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Tweety's coverage on Watergate#2 - link to video

If an Arab that was a muslim had tried to Spy on a US Senator what do you think would happen?

Sick of political ads?

Evan Bayh - Useless as tits on a boar

Mika Brzezinski on Colbert tonight!

DU Tinfoilers Alert: Why Landrieu's office?

Nutrition Cuts, Yet U.S. Households Struggle to buy Food:

O'Keefe is a real playa, he's kickin' it skool, G. Gordon Liddy style

Why do you suppose O'Keefe picked Landrieu's phone to tap? nt

There's a lot to like about Tim Tebow

I wonder if they weren't trying to Blagojevic Mary Landrieu

Bernanke Rounds Up Senate Confirmation Votes With Phone Calls

Watergate Jnr - KOs on -

Preview of the SOTU speech....I wish

I am a proud "fucking retard" liberal right here.

Bertha Lewis statement on O'Keefe arrest

Hilarious speech fail (Bush & Clinton)

BREITBART.. Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

BREITBART.. Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

BREITBART.. Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

BREITBART.. Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

BREITBART.. Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

Email I received from Senator McCaskill on her discretionary spending amendment

Email I received from Senator McCaskill on her discretionary spending amendment

The Congress must hold hearings to investigate the O'Keefe wiretapping scandal

Politics for 500 Alex:The GOP is to blame for your economic woes for standing in the way of progress

It's likely the Repub lawyers are on the way to defend O'Keefe ...and hush$$ to follow

Can anyone name just one time, when Democrats pandered to the repubs, the repubs did NOT do this?

WTF? German Christian homeschooling family given political asylum

Focus on the Family spending $2.5 mil per advert with Tebow on Superbowl Sunday

James O'Keefe was just doing his thing. Lyrics to "The Telephone Man."

Toyota suspends recalled car sales in U.S

NOLA CBS affiliate reports on O'Keefe arrest, attorney has "no idea at this point" who is paying him

Robert Reich is right! "Obama needs to say ... I'm going to bailout Mainstreet" ...

Robert Reich is right! "Obama needs to say ... I'm going to bailout Mainstreet" ...

HEADS UP: Rachel Maddow to cover Sen. Landrieu's phone taps arrest

$549 to get into the Tea Party Convention???

Ushers say Roeder pointed a gun at them

What should the media call the O'Keefe wiretap scandal? [blank]-gate

O'Connor: Corporate campaign funds could affect judiciary

Eleven actions that will bring back the USA

James O’Keefe is going to need a really good lawyer

NO Investment in America - until we TAX Top 1%

PBS responds to FAIR petition re: cancelation of Bill Moyers/Now

Americans are idiots.

Americans are idiots.

HELP!! Drier has called me for a conference call

I hope that O'Keefe and his boys appear before this generation's Judge John Sirica

I've missed the news...who can bring me up to speed on O'Keefe?

I've missed the news...who can bring me up to speed on O'Keefe?

Whoa, whoa, whoa looks like this Stan Dai guy might be a spook.

Larry Anderson, star of Scientology's 'Orientation' film, wants his money back


Alleged Landrieu Phone Bug Crew Emerged From World Of Conservative Campus Journalism


31 House Republicans signed on to resolution praising suspected wiretapper

Echoes of Nixon. "When the President does it, it's not a crime"

I will vote for the next candidate, of any party, that calls out the GOP for being lying douchebags.

4 charged in U.S. Senate office infiltration in New Orleans

Bring me the head of Leonardo!

I don't want to "pick a side". I spend some time in both camps.

Senator David Vitters is blocking Obama's nominee to replace US attorney that wil prosecute O'Keefe

Obama’s Bud Lite Budget Freeze

Does the GOP teach these practices to some of their fervent young followers?

Nebraska lawmakers seek to ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Nebraska lawmakers seek to ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Poll finds Americans trust Fox News more than any other network

Breitbart says arrest not related to BigGovernment, but he's paying alleged wiretap plotter O'Keefe

Michael Fucking Waltrip is on Hannity sharing his wisdom vis a vis Obama.

Just in time for midterm elections, Watergate(for real this time!)

When the DOW first closed above 10,000...

Senator Udall: It's Time for the Constitutional Option

Routine Federal Building Security caught the Freepers Four

Arizona may be the 2010 ground zero of "Teh Stupid" with gramps being challenged by nutjob Hayworth.

Revealed: Ex-CIA agent ‘basically made up’ waterboarding details

Interesting CNN poll

"This man says there is trouble with our telephone."

I got into it pretty good with another ex-GI this afternoon.

Bwahaha! MSNBC is referring to O'Keefe and his cohorts as the village people!

Somewhere in an alternate universe, a liberal was arrested for breaking into a GOP senator's office

WSJ - "Democrats Shouldn't Overinterpret a (2008) Victory Mandate" - Applies to Scott Brown?

"O'Keefe-Gate". Let's make that the meme.

"O'Keefe-Gate". Let's make that the meme.

Looks to me like it oughtta be called "VITTERGATE"

President Obama To Freeze Salaries Of Top US Government Officials

President Obama To Freeze Salaries Of Top US Government Officials

OK Senate, House is on board with Plan B: "House to Senate: We're Ready On Health Care If You Are"

Is there anywhere I can get up-to-date on this phone tap case?

Obama's work at transforming a major US Appeals court gets one step closer Thursday

Fox News now working on James O'Keefe

Raped Teenager Receives 101 Lashes For Becoming Pregnant

I have something brief to say about the O'Keefe arrest

The real question regarding O'Keefe's arrest and the new Watergate Scandal

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Kline co-sponsored resolution honoring the ‘exemplary’ James O’Keefe

Did Anybody Peak In At Drudge Or Fox News To See How They Are Handling This O'Keefe LA Break-In.....

Government knew ‘no leg to stand on’ legally to go to war in Iraq

BREAKING: O'Keefe facing additional charges

Third rate break in: or what we can learn about corruption

PREDICTION: Right wing will spin O'Keefe as a "kid" who was "a little too creative." -Michael Moore

How will Rush spin this?

Sen. Landreiu is on the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs....

Oregonians just voted to raise taxes

I can hardly wait until Johh Dean weighs in on the O'Keefe arrest n/t

Name confusion gets kid's author banned from Texas curriculum

The Racist Hypocrisy of the Right. WaterGate II aka PimpGate.

So... at what time will Fox News' crawl "mistakenly" say O'Keefe is a Democrat?

Is anyone familiar with how information on an inmate's crimes circulates in the prison population?

Report: Bush Order Allowing Murder Of US Citizens Abroad Still In Effect


Here's a funny one about Teabuggergate, RICO would apply

House to Senate: We're Ready On Health Care If You Are

If Obama fired Rahm, who would be a good replacement?

The Business Conference from Hell


Someone posted yesterday that this week would be better

Someone posted yesterday that this week would be better

UN: 27 million people became unemployed in 2009

UN: 27 million people became unemployed in 2009

Alleged wiretap plotter O'Keefe tweets "I am a journalist. The truth shall set me free"

FLASHBACK: 31 House Republicans Supported Resolution Honoring Alleged Felon James O'Keefe

Weasel: A Study in Aesthetics

O'Keefe is a 25-year-old punk... who will fold like a tent under questioning

who appointed acting U.S. Attorney Flanagan?

I am super, super pissed off at Barack Obama now!

What Is The PELICAN Institute? The Landrieu PHONE BUGGING Case.

Turley said it's interesting the affidavit (re: O'Keefe, et al) didn't mention

ACORN Responds to James O’Keefe Arrest

Expect to see a lot more of this in the coming months: Hayworth: Obama 'Should Come Forward' with

I'm happy as anyone else that this O'Keefe was arrested, but could we cut out the prison rape jokes?

Crist must pick up fight, or sink

Obama has lost The Left~


Holocaust Candlelight March

Michael Pollan (Food, Inc.) will be on Oprah for the full hour on Wed.

Plant which employs 3% of Sioux City, IA workers is closing. 1450 jobs gone

Rush Limbaugh: "I don't even want to be alive anymore."

Chris Cox, Richard Nixon's Grandson, Running For Congress

Time for a rant..."...the American People..." (bad language)

U.S. lawmakers to Obama: Press Israel to ease Gaza siege

Change, my ass. (Dial up warning)

Salt Lake GOP cancels scheduled O'Keefe keynote

Salt Lake GOP cancels scheduled O'Keefe keynote

Pope denounces 'horror' of Holocaust on Remembrance Day

MSHA inspector advocates killing environmentalists ("Hang a tree-hugger today")

How's that tax revolt going, teabag fuckers?

First-Grade Girl's Braid Cut Off by Teacher

Is anyone else's job dependent on a big corporation

Nancy Grace camera shy?

Run the Superbowl ad.

Holy Shite - breaking on KO

Morning Jerk campaigning for "their friend, Harold Ford"

Morning Jerk campaigning for "their friend, Harold Ford"

a tale of two threads

Eugene Robinson: Pres. Obama must put action behind his rhetoric

I have absolutly ZERO faith that the repubicans will be a part of any solutions Obama puts forward

Paulson says he, Geithner acted properly on AIG

Senate Parliamentarian Derails Coburn

Morning Joe-laughs off O'Keefe story

Brietbart's statement on O'Keefe arrest... (somebody's sounding a little scared to me)

Meet the idiot behind WorldNetDaily

Sen. Diaper Dave Vitter (R- DyDee Dandy) official statement on Teabuggergate

Vermont assumes heavy burden in Iraq war

We could potentially be facing the most serious scandal since Watergate!!!!!!

The Leadership Institute

Revealed: Retired CIA agent ‘made up’ waterboarding details

All I can think of is that this O'Keefe +3 thing is all about spying. The excitement on DU

here's the FBI affidavit

Haiti slows orphan flights over human trafficking concerns

Along with buying politicians, it seems that judges may be for sale now

Bwahaha! MSNBC Reporter just said "I believe it was Bond that Set Him Free" re: O'Keefe

Colorado Business Comes up with Solution to Budget Shortfall.

Report: Bush order allowing murder of US citizens abroad still in effect

Amon Carter IV branded, burned by fraternity chums

Why are the biggest media whores Irish?

Here's a freeper that knows all about tapping Federal phones........FBI HELLO!!!!!!!

If Michael Moore were a member of DU....

O'Keefe- the Freeperbag Lie-man

Volunteers who backed Oregon tax referrenda sound off on their victory (and what was at stake)

so, when does congress restore funding of acorn?

Freepers, O'Keefe, pain and denial.

O'Keefe fan club starts to unravel..

Who else can't wait to hear the whopper that O'Keefe and friends are going to make soon?

Oops: Breitbart admits paying activist who tried to bug Democratic senator

Next week - Bachmann and Beck - Tea Bagger event St. Louis, MO

State of the Union: Isn't that great

Every time I see that fool O'Keefe dressed up like a pimp,

BREAKING: MSNBC Signs James O'Keefe For Special

Danny Goldberg on the demise of Air America and political media strategy

Woman gets prison for 4th DUI (5-month-old baby in the back seat)

How Obama Betrays Reverend King's Philosophy of Nonviolence

Right-Wing Fringe Rebels Against Palin Over Her Endorsement Of ‘RINO’ McCain

Union leader: Senators — such as Lieberman — ‘acted like terrorists’ on health care

So How Did The Feds Glom Onto This So FasT?

Do way too many people have too much money? Is that why

Obama Spending Freeze Lands on Hill with Thud

More than 300 public-records lawsuits filed in Obama's first year (FOIA)


You ripped a Piccaso?

I hope that McDonnell delivers a Jindal-esque response.

13 Activists for Peace arrested in front of White House

31 House Republicans Supported Resolution Honoring Alleged Felon James O'Keefe

Pilot of downed police helicopter cites ‘divine intervention’

O'keefe......I haven't even bothered to follow/know the story, but I HAVE LEARNED

Lobotomized America: A Good Reminder of the Sheer Level of Ignorance That Dominates Our Nation

Richard Trumka, HuffPo: Calling on All Working Americans to Stand Up and Fight

When you watch the Republican Response tonight look for the Military men and women

McCain, Bayh team up on spending freeze bill. (flatline discretionary spending)

When are the Republicans going to give up

10 amazing truths you already suspected, Mark Morford

Hey Freepers, I got a PETITION for you to sign!

MAD Magazine cover:

Does anyone have the actual votes from Oregon's Measures 66 & 67?

O'Keefe also Spoke at St. Louis Tea Party Rally

Here is a list of Representatives who honored Hannah Giles andJames O'Keeefe.

The Sorry State of the Union

It's getting ugly at Toyota

YES!! It gives me great pleasure to salute President Obama on this one:

I'm baffled by this court decision, since when is Dungeons and Dragons "gang activity?"

Media Whore Dumps "ACORN Pimp"

David Plouffe - "November doesn't need to be a nightmare for Democrats"

ADE-651 Magic Wand Bomb Detector Is a Fraud, Probably Killed Hundreds

$17 Billion. That's the amount of waste in government Obama identified to cut last year.

Federal investigation into George Tiller murder is "Open"

What does it mean to be a democrat these days? What do you stand for?

Breitbart: I Pay A Salary To Alleged Landrieu Plotter O'Keefe

RNC To Take Up 'Purity' Resolutions This Week (in Hawaii)

Employers Dropping Health Insurance At Alarming Rate

Greenwald has a great question for Mary Landrieu

Does anyone know how they caught the Pimp and his cronies red handed?

(TPMDC) Indiana GOP chairman says they "don't condone" Senate candidate's call for armed revolution

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

SoCal Congressman's Web Site Hacked (Rival Campaign Takes Advantage Of Typo)

Help me to understand Verizon's announcement of 13,000 job cuts

O'Keefe also faces lawsuit in PA for taping an ACORN worker with out consent (illegal in state)

Hugh Hewitt interviews Breitbart on O'Keefe wiretap

A notion on the state of the nation

O'Keefe co-conspirator Robert Flanagan, 24, was an intern for Rep. Mary Fallin (R-OK) last year.

I will not go, says climate chief (UN - glacier)

Over a year ago while debating McCain, Obama mentioned Iraq's surplus

Confidential documents on death of Dr David Kelly to be released

a coal plant event - Kansas

SOTU toon >>

FYI. Geitner and CBO Hearing Starting NOW--C-Span

You know, I think the "teabaggers" might really have some good, valid points.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

Why haven't I seen the Teabuggers mug shots?

Where can one find a concise debunking of the Acorn scam?

Where can one find a concise debunking of the Acorn scam?

BOLIVIA: Unprecedented Gender Parity in Cabinet

With O'Keefe arrest, Breitbart develops newfound appreciation for "facts"

Air America RIP-- A Guest Post From Former Air America CEO Danny Goldberg

Wal-Mart Using Fake Community Group to Manufacture Support (Chicago)

Indian glaciologist fires back at skeptics

Oregon "earthquake" election gets ignored by MSM!

J.D. Hayworth bangs the birther drum while planning to challenge McCain in the Republican Primary

(Pres.) Zuma takes on the fashion world

Just when you think you can't make a difference-I just got off the phone...

Ohio Judge Has No Right To Push Religion In Courtroom, Says Americans United

Grayson, progressive leaders ask Senate Dems to use reconciliation to pass healthcare

AP Video of the phone Pimp and his crew

Gettin' Warmed up for the SOTU

O'Keefe On Payroll

LIVE AUDIO of Apple (Tablet) announcement.....

Arlen Specter in big trouble. Trails Pat Toomey by 14% in new poll

They're doing the Tiller /Taliban terrorist murder trial on Court TV

I would ask each state to take a census of those who are unemployed and underemployed

O'Keefe didn't dress up as a pimp. He dressed up as a stereotypical, cartoon pimp.

The new kiss & tell book on Edwards: This isn't by THE Andrew Young, is it?

White House: Budget Freeze-eology 101: Hatchets vs. Scalpels

James O’Keefe phone interference case will be resolved with a very stern talking to--Frum

New Home Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Decline, Capping Worst Year on Record

Geithner:"I had no role' in an AIG cover up" - Pledges to stay as long as Obama wants-stories w/pics

HCR Senate Version: Caps on Coverage

How much O'Keefe/Acorn coverage can I get?

Democratic Party Chair Michael McHale - 'Louisiana Watergate'

Boy,oh boy there sure are a lot of..

Boy,oh boy there sure are a lot of..

Give Corporations FULL Natural Citizen Rights

hartmann guest - Corporation running for Congress

TPM: "Poll: *Fox* Is The Most Trusted Name In TV News"

The words "retard" and "retarded" are ableist slurs.

Anyone catch the hatchet job that CNN is doing

Thank you to my fellow Oregonians! Measures 66 and 67 Pass "Handily!"

Thank you to my fellow Oregonians! Measures 66 and 67 Pass "Handily!"

U.S. Consumer Confidence Rises To 16-Month High; Americans still cautious about near-term...

Remembering The Holocaust as a Whole.

Remains thought to be those of missing Virginia Tech student

McDonald's Loses Dutch Cheese Slice Case

Tonight's SOU: Will Wall St. Still Be In Charge?

Top story on CNN: "PIMP" GETS BUSTED

No Conrad-Gregg Commission? Obama will create his own:

Jews use Holocaust as propaganda weapon, says Catholic bishop

What if James O'Keefe's name was Jamal Khalifa?

Is Obama's cabinet in a bubble and infected with groupthink?

Stan Dai is apparenty not new to political theater

How Likely is a war with Venezuela?

Randall Terry press conference. How does he get away with it

Question: How many Bush appointees are still serving as US Attorneys at the state level?

Flanagan may have had a personal motive. Landrieu has proposed a replacement for his US Atty father

Flanagan may have had a personal motive. Landrieu has proposed a replacement for his US Atty father

RE: "The 41 senator majority". It is really 46 minimum. Add Lieberman, Lincoln,

Gov. Everyone Has Seen My Penis wants Calif. to build a private prison in Mex.

Holocaust survivors' stories

Today will be America's turn in a new direction!

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Five Fantasy State of the Union Speeches

HuffPost Comedy's State Of The Union Drinking Game.

Who should play James O'keefe in the movie "Pimpin' for the GOP"? Here he is...

Who should play James O'keefe in the movie "Pimpin' for the GOP"? Here he is...

very interesting.... from comments concerning O'Keefe

"Capitalism and democracy are the opposite of each other."

Salt Lake GOP Cancels James O'Keefe Fundraising Speech After Arrest

WTF of the day: Schoolbus driver caught DUI with bus load of kids

He's gonna wish he WAS a "pimp"..throwing the book at James O'Keefe

Kentucky Senate: Women must view ultrasound pre-abortion

Women farmers key to Liberia climate change debate

Women farmers key to Liberia climate change debate

"We need to work harder to get the message out"

James O'Keefe's Perfect Defense

C-Span 3 -- LIVE ... Oversight of Government Assisatance for AIG . . .

Why Progressives Shouldn't Fall For the Deficit Reduction Trap

"I'm not one of those guys that thinks good talk radio is sucking up to politicians."

Groundhog Day organizers dismiss call for robot -PETA called for the move to spare Punxsutawney Phil

Why I'm Not Ready to Give Up on America

Obama must channel his inner 'Baretta' and get his eyes back on the sparrow

Did protests really end the Vietnam War?

Did protests really end the Vietnam War?

The ten worst passwords on the web..

BREAKING: State of the Union Address Leaked

"A day after telling reporters that "the truth" would set him free.." O'Keefe stays mum

Russia ready to rebuild Afghanistan, with Western money

Forklift Fiasco

Missin' Molly Ivins

Discretionary funding freeze Mr. President? Surely you must be joking!

Wash. Dems cheer Ore. tax vote; preview of what's next here?

Maybe we can use the outrage over this to get the NSA to stop wiretapping US

Meanwhile, over at freeperville...

Meanwhile, over at freeperville...

Shannyn Moore is talking with John Dean

We need a WAR ON WAR PROFITS, NOT A WAR ON POOR PEOPLE by freezing social spending. nt

Uncle Roger -- 2/3 of Americans "don't distrust" Fox news.

Rachel was just on MSNBC giving her take on what needs to be said tonight at

Woman dies at home. Ambulance too expensive. Tombstone: "I'm sure glad the GOP kept Government out

LOL "His essay reads like a long, fevered, Democratic Undergound post."

What the freepers are saying about the arrest

Question for all Democratic officials

DELETE - dupe nt

Grayson: Pat Robertson and his followers have their own 'pact with the Devil'

You know what my FAVORITE PART of the O'keef arrest is??

Will Republicans even applaud for Obama?

Just saw that the BBC reported that 2009 was the worst year so far for airlines.

I'm not mad at Obama. The economy is shit, and I hope he can help

Rude Pundit's 5 Fantasy SOTU Speeches (caution: they're Rude)

"Prank" = Criminal Act ... " Tamper" = Wiretap

Jesus no longer lost - Paradise man finds Jesus in coconut

Man Makes $84K Wearing Co. T-Shirts

Senator Max Baucus on debt commission legislation: "commission is a Social Security-cutting machine

Senator Max Baucus on debt commission legislation: "commission is a Social Security-cutting machine

Latest PETA protest: Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil

Dylan, I expect an endless loop of Hannah in her hooker get up from Tweety.

Have you ever contributed to a political campaign?

Delete dupe

Ah Yes, Today Is The Day I Am So Very Proud To Have Stood By ACORN

Congresman Pete Olson' s RES.809 honoring Giles and O'Keef

The Only Possible Defense for the Teabuggers (and it ain't all that)

The color of dinosaurs

Timmehh!! Tim Geithner is getting his ass grilled on CSPAN right now...

TIMMEH! DK just gave Geithner a major smackdown for paying off his AIG buddies

Hurry and watch while it's there: Hilarious Mad TV iPad parody from years ago b4 rollout

Geithner draws fire defending Fed on AIG bailout

Sweet ...... How to right smatz just like a Freeper about things and stuff

CBS News: source says O'Keefe was trying to catch Landrieu talking negatively about her constituents

Obama to announce high speed rail funding for Florida

Fox News Viewers: Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered

Jonah Goldberg reads DU

More mortgage lending weasels bite the dust

Note to Secret Service: Exclude Joe Wilson from the room...

"State of the Races" - DSCC

Aren't you supposed to sneak in late at night to plant wiretaps? Or is that sooooo 20th century?

MUST SEE TV! Tim Geithner getting his ass handed to him by Stephen Lynch!

Haiti: Two Weeks After the Earthquake, Needs Are Changing (MSF)

Good look at some of the president's economic initiatives for the middle class

If the Constitution Were Written Today

Utah House bill: Charges could be filed against women who tried to obtain illegal abortion

James "da pimp" O'Keefe was to be in a new Fox News investigative team! Here's a publicity photo!

Ha ha ho ho please tell me you're kidding

Secret detention may amount to crime against humanity: UN experts

Wall Street Bankers And Investors Fund New Media Platform For Gov. Bob McDonnell’s SOTU Response

Wall Street Bankers And Investors Fund New Media Platform For Gov. Bob McDonnell’s SOTU Response

Man Gets Speeding Ticket For...Parking

Operation Rescue members want to replace the Rule of Law with the "Law of Blood"

DELETE - will re-post. nt

The USS Gerald R. Ford CVN-78 will cost 9 Billion dollars

Will housing prices drop after the tax credit expires? Should I wait until after then,

Anyone have a link to those great graphs Rachel Maddow regarding jobs and deficit

To honor the party of No! I'm skipping the republican response tonight.

AFL-CIO President Trumka Warns Obama: Spending Freeze Could Mean Lost Decade

So ... this federal texting ban (which I support) ....... was it enacted by the Congress or ......

O'Keefe supporters: intent was to show that citizens can't get through to Landrieu's office

Paying to work - When childcare costs exceeds the paycheck

BREAKING: Liberals announce “support freeze”

"Where to hold 9/11 trial? Not in NYC, some say" - ap

Toon: The Vicious Cycle of Stupidity

The Acorn 'Pimp'Sponsers

Comparing O'Keefe's shenanigans to Watergate is silly.

Palin/O'Keefe 2010!!!!!!!

Palin/O'Keefe 2010!!!!!!!

Can we talk about a 2012 primary challenge?

Attention Facebook Users: Become a FAN of James O'Keefe -- and COMMENT AWAY!

Another take on the wire tapping.

President Obama Wrong to Prioritize Deficit Reduction

Israel Aid Package Exempted From The Across The Board Cuts

Nevermind.... dupe thread

Why Does Breitbart Insist O'Keefe Must "Prove Himself Innocent"? - Media Matters

I just had to laugh at this quote

Does anyone really think O'Keefe & peeps were acting alone?

"We just wanted to make sure that Castro and the Democrats weren't working together!"

End of two-party dominance in U.K.?

I'll bet a certain SC Lt. Governor is glad this O'Keefe story broke.

AIG, Paulson and Geithner

Will the SOTU look more like Prime Minister Question Time tonight?

Rep. King Offers Conspiracy To Support O’Keefe: ‘Seems Really Convenient That This Would Happen Now’

Oregon: Measures 66 and 67 are PASSING HANDILY

what do O'Keefe and Jeff Gannon have in common?

Bernie Sanders on MSNBC re: the spending freeze: "There are some programs we can cut substantially"

The Oxford Scenarios: Beyond the Financial Crisis

Should US Attorney Flanagan Resign?

People should hear what our new Senator from MA has to say about a few things

Rep. King Offers Conspiracy To Support O’Keefe: ‘Seems Really Convenient That This Would Happen Now’

Something else you can do to help the workers at Giumarra

Office Freeper claims phone Pimp and friends just 'pranking' no big deal

CBSNews' Jeff Greenfield's "report" on Tea Baggers was

Which ReTHUG will attempt to

Breitbart is a Criminal, According to Breitbart's Own GOP Operative Logic...

Why AFL-CIO Likes Supreme Court’s New Campaign Finance Ruling

Who should give the Democratic response to the SOTU this year?

Capitalism is a rotting Corpse~

Pimpgate - O'Keefe Four arrested for alleged Landrieu attempted wiretapping

One sentence about Health Care

Thank you Oregon Voters silent thread

Who is behind James O'Keefe?

Feelin' Alright

Pres. Obama to Reaffirm Strong Commitment to Comprehensive HCR

Feingold Supports Obama's Spending Freeze

SOTU: Words! Words! Words! I'm so sick of words!

U.S. Military Spending almost equals Rest of the World, Combined:

Is there any progessive issue 41 senators who filibuster for or have in the past 30 years?

Geithner is STILL on C-SPAN getting his ass kicked by Congress..

What do you guys think about Obama attending the upcoming Republican retreat? nt

Our health care rally tonight - pictures

The Lessons of Oregon's Vote to Tax the Rich (The Atlantic)

Bipartisanship doesn't work. Stop falling back on the illusion that it exists.

John and Elizabeth Edwards splitting

"Please Mr. President" -- this is what I need to hear tonight

James O'Keefe's father is going to be on Dylan Ratigan shortly! This ought to be good! nt

Brent Wilkes Facing Possible 60 Year Sentence

What I want to know ... what I want to know is ... where's that strong response to the SCOTUS ruling

Is This Why They Targeted Landrieu?

Is Hugo Chavez responsible for the decline of Venezuelan food?

Republicans flummoxed in Alaska

Those willing to "sacrifice" and pledge to boycott the Super Bowl to protest the Tebow/Focus

Rep. King Offers Conspiracy To Support O’Keefe: ‘Seems Really Convenient

James O’Keefe Sued by ‘70s Preservation Society’

US lawyers persuaded Lord Goldsmith to change his mind on Iraq war

I'm being Cyber Bullied and I am NOT going to give in.

What they're saying on freerepublic: "O'Keefe was framed!"

In 1972-74, the media actually WAS more liberal....

ReTHUGS wary of O'Keefe

If you had the chance to see Sarah Palin speak (free) would you?

Tell CBS: Reject the Focus on the Family Ad or Accept the UCC Ad (please sign the letter)

I'm officially mad at Obama

James O'Keefe contacted Planned Parenthood wanting to make a donation to help "abort black babies

Is that a wig?

This just in: O'Keefe Retains Orly Taitz as Head of Defense.

I have advice for anyone watching the SOTU address.

On Obama's spending freeze, I need more details before I can have a good opinion

Health care decision a week away, say Democrats

Forget the deficit; people need jobs by Jesse Jackson

Hasn't the identity of AIG Counterparties been on the web since May '09

Revealed: See Who Was Paid Off In The AIG Bailout

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Rachel's take on the SOTU address - link:

Let's talk about the noble savage.

Yes for Oregon: "It took Courage"

"We've hacked it, chipped it, pulled it for 30 years. Either we fix this or the game is over."

ddeclue quoted at The Nation by Vanden Heuvel!!!

Photo Tour of The Right-Wing Mind

UNBELIEVABLE! Unemployment Map Of U. S. From 07 to 09 By County

For many children, school lunch is the main meal of the day.

Polls show that 55 percent want Dems to do more to fight big corporations


How do you feel about Geithner getting grilled?

So, is this Watergate "plumbers" redux?

FBI Affidavit For O'Keefe & Friends

Let's face it, people ... O'Keefe punk'd us ...

Repuggy Bear

Found the Blog that Robert Flanagan (One of the Teabuggers) worked for

Found the Blog that Robert Flanagan (One of the Teabuggers) worked for

Presidential Report Card: What is Obama´s greatest shortcoming, as President?

MSNBC changes line-up

Deficits aren't the problem - A populist rant

Ex-NBA Player Paul Shirley To Haiti: 'Maybe Use A Condom Once In A While'

Candidate (R-Ala.) Insists Bible is Literally True

Woman found dead 4 days after falling, said ambulance too expensive

O'Keefe and friends could face Decades in Prison (charges could include Espionage)

James O'Keefe is a 25 Year Old Adult. He did not intend to *prank* Sen. Landrieu

Do you have all the W-2,. 1099, mortgage interest, etc you need to do your taxes yet?

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- Speech

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

51% Of Self-Identified Republicans In Swing Districts Favor A Public Option

B/W SCOTUS, INC Sellout and the POTUS SOTU Freeze, the AUDACITY OF FDR's Economic Bill of Rights

rec this thread

DU this NPR poll- who do you trust more- O'Keefe or ACORN

Obama at One - Howard Zinn/The Nation

Undeniable Conservative Hypocrisy

A perfect illustration of WHY our jobs keep heading overseas

Anyone else following the Ohio trial of John Freshwater?

Booking photos of Dai, Flanagan, Basel, and O'Keefe - pics

John and Elizabeth Edwards are now legally separated

OK I'll defend Tim Tebow

James O'Keefe leaves the St. Bernard Parish jail in Chalmette, La. - pics

“just for girls” Ouija board!

Going downhill Soviet style

What if O'Keefe was filming the removal of the wiretap from

Sarah Palin's Tea Party Dinner Disaster

Sarah Palin's Tea Party Dinner Disaster

We need MEDICARE FOR ALL and an END TO THE WARS to imporove economy . . .

Here's the thing about illegal tapings.

So... When Obama Gets To The Part Of The Speech, "The State Of The Union Is ______ ."

RIP Howard Zinn

There are several ways in which Michael Moore benefits the right-wingers.

SC Repub Lt gov, Andre Bauer "likened government assistance to the poor to feeding stray animals".

Robin Carnahan Statement on SCOTUS Ruling Regarding Campaign Finance Limits

Animators stage online auction to benefit comatose son of fellow animator

Why do Toyotas accelerate suddenly?

Gone a Week and You Trash the Country

NPR makes me want to puke

NEW Apple iPad saves the world!

ROFL!!! Look at what these nuts on Facebook did!!

For your enjoyment... (warning GOP thugs)

when is health insurance coverage not health insurance coverage?

Census is hiring for temp jobs

Ted Haggard’s wife says counseling has cured him of his compulsions

Yet MORE fundie prudishness in the classroom...This time MacBeth is the target

Pope John Paul II used Belt to Whip Himself

Why, Pray Tell Would You Freeze Government Spending In The Midst Of A Deep Recession*?

Having trouble with debt collectors?

Facebookers - You MUST go look at James O'Keefe's FB page!

HEY... DU !!! - Oregon TAXED THE RICH To Save Education Last Night !!!

This Thing Spirals, too -- like the Norwegian UFO.

This Thing Spirals, too -- like the Norwegian UFO.

Not getting rid of the filibuster a few years ago was a huge mistake

State of Union & "Foreign Money": Would you like a side of Complacency along with your Boiled Frog?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Ratfuckers Strike Again

Salazar rebuffs Virginia Gov. McDonnell on call for offshore drilling lease sale

The O'Keefe Wiretapping Operation May Be More Serious Than We First Imagined...

The O'Keefe Wiretapping Operation May Be More Serious Than We First Imagined...

Councilman calls himself 'proud racist', supporters turn out

MSNBC breaking news ~ Pelosi has the votes to pass HC reform!

Apple introduces the iPad

Angelique Kidjo - "Gimme Shelter," featuring Joss Stone

Pulp - Party Hard

ACE...not that fuckin' Ace wannabe Tommy Thayer...Peter, Paul & Gene, "Psycho Circus" LIVE

Weird Al Yankovic - I Lost On Jeopardy

Pulp - Sorted For E's & Wizz

Mitch Hedberg on the Late Show 3/12/03

vanity post in GD...

Pulp - Mis-shapes

It is Torchwood time again, who here would like to work for Torchwood.

It is Torchwood time again, who here would like to work for Torchwood.

Any DU'ers want a Google Wave invite?

What is this?

Dear Mister Fantasy - all the guitar players in the world...

So, kiss me my sweet, and so let us part, And when I grow too old to dream, Your love will live in

Graphics request: Has anyone seen a "Support our drones" graphic?

Anyone watching Kentucky/S. Carolina basketball game?

I have a song I'd like to dedicate to Rush Limbaugh:

Keep On Running

Review of Steven Seagal's energy drink--MUST read!

Battle For The Dirty Mitten

I just spent WAY too much on bedroom curtains

I registered as denbot nine years ago, and now I'm nine posts from 1,000 ask my anything.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love

Do y'all know that there is a Texas snuggie now, orange with white markings.

what's the story on rec'ing posts?

Ah yeah, it's Business Time...

Dudeism Surfs the Global Radio Waves

Boston's favorite weatherman

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/27/10

calmness in our lives

lounge petition: we the undersigned demand a picture of SKITTLES

Yet another ESPN columnist endears himself to humanity...

Chick tracts aren't fun anymore

A Groovy Kind Of Love

Newest Poem: Intensive Care

The art of cutting leaves.

Mangal City

Why doesn't the Nasonex bee have any wings?

My calendar says Full Moon is Sat., Jan 30. Does that mean Saturday evening,

What should be the nickname of the Washington NFL Franchise?

Okay Kali, here you go. Whatever floats your boat.

Next Time I See Avatar

"I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies"

Most of you are having a better year than professional golfer Ken Green.

I'm leaving.

California home has boulder smash through it.

Ahhh... noooo.. Evil Snowman!

I swear - Apple needs to buy the JNI patents from Sun and make iHome

Missed the last five minutes of HOUSE last night. What happened? Did

My Mom wants me to fix her gray hair.

They key to a successful career in photography is understanding arrangement and perspective.

"The Wire"

Democrats and Republicans Can Be Differentiated from Their Faces

I'm wearing UnderArmour black running tights for the first time. I feel like Spiderman.

I just had a Jumbo Jack meal with the two tacos.

rosanne cash- the list

I'm leaving.

My Carnivale dvd just came in the mail, first season.

I love Wyatt Cenac


Ugly Betty Cancelled!@!!!!!!!@!!!!!

Anyone here see the French movie "Water Lilies?"

How long does it take for the burning and itching to stop?

Update on our dog - Peanut's surgery. Peanut went to the vet to get his staples removed today, and

OMG! Sand Kitten Cuteness- new babies born in Al Ain zoo

Omg I'm watching Gargoyles again.

Jesus no longer lost - Paradise man finds Jesus in coconut

We lost our sweet Hannah last night.

Zelda Rubinstein, who played psychic in ‘Poltergeist,’ dies at 76

Best warning sign ever

Internet Argument Techniques (And you know you've seen all 11 right here at DU)

PETA proposes robotic groundhog for Pa. festival

Any shrinks out there. I'd like to know what causes narcissism.

PHOTOS: Today's client photoshoot, Japanese restaurant: SUSHI, anyone?

Companies that you would give a different corporate slogan.

Q: What happened whan the skinny butcher backed into the meat grinder?

Return to Forever

Can you tell the difference between "Chick" films and "Guy" films?

So I'm planning to quit tobacco by Feburary 11, 2010 at 02:51 AM....

What should be the nickname of the Super Bowl?

Help me pick the next TV series I watch on DVD.

I'm levitating.

Pelosi:..CBO Report a Reminder of GOP Policies That Led to Millions of Jobs Lost and Record Deficits

A line Obama could use: The Republicans have been operating on a BRAIN FREEZE!

3-Year Freeze to calm bond markets but will do less about the deficit than HCR

Trumka To Senate Dems: Pass New Health Care Bill Through Reconciliation

Are you supportive of the real world?

Does Anybody Think That Obama's Spending Freeze Will Only Apply......

Landrieu Phone Bugging Case: What Is The Pelican Institute?


Would someone please freeze off these warts, because I'm tired of applying cream.

House to Senate: We're Ready On Health Care If You Are (updated)

Here's the early Howard Hunt aspect of the breaking story on the bugging of Landrieu

"White House Music Series Will Honor Civil Rights Movement" - February 11th

NYT: Dems Slam Brakes on Health Care Overhaul

Have fun with the list of cosponsors of H.RES.809! Perhaps it's time for a new short title

Hayworth: Obama 'Should Come Forward' With His Birth Certificate

Watch "Good Morning America" Wednesday. Grapevine says Elaine Marshall will be on.

David Plouffe wants me to host a SOTU house party

And we wonder what is wrong with America...More people trust Fox News per poll

Obama to freeze salaries of top White House officials

Oregon sends a message- will the administration and Congress listen?

The Age of Mediocre Emperors...

Tony Kushner on President Obama's Gay Rights Agenda

We had TWO choices in 2008. Think you made the wrong choice?

Struggling families, wounded troops Obama's guests

BofA Becomes First to Sign Deal With U.S. on Home-Equity Loans

I'll be listening for more about this Dept. of Education increase.

Wilson vows ‘best behavior’ for Obama speech (AP)

Where is the other bug? The one that set this caper off.The one that suggested the NO office

Podesta: Forget The House; Health Care's On The Senate

Republican Response... Democratic Response?

An Explanation of Polling Numbers

Krugman: Same As He Ever Was

Krugman: A Tale Of Two SOTUs

Not all spending is good spending.

Obama to announce high-speed rail plan post-speech

What can the President possibly say about HCR on Wednesday night?

Did you vote for O because he wanted to escalate the Afghan war?

Honest Question.....At what point does the National Debt get too high to ever pay back?

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Shalikashvili Tells Military Leadership "It Is Time" to Lift Gay Ban

Why in the Hell can this country not work on Energy Independence???

Administration: Obama to boost education funding by $4 billion

Former Senate Parliamentarian Calls GOP Strategy to Derail Reconciliation Effort 'Patently Absurd'

McCain primary challenger: Obama should ‘come forward’ with birth certificate

PA-16: My opponent "honored" James O'Keefe!

TNR: The Party's Over For Charlie Crist

Pfeiffer: ""The president comes up big in moments like this..."

I just had a Jumbo Jack meal with the two tacos.

New Pro-Israel Senator Ties Obama in Poll for President

SC-05: Spratt Leads Mulvaney by 7

Terry Goddard officially a candidate for governor

President Barack Obama will unveil a jobs-heavy agenda in his State of the Union address

SOTU Talking Points from the WH

HANNITY Obtains Copy of Pre-SOTU Talking Points

I might not like 100% of what Obama says tonight........

WHY the HELL can't people wait to see what Obama SAYS...

The 2 questions that Obama, Pelosi, Reid have to answer are

Live Blog with Joe Sestak Tonight at Progressive Electorate

Pelosi: Health Care (Reform) is Not Dead.

Bumper sticker seen on a truck in Richmond VA today

Which are you more interested in today?

States like California and Maryland still need to prosecute O'Keefe for wiretapping

I have no problem with Olbermann if he wants to criticize the President.

It's possible that our intra-party factionalism has grown too large to overcome

Bob McDonnell's PAC is buying display and search ads for "state of the union"

"ABC: John And Elizabeth Edwards Legally Separate"

My suggestion to the President for tonight...The Truth!

I'd like to see Obama do an economic version of his racism speech

I'm gloomy on job prospects.

Mother Jones' Kevin Drum: Pass the Bill

House adds two more Cosponsors to Fair Elections Now Act. Senators, time to step up to the plate!

UNBELIEVABLE! Unemployment Map Of U. S. From 07 to 09 By County

MSNBC Poll: Only 27% of Americans blame Pres. Obama for current troubles. 90% Democratic support.

Greg Sargent's Plumline: Clears up what Nancy Pelosi actually said today on Healthcare on MSNBC

Breaking (MSNBC via CNBC): Pelosi has the votes to pass Senate health bill

The Republican response is seriously coming live from the Virginia General Assembly?

Update: Ben Nelson WILL vote for reconciliation.....

Tonight's State of the Union schedule

My Prediction About.......Tim Geithner...... SOT

DCCC Recruiting 'Fact Check Fox' Team To Counter State Of The Union Spin

Before the deficit commission task force vote, the Senate voted to protect Social Security

I am not here to defend Rahm.. or stake him at the ant hill.. BUT

"Pelosi Considers Two Track Strategy For Health Care Reform"

Anything good on TV tonight?

Key RNC members to oppose 'purity resolution'

Kerry: Climate Goals Have Not Changed

Jake Tapper: Obama has been forced to deal with more downright falsehoods than any president

Behind Cautious Signal, a Decision for Afghan Peace Talks

Jared Bernstein explained the "surgical approach on Rachel's show

Ouch...Gillibrand slams Ford on Twitter, says he would sit on Repub side of the Aisle during SOTU

This proves how stupid some Americans are

Joe scarborough laughing about the watergate..

Ira Chernus: What to Listen For in O’s Big Speech

Howard Fineman talking to Tony Kornheiser about SOTU

So: Who is going to yell "You lie!" louder this evening...

Can you hear us now, teabaggers?

I long for the good old days, when the country's problems revolved around Clinton's Penis.

Media ignore Obama's accomplishments to claim he has "little to show for '09"

Take the ACLU Civil Liberties Survey

Greg Sargent's Plumline: Obama Will Reaffirm Strong Commitment to Comprehensive Health Care Reform

Yes we (beer) can: US abuzz with State of the Union drinking game

DeMint: White House 'trying to divide us'

Stan Dai apparently a CIA Junior Commissar & Recruitment Officer

Stan Dai apparently a CIA Junior Commissar & Recruitment Officer

I know I'm in crisis when I decide not to listen to the SOTU tomorrow.

This is not 1995

So, are we starting a pool on who will yell something obscene tonight?

Obama Plans to Propose $38 Billion Business Tax Breaks in State of the Union Speech

"Obama to call for 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal, adviser says"

Boehner: I'm All For Bipartisanship -- As Long As It Favors The GOP

The Guest List (The BALCONY Guest List that is.)

Is Paulson accurate about potential 25% unemployment if... ?

US Marines in Haiti: Back to colonialism

White House to welcome Dylan, Queen Latifah -concert celebrating music of the civil rights movement

Democrats Place New Roadblock to Health Care Bill

EU Has Doubts As ISP Rolls Out Deep Packet Inspection For Copyright Enforcement

U.S. lawmakers to Obama: Press Israel to ease Gaza siege

UN: 27 Million Lost Jobs In 2009

UPDATE: Four Charged in Alleged Scam at Senator's Office [LISTENING DEVICE FOUND]

Consumer advocates declare war on copyright treaty

An Investigator Presses to Uncover Bailout Abuse

GM Agrees to Sell Saab to Sports-Car Maker Spyker

Toyota Temporarily Suspends Sales of Selected Vehicles

U.S. Military Teams, Intelligence Deeply Involved in Aiding Yemen on Strikes

Nancy Grace camera shy?

Lord Goldsmith got taxpayer help for Iraq war inquiry legal advice

Job Cuts Get Brutal: Sprint, Pfizer, Home Depot, Caterpillar

Shepard Fairey to face criminal investigation in Associated Press case

Israeli President Shimon Peres to address German Parliament

CBO Delivers Bad Budget News

Toyota suspends sales of eight US models

Oregon voters pass tax increasing measures (On Corporations & Wealthy) by big margin

Obama approved secret operations in Yemen - report

Verizon to cut 13,000 jobs

Paulson Says He, Geithner Acted Properly on AIG

HANNITY Obtains Copy of Pre-SOTU Talking Points

HANNITY Obtains Copy of Pre-SOTU Talking Points

North and South Korea exchange fire

Obama to promote more education spending in State of the Union speech

Attacker Hits Israeli Chief Justice With Sneaker

Poll: American public fed up with Washington

3 men accused of phone plot make court appearance

Goldsmith changed mind on war legality

4 Men Accused of Phone Plot Had Conservative Ties

Honduras ex-leader Manuel Zelaya 'heads into exile'

Zelda Rubinstein, who played psychic in ‘Poltergeist,’ dies at 76

Never mind

CNN Breaking News

Obama expected to announce high-speed rail plan that could include California funding boost

Officials: US readies new Iran sanctions at UN

U.S. Wrestling With Prospect of Olive Branch for Taliban

Guantanamo should close within 3 years: report

Obama to call for 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal, adviser says

Embattled US troops take cynical view of progress in Afghanistan

Swiss in a bind over ruling on US tax case

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 27

Davos 2010: Soros calls for break-up of big banks

Salt Lake GOP cancels scheduled O'Keefe keynote

U.S. bans truckers, bus drivers from texting while driving

Nelson (D-Ne) still backs health reform

The Oregonian calls it: Tax measures 66 and 67 (tax increases) pass

Gibbs: Obama acknowledges he's made mistakes

On Jane Hamsher's false claim that Rahm Emanuel called liberals "retarded"

Bush to speak before pregnancy support group in Indiana

Appeals Court, Looking At New Supreme Court Decision, Doubts Validity Of More Campaign Rules

Obama To Announce High Speed Rail Funding

Court dismisses charges against Honduras coup generals

House Progressives Push Reid to Put Public Option Back on Table

Fox Most Trusted Name In News: Public Policy Polling

Teenage Girl Saved 15 Days After Haiti Quake

'Horrible' cuts planned for S.F. schools

'I'm Ellie Light,' California man says: Obama letter writer talks

Boehner: 'No Way' Terrorist Trials Will be Held in New York

Pictures: Dinosaur True Colors Revealed by Feather Find

Comcast: We made 'mistake' in slowing Web traffic to file-sharing site

Budget cuts swell class sizes at University of Washington (700 students in intro biology)

US grants home schooling German family political asylum

John Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards separate, may divorce, friends tell People

Howard Zinn, historian who challenged status quo, dies at 87

Apple reveals long-awaited multi-touch 'iPad' tablet device

Chart: GOP obstructionism

Stacy Ritter, Mother of 2 Sick Kids: Cigna's Claims about Provided Coverage

Future of the Democratic Majority

The Good Thing (for inspiration)

Senator Bernie Sanders: "Will This President Stand To The Military-Industrial Complex?"

Ed Show: ACORN CEO on O'Keefe Arrest - 'Well, Finally...'

Alan Grayson To Christian Republicans: How's Your Own Pact With The Devil Working Out For You?

Countdown: Jonathan Turley on Charges in Wiretapping Case - 'Likely Just the Start'

Conservatives Attack Avatar

TYT & Media Matters Break Down Glenn Beck's Live Free Or Die 'Documentary'

Send 12,000 Nurses To Haiti

Continual and Historic Failure of the Democratic Party : Michael Moore

Waterboarding Supporter Ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou Recants

Rachel Maddow Gives Us A Preview Of President Obama's Sad SOTU Address

Who is the real criminal?

Treasury Sec. Geithner's Opening Statement at AIG Hearing - Part 1 & 2

Countdown: Landrieu Wiretapping UPDATE - Listening Devices Found Across Street

Rachel Maddow And Author Of "How To Rig An Election", Alan Raymond, On O'Keefe's Espionage FAIL

Nancy Grace Worst Person in the World

Thom Hartmann and Tea Partier John O'Hara find - some - commonground

Ray Comfort implies banana claim was joke all along and challenges Richard Dawkins to debate

Lynch to Geithner: “It stinks to high heaven what happened here”

Malcolm X Speech: 'Stop Singing, Start Swinging!'

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA09) questions Treasury Sec. Geithner at AIG hearing

Truly Stunning- Republican Flip Flops on Debt Commission

Chaffetz: I Was Going to Ask You About 18 Phone Calls You Made to Rahm Emmanuel

The Wall Street Meltdown Explained

Tea Party Activist & Senate Candidate: 'If We Don't See New Faces, I'm Cleaning My Guns...

AIG Hearing: It Wasn’t My Job, Paulson Says

Phone Tampering Suspect Stan Dai: Warfare Expert?

Freak Of The Day: Andre Bauer

Stimulus is last chance for U.S. cities

Guardian: Iraq inquiry: The rule of law

Thom Hartmann - Has Obama just become a Herbert Hoover Republican?

TYT: Cenk Quoted By WSJ & MSNBC: Rahm = Cheney

On James O'Keefe Arrest, Media Follows the Honey

Paulson: Geithner Recuse himself NY Fed - WTH is Dan Jester Goldman Sachs TARP FED Treasury Ties

Landrieu Phone Bugging Case: What Is The Pelican Institute?

On the International Day of Holocaust Commemoration, Continue to Fight Anti-Semitism

An Investigator Presses to Uncover Bailout Abuse

Will Americans raise taxes to curb deficits? Oregon a test case.

Garrison Keillor: Let the uninsured die

Same As He Ever Was

Americans fear losing affluence after decades of "dole."

California’s Folly — Prop. 13

ACORN Smear Journalist Arrested for Alleged Attempt to Bug Sen. Mary Landrieu's Office

Slavery in US Prisons--An interview with Robert Hillary King and Dr. Terry Kupers (video)

Almost one in five US families were unable to buy food they needed in 2009

ACORN Cleared, Right Wing 'Pimp' Arrested

Centrism Died in Massachusetts

SenatorTomUdall: It's Time for the Constitutional Option

The State Of the Corporate Union, a witty assessment by Ms GRITtv.

Presidental Assassinations Of U.S. Citizens

The Group That Helped Launch The Conservative Careers Of Two Alleged Phone Tamperers

Angry Voters, Right-Wing Populism, & Racial Violence: People of Faith Can Help Break the Linkages

Constitutional option now, not next year

Oregon Populism Undoes the Massachusetts Malaise

The year of frustrated hopes

U.S. military teams, intelligence deeply involved aid Yemen on strikes

Bayh, Nelson, Lincoln: Principle, Schminciple

Nothing More Dangerous Than a Recovering "Realist?"

Embattled US troops take cynical view of progress in Afghanistan

Bernie Madoff: "DAMN! I wish I had thought of that."

Affidavit Detailing Charges Against James O'Keefe

Auschwitz liberator: Prisoners saved from hell

The Lesson of Oregon: People are willing to pay for good government.

Oregon Voters Clearly Pass Tax Measures, Teabaggers Lose

Woman dies at home. Ambulance too expensive. Tombstone: I'm sure glad the GOP kept Government out

WaPo: Acorn Foe James O'Keefe arrested by FBI in plot to bug Landrieu's office

Alan Grayson Asks Christian Right About Their Pact w/ The Devil

Say it--The Plague of Poverty by Deborah Emin

BB = Political Time Bomb, Stiglitz Would Take Fed Position (Interview w/ Transcript & Cenk @ HuffPo)

Barack Hoover Obama: The best and the brightest blow it again

Drifting to Catastrophe: A Seven-Headed Beast

Federal Reserve earned $45 billion in 2009 - highest in FED history. - Wasington Post

Deadly cold grips Europe; Minus 60 C reported in Siberia

"World's Glaciers Continue to Melt at Historic Pace"

Port Arthur Collision Biggest Texas Oil Spill In 15 Years - Star-Telegram

Drumbeat: January 27, 2010

Iceland Leads Environmental Index as U.S. Falls

Salmon Returns Down At Coleman, Up at Other Central Valley Hatcheries

POPs In Farmed Atlantic Salmon May Be Linked To Insulin Resistance, Obesity, Liver Problems In Rats

Australian Opposition Unveils Bold, Sweeping (And Completely Voluntary) Climate Policy

Scientists From Across Australia Meet To Discuss Links Between Climate & Bushfires

World Glacier Monitoring Service - Preliminary Glacier Mass Balance 2007-08

Peabody Beats Analyst Estimates as China Demand Soars

Peabody Beats Analyst Estimates as China Demand Soars

Sanaa, Yemen May Be First World Capital To Run Dry - Groundwater Extractions 4X Replacement - AFP

Courts As Battlefields in Climate Fights: ny times

US Freshwater Mussels In Trouble From Copper, Ammonia - Over 10% Of Known Species Already Extinct

On New Environmental Scorecard, U.S. and China Plummet: ny times

PSEG Opens New Energy and Environmental Resource Center

DOE awards grants for Community Renewable Energy Deployment Projects

Banking on Europe's Offshore Wind Industry

report: "The decline of Central Appalachian coal"

Has anyone been able to drastically reduce their garbage?

Ozone Hole Healing Could Cause Further Climate Warming

Apple's iPad and Other Devices May Soon Be Powered by the Sun

UK - Leaked Ministry Of Justice Docs List Environmental Protestors Alongside Al Qaeda, IRA Members

FERC explores efficient integration of renewables into the grid

NYT: Calif. Nuclear Revival? A French Company Rolls the Dice

WWF Estimates 30 Tigers Remain In Each Of 3 Nations - Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos - Reuters

AFS Trinity - Extreme hybrid car has super capacitors and batteries..

Did Human Activities Trigger the Great Sichuan Earthquake of 2008?

Clean Diesel: A New Era of Green Cars

Documentary shows link between white supremacy groups and tea party movement

Federer v. Davydenko about to start- Who's watching?

Sheets to the Oakland A's....

WVU leading DePaul in Chicago!

Raven's Hue Jackson hired as Raider O.C. to coach JaMarcus Russell

Kentucky bites the dust!

Billionare Larry Ellison confirms plans to buy Warriors

Seen at Drunk Jays Fans...

Warner retiring on Friday... reported on NFL network. nt

NFL Super Bowl Pick (with point spread)

Settlers attack Palestinians to avenge West Bank outpost demolition

U.S. lawmakers to Obama: Press Israel to ease Gaza siege

Israel's whitewash (Ha'aretz editorial)

Unprecedented! 54 House Dems Call on Israel to End Siege of Gaza

New Honduras President Must Order Investigation Into Rights Abuses

Court dismisses charges against Honduras coup generals

Peru: Photos and news on rain damage in Cusco Department

An update on U.S.-Bolivia relations

Rio de Janeiro: Control of the Poor Seen as Crucial for the Olympics

BOLIVIA: Unprecedented Gender Parity in Cabinet

New Honduran president takes office

Drug Surveillance Drones Frequent Flyers in Latin America

Former Guatemalan President arrested,

Costa Rica: Last-Ditch Leftwing Alliance to 'Save' the Country


Resistance headed to the airport to see Z off

11 more students injured in protests Barcelona, Ven (Spanish)

IMF chief in U-turn as Venezuela cancels Haiti debt

Union says it has contract deal with Conn. casino

Today in Labor History Jan 27 New York City maids organize to improve working conditions – 1734, mor

Wage Theft Issues Still Abound In U.S.

Kaiser Workers At Three California Facilities Choose NUHW Over SEIU

Corporate Unionbusting Continues, Even as Unionized Workforce Shrinks

AP: NFL heads toward labor showdown

74 year old gun owner "didn't know" he can't carry guns at elementary school

pistols for assault rifles

Learning about geography and gun worship. The hard way.

Gun violence and youth

NRA Lifetime Memberships discounted to $300 until 1/31/10 w/ life member sponsor

Privacy commissioner shoots down gun registry complaint

Leon possessed the reptiles illegally

The myth of stringent background checks - Alabama example

Man kills wife (and cop) with gun he got back after losing his gun rights.

Carrying a gun makes you a Giant Coward!!

Criminals For Gun Control 1 Home Invasion ...

Drunk CCW Dad crashes with his 2 kids.... and his 2 guns in car.

Shot over a tattoo

IRELAND: Group warns on 'lethal force' law

Pro-gun activists show up en masse ...

New Englander killed in Haiti identified as Vermont (transgender)artist

CBS and the Tebow ad for Focus on the Family

Defense witness says gay marriage would help children - but still don't allow it

Airport scanners may breach human rights, watchdog says

Prop 8 witness says gay rights 2nd to het marriage - but says are valid reasons for gays to wed

Notre Dame student newspaper jokes about beating gays

Take Action Against Uganda's Death Sentence Legislation for Homosexuality

Ted Haggard No Longer Gay!

Gays haven't earned it says HuffPo writer - allowed Brown to win

I think I like this desaturated version better

The Turtles: Happy Together

Missed the sign contest, but............

Some people see Jesus on their burnt toast.

Now A Stationary Research Platform, NASA's Mars Rover Spirit Starts a New Chapter

Theorem of the Day Calendar!

Apollo 1 - sad anniversary today

Physicists’ Dreams and Worries in Era of the Big Collider

White House to abandon NASA moon mission

Tentative FEBRUARY CONTEST schedule

Many Children 'Hear Voices' (article from GD)

Freaky dream

Clairaudiance......the gift of "Hearing" on the inner-planes..

Stiglitz: Bring On The Second Stimulus!

Da Vinci prostate surgery....

Roger Ebert's article about losing the ability to eat.

Unforgivable medical errors

(New York) City Panel Approves Closing of 19 Schools

Charter Churn

Bricks without Straw

"A Serious Man" Ponders "Why Me?"

Women taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily are 25% more likely to develop cataracts

On the subject of cooking oils

What dishes did you really dislike ("hate" in kidspeak) that you now enjoy. Post the recipe.

Ooooh! Nutella Ice Cream!