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Archives: July 8, 2009

Poll: Palin decision doesn't change minds (CNNPolitics)

Reid to Baucus: Stop Chasing GOP Votes on Health Care

For Sarah Palin so loves Alaska that she's sacrificing her title:

LA Times: Jackson memorial "both affirmation and denial"

Have we deciphered the code yet?

Sarah Palin: Cut and Run

Always Question The Premise

Who fucked up America more? Michael Jackson or Robert McNamara?

NY Times: France, unlike US, is deep in stimulus spending.

Maine (U.S. District) judge plans to assume senior status

It might get interesting if someone leaked to Palin that Romney was behind all her troubles...

Waxman: GOP "rooting against" USA

KO & Richard Wolfe are skewering the queen of the Department of Law

Pressure eases on South Carolina governor

Elusive creature spotted in Washington DC today: Harry Reid's spine !!!

Disgraced Dipshit George "Macaca" Allen Tries to Launch a Comeback

Evil plan to destroy humanity...THIS IS IT!!

Obama needs to stop wooing the moderates and DLC....

Rachel is kind of funny

There is a pattern thats starting to build up here on DU

Reid to Baucus: Stop Chasing GOP Votes

AAUGHH! What's wrong with Margaret Carlson's neck?

Eager to Tap Iraq's Vast Oil Reserves, Industry Execs Suggested Invasion

Seymour GOP chairman to resign in wake of arrest

Sanford Steals Show at Jackson Memorial

JEB jockeys for position...on the outside it's MooseMom, followed by JEB, with Moose Mom...

Rove deposed — over eight hour period — in US Attorney firings

GOP celebrates 24 hours without anything stupid, immoral or illegal happening, "We're back, baby!"

California's Disappearing Towns -- Huron may not be here a year from now

Do you disapprove of irresponsible people, or just those who are financial failures?

My Nice Post Of The Day about M.J.

NYT: "Lights, Camera, lots of action"

Poor GOP, still looking for HEROs and all they got is ZEROs

Palin: "I'm not a quitter...

If You Are In Or Around Washington D.C. On Thursday...

Offer a rebate then stack the deck against letting customers collect. What a fucking racket. (NO MJ)

How long before they say Michael Jackson's death certificate is fake?

Federal agency Web sites knocked out by massive, resilient cyber attack

Rove deposed in U.S. attorney probe

Honduran coup poll

So the Phelps clan was a no-show?

Washington, D.C. recognizes same-sex marriage

McNamara in the 7th level of hell

As Iran Calms, a Struggle for Political Power Intensifies - NYT

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I know I shouldn't, but I just have to ask... Do Ana Marie Cox and Rachel Maddow have a "thing?"

Health Care Developments Moving Quick Today

Constitution Party - NOT the GOP - Palin’s TRUE Party

Number Six: It's Letterman. We still cool?

No retreat from uproar over Bohemian Club woods

Moran's got competition... meet Tocsin & Wernot

Anyone have the letterman top ten on palin?

Many of these asswipes have health insurance paid for by us

Divorced from 377, gay couple in 'fearless' union

Gay Man's Life Worth One Year In Prison

Michael Jackson is not important

Is this for real ? If so I want one. (pics) My BS dector is moving... but I'm not calling it yet.

AP article knocks Democrats for putting Al Franken on Judiciary Committee...

How much I have learned from DU I can't even tell you

Who Was The Quietest Living Man On Earth on July 7th, 2009?

Who are the honest Senators/Congressmen who represent The People, NOT the corporations?

Heard of these?

Scientists create test-tube sperm

Progressives Warn Obama Against Dropping Public Health Care Option

Bill Clinton Praises Michael Jackson For Raising Cash For Democrats

Victimizing the Roma again

What did everybody (who saw it) think of Bill Maher's "Religulous"?

Has tort reform been mentioned as part of any health care proposal

Darn, Brook Sheilds made me cry.

McNamara revealed nuke almost dropped on NC

Sorrow makes us all children again

OK, which one of y'all did it?

Question for DUers

Letter from Ray McGovern to George Bush - an invitation

Campaign Finance Moment of Truth

China Vows Executions For Rioters Behind Killings

New law...not sure if it is national but in our state we have a new law that I think is subjective

Suspected US Missile Kills 10 in Pakistan(2nd in 24 Hours)

Why are health insurance companies the only industry that is unable to compete with the government?

What Will The Unemployment Rate Be In The Fall Of 010?

What Will The Unemployment Rate Be In The Fall Of 010?

Ed Rendell is on WJ now n/t

Palin’s Twitter Impersonators Show Challenge of Tweet Control

Eager to Tap Iraq's Vast Oil Reserves, Industry Execs Suggested Invasion

Which will the Senate serve?

Obama the Muslim, extra lard, Mark Morford

Obama the Muslim, extra lard, Mark Morford

Summing up Michael Jackson turns out to be hard

Sarah Palin in waders = George W. Bu$h cutting brush on the pig farm

Sarah’s Secret Diary

Am I the only one who hasn't read a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter movie?

Am I the only one who hasn't read a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter movie?

The witch job that pays £50,000

Electrical engineers see job losses at record levels

Mental midget Joe S doesn't realize that when you lose jobs, you ALSO lose healthcare

"People who think universal health care is pointless

Reid to Baucus: Stop chasing Republican support for health care reform.

Jackson's doctor denies giving dangerous drugs


Taliban Launch Counter Operation Against US in Afghanistan

One way to think about health care...

Drones 'kill dozens' in Pakistan(At Least 40 Killed in New Attack)

Apartment Vacancies in U.S. Rise to 22-Year High as Unemployment Climbs

What if the Uighurs were Christian rather than Muslim?


SURGE Update: US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 646

The Palin-Sanford Republican Redemption Ticket...

Chinese Authorities Blame Internet for Fanning Uighur Anger

do we democrats really believe in G8 summits?

Pope Prays for G8 Summit

Dean Baker: What's So Scary About Offering People the Option of a Public Health Plan?

Child Abuse

A Second City Warning to Obama


Cent on MSNBC

Man denies incident was hate crime

Sarah and the Non Sequitur Loving Base

Getting to know you

Neighbors found tenant’s behavior strange

Michael Jackson paved the way for the moon landing

Iran: The Green Brief July 07. Latest news from Iran.


Joseph Galloway on McNamara: "Reading an obit with great pleasure"

Sarah's Secret Diary


What's So Scary About Offering People the Option of a Public Health Plan?

AAARRRGGGGG!!! My computer crashed again! second time in less than a month....

One last thought about Michael Jackson.

Oh, just fuck it!

Thank you, Michael.

MSNBC was supposed to go HD today on Dish

The Patriot's Guide to Legalization Have you ever looked at our marijuana policy? (Mother Jones)

HUD allocates over $1 billion in to jump-start affordable housing construction in 26 states

Query re: newspaper comment sections

Obama discredits Iran 'green light'- Asia Times

Illinois Attorney General Madigan Declines Senate, Gov Bids

Swine flu! Swine flu! Swine flu!

Lift your head up high, and scream out to the world

forwarding from another list: JOB ANNOUNCEMENT

Man In The Mirror Lyrics .... by Michael Jackson ...

How many here have had other people's kids sleepover in their beds?

G8, L'Aquila. people show huge banner on the hill. "Yes We Camp"

G8, L'Aquila. people show huge banner on the hill. "Yes We Camp"

Timing is everything.

Why do we have "pundits" on our side referring to Palin as a "maverick?"

Why is there so much DU Venom over Michael Jackson?

"Does Bubbles the Chimp Miss Michael?"

"We cannot afford healthcare right now..."

Yuan Deposes Dollar on China's Border in Sign of Future for Global Trade

Bush library to display Saddam gun trophy

Scientists Make Sperm From Stem Cells, See No ‘Human in a Dish’

Scientists Make Sperm From Stem Cells, See No ‘Human in a Dish’

Has anyone said this yet? (Universal Health Care Outcome)

Iraq: Military parades displaying huge portraits of country's leader are back

Robert Blair: Following Up on Kristof in Liberia: Views on Truth and Reconciliation from the Ground

04:05:06 07/08/09 !

04:05:06 07/08/09 !

upcoming campaign training opportunity

Has tort reform in health care come up yet?

There is no racism in America

How it's DONE! Find out when the Senator is meeting with the Lobbyists & SHOW UP UNINVITED, ASK Qs

While "Perfect" may be the enemy of the "Good", so is the "not good enough to work"

Alright DUers, here's a chance for us to help with healthcare reform.


It seems I have run afoul of Homeland (In)Security

You do know that the REAL MJ coverage starts when the toxicology reports are released....

Crooked Doctor in Tequesta, FL. Is this status quo for the people that call themselves MD?

McCain counters Obama on Honduras

Gosh, MJ was such an over-achiever. He worked HARD his whole life....really hard

NEW survey: 72 % of small business owners in Tennessee want a public option

UK Teen Pregancies Double

Fundie logic: When your side is losing the argument, just make sh*t up.....

"Astonishing List Of Acts" Did DOJ Retaliate Against Siegelman Whistleblower?-By Scott Horton

U.S. Drone Kills Dozens Near Taliban Hideout in Pakistan

Something I don't understand. When OJ was found "not guilty"

Palin: "You have to sacrifice to win. That's my philosophy in 6 words"

Purveyor of greed, Reagan: his body should have been left in the street for the dogs.

They don't really care about us. AWESOME Michael Jackson song

I want to watch some heads explode

The Illusion Of Iraq Independence

The Illusion Of Iraq Independence

"Pro-Family" Conservative Bigot Marion Barry Caught on Tape AGAIN!

Republic of Money: George Fisher Baker

Monkeys recognise 'bad grammar'

I Can Has TV? Shelter Seeking TVs For Cats

New Italian security law legalises vigilante patrols

MJ Video: They Don't Care About Us

The 700 Club

Will Joe Lieberman now get back control of his "party" again? Party "chair" John Orman dies...

MY opinion of Michael

G-8 Nations Fail on Climate Change - Did you really think a Climate Catastrophe

What's your interpretation of rationed health care?


Sarah Palin is NOT the female Ronald Reagan, but rather the female George Wallace

MADE IN CHINA: Newly Built 13 Storey Building in China Topples Over

JEB Bush.. Warming Up For 2012?

“If there was a surgery to enlarge brains, we would offer him a free trial,”

Healthcare for America Now! Please call representatives...

Oh, love this poster

Sick America

Victoria Jackson - is she serious?

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous stranger, I once again have a star.

MSNBC: Dan Abrams looks like hell today...

James "Global Warming is a Hoax" Inhofe calls Al Franken "A Clown"

James "Global Warming is a Hoax" Inhofe calls Al Franken "A Clown"

MSNBC: House sources say more Rove testimony planned for later this month

The US has/had the resources to truly be a modern Utopia

Do You Support the Increasingly Frequent US Strikes in Pakistan?

US Soldier Among Several Killed in Afghanistan

A song for Sarah called the Quitter, lyrics by NOFX.

The Bank of Boink ?

Who was it that Rick Santelli ripped today?

Who was it that Rick Santelli ripped today?

Types of locks

Zardari: US to be Blamed for Talibanization of Af-Pak Region

Robert McNamara, RIP: Memories of Vietnam should speed Obama's exit plans for Iraq and Afghanistan

Robert McNamara, RIP: Memories of Vietnam should speed Obama's exit plans for Iraq and Afghanistan

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST (US Constitution under attack again)...

Massachusetts Sues U.S. Over Gay Marriage Rights

In light of the recent departed: A Meditation on the Deification of Celebrity

Bible used to smuggle hacksaw blades into Jail

Dr. Nancy...working hard against a Public Option

Reducing How Much We Drive Should be a National Transportation Goal

Kate Gosselin To Attend Maria Shriver's Annual California Women's Forum

I think that some of the Michael Jackson-bashers need to look at the man in the mirror.

Let's talk about Michael Jackson for a change.

17,000 Troops? What's Really Behind the Thinking?

UI Professor Compares Obama??s Pakistan War Policy to Nixon’s in Cambodia

31 Million U.S. Viewers Watched Jackson Memorial, Short of Reagan Burial, Diana Funeral

What social problems could be fixed or at least be spotlighted

Pro-Marijuana Ad Pushes Pot As Calif. Budget Fix

Wingnuts blame Obama, liberal media for knocking radio station off air

President Tries To Put Out Fire From Emanuel's Health Care Remarks

This is how you know the press has gone too far with all of the celebrity deaths...

Shirley Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church on The Guy James Show today 3pm est

Lance Armstrong participating in bicycle tour of scenic French

A Rally To Stop Socialized Medicine? Where Are The Rallies FOR Healthcare Reform?

Ground shifting on Rx debate

I need a clue about facebook.

Pornography outlawed in Ukraine

DNC begins targeted counteroffensive on stimulus

Cynthia Tucker: Gov. Palin, welcome to the club

IF The Economy Doesn't Turn Around By November, 2011, Palin WILL Be Elected President

Has anyone been to BUZZFLASH today? I can't get their .com or .net to load

Is Evony as exciting as the ad?

The fight for healthcare is getting fierce because I keep getting these emails...

Which type of drugs needs to be subject to strict Federal control?

Which type of drugs needs to be subject to strict Federal control?

California did you call Feinstein about healthcare yet? 202 224 3841

"She puts the 'alas' in Alaska".

Michael Jackson was killed by US

So why are we trashing Michael Jackson and not George Soros?

Health insurance apologists are like candlemakers railing against electricity.

Stuck in a crappy job - tough

Matt Taibbi on Hartmann now! nt

Britain's National Health Service: Simple, sensible and civilized

So Politico is the new "rational" voice of the republican party???

Afghan Women Worse off Since Taliban Removed from Power

O’Reilly Tells African-Americans Whom They Can And Cannot Hold Up As Icons

Honduran coup... I am freaked out

Honduran coup... I am freaked out

Won't the AK system continue to investigate Palin even if she quit?

Live bomb smuggled into federal building in 27 seconds, then assembled in bathroom

Doug Hampton Breaks Silence On Wife's Affair With Ensign

DynCorp, Fluor Win Afghan Work Worth $7.5 Billion Each

Rep. King Is Only Vote Against Slavery Plaque-Blames it on the Dems

Philadelphia swim club Boots Black Kids Who Might "Change the Complexion"


Gay USA: Murder in San Diego; fightback in Fort Worth; victory in India

Rep. Steve King(R-Iowa) Votes Against Acknowledging Slave Labor Constrution of US Capitol

NYT: In New York, Summer Brings a Wave of Homeless Families

Murdoch papers paid £1m to gag phone-hacking victims

Bang The Drum for Single Payer Health Care and Don't Stop

The effort to clean GD of MJ posts is working well...

Key Reason Palin Gave For Quitting May Be False

Bwahaha check out this LTE about palin. they really drank the koolaide

I like Ed. He loves the Public Option.

Jeb Bush: "Obama would not have gotten elected if he'd let us in on his secret plan"

George W. Bush to continue living without his brain

Victoria Jackson has a blog,and yes she really is an idiot.

Teabaggers are renaming their movement - "Go Out And Tax Someone Else!"

Americans United Applauds Ninth Circuit Decision Favoring Patients' Right to Pharmacy Access

Canadian government Conservatives declare war on Toronto's Gay Pride celebration

House Intel Chairman: CIA lied to Congress

My attempt at optimism regarding health care.

I know what "Health Care Reform" is going to be!

Justice Yemen style. Not for the squeamish

Exclusive: Robert McNamara deceived LBJ on Gulf of Tonkin, documents show

Palin Will Never Get The R Nomination in 2012

What the hell is a 'hater'? Is it a new meaning for an old word?

Leaked Police Report Sheds Light On Raided Busby Event

Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA), Takes Lead in Congress on DADT

Letterman ; Top Ten Messages On Sarah Palin's Answering Machine

Latino groups call out Good Ole' Boy Jeff Sessions for his racist attacks on Sotomayor

MSNBC-HD on Dish.. Info if it's not working for you.

"Gmail Finally Out of Beta!"

Question Regarding Snopes? (Left Wing Myths Debunked)...

Should people who didn't care for MJ or his music be sent to Gitmo?

I accuse Rep. Peter King (R-NY) of being a serial deflowerer of adolescents and small rodents.

James Carville is Helping Rival of Afghanistan's Karzai

UN: Rape, Sexual Violence Growing in Afghanistan

nbc news opening....???where did ALL the stimulus money GO??

How DARE DHS leak the GAO's failed test of security at federal bldgs?

Hannity: 'Obama never got asked tough questions about his radical friends'

Rep. Peter King is just as much of a child molestor as Michael Jackson.

Private Pool Club Kicks Out Minority Kids Who Might "Change The Complexion"

Are you smarter than a 12th grader?

House committee votes to restore GM/Chrysler dealers

The Fed is already the USA's biggest healthcare provider.

McNamara isn’t the only Mac I’d like to interrogate concerning Vietnam.

U.S. Rep. Steve King is no ordinary asshole......

CIA uses hypnotic room lighting on US citizens not guilty of anything...

For the record, I think he was a pedophile.

Single Payer v. Public Option - Nick Skala

In the Eyes Of The Law, All Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Brian Kilmeade thinks like a Nazi

Maria Shriver on Palin: "You can be a lame duck...or inspirational, empowering''

Where do jobs "come from"?

Being there -- Michael Jackson's Memorial at Staples Center

On generational phenomenon - my Michael Jackson post.

Here's a movie I invite EVERYONE, including Free Republicans, to watch - it stars Al Franken:

Latest Green Brief (Iran) From NiteOwl - 7\07

G8. Chinese president Hu Jintao flies back to Beijing. some say...

Please help a challenged young man live a dream!

Why was Michael Jackson's daughter, age 11, the only child to speak at his memorial?

Ohio Dems Blast Boehner on Stimulus

Before passing judgement on MJ, maybe some of you should read (again):

Hannity - " USA/ the best healthcare in the world" - does he know that he sounds like Baghdad Bob?

Where will YOU be at 12:34:56 on 7-8-9?

Part of my childhood died last week

Greenpeace Hangs Giant Global Warming Banner on Mt. Rushmore(PIC)

IQ of DU?

Hitler knew how to "get things done." He just got a little carried away.

Siegelman: "I have looked [Conyers] in the eye...he is 100 percent committed to this investigation"

I had a run-in with an unstable right-wing customer tonight...

We run from truth and SPIT on a Golden Grave, pretending not to care, scared to be alive

Pool Boots Kids Who Might "Change the Complexion"

Margaret & Helen: Sarah Palin Called a Family Meeting & the Rabbit Lived

More PICS From Greenpeace-Mt. Rushmore Action

Back in 1999, I didn't think the American people were stupid

Interesting that NBC and CNBC are owned by GE. You know....the ones

OK - Lets say the worst case economic scenario happens

Thom Hartmann, "Fascism Coming to a Court Near You"

We Had Him - by Maya Angelou

Killing civilians in Afghanistan does not help women

Michael Jackson to be buried without his brain

The way it is!

MSNBC-HD on Dish Network

Huffington Post: Newt Gingrich Fights Pope, Al Franken, Public on Union Rights

Huffington Post: Newt Gingrich Fights Pope, Al Franken, Public on Union Rights

Do you drink bottled water?

How long before the US bans creating sperm cells from stem cells?

Arizona GOP state senator Sylvia Allen : Earth is 6,000 years old

New Stimulus? How About The Feds Pay Off All of Our Credit Card Debt?

Woman finds fawn, beats it with a shovel

Woman finds fawn, beats it with a shovel

Evan Bayh Sticks Up for GOP Obstructionism

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

I'm sick of all the corporatists in the Obama administration.

It's a wonder CNN's anchors/hosts haven't swallowed their own tongues

Public Option NOW! Healthcare rallies - across the country July 9th (tomorrow)

Wednesday Toons part 1


White House opposes increased CIA oversight; House intel chairman says CIA lied to Congress

My pharmacy refused to honor my co-pay.

I've lost my health insurance

Gas is dropping again, lowest price by me is $2.19

The Latest Ridiculous Right Wing Email Chain: "New Preamble To The Constitution"

Proposed New DU Group: Michael Jackson

Health Care Senate Whipping, Update

Public option will leave 15 to 20 million uninsured - CBO preliminary analysis

Do any of you make a living by providing a service

My neighbor and I agreed to build homes on my other neighbors property....

C-SPAN 3 was running LIVE coverage of health care discussions today . ..

Recommend this thread if you agree that Rush Limbaugh should be thrown off Armed Forces Radio

Howard Dean: "This Is Ridiculous. We're 60 Years Behind the Times"

I don't get the mourning for someone you've never met

So I'm watching MSNBC all day while working ............

Reading the Rules of Disengagement

Two Ways to PayGo

Has anyone heard of this......Occulus

The Obama Justice System

Failed robbery in Texas - Conan O'Brien joke

"Firefighter shot dogs, went on cruise"

Sarah Palin: Expressive Aphasiac?

Sarah Palin: Expressive Aphasiac?

Uh oh. Report: Coburn Urged Ensign to Pay Millions to Mistress

Sarah Palin: A Tribute ------>

Binyam Mohamed launches legal fight to stop US destroying torture images

Fuck you MSNBC and your marijuana disinfo



Former Gitmo prosecutor: military obtained confessions from three detainees for the same crime

The Rude Pundit: Was Palin Really Treated That Badly?

Pope condemns capitalism’s ‘failures’

We are a Christian nation.

If there is a Hell, I hope Robert Strange McNamara is in the smoking section....

Blanche Lincoln hints at support for public option

McCain - Traitor???

KO tonight -- "Let me talk to the architect of the Democratic 60"

KO tonight -- "Let me talk to the architect of the Democratic 60"

Keith had NO Michael Jackson coverage tonight!

Bill Clinton praises Michael Jackson for Dem fund raising

NYT Takes a Cheap Shot at Al Franken.

The American Holocaust

Howard Dean: "This Is Ridiculous. We're 60 Years Behind The Times" On Fixing Health Care

Dr. Deepak: He had been diagnosed with lupus and he had vitiligo

How humans Could End War.

I need help and I need it ASAP

Michael Taylor at the FDA?!

Rock me Joe

The Cure's Robert Smith and singer Morrisey unite for MopeAid, a benefit for the world's sullen

I think the .49 tacos at Taco Bell are way overpriced

The moral of "Children of the Corn" is that it's a bad idea to stray from the interstate

BREAKING: Family of the Hawaiian singer Don Ho reveal that tiny bubbles made him happy, feel fine

Full moon on New Year's Eve this year.

Got Till It's Gone

The simple summary of the news coverage this past week...

Man spends $17,500 for rare video game

Conservative Ice Cream...

DU Song of the Day

I Painted Today

I know this will start a flame war

Just so you all know... when I win Mega Millions tonight

You are obsolete. Look at all the white men on the street

"Come take the plastic crap out of my yard, tonight!"

They say that you're no good for me

Thanks to MissMillie, I won the MegaMillions!!1!! Woohoo.

Reincarnation Bank

If MissMillie Wins the Lottery, she is going to give everyone a backdoor massage

Post something odorant.

Name this politician!

Has anyone else's Internet connection been really flaky for the last few hours?

Will 19 House Dems succeed in getting health care bill not to pay for abortions?

Okay, I think I've hit my level of silliness for the night

Obama's a great President so far...don't get me wrong...he just doesn't clear enough brush.

So my mom & dad had a professional portrait taken

Child Trader Child Exchange Network

Post something abhorrent


There's No Hiding Place For You

post something recalcitrant

I smell pizza

10 posts to 5000

Just a couple pics of Lucy The Nuclear-Powered Ninja Kitteh.

Just a couple pics of Lucy The Nuclear-Powered Ninja Kitteh.

So, I was thinking.. If I were a hot queen back in the day

Twitter is Gay

Some drunk dude keeps adding movies to my Netflix queue

I found MissMillie in my coat pocket

OMG. I just found my great great great great great Grandfather on!


look what I found in the basement of my photobucket account

Whippersnappers please check in here.

I am NOT ashamed to love this song!

This business will get out of control!

Make love to these women, so languid and sweet

Baby mockingbird --too small, or learning to fly?

Funny how authors run in packs... I just read a story by Elizabeth Coatsworth

Post something coherent.

Whats For Dinner Tonight?

Do you think this money making opportunity for Google is legit?

Name this tune... PLEASE:)

Good morning Lounge

Post something redundant.

If You Want Awesome Dreams Tonight, Eat Fresh Bing Cherries

"Firefly" on Hulu - which order should I watch the episodes?

MJ's basement!

The wierdest story I have heard, and it's from my neck of the woods


2 people who make me barf - TOGETHER, here!1 - Yoko and Nick CAGE

I don't know what to think of Little Britain

BREAKING: Michael Jackson was seen dancing in the street with zombies last night.

One last thought about Michael Jackson.

I found a missle in my pants pocket

Man cuts off own penis during drunk DIY

Goren Appreciation Thread

We're all goners on 21 Dec 2012

If Escher had an orgasm, it would look like this:

So, last night I got to interview Judas Priest by proxy--I'm feeling pretty cool right now.

Is pain better the the grave?

Freeper non-sequitur

I don't know what to think of Wee Britain

Uriah Heep?

Gorn Appreciation Thread

I wish I had a tractator

My Living Will

Check out this amazing shark video

I wish I had a tractor

Spud Humps seeck!

Phrases that are conversation stoppers.

Signs that you've been working 2nd or 3 shift way too long:

Poll: As a man, I enjoy bubble baths...

i'm only 15 posts away from 19,000! ask me anything!

You do know that the REAL MJ coverage starts when the toxicology reports are released....

I don't care what people say about Joe Jackson

Slim Jim shortage predicted for Summer 2009 as fans of lip-and-anus-based meat snacks weep...

Taste we can believe in...

I have a special day I call "No Pants Wonder Day"

You might be a redneck if...

Speed Humps suck!

Banana Splits cast members Bingo the Gorilla & Fleegle the Beagle arrested in prostitution sting

Only two more tests to go before I get my GED.

I Can Has TV? Shelter Seeking TVs For Cats

Watch the sun expel some gasses. Dial up warning!

Happy 12:34:56 7/8/9 to all of you Loungers!

MJ Video: They Don't Care About Us

What do you do when you feel down in the dumps?

Tom Cruise Zombie Dream

My Humps sucks!

Corey Feldman. Moving Tribute or...well, just "OR?"

Has anyone ever had a finger nail growth spurt?

Half-naked motorist to cops pulled over while ‘driving commando’: I lost my pants

I feel that I must make sure you have all seen the North Korean beer ad.

Lars Von Trier's 'Antichrist'

DU Music fans, your opinion please.

I'm a dick

Who Is the Funniest Person In the World?

They don't really care about us. AWESOME Michael Jackson song

Did Koko break up the Troglodytes?

Ah crap. You mean I got the caffeine free Diet Publix Cola by mistake?

did You break up the Beatles?


*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gold Metal Flake!!*******

Who would you rather go fishing with?

Congratulations Hannah Bell! 10,000 posts!

KUCINICH ROCKS ON SINGLE-PAYER! Pwns MD who claimed Canadian health care was worse than the US's.

Congratulations donheld! 15,000 posts!

Catnip spray

So the man who molested someone dear to me will be dying soon.

Du'ers who know Latin, please help. What's this mean?

Sometimes you just gotta wonder about corporate america

Video: Cat nurses puppies

Hairy Backs on a ComeBack!

Congratulations SoxFan! 10,000 posts!

Rush should be thrown off of Armed Forces Radio (cross-post - please read)

Hugh Gónada is the phrase of the day! use 'Hugh Gónada' in a thread title

Panty-wearing Vidor man gets 45 years for trying to chain ex-hooker to wall

I want to create a thread.

FDA to test marijuana addiction in animals.

GenX Nostalgia.......What was your first home video game system?

Removal of cigarette smoke from a house: Possible, or no?

It's Wednesday. Who wants to go to Cracker Barrel for lunch?

Cowboys Stadium! Taken from a Walmart parking lot!

For absolutely no reason, here are three (3) pictures of Mr. T:

Kiss off Kards is having an insult writing contest--$250 for best ones.


Let's put this to bed.

Backhanded compliments

My Twitter don't tweet ----or---"I'm a bi-sacksual"

I mowed my own lawn and got my own goddamn sammich.

Your favorite candy?

Question for cell phone experts.

Kill Bill Parts 1&2, in one minute, in one take.

DU Song Of The Day

Ignore. Dupe post.

Is anyone watching The Cleaner on A & E?

Oscar Mayer memorial to be held at Staples Center...Los Angeles mayor warns of mustard shortage

Should people who didn't care for MJ or his music be sent to Gitmo?

Everything shocks me these days..

Actual headline: "Drunk Badger Disrupts Traffic In Germany"

Did BNL Vote For Herself in the last Poll?

I trap Beaver

Live, Nude Farming

Tonight @ Chez trof: Pecan crusted chicken roasted in The Big Easy


One of the funniest sites I've ever seen

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dpbrown!!*******

need more COWBELL

Wednesday, June 8th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:


Name this tune... PLEASE:)

Porn Stars Complain About Lack Of Plot.

This is the sign outside of the church right next to my university campus

I want to hear Taps played on an Oscar Meyer Weiner Whistle. What's wrong with that?

Gorn Stars Complain About Lack Of Pot.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/8/09

Wow! I Just Scored Two Tix For Michael Jackson's Upcoming Concert Tour!

One Sentence - True Stories Told in One Sentence

Wednesday Night Questions (Inside the Actors Studio Edition)

I was so tired last night I went to bed at 10 PM and didn't get up until 11AM this morning.

My newest poem! Just read it tonight..."Dealing"

Did you ever own a cat that you loved but everyone else laughed at?

Things people should NEVER do while naked

advice urgently needed from the experts in the Lounge


I made pesto with our garden basil yesterday. The bread machine is almost done with the compliment.

Wednesday sleepy kitten...

Ever been fascinated by a place that you've never been to?

anyone have ripe tomatoes yet?

My kitten likes to eat steel wool

Gosh, MJ was such an over-achiever. He worked HARD his whole life....really hard

Post a backhanded compliment



*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to kiraboo!!*******

Does steel wool come from really tough sheep?

Obama White House Appoints Former Monsanto Lobbyist to FDA

Hate crime charges filed in alleged attack on Muslim woman, child

Favorite post from DU's telegraphy era

An amazing COMMERCIAL that may make you cry

did Yoko break up the Beatles?

Parche do I have the house for you

Three Years of Monogamy Tomorrow.... Who would have thought it?

The 10 Coolest Foreign Words The English Language Needs

old DUer's check in please.

Is The Lounge Still Fun?

What is the most spontaneous thing you've you ever done?

most fun thing you ever got to do on a job?

The Bruno Movie

Match Game Story: "Doctor Chuffer was so bad at surgery, he ____ my kidney."

Having a yard sale tomorrow....Trampolilne, Tenor Sax, computer

Please help a challenged you man live a dream!

Chicago, July 12, 1979: "Disco Demolition Night" at old Comiskey Park

Nothing shocks me anymore!

Rove deposed — over eight hour period — in US Attorney firings

Seat maker Lear files for bankruptcy

Divorced from 377, gay couple in 'fearless' union

Scientists Create Human Sperm from Stem Cells

U.S. ambassador condemns statement of Honduras' interim foreign minister

Federal Web sites knocked out by cyber attack

[Early exit polls indicate] Yudhoyono 'wins Indonesia election'

Detainees, Even if Acquitted, Might Not Go Free

Dan Froomkin hired by The Huffington Post

As the G8 opens, Greenpeace occupy 4 Italian coal-fired power stations

Live bomb smuggled into federal building in 27 seconds, then assembled in bathroom

Revealed – the secret torture evidence MI5 tried to suppress

Pickens backs off wind farm project: repor

War crimes court to try Karadzic, rejects 'deal'

Columns of Troops Pour in China's Restive West

China Detains Rio Executive on Suspicion of Espionage

Yudhoyono to get new shot at reforming Indonesia (re-elected)

Apartment Vacancy Rate Hits 22-Year High

Britain "outsourced" torture to Pakistan-MP

Anwar Malaysia sodomy trial delay

Swiss ready to seize UBS data to stifle Washington

LA detective from Rodney King trial kills self at station

U.S. Apartment Vacancies Near Historic High: Report

G-8 Nations Fail to Agree on Climate Change Plan

White House among targets of sweeping cyber attack

White House among targets of sweeping cyber attack

McCain counters Obama on Honduras

Kim Jong Il at memorial for North Korea's founder

Draft: G-8 leaders say stimulus still needed

Naval officer pleads guilty to child porn charge

Guantánamo captive: I don't want to go home

GOP candidates in Va., NJ wary of Palin

Sen. Hatch suggests Justice Department look at BCS(College Football)

Khmer Rouge fighter relates "killing fields" horror

Al Gore invokes spirit of Churchill in battle against climate change (includes video)

US strategist helps rival of Afghanistan's Karzai (Carville)

Yuan Deposes Dollar on China Border in Sign of Future (Update1)

(Texas) Energy investment firm busted for big ($485 million) Ponzi scheme

G8 set new global warming targets

Consumers Trim Borrowing By $3.2 Billion In May As Recession Bites Into Investments And Jobs

Hackers knock out government Web sites

Ethnic mobs overrun Chinese city

GM China: 2009 Sales Volume To Grow More Than 20%

Yet another new flu virus emerges in Canada

Rep. Murphy attempts to repeal military ban on gays

Report: U.S. okays Israel construction of 2,500 settlement homes

We created militancy for short term gains: (Pak Prez) Zardari

Obama to Name Gene Guru Francis Collins NIH (National Institutes of Health) Chief

Saudi terror trials reach verdict

ACLU Testifies Against Fatally Flawed Military Commissions

Oscar Mayer dead at 95

Oscar Mayer dies at 95

Feds arrest 30, seize 200 dogs in dog-fight raids

Obama, G-8 leaders agree on climate target

Swiss to Stop UBS Handing over Data in US Tax Row

Karadzic immunity claim rejected

Hundreds of top UC scientists slam planned cuts (brain drain from CA)

Group will sue EPA over pesticides in polar bears

Rove deposed (Earlier Today) in U.S. attorney probe

GOP candidates in Va., NJ wary of Palin

Emanuel Assures House Democrats No Compromise On Public Plan (Woolsey: 'We Have Compromised Enough')

Revealed – the secret torture evidence MI5 tried to suppress

2 Suspected US Missile Attacks Kill 45 in Pakistan

2 Suspected US Missile Attacks Kill 45 in Pakistan

Paterson to Name Ex-M.T.A. Chief as Lieutenant Governor (NY)

Ex-Ensign aide discloses affair letter from senator

Morgan Stanley Plans to Turn Downgraded Loan CDO Into AAA Bonds

Honduras: Evidence Suggests Soldiers Shot Into Unarmed Crowd

Official: NKorea believed behind cyber attacks

Toyota Builds Thicket of Patents Around Hybrid To Block Competitors

White House threatens veto over intel disclosure

White House threatens veto over intel disclosure

German Jews condemn slaying of pregnant Muslim woman

Philippines to resume talks with communist rebels

Justice Department Whistleblower Is Fired in Alabama

Dallas police cut extra protection at George W. Bush's home

Greenpeace Hangs Giant Global Warming Banner on Mt. Rushmore (PHOTO)

Venezuela: No Zelaya, No Oil

Google Unveils a PC Operating System

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 8

House Chairman (Silvestre Reyes) Says CIA Lied to Lawmakers

Murdoch papers paid £1m to gag phone-hacking victims

7th grader and mom Anna Amador sue California elementary school over right to wear pro-life t-shirt

Police: McNair shot dead in sleep by girlfriend

Pool Boots Kids Who Might "Change the Complexion"

Massachusetts challenges federal Defense of Marriage Act

Anti-abortion Democrats in Congress vow to oppose health care packages that don't exclude procedure

Judge Upholds Ouster Of Professor In 'Little Eichmann' Scandal (Ward Churchill)

Vattenfall sacks head of defective nuclear plant

Catholics demand explanation for PM Stephen Harper pocketing communion wafer at LeBlanc funeral

U.S. taps DynCorp, Fluor over KBR for Afghan work (5 year contracts $7.5 billion each)

Two Man Gentlemen Band's Ode to Our Largest President

Hair: Target Women

Michaels father--Joe---what a POS!

How to Talk Like a Politician - Lesson 1

Stephen Cohen: US Russia Relations Under Obama

Letterman - Sacha Baron Cohen Interviews a Terrorist

Nomi Prins: Will Obama Regulate Wall Street?

Is Immigration Reform Dead?

Progressives and the LGBT Movement

California: Junk Bond King?

Is Twitter Journalism?

Matt Taibbi: Why AIG Was Saved

Connecticut For Lieberman Party Meeting (Who will now take over for John Orman?!!)

Michael Jackson Tribute - Stockholm. July 8, 2009

Keith Olbermann: Michael Scheuer & Glenn Beck Must Be Stopped!

Bill 'Stay classy' O'Reilly Welcomes Al Franken To U.S. Senate (00:36)

The Inside Man

Top Ten Messages On Sarah Palin's Answering Machine

Magic Wands - Teenage Love (video)

ANIMATION:America Decides 2000 by Ted Rall

Rethink Afghanistan (Part 5): Women of Afghanistan

Senate & Pickens team up on Energy

4th of July at the White House

Hearing on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - Rep. Patrick Murphy

Keyboard Cat plays off Sarah Palin - With Cenk Cameo!

Obama Hushes Healthcare Advocates?

Greenpeace Hangs Giant Global Warming Banner on Mt. Rushmore

AFL-CIO Sen Al Franken (Employee Free Choice Act)

Ann Coulter tells Hannity that people can't stop talking about Palin because...SHE'S...MAGNIFICENT!

MJ's unreleased anti-war record "We've already had enough."

TWiB! Quickie - "Please Don't Change the Complexion of our Pool"

Olbermann -- Call Him 'Senator Franken' w/Dr. Dean

The Rise of Right Wing Hate

TYT: Cenk's Great Analysis of Sarah Palin's Resignation Speech

Expert breaks down Palin resigning

People in Glass houses Shouldn't Throw Stones

The End of Capitalism: David Harvey and Alexander Cockburn

Bruno Interviews Pastor Quinn, the 'Gay Converter'

Young Turks: Al Sharpton's Great Speech At Michael Jackson Memorial

Why Should The Federal Reserve Be Audited?

TYT: Cenk rips into Palin for her 'Department of Law' comment

Port St Lucie Responds to Tea Baggers

Kucinich Sets Dr. Gratzer Straight on Health Care

Rubix Cube with Eyes closed

Something Very Special : KINTARO walks Japan

Fake Patriotism

Behind the Honduran coup

President Obama and President Medvedev create a Bilateral Presidential Commission

NYT: Health Deals Could Harbor Hidden Costs

A 'Victim' With a Constituency By Eugene Robinson

Al Franken sworn in as Senator from Minnesota to standing ovation

US authorities extradite Indian on hacking charges

Recent attacks on immigrants tell us who we are

Sarah Palin Reveals Plans to Become a Porn Star

'Green' Controversy Strikes Dell

Of Course They're Making Health Care Reform Difficult

Youth group disinvited from Ky college over gay issues.

So-Called "Charitable" Hospitals Often Ain't

If We’re Not There, Start Without US

The Honduran coup: A warning to the working class

GOP senators press administration not to back Zelaya


Gov. Palin, welcome to the club

Justice Department Whistleblower Is Fired in Alabama

Honduras: What's Black and White and Gets the Red Out?

Despite layoffs, IBM powers ahead in India

Delete, posted in wrong forum

American Economic Triumphalism Is Over

Ray McGovern: Is Texas Harboring Torture Decider?

Are Democrats Ready to Fight for Consumer Protection?

Electrical engineers see job losses at record levels

US Officials Eye North Korea in Cyber Attack.

Who are the Dems Who Support Palin?

Racism in Philadelphia

Geoffrey Fieger: "New Slave Owners, New Plantation"

Why Fiscal Conservatives Should Love Medicare-for-All

Why the Left Misjudges GOP Sex Scandals

President Obama's approval drops from 74% to 70% among moderates

Taibbi's Scream: Stop the Political System That Has Let Goldman Sachs Fleece Us for 90 Years

Republicans: A Threat to the Republic?

Your taxes at work for the NRA | Detroit Free Press

Africa: Who's Harming Fish Stocks? Trawlers or Artisanal Fishers? (

Al Gore invokes spirit of Churchill in battle against climate change

Billionaire Dangerous Natural Gas Salesman Drops Big Wind to Gas Sales Scheme.

DrumBeat: July 8, 2009

G-8 Nations Fail to Agree on Climate Change Plan

U.S. Considers Curbs on Speculative Trading of Oil

New $50 million hurricane research center: a bad idea

Pure Energy Launches - First National Radio Program Dedicated to the Business of Renewable Energy

Modiki El Niños and Atlantic hurricane activity

Ag-Oil to Use Jatropha and Algae in New State-of-the-Art Biodiesel Refinery

Peak Oil Day - July 11

Dengue-Carrying Bugs Spread to 28 U.S. States as Climate Warms, Group Says

How screwed are we on climate?

Rock Batteries

Nasa satellites reveal extent of Arctic sea ice loss (40% thinning in past 4 years)

Handy Guide to 13 Bluedog Democratic Senators Opposed to the Public Option

I AM BACK. Have you called your congressional delegation?

White House: ACQUITTED Detainees May Not be Released

WSJ: Obama may not release detainees even if they are acquitted (wtf???)

BIDEN is VP-NOT Palin. Yet she gets almost 100% more coverage than Biden.

Senator Snowe says she is working with Senator John Kerry on a fallback public option trigger

Family Night for Obamas miffs some in Moscow

A Second Stimulus Check Needs To Go.....

If you bought a troubled restaurant, would you retain the staff and chefs that caused the trouble ?

Rev. Sharpton was right - Michael Jackson DID help pave the way for President Barack Obama

Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade: Dementia comes from us "marrying other ethnics" unlike "pure" Swedes

Now THAT's Funny...Minnesota GOP has cut a check to Al Franken for $95,000...

Uh oh now it looks like Coburn may have problem re: Ensign affair

In Russia, Obama’s Star Power Does Not Translate

Sarah Palin tries to explain why her whining is different than Hillary Clinton's

Jeb Bush: My Brother Was More Popular Than Obama

Landrieu, Ben Nelson tell Reid 'neener neener' on Cloture

Republicans Still Attacking Obama Over ‘New Black Panthers’

PHOTOS Day One, Italy (July 8)

Sasha Baron Cohen should go for the long con. Pretend to be a racist GOP rising star

NY-Lt. Gov.: Paterson Will Attempt to Name a Lt. Gov.

RIGHTS: New Charges Added to Blackwater Lawsuit

Kerry Supports (Mass.) A.G. Coakley's Lawsuit Filed Today Challenging DOMA

ed schultz says gop govs purposely misusing stimulus funds to make obama fail.

Funny ass comic.

Why Did Palin Cross The Road?

Reid- “there is no showing to me that another stimulus is needed.”

PHOTOS Bye Bye Moscow, Hello Rome

Does anyone have Phil Griffin's email address?

Isn't It Amazing That The Healthcare Debate Is Between Rahm And The "Leftwing"?

Olbermann NOT talking about Michael Jackson!

Most appalling former VP candidate?

DADT Repeal: Iraq Vet Takes the Lead in Congress

Irony not dead, but contemplating suicide (idiot son's younger brother, Jeb, comes out of hiding)

How has the recession affected you and how do you think Obama is handling it?

Does anyone know about HOWARD DEAN'S current relationship with the Obama administration??

Minimum annual salary to receive free health care under a public plan.

Sen. Franken co-sponsors first bill: The Employee Free Choice Act

McClatchy has Lindsey Graham saying he could vote for Sotomayor

breaking: new sen. ensign love letter on msnbc hardball. nt

Cenk Uygur @ HuffPo: House Democrats Draw Line in the Sand on Public Option

An Apology to all those I may have offended in regards to Michael Jackson

LOL! Check out these PICS of President Obama with Sarkosy and Merkel at the G8

Mass. challenges federal Defense of Marriage Act

IL-Sen: Kirk Plans To Get In

Sarah Palin: Bonkers in Alaska

Senator Reid Reassures Senate Finance Panel Republicans

Birthers are using stickers now

Can someone explain this to me? A commentator on the radio

Surprise GOP poll result: 70% of the GOP not affected by Palin resignation would vote her for Pres.

Kit Bond: Obama's Russia trip like 'pile of manure'

re: security flaws at federal buildings by poorly-trained private contractors...

Biden never said that about the economy.

John McCain gave us Sarah Palin and Joe the fake Plumber

Obama Falls in Ohio: Great Democratic Debate Begins

Roll Call: Harry Reid Reassures Finance Panel Republicans

Prediction: Palin to run as an Independent in 2012

Anoyne else having internet problems today. COuld not get to several sites for about two hours.

MoDo Filets Palin in Latest Column

Sitting in the cardiologists today with my veteran dad along with

Gee Whiz if Rahm Emanuel does not know what Obama supports on Health carereform one has to wonder

Okla. congressman returning to DC after rehab

Is there an equivalent of Palin on the democratic side?

PHOTOS That's Amore!

Roll Call: Emanuel Reassures Democrats on Public Insurance Option

IL-Sen, IL-Gov: Madigan Declines to Run For Either One

Letterman doing Top 10 on Palin tonite. YEAH!!!

Free Republic morons respond to Palin and the Gallup Poll (ROFL MATERIAL)

Proper Perspective On Russia Summit - We Are All Georgians! Expel Russia From G-8!

Obama Nominee for DoJ Env. Division - Moreno - worked in Clinton admin but also for GE

How I Almost Pitched McNamara Into the Sea

VA-Gov: McDonnell Ahead in PPP's First Post-Primary Poll

ha! contessa brewer just owned that dylan idiot on msnbc!

VP Biden to make healthcare announcement:

Is it possible that Rahm made the 'trigger' comment to get a response from Obama and the Dems?

If more stimulus is needed, keep people in their homes by:

McIntyre & Shuler Won't Support Public Health Plan that provides funding for abortions

Rachel Maddow wearing waders tonight! EXCEPTIONAL! (nfm)

American Bar Association: Sotomayor "well qualified" for court

White House brings stronger food safety measures to the table

SD-Gov/AL: Herseth Sandlin Will Seek Re-Election

President Orahma doesn't care about Democrats

Letterman: Obama is in Russia and waved to Palin

WTF? DU Down?

President Obama isn't going to be photographed holding this at the G8 is he?

I hope McCain is ridiculed for tapping Palin as his VP by Democrats and Republicans.

TPM: A Crackdown? From a knowledgeable source on the Hill ...

Curb this.

Detainees require more legal rights in court: US officials

OH-Sen: Dem Numbers Slip Against Portman

Reid Tells Baucus to Stop Chasing Republican Votes

Interesting results from CQ Politic's CQ Vote Studies: 2009

Forest fire prevention efforts will lessen carbon sequestration, add to greenhouse warming

STATE DEPT BRIEFING, JULY 7, (democracy promotion, tell me again -what is US position on Zelaya?)

Zelaya has another idea about negotiations with Arias

ZELAYA: "No Negotiation Possible with De Facto Government"

HILLARY CLINTON July 7 Remarks Prior to Press Briefing

VEN Solidarity Convoy Bound for Honduras Detained in Colombia

NarcoNews: "Micheletti Blinks: Zelaya's Return Not Barred from Costa Rica Mediation"

U.S. ambassador condemns statement of Honduras' interim foreign minister

Behind the Honduran coup

Euro Parliamentarian: Want to Take Teenager's Case to ICC/Visit Honduras to Help Anti-Coup Forces

NarcoNews - Charlie Hardy: "Honduras and a Naked Woman in Venezuela"

Manuel Noriega Asks US High Court to Bar Extradition

The Honduran coup: A warning to the working class


CNA: Military Coup in Honduras will Increase Poverty in that Country

Honduras: Evidence Suggests Soldiers Shot Into Unarmed Crowd

LaPrensa airbrushed the blood out of the Isis Obed Murillo photo

BOREV: Congressional Coup Caucus, Enriquez "I'm a racist" Ortez, Telesur

UNESCO Prize to Brazil leader

SANDINISTA MOVEMENT CO-FOUNDER,Tomas Borge:Sadsack Soldiers of Honduras, Poor Devils, Are All Alone

SOA Watch 7 in Honduras!

EVA'S UPDATE DAY11: "Negotiation" Meeting Thursday in Costa Rica Zelaya and Coup Leaders

VERY IMPORTANT: Mark Weibrot:- "Hondurans Resist Coup, Will Need Help From Other Countries"

NarcoNews: " Honduras: Enter Oscar Arias"

STATE DEPT: Hillary Clinton Interview with Globovision

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (night of Tuesday, July 7)

Manny Ramirez pulls a cuptonboy4 and refuses to buy his minor

The Rockies are so good the pitcher doesn't even have to pitch to win a game.


Alex Tanguay race heats up

Zito and Giants pound Marlins 3-0

The Definition of a CHOKER.

Congratulations to the Frisco Kids for enduring a 55 year drought!

Marlins Clobber the Giants 7-0

ROID RAGE! **Manny booed, ejected**

Maybe we can put this to rest. The Giants have won

Not having ever been a junior high boy...

Wanna see a great youtube of Barry Bonds being ejected. Probably roid rage.

CNA: "Honduran Coup Perpetrators Visit the US

The newest deal: Learn more, retire later

Laid-off workers find fulfillment in new careers

Labor leaders to meet with Obama on Monday - The Detroit News

The Labor Market Is Worse Than You Think - Atlantic Online

Will black middle class fade with Big Three?

Routine Scheduled Maintenance

Today in Labor History July 8 Founding convention of the I.W.W., or Wobblies concludes in Chicago

Creative ways to avoid layoffs

Economic Jolt: Job Openings and Labor Data - Seeking Alpha

Slow labor market takes toll on Lawrence, Mass. - USA Today

DOL's ERISA Advisory Council to hold July 2009 meeting [07/07/2009]

One casualty of the recession: U.S. mobility

Anti-union lobby fears 'Armageddon on Capitol Hill'

Target corporate anti-worker video exposes campaign to compete with Wal-Mart in union-busting

Auto parts maker Lear Corp. files for Chapter 11

Gunshot injures officer

Office Depot Anti-Union Video

No charges filed against Sneads Ferry man who shot intruder

Armed residents clean up...

At least 34 states support the 14th Amendment challenge to Chicago's ban

I just sent a pro 2nd amendment email to the whitehouse.

Israel criticised for thwarting medical mission to Palestinian territories

Eliyahu: 'Opt for prison over hearing girls sing

Hamas tries to detain woman walking with man

UN: Israel must tear down West Bank barrier

Beit Shemesh rabbis issue modesty rules

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST (US Constitution under attack again)...

Risking Israel's ire, US takes 1,350 Palestinian refugees

Why don't Russian-speaking Jews trust Obama?

The patriotic way to lower student debt

Health Insurance Whistleblower Wendell Potter-- Interview; Details How Insurers Screw Insureds

Let's Thank Our Progressives In Fight For The Public Option!

Fertility breakthrough Scientists create test-tube sperm


Howard Dean: "This Is Ridiculous. We're 60 Years Behind the Times" on Fixing Health Care

GAO report on regulation of bottled water vs. tap

In Health Reform, a Cancer Offers an Acid Test

Acupuncture helps ease PCOS

Blue Cross continues desperate bid to derail health reform

Call-in day presses Congress to pass public option

Sen. Johnny Isakson's Shady Dinner With Lobbyists: Crashing The Party

Senator Snowe says she is working with Senator John Kerry on a fallback public option trigger

How I lost my health insurance at the hairstylist's

"Vitamin D Testing: What the Government Giveth, It Taketh Away" - x

The Health Insurance Industry Doesn't Deserve Our Trust

Est'd benefit of increased Vitamin D status in reducing economic burden of disease in W Europe

Landmark Study For GSK's Cervical Cancer Vaccine Published In The Lancet

Butterfly and zinnias

Good Morning, Nashville

Here's a bit of history - ran across it

WARNING about photo contests...

Holy Eff Uck! And Jeezus H. Christ on a Spangled Cross! And all that! My 2nd kid did this:

Humble bee

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/06/09

Phishing Out The Goldman Code Fishers

Gold Anti Trust Action Committee Urges SEC, CFTC To Probe Goldman Trading Program

All eyes on Alcoa

Reverse split planeed for Direxion Shares Daily Financial Bull (FAS/FAZ)

Toxic asset program may be too late to help banks

Real Economics optimizes Wellbeing

Traffic Congestion Dipping as Economy Falters

Goldman Sacs May Lose Program Trading Monopoly...

Unemployment, Not the Stock Market, Distinguishes a Recession From a Depression

NO DOHA! G8 rejects protectionism, calls for "rapid" Doha deal

Another Victim of America’s Ponzi Scheme Economy (Part 2)

Morgan Stanley Plans to Turn Downgraded Loan CDO Into AAA Bonds

How many jobs did tax cuts and GOP policies create from 2000 - 2008?

Rep Murphy (D-PA) Attempts to Repeal Ban on Gays in the Military

TED talk: Tom Wujec on 3 ways the brain creates meaning

Satellite Shows Big Thinning of Old Arctic Sea Ice

British scientists claim to create human sperm

Happy Belated mission birthday, Cassini!

Mayan 'apocalypse' crop circle appears at Silbury Hill

State of Mass. Sues feds over definition of marriage

Marriage Equality Foes reach signature goal in Maine to force statewide vote

Glorious and Ghostly New Photo of Swan Nebula Star Birth

quick! somebody LECTURE me!!!

Could someone explain last week's problem on this board to me?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/8/09

Ok, I think this may be for real. Hmmmm.

I thought this group would be interested in this local story....

Quantum Jumping

Pet care.

Until single-payer arrives, deelish recipe for comfort mashed potatoes

Sad news here

Food for thought

Texas drops health education requirement

Ruh roh

It could have been even an outside job (GAO: Major Security Flaws at Federal Buildings)

"Rare" WTC 7 video shortly before collapse.

Dealing with TX Homeland (In)Security and DPS

First-Class Cornyn Offers Weak Defense Of His Exorbitant Travel Costs: Texas Is A Big State

Texas Observer Exclusive Ben Sargent Cartoons

Hank Gilbert for Ag Commissioner 2010

Official Location for All Post-Memorial Michael Jackson OPs!

So why are we trashing Michael Jackson and not George Soros?

Drake Levin has past away. Who?

Is is OK here to say you think that Michael Jackson was not a pedophile?

More MJ photos, poetry and quotes for anyone interested...

31 Million U.S. Viewers Watched Jackson Memorial, Short of Reagan Burial, Diana Funeral

What if Michael Jackson HAD been found guilty??

An Apology to all those I may have offended in regards to Michael Jackson

Is is OK here to say you think that Michael Jackson was a pedophile?

Texas drops health education requirement

LeBlanc funeral puts Harper in communion controversy

I absolutely LOVE michael jackson...o.k.?