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Pharmacists Assoc Pushes For HC Bill Changes

Two teens watch OB-GYN exam, patient was told they were 'interns'

A great quote from Bill McKibben:

Mods...Please Delete.

Earthquake in No. California

Whitehouse yields to LOST

What Fuels Overseas Sit-Down Strikes?

Brother, can you spare $600,000.00?

Brother, can you spare $600,000.00?

Why al-Qaeda is fucked--- Cracks in the Jihad

How Banks Are Poised to Cash In on the Cold Snap

Rachel Zoe's Estimated Weight: 80 Pounds

Perhaps all health insurance policies should contain a life insurance benefit

What a nightmare it would be IF...

Joe "You lie!" Wilson top fundraiser for House 2010 election

For the Unemployed, New Job Often Means a Pay Cut

For the Unemployed, New Job Often Means a Pay Cut

Damage, power outages reported after 6.5-magnitude earthquake off the coast of northern California.

Migrants evacuated from southern Italian town

ABC news video 6.5 Calif earthquake

Governor seeks to use oil money to save parks

Is Anyone Telling Us The Truth? By Paul Craig Roberts

Is Anyone Telling Us The Truth? By Paul Craig Roberts

Bill Moyers Urges Citizens to Stand Up for Reform of Our Financial Systems

Does DU have an appropriate sub-forum to post a question about recording?

Panicked Healthcare Lobbyists Descend On Massachusetts To Save The 60th Democratic Vote For Reform

ugly dupe

Barack Obama attacked by Democrat rebel over US healthcare reforms

CNBC Larry Kudlow -"De-Stimulate: To get America back to work, the tax-and-regulatory obstacles"

Zimbabwe diamond mine abuses 'continue'

Please sign this petition for civil unions in Hawaii; it will really help.

Rockets Fired in India-Pakistan Border Skirmish

Rachel Maddow makes front page of San Diego UT biz section

U.S. One of Two Countries Where Kids' Educational Attainment is Lower Than Their Parents'

New PPP Poll has Brown (R) Edging Coakley (D) in Mass. Senate Race

New PPP Poll has Brown (R) Edging Coakley (D) in Mass. Senate Race

How the Teamsters Beat Goldman Sachs

Thanks for all DUers in the Project X Michael Steele Div. Outstanding work!

"I accepted Harry's apology without question. As far as I am concerned, the book is closed."

Will VEBA plans fall under ‘Cadillac’ insurance plans?

Surprise headline! "Government health insurance option appears doomed"

Don't worry about Massachusetts, Michael Whouley is running things

The Dirty Democrat - Sen. Mary Landrieu

Most ancient Hebrew biblical inscription deciphered

Urine test 'can detect dangerous snoring'

Xe Services aiming for Afghan police training deal!

What do DUers know about K2 synthetic weed?

1981..Robert Gates invents Al Qeada to fight Russia.

Katt Williams on election 2008 (language is a skoash graphic)

"In the years since 9/11, we’ve all become counterterrorists. "

SNL: "The Jersey Shore is their McLaughlin group!"

NYT and ACLU acquire evidence of abuse and deaths of immigrants in detention

Bubble warning

"How could 85,000 people lose their jobs last month & Tim Geithner not be one of them?"

If we can tear ourselves away from arguing with idiots about whether there were terrorist attacks

6.5 quake off CA coast ...anybody feel it?

Rolling Stone: "As The World Burns" - MUST READ on Climate Change!

If you want to "rein in" a cabal.....Don't mandate purchase of the cabal's product.

Freya von Moltke dies; led Nazi resistance Kreisau Circle

Empowering Iranians to Dislodge the Mullahs

The One Thing Internet Cant Ignoere

Mass Senate: Get Ready for Another Round of GOP Failure = Success

If a Democratic candidate did this, what would the GOPcontea people say?

Sleuthing on Craigslist, mom sets up sting, recovers disabled girl's device

**W sighting** on the TV just now -BREAKING-

First UN General Assembly opens on this date in 1946

U.S. suggestion of sanctions causes stir in Israel

Polls in the MA Senate race are all over the map

Is Coakley 'entitled' to the Kennedy seat? Is that what the voters are expecting?

Some thoughts on the day after the funerals of three of the dead from the CIA bombing in Afghanistan

Harry Reid ’s approval rating at 33 percent in Nevada

Ever notice Rudy Giuliani sounds like Sylvester The Cat?

If Obama was a true socialist

See Jagoff Joe Lieberman as you've never seen him before!!!!!

Professor's Research Suggests Not Sparing the Rod

Feds hid truth about immigrant jail deaths

DU African Americans--- I want no more "Negro Dialect" in your future posts.

DU African Americans--- I want no more "Negro Dialect" in your future posts.

I would imagine ES&S and Diebold are licking their chops

East Boston cat called to jury duty

Wichita ELCA Congregation Prepares for High-Profile Murder Trial

Wichita ELCA Congregation Prepares for High-Profile Murder Trial

So when are we going to fix NAFTA?

So when are we going to fix NAFTA?

And to think I'm worried about how to pay my bills.

Eric Margolis: Old Threat Rings True Today


A Mayan Lesson in Security and Liberty

Stupidanopoulos: "I should have pressed" Giuliani on "no domestic attacks under Bush" falsehood

NYT: AILES's paranoia taps into his audience's. MURDOCH's family is Lib, despises him

Don't you miss all the "Bush Will Nuke Iran" threads around here?

John Nichols: The 2010 Political Timebomb Is Unemployment

The Fox-Murdoch Feud

The Fox-Murdoch Feud

KFC Australia commercial pulled: White man calms black crowd with fried chicken

Super Bowl-Style Corporate Ads for Candidates?

Ancient hominids may have been seafarers

Glad to see Donna Brazile taking on the Cheney Spawn spewing her lies

Big MOFO 6.5 Earthquake just hit here in Humboldt

OK, I’ve seen the light. No more grumbling about Obama.

Who woulda thunk? There are people on DU with Obama derangement syndrome

What Kind Of Health Coverage Do You Have? PPO? HMO? Medicare?

boy, the book bullshit is everywhere this sunday am

Plateau was ancient salt-making site

They're baaack! (the Bush Family, round 3)

Four more shot dead in Karachi

John and I..John and I...John and I

The Airport Kiss from Hell

The Economist: Bubble Warning --- "Something's Got To Give"

Heads they win, tails we lose.

Heads they win, tails we lose.

Conservative Hypocrisy

The schedule of my disaster

"For Expatriates in China, Creative Lives of Plenty"

Pakistan, China to strengthen bilateral ties

Friday January 15th is the anniversary of US Airways ditching

TELL ME you did NOT see this coming: "Steele: Reid Should Resign Over Racial Comments, I Shouldn't"

Italians cheer as police move African immigrants out after clashes with locals

So, what would happen if we really DID take our money out of the banks?

So, what would happen if we really DID take our money out of the banks?

Should it be legal to pay or receive money for kisses?

Back during the campaign, it was clear that Edwards and Clinton had

PHOTOS: Earthquake in Eureka

Proposal: The Robin Hood Tax Bill

Get ready for corporate influence in politics to explode

My hope is that a Progressive democrat will run against Obama in 2012

Am I the only one who missed the King's 75?

Lott versus Reid

Update: Wally World has fired 69 year old Ed Bauman

Full Body Scans at the Airports. I thought they were optional.

Do we all really have that short of a memory?

So what is this Sunday's outrage of the day after this morning's gasbag shows?

So will New England come back and win this game

anti healthcare ads?

Steele: 'I'm pushing the ball.... I'm winning elections. I have got the base fired up.'

World Peace is an illusion

check in if you oppose the health care bill


A post in favor of all that is good, against all that is bad

Monsanto Forbes' Company of the Year?!

"One more, (Obama's) done, because he staked territory so far away from Bush-Cheney..."

The Other Plot to Wreck America-Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction

Undressing the Terror Threat

The Other Plot to Wreck America...Frank Rich in NYT

One more plug for Chris Deschene- this guy looks like a good candidate

Why no public option?

Heavy Brows, High Art?

Bailing out the states

Numbers need context- Context for the 45% Dem voter turn out

A few thoughts on creating change and restoring democracy

A quote I saw somewhere

Toxic metal (cadmium) in kids' jewelry from China

Weiqi: A symbol of the Chinese experience

A hundred years from now, no one will know the difference

Is America entitled to make and follow our own rules in our terror wars, ignoring international law?

Toles:They Won

OMG Jesse Ventura Is Doing Conspiracy Theories!

Is/Was Single Payer and/or Public Option really DEAD ON ARRIVAL in Congress?

Nervous Venezuelans buy TVs after devaluation

Cheney daughter to Dem: 'Please don't endorse me'

Fort Worth workers join effort to unionize Starbucks

Did Steele demand a firing after that "watermelons on W.H. lawn" email from the white GOP mayor?

Put your money where your mouth is:

Palin: Didn't know what Federal Reserve did,or why North and South Korea were separate nations..

the media / republicans have gone viral on harry long till harry resigns?

Other than her enthusiastic willingness to say things that rival even her bitter and

The latest RW email claims arms sales talks will result

I'd Hate To Be A DU Mod Right About Now

Domestic Espionage Alert: Spy Drone Discovered

Artist Huneck commits suicide at age 60

Scott Ritter: "There is no “war on terror” for America to fight"

LOL. Even George Will on This Week straightened out Cheney-spawn Liz.

If Senator Reid steps down, who would you like his replacement to be?

Ray McGovern: Answering Helen Thomas On 'Why?'

Literally Blood-Sucking the Poor to Make Their Billions

If the Republican Brown wins in MA, is healthcare reform dead?

Brilliant comment on BBC : "Underpants Bomber,

In the next five years, approximately 18 million people will move from the "market" to Medicare

Legal Experts to Senate:*Signing Statements = UNCONSTITUTIONAL+IMPEACHABLE

Rolling Stone: "The Climate Killers" - 17 who are derailing efforts to curb global warming

The only REAL public option is a Medicare buy in.

So, for these people who think it is a choice to be gay.........

It should be quite simple for all to understand.

In an honest race about the issues, no conservative would ever win.

Republicans, Taxes, Deficits, and Jobs

The Western Hemisphere finally has a leader of the people, for the people, by the people.

My tribute to Dr. King printed in my RED paper today

More investigations are finding out that ACORN did not participate in "voter fraud"

In the last 3 weeks, 6 people have died in Snowmobile accidents in VT

Can we compile list of progressive companies?

Republican Lugar Calls Cheney’s Criticism of Obama ‘Unfair’

Majority blames Bush for Today's Economy - Even Rasmussen Polls Agrees!

In all honesty: If the tax on sugar were raised, what would happen to the cost of a candy bar?

Repeal NAFTA

Frank Rich: America MUST BE TOLD The Full Story-"The Other Plot To Wreck America"

Forbes Magazine Names Monsanto Company of the Year

"The Senate has been worse than the House for two hundred years, right?" -- David on BookTV

What a wonderful person! Lesbian Lawmaker in Utah Carries Baby for 2 Gay Men

I do my financial transactions.....

NBC confirms 'Jay Leno Show' leaving primetime

Losing Liberal Arts: Liberal arts education and the growing class divide

Are you going to vote in the MidTerms?

NYT: Obama Takes New Route to Opposing Parts of Laws

Devastating Critique of Obama's Race to the Top: You want better schools? Address poverty.

New state law regulates landscaping

Mountain topping updates

Why Is A Crazy Republican Even Close In A Mass. Senate Election?

Why Is A Crazy Republican Even Close In A Mass. Senate Election?

Why Is A Crazy Republican Even Close In A Mass. Senate Election?

michael steele is calling for harry reid to resign

A present for Liz Cheney

WTF? Dr. Tiller's Murderer Could Be Out in Five Years

Racism is growing in this country by leaps and bounds.

CNN's Big Sunday Talk Show exclusives: 'McCain and Lieberman'

Health Reform: An Online Guide (Copious links to info about the health care reform bill via Slate)

President Obama tells People magazine he has 'no intention' to send troops to Yemen or Somalia

European speeding fines based on wealth or income. What do you think?

European speeding fines based on wealth or income. What do you think?

Daily Kos: It's Only Appalachia

DU this poll: Is homosexuality a choice?

Lieberman: 'I don't agree with' McCain's new ad

Teabaggers Under Siege?

Irish Mrs. Robinson Bangs Teenager, May Bring Down Government

world wide gas prices

world wide gas prices

Europe slapping rich with massive traffic fines

Join a Credit Union and change cell phone provider

Just what has gone wrong with this nation?

Palin 6 weeks before election: Saddam Hussein Attacked US on 9/11 (no surprises here)

Stop Texas from erasing Cesar Chavez and Hispanics from school books.

Think anyone is ever going to ask President Obama this pressing, hard question?

Cell phones and self-defense: Good, Bad and the Ugly:

Wanting things for "other people" may be part of the problem.

"No discrimination against pre-existing conditions" in health care bill could be out the window

Quick question, re taxing health premiums

Learn from history Mr President: Vietnam RUINED LBJ.

Evo Morales launches 'Coca Colla'

152,000 plus DUers now. How many when you joined?

Killing Organizers in Honduras...

Why does a tomato cost three dollars?

My Close Encounter With Power

My Close Encounter With Power

60 Minutes Tonite - Billions to protect our Borders - Why isn't it functioning

Gallup: Democratic Support Dips Below Majority Level in 2009; Had been above 50% in last three years

Who is a greater threat to America: the underpants bomber or unregulated, unpunished Wall St?

The White Messiah complex

Woman seeking donations of canine garb to help warm dogs of homeless

45% of Dems not voting/unlikely to vote? I am staggered

Just finished Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses. Mini Review

Alcohol abuse and the elderly. It has happened now in my family.

At this year's SOTU address... will there be another Joe Wilson?

Fuck Drug Reimportation

i'm on the verge of giving up on job hunting.

A Fun True Story about A Con Game Gone Wrong...

Officials Hid Truth of Immigrant Deaths in Jail NY Times/ACLU research

Did all those seals who left SF Pier for Oregon Coast know there would be an Earthquake coming..?

Heads up, DU.....Bankster Hearings this week ...(link)

Informants: Vick shot, bludgeoned dogs

Did Unemployed Minoan Artists Land Jobs in Ancient Egypt?

Did Unemployed Minoan Artists Land Jobs in Ancient Egypt?

Did Unemployed Minoan Artists Land Jobs in Ancient Egypt?

I support no conferences, legislation, resolutions, or protocols involving Global Climate Change


Former Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg charged by Homeland Security

Film backs Ady Gil claims

Diagnosed with cancer and no health insurance

"Sex Robot" -- What do you think of this?

"Sex Robot" -- What do you think of this?

Rep. Mica's Daughter Charged With DUI

DOD Announces Casualties 07-Jan-10

As Probation Ends for 'Baucus 8,' Group Vows to Press for Single-Payer Health Reform

So you wanna be a gazzillionaire? Here's the opportunity

House Revolts Over Excise Tax, White House Asks Unions to ‘Celebrate’ It

Massachusetts Senate Race is a Toss Up...or Not. Plus...Bring In the Big Dawg!

Man who challenged Garamendi moves to neighboring district race

“Obama Has Kept the Machine Set on Kill”

Well, for me on the health care bill it's...

When one messages the admins, they do not respond. Any idea how

The Label Factor: Is Obama a Wimp or a Warrior?

Isn't the Mandate a Clunker Car in Reverse?

Senator Reid says he regrets his racist remarks made about President Obama in 2008

Economic crisis and the responsibility of socialists

Proof that critics of Obama don't necessarily hate him

Tax on ‘Cadillac’ insurance plans could snare hotel maids

"Chevy Costs for Vega Benefits"

Union Busting, Mandatory Monopoly Payments, and Middle-Class Tax Hikes.

Why the effort to cast this bill as the most historic in generations?

MA-Sen: PPP Has Brown (R) Up One Point

Harry "I don't work for him" Reid,.....I'm not shocked that Obama can't push his total agenda and

Clashes amid southern Yemen strike

Afghanistan war 'under-resourced'

"Worst Meme Ever: Obama Wants Health Care Reform Because He's 'Greedy'"

Cheney with a blond wig coming up next on The Roundtable.....

The PPP Poll uses an awfully weird voter screen.

If you decline healthcare benefits will your employer give you an instant raise?

Sen. McCain and Sen Lieberman blast Obama on CNN State of Union

How is the GOP putting up with Steele??

I need help to debunk this, please! Apparently this Jennings is our Drug Czar ?

Boston Globe has Coakley(MA-D) ahead by 15.

Bill Clinton made a racist statement about Obama to Ted Kennedy

Who do YOU think is controlling the healthcare debate?

DNC Or dlc?

Is it too much to ask....

Cube steak & gravy-NFL-fire going....

Reid's Racist Comments Shows How Completely Out of Touch Dem Congressional Leadership Is

Say hello to Maggie Bailey, National Watermelon Queen 2009

Music lovers. A site called Aurgasm. Heard of it? Not me til just now. It's really something.

I made a WORD SEARCH for the NFL playoffs

Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wynton Kelly, Jimmy Cobb, New York, April 2, 1959: "So What"

Prez of United Steelworkers scoffs at those who say wages will go up

Rachel Maddow speaks the truth

what a riot! Freeper saying that "green jobs" will cost 135K EACH, according to

So what if I cheated on you 11 days this year? What about the 90 days I was faithful?

"Barry' Obama's High School.....

Two things in the Senate bill critics ignore while complaining about a public option and choice

The 2010 Political Timebomb Is Unemployment

Guess who will be one the first guests on ..

Could higher co pays and deductibles influence bad decision making?

YouTube - Xanadu

Do you support a cap on premiums?

Suite For Ma Dukes - Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and a 40 piece orchestra Live @ The Luckman


Muhsinah - "Always"

First Time Books Presents:

Obama and the "War on Terror"

GOP Brown freak out. He could be next Mass. Senator and will defeat HCR.

Health bill eliminates co-pays and deductibles for preventive care

With Regard to Reids "Light-skinned...No Negro Dialect" Comment

Full Crate - She Was Fly (ft. Mar)

Mark Halperin - "Drudge is the "single most influential purveyor of information about America

How do Unions Negotiate for Higher Wages in this Recession?

Can someone name an Administration that has been more transparent than this one?

Reid's remarks were racially insensitive and Lott's were simply racist

Grnment doesn't work when people refuse to pay for the standard of living

It's just you and me forever...

It was the hair!

I think I am still suffering the affects of anesthesia

I left Texas to follow Lucinda...

Fleur Earth - Am Boden

Apparently the only time Michael Steele cares about minorities is when Dems insult them.

The Clonious feat. Muhsinah - One At A Time

Comfort Fit - Bit by Bit

I'm listening to "Einstein on the Beach" again. Of course, I won't listen to all of it.

DANIEL DRUMZ & MR. KRIME "Music for night people"

ALERT: General Petraeus is talking about bombing Iran

How much worse will this HCR bill get?

I Support Democratic Policies!

I missed Watchmen to see Dallas win?

Do you know what my worst nightmare is?


No cowbell, what we need here is..

Will lowering the costs of benefits increase wages?

Who dey?

It's 8 above here, so I'm "California Dreamin'"

"President Obama set a new record last year for getting Congress to vote his way"

Michael Steele should resign for using the term honest injun.

To heck with snuggies!

My wife, the Republican, is turning into a labor activist!

NFL trivia question that I do not know the answer to...

Art Clokey, the creator of Gumby, has passed away.

I think that Paranormal Activity might be in my mailbox!

SNL.. With the performer up, I recognize the train schedule from Grand Central.

Want to drive your cats crazy?

Wow, who canceled as SNL host at the last minute for them to call in Charles Barkley??

SNL: Is the woman playing the annoying character the same woman

I have now officially been reduced to rooting for the Viqueens.

Rahm Emanuel nt.

Hello! Is this a booty call?

To boldly, um... go where no one has, you know.... gone before.

International shipping

What is with this new movie 'The Book of Eli'? Isn't this some Mormon BS? n/m

How cold is it by you?

I have a friend who is really smart..

Mandatory Sat. Keanu Reeves Fans check in!! TGIS!!

My ode to toast with butter

Tonight is Tchiakovsky night.

1964 Civil Rights Act was a watered down, weak, "nothing burger" bill.

4 Ativans, 1 Vicodin, 1 Flexeril ... maybe I'll sleep for more than 2 hours tonight

11 Promises Broken? But it's Only Been Less than a Year!

Visions of swastikas in my head... Plans for every one

Man treats cat like cat treats man.

Yesterday was Jimmy Page's Birthday

Inside a inflatable whale

Deodato - Nights In White Satin


What is these General Grabbers HTS wearing?

Which is worse?

Calling Robert

Top or Bottom?

Grade Obama's leadership on the big three issues

East Boston cat called to jury duty

The breakfast of champions

Anyone have Panic/Anxiety Attacks or know someone who does?

so did BabyKitty come home last night?

Just bought a blue Elantra blue

Today's fail pic

How do You Negotiate for Higher Wages with Over 10% Unemployment?

Have you ever owned a fringed jacket?

Did any of you ever have to discipline your butler?

How long should I keep the ECollar aka The Cone of Shame my spayed puppy!

Another Lucy Pretty Kitteh pic

To celebrate my 10th anniversary on DU, I want to tell you people off!

Rocky Horror Picture Show- even after all these years, it's still entertaining

Sen. Franken views medical loss ratio provision better than weak public option

Why don't you count your money when you're sitting at the table?

Harry Morgan is only as old as he feels

Blue kitty porn

YouTube - Chris Hillman & The Desert Rose Band perform The Burrito Brothers' classic "Sin City"

Urge for going...

YouTube - KEEF w/ Norah Jones, "Love Hurts" (Gram Parsons Tribute Concert)

my early birthday gift..

YouTube - KEEF, performing Freddie King's "Goin' Down" @ Sevilla's Guitar Legends 1992

YouTube - KEEF, "Hickory Wind" (Gram Parsons Tribute Concert)

YouTube - KEEF, "The code is the law. You're in my WAY, boy..."

Firefox users, how much can you destory free republic?

100 Incredible & Educational Virtual Tours You Don’t Want to Miss

The answer to the mystery of Abe Vigoda's apparent longevity (or is it immortality?)

I Stand with the Unions and Their Workers Over ANY Politician!

Betty White is sick of your shit.

And Now We Know Why The Ladies Love Spock

Flobots - Handlebars

I'd like to move out to the west coast sometimes

YouTube - Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young - "All Along The Watchtower," Minneapolis 2004

This ever happen to you?

Kick Ass, the trailer

Take a deep breath, folks. The gov't option might "be doomed" as you say, BUT

Welcome to Terrorist Proof Airlines (graphic warning)

The 20 SF Movies We're Most Excited To See In 2010

How do I stop myself from sleeping all the time?

What if Ronnie James Dio was a frog?

aardvark supper time (with bonus slurpy sound effects and meerkat accessories)

Are we alone in the Universe?

Four NFL teams played football this weekend.

Badder Romance. (You gotta see it)

A website just asked me if I wanted to join they RSS feed. Can someone explain this?

Ultimate Drum Battle: Buddy Rich vs Animal

I've been skiing all day!!

If you are a 47-year-old man and go sledding with an 8-year-old boy...

Dog and Cat Playing: Gabriel and Stanley

Does anyone know a good software package for learning Excel

101 Reasons to Breastfeed

Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig

Am I the only one who missed the King's 75?

think this kid will flame and burn by 20?..guitar prodigy

A pre-school test for you

The level of criticism of Obama does not make sense to me

So, I've been hitting the pipe again

I am Cornholio!

Over or Under?

Can I at least get some lounge vibes?

Sigh.... I was just enjoying the Cowboys' game and they had to show...

Vegetarians: having a problem with veggie burger recipes

There are far too many here that would sit on their fat arses complaining and let Sarah Palin in.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Parallel Universe Edition

Sponsors needed for Relief Trip to South Africa


Had some fun over in GD this morning

Hey Eaglet Fans!! THREE LOSSES in ONE year to the DALLAS COWBOYS!!1!!

own your own shit.

My baby turns 10 today. When did he get so old?? When did _I_ get so old?!

Obama: 'I am a New Democrat'

What is is about playing with animals that gives us so much pleasure?

I really hope my awesome feminist professors are right

Favorites -- How Many Do You Have?

Happy Binary Day!

Farmville on Facebook is fragging addicting!

Food Memories from Books

Health Bill Benefits for the Impatient

Bummer, New Star Trek movie isn't going to be until June 2012

Saw Avatar, my verdict:

WJC on Obama "A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee”

Baby Kitty's in the attic!

have you ever done somthing that you thought you would hate

FACTS MATTER- President Obama has kept 90 promises and only broken 11

FACTS MATTER- President Obama has kept 90 promises and only broken 11

FACTS MATTER: Candidate Obama DID promise a Public Option (O'Donnell).

White House Believes 'Liberal Angst' Over Healthcare Will Go Away

Harry Morgan is six years older than Abe Vigoda

How are the speakers on your computer?

I drove a porsche 911!

NOW the Patriots are sorry they traded Peter Griffin to the Silly Nannies!

Holy Shit. I just got offered a C.O.O. position.

Pro-football trivia questions: (I really don't know the answers

I just coughed up an organ.


Your favorite anti-war song? Mine's "The Gulf War Song".

Help Prevent the Wingnuts from Taking Teddy's Seat.....

Report: Egypt bans Gaza-bound humanitarian aid convoys

Small bomb explodes near Greek parliament in Athens

Obama Takes New Route to Opposing Parts of Laws

Afghans agree to take over U.S. prison at Bagram

Yemen's conflicts flare amid al-Qaida fight

Israeli general Brigadier-General Uzi Eilam denies Iran is nuclear threat

Obama Urges Quick Action on Health Overhaul

Forbes Magazine Names Monsanto Company of the Year

China overtakes Germany as biggest exporter

Sheikh Issa found not guilty

Clashes amid southern Yemen strike

Film backs Ady Gil claims

NBC confirms 'Jay Leno Show' leaving primetime

Lieberman: 'I don't agree with' McCain's new ad

Iraqi in Blackwater case rejects compensation deal

Schwarzenegger Says Health Care Bill a 'Rip-Off'

30 Iranian mothers arrested at peaceful gathering, group says

Ballot Issues Attest to Anger in California

Yemen's president open to dialogue with al-Qaida

Iran government criticises post-election detentions

Chernobyl nuclear accident: figures for deaths and cancers still in dispute

Evo Morales launches 'Coca Colla'

15 injured in latest Hong Kong acid attack

UK reporter, US Marine killed in Afghan blast

Toss up in Massachusetts

White House plans more to trim joblessness: aide

6.5 Mag Earthquake strikes 24 miles off Northern California coast

Iran's nuclear facilities 'can be bombed': US commander

Lawyers for Prop. 8 file high court appeal to ban YouTube video of trial

Report: Health costs up slightly under Senate bill

Anchorage police officer ambushed as he sat in car, will recover

Anchorage police officer ambushed as he sat in car, will recover

Japan to come clean on secret nuke deals with US

No catastrophic freeze damage to Fla. citrus -group

Petraeus: U.S. has plan to deal with Iran's nuclear program

Amish families exempt from insurance mandate

Amish families exempt from insurance mandate

Republicans call on Senator Reid to quit post

Banks Prepare for Bigger Bonuses, and Public’s Wrath

U.S. Bankers Are Fed Up With British Regulations

Israeli firm blasted for letting would-be plane bomber slip through

Perfectly legal: Toxic cadmium, up to 91%, added to kids' jewelry as China gets lead out

A Tense Landing at Newark Airport

2 more churches in Malaysia firebombed in 'Allah' row

Courts Roll Back Limits on Election Spending

Senate poll: Coakley up 15 points

Rich: The Other Plot to Wreck America (Terrorists of Wall Street)

House Revolts Over Excise Tax, White House Asks Unions to ‘Celebrate’ It

Violence, fear and confusion: welcome to the Horn of Africa

The Other Plot to Wreck America

The key is to find out all you can and to fight back.

Harry Reid's Explosive Racial Comments, About Fellow Mormon Mitt Romney!

Former Bush Lawyer on Suicide Watch after Bludgeoning Wife

The Real Terror Is at Home

Hank Greenberg’s Self-Serving, Largely Off-Base Salvo at Goldman

Terrorist Attacks and Presidents

My sense of betrayal and the splits on DU

Hit DEBIT NOT CREDIT to screw Wall Street BACK

The Military-Industrial Compex is Ruining the Economy

The path from Nigeria to Seat 19A - He grew up rich but wound up being called a monster

Bill Moyer's again: Big Banks' Accountability Deficit - great interview of Mother Jones contributors

The Military-Industrial Complex is Ruining the Economy

A great women was remembered yesterday.

Retired professor applies search technology to huge reform effort

Chernobyl nuclear accident: figures for deaths and cancers still in dispute

Arming Yemen would play into al-Qa'ida's hands

The Implosion of the American Political Consciousness

The Other Plot to Wreck America by Frank Rich

SLIDESHOW: Inside the World’s Newest Police State

No net job growth 2000-2009 - not worth M$M attention

Some Democrats want to rein in the filibuster

Terrorism by the Year

Things That My Sisters Taught Me

Outrage of the Day! Dr. Tiller's Murderer Could Be Out in Five Years

White House Believes 'Liberal Angst' Over Healthcare Will Go Away

Wall Street Executive Air

Iran Street Fighting - January 06, 2010

Mignon Clyburn's 3-D TV experience

WikiLeaks Release 1.0

Talkin Bout Change, BomaniD

TYT Episode For January 7, 2010 - Obama, Terrorism, Muslims, Limbaugh, Geithner

Chuck Todd Slips & Refers To Conservative Critics As "WE" & Implies Obama Is Muslim Leader

Man, 101, Loses Battle to Save Herbie The Tallest Elm Tree in New England

George Stephanopulos, Liz Cheney, George Will on Racism & Terrorism, Part 1

Nation at War Is Change for Obama?

TYT: Tim Geithner Tried to Cover Up Money Going to Top Banks

Stephen Baldwin vs. Richard Dawkins

George Stephanopulos, Liz Cheney, George Will on Racism & Terrorism, Part 2

The Video the US Military doesn't want you to see

Harold Ford is NOT pro-choice. In his own words.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: 32000 Scientists

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Official Prison Version)

Thom Hartmann and Alex Jones

Tim Pawlenty & His PRT Pod Boondoggle

Locals Upset by Gov't Decision Not To Include Hanford B Reactor in National Historical Park.

Three Approved GMO's Linked to Organ Damage by Rady Ananada

Caterpillar’s New D7E Diesel-Electric Hybrid Tractor

A code red catastrophic fire warning has been issued for Victoria, Australia, for the first time

long-duration, arctic air invasion event that is affecting close to 200 million people in the U.S.

Venezuela faces risk of devastating power collapse (drought -vs- hydroelectric power)

Bering Strait influenced ice age climate patterns worldwide

When it comes to the environment and climate change...

The end of consumerism: Our way of life is 'not viable' (we must embrace a basic future to survive)

Final College Football Rankings

Anyone Need A House In Cinn., OH?

Dallas is Fucked tonight. Ed Hoculi is the ref.

Pro-football trivia questions: (I really don't know the answers

NFL Pepsi Rookie Of The Year. Please Vote

Madinmaryland spotted today in Arlington >>


USC has some huge shoes to fill. Who will it be?

Eagles defense gets fill of Felix Jones

Romo gives Cowboys a Super chance

Should teams name themselves after cities where they don't play?

Dallas Cowboys defense is starting to do it all

Oh noes! I started another Cowboys thread!

Jesus---how many Cowboy threads you gonna start--

Phil Sheridan: McNabb failed, so did Reid

Boxing's Newest Coyboy Movie

So will New England come back and win this game

My Super Bowl Prophecy

GO PACK GO! Who was sitting in the booth with Jerry Jones last night?

Is there going to be at least one good football game this weekend?

I love it! >>

Eagles, Cowboys Set Postseason Penalties Record

So will New England come back and win this game

WTF is wrong with the patsies?


I am now an Official Saints Bandwagoneer.

Hey mad...what's THIS about?

This rule of the ball breaking the plane

The JR Chees Report (January 10): Results from Hastings, Stockholm & Reggio Emilia; World TT Begins

Hey everyone! Who was that NFC East team that won a playoff game tonight!

Evo Morales launches 'Coca Colla'

SLIDESHOW: Inside the World’s Newest Police State

Media Battles in Latin America Not About "Free Speech"

A Black Market Finds a Home in the Web’s Back Alleys

Israeli general Brigadier-General Uzi Eilam denies Iran is nuclear threat

IAF kills three in Gaza in wake of mortar shell fire

Israelis reject US loan 'threat'

Court: Palestinian persecuted for homosexuality can stay in Israel

Israelis reject George Mitchell loan guarantee 'threat'

The best way to help Palestine

Smithfield Foods union dispute over transfers lingers

NLRB finds unfair practice at Lee’s Summit Medical Center

OSHA Fines Birdsong Over Worker Death

OSHA Steps Up the Pace

OSHA Proposes $1.4 Million in Penalties in Connection with Fatal Explosion in Houston

United pilots union to tone down confrontational labor tactics

Romer: Employment key to curbing deficit

For the unemployed, new job often means a pay cut

UK: Woman Warned By Police After Waving Kitchen Knife At Intruders.

Preparing for worst, (NBA players) union stresses solidarity as labor unrest looms Not Getting Hired? 10 Reasons Why

Walmart Won’t Buy Cosan Sugar Amid Slavery Blacklist

Today in Labor History Jan 10 Wobblie organizer and singer Joe Hill allegedly kills two men

Why Same Sex Marriage Is An American Value

National LGBT Advocacy Groups Need Your Vote to receive $1 million

It should be quite simple for all to understand.

How will the Supreme Court vote on same-sex marriage?

Outing politicians. Should it be done?

Courage Campaign - California specific focus but worth a look.

Look what the little man got for his 10th b-day!!!

An Alaskan garage in the late afternoon sun...

A little heads up...


world domination paused

Tragic Day for Whistleblowers and Worldwide Anti-Corruption Efforts

Saturday night science experiment. How the eyes see the visible spectrum.

Wherein Peter Pan awakes, somewhat diminished

H1N1 Virus Spreads Easily by Plane

What do you do with sleeping dogs?


Cathedral Carving

The Pres., the Govs of Hawaii and NH and, um, Tx Address HS Robotics Teams, and the Gov of Tx...

Did Unemployed Minoan Artists Land Jobs in Ancient Egypt?

Alka-Seltzer.... IN SPAAAAAAAACE...

How WS banksters are sabotaging Financial reform - Bill Moyer's Journal.

U.S. Job Satisfaction Falls To Record Low

The Decade from Hell 2000-2009 ..Time magazine

Times are tough for the "have nots", but the "haves" are doing better than ever.

Consumer Credit Drops Record $17.5 Billion; Steepest Declines Since WWII

Manifestations during eclipse?

2000-2009 - NO NET JOB GROWTH - Thank you fascist Corporate Lobbyist Party

6 breakthroughs that could change medicine

The Wrong Story About Depression

The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating

Michelle Rhee on Anderson Cooper 360

Still would like to know status of abused Autistic

In Malaysia, Uproar Grows Over Use of Word ‘Allah’ - January 10, 2010

How do you feel about Satan?

A summary of the evolution-creationism "debate."

Kristof: Religion and Women

Just for Stinky (in case you missed today's LOLcats in the Lounge)

Beef tallow.

I'm designing my kitchen! And I'd like to know what you love and hate about yours.