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Who knows less about anything: Paulson or Gonzales?

Driving A Hard Bargain: Nelson Says He Would've Opposed His Own Abortion Language

"Be Patient, Dying People. Health-Care Reform Will Happen When It Happens"

So our country really can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Screw HCR, the environment,

Ugly Betty Cancelled!@!!!!!!!@!!!!!

You know - I'm just going to turn it on just before it starts on Cspan. No Spin

So CNN is doing this daily report on "where your tax money is going"

Feelin' Alright

Balls Beer for Health Care Reform

First rule of any plumbers operation: dress up like the Village People.

Mr. President, regarding DADT: Sign the stop loss and dare Congress to reverse it!!

Seriously does anyone believe a word from

O'Keefe and Pals- The Teabuggers

I have a feeling O'Keefe and his gang of Merry Men are going to claim this as their defense.

Enough with Wall Street's faux hindsight outrage. Dammit.

Revealed: See Who Was Paid Off In The AIG Bailout

Imagine what Rethugs would be saying if members tried to break into David Vitter's office

I hope they can track where O'Keefe's equipment got purchased and who bought it

Gary Unmarried is on now. SOTU after.

90 minutes to the SOTU and I feel like I HAVE to watch, but I really don't want to.

Gary Unmarried is on now. Next SOTU.

Matthews characterizes Bob McDonnell giving the rebuttal as Snoopy playing the Red Baron

Matthews characterizes Bob McDonnell giving the rebuttal as Snoopy playing the Red Baron

Excerpts from President Obama's State of the Union Speech

What is the penalty for espionage of somebody sitting on the Homeland Security committee??

Finally! After an entire YEAR's worth of effort, the CULMINATION tonight with the MUCH anticipated

Illegal cab driver jailed for ten years for sex attacks on gay men

Bill to criminalize bestiality advances in Alaska Legislature

What are your thoughts on eminent domain for public projects?

So What Was O'Keefe Looking For?

*Updated X4* The Public Option may live again!

What is the Escort Committee that just exited the room? Thanks. nt

Landrieu phone plot: Men arrested have links to intelligence community

Teabugger Excuse In: "wanted to see how her staff would respond if the phones were inoperative"

Oh My - what a fabulous outfit Michelle Obama

Holy Shite - Breaking on KO - Basel was campaign manager

What's the over under on at least one rethuglican making


c-span showing the House gathering for SOTU

I was neither self-employed nor did any contract work last year. Why did I get a 1040v packet?

How many well-known brave voices have we lost in the past few years?

Prior to the State of the Union Address - pics

...I instruct Mr. Reid to begin using the Nuclear Option to pass bills. "Bi-partisan" is so OVER.

Et Tu, ACLU?

I hope Obama has learned that the Republicans will NEVER work with him

I just don't know if I can stand to watch the SOTU


Caption this pic of Joe Wilson


Girl pulled out alive 15 days after Haiti quake

Wow...the repubs sitting on their hands when there is talk of fieing the banks! I hope idiots are

Have you read the FBI Affadavit?



Repukes clapping for jobs

The NEW Lion of the Senate, Roland Burris D, Illinois

The Repukes are getting PWNED over and over again.

Hey Boehner and Kantor! What the fuck's your plan? Wipe that stupid smile off

Well at least he can SAY "nuclear"

republicans tell tax payers "fuck you" by staying seated while Obama praised their help

the party of no is in fine form tonight.

the party of no is in fine form tonight.

******* OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #2 *******

He's trying to cut through the noise of the media and the pundits both left and right

HCR. "Let's get it done. Let's get it done". Well, LET' S GET IT DONE!

Survey finds 3 in 4 gay and bisexual men would donate blood

Survey finds 3 in 4 gay and bisexual men would donate blood

FUCK THAT working together bullshit, Mr President!

I thought Stan Dai was making this up, but the place really exists:

Did you see Bohner and Portman? Don't they look like smug pricks

How to fix Social Security and Medicare....?

It's encouraging for those of us to whom it seemed President Obama was being made to heel

******* OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #3 *******

Could someone please tell Rep Boner it's winter in Ohio

Republickers are applauding nuclear power. They loooove nookuler!

Just more "toying" with the "rough edges", even worse, Repackaged (R) ideas?

The President is psychologically beating up the repubs

Let Obama be Obama

Obama's Bitch Slap-Fest continues

my POTUS rocks.

And. Now. He. Called. Out. The. Other. Motherfuckers.

One huge major ass-kicking going on here tonight. And about F*#king time.

'I never suggested it woujld be easy.'

"I never suggested the change would be easy, or I could do it alone."

Democrats are you ready?

What was with the grumbling when Obama mentioned lobbyists?

How soon will the country implode after DADT is repealed?

"Democratic strategist quite pleased"..."Footage of every Repub sitting going into every 2010 ad."

howard zinn obit from nyt--the hatchet job is starting

Alito is shaking his head at Obama regarding their bonehead decision.

CA legislature takes up the issue of...solitaire

Mr. President, MAKE them suck it!

Public option, waterboarding, PATRIOT Act, Guantanamo Bay, Blackwater.

Before I walked in the door. Just statin' the facts.

Obama is talking to some of the most self centered, power hungry people on earth...

What is Tweety blathering about???

OMG! He has them in silence!

"We Don't Quit"

"We Don't Quit"

Pat Robertson's servant is about to speak.

The REAL question is,

This SOTU is targeted to leaning Republicans.

Republicker response. Time to take a piss break!

Am I on drugs, or did McDonnell just refer to 9/11?

Okay, I need a cigarette after this. BRB

Tell me, dear friends... Our president is masterful at calling out the bettter angels of our nature

"My name is Barack Obama, and I AM the President of the United States."

Bob McDonnell on Now for the Right

Okay ... Let's see how long it takes for us Democrats to begin

Stacking A Statehouse Full Of GOP Operatives

The problem for the GOP response is...

The problem for the GOP response is...

Why is Tweety bringing up that he forgot that Obama is black?

Is it just me, or does anyone else think O'Keefe looks like Tim McVeigh?

Anyone care to pull up the quotes from Bob McDonnell criticizing Bush for the Shoe Bomber trial?

This Repub response must have used a Madlib template.

Obama is calling the Republicans out and being funny about it.

Bob McDonnell, speaking where he's speaking, looks like a little kid in a cowboy suit

Message: Red+Blue=Purple ---> Bipartisanship

Republickers should replace the elephant mascot with the hyena.

I think the problem with the Response to the SOTU

Obama tweet - fascinating to watch...

Virginians - Bob McDonnell just proposed offshore oil drilling off the Virginia coast.

Holy crap...did you see the Supreme Courts faces when he mentioned their ruling?

5? ....... 8? ...... 9? ....... 9.5?

Oh,what a coincidence,there's an African american standing behind him.

The GOP is coming out strong with the theatrics

You know what really funny about Bob McDonnell?

The President of ALL OF US is being absolutely BRILLIANT!1 n/t

Was that an Affirmative Action slam followed by a cut to the Black kid?

"Just saying no to everything may be good short term politics, but it's not leadership."

"Just saying no to everything may be good short term politics, but it's not leadership."

Full text of the speech

CNN link to Pres Obama's transcript.

YOU Want Cooperation And NOT Partisanship?

A call to repeal DADT ...... why did it take so long?

Creigh Deeds must have been a HORRIBLE candidate, worse than Coakley.

Good God Tweety you didn't just say? ...

WTF? Bob McDonnell giving response in front of crowd in the Virginia Capitol?

CNN Flash Poll: 78% had at least somewhat positive response to President's Speech

Discuss the arcane ..... what detail did you hear tonight that made you cheer?

Go ahead and say NO to everything.....

45,000 people dying a year and they are laughing. LAUGHING!

If the Felonius Five v2.0 had any shred of integrity...

DNC Possum Bumper sticker?


Stagecraft: McDonnell has a black woman and an asian man standing behind him

Best 'First' post ever?

"& if the bill that ends up on my desk does not meet the test of REAL REFORM, I will SEND IT BACK...

Dammit... Got My Hopes Up Again...

SOTU Word cloud

SOTU Word cloud

SOTU Word cloud

The republicans are looking around to see if it's okay to clap....

There are only Republicans in the VA legislature chamber right now

Why on earth would the republicans think it is a good idea to use that setting???

"For an hour I forgot he was black."

CNN flash poll: 78% very or somewhat positive... 21% negative

Obama urges repeal of ban on open gays in military

DU can return to hating Obama tomorrow

For those who missed it... the Chris Matthews vid

What grade do you give the SOTU?

Theories on why Obama wants to be bipartisan?

Theories on why Obama wants to be bipartisan?

Go ahead and say NO to everything.....

The Bobblespeak Translations - State of the Union Address - President Barack Obama

(to Republicans) "If you're going to insist that it take 60 votes to do ANYTHING in this town..."

SOTU Is Beginning Again on C-Span Right Now

Hasn't he gone over his 10 minutes yet.

Daily Kos: Dear Justice Alito:

Iowa Hotel Clerk Fired for not Having Midwest Girl Look

If Dems are no longer 'Wimps" - they need to introduce 5 articles of impeachment

SOTU drinking game - any suggestions?


MSM poll 50% say Obama hit it out of the park

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Groan...heres the rebuttal. wheres the remote?


OBAMA: "Remember this - I never suggested that change would be easy, or that I can do it alone."

So the GOP response is out before the speech? Proganda works.

if bu$h* had talked this long i'd be in a coma....this guy is good.

The revolution of non-participation

Wow. Hundreds of threads about Rick Warren a year ago... hardly any about call for DADT repeal?

Am I the only one who sees "STFU" when "SOTU" is written?

Several Democratic campaign ads can be made from these visuals tonight...

E.J. Dionne :Obama shows he's a conciliator--and also willing to fight

Unable to watch the SOTU - did Obama call for MEDICARE FOR ALL?

Surprise surprise Fixed Noise poll

NYT's The Caucus on Tweety "reviewing the speech in almost completely racial terms."

Surprise! surprise! Faux News Poll

Do you think Gietner felt the thousands of daggers being stared

The Rethug response. Wow. What a phony show.

I have never seen a response given in front of a crowd. Have you? nt

So, the pundits are so anti-democrat because they are ....

Republicans Disrespect The Office Of The President

Is it acceptable for SCOTUS members to blow off the State of the Union address?

This SOTU gave me a renewed doubt in my cynicism. That has to be a good thing.

A few memorable lines:

my mom just called me and said"the repubs showed themselves to be the soul-less asses that they are"

One of my favorite lines of the night: "We have a big majority, don't run for the hills"

D.C. judge Janet Albert accuses ex-lover of stalking her

Arianna Huffington can blow me

Neb. woman accused of having sex with young son

The Republican Party is dead to me...

Who looked like the biggest dork tonight....

Next time the banks & insurance companies need a bail out let's make them hold a telethon

"We've won 3 straight elections" ?!?

I -pad. A name for sanitary napkins, or a solution looking for a problem??

I still can't believe they called it an "iPad"...

Effort to deny Tenn. heath plan to smokers dropped

Antidepressants may affect lactation

Theres no point in trying to have a substantive policy discussion tonight

Theres no point in trying to have a substantive policy discussion tonight

Is Hillary Clinton running in 2012?

Ohio trucker was watching porn when rig struck car, killing driver, police say

'Philosophy' poster containing Ten Commandments gets judge back in spotlight

As you prepare to watch Obama's Big Speech tonight, keep this in mind ......

So how is everybody feeling now after the SOTU?

Focus on the Family re:Tebow: $2 Million for 30 seconds of TV propaganda while Haiti is in anguish

William Pitt can eat my shorts.

Hitting IT OUT of the BallPark

Justice Alito, the new Joe Wilson, can't contain himself, never before have I seen that...

Sad but true Twitter stats from State of the Union address

Clinton Suggests She's a One-Term Secretary of State

Was Obama Channeling Aaron Sorkin/President Bartlett tonight?

Transparency International to monitor corruption in Russia, U.S.

"the most reasonable person in the room"

CBS poll: 83% of Speech Watchers Approve of Obama's State of the Union Proposals

Joe Lieberman looks like a dirty old man.

FSC Cigarettes I thought I was dying

Howard Zinn interviews Eddie Vedder

Text of SOTU here

Best Smack Down of the Night: (A Poll)

Zelda Rubinstein, who played psychic in ‘Poltergeist,’ dies at 76

You know what? I needed that.

OK .. I was very pleased with Obama's SOU speech tonight - he called the bad guys out.

SEIU President: State Of Our Union Is An American Nightmare For Workers

Tea Party Response to Obama SOTU

Please let me know if you don't support our President

Myth: Tax cuts spur economic growth.

Obama's "Bump" in the Polls from tonight:

A question for DUers who were alive in the '70s. Did you think 13 was the same as 18?

Time to call out the rethugs for arrogance.

'We were sent here to serve our citizens.'

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) "He sort of took us to the principal's office, didn't he?"

Alito Mouths 'NOT TRUE' At State Of The Union

Please DU this Poll

We Have a Unique Opportunity In the Ohio US Senate Race!!!!

Obama calls for a middle class tax cut--the Repubs sit on their hands--now that's a Super Bowl Ad.

Export more of our own goods?

MM: Memo to media: Obama's comments on Supreme Court decision in line with four justices' views

So out of morbid curiosity, I went to Freeperville to see their reactions to Zinn's death...

MJ - Katrina Van den Hueval questioning strategy of freeze during recession

Before the day gets any older: The Republicans are NOT honest brokers.

International conference on Afghanistan kicks off in London

Culture of Truth liveblogged the SOTU

*****UNOFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #2**********

Obama's next speech should eviscerate the Rs about the role and function of government

For two days now Pence has been on whining that

Thank you Mr. President for kicking some ass last night. Now,

Thank you Mr. President for kicking some ass last night. Now,

I said it during Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and I'm saying it now. Talk is cheap.

Joe Scum-bag-o


International conference on Afghanistan kicks off in London

Who was the blond woman sitting behind Justice Stevens? She almost fell off her seat

Thanks mods!

"Black. He said Black. Three, gimme a tight push on the Black guy."

Was mysterious jellyfish in sky caused by space satellite reflecting Northern Lights?

Joe Scum is trying to spin on behalf of Alito this morning

Time to attack the attackers when it comes to SCOTUS and the right wing 5

Time to attack the attackers when it comes to SCOTUS and the right wing 5

Smaller Government?

SOTU word cloud:

What does this mean?

Republicans- when in power they sell the government, out of power they disable it.

Defense analysts blast military exemption to spending freeze

Tell the GOP--Yes, Tax Cuts can reach a point of Diminishing Returns!

If I was a betting man I'd bet I know what w is doing right now

Clay Bennett toon :Change and Hope

Can SC Justices be impeached?

DADT advocate: "Abu Ghraib happened because there are women in the military"

Howard Zinn's Last Thoughts: "this is the time for the resurgence of a national movement"

Separated at birth? YOU DECIDE...

Media Matters: Drudge makes outrageous Supreme Court "INTIMIDATION" claim about Obama's SOTU


Gawker deliciously skewers BREITBART, Matt Pudge, DOLLARD, and O'KEEFE

Oh Jesus here we go again. The President wants me to send him more money to support the DNC.

“New information has come to light about documents" -Bernanke-gate! What’s in those memos?

UN Head Says Afghan Strategy 'Doomed' - Too Militarized and Not Political Enough

Easily the best take-a-way from last night's SOTU.

Good Times in Omaha

I have a question, did anyone even pay attention to the Repuke who responded to the SOTU speech?

Wiretapping and other nefarious activities may have been used in the last Dem election losses

one small victory for the little guys...

Splendid Zinn

Eagles' Joe Walsh Threatens To Sue Candidate Walsh - Rock Star Warns Candidate Over Misuse Of Song

Eagles' Joe Walsh Threatens To Sue Candidate Walsh - Rock Star Warns Candidate Over Misuse Of Song

The big losers tonight... I hope... are....

Vege spite spreads (Vegemite goes Halal)

Ford stops production of some vehicles in China with part tied to Toyota recall

Was that "Mean Jean" Schmidt who tied her hair back into a pyscho ponytail?

So, the wingnuts think Obama lacked decorum for speaking out on the SCOTUS decision.

Just say it Barack: MEDICARE FOR ALL!!

He. Called. The. Democrats. Out.

The "media" is spinning like crazy this morning...

Did anyone else notice the thumping every time Obama put his hand on the podium?

Pelosi signals renewed momentum for health care reform

Ok now I'm a bit worried. Feingold trails former WI governor in hypothetical Senate election matchup

The Rude Pundit: The State of the Union Is "What the Fuck Do You Want From Me?"

PETA proposes robotic groundhog

thanking god for IED'

I am disappointed Palin or Bachmann didn't give the Repub Response...

Chuggo sighting on James O'Keefe Facebook

The State of the Union We'd Like to See

Will Obama get a bump in the polls after his SOTU speech?

California School District Bans Dictionary Over 'Oral Sex' Definition

John, Elizabeth Edwards separate after 30 years.

A Memory of Howard Zinn - Daniel Ellsberg

Violence in a single day in Iraq - what you won't hear in the MSM

Is PETA proposing the abolishment of all utilization/exploitation of animals...

"We're working hard out here, this is not a vacation. . . . ."

My Favorite Part Of The Speech

I caught a huge murmur or sounds of disbelief when Obama said no lobbyist

Big Swing-State Tax Win - Yes, It Could Be A Harbinger of Similar Fights Throughout the Country

CBS is going to allow the extremist group Focus on Family to air an ad during the Super Bowl

SOTU Rebuttal: An unofficial transcript

Wikileaks is going broke

our local newspaper...'Prank or Political Spying'

VP Biden Defends President's Criticism of High Court

I think the Republicans have found a new spokesman.

John Kyl on NPR:"we're not the party of no..."

Is it time for the left to pick up the "Love it or Leave it" banner?

m$nbc has david shuster in new orleans to cover the wiretapper

Jobless Claims in U.S. Declined Last Week to 470,000

I just wrote to the Executive Producer of our local Rush affiliated news show

Hey, if the last year's missteps all all Rahm's fault, who do we give credit to for last night?

Hey, if the last year's missteps all all Rahm's fault, who do we give credit to for last night?

Soldier Marc Hall's Rap Protest Song Against His Stop-Loss Orders Lands Him in Jail

A brainstorm--how to deal with Citizens United v. FEC

The only possible way for Democrats to succeed ...

Remove the Wall Street virus from the economy

Congresswoman Donna Edwards on Thom Hartmann NOW

Inhofe calls Obama a great liar, says ‘most’ of State of the Union speech ‘wasn’t true.’

O'Keefe In His Own Words "I Am A JOURNALIST". Well, Journalists Do Not Pull Pranks.

Do people here actually want Americans to come together as one nation?

Sherrod Brown and the Ohio State Buckeyes are about the only thing

I was meeting with a client today, and for about an hour I forgot that my pants were black.

New study shows we can tell Democrats from Republicans in head shots

couldn't we save BILLIONS if ALL Pentagon $ came from its own tax, like Medicare so people could

Judge orders O'Keefe confined to his parent's basement until next hearing.

Venezuela Forgives Haiti's Debt

I don’t mind if it rains or freezes, long as I got my Bong Hits 4 Jesus

"They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" is a very powerful movie but where are movies like that today?

Who are Obama's sharpest, best-known critics on the left?

Roeder is on the stand now at Dr. Tiller murder trial

Author J.D. Salinger, famous for 'Catcher in the Rye' has died at the age of 91

The media didn't know Strom Thurmond had an out of wedlock daughter with his 15-year old maid?

Wow! The President just called out the Supreme Court right in front of them

IMO the Supreme Court Justices should not be there.

IMO the Supreme Court Justices should not be there.

So Rudy pisses and moans, Bloomburg throws a hissy fit

Any mention of Zinn's passing on cable or network news?

Y'all were supposed to remind me that I was going to quit this for a while.

Y'all were supposed to remind me that I was going to quit this for a while.

Obama: No giving up on changing tone of politics

RECONCILIATION and the Public Option???

Too. Many. Posts. Like. This.

If you like speeches....

If you like speeches....

A Break From Politics - J. D. Salinger has died...

A Message to you, Rudy (warning-explicit language)

A Message to you, Rudy (warning-explicit language)

We shall see or not.

Faux News A Bit Ago Said Those Are ALL GOP Operatives

Obama says "F*** IT!'

Obama says "F*** IT!'

“Watch what we do, not what we say.”

This is why Merikun's view of history scares the shit out of me...

Poll: Campbell leads GOP field, trails Boxer by 4

Turds in the Facebook Fan Page punchbowl: Progressives invade JAMES O'KEEFE Page, Hilarity Ensues

Hackers infiltrate House websites

Morning Joe- "Constitutional Scholar" Obama has no understanding of the Supreme Court decision

California School District reverses its ban on Webster Dictionary.

Fuk republicans, The State Of Union Address was AWESOME

Obama's spending freeze excluding the Pentagon is bullshit

Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Devastating Personal Attack On Illinois Man

Time to get Pelosi to put the articles of impeachment on the floor for all 5 felonius SC judges

Pelosi would back spending freeze if it also applies to defense

Make no mistake: This war is ending, and all of our troops are coming home.


A major official position that Obama could axe as part of his spending freeze and

'Dumb Stunt' meme taking form for what O'Keefe did at Landrieu's office

Do you trust the Iraqi and Afghan governments?

Can anyone point me to a list of earmaks that each congressperson has requested?

ACORN foe tweeted about planned sting of Sen. Landrieu's office (WashPo)

"They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" --a movie that is disturbingly like the present time.

******* OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #4 *******

I don't want Obama soiled by rubbing elbows with a bunch of wealthy white supremacists.

There is a huge difference between Justice Alito and Joe Wilson...

What Obama Did Politically with the SOTU

OMFG Judd Gregg is an asshole. Did anyone just see that on MSNBC?

Tweety: "I forgot he was black tonight, for an hour"

CBS Won't Let Super Bowl Viewers See GoDaddy's Gay-ish Ad Or

Obama supporters, give a shout!

Breitbart is on MSNBC being interviewed by Schuster

Uh oh. Henry Waxman now a "firebagger"

Great speech. The key though, is how Obama and the Party respond to 59-41.

Hacker cracks 49 House sites, insults Obama

tea party

Karzai says western troops could stay in Afghanistan 10 years - AP

Karzai says western troops could stay in Afghanistan 10 years - AP

Commercials in Keith's pod cast of Countdown? OK, then count the pod cast

Hey Tweety: Why was it important for you to "remember he was black" in the first place?

L.A. looking at giving car owners 'the boot' after 3 or 4 unpaid parking tickets

'Catcher in the Rye' author J.D. Salinger dies

Web Sites of 43 U.S. House Members Hacked

Web Sites of 43 U.S. House Members Hacked

Can someone help me out with info on Global Warming?

Cambridge startup preps Android-based competitor to iPad

Dems reach out to Lou Dobbs to build backing for immigration reform

MSNBC’s Matthews: ‘I Forgot He Was Black’

What f#$king ad agency produced the Republican response? They should be blackballed.

Just for the hell of it...

Ford earns $2.7B in 2009, first profit in 4 years

Socrates on Howard Zinn

On Democracy Now!....The life of Howard Zinn featuring Alice Walker, Noam Chomsky & Naomi Klein

Immigration reform would be good for the economy - Daily Kos

In both rhetoric and deed, Pres. Obama has fundamentally shifted the direction of US foreign policy

It's time to name our national debt.

the real problem with judge alito

Tribute to Howard Zinn with Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein and others on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman

Vandals Loot Churches, Burn Bibles

Will Obama lay the hammer down tonight?

Last year, I paid ONE THIRD of my gross pay in healthcare insurance/flex spending account

Ben Bernanke just reconfirmed for another 4 year term

Question for Alito, Joe Scum et al

To all the people who use "FAIL" as a retort, grow up!

beautiful...Michelle Obama

At the World Economic Forum: A session about "Life on Other Planets?" That's surprising.

Tweety was just on Rachel Maddow and i think tried to explain his earlier comment

Tweety was just on Rachel Maddow and i think tried to explain his earlier comment

Well, I didn't watch the speech, I know some of you are excited 'BOUT IT

"There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

FauxNews: CBS Considering Airing Gay Dating Site Ad During Super Bowl

If Alito had been in court instead of a State of the Union.

"Polish Superstar" Dog adrift saved from sea

Judge Wynn confirmed 18-1, Judge Diaz 19-0 in committee, others held over

Judge Wynn confirmed 18-1, Judge Diaz 19-0 in committee, others held over

Ya know, despite all of the bull, I'm loving this

Finish this sentence: "For an hour, I forgot Chris Matthews was ____________"

Move the 9/11 trial saz big real estate!

Veterans Administration Hid Suicide Risk, Internal E-Mails Show

Veterans Administration Hid Suicide Risk, Internal E-Mails Show

With all the political wacko stuff coming out of South Carolina lately...

Obama has such great ideas but I'm depressed that the GOP will easily kill all of them.

Howard Zinn yesterday, J.D. Salinger today

Roeder just acted like a typical repug.

Bad Mr. Obama Was Very Very Mean to the Poor Poor Supreme Court (So Was FDR)

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito looked so surprised

What was a military person doing in uniform clapping for the Republican 'rebuttal'?

Dow plunges.

We The Corporations? I Don't Think So. ( Barbra Streisand)

We The Corporations? I Don't Think So. ( Barbra Streisand)

Just some behind the scenes names/faces and a peek into one enormous lobbying body -

sweet jeezus. how's this for irony?

Time for real Change - Mark Fiore's take on the State of the Union address

Oooh! Is THIS bad!!!

Clinton says she's absolutely not interested in running for president. Assholes in the press

ESPN fires Paul Shirley after comments about Haiti

Delete -- nt

I reserve final judgment until I hear McDonnell's stance on volcano preparedness

Roundup: SOTU Foreign Policy Reactions

Tweety just tried to mop up after his "I forgot he was black" statement.

Radical Inequality Is Literally Killing Us

Senate Democrats ready 'jobs agenda' for next week

Here's the Schuster/Breitbart Yell-Off Video

RW hypocrisy part the 3,478,213th: "Youthful prank." These are the same

There goes the 'but my car was made in the USA' excuse


I forgot Eminem was White

It's general knowledge that human beings will try to get away with anything if they can do it...

5 Years. 28K posts. Belief in Myth America & Hope We Can Believe In (that might even lead to Change)

Only 5:45:00 left until TDS! Can't wait!

I liked Obama's speech last night. But are we overestimating the positive reactions to it?

Tweety on SOTU and Alito now n/t

Durbin: Democrats would be 'on trial for treason' if they adopted GOP's tactics

how do I find who supports exportation of jobs?

howard zinn's lessons for us all

I've meant to say this for a while: I think Nancy Pelosi is doing a damned good job

Ex-fire official convicted of brutal attack on neighbor's dog, faces 4 years in prison

Jim Hightower | The Supreme Coup "Legal Perversion"

Sandra Day O'Connor not happy with Supreme Court ruling

What if we taxed net worth instead of our current system?

Bigotry Watch: At least they spelled "Muslims" correctly.

Breitbart is on Shuster right now - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Toyota pedal maker says making redesigned pedals

Judge Orders 25-Year-Old O'Keefe To Live With His Parents

Prop. 8 witness warns of societal upheaval (This is their star witness?)

What was your drinking game word last night? mine was "jobs"..

GM Improves Forecast For 2010 U.S. Sales; January Sales Will Be Up “Double-Digit” Over Year Ago

Some douche from "The Free Enterprise Nation" is whining that gov't workers are paid too much.

Tennessee Firm Exposed Black Workers to More Radioactive Waste than Whites

Why does anyone care what a half-term spokesmodel thinks of the SOTU?

In my daily wiki readings, I covered the terms "magic negro", "xenocentrism", "multiculturalism"

HEADS UP: Mary Landrieu to make statement on phones momentarily on CNN!

To all my fellow OKie DUers...

Daily Kos: Buy America Stokes Stimulus Packages


Turbines turn into headache for Vinalhaven

So, The New York Times, which has hundreds of obits ready, didn't have one for Howard Zinn?

Man Files $30 Million Negligence Lawsuit After Contracting HIV

Bucky: "I forgot Chris Matthews was talking for an hour"

UC official: Outrage over top execs' bonuses is 'utter nonsense' (they are 'pay incentives)

An Unquiet Nation...America's vanishing quiet spaces

YAY! We're gonna finally get high speed rail here in FLORIDA...

Cloture Vote on the Nomination of Ben Bernanke

Cloture Vote on the Nomination of Ben Bernanke

What is a foreign corporation these days?

'Dogs of war' saving lives in Afghanistan - story with pics

What's the big deal about moving the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from

That Federal income tax payroll tax reduction that went into effect last year...

JamesOKeefe: Govt official concedes no attempt to wiretap

EXACTLY the role a Supreme Court Justice should not occupy.

Has anyone noticed this about their local election ads?

I am sure you know this by now: NOT ONE single Republican had

Mr Fish Toon: Howard Zinn 1922 – 2010

Screw any Republican who is "disappointed in the tone" of the speech

It Doesn't Matter If The O'Keefe Break-In Was A "Prank."

bwahahaha! Not the Onion but should be on there (corporations run for office):

Howard Zinn and Walter Mosley on American History; 2007

How to take the "devil" out of "Mount Diablo"? Rename it after President Ronald Reagan, of course

translation needed, please. Federalese to English

translation needed, please. Federalese to English

The Best comment of the SOTU: Obama looked straight at SCJ Roberts

Funniest shot of the night:

Welp, my kid is happy.

“I wont donate to help the Haitian people because they are poor.

He. Called. The. Motherfuckers. Out.

It's so weird to see Republicans aghast at Obama tweaking the Supreme Court...

I like him!

Six Republicans Vote Against Deficit Bill They Sponsored

No Constitutional Right to Dance in the Jefferson Memorial

I Love The Fact That Franken Is Sitting With The Joint Chiefs

Do you think that Keith O will dare name Tweety one of the "worst people in the world"?

Denny’s To Offer Americans Free Original Grand Slam (Feb. 9th)

History buffs: When was the last time a POTUS called out the SCOTUS to their faces?

History buffs: When was the last time a POTUS called out the SCOTUS to their faces?

US scientists step towards nuclear fusion with laser shot

Bollywood gay film touted as India's Brokeback Mountain

Quote of the Day

Fuck Bipartisanship.

Jack Cafferty is floating the Clinton 2012 rumor on CNN right now.

So. Sandra Day O'Connor is dismayed by the Supremes ruling about Corporate "free speech"

Waxman and GOP Make Bipartisan Request for Info From White House on PhRMA Deal

PHOTO: Not true!!!! Not true!!!!1

Tea Party Fundraising Email Shows Obama As Pimp (TPMMuckraker)

Why can't the solution just be simply: open Medicare to anyone to buy into?

11 Democrats (+Sanders) stood up to Bernanke

Do you think Chris Matthews forgot that Bob McDonnell is white?

is there any way to hide an entire DU forum, as in make it go away...

K & R if you think this SOTU is a great speech

Yes, it's Rasmussen. No, I don't think it can completely be discounted

Army Sgt in uniform attending and applauding a clearly political speech?

Birther Orly Taitz Files Another Suit, Considers Running For Office

RIP JD Salinger

Citizens Unite to Form Corporation - United States Citizens Inc.

the most innocent o'keefe explanation

Deputy Reunited With Sea Lion He Saved

A Corporation is not a person. It is not alive.

That's it, I am finally fucking done with CNN

Kudos to President Obama in His Announcement of $8 Billion for High Speed Rail.

My favorite picture from the night

Should James O'Keefe and his cronies be subject to "extraordinary rendition" and "interrogation?"

Senate Roll Call Vote On Confirmation of Ben Bernanke


Crazy Andy Breitbart (The New Orly Taitz) Blows Himself Up On Air. Again.

Is Beck really mentally Ill or is it a act?

Rep. Pelosi Says Budget Freeze Should Include Defense

Rep. Pelosi Says Budget Freeze Should Include Defense

Congressman’s Foundation Has Money for Golf Outings, but Not for Scholarships

How The Dubai Financial Collapse Affects You

Limbaugh says he knows what O'Keefe was doing @ Landrieu's office

Freeper brilliance on Obama chastising the SCOTUS

The People's History: The Late, Great Howard Zinn

Jon Kyl (R-tool) was offended -- offended I say -- by Obama's SOTU speech.

SCOTUS -> SCROTUS -> SCROTUM... Worst. Supreme. Court. Ever!

Teabugger O’Keefe Tweets on Pending Charges Despite Gag Order

Teabugger O’Keefe Tweets on Pending Charges Despite Gag Order

One of the Landrieu spies and his "angry penis"

McCain (Asshole-Az.) Says "Mistake" to Repeal Dont Ask, Dont Tell. THANK YOU President Obama

The People Mourn.

YouTubes of ALITO mouthing "Not true" - including a close up

Is Alex Bennett really the best Sirius Left 146 can get??

Did you forget like Tweety that the President is/was Black tonight?

Is Freeperland down today?

Did Obama say he would let the Bush tax cuts die?

Major Garrett Accidentally Tweets Link to Vegas Call-Girl Website to His 13,059 Followers

Breaking: Exxon-Mobile to run for U.S. Senate seat from Delaware.

Hell is

Taking on the five rightwing SCOTUS justices the way he did was bold and risky

Taking on the five rightwing SCOTUS justices the way he did was bold and risky

Mayor Bloomberg Wants Terror Trial Moved

The Official Response. "I'm against it!"

Nuclear Energy???? Clean Coal??? W. T. F?

A Good, Well-Connected High Speed Rail System Would Give A Huge Boost To Property Values

If they can repeat a lie and make it big, we can repeat the truth and make it big.

Can we dump the word “Homeland?”

My mom's friend retired last year, and is collecting unemployment, "Because she deserves it"

Republicans Use Military as a Stage Prop (Yet Again)... And This Time May Break the Law

Carrington Automotive

My Facebook friend is mad that Obama criticized the Supreme Court

Why is it that...

Sec. Clinton at Afghanistan Conference: You have to be willing to engage with your enemies

I Don't Like Obama's "Bipartisan Deficit Commission"....

Give to the Congress Information on the State of the Union

Astronauts test sex in space -- but did the earth move?

Obama has been on fire, last night and again today in Tampa!!'d he do?

"The lumpy Caucasians of American "conservatism" sat there motionless, freezing"

Nuclear, Clean Coal, Drilling and Tax Cuts. It's called taking their ball and running with it.

Ambinder: Pentagon To Announce Some "Don't Ask" Details Next Week

I'm reading Jeff Sharlet's book "The Family" guess what's on page 27..

Woe is Toyota

Is Alito insane?

"Democracy Privatized!" blog talks about turning over public functions to “the market”.

I'm sorry but Alito's behavior in NO WAY comes close to Representative Wilson's.

I'm sorry but Alito's behavior in NO WAY comes close to Representative Wilson's.

Single-Payer Health Care Approved By California Senate

Bob Dylan to Perform at the White House

Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein Respond to Obama’s First State of the Union

Just saw Sandra Day O'Connor interviewed on CNN

MSNBC: David Shuster 'Inappropriate' In James O'Keefe Comments

'Devout Christian' wants California's Mt. Diablo renamed Mt. Reagan

'Devout Christian' wants California's Mt. Diablo renamed Mt. Reagan

Daniel Elsberg on Howard Zinn

Hillary Clinton Says She Won't Serve Eight Years

Ripoff - Sandoz overcharged Medicaid by 60,000%... $600 for $1 pill

Why Apple Is Sticking With AT&T and other tales...

Several dozen House member websites were hacked last night?

NUKES = FAIL, Mr. President, here's 6 reasons why:

Howard Zinn: Very Little Will Change

Did you see McCain?


Head of DC schools says only 1 of 266 fired teachers accused of sex with children.

Head of DC schools says only 1 of 266 fired teachers accused of sex with children.

the *PUBLIC OPTION* is dead, *ONLY* if we allow it to be... do not give up!

Nazis cleaning up in Colorado

Superfast Bullet Trains Are Finally Coming to the U.S.

'Drug Test Beating' Drink Inventor Arrested

Pat Leahy unloads on Alito, on Senate floor

"Capitalist Tool"

"If a man gives you freedom, it is not freedom. Freedom is something you, you alone, must take."

Out of the 787 BILLION on the stimulus, only about 175 BILLION has been spent..

Enough talk. All we need to do to send a message to the big banks is to

Here's what a courageous State of the Union Address might sound like:

Let's Roll: Nashville Scene Endorses TN Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act

A very good article on Judge Alito's shameful display at last night SOTUS

John Edwards Made Sex Tape, Abortion Plea, Aide Says

Man, I love it when science refutes bigotry...

Reagan's Surgeon General C. Everett Koop is scaring old folks in a commercial on CNN

What were you doing at age 25?

Social Security blunder in the State of the Union.

Russian 5th-generation fighter to perform maiden flight Jan 29

Russian 5th-generation fighter to perform maiden flight Jan 29

Elizabeth Edwards makes me tear up.

Great College Football Traditions

Now this is a strange music video...

King of Coal.

Dear neighbor doing laundry,

For a change, how's about Obama GIVING some grass roots support?

I am driving down Route 66 tonight on netflix, need a road trip.

I-pad? Really?

OMG, Im watching the "Heavy Metal" homage episode of South Park. Insane!

When does the President's speech start, GD and GDP is already getting heated.

State of the Union Drinking Game

Just turned it on, and i must say our first lady

I come to the DU Lounge because:

Holy shit - ten minutes into speech, Wall Street Journal already says "much of his speech"

The Secret History of the American Empire by John Perkins...

i'm still amazed when trust fund hipsters ooze "authenticity" when they wear ironic tshirts

did anyone here ever have a knuckle sandwich?

if you look at my sigpic long enough

Cops subdue sword-swinging man

Here's blinking at you

best discusssion i have ever read on du

what are some of your favorite masturbation techniques?

An old man walks into his doctors office...

I'm expecting a check that'll spot me enough cash to pick up an iPod Touch

I'm amazed that so many people care about the new Apple stuff.

I crack me up.

A update from last night, I did go to Walgreens and buy the Texas snuggie.

I can't wait to get home so I can have a good cry.

My eyeglass are dirty - brillo pads or emery boards to clean 'em?

A Walt Starr moment in GD

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you...

Earth Calling Hannah Bell.

Finally After All These Years I have Reached 1000 Post!!! Thanks Loungers

Ok, LOL-Cat Caption my new kitty striking a pose.

Ok, LOL-Cat Caption my new kitty striking a pose.

Would this avatar get me banned from DU or just GD?

Who is the poll really about?

Remember "The Evolution Of Dance" YouTube video?

If A Hiring Mgr Wants Someone With Experience, But Not A Job Hopper....

A 3D Exploration of Picasso's Guernica

Using an ice bucket as a toilet in your ex-lover's attic.

WTF is a problem with a security certificate?

A golden oldie for Trek fans: William Shatner playing

Foods that aggravate GERD--check in with your experience, strength, and hope.

Looks like James O'Keefe shares a fanbase with Chuggo!

Now THIS is a motorized wheelchair!

"the internet is made of cats"

I was meeting with a client today, and for about an hour I forgot that my pants were black.

During his reply, did you almost forget that Bob McDonnell was white?

6 New Personality Disorders Caused by the Internet

"My God, man! Where do you work?"

DU jazzers: Here's a photo for you...

A tip for the musically deprived

Dennis Wilson's "Pacific Ocean Blue" was an unrecognized masterpiece

Obama's as good an orator as Reagan was, with the benefit of objective facts and truth

Guess who was seen going into a motel room with Geddy Lee?

If Mitch McConnell wanted to give you a stickey,

Ferrari Falls Ass-End First Off Truck At Dealership

Sad, sad hipsters


Match Game Story: "Rubby Rob rubbed linseed oil on the school cormorant with a ___ and an ice bucket

warning: big picture

Is there anything more exciting than an estate planning seminar?

Is the road to Heaven paved with bad intentions?

Call me a dinosaur, but I will never voluntarily use one of those touch-screen keyboards

LOL TMZ - Rachel Maddow -- Michael Douglas' Son?

Places NOT to stay while traveling.

Zelda Rubinstein, psychic in Poltergeist franchise, as died.

To all the people who use "FAIL" as a retort, grow up!

Question about the "Prayer for Owen Meenie" movie

My Pickles needs some healing vibes

I just heard J.D. Salinger died.

Chuggo sighting on James O'Keefe Facebook

Trucking 101: Governed Trucks

Milli Vanilli was equal to two Terence Trent D'Arbys.

Any shrinks out there. I'd like to know what causes douchetude.

It's apparently again time for Finnish disco lessons with Åke Blomqvist!

Can someone PLEASE fly me to Waikiki by this Saturday???

Stevie Wonder "Talking Book" - isn't this a 'Best of' album???

It's Alan Alda's birthday!

'Cause it's my birthday, I'll take a little Highway 61.

Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Devastating Personal Attack On Illinois Man

Practice move

"Boy, when you're dead, they really fix you up."

I think they had to clean this hotel pool out...

If the Rapture happens, who will take care of your pet?

Not. Enough. Posts. Like. This.

Attn: Boston area DUers: Ozzy booksigning NOW at BU

I like a good __________ early in the morning

Some more pics of India

Yesterday Howard Zinn, today, JD Salinger...

If Mitch McConnell wanted to give you a hickey,

OK, a Toyota Prius thread. Check in if you have one.

I need more socks!


Having a bad day, hoping I don't get fired.

How to suck at Facebook

Back in the hospital again lipase level over 1000

Back in the hospital again lipase level over 1000

My 13 year old's letter to the president.

Too. Many. Posts. Like. This.

What's a good way to extract the audio track from an FLV file?

Any shrinks out there. I'd like to know what causes assholery.

I work in a building that over looks town lake...

Apparently, Jennifer Love Hewitt has lost her mind

Confess: what did you do instead of watching the SOTU?

You help solicited: best animal / animal rescue/ cute pet video links

Who drives a Toyota?

I -pad. A name for sanitary napkins, or a solution looking for a problem??

Are you currently a member of an underground sub culture?

I still can't believe they called it an "iPad"...

Nose Piercings. Tell me your story.

Proud member of the 700 club

Depressed . . . maybe you can give me some advice

The meanest, dumbest, nastiest people from my high school are mostly Republican Christians.

Progressive Disengagement And The Movie "Glory"

U.S., Russia close to nuclear deal: report

PELOSI: We Don't Have The Votes On Healthcare

Rep King, You lie!

Why does the White House leak SOTU excerpts before the speech?

So what words, phrases, etc. are we drinking to in the SOTU drinking game tonight?

The President ought to mention Howard Zinn in his speech tonight,

Speier's got her eye on attorney general race

Once again I agree with Jack Cafferty. In November vote all the incumbents out

Is the SOTU address live-streaming online anywhere?

For all of you watching Obama's first SOTU tonight...

Those who don't watch the SOTU should STFU...

Katie Couric: Obama didn't eat his pie

They reported on CBS that the Republican leaders have instructed their members to behave themselves.

Obama: "I will not walk away from these Americans. And neither should the people in this chamber."

So called expansion is right. It's about damn time Wasington

Michelle looks absolutely beautiful tonight. NT

The party of no is sitting on their asses and are not reacting to anything.

Remarks of President Barack Obama at the State of the Union Address – As Prepared for Delivery

As a sometime critic I have to say that I like what I hear reg. college

OMG Obama dropped a little Animal House

Did you hear about tonight's GOP rebuttal? They (and Fox News) are setting up a little Presidency.


SCOTUS Smackdown.

Begala: Republicans should have put their hands together

I'd Love to Hear Him Remember Teddy

Addressing the blanket filibuster crap; good.

Yeah Budget Cutting Commissions and More Trade Deals and Tax Cuts and Earmark Reform

The Family will NEVER yield. nt

"Obama plays to disaffected audience but most don’t blame him"


Sources: Boozman Will Challenge Lincoln in Arkansas

Waiting for Obama to toot his own horn? He's tooting it tonight finally!

Are all the republicans texting during the speech?

Are you going to watch our President tonight?

"I DON'T QUIT"! YAY, please don't, President Obama!

Goodbye IRAQ......August is coming not SOON ENOUGH

President Obama declares 'I don't quit' in State of Union

Nancy Pelosi looks like she's been holding in a fart. n/t

Thank You, Mr. President. n/t

Now can I bear to listen to the republican response?

"I forgot he was black tonight for an hour." Tweety cracks me up! nt

The GOP side is almost all white dudes in dark suits. They look like undertakers.

Is this guy on speed?

Wait, is the President's SOTU speech supposed to contain complete sentences???

Again Mr Prez........ACTION....

"Democrats, we have the majority, it's not time to run for the hills."!!

Wonderful Speech, lots of clapping and standing ovations, but the

"We do not let fear nor division break our spirit"

Already bored with this douche.

JUst Remember..Gov McDonnell's Party SAYS!!!!

This is for jenmito. Something I gave my word yesterday that I would do.

Republican Response: "ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz"

Bobby Jindal's "Kenneth the page" impersonation was better than McDonnell doing Jack Donaghy.

Where are all the haters?

Did the Luntz Focus Group Slam Obama yet?

CBS News instant poll on SOTU has good news for the Prez


Look at the fuckin CNN.COM page

SOTU podcast?

GOP rebuttal poll

Why is there never any mention of uncollected taxes contributing to the deficit?

For those without cable (like me!), how is the post speech babble going?

I was depressed, and wasn't going to watch the SOTU

Any pictures of the First Lady tonight? nt

President Obama: there is no such thing as 'clean coal.'

Who stayed behind?

Republicans should really just turn down the opportunity to respond to Obama

Anybody Got A Picture Of The Stone-Faced "Supreme" Court?

What Did You Like Best About The President's SOTU Speech?

The GOP Response - comment by Wiilam Shakespeare:

The Republican response sounds like it was written by a 5th grader.

CBS reported a bump for Obama

What the hell: Excerpt from McDonnell's Republican rebuttal

Obama's SOTU Bump

Now That's My President - That's Who I Voted For - And I'm Proud Of It.......

I am not all that familiar with American politics until Bill Clinton came on

Obama says repeal DADT! GOP sits on their hands. nt

The Photo of the Night.....

CNN's transcript of Pres Obama's SOTU Address

GOP indicates fight on repealing DADT

Is this the first time the SOTU response was done in front of live audience?

Many studies find that a majority of US military want to repeal DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell)

Howard Zinn dies at 87. His passing is very sad for our democracy, country and the world

Mitch McConnell: an "in-your-face" speech aimed at Republicans.

High Court is Rare Topic for State of the Union Speeches

Another one of my fav moments tonite was when Obama said The Repugs will say we should cut taxes for

Matthews "Forgot he was black tonight."

I know this will get locked but Saracat is pissing in her knocked up panties.

Resolved: Chris Matthew is a cock.

Skinner, et al, you folks are in serious trouble, you locked my thread,

Gates clapped enthusiastically at point on repealing DADT

CNN Poll: 71% say Obama's Policies will move country in the Right Direction

Poll: 83% of Speech Watchers Approve of Obama's State of the Union Proposals

"So, I'll issue an executive order..."

"I cannot do it alone."

"Let Me Know."

Another Great White Hope Gets Knocked Out

Full McDonnell Response -- Two Hours Early

Really His Speech Brought Tears To My Eyes - I Just Wonder How Any Elected Official.....

SOTU: Anything Substantially Change Your Mind About The Future?

Here's a transcript of the Republican response.

Rokita May Challenge Bayh

Just imagine. If no one obstructed the vision President Obama has,

CNN Poll is up........

"The State of the Union: Just the policy"

Coons courted for run against Castle

The Repugs Better Watch Out - I Believe The Media Is Setting Them Up For Failure.....

"I Don't Quit!" That says it all. A damn good speech overall, and now it is time ACT, not

Obama Resonates with Swing Voters, says Democracy Corps dial test

White House Official Photos: State of the Union

so as I was saying.....

And he's a Constitutional law expert?

Obama's Stern Rebuke To The Supreme Court

OMG look at what that job is doing to his hair.

Major Garrett of FauxNews links to porn website instead of excerpts of Obama's speech

Evan Bayh campaign rally music

On Faux News right now: Democratic Congressman (NJ) Bill Pascrell, "I'm sick and tired

Joe Klein, Time: "He stuck the needle time and again into the hides of the recalcitrant elephants"

The right-wing response to Obama's SOTU address...

For all of you not watching Obama's first SOTU tonight...

Obama gave one of the best SOTU speeches ever, and on these two points

"Saying no to everything might be good short term politics, but it's not leadership." BOOYA!!

OK - here's the plan:

A Truly Unique Opportunity in the Ohio US Senate & Gubernatorial Elections!!!

Obama’s First State of the Union—Full Remarks

Wow, THAT is the guy I voted for!!!

Rude Pundit: "The State of the Union Is 'What the Fuck Do You Want From Me?'"

Bye bye to the tax cuts for the rich!!

IL-SEN POLL: Giannoulias leads Kirk, 42/34.

This GOP Governor is doing from the right what Obama should have done from the left

Greg Sargent's Plumline: Pelosi: Obama's Health Care Appeal 'Very Powerful' and 'Helpful' to Us


SOTU included all of my advice posts except for the "draft". I'm taking credit for high speed rail,

Early Polls Show Positive SOTU Reaction

"He had us before he said hello"

Big Ed:Obama is to meet with rethugs tomorrow for a meeting

I think Christ Matthews has over done it this time

Alito serious DICK HEAD

After watching the SOTU, I've determined that Prez Obama is never gonna give us up...

You just have to say thank God this man is the president

Now if you don't think these CRACK POT tea baggers are racist look at this shit

Halperin "May be I'm just dumb".

Krugman: Pretending to be stupid

That 'liberal' MSNBC is sure showing its liberal brand by showing Pres. Obama's townhall.

How pissed do you think Obama was after leaving the chamber last night?

His Best Speech Ever.

He Gets It And He's Been Playing Chess All Along......

Here is how you can know that Obama's SOTU hit it out of the park.

Justice Alito's 'You lie' moment? (Politico)

More Americans Reliant on Government Healthcare in 2009

I used to get annoyed by "He needs to speak out more!"

Joe Klein: It was a terrific performance...This was Obama at his best.

NAACP applauds Obama's call for jobs bill

Is it Just Me? Or did Obama Call for More Bi-Partisanship Last Night?

Sometimes.. Words *ARE* Actions

PHOTOS That was then........

Ezra Klein: The Quotable Pelosi

Did I miss a memo? Why no talk of Don't ask Don't tell this morning?

Obama's spending freeze is a horrible mistake

I know this sounds trite but: Actions speak louder than words

Swing voters are idiots

Hey Sarah I want this to be the take away moment you dumb idiot

I'm thinking will the corporate money go to Republicans?

Gilbert Baker: I Am Not Running For House

Ayotte poll shows her leading big in primary

Former Rep. Shays says he wants to be governor

Key Senator - Conrad - Defends Reconciliation

The Presidents scolling of the Supreme Court was a GENIUS idea and hears why

Poll: McCain Job Approval At 15-Year Low In AZ

Republicans 'Do it Alone' ...

Even Republicans agree with Obama's Bottom Line .

Here's a thought I've had. I think President Obama is once in a generation,

Shaving is always an option

Statement: Sanders on State of the Union

Does anyone have a good set of picture links to the GOP's SOTU response?

SOTU: Interestingly, Obama never said, "The State of the Union is ___________"

The Plumline: Unions, Liberal Groups Urge Dem Leaders to Think Big in Campaign Finance Fight

Anyone noticed who was missing in action from the Supreme Court

Senate backs Bernanke for second term at Fed

Bernie Sanders says Bernanke has the power to lower credit card rates today. Bernanke, just do it!

He's been listening

"It was a confident performance, more defiant than contrite, more conversational than soaring."

Were any of these shit heads watching the same SOTU speech I saw

Greg Sargent's Plumline: Pelosi Signals Momentum for Passing Senate Bill with Fix

Best burn moments of the SOTU?

E. J. Dionne: State of the Union Math Test

Question for the "Medicare for all" folks...

Pelosi: Obama’s Health Care Appeal “Very Powerful” And “Helpful To Us”

Obama says "let me know" if there's a better idea for healthcare. My privilege, Mr. President!

Obama is speaking NOW at a Town Hall Meeting in Tampa, FL

AFL-CIO head: Obama 'finally gets it'

Greg Sargent's Plumline: Sherrod Brown to hand-wringers: Chill out. The Senate will get it done.

Mr. President, with all due respect, you are kicking ass!

SOTU: 48 million Watched, Highest Since 2003

Senate Republicans Who Used To Support PAYGO Now Vote Against It (passed 60-40)

What is the deal with the request from President Obama

Because you're all just DYING to know what Grandma Palin thought about the SOTU.

Heee. It's like last night didn't end

Digging Into The Insta-Polls: Did The SOTU Bring Independents Back To Obama?

I've never seen a more disgusting childish Republican Party

I Made the mistake of watching ANDREA on MSNBC waiting for the Prez.....

Speaker Pelosi: "There is a Path," Crash the Gate!!!

Obama to Congress: extend same-sex benefits

Laugh of the day: Orrin Hatch: Obama "rude" to court

"10.16 pm. Listen to the silence. It's the silence that greets the truth"

Where was all these pissed off Progressives when Clinton was Governing from the center

Obama’s Speech Resonates with Swing Voters

You can tell Plouffe is IN THE HOUSE

Kucinich to Obama: Be ‘bolder’ or ‘we could lose our country’

Cobert King:The President runs the risk of having a progressive Dem run against him in the Primary

That was the best SOTU speech I've ever heard...but these words here:

ACLU on President Obama's call to repeal DADT: "historic first"

What would be the best way to encourage Roberts to resign from the court?

Did anyone find McDonnell's fake SOTU recreation weird last night?

So What Was Substantially New and Good in the SOTU?

Obama Showed What He's Learned & How He'll Govern

Chris Matthews, you are not a joke anymore. You are a racist.

Best communicator?

McCain seen mouthing ‘blame it on Bush’ when Obama outlines the problems he inherited.

For Liberals, Obama Saved the Best for Last

Nancy Pelosi putting on her parachute

Just a reminder.While cartigating lobbyists again, Pres.Obama met with

Just a reminder.While cartigating lobbyists again, Pres.Obama met with

The Democrats' task is not to "placate the Left." It is to sell liberalism to the "middle"

America's Pastor Rick Warren

Alito and Obama: These two guys have a history

Why didn't someone yell ''single payer'' or ''public option'' when Obama asked for a better idea?

Photos: The State of the Union (Thread #2)

**** President Obama Remarks on the State of the Union, Live! 9pm Eastern ****

The President's very WEAK rebuke of SCOTUS during the SOTU.

Where Clinton Turned Right, Obama Plowed Ahead

How many people are for nuclear power now, but were against it before?

I totally disagree with the Chris Matthews thread here. This man was in the Peace Corps

Lame propaganda even by Drudge standards: WHAT IS SHE UP TO? HILLARY SKIPS STATE OF UNION

Russia ready to rebuild Afghanistan, with Western money

Ozone Hole Healing Could Cause Further Climate Warming

Obama to call for 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal, adviser says

Woman found dead 4 days after falling, said ambulance too expensive

Holocaust Day marked at Nazi death camp Auschwitz

Why Tamper with Landrieu's Phone (not wiretapping)

People's History' author Howard Zinn dies at 87 AP

MSNBC’s Matthews: ‘I Forgot He Was Black’

Afghan Tribe Vows to Fight Taliban, for U.S. Aid

Transparency International to monitor corruption in Russia, U.S.

BART pays $1.5M to provide for Grant's daughter (police shooting case)

International conference on Afghanistan kicks off in London

Russian 5th-generation fighter to perform maiden flight Jan 29

Choose reform or recovery, bankers tell world leaders

(UK) Lord Goldsmith reveals meeting with US chiefs helped change his view on Iraq war

Hillary Clinton says she won't serve eight years

Prop. 8 trial testimony ends

John Edwards Made Sex Tape, Abortion Plea, Aide Says

Congresswoman Donna Edwards on Thom Hartmann NOW

Congresswoman Donna Edwards on Thom Hartmann NOW

Major Garrett Accidentally Tweets Link to Vegas Call-Girl Website to His 13,059 Followers

Toyota adds 1 million vehicles to recall

Web Sites of 43 U.S. House Members Hacked

Two lawmakers drop out of Tea Party Convention

Levitating Magnet Coaxes Nuclear Fusion

K&R if you think Obama gave a good state-of-the-union speech!

US man 'detained' in North Korea

Indian companies unfazed by Obama’s anti-outsourcing call

Federal Home Loan Bank Of Seattle Sues Six Financial Institutions

Fallin says suspect worked in her office

Pentagon To Announce Some "Don't Ask" Details Next Week

Superfast Bullet Trains Are Finally Coming to the U.S.

Veterans Administration Hid Suicide Risk, Internal E-Mails Show

Obama to Party: Don’t ‘Run for the Hills’

Afghan cleric shot dead by Western troops; NATO apologizes

Kucinich to Obama: Be ‘bolder’ or ‘we could lose our country’

Republicans Use Military as a Stage Prop (Yet Again)... And This Time May Break the Law

Senate permits gov't to borrow an additional $1.9T

CIA Agent Takes Back Waterboarding Claims

SEC to require disclosure of climate change risks

Defense Rests In Roeder Murder Trial

Senate confirms Bernanke for second term as Federal Reserve chairman

Obama lashes Republican rivals for sowing division

Senate Democrats press smaller jobs legislation

Defense team wants 'Lady al Qaeda' Aafia Siddiqui barred from taking stand

Hackers Hit House Websites

Germany court summons bishop over Holocaust denial

Attorney says O'Keefe didn't bug Landrieu's phones

Waxman Requests Information on White House Deals

Traffickers targeting Haiti’s children, human organs, PM says

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 28

Fed Chairman Bernanke Wins Confirmation for Second Term

Ford posts first annual profit in four years - Carmaker says it made $2.7 billion in 2009

Bachmann Is Latest To Pull Out Of Tea Party Convention

Lincoln’s emissions vote riles activists - Group targets her for defeat

After Obama rips lobbyists, K St. insiders get private briefings

Brown tells AP he'll sometimes side with Democrats

Ex-marine accused of murder running for congress in NC

Ex-marine accused of murder running for congress in NC

Time to end tax breaks to firms that outsource jobs: Obama

Obama Hammers Supreme Court in Speech

Iran executes two people over post-election unrest

'Catcher in the Rye' author J.D. Salinger dies

MMR Row Doctor 'Failed In His Duties'

Calif. bill requires witnesses to report crimes

Pelosi: Freeze Pentagon budget, too

Judge Orders 25-Year-Old O'Keefe To Live With His Parents

I shot US abortion doctor to protect children, Scott Roeder tells court

Lawyer: Phone scheme meant to embarrass senator

I love my president

Sen. Leahy: Court's decision most partisan since Bush v. Gore

I know this is gonna sound like a cliche to you, but you really can't judge a book by its cover.

Sen. Russ Feingold: Samuel Alito behavior 'inappropriate'

Colombia protest over Venezuela 'airspace violation'

Top Republican welcomes Obama's comments on Colombia trade

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' hearing Tues.

Teabaggers Left Dangling, Bachmann Cancels Tea Party Appearance

GOP predictions for Obama's 1st SOTU

Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train

Howard Zinn: On The Stupidity Of War

SOTU: President Obama Calls For Repeal Of DADT This Year

McCain response to Obama: 'Blame it on Bush'

SOTU: No Republicans Stand For Small Business Tax Cut

Rep Edwards Says Amend the Constitution

Casino Jack and the United States of Money: A Look at Corporate Money and Politics 1 of 3

Republicans Sit on Hands as POTUS Calls for Banks to Pay Back Bailout Funds

Eric Cantor Speaks Out Of His Ass On CNN

PBSNewsHour: High Court Ruling Reshapes Campaign Spending Landscape

Countdown - James Galbraith discusses the econ specifics of Obama's first SOTU

Justice Grimaces As Obama Criticizes Court

President Obama's 2010 State Of The Union Address (Full Speech & Transcript)

Democracy Now interviews Michael Moore at the Sundance Film Festival 1 of 5

Chris Matthews Backpedaling Non-Apology 'I'm VERY Proud I Did It'

Max Keiser - Geithner and Obama's Lies are Collusion

Giuliani Vs. Obama: The SOTU Terrorism Speech That Wasn't?

Party of No won't even applaud tax cuts

Murray Hill on Russian TV.....

Blast from the Past: Frank Zappa Testifies at 1985 PMRC Hearing

Obama Could Use Some Steve Jobs Mojo

Nancy Skinner Defends Obama's plan for Wall Street

Nancy Skinner on FBN 1-21-2010

Part 1 of 2: Chomsky discusses Latin America, the Supreme Court, Obama and more. 1.26.10

Superbowl Gay Theme Ad Rejected - Godaddy Out but Pro-Life Ad In

Palin's Take on Obama's Address - Concerned about government "mandation" of health care

Rachel Maddow: Sherrod Brown can't believe the GOP would continue to block the Senate

Evangelist explains 23 Minutes in Hell to Thom Hartmann

Democracy Now: Bush Was Responsible for Destroying Haitian Democracy 1 of 2

A 3D Exploration of Picasso's Guernica

GOP Rep. King defends ACORN videographer James O'Keefe

Chris Matthews reaction to Obama SOTU: I forgot he was black

Andrew Breitbart vs. David Shuster

SOTU: Alito Shakes Head & Mouths "Not True" When Obama Criticizes Campaign Finance Decision

Judd Gregg's Hissy Fit On MSNBC

Rachel Maddow: Political unity continues to elude Obama

Young Turks: Cenk Debates Tea Party Author John O'Hara

President Obama's State of the Union Speech: What to expect

“Casino Jack and the United States of Money”–A Look at Corporate Money and Politics

Thirteen peace activists arrested at die-in outside the White House

Sanders Speech Before Bernanke Confirmation Vote

Obama Tries the 'Jobs' Tack: Unveils His 'iMad'

Rep. John Kline (R-MN aka "Colonel Klink") reveals he is badly out of touch

White House to Dole Out $8 Billion in Rail Grants.

SOTU: Sierra Club Joins Obama's Call to Rescue, Restore, Rebuild w/

What lies in store for Antarctica, the world's last repository?

AlterNet: James Bond Wannabe Part of Right-Wing Plot to Bug Senator's Phones

Obama Emphasizes Bipartisanship: Dems And GOP Unite In Displeasure

HOWARD ZINN – 1922 to 2010 January 28, 2010 (Michael Greenwell)

Rep. Marcy Kaptur: A Lot Of People Think The Head Of The NY Fed Works For The Gov When In Fact..

Gene Lyons and our free speech

Protecting the Middle Class from Financial Predators

Judge Alito's Conduct And The Court's Credibility

TYT State Of The Union Reaction

Foreign Policy Absent From Obama's SOTU Speech

Spending Freeze Must Include Defense

Local union official says Obama should keep campaign pledge to fix NAFTA

Why Tamper with Landrieu's Phone (not wiretapping)

Taxing the Rich Wins in Oregon

Iraq inquiry repeats Blair's mistake (an invasion would be welcomed; neocon arrogance)

Justice Alito’s Reaction

Foreign Corporations Begin Lobbying To Influence American Elections

Indian companies unfazed by Obama’s anti-outsourcing call

94% of Oprah's Audience Side with Conan

ESPN Scribe to Haiti: Drop Dead

Limbaugh -- I Don't Even Want To Be Alive Anymore

I Got your REAL State of the Union right here

First lady talks about watching daughters' weight after getting a BMI warning

Tending ‘the Grow’: Marijuana at a crossroads

Howard Zinn's last advice to America: A Broad Coalition for Independence From the Corporations & the

Deadspin: Fox Sports' Charissa Thompson weighs in on the SOTU

Kucinich to Obama: Be ‘bolder’ or ‘we could lose our country’

Thom Hartmann interviews a corporation now running for Congress

The New Jim Crow

A Heck of a Nice Guy

AlterNet: Air America Radio, RIP -- It Didn't Have to Be This Way

President Obama, Vice President Biden to Announce $8 Billion for High-Speed Rail Projects

Former Malaysian leader: Jews cause world’s problems

Muslims in the UK: beyond the hype

Hans Blix: 'We do need new reactors in Sweden...I am absolutely convinced of that.'

US DOE NREL plans up to 30% wind for Eastern US:

Brother, can you spare some time? New Haven's time bank turns 1

Far Northern Forests Genetically Unable To Benefit Much From Warming Planet, Study Shows - AFP

China's State Oceanic Admin - Sea Level Rise 2.8 mm/Yr Average Since 1979 - Up 8mm In 2009 Alone

Nile Delta Sea Levels Up 6 Inches In Past Century - Saltwater Intrusion Already Damaging Farmland

Australia Sets Goal Of 5% GHG Cut By 2020 In Absence Of Action By US, China, Others - SMH

Shale Gas Drilling Booms In Pennsylvania, Along With Dozens Of Toxic Spills, Water Contamination

In Australia, New Record High Temps Outnumbered Lows For Past 50 Years - Now 2 Or 3-To-1 Ratio

Times Of London - "There Is Little In Emails To Support Claims Dr. Jones Manipulated Data"

Spruce Beetles Killed 70,000 Acres In Colorado Last Year; Pine Beetles 524,000 Acres

Hemorrhagic Septicemia Discovered For 1st Time In Lake Superior - Hitting Walleye, Pike, Other Fish

Interesting Series Of Himalayan Before & After Glacier Photo Pairs From The Asia Society

New England Biodiversity. Total to date=43,598 species

Drumbeat: January 28, 2010

Gov. Douglas (Republican) smacks Entergy (nuclear power company) for lying under oath

Palin, Rove, Trippi & Beckel React to SOTU - Palin is still unable to speak proper English!

NASA's Prophet Will Give You Nightmares

Clubbing Raccoons, Possums; Running Down Deer With Cars - "Thrill Kill Poaching" Latest Trend

Jones Calls Championships ‘Number One Focus’

Vanderbilt THUMPS Tennessee in the battle of Tennessee.

Man Storms Court to Shake Martin Cilic's Hand

Questions About Gambling on the Superbowl in Vegas

Nation Growing Increasingly Distrustful Of NFL Experts

Lane Kiffin Leaves USC For Dream Job At GameStop

CBS Considering Airing Gay Dating Site Ad During Super Bowl

Danica Patrick to run at least a 12-race NASCAR schedule in 2010

Yankees sign Randy Winn; Johnny Damon apparently out

For Post 1000 -- Phillies will win the World Series in 2010. nt

Hamas clears itself of UN war crimes charges

Harvard Law student detained, deported by Israel

Vege spite spreads...

HRW claim Hamas 'did target civilians in Gaza war'

¿Cambio? The Obama Administration in Latin America: A Disappointing Year in Perspective

Central America's Rule of Law: Guatemala Captures Portillo But Honduras Rewards Micheletti

3 Colombian rebels die in clash on Panama border

Venezuelan military helicopter violates Colombian airspace (Spanish)

US to strengthen commercial relations with Colombia: Obama

Amnesty International issues human rights plan for Honduras

Brazil's Lula released from hospital, Davos trip off

Honduran Coup d'Etat a "Win" for the US?

CHILE: Water a Matter of National Security

Ecuador's President Correa Faces Off With Indigenous and Social Movements

Bolivia's ex-prez faces charges in deadly crash

Costa Rica: Blatant Interference by Government into Trade Union Affairs


Holocaust remembrance is a boon for Israeli propaganda -Gideon Levy

Tribune Union Opposes $46 Million in Manager Bonuses

Union Plus Will Match Your Haiti Relief Donation

Author Mark Gilbert Says Obama Needs To Address Banks “Too Big To Fail”

Group faults police labor proposal

Today in Labor History Jan 28 First U.S. unemployment compensation law enacted, in Wisconsin

West Side Resident Shoots Would-Be Robber

Criminal Has Really Bad Day, Ends Day Getting Killed.

A DGU That Wasn't Reported To Police.

Burglary Suspect Shot by Homeowner in Spartanburg County

Grenade launchers in the news

A socialist perspective on gun-control...

Tory councillor accused of bad taste over gay joke

If we're equal...

We married anyway

Ambinder: "Pentagon To Announce Some "Don't Ask" Details Next Week"


Do you make the difference between MSM and Gay?

flight of four, inbound

Republican SOTU Response: A Pictorial

The Byrds: Greatest Hits

Good morning, everyone

rusted feed bin

Night Shots

yet another asheville sunrise

Monarch Butterflies Reveal a Novel Way in Which Animals Sense Earth's Magnetic Field

Challenger - sad anniversary today (1/28)

Levitating Magnet Coaxes Nuclear Fusion

The Moon may have formed in a nuclear explosion

Just a random pic

Well...? what's the VIBE on the SOTU, folks...?

Does anyone here have any experience with, or know

Darling to hold secret talks with bankers in Davos

Executive pay should be capped at 20 times average, says union leader

Roubini warns of asset bubbles

RE Bomb in Boise

Dems can INCREASE debt limit but NOT manage to pass spending freeze.

Senate passes massive increase in the debt limit .

I guess the banks really are broke

In thinking about the disastrous mess that the financial investment industry has

Jon Stewart To Elizabeth Warren: Let's Make Out

Important Grilling of AIG situation non-informant Tim Geithner on C Span

The quiet revolution - psssssst.... MOVE YOUR MONEY!....pass it on.

Antidepressants may affect lactation

Of those you know who have had back fusions

FSC Cigarettes I thought I was dying

Doc who claimed autism/vaccination link "acted unethically", panel finds

Fairtest's response to the SOTU:

Teachers' union fights Fallon school newspaper article that criticizes teacher

Bill Gates on The Daily Show

Misrepresenting the Truth ...

'Devout Christian' wants California's Mt. Diablo renamed Mt. Reagan

Atheist Group Blasts Postal Service for Mother Teresa Stamp

From the DUH files:

Need some help with chocolate truffles.