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Frank Rich: And That’s Not the Way It Is

Higher Plane Thought for the Day --

Guardian UK: Recession spurs global trend for sit-ins and occupations

Down-the-aisle wedding boogie is YouTube sensation

Who wrote the health care legislation? Congress or the health care industry?

Orszag response to CBO report: Supports what Obama has said all along

Frank Rich: And That’s Not the Way It Is

TUNE IN, TURN ON AND CHEER UP - Swiss Psychiatrist Fights Fear with LSD

Why is it that conservatives dont want healthcare, but they loved liberating Iraq, and their people?

Blue Dogs Fill Their Bowls with Cash

Sergeant James Crowley's Incident Report #9005127 At Gates House

AWESOME article on the Healthcare crisis, Cleveland, Ohio, When Citizens & Doctors VOLUNTEER to give

Obama's Health Care Struggle -- Waterloo or Water Down?-by Bill Moyers & Michael Winship

Why Do Conservatives Hate Freedom?

Why would anyone block my website?

Report: NKorea Opens 1st Fast-Food Restaurant

Who all is expecting delayed school starts in your area due to swine flu this year?

Teenagers May Be at Greater Risk of Catching Swine Flu, UN Agency Finds

Someone needs to release several truckloads of chickens to the Capitol

A typical statutory definition of disorderly conduct

It's not race or rights, it's race and rights.

Why does God hate amputees?

Try dumpster-diving, Northwest Airlines tells workers !!!

The Sotomayor Test: Will she limit Obama's next pick?

They are doing it again...the tactics never change, it seems

Beer Poll: When Obama meets with Prof. Gates and the cop...

What happened to The History Channel?

2008 Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act could restore the Sunset Limited Rail service

If terrorists killed 20,000 Americans a year,

California's Cash Crop

The more conservatives are taught to believe minorities are generally angry, white-hating folks...

Freepers planning Palin's cabinet


The Bush Administration sucked bilge water...

Hubble Space Telescope Captures Rare Jupiter Collision

NYU Anti-Gay Human Right's Professor Dr. Thio is a No-Go

my take on the healthcare debate in the US

I'm this close to giving up on the Hysteria Channel.

I'm this close to giving up on the Hysteria Channel.

US Eyes Private Guards for Bases in Afghanistan

White House eases stimulus lobbyist restrictions

Accounting question using IAS and IFRS, Pls help

Accounting question using IAS and IFRS, Pls help

Politico: "CBO deals new blow to health plan"

Sales Fail to Keep Pace With Profits, a Sign U.S. Economy Remains Sluggish

Simple question for Scully this morning

Healthcare reform, the condensed version.

What Would Have Happened If Hillary's Healthcare Plan Had Passed Back Then?..........

Rep. Thompson: PR was priority after Katrina

Octuplets' mum signs rich TV deal

NY Times: Many Failing Roads, Little Repair Money

Unless you want the poor to die and the rich to live there's really no choice, is there?

10 Nagging questions about the Republicans.

Mixed opinions on Obama's transportation safety picks

Serious Question

Would anyone be up for starting something like a "Great Books Club"

The Perception of Crime.

A list of legislators who could have single-payer scored by the CBO.

Remember back in 2004 when Bush appointed a car bomber as the Iraqi Prime Minister?

Harry Reid said there were over 100 Republican additions to the Healthcare bill

Iran: Prisoners at Evin prison dying from Meningitis.

Wisconsin man caught in Flag flap has his flagpole chopped down

SO Elad, Earl and Skinner, do you know how to get people to quit talking about the unrec?

Bay Buchanan, David Frum and Annthrax duke it out over Sarah Palin

Inconsistent priorities

Why, Obama, Why?

Give me three good reasons someone should profit off the sick-

The Zimbardo/Stanford Prison Experiment and Professor Gates

Crazy Pete Hoekstra’s Pre-Emptive Disavowal of C Street

Pelosi: $350,000 Is the New Middle Class

If someone worked in the private sector.......

When you can't walk in another man's shoes,you have no business in politics.

Take the poll: "Which of the following is the biggest obstacle to health care reform?"

You KNOW The Birfers Are Batshit Insane When Ann Coulter Throws Them Under The Bus

You KNOW The Birfers Are Batshit Insane When Ann Coulter Throws Them Under The Bus

Man who killed Tiller admits making at least $1000 in donations to Operation Rescue

"My Mom Is A Torture Loving, Italian/Catholic, Fascist and FOX News Viewer"

SF Zoo tiger attack victim busted for cocaine possession

Pakistan arrests Swat leader

TEXAS TECH/More than 40 faculty members sign petition against former AG

Has anyone read Elizabeth Hasselbeck's book on going gluten-free?

What kind of health care do law enforcement officers get?

The republican healthcare plan?

Looks like that 'European-style healthcare system' is going to kick (and then save) our ass again.

Europe Fast Tracking Swine Flu Vaccine

Local TeeVee ads for health care reform

Gov. Sarah Palin's Last Day: Now What for the GOP's Nortth Star?

Gov. Sarah Palin's Last Day: Now What for the GOP's Nortth Star?

Author to Focus on the Family: "The opposite of homosexuality is 'holiness'"

Author to Focus on the Family: "The opposite of homosexuality is 'holiness'"

Shouldn't we be referring to 'blue' dogs as 'red' dogs???? nt

john king to pelosi...should universal healthcare cover abortions?...

john king to pelosi...should universal healthcare cover abortions?...

Hillary: "The United States cannot solve the world's problems on its own, but..."

How many guns do you own?

Wireless power system shown off. Meet the future, Witricity.

US Service Member Killed in Battle in Afghanistan

Inhofe says stalling health care reform could be good for GOP in 2010

A humble suggestion regarding the Unrec function.

Karzai Can 'Only Win With Fraud:' Afghan Rivals

If insurance companies are benevolent, how come they sell young soldiers ins. they don't need?

So, I got the first wingnutty post to my book blog today

I'm beginning to look at Blue Dogs as nothing more or less than a "false flag" operation.

Watching the last leg of the Tour de France, the thought hit me...

FYI: Discovery Channel is running "Cronkite Remembers" all day today.

KRUGMAN: Why markets can’t cure healthcare

Kagan vows to defend some laws Obama dislikes

Official Walter Cronkite Farewell Toon

Nicolas Sarkozy taken to hospital

Revealed: the secret evidence of global warming Bush tried to hide

Catholic Church denies global warming

Michael Jackson Speaking at Oxford University in England

Comedy Central - YES! Crossfire - NO!

Plummeting Crime Rates Puzzle Experts...

I spent 12 hours yesterday and will most of today making mortgage apple cakes.

FOX News on journalistic integrity: "We only hire talent who have the ability to generate ratings."

Are lobbyists silver lining in health care storm? Coming out ahead in the endgame?

(In other news) Nadya Suleman signed TV contracts for each of her 14 children - filming starts soon

Wal-Mart Threatens Suppliers to Gain Their Promotion Dollars

Can there be a greater irony than George Will opining that President Obama is "overexposed"?

"Scott Elliott: Black students doing better in the South" - Dayton (Ohio) Daily News

Biologists have created a living computer from bacteria

Can you help me find a couple popular threads from a couple days ago?

Airline crews call LAX airport parking lot home

Must go slow on health care BULL! Only to mlk it for all its worth

Absent Grassroots ?

The new evony banner. Why not just put porn there?

Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival is now mecca for movie fans

Gates, Crowley Due Soon at White House for Beer, Gibbs Says

Greatest Page looks GREAT!!!

Whistleblower tells of America's hidden nightmare for its sick poor

Boehner: Barack Obama Wants To Kill Your Grandma

Three reasons Palin’s move might be about money (Xtian Science Monitor)

If you can stand another take on the Gates arrest, check this out (just got it in an email)

Energy firms help pay for Calif. regulators' far-flung trips

TX Governor gets free medical tests from donors

Conyers Calls For Criminal Investigation into Bush Administration

Conyers Calls For Criminal Investigation into Bush Administration

Jordan Thomas loses his legs and starts a foundation.

Another Cop Thread

CNN’s Howard Kurtz Criticizes CNN’s Lou Dobbs For Giving Airtime To ‘Birther’ Conspiracies

Thank you to the anonymous DUer who bought me a donor star.

D.C. Church Offer Gay African Americans A Message of Acceptance and Responsibility

David Gregory is pure shit

Prosecutorial incompetence and the return of Michael Vick to football

Prosecutorial incompetence and the return of Michael Vick to football

O. M. G. The Stupid!! It burns!!

Hey stupid! Drop the cell phone and drive

Dust contrails and other desert weirdness.

Mission far from accomplished - Taliban power grows in Pakistan:

Suspicions that still divide us

Do insurance company employees train more than gastroentrologists?

My response to a lame Newsday editorial on health care. .

So I heard on local noozeradio today this story about a buildup of mercs in Afghanistan .....

It was Sgt. Crowley who BROKE the law and he did it very soon after he arrived...

Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime

"Child seriously burned by mother's coffee at Glendale mall"

'Some of my best friends are racists'

Lessons learned from General Motors’ collapse

What do you teach your kids, if the police come to the door?

Quillen: Wal-Mart health care

JOHN EDWARDS PLAN: "requiring all American residents to get insurance"

Letters from a concerned parent of a student: " Open Homosexuality-make out sessions"!!!

LTTE of our local paper, regarding the Birthers.

If everyone ends up being required to purchase health insurance, will the gov't require us to all

Say Good Night, Sarah!

The Republicans Do Not Have A Plan !

Dear Mr. Ross - Please Return The Favor

Newest member of the conspiracy to keep Obama's REAL birth certificate a secret... Ann Coulter

Question: What would Thomas Hobbes have said about the recent Prof H.L. Gates issue?

When was the last great Police Bash on DU?

Iran: Green Brief #39 (July 25) Latest news from Iran

Anyone know what time Palin says good bye today?

Enlightmen me here - blue dog, yellow dog... ?

They say that they want us dead.

Last Vestiges Of Restriction On CORPORATE Election ($) In Jeopardy In U.S. Supreme Court!

Power in America Wealth, Income, and Power

Wal-Mart: Never Been There, Never Done That

Ahmadinejad apologist on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS right now.

Meghan McCain

With Sarah Leaving, Who Is Going to Watch Russia?

DU Screendoor Party! Palin Resignation/Parnell Swearing-In at 7:00 ET

The fed is a Ponzi? How about being honest?

Reports: Ahmadinejad may face confidence vote in parliament

Why would conservatives not want a government bureaucrat standing between

My friend is a journalist reporting from Iraq....

Springsteen's "Ghost of Tom Joad" could have been written for today.

Watching "Cronkite Remembers" on the Discovery Channel!

Sunday Pseudo-Dental Thread: Over the years I have seen many things but

4:20 PM, 7/26/09, the exact moment in which I finally became 100% fed up with Fox "News"

Obstructionist, always. But now Republicans are barmy

Texting While Driving ~

Single-payer rally in D.C. on Thursday, July 30, 2009

Amen, John Heileman. On Real Time....

Just watched Ace of Cakes.. and did not realize this is the 50th anniversary of Alaska

Kuwaiti Financier Linked To Citigroup Charged With Fraud In The US Kills Himself

Caption this pic

Bachmann on list of "most vulnerable" Republicans

Given that the blue dogs and the "centrist" extremist conservative "democrats"

Click here if you will burn your mandated private insuricare card

We have a hot one ----- >>>>

Here's another idea for insurance companies - how about NOT being beholden to shareholders to...

Instead of forcing people to buy health insurance, how about making it more difficult

why is Pelosi dithering about bringing a thousand page healh care reform...

Health care debate must include farmers

Health care debate must include farmers

Something I find funny right now on DU, so many don't talk to cops and you can't trust cops

Pelosi on CNN right now. State of the Union with John King

Did Sarah just say American Apoligetics, hell I don't even know how to spell it

I finally have a response to right-wingers that feels right.

The Fix to Corporate-Based, Profit-Driven, 37th-Ranked Healthcare System is Called- "Single Payer"

Damn, I miss Sarah Palin.

Palin's farewell speech coming up on CNN

"The gun only makes you a servant, not an actual authority"

"Teddy in his own words" HBO special

CBS Evening News tonight: "25 Million Have Insurance, But Not Enough" - video

What do you think of the Free State Project?

A first for a black-centered (Gates) story?

This would make a great bumper sticker! A lot of sales guaranteed!

This shrieking moran has got on my last nerve.

Tornado Warning in NYC! many here are ALREADY on government health care?

LSD used in fear therapy.

Zelaya: "I am not going to Washington, if Clinton and Obama Want to See Me, Let Them Travel

The U.S. Occupation of Iraq Through the Eyes of the Iraqi Resistance

The Three Armies Occupying D.C.: Land Rover Liberals, Corrupt Cowboys and the Millionaire Media

Generalized Police Bashing Needs to Stop

"William" Billy KRISTOL sez OBAMA is "an arrogrant man." Oh. Shrub was just really really humble!1

"William" Billy KRISTOL sez OBAMA is "an arrogrant man." Oh. Shrub was just really really humble!1

Naomi Klein: Capitalism, Sarah Palin-Style

Anybody have on Cronkite Remembers on Discovery Channel?

Great Movie on Hulu this week "The Entrepreneur"

Does it seem as though the GOP-controlled media has decided the economy is fine now?

Persuadable Evan Bayh & His Over-Boarded Wife

Stan Brock: Single Payer Would Put Me Out of Business

Sacha Baron Cohen's next character revealed!

Heads up, New Yorkers! SP may be headed your way...

Heads up, New Yorkers! SP may be headed your way...

Do Not Speak To Cops

How come Congress needs to "take it slow" passing health care reform


digby: Building The Mandate

U.S. Eyes Private Security For Afghanistan - Army Considers Hiring Contractors 'Theater-Wide'...

Every Objective Poll on the Planet Indicates Americans Don’t Trust Republicans on Health Care

Every Objective Poll on the Planet Indicates Americans Don’t Trust Republicans on Health Care

Every Objective Poll on the Planet Indicates Americans Don’t Trust Republicans on Health Care

Why does Glen Beck disrespect community organizers? Hitler was one.

Why Does Glen Beck Still Disrespect Community Organizers?- Moses Was One

Americans - the REAL AMERICANS - the Top 1-2% who pay for their politics

Americans - the REAL AMERICANS - the Top 1-2% who pay for their politics

Healthcare Reform: Bi-partisanship between Liberals and Libertarians

Nearly 2,000 Uninsured Americans Seek Treatment in Fairgrounds Barn

If humanity ever learns how to exceed the speed of light, how do you think it'll be done?

Should Congress be stripped of their health benefits?

How long until the GOP finishes dying?

McDonalds in Europe vs. McDonalds USA

Tom Price just had his clock cleaned by a Scotsman

This Liberal Doesn't Take His Marching Orders From Xenophobic Old Farts

What cost $700,000,000 +, has 21 buildings, and is on 104 acres?

What cost $700,000,000 +, has 21 buildings, and is on 104 acres?

The latest in 'Green' supermarkets.

Ted Kennedy is making a final press for universal healthcare, from his sickbed

Wait, what? Coulter hates birthers?

Is there a war on? Really? Oh, two? Two different countries? How many casualties? Wow

2 admins. 2 arrests. What would Johnny Cash have said?

Partisanship aside, can anyone make any sense of what Sarah Palin is saying in her speeches?

I saw religious nuts praying in front of a women's clinic yesterday. Pissed me off!

I saw religious nuts praying in front of a women's clinic yesterday. Pissed me off!

Former Starbucks employees hold protest in support of barista fired for trying to start union

Defying Coup Regime, Zelaya Attempts Return to Honduras - Death Squads Active

Legal Schnauzer: Why Did The 11th Ciruit Cheat Don Siegelman? Here Is My Guess...

Senate "clown" Al Franken gets first bill passed.

In forty years my mother went from a woman who feared all black people, to an Obama supporter

So what's up with page 16 in the Health Care bill? The wingnuts are freaking out

35% of Health Care Insurance cost are Pure BullCrap

What they each saw: how the fears of Professor Gates and Officer Crowley collided

Obama Finds Photos Hidden Behind A Bush

"Florida Senator Jim King dead"

'FBI Sting Was A Case Of Anti-Semitism'

My Mom Is A Torture Loving, Italian/Catholic, Fascist and Fox News Viewer

It is time to invoke the Nuclear Option. No questions asked. Here's why.

Did Sarah Palin damage the feminist movement in American politics?

Do you know who Howard Rich is? You better find out.

Der Spiegel: Germany rediscovers love for America

The Independent: A really, REALLY good article on class in our society.

What happens if you cut waste that isn't there? (CA In-Home Supportive Services)

I fear Teddy is on the last of the "6, 6 and 6" in his fight against cancer.

Little known factoid:

Song for Max Baucus---NEMATODA

Why Nothing less than SINGLE PAYER UNIVERSAL COVERAGE is acceptable

Just a side note about that friendly beer in the White House...

So, I take it that the police apologists don't want to talk about the real issue...

Don't know if this was posted, didn't see it, but if it was it deserves a second look. It is a

Texas home displays 'Hispanics Keep Out' sign

Ending the "war on drugs" to fight terrorism makes sense

* * * * * * OFFICIAL SARAH'S SWAN SONG THREAD * * * * * *

View of Australian vs American health systems by a physician

What gives with us Americans?!

Obama must push single payer - that's his job. Mandatory health insurance is not health care.

Really, I Don't Hate The Police. OK?

Snark-infested Broken News: Lou Dobbs' Birth Certificate a FAKE!

Holder Joins Conyers in Demanding Action

"The Generation M Manifesto" Excellent rant I ran into.

What IF the final healthcare reform package really stinks?

Have You Actually READ House Bill HR676?

Palin's farewell. I can give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but OMG, this is just embarrassing.

NYT "Blows Cover Off Trading Scam." Schumer Flips On Wall St.

What the hell is wrong with Republicans? The computer analogies.

SO...from Wed through Sunday Afternoon I was in the hospital deathly sick

John Edwards was RIGHT...

Tired about hearing about all the healthcare crap? Try watching SICKO again.

That SOB roeder is mad at operation rescue, but he claims 3 women CHANGED their minds

Hiaasen.."And the bucks keep flowing in"....Crist panders to developers

Flying Under the Radar: Administration's Bill to Control Medicare


I was lying on the radiologists table last February while he called the insurance company,

American M$M fails to report Monsanto's German setback

The Plot To Overthrow FDR--video

Have you noticed a suspicious or embarassed silence amongst your friends regarding work?

Question: Goldman Sachs began how? Who turned it into the criminal enterprise it now is?

cnn is gaga over sarah

Sunday's in the saddle / Everyone's relaxin' / Summer's winding down / So please come CAPTION!!!!!!

If we're handing out cash for higher mileage vehicles; WHERE THE HELL'S MY MONEY?

Looking for Dialog on Race in America with Someone of Color

A co-worker and I disagree on whether this is a racist comment...

Aviation Pro, what's the war story on Col. Ralph Peters???

Anti-choice group gives Florida congressman a Phony Baloney award.

Good Cop / Bad Cop

OK. Here's my take from Boston on Gates-Crowley

does anyone know much about anything ?

Malcolm McLaren - Madame Butterfly

The First Time - Roberta Flack

Do you have healthcare?

Black- Everything is coming up roses

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good

Has anyone ever been to a Zoo?

Shannon is gone..........

If the Sasquatch was really born on the planet Uranus, as the right wing nuts say

Any peeps on DU?

Napolean Sheds His Skin

Guess how many Alan Rickman threads (including this one) there have been since July 16

The Big Hush

Any wine drinkers out there?

Who else is sh*t Boredless tonight?

Suggestion for History Channel:



The Ron White Theory:

It doesn't really matter

Rock bands that lost ONE critical, key member and lived to ROCK ON AGAIN!

Its Heineken Time

Far Side Of Crazy - Wall of Voodoo

Send Me An Angel-Real Life

To Liven up the Lounge tonight:

A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran

Dramatic video: Cops Arrest Five Wanted Felons!

I so want to take a long road trip in the RV, just take off for a year.

Futrama news from Comic Con today

I can't hate with my eyes open - Holy MacNarland

nevermind......just a vent

I'm too bored to think of anything to do

Just returned from 5 days on a house boat. Ask me anything!

Just returned from 5 days under a house boat. Ask me anything, as soon as I de-water my lungs.

What would you do for a liver and a Lung?

I just dropped in to see what my condition was in

The Ghost in You - Psychedelic Furs

got a nice buzz from my pain meds tonight ...entertainment?

Who is your favorite Eric Foreman?

New Lock from Home Depot

An old poem: From Shel

Neko Case

Crosby, Stills and Nash- Southern Cross

Need a short and to the point reply

After nearly fifteen years, I'm headed back to the Bay Area -- for an *interview*!

Damien Jurado

With all this about the "Wedding Aisle Boogie..."

So I hear the local team is doing better than the weather tonight....

Once Upon A Time in the West

Our dogs both acting weird, low scared growls, weak barks

Levi Stubb's Tear

Wouldn't you like to see this happen to Lou Dobbs?

Voodoo Chile

Tiny Dancer Elton John


Did somebody mention Monty Python?

Town without Pity - Gene Pitney



Need a brand name spatula?

Bob Seger - You're Still the same

Heart - Barracuda

By the Time I get to Phoenix


Would Alice In Chains

Sukiyaki -- Kyu Sakamoto

What ever you beleive in be nice to the person beside you.

Oh crap.. music has its downside

Beautiful, Michael...

Here's a song I wrote about being in a womb

Box of Rain

Crime and the City Solution - The Adversary

The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen

Any one else REALLY miss Bill Hicks Right now....

Principal fired for jumping on students in cafe

Boomers: Bet you remember this one!

Gerry Rafferty Baker Street

Extreme Ways - Moby

*******HAPPY BELATED 27th BIRTHDAY to deepthought42!!*******

Anyone still use myspace.???

Crimson & Clover

Congratulations Bertha Venation! 15,000 posts!

Handsome Molly - Doc Watson

goodbye horses

Movies are pissing me off.. I can keep a beer can constantly moving in the yard

Congratulations jody! 20,000 posts!

Lisa it's your birthday - Michael Jackson

Congratulations wakemeupwhenitsover! 60,000 posts!

What's your favorite Darwin Award winner story?

Sniff'n The Tears - Driver's Seat

Teacher Teacher-Rockpile

"only dead fish go with the flow."

Sign this petition to greywarrior:

tour de france - not "racing" on the last leg of a "race" WTF

Bird Flu Strikes Magic Kingdom? (with pic)

Do you try too hard?

What would you do to liven up the Lounge?

Buddy Guy is Da Man!!

More 35mm shots.. these are in color

I dont think I've ever seen Neve Campbell smile before

“If there is such a thing as reincarnation, what would you like to come back as in your next life?”

....sssssnnnooooorrrrtt ***

Laura Branigan - Self Control

How could I forget Willow & Tara?


Kings — 7/26 series finale (with spoilers)


Today's Pears Before Swine

lol catz

I like raw vegan desserts better than "real" ones.

this is bizarre...

The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking - Roger Waters

Wanna do a good deed? (Especially if you're familiar with cities on old Route 66 or Italian)

OK, this is just wrong.

Why do people respond to online newspaper polls with the answer "Not Sure"?

The new cheap laptops: good deals or cheap electronic ka-ka?

a propos of all the discussions about them laws (one time, 5-0, the po po)

Man on the Moon - REM

OK, am I the only one who didn't hear about "Octomom! The Musical" before now?

Unfinished Sympathy-Massive Attack

So Since Obama is The President You Can Have a Beer With

Pocahontis - Neil Young


Why is DU limited to only Homosapiens ?

Why is the Sun a he , and the Moon a she ?

Albert Rickberg appresheashun thread

I love that movie by Adam Rickstein

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Haole Girl!!*******

DU Song Of The Day

A Million Miles Away-The Plimsouls

From the insanely stupid criminal dept: Fake officer tries to stop a real one


What other message boards you post at?

I just saw this weird lady walk into a Psychiatrist office...

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to lildreamer316!!*******

Q: What's the difference between Hannity's head and O'Reilly's butt plug?

What beer should Obama serve Gates and Crowley?


Jimi Hendrix - Radio 1 Theme (John Peel Session)

"Ok, Michael Jackson didn't come over to my house to use the bathroom. But his sister did!"


Pfagh. Typical. DU yet again looking for mods who only move forward in time.

Pictures of Bunnies

Torchwood - guys had bellys,girls had asses,double chins,

Anyone ever lose luggage on a flight before?

Jimi Hendrix - Room Full of Mirrors

Congratulations CaliforniaPeggy! 70,000 posts!

Christmas list......check

Just put on the "Ring"

Is the Watchmen movie any good?

RE:Torchwood could a gay or bi,be the hero in an American tv series.

Finally, there are not 300 Albert Rickberg posts on the first page.

I am happy because I am not out there chasing love or looking for a SO

I had a long, serious talk with my psychiatrist about the Democratic Underground Lounge.

Shit! I just got a fax from Skinner.

You suck at Craigslist.

Congratulations Cha! 90,000 posts!

Congratulations kpete! 20,000 posts!

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger! (and the best Stones shows I ever saw!)

Friggin butchers at the ER on Thursday

Pete Seeger with Arlo Guthrie from about thirty years ago

Been listening to any music this weekend?

For CAT lovers & fans of Irish pub music. CAT DRINKING SONGS...


A friend of mine was murdered a year ago.

We got us a good one in GD, bonafide Fuckwad Freeper

Aaaarrggg, I'm torn between registering for 2 years of Women's Studies or Multi Media!!!!

ethical footwear

SF Zoo tiger attack victim busted for cocaine possession

What's your favorite color(s)? Post an example.

Fried cabbage

A pic of the late, great Nashville Cat

Do you admire and respect me more then Taterguy?

I have been overposting

My wife got me Left 4 Dead for the Xbox and a bag of weed for my birthday.

This came up in the lounge-Torchwood-gay hero,guys and girls overweight,etc.

My portrait of and for Thomcat.

Now that Armstrong lost the Tour de France, will he go the hell away?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to darkstar!!*******

I have had the wrong idea about pigeons for a long time.

Songs with animals in the title

Dc-10 or L-1011?

“If you could invent something that would make life easier, what would it do?”

What kind of aircraft was that?

Question for Mac Users

The most heart breaking lyrics ever,,,,,,,,,

Three Word Story

When should it be obvious that your acting career is pretty much over?

Chelesa the greatest football club ever

Mmmmm... cornbread... in my cast-iron skillet

Where would life be without music???

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) The Password Is Aww Edition

Least favorite HARRY POTTER movie so far?

Why would someone name their store this?

I am so going to hell for this one....

Rock bands that lost ONE critical, key member and should have called it a day...but didn't

She comes down from Yellow Mountain

Anti-drug efforts beefed up along US-Canada border

Lobbyists the silver lining in health care storm?

This is how we let the credit crunch happen, Ma'am ...

PM to launch INS Arihant in Visakhapatnam today

Dialing for dollars: Inmates scam Qwest, run own phone service out of jail

Evangelist guilty of taking minors across state lines for sex

Report: Bush mulled sending troops into Buffalo

US urges Syria on Mid-East peace

This is why a meaningful Public Option and Single Payer won't happen

Gov. Sarah Palin's Last Day: Now What for the GOP's Nortth Star?

NYT "Blows Cover Off Trading Scam." Schumer Flips On Wall St.

Lackawanna Officials Say Troops in City was Bad Idea

Spiralling violence unnerves Afghanistan before vote

Chinese hack film festival site

Republican senators arrived to Honduras to meet with Micheletti about Human Rights

Sorry ma'am we just didn't see it coming

Revolutionary Guard tightens hold in Iran crisis

Canada’s Via Rail, Union End Strike With Arbitration

Sarkozy hospitalised: French presidency

Exiled Honduran leader promises border camp

"Florida Senator Jim King dead"

Spaniard Contador wins Tour de France

Afghan Vice Presidential Candidate Escapes Assassination Attempt

New direction in terror fight may stem from case

Kuwait financier facing U.S. fraud suit found dead

New Biden Criticism Surprises Russia

New Biden Criticism Surprises Russia

Whale wedged on cruise ship bow

Study: Up to 79% Of New Zealanders Expected to Catch Swine Flu (More Infectious Than 1918 Flu)

Police: Ex-boxing champion (Vernon) Forrest killed in Ga.

Rogue kidney brokers resell organs from poorest nations on black market

US eyes private guards for bases in Afghanistan

Democrat Says Health Overhaul Needs GOP To Pass

F1 Driver Felipe Massa in life-threatening accident

Insurance industry has had a 'long enough time,' Pelosi says

Sarah Palin to step down formally

Whistleblower tells of America's hidden nightmare for its sick poor

Hillary Clinton: Iran's pursuit of nukes 'futile'

Zelaya returns to Honduras border

Recession leads to drop in birthrates in Silicon Valley, throughout California

Revealed: the secret evidence of global warming Bush tried to hide

8 killed in highway crash outside New York (wrong way driver)

Bad Egg - Award winning Animation

Nebraskans on Health Care Reform

Clinton "Privileged" To Work With Obama: "The Election Is Over"

Irans nuclear program futile, Clinton says

High Frequency Trading - Tickerguy's View

Racist terrorist complains about Obama

Ann Coulter On FOX: Birthers 'Just A Few Cranks Out There'

Profit on your Health

I am a Right-Wing Extremist.

Union/Health Care Activist vs. Teabaggers

Bill Moyer's Journal Healthcare Reform

Ed Schultz Recaps Repiglickin Psycho Talk on Health Care

Maddow: Republicans cling to strategy of racism

MoveOn health care video: 'Political Football'

Healthcare Rally and March in Madison

Florida congressman Alan Grayson laughs in Ben Bernanke's face - priceless!

Healthcare reform protest

Modern Medicine (a spoof)

Ousted Honduras Leader Briefly Returns Home

Rachel Maddow When Free Market Fails...


TYT: Birthers Continue Idiotic Attack Against Obama (Round II)

TYT: Obama and Democrats Fight Back on Healthcare!

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

Eliot Spitzer -- The Fed is a Ponzi scheme, an inside job

Kristol calls Obama an "arrogant man"

Thousands turn out for pro-democracy in Iran March in DC

Republican uses ridiculous metaphor to scare you about health care

Obama Calls Cambridge Cops, Congratulates Them on a 'No-Hitter'

Bill Maher: New Rule: Not Everything in America Has to Make a Profit

Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man.

The Great Preventer (by Nouriel Roubini)

Indian govt, firms spend over $10-mn for lobbying in the US

"Diller Calls Free Web Content a Myth" -- Media Moguls say Free Internet Ending..

Tax on 'gold-plated' health care plans gains ground

Kill the Supreme Court

SERE Psychologists Still Used in Special Ops Interrogations and Detention

Venezuela Prepares Defense Against Potential U.S. Aggression from Colombia

Health Care Reform and You

The 'Birther Conspiracy' Backfires on the Right-Wingers

The Mistress-Trouble Club: Say Hallelujah, Say Amen

Stopping the Circular Firing Squad: Can the Left Succeed without a Charismatic Leader?

Krugman breaks it down: Why free markets can't cure health care

How to Use Twitter Hashtags to Blast Your Reach and Build Your Follower Base

CNBC Spikes Story on Goldman Sachs

“Values Voters”? Which VALUES are those? …and here comes Sarah!

Not Discouraged, Abandoned

Guardian UK: Whistleblower tells of America's hidden nightmare for its sick poor

The Proper Use of Police Power - An Economic Perspective

Palin's Farewell Speech: 'You Won't Have Me to SHTICK Around Anymore'

Tata, Clinton and the ghost of outsourcing

Viewpoint: The Stupidity of the Gates Arrest (O'Donnell in Time)

More Specious Arguments re: the Health Care Debate

H-1B = Discrimination Against Americans

Honduras crisis unleashes media wars

Maureen Dowd: Bite Your Tongue

ProgrammersGuild: Silicon Valley workers offer to work for no pay

A Woman's Closet/A Black Man's Car

"When Debtors Decide to Default " - NYT

The Recession is Over )Newsweek Article)

I think the ultimate judgement of Sgt. Crowley will be...

BREAKING NEWS: The Secret White World is not really Secret

PALIN WaPo/ABC Poll: Dumb is the New Honesty (July 25)

Obamas strategy re: Healthcare has been pretty weak.

If you missed it Palin's speech will go down as one of the worst ever

Blue Dogs Fill Their Bowls with Cash

Joe Biden: What You Might Not Know About the Recovery

Does this last week mean white people will STOP telling people of color to "Get Over It"?

What if a President comments on a "local police matter" and no one trashed him for it?

Sotomayor Was Right - A Wise Latina Will Have Better Judgement Than The Average White Guy

The secret white world, according to some minorities

Obama Helps Hide Bailout Ripoff Secrets

Health care debate: Will public option be viable?

Could it be that Harry and Louise are happier because, this time, they're in on the deal?

NYT editorial pro- Obama health plan:

Health Care Reform: Another Typical Blue Dog and Pony Show

"Call me Barack"

"Only 8% of the stimulus have been spent" said George Will

"Wow! I bet white people get treated this way all the time!"

Counterterrorism has a new Poster Child!!

MSNBC President: Conspiracy Theory About Obama's Citizenship Is "Racist"

Healthcare Bill will Pass in House. How Many Votes Do We Currently Have in the Senate?

This Is Insane, and Grossly Disrespectful to the POTUS

Krugman: Why markets can’t cure healthcare

Birther who asked Rep Castle about Obama had been banned from calling local conservative radio show

A take from someone who used to be employed by the Insurance Industry

I Always Go Back to Something My High School History Teacher Said on the First Day of Class

Health Care bill saves ONLY $2 Billion!!!!!!! (WTF!)

Dumb questions about the Healthcare Bill

Catering to Obama Haters

What are friends for?!

Gibbs: Obama to monitor pre-recess health progress

Racism. You don't have to be black to understand it.

medicare for everyone

Obamas head to Martha's Vineyard for vacation and other Presidential getaways

Oh noes! Obama plays golf….again

Doing what they did to Clinton on Health Care..."Health Care Wimps"

During Palin's "I am a quitter" Speech I bet $100 that she will . . .

Byrd Stands Firmly Behind Coal, Blasts ‘Cap and Trade’

DeMint: Obama Is "Out Of Control"

"My mother hated white people."

Obama gives Bush education policy a third term. Corporatism over civil society.

Since Primary Challenge, Specter Voting with Dems 97% of the Time

From the front page of the LA Times web site did Pallin quit more than her Gov seat?

My absolute last thread ever on Gates and Crowley.. ever ever ever

NYDN: Which brand of beer should Bam, Gates and Crow drink?

Watching DeMint and Conrad - talking about "maintaining Americans' right to choose their plans"

what Biden said about Russia was a continuation of what Obama said

Holy Moley - It's not like he lied us into a war !

Dems: We will move forward on health reform - "80 percent in agreement"

Dear God

Question: Do those who are saying that President's press conferences don't get high ratings

Ezra Klein: The Ghosts of Clintoncare

An ordinary American taking Max Baucas to task

Why markets can’t cure healthcare

There was a racist present in Cambridge

The L goes to Washington: White House becomes 51st Ward

whats Obama's PlanB?

A Personal Anecdote About Obama's "Teaching Moment" Over The Gates "Controversy"

Question: Why aren't we enforcing anti trust exemptions regarding Health Insurance companies?

Antitrust Chief Hits Resistance [From Obama Administration] in Crackdown

The Republican Healthcare Chart an Anaylasis

Healthcare Reform: Insurers/providers want a steady stream of customers subsidized by taxpayers.

Obama....the "I-Pod/Shuffle President" for our "Multi-tasking Times"

Rate Arne Duncan

Exelon CEO John Rowe on Friday said his company won't be building new nuclear plants

Just spent a year researching and getting bids on a new furnace and air conditioner. Ask me anything

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Satursay, July 25)


Martin's long wait ends with Indianapolis pole

I'm guessing the streak is over?

Henderson & Rice Together Forever in Hall of Fame

Aaron: "I appreciate it, but I'm still second"

TBS is showing Phil vsStL while the Braves are @ Beertown?

Police: Ex-boxing champion (Vernon) Forrest killed in Ga.

Plenty of dejected Frisco fans at the game today.

What's with the Giants wearing orange sunglasses over their caps?

Hammerin Hank states it's impossible for someone to hit 70 HR's in a season...

T.O.: Added suspension for Vick would be ‘ridiculous’

We ate the Giants balls today!

Name the team(s) you would absolutely never root for no matter the circumstances.

Aaron advocates asterisks by records

No Comments about how the GiNats did tonight??

Is anyone interested how the Frisco Ginats did against the Rockies this afternoon?

The cboy* and Upto* appreciation thread...

The JR Chess Report (July 26): Chuckie leads Biel; Last-round dramatics in Denmark

Boxing: July 26-August 1, 2009

HONDURAS: WHAT A PHOTO. In the June 30 edition of La Jornada.

RESISTANCE ALERT: Division in the military/El Paraiso under siege/Ambulances carrying weapons

Alert: Republican senators (3) arrived to Honduras to meet with Micheletti about ?? human rights??

EVA UPDATES: 2 updates, both Sat., 7/25

ZELAYA LETTER TO OBAMA: Wants more measures to be taken against those responsible for his abduction

Zelaya Promises Border Camp

Castro says Cuba must put land to better use

Military Signals Softening in Honduras Crisis

HONDURAS: Cracks in the Armor?

Telesur is reporting that Rafael Alegria, of Via Campesina I'ntl. was freed from jail tonite. n/t

Reuters reports on Zelaya, Hillary and mentions death in El Paraiso

BOREV ON THE CASE: "Republicans' Alter Egos Support Coup Gov't.

CORRECTION:Indigenous Released, Abused in Detention/230 indigenous-Garifuna pursued in the mountains

17 pictures taken from the border this weekend:

Venezuela's opposition feels heat from Chavez

VERY IMPORTANT Updates from El Frente National Contra El Golpe/Situation Escalating

HONDURAS RESISTS INTERVIEW: Miriam Miranda/Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña OFRANEH/Nat.Leader

Lawyer on Radio Globo saying that the golpistas were paid and Llorens was deceived.


Human Rights commission condemns systematic rights violations in Honduras

US Escalates War Plans in Latin America

Surreal Honduras: Putting the Narrative Together in the Local Press

Insurance Cos. sell needless insurance to soliders. Why should we trust them?

The last of the noblest generation

Deputy's alleged shooter finally caught in Mexico nine years later

Repost from UK forum: Schoolgirl, 13, arrested after sub-machine gun found in her wardrobe

bought a new pellet gun

I am reminded of a funny story.

Senseless death at a party. We must do something now!!!!!

(Boston, MA) Herald gives antigun activists a win

Gun nuts are paranoid delusional.

Bicyclist allegedly shot at boys he said harassed him

Gun used in suprise attack, suspect killed

Gaza's top judge: Lawyers to wear Muslim headscarf

Guardian: MPs urge ministers to open Middle East peace talks with Hamas moderates

"Netanyahu is Obama's Khrushchev"!

U.S. money laundering suspects linked to Shas spiritual leader

man who shot at youths on bike trail had permit to carry concealed weapon

How many guns do you own?

Try dumpster-diving, Northwest Airlines tells workers !!! (re-direct)

Sale on UFW items (15-50% off)

Today in Labor History July 26 In Chicago, 30 workers killed by federal troops, more than 100 wounde

USW brothers killed, injured in recent workplace incidents

Scores of protesters arrested in Ssangyong plant clash (sit in update photo added)

Obama's Antitrust Chief Cracking Down Bigtime!!

RtKBA campaigners in Illinois

Look for the union label,......

No jobs on the moon

Pride, anger mix as Chrysler workers watch plants shut down

Phila. union (AFSCME) gynecologist gets 3 years in fraud

Police unions don't get apology from Obama, but happy with reversal

Mexico charges 3 in US forced-labor scheme

Atlantic City casino workers vote for union in 2007; no Employee Free Choice Act no contract

Opinions split on how hike in wage affects the economy

Court holds Wal-Mart cannot be held liable for foreign suppliers' labor violations


The Temptations...

Nikkon Transfer program

Healthcare Reform: Insurers/providers want a steady stream of customers subsidized by taxpayers

Carcinogens and poisons found in electronic cigarettes

a little help over in GD?

Why President Obama Can't Use Green Bay & Lacrosse to Project Healthcare Costs

Why is nobody talking about Title XXI of the Social Security Act ?

Health care debate: Will public option be viable? (re-direct)

My neighbor admits that we do end up paying higher costs for the uninsured, but

Would you like some petroleum with that corn?

the Waterdown, Ontario, woman with a brain tumour ...

Looks like that 'European-style healthcare system' is going to kick (and then save) our ass again.

Common allergy drug reduces obesity and diabetes in mice

Obama Health Plan To Cover 12 Million Illegals - Latest From the Wingnuts

my sister in law told me - if you get sick, you can go to the emergency room

Global Banking Economist Warned of Coming Crisis

Help with question regarding IAS and IFRS

After Notice and a Hearing -- One Out of Two Ain't Bad?

7 banks go under today-

X-post: NYT "Blows Cover Off Trading Scam." Schumer Flips On Wall St.

My friends do not want to hear their bank is on danger list. Advice?

Advice on potential foreclosure.

'Cash for clunkers' buzz comes with some frustration at local dealers

Gay drag queen Big Mama Capretta is a Catholic priest by day

How bad will "Great Depression II" get?

Amateur star gazers -- a unique chance to view Jupiter and Neptune with minimal effort.

I have a question for gay DUers...

I like big butts

Jupiter: Our Cosmic Protector?

Secret Space Shuttles

Try dumpster-diving, Northwest Airlines tells workers !!! (re-direct)

History Channel has "Ancient Aliens" on right now...

Something Wonderful is about to happen' (video)

Famous Test Of Astrology Is Seriously Flawed

Bill Hicks on the world (post in Lounge..)

Good OP by Odin

Spriulina - expensive green goop or great good for you green goo?

Any light you want to (continue to) send to our family friend,

hey MorningGlow, been meaning to ask...

Turks are seeing lots of UFOs

More "Time Monks" (Clif High and George Ure) on C2C--12 segments. Link:

Duplicitous Affair Alleged Against Houston Pastor

"Sect leader gets prison time in Wis. corpse case"

Our relationships with other people have much greater influence on our quality of life than

"Should Muslim children receive sex education?"

Can someone summarize the beliefs of scientology?

Pan-fried steak was always a "heresy to me"....however.....

I am insanely in love with my latest cheesy TV cooking gadget

Baking Powder Biscuits

I don't care about contests to bake cakes that look like Shrek - The Food Network is 65% crap!

Silly conspiracy nuts, now they will claim Cheany was trying to subvert...

Transparency in action

That bitch is gone

Recession over, Bank of Canada says