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OT: I just posted this in the Nance Greggs thread...

Center sued for canceling anti-Darwin film

Congress lets 50 tax breaks expire at end of ’09

John Mackey and the limits of “conscious capitalism”

Dem commission, co-chaired by McCaskill, recommends end to superdelegates, early primaries

Free clinic, free lunch, free love

It's 2010 in Dublin, that's all that matters so might as well go on to bed.

Brooklyn Woman "Stoked" for New Year's Eve After Massive Transplant

Brooklyn Woman "Stoked" for New Year's Eve After Massive Transplant

Shaken to the core: The bad times kept on coming

Despite massive layoffs, budget woes, Focus On The Family To Spend $4 million on Super Bowl

UN says Afghans slain in troop raid were students

Turning The Tables: Democrats To Run Against GOP Record On National Security

UN Gives Nod to Worker Co-Ops, as Cleveland Communities Embrace Model

Court vacancies erode our system of justice

Here is the sickness of the right wing heart.

Considering witholding support from Dems only strengthens the Republicans

Toronto Star: 10 most important works of the decade: No. 7, Fahrenheit 9/11


Health Officials Warn of Lead in Mexican, Chinese Candy

Sushi Bandit's 2009 Slam/Bam Awards

Live Time Square NYC online feed... (for those interested non-partiers)

Guardian UK: Finnish gun laws under fire

Guardian UK: Going prorogue (Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper)

Happy New Year DU

Remember Katrina

Who will allow themselves to be video taped while mocking a person with chest pains?

Remember Katrina

Who will allow themselves to be video taped while mocking a person with chest pains?

So it turns out the asswipe who organized Prop 8 has a lesbian sisiter

A flameless thread with simple wishes for a Happy New Year - to ALL DUers!

Faux Spent Weeks Promoting Apparent Tea Party Scam

VOTE or let a Teabagger dictate the future.

HuffPo - Stewart Catches Glenn Beck Digging For Gold

More Strange Details about Flight 253

Of "Avatar" and "District 9"

Should auld acquaintance be forgot: George W. Bush scheduled to speak in Reno Jan. 20

Ayatollah-freeing-to-Russia fax likely doctored by opposition, Israelis say

Predictions for 2010: Palin blows up, Lions still lose.

Shit, I missed it. Happy New Year!

A Happy 2010 to all

Happy New Year folks

Tonight's Torch Parade in Southern California.

Ten Long Years Ago, Remembering what life was like on the eve of the new century

A Better Way on Health Care Reform

Wooooo.. Happy 9:26 PST to you all

OC megachurch pastor asks for urgent donations

The DU unrec bot - does it really exist?

I have Time Warner Cable and I REFUSE to pay more for Fox News!

On this New Year's Eve of the Decade, I would like to share with u my rhyming thought of the decade.

Mountain Standard Time - Happy New Year from Denver, CO - check in here!

December 31 - First Family Sees ‘Avatar’ in 3D.

Los Angeles has 1.5 more drinking hours before the New Year...

Wishing, Skinner, EarlG, Elad everyone here on DU a wonderful New Year!

Blanche Linconln in her own words to AR voter.

New Year's fireworks going off NOW NW of Portland, OR

Jason Linkins, Huffington Post - "The End Of A Decade: We Are All Harry Whittington"

Your Victims Await You...


Kabul demands US/NATO killers of 8 school children & 2 other civilians be handed over

Question: When somebody has you on ignore, and you try to PM them

A warning for the next decade:

Venture Philanthropy and the Ongoing Neoliberal Assault on Public Education

The revolution will be Mapped

"Special Senior Moments" - a story of a special athlete helping others

Slow-dancing on New Year's Eve

Time for Dick Clark to retire?

New visa proposal to help create the next big thing (BBC) {yeah right}

The Dow Jones & Historical events ( a series of interesting graphs)

The Dow Jones & Historical events ( a series of interesting graphs)

OK Resolution Time - I Can't See My Feet

Some Celebraties Seem to Not Know When to Call It Quits

Top Ten Movies of the Decade

Another Holiday, Another News Dump...Charges Against Blackwater Killers Dropped...

It's time to put an overall rotten decade behind us....

****Official New Years Eve. Drinking with Shadow thread.******

Ever wonder what tv anchors do while a commercial is on?

Federal court restricts Taser use by police

Happy New Year, DU!

The Chinese Dragon - Then and Now

Pseuicides, Munchausen Syndrome Or Faking Your Own Death On The Internet

Pleeze DU this TMZ poll on Rush Limbaugh!

The best book review of the year.

We got all the way through the 2000-2009 decade...

2010, First year since 1999 without Bush stench all over it.

Anyone just see that CNN presentation of the "wingnuts" of the year?

Bible scholar Harold Camping predicts end time of May 21, 2011

Bible scholar Harold Camping predicts end time of May 21, 2011

Don't Mess with Yemen

Drone Porn: The Newest YouTube Hit

The Daily Show now in HD starting 1/4/2010

New Years Resolutions for Obama ---From Pig Man

Happy New Year from Seattle!

Italian Opts For Jail Over New Year With Relatives.

General Ray Odierno not happy with Blackwater guards getting away with murder

Microsoft Needs a Swift Kick in the Boot-Up

2000-2009 The "I" Wish We Could Have a Do Over "Decade"

How evil does someone have to be before it's okay to want him to die?

"We're a little detached from the world," Steele said. "But we are conservatives."

"We're a little detached from the world," Steele said. "But we are conservatives."

Why is it when I try to post a video from Firedoglake, DU says "video not found"???

70 killed in Pakistan as a suicide bomber drove a vehicle

OK Duers will Rush return to his hate fest on

Macroeconomic effects of Chinese mercantilism - Krugman

Hi General Discussion folks. Happy New Year!

Welcome to the last decade of humanity.

Coulter Says Obama Is ‘Specially Situated’ To Racially Profile Because He Attended A Madrassa

I wonder if those billowing clouds of first, second, and third hand smoke led to heart disease?

Toons: Ann Telnaes

Toons: Ann Telnaes

Mousavi 'Ready to Die' For Reform in Iran

my eyes!!!! my eyes!!!!! still trying to recover from the nasty shock.

Make a wish for 2010.

Y2K version 2.1? I have two emails that say I have PMs in my

Estate Tax Moratorium this year

dreamed of obama for the past few nights

Blackwater Shooting Charges All dropped By Judge...

Russia aims to combat alcohol abuse

OK. I already hate myself for this but I just can't help it.

2010 sucks. None of the things I expected to happen in 2010 have happened yet.

Pakistan: Suicide bomb kills 32 at volleyball site

Is anyone else having strange things happen with their inbox right now?

The latest updates on Rush Limbaugh are confusing and vague

"Something fierce and imperishable...."

Perhaps this year will be different - Mark Fiore reminisces about 2009

There is still ONE MORE YEAR in the decade, you count from 1 not 0

New Year's Maniac Music!

So long as Morgan Freeman keeps his trap shut 2010 should be OK.

Limbaugh fans call show with get-well wishes (while he gets his tires kicked)

Ever see those anti smoking commercials some states run as a result of tobacco settlements.

Interesting choice of words on MSNBC this a.m.: Referred to the Imam in

Flu woods, out of, not yet, probably.

Moonlight on snow - the breathtaking beauty of a full moon in a northern winter.

674 settlements in Ukraine remain cut off from electricity because of bad weather

California desert town takes back the night, wins rare "Dark Sky" award.

Interactive: Can you spot the airport threats in screening luggage?

Transportation Security Administration, TSA, Subpoenas Bloggers about leaked Security Directives

Let's consider the Rush situation:

Just heard an ol' fella on Washington Journal complaining that Americans don't understand history.

I will forever remember the decade of the 2000's as..

Olympic Snowboarding Hopeful Critically Injured

I did it. I screamed out a diatribe at the end of Avatar

I've been away so I'm posting my tribute to Tangerine La Bamba now

If you really want to get more progressive action in congress

Dear 2010; Be not like 2009, Mark Morford

Which channel are you watching?

Chesk out Chris Deschene--A Navaho veteran seeking the Az SOS

Where the hell did the term First family or first lady come from.

Have A Maury Christmas

It is 11:54 Eastern Time - I want to wish DU a Happy New Year!

Russia Decides to Ban U.S. Poultry Imports.

Ten years ago right now, we were enjoying our Y2K-proof barbecue midniight dinner.

50% of the population has some money in the stock market

Police make arrest in death of 20-year-old (shooter refused to call 911)

Doonesbury skewers Palin

So apparently my uncle is still a wanted man..

How about Nudist Airlines?

nothing says 'Happy Holidays' like... Lockup: Raw---Extended Stay

Do you believe incompetence or deliberate manipulation was behind the Blackwater murder's release?

Catholic Church Thanks Anti-Gay NY Senators For Their Bigotry

david shuster reports that limpballs is in the same hospital that Obama was born in.....

Predict something that will happen in 2010.

Maybe 2.5% of published climatologists disagree with the hypothesis of human-induced climate change

Do not wish for another person to die.

New Year's employee dinner in cardiac rehab dept, San Diego County

First study debunked - Tiger Woods shareholders have actually made $1.5 Billion since his accident

Suicide bomb today so powerful it could "be felt from 11 miles"

Crooks & Liars recalls Limbaugh's Jerry Garcia euology ("just another dead doper, a dirtbag")


Rick Warren's Conversation with God

The profound capacity of love and goodness. Get out the Kleenex..

If you support Obama you're a naive chump and if you oppose him you're an unrealistic lefty whiner

If you support Obama you're a naive chump and if you oppose him you're an unrealistic lefty whiner

Main Steet vs Wall Street.


Interesting graph.

Some of us believe in Karma.

New Year's Day brings new state laws

GOP banks on repeal push for 2010

Fuckin idiot in today's paper...

Fuckin idiot in today's paper...

I know why Limbaugh had a heart attack in Hawaii...

letters in a local paper echoing concerns over Afghanistan

You were wondering where the money was in full body scanners? Start with Michael Chertoff...

A Presidential legacy is comprised of laws passed , wars waged or unwaged, policies, & appointments

As a gift from the creator, a free full length movie. It's one of Roger Ebert's top

Case of mutilated goose carcasses solved. Its not satanists or aliens

A Freeper's view on the killing of children in Afghanistan

For my New Years Resolutions I am going to......

sorry kids.........................

NOT a gun post

NOT a gun post

The Past, Present, and Future of Minimum Wage-Infographic

DU Call to primary action! March 2nd Texas

Why is Rush in the hospital?

Mayo Clinic in Arizona to Stop Treating Some Medicare Patients

Mayo Clinic in Arizona to Stop Treating Some Medicare Patients

FEEL THE LOVE! Limbaugh callers with get well wishes instructed to say only DITTO to express support

Stressed depressed workers less productive

Al-Qaida seems to be only a "minor player" in the conflicts in Yemen

Could this be the reason for Rush's "health problems"?

2009’s Sleepy Sun Finally Woke Up in December

2009’s Sleepy Sun Finally Woke Up in December

Anyone happen to notice the "DEMOCRATIC" is 1.5 times the size of the

DU Call to primary action! Feb 2nd - Illinois

A progressive Congress can dictate a progressive policymaking agenda.

FIVE New Year's RESOLUTIONS for President OBAMA

“Chemicals of Concern” (really good news)

McChrystal: "We are not viewed as occupiers now.”

Time Warner subscribers....Is Fox gone?

From Ed Henrys Twitter feed first pic of Boss Limbaugh

The Right Wing Revealed: Bill Berkowitz Pulls the Blanket Off Religious Extremists and Right Wing

Bankers and gun owners

Doctors send Rush Limbaugh a fruit basket and encourage a vegan diet

Fight global warming, get $1,100 a year (

Weird synchronicity... Jennifer Lopez and Total Body Scanning

Rush will be giving a news conference...Really..

A spammer's trick you should all be made aware of.

I have this sneaking suspicion that the near miss on Christmas

Every Wingnut Has a "Liberal Friend"

The 'Israelification' of airports: High security, little bother

Be polite, even if your opponent is not.

The new Sun

"Let's face it: 2010 is going to be a terrible year. Count on it."

Washington slaps fee on plastic shopping bags

The best day of the Oughts was yesterday, when they ended.

Lying Your Way Into War? Apparently Not a Scandal

Happy New Year to DU from Southeast Alaska!

Rove's family life was destroyed by same-sex marriage!

Now I have to turn my f----g speaker off

Should the Blackwater thugs be re-tried?

$4 trillion in emergency funding the next time Wall Street crashes

Who's going to save public education?

Is limpbag's "heart attack" a Hoax?

Police Write 190,000 Seat-Belt Tickets

Biblical scholar's date for rapture: May 21, 2011

Bombing of CIA operatives looks like retaliation against their escalated mission in Afghanistan

What's The Matter With Kansas - the movie - is out

Burned Out?

Hey DICK: A million people DEFIED AL QAEDA and went ahead with life as planned.

Northridge to host retailers from China

Northridge to host retailers from China

An open message to our leaderhip in Washington D.C. for 2010

The Rude Pundit: End of the Year Haiku 2009 (The End)

So, nothing wrong with Limbaugh? Doctor shopping for opiates, obviously.

Don't feel too bad--there's at least one person more upset about Limbaugh being okay than you are

'One Life To Live' Gay Sex Scene Is First Ever On Daytime TV (VIDEO)

The freepers are calling the bombing on christmas 12-25

What do you know about a four-day school week?

A day in our "civilized" society.

Murderous Xe Services* (Blackwater) Thugs Get Off ... Aren't They "Enemy Combatants"?

To all here

My New Year's resolution is

Happy New Year, DU, from Anchorage.

Have we heard from Jackeens lately? I've missed her wonderful

If you could stand before our President with a message, what would you say? Since he's here...

A new law went into effect in Ohio today

Heads-up: Charter school pushers targeting Seattle

Health Insurance Coverage Poll

NYT: U.S.D.A approves for 8 years injecting beef w/ ammonia to kill E. coli

The Ethics Of Michael Chertoff

Iraqis outraged as Blackwater case thrown out

I'm proud to be a Democrat.

U.S. Casualties More Than Double in Afghanistan Over Iraq

Record number of federal court criminal case filings in 2009; Biggest Increase since Prohibition

Insurance Companies on Road to Extinction. Call Their Bluff

Insurance Companies on Road to Extinction. Call Their Bluff

Obama appoints first Transgender person to Executive Branch

Time to announce the winner of the GREATEST DUer OF THE FREAKIN' DECADE

Driving through town, I see a crowd of people standing by the road

I'm bound to get clobbered for this, but

New Hampshire now 5th state to allow same-sex marriage

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

BREAKING: Ex-Lesbian Lisa Miller Fails To Hand Over Child To Former Domestic Partner Janet Jenkins

Drinking Problems In Russia

According to your knowledge of mathematics, what is 2010 - 2010?

Health Reform Update: Kill the Tax on Benefits

Ralph Nader: Liberals begin to bail on Obama

The New Homeless: Aspiring Web Developer Ends Up on San Francisco's Streets

The event that set the tone for this decade.....

theNotoriousP.I.G. a current DUer became a Widow today. I am praying for her

No Heart Disease for Rush Limbaugh

Do you believe it's still POSSIBLE to regulate capitalism?

Why it costs more to be a woman

Good Question: "Are we Democratic or Underground...

Happy New Year, The DUI Exception to the Constitution

Let's make 2010 the year the DLC made itself unelectable in a Dem primary.

As the year ends, the site becomes less Democratic and more Underground.

If you can read this..

WTF? What is wrong with this country?

National coordinated campaign unites to revoke corporate "constitutional rights"

Rocket Launcher Found In Apartment

Fox spent weeks promoting apparent tea party scam

Strange Days Indeed

Fuck FOX. Call your cable company - lower the monthly rate by $1 and drop FOX.

2009 is over and what has Obama accomplished?

Michigan Atty from Flight 253: "My Own Country Is Lying to Me"

My new job on the army base and government waste

Will someone please explain to me how

Holy cow, a lot of remarkable people died this decade...

Garry Trudeau SMACKS Palin A Good One!!!

To the creator of gin and the creator of vermouth

Could this still rate as Awesome ?

Hawaiian goddess Pele’ places “Aloha Curse” on Rush Limbaugh

BREAKING NEWS: Decade recieves official name

Some walk by night, Some fly by day,,

Good bye 2009 - you started out great then turned to shit - good riddance!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down. That's your third beer already. Pace yourself man.

My top 3 REALLY stupid "traditions" for New Years

I Want To Start 2010 By Making Out with Someone Pretty

20 somethings. It's time for revenge!

Just for tonight....

Happy New Year to all you Lounge Lizards

favor please? if your connection is any faster than mine

I miss u4ic. :-( Happy New Year, wherever you are!

Spending the night with my old friend Excedrin Migraine.

Well..the fireworks have already gone off...It's a New Year...

Just a reminder that ever New Year is one year closer to death. Beach Boys - Till I Die.

I went up to see the special show at the Everson Museum today -

Hey Everybody!

Anyone here into board games? (Australian board games?)

If you are a little wobbly, it's almost time....

"That outfit has made my year"

20th century is almost over. Better late than never. Steve Goodman

roll away, roll away the dew.

Your mailbox may look empty.

whatever happened to Steven Weed?

"What's the use of getting sober,

A safe, happy and loving New Year...

Is it New Years yet?

HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow fols on CST!

2010 - Same sex couples can now marry in NH

I've developed amnesia.

Happy New Years from the old farm near Austin.

Happy New Years from North Carolina.

I've been on a self-improvement program: Before and After pics.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT For the People on the East Coast..

Stupid question time: Do the following DU forums still exist?

Happy almost New Year from Alaska - some fireworks for ya

Happy New Year!

When I'm sad, she comes to me...

I've developed an appreciation for Joni Mitchell recently.

I just posted it in the "which was the first song you heard..." thread but DUers,

So, it's a new year in 24 minutes and I'm super depressed and somewhat bitter.

Happy New Years from the West Coast!

Yes! Yes! We made it! We farkin' make it!

As much as people are heaping dirt on the 00's, I can't join in with such glee

Please remember that not all DUers live in the Eastern Time Zone, so make sure not to post spoilers.

A geek's delight- how movies should have ended (on youtube)

Ever wonder what tv anchors do while a commercial is on?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - I feel like I stayed up way too late last night.

Would a pant suit have made a better choice?

At midnight I'm going to put on my bacon underwear and dance in the backyard

Problems with My Car Radio Voice Commands

This looks like it might be a live one in the Guns forum...

I need prayers for a hard drive.

What a fun thread. I don't have a picture but do any of you remember

tearjerker song time again

My Grandfather gave my Grandmother a chinese chin for Chrisms

I was talking to my 14-year-old cousin tonight about babysitting

The #1 absolute best thing about the new year!

How many UTUSNs does it take to change a CFL?

"Rabbits." Who else just said it? nt

kid rock giving back

New Year's resolutions should be specific, measurable, and realistic.

Today's TV watching dilemma

Which channel are you watching?

What is the first song you listened to in 2010?

So How Hung Over Are We Today?

Game's getting pretty exciting

my theme

Slow-dancing on New Year's Eve

HOAX Alert...Van Morrison did NOT become a father again and did NOT cheat on his wife

YouTube - CLASSIC JPOP from 1984...Seiko Matsuda, "Jikan No Kuni No Alice"

If You Have Cablevision, Say Goodbye To The Food Network

If you happened to be el flagranto dilectica with somebody,

I live 1/4 mile from Universal Orlando, and have been hearing an 80's montage all night.

HD and "widescreen"

Be Good To Yourselves.

I went fishing today and caught a catfish so big that..............

YouTube - Seiko Matsuda, "Kagayaita Kisetsu e Tabidatou"

Which is better: Grumpy or Grumpier Old Men

this guy nailed it.

It's not enough that we had to bomb the Moon back to the stone age.

This is FUN!

Kipling nailed it...

Anybody watching American Movie Classics?

Are the Mr. Bill shorts patterned after the Book of Job?

OK Resolution Time - I Can't See My Feet

Lucy Pretty Kitteh sez Happy Meow Year!

I plan on going back to work on the 4th I can not imagine what my classroom will look like

I would want a portrait of this hanging up in my Parlour if I had a Mansion

Good riddance. 2009, my WORST YEAR EVER!!!

Here's to a new year full of light and happiness:

who likes German style board games?

Great West Insurance ---

I'm sorry about the previous post. Here's the real before and after pics.

Disturbing ad: Cat Emery

How many baby boomers here never owned a 8 track player or tapes, I never did.

Fire! (and a little lame info for anybody who cares)

Anybody watching the Winter Classic today?

I want a good set of flannel sheets w/o paying a fortune. I

How can Florida have a wind chill?

Getting ready to mosey down to the brush pile

What medical risks would threaten the life of a pregnant woman?

How come in 24 no one ever spends the entire episode stuck in traffic?

Dummy at work, please ignore. Need Coffee.

I went to a comedy club last week and discovered than any joke is made funnier by adding "the fuck"


Do you have a good memory?

New Year's Eve 2010 should be all flamethrowers, elephants, and randomly hidden mines.

Fuck you 2009. Go to Hell.

My best news of 2009: Soundgarden reunites!!

I heard an average person swallows 4 spiders a year that crawl in your mouth while sleeping

My Gentleman friend got gay bashed when he was a kid

Do you want ammonia with your burger? Oh, too late. It is already in it.

I have a hard time working at my laptop these days

Am I the only one who has a problem with "twenty-ten?" After all, did we call

Ding! Lamb's head found in IKEA microwave

Pepsi Throwback with real sugar. UMMM good

Top Ten Movies of the Decade

What movie do you think is the funniest ever?

My 2010 resolution - AVIOD BECOMING DISABLED

**Final Update--Very sad news**

Napolitano Sending DHS Officials Overseas To Coordinate With International Airports

Former Gitmo detainees help al-Qaida grow in Yemen

Former Gitmo detainees help al-Qaida grow in Yemen

As 2010 becomes reality, make sure to give a toast tonight to...

A Message for the New Year from the President (VIDEO)

Employers Expect Uptick in Hiring in the New Year, CareerBuilder's 2010 Job Forecast Finds

Is tweety on that Stuff?

NYT's a brief explanation of why we are in financial trouble:

The Crazy 27% - by way of explanation.

DOD Announces Casualties 31-Dec-09

Photos: The Obama Presidency, December 31st 2009

President Harry S Truman: Limit CIA Role to Intelligence

December 1st month without US combat death in Iraq

This is how they will kill Medicare

It isn't about pictures, style, or admiration.

Congressman Eric Massa: "Bring it on" Cheney & DeMint

I like this photo

Here's to 2010, kisses from me to all of you, and for another

Allow me to take this opportunity to apologize...

Minnesota State Senate candidate removes racist comments from his Twitter feed.

Dems move to sack superdelegates

At the beginning of the year, did you expect a health care bill to pass or fail

Obama has done nothing in 2010.

North Korea extends olive branch to U.S. in New Year's message

What do you think President Obama meant when he used to say

Democrats seek to shorten primaries, rein in superdelegates

Why Support the Democrats?

What is "too radical" or "too liberal" for America to accept? The bar seems very high here.

Insurance companies are NOT getting 30 million new customers

The last Decade in retrospect.

Another first in the Obama Administration!!!!

Did anyone else get a White House DNC Christmas card?

Labor moves quickly on job safety, workers' rights

That Was the Year That Was

Obama's Most Underrated Move Of The Year

Juan Cole: Top Ten Good News Stories from the Muslim World in 2009 that You Never Heard About

"The economy was shedding 700,000 jobs A MONTH...Enters Barack Obama.

Get your heads out of your armpits for 10 minutes and listen up.. Bush released

If Huff/Ham et. al. are so RIGHT, why isn't Kucinich or Nader President?

2010 Predictions

The New Homeless: Aspiring Web Developer Ends Up on San Francisco's Streets

Scientists Discover Origin of a Cancer in Tasmanian Devils

State ends year with negative cash balance and little in the bank

Judge throws out Blackwater guards' charges in Iraqi deaths

Tibetan 'living Buddha' Phurbu Tsering jailed by China

Washington slaps fee on plastic shopping bags

British military says one of its soldiers killed in Afghanistan explosion

CIA takes on expanded role on front lines

Afghanistan Suicide Bomber May Have Been Helped by CIA Informant

North Korea Calls for Better Relations With U.S.

More civilian deaths claimed in Afghanistan

Gays rush to marry at New Hampshire statehouse

NH gays celebrate new law with Statehouse weddings

Mayo Clinic in Arizona to Stop Treating Some Medicare Patients

Colorado's minimum wage becomes 1st in US to drop

Saudi, Norway gov'ts give to Clinton

Pakistan: Suicide bomb kills 25 at volleyball site

Iraq 'to appeal Blackwater verdict'

U.S. Flight Diverted Due to Christmas Ornament

Suicide bombing at CIA camp in Afghanistan likely revenge attack by Taliban warlord - a former ally

Pakistan Taliban say they carried out CIA attack

Two killed, four injured in Detroit hotel fire

NY Mayor Bloomberg to promote immigration reform

Fox, Time Warner Cable Continue Talks After Deal Ends

Intel officer: CIA officers' deaths will be avenged

TSA nominee misled Congress about accessing confidential records

Judge calls Schwarzenegger's furlough order illegal

Tests find 'nothing wrong' with Limbaugh's heart

Venezuela Says US Violating Airspace From Curacao

Safety of Beef Processing Method Is Questioned (injecting beef with ammonia)

Stupid Thing of Week: GOP ‘terror’ attacks on Obama

A self-centered list for a self-centered decade!

Hawaiian goddess Pele’ places “Aloha Curse” on Rush Limbaugh

Forecast 2010 (James Howard Kunstler)

It is just not possible to support Sarah Palin without being either ignorant or dishonest ---

Bailed-out bankers foreclose churches during Christmas season

Obama positioning for immigration reform

2009 Federal Judiciary Report Released

Day-Glo J-Lo Gets Endorsement Deal From Camel

The 20 Best Socially Conscious Movies of the Decade

I See London, I See France, I See Bombs in Underpants

Guardian UK: Finnish gun laws under fire

As Honor Students Multiply, Who Really Is One?

Congress should bench the BCS (LATimes)

The Self-Sufficiency Fetish By Kellia Ramares

JJ’s 36 favorite outrages of 2009

The Real Top Ten Stories of the Past Decade

The Real Top Ten Stories of the Past Decade

David Brooks:The God That Fails

Good Riddance to Decade That Began With Theft of the Presidency

Iraqis Angered as Blackwater Charges Are Dropped


Weekend Economists Hogmanay Celebration January 1-3, 2010!

Safety of Beef Processing Method Is Questioned

President Harry S Truman: Limit CIA Role to Intelligence

Myths of the American Revolution

Get Ready For The Shit To Fly January 4th

Guy gets tasered in the middle of Times Square

Security tight in Times Square

Don't Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult

CNBC - Arianna Huffington discussing the 'Move Your Money' New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year from The Richest Man in the Universe

Marriage Equality Finally Kicks in the New Year in NH

Finland shootings leave six dead

"On The Edge" Max Keiser & Dr. Steve Levine talk about 'abuse syndrome,' America & Alex Jones

The Top 10 Gay Moments of the Year

Naked Cowboy SUCKS

The Search for an Endangered Mushroom That Could Cure Smallpox, TB and Bird Flu

NREL Review of 6 "High Performance" Buildings Finds 2 Where Solar Inverters Consume Nightime Power..

Song for the New Year

With Warming Trend, Ice Forms Later in Adirondacks

circumpolar beings of light

Drumbeat: January 1, 2010

Happy New Year


No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years

No hydrinos here boss...

Interesting. Stanford and Tennessee lose bowl games today!

Happy New Year

Capitol one bowl is gonna be sloppy LSU/PENN STATE

Happy New Year to my Sports Forum buddies!

A few bowl game pictures

Aboriginal Canadians divided over Vancouver Olympics

Brandon Marshall out of finale.

Reports: Guns drawn in argument

Oklahoma's Tiny Gallon shatters the backboard against Gonzaga

Outdoor hockey in Boston today

Wow. No commentary today about the last game of a favorite of DU sports forumites...

December 11 State Dept. "public" forum notes

Does anybody else think that Honduras was a trial balloon?

How gun-controllers helped the NRA. And got paid for it...

The effects of posting gun permit information online....

Balance on the issue - NRA vs. the dead. How that plays in WA state these days.

Have you ever been to a guy buy-back?

A 2010 CHALLENGE to all that post in the guns forum.

Guns Help The Weak To Protect Themselves From The Strong.

I can't believe I'm saying this but...Go Buckeyes!

no one wants to play my stupid game?

So I did get out one more time this year

first post DU photo group 2010

The brother-in-law who couldn't deal with his f.i.l. (my dad's) being gay

Update on what anti-marriagers have planned for 2010

First original photo of 2010

Tonight's fireworks - some SERIOUS serendipity

DNA analysed from early European (BBC) {30,000 yo}

I knew there were more

My first photo of the year (it's -5 here)

various stray bottle caps found around house

It was wet and miserable so i stood on my front porch to take my last shots

Another ammonia theft (Arkcity) {to make meth}

okay, how about this game? post the first pic of 2009

A new thought for a new decade on marriage rights

'Lifeless' prion proteins are 'capable of evolution' (BBC)

last shot of 2009? could be

sunset strainer?

What types of cameras does everyone use?

Gay Activist and Actress Zelda Rubenstein Has Been Taken Off Life Support

Oil ends 2009 78 percent above year-ago level

Gold ends at $1,096.20, up 24.8 percent in 2009

Fed buys $9.3 bln net in agency MBS in latest week

Yet another naked shorting disinformation campaign laid bare

How come Ron Paul never complains about the BIS?

Ooh a New Year's gift--AstrologyZone January forecasts are up a day early

Mark Morford's New Year's column

2010: The Year of Authencity and Authority, by Sarah Biermann

Can you believe this? Another Automobile Issue

New Year's BIRTHDAY PARTY Extravaganza: FirstLight & ricochetastroman

Does Anyone Here Believe in Pet Reincarnation?

How many carry a knife?

Times of Crisis: Saturn/Pluto

January 2010 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

FDA warns of extortion scam targeting online prescription buyers

Smart Phone Weight Loss Programs

Pfizer throws in the towel.... as well they should.

Selling Sickness

Solution to killer superbug found in Norway

Self-Delete (Accidental Dupe)

Alfie Kohn On arne duncan (From 12-15-08)

Key L.A. Unified staff positions are funded privately

Would You Like to See arne duncan replaced In 2010?

Is the Roman Catholic Church a cult?

Saddleback Church pastor, 'The Purpose-Driven Life' author Rick Warren, begs parishioners for $900K

Southern Baptist professor says "a submissive wife might be forced to "suffer wrong."

He sure aint the NRA

Baked Beans recipe please?

This just in from America's Test Kitchens

5 lbs of 21/25 wild caught Gulf Shrimp. New Year's Eve. What to do? What to do?

Well I'm starting the New Year off with soft foods