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Ok.. who's posting the anti-repuke photos in the Facebook Rush group?

Progressive Dem TV, with your host Gov. Howard Dean

A Good Side Effect of the Tough Economy

U.S. Senate may drop public healthcare option

The more things change . . .

Study: Tanning beds as deadly as arsenic

anyone catch the website address that Dr. Dean gave out

Howard Dean's hosting Countdown........

It's very frustrating to go to sites I like to go to and have people spewing the bs about healthcare

As far as I know, Rush Limbaugh never said Hitler was a hero.

Henry Louis Gates’s Arrest: A Teachable Moment? Laura Flanders, guests

California Parks Agency Considers Sponsors -Park signs could be potentially changed to show sponsors

Great program Howie Dean

sorry to post this as it's own thread but.... anyone know the address to go to

Tanning beds cause cancer.

WTF!?!? Pelosi is letting the House adjourn for the Summer this Friday!

lol - Keith will be the next guest on Countdown

LTTE to my senator

Dr Dean

Watching Maddow. She's doing the story on the fuckwads on the right

Watching Maddow. She's doing the story on the fuckwads on the right

Will it ever be possible

Obama facing tough choice on health care

Obama facing tough choice on health care

Obama facing tough choice on health care

Obama facing tough choice on health care

Obama facing tough choice on health care

Joe Klein: Hilarious

President Obama Reiterates Support for Public Option

WaPo: "there is no videotape of Obama being born in Hawaii"...

Can you spot a real speech,and a speech from piece of fiction?

Leahy: Expect Full Vote Late Next Week

G-d bless America. QVC is having a Michael Jackson "remembrance"

Request for more troops in Afghanistan likely, source says

National Security Whistleblowers Demand Protection (Sibel Edmonds) Senate markup tomorrow

What is the worst movie you have ever seen?..

I think we should make some t-shirts and send them to the blue dogs...

US Appeals Court Judge Terence Evans to take Senior Status, 2nd 7th Circuit vacancy

Just many Senate seats would we need for a TRUE majority?

Yahoo Finance - Filled With Anti-Healthcare Reform Propaganda

Moody's Downgrades $4.5 Billion Of Bonds With FHA, VA Mortgages

Moody's Downgrades $4.5 Billion Of Bonds With FHA, VA Mortgages

Russia and Iran join hands


I Love Her

Howard Dean in for KO

Financial Times: How the cards are cut (The looming disaster of credit card debt)

I wonder what kind of health care insurance Iraqis and Afghanis enjoy?

Colin Powell weighs in on the Professor Gates situation

I'm getting sick of some of the repuke-like myths about the uninsured I'm reading here

Small-Business Owners Criticize Health Proposal

I have a 13 word Health Care Bill suggestion (instead of the 1300 page one Congress is working on)

"One of the parties is bat guano crazy."

VIP mortage cheap deals for the wealthy.

DNC Targets Republican Leaders on the Stimulus

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

TVA schemed to avoid blame in spill, investigation claims

The GOP Case Against Non-White America - Muslim Rants, Birthers, Sotomayor, and Prof. Gates

We all know where the "Teddybear" came from

Was something posted a while back...

NYT's Krugman Conducts Informal Canadian Health Care Poll; Result: 'Bad Move On My Part'

Bill Kristol: Military public health care is "first class health care"...

Colin Powell Suggests Republicans Are Afraid Of Rush Limbaugh

Denton Countty Texas healthcare meeting

Dem healthcare infighting intensifies

Reading about EMTALA , I found out it was passed in 1986 !

Grandma’s Old Party

Finally someone on TV notices Taser torture epidemic: Hilarious Colbert Report report

Arrests in Terror Case Bewilder Associates

DER SPIEGEL | The Return Of Greed: Banks Reopen Global Casino

Constitutional clash over detainee? New Gitmo federal court filing

Jesus wrote the entire New Testament in heaven before the world was made

VA Healthcare: America's best-kept secret

Phelps loses his first major swim competition in 4 years.

Oh, Katie (Couric)

Howard Dean hosting Countdown today. I think he did a decent job.

South Korean “non-regular” workers face mass job losses

If we were to have a public option, would recipients pay premiums?

NC House not ready for deaf jurors

Fired lab worker hoped to beat 'bad karma' by destroying Stanford research

Are There Any Public Figures you Trust Implicitly?

Will Obama really veto any bill without a public option?

Maybe August will be the month we can prosecute war criminals?

Fox News Geography: Iraq is now Egypt

Chicago Muckety: 100 most networked people. Here's an interesting one: William M. Daley

"In many ways, Texas is a great example of why our health care system is breaking down"

How Corporate Media, Sellouts in Congress, Industry Bigs Have Hijacked Health Care Debate (Graphics)

Ban Any Mention of that woman from Alaska.

W Times: Obama's cost-saving measures include closing union oversight office

Jackie Kucinich is on Washington Journal.

Who is more bat shit crazy

What's Happened to MY HOME TOWN...and YOUR HOME TOWN....Devastation!

200 Would-be Child Suicide Bombers Saved

3 Buffalo Soldiers reburied at national cemetery

Escalating Afghanistan war tests U.S., British voters

Republican nutball fringe wants you! Mark Morford

Faux News Charlatan Glen Beck Calls President Obama A Racist

She baked her way out of foreclosure.

Rep. Kratovil hung in effigy by health care protester

I hesitate to post this

NC GOP Name-Jacks NC State Senate

Republicans go out of their way to please the base, Dems just try to piss their base off

The GOP Caucuses:

Mika: "What's the impact of the obesity crisis on the Cubs' starting rotation?"

Uighur Leader Says 10,000 Went Missing in One Night

China to reduce executions to "an extremely small number"

Prisoners of a Special Kind

Vote For Your Favorite Right Wing Bat S--t Crazy Right Wing Shill

Barnicle and O'Donnell rip Palin MIGHTILY and also...

Caption this photo

William Shatner is the funniest man alive!

Health Insurance Stocks Soar on Baucus Deal News

Michigan Governor Signs Agreement on High Speed Rail

Stimulus spending favors rural counties

The fix is in. I think this is where we're going, folks - a health insurance cartel...

Ireland to take in two Guantanamo detainees

If HR 676 is killed by reform efforts and a new more costly Bill is produced,

Wal-Mart steps up pressure on City Council -- with robo-calls

Gates: Some US troops may be leaving Iraq early

Reader Comment-Central Maine Morning Sentinel: 'Full-scale investigation' of Cheney's role at CIA

lest we forget...while having that beer

This is a story that smacks of lies and propaganda

United Football League wants Michael Vick

Judge submits final ruling against furloughs for Hawaii workers

"Opponents of change are doing everything they can to delay health insurance reform."

There are other bills pending in the Senate besides the Finance Commitee

Roy Blunt: Govt health care reduces your chance to survive cancer

WE need to use the august recess to POUND on our reps while they are home.

The public option is not dead. Yet

Senate Panel Nearing Accord; Vote on Bill Could Happen Before Aug. 7 Recess

I just sent the following email to my relatives in Saskatchewan:

Who Opposes Health Care Reform and Why: The Culture of Opposition

Health Insurance Stocks Soar on Baucus Deal News

Study: Tanning beds and UV radiation as deadly as arsenic, mustard gas, experts say

RE: The Blue Dogs--Correct me if I'm wrong, but

reason #5 bajillion that we need universal health care

2 Deputies die in the line of duty

Wired Editor-in-Chief Anderson to Der Spiegel: 'Maybe Media Will Be a Hobby Rather than a Job'

The Optimist - Mark Schmitt - The American Prospect

GRITtv Live at Noon: Is Taxing the Wealthy Good For Our Health?

Has America Ever Had A Period In History When We Were NOT At War With Somebody?

PBSO Sergeant Demoted For Facebook Comments (bragged he beat up people he arrested)

VFW magazine outdoes itself with a saturated wingnut issue: claims vets are Rethugs; hits out at FDR

A commentary on the NFL...

Boat with up to 200 Haitians capsizes

Lou Dobbs' Taste for the Un-American

So, are there enough Blue Dogs to flip the Senate?

Dodd, Conrad Under Ethics Investigation

Kyl: Health insurance companies ‘don’t need to be kept honest.’

Just when I thought RW'ers couldn't get any dumber...

Wow! Talk about a political feeding frenzy!...

NYT: Iraq Force Soon to Be a Coalition of One

Republicans come roaring back

The German offensive in Afghanistan

The German offensive in Afghanistan

Thom Hartmann: It's Not Hard To Get Rich As A Job-Slashing Pension-Grabbing CEO, If...

GOP leaking Senate memos to MSM trying to show health reform deal not imminent

Baucus: draft bill covers 95% by 2015 (that's 15 million still with no coverage)

Lawrence O'Donnell "outs" Mika on her "spray-on tans"! It was fun to watch MJ today!

Consumers' cooperative - Health Insurance Co-op?

Government virus expert paid £116k by swine flu vaccine manufacturers

Sarah Grabs the Grievance Grab Bag From Hillary, By MAUREEN DOWD

More on the Family at Maddow

Not to be a sourpuss, but HuffPo has been bit more like HuffPaint as of late.

Not to be a sourpuss, but HuffPo has been bit more like HuffPaint as of late.

One More Time: Dr. Gates Does Not Blame Lucia Whalen At All

4 committees with a public option, 1 without. 1 we don't know yet.

How many perfectly useful hours do you waste on DU everyday?

How many perfectly useful hours do you waste on DU everyday?

When did it become health INSURANCE reform?

In Havana, U.S. turns off sign critical of Cuban government

In Virginia town, health fair tends to America's poor

Organic Consumers Association ALERT: "Food Safety Enhancement Act Hurts Small Farmers and Organics"

Tackling South Africa's rape epidemic

Should we ask Republicans to demand that US Military and Veterans

Iran: The Green Brief #42 (July 28) Latest news from Iran

A Sanctuary for LGBT African-Americans In DC

Legalize MaryJahWanna to Pay For Health Care

CNN is such garbage...

Washington Journal's host today, Libby, was a trip

Dennis Kucinich coming up on Hartmann

Study Finds Underwater Borrowers Drowned Themselves with Refinancing

Taser unveils multi-shot stun gun

CA: Dems Question Legality Of Gov.'s Budget Cuts-state will accelerate income tax withholding by 10%

Oil Falls the Most in Three Months After Unexpected Supply Gain

And yet ANOTHER Repub sex scandal.

Enjoy your beer, Officer Crowley, you sick lying bastard

Palin tests radio waters.

If you have donated to the DLC, DSCC, DNC...etc...

What health insurance reform means for you (WHPC email)

'Crazy' comes in different flavors ... Oddball Championship contender

Remember the $4.00 per gallon gasoline ??

The day I gave my Mama a heart attack.

I got this e mail for rw family member she voted for Obama so there is hope...

Chuck Todd this morning: the President is still out promoting the "idea" of reform

Chuck Todd this morning: the President is still out promoting the "idea" of reform

Why does the MSM dominate the airways with Rethugs arguing AGAINST public option

Why does the MSM dominate the airways with Rethugs arguing AGAINST public option

CNN: Whalen (911 caller in Gates case) news conference at 12 noon eastern n/t

Let's all drink whenever the GOP references the flawed Lewin Group study on health care reform.

Good morning. Don't forget about ME..

Case was pivotal in state's death penalty freeze

Don't "Baucus" Single Payer

Mrs. Greenspan put Mike Pence on the spot!

New Policy Allows Police To Shoot At Fleeing Cars

Listen to the music, and WATCH the photos

Pesticides Linked To Child Cancer Cases

i'm guessing the guy was warehousing picuhnick baskets, yogi

45 million uninsured Americans: misleading stat?

Third World Scene With an American Setting

Unremitting tons of sun, O Wednesday, where lies the shade? . . . .Please come CAPTION!!!!

Welll looks like our next chance at getting REAL health care reform will be...

Hump-Day, Hump-Day, don't delay, let me pass so I . . .can CAPTION!!!

Report: Stormy Daniels's Adviser Has Car Bombed

Report: House Reaches Deal On Health Care, But No Vote Until September

OMG are all child porn offenders this scary looking?

Era of Trans-Arctic Shipping Nigh

Coulter/Sharpton cage match tonight

Global Ocean Surface Temperature Warmest On Record For June

In your view, what's going on with the health care bill delays ...... ?

Public option included in health care deal!

Lawrence King’s Killer Motivated By Neo-Nazi Beliefs

Blue Dog Leader says Health Care Deal Reached

Airport Confiscates Boy's Disney Toys

This was a riot, when Colbert performed a "bris"

You know why Dems fail so much..?

Anti-health care protesters hang freshman Democrat in effigy

I am so lucky

DER SPIEGEL: Court Rejects Eviction Request; Tensions Mount in Neo-Nazi Hotel Case

Talking head: "The big story is the agreement between the Blue Dogs & the republicans"

White Supremacist Blogger Hal Turner: Former FBI Informant

When radio goes so, so wrong.

Robert Blair: In Defense of Charles Taylor

US terror arrests spur warning to police (Stories like this scare me)

Public option - was it really just a dream?

Feingold: Christmas May Be Deadline for Health Care Reform Bill

Economics Quandry- Millions of Producers, Billions of Consumers

Would the Birthers object to Bobby Jindal becoming president

Can 'Capital Repatriation' pay for Healthcare, and maybe more ?

Blue Dog Dem Admits: I Oppose Public Health Option Because Of Insurance Firms In My State

Global Warming Could Uproot California's Fruit, Nuts (might not grow locally anymore)

Canadian DUers - help me out

Why is Obama trying to "sell" us health care reform?

Obama Ignores Torture- By Helen Thomas

Swine Flu and National Health care, (and the single payer debate)

Swine Flu and National Health care, (and the single payer debate)

Obama And The Deadline For Closing Guantánamo: It’s Worse Than You Think

When is torture acceptable?

The Wassaic Project: Grain elevator gets new life as art gallery

Remember when we were promised sweeping corporate reform? (Part 2)

Memo to Barack Obama: What Would Lincoln Do? What Would FDR Do?

Segregation and Friends

Read the stories on this page and see what is acceptable as health care in the USA

Apple Claims New iPhone Only Visible To Most Loyal Of Customers

FYI: FactCheck.Org on Obama's Birth Certificate

Starting July 30, make your own Peace and Hugs Bear at Build-A-Bear - pic

OMFG!!!!! The appeal of Sarah Palin

Blue Dogs or Bush Dogs?

No charges in Mormon church plaza kissing incident

No charges in Mormon church plaza kissing incident

What the F is up with Deustch

Robert Gibbs - Back in the Day - pic

Report: Homeland Secretary Plan to Expand Bush Initiatives

House Republicans Introduce Health Care Bill — Without Boehner Or Blunt

US border station scraps sign that says "United States" because terrorists might attack it

Which areas of business are currently thriving or expected to ....

Robert Gibbs Is The Zodiac

Conservative: Birther is liberal media plot

Birthers and beers? The "news" is fucking boring!

I HATE NCLB...our district is suffering and now we teachers have taken another it We have lost 125.

wow, the guy on with tamron hall just named glen beck's sponsors and told folks to write them

The Beck inversion of reality

Hillary Supporters: Are you more or less impressed with her job as Chief Diplomat?

House liberals reject healthcare compromise with Blue Dog Democrats! (re-direct)

‘Gang of Six’ Not Quite the Voice of the Nation

Birthers have PROVED Obama not born in Hawaii. (Suck on that DU!)

Birthers have PROVED Obama not born in Hawaii. (Suck on that DU!)

CNN says we have a health care bill agreed to by the Blue Dogs

NYT: When Debtors Decide to Default - AKA: Main St. Bail-out

Answer these four questions Mr. Cheney:

Yep. Sooner rather than later.

Lieberman praises GOP colleague's demands of House and Senate leaders

BBC: Sudanese woman 'faces 40 lashes' (for wearing trousers)

Text of S. 1526 (Feinstein's bill to deny guns to those convicted of overseas felonies)

"Public plan is doomed by design". Explaine why this isn'/t true.

For the first time today I became convinced that health care reform will pass

What will do if the final healthcare bill signed into law by the president does

Mocking Dobbs

Get all yer' Blue Dog contact into HERE!

Lindsey Graham sets off my blackdar, anyone else?

Will the new bill contain the amendment to allow states to have

Glenn Beck is a slut and a prostitute who cares what he says.

In a discussion of Glenn Beck, Tom Tancredo called Judge Sotomayor a racist.

Another Tweety thread: what is his problem with the health care bill

The Latest Fox Meme: Obama is over-exposed on TV and this

Tancredo's drunk on Ed Schultz .. "Soniameyor" lol

Fox legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano: Gates arrest was improper

Obama's Doctor: President's Vision For Health Care Bound To Fail

Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak

Common Ground by J. Anthony Lucas - understanding race relationships in Boston

Common Ground by J. Anthony Lucas - understanding race relationships in Boston

Help! Looking for information on health industry advertising money

Food safety bill defeated in House

Food giant says no GMOs for us - Whole Foods Market

Food giant says no GMOs for us - Whole Foods Market

SIN BINS FOR WORST FAMILIES (24-hr home surveillance)

Woman killed, fetus cut from body

Apple Claims New iPhone Only Visible To Most Loyal Of Customers

Ed Schultz is sly

Why is Chris Matthews trying to tell the Repugs how to rebuild Their Party, Now?

Why French doctors still make house calls

Citigroup’s $100 million banker

Normaly, I disdain calls for "lock-step" fealty...

James von Brunn indicted

Health Care in the U.S. Happy????

Change in the SOFA

Seen this? outragous!!!

Alliance for Worker Freedom kicks out workers

Young Japanese Women Vie for a Once-Scorned Job

Poll: Obama Not Blamed For Economy - Survey Finds Blame Falls On Bush Administration, Financial Inst

The conservatives are right, the current Democratic plan is anti-free market and will not work

The conservatives are right, the current Democratic plan is anti-free market and will not work

Get ready for pitchforks, torches over August Recess period from Birther-Dittoheads. Show up!

The ONLY thing that can save the repuke party

Too soon to privatize space?

"I didn't mean to do it" WAAAHT?

Anti-Palin ads on MSNBC re: energy

Huffington Post: The Debtor's Dance: the U.S.-China Exchange

How could we have ever had a "war on terrorism" when we treat different terrorists differently?

My mailman, a letter carrier for OBAMA'S Postal Service, crushed one of my packages.

Does Judge Sotomayor have enough votes? I just heard

Conservatives fabricate ‘mandatory’ end-of-life consultations in health bill.

Bring the Public Option to a full vote in both chambers. Make them defy the President.

I keep hearing about the VA healthcare...

Chris Mathews and Chuck Todd are destroying P. Obama

First Came E-Books, Now Free Wi-Fi at Barnes & Noble

One Love peeps - Marleys in dah house!

Does anyone have the full Video of Obama's Health Care Town Hall in Raleigh, NC today?

~~~WINNERS July Photo Contest~~~

Ben Nelson undecided on Sotomayor

Scientists Claim New State of Matter Created - Transparent aluminum

My daughter asked me...Could an average person launch a grassroots campaign...

Question: IF the public option becomes available and I jettison....

Tell the Gang of 6: Give back your dirty insurance money.

Anyone seen Food Inc. yet?

Another Excerpt from Sharlet's The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power

The real problem with the Public option.

Liberals protest deal with Blue Dogs: Public plan not linked to Medicare; subsidy cuts too harsh

Name the countries....

Has anyone heard any POSITIVE news about the health plan?

This is only a joke but ......

Little Ricky joins 2M4M: 'gay marriage is a grassfire' that will spread unless DOMA is preserved

Stupid question - does the public option cover dental care?

The Origin of Oil—A Creationist Answer

The Military Spies on Anarchists in Olympia

DU this poll on facebook HealthCare reform please

Low-T, Meso, ED, PAD, RL, COPD

Time to give Democratic Governor Joe Manchin (WV) a call. Blair Mountain about to be lost.

What if every time a Congressperson spoke on the floor on an issue

Michelle Malkin renders Matt Lauer speechless

Michelle Malkin renders Matt Lauer speechless

The Gates affair. The day the outrage died.

Blame it on Mary Jane.....

Still banned from FR lol 2 years later??

Should Congress Pass A Law Banning People Convicted Of Animal Cruelty From Pro Sports?

Chris Mathews and Chuck Todd are destroying P. Obama

Knock me over with a feather. Lou Dobbs is married to a Latina.

FBI used blood-soaked friend of family to lure suspect's wife out of home before search?

In Bend today, heading to the lookout tomorrow with fear and trepidation.

In Bend today, heading to the lookout tomorrow with fear and trepidation.

In Bend today, heading to the lookout tomorrow with fear and trepidation.

In 1965, medicare was expected to cost $9B in 1990

Orly Taitz on Colbert...

Anyone got one of these? According to yahoo 'This is a certified email from "The White House" '

Have you called your legislators in the past 30 days?

Since they are taking the Drug Company Subsidy out of Medicare Advantage

4 cops rear end a car, caught on dash cam doctoring of the report to blame victim

What percentage of your income is spent on all types of insurance?

AP article: Lucia 'Whalen was vilified as a racist on blogs'

You know- not all Police Departments are the same.

NYC "higher-ups" demand that gun owner obtain a license for his flintlock rifle...

Isn't the creation of a new government program less incremental than expanding an existing one?

I keep noticing that topics discussed on DU one night end up in the MSM the next night...

Who wants Citizen Review Boards for criminal cops?

Bernanke may have to curb lending

Administrator at Tampa's King High 'popped' students' toes for poor grades

Hypothetical: Auto accident, should police be able to scan at-fault driver's cell phone?

Senator Al Franken slams supreme court in pro-Sotomayor statement

Cigna Cares

House Set to Spend $6.9B on Unwanted Military Equipment

US troops back on patrol in Iraq

Journal 4: Writing for the unemployed

This is simply amazing....its about NASA and ufos

Why they fear a public option plus your rep's health plan.

My Dad Has Guillain-Barré And He Is Ready After 11 Weeks To Go

WAKE UP PEOPLE... you want national health care, voting

Right wing Christian group launches ad campaign opposing health care for ‘the least of these’

NYC Gives Homeless Ticket Out of Town

10 Reasons for Getting the Troops Out of Afghanistan

10 Reasons for Getting the Troops Out of Afghanistan

I pledge to KICK OUT OF OFFICE all politicians who do not vote FOR our Healthcare bill

How do you tip your food server when you are paying with credit card?

San Diego’s Union Tribune attacks city workers

The Rude Pundit: Destroying Obama as Quickly as Possible, Part 1: 24 Hour News Is Wrecking America

'No doubt' sunbeds cause cancer

Obama lied us into the Iraq War !!11! He outed Valerie Plame!!

The Governator cut 100% of the Battered Women's Shelter Program today in California.

And the reason Afghanistan is the 'Good War' Is ???

Dear American Friends....

Would you risk your life to save the life of a dog/cat?

Australia: Olympic gold medalist Ian Thorpe speaks out against Aboriginal “intervention”

Boston cop ("English teacher", "I am not a racist") suspended for calling Gates a " jungle monkey"

Time to call Birthers their true name - WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

Claims Against KBR Dismissed in Soldier's Death

Lucia Whelan is LIVE ON TV.

AlterNet: Another Racist, Crazy Conservative Attack on Obama: Health Reform as Reparations

AlterNet: Another Racist, Crazy Conservative Attack on Obama: Health Reform as Reparations

Wow ,they named a city in Virginia after one of Palin's daughters...

How About Cell Phone Cameras.......

'Holy cow!' - CSI: Watergate - Has an amateur historian found the key to the lost 18 ½ minutes?

Any facebookers out there?

Robot attacked Swedish factory worker

What does DU know about the Office of Special Plans?

What does DU know about the Office of Special Plans?

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to Step Down of the best Palin toons yet.... of the best Palin toons yet....

In case you don't visit the Lounge, you should know that DUer hobbit709's wife died suddenly

New Vocabulary term: The Crowley Option

New Vocabulary term: The Crowley Option

New Vocabulary term: The Crowley Option

Hillarious Billo Math on Life Expectancy

Hillarious Billo Math on Life Expectancy

Am I the only one who thinks mandated private insurance would be unconstitutional?

Do you ever wish that Hillary Clinton was still in the Senate working on health care?

Texting while driving - cops should pull these people over and arrest them for reckless driving.

How does one test for swine flu?

How does one test for swine flu?

Maxine Waters warns Blue Dogs to beware 2010: “The chickens are coming home to roost.”

New York gives homeless people a one-way ticket to leave city

Swine flu fears means $$$ for big pharma

Obama's Military Is Spying on U.S. Peace Groups

Michelle Malkin is just as bat shit crazy as Glenn Beck

'Organic has no health benefits' - says study

Face it DU. If Michael Vick wasn't rich or famous no one would be all up in arms

Homeless Man Leaves Behind Surprise: $4 Million

Life Under Socialised Medicine

Overdraft Debit Fees Treat Consumer to $300 Charge for a Taco Supreme Meal

Newsweek: Why Obama should make George W. Bush his Mideast envoy.

Organic food is no healthier, study finds

Durbin, Leahy, and Schumer's petition for public option

If we don't get single payer....

If we don't get single payer....

Group smears bodies with fake blood, lies on sidewalk outside Dean book signing...

BRAVE: Woman Facing 40 Lashes For Wearing Pants Wears Same Clothes To Trial

John Miller on MSNBC. Neo-con asshole railing against the GI Joe movie. Not American enough.

Another Boston Officer (Not Crowley) On "Administrative Leave" For Calling Gates "Jungle Monkey"!

Cash for Clunkers

GREED. Executive Salaries of Insurance Companies $$$$$

Let's invade Canada & steal their healthcare!

Let's invade Canada & steal their healthcare!

Gates 911 caller speaks out

WOW is all I can say.....

'The Army pounds it into your head: kill everybody'

29 July 1967 - Sailors to the End

"They were the cutest and perfect and posed for a GQ spread together"

Sorry DUers, I have a new favorite human being.

"Gonna' Go Kill the Yellow Man...(Conscripted Kids) before we Ended the DRAFT!

The more things change . . .

sorry du'ers I have a new favorite zombie borg queen

I have been lazy today.

Good God, a certain familiar pitcher is doing a certain familar thing for the second start in a row

Okay, I can't believe nobody's posted this yet: Brett FaVre will remain unretired.

Mmmm...stuffed grape leaves

My first three songs for the evening:

Mandatory fun.

Stonewall Jackson's "Me & You & A Dog Named Boo" "Billy Don't Be A Hero" SQUARED.

Forget about "certian" pitchers, the Natinals are up by six in the eighth

WHOAAAAH the fucking room is spinning.

I have sunburned lips

The sky is burning...I believe my soul is on fire.

Hooray! Hooray! ( It`s a Cheeky Holiday)

Embarrassing Hotel story


Wonder how much postage did high-priest Lu'enna pay for sending this

9 reasons why there wasn’t stress in the good old days

Denton County Texas - Healthcare meeting (x post)


The most obscene product ever?

Who do I have to kill to get Tony Robinson and Rowan Atkinson to guest star on House?

Insane Chance

Open Mic Night...

In This Twilight

Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)

Pretty Fair Maid...YouTube

Crap, DUers. Tell me your woes. Here's mine: I deleted by mistake

Does anyone else eat at Biscuitville?

So, there was just a knocking on my hotel door. I saw a guy standing out there

Finally. A use for a McCain/Palin sign.

From the "Oh that's wrong on multiple levels" files...

I'm off to the hospital now...

Let me roll it

The neverending story anyone else watch this movie.

There are just 657 days until the next World Beard and Moustache Championships.

Good morning Lounge

Who's watching the Dodgers/Cards game?

Please bear with this question (LAST time): Is lurking allowed with Twitter, Face Book, My Space?

What is/was your favorite school supply?

Did you think 'Sausalito Summernight' was by the Steve Miller Band?

I've never owned a cool tie-dyed shirt.

Are there any celebrities/public figures that you have a respectful for, but aren't an actual fan?

New Smokeless Tobacco Product Introduced

Little Boxes in Michigan Stylee

Play me in your iTunes!

Dear facebook friend:

Why don't elderly people develop their own slang in retirement communities, nursing homes,

Komodo Dragon behavior question

How do you pronounced "pwned"?

Anyone seen the movie "The Man From Earth"?

i'm guessing the guy was warehousing picuhnick baskets, yogi

I find cell phones sexy. Am I weird?

Cellophane wrapped twins?

Eeewww, gross. There's something seriously wrong with Madonna. (Warning: graphic)

How to make a cooling pillow, this is for all of y'all in the Northwest.

Now THIS is awesome

When did they stop selling useful stuff at the mall?

When did they stop selling useful stuff at the mall?

What type are you?

"Hump Day", what a stupid term.


DU Song Of The Day

Saw The Boondock Saints for the first time yesterday...

Weird Credit Issues....

I can haz a whopper Jr?

Damn, man, how do bulimics DO it. (Warning-TMI alert)

I find cellos sexy. Am I weird?

You know what this place needs? More Ben Folds Five that's what

I find cellophane sexy. Am I weird?

My brother - the dumbass

The Doors cover Led Zeppelin "Stairway"! LZ covers Doors' "Light my Fire

Anybody here been to Ethiopia?


India / Pakistan border closing ceremony

Vin Scully Likely to Retire After 2010

Yellowstone NP is bigger than Rhode Island and what other state combined?


You use facts as weapons...

You use facts as weapons...

Can you use debit cards when travelling to Delaware?

I just got a rather odd PM.

C alling Help of All DU Doggie Lovers to Help Two Pups

What was your favorite rightwing conspiracy theory?

Just a thought regarding the hypocrisy of conservatives.

Gorn behavior question

The Discovery Channel should be renamed:

Congratulations applegrove! 35,000 posts!

If you had a spare $1000

When I was a kid and most of my adult life, I always had to have the window seat

Create and post a restaurant slogan / ad jingle that would make you avoid the place AT ALL COSTS.

A gold star to anybody who can name this quote:

Can you use debit cards when travelling to foreign countries?

Who here watches "Rescue Me"?

About an hour ago I was approached by three teen missionaries in the park.

Dog behavior question

Another question: The whole adolescent crush thing. I never had one.

I have been reading Kinky Friedman's works latley.

movies that you;ve seen a lot

New Pretty bugs..

"I will slap the next person who talks"

Does anybody on DU operate a small business?

I find some cellulite sexy. Am I weird?

What's your favorite Web site?

Richie Havens - freedom

Some hoser in Calgary keyed my new car. We drove up a couple of weeks ago to visit

Celluloid Heroes, sexy or weird?

The love of my life is gone

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/29/09

How many people here do NOT own an iPOD/MP3 or any other

"Rainy Day - Dream Away" and add your own rain songs

"F" Joan Rivers if she can't take a joke (gets pissed off, drops F-bomb during TV interview)

why men don't write advice columns

daughter bringing sugar-free/vegan/chocolate hating best friend camping in Glacier

Worst Standup Comedian

Anyone here know about insects?

Match Game: "Rabrrrrrr is posting a day early, because he..." (See whole match game inside)

Favourite Touchin' Songs. Old and new. Post 'em if you've got 'em

Favourite Truckin' Songs. Old and new. Post 'em if you've got 'em


Suskind: Cheney wanted ’show of force’ on 9/11 anniversary

Managed care stocks gain ground on earnings sentiment, health care reform debate

Managed care stocks gain ground on earnings sentiment, health care reform debate

DOE Denies USEC Loan Guarantee; Shares Plunge 50%

Subprime mortgage companies warn on US foreclosures

International Force in Iraq Becomes Coalition of One

House Panel Approves Limits on Executive Pay

Senate Panel Nearing Accord; Vote on Bill Could Happen Before Aug. 7 Recess

Miltary Preparing for Possible H1N1 Outbreak

Hunt for Nigerian Islamist sect

Car bomb blast hits Spanish city

Car bomb blast hits Spanish city

Kyrgyz police block vote protest

Obama's Military Is Spying on U.S. Peace Groups

Gates: Some US Troops May Be Leaving Iraq Early

Gates: Some U.S. Troops May Be Leaving Iraq Early

Trial date set for first 9/11 lawsuit

Tenn. state senator quits after affair with intern

Tenn. state senator quits after affair with intern

Judge submits final ruling against furloughs for Hawaii workers

Ten suits filed against ex-cop accused of faking DUI evidence

Warning signs missed in baby dismemberment case

Study Finds Underwater Borrowers Drowned Themselves with Refinancing

Fox Decides Not to Air 'Family Guy' Abortion Episode

Malaria vaccine will be a first

First Came E-Books, Now Free Wi-Fi at Barnes & Noble

Spanish barracks hit by car bomb

Key Senate Aide: Health Reform Deal Not Imminent (Baucus' Aide)

India PM defends move to improve ties with Pakistan

'Al-Qaeda' blog claims bombing as Indonesia hotels re-open

Bomb outside court kills 2, wounds 4 in Pakistan

Water pollution sickens thousands in north China

GIs Hunt Taliban Ahead of Afghan Elections

Myanmar warns against predicting Suu Kyi verdict

Philippines, Muslim rebels agree to resume talks

Chavez freezes ties with Colombia

Uighur leader says 10,000 went missing in one night

Afghan, NATO slam new Taliban code of conduct

New GOP Health Bill Promotes on Tax Incentives

Taliban kill Pakistan militia leader: officials

Musharraf shuns Pakistan court hearing on misrule

'No doubt' sunbeds cause cancer

AP sources: Bipartisan group eyes Medicare savings

Dozens arrested in health care fraud scheme

N.J. Man Facing Bribe Charge Is Found Dead/corruption sweep

Jobless rates rise in US cities for sixth month

U.S. says it's willing to send Afghan Guantanamo detainee home

House Retains Public Option In Compromise, But Delays Vote Until September

Waxman Postpones Health Markup Amid Liberal Backlash

States Slash Health Programs In Budget Crisis

First Madoff Interview: Can't Believe I Got Away with It

Henry Waxman wins breakthrough on health bill (Public Option Retained)

Clinton moved to halt disclosure of CIA torture evidence, court told

GOP Disses 9/11 Responders

Recession Eases in Most Parts of US: Fed Beige Book

UK hostages 'likely to be dead'

Microsoft and Yahoo unveil tie-up

Ontario files suit against woman in (anti-health reform) ad

Bombing disrupts Outgames event

White supremacist indicted in museum killing

Dozens arrested in Medicare fraud busts across US

Reports of Prison Abuse and Deaths Anger Iranians (Including Some Prominent Conservatives)

(Senator) Vitter defends Southern influence in GOP, slams Voinovich

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to Step Down

Record heat wave continues in Seattle, Portland

Blue Dogs strike deal: No health vote before recess

Pregnant Women at front of H1N1 Vaccine line.

Swine Flu Shot May Require Emergency Use of Ingredients by Glaxo, Novartis

Ex-Detainees Launch Gitmo Inmates' Rights Group

UK: Intelligence sharing with the US threatened

Obama: Critics 'stop scaring everybody'

Trustee sues Madoff's wife for nearly $45M

Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak

Zelaya to Set Up Bases in Nicaragua as Honduras Talks Progress

Defense analyst (Larry Franklin) in (AIPAC) spy case was FBI double agent

China Pledges to Reduce Death Sentences

Siegelman Responds to Federal Prosecutors: "Court Said Jurors Free to Conspire by E-Mail"

Ormet May Lay Off Hundreds of Employees

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 29

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) Supporting Quality, Patient Centered Care

How Wall Street artificially inflates profits in a bad economy

DNC TV Ad: "Broke It"

GOP has time for this BUT NOT Health Care Policy - Apology Resolution: Hardball

Rachel Maddow.. The Snuffers

Rachel Maddow: The Republican's White Elephant

Lou Dobbs Slams "Tea-Bagging Queen" Maddow For Birth Certificate Criticism

New Republican Talking Point: Fear the Government

Thom Hartmann challenges USJF's Gary Kreep: Isn't the birther movement really about racism?

Birther complains about the media

CIGNA exec says Michael Moore was right!

Being Republican is against the bible

Republican Birther Conspiracy

GOP Strategist Drops 'Hussein' in Midst of Birther Debate

The Truth About Amsterdam (Re: Fox News Propaganda)

Fear Of A Black President: Conservative Media Drumming Up Racial Fear

Resolution (The Torture Song)

Powerful Healthcare Ad by AFSCME Nurses

(msnbc) Daily Show: Jon Stewart Destroys Bill Kristol on Health Care - The Ultimate Smackdown!

Madsen: 'Swine flu virus began life in lab'

Healthcare, Jesus, Rush Limbaugh, Scrooge and the Republican Party

"Thank You For Your Service"

Defending the Public Option - MSNBC

Human Rights Group Campaigns To End Use Of Child Politicians In Africa

Something weird is happening at Faux: O'Lielly debunks several birther emails sent in to him

7 minutes and 8 seconds of your life you can't get back after watching Malkin & Hannity

Obama and Sarkozi Admiring a Woman's Backside? Or not...

Republicans Are Idiots

Obama Axes Pentagon Plan To Build Billion Dollar Tank In Shape Of Dragon

McCotter on Hardball with Chris Matthews on Resolution for Presidential Apology for Crowley Remarks

A Recipe For Disaster: Industrial Agriculture, Swine Flu, and Global Warming

Laura Flanders: The US's Moral Authority Problem

MEEM: Organizing Against the Odds in Lebanon

The best anti-birther rant ever!

MSNBC - Michelle Malkin talks with Matt Lauer about Obama's ''Culture of Corruption''

Movits! (Video from Colbert Report)

ANIMATION:Googling while America Burns by Ted Rall

This wasn't an EMERGENCY?

TYT: Cenk Breaks Down Sarah Palin's Farewell Speech

Health Care for ALL people

The Uninsured queue for free health care

Tarryl Clark: Why I'm Running for Congress

Birther terrorists start citizen grand juries

Pro-life terrorists shouldn't be allowed to stalk the first lady!

The propaganda of War Part I

You know Joe the plumber now meet Rock the rockstar.

MSNBC: Donny Deutsch Calls Birthers "Hate-Mongering" "Fear-Mongering" "Racists"

Inside the mind of a deranged Paultard birther

Mike Stark's Birthers on the Hill, Part Deux: Republicans Divided

Anti-Obama cult posts video implying that Barack Obama is Anti-Christ...

Police brutality

Daily Show: Jon Stewart Destroys Bill Kristol on Health Care - The Ultimate Smackdown!

Two little girls imitate the police state

Politiconcept band skewers bushco and the GWOT

The White House: President Obama Holds a Health Care Town Hall at AARP

Birthers On The Hill

Eyes on the road, off your phone

Birther Parody!

EXCELLENT! Golpe en Honduras

U.S. Program May Have Given Millions to Insurgents

Howard Dean Hosts Countdown: Bill Kristol Brought To His Knees By Jon Stewert

MSNBC: Bob Baer & Andrea Mitchell Discuss New Reports Of Prisoner Abuse In Iran

TYT Interviews: Mike Stark puts GOP Reps on Video about Obama's Citizenship

TYT: Story To Prove Cheney Did Not Care About The Constitution

Think Birtherism is Stupid? Now Obama Alleged to be the Antichrist

Christian terrorist Jack Van Impe lies about Obama

Why Wall Street considers record unemployment to be a good thing

Honduras Coup Leaders Hire Clinton Associates

How the Blue Dogs are Destroying Health Care Reform

Headzup: Glenn Beck Says Obama Racist, Has Hatred For White People

Cambridge 911 Caller Speaks

Teabaggers attempt to hijack public health care forum hosted by Sen. Claire McCaskill's office

Dr. Maddow Mocks Lou Dobbs' Calling Her "Tea-Bagging Queen"

Truth Happens

Nation's Girlfriends Unveil New Economic Plan: 'Let's Move In Together'

30,000,000 are losing their homes,50,000,000 have no health care, but we have money for wars-Kucinic

TYT Interviews: Katrina Vanden Heuvel of The Nation On Blue Dogs, Healthcare, Dem Party & More

Ignorant racist biggot...The Lord told me to hate Obama

Thom Hartmann - The myths and truths about Canadian healthcare

REVEALED! WGMD Radio names the crazy birther lady who confronted Mike Castle

Birther Lawyer Orly Taitz on Colbert Report

Daily Show: Jon Stewart Destroys Bill Kristol on Health Care - The Ultimate Smackdown! not censored!


Healthcare Meltdown by Thom Hartmann

'Birthers,' Rebuffed by House, Now Peddle a 'Deather' Conspiracy

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter writes resolution demanding President Obama apologize

Chris Hedges: On a dream deferred to capitalism

Healthcare Reform is dead: So Says Wall Street

Human Rights Leader Challenges Clinton's Stand on Honduras

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister: Colombia’s FARC Weapons Claim A “Dirty Campaign”

Right Wingers - Government Wants to Kill Old People - Really? (The Snuffers)

Authenticity of 'Biblical Eve' Questioned: Archaeologists Can't Find an 'Adam's Rib Certificate'

End an Irrelevant Era: Lift the Cuba Travel Ban

Slideshow: President Obama prepares for North Carolina town hall meeting

Lou Dobbs denies his encouragement and participation in the whacky birther conspiracy movement

It's Not Hard to Be a Job-Slashing, Pension-Grabbing CEO -- If You're a Sociopath

Honduras Coup: The Dumbest Regime on Earth

A Secret Physiological Link Between Affinity for Guns & Affinity for Health Insurance Bureaucrats?

US escalates war build-up against Latin American revolution

Thomas Frank: The Gates of Political Distraction

Robert Scheer: The Chinese Come Calling

Naomi Klein: Capitalism, Sarah Palin-Style

Siegelman's fight for Justice: Federal Prosecutors say judge shouldn't recuse himself!!!

To Bridge Town-Gown Gap, Obama Invites Matt Damon to 'Beer Summit'

Ten Things You're Not Supposed to Know about the Swine Flu Vaccine

City Aids Homeless With One-Way Tickets Home

2010 Midterms have Democrats favored at 50% over 44% for GOP

The Health Care Bill Dies? by Matt Taibbi

"The politics of trashing the single-payer healthcare plan" by Jerry Mazza (7-29-09 Online Journal)

"Holder Ponders Limited Torture Probe" by Jason Leopold (7-29-09 Consortium News)

Dangerous Alliance of Health Industry and Right-Wingers Will Stop at Nothing to Derail Reforms

Center for Responsive Politics poll of members of committees considering Health Care Reform measures

Crooked Cops Caught Plotting To Frame Motorist

'Birther' Orly Taitz Claims She's 'Catherine the Great'

max keiser: The Shadow Banking Pyramid

Slideshow: President Obama's busy Monday

Paul Stanley Quits Senate, Asks Forgiveness, Bashes Bloggers

Hugh O'Shaughnessy: How Obama betrayed Honduras

Top Five Jobs for Sarah Palin

College Illiteracy

Prof. Gates' Unconstitutional Arrest

Mark Morford: Obama birthers ate my love child!

International House of Prayer! The 'Scary' IHOP!

The public option is not dead. Yet.

Looks like the Public Option is going down. In part because of CBO report that said Obama's

Birther lady who yelled at Rep. Castle is also a failed psychic

Top Ten Ways To Tell Your President & His Party Aren't Fighting For Health Care For Everybody

Thom Hartmann: It's Not Hard to Be a Job-Slashing, Pension-Grabbing CEO -- If You're a Sociopath

Chávez Bashing

Lou Dobbs father was responsible for the assassination of Leon Trotsky

Warning to Moderate and Conservative Congressional Democrats

Kerry, Slaughter agree on health care: get it to conference.

Jesus was a liberal, murdered by conservatives

cambridge cop license plate: WHY-TEE

Isn't this the worst period of off-the-wall wackjobbery you can recall?

Ben Nelson: I'd love to slap you dead in the face you weasly, mealy mouthed mother fucker.

The President needs to fly out to Montana this weekend and host "Camp Barackus"

Why lefty radicals are less than useless. They attack a Democrat who AGREES with them!!

I don't know about you, but I see a president working his butt off.

Obama's Doctor Speaks: "His Pragmatism Is What Is Overwhelming Him"

Brain Food: Bill Clinton Chows on Double Burger, Onion Rings, French Fries, Milkshake on Eve of Obes

Should Blue Dogs Be "Primaried"?

Breaking: Boston cop calls Henry Gates "jungle monkey" in email, put on leave

"Damage Control" (birthers being thrown under the bus by own party)

Flashback: Republicans Opposed Medicare In 1960s By Warning Of Rationing, ‘Socialized Medicine’

MUST READ! Great Article On Failure/Refusal Of Media To Cover Substance of Healthcare Debate

NAACP responds to Glenn Beck calling Obama a "racist"

Dems Reach Health Reform Deal In House; Public Option Retained

PS - Remember when we were promised sweeping corporate reform?

The Today Show hits a new low.

Since Palin always mentions the troops, imagine if they quit their missions like she did

Waxman get breakthrough with Blue Dogs Gets it out of committee.

House liberals reject healthcare "reform deal" with Blue Dog Democrats!

Charlotte mall boots kiosk that sold anti-Obama gear

Chris Matthews is lying about Barack Obama

It just doesn't end 'Bipartisan group to squeeze another 35 billion out of Medicare'

Howard Dean was quite good filling in for Olbermann

White House, Democrats pressure Congress to shelf DADT repeal

Question about Harry and Louise

Now I've heard it ALL! - "The Govt. is going to put old people to death"!

JoeScar: "Conservatives attacked the Dixie Chicks for saying much less about President Bush..."

Burr feels pretty

Dear President Obama, Please Don't Close Gitmo

"I don't want government to come between me and my doctor"

The Healthcare Reform Lesson From Bill Clinton That President Obama Ignored - Don't Do It

With Democrats like these who needs Republicans

Was Lou Dobbs born in Mexico?

Lieberman made the point today that any healthcare bill coming out of conference would need 60 votes

About the "blue dogs" - on the one hand I wonder what good do we get

Obama Job Ratings - Polling Report

PHOTO: Obama teaches basketball...

PHOTOS: Town Halls in Raleigh, and Virginia

Time for the polls to start showing Americans opposed to everything (update 2)

NYT: Poll Shows Obama’s Clout on Health Care Is Eroding (check out the buried details)

Obama's Slight Drop In The Polls Is Neither Surprising Nor Alarming

Obama Administration Makes Good on Spending Cuts Pledge

House Progressives Force Yet Another Mark-Up Delay - Not happy about compromises with "blue dogs"

The Birther/Racist/Glen Beck stuff is no coincidence

WSJ/NBC - Obama @ 53% approval, more people approve the HCR when they hear the details - 56%

McCain: Blue Dogs will Cave to Obama and Pelosi, they bark but do not bite!

Protecting Consumers

VA-Gov: McDonnell Soars in New SUSA Poll

Time's Tumulty asks President Obama about a public option and co-ops in exclusive interview

Blue Wall of Silence


Obama's ratings in Free Fall; Professor Gates a rogue delinquent... Is Currently In A Bit Of A Twitter-Fest...

Chuck Todd Goes off on Glen Beck

Sarah Grabs the Grievance Grab Bag From Hillary

Colin Powell Criticizes Prof. Gates: "He should Have Known Better"

Give up on employer mandatory

Nate Silver: Obama, Democrats Flunking Health Care Sales Pitch

House Democrats report major progress on healthcare bill

Let's all hope Pres. Obama loses his detainee court case Thursday (detention w/o evidence)

The GOP health bill (tax cuts, more state liability, vouchers for private Medicaid & tort reform)

Ezra Klein Joins The Chorus Preparing Us For No Public Option

twitter reports of waxman/blue clowns deal:

Please go fill out this health survey of blue dog dem Sen. Barrow:

Energy and Commere markup of HR 3200 resumes at 4pm

The health care legislation: Pelosi and Reid are not kicking ass on anything.

Who was the reporter that asked Gibbs about the birthers at the press conference?

Now Harry Reid won't say whether he supports a public option!

President Obama's Q&A with Time Magazine on Healthcare Reform

Rahm & The Blue Dogs - Pure BS.

So 27 y/o US Rep. Aaron Shock (R-IL) flew on Air Force One w/Pres. Obama yet is still a birther. . .

My dad, supports Professor Gates, wants the charges reinstated so that he can have his day in court

Colbert on "Womb Raiders - The Fight for the Truth Behind Obama's Birth" (VIDEO)

Durbin Says the Prez should step up during the recess.

Hagan: Ban texting while driving

Obama shifts rhetoric on health care, away from heath reform and to "insurance reform" message.

Did The President Just Say He Will Not Sign A Health Reform Bill .....

TX-Sen, TX-Gov: KBH Gives Retirement Timeline

Mission Accomplished: The Hill reports Blue Dogs Strike Deal. No Health Vote Before Recess

PresBO in NC live thread: Medicare costs going up more slowly than inflation and private med costs.

Politico: New CBO score boosts (Baucus) Senate bill - cost could go as low as $750 billion

**HEADS UP** Obama holds two health care reform town halls today - in Raleigh, NC and Bristol, VA

LOL - Birthers' new tactic: "Where Do We Place the Plaque?"

Politico Live Blog of the Pres right now in Raleigh

A question for advertisers on Fox News

Why has there been a "secret" group working on taking out the public option?

NRSC wants cash for healthcare roundtable tonight - 7/27

What is the primary motive behind the birthers?

President Obama to Set Rules for Health Insurance Companies - eight consumer protections

the Senate and House members should be locked in the capitol

Since Healthcare is too expensive for the blue dogs, Action Idea


Senate Finance Committee healthcare co-op vs what's required for a strong, nation or regional co-op

Senator Grassely is concerned that the proposed health

Should we start a petition stating we will not donate another dime to a Dem Candidate if a Public...

If a GOP President Jindal's dad had gone back to India would the Birthers be yelling and screaming?

Straight up, what do you think...

Figure Who Helped Kill Health Care With Distortions Last Time Rides Again

Fox Nation is suggesting that Obama's health care bill is a back door bill for slavery reparations.

Conspiracy Continues: Hawaii Once Again Declares Obama a U.S. Citizen

HOLY SHIT...Orly Taitz is batshit crazy

OH-Sen: Rob Portman = George W. Bush

Obama needs to get his mojo working

Perdue joining Obama town hall

How Corporate Media, Sellouts in Congress and Industry Bigs Have Hijacked the Health Care Debate

The idea you have to have republicans go along with the healthcare bill is BS

Krugman: 676

OMG! Watching C-Span. Health Care Reform is going to Kill Old People, The GOP "Fears"!

Two weeks ago, we found out that the former Vice President ordered the CIA to lie to Congress.

LOL-Freepers spaz at Lindsey Graham-demand he leave the party and resign

A Regulator Heeds Lessons From the Past

The Gang of Six's Love Affair With Concentrated Health Insurer Markets

Fox News Senior VP: Beck calling Obama a "racist" are "his own views, not those of the network."

President Obama on the Public Option

White House threatens veto over helicopter

Public option is nixed ..

You KNOW it's gonna happen.........

GOP = Conspiracy Theories Are Us

howard dean hosting countdown for keith olbermann.

Milan Announces the World’s Largest Solar Rooftop Array

GAO: {Ethanol} Payments Important Factor in Decisions to Convert Grassland to Cropland

DOE Denies USEC Loan Guarantee; Shares Plunge 50% (crosspost)

Piketon, Ohio uranium facility's loan plan is a no-go

Portland area consumes electricity at record rate

'Smart Grid' Raises Security Concerns

gasoline in Venezuela ... 4 cents a gallon

After Drought Pounds Farming Regions, Dhaka Gets 11.42 Inches In 6 Hours As Monsoon Finally Arrives

GOM Dead Zone Substantially Smaller Than In 2008, But Oxygen Depletion More Severe - NOAA

Total Beach Closing Days Top 20,000 Nationwide For Fourth Year Straight - NRDC

LA Water & Power Reports June Demand Down 11% YOY; Cool Weather Helped, But Restrictions Key

U.S. wind power installation slows

Australian Officials Warn Of Worst-Case Wildfire Potential Next Year As El Nino Strengthens

Belugas With Esophegal Cancer, Tumor-Covered Seals & Turtles: PAHs, PCBs & Genetic Drift - Newsweek

Marcellus Shale's Estimated Nat. Gas Yield Rises to Nearly 500 Tcf

DOE Provides Funding for Superconductor Smart Grid Projects

The home that was built in a day

USNRL/Goddard Study - Warming In Next 5 Years Will Be Faster Than Previously Projected

Israeli Start-Up Creates Turbine-Powered Hybrid From a Toyota Prius

Germans protest "Light bulb socialism"

A solar farm 100 miles long by 100 miles wide could produce enough electricity for America!

Study: Electric cars not as green as you think: WWF Germany

Mark Buerhle sets MLB record with 45 consecutive outs

More history made tonight by Buehrle

Mets 4, Rockies 0

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, July 28)

Rate Roger Goodell As NFL Commissioner

**** joeybee12 Appreciation Thread ****

Schumacher makes shock F1 return (to replace injured Massa)

WTF? The Natsies 22 to 9 in Milwaukee in two games?

Can we tear down the Metrodome already?

Around the Horn college football predictions --the Big Ten

What is the best soccer channel on TV? I am a FC Bayern fanatic and want to watch their games

Giants put Randy Johnson on 60 day DL

Bucs send Jack Wilson and Ian Snell to Seattle,

Philadelphia gets Cliff Lee from Cleveland. Wow!

Tony Romo bans ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson from his Dallas home

Venezuela denies arming FARC

Business Interests Splitting Over Honduras Coup?

Cuba ponders reduced state role in economy - Reuters

Radio Globo saying a gang paid by golpistas in El Paraiso demanding Xiomara Zelaya leave

New Violations of De Facto Regime in Honduras

Castro victims' families have new strategy targeting phone companies (More of the war on Cuba)

Honduras Coup: The Dumbest Regime on Earth

US-Cuba thaw may mean compensation for lost assets (the US war against Cuba picks up)

Venezuela FM: FARC Weapons Claim A "Dirty Campaign"

Greg Grandin's Updates/observations from the ground in Honduras

Zelaya to Set Up Bases in Nicaragua as Honduras Talks Progress

US escalates war build-up against Latin American revolution

Don't miss AlJazeera's 'Empire' this week

Honduras Disarray Spurs Lobbying

Cuban trademarks targeted in family's fight for compensation (the war against Cuba continues)

Please take the time to check Joanne98's video, "Golpe en Honduras."

Honduran Demonstrators Block Central Avenue in Tegucigalpa

El Frente alert: Agentes of cobra military are getting ready to crack down on peaceful march

Hugh O'Shaughnessy: How Obama betrayed Honduras

Foreign Policy and Good Intentions, by Otto Reich

BREAKING: Venezuelan freezes diplomatic relations with Colombia, pulls its ambassador from Bogota

Prison escapees meet their match in Idaho mom with gun

Probation for armed robber -- a reason why violent crime is enabled?

Book review: "Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner's Guide"

For some Palestinians, peace is a day at the beach

Feinstein introduces bill to keep guns out of those convicted of felonies overseas

Should foreign law influence our gun rights?

Study claims guns boost testosterone

A Thought on Home Sales

The (US) Chamber (of Commerce) Can Dish It Out, But It Can’t Take It On Labor

Today in Labor History July 29 First contracts after a 5 year grape boycott

Economic Report: More Women Than Men Lack Health Insurance In U.S.

Executive Pay Reform Legislation Moves In The House

Working Families Rally For Public Option As Democrat-Controlled Senate Finance Committee Eliminates

Discussion in GD about anti-labor training video for Target employees

Meatpacker furlough extended again (no pay since second week of June)


Officer continues fight for job

I'm looking for a website and

A Couple More From The Backyard

From my back yard... I wish!

I don't have a "back yard" per se, but here's the view from my patio.

Taken from the back of my Harley just outside of Hawthorne, Nevada

~~~WINNERS July Photo Contest~~~

Now Harry Reid won't say whether he supports a public option! (re-direct)

House liberals reject healthcare compromise with Blue Dog Democrats! (re-direct)

Healthy food aids the arteries

Study: Tanning Beds as Deadly as Arsenic

I took my 86 year old mother to the doctor yesterday, she has Medicare

In a nutshell

Cut The Crap!

Buyer Beware: Statins To Lower Cholesterol Are Not a Panacea

Will you trust/get the swine flu vaccine?

Elizabeth Warren: Riding Herd on the Bailout

HFT "Flash" Orders: Nasdaq Admission?

SPIN METER: 'Help Wanted' counting stimulus jobs

Bashing Goldman Sachs Is Simply a Game for Fools: Michael Lewis

Productivity, GDP, jobs and outsourcing

Two years later and still nothing has been learned

Indian moon mission eclipsed by Apollo 11 anniversary

Right out of Star Trek- transparent Aluminum created (briefly)

Brain Surgery Done With Sound

PHOTO Gallery: Anak Krakatoa: volcano reawakes and erupts

Video: GLAAD’s Panel on Homophobia & Virtual Communities

Good as you

Lawmaker backs off effort to fight Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Tackling South Africa's rape epidemic

Organic food is no healthier, study finds

The Democratic party just sent me an email asking for donations...

Starchild Global Meditation on 8:8 to Recieve the Cosmic Christ Consciousness

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope – August 2009

Animal signs

NASA/UFO thread in GD:

Do you have a set of principles that guide your life?

assignment on "the dark side?"

An article about enlightenment

Mad As Hell Doctors!

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

What kind of evidence of God’s existence would Atheists accept?

Arizona Legislature retaliates against educators: Because 50th isn't low enough

More -

MD/DC area folks,

Reading Mastering the Art of French Cooking

Can we talk Coffee makers for a bit

Mohamed Atta & the Venice Flying Circus

Denton County, Texas Healthcare Forum (x post)

Austin DUer lost his wife

Central Texas Duers Can you Help Two Pups?cross posted from the lounge

AE911Truth Shows Ideological Roots - Publishing in Republic Magazine

An antidote for the bullshit of the "truth movement"

NYCCAN'T - Ballot Measure Rejected

Ben Cohen: My Argument with the 9/11 Truth Movement

Canadian shipbuilding deal reached

N.S. starts health help line