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Something the media, and us, need to do.

Palin, Fox, 'Jesus on Acid' and the End of the World

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio, as a part of the Freedom of Choice Ohio coalition, is proud t

... Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

Schlock 'n' AWE! O'Reilly, as Liz Cheney's sock puppet, declares her Obama attack ad 'devastating'

(US) Military ‘Working Feverishly’ to Help Haiti, Commander Says

Haitian Catastrophe: For Racists, a Good Laugh

Limbaugh's "Hatey" .. too much irony for my diet (east-end versus west-end of Hispaniola)

If you were trapped in the rubble and waiting to be rescued

Ok here is one that I will predict right now on Haiti Operations

Today I met a trucker from Bosnia, he had so much to say

AP: Anti-abortion groups offers rewards

Victory for Jaguars: Obama Pledges Recovery Plan, Habitat Protection

Who Needs Comedy?? I'm Watching A Rushpublican Senate Debate...

Backer of gay marriage ban warned that activists would try to legalize sex with children

O'Reilly, Hannity & Beck's COMBINED coverage of Haiti on Jan. 13th...7 MINUTES.

oy!-listening to Rick Perry and Kay Hutchison debate

Gay marriage generates millions, expert tells court

January 22, 2009: Obama signs executive order to close Guantanamo Bay

"The Texas Debates are made possible, in part, by Lockheed Martin, AARP..."

How appropriate is religious TV for children?

Scandal at Right-Wing Confab: I See Gay People! Religious Right Leaders Withdraw CPAC Sponsorship

Twice Shy :(

Happy New Year! :-) Final closing! :-(

Rachel I love you and Tracy Kidder

Judge rules in favor of e-cigarettes

MicShots: The Tea Party Timeline...

"who killed the electric car" on PBS tonight, 9 pm, at least on KCET in so cal nt

Why Are We In Afghanistan? A Movie - Watch the full free version here!

Rachel just showed a pic of the port in Haiti -- non-operational. The cranes

Ottawa matching Canadians' Haiti donations

Assistance to Haiti....

Code of conduct would create new park rules (no spitting, smoking, obscene language...more)

14jan2010: URGENT ACTION FDL -- OBAMA must explain questionable use of taxpayers' money (HRC)

CNN:Child pulled from rubble two days after quake; searches go on

So PALIN's Faux role will be to be interviewed by HANNITY. & she wants to do American Idol

Gibbs Calls Robertson, Limbaugh Remarks 'Stupid'

Why is a thread on this site locked up? Mine just was.

From WesPac: Support Coakley for Senator.

14jan2010: URGENT ACTION - FDL health care reform survey

Neo-liberal privatization of Haiti under Preval et al

Rush Limbaugh Boycott: Where is the public pressure?

Please don't start threads with comments about unrecs!

Rep. Frank savages WSJ's Fund over his universal voter registration "lie"

This is probably a dumb question, but the Mass election is to be on Sunday 1/17.

'Choking game', 'Pass-Out','Space Monkey','Flatliner', 'Blackout'

'Choking game', 'Pass-Out','Space Monkey','Flatliner', 'Blackout'

Some context to the anger in Haiti

Gosh 'Name Removed' has been posting a lot lately

The Libertarian/Ron Paul crowd is getting all stirred up with regards to Haiti

Move Your Money

"Égalité for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution" - a welcome PBS replay

Glenn Beck is someone you could have a thoughtful, intelligent conversation with.

Anyone Have Any Ideas on how to Organize a Fundraiser?

Today will probably be Day One of international recriminations, finger pointings, & bad mouthings

Deaf Dog Returns Home Nine Days After Escaping Hospital

Paul Krugman: Bankers Without a Clue

Katrina, Haiti - rethugs just can't help themselves, can they?

BBC: Haiti desperate for help, patience & solidarity turning to anger, corpses lining streets

Well we don't just have our own idiots and low lifes

"Shut your pie hole old man...."

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Graduate student from Haiti faces dilemma

The SuperBowl of Stupid

...Then, he disses Rachel

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons orders study of possible Medicaid pullout

Is there going to be any coverage of the Mass. election on Sunday?

Military tents?

Democrats Push Reluctant Obama To End Antitrust Exemption

The history that “binds” the US and Haiti

Health Care Tax: Union Leaders Outline Big Improvements for All Working Families

Anyone watching Jon Stewart?

No posts about what Conan or Dave said tonight?

Colbert is tearing the bankers a new one

Banks, experts eye possible ways around Obama fee

Does anyone have video of the Letterman or Conan bits?

"Investigating Scott Brown’s body of work"

Fresh clean water, lots of it, at many many dispensing locations. First and foremost.

Guess Who’s Against Gay Marriage? The Ex-Wife Of NJ’s Famous Gay Governor

CNN just showed Iceland SAR pulling out a woman

Federal appeals court reinstates lawsuit by parents of prisoner who committed suicide

Have a friend who's an IT expert... wants to go to Haiti to help

Is Refusing Bed Rest a Crime?

Received this email re Confirmation of Bernanke

OH Senate Race: Brunner Now Polls Better Against Portman than Fisher


From facebook (wackos out in force)

Borders To ''Liquidate'' Unsold WaldenBooks It Can't Sell

Huffington Post: America's First Legal Male Prostitute Likens Himself To Rosa Parks

Kansas police chief charged with child molestation

Wyclef Jean On Twitter: "We Spent The Day Picking Up Dead Bodies"

My thoughts on Haiti

My thoughts on Haiti

BWAHAHAHA so I went to a page for W's library, saw this - then looked at the source code:

Haiti needs help - and a serious plan

Thousands of people in Haiti die, Rush Limbaugh continues to breath oxygen.

National reaction to story about woman whose car was taken by repo.w/2yr old son inside

America is well on its way to becoming Haiti.

GOP Candidate Chuck DeVore's Spokesman: World Community Should Leave Haiti ASAP

Christian Right - Pat Robertson, etc. = CIA/political/intelligence operatives?

How Bush-Cheney Policy Screwed Haiti

In new Suffolk U. poll, Brown moves into the lead

Martha Coakley: How not to run a campaign.

Glenn Beck Is Mean Edition - Larry's List

Glenn Beck Is Mean Edition - Larry's List

Glenn Beck Is Mean Edition - Larry's List

Who would you like to see hosting the Tonight Show?

Here's why the mass senate race is important to me.

666 to 1: The US Military, Al-Qaeda and a War of Futility

The jackasses that made fire resistant cigarettes commonplace should be forced to...

Who owns Britain? Biggest landowners agree to reveal scale of holdings (2007)

Evidence security at our airports is a joke

Establishing the Rush Limbaugh Relief Fund

Angry Haitians Block Roads With Corpses-witness

Kathy Kristof: Personal Finance Columnist Gets Hit With 703.8% Rate On Credit Card

Chaos at Haiti Airport Calmed by Air Force

Drs. Without Borders.

Don't argue with Rush

Virgin Mobile donation questions...

Obama Wins More Spending Cuts Than Bush

AP: PROMISES, PROMISES: Many Obama pledges unkept

At the Point When You Have No Hope...Hell Sets In-Haiti

al roker is back on the set of the today show

DoD: 18,000 pay statements sent to wrong addresses

the night Rush Limbaugh died

the night Rush Limbaugh died

Tea Party working to take over GOP from ground up starting as precinct leaders

MA already has Romneycare, so do they think the HCR is shaping up to look worse?

MA already has Romneycare, so do they think the HCR is shaping up to look worse?

Possible space wars in the near future

What does the Tonight show have to do with Politics?

The 2 Minute Hate, Now Brought To You By Clear Channel

On hold for AT&T for a really stupid reason - but they are offering jobs!

On hold for AT&T for a really stupid reason - but they are offering jobs!

Luckovich nails Robertson, so to speak...

Harsh words for Senator Ben Nelson (D-Ne)


Guess the econ stat - No cheating!

Her Crime? Sex Work in New Orleans

So Harold Ford this morning on MJ said he is a loyal Democrat...

Could the 2010 quake be the beginning of the end for Haiti?

Could the 2010 quake be the beginning of the end for Haiti?

Obama Aid to Yemen Could Risk Backlash in Arab World

Yep. Tweedledumb and Dumber

Faux news and failin quitter...

Haiti is an example of why we have to kill the farm bill (Ag policy rant)

Virtually EVERY credible analyst from Nate Silver to Stu Rothenerg

Do you suppose that Beck sees Palin as his rival at FoxNews?

Do you suppose that Beck sees Palin as his rival at FoxNews?

One problem with not watching that asshole, Scarborough, in the morning ......

82nd Airborne Soldiers Begin Haiti Deployment

Understanding the 4 Principals of Emergency Management

Diane Sawyer and ABC News pay tribute to remote control drone killings

NBC announces its new 10 PM lineup

My guess is that Limbaugh's Palm Beach mansion could probably house 30-40 displaced Haitians

Race is in a spinout (MA - Senate)

Poll: Unions are the base of the Democratic Party?

"The saddest, most grave crime of all, our resistance to change"

Dittoheads are helping spread Rush's message and discourage Haiti charitable donations.

UK plans 'trust fund' to woo Taliban fighters

Coakley Behind? What You Can Do

Well AP makes mistakes... CNN was covering help from all over the world

Well AP makes mistakes... CNN was covering help from all over the world

Does anyone know the current wording on taxing the "Cadillac" plans?

Satellite photos of Haiti before and after the earthquake (dial-up warning)

Consumer inflation tame in ’09 while wages fall (worst fall since '90)

Another 60 members of Fairfax County's Search and Rescue team just arrived in Haiti

JP Morgan's Bonus Pool Could Give $9,000 in Aid to Every Man, Woman, and Child Affected in Haiti

Rush and Robertson: Shameless Haiti Wingnuts

What the Mainstream Media Will Not Tell You About Haiti: Part of the Suffering is "Made in USA"

What the Mainstream Media Will Not Tell You About Haiti: Part of the Suffering is "Made in USA"


BreakingNews - headline summaries

Hope and horror in Haiti and Mexico, Mark Morford

Coakley made deal in 1995 priest case (Child Molester)

A young woman died in Haiti

the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission was formed and will meet

Incredible new photo from Mars "Looks like trees."

Incredible new photo from Mars "Looks like trees."


please DU this poll

Have You Seen This Man?

LTTE from Satan to Pat Robertson

The Rude Pundit: Things Important and Unimportant

System Failure

System Failure

Conference Call More than 1800 RNs Join National Call to Prepare For Haiti Disaster Relief Mission

Consumer Protection Agency in Doubt

Some predict voter apathy in 2010, so I'm predicting a PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTION.

Some predict voter apathy in 2010, so I'm predicting a PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTION.

Why would Obama impose GW Bush on those poor Haitians?

National Party Leaders to Spar Feb. 4 at UALR {Steele vs Ford in Little Rock}

Health care is a nightmare in this country, and taxing these fricking benefits (If you can call them

Many countries report missing and dead in Haiti

Lady Gaga to host gay marriage gala

Editorial: Boston Globe endorses Coakley for Senate

Sometimes my company pisses me off

Freep Compassion-In-Action: "There is no exit strategy from Haiti"

Freep Compassion-In-Action: "There is no exit strategy from Haiti" issues Cease and Desist for Prop 8 Trial Tracker logo

I am so tired of the day by day sausage making on Health Care .

Real Men Send Their Bonus Money to Haiti

A technology question. Which is better, Real 3D or Digital 3D?

A technology question. Which is better, Real 3D or Digital 3D?

A question for LIMBOsevic

Pat Robertson 'A Public Relations Nightmare,' Says God

The "Free- market/Christian" model has failed!

No matter which way I think about it, seeking to preserve the status quo

Fox News inflates Obama bank fee by factor of 100 (.15 percent becomes 15 percent)

Jon Stewart to Pat Robertson: ‘Shut your pie hole, old man’

Jon Stewart to Pat Robertson: ‘Shut your pie hole, old man’

We Got Anti-LGBT Hate From A Student Newspaper At Notre Dame

I just gave $35.00 to Doctors Without Borders .. An inflatable hospital to Haiti

President Obama about to speak

On to the cost of this, and why the UN has floated half a billion

Ok, isn't it time for Rush to be taken of the radio to our military?

Heart-Breaking Photos

Apparently between Rachel's first and second shows yesterday (both live),

Tame Inflation, Falling Wages Signal Weak US Recovery

The Haitian Revolution (1791-1804): A Different Route to Emancipation

Consumer Confidence Index Sees Biggest Increase In 8-Year History

The Stupids step out: DSCC ad in MA used WTC as symbol of greed

Metallica singer James Hetfield is "PROUD" his songs were chosen for torture

The Democrats need to run robo calls featuring Rush Limbuagh's Haiti comments

A happy ending for Reagan (dog story)

Brown’s run may be model for GOP (Tapping discord on health bills)

I think it's great when we post options on who/how/where to give

What were the "Cadillac" health policies called when McCain suggesting taxing them?

Do it for Ted! I'm thinking full page ad in Boston Globe supported by MA Duers

The Blue Mass/R 2000 poll is more recent and has a bigger sample size than the Suffolk Poll

FOX News Poll - Obama Handled Undie Bomber Correctly!

The looming Haitian refugee crisis

Kat McPhee Tells Idols to Stay in Closet

The new hearings on DADT are absurd. This isn't progress, its a regression

What if this quake had been in Afganistan?

US Attorney: J&J paid kickbacks to boost sales

Friday TOON Roundup part 5

Naomi Klein: Haiti Disaster Capitalism Alert

Neighbors cut off Oakland Zoo's elephant snacks

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

UNSG Moon to appeal for $550M in Haiti aid (BBC Live Update page)

If you were a Democrat running for office, would you be for or against HCR as it looks today?

To vote for Coakley or not... which gives a liberal more leverage?

Haiti - 1/1000th as important as Afghanistan?

U.S. Air Force Reopens Haitian Airport

Facebook FACTCHECK: UPS is NOT shipping items under 50 lbs to Hati for free

The right-wing propaganda machine is winning ...

Right wingers don't consider poor blacks worthwhile

Today's FAIL

"The Hatians deserve it - they're lazy and don't do anything about it"

Pat Robertson's god must be a very small and insignificant god

Faith Group To Lead 'Exodus Of Our Money From Bank Of America'

Limbaugh and Robertson, THIS is not America...

NOW Dodd may Drop Independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency from Fin Regulatory Bill...LINK

UN will hand out 6,000 tons of food in Haiti immediately, calls reports of looting overblown

Monsanto says DOJ wants seed access details

Think Globally. Act Locally.

Photo: Redjeson Hausteen Claude, 2, reacts to his mother after he was rescued from a collapsed home

There is going to be a LOT of frustration and anger over how Haiti is being handled

In moments of tragedy, people reveal who they are and what they believe in.

How many votes do we need now? 51 or 60?

How about a 2009 tax break for charitable donations?

in honor of MLK:U2-Pride(In the Name of Love)

Facebook vs. family values: Teenager creates group to get her parents to stop grounding her

Haiti: virtually no potable water, sanitary facilities, or infrastructure, desperation, devastation

Sign of the times: I just went to the Dollar Store and guess what...?

Two Fort Hood Reviews Released

Haiti's Exiled Former President Vows to Return

Haitian hip-hop artist, charity worker found dead after quake

Since the Us Dept of Labor won't tell us, how many jobs left America due to "Free Trade"-guess?

Fort Hood rampage report reveals lapses

Condoleezza Rice joins Siebel's secretive carbon startup (not a peep about Haiti)

Bernie seems a tad argumentative with Thom Hartman today....

Haiti: A Capitalist Failure?

An interesting read: Licit and Illicit Drugs, by Edward Brecher

Neoliberalism in Haiti: The case of rice (Self-sufficient up to 80's)

This Haiti devastation is just absolutely horrifying.

Student's free speech case facing appeal

Pat Robertson's great-great-great- ... -grandfather kicked a dog...

Haitian hip-hop artist, charity worker found dead after quake

Fox News' top shows - barely any mention of Haiti

Stupid help question

Have you at least texted "haiti" to 90999 yet?

Haiti's "pact with the devil" myth

This morning I think I heard Nora O'Donnell say that 45% of Haiti's population

This morning I think I heard Nora O'Donnell say that 45% of Haiti's population

One year ago today the name Sullenberger

Is ed shultz taking down our candidates again..

LA Times: Fox drops the ball in Haiti coverage

DICK Ebersol earns his first name.

NRA backs Willows student expelled for carrying gun in truck

Psychologist: Gay couples' children as well-adjusted as straight parents' kids

Gibbs announcing Obama to stump for Coakley in MA

It is times like these that test our humanity.

Well here we go... rumors and misunderstandings

I don't know about "Global Cooling"

Errors and lies thrive in cold weather

Has anyone read MORTON HALPERIN's 1992 book, "Self Determination in the New World Order"?

I want to say "Thank You" to those who have offered up informative historical perspective on Haiti

"The best interests of the fetus"

If you can't stomach the thought of the teabaggers dancing for joy

The Anti, I mean American, Family Association's epic transphobia fail

Zynga (Farmville on Facebook) Haiti Relief Fund

When does a US passport expire?

Capitalism has damaged Democracy

MA-Sen: Why did Scott Brown vote against aid to 9/11 recovery workers?

Here's an Idea: Hold some Town Hall Meetings and Require the Big Bank CEOs to Join the Panels....

Rudy Giuliani joins Scott Brown, slams Martha Coakley on terrorism

Progress on Green Jobs from the Recovery Act

All Bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House Of

Is the sturm and drang of the Coakley/Brown contest real or manufactured?

Tea Party Darling Marco Rubio And 35 Other Candidates Sign Pledge To Repeal Health Care Reform

Weiner Pops Ford's Trial Balloon

Poll: Majority Of Voters Don’t Believe DADT Is Helping The Military, Support Total Repeal

Haiti’s Fault Rupture Boosts Long-Term Risk of Jamaica Quake

Nelson Asks Reid to Strip Nebraska Medicaid Deal

The tragic truth:Voters KNOW that the GOP could NEVER have passed a corporate-insurance-only mandate

Tea Party Morans willing to pay big bucks to see their idols...

Psychologist: Children Do Fine With Gay Parents (Prop 8 Trial)

IF Brown wins.. THEN

Why is an intellectual property treaty being negotiated in the name of the US public kept quiet?

Rape And Enslavement: Cult Leader Arrested

What Karl Rove got wrong on the U.S. deficit

What Karl Rove got wrong on the U.S. deficit

Georgia budget calls for hospital bed tax!

Who Votes Against Help For 9/11 Recovery Workers?

These are the people the leadership allows to be committee chairs

Haiti estimates 140,000 dead, violence breaks out

Support Coakley, just so Dems won't have an excuse.

Why do we argue?

Activists Ask for Peace Dividend

Happy Birthday MLK Jr.

U.S. Sending 10,000 Troops to Haiti

Since security is a serious concern, just checking news

Massachusetts, you're not really going to inflict a PaliniteTea Partier on the rest of us, are you?

Focus on the Family buys Super Bowl spot featuring Tim Tebow

Arkansas Dem Rep. Vic Snyder Retiring

Wall Street Investors Lavish Scott Brown’s Campaign With Money, Get Out The Vote

AIG Probe Widens to Include Paulson, Friedman

Did you see the story just aired on CNN about the missing girl from Lynn

In case you are wondering why Fox News isn't covering what's going on in Haiti

Top Democrat Opposes DADT Repeal

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

Why is it? Is it a law of nature? Is it a needed gambit? Why ...... ?

I know Venezuela and Cuba sent aid to Haiti. Why were they not

How can I help those in Haiti??? I'm currently broke and can't donate blood

Are the Republicans as united as they want people to believe?

Brown takes first polling lead

I have seen all the insult a Television Commercial can dole out

Homeowners Say Banks Not Following Rules for Loan Modifications

First you take care of yourself

WTF is wrong with us as a Party?

Friday TOON Roundup part 4

Limbaugh's psychiatrically decompensating following his hospital stay...

If the Dems lose that Senate seat in Massachusetts...

If the Dems lose that Senate seat in Massachusetts...

Anyone know anything about financial aid, as in what happens if

Pentagon considering whether gay troops need to be segregated

Breaking on GEM$NBC - the Govt of Haiti says 40,000

Dylan Ratigan MSNBC question (for anyone who watched today)

I don't know if I can watch MTP on Sunday! Karen Hughs????

Catholic Values Taught at Notre Dame: It's Hilarious to Beat Gay People!

Catholic Values Taught at Notre Dame: It's Hilarious to Beat Gay People!

Why are they called 'looters'? These people are just trying to survive!

Scientists have nudged back the minute hand of the Doomsday clock - Pres. Obama credited

If Coakley loses in MA, The Democratic Party will move to the right.

great news! my company is MATCHING donations

U.N. Condemns Land Grabs in Native Territories

MLK vs War Funding by David Swanson

So, it was never about the oil ...

Port au Prince and surrounding area needs to be evacuated, cleaned up and rebuilt to much higher std

Port au Prince and surrounding area needs to be evacuated, cleaned up and rebuilt to much higher std

My view on asking W to help with Haiti:

Dodd Wimping Out on Consumer Financial Protection Agency (Told ya)

Funny how "corruption" of "possible corruption" in banking and wall street

I usually ignore Rush, but: US Military is now "meals on wheels"

Has anyone here ever visited page 21 of DU General Discussion?

Pat Robertson Not Alone in Demonizing Haiti

Two year old Redjeson Hausteen Claude rescued from a collapsed home in Haiti - pics

Let me point out the obivous: Being poor and on food stamps here

Please sign up to phonebank for Coakley, do it for Ted!

Teen's goth boots considered potential weapon, forced to wear plastic bags on plane

The Nutty Health Teacher (How Do Schools Stop Such Behavior?) the White House

So, the Freepers think the Haitians are lazy

If President Obama cannot pull Coakley thru in Massachusetts..?

If President Obama cannot pull Coakley thru in Massachusetts..?

The Media Accuse The Haitians of Looting...But This is the Reaility if They Do Not.....

Outdoor Smoking Bans Not Based on Science

Why they hate us? It's not a secret

rush tell caller she has tampons in her ears

Serious question

Other Caribbean islands prepare to take in Haitian refugees...

"Rush, a million dollars of your money to Haiti and we'll say no more about it."

School Sorry For 'Insensitive' MLK Jr. Lunch

USNS Comfort scheduled to depart Baltimore for Haiti tomorrow.

All this MSM BS about "Coakley In Trouble" yadayada BS ! She is well ahead in most polls, AND if

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

did anyone just see CNN live? Haitians marching single file, singing, in demonstration

did anyone just see CNN live? Haitians marching single file, singing, in demonstration

did anyone just see CNN live? Haitians marching single file, singing, in demonstration

Starbucks is closing a 130 employee call center in Seattle and relocating it

Air Drops, WHY NOT???

"Cheating on your wife is a deal breaker for Republican voters -- but only if you're a Democrat."

Amazingly prescient observations about the coming crisis by Strauss and Howe in 1997.

Please tell me why our health insurance is now considered a Cadillac plan.

Whoa - Dylan Ratigan shredding Geithner. A beautiful thing to see. nt

In spite of slanderous attempts by a right wing blogger, Danny Glover is correct.

Rachel just reported Doctors Without Borders is bringing an inflatable hospital to Haiti.

Rachel Maddow interviews Tracy Kidder about Partners in Health

Media Matters Does A Nice Job Exposing Fox News' Role In Bankrolling Scott Brown Campaign

"Rush Limbaugh enters race to the bottom on Haiti" UK Guardian

Karl Rove could teach President Obama and David Axelrod something about politics...

Operation Rescue's new "Abortion Whistle blower" campaign. To coincide with Dr. Tiller's trial

The $10,000 Dog

Oh no he didn't...

My Daughter.. Humanitarian-in-Training

Giuliani leads feisty Brown "save the bonuses" rally in North End

I have new respect for CNN

Has a city of 3 million people ever been destroyed like Port-au-Prince?

Leno, your show was second to Letterman for two years until Hugh Grant.

A private retreat: Pat Robertson's 11,000 sq. foot (2nd) home

You can help pack meals for Haitian survivors - here's how:

Anyone else ambivalent about watching the Haiti coverage?

Alan Grayson Introduces Bills To Fight Corporate Money In Politics

I'm ashamed of myself

Is snorting paint fumes less dangerous than posting here?

Cuba Lets U.S. Use Airspace

HEALTH CARE for Dummies: What You NEED To Know.

Money for Haiti but no money for health care?

Trillions to commit mass murder all around the planet or give to banksters, but 100,000,000

Recommendations for emergency survival foods?

Rush Limbaugh: Haiti comments were a 'media tweak'

After the rescue attempts end, and the immediate trauma passes....then what?

Heartbreaking news: 11-year old Haitian girl rescued yesterday died

I Would Like To Take A Moment To Thank All DU'ers Who Have Helped My Family Through The Rough Times!

My 76 year old mother said today that if America put as much effort into Meth as they do smoking..

An Appeal to the People of Massachusetts.....

Rarely used flying bomb strikes new targets in Iraq

Conservative Alert- Attempt to Kill the HCR Bill

Non-citizen veterans facing deportation despite service to U.S.

Stupid is as stupid does - Danny Glover

U.S. Geek Shortage Is National Security Risk

I just re-hired for the 2010 USFS fire season in the Deschutes NF!

The least members should do is indicate the state in their profile.

Stop Coddling Wall Street! - TheDailyBeast

Up to 80 million Americans infected with H1N1: CDC

Charities -- Doctors Without Borders is among the best of the best

It's simple - if Dems come out to vote, Coakley wins.

Should smoking be banned in bars?

Labor Judas Goats Lead Lambs into the Veal Pen

Rec this thread if you want to tell Limbaugh, Robertson, et al to go fuck themse

Couple found dead hours before foreclosure auction

This naked dude wants to be my Senator...

About to go for a dinner date with another woman, and my wife is cool with it! (and so are you)

Angry Haitians block roads with corpses: witness

Any Word From Vabarella?

Looters Unite!

Ok on logistics once again, and why things are "taking so long"

I voted for FDR and got Clinton, instead. I am not a happy camper.

"The healthcare bill is unpopular because Democrats kept removing every popular idea from the bill"

LTE = = A letter to Pat Robertson from Satan

Two words about Haiti (and Katrina). Air Drops.....

What exactly is the Mass Senate race supposed to be a referendum ON?

What exactly is the Mass Senate race supposed to be a referendum ON?

What exactly is the Mass Senate race supposed to be a referendum ON?

What exactly is the Mass Senate race supposed to be a referendum ON?

Feds investigating Midwest wolf killings

Here's a lovely screed on poverty

Are there any threads where vegetarians are described as "fundamentalists"...

Doomsday Clock is moved one minute further AWAY from fateful midnight... thanks to Obama link for Haiti relief and information

“Bush Was Responsible for Destroying Haitian Democracy”–Randall Robinson

If Coakley loses, I might go ahead and actually join the DLC.

Alyssa Milano: I challenge any corporation to match my $50,000 donation to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Alyssa Milano: I challenge any corporation to match my $50,000 donation to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Alyssa Milano: I challenge any corporation to match my $50,000 donation to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Pregnant Woman Fights Court-Ordered Bed Rest

Pregnant Woman Fights Court-Ordered Bed Rest

Anti-abortion bill advances in Kentucky

Anti-abortion bill advances in Kentucky

Roeder subpoenaed Tiller's wife for 2009 records of procedures done at the clinic.

Allegedly tortured under Burge, Tillman out after 23 years

I'm sick of seeing Dr. Sanjay Guptah running around with a microphone in Haiti!

Jon Walker: Republicans Don't Need To Run On Repealing The Whole Bill (just the most unpopular parts

The Massachussetts election should be a wakeup call to Progressive Democrats

"She has no warmth" Chuck Todd on Hardball talking about Coakley

"She has no warmth" Chuck Todd on Hardball talking about Coakley

Red Mass?

Roger Ebert to Rush Limbaugh: 'You Should Be Horse-Whipped'

Roger Ebert to Rush Limbaugh: 'You Should Be Horse-Whipped'

Craig Ferguson Skips Late-Night Wars For Haiti, Slams “Dumb, Mean” Rush Limbaugh

The earth is rumbling.

Poll Shocker: Brown Surges Ahead in Senate Race

Diebold to Decide Tuesday's 'Toss-Up' Special Election for U.S. Senate in MA

"War is a Racket": Citibank owned the Haitian Treasury & central bank 1910-1947.

I am voting for Coakley no matter how much anti-Coakley bullshit is posted

Dennis Hopper -- on his deathbed and filing for divorce

Tiger Woods donating $3 million to Wyclef Jean for Haiti support

Teabaggers Plan to Shoot Up the Country if They Don't Get Their Way

What the Wealthy and the Corporations have done to one particular middle class guy....

The American people scare the hell out of me.

The "Tea Party" Convention stands up for The First Amendment (you know, that Constitution thing?)

The "Tea Party" Convention stands up for The First Amendment (you know, that Constitution thing?)

The Problem of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina!

Why do men use prostitutes?

Union Exemption From Health Insurance Excise Tax Is a Bad, Bad Idea

I hope the rethugs spend more money in Mass than they can afford.

It's not about Brown or HCR or about the Democrats - it's about Coakley.

Barack Obama on Repeal of Health Care Reform: 'That is a fight I want to have'

With all the news focused on Haiti, the banks and the Mass. election...

And guess what else he did? "Obama meets with Iraqi VP"

Why the Bank Tax is Smart Politics, if Substantively Minor

Atomic scientists push back Doomsday Clock because of Obama’s ‘pragmatic’ foreign policy.

Barack Obama To Write Newsweek Cover Story On Haiti

Jones to Challenge Johnson

Campbell Switching to California Senate Race

Pat Paulson has more credibility that sarah palin

Democrats uncertain of Ilitch's chances in race

Dan Quayle endorsing Bob Dold

My post says.... Lets get over ourselves... I want as many Haitian people...

Weiner Pops Ford's Trial Balloon

Where are All the Anti-Unionists, Now?

Scott Ritter is a scumbag.

Rep. Shadegg to retire

Rep. Shadegg to retire

"Trumka told reporters the final health care bill he expects to emerge is 'a milestone.'”

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January, 14th 2010

Robert Parry: Do Republicans Deserve a Reward?

Republican candidate Brown is supporting the big fat cat banks - how disgusting!

President Obama to speak more about Haiti at 1 ET

Axelrod: Rove is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.

Obama Tapes Robocall For Coakley, Hails Her As “My Ally”

Analysis of the MA Senate race (and why we'd still likely get HCR even if Coakley lost)

CT-Sen: Blumenthal "Body Slams" Republicans, SSP Moves to Likely D

Suffolk Poll has Brown ahead by 4. Predicted Corzine by 9 5 days before the election

Vicki Kennedy Appears In Coakley "Closer" Ad (VIDEO)

3rd-Party Candidate Named Kennedy Could Tip Senate Race in Massachusetts

"...the next generation before the next election"

(D) Coakley 49 (R) Brown 41 - Research 2000

Is this Really Going to Be a Board that Hopes for Dem losses in the Senate?

So I get this email from my boss:

Coakley...Brown...who wins?

So, we and they are going to punish Obama for not getting this country

Scott Brown Voted Against Giving Help To 9/11 Recovery Workers

Hillary Clinton, USAID chief to visit Haiti on Saturday

Sources: Health Care Reform Talks 'Approaching the End'

Krugman: Talk Is Cheap — And Irrelevant

In Obama's speeches, one favorite phrase: 'Let me be clear'

Arkansas man pleads guilty to threatening to kill Obama

Loans to be forgiven for hurricane-hit U.S. cities


Nate Silver: One Massachusetts Poll That Democrats Shouldn't Panic About

NOOOoooo! New York Post claims Lou Dobbs will not run for political office.

The possible tax is not on high benefit health insurance,

Why is the Corporate Media on Television stumping for Brown in MA?

Inside Bill Clinton's New Plan for Haiti: Exclusive Q&A

Kerry calls for temporay protected status for Haitians living in the US

If Coakley is defeated, what other legislation is in trouble?

A loss in Mass. will hand all the headaches back to the GOP where

The contrast is striking....

Another Kennedy Tragedy?

Another Kennedy Tragedy?

Nelson Asks Reid to Drop Medicaid Break for Nebraska

A Letter to Rush Limbaugh From: Roger Ebert January 14, 2010

History is against Brown: there hasn't been a conservative Senator from MA in a long time

History is against Brown: there hasn't been a conservative Senator from MA in a long time


Secretary of State Clinton and USAID Director going to Haiti tomorrow

Here's an idea

Here's an idea

DOD Announces Casualties 15-Jan-10 & Army releases December suicide data

Axelrod vs. Rove

(R) Brown 50% (D) Coakley 46% - Suffolk University

(R) Brown 50% (D) Coakley 46% - Suffolk University

If Coakley Loses, Expect Massive Dems Losses Later This Year

“There are a lot of people who have drawn lines in the sand that they’re erasing furiously today.”

American Politics Is Stuck In An Abusive, Destructive Cycle

I am so fed up with uber-righteous liberals I could spit,.

Should Obama scrap the Health Care Reform bill?

President Obama Heading to Massachusetts to stump for Coakley on Sunday.

Emotional Haitian President to Obama: Thank you, thank you, thank you

Tell Obama: NO NUKES! Stanford Study says we can go 100% Renewables in 20-30 years

Kerry to push for opening the FBI files on MLK's death and creating a MLK archive

Krugman: More on Jon Gruber

In Massachusetts it's the Health Care stupid

The crappy hcr bill will sink us.

Video version of the "How not to ask a woman out" thread

This has been a good week for me

Sex Cauldron?! I thought they closed that place down!

Every time I pay down my credit card, my limit is lowered.

So the other day I explain the concept of 'Meta' to my son...

There is nothing like that good old fashioned synthetic taste of a Frosty...

What should I do for my 25,000th post?

Death And Life.

Can someone settle a screwy argument we're having?

I'd hit it. Maybe I'd wear some protection, but I'd probably hit it.

YouTube - Richard Hell & Voidoids - "Blank Generation"

YouTube - BBM (Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Gary Moore): "White Room," Live In Koln Germany 1993

Rupert Hine - A Golden Age

YouTube - Marshall Crenshaw, "Someday Someway," live @ the Ritz NYC, 1982

YouTube, Brother Theodore with David Letterman - "A Secret Noodle Ring In Minnesota"

Conan's Barbs Keep Coming on Thursday (spoilers)

Looks like Mermaid7 has gone the way of Mermaids 1 through 6

YouTube - The Grateful Dead perform "Mountains of the Moon" & "St. Stephen" on "Playboy After Dark"

YouTube - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - "Cinnamon Girl"

High Court Bans Same-Sex Friendships

This is so cool.... The strippers on Real Sex are answering the beauty contest


If Santa got stuck in your chimney, how would you handle it?

2010: A Dudeist Odyssey

Good morning Lounge

Michael Steele is wonderful, kind, attractive, intelligent person

I need new music, something to listen to and think about.

Update on 2004 Camry's windshield wiper fluid dispenser that wasn’t dispensing

Texas textbooks

Does ticketbastard and order-by-phone mean there's no need to camp out for tickets?

Hey So Cal Loungers; check out this weather bulletin

The Agronomist

Old Mark -- how's Peanut?

What other products do people on buy when they buy communion wafers?

For AI (and Neil Young) Fans

My interview is at 9:30. Do I need pants?

Maybe I'm Psychotic -- But I remain FURIOUS about the Democrats Sell Out on Healthcare (A Rant)

***OMFG! THIS IS A HUGH, SERIES UPDATE111***"Kate Gosselin Hates Her $7,000 Hair Extensions"***

Stop me before I prune!1

What do you think about a kid's show that uses words like this?

Besides being totally selfish, is LENO just THAT clueless?!1 But see KIMMEL's zingers in Post #1

A technology question. Which is better, Real 3D or Digital 3D?

Barely used talk show for sale...


$500 Bill Tip Leads to Arrest: They haven't circulated since 1945

Photo: "EWWWW, HELP me, Kyle! There's a piece of BRAIN lodged in my HEAD!"

Would you watch Conan's porno video?

My new favorite image, for use in look-out-here-it-comes threads:

Looks like I'm going to be a published poet.

Conan Obrien offered a role on Sons of Anarchy!!!

What is being passed around on Facebook regarding Pat Robertson....

What is being passed around on Facebook regarding Pat Robertson....

Now here is a post we can all agree with?

Been a while - How is everyone? Don't be shy - stop in and say hi!

the ultimate in doofus-ness

The Jeopardy! nationwide online contestant search test is back


Jimmy Fallon does one hell of a Neil Young impression.

The Dead Weather - wow, just WOW!

Is that Frances McDormand in Aliens?

Dr Who fans - wow! So what is up with that "Geronimo"???

How many times have you had sex outdoors?

Johnny Cash & Marty Stuart - Doing My Time

The microwave is broken, no popcorn.

Aborigines to ask Prince William for slain warrior's head

Be-Bop-A-Lula - The Beatles

Be-Bop-A-Lula - Elvis Presley

The Massachusetts US Senate Special Election

Be-Bop-A-Lula - Paul McCartney

Be-Bop-A-Lula - Stray Cats

Well, we made the break with Comcast TV today

Tell me a new anagram, one I haven't heard of before.

Be-Bop-A-Lula - Gene Vincent

oops! Bear vs. Airplane

Clergyman with potato up his butt says he fell on it while hanging curtains in the nude

Man I couldn't have pissed off EVERYBODY! Someone must not have me on ignore...

Ugh. Sitting here with little to do.

Looking for books with memorable quirky characters.

Tila Tequila: "I am only here to warn you as God's Messenger and Angel disguised as A Human"

Summertime Blues- Eddie Cochran

Be-Bop-A-Lula - John Lennon

A Haiku for Pat Robertson

interesting observation about my ignore list today

We set the date

I'm 30 minutes away from having a blood transfusion (not a sympathy seeking thread)

My grandma just passed the other night

A hostile rant about my three year old

Happy Friday! (Photo Thread) I don't recall ever initiating one of these, but hec, Let's See You!

Zombies, ninjas, jedis or vampires?

any Project Runway watchers...?

Natives of these cities, what's your opinion?

Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry collaborating with Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Next round of Chemo is Tue. We had to move our Vegas trip to March

I Would Like To Take A Moment To Thank All DU'ers Who Have Helped My Family Through The Rough Times!

So if Tuna is chicken of the sea....

So...from your gut....who wins in MA ?

"Porn video shown on Moscow highway billboard" - AP

Wow, NBC's Zucker is getting *vicious* with Conan.

I have to tell a therapist that I won't be back to see her.

Anyone ever looked for and found a long-lost relative? Half-sibling, aunt, uncle, g'parents?

A Challenge!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/15/10

New cat - is this normal behavior?

Golden Girl Rue McClanahan Suffers a Stroke

Had your Phil? Vote for yer phave!

Need advice. My brother in law is a lazy, sexist, frequent dinner guest.

Why comics hate Leno

The nurse, from my doctor's office called...

It's been 6IX YEARS?!

Post pretty pics of your area!

I'm taking the earthquake very, very hard

Is the name "Alison" usually spelled with one or two L's?

Has anyone heard from Parche recently. His last post was three months ago...

Turkey Point (Florida) Nuclear Suspension

3 charged in elder abuse case (didn't take mom to hospital, she was uninsured)

Pickens halves GE turbine order as Texas project falters

Ex-Refco Lawyer Collins Gets Seven Years for Fraud

Wyclef Jean's Haiti Relief Tweets Raise $1 Million

Anti-nuclear protesters reach capitol

Orange County Fairgrounds sold for $56.5 million to private real estate group

Health Care Tax: Union Leaders Outline Big Improvements for All Working Families

Minnesota Twins stadium to recycle rainwater

Japan's Afghan naval refuel mission to end Friday

(TMZ) Leno and NBC Strike 1 Hour 'Tonight' Deal

U.S. takes charge in Haiti — with troops, aid

The Subsidy That Won't Die

Haiti needs help - and a serious plan

AP NewsBreak: US Said to Eye DC for Gitmo Trial

Desperate Haitians await foreign disaster relief

Kansas deputy AG seeks to quash Roeder defense subpoena

Editor & Publisher Sold (to Boating Magazine Co.), Resumes Operations (Greg Mitchell Let Go)

Poll Shocker: Brown Surges Ahead in Senate Race

Russian parliament approves Strasbourg Court reform

Brown’s run may be model for GOP (Tapping discord on health bills)

Sudan's SPLM leader Salva Kiir snubs national election

Aborigines to ask Prince William for slain warrior's head

Russian producers say ready for ban on U.S. poultry

Ex-U.N. Weapons Inspector (Scott Ritter) Is Charged in Child-Sex Sting

Financial Crisis Enabled Bankers To Pay Themselves a Record $145 Billion

Banks Set for Record Pay

Polanski sues French media for invasion of privacy

Consumer inflation tame in ’09 while wages fall (worst fall since '90)

Texas board to vote on social studies standards

Yemen jets 'strike al-Qaeda cell killing six'

Shadegg will not seek re-election

Iraq excludes 500 candidates from parliamentary elections

Rush Limbaugh: Haiti comments were a 'media tweak'

'Loud explosion' near German embassy in Afghanistan

LeT (Lashkar e Tayyaba) sought negotiation for Kasab release during Mumbai attack

Cuba Lets U.S. Use Airspace

Texas Nuclear Plant on Lockdown

Rocket strikes diplomatic area in Afghan capital

Radical Yemen Cleric Zendani Renews Call for Jihad

France asks Haiti's creditors: cancel debt quickly

UPDATE 1-Magnitude 5.6 quake shakes Venezuela coast town

US sending 10,000 troops to earthquake-hit Haiti

US officers 'face disciplinary action' over Fort Hood

Schakowsky Prepares Legislation to Ban Blackwater

U.S. Geek Shortage Is National Security Risk

State rips Vermont Yankee

New Transit-Funding Rules Make Streetcars More Desirable

'Growing Underclass' Of Long-Term Unemployed

Update - UN: 6,000 tons of food to be handed out in Haiti

Angry Haitians block roads with corpses: witness

Utah (GOP) Senate majority leader (Killpack) arrested on suspicion of DUI

Afghan, US forces shoot, wound five civilians: NATO

U.S. spending in Afghanistan plagued by poor U.S. oversight

FDA Health Alert for Merrick Beef Filet Squares Dog Treats

Police: Ky. census worker had told of suicide plan

Trapped Haitian Girl Dies Despite Rescue Effort

Accomplice testifies at German WWII killing trial

AP Source: Man arrested in (Michigan) airplane bomb threat

Chinese police cancel first gay pageant

4.0-Magnitude Quake Shakes Okla.

State Department updates bin Laden's Most Wanted photo for age, changes in facial hair

Haiti earthquake: Looting starts as frustration and anger boils over

Kodak sues Apple and RIM over iPhone and Blackberry

US backs Google's China threat

Honduran officers to stand trial related to coup

Hillary Clinton to visit Haiti as troops deploy

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 15

Medium strength quake hits near Venezuela coast

US Takes Charge In Haiti _ With troops, Rescue Aid

Drug Companies Threatening to Oppose Health Bill

Obama to allow Haitians in U.S. illegally to remain because of quake

Vic Snyder retiring (D-AR)

Indian group likely to bid for Hollywood icon MGM

Cuba cold snap kills 26 at psychiatric hospital

APNewsBreak: AP sources: Obama to Massachusetts

In reversal, federal regulators now propose to limit oil and gas commodities

FCC looks at ways to assert authority over Web access

Army charges mom for refusing to leave infant

Doomsday Clock to be moved for first time in two years

Sarah Palin's Debut on Sesame Street Also a Disaster

How Washington’s Plot Against Haiti Worsened The Earthquake Disaster

The Subsidy That Won't Die

Into the Closet - Greenhouse

Limbaugh advises people to NOT contribute to Haiti aid! No...really. what a shit!

Ukrainian Presidential Elections: Oranges and Clementines

Ten Things the US Can and Should Do for Haiti

Will USAID, Right Wing Think Tanks & Private Interests Create Aftershocks in Haiti?

AlterNet: Sewage as a Measure of Society's Drug Use

Secret Tape Reveals Harry's 'Reid' on Harold Ford

Frank Schaeffer: America's Pact With Satan

The COIN Myth: Searching for Human Intelligence (Jeff Huber)

Adam Curtis ('The Power of Nightmares') on Yemen

GOP Senate Candidate in Mass Defends Bankster Bonuses

Benedict Arnold Clothing Companies Kick Haiti When She's Down

Where Do We Go From Here?

NBC's Peacock, Pissed Off by Jeff Zucker, Threatens to Walk

Haitian Earthquake: Made in the USA

FReeprers Claim Obama State Senate Records Show He's Incompetent!

Scott Brown Voted Against Giving Help To 9/11 Recovery Workers

Naomi Klein Issues Haiti Disaster Capitalism Alert: Stop Them Before They Shock Again

Glenn Greenwald: Obama Confidant's Spine-Chilling Proposal

The right-wing media react to Haiti

Haiti Relief: see how much corporations are donating

Bass Boats And Queer Marriage (Joe Bageant)

A Call for More Regulation at Fiscal Crisis Inquiry

Aristide, Haiti's exiled former president, offers to return

What Karl Rove got wrong on the U.S. deficit - By David Axelrod

A decade of BBC propaganda

Update: The Cadillac Tax Will Raise Far Less Than Projected and Won't Control Costs

Taking Care of the Deadbeats

Greedy Disney donates $100,000 to Haiti victims

Just a suggestion

Her Crime? Sex Work in New Orleans

Who was Spartacus?

JP Morgan Chase to pay $27 billion, largely in bonuses

An Idea to throw out to everyone.

Obama at House Dems Issues Conference

Pat Robertson - The View

Things to Remember While Helping Haiti

"Sarah Palin Joins Faux News" - Excellent Takedown by Old Fart Rants (Earmuff The Kids!)

Rachel Maddow: Disturbing Reports From Haiti

AP Reporter's Notebook: "Today I Tasted Death" in Haiti

NY Relatives of Quake Victims: 'Not Knowing Is the Worst Part'

Palin screws up on Hannity's show - she doesn't know what day it is

"HOPE – The Obama Musical Story" Opens In Germany This Week

Wyclef Jean on Ground in Haiti - 'We Spent the Day Picking Up Dead Bodies' STATE OF EMERGENCY - HELP

Financial crisis inquiry begins

President Obama Proposes Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee

The BBC Reports On The Might Of America's Military Mobilizing To Save Lives In Haiti

Winograd: We Need to Elect a Progressive Majority to Congress Need Reps Who Will LEAD

MA Senate Race - Scott Brown votes with Republicans 96% of the time - The Truth about Brown

The Garden of Eden, Pat Robertson, & Sadistic School Teachers

TPM: Unfortunate Word Choice: Gingrich Compares Possible Scott Brown Victory To An 'Earthquake'

Raw Video: Haiti Hospitals in Crisis AP

Conspiracy Theory HAARP 1/4 Jesse Ventura

Alan Colmes uses enhanced interrogation techniques on a listener.

Jimmy Kimmel Skewers Jay Leno On His Own Show

Disaster Capitalists Part I - Donald Rumsfeld, Profitting from disease

Obama Gives Update On Haiti Relief Effort

Rachel Maddow w/ Tracy Kidder: Dire Medical Needs in Haiti

Streets Full of Bodies in Haiti

New Law Requires Women To Name Baby, Paint Nursery Before Getting Abortion

A Christian's Take On Pat Robertson's Statements On The Haiti Earthquake

Stephanie Miller on HLN's Behar show

TYT DESTROYS Harold Ford Jr.

Fox News Priorities

Scott Brown Must Lose

I'm With CoCo (Conan)

Naomi Klein Issues Haiti Disaster Capitalism Alert: Stop Them Before They Shock Again

Young Turks: Alan Grayson Punches Republican Party In The Mouth!

PGE moves to close Boardman coal-fired power plant early

Ag Group {American Farm Bureau} Asked to Recognize Climate Change (UALR)

The distribution of breeding birds around upland wind farms

Joule Biotech - 10X the amount of ethanol/acre with no corn or biomass

UN should be sidelined in future climate talks, says Obama official

An invitation to think differently

ODAC Newsletter - Jan 15

Drumbeat: January 15, 2010

Chinese Transportation Growth

HydroPhi Car, competing for Automotive X Prize - runs on water!

Just 1 Problem With Monckton's Non-Peer Reviewed Climate "Theory" - If True, Ice Ages Didn't Happen

New Study Projects 0.3 Drop In Ocean Ph = 10-20% Fall In Iron Uptake By Phytoplankton

Tropical Storm Conditions In Gulf Of Mexico May Cut Oil & Gas Production Over Weekend

Vietnam's Red River Measured At Record Low - AFP

Two Inhofe Aides, Two Senior Lobbyists (Former Bush EPA) Deeply Involved In Murkowski Amd. On GHGs

Arctic permafrost leaking methane at record levels -- up by 1/3 over 5 years

Caribbean at risk of more large earthquakes

Solar Power: Sunshine's Cloudy Days

Forget Wind. Pickens Turns Focus to Gas.

How High Will Seas Rise? Get Ready for Seven Feet

Damn, mvd. Why did you lock that one up???

Ex-Cowboy Moose Johnston: If Dallas wins, expect Super Bowl trip

Cutcliffe staying at Duke

Today in Sports History: 1967.....

SAINTS sign Deuce McCallister

Defensive Coordinator for the Patriots decides not to come back.

A Truly WTF moment. Frisco is in Texas. Woulda fucking thunk...

Check out Trumad's piling on of a defenseless poster

Niners-Broncos in London in 2010

Orrin Hatch wants Boise State invited to the WH

ESPN crawl: Tennessee to hire LA Tech coach

Focus on the Family buys Super Bowl spot featuring Tim Tebow

How Washington’s Plot Against Haiti Worsened The Earthquake Disaster

Honduran officers to stand trial related to coup

... In one grand commitment, Haiti, through President Pétion, contributed more to the liberation of

I've been working Haitian relief here in Little Haiti in Miami. I heard that ...

Earthquake in Haiti: The Day After

Magical Realism A Coup in Honduras ... So Twentieth Century!

Indigenous people have 20 years less life expectancy: UN

Cuba cold snap kills 26 at psychiatric hospital

A decade of BBC propaganda

Police zero in on 1 of 17 'wives' in cult leader rape probe

U.S. rabbi involved in sex scandal led fight against non-Haredi conversions in Israel

Canada cuts funding to anti-Israel groups

An online campaign for Gaza

Jewish McCarthyism Strikes Gold(stone)

Online College Planned for Union Workers

Haitian Earthquake Victims Need Your Help! (

Massachusetts Working Families Gearing Up GOTV for Coakley


(stimulus) Grant to train for building trades

What Haiti really needs is a textile workers union!

13-year-old charged in killing of 17-year-old; schools closed Friday in response to emergency crisis

As Martha Coakley's race tightens, gun control may be an issue.

Recreational driving and shooting near Cleveland. Suspect arrested.

Shall Issue CCW in CA?

Gun settles family grievance near Gainesville; deputy sheriff also slain.

USA Buys 14 Million+ Guns In 2009 - More Than 21 of the Worlds Armies Combined

Phonebank from home for Martha Coakley- Stop Scott Brown!

Madison named one of the most gay-friendly cities in America

ahhhh, hair didn't make the cut?

longhorn in the morning

Quick shot with the iPhone on Christmas Eve

New species discovered in Ecuador

Expecting the Big One

Light shed on fish gill mystery

A walk at McConnell Spring- Four images

Ice floes on Cook Inlet

Edgar Cayce and Type X

Plumped up carbon fatter than expected

Scenes from Two Hemispheres

Why is the news media comfortable with lying about science?

A Post about my Daughter - and Activism

Solar Eclipse January 15, 2010

A great link from GD.

Sorry I could not be here sooner...

OT--In honor of my weird dream...

Bankers Without a Clue - Krugman

Oopsie 2 Birthdays Yesterday: But let's still have a PARTY TODAY for JanusAscending & rosesaylavee

'Growing Underclass' Of Long-Term Unemployed

Compound elementals.....

My friend's husband is going to Haiti...thoughts and prayers needed...

YOU Docs Push A Snake Oil Agenda In The Oregonian (Portland local daily)

Obama wants acupuncture

Study: University of California minority enrollment among lowest in US

All in One IT Certification Braindumps and Certification Training

Applicants to UC smarter, more diverse

Thank you Mods!

Deregulation and Charter School Swindles

Praise The LORD......Scores of aid workers among dead in Haiti

it does not have to be a Robertson type comment

Beware of the Anthropic Principle. Even liberals fall for it.

How appropriate is religious TV for children?

Coconut rice with mango.

Anybody here keeping hens in their backyards for fresh eggs?