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Archives: January 22, 2010

I hearby declare this week The Week of the Asshole.

MSNBC: Keith Olbermann to address SCOTUS ruling tonight.

KO's Special Comment tonight: Will the SCOTUS decision mean the end of democracy?

The War Is Over!!

Obama could add more seats to the USSC --

Liberal Vs. Conservative Thread on 4chan's /r9k/ (Advert banners NSFW)

Are bribery, extortion, prostitution and all forms of gambling now legal?

Today's SCOTUS ruling harms this country more than Bush v. Gore

Since the SCOTUS ruling today, can corporations now tell their employees whom to vote for?

Courting independents and the moderate middle class don't seem to have ....

Courting independents and the moderate middle class don't seem to have ....

Complete Text of Justice Stevens' Dissent on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

Good news, Sotomayor sides with the good guys, bad news...

Repuke candidate targets transgendered people in race for Sec. of State (MI)

Citizens United.

the collective wisdom of the american electorate

the collective wisdom of the american electorate

Harold Ford tries to ride Senator Centerfold's coattails: "Washington needs independents!"

Here is your next Ted Kennedy.

No more "man-on-dog" Santorum. It is now "corporation-on-dog" Santorum.

Sure, it's been a crappy day and the barbarians are at the gates

Toon: The Party of d'oh

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking ...

The Supreme Court decision really won't change things that much

This may sound like a very trivial thing but that Court ruling is going to have more than 1 effect

If we raise corporate taxes, they will have less money

When corporate executives can go to PRISON

The phone call Anthony Kennedy received this morning:

Fuck it.

Air America bankrupt and will stop live broadcasts

These people are giving away my Goddamn country !

I Missed Ed Schultz Tonight

In theory, Obama could use the SCOTUS ruling to jump back on the populist bandwagon.

we have now lost our last liberties but...

I just can't wait till they buy enough congressman to move our Social Security into the market!

Democrats should use this SCOTUS ruling against the Republickers and

As horrible of a decision as it is, did unions gain anything from today's ruling?

There's a potential silver lining to the SCOTUS decision

Ex-AG Took Down License Plates of Visitors to Dr. Tiller's Clinic, Ethics Probe Reveals

The only solution to corporate person-hood is by constitutional amemdment,

So let me see if I have this straight (SCOTUS decision)

US Senate Confirms Judge Martin she becomes the youngest member of the 11th Circuit

Ed Schultz just said Air America is out of business. Does that mean

Touching opinion piece in my paper from the Texas Workforce Commissioner

Obama blasts Court decision on campaign finance

Obama Did NOT Cut A Deal To Reduce Social Security Or Medicare. He Established A Commission.


Some good news in the Obama HCR Plan.

Chris Matthews on Scott Brown tonight

Olbermann Special Comment on the SCOTUS Decision Coming Up

I'm for free speech and all, but this is disgusting (Michael Savage)

I am feeling less represented than when Bushco was in office

Agree or disagree?

Whoopee! Corporations have been FULLY emancipated! Let freedom™ reign.

Harness the Anger: SCOTUS, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

has the media used the word 'activist judges' today?

For those who are critical of the military's administration of Haitian relief efforts .....

No Googling. Who was the last President to have a Constitutional Amendment ratified during his term?

Thomas Jefferson: "I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations..."

SCOTUS just elected

Actually, the people who claim the GOP aren't conservatives anymore are correct...

I find the SCOTUS decision helpful . . .

State of emergency declared for all of Arizona

BushCo Strikes Again......

Is Kaine joking? This is infuriating! We are supposed to be "disappointed"? Disappointed?


Maine has voluntary publicly funded elections. In theory it would be one way around

Question: Does the SCOTUS decision change contribution limits?

42 Arrested Protesting Obama's Broken Promise to Close Guantanamo

Corporations are not people

Does anybody remember in the 80s when that old guy was beaten bloody in the street with sticks

U.S. army prepares Guantanamo Bay for waves of refugees

The 50 richest men(women) in Congress vs. the 50 richest corporations in the World

If according to the SCOTUS corporations = people, they too should be subject to the $2400

Give up? HA! I don't think many get how much power we 'little' folks really have

Well, NOW you can kiss climate change legislation GOODBYE

US Offers Protected Status for Haitian Immigrants

An apology to DU about my "White History" post

Barney Frank is restoring my hope

The Conservative Majority on the Supreme Court is ASSISTING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Question for legal scholars: Will political advertisements still have to state who paid for them?

U.S. Offers Pakistan Drones to Urge Cooperation

People For the American Way petition for constitutional amendment to undo Citizens United v. FEC

Unrec's - Technical explanation? Question for the mods!

It's time to opt out.

I want to be a loser like Conan O'Brien!

Heads up DU~~~~ IT'S BAAAAAACKKK ~~~~~~~

One week, the poorest nation in this hemisphere gets beaten to within an inch of it's life...

One week, the poorest nation in this hemisphere gets beaten to within an inch of it's life...

Billboard prompts 911 calls

C-Ya! Senate Shrugs Off House Health Care Woes

Will the Senator from Pfizer please suspend?

"What seems unmistakably clear is that White House is taking an extremely hands off approach"

We should compile a list of companies that Conservatives will be afraid of, allow me to start.

Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment.....

You know how Big Coal owns West Virginia Politics? Well, welcome to the club

Given the Supremes' ruling on campaign finance

Is This For Real Or An E-mail Scam?

Cheryle Jackson, Dem Senatorial Candidate, Opposes Marriage Equality

Crossing the Battlefield: A Note to Our Opposition.

White Only Basketball story reprise on Maddow show

How long can the Democratic Party survive on the theme We're Not Them

If ever there was a time for us to rally together and stop bickering, it is now...

John Roberts left Justice Taney of Dred Scott in the dust

NYTimes ed. board: "Congress must act immediately to limit the damage of this radical decision"

Is there really any point to people like us donating to campaigns anymore?

World In Motion - some apropos lyrics for today..

I will bet damned near anything that most voters have - and won't ever have - a clue about .........

I am so totally disgusted that I don't... no, CAN'T.. care any more

Will the Golem-Corporations cancel Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann

"There's not a dime's worth of difference between Obama and Lieberman!"

a silver lining? the SCOTUS over-reaching today has remobilized the Left within 10 hours

A Day In the Life of a Freeper (and other corporate shills)

Good Night and Good Luck (to us all)

Last week I was sure global warming was a myth.

It's Time to End Party Politics as we Know It. An unsavory path to fair(er) elections:

Freerepublic is down - Are they against Supreme's decision too?

Welcome to the Future: Idiocracy in Congress..

it's broken

Which will prove to be more damaging to the USA: 9/11 or 1/21?

What do you think the Supreme Court justices who voted against Democracy get for their efforts?

With nowhere to go, bodies in Haiti burned

If Obama were really concerned about the SCOTUS decision

I think we can expect every aspect of government to become for profit privatized in the future

So now that RM is covering how the debt is being cancelled

BRICK WALL DAY January 21, 2010

I've knocked on thousands of doors and made thousands of phone calls, donated 100s ofthe years

Greg Palast: Manchurian Candidates - SCOTUS Allows China, Etc. Unlimited Spending In U.S. Elections

They *MUST* act *NOW* - - NOW is the time!

Seems to me there needs to be a march on the Supreme Court organized by every group possible

Pissed at the right-wing judicial activism of the Roberts court?

Chief Injustice

Obama Cuts Deal that Will Reduce Social Security, Medicare and all Entitlements

Brown record doesn't always match everyman image. Info on Brown

O.K., I've stopped hyperventilating about the SCOTUS decision & am rolling up my sleeves to work on

The issue isn't free speech. The issue is the definition of "person"

Just re-watched Network, more important today than ever

How is is that the Rs are getting what they want, while the Ds are in power?

"If Spotted, Try To Find A Democrat with The Balls To Prosecute Them"

How To Recruit A Freeper To Join Us On Opposing This Odious SCOTUS Decision

Does Democratic Underground LLC have a right to run DU?

Has Ft. Sumter just been fired on? n/t

Why not pack the Supreme Court?

Let's boycott Corporations that are spending on behalf of Republican candidates

Wal-Mart and free speech or First Amendment rights.

This About Sums Up My Feelings on Our Odds of Remaining a Viable Democracy After Today

Jonathan Turley, I love you, but we need to actually

I think this pic pretty much sums everything up nicely

One good thing will come from the Corporate Coup

This is George Herbert Walker Bush's so called New World Order. A date that will live in infamy.

Kennedy seat loss has driven DU mad

As usual Jon Stuart is killing tonight...

With corporations able to completely finance a candidate... will political parties cease to exist?

So who do you think Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp will bankroll for pres in 2012?

So who do you think Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp will bankroll for pres in 2012?

Time to stop panicking and get to work

The "Revolution" WILL be televised after all...

Colbert: Obama's first year in office.. if he was as good as Palin..he'd be retired by now..

Banks already finding ways around Obama financial reforms

"It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession....

Can we tax corporate donations to ads for or against congress critters?

If you're ever asked why there isn't a "White History Month," this is the correct response...

Obama raised 600 MILLION dollars in 2008, twice what Kerry or Bush raised in 2004.

After years of Republicans whining about "activist judges" and "legislating from the bench"

Conservatives are too stupid and myopic to realize this ruling hurts them as well

Jason Linkins, HuffPo: "We are all royally, hopelessly fucked for the rest of recorded time"

I think we ought to start referring to it as a SCROTUS ruling..

I think we ought to start referring to it as a SCROTUS ruling..

So you think this week was bad?

Coakly loses, AirAmerica dies, the Supremes sell America to the highest bidder

We wouldn't sell our ports to Dubai due to National Security, but we can sell them our Congress

So, watcha gonna do?

If neither existed, and I proposed the current banking and insurance industry for the first time...

CIA Contractor Now Flying Spy Drone Over Haiti

Just think: all the kids with their "worst supreme court decisions" pages are scrambling now

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bye Bye Air America Radio &

A cry to the remaining true democracies of this world KEEP U.S. CORPORATIONS OUT

How is it that the media can get into Haiti and help cannot?

Those of you who think Obama hasn't done anything right....

dear President, here is the republican response to scaled back health bill

Tonight on our local news an Ohio Congressman

20,000 soldiers & the best stocked medical airport around, but

How do you think this SCOTUS decision will effect Unions?

HEADS UP: John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show on Comedy Channel Now..

Woman sentenced for sitting on boyfriend, killing him.

Ralph Nader is correct about banning "corporate personhood"

Lol - anybody watch Jon Stewart tonite?

The last time the Supreme Court expanded was in 1869

The last time the Supreme Court expanded was in 1869

Even now, it's not too late for Ralph Nader to become an hero.

Can someone explain to me WHERE in the Constitution corporations are given 'personhood'?

Olbermann: Special Comment: Pandora's Box

The future of Health Care in America (after the last few days events..)

Anyone got a Free Republic account? Need a little favor...

Anyone got a Free Republic account? Need a little favor...

So if the Prison-Industrial-Complex owns Congress...

Corporations are for the most part, publically

The Senator from Exxon-Mobil?

Supreme Court Ruling: Like Soylent Green.. Corporations is People!

how about going after banks in this way?

Is there any chance that Democrats and Republicans will be replaced by

Haiti - Some Numbers - 6 Day Donations vs. Wages and GDP

The World to look forward to...

Everybody who is saying they want to move to Canada or Europe

As crappy as we're all feeling today about the SCOTUS

And so we mourn the passing of an illusion.

We are not doomed. Our Unions will be freed up because of the SCOTUS decisions

Wondering about money laundering viz. SCOTUS ruling

You Guys are Going to LOVE the Comic for this Year's White House Correspondence Dinner!

If a government entity now tries to union bust or prevent a union from forming,

New York: Mayor Bloomberg hands out $2.4 million in bonuses

Check in if you've had a bad week - San Diego.

Acting California Governor Jerry Brown?

Goddammit, it's WE the PEOPLE, not WE the CORPORATIONS!

SCROTUS Itch? Democracy Fatigue? Plantar Fascistitus? Remedy: SIGN THESE PETITIONS

Activist judges - supreme court decision

Since corporations are now officially people, can we finally force them to pay their taxes?

We don't need a constitutional amendment and we don't need impeachment

So SCOTUS struck down a law, don't go all emo drama queen

Could/Should the SCOTUS decision be investigated?

So lets start at the begining. What the hell do you people want?

"Unions and Corporations"

You know the minute we bring up the corrupting influence of corporations

We're as fucked as the Romans were in the 5th century

What is the best way to make politicians in Washington respect your vote?

What is the best way to make politicians in Washington respect your vote?

If you don't stop making excuses for Ralph Nader, the hippy/gangsta might return for an entire week.

Lotsa "Curse you, moderates!" and "Darned leftist fringers!" going around lately. So come in here &

If the SCOTUS decision stands...It'll be time to stock up...

David Sirota: PETITION: Corporations are NOT People (Please Sign)

Can someone please help me with a forum icon?

After today's ruling, with regrets, I am cancelling my ACLU membership

No posts about Jon Stewart`s critique tonight of Keith Olbermann?

Why the Supreme Court ruling is the final nail...

Why the Supreme Court ruling is the final nail...

Who woulda thought that "Rollerball" would be more predictive than "1984"?

Sign Alan Grayson's Supreme Court petition against corporations...

Josh Gerstein: Decision may mean more foreign cash (in elections)

I expect that in 2012 all the really big money will go to defeating Obama.

I expect that in 2012 all the really big money will go to defeating Obama.

If there is no limit on what the Corps can spend on political advertising

Yglesias: Grijalva about to turn into "history's greatest monster" for not passing the Senate bill

Yglesias: Grijalva about to turn into "history's greatest monster" for not passing the Senate bill

Two words.

Two words.

Let me summarize my opinion on what needs to be done with Senate HCR in pictures:

Call it Schrödinger's Healthcare bill

Air America's gone, but "Ring of Fire" will continue

Do we really have an earthquake weapon? If so, how should we deploy it?

If nothing is done to fix this SCOTUS ruling, how long until corporations start making laws...

About the only weapon we have left against Corporations is to unionize

Regarding Corporations being able to pay for political advertising

Enact and levy a 5000% tax on all corporate campaign spending.

Mystery Visitor Misses Poe's Birthday

Mystery Visitor Misses Poe's Birthday

Anti-Trust laws seem to be our last line of defense.

Brown's election DOES NOT give them control of the Senate.

Trijicon: No more Bible references on scopes

Che's revolution is justified moreso each and every day by out-of-control capitalism.

Grayson has a PETITION on the Supreme Court decision today . . . !!

Disgrace In Massachusetts.

Churches can run ads, hospitals can run ads, anyone with a corp code can now be in politics

President Palin...brought to you by Chevron

Boy, 9, Commits Suicide at School

Boy, 9, Commits Suicide at School

We now live reside in a Fascist Theocratic Corporate state.

RFK Jr. debates coal baron Blankenship on mountaintop removal

The perfect storm

Do not go gentle into that good night

"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose"

Lobbyists Get Potent Weapon in Campaign Finance Ruling

H.R. 4432: The Corporate Propaganda Sunshine Act

H.R. 4434: The End Political Kickbacks Act

Media wins. TV and radio stations will reap the rewards of corporate political ad warfare

H.R. 4431: The Business Should Mind Its Own Business Act

Since states charter corporations, could states act to limit the damage of this ruling?

Israeli drones take over Afghan skies

Resistance is futile

H.R. 4435: The Public Company Responsibility Act

So will Halliburton be giving the Republican response to the SOU or will it be Exxon?

Widespread problems found on LPDs, other ships

Did losing Kennedy's Senate seat REALLY change anything?

Millions of Americans will be watching the SOTU speech next Wednesday

Where are the checks and balances for the Supreme Court?

The Oracle, the billboard and hell hath no fury!

Many huge corporations are on the Government take. They have Government contracts

Will the 2010 elections now be held on ebay?

Democracy for the Few

What did Arlen Specter do yesterday? Joey Scab was making fun of something Arlen did today on MJ.

Public Service Announcement: You have the right to free speech

Meanwhile, back to HCR...

The Bush Legacy Continues

So, the GOP breaks the Dem Senate super majority and the stock market plunges

Campaign finance ruling reflects Supreme Court's growing audacity

Can the U. S. Constitution be at odds with democracy? Is that what happened

So, are foreign corporations on U.S. soil granted personhood as well?

So, can we try Goldman-Sachs for 1st Degree Murder of Lehman Brothers and then execute it?

If you have a liberal congressperson

What Can Obama Do?

Dean: Dems can pass limited health care overhaul

Wall Street doesn't like Obama very much

Why is there a probe for John Edwards 'hush money' and no probe

Why the Republicans should be afraid of this, too.

A TSA agent thought this was a joke he should pull:

A TSA agent thought this was a joke he should pull:

Scalia has a message from the Supreme Court to the American people

Fight back, contact a lawyer!

U.S. group sends solar-powered Bibles to Haiti

"Bordeaux" Joe Ganim Released from prison.

WHO will spend more in independent ads: Corporations or Unions???

FDR was going to add more Justices to the Court to make it more friendly

A Freeper reacts to the SCOTUS decision

Toles Toon for today

A big time movement needs bumper stickers

How is it difficult to govern with a sixteen seat majority in the

Here comes the New Boss...

What the diggity damn? Who thought this up? Human "bed-warmers" at Holiday Inn

The change won't be cataclysmic.

It is no exaggeration to say that every level of government can/will be hopelessly corrupted legally

The can of worms.

Money talks, it's the Law:

From Kos -Open Thread for the New Gilded Age

Without Air America, There Would Be No Rachel Maddow On MSNBC

So I guess all those poor little 527s(Swift Boat Liars) are now obsolete

My father gets free publicity: From the Dallas Observer (for all debtors)

Woman kills boyfriend by sitting on him

At the very least, I want to be able to quickly identify the real party in interest.

m$nbc has ben ginsberg on...even HE doesn't like the courts ruling

Wow, perception is everything....look at this poll from local paper re: MA election

Ask a conservative how they'll react when Apple or Google spend $1 billion to defeat a Republican...

I say Pixar and "Wall-e" are to blame

Policy Pivot on Banks Followed Months of Wrangling

Common Cause, on the SCOTUS ruling and the Fair Elections Now Act

Common Cause, on the SCOTUS ruling and the Fair Elections Now Act

re: scotus: where are the voices for the people this morning? where are our representatives?

"the Peace and Stability Operations Industry" wants YOU.

Okay. If we boomers really want to save Social Security we should all die as soon as possible.

The Brennen Center for Justice has some interesting discussions on SC Ruling

New Chupacabra Revealed as a Montauk Monster

New Chupacabra Revealed as a Montauk Monster

Vulnerable Democrats ask Congress, Obama to extend Bush tax cuts

use the SCOTUS ruling against Republicans?

If anyone wants to read the SC decision - here it is

Seriously - is there anything we can do?

been busy today; are the birthers & baggers in a tizzy that corporations from other nations...

WH reverses plans to reduce contractor spending in Pakistan.

I'm currently working on two ideas

Got a live one here...

Blackwater now has the power to run a candidate for office

Is Ralph Nader partially responsible for the results of FEC vs. Citizens United?

Kansas v Roeder

"There's a lot of anger at the Senate" Mike Madden at Salon

Toon: That's odd...


Montgomery schools threatened by $46 million fine

A terrible week for liberals and progressives no matter how we slice it.

Anyone have Links for arguments presented in SCOTUS case

What do you think about newspapers who don't allow anonymous postings

The freepers are upset about the SCOTUS ruling too

SC decision will enshrine not just Fascism but also Baathism

Legal question about political smear campaigns.

If a corporation is a person, can it be a victim of murder? Manslaughter?

Racial bullying roils a Philadelphia high school

George Clooney Personally Kicks In $1 Million to Haiti Relief

The fact that people are not in the streets because of the SCOTUS decision shows how much the MSM...

We're all about to embark in a Great Experiment....

After Dyer's rape arrest, 'Oath Keepers' disavow any association with onetime key figure

Is your state's Unemployment Benefit program on this list?

Supreme Court term limits?

I'd be pissed if i was an edwards supporter

The National Security argument against the SC ruling

All persons born or naturalized in the United States

Democratic Corporatism Brings Reagan Back from the Grave

Why is everyone acting as if corporate control of government began today?...

Will the Teabaggers stage protests over the SCOTUS ruling on corporate campaign funding?

Heard Newt Gingrich on NPR yesterday about campaign finance reform...

Does yesterday's S.C. ruling mean that foreign-held corporations will be meddling in u.s.elections?

How about this radical idea ??

Inhofe: ‘I believe in racial and ethnic profiling’: All terrorists are Muslims or Middle Easterners'

Has there been an actual Extreme Court ruling that said Corporations are the same as people?

OK, hows it really going to work - this flood of 'free speech' money

Gates says Taliban part of Afghan 'political fabric' - Karzai unveils insurgent reconciliation plan

wasn't ducking out . . . just don't read DU every day anymore . . .

China teen seen as hero for killing local official


Should we begin working on an infrastructure to replace the internet

SCOTUS did not think the billions spent by Lobbyists to practically

Kansas v. Roeder (Tiller Killer) trial starts today ~~ Tru TV

Which corporate deep pockets make you shudder particularly badly?

Diane Rehm Show...listen Live..Re: SC ruling

Damn, if i ever hear the term judicial activist being said about a liberal justice

Can we say "activist judges" yet?

Apparently, Thomas Jefferson did not understand the concept of "personhood" in the United States.

OK. I changed my mind.

OK. I changed my mind.

KCBD-TV (Texas): Conviction overturned because of excessive taser use

Talk to me like I am slow, what is the SCOTUS decision today about

Bloomberg poll, 77% of investors believe Obama is anti-business, but that isn't all

My version of the New Senate

Ya know...I just care anymore. I did everything I could and there's

New question: What should be in a Constitutional amendment to reverse today's SCOTUS decision.

New question: What should be in a Constitutional amendment to reverse today's SCOTUS decision.

In light of the SCOTUS ruling, time to update Orwell

Youth Vote Collapsed in Massachusetts

Family Research Council: "The persecution of corporate citizens has come to an end" (Really)

Could today's SCOTUS ruling become grounds for impeaching those five Justices?

Specter to Bachmann: 'Act like a lady'

Scott Brown's Wife Music Video: Gail Huff's RACY 'Girl With The Curious Hand'

Greed has captured the soul of America.

where are the teabaggers? do they support the supreme court ruling?

Children Going Missing From Haiti Hospitals: UNICEF

AZ State & U Arkansas Launch "Sustainability Consortium" With Charter Members Monsanto & Cargill

Need talking point assistance: the rights of speech and association mean you don't lose your right

Teabaggers: Don't Tread on AIG

When the left gets out in the streets no one sees or listens not even

To RW lurkers and Tea Party activists, here is why the Supreme Court decision is bad

Letterman's Top 10 about Brown

Many of you dont get it (re: overturning, removing, impeaching SCOTUS)

In View of The SCOTUS Decision, I'm going to:

What the new Obama Deficit Commission would ACTUALLY do.

Pat Buchanan: White people can beat Obama in 2012

Why is there an anti-EFCA ad on the front page?


California's bad weather updated to 'Complex Emergency'

California's bad weather updated to 'Complex Emergency'

N.J. has a nuke plant event


"Status quo doesn't quite have defenders, but at least people are used to it."

Just wondering...How many years do you suppose it will be...

The New Senate

GOP Palin Dinner Rumbles

Does the ACLU still deserve our support?

Does the Employee Free Choice Act have no chance to pass this year? NT

Tough question for everybody, re: health care

So, can you list other countries that have similar policies to what SCOTUS gave us?

Another Facebook group to join

Another Facebook group to join

Ask PFAW to call it the Anti-Fascist Amendment and strengthen the wording.

Dynamic Thom Hartmann show today - Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ralph Nader.

Dynamic Thom Hartmann show today - Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ralph Nader.

I'll be voting for Senator Webb® brought to you by Capital One.

Has anyone seen any polling on the SCOTUS coup yet?

So how long before The Onion runs a headline to the effect of...

It Could Be Worse!!

So who do you think Putin will bankroll for president


Obama's Half-Baked Bank Reform

In which FSogol unsubscribes to Obama's Organizing for America

In which FSogol unsubscribes to Obama's Organizing for America

The Supreme Court decision is why elections have consquences.

Britons accused of setting fire to a synagogue in Crete

Oklahoma AFSCME Members Donate to Senior Meals (senior nutrition meal program ended by budget cuts)

From MediaMatters: Beck's latest list of advertisers

Don't take this personally - fuck you

I think it's possible for Dems to demonstrate that corporations are NOT people. 'Foreign' could be

Latest tea party target: Its own convention

What sex are corporations?

Which is more of a person? A Gitmo detainee or a corporation?

Kudos to California Dems, esp Sen. Leno: Universal Health Care Proposal:

SC sought this case and gave it priority status. Corpmedia refuses to call 'judicial activism'

We've come to the brink before.

We've come to the brink before.

Predictions for the future in our new Supreme Court enabled Fascist State

Silly Rabbit.. Free Speech is for PEOPLE.. NOT Corporations!

No more Air America Radio - starting tomorrow - End of an Era

If we run away now,

Ask not what your corporation can do for you, ask what you can do for

PHOTOSHOP: DC Dems: can you hear your base now?

FDR on liberty:

Seems to me the first time a Corporation that has ties or partial ownership in other countries

John Dean: A Supreme Victory for Special Interests

When a republiCON says..

When a republiCON says..

If corporations are persons

Where is the Teabagger outrage over the SC decision?

Monkeys can do math

We hold these truths to be self-evident,

Can we at least have Competitive Bids when we sell Government Agencies?

Sign the Petition to Demand an Exit Strategy During the State of the Union Address

The way it looks from where I'm sitting

So we're now 'officially' fucked...

The teabaggers support our transformation to state like Putinist Russia

The Rude Pundit: A View of the Future in the Wake of Yesterday's Supreme Court Decision

The Rude Pundit: A View of the Future in the Wake of Yesterday's Supreme Court Decision

C-SPAN3 - Anti-Abortion rally in DC

Rollerball, The Running Man, Robocop and Idiocracy weren't just entertaining movies

If corporations are "people" then HEY it's time to re-institute the draft...

Spanish Gov’t to Set Limits on Diet-Related TV Ads

Joan of Arc relic a fake.

Anniversary of Roe v. Wade thought.. now that corporations are "people" they'll be on board w Roe

If we do all we can, This Too Shall Pass

the only defense we have now is to pass LIMITS on campaign funds that can be amassed

If I was a crusading Atty General who wanted to be governor (again)

HEADS UP: Obama town hall mtg in OH at 2PM EST - hopefully it will be a "come to Jebus" mtg

The one that scares the Bejeebus out of me is a Corp. called XE,

The new litmus test for Supreme Court Nominees must be "Are Corporations people, yes or no?"

Nominate someone to replace Geithner and Bernanke

The hypocrisy of SCOTUS - specifically Thomas and Scalia

The Constitution, john roberts' copy


So according to Fox News, if the election was held today...

Healthcare Thought and Senator Elect Brown

PHOTO: Supreme Court now sports corporate sponsor patches

PHOTO: Supreme Court now sports corporate sponsor patches

Who is Polling a Bill Halter Primary Challenge to Blanche Lincoln?

Analysis: The personhood of corporations

Our Team is still talking about cutting Medicare, tone deaf or what?

Wall Street Bonuses, Bank Reform, etc....

Dear Huffington Post

Arlen Specter tells Bachmann to act like a lady

Democracy for America on the Public Option

Medical examiner calls police-involved death of man at checkpoint a homicide

The Obama Justice Dept. should start seeking the death penalty against corporations.

Our slide into the OIduvai Gorge has begun...

Obama Townhall on C-Span Now

If DU tonight is any indication, I think Democrats found their issue to run on this year

Yesterday we didn't see a Supreme Court ruling we saw law

It's Friday. Time to laugh.

General Petraeus not pleased with biblical gunscope inscriptions

Dispatch from an Airman in Haiti -- "One Life at a Time"

Hartmann trying to talk people down - Nader coming up

America first. My solution to the Supreme Court ruling. Pass a law in Congress that only wholely

Perfect response to Alaskan Teabaggers "Dear feds: We loathe you. Please send money"

How We Can Revoke Corporate Personhood

UN on food rations in Haiti

What this country needs right now ...

I've come to think that it's too bad the Republican's didn't use the nuclear option in the Senate

16-Year-Old Starbucks Barista Sues Over 'Sex Demands' at Work

No dem incumbent is safe. None of them. Not Russ Feingold, not Pat Leahy

No dem incumbent is safe. None of them. Not Russ Feingold, not Pat Leahy

Secret Service Question:Does the Secret Service protect Supreme Court

Where's my flying car!

Politicians Should Wear Their Corporate Sponsor's Logo

Tommy Thompson weighing Russ Feingold challenge

Has any decision by the Roberts court similarly expanded rights for actual people?

Obama to Indefinitely Imprison Detainees without Charges

Meet the SCROTUS - the Supreme Court Righties Of The United States

State Board of Education members get authors mixed up

The House and Senate Judiciary Committees should start impeachment hearings for 5 Justices

Given the supreme court's decision, is it that much of a stretch

Where are the SANE GOPers, Like Bob Barr, or Bruce Fein, on "Citizens' United?"

Too bad the 'base' did not turn out in '04 to vote for Kerry. Just not 'cool' enough. Bush'04 just

The Arsenal of Kleptocracy

Obama To Admit Congress Has 'Run Into A Bit Of A Buzz Saw' On Health Care

Specter to Bachmann: 'Act like a lady'

I ventured into the asylum at FR to see what they thought of the SCOTUS ruling

Students react as they meet President Barack Obama - pics

How we were sold the Corporate Five


Heads up: Amazing dog helicopter rescue on MSNBC right now.

Haitans reporting from Haiti

O.K. so the SCOTUS missed in this ruling but it is not like the court doesn't

Why Don't They Want The Fed Audited?

Air America: Why liberal radio's answer to Rush Limbaugh failed and why it matters

Senate unable to gurantee 51 votes for changes in reconciliation

Truckosaurus 2012

New Mexico State Legislator Introduces Bill To Move State's Money

Petition Against Citizens United v. FEC

Call it what it is KO... FASCISM

So will these corporations have to complete census forms?

I love to see MSNBC offer Jon Stewart a show.

Why is it that the teabaggers, inc., do not trust government at all, yet

Obituaries for 01-22-2010

Obituaries for 01-22-2010

School board reverses expulsion of Willows student in gun incident

SAFER launches nationwide boycott of Starbucks

A decent post from CNN on Haiti

Obama has suspicious number of letter-writing fans named 'Ellie Light'

Boston Globe: Brown is like the 'pauper who won the lottery'

Breaking: Supreme Court rules private citizens illegal

HEADS UP: MSNBC doing in depth on JRE coverup/investigation

Petraeus: Most ‘Surge’ Forces to Arrive by September

Another idea to overturn this decision: Court Reporter "Headnote Veto"!??

Air Force issues second call for network attack capabilities

Tim Tebow will do a Pro-Life, Anti-Choice ad during the Super Bowl- No outrage toward CBS?

New e-mail from Alan Grayson - Our first cosponsor

Dear dear Huffington posts that the RNC demands

Does anyone know why Wexler resigned?

"Can a US Supreme Court justice be impeached and removed from office?"

Three things required to SAVE democracy.

TSA Employee Plants a Bag of White Powder on Traveler...As a 'Joke'

John McCain's weak-ass statement on SOTUS ruling

John McCain's weak-ass statement on SOTUS ruling

If corporations are people...

President Obama at Smitty's Place (restaurant) in Ohio - pics

Empire for sale -- 25,000 sesterces. Cheap!

Sign the petition: Giumarra Vineyards Sued by EEOC for Sexual Harassment & Retaliation

Why is Oprah interviewing Palin . . . again???

Conando. Get your fresh, hot tonight show tribute: right here.

Conando. Get your fresh, hot tonight show tribute: right here.

The difference between Keith Olbermann and Rush Limbaugh

Why Obama Is (Finally) Taking on Wall Street --- Robert Reich

"Too many are so quick to call it quits."

Poorly networked systems leave vets on their own when seeking care

69-year-old woman pulled alive from rubble in Port-au-Prince

IDEA: Get a network to show corporate names along with congressional members speaking in Congress.

"That was why I couldn't marry one of my cousins..."

Money Talks-



The Corporatocracy was shocked at the election results of 2008

How Corporatism/Fascism Will Eventually End In America. Hint: Think Generationally.

My brother is a banker

Healthcare reform is dead. As in expired. As in dodo like dead.

Iran threatens to hit Western warships in Gulf if attacked

We are now officially at war. We either defeat and subjugate the Corpzis, or they enslave us.

13 year old autistic teen shoots and kills his father

The Supremes should not be above accountability

A departing observation on the importance of healthcare.

People are acting as if Scott Brown won the election by 20 points

Obama Cuts Deal that Will Reduce Social Security, Medicare & all Entitlements

Reinstate Glass-Steagall.

4,377 killed in iraq, 31,000 wounded, 884 in Afghanistan dead, 4800 wounded

Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $1 Million For Haiti Relief

I think what scares me most about the SC decision is how little time there is

I think what scares me most about the SC decision is how little time there is

H.R. 4433: The Ending Corporate Collusion Act

H.R. 4433: The Ending Corporate Collusion Act

What if racists focus on indoctrinating married women who have young children?

Aid makes it to Haiti, but not onto the streets

Aid makes it to Haiti, but not onto the streets

Help Alan Grayson

Grim trend in Army suicides continues

FSB appreciates Obama turning screw on risk reduction

Eminent Domain is Alive and Well-disproportionately trained on poor and particularly on minorities

Europe welcomes Obama bank plan, won't imitate it

I heard Newt Gingrich on NPR last night talking about the SCOTUS decision...

Do not believe what the MSM is telling you why the market is dropping is because of Obama

Barbara Boxer: Time for Ben Bernanke to go

Front page of NY Times

What would the Republicans allow us to pass if we gave them tax-free capital gains?

WSJ - "Sotomayor Issues Challenge to a Century of Corporate Law" - We Need More Like Her!!!

Mark Krikorian: ‘Haiti’s So Screwed Up Because It Wasn’t Colonized Long Enough’

Rock, Paper, Scissors, SCOTUS

Rachel on Andrea Mitchell:

China teen seen as hero for killing local official

Is it time for the Herbal Tea Party Movement?

I convinced my Brother in Law to like Medicare for All

Donald L. Kohn -- Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Help Alan Grayson

GOOD NEWS MOMENT: Florida Fair Districts has officially qualified to be on the 2010 Florida ballot!

Criswell Predicts! "Bernanke is toast"

Anyone watching Beck's "documentary?"

The financial panic button has been pushed..Jim Sinclair Newsletter

Daily Kos: Should charges of treason be filed against 5 SCOTUS judges?

Want to let Chris Mattews know what you think? e mail link

Could Alan Grayson be our 'Huey Long'? (updated)

Where's the Birth Certificate?

Send Harry Reid a pair of balls on Facebook...

Paula Dean cooking with Jimmy Carter now on Food Network

Scot Horton gets right to the point.

So when is Murdoch going to buy and install his own presidential choice?


Glenn Beck Biting into Scott Brown, FOX's Favorite Candidate: "Dead Intern" Comments for the Already

The Exodus Begins - Exhausted Aid Workers Among those Leaving Haiti

"Don't Buy the Politics Corporations Are Selling" - A media campaign concept

SCOTUS protects America.

Failed Bank Information - Information for Premier American Bank, Miami, FL

Ruling in federal Prop. 8 trial delayed until February or March

Why is tweety beating up on Grayson?

chris matthews should interview himself

American politicians couldn't hold Hugo's jock..

Caption this pic

Dodd: Dems might need a month off from reform

Dodd: Dems might need a month off from reform

Roberts and Alito Confirmation Hearings - Transcripts/Articles /Vote

Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM

When Rachal Maddow, Paul Krugman and Wendell Potter all agree

Help for jobless, don't wait, call a local Census office today

So... If money is speech, how is it that the levying of taxes does not violate the First Amendment?

The Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate influence is ANTI-Business

Can a corporation get cancer and then not be able to afford treatment?

I can't wait until a senator is giving a speech and breaks out into a Free Credit Report jingle.

Drive a Truck Through Haiti, 360° Video

Is Clarence Thomas the worst SC Justice in history?

Fox host defends Republicans’ right to smoke pot

Jeez--- Tweety is being a complete asshole with Alan Grayson

Oklahoma Muslims ask to meet with Inhofe

Police say Georgia mom forced son to kill hamster

NASA Extends the World Wide Web Out Into Space

Citigroup was the only "too big to fail" commercial bank that the government rescued

If money is "free speech" then why have bribery laws?

Is Germany dying out?

Take away the Supreme Court's jurisdiction over campaign finance reform.

This was the plan all along

Why don't Democrats threaten the "Nuclear option" like the GOP did?

The actual rule on foreign corporations and political spending, if anyone cares.

Krugman: It would be really good if the Dems had a leader. Now...who could lead them? ,,,

Rush Limbaugh wonders if "Jewish Bankers" are having buyers remorse.

Supreme Conservative Hypocrisy of Campaign Financing Ruling

Boycott Starbucks for Funding Anti-Marijuana Lobbying Efforts !

Can You Trust That Slimy Crew Around Obama To REALLY Take On Wall Street?

CNN - "Palin: 'I am not a quitter; I am a fighter'"- Like Palin, Dems Who Quit, Are Really Fighters

Re-confirm Bernanke?

Dean favors scaled-back healthcare reform

Want to feel even worse about the SCOTUS decision? Think about what it will do to the media.

Want to feel even worse about the SCOTUS decision? Think about what it will do to the media.

Brown's truck is already gone.

Aid Flow To Haiti Improves As Seaport Opens, Airport Volume Dramatically Increases

Easy solution to the Supreme Clown ruling HERE!

The recent Supreme Court decision regarding campaign donations confirms my objection:

MSM says it's Obama's fault bank stocks are tanking.

Gallup catapults propaganda for the Supreme Court decision

It is Free Speech vs Expensive Speech

Joe Average American won't care much about the SC decision

Local Labor Unions Begin Calling for March on Washington to End U.S. Wars and Rebuild America

What bothers me the most about the SCOTUS decision...

Been Fun Voting ... Been Fun Caring ... Been Fun Trying To Help Those Who Need It...

Another "employees must speak English" story -- but it's right across the street from Yale!

I'm really liking Dylan Ratigan....

Dow down another hundred today. According to everything I've been told that means

Constitutional Amendment anyone?

For those of you screaming about the US role in Haiti

I know it was 5-4, but who?

If you don't subscribe to any kind of TV other than the internet,

How the Democrats may solve their health-care problem

Now that Corporations have the power to VOTE, will they also have to serve jury duty?

Broadcaster Paul Harvey had close ties to FBI

How long until the next Renaissance?

NY man accused of beheading claims he was battered

Haiti flight coordinators explain chain of command at airport

'Hope for Haiti Now' global telethon tonight at 8 pm EST.

FBI Caught Committing Terrorism Within the United States -- Obama Has Their Backs

Senate Dems Not Sure They Can Get Enough Votes to Reconfirm Bernanke

Add ANOTHER child sexual predator to the GOP's list!

Barney Frank was bloviating his ass off on Rachel's show

How many more senators do we have to lose to health care "reform"?

Citizens United v. FEC is Irrelevant to Real Campaign Finance Reform

We need three unmarried volunteers to challenge the Supremes' dreadful decision

Dumb question on the SCROTUS decision


There should be marches all over the country to protest this decision

Does a dramatic dog rescue from the L.A. River count if it's on Fox?

Amendment Petition from Thom Hartmann, Jim Hightower, & Co., RE: SCOTUS Citizens United Ruling

Pants on the ground!

There won't be a constitutional amendment. Or a violent revolution

There won't be a constitutional amendment. Or a violent revolution

There won't be a constitutional amendment. Or a violent revolution

My small building business is a corporation, type S. Does 1 corp = 1 person?

Depressing Friday Toons...

You have not been given an excuse to quit.

Alternative energy. Safe food. Net neutrality. Peace.

Corporate Personhood - A Resource Guide from Reclaim Democracy !

A gay man's response to the latest DNC fundraising letter.

Dow closes down another 216. WTF?

Haitian Boys and Girls Wait in Line for Hours for Food and Water - pics

Arlen Specter: we need to consider a constitutional amendment

how I framed the SCOTUS ruling to a conservative coworker

Swamprat? Need a pic

Swamprat? Need a pic

Wealth Distribution in the United States

They aint people if they can't produce a birth certificate.

Never before has it been so true: "Why bother?"

Reinstate Glass-Steagall.

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

Draft Alan Grayson 2012 n/t

We need to coin a new term meaning "corporate candidate"

I Went There so You Didn't Have To... The Idiot Zone.

Navy moves to allow women on submarines

Anyone can go around campaign limits now by creating a corporation...

My e-mail to John Edwards

Amazing: afer 10 days a 22-year old has been rescued

CALL TO ACTION: We need to form a coalition of groups to fight the SCOTUS ruling

Salon has an article about the anger in the HOUSE

Salon has an article about the anger in the HOUSE

So now an American Company that is partially owned by a foreign corporation

Yup.......DOW is going below 10000 today.....

Yup.......DOW is going below 10000 today.....

"Obama cannot keep blaming Bush for these problems".

FBI records show broadcaster Paul Harvey had deep ties to J. Edgar Hoover

Why Not Re-enact The Fairness Doctrine To Deal with SCOTUS Decision?

Why Not Re-enact The Fairness Doctrine To Deal with SCOTUS Decision?

Lets FULLY apply Personhood to Corporate Entities

2fer: All wingnut HOTsex: RogerSTONE vs KERRY. Senator TreasureTrail's wife's video

How heartwarming is this photo from Haiti?

Are you mad as hell yet?

BREAKING: Brawndo the Thirst Mutiliator Buys Supermajority in Congress

terror in charlotte

terror in charlotte

Just a sidelight - How many of you know that Fox News has already legally won the right to lie?

"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

If money is free speech, there can be NO prostitution laws

Thanks for giving us Justice Roberts

Citizens United: More Than 3/4 of States Banning Corp Expenditures Have 2010 Gubernatorial Races

What's to stop a Chinese, Russian or Saudi company

What's to stop a Chinese, Russian or Saudi company

To Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Kennedy, and Thomas

41 industry leaders call on Congress to halt corporate ‘bribery’(Supreme Court ruling)

Alan Grayson's Supreme Court Petition: Link

"You Light Up My Life" composer faces 10 years in prison....

Movies with which to prepare yourself for the coming corporate state

You are NOT having a bad day.

What a Surprise! SCOTUS Sucks Up to Corporate Power – Protecting Artificial People and Real Property

John Boehner - Decision Is A "big win for the First Amendment and a step in the right direction."

Obama Quietly Issues Ruling Saying It's Legal For The FBI To Break The Law

One person who is applauding the SCOTUS decision allowing corporate spending on politics:

anybody here know much about Dual citizenship in Germany?

More billions requested for war . . . A grudging, miserly pittance for everything else

US Rep Donna Edwards proposes Constitutional Amendment to overrule Supreme Court

Blankenship, Kennedy debate coal, climate change

Poll: 82% Of Obama Voters Who Voted For Brown Overwhelmingly Supported The Public Option

Californian Democrats Will Teach America a Lesson in November...

Note to President Obama: China will NOT let you increase U.S. Exports to them.

Yellowstone Is Rumbling

Maybe we should all join the teabaggers! (rant warning)

Obama to request $14.2 billion to train, equip Afghan forces-$6.6 billion already appropriated

To Hell with whining. Beat me.

Become a fan of "Fire Rahm Emanuel Now" on Facebook

Sorry MSM, since you didnt credit Obama for the Dow going from.....

Revoking Corporate Charters & Organizing Communities To Defend Against Corporate Power

The average US household has 3.9 Bibles. US consumers purchase 20 million new Bibles a year.

The average US household has 3.9 Bibles. US consumers purchase 20 million new Bibles a year.

Company offers to stop putting biblical references on military scopes

E-mail from National Council for La Raza pushing for immig. reform in a bad economy

Bristol Palin sues Levi Johnston for $1,750 / mo child support, retroactive to birth of son in 2008

One Reason Dems Can Smile

A constitutional amendment to undo corporate "personhood"

New life form defeats human race

New life form defeats human race

Sinkholes: Plant City has declared 11 homes uninhabitable and is watching 35 more.

America has the Highest Poverty - worst than Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, (more)

Presidents can be investigated. Congress can be investigated. Supreme Court can be investigated.

Interesting post on the SCOTUS decision from another message board.

So why can't Roberts be impeached

The dreaded E3...a career killer for Chicago public school teachers.

Would You Joke?

I knew Roberts was lying during his confirmation hearings. So did you.

WE NEED A SECOND CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT - for Economic Justice and Structural Transformation

Grayson: Fight now or ‘kiss your country goodbye’

The United States Died Yesterday

Keith Olbermann Appreciation Thread

'Aboriginal' figure skating routine slammed in Australia

'Aboriginal' figure skating routine slammed in Australia

Jon Stewart mocks Olbermann for suggesting Scott Brown advocated violence against women

An interesting memo just distributed to all Senate cheifs of staff

Why do things have to get this MONUMENTALLY AWFUL before people WAKE UP and SMELL the FASCISM?

Olbermann's special comment scared the shit out of me!

We need to break the power of the rural states

Question: Given the events of this past week, do you really think we will get another shot at HCR

Haitians dying by the thousands as US escalates military intervention

It's the "New Haiti!"

Open letter to the new Apple iTablet, Mark Morford

***DUzy Awards - The Early Edition***

Movement Behind Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill Organizing in Newark

nytimes opinion on scotus ruling

Fire Dog Lake: AFL-CIO Poll: Union Members Voted for Brown over Coakley in “Working Class Revolt”

Can President Obama recover from this first year?

The Magistrate.

Socialite Betty Broderick denied parole in murders

.R.I.P. America....Land of the not so free.........

Who Loves You Better?

Brown Eyed Girl

You're The Key To My Heart / You're Beside Me

Summer Breeze

Live It Up

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass...

Tall, slender redhead available for nighttime recreation.


Love Won't Let Me Wait

Me and Mrs. Jones

Question for cat fanciers here...

A Love Of Your Own

Want your own military quality drone?

MY PSA* is back down to 4.0!

Person to Person

Spill The Wine

School Boy Crush

All Day Music

Hello, Its Me

Come Live With Me Angel

My Little Girl

Wind Parade


Think Twice

Music Is My Sanctuary (My Theme Song)

Freddie's Dead

Love and Happiness

I'll Take You There

Use Me

Going In Circles

silly joke I heard on the radio

The Masquerade is Over

Can I Be Your Main Thing?

Beloved DUer "The Magistrate" is in intensive care

OK...let me give you a scenario...This guy, has a family and a wife he loves

Theme from M*A*S*H

I can listen to 70's music all freaking day long

The late Bastion in better days...

What's that you say, girl?

LMFAO @ Jon Stewart's impression of Keith Olberman

Les Fleurs

I got my Apple Shareholder proxy form today

I can hear my cat snoring.


Future Shock

Movie help, please...


"Into The Mystic"

Harrison Ford on Letterman tonight. He appeared to be channeling Steve Martin.

That Scott Baio thread over in GD has over 27,000 views!

By the might hammer of Thor, why can't I get to sleep?

BREAKING: Country legend Willie Nelson weds Icelandic songstress Bjork in secret Vegas ceremony

Cisco Kid

Is it because i'm black?

My trip to the DMV today

anybody seen ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction?

i need a snappy comeback for yet another dufus

Have You Seen Her?

This thread has no title

Good morning Lounge

Kali knows the ranching industry has changed, um... immensely.

In the interests of safety, all women should leave the lounge...

Almost every day I say to my dog: "I wish you could read"

AHAHA you gotta love The Onion's Sports headlines:

After 90 years,the Beaver changes it's name.

HypnoToad! I found you a girlfriend...

Frasier or Niles: Who had the better apartment?

DUzy's back!

I need to drink A LOT of beer to get drunk.

Say what you will about cats, dogs are great for my marriage.

"Miracle On The Hudson" Wreckage Up For Auction

Posting from Atlanta ("et-lana" if you're southern)

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible horrible earworm

What is your personal opinion on your favorite band/singer's least appreciated album?

Will Trade 5.0 Mustang For 2 lbs Of Weed

I'm just hearing of the deaths in CA. I HATE being away from home.

10 days to Lost: Feb 2, 2010

I watched a documentary about Meth in America just to listen to Val Kilmer narrate

Sleep talking man: have you heard of him yet? (absolutely funny)

Joni Mitchell - Trouble Man


What's the name of this movie?

matcom shitting in GD.

Bacony foodscapes

Disco number you'd most like to hear declaimed by James Lipton

Will Trade 5.0 Mustang For 2 lbs Of Weed

An inspirational message to remember this weekend:

matcom siting in GD.

Anyone else snowed in?

Millie is out of dental cleaning surgery

Facebook etiquette

Police Say Georgia Mom Forced Son To Kill Hamster

Former Cypress Gardens to become Legoland

Country's first legal gigolo starts work in Nevada

I am pining for a Kirk's Steakburger

I voted for Obama and for Scott Brown

Once upon a time there was a missionary.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/22/10

Dirty Harry meets Rain Man

The SCOTUS decision means we can't beat them with money. We need to do it all

$1 = 1 vote

TPM: Senate Shrugs Off House Health Care Woes

Any one here have a blueray player that can receive Netflix.

Police: Man poses as cop, interferes with sex sting

I can't find Chiclets anywhere.

This guy records his own music. I like.

flowing water

Clean Your Balls with Axe

Drunk dancing is the best workout known to man.

and for a little Presidential historical perspective: Sound familiar? from November 16, 1982

What would the Mafia do?

Anybody remember Checker Cabs?

One of the worst problems with our president is this: he's too fixated with being the Anti-Jesse

James Madison's worst nightmare has come through with the Roberts' SCOTUS decision

Another reason why cats are superior to dogs.....

Here's What Obama Needs to Do to Get Back On Track

One of the two Obama favorite TV shows is about...

Fire Rham! Hire Howard!

"These other places are to the east. Of the water." OR "Like all things Spanish, it is dangerous"

"Saying the House can't rubber stamp the Senate unless changes are made is a negotiating posture."

I've been posting in GD. Several people called me a "big fat fucking poopy head".

Now that the dust has settled...

"Reports that Rahm Emanuel is pushing for a scaled-down bill are false."

The corporations money only works because the average voter is stupid!

ACLU: Reflections on a Decade of Reproductive Freedom

I hope none of you are using any of these passwords

Tweety is comparing Edwards to Palin. Intellectually.

Chief Justice Roberts

366 days later, what do you think of Obama? A poll, if I can manage this

366 days later, what do you think of Obama? A poll, if I can manage this

Huh? .......... Oh! You're making my head hurt!!

The ACLU was on the wrong side of history today.. .and I'm cancelling my membership

Fuck the Donkey, Let's use this as our new mascot.......

This country is ungovernable

From how i read it, the corporate expenditures are independent of the campaign...

So are we like Chile or Argentina? nt

In all likelihood, I won't make it to 2017, and IF Obama has already told us that

At no point in time did I ever ever consider moving to Canada..NEVER.. till now

Ladies and Gents: We are Now Officially a Plutocracy

SCOTUS Ruling Meaning: Corporations Know Obama has to Go

Operation Elect Sarah Proceeding According to Plan

The Democratic Party is test marketing a new logo


has anyone mentioned... Conan's last musical guest?

Tories back Obama's bank reform plans

If only the SCOTUS decision today were a missing blonde in Aruba, then maybe

If you want to hear a cool group--Lemon Jelly


Non-violent non-compliance...

Nuts to this online stuff. Here's the US Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Wow!!!!!!! Erroll Southers was really impressive on Rachel today

I have no idea how to title this thread.

Obama's Get Goldman Plan

What does the Citizens United decision mean?

This poll need DU help

Can House and Senate Republicans support today's ruling...

The Court’s Blow to Democracy (NYT)

Barney Frank wants to give banks 5 more years of speculating with our federally insured

Herewith, a cat thread that would not be improved by pictures.

HCR will be unpopular with the majority as long as health insurance companies are unpopular.

Best free anti-virus software, help me choose

Corporate shill Dennis Kneale nervous of scotus ruling.

Keith O ripping into this fucking SCOTUS decision..Watch now or at 10 p.m.

Keith O ripping into this fucking SCOTUS decision..Watch now or at 10 p.m.

The Supreme Court's Gift to the Chamber of Commerce

They shan't work together again (Genesis & Gabriel @ R&R Hall Of Fame)

Questions re: SCOTUS/Corp Spending; INDIVIDUAL limit lifted? Unions? Tax Deductability.

Obama's First Year in Office Marred By Many Broken Campaign Promises

Health care reform

Conference of Mayors Stresses Need for New Round of Stimulus Money

Obama's 'Volcker Rule' shifts power away from Geithner

House, pass the Senate bill. Senate, pass a 'clean-up' bill. Gut it up! Show us you can govern!

Ya know - Carole King's "Really Rosie" ages well with time

The HCR Plan of the Moment: 10am, Friday 1/22

So what are the ConservaDems pushing: health reform to save thousands of lives? No:

Pat Buchanan: Has Obama lost white America

Krugman: Do the Right Thing

"Glass-Steagall lite Barack Obama proposes limiting the activities of big banks."

What is the best solo album by a former Beatle?

Ok. Here is where we stand. We have a Democratic President, Senate 59/100 and House 256/435...

ABC News: "President Obama's Rough Week: Jobs, Wall Street, Health Care Loom Over White House"

Proposed checks on financial firms show rival Volcker’s growing influence

Four dozen leading health care experts write to Pelosi, Democrats: Pass Senate Health Care Bill

The insanity of breaking up the health care bill into little pieces

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January, 21st 2010

Gibbs: If we don't do anything, it will only get worse in the days to come.

The SCOTUS decision is a real turning point.

RepubiCons say they don't believe in government so..

How will the SC decision effect K Street? Will it generate more lobbyist jobs or

The 25 Funniest Moments In (Billboard) Vandalism History

FauxNews Poll: Obama Would Beat GOP, Tea Party Rivals By Landslide In 2012

I'm so old...

Shame, Shame, Shame

Take a break and turn on MSNBC

Do you think my user name is racist?

Senate Rankings: Post-Masspocalypse Edition. Nate projects Dems retain avg of 54.7 of now.

GALLUP: 55% say suspend work on current health care bill, consider alternatives instead.

It's taxes, stupid


Yuk! Jay Leno to headline White House Correspondents Dinner on May 1.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler on health reform

Why does anyone think any Senate Republicans will vote for stripped down health care measures?

Foreign businesses might be the real winners in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission

Obama: 'We've Run Into Buzz Saw' On Health Care

Oh, he's ratcheting up the campaign rhetoric again!

If you're watching MSNBC, turn to C-Span, as the Q&A with the Prez continues......

Democrats won control of the House early Wednesday after a dozen years of Republican rule

What is going on with HCR is stupid... jaw-droppingly WTF stupid

Cat politics experts: I've got 3 against one

The 'Philly Metro' newspaper prints, 'How will Dems recover after losing majority?'

Obama in Ohio -- Day and Night between Obama and Bush

deleted for idiocy

Dodd on Health Care Bill: Let’s Take a Breather

Don't Nobody Move

PREDICTION: More than $10 BILLION will be spent by independent advertisers in 2012 election

"Buried inside the new Fox News poll..."

"All of Washington would be saying 'what a genius'"

Can we sue the 5 members of the SC for treason?


What is the purpose of the "Liberal Vs. Conservative" meme?

Krugman: The Healtcare Choice & a Note on the Economy

Change, hard or easy?

Where do rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies?

imagine if Gore, Kerry or Obama said it wouldn't matter if Roe v Wade was overturned

Democrats Need To Pass A Cleaned-Up Health Care Bill

Why hasn't Obama smashed up the mean corporations and distributed their property to the People yet??

Chuckie Todd and co actually make an interesting assesments regarding Geithner and Summers

What's to prevent Dems from using the "nuclear option" like the GOP threatened?

It's the weekend.

Dudeism, the faith that abides in The Big Lebowski (article in The Guardian)

only because I haven't had enough caffeine--scotus says no limit on corporate contributions to pols

Stand up and FIGHT the Commodification of Democracy!

Now that it's official that we live in a corporatocracy, let's make the needed changes

Note to today's Nader Haters: Roberts and Alito were appointed in Bush's SECOND term.

OK - I've got Doctor Who S2 (David Tennant) and Torchwood S1 - which first?

Chuck(chucky cheese)Todd:We don't know what the Supreme Court ruling means

AP:Former Senate HELP Chairman Dodd Suggests Breather on Health Care

Y'all don't need no help.

Why no one should govern based on polls (updated)

“What’s amazing to me is that a majority in the Congress can’t work its will.”- Henry Waxman

Whats with this stupid media with this populous shit

Obama Seen as Anti-Business by 77% of U.S. Investors

****Heads Up: POTUS Holds Town Hall in Lorain Co., Ohio!****

Seeing Obama in the Town Hall -- I really like the guy but not the pussyfooting

It's sad that we need a Constitutional Amendment to state the corp's are not people

Who else thinks Wall Street is trying to intimidate Obama this week?

How are the corporation election ads any different that the sly 501(c)(3) ads?

POLL: Democrats (60%) are happier with their party than Republicans (35%) are with theirs.

Party does matter in the SCOTUS nominations BUT Democrats helped bring us Roberts and Alito

New Banker Rules: Change You Can Believe In?

Reid endorses Bernanke, likely that he will win re-confirmation

I miss Nance Greggs. Period. She'd have put out a RANT by now.......

What WOULD be worth a revolution?

The Ruling Changes Nothing!!

Tweety STFU!!! up

Question: Given the events of this past week, do you really think we will get another shot at HCR

I think I'm turning the corner...

Cosmo Ken and Caribou Barbie in '12!!!

Pass. The. Damn. Bill.

What are you listening to?

Kerry's speech opposing John Robert's nomination (2005)

"Leading Health Care Experts Tell House To Pass Senate Health Care Bill"

When are they going to do away with elections altogether? Why maintain the pretense anymore?

Watch Rachel Maddow on Andrea Mitchell: Just pass the Senate bill and fix it in reconciliation.

SEIU: If Dems Pass Scaled-Down Health Bill, Labor'll Have Trouble Staying Focused on Nat'l Politics

There'll Always Be A Scotland Dept: "Haggis Producers Struggling to Keep Up With Demand"

We need to have Obama's back on the Volcker Rule

CEOs to Hill: Quit Calling Us For Campaign Cash

This SCOTUS ruling means Obama is out in 2012.

Jon Stewart Impersonates Olbermann, Gives 'Special Comment' (VIDEO)

You Can Shave the Baby


What simple concept does your otherwise intelligent spouse/partner fail to grasp?

Hey - asshole fuckstain - you're at the gym. Leave the cell phone in the locker. Shitwit.

Policy Pivot on Banks Followed Months of Wrangling

Whoohoo! "Filibuster reform headed for Senate floor."

NASCAR shooting to implement fuel injection in 2011

Note to Today's Nader Haters: Bush would not have EVEN HAD a first term, let alone a second, had it

How to impeach a supreme court justice.

Not supporting Bernanke will probably cost Boxer her Ca seat. It is a lose/lose for her.


Why US Imperialists have their eye on Haiti; It's not cheap labor it's resources

Why do middle-class conservatives support their own destruction?

President Obama on health reform: I am not going to walk away just because it's hard.

When are the millions of traitor Democrats who voted for Reagan, Bush, and Bush going to take some

Irish Central: Bill Maher says Obama "Worse than Cheney."

CA Supremes: Pot growing limits, bans UNCONSTITUTIONAL

California Storm: 4 Feet of Snow, Pressure Record?

Massachusetts Mom Charged in Deaths of 9-Year-Old Daughter, Unborn Baby

Human rights activists in Mexico under attack

Pakistani military says no new Taliban offensive soon

Officers did not use excessive force, jury finds

GenRe Reaches Deal With Justice Department in AIG Case (pay small fee not to be charged)

Banks already finding ways around Obama financial reforms

Afghanistan's Karzai moots Taliban peace scheme (offering money and jobs)

Prop. 8 backer stands by views on pedophilia

Seventh man charged in Richmond rape

Stocks slide as Obama calls for tougher bank rules

Uncovering Sri Lanka's war crimes

Central Greece rattled by magnitude 5.1 earthquake, no damage or injuries

Turkey police arrest 120 al-Qaeda suspects

Lobbyists Get Potent Weapon in Campaign Finance Ruling

India issues terrorism alert over hijack plot

China condemns 'groundless' US criticism of web control

Leak at German nuclear plant: firm

Murdoch law:blood is best

FBI, Telecoms Teamed to Breach Wiretap Laws

'Aboriginal' figure skating routine slammed in Australia

If Bills Fail, a Quandary for Insurers

Australia, N.Zealand order review of 'bible' gunsights

The UN confirms three million affected by quake

Is Germany dying out?

Ohio's unemployment rate up to 10.9%

ATF stings put 250M illegal cigarettes on streets

Hugo Chavez accuses U.S. of using weapon to cause Haiti quake

FSB appreciates Obama turning screw on risk reduction

NASA: 2009 tied for 2nd-warmest year, 00s hottest decade too

FBI records show broadcaster Paul Harvey had deep ties to J. Edgar Hoover

No US-Colombia FTA this year: US ambassador

Ex-Pentagon official jailed for spying for China

Tyson layoffs a blow to Bluffs (480 jobs)

Tyson layoffs a blow to Bluffs (480 jobs)

(Gitmo) Detainees Will Still Be Held, but Not Tried, (Obama) Official Says

Defense Secretary Robert Gates Confirms Blackwater in Pakistan

Judge nixes two Bush-era domestic spying cases

Iraq littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination, study finds

Toyota hit with another massive recall: Is your car on the list?

Calif. Democrats revive single-payer health care

Utah millionaire mounts own Haiti aid operation

Children missing from hospitals after quake, sparking trafficking fears

Police kill man in Haiti over allegedly stolen rice

State jobless rates on the rise

US returns two former detainees to Algeria

Justice task force recommends about 50 Guantanamo detainees be held indefinitely

Tiller Stalker: Ex-AG's Crusade Against Kansas Abortion Doctor Revealed In New Complaint

AMAZING VIDEO: Trapped Dog Rescued from L.A. River

CEOs to Congress: Use taxpayer money for campaigns

Private sector union membership shrinks

Obama's 'Volcker Rule' shifts power away from Geithner

White House still believes Bernanke gets 2nd term

UK terrorist threat level raised to 'severe'

2 Key Senators Oppose a Second Term for Bernanke

John Boehner says ‘no’ to scaled back health bill

Polanski's Victim to Request an End to Extradition Efforts

Court Rules That Mass Surveillance of Americans is Immune From Judicial Review

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 22

Obama quietly continues to defend Bush's terror policies

Big Banks Have Already Figured Out The Loophole In Obama’s New Rules

Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. FEC

The COIN Myth III: Economy of Farce

US ends limits on campaign funding

"Fluid and Muddle" /TPM's Josh Marshall as Confused as the rest of us Dems)...

Justice Stevens speaks of past, high court shift

Tories back Obama's bank reform plans

Candidate Painted On Your Genitals?

A Supreme Victory for Special Interests (John Dean)

Housebreaking the Corporations

Where are the real populists now?

Conservatives embrace judicial activism in campaign finance ruling (Chemerinsky | LAT)

We all have a stake in corporate behavior (Yosifon | SF Chronicle)

Who's activist now? In election-spending case, conservatives (Doyle | McClatchy)

Supreme Court's momentous decision will derail any financial reform (Talton | Seattle Times)

Justices shift campaign-finance rules (Fitzgerald | Philly Inquirer)

Roberts Delivers ‘Jolt’ in Overturning Campaign-Finance Rulings (Stohr | Bloomberg)

Money talks, high court rules (SF Chronicle editorial)

Special interests win, we lose ( Star-Ledger Editorial Board)

A game changer (Milwaukee WI Journal-Sentinel)

The Supreme Court removes important limits on campaign finance (WaPo Editorial)

Ollie North: At War, Or Not At War: That is the Question

Will corporate ads buy 2010 voters? (Thiemer |AP via WaPo)

Cindy McCain Endorses Gay Marriage, For Herself!

Commentary: Please erase these 20 Medals of Honor from the records

Government by the people, RIP (Detroit Free Press)

NYT: The Court’s Blow to Democracy

The Huffington Post Investigative Fund should be embarrassed

Russia and the United States have again traded weapons threats

Corporate Campaign Speech Brought to You By The Supremes

James Fallows: John Roberts: the difference four years makes

Definition of a Liberal by JFK.

Really Simple: We Need to Get Rid of the Perverse Notion of "Corporate Personhood"

Jay Bookman Corporations are not people; money is not speech (Bookman | AJC)

One Year: Where Are the Judges?

Ron Paul: After ‘CIA coup,’ agency ‘runs military’

Tea-party activists claim to represent Main Street...So will they let corporate money rule America?

The Real Problem with Citizens United (SCOTUS ruling)

Modern Mystery: Who Flattened Ancient Indian Site?

Olbermann's Revenge: Uses G.E. $$ to Run Ad Campaign Against Jon Stewart

Bloomberg hammers Obama over Bank Plan

2 Key Senators Oppose a Second Term for Bernanke

Blog for choice: I’m pro-choice because I love life

David Sirota: Democratic Corporatism Brings Reagan Back from the Grave

Lithwick calls "The Pinocchio Project," Court transforms "a corporation into a real

Dean: GOP Tactics Are Bad for America

WSJ - now even the reporting (which used to be good) is garbage

Robert Reich: It's Time for a Shareholder Protection Act

Vulnerable Democrats ask Congress, Obama to extend Bush tax cuts

Supreme Court hands governance of the United States over to corporations

Supreme Court Ruling Is an Invitation to Scandal (Farrell | USNWR)

Emperor John Roberts Creates Corporate Kingdom (Black State)

Supreme Court legalizes everything America hates about lobbyists buying Washington (The Hill)

The Supreme Court's gift to big business (Kaplan | Fortune)

A contrarian take on SCOTUS decision ...

Corporate speech (Salt Lake Trib editorial)

CEOs to Congress: Use taxpayer money for campaigns

Iraq littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination, study finds

John Roberts: the difference four years makes (Fallows | The Atlantic)

David Sirota: PETITION: Corporations are NOT People (Please Sign)

The Arsenal of Kleptocracy

SCOTUS Ruling on Corporate Political Spending Is a Business Decision

High Court Decision May Bring ‘Cascade’ of Election Spending (Bloomberg via Business Week)

U.S. Supreme Court: Democracy sentenced to Death by hanging

John Dean: A Supreme Victory for Special Interests

The United States of Corporate America: From democracy to plutocracy

Commentary: Haitians need emergency relief, not military occupation


Conan O'Brien for Treasury Secretary

Don't Ridicule the Tea Partyers -- Recruit Them

Germany issues arrest warrant of Argentina ex-Junta chief

A Model for Haiti: An Excerpt from The Shock Doctrine

Obama's 'Volcker Rule' shifts power away from Geithner

On Hardball, Barney Frank Goes To Work On Republicans And Talks About The Economy

Scott Brown is a REAL American!

Gerald Celente on Russia Today (RE: Goldman Sachs)

Revolution by the Beatles-for DU energy

Thom Hartmann - Amy Goodman on Haiti - The army should bring gauze not guns

Congressman Alan Grayson re SCOTUS: ''If this Decision Stands, You Can Kiss this Country Goodbye''

No Longer Can We Allow The Greed Of A Few To Put The Entire Country At Risk! Rep Speier

Here's Something That Will Grab You! Congresswoman Kaptur

Brotherhood of Man, Pt 1 (1946 cartoon)

Participatory Democracy

Instant Runoff Voting - Vote your Conscience

Dayton Grassroots on Supreme Court Ruling

Arrests at U.S. Capitol 'Close Gitmo' Protest

Dem Rep: Healthcare Bill is "Dead"

Thom Hartmann - Corporate Personhood - The Floodgates were Opened Today

Is Homosexuality a Choice? (In the style of old educational cartoons)

Papantonio to Democrats: No Time for Knee Jerk

Tea Bagger's Paradise

Brotherhood of Man, Pt 2 (1946 cartoon) kickoff video

Huckabee says Obama will win reelection

Feingold Says He Will Vote Against Bernanke

Nancy Skinner discusses Obama's first year

Rachel Maddow w/ Elizabeth Warren: Obama seen trying to wrest control from big banks

Nancy Skinner and Howard Dean on CNBC 1-19-10

Wake-up Call

Countdown: Alan Grayson - 'The Most Irresponsible SCOTUS Decision Since Dred Scott'


Advice to Dems: Man Up

Gates in Pakistan: Islamabad refuses to bow US pressure

Tasini speaks Protest front of Goldman Sachs DEMS NEED TO RETURN TO THEIR ROOTS

Getting It Done: The Year In Obama-Led Health Care Reform

Cheech & Chong "We Want To Legalize Pot For People Who Want To Smoke It! Not Republicans!

Kucinich shreds Democrats for betraying the promise of change

Olbermann SCOTUS SPECIAL COMMENT PT. 1: 'After Today, Who's Going To Stop Them?'

Elizabeth Warren WORRIED state of our economy, Foreclosures WORST NOW, Still Have TOXIC Assets

Team Conan sticks it to NBC with the most expensive comedy skit in late night history.

Rachel Eviscerates The GOP's HCR Obstructionism & Discusses Curbing Corporations With Barney Frank

Jarvis Cocker - "Running the World"

Rachel Maddow update on Bible citatations on rifle sights: manufacturer will stop

Olbermann SCOTUS SPECIAL COMMENT PT. 2: 'After Today, Who's Going To Stop Them?'

Doocy On Bible Rifle Scopes: If Anybody's Making This A Religious Thing, The Terrorists 'Started It'

TYT: Are the Democrats Going to Sit There and Bleed? (w/ New Blog & Kurt Russel/Billy Bob Thornton?)

Send in the kids now!!!!

Dean on CBS: "if we can't get the whole thing, we can get some good stuff done before the election"

Friday Hardball: Chris Matthews and Alan Grayson Battle Over HCR and Reconciliation

Young Turks Interview PCCC - Polls Tell Real Story Of Coakley Loss To Brown

Hugo Chavez accuses U.S. of using weapon to cause Haiti quake

Ed Show: Kucinich - 'We Have To Save Our Democracy Here'

Obama FDA Goons Worse Than Bush FDA Goons: Welcome to CODEX

How to Get Bipartisanship and Crush With 59 Senators - Cenk @ Huffington Post

Quick fix for Supreme Court corporate sell-out: corporations with ANY foreign investors can't give

Germany: Popular Protests Put Brakes on Renewable Energy

Murkowski to Call on Congress to Block Federal Greenhouse Gas Regulation

ODAC Newsletter - Jan 22

Drumbeat: January 22, 2010

"Glacier National Park May Soon Need A Name Change"

Marketing manager responsible for Chevy Volt Dance reassigned

Indonesia's Bold New Conservation Funding Plan - Sell Captive-Born Tigers As Pets

Sierra Club's new Ex. Director:

Stop talking about climate change

Brazilian Ranch Wins Greenwash Award For 2009 - Thousands Of Bulldozed Acres Are "Nature Preserve"

Bill To Oppose EPA Regulation Of CO2 Now Has 150 House Co-Sponsors

More Than 300,000 More Chinese Face Relocation Near 3 Gorges Reservoir - AFP

Congressman Grayson Discusses Wall Street Pay w/ Nobel Prize Winner Joe Stiglitz & Lucian BebChuk

Bee Populations In England Fell By 54% In Past 20 Yrs - Figure Includes Only Managed Honeybee Hives

Yasuni NP, Ecuador - Most Biodiverse Area In Entire Continent Target For Oil Companies As Pact Fails

Overfishing the most important fish in the sea?

Another climate denier myth busted: urban heat islands

White Nose May Destroy 5/6 Of PA Bat Species - Zoologists Find 6 Bats In Cave W. 1,000 Population

Thames Eel Population Crash Nears End - 98% Collapse In 5 Years - Guardian

Supreme Court Denies Injunction Request By Michigan To Close Canal, Block Asian Carp From Great Lake

Haiti and Toxic Waste

Electric airplanes.....

NASA - Decade Ending In 2009 Warmest Since Record-Keeping Began In 1880s - Bloomberg

Why are cars built to drive twice as fast as the speed limit?

"The Corporation" (Full Movie)

Why the Saints have gotten this far. >>

Why I'll be cheering for the Saints

Not sure if this is sports or political related.......actually both...

So the ad Tebow is doing during the Super Bowl is a pro-life/anti-choice ad.

Ken Burns is doing another baseball documentary (attn: Red Sox fans)

Wow! Another U of Tennessee team loses...

The only way I see the Jets beating the Colts is to

Islanders having a rather impressive season. 7th in the East as of this writing.

Jeremy Shockey doubtful, Darren Sharper probable

U.S. Jew indicted as possible Israel spy

Palestinian, Lebanese survivors relive Haiti quake terror

Israel withholding NGO employees' work permits

Egypt tells Hamas: No more Mr. Nice Guy

Democracy in jeopardy: Israel intensifying efforts to quash dissent

Palestine's occupation tourism

Obama admits US underestimated Israeli-Palestinian deadlock

IDF prepares to open 'Israelis only road' to Palestinian traffic

Not all settlers and Palestinians want each other to disappear

Peru: Report on the Violent Events in Bagua, Peru: A Truth Commission with Little Truth

A critique of the US economy in the context of US militarization in Latin America

Another BBC hit piece on Venezuela--answered by Tamara Pearson

Germany issues arrest warrant of Argentina ex-Junta chief

UK urges Haiti creditors to cancel debts Main creditors Taiwan and Ven

Grading Obama on Honduran Coup: D

No US-Colombia FTA this year: US ambassador

15 arrested protesting Jewish takeover of East Jerusalem

Railroads signal a tepid US economic recovery

Panel bars hiring part-timers

Today in Labor History Jan 22 Five hundred New York City tenants battle police to prevent evictions

Labor Moves To Help Haiti In A Big Way

There for U (community service program designed to mobilize the unemployed and underemployed )

Kucinich Wants Obama To Meet With Hugo Boss Workers

What’s The Matter With Massachusetts? AFL-CIO Says A Working Class Revolt

Feds, Cops Attempt to Shut Down Legal Gun Sales in Austin

Teen shoots alleged thief in home invasion

Police: Bar owner shoots convicted killer from Belmont in self-defense

Man shoots, kills intruder who broke into his home

Obama Gets Failing Grades from Gun Control Group (Oh no! Heavens to Betsey! What are we to do?)

I wonder if some people are starting to understand the 2nd amendment now?

I don't think fascism tolerates an armed population.

Can someone explain something to me.

Man Dies on Atlantis Caribbean Cruise

Virginia Gives Lisa Miller Gets Another Month To Hide

Some pics from this week's ice storm (dial up warning)

Well, since signs didn't make the cut...


On the way home

Another shot on the way home

in the middle


Mars under attack!

Visible Shock Wave Rocks Japanese Volcano in Slo-Mo

Carbon nanotubes used to make batteries from fabrics

A walk in the ice fog

Engineers 'can learn from slime'

Mars and a moonbow

Definition of "Still Life"

Amateur star-gazer captures astonishing images of Milky Way through hole in roof of his garden shed

NASA Extends the World Wide Web Out Into Space

A rare glimpse of the cave of crystals

Sometimes it all comes down to this.


John Paulson’s “Greatest Trade Ever” — Something of a Scam

WTF?? FDIC been bought?? From HuffPost

How Wall Street Destroyed Health Care

WEIRD dream last night!!!!

Symbolic Radionics--"wishing" machine

Tomb of the Saxon Queen: Discovered, Alfred's granddaughter

Psychologists Use Non-Expert Student Observers In Autism Research

Intelligence In Young Children Is Not Influenced By Omega 3 Fatty Acids

U.S. Babies Are Getting Smaller

Deviated septum-anyone have surgery for it? Did it help or not?

H1N1 Flu Is a False Pandemic, Health Expert Claims

Early Show Will Be talking About Merit Pay this Morning

Spitting On Christians In Jerusalem Draws Rabbinic Rebuke