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Amazing New Deal From

Amazing New Deal From

Robert Rubin Is Back: Noooooo!!!

Volcker: Grab Wall Street By The Balls, But Deregulate Normal Banks

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The ACORN Witchhunt Continues

Lindsey Graham Censured By 3rd County GOP

LOL! Hoekstra opponents register

Nearly One-Third of Stimulus Paid Out in 2009

The American Family Association has really gone off the deep end....Unions endanger air safety.

Another one: Trunk left on Mira Mesa street was harmless.

NY Times: How Visa, Using Card Fees, Dominates a Market

Police remove explosives from Washington state apartment building

"...I hung up, pushed back the nail table and yelled to my mom..."

Tea Party "founder" and racist

Chrysler Canada sales jump 12%

Premiums are key issue for health care negotiators

December Rolling Tax Witholdings Collapse To Multi-Year Low

Rachel Maddow is about to interview a member of the Family!

All those damned unionized NYC firefighters and cops who checked out on 9/11?

3 California Department of Fish and Game biologists die in helicopter crash

Health care: A provider's perspective

Crosses in potatoes appear to online sellers

Brave New Conversations (and NO to war)

Sen. Byron Dorgan to retire, Repukes creaming their pants

Mesa Air Files For Bankruptcy, To Cut Fleet

I'll go vote in 2010 and 2012, and I'll vote for Democrats whenever I can.

Chris Matthews and Mike Steele

Looks like Christmas sales were a bust in PA

Former fundie KS state AG to testify at Roeder's trial

Program to Build Afghanistan Corps Is Said to Be Lagging

LA Times: Bringing overpaid executives to heel

Operation Rescue seeks ‘truth truck’ drivers

Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Restless-Leg Disorder, Harvard Study Finds

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Services bans all head coverings (incl Muslim ones)

Americans’ Role Seen in Uganda Anti-Gay Push

Sign the "we need a hero" petition asking top progressive Senators to block a final healthcare bill

Rachel has an interview with a FAMILY insider

Keep terrorists off our planes? The CIA can't even keep them off their base.

South Korea: 36 years behind the US in abortion rights??

Malawi gay wedding couple lose bail appeal

Ritter Refuses Reelection Run

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Unmarried couples caught in Malaysia hotel raids

Is Dick Cheney encouraging terrorists?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Judge Birch to retire from appeals court in August (11th Circuit)

Atul Gawande of The New Yorker magazine on with Charlie Rose tonight

Chris Dodd to step aside (WaPo, The Fix)

All they are really mandating is that we pay for a lobbying effort by big insurance to kill reform.

What Top Topics Can We All Agree On?

Yulia Tymoshenko - Kiev Chameleon

The United States of Interpol?

The USA is #19 on the 2009 global "corruption perception" index

If you see Fonzie too, check in here.

Chirs Dodd retiring

Avatar made me blue

Do you think you could pretend that "separate but equal" was a just policy?

Another Nadar thread.. all I want to know is..

How long before C-SPAN and SyFy merge?

Life has more "twists and turns" than any espionage novel ever could tell....

Shopping Center Vanca

Chris Dodd is a perfect example of a good guy

Sen. Byron Dorgan Announces He Will Not Run For Re-Election

Polling firm: Dodd's seat now very safe for Democrats

Polling firm: Dodd's seat now very safe for Democrats

Polling firm: Dodd's seat now very safe for Democrats

Anyone else watching Larry King right now?

Who is Richard Blumenthal?

Washington prisoners entitled to vote, federal court rules axes holiday weight gain members

2007: Obama Would Shift Tax Burden to Wealthy

Group That Shaped Death Penalty Gives Up On Its Own Work

Two Cents Short, Company Tried to Cancel COBRA Benefits

And you thought you went off-roading? Pffttttt!

Stating reality is not a problem

Stone Cold Steve Austin breaks Sylvester Stallone's neck. Literally.

University of Illinois one of many U's that may not be able to meet payroll obligations this year.

Do you think heads will roll?

Do you think heads will roll?

Do you think heads will roll?

Bristol Palin Starts Political Consulting Firm

Full body scanners: millimetre waves pass through powder

Air Force Completes Killer Micro-Drone Project

Chris Dodd is retiring.

Multiple Deployments Lead to Major Increase in PTSD Cases, New Study Says

chris matthews comment on dick cheney...

Police Say Grandmother Drowned Child Over Divorce

Police Say Grandmother Drowned Child Over Divorce

FReepers trying to get a dishonest Youtube video to go viral. Visit and vote against it

That guy who went shooting at the Holocaust Museum and killed a security guard a terrorist ?

How will health care insurance providers benefit from the Senate's HCR bill

Right Wing Hatemonger Files as a Democrat in Texas County Race

Military overhauls intelligence gathering, analysis in Afghanistan

Plate weighing device 'can curb childhood obesity'

Plate weighing device 'can curb childhood obesity'

Interesting article from a Pakistan Based Newspaper about how Yemin

Report From The Move Your Money Front

Report From The Move Your Money Front

NY Daily News - "Rush Limbaugh declares his health is fine - and so is nation's health care system"

Winter of 2009-2010 Could Be Worst in 25 Years

"Morris claimed "9-11 happened" because Clinton treated '93 WTC bombing as a crime"

O.K. so sometimes I am a day late on Credit Card Payments

Conservative Mogul Buying Up Reporters to Promote His Regressive Agenda (The Nation)

Joe Scum trying to spin Dem withdrawals as disaster for the party

Did All Ya'll Notice Something Regarding Cheney?

Conservative Recall Effort Leads To Voter Fraud Charges

Funny how Joe Scumbag does not mention Chris Dodd's health

Funny how Joe Scumbag does not mention Chris Dodd's health

When Did The CIA Become The Sicilian Mafia?

Senator Ed Schultz?

Skull linked to secret Yale society to be sold

this will make you want to vomit: DLC Chair, Harold Ford thinking of challenging Gillibrand

Thank you Senator Christopher Dodd!

Mark Morford: Interview with the Devil

How a Double Agent Lured Seven CIA Operatives to Their Deaths

Suspected Drone Strikes Kill Militants in Pakistan (At Least 13 Dead, 5th Strike in a Week)

MSNBC Producer: CIA Has Video of Afghan Suicide Attack

So Friggin' true

Double A-bomb survivor dies in Japan

Consumers Shift to Phones to Browse the Web

Ed Shultz asked to run for Sen Dorgan seat on MSNBC now

The Intelligence Community:

The Intelligence Community:

I saw a rumor online today

U.S. convoy's driving questioned in wreck that kills Iraqis


"...the stillbirth of the new progressive era .."

A story on training military corps in Afghanistan was changed at NYT

Is it just me or is "I got mine, fuck you" obsolete?

Baby Bag IED

How the CIA Suicide Bomber Fooled Everyone

Goldman Sachs Board Member Compares Bankers To Pro Athletes, Movie Stars (VIDEO)

"Jim DeMint says Obama too soft on terrorism"

A new political star is "born" on MSNBC!

To Britt Hume

Study: US terror suspects mostly young men, " U.S.-born or naturalized citizens"

Witnesses of Flight 253: Powder bomber entered the plane without passport

Woman says God is her lawyer

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

God is not your traffic cop (NSFW language)

Anybody doubt that Lieberman will switch to the GOP

I think ND senate is lost but I feel much better regarding CT Sen

Are Dorgan and Dodd going into lobbying? nt

Horrible bank; great check card:

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

This "health care reform" bill

This "health care reform" bill

When did reports of weather events start including body counts?

VIDEO: Woman throws fit at McDonald's

At CNN, someone is actually honest!

Ann Pettifor, HuffPo: A Tale of Two Presidents

The Rude Pundit: A Few Questions Regarding Our Death Spiral of Anti-Terrorist Reactions

Rahm Emanuel Reported Eyeing Mayor's Job

Thank you Sen. Dorgan thread.

More good news for the economy

McCain Gets It, Obama Doesn't (banking regulation) - Robert Scheer, HuffPo

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

2009, the year of the lobby.

Afghanistan isn't even close to being the worst quagmire the US is in.

People need to stop picking on Obama and do some shopping...

Services index moves back to growth territory

Gibbs: Obama Has 'No' Regrets About Promising Negotiations Live On C-SPAN

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

If health care bill passes, some changes would start fast

Raw Story: Ann Coulter says she’s afraid of anal, foreskin bombings

Brit the Baptist

Afghanistan Asks UN to Ease Some Taliban Sanctions

Question: are teabagger organizations hijacking Facebook accounts?

Cartoonist Tom Tomorrow gets my vote for the "Sum Up Lieberman In 25 Words Or Less" award

IRS Too Busy To Help! Agency Will Offer Busy Signal To 30% Of Callers

"Healthcare as a Business" has many, many problems. Here's just one:

"Healthcare as a Business" has many, many problems. Here's just one:

Andy Martin Calls Mark Kirk "De Facto Pedophile" In New Ad

Ant-gay Extremist Scott Lively Delivering His “Nuclear Bomb” To Uganda

No Warrant Necessary to Seize Your Laptop

LIMBOsevic: "It was just my checkbook and me!1" Well, there you have it !1

Expose the Bigots! Help get the Prop 8 Trial Televised!

Ady Gil collision footage

So Let Me Get This Straight...

Obama Caught On Tape Lying 8 Times About Health Care Negotiations

The Healthcare Meetings: Let the cameras in. Let the reporters in. Let the American people in.

Marriage equality to be voted on tomorrow by the NJ senate

Passenger Jets Still Carry Unscreened Cargo

Politics Sucks these days

Joe Klein Gets A Beat Down - The BIZARRE Reasons Progressives are supposed to SHUTUP

Joe Klein Gets A Beat Down - The BIZARRE Reasons Progressives are supposed to SHUTUP

Healthcare bills will cut Medicare funding for areas with more poverty and racial minorities!

she's baaaaaack: liz cheney echoes father

The Pentagon tried an experiment, they placed ten red balloons around the USA

another reason NOT to be upset by Dodd's withdrawal

RAHM in the Mayor's Race Would Be Quite a FISH TALE

Gallup: Obama's approval at start of 2nd yr among the lowest for elected presidents since Eisenhower

Could the Democratic Party be leading us to an economic disaster?

Do we need an "Elections 2010" forum?

just had a look at Obama wearing Weatherproof in NYC advertisement...

Rep. Peter King (Idiot--NY) Obama should use word "Terrorism" more

I Am So Tired Of Cowards Being In Charge

Schwarzenegger's last State of State: Best lines, meat and potatoes

Marco Rubio - Tea Bag kook running for senate

North Dakota, Byron Dorgan, and Hard Right Voters

Afghanistan- Trying to restore the fundemental right to an education

Arab World in Water Crisis (really bad news)

This Is The Government: Your Legal Right To Redeem Your Money Market Account Has Been Denied

Worst GOP cash flow in decade blamed on tea baggers and waste

Expose the Bigots: Help Get the Prop 8 Trial Televised

The Democrats have a secret weapon in the 2010 elections...

Yoko Ono makes huge donation to help Philippine tropical storm victims

Peter King: Obama needs to use the word "terrorism" more


"It is a light-hearted reference leading to the incorrect assertion of racism."

Is Palin broke? I wonder what her mad scramble for money is?

Accused Holocaust museum shooter dies

Will Linda McMahon still blow $50mil to buy herself a senate seat? (re: Conn Race)

Quitter Palin: War on Terror "needs a CIC not a constitutional Professor"

OpenLeft: Dodd's retirement is unspinnably bad news for Republicans

CA Soccer Moms: Legalizing Weed would provide a safer way for our (grown) kids to buy pot

Democracy Now (1/6/10) - US-Led Forces Accused of Executing Schoolchildren in Afghanistan

Missouri McDonald's Trashed: Police Seek Woman Who Went On Rampage Because She Didn't Like Burger

Prisoners denied release from Gitmo to Yemen??

Edward M. Kennedy Institute website

I have found God, and she is a star in the making!

Surge in US Casualties Predicted in Afghanistan (300-500 per Month)

BREAKING: Health Care Reform negotiations WERE televised. Hours and hours of them.

Not impressed by Obama in 2009

Would you rather be raped by the wierd guy down the block or your favorite uncle?

We interrupt this pity-party to deliver a prediction of 2010 election results

Ray-Gun knew capitalism couldn't fund his warpig policies, so he turned to Communism for funding.

Had I known on Nov. 4 2008 what I know now,

Was Dodd the fall guy on the AIG bonuses?

Rimjob's latest.

Urgent! Reclaim Democracy !

Sen Byron Dorgan is on Ed Shultz

OMFG - 6 Republicans are retiring from the Senate

They send me emails.

What do you think of this business? Organic Acres

Jon Walker Debates Nate Silver At Firedoglake Next Monday

Who leaked info about Father of Underwear Bomber....And why?

The Machine Still Set on Kill: Alan Nairn reviews Obama's first year

Rep. Courtney: I Have 190 Democrats Against the Tax On “Cadillac” Health Insurance Plans

Death compensation - CIA-Xe Blackwater. We learned that the Blackwater

US Court Weighs Rights of Detainees in Afghanistan

Financial overhaul efforts likely to get boost from Dodd's retirement plans

2010 is going to be the best year ever!

Dorgan going out in a blaze of glory.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Washington must break with dictatorial policies of the past

When did LGF quit being a conservative blog?

All Ralph Nader supporters, check in here!

How did the public option become the public's option?

Antitrust Review Planned of Comcast’s Purchase of NBC

Wal-Mart & H&M Destroy Clothing rather than Donate to Shelters

Salvation Army left short of cash by fake $25,000 check

Ron 'What the fuck are you looking at' Christie is on Harball again.

So that white supremist scum bag James W. von Brunn

Needs debunking

Vice President Joe Biden: Why America Needs Trains

US team may have found key to fight obesity: study

Ed won't run

Holy Shite - two of the so called CIA agents were

Our response to "terrorism" like heart surgery for a mosquito bite

Three ways for an economy to grow

'Gitmo Forever'?

US Marine Tells Australian Girls To Cover Up, Offends Nation

151 inCongress have $195 million invested in defense contractors earning profit from Iraq and Afghan

OK DUers lets have the definition of an absurdity

Imagine progressives boycotting a national election.

Teabaggers Don't Actually Care About Health Policy, and Here's the Proof

WaPo is farming out articles to glorified corporate PR firms masquerading as 'news services'?

This is why liberals should support private schools

Is there a cause of death that causes less fatalities than terrorism?

Gilbert Arenas was suspended indefinitely by the NBA for

Gay son prevented from donating blood to dying mother

Social security provides benefits for retirees kids under 18 and

FORCED to BUY insurance, NO public option, ABORTION restrictions. BUSH-like health care reform.

Breadline USA, starving in rural counties

Cuba: Detained US contractor was spying

SkimpyAussieGate: "Australian Open bans skimpy tennis skirts, see-through tops"

A brief interview with the devil, Mark Morford

A brief interview with the devil, Mark Morford

lying liz cheney

lying liz cheney

Let's not ask why they hate us.

39 Congressional Republicans want to trample on D.C.’s right to pass same-sex marriage law.

Cell phone exposure may protect against and reverse Alzheimer's disease

Cell phone exposure may protect against and reverse Alzheimer's disease

I expect this post to get ZERO positive replies

This is probably petty

Time to revive some Abbey quotes

Time to revive some Abbey quotes

Blackwater/Xe employee may have been the "perimeter guard" who failed to pat down the bomber

Yemen official tells AP US troops not wanted

The Whirlwind of Obama's Ambiguity - David Paul Kuhn

TPM: Pelosi Wants Excise Tax Stripped From Senate Health Care Bill

Harold Meyerson, WaPo: Without a movement, progressives can't aid Obama's agenda

Bob Barker Donates $5 Million to Help Save Whales

77,000 bad bridges X 100 good paying jobs per bridge= national unemployment reducing job creation.

I'm still for killing the HCR bill.

it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom

Afghanistan Becoming 'Unmanagable' Says UN Representative

speaking of that pos nader (for those who don't remember him)

So, are we going to actually do anything about the health insurance reform bill? Let's really talk.

So, are we going to actually do anything about the health insurance reform bill? Let's really talk.

Extremely urgent Prop 8 news

Shocker in D.C.! Liz Cheney says, "My daddy is right ..

Can Police Give You A Ticket For "Sounding" Too Fast?

513-pound tuna auctioned for $177,000

513-pound tuna auctioned for $177,000

'Dropping Like Flies'??

Liz Cheney echoes father

Just invited to join Sarah Palin group on Facebook.

Just invited to join Sarah Palin group on Facebook.

I just wanted to post a follow up to my earlier thread, clear up something, and a bit of an apology

More Than 1,050 Children Under 18 Died Last Year in (Afghan)War-Related Incidents.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: Whaling Ship Deliberately 'Plowed' Into Our Boat (VIDEO

Knight with shining armor? Yeah... right. More like 'Battered Democrat Syndrome'

Didn't Clinton getting blown in the Oval office hurt Gore's 2000 Pres. run more than Nader?

BREAKING PROP 8 TRIAL: proceedings to be posted to YouTube - no live video

California Chihuahuas are on their way to New York to find homes - pics

California Chihuahuas are on their way to New York to find homes - pics

Is it Homophobic to object to a popular fictional character being reinterpreted as a homosexual?

If health care bill passes, some changes would start fast

Blackwater/Xe Contractors were in the Inner Circle - not perimeter guards

Blackwater/Xe Contractors were in the Inner Circle - not perimeter guards

Do you think Dorgan got disgusted after the drug importation back stab?

HuffPo: Bacteria Linked To Feces Found In Nearly Half Of Fast Food Soda Fountains

We need Ed's voice in the Senate....if you agree with me, please contact him--->

George W. Bush's first year in office (List of 77 accomplishments*).

Movie: "The Cove"

2020: China Rises, the U.S. Declines and the Planet Strikes Back

Just heard good news (to me anyway) about R. Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel to run for Chicago mayor?

Female toads inflate to avoid sex

A Serious Problem of Private Security Contractors in Afghanistan

Democracy Now! Interview: US-Led Forces Accused of Executing Schoolchildren

Democracy Now! Interview: US-Led Forces Accused of Executing Schoolchildren

Does PETA oppose the keeping of pets?

Buddhists to Brit Hume: We forgive you

My Reinterpretation of Zorro - a Thought Experiment

I found a cool t shirt that will piss off any birthers around you

Notorious Jew-Bashing Professor and White-Power Political Party

Democrats Should Have NO Business with Corporations.

A manifesto for progressives

How Bout A Little Street Theater?

Derek Black of Stormfront may sue Florida Republicans to gain committeeman seat.

A Profound Article about Walmart

I cannot wait to watch the faces of the right-wing pundits on election

Wow. Two different perspectives on the sinking of the Ady Gil by Japanese whalers...

Thom just read The Straight Story's post on his show.

Man charged with setting homeless man on fire

FDR on why forcing people to buy private insurance is a bad idea:

Ann Coulter says she’s afraid of anal, foreskin bombings

ADP: 84,000 Jobs Whacked In December, Worse Than Expected

Negativism and cynicism are cop-outs. Things are what they are. I don't mean you should don your

AFL-CIO: "Cadillac tax" on health care (which Obama says is a "good idea") will ERODE COVERAGE

President as pitchman: Obama image used in ad (Outerwear company Weatherproof)

My party is poised to ram this health insurance bill down my throat

Earth 'to be wiped out' by supernova explosion

An employee of mine told me today he has cancer

Censorship out of control on the Huffington Post

Censorship out of control on the Huffington Post

Guaranteed head explosion: Billy Tauzin is now welcome at the White House

Just a profound sense of loss and betrayal.

Let's forget about ships fighting. This poll is exclusively about whaling itself.

Byron Dorgan appearing on Ed Show at 6 PM.

See who is stealing California Water and why there is a shortage

Nader's on the front page of DU.

Public backlash stuns sterilized mother of nine

C-SPAN: Si . . . Secrecy: No !! . . . . . . . . . Healthcare-for-All: Si . . . Campaign Lies: No !!

I recieved my DNC 2010 Presidential Survey...

From the Dept. of Nothing Better To Do: Mormon Church Monitors Blog by Nice Lady from Philadephia

On the accussations of "Would you rather have McCain/Palin?" thrown at some

On the accussations of "Would you rather have McCain/Palin?" thrown at some

So, what are WE going to do for those who can't afford health care?

Pelosi: Obama is committed to unpopular "Cadillac Tax"

Intellectual Property Is Cultural Theft - Thoughts

The current Depression II ....... cyclical or systemic?

Bottom line? It's either Obama and the dems or Romney/Palin/? and the repukes

For TV owners without cable: Has digital transmission improved your reception?

All union members, check in here.

Spike in H-1B workers enrolled at Wash. colleges at in-state tuition rate

I'd rather be killed by a terrorist

Glenn Beck has mythologized his childhood so much that he's lost touch with reality.

Cal State Prof Starts His Own Hate Group

Advice for those not used to dealing with the cold and ice

Prediction: People marching in the streets by summer ... Jobs, Foreclosures, Credit Cards ...

Why I support Dan Onorato for PA Governor

Tea Party Leader Warns GOP Pols: We're 'Turning Our Guns' On You

At some point you just say you are done. And I am at that point.

I talked to some anti-abortion protesters at the Hardees.

Checa tu E-mail

YouTube - Dave Attell's "Amesterdam Pot Shop" clip from "Insomniac"

I haven't visited a movie food bar in 20 years

Good program on Nova tonight.

I lost 3 pounds on the atkins diet. And I feel pretty good. Not hungry or anything like that.

Public hair ( poll )

Sharon Stone to Guest Star on 'Law & Order: SVU'

How many at bats is your job equal to??

Dave just slammed LIMBOsevic and Shrub BUT GOOD!1

You put your right foot in,

Yakko's The Nations of the World - why ask why?

Who the fuck you roll with?

Did LENO just hint at being cancelled?

I do believe I'm gang bang weary

A tale of Jungle Jim and Porky the Pirate

I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech

Video: Woman throws fit in Kansas City McDonald's

Match Game Story: "For the new year, Salacious Sally tuned up her ____ lubing it up with olive oil."

A great way to start the day...

Help! There's water slowly dripping through a light fixture...

Have you guys seen this?

Bunsen, Beaker. Focus!

Good morning Lounge

If you see Fonzie too, check in here.

FL DUers: help me out w/ something here, please

I can't believe there is no flamewar going on about the death of the Johnson and Johnson heiress.

William Shatner Sings To George Lucas

iPhone app lets you see your friends naked

Horror writer recommendations, please.

Tell me about the American Community Survey

Congrats to The Hawk making it into The Hall - well deserved

I do not believe in the "big bang" theory

Would you be insulted if...

Do you consider the word "sexist" broad?

Music Break -- Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire Live

"Lost" Producers Come Full Circle In Final Season.

Friendly advice: Don't click on this weight-loss website link

Julie Delpy - A Waltz for a Night

Wind - Soulstice

Youtube finds out what happens when you mess with 4chan...

I finally gave GD a taste of its own medicine

I should have gotten a second crusty roll to go w/ my soup

It's prob been asked a million times, but do you like your iPhone?

My three year old refuses to stay in the room during his favorite tv shows

Who in their right mind would think this was a good idea?

I'm in tears over this cake...

I keep waking up an hour before my alarm goes off. Anybody else ever have this problem?

The Big Unit retires, what a wonderful career......46 years old and pitched in '09

Ten words you need to stop misspelling

Best Ringtone EVAH

I do not believe in The Big Bang Theory

My oldest friend in the world made this video for me

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/6/09

Chumming for Piranhas

Is This The Fight Republicans Want?

"Inglourious Basterds" star Eli Roth stung 200 times by sea urchins

Check out one of the coolest music sites ever

The Traitor Dick Cheney Would have been pulling the same shit on McCain.

Do you, lke me, have difficulty telling if you're watching a Keanu Reeves or Christian Bale movie?

Dorgan's retirement spotlights the importance of Dems holding seats

Fla. GOP chair resigns in effort to reunite party

Bennett gets new challenger

Obama, House Dems finalize decision to bypass formal health care conference

FEC demands more information on McMahon campaign vendors

Lip reading-- is there anything to it? A deaf co-worker of mine was of the opinion it was just

This is Darra$h Murphy and she wants to stand as a Democratic Candidate.

NYC-Mayor: Thompson to Run Again in 2013; NY-Sen-B: Harold Ford?


Ritter Dropping Out in Colorado?

Obama signs final bill legalizing marijuana!!!

Stone Cold Steve Austin breaks Sylvester Stallone's neck. Literally.

Richard Blumenthal (or why the NRSC is about to stop returning Rob Simmons' calls.)

What is bad about the Senate health care bill?

Graham Censured By 3rd County GOP

Yoni or Yanni?

Joe Wilson Hiking Appalachian-ish Trail With Intern Babe (Wonkette)

Study shows that adults get more completely unidentifiable shit on their bodies as they age.

I highly recommend the movie "Danny Deckchair."

The Day Dodd Jumped the Shark

CIA bomber coerced to work for Jordan spy agency

Lose 1, Win 1?

Whoppee.. here we go.. now the right and their toadies are in a snit over the HCR debates

Elective office is no longer fun. Favs are being called in. Massive retirements are just beginning.

Dems agree that House will take up, tweak Senate healthcare bill

OBAMA inherited BUSH's intelligence (or not so intelligent) system

Colbert Knocks Conservative Pundits For Promoting Racial Profiling (VIDEO)

>>>>Dodd to Retire from Senate

Eugene Robinson - "Dick Cheney's lies about President Obama"

Must Read from Joe Conason: Knee Jerks

Does anyone have a bullethole list of what the HCR bill will do that is GOOD for us? I need it asap

Candidate warning, if you're not a "geek" forgetaboutit.

Glenn Greenwald: Cheney's stenographers fight back

'Good' retirements for Dems - where a new candidate is better than the incumbent (PPP)

CO-Gov: Source Tells Political Wire That Ritter Will Drop Out (Update: It's Happening)

"I’ve taken all the tough votes for Obama that I intend to take this term"

Greg Sargent's Plumline: Emerging Counter-Argument: Republicans have more retirements than Dems

Sen. Dodd gave great speech. Loved his daughters' hand on his back and head on shoulder at the end.

thom hartmann on how intelligence agencies may be purposely undermining obama.

A man who makes $30 million a year goes to the hospital...

A friend of mine sent me this post...

Jeez-MSNBC will NOT get off their poll which had Obama at 47%...

MI-Gov: Cherry Drops Out

Against the Leftbaggers

MSNBC: Ed Schultz says he has been asked to run for Dorgan's Senate seat in North Dakota!

Dorgan was going to face a tough re-election

What Republican Senate Seats are up shaky this year?

Political Wire: Dem's Chris Van Hollen Expects Just a Few More Retirements (And Below Average)

President Obama receives praise in National Review for new airport screening measures

Ed Shultz could win the election if he decided to run..

What's with the mass retirements in both parties?

I thought the new Star Trek was REALLY well cast - except for Chechov.

Obama Toughens Oil Drilling Rules

" If we were bombing them, you can bet we would be profiled"

Why does Cheney hate Pres. Obama so much?

Nancy Pelosi takes swipe at President Obama's campaign promises

Dodd + Dorgan =/= Doom

Chuck Todd: "There's been a math discrepancy on Senate retirements: it's 4 Dem seats vs 6 GOP seats"

Paul Begala thinks Obama should've taken blame instead of passing the blame to agencies.

Democrat Earl Pomeroy Won't Run For North Dakota Senate Seat

I find it hard to believe the Bush Administration was as transparent as Obama has been. Anyone?

If music be the food of love, play on

Are there any Jon Testers lurking in North Dakota?

Federal Jobs Web Site Change to Include Gender Identity is Step in Right Direction

CBC reports that pregnant women won't have to do airport full body scans

Tea Party Leader Warns GOP Pols: We're 'Turning Our Guns' On You

Will we see significant losses in Congress later this year due to no Public Option, war, economy?

Ohhhh Burn! The "Beck phone" line is open (Media Matters)

Sec. Hilda Solis announces $100 million in green jobs training grants

Salazar: Without Bush administration, oil industry no longer 'kings of world'

The Legacy Of Chris Dodd

In the name of everything I care about and all the positions I passionately hold

My caregiver made rice krispie treats with 2 grams of canna butter per square

Pelosi: Democrats are 'very close' to health care deal after Obama meeting

Do you prefer a moderate Republican Party to their current wacky status?

This is an issue Dems should embrace -- Not run away from (A Golden Oldie from my journal)

From Obama, tough words, no pink slips

**Breaking: Chris Dodd Will Not Seek Re-Election**

Depressing: Billy Tauzin (ex-rep, big phara rep) visited the WH 11 times

Harold Ford Jr. wants to run against the current Democrat Senator in NY State WHAT!!!!!!!

Multinational Corporations are kind of like Terminators when you think about.

It's all OUR fault, right?

Blumenthal to run for Dodd's Senate seat (AP)

A fifth major lesson of 2009: center-left disagreement is essential to center-left governance

Netflix/Roku thank you

Why is good news (Fewest Job cuts in 2 years, Lowest Job cuts planned for 9 years,

If the republicans ever did get back in power.. this country would be a hell on earth

POLL: Blumenthal Holds Huge Leads (31+ points) in Senate Race

MissHoneychurch found these links for me

I'm sorry but the idea of Ed Shultz running for Senate isn't a good idea

Ed Schultz Is EXACTLY What Progressives Need. EXACTLY What We Need.

GOP Mikey Steele on TV saying "Why doesn't Obama send daughters to Public school?"

Fuck. I just had a fender-bender.

Kerry slams Cheney's 'hysteria'

What Liberal Revolt?

Rep. Virginia Foxx: Every Promise Obama Has Kept Endangers Our Lives

2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe import killer

Obama unveils $250 million math, science program

Head of group that blew up the CIA spooks was Ronald Reagan's guest

Best all time 'The X-Files' episode?

Warren Ballentine: The Whitehouse cut a deal with Chris Dodd

This stinks, New Dems!

Do you consider the word "broad" sexist?

Meet my newest great-nephew

IBTL race in GD

I'm staying *OUT* of LBN and GD...

Study Shows Women with freckles on their left toe get wrinkled as they grow old

Have u ever been to a county Hospital or any other hospital where people don't have insurance?

we won the lottery!

MA-Sen: Rasmussen Sees Coakley Leading Brown by 9

MA-Sen: Rasmussen Sees Coakley Leading Brown by 9

Another Steele gaffe: Honest Injun!

Peter Orszag has a love child!

I'm a union man now.

What year did you join DU? Please read instructions.

NYC's Heroin How-To Handbook Not A Hit

CIA reportedly ordered Blackwater to murder 9/11 suspect

Ralph Nader tells us: Health care reform "weak"; Tea Partiers "nothing"; Obama a "corporatist" ...

Attorneys General Challenging Constitutionality Of Health Reform Awash In Cash From Health Industry

Rahm Emanuel Reportedly Considering Run For Chicago Mayor

OH SNAP! Pelosi On Obama: 'There Were A Number Of Things He Was For On The Campaign Trail'

Joan Rivers bumped off flight in Costa Rica when Continental gate agent finds passport suspicious

Dodd to Step Down Before November Election, NBC Reports

Police leave ransom note for pot plants, nab alleged grower

Bob Barker Donates $5 Million to Help Save Whales

US company sues China for Green Dam 'code theft'

(DLC head, anti-gay rights) Harold Ford Jr. Weighs a Challenge to Gillibrand

Hoeven planning to run for the Senate

Egypt, Hamas exchange fire on Gaza frontier, 1 dead

Fed judges: Wash. felony inmates should get vote

How a Double Agent Lured Seven CIA Operatives to Their Deaths

Yoko Ono makes huge donation to help Philippine tropical storm victims

Suicide bomber kills 6 Russian policemen

Protesters Rally Against Deportation of Immigrant Rights Activist

Exclusive: TSA Workers Caught Using Drugs?

(Connecticut Attorney general) Blumenthal ready to announce (Dodds Senate Seat)

Police: Five Iraqi women killed in collision with US forces

(Chicago) Woman charged in head scarf-pulling incident pleads guilty

Confusion grows over how bomber infiltrated CIA base in Afghanistan

MPs Call For Vote On Gordon Brown Leadership

Costa Rican volcano erupts after long silence

Suspect in Deaths of 5 G.I.’s Is Freed, Iraqi Official Says

Ex-SEAL killed in suicide attack was Xe employee

Newark airport's security cameras not recording during Sunday breach

Ritter dropping out in Colorado

Liz Cheney echoes father

If health care bill passes, some changes would start fast

Cold Grips Much Of US, Florida Races To Save Crops

Feds oppose closing locks to stop Asian carp

Judge: Return $21M in gold to Stanford customers

Violence Hits Both Sides of Kashmir

Al Qaeda chief captured in Yemen

Baltimore mayor to resign under plea deal

(IL) State panel approves sale of Illinois prison to house terrorism suspects

Iowa Senate Leader Rules Out Gay Marriage Debate

(BBC investigation) 'Flaws' in key Lockerbie evidence

U.S. convoy's driving questioned in wreck that kills Iraqis

Michigan Students Reprimanded for 'Distasteful' 9/11 Shirts

UN Afghan head calls for change

Suspect in Holocaust museum shootings dies in prison hospital

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 6

Hotel Workers, Trumka (President of AFL-CIO) Arrested at Sit-In for Fair Contract

Hotel Workers, Trumka (President of AFL-CIO) Arrested at Sit-In for Fair Contract

GM's Whitacre Predicts Company Will Be Profitable in 2010

US forges alliance with Saddam Hussein officers to fight al-Qaeda

Nigerian man indicted in foiled airline attack on Christmas Day

Justice Department to Study Comcast Takeover of NBC

Obama orders Postal Service to deliver medicine in case of Anthrax attack

Sen. McCain Calls on Justice Dept. to Appeal Blackwater Massacre Case

France Socialist party opposes burka ban

Catholic Portugal set to legalise gay marriage

Conn. AG running for fellow Democrat Dodd's seat

Salazar to Toughen U.S. Drilling Rules

S.C. Sen. Graham dismisses county GOP group's censure

A medical breakthrough: VA, Kaiser to share records

Connecticut’s Attorney General Will Seek Dodd’s Senate Seat

Premiums are key issue for health care negotiators-(Obama) House Democrats seek affordable premiums

Yemen opposes any US troops in terror fight

Worst RNC cash flow in a decade

Job cuts: Fewest in 2 years

Ed Schultz Asked to Run for Senate by ND Dem Leadership (Dorgan seat)

Prop. 8 Judge Says Yes To Cameras

US diplomat back in Honduras seeking to heal rifts

Study finds medication of little help to patients with mild, moderate depression

Wipro tops list of H-1B visa professionals in 2009

Ex-SEAL killed in suicide attack was Xe employee

Police May Scrap Entrance Exam: Report

Court Rules Obama’s Detention Powers Not Limited by Laws of War

Connecticut Senator Dodd to announce retirement

KFC accused of racism over Australian advertisement

Dem leaders to forgo conference

CIA attacker ranked best Al-Qaeda informant in years: report

Harold Ford Jr. Weighs a Challenge to Gillibrand

Obama to announce training initiative for math, science teachers

Autism 'Clusters' Linked To Parents' Education

Japanese survivor of both U.S. atomic bomb attacks dies at 93

Japanese ship sinks whale protest boat Ady Gill

France Socialist party opposes burka ban

H&M, Wal-Mart Destroy Unsold Clothing: Report

US drone strikes hit Pakistan

More ex-Guantanamo detainees joining militants -US

I'm an asshole.

PETA’s use of First Lady in advertisement angers White House

Looking Backward: Economics and the Cult of Yesterday

Dean Baker: Washington post RIP

Harold Ford Jr. Weighs a Challenge to Gillibrand.

The End of Al-Qaeda

Robert Fisk: America's desire to be loved and feared has long misled CIA

Say Goodbye to Free Online Television !

Another Brit Hume 'Double-Bogey': Claims Miniature Golf Needs To Be More 'Christian'

Slow Start for Military Corps in Afghanistan

South Caroline Republicans rebuke Sen. Graham for being too bipartisan. Not enough of the killer

Bankers are as valuable as film stars or athletes, insists Goldman Sachs director

Report From The Move Your Money Front

The First HuffPost Book Club Pick of 2010: Shadow Elite by Janine Wedel

How CIA was fatally duped by Jordanian double agent

New Dems met with Wall Street execs to weaken finance reform.

Banks' Favorite Dem Set To Chair Banking Committee

Rubin Rides Again

The Road to Healthcare is Paved with Bad Intentions

The Nation, KvH on Acorn...McCarthyism is alive and well...

When Good Socks Go Bad

My Lunch With the CIA

Do u like ice with your poop....

The 15 Most Hated Companies In America

Is This McCarthyism 2.0? Inside the Right's Battle with ACORN (Esquire)

FDL--Obama Style and the Looming Losses in 2010

Teabaggers imploding!!! They just can't believe the rich righties aren't

Poll: Voters Reject Health Care Mandate Without Public Option, Medicare Buy-In

Hardball - Matthews goes 'street' on RNC Chair Michael Steele

Rick Warren Lies

Song: America, America (American War Paar Da) (critical of American foreign policy)

Scott Lively's "Nuclear Bomb" in Uganda

CNN Looks Into How YouTube Is Being Used As A Recruitment Tool By Terrorists

Rachel Maddow: Democrats dodge the GOP to reconcile HCR bill

Slovak Police Send Plastic Explosives To Ireland In An Airline Passenger's Luggage By Mistake

Steele: 'The Tea Party Movement is a Revelatory Moment for Us'

Tax the speculators and create a public bank

Cancer Cured in Canada, But Big Pharma Says NO WAY!

The Torturer: non-fiction interrogation tactics?

Thom Hartmann - The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe w/ Dr. James Hansen

Rachel Maddow: GOP seems to suck at exploiting Terra now

$10 is not enough. Oregon, Vote YES on 66 and 67

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Announces $100 Million in Grants for Green Jobs Training

TYT: Wes Clark Jr & Michael Shure Debate Conservative from VDARE on Hiring Muslims

Tea Party leader doesn't want Steele to join his ranks

House Health Care Press Conference

Olbermann: To Neal Boortz on U.S. Health Care Deaths - 'Remind Me Again, Who Are The Terrorists?'

Olbermann: To Neal Boortz on U.S. Health Care Deaths - 'Remind Me Again, Who Are The Terrorists?'

Republican Strategist Can't Name One Way That Republicans Helped the Country in the Last 10 Years

(Sea Shepherd's) Ady Gil loses bow to Japanese whaling vessel.

Sea Shepherds' OWN video of Ady Gil being rammed by Japan's Shonan Maru 2

People & Power - White Power USA

an old creepy red baiting Walter Winchell video

Thom Hartmann - Is the voice of the middle class becoming more violent?

Countdown: Rev. Welton Gaddy Calls Out Brit Hume on His B.S. Over Tiger Woods

GM rice on its way in China

They went to jail. What will you do?

Bob Barker Donates $5,000,000 to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (xpost)

Replacing the Light Bulb With...Glowing Wallpaper?

Without Ice Cap As Wave Damper, Arctic Basin May Sustain More Biomass, But Melt Even Faster

Russia beckons Belarus to heel in oil supply row

Richard Heinberg Museletter: The Meaning of Copenhagen

China faces new risk: attacks on pipelines

Dennis Meadows - Economics and Limits to Growth: What's Sustainable?

Suarez develops new solar distillation pond methods

Drumbeat: January 6, 2010

Demand for upgraded energy efficiency at home is weak

Reports Suggest Gov. Officials Knew "Weeks Or Months" Of Melamine Milk Before Closing Dairy - WSJ

Namibia's Signature Tree, The Quiver - Giant Aloe Species - Dying In Large Numbers; Now Red-Listed

Redefining Drought - Schoolkids In NSW Town Have To Bring Their Own Drinking Water To School

Scientists Target East Coast Rocks for CO2 Storage

Peak Driver

40% Of Inshore Great Barrier Reef Choked With Masses Of Seaweed - AFP

Fox et al claim CIA has diverted resources to climate research

Asia May Have Become Top Buyer of South African Coal

Story of How the State Ruined the Toilet

Hockey: World Juniors Championships. Canadian Domination Is Over!

Congratulation to Iowa and their Loyal fans tonight!

A couple of Sports Cartoons...

Percy Harvin is Rookie of the Year

Late Outback Bowl post

What will Mark May, the 4-letter and CBS have to talk about now that Tebow has ascended to heaven

Here's one for Condem and Happyiowan...I-O !

Arenas suspended (now linked)

How's your MLB team doing this off-season?

The Big Ten looked strong this year

[Andre] Dawson only player elected to Hall of Fame

Why Were The Steelers Playing Georgia Tech Tonight?

***Official GMAC Bowl thread: Central Michigan-Troy***

ha! Clinton Portis is criticizing Jason Campbell's professionalism?

Randy Johnson retiring

Thank god Boise State didn't play either of the teams tonight. They

US diplomat back in Honduras seeking to heal rifts

Colombian rebels say they killed governor

Egypt, Hamas exchange fire on Gaza frontier, 1 dead

Abbas: '67 borders precondition to talks

Israel court stirs fierce debate with Highway 443 ruling

Israeli officers cancel UK trip for fear of arrest

Israel to deploy Gaza rocket interceptor by June

Putting Lens on Lives in Suspended Animation in Gaza

Death threats ups security for Israeli minister

Aid convoy breaks Gaza seige

Egypt, Hamas exchange fire on Gaza frontier, 1 dead

Haaretz Editorial: Israel must stop boycotting International Criminal Court

If Ed Schultz replaces Byron Dorgan, do we get another pro-RKBA Democratic Senator?

Why do "they" say....

Lincoln Campaign Manager Argues Against EFCA At Arkansas Event

Today in Labor History Jan 6 Endorses the principle of equal pay for equal work between men and wome

Hotel Workers Rising: Civil Disobedience In San Francisco

$174 Billion “Jobs For Main Street Act” Is In The Senate

In Second Vote, Rockville General Nurses Join Union

More Troops to War, Few Dollars for Jobs. What’s Wrong with This Picture?

TPMDC: Pelosi Wants Excise Tax Stripped From Senate Health Care Bill

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Announces $100 Million in Grants for Green Jobs Training

Yes we had him here

Predictably, the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission blames teh Gays, mostly....

Trying to find a movie, has a horrific revenge rape scene in it.

twitter war between Dr. Horrible and Captain Harkness

The transgender "thing"

A report from the front lines: Yesterday I posted this in GD:

JANUARY CONTEST - Four slots left (Jan 5, 8pm PST)

drunken idiot aftermath

Photodocumentary of artist's 42 day project - Scupture a Day

I'm about to get banned.

Does anyone know of a site that talks about camcorders?

more sat/desat selective color


HLC could prove the existence of Multiverses or Parallel Universes

Alan Alda Looks for "The Human Spark" (PBS tonight)

the future circa 1993

I sold a print on Red Bubble

Anyone save that link to the very cool (free) astronomy app someone posted?

Check out this cool new forklift. Video

Check out this cool OLD snow machine (1929) Video.

Politicians and celebrities shamed for science gaffes

Pimco signaling "no confidence" in US and British govt. bonds.

So were in Recovery mode eh?


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/6/09

Silicon Valley 'Bloodbath' Leaves Entire Office Buildings Empty

one more post...a poem...that turned into a song....

a post about ghosts...

Fed Missed This Bubble. Will It See a New One?

Want a quick way to loose weight?

Few Americans With Major Depression Receive Adequate Treatment

Popular Drugs (Paxil, imipramine) May Help Only Severe Depression

Osteoporosis Drugs: Good Medicine or Big Pharma Scam?

UCal scientists: Autism's 700% rise largely due to environmental factors

Diane Ravitch: The New Era of Greed

Snow day yesterday. Snow day today. Snow day tomorrow.

New Orleans Casts A Wide Net For Teachers

Special-Ed Funds Redirected

Gibbons to unveil major "education reform" plan today

How Can We Tell When Arne is Lying?

Parents Assaulted and Kidnapped

California Assembly approves bills for Race to the Top funds

Autism May Cluster Among Highly Educated

Why does a V8 Weekly Pak