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First Mass. Results

Shameless Repugs try to co-op Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's message

Boston Globe - "Brown’s glossy veneer conceals misleading campaign"

Coakley/Brown: A larger problem than simply politics

Tomorrow's Massachusetts Weather Report

In defense of my candidate, Martha Coakley

Many here would agree that I have a lot to learn about politics, so can I ask a few questions?

International Minute of Silence for Haiti on Facebook

International Minute of Silence for Haiti on Facebook

Midterm strategy - the "Wall Street Republicans"

Grace Ross: You Must Vote Tuesday (former Green-Rainbow MA candidate/co-chair)

Is 8pm EST to late to do phone banking in MA?

Italy 'to open first prison for transgender inmates'

Good for frist to be down in Haiti, but bad for him for the

I'm starting to wish Democrats never achieved a 60 seat majority in the Senate

Anyone know Scott Brown's middle name?

Anyone know Scott Brown's middle name?

Calgarian receives death threats postmarked from Cochrane

just chatted with our local dem for congress here in so cal. nice to talk to a liberal

Just watched some LA firemen save a woman from the rubble in Haiti

My theory. What do you think about this? (re current politics, including HCR, MA election, etc)

Let's hope this is the last we hear of Snot Brown. n/t

A win, even by one vote, and no matter how ugly, is still a win.

If Scott Brown wins, then Holy Joe, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins sets Obama's agenda

There is a $#*@-storm brewing over Coakley.

Prediction: If Brown wins Rahm Emanuel and Tim Kaine are out!

Navy Faults Leadership in Incomplete Hazing Probe

Justice Dept acting Like Criminal Defense Firm

Anderson Cooper looks good tonight

Four-star 2nd District speculation

Ok we got 20 mins left,

Haiti's elite spared from much of the devastation

So the Grasp is already there

Do you have any DUzy nominations?? Send them to me, please...

Folks - it's a myth that we have 60 votes in the Senate - on a good day we have 45

I know that the press is also geting into the second hand guessing

How many people will mistakingly vote for Joseph Kennedy? nt

Scott Horton is not letting up on the DOJ

So the Left is going to punish Obama by electing Brown?

We can have a discussion or we can have the spin....

Police force first Mr Gay China pageant to close

Anyone who calls themselves a progressive and votes for Scott Brown

Rahm Emanuel has an urgent message for the Democratic base:

Crap... One Dead From Pacific Storms...

Machinists and Firefighters Unions oppose AFL-CIO/ White House deal on healthcare insurance taxes

In the real world progressives will turn out more for Coakley than centrists

In the real world progressives will turn out more for Coakley than centrists

Obama's America: 2010 and Beyond

If we lose tomorrow....

Had this article been written much sooner...

Today's press briefing from the State Dept. re: Haiti (full transcript)

Today's press briefing from the State Dept. re: Haiti (full transcript)

Anyone watching The Daily Show?

Jeez! This guy, Scott Brown truly is an asshole, isn't he?

Judges Thompson (1st cir), Diaz (4th cir), and Wynn (4th) to get Senate Judiciary vote this Thursday

Judges Thompson (1st cir), Diaz (4th cir), and Wynn (4th) to get Senate Judiciary vote this Thursday

Well, things are alrady getting nasty in San Diego

Just spent four hours phonebanking for Coakley...

Just spent four hours phonebanking for Coakley...

Stupak said today that "House members will not vote for the Senate bill"

Martin (11th Circuit) nomination to get vote in the Full Senate late Wed morning


Why have the Dems not insisted on getting rid of the black box machines?

Tomorrow's Election

Nate Silver gives Coakley 25% chance of victory

This Modern World: A Visit To Parallel Earth (Parallel Earth Pat Robertson)


Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Larry King just announced in 2 hrs they have raised close to $5million for the Red Cross & UNICEF

Ok Anderson is pulling back from the civil unrest

Anyone know where a county Massachusetts map of a GOP win might be?

Mike Malloy is playing snippets

Nicolas Cage will pay IRS $14 million

US Security Co-Sees $$$ In Haiti Offers To Perform 'High Threat Terminations+Confront Worker Unrest'

The political evolution of corporations.

Obama isn't doing enough: The US is not acting fast enough in Haiti.

Ok did you see the Israeli Paramedic that stopped the CNN truck?

If Brown somehow wins in Massachusetts, will President Obama:

If Brown somehow wins in Massachusetts, will President Obama:

Some idiot from Mass said he wishes Coakley was more likable

How strong is the Democratic GOTV machinery in Massachusetts?

Did Scott Brown's supporters make their own poll results?

Can't some company donate a few thousand sledge hammers, pick axes, pry bars and shovels to Haiti?

Obama State Of Union Set For Jan 27, Budget Feb 1.

Massachusetts county projections based on strength of Obama 08 win

Massachusetts county projections based on strength of Obama 08 win

Dewey vsTruman-history lesson, aka Go Martha!!!

An Alberta S&R team took their dogs out of Haiti after 3 days.

I keep reading about people calling Dems in MA to vote - why ONLY Dems?

PLease DU This CNN Poll: Who Do You Think Will Win Tomorrow?

politico is poison. Don't Listen to A Fucking Thing they Say

We are NOW in the recovery phase

I am a lucky man

Question: How many believe in "The Illuminati"?

Why the bottleneck to get supplies into Haiti... EXPLAINATION HERE.

According to DU rules, anybody who posts pro-Brown or anti-Coakley threads should be tombstoned

Democrats Look At Bypassing Senate Health Care Vote

Democrats Look At Bypassing Senate Health Care Vote

Human traffickers find easy prey amid the rubble of Haiti

Everyone - and I mean everyone - using the tragedy in Haiti to score political points is an asshole

The Nation: Move Your Money

"The minority would basically control the Senate"

Police Dog Stabbed Twice

Anyone besides me having trouble connecting?

Jeremy Scahill: US "Security" Companies Offer "Services" in Haiti

Jeremy Scahill: US "Security" Companies Offer "Services" in Haiti

YouTube Down: Another Cyber Attack?

Balad burn pit harmed troops living 1 mile away

Who is Martha Coakley: NYT article talks up her progressive creds

On a Positive Note

There are....

Fear, my friends, is the most potent weapon in the political arsenal

OK, here is what concerns me about the current direction of the aid effort.

US Blocking Costa Rican Sugar From US Markets ......

It's intersting to see how events like the Haiti disaster brings out the hatred in people!

If it weren't for the MA health care system, I would be screwed.

The gaping hole in our democracy is killing our nation.

Andrew Sullivan: A Looming Landslide for Brown

I'm disappointed with Obama and HCR bill. I think boycotting the Coakley campaign is a good idea.

'Avatar' pulled from 2-D screens by Chinese government

G (Obstructionist) P - has made 60 the new 50

Corporate Responsibility - I think the DEMs have a chance here

For Coakley, ominous sign


I'm here in Boston visiting right now...

Perry vs Schwartzeneger will either be our Brown vs Board of Education


Scott Brown vs. Martha Coakley: will bad weather affect vote? (could help Democrat Coakley)

I am SO proud of my friends......

Here's what I've digested from recent posts about the Massachusetts election...

The morning shows are proclaiming Brown the victor already

nora o'donnell....'brown headed for a historic victory'

nora o'donnell....'brown headed for a historic victory'

So, why hasn't Congress crafted laws requiring the wealthy to sacrifice for the nation?

This Is Sickening Watching Mo(u)rning Joe Dance On The Democrat's Graves

Living on the east coast, I hate Tuesday mornings ... wanna guess why?

Stephen Colbert Takes On The 'Walk Away From Your Mortgage' Movement (VIDEO)

Vic Snyder Hears A Train

26% of Blacks Voting For Brown. Please Weigh In. Do You Believe That?

Will the Felonious Five throw the last remaining shards of democracy under the bus this month?

UN Afghanistan survey points to huge scale of bribery

UN Afghanistan survey points to huge scale of bribery

NY Bar Association Assembles Male Lawyers to Tell Lady Lawyers How They Can Do Better

Don't forget how the CONs fought King and Civil Rights every step of the way:

Boston Globe: The Big Picture-Haiti Six Days Later

If Dems lose Kennedy's seat, then Hamsher, Schultz, Hartmann, Press especially,

HAITI: help look for missing people using media photos

HAITI: help look for missing people using media photos

Adoption agencies warned off Haiti's orphans

"Report: More men get economic boost from marriage"

It is not too late to begin dropping food packages without parachutes all over Haiti

New Politico Poll Says Brown Up By 9 52-43

Japan Airlines files for bankruptcy, to cut jobs

Japan Airlines files for bankruptcy, to cut jobs

Don't know anyone in Massachusetts? Organizing for America has lists of people you can call today!

I Just Bid on the eBay Sale for Haiti Relief, Interview Table from Colbert Report...

Good luck, Massachusetts. Good luck, MA DUers.

Let's give Scott Brown a big Hello tomorrow

The Boston Globe: Brown supporters trying to suppress vote by bullying

A Reminder of What We are Fighting For in Health Reform (Even if its imperfect)

Count on LOTS of heckling from Republicans next Wednesday

IF everybody on the Left gave up Morning Joe for American Morning

Wow! The polls haven't opened and Scarborough has basically said that Coakley

Wow! The polls haven't opened and Scarborough has basically said that Coakley

Morning Joe should be cancelled if Coakley wins

Nancy Nails It

At least one report of large-scale sign theft by Brown supporters

Fundies are obsessed with the Washington DC equal marriage issue....

Right-wing LaRouchebags protesting Coakley Rally with Obama Hitler signs

Right-wing LaRouchebags protesting Coakley Rally with Obama Hitler signs

Sarah Palin On Cover Of Liberal British Magazine

CNN star performs brain surgery on US military ship

Records show feds used ultra-right radio host for years

health insurance companies are up big time today because they believe HCR will not happen

health insurance companies are up big time today because they believe HCR will not happen

Anthony Weiner was just bluffing on Morning Joe.

"If Coakley loses, the market will go up."

"If Coakley loses, the market will go up."

Check in to this thread to wish Coakley good luck tomorrow!

Yeah! Losing Mass tomorrow will TOTALLY SHOW THEM! (sarcasm)

Advice to any/all Dems running for office in 2010 (feel free to add your own)

Cat saves couple, dog

France seeks clarification of US role in Haiti

France seeks clarification of US role in Haiti

Brown supporters trying to suppress vote by bullying

If Senate HCR Bill dies, All Is Not Lost. Only 51 Votes Needed for "Good Stuff" Stripped Out of

If the country and MA was really progressive/liberal, why do you think brown would win?

Driver chooses wrong victim for obscene gesture

Why do some polls claim 20%+ of Democrats are voting Republican in Massachusetts?

If Brown wins, the Senate Bill probably is dead. But, real HCR lives, if Obama leads it.

Early voting in Massachusetts?

A Case for Justifiable Homicide?

"Of course I’d volunteer to help, but intellectually I just don’t think volunteering really helps."

After 9 years I'm outta here!

We made a corporate donation to Haiti

A positive MA story

American Airlines raises checked bag fees ($5 increase per bag)

Glenn Greenwald: Public opinion merits "the profoundest respect"

I'm thinking when Obama went to Massachusetts last Sunday he should have put it on the line

"Starbuds"(tm) For the next decade!!

Why is everyone so worried, the Administration has assured us the Left has nowhere else to go

A Brown victory would be a great chance for an "experiment" by Democrats

Haiti earthquake: Outside Port-au-Prince, Haitians Say They've Been Forgotten

I have a new sig line

Orphans from quake-ravaged Haiti arrive in U.S.

Canadian ships arrive in Haiti.

DU has become overrun by liberal teabaggers

Charity Navigators' list of best agencies providing help in Haiti

Party time for tea producers (world wide tea prices going up & staying up

A dozen Shelterboxes to be used as emergency field hospital--DailyKos project

Rachel Alexandra Named Horse of the Year

25% voter turnout by 11:00AM in my precinct

Have they found fraud again?

FBI Still Using Bearded, Turbaned Version Of Dubious Bin Laden Photoshop

South Florida Immigration Officials (FedExpress) Under Fire After Targeting Guatemalans in Jupiter

Voting Turnout and the lack of long lines in MA

The TRUTH About Doctors Without Borders

Pres. Obama's first line for the SoTU ...

Royal Caribbean Provides Tourists, Relief To Haiti

Does bad weather hurt turnout equally across both parties? nt

What Would Teddy Want? Martha Coakley to lose?

Germany has been looking for 30 yrs. for a nuke waste site

If We Duers Had Half a Brain,

i have a dream

I hope this is a wake-up call for Tim Kaine, or we need another DNC chairman /nt

State Dept says up to 5,500 Americans missing in Haiti

What Internet? China region cut off 6 months now

Why Democrats NEVER Fight Back-Its The $$$ (Bill Moyers: "GOP Off The Hook For Giant Mess")

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

7 churches burned in Texas since Jan 1st

Gee, this Firedoglake Post went Unnoticed........

How to tell if things are going our way in MA? Wait for a pundit to mention ACORN.

Screw you Doug Flutie.

Im-Propaganda: How Effective Are Misinformation Campaigns to Manipulate Public Opinion?

Joseph Stiglitz coming up on hartmann

Making chicken salad

Alan Grayson Eviscerates Republicans into Confetti

Ok, polls have been open for a while......what do the lines look like??

The Media Controls Our Elections. When Will This Stop?

Hoyer: Dems Could Pass Health Care Before Brown Takes Office

What is going on with the Boston Globe today?

Heavy voter turnout this morning - Cape Cod

A question about Haiti, the gazillion church groups, and women's reproductive rights

Terrorism threat puts snag in new Robert Munsch book...

20,000 march to protest anti-immigrant sheriff

How did Coakley drop 20 points in one week?

MSNBC: Chipping away by creating a new reality. It is jaw dropping to listen to how

Bottom line: If Coakley loses today, the country lurches further to the right

Palin, Fox, 'Jesus on Acid' and the End of the World

AC on CNN: 2nd Doctors Without Borders plane refused landing request tonight.

Conflation of Mass. loss as referendum on all things Dem, should be TOMBSTONED!

Massachusetts Turnout

Look, even if Coakley DOES lose, it's not the end for Senate Democrats

The Great Lakes are doomed

Open thread to all MA DUers who are working hard today

Nevermore? No mystery visitor on Poe birthday

I voted today. Did you?

Brad Friedman on the Malloy show now - addressing Diebolding of Massachusettes election

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter a few minutes ago

Brown supporters trying to suppress vote by bullying- WOW- a must read!!

Updates on Senate race from local media

Theory: Bogus reporting enables election stealing.

Thank Gawd for Diebold!!

email from Ohio Dem Party: Strickland announces new Lt. Gov running mate

Talking Afghan peace while the Taliban strike

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

It's not just about turning off progressives and the base

An Offensive Mr. Fish Cartoon Fiesta

The Blackout on Cuban Aid to Haiti

Good news from!

John Travolta Says He'll Airlift Scientologist "Volunteer Ministers" to Help Haiti Quake Victims

Jim Cramer: major stock market rally if Coakley loses.

Al Capone would be in awe of the Banksters' shakedown tactics

An interesting observation about filibusters by Thom Hartmann.

Arianna Huffington: "Hope" Has Been a Bust, It's Time for Hope 2.0

Anyone here have the same attitude I have about the MA race?

Haitian Prime Minister confirms that 70,000 bodies have been recovered

Haitian Prime Minister confirms that 70,000 bodies have been recovered

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

Heard Joe Sestak-Dem challenger to Specter for PA Senator - on an

The Boston Globe’s Super Interesting Poll Watching Feature..

There Will Be NO Exit Polls Today!

Boston Globe Website--Get results of election here when they come in

Heck of a job, Scott Brownie...David Axelrod: "As a practitioner in politics, my hat's off to him"

***Heads up, DU***

Voter Reactions - Mass (from Boston Globe -- just posted) -- more

What do Italians, the French and Democrats Have in common?

Marines Exit Iraq In First Wave Of US Forces Out

Disaster PORN, and the Networks

The Genius of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Speaking To The Children

Low expectations for Coakley is an advantage, not a disadvantage

My daughter's teacher's parents finally called from Haiti, they're alive,

Anti-Obama, Anti- Democratic Party DUers . . .

Afghan Surge Worries Aid Groups

Pictures and Video of Anderson Cooper helping injured boy - graphic pics

Data center plays supporting role in Avatar (In New Zealand)

How To Make Calls Online for Coakley (They supply the phone numbers and script)

**CNN Breaking News***

Early afternoon pizza delivery...

"She's there, she's alive!"

Yet another asshat blames Haitians "practice of Voodoo " and Satan as cause of quake!

ASPCA: Woman kept 37 cats in 1-bedroom apartment, most in good health, she gets to keep 2

Training Tuesday: Learning from Obama for Local Campaigns

Last ditch GOTV email from Obama

I've been out all afternoon and need to leave again in a sec. Can anyone give me an update on what

Obama advisor: President would have done more to save Teddy's seat if asked earlier

OH NO! The Glenlivet Queen Peggy Noonan is on Joe right now...

'Baby Doc’ Duvalier pledges £5m aid to Haiti

A Ballot with Brown's name already filled in?

Is your time on here well spent?

If the way things have gone since the election is where corporate money leaves us

Tomorrow's spin on today's election.

What Retirees Would Have Done Differently

Ancient cat goddess temple found in Egypt

I'm not supporting the Network telethon for Haiti

Airline’s ‘cougar’ ad blasted by rape victims

Sometimes random bits of information monumentally piss me off.

Weird Ballot in MA: Brown's name already filled in

Weird Ballot in MA: Brown's name already filled in

Obama's Katrina

KNOCK NOW: Canvassers Needed ASAP in MA

I Voted for Coakley

I Voted for Coakley

Scott Horton -The Official Response Begins: When a cover-up is exposed, nothing is more telling

CT Attorney General must be watching the MA situation unfold with GREAT interest!

More wives outearning their husbands

I know this is awful, and it is not my wish, but we've lost Mass

Insurance stocks soar. Investor class betting on Brown.

If they manage to pass the SENATE version of the bill with less than 60 votes, instead of a Public

Why do our party's leaders demand loyalty from us, yet show none TO us?

TMZ: Fox Registers Domain Name "CONANONFOX.COM"

Donny Deutsch: African-American, female, whatnot. (Brown) "looks like a real traditional candidate"

Anyone else liking the lack of exit polling? Rational discourse today instead of emotional ups and

Claims of US cover-up over Guantanamo deaths

RIP Kate McGarrigle 1946-2010

Charitable giving?

Wow. Ohio State U. prez earns a million a year and UVA's prez over $700K, plus housing!

Oct 15 2008 Massachusetts party enrollment.

The question of the day

Poetic justice if Teddy's undying dream of health reform dies with a Brown victory.

Autism, XMRV and vaccines

"We need to send a message and were Angry"

This picture really shows Brown's mentality

I don't care!!!!

'Curling iron' rape remark leveled at Martha Coakley by Scott Brown supporter may burn GOPer

Dear DU:

Much Much More Than A-"Mere Lawyer": YOO-"Set The Constitutional Violations In Motion"

Does Joe Kennedy (I-MA) pull more votes from Democrats or Republicans

Wow, Tornado warnings in southwest Los Angeles County.

Gay marriage trial resumes; mayor testifies about "evolving"

"These are the scenes of Haiti- The smell of death hangs in the air everywhere"

"These are the scenes of Haiti- The smell of death hangs in the air everywhere"

And now for something completely different: L.A. Gang Tours ($65 bus tour)

ah second storm comming in right now

Since the right wing media has already declared Brown the winner

L.A. Filmmaker John Ireland to Produce Prop. 8 Trial Re-Enactment for YouTube (HA!)

The hate and the quake - Haiti did not fail- it was destroyed by two...

The first was a man named David

When do the polls close in Mass tonight?

Why Massachusetts doesn't matter

$hitibank protests Brazil's tax on foreigners' purchases of stocks and bonds

Election results.

!! URGENT !! KNOCK NOW: Canvassers Needed ASAP in MA

Jay Leno: In 2004, NBC Didnt Think I Could Hold Onto the #1 Spot

God's control panel. This explains everything!

California sets new time limits to see doctors

Intern Killer Joe: "Reckless and sad" for Olbermann to call Brown a "homophobic racist reactionary"

Self-styled guru arrested for raping, enslaving women

Coakley campaign adviser points at the Nelson deal as the beginning of their problems,

Why move Left?

The worst tragedy is not being able to do more

The worst tragedy is not being able to do more

From the primary to Sunday, Scott Brown made 66 campaign stops, while Martha Coakley made 19.

DOD clarifies its doctrine on "psychological operations."

DOD clarifies its doctrine on "psychological operations."

DOD clarifies its doctrine on "psychological operations."

Stealing the election in MA. (Honestly?)

What is the difference between a "disciplined" Republican party

If Dems behaved like Repubs, this country wouldn't be governable

If Scott Brown doesn't scare people


'Love Story' author Erich Segal dies aged 72

Timothy Noah, Slate: How a Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts will kill health reform

So how long is the media milking Haiti?

Mods, please help.

Gmail accounts of foreign correspondents in China hacked and hijacked - fcc source.

PREDICTION: Haiti will drop out of the news cycle tonight after the election results are announced.

On the stand, repub San Diego mayor recounts how he came to support marriage equality

What pisses me off as an Independent is not the Health Care Fiasco

Palin's ex-friend she fired and trashed in "Going Rogue" will run her Alaska rival's Senate campaign

MSNBC is reporting turnout north of Midterms south of Presidential General - good news for Coakley

Oh Man, I Don't Ever Want To Vote For Harold Ford's Smarmy Ass.

If Coakley Wins Today, The M$M And So-Called "Pundits" Will:

'Love Story' Author Erich Segal Dies at Age 72

Twitter feed from weather channel on the storm out west:

URGENT NOTICE: Drivers needed for Coakley Voters, RETWEET THIS

Six Scenarios for the Massachusetts Vote and After

If Dem turnout in Mass is high...And Brown still wins...Would you have questions....

Shh: Politico poll predicting Coakley demise conducted by ex-Gingrich aide

Mawkish, maybe. But "Avatar" is a profound, insightful, important film

Mawkish, maybe. But "Avatar" is a profound, insightful, important film

ALERT! Coakley Voters Report Receiving Ballots Pre-Marked For Brown

Taliban commander speaks out - al jazeera interviews haqqani.

Is the MA special election a preview of 2010?

Is the MA special election a preview of 2010?

A Tornado Warning in LA County?!

I just got a very offensive e-mail.

Simply going through the motions of a campaign will not be an option in November

Tonight I am the richest man in the world.

Rocket Science and Diebold Mysteries Rather Than Simple, Observable Democracy in MA Senate Race

FYI: By Mass election laws, Only Coakley or Brown can request a recount...

Taliban commander speaks out - al jazeera interviews haqqani. short video available.

James Taylor to hold Haiti benefit show in Mass.

James Taylor to hold Haiti benefit show in Mass.

AG sues insurance agency for collecting millions in bogus fees

Ancient cat goddess temple found in Egypt

MA report from the ground: Turnout HUGE

MA report from the ground: Turnout HUGE

See this weather radar as storms sweep across the country:

See this weather radar as storms sweep across the country:

Three Times the powers that are running the Haiti rescue effort

Three Times the powers that are running the Haiti rescue effort

What a shame for the Christian Right, Rifqa dispute comes to an end

As expected, here's Liz Sidoti's "this is a referendum on Obama" column.

2 voters in Cambridge handed ballots with bubble next to Brown’s name already filled in

CBS Poll needs help, Grade Obama's First Year in Office.

Mandated balanced budgets - what say you?

Joe Kennedy Says Death Threats Came From Scott Brown Camp

Even if Brown wins, he doesn't have to be seated right away

Die, Wall Street. Die !!!!

Looking for a RW email so I can fix it

Looking for a RW email so I can fix it

"Super Majority?"

"Super Majority?"

Salem loses funding for teen pregnancy prevention program

Late day Mass news--Michael Steele is here at Brown's HQ

I really REALLY cannot stomach Ron Christie

Hartmann has decided not to call tea baggers tea baggers

If Brown wins, and it is less than 10 points, lawsuit time!

Ex-mistress says TX minister admitted killing wife

Where's martha's Birth Certificate?

Is there any more weasely minion on the Republican side than Ron Christie?

Is there any more weasely minion on the Republican side than Ron Christie?

Former Kennedy aide does the math for a Coakley win

Scott Brown Nude centerfold

Coakley Campaign To Sound Alarm On Reported Ballots Pre-Marked For Scott Brown

Ellen Ratner: What's Really Going On In Massachusetts

I just started True Blood Season 2 On Demand, and WILL NOT watch the bloviating.

Mass. Residents already Have Mitt Care...They are Angry about Wall St. Bailouts!

Author: Tiger Woods at sex rehab clinic

If Brown wins tonight we have a precedent for the path to him being seated

Just voted (Yarmouth Port, on the Cape). Parking lot packed. Very high turnout,

Sanjay Gupta 'Shocked' When Doctors Left Him Alone In Haiti Clinic Overnight (VIDEO)

Is the electorate about to take a big lurch to the right?

No matter who wins the Senate election today...

Enough with the henhouse bitchiness over Martha Coakley's campaign

Enough with the henhouse bitchiness over Martha Coakley's campaign

Many people criticize "Avatar" for being "unoriginal" or "derivative".

Many people criticize "Avatar" for being "unoriginal" or "derivative".

Many people criticize "Avatar" for being "unoriginal" or "derivative".

Good God--Matthews just asked if Coakley was losing because...

Are we really going to even know who wins this race tonight???

If Health Care Reform Dies, Blame The Democrats

If Health Care Reform Dies, Blame The Democrats

America's 75 Worst Commutes

Can you hear us now?

Obama joins Twitter club, tweets for first time

Zogby Predicts Coakley Win

YO: I'm running a live blog from Boston today on the MA Senate race

If Mass had "vote by mail" we wouldn't be nearly as worried as we are now.

I just "unfriended" a FB acquaintance

Wall Street's Verdict is in: Brown will win, Kill the Bill & protect Insurance Co. & Pharma profits

Checking in From OC

Matthews and Noron O'Donnell seem to be calling Election for Brown...anyone else watching?

Two weeks ago I saw a RW poll claim the race in Massachusetts was close...

Instant Classic: Devil's Letter to Pat Robertson

Poe Toaster is 'Nevermore'

Just who do "progressives" and teabaggers think they are teaching a lesson?

Georgia women teach Fayetteville how not to run a counterfeiting ring

Doctors Without Borders Plane with Lifesaving Medical Supplies Diverted Again from Landing in Haiti

What was achieved with 60 votes?

So many experts... so little time...

R's are playing chess & D's are in the nurse's office, glued their balls to their thighs again

R's are playing chess & D's are in the nurse's office, glued their balls to their thighs again

DU Folding at home team members! Stanford has had a massive power outage, so

***Breaking news on CNN: 5.8 Earthquake near Cayman Islands***

Scott Brown as Blue Boy (((PIC)))

CNN Reporting Tornado Warnings in Southern CA.. what is this "The Day After Tomorrow"?

“Haiti is Shaken to the Core”: Amy Goodman Reports from Port-au-Prince

U.S. miltary to open a NEW runway in Jacmel Haiti

My 72 virgins nightmare

Doctor: Misinformation and Racism Have Frozen Recovery Effort at General Hospital in Port-au-Prince

MLK:"A nation that continues to spend more money on military defense than programs of social uplift"

If your religious convictions could prevent you from performing

I just want to tell Massachusetts good luck, we're all counting on you

What am I missing? (Obama's performance from a historical perspective)

Can someone PLEASE explain why, when the DSCC recruits candidates

Can someone PLEASE explain why, when the DSCC recruits candidates

If Coakley wins by more than 3%, Political polling is going to take a major hit

I know a way to put thousands maybe a million people back to

U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes

I want Coakely to win, but even if she does, I want the Democratic Party to ask itself why this was

"Political wisdom" about the "Independent Voter" is completely, deliberately wrong.

Those of you that don't grasp why more planes can't get in to Port Au Prince, look at these photos;

Mika Brzezinski: The Media Does Have A Liberal Bias

Robinson: "Obama has not given the Democratic Party's liberal, activist base much to rally around"

Beware Of Right Wing Rhetoric Re-Packaged As Anger at "Corporatist" Democrats

Notre Dame paper's editor resigns after running gay-bashing cartoon

What The Military Is Doing In Haiti

Good wishes for Martha Coakley thread.

Good wishes for Martha Coakley thread.

Estimates now say the death toll in Haiti has passed 200,000

US troops land at Haiti presidential palace - ap

How Do You Support?

Update on Haiti

How the Senate HCR bill with Reconciliation Fix strategy would unfold

How the Senate HCR bill with Reconciliation Fix strategy would unfold

Haiti Earthquake May Have Killed More Americans Than 9/11, Iraq or Afghanistan

I don't know if people outside MA are aware, but the third name on the ballot is Joseph L. Kennedy

Robert Parker, creater of the Spenser series, has died

I'm so sick of this "It's the people's seat" crap.

What is it about ESPN and racist jerks?

OMG- My SO who once upon a long time ago was a revolutionary communist

For the first time since I started my job, I have to video my town's republican committee meeting

For my 1,000th post: "O, Canada..."

US Does Not Have Capitalism Now: Stiglitz

Bush Overthrew the Elected Leader of Haiti; Now He’s Expected to Help?

The Straight Dope: What's this "pact with the devil" that Pat Robertson says caused Haiti's woes?

Oh You Are Gooddamn Right We Should Delay Seating That Mutherfucker

Food And Water Air-Dropped Into Haiti

Check in if you agree that removing Lieberman

"Sinkhole politics: Who gets heard?" Just talked to a man whose home was taken by a sink hole.

Hoyer on Senate Bill: ‘Better Than Nothing’

HEADS UP: I got press credentials for the Coakley party tonight

More men get economic boost from marriage

I got a job!

Who do you see winning tomorrow's election for Senate in Massachusetts?

ICC Complaint Filed Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tenet, Rice, Gonzales

Cruiser Captain fired for cruelty

In 19 of 20 NYC public schools set to be closed....homelessness went up 100%

Coakley Was Hampered By The Failure Of The White House And Congress To Confront Wall Street.

The Rude Pundit: Americans Wanted Change But Have Become Cowards About Change

The Rude Pundit: Americans Wanted Change But Have Become Cowards About Change

The "Democratic" senators who want to cut your social security

Rifles used by U.S. troops include Bible verse inscriptions

Why reconcilliation would never have worked and the Public Option was always impossible?

Haiti takeover by ‘Uncle Sam’

Thread to announce your opposition to "entitlement reform"

If Howard Dean was still head of the DNC we wouldn't be in trouble in MA

Ed is "shocked!" tonight that independents would "turn against" the President

Alan Grayson for Speaker of the House

FACEBOOK USERS: Help Shut Down this Hate Group on FB

How did bush govern like a king with at most a 1-2 Senator majority?

Prez pays tribute after untimely death of IL statehouse reporter

Paton says he's now in race for US House seat

Florida plans census marketing blitz

Robert Kuttner: A wake up call from Massachussetts

Pete Domenici Jr. to run for governor

"Please don't send this bad joke to the Senate"

How would you interpret this poll? BBC America just completely spun it

Do you think the corporate media is purposely trying to swing the vote to Brown?

Coleman says he's not going to run for governor

Can anyone report on went on today with GOTV in Mass.?

Obama has tweeted...again

Remarks by the President in Remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"...and henceforward shall be free..."

Source: State Cops Probing Woman Who Hoped Coakley “Gets Shot”

Stupak: 'Hard for me to envision' governor's race

Tweety's special Obama in America is on at 9 cst.

The US - Fucking Chamber of Commerce is running ads for Brown

If Rahmbama Had Capped Credit Card Rates at 8%, Would Coakley Be In Trouble Now?

Obama's America"2010 and Beyond is on now with Chris Mathews & Tom Joyner

AR-02: Lt. Gov. Halter "Seriously Considering" Race

Please, I don't want to see Mitch McConnell gloating tomorrow night

What about the Nuclear option

Is there some place in R ideology where one must drop their brain...

Obama to Seek $1.35 Billion Race to Top Expansion

Nate Silver on what the WH's next Move May Be.

The (GOP) InsiderAdvantage Poll is a tool to set us up to be diebolded

How Easily We Forget!

We shouldn't move toward the center and "cannot" move to the left, but we gotta go somewhere

Brown is simultaneously for AND against HCR and why that's a good thing for us.

I hope I speak for plenty when I ask that this "Rahmbama" CRAP end right now.

Jon Stewart: Mass Backwards (VIDEO)

Did anyone else see Anderson Cooper helping out that kid who got hit on the

(D) Weiner: If Coakley Loses Health Care Reform Is Dead

Oh No! Scott Brown Is The Top Trending Topic On Twitter

W.H. boosts new shelter for female vets

CT-Sen, CT-Gov: Blumenthal Leads Big, Dems Ahead in Gube Race

Top Teabagger is mad: Don't call us 'an offensive sexual slur'

Madison County Alabama Republican Party not backing (Dem Turncoat) Griffith

Coffee, Rolls, Pie.. for the Ma. Democrats..

White House To Make Major Regulatory Reform Push After Health Care: Goolsbee

Last ditch GOTV email from Obama

Greetings from snowy Boston!

Please DU this right-wing Obama poll

It's snowing in Boston

Is there even an election today? To hear the MSM, and I mean ALL THE CHANNELS

"Come on Scott Brown!!!!!!!!! We need you to help end this silly overrated healthcare bill."

Sources: Cyril Wecht Considering Run For Governor

HI-Gov, HI-01: Abercrombie Leads Aiona by 9; Both Dems Lead Djou

538's Nate Silver: White House Readies Gamble On High-Speed Ping-Pong

Coakley is winning!!!

Winner May Not Be Sworn in Until February (Roll Call)

Brown supports water torture...

Turnout numbers from Boston

President Obama plans combative turn - No “era of Big Government is over” proclamations (Politico)

Marc Ambinder's MA-Sen Twitter List

I need help ... Rachel Maddow ...

CBS Poll: 71% Don't Want Sarah Palin to Run for President, 26% Favorability, Book Tour Fail

Screw you, too, Obama

Senate not seen passing climate bill in 2010. Energy bill instead.

Oh Shit! Zogby Predicts A Coakley Win.

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January, 18th 2010

"The Goode Family" appears to be Mike Judge's attempt to mock conservationists.

Brown Headed to Defeat in Massachusetts because Dems are not Batshit Crazy, and will kick GOP Ass!

If you need a little perspective, here you go. If you prefer panic and blame, nevermind.

How to win when you're a teabagger: Dont act like a teabagger!

Nancy Pelosi doesn't need WH or Senate promises... she can act unilaterally

Who ran Coakley's campaign?

There is nothing sweeter than making pundits, pollsters and the MSM look like idiots - Vote Coakley!

Internal Branstad poll: Former governor well ahead of field

FBI gets involved in John Ensign affair

What does high turnout mean in MA election?

‘Attack of the Phony Polls’ roiling Illinois governor’s race

Clarke quits 1 race, weighs another

Thanks Mods!

President Obama nominated 3 yesterday for District Court positions

Just reported on MSNBC-Healthcare stocks are up due to the anticipated win of Scott Brown

GITMO to close tomorrow per Executive Ord... nevermind. n/t

Scott Brown fans talk about his military service while trashing John Kerry

Here's why I hope a HCR bill is passed:

White House: No Events To Mark 1st Year In Office

Whatever Happens, Dems Should Pass And Run On Health Reform

John Stewart Just nailed it

Is this really a matter of the party not satisfying the left half of the left?

"Whatever Happens Tonight, Dems Should Pass And Run On Health Reform."

Boston Globe's Vennochi Must Read: Brown Supporters Trying to Suppress Vote by Bullying

Obama pokes Rick Perry with a stick.

Is this a Joke?

Can we just start calling Joe Lieberman "The Gnat" already...

Globe Erroneously declares Coakley Winner ! Screen Grab

Harry Reid's decisions on health care might have some plausible explanations

Heard about this - "the Obamameter" - on NPR this morning.

Does ANYONE have an idea of voter turnout?

Does anyone know of a website that will be following the returns?

Fishy Ballot In Cambridge? “Scott Brown’s bubble was already filled in”

"Five things to watch in Massachusetts"

Would we be in this mess if Howard Dean were in charge.

Coakley Pollster Defends Campaign Against White House

Dems NEVER really had 60. TWI: Lieberman Calls for 'Move to the Center,' Doesn't Rule Out Switch

Top Dem Rips Coakley Campaign: “Worst Debacle In American Political History”

Blacks in Retreat

If Brown Does(god forbid)win tonight, here's what Obama has to do to fight back for the party

Democrats won in 08 becauise of populist anger. The party is slipping because they ignored it.

So, If HCR Was Dependent On Having A 60 Vote, Filibuster-Proof Majority, Then I Have A Question

How could ANY MA Democrat vote for Brown?

Knoller: "Asked if Obama is a strong leader, 70% responded yes; ... 62% optimistic...."

Plan B: Pass the Senate Bill, then Revise it via Reconciliation

If Coakley loses, steel yourself DU for some PingPong. The Senate Bill may become Law.

"I'd like to interrupt the anniversary-bash-Obama-fest: Obama has done a good job"

The return of General Wes Clark!

Critics of President Obama, health care reform and the rest of his agenda ignore a simple fact

Thoughts from Coakley phonebanking: IT'S THE DEFICIT, STUPID

IrishCentralNYC: Why Clinton is the best former President

Senate races in 2010?

How many votes will have been cast absentee?

If Coakley loses I hope that Barney Frank will challenge Brown in '12

Isn't the key to get college kids voting?

Diebold paranoiacs, why did Obama win if it's so fixable?

For all of you who think Coakley will lose because she's for this healthcare bill...

"By far the best first year on the environment of any president in history"

So my friend told me to ask him why he's so funny.

I'm bullish on Massachusetts. It's going places!

Pig breeder defends Hilton

New podcast! Enjoy.

Suicide - "Dream Baby Dream"

Uncle Tupelo - meh. Meh? Meh!

This place is lame. At least as lame as ABC's suits

YouTube: Junior Kimbrough - "Sad Days, Lonely Nights"

YouTube: Ike & Tina Turner - "River Deep - Mountain High"

YouTube: Todd Rundgren & Utopia - "Love Is The Answer," 1981 Royal Oak, Michigan

3XD Three Times Dope - Funky Dividends

YouTube: Koko Taylor featuring Little Walter - "Wang Dang Doodle"

YouTube: Etta James - "Tell Mama"

YouTube: Etta James - "Tell Mama"

well it only took an hour...

Ok, Lounge. Riddle me this!

I think someone has a crush on me -

Alison Krauss-Gillian Welch - I'll Fly Away

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

What are you listening to now?

Overheard it

YouTube - Queen, "My Best Friend"

Which state should be kicked out of the union for its flagrant electrical irresponsibility?

Texas will be happy to have Massachusetts move here, we had lots of spare room.

Wyrd site problems with DU tonight, it seems...

Just for the night crowd, some famous childhood tales from by Dr.Heinrich Hoffmann.

Gil Scott-Heron - "Me And The Devil

Yes, yessss....

Yes, yessss....

How many times have you downed so many shots such that it was close enough to endanger you?

"Your Cordless Mouse Batteries are Critical"

I've been at DU almost 4 years. I thought it was longer, then I just now checked.

I just practically inhaled a breakfast sandwich

A friend said the other day that James Dean reminded her of the vampire dude in TWILIGHT.

Los Lobos...a very nice version of "What's Going On" from The Arsenio Hall Show

Not that I don't like U2--I do--but please don't blast it right outside my office window....

Los Lobos with Jerry Garcia: "Born On The Bayou" & "Suzie-Q," 1989

Los Lobos with Neil Young, "Cinnamon Girl," 2005

Jerry Garcia Band, "Tangled Up in Blue," Shoreline Ampitheatre, September 1, 1990

Please, no more threads about air drops.

The recent cold snap started me thinking...days before indoor plumbing.

cleaning cat fur off your clothes, ur doin it rite

Please, no more threads about turkey drops

Massachusetts left a ring around the bathtub

If someone toilet papers your house...

Unclear on the concept:

Pearls Before Swine today: the "drama cow"

Chan Gailey

Should all Telepaths be registered with The Psi Corps?

Doug Flutie campaigns for teabagger Brown, becomes DTK

Wu Tang Vs The Beatles

LA under Tornado Warning!

Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

Those of you who are doctors, nurses, surg techs, etc., IOW, who deal with people badly injured,

Anyone see "Two and a Half Men" tonight? SPOILERS

Church & the serpent

Giant cattle to be bred back from extinction

I have a sock puppet on here.

Photo: Now THAT'S how you catch a MOUSE.

Mysterious visitor to Edgar Allan Poe's gravesite fails to appear for first time since 1949

Driver chooses wrong victim for obscene gesture

11 minutes of action

From the "Fork Party" Website: "15 Rock Stars That Went Off the Deep End"

I had a horrible dream that the Priceline guys were getting cheap rooms to film porno.

'Baby' the cat saves Ill. couple from house fire

This place is more fun than a goat in a strip club (LINK)......

New Jersey question for the Lounge...

Dead Kennedys station on Pandora = most fucking awesome thing ever

Video: Reporter gets deservedly dissed by Chrysler model

Is it too late to become a new viewer to ABC's Lost?

My psychiatrist is an idiot.


Coolest smiley ever

Is ''That's mighty white of you'' racist?

What The Deuce? Elisabeth Hasselback Is Co-Hosting ESPN Sportscenter?

More embarrassing scandal for NASA?

Commuter cat Casper killed by car in Plymouth

Politico posts article giving pollsters (and itself) wiggle room if Coakley wins

Did anyone watch "Be Good Johnny Weir" on Sundance last night?

RIP Kate McGarrigle

Patton Oswalt on Cheetos

I just did some research regarding a head injury I suffered 11 years ago...Man was I lucky!

More photos of the Seward, Alaska, Polar Bear Plunge,

Man shoots his way out of sinking SUV

Does anyone else see this Hotel Montana thing turning into a problem for Obama?

Janis would have been 67 years old today. Post your favorite

A friend asks for people's thoughts on Toyota Yaris. Any here?

Holy CRAP! Better grab up 2 of every animal, QUICK. It's raining like a MOFO.

Notice anything in this picture?

Wisconsin Man Cited for 'Rocking Out' to John Denver

so, jurors may not bring cameras, radios, or walkmans. does that mean

A new Nasonex commercial

Is there a way to maintain an iPod library without having all the files on your PC?

2 men identified in small plane crash in Oregon - 1 was my half brother

34 - 3.

Before & After photos of Heidi "Ten Plastic Surgery Procedures in One Day" Montag

Well I'm off to St Louis

$75 for 10 fricking pills!!! For a damn fricking cold!!!

What nickname would you give a girl named Naomi?

Krugman: The Senate bill would save tens of thousands of lives

"I can't remember the last time I felt such overwhelming rage... toward the Republican Party"

Best movie of the early 1980s

Help! My cat keeps eating the dog food.


Ex-Border Patrol agent Ignacio Ramos wants retrial

UW-Madison team's collagen find could help treat arthritis

France seeks clarification of US role in Haiti

Haiti's elite spared from much of the devastation

Haiti's elite spared from much of the devastation

U.S. And U.N. Boost Haiti Aid Security as Food Drops In.

Four-star 2nd District speculation

Homeless Haitians Told Not to Flee to U.S.

Southern California braces for mudslides, homes evacuated

Airline’s ‘cougar’ ad blasted by rape victims

FBI broke law for years in phone record searches

Gov. Rendell Rescuing Orphans From Haiti

US Blackwater [class action] lawsuit signatures sought by Iraq

Gunmen in northwestern Iran assassinate prosecutor

Haiti takeover by ‘Uncle Sam’

US begins airdrops of food and water into Haiti

U.S. to allow Haiti orphans to enter temporarily

Willows student's expulsion for gun possession draws national attention

UN Votes to Add 3,500 Peacekeepers in Haiti for Quake Relief

Yad Vashem honors Dutch couple for hiding Jews in attic during Holocaust

What Retirees Would Have Done Differently

Haiti aid agencies warn: chaotic and confusing relief effort is costing lives

Health stocks pull market higher as Mass. votes

Nigeria religious riots 'kill scores' in Jos

Some 390 tons of U.S. ground beef recalled

Critics Decry Decision to Halt Deportations of Haitian Illegal Immigrants

Hamtramck builds homes to atone for discrimination

Afghan Taliban Seek Ransom for Two Kidnapped Chinese

High court rejects challenge to Calif. prison plan

U.S. Senate health bill better than nothing: Hoyer

Iraq PM Maliki denies Sunni purge ahead of election

Officials: Iran responds to fuel swap offer

Nigeria religious riots 'kill scores' in Jos

Health stocks pull market higher as Mass. votes

Folk singer Kate McGarrigle dies

FBI charges 22 over alleged foreign bribery

Corruption widespread in Afghanistan, UNODC survey says

FBI Gets Involved in Sen. John Ensign Affair (C.R.E.W. Comments)

U.S. Supreme Court Says Jury Selection Should Be Open To Public

Israel accused of silencing political protest

Obama joins Twitter club, tweets for first time

James Taylor to hold Haiti benefit show in Mass.

Games Are 'Poison,' Says Hugo Chavez

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 19

Virginia shootings leave several dead, police say

High Support (81%) for Medical Marijuana (ABC News/Washington Post Poll)

US tech sector job cuts highest since 2005

22 Indicted in FBI Sting on Paying Foreign Bribes

(CBS) Poll: Most (71%) Don't Want Sarah Palin to Run for President

Blackwater Wants to Surge its Armed Force in Afghanistan

(UK Attorney General) Lord Goldsmith warned ministers that Iraq war would be illegal

Obama to seek $1.35 billion more for education

Democrats negotiating over deficit panel

FBI Broke Law for Years in Phone Record Searches

5.8 earthquake shakes Cayman Islands

Officials: Suspected US drone kills 4 in Pakistan

Israeli rescuers free Haiti student six days after quake

U.S. Court Sends Back Mumia Abu-Jamal Death Penalty Case

Court won't close shipping locks to keep out carp

Marine Corps Concerned About 'Jesus Guns,' Will Meet With Trijicon

Massachusetts Vote Gives Health Stocks a Shot in the Arm

Yellowstone earthquake swarm continues into third day, intensifies

US denies 'Haiti occupation'

Virginia shootings leave several dead, police say

Coakley siting voting iregularities

Syria's Mufti: Islam commands us to protect Judaism

Avatar' pulled from 1,628 Chinese movie screens

New York Times May Charge for Online Content

UN climate body admits 'mistake' on Himalayan glaciers

(Harold) Ford leaving Wall St. job to focus on Senate bid

Israeli Attack On Iran Could Be Disaster — For U.S. Economy

MLK Jr.: "Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]"

Martha Coakley's Latest Screwup: Campaigns With Bill Buckner

FDA debates tougher cancer warning on tanning beds!

When our economic interests are at stake, the war on nature resumes

Hoon put me in 'difficult position' over Iraq, Goldsmith wrote

Afghanistan's holy violence

AlterNet: Should You Stay Together for the Kids? Hell No!

Late Breaking Sex Scandal Could Derail Scott Brown

Respect the People of Haiti, by Robert Roth.

Chris Hedges: Turning King’s Dream Into a Nightmare

The Audacity of Depression

Taking Mamma For a Ride

The Coakley-Brown Intangibles

How to Pass the Bill--Whatever Happens Tuesday Jonathan Cohn January 17, 2010 |

Disaster Relief problems in Haiti summed up in one diagram

Yemen, where dead men eat lunch

Women will reject a health plan that puts special interests first

Professor Is a Label That Leans to the Left

If bankers donated just 10% of bonuses to Haiti

Bill Moyers and Thomas Frank: America's Demented Politics Let the GOP Off the Hook for Their Mess

Sen. Jim DeMint calls defeating Obama like Waterloo


Get Our Money Out of Wars and Weaponry

Jeanette Rescued On Day 6 After Haiti Earthquake!

Karen Hughes: Bush rescued the economy

Jacmel, Tourist Area In Haiti, Decimated By The Quake

EuroNews "No Comment" from Haiti

Haiti earthquake - U.S. aid mission

Pulled From The Rubble 6 Days After Earthquake Because Of Husband's Unwavering Love

BBC: Suddenly The Afghan Security Forces Realize What They're Looking At & Run For Their Lives!

RT "Keiser Report" 'Israel Should Give U.S. Back the 60 bn. in gifts' Guest: Janet Tavakoli

Capitol Hill Agenda: Jan. 19, 2010

Haiti: Guns or food?


Bill Clinton visits hospitals in Haiti

Scott Brown Supporters Call Martha Coakley Supporters NAZIS Outside of Obama Rally

entimes777 URGENT MESSAGE Make this viral (not my video)

Papantonio: God Loves American Unions

Brown Supporters Get Physical With "Billionaires For Scott Brown"

Haiti earthquake survivors scavenge for food

Anderson Cooper Rescues Injured Boy From Looting Riot (Graphic)

OK, a little laughter for tonight: David Cross's open letter to Larry the Cable Guy

John Kerry: The appropriate procedures should be followed

Mitt Romney, scion of wealth and privilege, condemns the 'royalists in Washington'

WaPo's Sally Quinn...Scott Brown is a hunk, posing semi-nude for a magazine gave him huge advantage

Young Turks: Former Presidents Bush & Clinton On Haiti

Search and Rescue Workers Pull Woman From Rubble After Haiti Earthquake. Crowd Chants "USA, USA".

Rachel Maddow w/ Neil Watkins begins to talk about 3rd world debt, the IMF, and Haiti

Anderson Cooper Rescues Injured Boy From Looting Riot - The Full Story (Graphic)

Kate and Anna McGarrigle-Was My Brother In The Battle, in memory of Kate McGarrigle, (1946-2010)

Racist "Sheriff Joe" Supporter Pulls Gun On Day Laborers

MMFA Pres Burns discusses Misinformer of the Year Beck with Scarborough

Thom Hartmann - What's so bad about socialism?

Focus on the Family: "Haiti... you can literally feel the evil in it."

Grayson points out the obvious: we don't need 60 Senators to accomplish HCR or anything else

Rachel Maddow- Contractor endangers troops with religious propaganda on rifle scopes

Welcome To Fox, Mrs. Palin. We're Sure You'll Fit Right In.

Romania has oil, gas, coal and uranium. Guess which resource it will use to fight climate change?

How Carbon Polluters Have Hijacked Part of California's "Green" Business Movement

Drumbeat: January 19, 2010 (The date on the post is off)

Floodwater to quench lakes at Murray mouth

Copenhagen & Economic Growth - You Can't Have Both

Webb may be working to repeal Clean Air Act regarding Global Warming.

Electric vs. LP gas water heaters

Who's running Detroit? According to Newsweek it's Obama, not consumers

Closed Loop Ethanol plant approved in New York state. Underutilized crop land to be put into use.

Landfills Turn Trash into Power

Toronto Hydro admits it has little control over stray voltage, tells parents to watch children

Nuclear platform for Haiti assistance (desalination)

Carbon (emissions permits) Falls as Climate Failure Is Oil Polluter Boon

Japan Airlines Files for Bankruptcy

La. workers: Exxon hid radiation risk of cleaning job


Door opened for Mosley-Mayweather

Sergio Garcia thinks it won't be long before Tiger Woods returns to tournament play.

Great season Cowboys--- I can't wait till 2010.

Motivational poster for NFC East fans

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan leaving Broncos -- Dolphins interested

Hey Everyone. Thanks for your kind comments over the last couple of days.

53 underclassmen declare for NFL draft

Sharks set franchise record in crushing Flames 9-1

Lincecum submits $13 million for arbitration

Coach Turner inks 3-year extension with Chargers

Buffalo Bills set to announce Chan Gailey will be their new coach..

Deuce McCallister to retire

UConn [basketball] Coach Jim Calhoun To Take Medical Leave Of Absence

OMG!!!! The "golden one" Sharapova is history, in the 1st round!!!

Gaza collects Haiti aid, says it was similarly shaken by Israel

What the Gaza war meant for Israel By Orly Halpern

Bibi’s wasted year in office

The Sailor and the Survivor Go to Washington

Pro-settlement soldier dismissed over protest

Israel accused of silencing political protest

Venezuela Sends First Aid Airplane to Haiti

US Blocking Costa Rican Sugar From US Markets Unless It Agrees To Draconian IP Laws Citizens Don't W

U.S. troops in Haiti to prevent Aristide’s return

Some interesting stuff on Haiti from last year and prior to that.

Are you getting similar tv news coverage on Haiti as UK ?

Games Are 'Poison,' Says Hugo Chavez

Exporting Misery to Haiti: How Pigs, Rice and US Policy Undermined the Haitian Economy

The Future of the South American Left

(AP) Report: More men get economic boost from marriage

I worked a dbl yesterday

Issue Help

More Burglars Getting Shot, TX & AZ

Shooting your way out

Brady Campaign and NRA Agree, Give Obama “F” on Gun Issue

Scientific Evidence: Gun Control Emboldens Criminals

Virginia Shootings leave Several Dead

Skelton stands against lifting gay ban

Gays to the DNC: "Kiss My Ass" (Advocate - February 2010)

Gay bashing is, like, TOTALLY against the rules here, right?

Coming Out - The Stories

Going Underground

Jar Lid

I'm trying to 'plant' an idea for a future contest

A new SmugMug gallery - Seward and the Polar Bear Plunge


Saw this out my window today...

Very Merry UnBird Pictures from the River

Egypt announces find of ancient cat goddess temple

Oceans of liquid diamond, filled with solid diamond icebergs URANUS, NEPTUNE

Dirt in lowcountry SC (possibly NC, GA as well) , which was underwater years ago.


OT: The puppy cam is back!

Can both the economists and strategists be right?

A Cherokee Feast of Days--Daily Meditations

I think I saw something in the sky last night.

Recent channelings on Earth Changes...what's your "vibe" on this?

Kryon at the UN

Any vibe on tomorrow's election in Massachusetts?

I had a job interview today.

Nature vs Nurture

UW-Madison team's collagen find could help treat arthritis "voluntarily" recalls 17 steroid-laden dietary supplements

Promising candidates for malaria vaccine revealed

Study Questions Need for Emergency Appendectomies

Autism, XMRV and vaccines

Fish oil slows burn of genetic fuse in ageing, say scientists

Mass "overdose" planned in protest of Boots pharmacy sale of "homeopathic remedies"

Sodium Fluoride is Toxic - Are There Still People Who Believe Otherwise?

Small Worldl: Interlocks of Boards and senior staff of the big 16 ed think tanks & advocacy orgs

Possible means of teacher protest

Debunking the Need for National Curriculum

I want to share this with all of you: it's a movie by Louise Hay

The astrological vibrations of countries: fascinating!

What is the "Joshua generation"?

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

Penzey's Spices opening in Buffalo NY in FEB -- looking for a job?

what ingredient is missing?

DIY brown sugar

The god is dead, the god has risen (Zool update)

I hope my pals here are watching Anthony Bourdain tonight