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Dems mull skipping panel, bringing healthcare to floor

I just watched Obama's speech to the NAACP! I didn't realize what a Freeper he is!

Blue Cross..the Mad Magazine lyrics from the early sixties

Rethug piggies want to use taxpayer money to spread outright lies about health plan

Omaha's poor to lose rental help

Jon Stewart: Still The Most Trusted Newscaster in America

dupe.. pls delete

400 people a week die for lack of health care (Source: Shuster on Countdown on MSNBC)

Roy Blunt's health care solution: Snipe and sit

Media on ‘card check’ Wrong or just missing the point?

Media on ‘card check’ Wrong or just missing the point?

More Mexicans Are Sending Money to Help Out Relatives in the U.S.

white house and both houses of congress

Welcome to Union 101

Outrage: Letting the reform of health care become a debate on $$$ instead of REFORMING health care

ACLU: Attorney General Holder Should Order Comprehensive Torture Investigation,

Done crying, today she’ll even smile — minimum wage & one mom’s story

Imagine there's no racism

Imagine there's no racism

Hey righties! Obama produced a certificate of live birth, so you produce

Everything You've Heard About Credit Card Processors Is True

Hospital defends secretly deporting patient

I'm waiting for the so-called "responsible" Republicans to publicly disavow the racist bile

I DEMAND that John Boehner produce a birth certificate to prove......

"Who Dares to Compass the King"

Inhofe: Blocking health care will help GOP in 2010

Benita Pearson recommended to federal judgeship (U.S. District judgeship in Ohio)

Blue Dogs Cash In

Healthcare: They don't want us (all) to live but they won't let (any of) us die.

Check out the racists in this message board (discussing Gates)...

US Marshal Shoots San Joaquin K-9 Officer

Police: Daughter Says Drunk Mom Killed Her Chihuahua

Inhofe: Blocking health care will help GOP in 2010

Dems mull skipping panel, bringing healthcare to floor

How could the government possibly screw this health care

The entire Prof Gates story, **up to 2 days ago**, was really a ........

Repugs plan to take the axe to high-speed rail funding

Repugs plan to take the axe to high-speed rail funding

The Stanford Story is on CNBC

I heard Lieberman state "War criminals must pay for their crimes"

Carrie prejean and Officer Crowley to wed, Sarah Palin to be maid of honor

How minor events are escalated ...

What we all have to come to grips with is that RACISM KILLS

NC's Overdue Budget Bill Held Hostage By Repubs Seeking 2% Surcharge on Poor/Working Families...LINK

Isn't Mark Sanford about due for a trip to Argentina

Man sues Claim Jumper, claiming condom was in his soup

How soon will James the Cop have an agent and a book deal?

I keep waiting on the world to change.

Memory lane. Bush said Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

Memory lane. Bush said Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

What the Gates incident reveals

Oh snap!!! M$NBC didn't properly "brief" Charles Piecre on KO tonight

Why aren't the non-medical corporations beating the door down for the public option?

Can we sell Baucus to the highest bidder on eBay? How about the entire Congress?

UnitedHealth subsidiary is Congress' "gold standard" for health-care analysis?

Rich Lowry on Health: Stall Stall Stall

How about a tax credit for organ donation?

Freemasons in space

So why are Blue Dog Dems hell bent on getting repugs elected next time around?

Repub talking points for 2012

North Korea insults Hillary Clinton's appearance.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Call House Energy & Commerce Committee (E&C) for Single Payer in the morning (reprint)

Current fire danger: EXTREME. Current wind: NNW 15 GUSTING 25+

What is the procedure for proving a public official's citizenship?

Healthcare and Free Press: Two Human Rights We Lack

The Shame of the Democrats (In California)

The roots of Christian fundamentalism sprang out from The Plague/Black Death era

Sharlet says Stupak was "a Family-assigned mentor to one of my brothers at Ivanwald"

I suppose so...

Economist: "The Obama Cult"

Scarborough: Birthers "embrace conspiracy theories, make themselves look like cartoon characters"

Scarborough: Birthers "embrace conspiracy theories, make themselves look like cartoon characters"

Scarborough: Birthers "embrace conspiracy theories, make themselves look like cartoon characters"

cross posting this Sgt. Crowley diversity class spoof

Now That Congress Has Gotten The Time They Need To Do Health Reform Correctly........

Will we get real health-care reform, or a for-profit snow job?

Hilltop Trouble

Hilltop Trouble

What do DUers think of Carlos Figueroa?

The Senate "democrats" are delaying health care.

Prof. Gates or health insurance reform?

CNN poll needs help: Was Obama right that cops were stupid?

Shuster proves why he is no Keith O

NYT - 'As Health Bill Is Delayed, White House Negotiates'

"I Did Not Vote For Him" Said Officer Crowley, A Smile On His Lips

World opinion of U.S. improves since Obama's election, poll finds

Fed Unveils Rules to Protect Borrowers

The best picture ever for Southeast coasters..especially this time of year

NOAA Scientists Find Tsunami “Shadow” Visible from Space

Why I hate RepubliCONs...

"Health Care Reform and the American Character" by Congressman Paul Ryan (loon)

The GOP Poems humor funny

How many times have you been arrested?

How many times have you been arrested?

They're both a couple a morans....

Is there a list/collection of all the groups that endorse a government backed health care plan?

Born In the U.S.A.

What does redemption mean to you?

Arab Christian Group Sues Over Anti-Leafleting Rule at Arab International Festival on Dearborn (Mich

Don't Turn the Page on History; Facing the American World We Created

Report slams FEMA on health hazard in emergency housing

GOP's Top Birther / Teabagger

Uncle's intervention likely saved abused Dallas kids

What is the official HR#### for the health care bill...I've got some reading I want to do.

What is the official HR#### for the health care bill...I've got some reading I want to do.


When was the last time either Party did something for the people?

If Prof. Gates wasn't a VIP, he might still be in jail. If that black EMT pulled over & chokeholded

Jon Stewart- Most trusted man in news

Serial Warriors- By 2020 the US is projected to have nearly 2,500 manned combat aircraft

Serial Warriors- By 2020 the US is projected to have nearly 2,500 manned combat aircraft

Bury my heart at Wounded Knee

Bury my heart at Wounded Knee


Bomb Kills 2 US Service Members in Afghanistan

Poll: exiting Palin "loses ground among Republicans, white evangelicals."

David Sirota: The Attack of the 1-Percenters

Fix the economy? Curb corporate America

Health Care....wasn't the press conference about health care?

AP Plans ‘Registry’ to Track, License Online News Content

Is there a video attached to the Gates controversy?

Sure, the birthers are funny, but are they also dangerous?

Sure, the birthers are funny, but are they also dangerous?

Federal Reserve friendly economists have launched a petition

U.S. Stops Giving Militant Death Tolls in Afghanistan

U.S. Stops Giving Militant Death Tolls in Afghanistan

Iran: The Green Brief #37 (July 23) Latest news from Iran

DUers in Western Massachusetts...

DUers in Western Massachusetts...

Birfers Vs. Barfers

A question for those with more background in Economics than I...

DiFi, Blue Dog?

DiFi, Blue Dog?

Video of a White Motorist Screaming At A Cop While Getting a Ticket, Is He Arrested?

Did GOP Stall Congress For Boehner "Beach" Party Fundraiser?

Upgrading Eppley's runways (including $4.2 million in stimulus funds)

G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate Criminal turned Whackjob

Bottom line: Police EXTORT respect from the citizenry at gunpoint

It's official: britain opposes fun

BART Officials Spending Big On Travel And Food

The Power of the Compliment

"It's not about me"


Why is warrantless wiretapping wrong?

Why is warrantless wiretapping wrong?

The cost ?

Can you believe this woman is AGAINST a national health plan?

GE Moves Green Jobs To China

Pepper spray your family with love!

Bwaaahahahahahahahaa... Jackson Browne Defeats John McCain

"Corporate Person" Intel says its human rights were violated

A Company That Offers Services To Private Health Insurance Company's - Check Out The Links.........

A third of men under 40 still live at Hotel Mum

Jon Stewarts Take On Obama's "Stupidly" comment

Breaking news: Gates admits he was wrong

Obama as a witch doctor leads to accusations of racism against St. Petersburg doctor David McKalip

Max Baucus going on vacation

Stupak Denies Knowledge of Connections to Mysterious ‘C Street’ House He Lives In

Stunning how Freepers just can't keep race out of it.

Michigan lawmakers look to Gitmo for stimulus

A funny thing happens to "Morning Joe" when Scab isn't there...

(NYT) Unwritten Law for blacks - -Rule #1: Quiet Politeness. #2: Frequent Use of the Word “Sir”

Damn !!!

I'll bet Gates fell victim to the sleazy cop tactic of "Provoke the perp."

The Showdown Begins! Specter And Sestak Set To Hold First Joint Candidate Forum — At Netroots Nation

CIA Kept bin Laden Son's Death Secret For Months

This brings up way too many nightmares

MEDIA FAILURE: Gates And Crowley Need To Personally Lead

When the neocon, corporatists get me down--I watch this:

Just an inquiry - has anyone seen Crazy Racist Uncle Pat

Listening to Blue Dog Sanchez from California on MSNBC this morning - they are right!!!!!

Paul Krugman:Costs and Compassion(talking heads on cable TV, shame on them)

Gates - guilty or not?

To those here, what is your defintion of "racial profiling?"

Republican Health Insurance Plan

Crowley considering a defamation lawsuit against Gates (ABC News)

Cornyn to vote against Sotomayor

Ever been handcuffed?

Ok NJ DUERS please explain all those arrests

Michael Jackson's Prosthetic Nose Is Missing

We need to be happy about the progress we have made in our health care reform battle

Microwave weapon will rain pain from the sky

A "Boehner Beach Party"? Did he wear a Speedo?

Chinese Scientists Reprogram Cells to Create Mice

China's concubine culture is back

Yet another gem from Freaky Fundie Lady at work.....

Ohio's Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner We need Health Care Reform Now

Healthcare reform TOONS:

Mike Thompson draws killer birther toon for today's DFP. In comments, birthers go nuts

C&L: Fox's Cavuto hosts "No Chubbies" t-shirt-wearing porn Webmaster in Surgeon General attack piece

Sanders on with hartman: Baucus siding with Repukes on HC

Jon Stewart Takes On The Birthers

Once Gates Showed His ID, The Police Should Have Left Him Alone

Gates Downs the F-22

Bernie Sanders on fire on Thom Hartmann

Do You Believe Gates Ever Lost His Health Care Coverage During His Arrest?

Obama's "police acted stupidly" comment was right on!

An analysis of Officer Crowley's misbehavior without reference to race.

More bodies go unclaimed as families can't afford funeral costs

I incorrectly interpreted the Gates situation...

Neglected National Mall languishes

Michael Moore interested in tragic story of 4 who died after power shutoff

Guaranty Bank says end is near.

Evangelist Alamo found guilty

Obama was 100% correct regarding his Gate's comments except...

Wasn't it last week that Obama was "talking down" to the NAACP?

Palin's Popularity Plummets

Brainstorming on Health Care

Move over Joe the Plumber!

Hatch to vote NO on Sotomayor

I know, I know .. this is an unrecommend thread, but it's a good one!

Waning Pacific Clouds Suggest Global Warming Feeds Upon Itself

George Washington was not born in the US!

Why we must have health care reform.

GE Moves Green Jobs To China

Pay for Play- Cash for politicians: This is how the system works

Fox lead story is "Stupidly-Gate." Not the economy. Not War. A remark by Obama. Top story.

Please Check Out My Earlier Post - It's Funny - If You Follow The Links On It.......

Bunch o very angry white thugs stuffed into suits on TV

Lindsey Graham to Conservatives: Enjoy being in the minority

GOP Strategists Worry Attacks Will Backfire

So RW now promotes the idea that cops can arrest you after you prove you live at/own the home?

2915/22 = 8% death rate from swine flu in Florida?

Fundies: Quit picking on our golden goddess, the Athena of Alaska, Sarah Palin

Google and work at home

Gov. Goodhair Perry - there you go again.

Seriously - What Would Happen If Senators & Congress Persons Didn't Take Lobbying Monies From.....

Funny: Public comments @ City Council (Santa Cruz) - wow...

McCain Campaign Investigated, Dismissed Obama Citizenship Rumors

beware of "Universal Card Services"

Anyone Noticing Media Turning on Obama

Regarding President Obama's comments on the Gates incident...

I'd like someone to clarify something for me re the Gates matter.

Paul Krugman's Statement on Bush and Health Care

Confused yet?

The Shock Doctrine in action...the vultures are circling...

Iraq's 'Six of Clubs' describes abuse at the hands of US Joint Special Forces at secret prison

God is not your bitch, by Mark Morford

Max "Republican" Baucus Gets Only 5% Of Contributions From Montanans

Colbert Helps Hannity By Scaring Crap Out Of Americans About Health Care (Video)

The less the media actually knows about a topic, the more they discuss it.

The link below is to a CrimeReports map of the Ware Street area for the Gates incident.

Michael Jackson

Hmmm Imagine that. Harry Reid's Senate voicemailbox is full!

Anyone (Bostonians?) Remember This Gem About How Non-Racist Boston Cops Are?

Key Dems clear one obstacle to health care bill

I agree with HughMoran.

British forces in Afghanistan face more casualties, says Sir Jock Stirrup

Float off on end-of-week's cloud, but first come CAPTION!!! (The Blond Birther!)


How do you organise a march in Washington, DC?

"CNN has a erious Lou Dobbs problem on its hands," said Eric Burns, Pres. of Media Matters

DiFi thinks Public Option would be another pesky "entitlement"

In Clearwater, Playing Catch Is Against The Law

The Repugs Say They Want To Do The Right Thing For Health Care Reform.........

A snapshot of police psychology in America...

Equality - Is everyone equal under the law, or not?

The Rude Pundit: Mike Pence Says Funding Planned Parenthood Makes People Sad

70 Cents An Hour

Texas cleaning up oil blobs on South Padre Island

health care is sliding down the usual shithole, Afghanistan is the quagmire to end all quagmires,

Cambridge is like the UN. I grew up in the next town over. As a teenager,

Hugo Chavez vs Bill Gates

How many burglars are chauffeured to work in a limo?

The Nightmare Of The U.S. Healthcare System Exemplified

Would eliminating healtch care benefits as part of employment lead to

Why are Pundits Unwilling to Say Pay for Play

Henry Waxman to the Rescue!

Friday: Key Vote on Single Payer Healthcare

Just watched the WH press briefing (or tried to).

Poll: Should Sarah Palin run for political office again?

Poll: Should Sarah Palin run for political office again?

Obama calls police officer in Cambridge case

David Brooks: Kill the Rhinos!

Why you won't like the economic recovery

Linkedin poll / comments on health care needs DU's help...

Cooking the books, Texas style!

It's not only "Judy's Turn to Cry"..Am Ex is chokin' back the tears

Abstinence-Supporting GOP State Lawmaker Admits To Sex With 22-Year-Old Intern

Obama clarifies......Gates/Crowley

About Crowley

Limbaugh Calls for 'Slut' Tax: the Politics of Personal Responsibility in Health Care

Why the rich should pay more taxes, a pragmatic assessment of the need for progressive taxes

Is the Gates situation class warfare instead of racism?

Tom Harkin and the woo merchants -


Facebook: an anomaly or accurate reflection?


Elizabeth Edwards Shows How to Tell a Liar on Healthcare

I'm glad I pretty much stayed out of this hyped up crap!

Police unions demand Obama and Patrick to apologize to "all law enforcement personnel"

Amazon Apologizes For Kindle Flap

Epic Fail as an application to the Republicants should evolve....

Time: "Inside Bush and Cheney's Final Days" (Bush Concludes Libby Lied)

How do you feel about being a "lagging indicator?"

FBI Processes 600 Billion Fingerprints Per Day

Herr Limbaugh: Obama is an angry black man

C-Street House - Religious Affiliations Of Current & Other Occupants Mentioned As Having Lived .....

The Gates incident seems to be a case of bilateral overreaction

CNN Breaking: Live Coverage of Zelaya Re-Entering Honduras.. Imminent Arrest

Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit

Would You PARDON Scooter Libby In Exchange for INDICTING Karl Rove?

I hope the CNN execs or producers walk onto the Lou Dobbs set tonight.

Findlay, Ohio, Chamber of Commerce Kills Buy America Parade Because Unions Backed It

Obama holding the White House press briefing RIGHT NOW

End of the Line for Detroit / USA - the National

Gallup: Most Americans Still Want Healthcare Reform

Pelosi says she has enough votes.

How do the cops in your town treat people?

The Media is making this Gates-Obama-Police Controversy Worse

Can we all agree that Gates-Gate proves one thing?

STUPIDLY is a word! It's in the goshdarn dictionary.

Waxman jabs elbows between The Blue Dogs and their Money.

FR: If born in Hawaii, Obama STILL is not "natural born citizen"

Let me re-phrase my original question: assuming you live in a majority

Bill Moyers continues to be a Pit Bull on health care.....More good stuff tonight:

Response from CT Rep Joe Courtney on Health Care

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

Gates should not have acted like a Jackass.

Gates should not have acted like a Jackass.

How to easily frame healthcare: "You are being ripped off..."

What Obama's mea culpa proves...

'Star Wars in Concert' tour launching

Choose a side

Newsmax caught making false Obama quote

Crowley: It was Gates' tone of voice

I finally see the sense in the unrec feature

Strange Eye-Shaped Galaxy Has Black-Hole Iris

Did the police act stupidly in arresting Prof. Gates in his home?

Individual Mandates: Expensive Policy Failure And Bonanza For Insurers And Market Stakeholders

Is the birther movement racist?

Electricity From Salty Water

Health Care Report Card on CongressCritters

A Bill giving $Trillions to the RICH would take how long?

WI forced to pay $49K to prison brutality victim

Talks With Blue Dogs Back On?

Collective brain for the birthers, WorldNutDaily, has a little transparency problem

I'd never have thought I'd miss the MJ circus,

I'd never have thought I'd miss the MJ circus,

It's clear who really wears the crown in Iran

Changing the rules in mid-game is a symptom of a government sickening.

The Right's Response to Obama's presser re Crowley/Gates - Throw Gates under the Bus

How do we progressives, liberals, and moderate Democrats move forward?

Natural Harvest: Semen-based recipes

Goodyear Shuts Philippine Tire Plant

Goodyear Shuts Philippine Tire Plant

How come the summer recess for congress still exists?

McClatchy Newspapers: Minimum wage stuck in the 1950s

Wow... Beck just had another on-air outburst on TV

Do police officers routinely carry business cards with their name and badge number on them?

This is worth watching.

Airman can't sue for botched surgery

PLEASE kick these Birfers asses right now

US Envoy Warns of Imperfect Afghan Poll

I think the cop was overzealous.

Bizarre Google Ad on HomePage "Urgent: The Obama New World Order Threat"

Can someone justify the role of the senate?

Poll details: Majority in US oppose both wars

Jefferson's Trial is almost over and it's not looking bad for the defense

Are you less pissed off at oil companies than you were 10 months ago?

To Serve and Protect.

sgt. james crowley, another republican 'celebrity'?

Feingold: White House is Whistling Past Afghan Graveyard

Food Bank Friday, July 24, 2009

MSM Legacy

MSNBC flags President who "stops short of apologizing"...who followed the one who NEVER apologized

So this dude from the Cambridge Police Department just called Gates Stupid

So this dude from the Cambridge Police Department just called Gates Stupid

Convicted pastor says he's 'one of the prophets'

House healthcare talks break down in anger-Blue Dogs howling

Most important news story of the week (ending July 24, 2009)

Whatever watered down form of health care congress gives us will fall below expectation...

NJ cops use pepper spray on aggressive groundhog

The Question Is Not "Why Do Dems Want To Go So Fast?"...

Glenn Beck is split-screen interviewing himself over the "GET OFF MY PHONE!" rant

Christian Right Crusades for Israel

Breaking: George Washington; Not First President; Not American Citizen.

Breaking: George Washington; Not First President; Not American Citizen.

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-Moran): ‘There Are No Americans Who Don’t Have Health Care’

Bachmann: Health Care Reform Would Create "Hassle" For Me

GOP to introduce it's health care plan next week! (leaked details)

I love my congressman Earl Blumenauer.

Now is the perfect time for this...

"While I was led to believe that Gates was lawfully in the residence,

High-end wine growers facing tough times

For only $1.585 mil, YOU can own the Washington DC home of corrupt bloated scumbag Karl Rove.

I've got a woody.... and you can get one too, it's a great way to

BANK BUST FRIDAY!!!! The "Georgia-on-my-Mind, Again" Edition

These cops on tv right now are making themselves look stupid...

Does anyone remember this video from a few years ago,

I don't know if Gates' arrest was about race

It may have been stated before;

Arab woman stabbed to death in German courtroom

The State of Jones, awesome! I had no idea and it brought me to tears just hearing about it

Waxman, Blue Mutts kiss and make up

Freeps react in a SHOCKING and UNEXPECTED manner to Obama's cop remarks...NOT.

Let's say the cop said something like this to Professor Gates:

King: Uninsured 23-year-old battles leukemia, medical bills (CNN)

King: Uninsured 23-year-old battles leukemia, medical bills (CNN)

So Why Haven't We Heard The 911 Call Yet?

Officer considering suing Dr. Gates for defamation.

SPLC Asks CNN to Remove Dobbs

Do you mind that I forward this to friends and family?

The price of education

Berlusconi 'hid ancient graves' (BBC)

FOX NEWS POLL: Majority Back Sotomayor (up from last month)

Apple Computer has been slapped with a $40 million racial discrimination lawsuit charging that the c

Do you believe

Does Lou Dobbs always slur his words?

Breaking News: NYPD and the Police Union say Frank Serpico is a liar.

McCain & Bushwhacks trying to upend Obama policy in Latin America?

Rick Perry - You demented, ignorant, Marie Antoinette

Birfer Paranoia Runs WILD In Freak Repukelick

Back on the joy ride: Return of Wall St Pay Bonanza Causes Concern

Cost of health insurance?

Anti-gay, pro-abstinence legislator had affair with intern

Blue Dogs conservative on health care, not so much on military waste.

Is the Obama Health Care Plan Really Better Than Nothing? Answer: No.

"False Reporting" Law Entraps Woman; Rapist Officers Barnes, Gillies Go Free

Blue Dogs heel when lobbyists whistle

The governor that got away - from Spitzer's hooker

Joe Watkins just said that Rush Limbaugh "speaks truth to power"

Literary representation

What would happen if millions more just quit the health insurance monopoly?

Obama May Disqualify New York, California From Education Grants

nytimes: For Public, Obama Didn’t Fill In Blanks on Health Care

The police acted stupidly, arresting a homeowner, at his house, no doubt. That there is a debate is

Self delete. Need to check facts. eom

Ezra Klein: Why Democrats Will, at the End of the Day, Pass Health-Care Reform

Fire lookout's 2AM outhouse trip possibly saves Newberry Volcano National Monument.

I Don't Know What Transpired Between The Cop and Prof. Gates

Tell Congress: Don't Go Until You Vote on Health Care - Sign the Petition!

Economists serve no purpose!

Economists serve no purpose!

CREW files ethics complaint charges against Rep. Eric Cantor for taxpayer funded political org.

Tired of the Republicans - Who shares my feelings?

Our 'drug czar' says marijuana is 'harmful, addictive, dangerous, with no medicinal benefit'

CNN president shuts up Lou Dobbs

Anyone else having problems with DU?

Intel's "human rights" have been violated.....

Most accurate depiction of a law enforcement officer in the movies or TV is ...

Health insurance. Oh, my God. (a rant).

New poll: Should Sarah Palin run for political office again?

Congress will be going on their break in August.

Blue Dogs have say they have enough votes to defeat health care bill if it comes to the floor.

Ass u me

Villagers discover 'extinct' leopard cub eating a monkey

Do you favor a single payer healthcare system?

"I estimate that my overhead would drop 15 percent immediately with single-payer. "

My 20,000th post since 2001 dedicated to Skinner, a visionary, progressive Democrat who started DU.

Franken's Dogs-For-Veterans Bill Passes Senate

A People's list of healthcare demands, we need something to show people, here's mine

A question, please.

Waxman getting tough on 'blue dog' dems on health care

I am about as white bread as they come. And yet I can recognize what happened to Prof. Gates as bull

The attempt to Revive Antioch College, some recent news, and why you might care.

White House transcript of Obama's comments (re: Gates)

Health care savings we have not considered!

Tainted beef recalled . Obama drug czar confiscating marijuana

A simple question: Did the cop know who was supposed to live in the house?

A simple question: Did the cop know who was supposed to live in the house?

What role do you think George W. Bush played in the Cheney Administration


Tourism in IA;

Where are the jobs going to come from?

When I am around a police officer I feel...

Gatekeeper Google Censors Small venders' Content Featuring Satirical Criticism of Obama Complicity

Is anyone DOING something about SINGLE PAYER?

Oh man... Lou Dobbs should be interesting tonight

Why is no one questioning John McCain's Birth Certificate?

CNN President: Dobbs may continue birther crusade

Oh Noes! The Polls!

NBC is covering Obama/Gates/Crowley like the MOON LANDING tonight

Why is it so tough to sell Health Care in the USA.

Spinning Healthcare: A Bad Case of Vertigo

First Hubble image after the May repairs

$235 BILLION in drug corp and hospital deals made by White House and Sen Finance Committee (Baucus)

Cornyn: We Need F-22 To Protect Us From...India?

Human Trafficking: Combating modern-day slavery on North Carolina farms

Palin Caught In A Naughty Monkey Trap by Shannyn Moore

The Professor, the Policeman and the Neighbor


'Unprecedented' stem-cell feat announced

Has Pat Buchanan been back on TV since the episode on Rachel's show last Friday?

Is there a bigger fucking idiot on the markets than Art Cashin of CNBC?

Zelaya crosses Honduran frontier 4:26 PM EST Live video feed

Check out this NY Post headline on the New Jersey arrests story.....

I don't believe Dinosaurs ever existed

US Troops Hiding in Iraqi Homes

Rep. Virginia Foxx: ‘There Are No Americans Who Don’t Have Health Care’

Like it or not folks...

Cheney Shot A Guy And Told The Cops to Go Away.

Gates did not break the law

Tweety should be fun today

Bill Maher: New Rule: Not Everything in America Has to Make a Profit

Crowley pleased by president's phone call

Regarding "Enron Loophole" closure to take effect 9/30/09.

Man loses fingers pulling dog out of gators mouth

Florida crowds want Senator Bill Nelson's healthcare stance

We can win on the Weiner amendment.-send a free fax for single payer..........

"AAA South has announced it will treat married gay couples as families when determining rates"

"AAA South has announced it will treat married gay couples as families when determining rates"

DU is funny. When a case comes up touching on racism, sexism, LGBT discrimation,

Barbara Mikulski Has Broken Her Ankle

Police should arrest folks for CRIMES not RUDENESS.

The Risks of a Partial Prosecution

How much would it cost for us to buy they loyalty of blue dogs for progressive issues?

Bankrupt US parts maker Delphi dumps pension obligations

Clintonistas Shill for Honduran Coup Leaders

Crowley: "Obama offended not just the Cambridge Police Department but officers around the country"

Coyote Attacks.

Pretty Much All Cops Are "Rogue"

Birthers' NEW Demand!

The thing I don't understand about healthcare reform

It is possible to simultaneously believe that Gates AND the cop behaved poorly

Q: "What has the government ever done better than the private sector?"

Arne Duncan sets up confrontation with teachers' unions over more testing.

The Super-Wealthy sit atop a mountain of wealth. TAX Accumulated super-wealth

Health reform: Do you care what it costs? I sure as hell don't.

If LBJ were the Majority Leader, how would he handle the "Blue Dogs"?

Interesting take on the Gates situation and the comment

SEE IT NOW! The Birthers' Star Spangled Banner

8 year old rape victim's sister wants the perps released because "we are the same people"

Alabama Liquor Agency Says No to (Cartoon)Nude Nymph on California Wine Label

Tennessee "Drug Tax" Ruled Unconstitutional -- Pot growers exhale in unison

K&R if you have been subject to police abuse of their authority

PETA's Ingrid Newkirk on Ringling Brothers' Circus: The Saddest Show on Earth

The case against "Great Expectations" as required reading

Has the Democratic Party been co-opted?

Under Mass. law, Police Officers Have To Identify Themselves

Robert Wenzel and the "Economic Policy Journal" - anyone know about this guy?

Oliver Stone: JFK and the Unspeakable

Oliver Stone: JFK and the Unspeakable

Prof. Gates' comments to Officer were protected by First Amendment

FREEPERS, come and get some

Why Obama's Public Option Is Defective, and Why We Need Single-Payer.

Is a woman in labor a 'person'?

How to tell someone they sound racist

Bob's Trip to The Doctor

Swearing has contributed much to the animosity on DU

Rep. McIntyre (D-NC) acknowledges ties to secretive Christian group

What's with the heavy police presence on US streets/HWYs?

Congressional Democrats have a damn good reason to fine those who refuse to get health insurance

I find it interesting that the report submitted by the arresting officer documents everything but...

Long Term Care - another health crisis - an op-ed by Teresa Heinz Kerry

Johnny Depp and Carol Channing support Depp as Carol in biopic.

I Am Truly, Truly Alarmed At The Mindset of Some DUers Here Re The Gates Incident

Nearly 2,000 show up for free health care in Va. - Story with pics (Wow!)

Outrage - Can someone explain why there shoud be a PENALTY IMPOSED ON people without insurance?

Nate Silver: 'Mr. Blue Dog, you have a problem on your hands. You're going to lose anyway.'

whew! we got chemistry here!

DU Song Of The Day

A Big DU Group Hug For The People Who Gave Good Vibes For Midlo ---It Worked

"The Goods" looks like a remake of "Used Cars"

Which Scooby-Doo member are you?

Theme song for the Lounge

I put my glasses by my keys so I wouldn't lose them...

Anyone work for AT&T as a premises tech?

Anybody work for USBank?

For those of you who have not seen "Moon" yet, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Does GW Bush realize he is no longer president or does he think

Should I buy a Keg-er-ator?

Who has a party with a live band in an apartment on a weeknight?

We all done with all that Albert Eichmann crap now?

can someone explain to me how my phone recognizes ennui, but not some simple words

We all done with all that Albert Richman crap now?

Holy crap. TV's Frank is following me on Twitter.


What do you think when you are talking to someone and they

Ride A White Swan

What's all this about Cartman?

Somebuddy run downda store an get me a packa Marlboros.

Who is the Billy Crudup of your dreams?

What's all this about Duckman?

Traditional marriage includes:

I thought "Safety Dance" was the coolest song in 1983 or 1984....

Prism, Mirror, Lens- Did you really understand Delany's "Dhalgren"?

Friendship has an expiration date.

Girls! You better hide your heart

Try to breathe some life into a letter . . . my courage is at its peak, you know what I mean

You are trapped on a desert island

Another day, another day in the hospital

I Must Say, Meryl Streep Is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS In Mamma Mia

Do you admire and respect loyalty? (not a poll --- copycat)

Good morning Lounge

Epiphany. It's not what you're after, it's what's after you.

Johnny Depp-Alice in Wonderland trailer

Another Family Value Republican Missouri State Rep. Caught Banging 14-Year-Old

I am all about giving Aretha respect. And props to her but - Damn

"I’ve accepted the fact that I can never drink again as long as I live, and I’m ok with it."

The new rappin' Slap Chop commercial deserves some kind of award.

To think this is wasted on Tom Cruise

Leaving for Montreal tonight

I had to drive my brother to the bank, Dr. and , grocery store today, he called for help.

Cousins day today. Some surprising celebrity cousins, some already familiar

Just some random crap...

Just some random crap...

Something cute! My kids are all in Germany with their father,

7 Insane Ads That Have No Idea What They're Selling

It's been awhile since I posted this

I just balanced my checkbook and I'm $100.04 short. Did I leave it around here?

three times last week I received too much change

Favorite sushi items?

OK! Who's going to volunteer to moderate teh Lounge??

OK! Who's going to volunteer to moderate teh Lounge??

Photoshoppers, I need your help.

I got some sucker to pay for my helmet sundae today

What is your favorite cauliflower recipe?

whats a good vege to go with Chicken Marsala?

My review of the Yes/Asia concert at the National Harbor in DC

X-men Evolution is on Hulu!

A matter of respect!

Phish Phest in California! PHUCKING your Phace all summer long!

Robot bride model wows 'em in Japan

I Must Say, Matt Lauer Is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS When Compared To An Old, Overweight Beagle

"Crackhead(s)" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "crackhead(s)".

anyone familiar with PATH trains to NY?

Think a bit - Should crackheads have pets?

Anyone going to Earth Fest?

Woo-hoo! My biopsy results came back...negative!

so in case you care Midlos husband did

Okay, so who IS this Harry Pooter, and why is he so popular with moviegoers?

I am thinking about getting a widescreen monitor to hook up to my laptops.

How can you find out if someone with a disabled profile has been tombstoned?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/24/09

A story of temporal Justice.

Mayonnaise Jar & Two Beers...

Some of my amature photography masterpieces...

anybody else on a staycation?

Fire at Johnsonville sausage plant.

Apparently this is how they donate sperm in China.

DU Song Of The Day (Just For LynneSin)

Literary representation

DU Song of the Day (Just for Parche)

Red State Update does interviews with the Avatar cast

Grrr. Grrr. I want to call a local lunch place to see what their soup is

"How come the MAN don't get as much applause as the SONG? I'll say it ONE MORE TIME..."

Its Going To Be over 100 Degrees here next week!!!!

Stems! I hate paying good money and then just get stems!

I figure I'm a great judge of beer....

Blood and Mayhem at the Cat Groomer's....

Stump removal

It's peanut butter jelly time!

NO beer is better in the summer than Blue Moon Honeymoon Summer Ale.

Ice cream and cake do the ice cream and cake, Ice cream and cake do the ice cream and cake....

Do you avoid clicking on video news stories because of the commercial

Odd Haute Couture thread (Photos)

The ONLY good beer in summer...

Hey- I just won a 1983 "Duke" G.I. Joe swivel-arm action figure on ebay!!!

Name something that's popular now, but will be totally irrelevant to anyone in a year or two.

Stunningly stupid apps for the Blackberry - 'TXT Buddy'

My beer - summer and winter - Red Bridge

5 minutes of gentle rain.

Finally !!! Designer Snuggies--leopard and zebra,

So my wife has sorta taken up bird watching.

If you wrote an autobiography what would you title it?

San Diego Comic-Con 09

Resolved: Widmer Hefeweizen is the *best* summer beer

Resolved: Heineken is the *best* summer beer

Do you admire and respect royal jelly?

New Simon's Cat video - "Fly Guy"

The ladies here will love THIS kitty!

Which weights more...a pound of Matt Lauer of a pound of mouse droppings? Let's Discuss.

all of you are wrong. major tom's pomegranate wheat is the best summer beer

I happened to catch "Mama Mia" on HBO.

I'm addicted to these damn things.

Mister Meaner.

What would you rather have: R2D2 or K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider?

Here are some shoes for all you old hippies out there

Did I waste my time by staying up all night to study for a urine test?

what should lionesspriyanka NOT do with her talent?

RIP, Yogi (1994-2009)

Naked girls plow fields for rain

2 and a Half Men is the Funniest show on TV

I have no sense of proportion when it comes to Indian food.

Grown DUers, do you ever get mistaken for a child or teen on the phone?

Does Lou Dobbs have sex with chickens? I am "just asking."

DU is looking for moderators! Read on for application information...

We are looking for moderators to serve from August to November

Name some young cute thing that could grow up to eat you

Do Women Like Men Quite That Cleanshaven?

What kind of ringtone do you currently have on your phone?

Comedian Steve Sweeney on growing up in Massachusetts

Y'know - Baby Skunks are cute!

The Painter's Palette

NO, it's YOUR turn to go in the back yard and turn over former VP Cheney so he doesn't get sunburned

NO beer is better in the summer than Coors Light.

Dexter Season 4 Trailer!!!!!

Is "stupidly" a real word?

The poor kid in front of me didn't have enough $$ for her helmet sundae.

Eric Burdon just added me as a Facebook Friend!

A new poem: "The Shell"

Do you admire and respect me?

What Products Do You Miss Most From Your Youth?

Down-the-aisle wedding boogie is YouTube sensation

CSIS to Abdelrazik: 'Sudan is your Guantanamo'

Sailor charged in Camp Pendleton shooting death of seaman

Hillary's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day

Four Killed as Helicopter Crashes Onto I-70 in Western Md.

Muni crash video

Four Things the Republicans Don't Want You to Know About the Economy

"False Reporting" Law Entraps Woman; Rapist Officers Barnes, Gillies Go Free

Another Family Value Republican Missouri State Rep. Caught Banging 14-Year-Old

CIA Kept bin Laden Son's Death Secret For Months

A $4 Billion Push for Better Schools

Indonesia 'tortured' Balibo Five

A New Fight Over Pollution Curbs Takes Root (Cap and Trade)

DC Metro Crash-Site Circuit Had Failures Since 2007

Consumer Sentiment Gauge in U.S. Posts First Drop Since February on Jobs

Artificial Brain '10 Years Away'

Shanghai urges 'two-child policy'

Senior cleric issues fatwa against VP selection (Iran)

Int'l press to escort ousted Honduran president back home

American says he volunteered for Taliban suicide mission

U.S. Home Vacancies Hit 18.7 Million on Bank Seizures

Michael Moore interested in tragic story of 4 who died after power shutoff

Scratch those new Ontario reactor plans

Navy: Murder charge filed in gay seaman’s death

News Conference from Cambridge Police Union coming up soon

World Stocks Push Up to 9-Month Highs

Extra (U.K.) troops set for Afghanistan

Obama in Chicago: Reform 'isn't about me'

Officials lambast NJ corruption after 44 arrested

Climate change pact 'needs' China

PM invites U.S. investors to come to Iraq("Everything in Iraq needs re-building and rehabilitation")

Suu Kyi faces Myanmar trial verdict

China announces first panda from frozen sperm

5 freedoms you'd lose in health care reform

Millions wait for delayed jobless checks

Fire Burning In Jantzen Beach Area (Near Portland Expo Center, Oregon)

Trio break out of Belgium prison in helicopter

Accomplished, but not insulated - Some successful blacks find Gates’s case all too familiar

Key Dems clear one obstacle to health care bill

Perry raises possibility of states' rights showdown with White House over healthcare

Evangelist: Alamo Guilty of Sex Crimes.

We are looking for moderators to serve from August to November

Chinese Scientists Reprogram Cells to Create Mice

Legacy Fight: Inside Bush and Cheney's Tense Final Days

Marines charged in rape of girl, 12

Border Patrol Agent Shot To Death In California

Apple Computer has been slapped with a $40 million racial discrimination lawsuit charging that the c

Blue Dog Heath Care Back On --- For Now

House permits needle exchange programs

Two key GOP senators to oppose Sotomayor

Bush Administration (Travel) ‘Blacklist’ Memos Released

Pakistan battles 'kill 21 militants, soldier'

Waterford Village Bank (Clarence, NY) 58th bank failure of 2009 +6 in GA - now 64 bank failures

17 die as plane skids, bursts into flames in Iran

Conyers wants criminal probe of Bush 'abuses'

Mo. judge blocks certification of union election (13,000 homeworkers in limbo)

Poll: Palin’s favorability dips as she nears exit

Cop Who Arrested Gates Not Ruling Out Defamation Lawsuit

Azle homeowner displays 'Hispanics Keep Out' sign

Mass. police unions ask Obama for apology

North Korea 'executes Christians'

Seventeen die in Iran plane blaze

Obama: "I Don't Break"

Indian school for rogue monkeys

Japan sends U.S. letter on "Buy American" worries

American, Japanese climbers found dead on Mt. Fuji

De Beers 1H Sales -54%, Profits -99%

Honduran army shuts border as Zelaya plans return

Muammar Gaddafi’s New York visit angers families of Lockerbie victims

Trenches (dug by security forces) to protect Iraqi Christians

Democrats see healthcare deal hopes collapse

Honduras orders people off streets along Nicaragua border as deposed president prepares return

Waxman Says There May Be No Alternative To Bypassing His Committee

Amazon CEO apologizes for deleting Orwell books

Zeleya at Nicarargua/Honduras borderNOW on CNN

Honduras crisis dominates South American summit

Jurors convict evangelist (Tony Alamo) on all 10 sex counts

Stock Traders Find Speed Pays, in Milliseconds

Chinese court sentences drunk driver to death

Breaking:Lawyer in BART shooting wants murder charge tossed.

CNN President Jon Klein declares Obama birther story 'dead'

Iranian vice-president 'sacked'

Obama Defends Criticism of Cambridge Police in Arrest of Gates


Grave of suspected torture victims found in Paraguay

(Rep. John) Conyers wants criminal probe of Bush 'abuses'

NJ governor calls scale of corruption 'outrageous' as 3 mayors among those arrested in sweep

Ex-Va. Tech official: Cho’s files removed by mistake

E. Lynn Harris dead at 54

Parents' smoking 'damages kid's veins'

Obama calls white policeman who arrested scholar

Silverton transgender mayor shrugs off dress code complaints

Activists: NKorean executed for distributing Bible

Obama stands by comments on Gates arrest

Reporter Who Asked Obama the Prof. Gates Question Comments on Hardball

Iran,Tehran July 25, 2009 for a rally

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate Message of Support for July 25 Rally

The cops in this country need an attitude adjustment!

Best Healthcare Video Is Ad for State Single-Payer in California

Twitter Cops

Iran's Military Coup Pt. 2

Admiral Mullen 'Appalled' After Viewing Classified Detainee Photos


These Streets Are Watching Copwatching

Everything is OK (don't let the Authority tell you otherwise)

Police Brutality Corruption in America

Police State USA ?

TYT:Democrats must go on the offensive

Raw Video: Dog Dies While Cop Detains Owners

Police brutality : Racist cop violates civil rights

Move On to Renewable Energy

Stupidly Is An Adverb - But, What Is An Adverb?

Police Brutality

G. Gordan Liddy says Obama is an "illegal alien"

GOP-Cited Firm Owned By Insurance Company

'The Yes Men' Make Corporations Say, 'Oh, No!'

Rachel Maddow: Republican's C-Street Cult Update

Author Peter Heller on his book Whale Warriors, following the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Gayle King also surprised by Pres Obama's choice of words: Interviews Gates

Blue Dogs - All Bark, No Bite

TYT: Another Republican hypocrite

Birther Control - Will Obama Beat the "Bishop"?

TYT: Cenk Slams Lou Dobbs & Liz Cheney Over 'Birther' BS

President Obama's Remarks at Today's Presser, Regarding Gates Incident, His Comments, Media Frenzy

Gibbs Asked About UFOs on C-SPAN

Charlie Pierce tears it up on Countdown

Charlie Chaplin - The Great Dictator Final Speech [Sub Persian] - stirring passions in Iran

Rush Limbaugh Calls Obama "Angry Black Man" (MSNBC)

Officer That Arrested Henry Louis Gates Jr. Not Backing Down

Lou Dobbs and Rep, Ted Poe embrace Jim Crow tactics on CNN

Shame on Prof.Gates: Uppity Blacks vs Blue Collar Whites

Henry Gates speaks: 'Officer Was A Rogue Policeman'

DNC TV ad: "The Cost of Doing Nothing"

Wait Times

If you TASER Old Women For Swearing... YOU ARE A PUSSY!!!

Congressman Tim Ryan: There WILL be a conscience clause in health care reform.

TYT: Horrible Sexist Gym Owner On Fox, Bashes SG & More (Ana Is Furious)

Chris Rock - How not to get your ass kicked by the police

The best "expert opinions' money can buy.

Cambridge Police Take Revenge: Claim Obama's Not in His Own Country

Forget Where Obama Was BORN, We Know Where G. Gordon Liddy DIED

Memo to Clinton: US ain't top dog

HuffPost's Real Misery Index: Recalculating the Hard Times.

BET News: Don’t Get Mad. Get Honest about Pres. Obama’s Comment

Black scholar's arrest triggers bad memories: For some prominent Twin Cities black men, the arrest

Healthcare Disaster Looms; Action Needed on Modest Policy Proposal

Shocking New Video Captures Police Chase of Prof. Gates Through His Bedroom

Mom and Pop from 'Seinfeld' Join the 'Birther Conspiracy'

Joe Conason: Blue Dogs heel when lobbyists whistle

Obama Incorporates the 'Gates Arrest' Into His Health Plan

On this day, 1959,

The Making of an Agent(Secret Service)-Great Article on Training Class

Politico "analysis" - health care lobbyist says Obama needs Baucus bill to "save" health care

No, Obama's grandmother didn't say he was born in Kenya

Utah Senator Reveals REAL Reason He's Voting 'No' on Sotomayor

Waiters left out of latest minimum wage rise

Beyond Attica: The Untold Story of Women's Resistance Behind Bars

Making It In America

NY Times Prints Health Care Articles "K Street" Style

Surreal Honduras

Joe Bageant: Ideology discussions have been demonized

5 freedoms you'd lose in health care reform


California Pension Fund Hopes Riskier Bets Will Restore Its Health

In defense of Marxism

Japan: 2-D Romances With Comic Book Characters A Thriving Subculture Phenomenon

Ethics complaints follow Palin (CNN)

Limbaugh: Obama's got "a chip on his shoulder"

David Sirota: 1-percenters launch attack on health care

Time to draw the line on cocaine

NY Times: Racial Bias in Fire Exams Can Lurk in the Details

An Open Letter To The Financial Media

Robert Reich: The Wall Street rally: Watch your wallets

New Rule: Not Everything in America Has to Make a Profit

Keeping the Dark Lord’s Secrets

The Henry Louis Gates Jr Arrest: 'Uppity' in 2009

Neglected National Mall languishes (in danger of becoming a national disgrace)

GM’s Free Ride

Jupiter Gets a Black Eye

The rising tide of British antisemitism (Guardian UK)

9 Things You Can Do to Stop Big Greed

Nassim Taleb: clown of quantitative finance

Kucinich: The Democrats' Plan Lets the Insurance Industry to Pick the American People's Pockets

Gates: H-1B Limits A 'Big Mistake'

Hey, Hey, We're The WEE Monkees! July 24-26, 2009

Ellen Goodman.....Putting Obesity Out of Business

Another viewpoint on Obama/Gates

It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it. Could that someone be YOU?

Oh, oh! Dobbs birther antics has the Southern Poverty Law Center calling for his FIRING!

Obama: Both Gates & Crowley probably overreacted, invites them to the White House for a beer!

President Obama Inviting Gates and Crowley Over For A Beer? Brilliant!

I am sorry but I am coming to the conclusion that Gates actually profiled the Cop as well

The mighty hypocrisy of selective objection to discrimination

Why are Blue Dog Democrats so Fuckin' spineless ??


Dr. David McKalip apologizes for Barack Obama-Witch Doctor e-mail

Where's Jackeens? I miss my pix fix. . . n/t

EVER notice how the GOP Media jumps on small shit and blows it up to big shit? Re Crowley

For the police to arrest you, they MUST suspect you of having committed a CRIME.

Why are people assuming the President "stumbled" into the Gates issue or that he regrets

"We have no way of distinguishing good teachers from bad ones"

Economy Recovering – Republicans to Play Napoleon in this Waterloo

Bush Sr. lauds Obama's ADA proclamation

Waxman Says Blue Dogs Must Relent or He Will Bypass Committee

The arrest was wrong. Crowley isn't a racist. Though correct, Obama shouldn't have commented..

Paul Krugman: Costs and Compassion

Why was President Obama asked about the Gates incident in the 1st place? Lynn Sweet answers

Was Obama right that cops were stupid? CNN On Line Poll!

Thank you mods.

Rev Sharpton Response to the Arrest

Obama: "Crowley is a fine police officer and a good man"

"Let me tell you something. I'm from Chicago. I don't break."

Health-Insurer Tax Gets ‘Intense Look’ in Senate, Lawmakers Say

CNN president Klein has no backbone, will allow Dobbs to keep the "birther" story going

Nate Silver: The Healthcare Timeout is Fine.

So a police officer shows up on our porch

Sgt. James Crowley-"I didn't vote for him..."

Pres. of the Cambridge Police Superior Officers Assoc license plate

Jeffrey Wright: Obama, race and my arrest

Can you prove you're an American Citizen?

Did Dobbs get a tallking to? CNN President Jon Klein declares Obama birther story 'dead'

ABC NEWS: Pew Poll: Obama's Popularity Lifts U.S. Global Image

More stupid from Michael Steele

Bill Maher: "The problem with President Obama's health care plan isn't socialism, it's capitalism"

The security guard at my apartment told me two weeks ago that even with ID there's suspicion.

Coincidence that all the cop "leaders" at today's press conference

Obama calls arrest of Harvard scholar unnecessary


Is the American populace and media stuck on stupid when it comes to the President?

Obama Gets High Marks on Leadership, Empathy

If our President can do it. we (DU) can do it.

Crowley, Gates camps pleased by president's phone calls

Obama's Martha's Vineyard lair: 28 acres

Talkingpointsmemo: Mark Up to Continue on Energy and Commerce Committee

Where is the neighbor who called the police on Gates?

Psssst... I gotta secret

Go ahead and admit it President Obama screwed up in his response to the Gates arrest

Bottom Line: Would a white Harvard professor been arrested and led out of his house in handcuffs?

Poll: "Seven in 10 Americans favor the passage of new healthcare reform legislation"

Voters settle on a public plan

Pres Obama telephones Sgt. Crowley

Breaking: Late night talks bring agreement on one point re HC; focuses on incentivizing outcome

RWers thought they had another Joe the Plumber

I'm confused now. Did he or did he not apologize? I don't know anymore.

Its fucking amazing how DU falls right in line. When 90%

South Carolina Stations pull DNC ads attacking DeMint

What are the birthers owed?

Sen. Russ Feingold and Democracy for America : The Pressure is Working

The Henry Louis Gates Jr Arrest: 'Uppity' in 2009

Hutchison attacks Perry for turning down stimulus funds that she voted against.

Enough of this COP STUFF!

In what country does one get arrested in their own home because their "tone" seems "peculiar"?

where is Dr Gates?

Crowley, Gates and Obama in the oval office drinking a beer...

I think Obama should apologize.

at the risk of contributing

LOL: Perry raises possibility of states' rights showdown with White House over healthcare

Cambridge police unions: 'Profoundly grateful' Obama called Sgt. Crowley.

Typical class time at an Officer Crowley "profiling class"

Waxman, Blue Dogs brush aside healthcare discord - back at the table. They want a deal, folks.

Per MSNBC: Obama regrets commenting on the Gates issue

Transcript of Obama's remarks at today's presser

Folks, if you make a cop mad they WILL arrest you. They don't need a legimate reason!

The media makes me want to throw up!

Why does the media go out of their way to find "the other side of the story" only in some cases?

Jim Cramer - 2/27/09 - "President Obama’s new budget has Cramer wondering if stocks are safe"

Obama walks it back (the rest of the way)

Hardball - UFOs? Just when you need one :)

Cold Beer Diplomacy - A Rahm and Ari Emanuel Inspired Bro-mance?

Obama is a Mentsch.

Good bye Race Discussion 2009

Obama Says He Prays 'All The Time' For Guidance

I'm disgusted that CNN is fanning the flames of the Gates story

Gallup has Obama approval at 55%. So Why is a 6% lower Approval Rasmussen Poll being posted here?

Media lining up against the Health Care reform!

So what do you think Crowley's reaction when he got a call from Pres. Obama after talking shit. . .

Betting that Beer drinking by the three at the WH will only earn a quick mention in the Press!

LOL -- DU has been assimilated by The Borg

Ahmadinejad makes major mistep appointing relative to top VP post

"I'm a white male, age 18 to 49. Everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are."

StupidGate Meme dominates headlines; articles about health care at the bottom

OF COURSE it was *&^%$ stupid for the cops to arrest Gates.

Teachers are assessed all the time. Formal assessments by principals and county administrators.

Has CNN ever asked: "Is President X simply responding from his perspective as a white man?"

Here we go . . . they're now turning this into "poor white cop accused of being a racist because

Let's face it, Obama made a BIG MISTAKE talking about Canbrindge police

Grassley and Blue Dog Ross both predict passage of health care "reform" by the end of the year.

Cop Who Arrested Gates Not Ruling Out Defamation Lawsuit

It Amazes Me That People Are Still Saying That The Police Were Called Stupid

Now That's My President........

Obama Expresses His Regrets On Gates Incident - hopes case can serve as "teachable moment" (NYT)

Obama's statement proves how idiotic the media frenzy over his Gates statement is

Boxer, Kerry: What Palin Got Wrong About Energy

BEERGATE!!!! (C'mon, seriously, what are the odds...?)

Where did the notion come from that Obama should not comment on racial issues?

Crowley said that Gates "appeared" to be the resident BEFORE asking for ID!!!!

I think Many Democrats are scared of the Media, and frankly, I can kind of understand why.....

The racists involved in Gate's arrest?

No ‘Victory’ to Be Had in Afghanistan. Good.

Unapologetic Obama Ignores Traditional Democratic Playbook In Cambridge Cops Controversy

Obama talking at Gibbs' presser now, m$nbc. 1:34pm CT

Mr President

Banker: "TARP helped avert a global calamity"

Unemployment benefits delayed for millions

President Obama approval at 49%-1993-94 repeat?

McCain Campaign Investigated Obama Birth Certificate Rumors

Why do the Republicans think that they will profit (politically) off defeating reform?

I don't think the Gates incident was a racial thing

I hope no one in the Obama Administration advise he do this

Sgt. James Crowley actually asked for Gates' birth certificate and it was hard to find

The officer's perspective....

PHOTO: He's still got it. Obama today at Shaker Heights H.S. in Ohio

Gather round

House Democrats may call for floor vote on Health care reform bill - to break impasse.

"In truth, I wish President Obama had chosen a Hispanic nominee that all Senators could support"

"I don't break"

Since we're talking about cops, how do they like their government-run health care coverage?

A $4 Billion Push for Better Schools

Why would a person ask an officer for an ID?

Grand Prairie officers on leave after racist Obama e-mail circulated

Huffpo: Why Do Blue Dogs Want You and Me to Pay Three Times More Than They Do for Health Care?

Sgt. James Crowley Instructor on Racial Profiling

Chuck Todd is reporting on Facebook that Gibss is saying that Obama regrets commenting on Gates

Doctor On Racist Obama Email: "I Sincerely Apologize"

Reuters: Waxman Will Let Panel be Bypassed on Health Care (If Blue Dogs Block Agreement)

Does anyone know if there will be any form of tort reform as part of coming health reform?

Canadians happy with primary health care, study says

Hillary's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day

60 plus man, uses a cane, middle of the afternoon,

OH SHIT, President Obama is in a FIGHTING MOOD: I'm from Chicago! I don't break!

Does the "Jim the Cop" incident create a backlash with cops nationwide thus compromising...

What everyone is missing about Obama vs Joe the Cop.

Since 1929, there have been 14 recessions....

Senate Sides With President Obama, Defunds Jet Engine

Charles Pierce slams mainstream media for promoting Liz Cheney, Birther movement

Just read Gates' bio on Wikipedia. There are two words in it that disturbed me.

My 2 cents regarding Obama/Gates topic

"Obama stands by his assessment of Gates incident"

birther bumpersticker

It amazes me that people think cops can't be called stupid

More stupid from Republicans: Gov. Perry threatens to reject health care reform

Texas Police Officers On Leave After Circulating Racist Anti-Obama Email

NYT OpEd: President Obama, Professor Gates and the Cambridge Police

If Obama weren't black would he have been asked about Gates?

Why does no vote before recess mean its dead?

CNN Radio News (10:00 AM) Reid & Baucus to meet w/ Obama today

A Look on the Bright-side: At least we're finding out who's who.

Are there any black racial profiling experts?

IL-Gov: Dan Hynes to Challenge Quinn in Democratic Primary

Sen. Claire McCaskill: a yes vote on Thune would have opened door to gay marriage in Missouri


I don't believe Obama is really "surprised by the reaction" to the Gates thing

Sgt. Crowley : "I support the president of the United States 110-percent," he told WBZ Radio.

Obama takes shot at media for not reporting the facts concerning health care reform

Audio tapes from the Gates arrest ?

Hear we go again Drudge citing Rassmusen polls on the President

this will be my only post about Professor Gates

Has the media ever turned so fast and so aggressively against something before?

States to compete for extra stimulus dollars

Was the press conference a success?

I wonder ...

Margaret Carlson: Public Option Critical

Don't you get it: It's impossible for a black man to be American, let alone President

President Obama is wrong. On everything

Just as a Reminder, the Phrase "They Can Pry My Guns from my Cold Dead Fingers"

No vote before August recess is the final nail in the coffin of healthcare reform

Rate Obama - DU this poll

Cambridge Police: Flush them all out.......lots of good cops, but some bad attitudes

in defense of the white racial profiling expert cop who arrested a black man in his own home, ...

Hagan: Contain costs in health reform

If someone broke into your house, would you want the police to ask them for identification?

Cambridge Police Union President Stephen Killion "Disgraced" that Obama "Is Our Commander-In-Chief"

Politico: Obama is the Man Who Knew Too Much

DeMint: "We've defeated President Obama"

My letter to Chuck Todd.

Liberal Media My Ass! - send that to every right wing thinking person in your family, friends, job.

Finally: Weiner Amendment Vote Friday

Why President Obama was asked about Gates

When the cashier asks for my driver's license with a check or a credit card, I'm glad to show it.

House to Vote Soon on "Abstinence-Only"

Why wasn't an expert on racial profiling more attuned to the possibility that a distinguished black

Bloomberg - March 6, 2009 - "Obama Bear Market’ Punishes Investors"

Wow. Between the birther crap and the Gates arrest, they're really coming out of the woodwork on DU.

Sen. Hatch in Salt Lake tomorrow July 23rd

Anybody know where to find video of Pres Obama in Ohio today ?

So Cheney and Bush are all broken up over a Libbey pardon?

Photos: 1) President and 2) typical detractor

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R): Slams The Stimulus, Then Tours State Handing Out Giant Stimulus Checks!

That's IT! . . That's all I can stands, and I can't stands no more.

Perhaps One of the Most Powerful PHOTOS by Pete Souza

Why is the Watergate Criminal Liddy trying to look at Obama's birth certificate

"Even when you're pitching a perfect game, you still need help,"

Help us tell Congress: No excuses

The Mormon Obama Family Tree Gift.......

Carnegie Mellon Team Leads National Project Recommending Regulations For Safe Capture and Sequestra…

Spring cold snap helps with stream ecosystem research

Small fossils provide key clues for interpreting environmental changes

Noise Pollution Negatively Affects Woodland Bird Communities, According to CU-Boulder Study

It's switch-on time for Scotland's first offshore wind farm

India to launch indigenous nuclear sub July 26

Rainfall to decrease over Iberian Peninsula

LSUHSC Research Shows For 1st Time Infant Inhalation Of Ultrafine Air Pollution … Adult Lung Disease

UC (UofCinn.) Scientists Determine That Ancient Maya Practiced Forest Conservation — 3,000 Years Ago

Beekeeping Is the Latest Buzz in Urban Areas

Peak oil notes - July 23

Energy From Thorium: A Nuclear Waste Burning Liquid Salt Thorium Reactor

Consulting With Clouds: A Clear Role in Climate Change

Improved air quality during Beijing Olympics could inform pollution-curbing policies

60-Year Decline In Winter Rains Over Iberian Peninsula: Scientists Project Other Seasonal Drops

Decades Of Intensive Pesticide Use Haunt Uzbekistan's Agricultural Lands - ENS

Global Ocean Surface Temperatures Highest On Record In June, Breaking 2005 Record - ENS

Canada Suffering From Worst Drought In At Least 50 Years Across Prairie Provinces - Economist

Waning Pacific Clouds Suggest Global Warming Feeds On Itself - Bloomberg

Tuvalu Sets 100% Renewable Energy Goal By 2020

Unusually Warm Ocean Temps Likely Through October In Caribbean, GOM - Some Bleaching In Progress

Chevron Expects To Lose Multibillion Ecuador Pollution Suit, "Has No Intention Of Paying" - Mongabay

30% tax credit available for new bio-mass heating stoves

Central TX Drought Approaching That Of 1950s - 30 Days Ending 7/21 Warmest Ever Recorded - DMN

Once-Rare Lightning Strikes In N. Alaska Topped 25,000 In 2008; Fires, Thermokarsting Expanding

San Diego has been ranked the # 1 solar city in California and the nation

Wireless power system shown off (BCBC) {Witricity}

Arctic Warming At "Dizzying Pace" Sylvia Earle: "Ice-Free Arctic Means A Very Different Planet"

A new method to cleaner and more efficient CO2 capture

"People believe in their hearts that a piece of raw fish is worth $600."

How are you guys on the east coast handling the weather tonight?

President congratulates Buehrle

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Thursday, July 23)

Perhaps the Indians can buy some of these for next season:

The D*dgers are in full "celebration of the cheating" mode now!

Time to again show my favorite Youtube video about steroids in sports.

Doping racehorses.

Matt Holiday traded from Oakland to St. Louis

Aaron Ward returns to Hurricanes

Boxing: 7-24 ESPN FNF

Soccer question

Your greatest sports high so far this year, and your lowest low?

I am really getting tired of hearing about Tim Tebow

On a serious note .. just a heads up since I know you guys are interested:

Around the Horn college football predictions ---PAC 10

This one's for cboy n upton

Who is your 2009 Heisman pick?!

FINA bans bodysuits that have led to spate of world records

Heh! Just signed up to be moderator of this Forum...

Which NFL team do you think is most interested in hiring Mr. personality?

Roger Maris, the real Home Run King

Human Rights Observor in Honduras Says that Romeo Vasquez has called for Zelaya's Assassination(SP)

Chancellor Nicolas Maduro will accompany Zelaya to the border

What you can do to help the Honduran people restore democracy in their country

FROM COPINH, Popular and Indigenous Organizations; 7-23, 6PM, STATE OF RESISTANCE!!


HONDURAS on Dem. Now, this moring, July 24 First Topic after Headlines, Guest

ZELAYA states the obvious -- Army rulers aim to kill him

The 2001 Version of "Our Man in Honduras" -- John Negroponte

HONDURAS COUP 2009: "Me Detain Zelaya? What Are You Saying?"

US: Honduras Coup a "Lesson" for Zelaya Not to Follow Venezuela's Path

WANNA GET READY FOR THE REVOLUTION? Watch these videos on Honduran Reisistance (all short)

EU's Ferrero-Waldner departs Cuba without meeting Raul (misleading headline!)

Honduran army shuts border as Zelaya plans return

Grave of suspected torture victims found in Paraguay

NOW TELESUR Live Press Conf. w/ Zelaya 1:28 -pm edt -- updates


Telesur Reporting Live from one of the border crossings -- the protesters are

Twitter updates and contact info for activist Sandra Cuffe in Honduras

Head's Up: Zelaya live via ustream at the border w/international press

Zelaya just crossed into Honduras

CNN covering crossing by Zelaya. (3:39 pm est) eom

Ambassador "Recovers" Honduras Embassy in Mexico for Zelaya

massive march in San Pedro Sula against Zelaya's return

Honduran National Police Will Not Arrest Zelaya

ZELAYA ASSASSINATION Already Planned with Permission Granted by Washington (EN and SP)

Masked men were trying to arrest/kidnap someone in the Venezuelan Embassy

Radio Globo saying Zelaya just crossed the border nt

Al Jazeera's saying 3 people were shot, and some were run over by police car

looks like Mel is 0 for 2. n/t

Link below to my 20,000th post and a toast with thanks to Skinner.

Boy, 3, shoots himself in face with father’s gun

Murder-suicide in Berthoud Colorado.

Slaughter at McDonald's (1984) changed how police operate

Man looking for sandwich shot by homeowner.

Reform leader: Most U.S. Jews back settlement freeze

The rising tide of British antisemitism

Activists say Israel gave key site to settlers

Freeze Settlement Activities In West Bank: U.N. To Israel

Israel’s Religious Right and the Question of Settlements (International Crisis Group report)

Switzerland calls for an end to Israeli settlements

Trumka at NAACP: Building union power means taking on racism

Labor unions fight for rebirth despite recession

Phony Trade Deal--Exposed

Dispute over TV leads to mans death

Bronx Cookie Workers Fight Buyout

Today in Labor History July 24 U.S. minimum wage increases today, started in 1938, as 25 cents hour

NYT: Jobless Checks for Millions Delayed as States Struggle

Union 'vote' at Wal-Mart rebuffed (Walmart won't let employees vote)

Congress throws in the towel and heads for the beach - just one question left

Trying out my A330 (Dial-up warning)


just saw food inc -- a remakable movie if you keep

The Painter's Palette (partial repost)

March on Washington for Universal Health Care (single payer)

Health Reform to be put on hold, so that Congress can go on vacation for 5 weeks?

Strange letter I got from my Health Insurance company

Anyone ever have a apnea and not suspect it?

Mexico 2009

If Congress needs more time, they should be delaying their vacation, not health reform.

How much of the increase in food allergies is attributable to a decrease in breast feeding?

Some people might be willing to support health reform - what are their questions?

Has anybody read Bill H.R.3200, the Health Care proposal?

Republicans don't want a slow down to "do it right" they just want time to stop it

Another Child Shot this must stop!!!!!!

Frugal McDougall, A Rhyme For Our Economic Times

Goldman and JPMorgan -- The Two Winners When The Rest of America is Losing

Managed trade vs "free" trade

Cats apply for TARP funds

So It Begins: The SEC Commences Investigation Into Goldman Sachs Trading Practices

Winners and Losers of the Minimum Wage Hike

Time to vote on Science Idol cartoons again

Toucans use their enormous bills to keep their cool (and I thought they stored frootloops in them).

Nasa finds monster black hole sucking up gas, dust and stars at centre of galaxy

Steve Squyres: Robot Guy Says Humans Should Go To Mars

Gay USA: Powerful AIDS speech by NY State Senator Tom Duane

San Francisco seeks to join federal lawsuit challenging same-sex marriage ban

Good news!

Thank you GLBT folks.

Groups challenge domestic partnerships as unconstitutional (Wisconsin)

Romania Bans Same-Sex Marriage - Guess who helped?

Ancient Roman shipwrecks found (BBC)

Openly gay Author E. Lynn Harris dies at age 54

Ion engine could one day power 39-day trips to Mars

Ruby-Sachs: Judge Makes Wrong Call in McInerney Trial (killed gay teen classmate)

Hubble images Jupiter's comet-splat (and yes! WE - ARE - BACK!!!!)

Spitzer: "The Fed is a Ponzi scheme, an inside job.. it is time for congress to say enough of this"

A musical interlude

Robert Moss - Dreams and Writing

"The Labor Pains of the Re-Birth" - Karen Bishop - July 23, 2009

I kick over a rock

Your Friday metaphysical LOL

Carlos Santana, the lightworker.

Why does God hate amputees?

The Silliest Smear

House bill drops funding of Republicans abstinence-only sex ed

Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen wants recipe testers

101 Simple Salads for the Season

Any suggestions for an appetizer using fresh tomato and shrimp?

need a new food processor. suggestions?

Unexplained Mysteries site hacked?

Margaret Gillespie

Magnetic Forces To Blame For 9-11 Tower Collapses...

John Mcadams - Laughing stock of the Internet?

Money well spent

Hutchison attacks Perry for turning down stimulus funds that she voted against.

Perry raises possibility of states' rights showdown with White House over healthcare

John Cornyn is a Texas sized hypocritical ass!

The talent team supporting Susan Boyle: U2's guy is managing her money...

Michael Jackson's Prosthetic Nose Is Missing

Yuck, they had Canada's Ralph Nader on Ed Shultz