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New Obama State of the Union Products & SCOTUS

Booing at SOTU?

More Must-See TV tomorrow (Bill Moyers): Supreme Court Has Spoken, Unions in USA, and Howard Zinn

Square peg, round hole

Attn: Boston area DUers: Ozzy booksigning NOW at BU

Attn: Boston area DUers: Ozzy booksigning NOW at BU

War Criminal to Face Iraq Inquiry

Latest Repub clown entering the Indiana Senate race:

Republicans bewailed the deficit & the debt all through Clinton admin, then when Bush...

KO is tearing up the O'Keefe gang and their financiers

Robert McDonnell GOP Rebuttal To SOTU Heavily Underwritten By Wall Street

So when do the Impeachment proceedings start for Alito?

Phoenix seeks to cut 500 police & fire positions, close 6 libraries, 5 senior centers...

Regarding O'Keefe and the new "story" - what about the device found in their car?

And it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for

Politicked out? Star Trek Enterprise marathon on Syfy channel tonight.

If you have XM or Sirius, Mojo Nixon's political show is on right now.

Just wondering, if I have to go to the hospital for something and don't ask for DUers to give

Manslaughter Defense Ruled Out in Abortion Slaying

from the ugliesttattoos blog

Sly Stone sues ex-manager, claiming millions kept

Rescuer was woman's last hope in Haiti: 'We told her we won't leave'

Is a simple "thank you" all that hard to say/type?

Tracy Ullman is going to play Rachel on

MUST SEE: One More Time.. And Thank You, tucsonlib !!!

Fundies: CBS, don't soil the purity of the Tim Tebow prolife ad with ads by abortionists or Teh Gays

Anyone familiar with 'in-network' insurance

Today in Tampa, Obama takes a question about gay equality

Judge Orders 25-Year-Old O'Keefe To Live With His Parents

Utah County Workers Cast Historic Vote to Join AFSCME

Utah County Workers Cast Historic Vote to Join AFSCME

WTF - They still have Corp Tax Breaks for Outsourcing Jobs

Stephen Harper expected to name five new Conservatives to Red Chamber on Friday

OKeefe sent to live with his parents

Obama delivers on the promise of change!!!

Saudi Arabia to use Citizens United to interfere in US politics thanks to NeoCon SCOTUS treason

Murray Hill, Inc. The Corporation running for congress, in on Keith Friday Night....

Bank of America and Citi Bank Behind the Push for Coal:

Woman racks up 55K in hotel bills, falsely claiming she was IRS agent

Streaming SC GOP Governor Debate 10-11 EST (Andre Bauer and others, Joe and Mika hosting)

Alito's OWN Remarks Show - Obama is right on the (foreign) money

I just got polled by Gallup this evening.

Wisconsin to get $810 Million for High-Speed Rail

Jon Stewart takes a couple of shots at tweety

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

dupe, please delete

dupe, please delete

Wall Street's Massive Bonuses: Giving The Devil His Due

Time to end pelvic exams done without consent

What's your best guess on a timeframe for seeing high-speed rail in the US?

Lazy fuckers and filibusters

Wisconsin Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abstinence-Only Sex-ed Programs

Antivaxxer movement leader found to have acted unethically

Stupid Republican Move & How Do We Hang Them With It?

Poll from Arkansas about Blanche Lincoln

“For Esme, With Love And Squalor”

Bachmann, Blackburn say they're out of Tea Party Convention

I would pay to see it, I would.

Ohio lottery winner killed in car accident

He Hates Pelosi Because of American Somoa

What other industry, besides insurance, gets paid for not providing a service?

Obama's emotional style most like Reagan

Palin's "response" to the State of the Union... who wants to bet her ghost writer penned it

Tony Blair will face tough questions on Iraq tomorrow

Jon Stewart on Tweety: You know what else you've forgot: You're miked.. I swear to God this guy is

Jon Stewart on Tweety: You know what else you've forgot: You're miked.. I swear to God this guy is

Solution to SCOTUS Ruling

Unfuckingbelieveable!! The NFL is claiming the rights to "WHO DAT" and the Fleur-de-lis!!

Has there ever been a time in American history where the minority party ...

How's THIS for weird? I just found out that a guy I went to junior high with

Ya really wanna 'End the Empire'? Keep having wars in the Middle East.

I hate my heart. How can it lead me in so many right and wrong paths all at the same time?

The British War Criminal Tony Blair is being questioned

Remember any crime you commit is a YOUTHFUL Indiscretion

Tony Blair and The Iraq War Inquiry. The 10 questions I would ask him.

Howard Zinn

FEC investigating Kansas GOP - this is juicy

Jobless Overwhelm Retraining Programs: Communities now have waiting lists of 6 months or more

Clinton meets with Armenian top diplomat

Gay Marriage: Prop 8 Trial Rests, and a Key Ruling Awaits

Pepper Spray Mistakenly Used On Burning Man

Help with witty retorts to Republican insults

Is President Obama's most brilliant smile reserved for his VP and the subject of Cannabis?

What an interesting race in Ariz between McCain and Hayworth...

Democracy Now! Amy Goodman and others in tribute to Howard Zinn-

John Lewis: Zinn’s Death a ‘Tremendous Loss’

I still can't get over how stupid this logo looks...

Landrieu's New Orleans Office Swept For Bugs After Phone Incident

Is Leahy okay?

Why do unfaithful Dems get 24/7 media coverage for affairs--maybe 24/7 times 40

Former national president of ACLU to be interviewed at 8:20 re Citizens United decision.

Rush thinks O'Keefe was performing a public service for voters

Obama should drive home American Auto Makers Investment

Governor McDonnell, lunatic, declares war on the people of Virginia.

Bipartisanship 100% Pure Nonsense

Punxsutawney PETA: Animal Rights Organization Wants Town To Use Robotic Groundhog

Facing Dying; A Hospice Worker Tells How

I Just Remembered Chris Matthews Was White

I Just Remembered Chris Matthews Was White

The fundamental problem with argument about GOP fillibusters

That feels better...

I agree with Obama that the way to get most Americans to support a clean energy effort ...

Pot legalization petitions filed in California

Repub: "In 1994, nobody had any memory of Republicans in power. Now they do, and it wasn't pretty."

Toon- I don't even care if you can see my lips move

I never got to say it, and if you didn't either - you can here

Scott Brown. The newest villain of the Teabaggers.

Posted without comment: Freeper Roeder thread:

(USMC) Fight over tainted water centers on health care

US Economy Grew At Fastest Pace in 4 Years

Why does Joe Scum accompany Mika Mouse to her book signings?

Why does Joe Scum accompany Mika Mouse to her book signings?

"Oily Tits" is at it again!! Please someone have this woman committed!!

ALITO: What Kind Of Adult Is INCAPABLE Of Restraining Himself-Let Alone A Robe-Wearing SC Justice?

Pilot considered the only ace Tuskegee Airman dies

Pilot considered the only ace Tuskegee Airman dies

The Night the Constitutional Lawyer Socked It to the Supreme Court

Republicans still saying deregulation creates jobs after their deregulation almost crashed

Blair Tripping On 9/11

Supreme Court Ruling Spurs Corporation Run for Congress-First Test of “Corporate Personhood”

Sex Tape

Sex Tape

Bipartisan Deficit Commission

Why are you so terribly disappointing? Mark Morford

Jokers To The Right: Kucinich's GOP 'Challengers'

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), on health care reform debate, partisan style

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), on health care reform debate, partisan style

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), on health care reform debate, partisan style

Retire & Rehire

H.Ford Jr is "into philanthropy," works FauxNews, NY is "transient city," country on wrong road

Paulson book tour kicks off with Sarah Palin interview (tee hee)

Magnitude 5.0 - SALTA, ARGENTINA

Too Crazy for Michele Bachmann? ..... MB Teabags the Teabaggers

Too Crazy for Michele Bachmann? ..... MB Teabags the Teabaggers

"the Constitution doesn't apply to private corporations at all" (NPR story)

I'm waiting for the NYDN headline: "City to Ford: Drop Dead."

Bahbwah WAHwah is out-sucking herself, hosts This Weak and her guests are

Obama’s Secret Prisons

america should follow england in asking it's leader 'why did you invade iraq?'

Breaking: Bin Laden blasts Umpiring in 2009 Playoffs and World Series

WTF is a DADT repeal plan?

Where is the corporate Birth Certificate?

Foods made with corn syrup may deliver dose of mercury

Obama, rethug question and answer session is now open to the press

100 years ago Glenn Beck would have been a carnival geek ...

NPR Morning Edition story sympathetic to debt collectors

Gee, and I thought everything was going pretty good for the Dem's...

Rep. Joe "You Lie" Wilson or Judge Samual "No Way" Alito - who do you think is the bigger douchebag?

Rep. Joe "You Lie" Wilson or Judge Samual "No Way" Alito - who do you think is the bigger douchebag?

CNN's "Stimulus Desk"

If Air America & marcmaron fans missed it- fmr CEO tries2 rewrite AAR history, is gutted in comments

Doctor’s Killer Puts Abortion on the Stand

breaking...jury is deliberating on Tiller murder

The invasion of Iraq was unquestionably one of the greatest crimes of the last several decades.

Do Corporate Owners have twice the Free Speech?

Iran Says U.S. Sanctions on Gasoline Not Workable, Won't Halt Fuel Supply

Darwinism and evolution makes 'spinelessness' revolting to us all.

One week out and doing fine!

Haitians Break Into Song

So Republicans want to shut down the Senate? I have some ideas...

Popcorn alert: Scott Brown hasn't even been sworn in yet

Pence opened by saying that people are praying for him... wow...

Your Opinion About Website Splash Screens and Music


Health Care - America

Kudos to Rep. Caduano's "Shareholder Protection Act" to rein in Corps' Political Spending:

Obama to meet with Republicans behind closed doors..

Unions Considering Primary Challenges to Turncoat Dem Senators

Unions Considering Primary Challenges to Turncoat Dem Senators

Predictions on O'Keefe and crew

Now that Michelle Bachman has pulled out, is the Tea Party Convention dead?

Have you read "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn?

All news ratings

How about this to fix the obscene SCOTUS corporate 'person hood' decision?

How about this to fix the obscene SCOTUS corporate 'person hood' decision?

He is brilliant!Put them on record as being obstructions on the teevee..t

What in the wowrld is a beautique tax cut? nt

Republican "Bipartisanship" = Lie, Repeat Usual Talking Points

Republican "Bipartisanship" = Lie, Repeat Usual Talking Points

Open Mindedness

Remember Krugman's bit "Obama Liquidates Himself"?

The CONSERVATIVE WAR on Democracy: The PUPPET Supreme Court

Dispelling another Repug myth!

Most bizarre interpretation of Avatar: And the winner is......

Vista Woman Will Marry For Health Coverage (Video at link)

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Shove a Crumpet Up Someone's Ass

J.D. Salinger - Unpublished

A musical interlude in light of the GUILTY verdict of Roeder!!!

DNI-Funded Author of the “Penis Monologues” Tasked with Trying to Interest Women in Spying

President Obama is now talking to the republiclowns live on the teevee

if an illegal were to incorporate, would that make them legal under Citizens United?

Obama nominates Michele Leonhart as DEA administrator. This is not good.

(Tn) Senate votes to place hunting amendment on ballot


'No Regrets' Blair Heckled At Iraq Inquiry

It's All About Wages

An Interview with Howard Zinn : Dissent as Democracy

Christmas Bombing Attempt Saved Counterterrorism Center from Budget Cuts

Christmas Bombing Attempt Saved Counterterrorism Center from Budget Cuts

Christmas Bombing Attempt Saved Counterterrorism Center from Budget Cuts

Christmas Bombing Attempt Saved Counterterrorism Center from Budget Cuts

My Dear Mrs. Greenspan

Pew Poll: Only 32% of Americans know Senate HCR bill was passed without single GOP vote

Pew Poll: Only 32% of Americans know Senate HCR bill was passed without single GOP vote

'Obama now faces two paths - the Clinton road, or the FDR highway.'

Later this year - Taser to start selling civilian version of three shot zapper

No foreign influence?

No foreign influence?

The incredible IRONY of the Supreme Court's ruling.

Labor's Lost Love-Union chiefs weigh primary challenges to Democratic senators cool to their agenda.

Blank and blank

Since Corporations are Persons, Why doesn't Toyota Get the Death Penalty?

Luckovich: SOTU and the 'party of No' cartoon

Shiny gadget, icky name: iPad jokes fly on Web

SCREWING OVER THE LITTLE GUY 101: Florida bankers want to take foreclosures out of the courts

Anyone know where I can see Obama's repub ass-kicking?

Gay Dating Ad on CBS for Super Bowl? (VIDEO)

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

President Barack Obama tours Chesapeake Machine in Baltimore - pics

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

37 minutes!

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

ZINN: "The truth has a power greater than a hundred lies."

Organic Transistor Paves Way for New Generations of Neuro-Inspired Computers

Organic Transistor Paves Way for New Generations of Neuro-Inspired Computers

SCREW the NFL! (whaddabuncha moneygrubbing a$$holes!)

Wages and benefits rise in 2009 by smallest amount on records going back 27 years

Friday TOON Roundup part 4

Obama needs to address a room full of media shills just like he did the rethugs

Obama needs to address a room full of media shills just like he did the rethugs

Friday TOON Roundup part 5

Question about Ohio ( Drug Tests, Civil Liberties )

It's time to call on Congress: VOTE NO on war funding until a Public Option is signed into law.

There is a verdict on Roeder - Stay tuned

Steve King says liberal conspiracy is behind James O'Keefe's arrest, and he has proof to back it up

Vic Snyders old seat in the house, up for grabs

Shuster on now - will be showing Obama

Vic Snyders old seat in the house, up for grabs

Why do I have to watch Lucky Sperm Club member Luke Russert...?

Yikes!!! Obama and Scott Brown related

Obama pledges government will cut greenhouse emissions

Unscripted Obama kicks the shit out of scripted Obama

Defense Contractors Go Offshore to Avoid Payroll Taxes-biggest offender studied was KBR

It was like a parent talking to their teenage child...

VA School district pulls Anne Frank’s diary over ‘vagina’ passage

Groping dentist will lose license

Video of the announcement of the Roeder guilty verdict:

An idea for something Obama might say at his next public appearance:

Clyburn: House Dems do not trust the Senate

If all Roeder wanted to do was stop Tiller, how does he justify the aggravated assault on two other

If all Roeder wanted to do was stop Tiller, how does he justify the aggravated assault on two other

FWIW I'm trying to listen to Ed Shouts

It's Hard Out Here for a Teabagger

Push to send FEMA trailers to Haiti stirs backlash

President Barack Obama holds up a document of Republican solutions - pics

Labor Union Campaign for Single-Payer Healthcare National Conference March 5-7, Washington, D.C.

Tim Tebow no better than fourth-best QB at the Senior Bowl

Cantor - "Let's do those things we can find common ground on and set aside those things we can't"

"Articulate" "Charismatic" "Well Spoken"

California Senate passes bill for single-payer health plan

Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal: The Supreme Court decision, Unions in America and Howard Zinn

Westboro Baptist Church's latest classless stunt: Picketing a high school over student suicides

GOP Rep. Buyer, with wife ill, won't seek new term

Federal Court Strikes Down Sectarian Prayers At Forsyth County, N.C., Commission

Who knew?!1 BecKKK proclaims himself & O'LOOFAH the New Normal, & Dave as bitter old man

Fremont Rep. Stark cleared in ethics probe

Corporations Are NOT The People (bumper stickers)

ooh, if only

Personally, I don't think the 'guilty' conviction for Roeder is enough!

Blair just said the MOST important thing about Abu Ghraib was....

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahahah Brad Blakeman

O'Keefe's statement - what a fool

President Obama needs two things to fix America

President Obama needs two things to fix America

Can you even imagine Bush having an open, honest dialogue -- on camera, no less --

What is your level of understanding of the economy?

The DOW is 60 points away from being under 10,000 again.... the Nikkei about 200

If only today were Wednesday. I want a constant loop on the

"Keep your friends close, but visit the Republican Caucus every few months."

Full Text of President Obama's Visit with GOP House Issues Conference (CNN)

There is hope for US yet

PSA: I called Discover Card and was able to get a slightly lower (but still obscene) APR

little luke russert has it right...

Boris Johnson supports anti-homophobic bullying film

Coming up on Dylan Ratigan: Corporation Running for Congress

California Senate OKs single-payer health plan

LOL! FAUX News cut off Q & A of Obama & GOP caucus before it ended

What schedule change did David Shuster just announce? Is there a line-up

Stop enabling Republican governors or watch the Dem party die at the state and local level.

Medicare-for-All: The Answer to a President's Call and a Nation's Woes

Link to FULL 1 1/2 hours of Opening Remarks and Q&A of Obama at GOP Retreat

Compelling new UFO footage from Ireland

I think O'Keefe got caught doing reconnaissance work.

What If They Threw A Tea Party And Nobody Showed Up?

Will Obama be brave enough to debate Sarah Palin and the Teabaggers?

Blogger and sheriff connected to exposing of militia-nut/oathkeeper rapist now receiving threats

Poll: Voters unware no GOPers supported Senate healthcare bill

15,000 Square Foot Marijuana Megastore Opens In Oakland, California

Fear of terrorist attack over KSM trial in NYC - admin looks to change of venue

Heads Up: Snow storm headed for TN, KY, NC, SC, VA tonight.!

Why is the vile Phelps clan so fixated on gays?

Blair, Murder, Liar, No Regrets...

Woot, Pope wants to cutdown on US annulments

How we at DU can help put James O'Keefe and his wannabe Plumbers away for 10 years

Peacocks leading sheep.

I'm not hearing a single bit of applause at Obama's address to the Republicans.

Failing Upward: Bush aide who wrote Dow 36,000 to host PBS series

Alabama Anti-Gambling Task-Force Chief Wins Jackpot, Resigns. Then Things Get Weird.

LOL -- Senator Brown and President Obama are related

My dear DUers please make sure that you watch

Palin: Let's Merge The Tea Party And GOP

Sex, Lies and Government Reports: Military Recruiters Sexually Abuse and Mislead Our Kids.

Sex, Lies and Government Reports: Military Recruiters Sexually Abuse and Mislead Our Kids.

"A lot of people think that the president of the NY Fed works for the government..."

SOS Clinton Reunites with David Miliband, British foreign secretary

Links To Live Stream Of Tony Blair's Hearing At The Iraq Inquiry (On Now)

The Campaign To Salvage…Public Option?

The State of White Nationalism: The Year 2009 in Review

Obama Dominates Republicans, "With All Due Respect" Utterly

February 25, 1988: "Seargent-at-Arms be instructed to arrest absent senators

Okie DUers--how are we doing on Day 2 of Okla-Sn-Ice-Apalooza 2010?

Phelps hits new low, targets school hit by rash of suicides

Rank-and-file county staff reveal fear of Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Lord have mercy!)

Firedoglake: McCain Wins Again: Craig Becker to Have Hearing for NLRB Nomination

Out of curiosity: Can someone tell me how frequent it happens that the POTUS directly criticizes

SCOTUS (Mr. Fish)

Next: Obama should hold a similar meeting with Senate Dems and Blue Dogs

Cartoon: SCOTUS Decision

Simple heads up about President Obama's day

I'm really tired of all these congressmen complaining the Prez

Trumka on ‘Moyers’ Tonight, CNN Sunday

POLL : Give Obama a grade for todays debate with Republicans

Lead May Be the Culprit in ADHD

My health insurance premiums went up $47 per month. How about yours?

As Obama announced a near 6% growth in GDP, Rethugs sat silent.

the republicans still want it to be their way

Obama's next smart move: a Q & A with Congressional Democrats

O'Keefe's story doesn't make sense for three big reasons.

Some of the GOP worried that opposition to Obama could backfire

Despite veto threat, CA Senate Approves Single-Payer

29 days into the year 2010, 29 US soldiers have died.

Today's forecast in Orlando: 75 degrees will get chilly tonight.. only 60.

Why in the hell was Frank Luntz there today??

Gay dating site's Super Bowl ad rejected by CBS

He is the most brilliant president that this country has ever had in my opinion. He knows that we

Missed The Smackdown! Will Watch Later, But HOW IS IT Playing???

Was today a turning point for Obama? Or will the Repubs blow it off?

Can someone tell me exactly what law are these people breaking??

Will Roe v. Wade be next?

Virginia Foxx tweets about Predident Obama

Repubs. regret having had this dialogue with Obama, but it's too

If Repub. congressmen make false statements to Obama, face to face, does it mean that they,

For my friends here on DU, Please - a request for prayers/good thoughts for a fellow DU'er

Did the repubican House members fuck up in inviting Obama and then allowing cameras?

Caption this pic

I can't read it-please read my rep's response to the SOTU

Watching the Superbowl - Poll

Let's play a game called "Meaningless Phrases and Titles". I'll start with the title of one of .....

Wanted: Tony Blair For War Crimes. Arrest Him And Claim Your Reward

Gay Missouri Trooper Killed in Line of Duty, Partner gets NO benefits

Gay Partner denied sick leave by AT&T

Former McCain adviser Mark Zandi: The ‘stimulus was key’ to the strong 4th quarter growth

A thread about what Mel Gibson actually said:

Surprise, Surprise! GOP Senators unanimously vote against Pay-as-you-go

Sickening: NPR has David Horowitz on to comment on Howard Zinn

A word for you from Howard Zinn,

Joe Trippi joins Andrew Romanoff's campaign.

Despite testy exchanges, GOPs applaud Obama for meeting

Check in here if you have a more positive view of Obama....

I spent 4 hours with Scott Brown 3 years ago

Which animal would you choose to replace the donkey as the symbol of our party?

The way the Republicans defeat the truth.

bank of america website totally down..

Question for water conservationists: When you pee at work, do you flush the toilet?

Love him. Hate him. Agree with him or not. You have to admit .....

Love him. Hate him. Agree with him or not. You have to admit .....

It's like the Parliament asking the Prime Minister ..

Cannabis: Could we please have one law for the whole country please?

Haiti - letter from American Friends Service Committee

John Kerry re: Edwards: "This isn't the person I campaigned with."

Breaking his gag order again - Statement from James O’Keefe

Honk if you're a liberal

Psst Blanche, come her, yea,come on over here I gotta talk with you for a sec...

Anti BLIAR protest pics at the Iraq Inquiry

Guilty of 1st degree murder for Roeder.

Bunch Of Phonies Mourn J.D. Salinger

Landrieu Calls Out O'Keefe & Crew For 'Feeble Explanation'

City of Fresno evict the Homeless tent city group again.. on the day of a Homeless Forum

Hacker breaks into 49 House sites, insults Obama

Senate Judiciary Committee approves 2 Obama 4th Circuit Judicial nominees

Tony Blair Forced to Testify

Jim Webb: GOP mole?

digby: Kicking Them When They're Down

President Obama: "Still Pandering to Those Who Villify Him"

If this were all WWE wrasslin, Obama just clotheslined the fucking GOP.

what a fucking asshole: After tax vote, Chicago mayor wants to poach Oregon businesses

US: Los Angeles Backtracks on Promise to Deliver Justice to Rape Victims

Impoverished Sly Stone sues his former manager. living on Soc. Security

I googled over to a teabagger site to look at the convention flap, and it was priceless.

Separated At Birth: James O'Keefe/Lee Harvey Oswald??

If they forced the GOP to actually DO their filibuster, just keep talking till they drop...

Not The Onion: Bin Laden Rebukes U.S. on Climate Change

Pentagon Report Calls for Office of ‘Strategic Deception’

I misjudged Kansans.

I misjudged Kansans.

A woman makes "cookies" out of mud to sell in the Cite Soleil neighborhood of Port-au-Prince - pic

There's a great line in the recent Star Trek movie that applies to today's events

President Obama is going to need some new shoes ...

Rec this Post if you care whether John Edwards made a sex tape

There is nothing good in the Edwards saga. There are no good guys in the Edwards saga.

Daily Kos: Why FL just got High Speed Rail

DoD’s budget boosts funds for F-35, spec ops

Why Single Payer was never on the Table

You know what I think is happening.

You know what I think is happening.

This comment is so wingnutty I can't tell if it's parody or not

Statement from Planned Parenthood re: Roeder verdict

ALL conditions for O'Keefe's release

Does anyone REALLY care if Alito bobbed and muttered?

Does anyone REALLY care if Alito bobbed and muttered?

Keep this image in mind and recall it every time a repubican fails to condemn the Tea Baggers

Should there be term limits on Supreme Court justices?

ANyone watching Ratigan and this segment on TARP and the debt ceiling?

Keith Olbermann:President's Question Time

DearAbby is now a birther...hangs head in shame

Teabaggers are anti-drug, anti-abortion Libertarians

U.S.: Bottom of the Pack for Bread-and-Butter Basics

Turkey company used mentally retarded people as virtual slave labor

NPR skewers Howard Zinn in Remembrance

Hate Has a Name: April Gaede

The Beast 50 Most Loathsome Americans 2009 (finally!)

High School counter-protest against Westboro Church: Jesus Had Two Dads - God Hates Signs - pics

Set your faces to stunned. James O'Keefe: "We just wanted to see if Landrieu's phones were working"

John Edwards's former mistress sues Andrew Young for return of 'very private' videotape

Why Is There Such Intense Opposition Here To High Speed Rail?

Toyota Dealers May Lose $2.47 Billion in Monthly Revenue as Sales Halted

Bill Gates donating $10B for vaccines

Do you favor mandatory sentencing?

Security Tight as Loners Mourn Passing of Literary Giant

I just got offered a low paying temporary job with no benefits.

Mel Gibson: Obama Doesn't Have What It Takes to 'Fix' America

"Buy Health Insurance across State Lines" GOP pushing big time?

Bernie>Bernanke: "Congratulations,you failed, there's a major recession, you're getting reappointed"

OBAMA Schools GOP: " Allowing Cameras To ROLL Like That Was A MISTAKE."

OBAMA Schools GOP: " Allowing Cameras To ROLL Like That Was A MISTAKE."

Blackwater's Youngest Victim (The saddest story Jeremy Scahill has ever written )

Okay, so what is the scoop on our friend, The Magistrate?

"Acorn's Vindication: Too Little Too Late" The New McCarthyism.


sorry California: Florida has better oranges and Wisconsin has better cheese

Franken introduces legislation to change campaign finance laws

The Word Not Spoken: Foreclosure - Marcy Wheeler

Breaking: Judge in Tiller murder trial says no lesser plea!

We won't be watching the Superbowl.

My prediction for the 2010 elections

America died last week. There was no bang and no whimper.

Want to see a corporation deny it's own personhood?

I’m sorry, I just don’t get what’s going on with the Alito thing?

I have been really disappointed with Obama. But he just kicked Rethuglican ASS!

Health Care-Social Programs? NOPE: A Blank Check for the Pentagon

Economy SOARS in 4th quarter of '09

Arne's money will reward states that get unions to go along with his school reforms.

High taxes are not inherently bad

Newburgh NY begs to host terror trial

"U.S. Congress should be very seriously looking at impeaching justices Alito and Roberts right now"

Hey Kids! How do you like my new James O'Keefe poster?

Super Bowl AirTime: CBS Censors the Left, but Not the Right (refuses gay ad)

Rome's Ancient Aqueduct Found

Rome's Ancient Aqueduct Found

Rome's Ancient Aqueduct Found

Obama's true base is the black vote. The repub base is the white vote.

Can Anything Be Done About The "Supreme" Court Ruling?

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater's Youngest Victim ("I looked and his brain was on the ground.")

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater's Youngest Victim ("I looked and his brain was on the ground.")

The Pasadena Playhouse to close due to financial woes

For our Buy Only American people. Have you ever had the chance to tell

Ironic Hero: Why Republicans Should Stop Citing Thomas Jefferson

Would you favor the issuance of "DUI" plates to drivers convicted 3 times of drunk driving?

****DUzy Awards for week ending 1-29-10****

Officials say Obama rules out NASA return to moon; budgets money for private space taxis

Mike Bloomberg and his back pedaling..

Push to send FEMA trailers to Haiti stirs backlash

GOP killing the poor- PA State supported health premiums rise 246% !!!

Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows

Toyota cites supplier CTS in accelerator problems.

List of 51 Senate Democrats Who Support a Public Option: WHAT’S STOPPING THEM NOW?

Arne Duncan called Hurricane Katrina "the best thing that happened to the education system in NOLA


check out this ad for the ipad!!!

Blackmore's Rainbow, "Man On The Silver Mountain"

Black Sabbath, "Into The Void," live in Pittsburgh 1999

Judas Priest - "You've Got Another Thing Coming" live 1982

Who here has had the flu this year?

My most highly recommended post ever at DU:

I'm going to declare a moratorium

The Pandora One mini player is awesome.

Arcade Fire - Antichrist Television Blues

After watching a lot of old tv shows I have to say being an adult now is different then back then.

The post-9/11 "Concert For New York City" greatest moment: Bowie, "Heroes"

Politicked out? Star Trek Enterprise marathon on Syfy channel tonight.

What's Worse: Dating and Marrying Comedians or Dating and Marrying Rock Stars?

Manchester Orchestra. Anyone else like them?

Any assholes out there? Id like to know what causes shrikage.

The band "Beach House" - your thoughts?

Oh, one other thing...I'm the BEST at everything.

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Sister Surround

Espresso Envy! My cousin has a killer automatic machine and I can't afford one.

Am I the only one not mourning JD Salinger?

Waylon w/The Highwaymen (Willie, Kris, Johnny) - "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way"

When we can we expect to see the "Catcher in the Rye" movie come out?

BREAKING NEWS: Capn Sunshine to barter a pair of socks to rcrush in exchange for a llama

This is just a PREVIEW of what you can EXPECT around here from now on.

It's windy enough to rip the horns off a bull out there

ah hear this robert zimmerman

As God is my witness, I didn't know they could fly!

Woman: Man Drove Up, Grabbed My Butt

Oh No! Does this mean I was born in Kenya?

i live alone in a 3 bedroom house

This post is so vain... it probably thinks this thread is about it.

i'm gonna put it to you like this:

i heard the most beautiful poem tonight

on a boat in the middle of a raging sea

I just applied salve with the covenient applicator. ask me anything.

anybody in chicago want to party?

I just had a Root Canal. Ask me anything!

Show Time, folks! Tune in.

i just had surgery on an anal fistula, ask me anything

if i ever pissed you off

Sunset pics tonight...

Oh nos! Sal's out of Mad Men for good!

FYI: One of the best episodes of Moral Orel is on right now!

Have I Ever Pissed You Off?

BREAKING NEWS: George Clooney to organize telethon to buy rcrush some new socks.

"LeftyFingerPop let out a very loud fart. It was extreme! No one knew what to say."

How do you wear your codpiece?

Meathead Goes Steroid Crazy at Gym

Caption this shot of Reid at the SOTU....

i used to cheat on one of my ex-girlfriends ALL THE TIME

Stay Classy, Brett

ROFL!!! Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of S**t That Doesn't F*****g Work

Hey, Gabrielle Anwar - you are too skinny- eat a sandwich facrissake!

"Jessica let out a very loud fart. The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say."

"I think 6 might be liberal. I don't like the way it's lookin' at nine."

We are in a recession why does every pair of feet seem to

OK - who knows about adopting greywarriors?

Who's more likely to have body odor: A Grateful Dead fan or an Insane Clown Posse fan?

I got caught in a 10 year time loop last night!!

Bunch Of Phonies Mourn J.D. Salinger

I bought 6 Hammonds tonight.

Should I change my signature?

Whoa! Mr. Writer is looking awfully healthy.

Jimmy Kimmel's "Jay Leno On Oprah Self-Pity Montage" set to R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts"

How long should a "Personal Statement" be?

How do you wear your timepiece?

"Isn't there one damned song that can make me BREAK... DOWN... and... CRY-HYYYY..."

One place in the US where there's still lots of upward mobility....

I bought sex hamsters tonight

question for hourly workers

Need some information on the 40 hour work week ...

Women - do you have small breasts? Then forget about a porn career in Australia...

It's pretty quiet in the Entrepreneurs group, so I thought I'd ask here:

Super Heroes on Facebook

I bought 6 hammers tonight.


Saint John of Las Vegas (Steve Buscemi Sarah Silverman) opens today

Dupe. Let it sink. :)

What does your facebook status message say, for those of you who have facebook?

Tonight is Have Gun will Travel night.

A recent study has shown that playing beer pong contributes to the spread of mono and the flu

I think Shari had a stroke last night -

Scott Summers aka Cyclops, Whinny ass hole or misunderstood romantic...

Roll back at Walmart

Blade Runner was to take place in 2019 - our country has 9 years to look like this....

Does anybody here write apps for the iPhone?

For any of you on FB looking for a good laugh

OK - who knows about adopting greyhounds?

Catcher in the Rye

What a faucet thinks

So, An Hysterectomy It Is

I bought 6 hamsters tonight.

President Obama Addresses Republicans

I just got profanely tanked up to the tune of $10.

Damnit!! I was thinking of a covering this tune...but (esp Bowie fans) check these guys killing it

More Wyatt Cenac awesomeness

1970 was 40 years ago!

Dinosaurs Were Made Up By The CIA To Discourage Time Travel

I just noticed in the Unrec column

LOL - reading the paper, I thought, "Why is there a pic of Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis, Jr.?"

Drinking games that don't spread mono and flu...what's your favorite?

Local man wants mountain named after Satan

I just cleared my ignore list... ask me anything!

Look! Up in the sky! It's a .. a... WTF **IS** that?

I'm exhausted

PeeWee gets an iPad!

Du'ers from cold states, can you SMELL snow in the air when snow is approaching?

300 mg of seroquel and the world is looking a little brighter.

so, If I would have known then what I know now about women...


Who Did Dat?*

What's better 'Law and Order CI' or Law and Order SUV?

Why prohibition didn't work

O'Keefe is being demolished on his fan page. **dial-up warning**

Creamed Corn


Oasis had five platinum albums when they were together.

This Week's Most Hated Jaggoff Paul Shirley apologizes -- sort of...

I got SOLID foods for Breakfast today. If my levels are good in the morning, I can go home

Friday nite blues: Magic Sam "I Wanna Boogie" - the late great...

Say the punchline and guess the joke.

Do you like scary movies?

Battle of the Bands: Oasis vs. The Beatles

New blog entry. Fantastic singer from Haiti!

Who needs a llama?

***sick humor warning*** flies WERE harmed for the making of this humor

This is one of the Cutest things I've ever seen. This Mouse IS the bravest Mouse on the Planet !!

Are you a gamer?

Have you ever keyed a car of flattened a tire?

So, now I'm anti-Catholic? WTF?

serif or sans?

Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty, and you can wear them forever

Trucking 101: The Straight Dope on Log Books

I just got my propane tank filled up to the tune of $1,004.

Do you like hot dogs?

Lounger input needed

AXE COP. Best. Comic. EVAH!

Why are so many guys hung up on "real" breasts?

How do people date, even marry, Republicans if they are Liberal?

My idea for the high speed rail network. Map.

Films that made you laugh so hard it hurts:

It's colder than a witch's tit.

what does the word 'gala' mean to you?

Post a picture of your favorite childhood cereal.

Would you still buy a Toyota after all of this 'Total Recall'???

Right wing nut argument overheard at work...

Roll call: Who voted how in Bernanke confirmation vote

I can't believe that the most obvious solution to the jobs issue wasn't proposed

I had no clue these 9/11 trials were going to be so expensive for NYC

One scotch away from ron Burgandy...

Preview of Obama's new Tax Credit Proposal to be Announced Tomorrow

Huh?... After Obama rips lobbyists, K St. insiders get private briefings

One of the best pictures from the SOTU

Obama Pleads For Civility, Cooperation In Politics

White House Didn't Have MA-Sen Health Care Contingency Plan

Trust me - The STOU as "interpreted" by COT -

Did Louisiana's Republican Elite Support the Landrieu Phone Squad? (Alternet)

Senate Votes To Impose Even More Sanctions On Iran

Alito's reaction to Obama revealed a justice in denial

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Party of No

The Fabulous Life Of Billion Dollar Wall Street Bankers [Video]

Who's Comments On Race Were More Offensive? Or Were They Benign?

James O'Keefe and Tim McVeigh: cut from the same cloth, they even look

Tea Party Fundraising Email Shows Obama as Pimp

The Case for a Job-Creation Tax Credit

Eugene Robinson: Outsider in Chief

“When you hear people saying that he’s not giving us any direction, what they’re really saying is,

WH: Today’s GDP report is the most positive news to date on the economy.

What is really, truly the current status of health reform legislation in Congress?

Two Cheers for Obama on Foreign Affairs

Obama on audio feed now on jobs tax credit

Today, Obama to unveil new tax breaks to spur jobs growth, hike wages

Obama announces emissions cuts

How many State of the Union Speeches by George W. Bush did Scalia and Thomas not attend?

How many State of the Union Speeches by George W. Bush did Scalia and Thomas not attend?

HUGE Win for Obama and Democrats: "Economy in U.S. Grew at 5.7% Pace, Most in Six Years"

No doubt, if Obama challenges any of the Repugniconvict ideas

Anybody have poll numbers after SOTU

Housing `On Life Support' as Foreclosures, Unemployment Thwart Obama Plans

When Economists get it Right

Robert Reich: Obama is giving ammo to supply-siders


Precognitive Maddow

President Obama and the Geico lizard

Jon Stewart is KILLIN IT!!!!!

About the "Blip"

Daily Kos: Senate Eyeing Reconciliation, Timing Still Unclear

Obama is right. Getting our money back and doing what is right is not punishment. Its entitlment.

Christine Romer: "Today’s GDP report is the most positive news to date on the economy. "

O'Reilly viewers give Obama 94% approval

Mike Pence: Obama says we're not the party of No

Republican "response"

What the president never once said was "I came in with totals that were just shy

Obama just blasted Frank Luntz about generating talking points.

Is there going to be a video of this that can be posted to You Tube in total? It needs to go VIRAL

Sen. Hatch's pathetic hypocritical threat on reconciliation

The President must be handing the Republicans thier heads on a platter!

Axelrod: Changing Senate rules to allow 51 votes for passage "a worthy discussion"

Great job, Mr. President. Now follow it up with action!

U.S. Economy Grew 5.7% in Fourth Quarter, Topping Estimates

Inventories Boosted Growth in Q4 2009

If The White House lets health care reform die, any other progress you see will just be moonwalking

FReepers are deluding themselves...

LOL, Obama Girl Turns Against President...thats whats on Hannity right now

Conservatives React to Obama-House GOP ‘Question Time’

Republicans got cocky because of Scott Brown & the VA Gov.'s Race

FAUX News cuts away from the President

President Obama gave them an entire year to either put up, or shut up.

Transcript of Obama speaking at House Republican retreat in Baltimore

Link to C-Span video of Obama vs. GOP

I was wondering what happened to Michael Steele - not like him to miss a PR opportunity like SOTU

“Apparently, transparency sounds better in press releases than it does in practice.”

Senator Landrieu: Healthcare is on LIFE SUPPORT

Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC is a Hack. Some liked him, but I never have.

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January, 28th 2010

"Brown Tells AP He'll Sometimes Side With Democrats"

Obama needs to schedule more of these face to face meetings....

IN-04: Buyer Will Retire

I think Jeb Hensarling should just go ahead and change his name to Jim now.

I thought people going on trial were supposed to STFU until that time.

POTUS Was Simply Too Good! Fox News Breaks From Obama In Order To Criticize Obama

President Obama to Attend Georgetown-Duke Game in Washington Saturday

Glassman targets AZ Senate Seat - Hot Republican civil war creates opening

Please DU this poll! Will Obama policies help families and small businesses?

Rove raises $400,000 for Burr

Movement in Senate on Fair Elections Now Act, S.752. Maria Cantwell becomes Cosponsor!

White House demands more information from K Street on lobbying registrations

Future Town Halls With The Repugs - Good or Bad Idea?.....

The Republicans do not have a leg to stand on with small businesses

Obama calls out GOP hypocrisy for ‘going to ribbon cuttings for...projects that you voted against.’

LOL I Missed It But They're Showing It at 8pm So I Don't Want To

If The White House lets health care reform die, any other progress will just be square dancing

Knock, Knock? Who's There? 75,000 Folks Who Visited The White House in October

Obama Justice Dept considers looking into legality of Bowl Championship Series.

Is your Congresscritter a member of the Progressive Caucus?

"He was the baddest ass on the block, and the only president in the hall"

Where is this mythical Senate majority everyone speaks of?

Eza Klein: Reconciling with the Senate. Kent Conrad speaks out.

Wow!!! - Our President Is Doing A Great Job Talking To The Repugs.....

Have you noticed? Obama does not blink.

The best outcome of Obama's 'dialogue' with the rethugs today is the

I Have no use for Alito, but to say he disrespected the President is just silliness.

Olbermann, Maddow, Tweety will do an Obama/GOP meeting Recap tonight from 8-10 ET.

Obama vs. House GOP: Best TV ever

Has Obama Become bored with being President?

Obama, House Republicans Debate Their Divisions (NYT)

Today's big "fuck YOU" goes to Adam Liptak, NYT, for telling us that Obama did it, but Bush didn't

Well, I Sure Had An Interesting Day Today

Play of the Week: Obama Disses Court

WH On Alito's Sour SOTU Reaction: Ain't Democracy Grand?

Hank Paulson: Without Bailout, Unemployment Could Have Reached 25%

Bipartisanship: Will President Obama ever give up on it ?

You know, I thought Clinton was going to be an unpopular one-termer after his first year.

What Obama should do.

GOP admits they screwed up with Obama forum...

There are many times I am disappointed in my state of Kansas.....

Bin Laden Releases Tape Announcing The Formation of AL QUEDA INC.

House GOP: "Oh no you di'int"

Al Franken Calls on the House to Pass Senate Health Care Bill

Obama is brilliant in his Q&A with Republicans (link to video)

President Addresses Room Full of Stupid People For Over an Hour

I think I see where Obama's strategy is now.. and can sum it up in 4 words...

Luke Russert just said

The Supremes and Joint Chiefs should not attend the State of the Union.

Rep. Pence on Hardball is talking like the Republicans have the majority

Here's something else I don't get: How can "real solutions" that can "truly" help our country fit

President Obama at the Republican Retreat Today

Sorry to interrupt the celebration...

Do You Think Samuel Alito SHould Apologize For His Inappropriate Behavior

Cliff May says the presumption of innocence isn't meant for guilty people

Photos: GOP Leadership listens to President Obama

More Reviews: Obama Goes To The GOP Lion's Den -- And Mauls The Lions

More Reviews: Obama Goes To The GOP Lion's Den -- And Mauls The Lions

Ladies and gentleman, President Smackdown!

Obama is finally doing EXACTLY what I've wanted him to do all along

C-SPAN likes idea of regular Obama-lawmaker exchanges

****Heads Up: POTUS Speaks To House gNOp members, 12pm EST ****

What was the strategy in saying he doesn't want to punish banks?

What the fuck is this Dylan guy on MSNBC talking about

President Obama dismantled ALL of the Republican talking points

Do You Support Billions of Dollars in New Subsidies for the Nuclear Industry?

President to nominate more tribal citizens

Photos Obama at Republican Congressional Caucus Meeting

Define "racist."

Dennis Kucinich runs for the hills

Frank Luntz: Obama Had The Advantage Today, But GOP Should Do This Again

Goodbye Bank of America Hello Credit Union!

Afghan legislators hold tentative peace talks with insurgents

Iraq inquiry: Tony Blair poised to give evidence

Pentagon plan on 'don't ask, don't tell' ready for Congress

California Senate Approves Single-Payer Health Care Proposal Despite Governor's Veto Pledge

Microsoft profit up 60% to a record 6.7 billion

Colombia's plan to hire students as army informers faces flak

UN in secret peace talks with Taliban

SEIU’s Stern: ‘Bad Choice of Words’ to Equate Senators to Terrorists

Blair's Iraq view 'changed dramatically' after 9/11

Manslaughter Defense Ruled Out in Abortion Slaying

U.S. pledges 17 percent emissions reduction by 2020

Tea Party Convention loses speakers, steam

California Voters Will Be Asked to Legalize Pot

Labor's Lost Love-Union chiefs weigh primary challenges to Democratic senators cool to their agenda.

US soldier dies in Iraq; death not combat related

Inter-American human rights court says Colombia recognizes gov't role in 1994 killing

Senate Dem: Health care bill 'on life support'

GOP panel backs flexible candidate litmus test

Economy soars 5.7 percent, fastest in 6 years

Greece, others, move to quash rumors about bailout

Obama: Here's $5,000. Go hire someone.

US judge grants German homeschooling family asylum (Deutsch Welle)

Nelson (D-Ne): No plans to hang up in 2012

GOP adopts platform test for candidates during Hawaii meeting

(UK) Mother of Iraq victim 'sick' to be in same room (as Tony Blair)

GOP: Obama must change if he wants bipartisanship

Bin Laden deplores climate change

Iraq war inquiry: Tony Blair faces six hours of questioning today

Consumer Mood at 2-Year High Despite Financial, Job Worries

Economy soars 5.7 percent in Q4, fastest in 6 years reuters o Buzz up 0

Obama coming to help Bennet in February

Three bank failures brings 2010's tally to 12

Default NY Fed buys $989 million of U.S. agency debt

Obama urges GOP to work with Dems

Officials: Plane diverted to Fla.

White House orders Justice Department to look for other places to hold 9/11 terror trial

GOP Rep. Steve Buyer to Resign Amid Ethics Probe

(IN) Senate OKs same-sex marriage ban

Backers say petition for (Calif.) legalized-pot initiative has plenty of signatures

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 29

Durbin: Democrats would be 'on trial for treason' if they adopted GOP's tactics

Obama Administration issues rules requiring parity in treatment of mental, substance use disorders

Breaking ~~ Verdict in Roeder Case ~~GUILTY ALL CHARGES!

Dem senator: Move KSM trial out of NYC

(Bill) Gates to Donate $10 Billion for Vaccine Research

Medical marijuana lab says it was raided by DEA

American Express CEO Gets 60 Percent Salary Raise

Criminals in Haiti 'Raping Quake Survivors'

Argentina reveals secrets of 'dirty war'

Obama Said to Seek $54 Billion in Nuclear-Power Loan Guarantees

Canada concerned over free speech rights in Venezuela

Surge in Loans Unlikely From Small Business Plan

Max Blumenthal v David Horowitz

TYT: Cenk Debates Conservative After SOTU (w/ Great 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Commentary & More!)

Leahy Comments On The Citizen's United Supreme Court Decision

MSNBC's Shuster VS. Andrew Breitbart-who defends self and O'Keefe in Landreau 'bugging' case

CSPAN: Sen. Leahy on Supreme Court Campaign Finance Decision

Rachel Maddow Interviews Tracey Ullman

Give Bush a Cell Next to Blair's

Smart Remarks: The State of the Union is OUTRAGED!

Papantonio: The Supreme Court's Five Circus Midgets

Senator Reid: 'jobs agenda' next week

"Wall Street 2 : Money Never Sleeps" Trailer - Greed...always good, "now it's legal."

Anti War Protest As Tony Bliar Arrives At The Iraq Inquiry

Keiser Report No. 12: Markets! Finance! Scandal!

Obama vs. 'Jim' (er, Jeb) Hensarling

Obama Responds To GOP Caucus On Effects Of Stimulus

Thom Hartmann and Paul Begala battle over NAFTA

Rachel Maddow plays Pin the Debt on the Donkey

Obama To Republicans: Stop Pretending Health Care Reform Is A 'Bolshevik Plot'

We Need Jobs Now

Republican Interrupts President with 'You're Lying'

Ad For Orleans Coroner Candidate: My Opponent Is Dr. Frankenstein!

Rachel Maddow: The GOP tries to pretend it came into being in 2010

Hannity - Obama Girl Falls Out of Love

Young Turks: 'Sexual Bending' Banned In Wisconsin!

Rachel Maddow & Jon Turley explore the ways that Pimpy O'Keefe keeps screwing himself over

GOP Reaction To Obama At House Retreat

TYT: Cenk falls into despair

KO & David Corn enjoy a heaping plate of schadenfreude: Tea Partiers turn against Palin & McCain

Honduran people say goodbye to their President.

Obama Takes Down Rep. Jeb Hensarling At GOP Retreat

It's time for Chilcot's team to flex their ageing muscles

Rachel Maddow On How Obama Calling Out The Banks In His SOTU Address Exposes The GOP's Vulnerability

Sheldon Whitehouse slams the Supreme Court's corporate rights activism

"Patriotism" "Machoism," and Profit: Obama the War President

State of the Union: A Status Report on the Far Right by Sara Robinson

JD Salinger has died.

Chris Matthews Tries to Make Up For the 'Forgot Obama Was Black' Remark

The Next Time, by Linda Greenhouse

AP: Protests as Blair Unrepentant Over Iraq War at Inquiry

Five Supreme Court Judges Do Da Corporate Takeover Hustle, And They Must Be Stopped

Scott Roeder Found Guilty

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater's Youngest Victim

Justice Alito Backs First Amendment Rights for Ventriliquist Dummies

Love Song for Dick & Liz Cheney

Saudi Arabia to use Citizens United to interfere in US politics thanks to NeoCon SCOTUS treason

David Sirota: Our Addiction to Disaster Porn

Union chiefs weigh primary challenges to Democratic senators cool to their agenda.

Supremes giving Corporations 'right' of free speech abridges individual's right of free speech

IGrow: Walmart of weed opens in Oakland

Obama Repremands GOP To Their Faces: 'You'd Think This Thing Was Some Bolshevik Plot'

Wages and benefits rise weak 1.5 percent in 2009

Only 22

View from London: Corruption in Washington is Smothering America's Future

Tony Blair heckled as he says 'no regrets' over Iraq at end of inquiry grilling

The Annotated Obama (Joe Bageant)

TYT: Cenk Destroys GOP's SOTU Response

Kennedy regrets not running for Senate seat

The Conservative War on Democracy: The Puppet Supreme Court

Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows (Bloomberg)

Of Teen Angst and an Author’s Alienation

President Obama Full Q&A (AT GOP RETREAT)

Carolyn Baker: Your Disappointment in Obama is Your Teaching Moment

The Washington Post “knocks” the Bolivarian Revolution

Analysis: iPad Is an iDRM Storefront For Apple Ambitions To Dominate All Digital Media Sales

Blue Cross Rhode Island asking for rate hikes of 11.5% for small empl. 14.6% for large employers

Obama's Secret Prisons: Night Raids, Hidden Detention Centers, the "Black Jail" and the Dogs of War

Jim Hightower: The Supreme Coup

Joe Galloway: Farewell After 50 Years of Newspapering

Education Secretary Arne Duncan: Hurricane Katrina helped New Orleans schools

AlterNet: Why Atheists Don't Turn to Religion When Faced with Death or Disaster

Medicare-for-All: The Answer to a President's Call and a Nation's Woes

NSIDC - 12/09 Arctic Ice Extent 350 K Sq. Miles Under Dec. Avg; Air Temp Anomaly 13F Above Average

With Unusual Candor, Syrian Gov Admits Severe Problems With Drought, Crop Failures, Poverty In East

XPOST fm LBN: SEC to require disclosure of climate change risks

Li-Ion batteries pricey for 20+ years? Not so, say the people who make them

General Mills Palm Oil Causes Indonesian Rain Forest Destruction:

Drumbeat: January 29, 2010

Peak oil notes - Jan 28

Oregon State Study - HIghest Pacific Northwest Ocean Waves 40% Taller In just 15 Years

Davos Leaders Blahblahblah Swear Climate Goal In 2010 Blahblahblah Mexico Meeting Blahblahblah - BBC

Yale Environment 360 - Filmmaker Tracks Life In Sundarbans - Island Once W 40,000 Residents Now Gone

A major hurdle to producing fusion energy using lasers has been swept aside

Simulated volcanoes and man-made 'sun blocks' can rescue the planet

Getting Serious About Energy-Saving Building Products

Good article in the San Diego Reader about climate activism

Chu: $1.4 billion Nissan loan (to help finance Leaf) is a done deal

Leahy: Mistrust of Entergy, NRC is ‘palpable'

"Oil Demand has Peaked in Developed World: IEA"

Patagonian Mountains Showing Growth Spike Of 1.5 Inches/Yr - Isostatic Rebound As Glaciers Melt

Obama Said to Seek $54 Billion in Nuclear-Power Loan Guarantees

Nuclear war between India, Pak could spell climate disaster : Report by Japan and Australia

New material soaks up nuclear waste

The NFL's "Final Eight" Rule and What It Means for Your Team(And other free agency rules)

Craig James threatened to sue Texas Tech if they didn't investigate Mike Leach

S.J. Sharkie celebrates birthday!!

NASCAR owner blasts Detroit

Any women's Aussie predictions?

Andre Dawson forced to go into HoF as Expo

Rick Telander's thoughts on Tebow

Capitals' rampaging offense has been unstoppable

‘Corruption will let Hamas take W. Bank'

Israel slams Goldstone 'misrepresentations' of internal probes into Gaza war

Hamas says top militant 'assassinated'

Religion should be banned...

EL SALVADOR: Activists Link Mining Co. to Murders

U. S. Fear of Democracy in Haiti: Security Kills

Bolivian president decrees 2nd holiday celebrating nation's founding

Colombia's plan to hire students as army informers faces flak

Colombia's plan to hire students as army informers faces flak

Inter-American human rights court says Colombia recognizes gov't role in 1994 killing

More US spin on Honduras...

Guatemala: Trade Unionist Shot at by Municipal Official

Honduras' new gov't finds nation 'bankrupt' after coup

Zelaya living a life of extreme luxury in DR

Floods prompt Bolivia emergency

Female soldiers break their silence

AFSCME Wins Major Grievance Against Maryland School District

Farewell, Howard Zinn

Today in Labor History Jan 29 Newly-elected President Barack Obama signs the Ledbetter Act & more

17,000 Colorado UFCW Grocery Workers Vote On New Tentative Contract

Workers Across Nation Choose a Voice with AFL-CIO Unions

In New York City 20 Percent Of Low Wage Workers Paid Less Than Legal Minimum

Labor needs a new survival plan

UT: Law would approve showing gun in self-defense.

LIMA OH: New CCW permits up 500%

BATFE Reform Bills S. 941 And H.R. 2296

NRA reply brief in McDonald v Chicago

Fear and hostility toward open carry in Olympia

Sen. Pat Browne wants Pennsylvania Long Rifle to be state's official firearm

Gura reply brief in McDonald v Chicago

NM: Bill to allow guns in restaurants clears committee

Good News in Virginia!! Gun Rights, are the rule of the day....Thanks to the Brady Campaign

NRA butts its way into McDonald vs. Chicago

IN: House Votes 76-21 To Allow Guns In Locked Car At Work

Hi-Tech Guns at SHOT Show

Peet's Coffee & Tea & CPK tell Open Carry Advocates you're not welcome

Prop 8 trial question - whats judicial notice as used here?

Did Andy Pugno Break State Law In Support Of Marriage Ban?

Saw a woman at the bar tonight that I used to drive cab with.

Video For Lady GaGa Song... Can't Wait For Phelps To Rework This One!

I think gays are like 50% of the population in the US

It's quite easy being green.........

Question for the Photo Group on sharpening. Opinions welcome.

louie at first light

Oklahoma Ice Storm 2010

If this is Friday, it must be snow and floods

New species of Papua New Guinea frog changes colour

New Tyrannosaur Had More Teeth Than T. Rex

Did you hear we have a storm moving horizontally bringing new snow?

In Sync: Squid, Glowing Companions March in Genetic Harmony

Universe Is 30 Times More Run Down Than Thought, Astronomers Find

Interactive scale of the universe

Organic Transistor Paves Way for New Generations of Neuro-Inspired Computers

XKCD on the Spirit martian rover

Focusing 192 lasers on one little target

How to Fall 35,000 Feet—And Survive

Just a quick update!

Finally wrote something worthwhile on my BLOG

For any seeking to process sorrow...

Leo/Aquarius Full Moon: Let's Play in the Aquarian Mindfield

Krugman: "Peacocking the Freeze"

Senate Republicons just say NO to Paygo

Ginkgo Herbal Medicines May Increase Seizures In People With Epilepsy

Plant flavanoid may help prevent leukemia

Boner didn't offer the "GOP Proposals" ...

Neuron breakthrough offers hope on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Simple blood test 'could help predict rheumatoid arthritis years before symptoms appear'

Lead May Be the Culprit in ADHD

A tidal wave of (autism) misinformation at WTAE

Morning-after pill that works five days later

Why We're Failing Our Schools

Privatization and Michelle Rhee

Kids for King

If you were on the jury, what would be YOUR vote on Scott Roeder (Dr. Tiller killer)?

Question for believers

Forbidden Rice Pudding

How long can I freeze liver?

You guys may like this site, if you're not already familiar with it...

Cake People, Help Me Out

Explain this Paradox.

Homemade chicken soup