into Fall (VIDEO)

More lies from Birther asshat Orly Taitz (as seen on recent Dobbs interview)

Tweety is taking this birfer moran Congresscritter to the woodshed!

How much credibility has M$M lost over its coverage of Healthcare Issue?

Obama: Health Care Opponents Waiting For Special Interests To Kill Reform

Best Weekly Standard Headline Ever

Coming up on Hardball... The Birther Nuts and the demise of the Republican Party

White House Political Operation Unleashes Email Blast Hammering “Waterloo” Crack

Public option opponents pulling out all the stops

There is no Obamacare because it is called AmericaCARE!

Blunt has GOP rival: state Sen. Chuck Purgason plans to make it official Thursday

'What if they throw everything....and DON'T 'break' him?"

Adaptive Trolls

President Barack Obama authorizes extended Secret Service guard for former VP Dick Cheney

NC-Sen: Marshall Seriously Weighing a Run

I don't normally post about Drudge, but this one is pretty funny.

Ezra Klein: Why Does Max Baucus Take This Money?

No excuses: Why the TV nets must carry Obama's press conference this week

More birther nuttery

The Numbers Don't Lie

My letter to Jim DeMint. (We need to be BLASTING these RePUKES !)

Byrd returns to the Senate

Fighting Cancer Requires Health Care Reform

McCain: Hate Crime Amendment An "Abuse Of Power"

War for everyone, HealthCare for None! That's the American Way!

Congress Critters: Are you going to stand with the American people or with the healthcare industry?

The Hill: Hoyer Says House could Leave Without Health Vote

Right On CUE Gallup RIDES To The REPUBS Rescue!!

LOL! Michael Steele making a fool of himself on CNN

Representative Weiner goes for broke with single-payer proposal

It's Really Amazing Watching Andrea Mitchell And Chuck Todd Agree That Obama Is Failing...

Who is Obama's biggest Pain in the Ass on Health Care Reform

Where does Obama standing on canceling the summer recess?

Sex and power inside "the C Street House"

Reasons to Believe - Health reform *will* pass.

GOP Health Care Plan: Stall

Obama refuses to rule out surtax for health care - this morning on Today Show (AP)

HuffPo: Internal RNC Memo: "Engage In Every Activity" To Slow Down Health Care Reform

Nobody talks about nurses and healthcare reform

MSNBC: President Obama will speak about healthcare today from the Rose Garden at 12:15PM ET.

The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked…

"I must BREAK YOU."

So I got money back from my health-insurance company today, and I was impressed

Why Insurance Exchange is the most important part of the public plan

Senate panel delays vote on Sotomayor nomination

Holder Must Appoint A Special Prosecutor Now, To Prosecute Cheney's Secret Assassination And Torture

Deadline missed for policy on detaining terror suspects

Breaking President Obama? via email from Tim Kaine

OK - Now let's list the GOP's accomplishments after 6 months of

Guess who coached MC Steele on his healthcare remarks today???

Medicare took one year; healthcare reform to take decade

Hate to Be the Bearer of Bad News, But...

How much of an outsider is Neil M. Barofsky, Special Inspector General for TARP?

Baucus Pulls in Contributions from Health Care Firms

John Judis: Tax the Rich! It doesn't always makes sense, but it does now.

Check Out This Link To See How The Effective The Repugs Have Been In The Past 6 Months........

If Obama was on DU, he'd get unrecommended

Robert Reich: Obamacare is at War With Itself Over Future Costs

Jim Lehrer's Newshour Interview with President Obama - No time to delay on health reform. (VIDEO)

CNN's Pilgrim refutes Dobbs on Dobbs over birth certificate (Video)

(self delete)

Now That We Have A List Of Obama Accomplishments,

Bailout Overseer Says Banks Misused TARP Funds

Hagan 'yes,' Burr not ready on Sotomayor

I think part of this birth certificate junk is about how they've painted themselves into a corner.

What do you call dictators who can rule by fiat in a foreign country ...

Three legit networks to carry President Obama's primetime presser. Faux sticks with dancing show.

President Obama holds conference call with Liberal Bloggers

One of the few times President Obama isn't the most impressive person in the picture...

Blue Dogs to meet with Obama on health care - Tuesday morning

Dear CNN, Obama's healthcare reform is NOT on the ropes!

Obama Blogger Call On Health Care

If Healthcare Delayed Past Recess, Will GOP Display A "Mission Accomplished" Banner?

Nation Descends Into Chaos As Throat Infection Throws Off Obama's Cadence

When the Pubs get all misty eyed over Reagan, they really date themselves


Bill Kristol wants us to die!

Ya know, it's just not fair....

Chuck Todd: Media Has "Created This Drama That Obama's Struggling On HC"

Sen. Inhofe (R-C Street) takes love of Jesus to Africa on taxpayer's dime

Environmentalists are backing manned space exploration

First Wastewater Treatment Plant In Nation To Turn Post-Consumer Food Waste Into Energy

DrumBeat: July 21, 2009

China offers big solar subsidy, shares up

Financial Times: Carbon trading could slash ‘green’ costs

Tree study data supports computer models of climate change

Renewable Transition 1: Targets & Troubles

Climate engineering (geoengineering) research gets green light (by American Meteorological Society)

Radioactive waste site in Denver being redeveloped

Massive 2007 Taklamakan Dust Storm Circled The Planet In 13 Days, Study Shows - AFP

Yet another prominent Green German anti-nuke joins a dangerous fossil fuel pipeline company.

Seal dispute on San Diego beach (BBC)

Vectrix closes shop on electric motorcycles

Purer water made possible by Sandia (Labs) advance—A single atom makes a big difference

New Scientist: Electric cars: Juiced up and ready to go

New Israeli vaccine could save bees

Pee Power: New Technology Produces Hydrogen from Urine

More Than Meets the Eye: New Blue Light Nanocrystals (may also help in carbon capture & storage)

The "coffin corner" of the energy problem

UC Boulder Study - Potential For All Colorado Basin Reservoirs To Dry Up By 2050 As West Warms

Tires made from trees (using cellulose) -- better, cheaper, more fuel efficient (and use less oil)

LA Times: California's 2006 heat wave was much deadlier than previously reported, researchers say

Megawatt closed loop bio-farming operation in process

Wow! The Braves are kicking some ass tonight! Anyone know how the Ginats are doing??

Can someone explain to me what the LAW is??

After a tough loss to one of the teams from weak NL West, the Pirates

Uh Oh

Back by popular demand: Gloat-free Baseball Scores (July 20)

The Skankees catch the DeadSox....

Pumpsie Green and the Boston Red Sox, 1959

Frisco Chokers lost to Atlanta 11-3!!!

Mets turn down offer for Halladay.

Less than 2 months till NHL Preseason

Marc Anthony now a Dolphins minority owner

HBO's Documentary on The Brooklyn Dodgers and a Note for the Twins

Rockies is likely going to pass the Giants in the standings tonight

The PAT is good: A's 14, Twins 13

(Mark)Anthony buys Miami Dolphins share

Gov Patterson to throw his full support behind the Islanders Lighthouse project

Boy oh boy, the Phillies are really good

Interesting perspective on the Frisco Chokers from the Frisco Choker's blog

Cotto vs Pacquiao

Roethlisberger accused of sex assault in lawsuit

Ichiro keeps hits coming, year after year

From Colombia: Multinational mining company 'hired paramilitaries'

Chile urges to restore constitutional order in Honduras

Why the Coup was Three Days Late and Other Interesting Things

BOREV: "Everybody Hates Lanny"

HONDURAS - Democracy Now - First Topic Featured w/ Nicolas Kozloff

Clip of New Chavez Documentary (Australian-Ven. Solidarity Network) - features Eva Golinger as well

Honduran unions call general strike

Demonstration Against Lanny Davis in DC Today - Video

Democra-Phobia: Fear of Citizen Power in Honduras

Goriletti give Ven. diplomats 72 hours to get out

Robert Carmona-Borjas Did Not Rate Well as Professor at GWU

Zelaya Says He Will Head March against Coup Plotters in Honduras

TELESUR Interviewing Xiomara Zelaya, Mel's Wife now 5:00 PM EDT


July 26: The Cuban People will Mark National Rebelliousness Day in Eastern Holguin

REPUBLICANS Delay US Nominees over Honduras Policy

Excerpt from State Dept. Briefing: Honduras AND Venezuelan Opposition Group Visiting DC

URGENT: Massacre Possible in Guadalupe Carnei - Community in Resistance

U.S. State Dept: No Coup D'etat has taken place in Honduras (Eva)

Pinochettis Running Around DC this Week?

Chávez orders re-evaluation of diplomatic ties with Colombia

These are the Coup Leaders, They Will be Judged!

EU to limit contact with Honduras interim govt

College Football Blows

Any interest in a DU fantasy Football league?

Texas breakdown of VPC report..

Lies, damn lies, and VPC statistics

Harry Reid Approves Floor Vote on CCW Reciprocity

"‘Cookie bandit' a B.C. cold case killer" - story ends in New Mexico


Police say concealed-carry law would deter criminals

Permit to carry? Scary!

CCW Holders have a homicide rate 87% LESS than the general public despite VPC claim.

Oh my. A Republican LTTE in My Local Paper (Gun Control)

Setting the Record Straight: Palestinians Can’t Really Live in West Jerusalem

Activists respond to cellular phone campaign

Jordan: East Jerusalem cannot be part of Israel's capital

Boycott of Trader Joe’s Israel products fizzles

Israel's war with itself

Gambling with peace: how US bingo dollars are funding Israeli settlements

'Israel has indisputable right to build in East Jerusalem'

The "Swiftboating" of Human Rights Watch

Israel to declare Dead Sea shore state land: Peace Now

J Street Conference Shows Coordination on Left

'Huckabee to air Fox News show from disputed East Jerusalem site'

Jews to Reclaim Land in Jordan?

Brazil official calls (Avigdor) Lieberman 'racist and fascist'

Evangelicals back Israel in Washington

Amman begins stripping state's Palestinians of citizenship

Oshkosh Corporation Agrees To Pay French Workers After Threat To Destroy Machinery

Today in Labor History July 21 Federal troops kill 10 strikers and wound 25, Paul Wellstone born

Dealers at 2 A.C. casino authorize strike

AFSCME Launches Ad Campaign Urging Senator Feinstein to Support Health Care Reform NOW!

NYT: Obama’s Strategy to Reverse Manufacturing’s Fall

AFL-CIO Not Worried About Alleged Democratic Wavering On Employee Free Choice

President Obama wants a strong public option, but, Congress doesn't provide for one in their plans!

Medicare took one year; healthcare reform to take decade (re-direct)

My new blog! First post is my healthcare solution

Good news for fibromyalgia sufferers

(Health) Industry Cash Flowed to Drafters of Reform (e.g., Baucus)

Robert Reich: AMA, private insurers and big pharma in line to get what they want in healthcare bill

What kind of public option does President Obama want passed? (re-direct)

It's ox-goring time. • healthcare haiku triplet

Whats the truth about Canadian Health Care?

GOP Doctors Blast AMA for Backing House Bill

A new camera and a new look at a subject I visited years ago: Michler's Florist.


A new gadget...

My second son is now an "Artist-In-Residence."

A few shots from Peru

Tues: Colbert Report interviews Single Payer Advocate/Doctor

In a cathedral

You that don't want health care changed and you dam conservatives

Economic Indicators Up More Than Expected in June

Seance on Wall Street

The US-China Ponzi scheme

It's The Economic Paradigm, Stupid!

Smoking the Green Shoots

On a lighter note - Cheech and Chong discuss the expected rise in cost of Ganga

Obama’s Strategy to Reverse Manufacturing’s Fall

I read that CAT had a good last quarter. My stupid question is:

iPhone sales boost Apple results (BBC) {beats forecasts}

Obama says "The fire is out now". re: economic crisis.

Keynesian common sense in China

Horrible revenue numbers show the real decline in business

The 10-year-old who helped Apollo 11, 40 years later (CNN)

Keep America In Space

When ‘What Animals Do’ Doesn’t Seem to Cover It

Former Brockton, MA mayoral candidate Jass Stewart seeking public office again

Jupiter sports new 'bruise' from impact

Anyone looking for a computational postdoc position ... with a 557-Tflop computer?

Is the Sun Missing Its Spots?

Gay Memorials: Help/advice needed

Church ponders next step on gay vows

I got to tell a DNC caller "The GAYTM is Out of Order" today.

Pentecostal Evangelists Plan To Surround Charlotte Pride - But not to harass, they claim

Boy harassed at 4-H summer camp for being gay

Ireland's "Harvey Milk" says marriage equality fight must go on

NASA confirms Jupiter smash

Thanks to Republican Jeff Sessions, Gay-Bashing may invoke The Death Penalty.

Tom Wolfe & Stephen Hawking on the Apollo Moon Landing

New Video Game: Shoot Gays Before They Rape You

Senate voted to strike funding for F-22! (Hate Crimes law likely to be signed as result!)

Channel Islands hold evidence of Clovis-age comets

Why the Moon?

Amateur Finds New Earth-Sized Blot on Jupiter

The Family, though these guys are not

Is this true (about vitamins) or a scare tactic? EDIT: Nevermind, seems to be a re-up of a fallacy.


About tonight's Solar Eclipse in Cancer...

Gaian prophet of doom: "There's a lot of puritanical silliness about it."

Does belief in an afterlife affect your attitude about death?

President Obama Presented With A copy of His Genealogy by Mormon Leaders

Irish law makes it illegal to speak blasphemy.

2008 Election Results According to Religious Devotion

Pressure canning question

News of

Sacrilege in the C&B forum...

Engineer Sees Evidence Of Extreme Temperatures In WTC Steel...

Want to keep the freedom to have access to vitamins?

Faked moon landings, creationists, and 9-11 truthers

Liberal Blogger posts voters guide for illegal immigrants

Texas Medical Association balks at backing Obama healthcare plan, despite AMA endorsement

Protesters Clash over Dragging Death

Premier, cabinet ordered to release B.C. Rail emails

Canada's human rights failure

Vancouver 2010 Olympic bylaws may restrict free speech

B.C. double murder suspect shot dead in U.S.