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Comment on Huff post: What if the police dept. was like private health insurance?

Have you noticed how the Media loves to create Division in the

Protesting, Honduran style (PHOTO)

Raw video of 2 brothers saving people from a burning vehicle.

Conspiracy Nutz

Massive Protest March in Honduras

Media ignoring prior claims of Harvard police racism

Peace be unto you this Friday evening: How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place

College graduates move back home (CNNMoney) {80% !?!}

Group provides aid for unemployed with pets

Fla. gov's office mistakenly praises Nazi film

Health Care Reform - Will It Happen?

Tweet of the day

Tweet of the day

If I was a cop, this is the defense line I would give for everything having to do with abuse.

Stupak (D-MI) called out re C-Street

Minors in Rhode Island can be strippers . . .

The latest cliche word that gags me when I hear it: "Conversation"

The latest cliche word that gags me when I hear it: "Conversation"

Fla. gov's office mistakenly praises Nazi film.

Depp's turn as Carol Channing: Wasn't she on Nixon's enemies list? I think so.

del dup

Ban sweating on DU forum now---

I Just Returned $50.00 plus in Grocerys.....

"My Daddy the Jailbird" Elizabeth Gates interviews her dad, Henry Louis Gates for Daily Beast...

My wish for the post gubernatorial Sarah ...........

A message from Michael Vick to President Obama

Yanno ..... we need Eliot Spitzer

Bush-Era Debate: Using G.I.’s in U.S.

I have been the victim of crime

Gates accepts White House meeting offer

anybody ever check W's birf certificate.

This is for my DU pals with NF in their family

Humans can be so cruel, evil and just plain fucked up

MSM and Afghan War death count

Klayre Jean, welcome to the world!

Got a live one .... as far as I know the pizza hasn't been ordered yet.

Ban swearing on d/u Forum Now!

'Real Time" w/Bill Maher guests tonight-looks new...

Staff slashed at Luntz's D.C. office

History Is on My Side, Says Calif. Justice Who Voted Against Gay-Marriage Ban

When all you have...

5 Ancient Roman Shipwrecks Found Off Italy Coast

Conservatives pretending they didn't attack Obama over the stock market.

"Racist Web Posts Traced to Homeland Security"

Glenn Greenwald on Malloy show right now with Brad Blog subbing for Mike

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike TGIF

McLaughlin Group talking about healthcare.

Did anyone grab the opener off of Maher's show? When black intellectuals strike?

Don't raise taxes for health care!

In the raspberry field today

More Fundie Pedophilia...

NO SINGLE PAYER NO VOTE - We can't afford anything less

Fucking is good and godly

Do it today! Do it now! Contact the Blue Dogs HERE.


i suggest these folks get their own party

The President of the United States of America clarified a poorly-worded comment ...

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

Another Republican "Family Values" State Senator had Sex with Intern

I want single-payer, too.

health care reform breakdown by congressional district

Bitch ain't funny, bitch

NC Dems forfeit $24k over Easley flights


Should Unrecs Have A Requirement to Post?

the avalanche of Anti-healthcare hoopla you see is a prime example of what HUGE amounts of money

Bing Cherries. In NY and TX, $1.79/pound. What's the deal? It's

Rate Richard Wolfe as KOs guest Host

Officer Thomas Tolstoy / Rapists on Patrol

reader relief post . . .

Makeover advised (prior to lawsuit) for gang member kicked by El Monte officer

Power Surges, Ladies!

Best Pals: The Blind Dog And The Guide Dog

Time to boycott my local theaters....

Shrooms and the Law

Anti-gay, pro-abstinence Tennessee State legislator had affair with intern

Bush Weighed Using Military in Arrests

We Have Always Been At War With Eastasia

150 dead dogs found in freezers at Mich. home

Any thoughts on Swiss health care? I'm not sure what to think of it.

Working live feed of the Tour de France

Swine flu could hit up to 40%

Blue Dogs or Lap Dogs?

If reTHUGs get to call universal health care "socialized medicine" I get to call private, for $$$

Cheney demanded US military be used in Buffalo,NY to arrest people.

In the middle of health care discussions

Well-wishers mob Palin at hometown picnic

I don't shop at stores that use foreign languages to hide their intentions from customers.

C-Spin caller: "Obama has it in for white people. Well, we've had it

Microcosm of Our Foreign Policy

Apparently, people don’t really enjoy being subjected to coercive imperial domination.

Apparently, people don’t really enjoy being subjected to coercive imperial domination.

Chairman Waxman Wants Health Deal By Tuesday

Right out of the Rove playbook.

Author E. Lynn Harris Dies at 54

(NYT) Black men more likely to be locked up for what police call getting “lippy"

The GOP health care plan

Gingrich positions Palin as a conservative leader on energy issues. (Newtie/Patootie 2012)

Two toddlers shoot siblings in US

Teacher who raped student gets 25 to life

The Daily Howler on Gates/Crowley/Obama: Pseudo-libs and class condescension

U.S. announces $200 million in aid to Palestinians

bill maher's 'new rules' diatribe on healthcare this week is the speech i WANTED to hear from obama-

Residents Helping Pig Elude Captors

Acronyms! Calling ALL Acronyms!

DU former meat-eaters who've made the transition to vegetarianism: How difficult was it? .....

Fairness in Cocaine Sentencing Act of 2009 (H.R. 3245), (Fairness in Racial Profiling reduction)

Soccer question

"The increase in the federal minimum wage helps women -- but not nearly enough."

The greatest thing about JFK: He had two brains

LIVE NOW - Single Payer Teachin - Watch online

Washington Post media critic won't write about Lou Dobbs (they both work for CNN)

Gates - Crowley: All right, everybody, let’s all cool off.

Repubs: "We want health care reform."

How to Take Back America Conference '09

Appeal Filed to Overturn Ban in Salinger Case

"Blue Dogs are diapered infants who have to be the center of attention."

Single Payer Teach In - Watch online now

This link was just send to me by a friend, thought it was timely since it talks about

Auditioning to be an airhead - Victoria Jackson

Pakistan Consumed by Violence as Taliban Power Grows

Home Front: Values hold up in cities that limited growth

I Just Want to be a Useful Tool.

Live Stream from Paris -- Green Scroll for Iran

Some Incumbent Senators Seem To Get No Respect

Jane Harman Reveals All: Ask No Questions, Tell No Lies.

Anybody notice all the propaganda health care commercials from the

The Right Wing is thinking for us again.

"Recalling the Downing Street Minutes" by Ray McGovern (7-24-09 Consortium News)

Will the delay on a health care vote help or hurt its chances of passing?

Letterman's Farewell to Palin

Is a true race war a possibility?

the right to euthanasia - something on the move. news from Scotland

Family has to sell "Extreme Makeover" Home - can't afford taxes & utilities

My Question to Birther Christians

Who's in charge at CNN? Klein capitulates, allows Dobbs' birther coverage to continue

Indian Girls Plow Fields Naked in Attempt to Bring Rain

Former police officer explains why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police:

Texas Tech Faculty Circulate Petition Protesting Gonzales

Thank God Bush Was Lazy

Why Aren't the Repubbies Cursed With a 'Red Dog Coalition'?

'The Colony' - survivalist experiment on Discovery Channel

The Monster of Wall Street Lives: Obama administration ignores calls for fundamental change

Our route home was blocked by a DC ambulance stopped in the curb lane on Georgia Ave at Blair Park

What is a more effective strategy for getting a Healthcare bill passed....

Is it against the law to have a "Fuck the police" bumper sticker

In Defense of Lou Dobbs and the Birthers:

NYT: As Officers Face Heated Words, Their Tactics Vary

Sing SWEET, SWEET SATURDAY!! Then . . . please come CAPTION!!!!!

Iran: Meet the Likely Candidate for Supreme Leader

GOP's Road to Health Care

The 'Dark Legacy' of the 1980s explored in new film

Which do you want more in politics?

Film focuses on racism in America (scheduled for an April 2010 release)

The War on Disease and Premature Death

here they are: the dogs.

What has happened to "public option" in Congress, and hope for the future...

Palin's coming...

Boehner's Myths vs. Facts On Health Insurance Reform Legislation

War With India

Putting Posse Comitatus Aside, Too

Putting Posse Comitatus Aside, Too

Anyone see Anthony Woods on Bill Maher last night?

Where are the RED DOG republicans?

So I have this totally brilliant plan

"American Made" Tee Shirt Is Made in Mexico, J. C. Penney's Says It's Meant to Show Pride in America

Last surviving veteran of the BEF in WWI, Harry Patch, dead at 111

Bush and Cheney’s Final Disagreement

Palin's Wasilla picnic draws a crowd

Palin's Wasilla picnic draws a crowd

The Republican 10 Point Plan for Health Care

The Honduran Battle for Washington

Sign a petition to tell Harry Reid no vacation for the Senate!

Proposed ban on storefront churches called illegal

WaPo: Birthers are an embarrassment to mainstream Republicans.

Beer for Peace!

Dozens of prominent politicians, rabbis and officials have been arrested in New Jersey

Debunking Another Climate Change Crock: What's Up with Anthony Watts? [video]

Debunking Another Climate Change Crock: What's Up with Anthony Watts? [video]

Environmental group claims the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile violated Hawaii's ban on vehicular ads

Do you think Congress should go on vacation?

Congress: You Need to Skip Your Vacation

Sarah Palin leaving governor's post amid confusion, criticism

Sarah Palin leaving governor's post amid confusion, criticism

Ain't Nothing Centrist About Them

"How To Avoid Being Arrested"

Bill Moyers Journal on health care reform tonight

Truckers rescue 4 - 2 yr olds from middle of street, Day care center didn't know 4 were missing

Has anyone used Google today ??

Quite possibly the stupidest person in America. Video from a Santa Cruz City Council meeting.

Now for something completely different...A toad in the garden

Since Primary Challenge, Specter Voting with Dems 97% of the Time

I'm at a town-hall meetin

What motherfucker is the lead dog in the Blue Dog pack?

Obama’s Not so New Latin America Policy as seen from Bolivia

Argentina Flu Death Mystery Sparks Probe for Virus Mutation

Argentina Flu Death Mystery Sparks Probe for Virus Mutation

Rush says he gets high ratings from.....

Now HERE'S a cop with patience and a professional attitude.

Blue Dogs heel when lobbyists whistle

Police: Fake officer tries to stop real officer

Health Care Hypocrisy

Did you know that "libruls" are fascists? Says so, in this new-ish book.

aug. 8, sarah palin giving speech at the ronald reagan media allowed.

Cambridge Cop's Unfortunate Vanity Plate: WHY-TEE

Cambridge Cop's Unfortunate Vanity Plate: WHY-TEE

should the democratic party disallow the blue dog coalition?

(How do they come up with this stuff?) LTTE: Euthanasia hidden in health care bill?

So glad to be a dual French-American citizen

The Story of A Place Called Mouseland

Obama Report Card

Rudy Giuliani is spouting nonsense on CNN again...

Key Birther Lawyer Was Disbarred … In 2004

Pat Buchanan article gets hacked by 4chan.

Fellow Du'ers in the US, what is you legal status ?

Wanna have some fun with freepers?

If Palin ducked out of the public until mid-2011 and came back well-versed in issues...

my local news was reporting on palin's 'goodbye to alaska' speech

What's a good response to the RW e-mail comparing Obama's health care plan to Hitler?

Infrastructure in your area?

Anti-drug efforts beefed up along US-Canada border

I'm going to watch "The Corporation" again. It's time. Remember it? nt

Used to be called "churning"? : Stock Traders Find Speed Pays, in Milliseconds

Ain't Nothing Centrist About Them

BREAKING: Jonathon Klein of CNN has become a Birther!!

Has California become a libertarian paradise yet?

Germany's biggest military offensive in Afghanistan to date

How Rachel Maddow's rebut of Pat Buchanan missed the mark

gates says yes to a beer with crowley

Iran: The Green Brief #38 (July 24) Latest news from Iran

A Political Ad Proposal

Harry Potter's Radcliffe: "I just loathe homophobia"

Buying a song twice if you want to use it for your ring tone on iphone

Fox News is Bad for the GOP

David Frum And Ann Coulter Get Into Heated Spat Over Sarah Palin

A Tribute to Breast Cancer Fighters - A "Perfect Portrait" of the Struggle

Has President Obama been hurt or diminished by the TARP bailouts?

Cheney wanted to send U.S. troops to Buffalo NY in 2002 to make arrests

There is no "teachable moment" if no one will listen

Single Payer: The Health Care Plan Not On The Table

Support offered for 8-year-old victim of sex assault

Texas Gov. threatens showdown over national healthcare

From Comic-Con San Diego...

Now that Obama has backed off his comments over the Gates incident, I wonder how many DUers will?

Henry Louis Gates: Déjà Vu All Over Again

Rick Sanchez Goes Off On Twitter: Hispanics Working For Fox Have "Sold Out"

Just one question

Caption This - Moving Van Outside of AK Governor's Mansion --pix-->

Do you feel uncomfortable rec'g a <0 thread?

A must read story about police, drugs & healthcare in our great nation

Sister of Liberian rape victim wants freedom -- for the suspects.

Nice profile in New Statesman of Amartya Sen and how Sen's ideas are reshaping liberal thought

Is there any good reason why Homeland Security SHOULDN'T be disbanded?

Report Sees Agent Orange Link to More Illnesses (NYT)

Nice little scoop about how CBS placated right-wing loonies

Nice little scoop about how CBS placated right-wing loonies

Will the Dems lose 30 House Seats in 2010?

If anyone doubts that cops shouldn't be treated like prima donnas, this site is an informative read

Interesting healthcare reform tidbit

Obama rushes to quell racial uproar he helped fire

Internal RNC Polling Finds Majority Support Public Option

Ohio Rep. Wants Men to consent before women have abortions

Would you sit down for a beer with a lying, racist pig who denied your rights and arrested you?

Lobbyists the silver lining in health care storm?

Is Obama simply giving Bush a 3rd term in Education?

Shariah laws - I completely agree with Pat Condell

good gawd, cnn is calling it 'gatesgate'

Racial Profiling -- My Personal Story

Sometimes this board reminds me of an old ethnic joke I heard many years ago.

The Increasingly Bizarre John Ensign Tale

Libertarians seek a place in the New Hampshire sun

Daily Beast: The Secret GOP Sex Diary (C Street & Pickering's diary)

Liberal and Conservative Democrats Brawl Over Bill

Should marijuana be decriminalized? CNN poll.

Gates cop asked him to step outside otherwise he couldn't arrest him for disorderly conduct.

Jesus Practiced Socialized Medicine

Do you support single payer only, or do you think a public option

This is how we let the credit crunch happen, Ma'am ...

Typical teabagger: Taking SS and Medicare benefits while protesting health care reform

Kucinich on health care reform: "this is a stronger bill that will protect Americans"

Was President Obama Ever Racially Profiled?

Do you remember how difficult it was to be accepted on DU when you first joined?

My personal experience with stupid, racist police officers:

Rick Perry is still nuts

Urgent: The Single Payer Moment Is Now, If Only We Speak Out

FL Dem opposes funding abortion so the GOP can't make an issue of it.

For such a big, strapping police officer, Crowley's nothing but a whiny bitch

"Discretion is the better part of valor"? Prudence, responsibility, blame, and guilt.

Which Advocacy Group Would You Donate To For Healthcare Reform? MoveOn?

Which Advocacy Group Would You Donate To For Healthcare Reform? MoveOn?

If you want me to recommend your video post, please include a summary.

We need a better nickname for the insurance industry--give your suggestions here!

Physicians at Guantanamo Violate Medical Ethics: Study

A woman who has always been friendly astonished me at the Y yesterday.

Re: Gates.. Bottom line. Cops with big egos like Crowley cost cities big money in lawsuits. And

Viewpoint: The Stupidity of the Gates Arrest

There's something wrong with charging 40,000 dollars a year to attend a university...

Anti-gay bashing.

Anyone else annoyed about the "Cash for Clunkers" program?

Why do conservatives mock communism, marxism, and socialism yet lack an understanding of any?

Why do conservatives mock communism, marxism, and socialism yet lack an understanding of any?

Do you talk or text on your cell phone while driving?

Did I hear that Clinton referred to Zelaya's return to Honduras

San Francisco residents: Please tell us about your universal health plan (SFHP)

NYT: An Abortion Battle, Fought to the Death (Dr. George Tiller)

What to do if you're arrested or stopped by the police

Should someone who kills people while driving drunk get the death penalty?

Smedley Butler Stopped American Fascist Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR

Single Payer Health Care Grassroots Movement Alive and Well!!

Obama-Ed: More $ to privatization, merit pay, longer school year.

movie help

Naw, best summer beer is Virgil Ledbetter's Honey Wheat Rosemary

My beer of choice is Fat Tire.

Does Lou Dobbs eat Mexican babies? I'm just asking.

High as a kite

Does Lou Dobbs dig up dead octogenarians and rape their corpses? I'm just asking.

my favorite color is blue

Don't you hate it when you make a new friend on Facebook

Can someone just pour me a beer. I thirsty...

Stoned Owls

question for the bird lovers

I just finished cutting the grass, now I need a beer.

The Moon Landing was not faked! However...

Lowell Folk Festival (Pic Heavy)

Cats vs. dogs, Round 2

Anyone just see Final Jeopardy? **spoiler**

I will almost certainly be chosen to be a moderator, so...

A pic of me smiling.

I am on my way to 10,000 posts

I am on my way to 10,000 cats

I just bought a new stove.

Yay today is the day we go to the zoo.

Is anyone else with a Verizon cell phone having signal problems?

Play list for my daughter's visit.

Finish this sentence, "Sometimes I ______________"

Let's play: GOOD COP! / BAD COP!

937/1371 · 935/1388 · 939/1399

I apologize if this is a repost, but I dig this...

Question for Jeopardy Fans

Why the hell can my toothbrush charge

People Who Died

Has anybody read any Sue Miller? I'm reading the world below and

The Frank Factor - Where in Kenya Was Barack Born? Birther Control

This song is creepy and beautiful at the same time.

what is your favorite indulgence??

anyone see the Trailer Park Boys on the Jimmy Kimmel show?

CIA Domestic Operations Division: DU collaborative thread II

***** Please join me in wishing taterguy !!!!! ******

Brooklyn goes 'redneck swimming pool' one better.

This date in history: Rock n' Roll was born in Newport, RI, July 25, 1965. Dylan Plugs In.

Q: What's the difference between Joe the Plumber and a dildo with ears?

Male virginity rates by DU forum.

Someone broke into my house last night, drugged me, and

Three ways to melt a Chocolate Bunny

Wife Swap

I've been busy raising bloody hell in GD

How the hell do cannibals choose "side dishes?"

I need some panties that won't ride up...

I need some panties

Have you seen this??

Residents Helping Pig Elude Captors

Car accidents and ear wax

Recently discovered photo of DU's first set of moderators:

Today is my birthday (Im 58), so caption this picture

Could someone write THANK YOU on my ass so I can moon the security camera?

"To each generation a Slayer is born..." Help. I'm watching Buffy again.

Dinger Confession Alert

Why do merchant websites use a Drop-Down-Box for "State"?!1

DU Song Of the Day

Ok, I'm 15 min. in to "Burn After Reading" and it's brilliant.

the doggie lover doll...? o.m.G.

The REAL Moon Hoax!

I'm hungry

Why am I randomly wanting to burst into tears lately?

When a thread has over 500 replies is it even worth reading anymore?

The Sky Masterson 5th(one time only)Daily Poetry thread break

Bing is boring. Microsoft should bring back Ms. Dewey!

Anyone watch Torch Wood tonight.

Emo video game nerd smashes his monitor. Dude has some anger issues.

I have no feelings about Alan Rickman one way or the other.

Power Surges, Ladies!

Alan Rickman can kiss my ass. n/t

Gates agrees to "beer with" Obama, policeman

I look at DU for the first time today, and there it is, an Alan Rickman post.

Post a picture of you....

Post a pic of yourself in the nude

Ugh they are remaking Red Dawn

Alan Rickman in the Texas video In Demand.

What Divisions Do You Miss Most From Your Youth?

Saturday Nite at the Lounge Movies

Joan Crawford - Blue Oyster Cult

The Southern Cross - Rattlers

I guarantee that you will LOVE this show

Way of The Gun meets DC Superheroes

Does anyone know much about currency

TheTV at our house died.


Funniest sketch comedy TV show (since Monty Python?)

What is the least amount of money you feel you could get by on

hey, have I mentioned that my doggie is one of the coolest things that ever happened to me?

Who the hell is Alan Duckman, and will he FREE THE DUCK??

I really dislike one of my oldest spawn's friends...

Why Is Six Flags Targeting Kids with a Creepy Old Guy?

Fuck you, Alan Rickman.

Having Ramen noodles for lunch. They're OK but could use more SALT.

It does get boring in the cockpit.

post a picture of yourself WITH a nude !

'Lost' crew tantalizes Comic-Con with Season 6 teases -- and brings Charlie back from the dead!

Have many people around her "Bunged" yet? Is it any good?

Have you ever poured out your heart & soul, written something you thought...

I bought one of those special bags for keeping produce fresh

Question to Everyone: How long did it take you to reach 1000 posts??

If the president was really born in Mombassa, as the right wing nuts say

This bugs the hell out of me: "Table" dance vs. "Lap" dance

Do you consider music sold for ads to be "sell outs"

47 stairs...lots of furniture...11 trips down and back up...don't try this when over 40.

So, how about some small talk

how did Neil Peart attend a McCain/Palin rally in 1981?

This is for you.

Anyone ever create a social networking site?


Official: As of today I have lost 20 pounds since Jan.

I just traded a dog crate for a Dell laptop! Ask me anything!

Harry Potter Star Alan Rickman Emerges as Unlikely Movie Crush

This is Just Plain Wrong

Severus/Alan *SIGH*

If you could buy a business, which one would you buy?

"Nice fucking model!"

I forgot to tell you! I *think* I did really well on my interview yesterday!

i love my husband, but he's really a pig

Bing Cherries. In NY and TX, $1.79/pound. What's the deal? It's


The two teams that will play in the next Super Bowl will be?

Is there ANY creativity left in Hollywood?

A huge pile of suds just appeared in my toilet. I went upstairs and knocked on the apartment door

new tattoo ( pics)

Anyone ever live in a motorhome or travel trailer temporarily?

DU former meat-eaters who've made the transition to vegetarianism: How difficult was it? .....

I just got back from the zoo (warning pic heavy)

Any advice on researching a murder that happened back in the 60s?

I don't like Ani DiFranco or Bjork.

Veggie seeds. I posted this in the Farm section, but no response yet.

Exiled Leader of Honduras Steps Into Country

Mercosur Summit Calls for Zelaya's Return

Ousted Honduran leader returns home — briefly

Obama rushes to quell racial uproar he helped fire

Bush-Era Debate: Using G.I.’s in U.S

Experts: Full criminal probe in Jackson case

Report: Bush mulled sending troops into Buffalo

Liberal and Conservative Democrats Brawl Over Bill

Cheney, Bush Officials, Considered Using The Military To Arrest Terror Suspects In U.S.

7 Militants Killed in Taliban Attack on a Police Station in Southeast Afghanistan

US stops giving militant death tolls in Afghanistan

9/11 Commission members act to finally wrap it up

Spain Inaugurates World’s Most Sophisticated Telescope

Iraq awaits Kurdistan poll result

Fla. governor's office praises Nazi film

Debunking Another Climate Change Crock: What's Up with Anthony Watts? [video]

U.S. to Sign U.N. Disabilities Rights Pact

Court docs: Octomom inks showbiz deal for tots

Some Gitmo Detainees May Come to US Jails.

Dodd Says U.S. Shouldn’t Rule Out Helping CIT Avoid Bankruptcy

Antitrust Chief Hits Resistance in Crackdown

French pilot re-enacts 1st English Channel flight

Secrets of CIA 'ghost flights' to be revealed

Man challenges Cuba travel ban

Indonesia poll result challenged

Protesters across globe decry Iran's abuses

U.S. admits it has no case against teen held at Guantanamo

Pak can use US aid only against Taliban and al-Qaida: Senate

Tech faculty oppose Gonzales-More than 40 faculty members sign petition against former AG

Obama Touts Healthcare Plan for Small Businesses

Terry (R-Ne) offers health plan idea

No proof woman stranded in Kenya is Canadian: Cannon

Internet bottleneck stalls ‘clunker’ trades

WWI veteran Patch dies aged 111

Outcry over disowned US rape girl

Racist Web Posts Traced to Homeland Security

Fla. governor’s office praises Nazi film

Pelosi: When I take health care bill to the floor, 'it will win'

Jailers,Jeffrey Bieber and Justin Piro, Cleared of Abuse of female prisoner, Shocking Video Released

Bush-Era Debate: Using G.I.’s in U.S. (Considered using military on US soil)

Boy (4) shoots baby sister in US city (Vegas)

Black professor in race row arrest accepts Obama's invitation for a beer

Fighting the NWO with makeup on.

It's Time To Act

Chemtrails and Weather Warfare Validated by History Channel


Rachel Maddow - Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) and his artful dodge

Weekly Address: Health Insurance Reform, Small Business and Your Questions

McConnell: I have a friend in Florida who had a friend in Canada (UPDATED)

A Brief History Of Neoliberalism by David Harvey

Watch this video with the sound off

Bagram Inmates Protest Indefinite Imprisonment

Uninsured Residents Receive Free Health Care in Virginia

Commission to Study the Failed Drug War! (SIGN PETITION NOW)

Cheney Demanded To Use US Troops To Arrest People To Destroy The Constitution

United 4 Iran: Global Day Of Action - July 25th

Rachel Maddow: Black & White Happy Hour In America

A song of resistence for all of us covered by Willie Nelson

RSU interviews Dennis Miller

The American Health Care System

Jane Goodall - Overpopulation in the Developing World

Joan Baez - And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

'Food, Inc.' challenges the industry (Nightline)

Australian comedians pay a surprise visit to torture memo author John Yoo

Free Market Fantasies by Noam Chomsky

Chris Hedges - War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning

Class War - Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky : History Of US Imperialism

Rachel Maddow - ballistic on Texas Gov. Perry's burning stupid & huge hypocrisy


Fox News: Horrific effects of antidepressants/psychotic drugs

HBO's Bill Maher Takes On America's 'Profit Motives'

CNN Interview With Other Officer In Gates Arrest Photo

TYT: O'Reilly & Col. Peters Call Captured US Soldier Crazy

Carrie Prejean sings at the Del Mar Racetrack on opening day 2009

Grassley Says Obama (privately told him he is) willing to drop public option

maxkeiser: Should Goldman Sachs be prosecuted for Human Rights Violations?

Socialist Teddy

Rep. John Conyers: "What'll they do today that will make you either laugh or cry?"

KBDI Denver Airs 9/11 Press for Truth

Letterman: Top 10 Things Overheard At Sarah Palin's Farewell Party

Howard Dean heckled by single payer advocates at Portland book signing.

The Swedish Health Care System (The Stockholm model)

Gates: It's about rights, not race

TYT: Rachel Maddow Destroys Pat Buchanan & Cenk Loves It

Kucinich: Health Insurance Groups Extract Wealth of Our Nation - To Few at Expense of Many

Palin's mid-term resignation comes with costs {to taxpayers, natch} (AP)

What’s Good for Goldman is Bad for the Nation

"The Health-Care Wimps" (Eric Alterman goes back to Clinton Plan vs Obama)

"Blackwater Seeks Gag Order" (Jermey Schahill)

To Demonstrate Equal Treatment, Cambridge Police Arrest Prof. Henry Higgins

Immigration Reform is equal to more cheap labor import

Thousands Of H-1B Visas Still Up For Grabs while employers whine

Thousands Of H-1B Visas Still Up For Grabs while employers whine

Friday Talking Points (87) -- A Tale Of Two Houses

Washington gossip centers on one address

Tata Consultancy Services has 18,000 H-1B Visa Workers

"More Dubious Secrets" ( 7-17-09 The National Security Archive)

Community columnist: Following God’s will in stand on GLBT rights

"Feingold: White House is Whistling Past Afghan Graveyard"--(The Nation)

Welcome to the ‘Club’

Will Blue Dogs Help GOP Extremists Destroy Obama's Presidency Over Their Donations From Insurance

White House Sends A-Team To Israel To Try To Overcome Settlements Impasse, Talk Iran

Cambridge Sgt. Accepts Obama’s 'Beer Invitation' — with Conditions!

How Congress Failed to Stop NSA Spying. Jane Harman reveals the questions not asked.

Courage sustains a hate crime survivor(Was 5 when Shot in 1999)


Honduras and the Three-Ring Circus By Al Giordano


Is Palin still relevant? (Cafferty -- read for the responses!)

Health Care Hypocrisy

When Disorderly Conduct is a Cop's Judgment Call

Jane Harman: What the CIA hid from Congress

Grassley: Obama Has ‘Said To Me Privately’ That He Is Willing To Drop A Robust Public Option

How the Ultra-Rich Are Trying to Kill Health Reform

My near arrest for disorderly conduct..........

Black males' fear of racial profiling very real, regardless of class

Nineteen Years After the End of the World

The Gates Fiasco – Abuse of Power, Not Racism

GOP Really Needs to Kill Health Care Reform!

OBAMA...."The Shuffle President".......Matt Bai

CNN doing its part to promote RW distortions about health care reform

Obama wants our schools to be more like South Korea

SEE IT NOW! The Birthers' Star Spangled Banner

Obama escalates assault on public education

I'm not pissed at the Blue dog dems

Question: Is it okay to post a picture of a loved one on a public message board?

Pelosi: We have a good bill, . . public option has overwhelming caucus support . .it will win

I broke in to my house once - maybe about a year ago

Some basic questions need to be asked & answered before health reform of any kind proceeds

I.E., Education - What is your personal experience dealing with Education?

To all who refuse to confront the reality of this health care 'reform': READ THIS -

I wish the Fort Worth bar raid had gotten national attention

My take on Henry Louis Gates arrest.

So, no health care reform today, the Senate is packing it in, the House

One again, the crazies have won.

If Somebody Here Works In The WH - Please Get This Message To The President.........

First lady says children need exposure to arts

Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: Obama's Health Care Struggle -- Waterloo or Water Down?

Bill Maher: NEW RULES ... (a really good one on capitalism)

Don't report this story! Look over here! Birthers! Cops! Shit, Michael Jackson!


Guests for the Sunday TV news shows (Axelrod, Hillary, Pelosi, Gibbs)

OK so the stinking media parades two black officers supporting Crowley

Racial Profiling

If the newspapers cannot rise above this morass of mediocrity they deserve their impending demise

Chuck Grasshole said Obama told him privately he's willing to drop public option

Was Gates Fourth Amendment Rights violated?

Obama says not funding abortions is "tradition"

My President is a grown up.

The Media is a big part of the problem in so many issues, including Race Relations in the US!

PHOTOS: In the Absence of Jackeens, who is sorely missed.

Democrats Block GOP Health Care Mailing

What is going on in this country? Seriously?

Racist teabaggin' surgeon - McKalip - resigns from leadership post

Gates says "Yes" to Beer with Crowley and the President

Limbaugh's Lies Sabotage the Health Reform Debate

What would happen if we all started emailing/calling all TV and radio stations and asked....

NY Times Carries GOP Water ... Again

Here is the GOP Health Care Plan

It's really clear why Rush Limpy keeps talking

Press Corps Warns White House Of Increased Adversarial Tone If They Aren't Nicer To Press Corps

You know, the MSM just seems to have trouble reporting...

Pelosi: When I take health care bill to the floor, 'it will win'

AFT To Scrutinize 'Race to the Top' Regulations


A question about the Blue Cross Dems: How badly do they really want to be re-elected?

Paid for by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Mr President! This should not be water under the bridge

Question about talking back to an officer and the charge of "disorderly conduct"

Religious RIght Linking Health Care Reform to Abortion

Healthcare reform sets off euthanasia alarm

Some Blue Dogs Threatening to Quash Health Bill Over Surtax Voted for Bush Tax Cuts

Bush's response to Gates Question

President Obama,Dems:Tell the media only 4.1% of small businesses would be affected by tax surcharge

Obama moves to grant political asylum to women who suffer domestic abuse

1st non-white President extolls virtue of slavery!?

Joe Conason: Blue Dogs Heel When Lobbyists Whistle

House Dems Reach Agreement On Reining In Medicare Costs - "giant step forward"

Obama Says Health Plan Benefits Small Business (NYT)

Fuck Enron medicine!

If Healthcare Reform Passes Sometime this Year...Is Obama Guranteed to Get Re-Elected?

NYT: A Dispute Over Obama’s Birth Lives on in the Media

Blue Dogs Say Leadership Lied to Them- Storm Out Of Meeting

What Sayeth William the Maher on Gates-Gate?

Anthony Woods is on Bill Maher


F-22 and a compromise?

I wish we had a President who said the cops are always right.

Richard Wolffe sittin' in for KO did a fine job. At times he even let loose

Cheney wanted to use GIs in Buffalo to test the constitution.

So the POTUS, the Professor & the Policeman are having a beer...

Canadians, we don't deserve your help but I have a great idea and we could really use your help


Cheney is still sore about getting Libby a full pardon. I say give Libby a full pardon

Tiny Drizzle Wreaks Havoc In Desert City

Grist: Antibiotic-resistant salmonella burgers, with a side of flame retardants

Arnold Schwarzenegger signs legislation to protect Seals at La Jolla Beach

Even with electricity from coal, electric vehicles beat gas in CO2 emissions

Scratch those new Ontario reactor plans (cross-post)

BREAKTHROUGH!!!!! Nature: Scientists discover a way to reduce carbon dioxide with light energy!!!!!

Newsweek: Climate-Change Calculus

Public Forests Decision 2009

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Friday, July 24)

Two in a row!! Streaking Giants clobber Rockies 3-1

NFL Network Top 10 Shows

Phillies fans just got caught cheating shining a green laser in the faces

The L.A. Times went completely overboard on Manny Ramirez's

Can We All Agree That As Sports Fans That We're Sick of Brett Favre?

Matt Cain..another Giants Cy Young Award winner ?

I miss Billy Martin

Question for the REAL SPORTS FANS and their rules (Sorry about the East Coast Bias)

Massa in life-threatening condition after surgery

Here's another another bad idea that has Selig's fingerprints all over it

Heh! The Skankees go down to the A's 6-4 at home! The A's score

There is no thread about the Ginats and the Stonies??

Kiffin Says His Antics Were a Necessary Step

Protest at Radio Globo

CISPES ALERT: Clinton made statement that Zelaya is responsible for any further violence/protests

Mercosur Summit Calls for Zelaya's Return

Man challenges Cuba travel ban

Zelaya Awaits Contact with Honduran Military Command

Zelaya to Visit Washington Tuesday (so says State Dept.)

RHC/TELESUR: Zelaya Forced Back into Nicaragua by Honduran Military

UPDATES from Honduran Resistance: A 6am-6pm Curfew today on Honduras Border - 100 Detatined

HEADS UP - Zelaya Supposed to be making another try to get across border and


U.S.: Honduras Coup a "Lesson" for Zelaya Not to Follow Venezuela's Path

Honduran military preparing a sports stadium in el Paraiso for detainees, Pinochet style (SP)

EVA UPDATE 7pm, 7/24 Plus a Comment from Diana Barahona

Venezuela Prepares Defense Against US Aggression from Colombia

Brazil to triple price it pays Paraguay for energy

Al Girodano Gets it Wrong: "Hounduras and the Three-Ring Circus"

Sen Mark Warner just got back to me, or at least his staff did.

Brady Campaign joins the VPC in deception

This land was made for you and me

Marwan Barghouthi to be nominated for Fatah leadership

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews (Rabbis) pay visit to Hamas in Gaza (Times Online)

U.S. to transfer $200 million to Palestinians

S.F. Festival Under Fire Over Plan To Screen Rachel Corrie Film

United Electrical Workers Blast GE's Plant Closings

Ford's UAW Workforce Down To 47,000 As A Thousand More Take Buyouts

Police block food and medicine to Ssangyong union members on sit down strike

Today in Labor History July 25 New York garment workers won the right to unionize after a 7 month st

CEOs Get One-Third of All Pay; Bank of America Uses Taxpayer $$ for Lobbying

How Labor, Grassroots Activists Say They Will Help Save Health Care Reform

Scenes from my mother's garden (yard)

Anyone know how to contact a QME in LA? n/t

Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: Obama's Health Care Struggle -- Waterloo or Water Down? (re-direct)

Report Sees Agent Orange Link to More Illnesses

'New way' to repair heart damage (BBC) {alternative to stem cells?}

"Healthy" dietary fat link to ulcerative colitis

Faster walkers live longer than slower walkers

Colic In Babies May Be Caused By Gut Bacteria

if public schools haven't put private schools out of business why is it that....

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/23/09

Max Keiser and others speak on food market bubble, 2009

The Monster of Wall Street Lives: Obama administration ignores calls for fundamental change

Inspecting the Murky Bailout

Minimum wage for tipped workers unchanged since '91 (Miami Herald/McClatchy)

The case of the missing revenue

Homophobia and racism are equally bad.

Jupiter Gets a Black Eye

Green beetle's super-shiny secret (BBC) {photonics}

Dream visitation thread in the Lounge.

another take on the recent solar eclipse

What musicians do you really like? Please share some of their music that you like.

There is hope.

HMMM Atheists kill Christians.

What Do You Make of This Bible Verse?

How to get unfair late fees and overdraft fees reversed

About to enroll at Univ of Phoenix...

Duncan on 'Race to the Top' in WAPO today...

Any universities or colleges or community colleges in your area hiring online

No aigs yet. But turkeys!

The Spaghetti Squash Troubles.......

Squash blossoms - what did I do wrong?

Perfect summer sandwich for a hot summer night.

She was a Maryland lass, Stinky,

America's Health Insurance Industry is a Continuing Criminal Enterprise. Their greed

Does something called the "Illuminati"

Texas US Senator Cornyn: I don't like Hispanics

Hey, they're learnin' us dumb Texans about LBJ over in GD

Experts: Full criminal probe in Jackson case

Torchwood: Children of Earth (***may contain spoilers***)


A Political Statement