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Archives: January 31, 2010

Regulators Shut Down Banks In 5 States

Dr. Margaret Flowers was arrested for single-payer Civil Disobedience. Liveblogging on Thursday!

Isn't misrepsenting yourself to gain access to something a crime in itself?

Hawaii civil-unions bill quashed in House: measure killed in election year

NY Times - Paul Volcker - "How to Reform Our Financial System"

Xe (now Blackwater) and their Connection to the GOP

Why are people jumping on the Margolis/Yoo report without knowing all the details?

Weird Idea: We have been there for victims of the Tsunami, Katrina and Haiti....

After my thread on Bank Fees thought I would post some firsthand info on it all

ClimateGate Scientists’ Conduct: Unethical and Illegal

Link seen between increasing teen pregnancy rates and abstinence-only education

Catcher in the Alps: Caulfield does Davos

Democrats quietly working to resuscitate healthcare overhaul

A great Robin Williams quote about HCR from his latest HBO special, paraphrased

"I feel shame and regret for having supported the Iraq war ... so why can't Blair?"

OK Used Cars

OK...I've had it. Spring needs to arrive like RIGHT NOW!

Bush/Clinton Speech Fail - Fake but Funny

Washington State Republicans Eat Their Own

U.S. regulators approved shim to fix Toyota gas pedal - Supplier can crank out 120,000 shims/day

GOP sends letter appearing to be census form

Paulson: Russia tried to exacerbate US financial crisis

Hilarious proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Replay of Howard Zinn speaking and Q&A from 1/18/07 on C-span 2 ...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Fred Armisen does the WORST Obama impression EVER

Man calls Michael Jackson movie stupid. Gets 30 days in jail.

Families of Fallen Soldiers Accuse Tony Blair ("I hope the sound of my tears will ring in his ears")

Just to kind of put things in perspective...

Quakes 'decade's worst disasters'

Democratic Ownership of Government, Year One: What You Expected?

Anyone know of any good Liberal live chat rooms?

Thanks, Mods!

I'm watching the Super Bowl. Join me. Don't. I really don't give a rats ass what you do.

Al Franken offers bill to limit foreign influence in U.S. elections

Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act of 2009

China steps up restrictions on media, IFJ report says

China steps up restrictions on media, IFJ report says

this tea party guy . . . omfg

A Survey of Youth Sports Finds Winning Isn’t the Only Thing

New U.S. air strategy in Afghanistan: First, do no harm

FRANK RICH-The State of the Union Is Comatose

Tax Defense Network is hiring 150 people in Jacksonville, FL

Sunday TV News Shows

Derogatory 'Jeopardy' board launches TSA probe

This may be the wrong place to ask?

Since when is "police fire tear gas at protesters" even worth discussing?

CIA may target first U.S. citizen

In case you hadn't noticed, the 2010 Motor Racing season is officially underway. (24 hrs of Daytona)

Frank Rich: The State of the Union Is Comatose

Obama on Moving Right

(Probably) Ignorant question about medical MJ:

The "Helmet Cam" Could Record Every Step to Landrieu's Phone Closet

San Diego: Naked swimmer, 2 others arrested at beach, almost incites riot

How special. CBS Sunday Morning is presenting a sympathetic portrait of Hank Paulson

What exactly is a Foreign Corporation?

30,000 activists attend World Social Forum in Brazil: Ends with vows to fight unfettered capitalism

10 Americans held in Haiti; tried to move kids

Funniest sitcom line ever?

cross-post:Omaha Steve and other in-the know union members-help me with my rebuttal

Bahbwah WAHwah out-sucking self on This Weak, Sen.TreasureTrail, AILES,Ariana, KRUGMAN

Calif. seeks to end loophole on foreign tax havens

PSA: Excellent Howard Zinn segment on BookTV tomorrow 10:45 am Eastern.

Haiti arrests US nationals over child 'abductions'

Ok Frank Rich... You Better Put Me On Your Staff...

You know how Tweety is always trying to turn current events into a movie script?

Child welfare expert warns against adopting from Haiti

Dr. Margaret Flowers arrested (again) for supporting universal Medicare

U.S. surrounds Iran with missile defenses

Bad move: robber calls police himself

Banquet Only tickets (featuring keynote speaker Sarah Palin) still available!

A Fox Snews poll about P. Obama is like asking


Trouble brewing in Tea Party Nation..

Trouble brewing in Tea Party Nation..

Should the Monday After the Superbowl be a National Holiday?

Justice Official Clears Bush Lawyer in Torture Case:

Obama gets large bump in Rasmussen's daily tracking poll. Freepers sad and confused

Susan Collins, R-ME: "Obama Admin can't see foreign terrorist when he stands right in front of them"

And you thought your carpal tunnel was from typing…

The 50 Most Loathsome Americans, 2009

Sunday Morning TV about to get worse: Candy Crowley Replaces John King on CNN "State of the Union"

A panorama view from inside the ruined Notre-Dame Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Rep. Hensarling, let's see if you can answer some simple economic questions...

Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX): If You Want to Balance the Budget You'll Need a 60% Tax Increase

Photos: Demonstrators wear Tony Blair masks, sport fake blood on their hands, carry fake coffin

Axelrod just chewed up hack Gregory

Dear Lord Make It Stop - Limpballs - Dancing Fool

Illegal California immigrant inmates denied training

Sen.-elect Brown says he supports abortion rights (and says GOP shouldn't take his vote for granted)

Banks Accused of Helping Fraudulent Telemarketers Launder Millions

What the Gates Foundation's $10 Billion Pledge Means For Vaccine Development and Delivery

Another reason to hate the Miss America pageant

Americans arrested taking children out of Haiti

The Invisible Wound

You've got to be carefully taught, carefully taught to hate...

Thanks for the question, Mr. President

Salt Lake a finalist to host 2012 GOP convention

President: 'Had it not been for the stimulus package that we passed, things would be much worse'

City homeless donate $14.64 for quake victims

Molecular Venus flytrap could munch nuclear waste

Multinational corporations along with foreign ones should be banned from influencing elections

Frank Rich -The president was right to blast the 5-to-4 decision

Sen. Specter asked to leave the stage as Rep. Sestak makes closing statement...? - pics

Impeccably drawn and conceived ** 2 Pat Oliphant Cartoons**

Will Faith-Based Agencies Help Haiti's Gay Community?

How many of these guys will be GOP congressmen in 20 years?

Toyota is part of a list of issues for Japan Inc.

If Oscar comes a-knockin', just say your prayers and get ready to go . . .

San Diego selling police horses - 1/3 of their departments dogs will be laid off

Mussolini iPhone app is best-seller in Italy

Mussolini iPhone app is best-seller in Italy

Of course we trust team Fox. They play their parts so well

Of course we trust team Fox. They play their parts so well

Convicted of Dancing in Honor of Thomas Jefferson

Entire works of Edgar Allen Poe free for the downloading at

Offering a bribe is a free speech. Making a threat is free speech. So is blackmailing someone.

Won't someone please call a Waahmbulance for these poor little sociopaths?

Is Ford A 'Strawman' For Gillibrand?

Who's looking forward to watching the Superbowl today?

If you scripted this...

Obama's Showdown With the GOP House

For all the money that the Vatican has, why are they not stepping up to support a country that is

Global Weapon Concerns The EU And Environmentalists *

No sanctions for 'waterboarding' lawyers

Liz Cheney Wants You To Be Afraid

Umm, whaaaat??

Docs Skirt Red Tape to Save Haitian Kids and First Baby Ever Born Aboard USS Bataan

Docs Skirt Red Tape to Save Haitian Kids and First Baby Ever Born Aboard USS Bataan

Shake Weight - the GOP exercise machine?

Interpreter Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan

Reacting to negative replies...

Super Bowl ad big lie?

Super Bowl ad big lie?

What's a "Scott Brown" Republican? ~ Best Ignore it, don't feed the animal

U.S. Oil Industry Hit by Cyberattacks: Was China Involved?

2009 Major-League A**hole of the Year Award -- RESULTS

2009 Major-League A**hole of the Year Award -- RESULTS

Oops! Boxer Supported by Challenger's Former Company

Wasserman-Schultz: Senators Lied About Supporting Public Option-WHY-Because Corporations OWN US

African Union to Consider "Land for Haitians" Plan (Possible African State)

Why are Dems just giving up on the Senate Race in Fla? Kendrick Meeks?

Why are Dems just giving up on the Senate Race in Fla? Kendrick Meeks?

How to crack up a DFA Phone Solicitor

Funny, how in the span of 28 years (1981-2009)....

Funny, how in the span of 28 years (1981-2009)....

One of the most influential men in modern history....

Inside the Culture of Sexual Harassment at the Marijuana Policy Project

MSNBC Video: NBC Anchor (and Registered Nurse) Julie Pearce quits job to help in Haiti

Missouri grandma charged with drugging baby

Roeder jury foreman: Abortion not jurors' concern in verdict

HAHA! I just had to laugh at this

Cool photo of Obama bowing to another Japanese woman.

Do rings of Herbie the elm have age, climate data?

The Huffington Post

Can your average conservative go a day without saying, "Socialism

Can your average conservative go a day without saying, "Socialism

Man dies after setting himself on fire outside fur store

"We're all doomed"

MSNBC is replaying Obama's smackdown now...

Deficit Peacock Evan Bayh Hits 'Far Left-Wing Blogs'

Radioactive water leaks at Vermont nuclear plant and other facilities raising doubts about safety

Your kids can be part of the new DC MLK JR Memorial Project.

Mongolian herders move to cities as snowstorms kill livestock

TOON: Democratic Supermajority leaps into action!

Union leader Richard Trumka: 'Card check' will pass in 2010

Financially troubled Shore Christian Center banking on miracles

Winter chill takes toll on Florida Keys coral

HuffPo: NY Developer walks away from 11,232 Manhattan apartments because it can't pay its mortgage

"BAD MOON RISING" wolf-moon next weekend

John Bolton looks like a guy who sells shoes in a Dillards....

Cops: TSA Worker Tried Making Girl 'Sex Slave'

I'm sick of "social issues" being separated from "economic issues"

HAITI: There Are Daggers In Men's Smiles....

When the anti-woman Super Bowl ad airs, please tell me what ads aired before and after.

Problems at Toyota, JAL & Sony, taint Japan Inc.'s image

Book profiles furry angel of death: Oscar the cat

Question about a 'cashless' society (from radio show I listened to tonight)

Sanitary pads help Ghana girls go to school

On a scale of 0 to 100, what is your approval rating of Obama?

Authors of Bush torture memos to be cleared of misconduct

I need a good book reference for my book group. I was going to recommend

Scott Roeder is yesterday's news; it's George Tiller who should be remembered

Super Bowl Boycott

Democrats and Republicans Can Be Differentiated from Their Faces

A Special Message To My Fellow Unemployed DUers: Don't Stop Looking

The New Feudalism

Nostalgia for Bush/Cheney radicalism (Glenn Greenwald)

Barney Frank did NOT vote for IWR

'Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat.' - story w/pics

US bailouts failed to tackle reckless banks, says watchdog

The Prime Minister of Haiti says there are traffickers in his country

You know it's one to spout here on DU that you are going to boycott the Superbowl...

BBC: Why do people often vote against their own interests?

Fathers to get six months of paternity leave

Fathers to get six months of paternity leave

The TV onscreen guide says "CRIMES CAUGHT ON TAPE" but the Obama GOP smackdown is being aired

Tough old soldier battles new enemy: Suicide epidemic

Are civilian criminal trials required for the underware bomber, KSM, and the like?

Criminals in Haiti 'raping quake survivors and trafficking children'

Criminals in Haiti 'raping quake survivors and trafficking children'

N.F.L. Says It Owns ‘Who Dat.’ How So?

Barney Frank: We're broke because of war

The Central Valley baptist folks in Idaho are on GENBC news now

Etta James is very ill

PTSD suicide rate exceeds ALL US deaths in Iraq/ Afghanistan

Democrats quietly working to resuscitate healthcare overhaul

Anybody wanna DU a Faux News poll?

Rep Payne: Obama Makes War OK

PHOTO: Supreme Court Justice Alito explains anger at Obama...

Humans are Inherently Stoopid

March 2001: Blair adviser -'UK will support US toppling Saddam "when the circumstances were right"'

Urban Outfitters Sells Shirt In Color Called "Obama/Black"..

PNHP writes President Obama about bringing Medicare For All to the table

The reasons Repubs were so ill prepared and got their asses handed to them at the townhall retreat..

Who convinced so many poor people to put the interests of the wealthy above all?

Did Pres Obama just show and prove the need to re-authorize the 'Fairness Doctrine'?

Two guys kissing set to steal the Super Bowl show

This is why Republicans are worried


The American Prayer Hour: Countering the 'Far Loony Religious Right'

The 50 Most Loathsome Americans

Workers of the World Unite (& Glenn Beck)

Du member rebel with a cause has passed away

"Oh! My little sweetums isn't going to get into Harvard* because of you!"

idiots on NPR "On the Media" are bashing Populism right now.

President to zero out Yucca Mt. funds, pull license- Will prevent future WH from just reviving it

In fairness, the Fairness Doctrine may not be of any real help to bring the media back to honesty.

In fairness, the Fairness Doctrine may not be of any real help to bring the media back to honesty.

Most Americans Don't Realize what a MESS Bush left Obama with, according to the CBO

Post about Canada on Facebook

Discipline methods from a charter school that would get public school teachers in serious trouble.

Why lifting the cap on Social Security is the wrong solution to the wrong problem

I'm not watching the Superbowl .. join me.

Teach for America: Moving smart, devoted Christians into public charter schools across the nation

I have a problem with faggots

O'Keefe/Breitbart: Have Cover Story, Sticking To It (Even Though it Already Fails)

The IPad, Kindle, other digital readers and how they'll change the way we learn

FReeperville admitting. ADMITTING (confession really)

Emergency Help Desperately Needed to Heat Homes on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Emergency Help Desperately Needed to Heat Homes on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Emergency Help Desperately Needed to Heat Homes on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Emergency Help Desperately Needed to Heat Homes on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Emergency Help Desperately Needed to Heat Homes on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Emergency Help Desperately Needed to Heat Homes on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Emergency Help Desperately Needed to Heat Homes on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Help make CNN report the news......

Google's "Don't Be Evil" Mantra is Bullshit,; Adobe Is Lazy: Jobs

Google's "Don't Be Evil" Mantra is Bullshit,; Adobe Is Lazy: Jobs

The Pray In Jesus Name Project: 'defending our troops against open homosexual aggression'

Entire works of Edgar Allen Poe free for the downloading at

Exclusive for DU: Mark Danner on the latest Haitian disaster and recovery effort

Living in A Bubble Is No Way To Live

Ronald Reagan was the worst president in our History

Ronald Reagan was the worst president in our History

Paranormal Activity was stupid and a waste of $5.00

Do you expect your friends to disassociate with people you don't like?

Why are my youtubes all sticky?

Can someone help me find the name of this song. Some guy sang

Tonight on Netflix, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Does anyone here levitate?

Elton John-Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

"Baby Jane's in Acapulco. We are flyin' down to Rio."

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg - Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus

OK...I've had it. Spring needs to arrive like RIGHT NOW!

If you had a problem, what would you do?

A bad date consists of...

I've had my CPAP for 5 days now, and I feel great!!

Junior Christian Science Teaching Bible Lesson Program

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter have sex. Ben Affleck's wife gets pregnant.

Buddy D Parade in New Orleans tomorrow! A week of Who Dat begins!

Tank Girl. Awesome movie!

You favorite anonymous rightie nut cases

Reach out to someone who is suffering silently...

Hey! I'm joining the Jersey Shore crew...

Scariest attempt to beat a drug test ever


How come no one ever sings a GG Allin song on American Idol?

Today has been a good day for a wood fire and netflix.

You SUCK, Michael Buble!

William Shatner is the 5th Beatle!

I fell off the toilet last night.

Man calls Michael Jackson movie stupid. Gets 30 days in jail.

Primus - To defy the laws of tradition (Radio Jam)

Has anyone watched that show Glee?

Ron Burgundy is fucking awesome.

Any phpFox programmers here...or do you know of any?

I intend to do nothing today..

I Predict...

I'm watching the Super Bowl. Join me. Don't. I really don't give a rats ass what you do.

J.J. Cale - Crazy Mama

Gene Hackman turned 80 this weekend

Hit songs about physical fighting and raisning hell.

'Lost' Cat Survives; Takes Cross-Country Trip To California

Do they still measure television ratings by "Nielson Families"?

Just finished reading Artie Lange's bio "Too Fat to Fish"

Satan & Adam

Hurry!! The Miss America Contest is on TLC right now...

Today's (tonight's) phrase is "Snookie's nipples." Rewrite a thread title with "Snookie's nipples."

Has anyone considered the possibilities of the legal e-joint?

Pork better than Viagra? Argentine President says so after a good weekend

According to You - Orianthi

Animal lovers will love this

"South Pacific" is on TCM!1 That is all. n/t

The Travel Channel. Its both disgusting and fascinating that the same time.

It's that time of year again

Himberre Himmel Weissbeir is bottled and carbonating.

I actually go to 4chan. Ask me anything.

Who's cooler?

Oh coitus!

Doppelgänger Week looks like Facebook's next big fad

positive vibes for this cop that was shot 5 miles from my house...

LOL at the X-Games. One of the Slope style ramps is called "The Stimulus Package"

Has anyone seen the "Sleeptalkin Man" blog? This is hilarious.

FYI, Kah-lee-fo-nyah - new law - the Move Over Law

Mr. Blonde stuck in the middle with Malibu pool cleaners (allegedly stiffed them for $7K)

Captain Phil Harris suffers stroke! (Deadliest Catch)

Du member rebel with a cause has passed away


John Travolta can go stick his head in a pig.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Marco! Polo! Edition

Pro Bowl or Grammys?

Why is that when Pukes make "jokes" about hateful things like praying for the death of

Johnny Depp can go stick his head in a pig.

almost stereotypical AZ sunset, just missing the saguaro ; )

Thinking about making a job change

Hey Kali! Don't go wireless. PSA

OK Used Cars

1,000+ square feet of drive way shoveled- I am DONE

Question for anyone who objects to voluntary breast enhancement surgery:

I dreamed I went to a DU gathering

Why does the Sunday before the Superbowl..

Pictures of the semi I used to own

Should I be worried when a psychic approaches me in Best Buy & says "you are surrounded by trouble"?

i met a dominatrix at an "industry" party on friday

If you were to leave the USA forever, what country would be your preferred destination?

Goatse on the BBC

So I found this bottle of whiskey

We're on the way to being Gods.

"Mutts" shows us the real reason Cats are better than Dogs....

Jonathan Richmann - your thoughts?

Is the Super Bowl today?

Prototype replicator?

Who is your favorite character actor, and why?

Lucid dreaming and dream-within-a-dream: anyone else ever do this?

Scott Brown begs Simon Cowell: Give my daughter another chance

They brought their fuckin' TOYS with 'em! Best SPORTS-BASED movie comedy of all time?

My sister's brother in law and family lost EVERY thing to a fire Friday night

Who is your favorite over rated actor?

I went to one of those 'Which celebrity do you look like' sites and it came up Elton John

Describe the worst date you've ever been on.

The Grocery Express Lane...15 Items or Less..

Funniest sitcom line ever?

Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr.: Who's the better actor?

I dreamed last night that Charlie Crist was going to lose because his lack of kung fu

Obama to propose $3.8 trillion 2011 budget

Scott Brown vs Barack Obama in 2012?

Obama's Letter To Alfalfa Club

Obama’s letter to the Alfalfa dinner....

Chuck Todd Makes A Racist Remark Regarding Mexicans And Mccain

The State of the Union Is Comatose, By FRANK RICH (NYT)

How to Reform Our Financial System, By PAUL VOLCKER (NYT)

Snowe talking to Dems - Politico

DNA helps link Obama and Senator-elect Brown

So, how are you all feeling this weekend?

ABC wow lamers

Forget asking banks to dump proprietary trading. Just charge them a huge FDIC rate for doing so.

Axelrod: Obama's SCOTUS Smack Down Was 'Totally Appropriate' (VIDEO)

The Baltimore Massacre

Republicans livin' in the past...

Stick a pin in it!

Bailout cop Barofsky says TARP still not working

TARP Watchdog Neil Barofsky: Government Bailout Has Increased Risk Of Economic Crisis

Family link is found between Obama and Scott Brown - LA Times (Crazy)

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January, 30th 2010 (Special Saturday Edition!)

A big broad post about the economy (That doesn't even blame Obama for everything)

Some 600,000 Jobs Tied to Obama Stimulus Plan in 4Q

TARP Inspector Says Rescue to Cost Taxpayers Less Than Expected

Scott Brown, typical Republican hypocrite.

Cool photo of Obama bowing to a Japanese woman.

Obama schooling the Republicans was television as historic as the moon landing.

Why not have the 9/11 trial in Washington DC? Does the supreme court have more than 1 room?

Should Joe Biden Quit the VP and run for the Senate again?

Enough is Enough

Tea Party Nation head lashes everyone

Obama Approval Index jumps 10 points in 2 days on Rasmussen

Obama already has the most legislative success of any modern president

Halperin: Obama's House Republican Q&A tour de force has scrambled the D.C. dynamic.

Does the Obama-Biden rift worry you?

The New Star of Must See TV: President Obama

Chris Matthews said after the SOTU that this is a "post-racial" society.

Our Generation X President's First Year

NYT: "G.O.P. Envisions Northeast Comeback" (so much for Rahm and the DLC's "blue state" strategy)

The Repubs can't run fast enough away from the teabaggers

"If you had paid attention during his campaign"


(R)asmussen Poll shows big bounce for Obama. Presidential Approval Index +10 since Friday.

Maybe Obama Should Publicly Campaign for Each GOP Candidate?

IMO. Billings, Montana would be a perfect place for 9/11 trials. Renew the people with

New Obama poll numbers WTF!!!

Political Cartoonist Tony Auth: 'But it's a good policy in the short run.'

WH calls out Boehner for referring to health care reform as a “big government takeover”

Still think she's not running...

What are republiCONS afraid of?

Some Republicans Fret That Opposition To New Obama Measures Could Seriously Backfire

Here we go. Brown: 'Humbled' by White House Talk, But Doesn’t Rule Out 2012 Run

Bush's swaggering, bombast = "strong and resolute" Obama's confidence and knowledge = "arrogance"

Magical Thinking and Blind Partisanship versus Common Sense and Decency

Gibbs: "We're one vote away in the House of Representatives from making healthcare reform a

Do you know what's clear to me after watching Obama talk to Republicans in Baltimore?

Social Security... the solution..

Andrew Sullivan: Listen up, the president is not for turning

Am I alone? Or is the greatest President you have ever seen?

You get a chance to say hi to Barack Obama. What do you say?

E. J. Dionne: Now let’s Have an Obama-Palin Debate

Seth Meyers on Weekend Update SNL Last Night Really Did Say It Best

Gagging order on David Kelly records could be lifted

Rip Torn Arrested For Alleged Bank Break-In

Senior Hamas leader murdered in Dubai hotel

Italy judges defy Berlusconi in walkout over reform

China: U.S. arms sales to Taiwan hurt national security

Child welfare expert warns against adopting from Haiti

Toyota accused of 'not being frank' on problem

Chinese houses collapse as quake rocks Sichuan

US firm kicked out of Peru mining group for pollution

Democrats quietly working to resuscitate healthcare overhaul

US economic rescue failing to meet key goals:auditor

Bailout cop: TARP's not working

Winter chill takes toll on Florida Keys coral

China steps up restrictions on media, IFJ report says

Nato force blamed for Afghan deaths

Mahatma Gandhi ashes scattered in sea off South Africa

Spanish judge to probe Guantanamo torture claims

Baby killed in Afghanistan attack

Pakistan investigates report Taliban chief is dead

Iran sentences 11 demonstrators to death

Eurozone unemployment rate hits 10%

Gibbs: Cost of Obama's jobs push in range of $100B

Call for Blair to face trial in Scotland

Haiti workers hand out 'women-only' aid coupons

Swiss warn UBS bank could collapse

United States Air Force Academy religious body is installing a stone circle for Wiccans and Druids.

British hostages: "Please help us, we have nobody to help us"

Gibbs: Accused 9/11 plotter likely to be executed

Gun attack at Mexico student party leaves 13 dead (mostly students)

Gun attack at Mexico student party leaves 13 dead (mostly students)

U.S. bank bailout encourages risky behavior: watchdog

Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment, Day 1 Chapter 1.

Obama Takes in Basketball Game

Former Ku Klux Klan leader Johnny Lee Clary

"On The Edge with Max Keiser" 'Wall St. should get into the assisted suicide business'

Michelle Obama Greets White House guests

Barack Obama Does Play-by-Play at Georgetown - Duke

If We Elected the Host of The Tonight Show

TYT: Why Reaching Out to Republicans is a Terrible Idea

Peter Dale Scott: New mindset for US foreign policy?

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

Obama's q&a session w/Repub Congressmen

Weekly Address: GOP Focused On Winning Elections, Not Solving Problems

Gibbs: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Likely to be Executed

Bishop Walter L Dixon's Commentary Regarding President Obama

Rush Limbaugh dances to Lady Gaga at Miss America Pageant

Krugman calls FOX News reporting 'deliberate misinformation'. Ailes shocked

SNL and the State of the Union

Nothing To Fear - Misreading Muslim immigration in Europe BOSTON REVIEW

World Isn't Buying Israel's Explanations Anymore

Did Christianity Cause the Crash?

Nostalgia for Bush/Cheney radicalism

Volcker Op-Ed: Look out, big banks. Change is coming

Greeks protest over debt crisis

The State of the Union Is Comatose

Action Twofer: Single Payer and Impeach the Supremes!

The kidnapping of Haiti. by John Pilger

What If We 'Edited' Roger Ailes Under 'FOX News Rules'

Reporters Make the Best Terrorists

California adopts first statewide green building code (CS Monitor)

The UK - a broken society. Surely, one of the most important articles that

Sen. Collins Obama Wouldn't Recognize A Terrorist If He Was Blowing Up A Plane Right In Front Of Him

Westboro Baptist Church Pwned!

There’s No U in Recovery

An Alternate Theory about the Root Cause of the Current Economic Crisis

President Obama Wins Oscar Nomination - Best Performance SOTUS and After Party

Toyota accused of 'not being frank' on problem

Glaciergate's Dr Pachauri has more explaining to do.

In Portland, Going Green and Growing Vertical in a Bid for Energy Savings

Keeping the gas water heater on pilot only.

Guest opinion: Forest biomass offers Montana promise, pitfalls

NASA - Continuous Melt Season In Arctic Increased 6.4 Days/Decade From 1979 Until 2007

Nevada Supreme Court CRUSHES Las Vegas Plan To Drain Rural Aquifers & Pump Water South - Sun

Where did green Obama go?

Brown Pelican Migration Fails; 1,000 Emaciated Birds Still In OR; Normally Shy Birds Begging Food

SCARY - TYT Review 'Waiting For Armageddon' (The Religious Right & The End Of The World)

William Catton In Bottleneck: Humanity On Unstoppable Course For Significant Die-Off

Ed Miliband declares war on climate change skeptics


the NFL is now on

Chirpy Korean Girl Group Likes Glitter, Knee-Highs, Iowa Hawkeyes Football


Bulls Make History

In case you hadn't noticed, the 2010 Motor Racing season is officially underway. (24 hrs of Daytona)

Tebow has shaky outing running pro-style offense in Senior Bowl

In case you hadn't noticed, the 2010 Motor Racing season is officially underway. (24 hrs of Daytona)

In South Florida's Super Bowl lore, Ted Hendricks is No. 1

Leafs land Flames' Phaneuf in blockbuster deal

The JR Chess Report (January 31): Magnus Wins in Wijk

Landau denies link to Hamas man's death

Israel closes case on US man wounded in protest

Latin America rejects old U.S. approach in drugs war

Africa mulls resettling Haitians

Disagreements split Peru Investigation Committee (Bagua)

South Florida hospitals deny they refused care to Haitians

Honduras: Summary of Meeting with Ambassador Hugo Llorens

13 young football players massacred in Juárez, Mexico (Spanish)

U.S. citizens arrested for asking Oaxaca governor about Brad Will's murder

What happened to Magbana? Just curious.

U.S. 'integrates' with ally Colombia on mass murder: 'an infinity of bodies' found (d. 2005-2010)

World Isn't Buying Israel's Explanations Anymore

Dershowitz: Goldstone is a traitor to the Jewish people

Question: Were auto industry jobs saved by the bailout?

Nebraska City man dies in fall

Drunk driver accident injures road repair worker (member of my local union)

Libertarian Socialist blog looking for writers

Today in Labor History Jan 31 Ida M. Fuller became the first person to receive Social Security

questions for Omaha Steve and other in-the know union members

Reciprocal CCW....

This Week's "This American Life" episode is all about guns

who's up for popcorn?

Death of the Gun Control movement, birth of the Gun Rights movement

The benefits of gun control.

Prop 8 trial Re-enactment, Day 1 Chapter 1. is up on youtube!

I Am What I Am - (Gloria Gaynor video)

American Family Association Radio Host: It's Time To Imprison All Gays

Damn, I'm missing summer

Reflections #2

breakfast table open

I have an idea!

not that I can see through these clouds

A too cute for words thread

Ice skaters at sunset

fence snow shadows

the laundry goes on as scheduled

For a winter-weary bunch of shutterbugs

ice ice, baby!

Reflections #1

Reflections #3

Random shots from Philly and Boston

Hey, Photo Group!


The sun is shining today - I best show you my favorites from yesterday before I shoot again

Heteropaternal superfecundation - After three years, dad realises only one twin is his

Who's up for pizza?

The chair is back

Specific request: phpFox programmer

On Friday, I had my first LBL hypnosis session.

So check out this little bit of synchronicity

Happy Imbolc!

Who volunteered to do the Feb. prayer, light & healing requests

Interesting in Latest


Just a bit ago, about 3:30am

Rick DiClemente's February Starself Astrology Newsletter

Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs 'expecting $100 million bonus'

The Week Ahead: Risk Is Off the Cliff; Unwind Has Begun

Davos Gossip.......

Libertarian Socialist blog looking for writers

The parents' role in education

Teacher facing seventh lawsuit

Did Christianity Cause the Crash?

Interesting piece on AlertNet discussing a duality of materialism and spiritualism

Spiritual adviser suing Chesterfield County

Can anyone explain to me

How did the message of the New Testament get so far off track?

I think I'll start with the bacon wrapped, deep fried matzo balls.

Ensalada de Napolitos ( Cactus Salad ) - Had this today, it was great.

Well this is one gadget I won't be getting....I just don't get it!

I've never tried Fois Gras

Food Jammers

eek. this will be fun.

Cheese alternate for French Onion soup?

Who here was looking for an aebelskiver pan? This will be gone tomorrow evening.