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Archives: January 7, 2010

Time: U.S. Job Satisfaction Falls to Record Low

BBC probe casts doubt on Lockerbie evidence

I don't get the Dorgan/Dodd "sky is falling" talk. I am sure there are vulnerable Repubs (like Burr)

Now this is funny. Westboro Church Does Lady Ga Ga

I have a proposition ...

Unexpectedly strong report on manufacturing activity Monday bolstered confidence

Who is watching Chris Matthews right now?

So, what does it take to get to voice your opinion on national TV?

Unmarked power line probed in Calif. copter crash - Four Dept. of Fish and Game biologists killed

Repugs want to revoke Washington DC's right to approve same-sex marriage

New Corporate Asshole Strategy, Pretend you are a small business

WaPo: Recession over? Not unless we make a major shift

Holocaust Museum Shooter Dies In The Slammer

Bagger Erudition

Euro Bankers Fly To Greece For Dramatic Emergency Meeting

Calling all artists : TSA Logo Contest

Federal judge wants Prop. 8 trial shown to the public

Even Ron Christie is not able to support my Congress critter's Virginia Foxx's deluded bleating.

Experts: Cold Snap Doesn't Disprove Global Warming

"Security Theatre"-Conservatives Dont Give A Shit About Our Safety & Are Promoting al Qaeda's Agenda

NYT: Suicide Bombing Puts a Rare Face on C.I.A.’s Work (details of the lives of the victims)

Obama Reneges on Health Care Transparency (CBS)

Paterson Speech Chastises Lawmakers

Paterson Speech Chastises Lawmakers

Bumpersticker idea

crosses in potato

Cool article!

Scan, baby, scan.

Republicans put new hold on TSA nominee Erroll Southers

So liberals, are you spineless?

Grist: Economics as pathology, part two

Stephen Harper's George W. Bush Ambition

gun ownership is a non-iissue. it's protected by the bill of rights

Those of you demanding that the rest of us accept HCR(which means accepting the Senate version)

About time we told the rethugs to pound sand

This is going to make repubs puke: Obama 2010 Approval Looks Like Reagan's

Bomb-sniffing dogs demoted at PHL

A Clash of Civilizations in Nigeria

If you are on FACEBOOK, you shouldread this...

America's love affair with cars stalls as car sales slump to record low

Just Send Dick Cheney To Gitmo (toon)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Scahill: Blackwater and the Khost Bombing: Is the CIA Deceiving Congress?

Ritter Succumbs to a Labor Latino Coalition

I am not certain that Guliani is any smarter than Bush

So January showed up and my expectations of new budgets and hiring have been dashed

So January showed up and my expectations of new budgets and hiring have been dashed

So January showed up and my expectations of new budgets and hiring have been dashed

Dem Leaders Scheme to Scrap Health-Reform Conference Committee

exploitation of the Obamas

Dear Wall Street, Your Worst Nightmare Is Coming To The Senate

A good amount of the soft drinks that you get as fountain beverages

Terrorized by the media-If Anything, Failed Bombing Shows Us How LITTLE We Need To Fear al-Queda

82,000+ say YES to Prop 8 televised trial

PM should replace 'rammed' Ady Gil - Greens

NY Times - "Health Care Changes Wouldn’t Have Big Effect for Many"

Marshals seize $1 million in food from warehouse

American Humanist Association To Brit Hume: 'Your comments are shameful & you should apologize'

Hahahahaha ...... Poor Mikey Steele ..... will they fire his dumb ass for this?

So if Tiger Woods converts to Christianity, who should attend his Baptism?

Tangerine LaBamba - did anyone find out her nom de plume?

Catholic Portugal set to legalise gay marriage

USA Drops to 7th Place as France Beats USA as "World's Best Place to Live"...

Odd ends in the culture wars: Tanning and raising geeks

Palin produces evidence of Obama death panels...

Craig Ferguson...LOL

'NPR is a Left Wing Jihadist deal'

One for the Palin conspiracy theorists -- you know who you are...

Courage campaign 100,000 sign petition in 24 hours for cameras in Prop 8 fed trial

Interesting That The Price Of Oil Has Gone Up Every Day For The Last Ten - Why?.......

Wow, even Starbucks is an over display of affluence in Dubai.

Palin: Even though it's stupid as shit, I'm "Not Gonna Back Off" Death Panel Claim

Iowa Senate leader rules out gay marriage debate

Aid groups warn of Sudan civil war risk

Double A-bomb survivor, 93, dies

Louisiana prison offers ministry degree to inmates

Afghanistan CIA killings a major blow to US and Jordan

Women: Take the ‘Pearl Pledge’ to protect yourself from cervical cancer

Past Peak Oil Travelling towards Transition

Obama received $20 million of healthcare industry money in 2008: "The funding was not misplaced"

Court spectator sues judge for drug-testing him ‘on a hunch’

Figures show Iowa economy slowly improves

post count or join date?

"Morning Joe" watchers- a question (that may have been asked before)

Why even have a House of Representatives..

ABC NEWS: Mystery Surrounds Contractors' Role at CIA Base

William L. Calley — 2nd Lieutenant, Platoon Leader of 1st Platoon, Charlie Company apologized.

From Al to EMILY: Franken campaign manager Schriock to head List

The Tea Party movement; If it requires thought they are against it.

The Making Of A Bomber

The Making Of A Bomber

The Making Of A Bomber

So let me see if I understand this.

The final moments of AA Ft#331 - flash representation

01-01-2010 The Real I.D. Law

Rep. Peter King - Romaticizes George Bush - Argues Obama Ignoring Terrorism

Memphis police charge recruit with homemade porn

Bomb suspect Abdulmutallab had been flagged for check at landing

Tea Party Pickup Lines.. ROFL..

Ted Rall: Terror plots we could really use

Yikes $22.00 for a KO bobblehead........

Random Thought Blurp

Laughing At Them, Not With Them

Funding cuts force Special Olympics to ax events

If you haven't been smacked by the Arctic blast, just wait a few hours

Terrorists and Their GOP Enablers Who Terrorize Us

Accused Holocaust museum shooter dies in prison

Legal marijuana: a cure for state budget woes?

Abramoff Ally At Interior Named To McDonnell's (VA) Cabinet

So who should be allowed to "fuck and make babies"? Who should get to breed?

The Drunkest States in America

If one replaced Fox News and the Republican Party with pull string puppets

So, Sarah Palin carpetbags to ND (no length of residency requirement) gets elected

So, Sarah Palin carpetbags to ND (no length of residency requirement) gets elected

Unemployment claims edge higher

Talking The Talk

Hr 3 of THP yesterday, "Insidious [and, might I add, often 'latent'] Leniencies"; can we categorize

Has anyone read "Economics for the Rest of Us" by Moshe Adler?

State Rep. Drops AMA Membership Over Health Reform

The uplifting story of Patrick Henry Hughes.

As a cynic, I'm convinced things are going to get better.

As a cynic, I'm convinced things are going to get better.

How about tax-DEDUCTIBLE health insurance?


Cellphone radiation is good for Alzheimer's mice

Man threatening to `kill all the Jews' taken off Miami flight, arrested

New Mexico teacher honored for saving student

2fer: JARRETT to replace Rahm? & bwa-HAH, Page Six promises never to post naked pics of COULTERgeist

'Saddam Street' upsets Iraqis

Fox News Contributor Goes Off on Anti-Gay Rant


And Now, A Message From Dick Cheney

And Now, A Message From Dick Cheney

Would you support Sarah Palin as Tea Party candidate for President?

Cameron Reagan...Saint Ronnie's grandson, Michael Reagan's son...arrested at his home in Los Angeles

OpenLeft: Democrats would gain 10 Senate seats by eliminating the filibuster

Wells Fargo should probably monitor teh intenetz a little more closely

msnbc now. In some States 911 operators are hired from fast food

Ronald Reagan's Grandson Arrested

Villain of the winter's tale lies in Greenland (why it's so cold here and warm there)

An Insatiable Thirst For The End of the World

Koppel May Replace Stephanopoulos

Vtamin D cuts major disease risk by 50-80% - can significantly reduce health care costs

The Most Religious States in America

How the Military Hides Dissent in the Ranks

Wingnuts freaking out about voting rights. Again.


Study predicts $1.5 trillion increase in GDP if undocumented immigrants are legalized.

Santa Delivers For U.S. Retailers - Expectations Surpassed

Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange stabbed himself 9 times in suicide attempt

Where is Dylan Ratigan?

Top 10 Jobs for the next decade.......

Greetings from the war criminal of a Dick

Why did Oliver North's Senate bid fail?

Banks' Favorite Dem Set To Chair Banking Committee

Footprints show tetrapods walked on land 18m years earlier than thought - Fundie heads explode

To all you white black-skinned mutants – the evolution of skin color

K&R if you want Ed Schultz to go for it!

Public transport paralyzed as Kenya's minibus taxi drivers strike - passengers overload train - pic

"No Longer Majority Black, Harlem Is in Transition"

Anyone know anything about website,

Freak Current Takes Gulf Stream to Greenland

I am so sick of right wingers saying "where is your global warming now"

Taking the fringe to school

Yet another mother kills her child

Maritime New Zealand to investigate the Ady Gill Collision

Gilbert Arenas suspended by NBA indefinitely, without pay, for storing guns in his locker.

Is anyone listening?

Watch how Homeland Security Warnings were a Scam!!!

So what's the verdict on Keith Olbermann's "Mini-comments"?

Thread to call on Ned Lamont to run for Dodd's Senate seat

Thread to call on Ned Lamont to run for Dodd's Senate seat

LOLcats don't like Faux either:

"Negro" on the 2010 Census (Rachel Maddow)

The WTF Moment of the day

Steele Lashes Out At Critics: Fire Me Or Shut Up

Arnie's big plan to save Ca.? Privatize the prisons.

Tinley Woman Pleads Guilty for Hate Crime

Consumer Loan Delinquencies Fell in Third Quarter as U.S. Job Losses Ease

Republicans put new hold on TSA nominee Erroll Southers

GOP Rep. Mike Coffman Says Single-Payer Health Care "Works"

Rising U.S. Foreclosures Pressure Lenders to Consider Principal Reduction

Rising U.S. Foreclosures Pressure Lenders to Consider Principal Reduction

Vicki Kennedy Endorses Coakley, Cites Ted's Work On Health Care

Nation's Largest Nurses Organization Blasts Bid to Tax Employee Healthcare Benefits

This "Family" member Rachel Maddow had on her show the other night?

Why can't we catch Bin Laden... a man with a $50 Billion bounty on his head?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: 3 dead, including presumed gunman, after rampage at North Side power co.

Beef .. I just can't eat it any more

El Rushbo About To Get The Second City Treatment...

Rep. Chris Murphy vs. Lieberman?

Good Credit Score Not Good Enough Anymore

Andrea Mitchell STFU

The President broke his PROMISES

Comcast & MSNBC

Maddow Says 'Liberal Troll' Wasn't Her

GOP congressman praises government health care system that paid for his treatment.

Sarah Palin will headline first-ever Tea Party Convention

Tea Party gets pranked. They think they banned Rachel Maddow from their site.

No more menorahs at the Leander (Texas) Public Library?

No more menorahs at the Leander (Texas) Public Library?

Saw concrete evidence of the stimulus at work today.

How much do YOU think this party should care about poverty?

William Greider: Looting Social Security, Part 2

Naked jogger nabbed after run near White House

The Teabusters-1,000,000 Strong Against the Tea Party Movement March for Change this month!

Crazy person on Hartmann

Obama: FDR on Steroids! Favors "Cadillac" tax over taxing the rich.

Is DU Accepting Advertising Against Us?

Obama’s top counterterror official kept skiing after Christmas bomb attempt

On DU threads about overpopulation, everyone ignores the elephant in the living room.

President Obama to speak at 3.00pm Eastern about the

They better watch out, Obama is bad ass

The ads are getting worse

Stern Sidekick in Suicide Try

Singer Mary J. Blige punched her husband in the face at a nightclub

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

A Promise Broken on a vow to end no-bid contracts

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Obama's budget chief has child with ex-girlfriend, engaged to another woman



Flight 253 Intel: What Did They Know And When Did They Know It?

Flight 253 Intel: What Did They Know And When Did They Know It?

"Danish Prime Minister Announces Invasion of Somalia"...

There Will Be NO 2010 Election.

1,350 GM dealers who lost their franchises last year could see them restored

The Rude Pundit: Why Ann Coulter Is a C*%@, Part 102,025 (Christian Redemption Edition)

DOW dropping like a rock.......

Civilian Deaths In Afghanistan Spark Protests, Impatience With Continued Violence

Three dead so far in St Louis shooting

Recovery: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Naked Jogger Nabbed After Run Near White House

Another Birther...

(Industry Top Lobbyist) Insurers Expect Big Hit in Final Health Bill

Dammit people, why can't we figure out that costs ALWAYS filter to the end user...

Should DU have a new Big Forum for Investigative Journalism?

Breaking: Security Contractors Charged in Afghanistan Killings

***Tanker Truck Hits Special Needs Bus***

stupid knows stupid...Ex-Speaker Newt Gingrich Praises GOP Chair Steele

Telegraph UK: Man's penis removed from pipe

Canto de Ossanha and City of God

Blackwater Settles Massacre Lawsuit, Pays Families of Dead Iraqis $100,000 Each

Another Indian student killed in Australia: Racism or hard times to blame?

FOIA Request Filed for OPR Report on Bush's Lawyers


Good post about Hume's Tiger Woods comment...

Should Pediatricians Recommend Routine Circumcision?

Mother Jones: How Big Finance Bought Uncle Sam

Mother Jones: How Big Finance Bought Uncle Sam

*Sea Shepherd related* / Bob Barker to be on Rachel tonight.

Trouble At RNC HQ

Lieberman tanks

Oops an Irish Affair - Oh the crosses these RW hypocrites wear and bear everywhere

"The appetite for high level firings is diminishing"

National Weather Service Forecasts 30% chance of snow/sleet in Orlando, FL on Saturday!

Oh Shite are you watching GEM$NBC

Remember all the shite about Obama and Dawn Johnson

Calif. Board Reinstates Doctor’s License With Fatal Results

Obamatron alert: Obama is splainin' the failed attack on Christmas one more time..

Wayward Hungry Pig Captured In Nevada Co.

Atoms Right Now are discussing Their Healthcare and other threads

Should Pediatricians Recommend Routine Circumcision?

What the fuck???

GOP Vulnerabilities May Help Dems Hang On To 60 Senate Seats

What do you pay for Health Insurance??

Geology FAIL

YWAM and "the family" --very important information

Is the Devil part of "Intelligent Design" and how "intelligent" is it to create such a foe?

Past war offers Afghanistan lessons.

Past war offers Afghanistan lessons.

Past war offers Afghanistan lessons.

Plane Bomb Suspect Joined al Qaeda in London (Met American Cleric in Yemen)

The difficulties faced by our troops in Afghanistan

Angel Mother Lawrence Dedicates Life to Feeding Poor; Needs Help Paying Mortgage

Tell Pelosi & Reid: NO on MANDATE, YES on STATES' RIGHTS !

Revealing freeper comment.

US intervention could strengthen Qaeda: Yemen

New Jersey Senate Defeats Gay Marriage Bill (Mexico City more progressive than Jersey)

Oregon man freed after jetliner disruption

Do You Support Our Use of Private Security Contractors in Afghanistan?

Pass the podium-disinfectant, please.

Gasoline tops $2.70 a gallon, most since October '08

2 sentenced for sex with animals on Maury farm

Beware of Science Fiction! (Legit fundie warning -- or parody?)

GOP Aides Tell RNC: Keep Steele Quiet

TIME: The CIA Double Cross: How Bad a Blow in Afghanistan?

OMG. Undie bomber is being held in a prison in....MICHIGAN! HELP!!!!


Great nations don't hunker down

Would "Shit Happens" be an appropriate response?

All this caterwauling about who was in vacation, where, and for how long ......

Everyone stand back- I am going to protect America

Here are the names of three authors whose works sell for a

Palin - Can I Call you Joe - Way to keep Palin from calling him O Biden

You realize we are still breaking records in insured unemployment claims, right?? Here look at this-

Obama hit this one out of the park, in my opinion. On the specifics and on the big picture.

Tweety compared Cheney to a Cuckoo Clock today on his show -

Last night I dreamed Howard Dean

Insurers Expect Big Hit in Final Health Bill (WSJ)

Insurers Expect Big Hit in Final Health Bill (WSJ)

"Take Responsibility"

"Take Responsibility"

Iraqis Welcome Blackwater Indictments

Cash-strapped Florida health group stops dialysis for poor patients

honest injun

-17 wind chill

Do you like your job?

Glenn BecKKK, African-American Studies professor

Watson's Andy Gil deliberately scuttled by SSCS?

Former pro-choicer Abby Johnson says an abortion caused her conversion-Records say it never happened

Nader files lawsuit in Maine: Democrats targeted for campaign tactics

Cancer–The Deadly Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq: PROTEST to Stop these War Crimes!

Hume's comments on Buddhism, Tiger Woods upset faithful

Obama Tells House Democrats He Supports Senate Tax On Cadillac Health Care Plans

Can you give me an example of Limbaugh wishing death on somebody?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Worker goes on rampage, shoots 8, kills 3 co-workers

McCain: My Battle With Obama More Vital Than Cold War, War On Terror

“Obama Has Kept the Machine Set on Kill”

There's a lot of talk tonight about admin officials falling on their swords over the failed

'this is not a time for partisanship, this is a time for citizenship'

Tea Party Email Warns Members: Beware Liberal Trolls Like Rachel Maddow

Tea Party Email Warns Members: Beware Liberal Trolls Like Rachel Maddow

Was the Orbitz Hovercraft valet parking ad really that offensive to someone?

The State Department misspelled his name...

The State Department misspelled his name...

Congo Approves Economic Stimulus Package Of AK-47 For Every Citizen (L'onion en francais!)

Gender & Oral Argument on the Roberts Court: An Empirical Examination of the Sotomayor Hypothesis

Florida Citrus crops survive (largely) first cold snap.. second one looming.

Florida Citrus crops survive (largely) first cold snap.. second one looming.

CIA attack a blow but won't stop anti-terror hunt

Don't miss Tweety today

Good Samaritan Gives Struggling Man a New Home

Is the Secret Service Targeting the Birthers?

07jan2010: *out damned spot* (KILL THESE 2000 PAGE BILLS)!

Greenpeace Ranks Apple Highest Among Tech Companies

Gaping hole in the Senate bill would allow insurers to charge thousands more if you're sick

Oh..This is just Great! (From ABC News)

Leno is going back to his 11:30 PM time slot, and it's looking like Conan is the odd man out

Senate Gearing Up To Move Jobs Bill

Study predicts $1.5 trillion increase in GDP if undocumented immigrant are legalized.

The 15 Most Heinous Climate Villains

Do some of you not understand the importance of the Southern Ocean to wildlife?

Budget Director "Peter Orszag's Love Child Revealed"

American Enterprise Institute: Without Obama's Stimulus-Economy Would Have Done Worse-NO Recovery

U.S. Interest Rates Will Rise Sharply

Apocalypse man

Just had an earthquake in Alameda County, CA

Afghan women escape violence through suicide: report

The Plum LineGreg Sargent's blog Secret Service: Birthers’ Claim That We’re Probing Their Movement I

Valets caught racing customers' cars

Valets caught racing customers' cars

It's a renter's market. Prices fall, vacancies rise

Marriage Makes You Fat...

The Power of Ignorant Thinking

Nelson wants Medicaid deal for all states

Nelson wants Medicaid deal for all states

What's become of Dylan Rattigan?

Conservatives Dilute ‘Purity’ Test for Candidates

And Now, A Message From Dick Cheney

Once again, I feel compelled to say how great DU is..

If President Obama and our Legislators don't promptly shut-down the CIA's use of MERCENARIES,

Rudy Giuliani, Dumbass

Michigan balks at Obama's stance in Asian carp fight

Joe Conason: Dodd's heir -- Lieberman's nightmare

IMHO, the motive for the St. Louis shootings: Corp was effing with workers' retirement accounts

GOP Aides Tell RNC: Keep Steele Quiet

People are dying of cold in Europe

David Sirota: After Helping Gordon Gekko Evade the SEC, Will Geithner Finally Now Be Fired?

Predict Rahm's next career path after politics.

Judge threatens to send Walt Staton to prison because he gave drinking water to undocumented aliens!

Palin trying to re-write history by changing her definition of 'death panels'

Rush caught in more lies-

Germany Launches Probe Into Blackwater/CIA Assassination Plot

Important practical info on so-called "Cadillac" plans.

Important practical info on so-called "Cadillac" plans.

Man Caught Kicking Dog Charged With Animal Cruelty

Are American Business Interests Sociopathic?

Damnit People, Take a Moment To Inform Yourselves On WHO the "Cadillac Tax" applies to

Poll: Lieberman Hated By Everyone In Connecticut After Health Care Debates

Looks like I'm going to be laid off (along with others) at my company soon.

On Geithner, the Republicans are really going to be disappointed

Resign Mr. Geithner

NM Family Sues Funeral Home Over Brain in Bag

FOIA Request Filed for OPR Report on Bush's Lawyers

Oh Timmeh

Return of $3 gas to Indianapolis; maybe $4 by summer

Are You Gonna Have Some Fries With Your Fecal Bacteria?

Are You Gonna Have Some Fries With Your Fecal Bacteria?

Dorgan: When you screw over your friends they go home

McCain says,"I stand in Obama's way every day."

Microsoft HP Tablet PC Draws Apple Fanboy Ire

Microsoft HP Tablet PC Draws Apple Fanboy Ire

Am I kind of wrong for feeling sorry for the undie bomber?

'The buck stops with me,' Obama says on terror plot


Is gambling an ethical way to fill the gap in a state budget and keep state workers employed?

Brooklyn 6th grade teacher is selling students a book on how to identify and save people from Satan

Bartcop Is Pissed

To Nancy Pelosi's Great Credit.

Joe The Bummer? Poll Shows Lieberman's Ratings In The Dumps

Health insurance has never saved an ill person's life - medical treatment saves lives

OLBERMANN Taunts GOP By Using The Word ‘TERROR’ 27 times

We can blame the 97,000 Nader voters in Florida in 2000

Kaiser Health News: Obama Backs 'Cadillac Tax' In Final Health Bill (pop the champagne!)

Geithner's New York Fed Pushed AIG to Keep Sweetheart Deals Secret

A gentle reminder from Auth

OK, let's tell the truth! Health Insurance or not?

Science confirms that blowing up mountains harms mountains

I Am A PROUD Corporatist

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Bet I'm not alone in finding this funny! Photo of another Freeper Error.


What if, just what if, we'd had an adult in the White House on 9/11 instead of a drunken idiot?

Damning Video compiles Obama's broken promises on Cadillac, Mandates.

Try this 12 question political test and shudder at how the rest of USA did.

Blow the whistle on rich tax frauds -- go straight to jail!

Dick Cheney's Campaign Of Treason Is Unraveling

Progressives Push For House Health Care Bill In End-Game Negotiations

Kinsely: WHY are we reading Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab his Miranda rights?

Susan Molinari mulling run against Sen. Gillibrand (NY-Sen) slams Chamber of Commerce Ad for grossly Inflated Numbers

President Obama to America—Read My Lips, No Transparency

I am REALLY PISSED OFF at a lot of DU'ers here on this website

I need to be comforted about Obama

Whalers Attack Small Boat

Damnit People, IGNORE THE SPIN. Inform yourselves about what the AWFUL "Cadillac Tax" MEANS for YOU

Wal-Mart gets slap on wrist for union-busting in Hastings

Walk away from your mortgage!

Americans United says Louisiana may slant education toward creationism.

A Year After The Biggest Bailout In US history, Wall Street Lobbyists Don't Just Have Influence...





the decade for women: forward, backward, or sideways?

Sarah Does New Orleans. A suggestion!

UNDER THE RUG: What Project Censored Missed and MSM Didn't Want You to Know in 2009

Ralph Nader is just as responsible for American deaths in Iraq than George W. Bush.

Snowmen of the world Unite

Dems cry foul over church’s decision to move meeting; pastor denies race was a concern

Chair of House Progressive Caucus to Obama: It's on you...You are raising taxes on middle class

Teabaggers to Protest at Detroit Auto Show

Former Bush counsel tries to kill wife

Former Bush counsel tries to kill wife

I cried on the phone with Senator Reid's office today....

I'm watching Ron Paul on Rachel Maddow. He actually sounds a lot saner

I want some fried chicken....

A picture depicting rbnyc attempting to get DU'ers (loungers no less) to follow instructions.

A shout out to the person who gave me a star!

When the US cools down, does Canada heat up?

If I wanted my ass burned like the underwear bomber...

I hate instructions.

redwitch is now the subject of someone else's post.

LOST is like GILLIGAN'S ISLAND without coconut cream pies

True love indeed.

If it's cold out where you are, come sit by the fire and warm yourself.

Cat and Dog Video

A rare clip of The Grateful Dead trying to play for a drunk and unruly DU lounge.

uck uck uck

Dolphins playing With Bubble Rings

BREAKING: Billy Joel breathes sigh of relief as Obama nixes Cadillac-ac-ac-ac-ac-ac-ac-ac tax

Goodbye Baby

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy Live Glastonbury 08

Oh yeah,about the female mate getting heavy after marriage..

Mary Ann always trumps Ginger

PHOTO: MMMM...Cheeseburger Potstickers (sirloin, caramelized onions & cheddar filling)

"Well he kinda shoulda sorta woulda loved her if he coulda..."

Hey Hollywood... !!

"Well actually, it was you I wanted to talk to. I was just curious about something..."

The shit is really flying in GD.

Today's fail........

I'm not normally fond of remakes, but hot damn Clash of the Titans looks good!


frost on the pumpkins!

A good amount of the soft drinks that you get as fountain beverages

Any Lounger thoughts on the topic of Spam? Spam the canned meat, that is?

I'm sick of hearing "Neanderthal" used as a derogative term. Let's come up with

You've Made Me So Very Happy-Blood Sweat And Tears 1969


Is anyone listening?

Anyone here own a Roomba?

Holy crap......a 500 calorie reduction a day can lead to 10 lbs a year???

Good morning Lounge

Hey ladies! Check out this big boner!

Why do some women wear clothes they can't walk in?

Help me find a quotable authority on grammar

Why do aliens anal probe humans?

Activia commercial: Jamie Lee Curtis still has really great...

Joe Lieberman: "Independent" Senator from Connecticut that swims up your urethra.

scientific parenting

Floridians: beware of falling iguanas

Dinner for tonight on a cold day.

Why can't I stay out of GD anymore?

I forgot my wallet at home today

What would you do with 20 million tax free dollars?

AARGH! Having to get a new credit card number is a PAIN IN THE ASS!

"Who decided the "Democratic" Donkey should be Eeyore?" asked a former Clinton supporter

ADP: nonfarm private employment in the service-providing sector increased by 12,000 (updated)

In honor of the White House Streaker, I proudly present:

Blumenthal Will Run to Succeed Dodd

Republican retirements mount in House

Ala. Businessman Joins GOP Race for US House Seat

ND-Sen: Hoeven In, Pomeroy Won't Run

I was polled by Rasmussen tonight on Blumenthal entering the CT Senate race

CO-Gov: Hickenlooper Considering Race, But Will Defer to Salazar; Perlmutter Keeping Options Open

Google Chrome is awesome now that extensions work with it

AR-Sen: Getting Uglier

Turnabout- fair, perhaps, but very very cruel

Tuesday's retirement news may look worse than it really is for this year's elections

Paul Ryan Endorses Rubio

Feingold says war on terror, al-Qaida should be a global fight

Holy crap! It's 310.15 Kelvins where I'm at!

How many of you listen to Glenn Beck?

Well, Well, Well, - According to HuffPo, President Obama Will Re-Nominate Dawn Johnson

Newsweek - "Bipartisanship Is Bad" - Why President Obama Should Ignore GOP Calls On HCR.

We need to drop the health care mandate

Salazar gets White House OK for run

Just posted "any other lesbians here?" in a different forum . . .

The GOP Continues to Put American Lives at Risk

With a screech of brakes...

Wow! The future is sweet! They have flying cars

Stern Sidekick in Suicide Try

I can't decide which state is more Fun loving, Alabama or Texas

Chilly forecast (toon)

Emanuel: U.S. Is Fed Up With Israel, Palestinians

Most useless gadget ever...

Haven't heard from Orly Taitz in weeks... has she finally given up?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/7/09

Hey cable company? Why did you add Foxnews HD and not Comedy Central HD?

Have you ever deleted an email without reading it?

You know those wiggly letters you have to type before posting on

GREAT Dem opportunities for 2010

Is it wrong to lust over

Hillary Clinton to visit Hawaii next week

Bush-era Gitmo releases: A difficult specific PR problem for the WH

09 CTS-V Nurburgring Record Run 7:59.32

EPA replacing Bush smog limit with stricter rule

Exactly what are the features of the Cadillac plan that make it excessive in terms of benefits?

Big Ed:Settle Down Folks I'm not going ANYWHERE!!!!

"With Ritter Stepping Down, Democratic Prospects Improve in Colorado"

Cat pic thread! My 15 (almost 16) year old Oz catching some rays.

First stage complete

Dodd To Treasury?

Ted Koppel may return to ABC as host of "This Week"


Psycho - alpha - disco - beta - bio - aqua - do - loop

EPA replacing Bush smog limit with stricter rule (This Day just gets better and better!)

Anybody here know which jobs have been created by stimulus funds so far? I know we've saved jobs

Worst RNC cash flow in a decade

Worst RNC cash flow in a decade

Still up; tell me your secrets except not when you lost your virginity. I'm gonna assume.

"The American economy will recover even if the housing market doesn't."

"The American economy will recover even if the housing market doesn't."

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January 6th, 2010

one of life's little ironies

I don't like how Obama is letting this critique of his handling of Natl Security slide

Cosmic Slop

"Rep. Chris Murphy vs. Lieberman?"

crosses in potato

Us3 -Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

Obama to take responsibility for security mistakes, source says

Dorothy Ashby - Canto de Ossanha

Dorothy Ashby - By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Dorothy Ashby - Love Is Blue

Whoo Hoo! Amazon just delivered my "It's Garry Shandling's Show" complete DVD box set.

Cillizza: Ken Salazar will NOT run for CO Gov; Will back Hickenlooper

Our event to push our progressive Congressperson to keep fighting on Health Care Reform

Question on Dodd's retirement and Banking Re-regulations.

You Got Me

Sweetest Thing

Doo Wop

Rassmussen finds Blumenthal(CT) way ahead

Quenstion on Health Care: Will older people pay the same as younger folks?

Congo Approves Economic Stimulus Package of AK-47 for Every Citizen

Got Til It's Gone

2 ex-Blackwater Guards Charged With Murder

So, TELL ME AGAIN, why aren't we ALL marching to Washington

The night of the loving dead

I want to kill the person who invented MoviPrep

Naked jogger nabbed near White House

Share your cry-like-a-baby Twilight Zone episode(s)

PGA tour starts today with Tiger Woods absent due to knee surgery

The Big Lebowski - as written by Shakespeare

Brennan and Napolitano each speaking then 30 mins of questions at WH now. MSNBC. nt

Brennan and Napolitano each speaking then 30 mins of questions at WH now. MSNBC. nt


Rnc Scumbag On Msnbc Claiming

Why does Ronnie Reagan get so much credit for the Berlin Wall coming down? It was coming down

Kseniya Simonova's amazing sand drawing...

Hey, are there any FB users here who would be willing to friend me?

Release of the Security Review Conducted After the Failed Christmas Terrorist Attack (WhiteHouse)

TMZ Reporting: Conan O'Brien Is Out. Jay Leno Is Back On At 11:30 pm

Bootsy Collins - Stretchin'Out


Geithner instructed AIG not to inform the public about their taxpayer $$ going to banks through AIG

Artie Lang tried to commit suicide

A cucumber doesn't care if you don't shave your legs.

Sen. Nelson says he wants Medicaid deal for all states

Well, I'm beginning to think 2 cups of black Kona coffee probably wasn't the best choice

Sterling Hayden or Robert Ryan?

Can we have a policy about spoilers?


You know what I find odd about the whole underwear bomber debate

So for $2million, Beyonce will perform for Wife Beating, violent sons of dictators

About that whole 'g-spot' issue...

Panda escape -- Warning: sugar overload

I am a suicide (gut) bomber

I am a suicide (gut) bomber

‘Joe the Plumber’ endorsing Verga Saturday

Dawn Johnsen To Be Re-Nominated, plus many others.

Can peanuts go bad?

Obama and Clinton are Eisenhower Republicans?

Rahm Emanuels Brother is Ezekiel Emanuel: Peter Orszag's Medicare Plan

So, the psychiatrist I saw at the hospital last night has a treatment for my depressive phase.

PHOTO: How Obama is treating his grassroots...

Stricter New Smog Limit Would Hit Rural Areas, Too

"We are a nation at war, and the Republican's efforts to block President Obama's nominees is

"We are a nation at war, and the Republican's efforts to block President Obama's nominees is

if february 7, 2010 is super bowl xliv...

Re: National Security Report coming out today: "Americans will be 'shocked' "

Try as the media might to bring Obama down, asking how badly this attempted attack will hurt him...

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Speaks on Security Review of Attempted Terror Attack on Christmas Day

Sen Kerry about the excise tax, the good in it, the less good and how to fix it.

Source: Vicki Kennedy to endorse Coakley in Senate race

John Brennan's voice and tone is so soothing. And he seems to know everything

Pelosi: "we would not be at this historic moment without the leadership of President Obama"

Bush holdover Michael Leiter remained on ski slopes after Christmas Day airline bombing attempt

I just heard something I hadn't before...that stimulus funds went to "fictitious" zip codes

It's going to be SEVEN fucking degrees in Alabama this weekend.

Married couples will pay more than unmarried couples under health care plan

Conservative Boycott of "Too Liberal" CPAC is ON!

"I continue to urge him to recognize the genuine terrorist threat that our country continue to face"

When did LeftyFingerPop move to New Hampshire?

Bachmann finds no financial support from fellow MN Republicans

Obama to renominate Senate delayed appointees.

It seems Big Ed and HuffPost is trying to bring down Obama w/ this Geithner mess.

Remember that shoulder flick gesture Obama used in campaign?

Mmm... chai latte

Is being evil more fun than being good?

Nelson: We should have waited on health care

Administration Boosts Volunteerism In First Year

Obama Called Panty Bomber A "Terrorist" Twice

Help! I need an interesting diversional website that is non-political

Obama WILL re-nominate Dawn Johnsen

Biden's 92-year-old mother 'seriously ill'

"'Cadillac' tax isn't a tax -- it's a plan to finance real health reform"

Bob Barr defends Obama

Remember, There Were No Files

MSNBC keeps saying if there's another attack it'll be Obama's "3rd strike."

Unemployment-claims data signal job gains are near (What we have been waiting for!!!)

"Steele Lashes Out (at GOP): Critics Should ‘Get a Life,’ ‘Shut Up,’"

POLL: Lieberman Approval Tanks in CT (25% approval, 19% approve of health care reform shenanigans)

VPOTUS Returns Home as Jean Biden is Seriously Ill

Nate-dog does his Nerdy Numbers Thing on the 2010 Congressional Elections

Your reaction to "Your father/mother and I are getting married"

Republicans in Nebraska want state to stop splitting Electoral Votes

How much trouble would you be in?

Quick and dirty: Senate excise tax or House's tax on the rich?

In 107 years, Alabama has NEVER beaten Texas in college football.

Unions dont get Cadillac Health Insurance

Having an injection for a bulging cervical disc tomorrow... vibes? advice?

Candiru: Amazon fish that swims up your urethra.

Google Predicts Unemployment Rate Will Be 9.4% Tomm.

Stimulus Facts Are Stubborn Things

"Obama To Meet With Union Leaders To Discuss Cadillac Tax"

Anyone catch the Vic Chesnutt tribute on FresH Air today?

Fear Not! Obama is "leading an extremist left-wing crusade!"

"Where Humanity and Felinity intersect for real

Will reporting good news always come with attacks on DUers?

Just Call Him Senator (Blumenthal)

Proposed NEW names for DU's General Discussion forum.

Proposed NEW names for DU's General Discussion forum.

So I guess today is not a good day to talk about 70 degree temps, huh?

Wells Fargo Sucks

Really. Why Aren't Progressives Organizing?

Fuck you, Marley and Me.

Question: About this Cadillac Plan Insurance Excise tax.....

Facebook was a lot nicer, before your whole family showed up on it

Does anyone have the Motorola Droid yet? Your review?

This is when I put the kool-aid down... Will State of the Union Speech Push Back Lost Premiere?

WSJ: Insurers Expect Big Hit in Final Health Bill

What are Little Girls Made of?

What are Little Girls Made of?

it's around -10 and my husband was going to walk to work so he wouldn't have to wake me up

What Music was playing when you lost your virginity?

Stop the Stupid, I Want to Get Off

René Descartes, René Auberjonois or René Magritte?

Okay, all you presbyotic Boomers still wearing Walgreen's 5 dollar reading glasses! Check this out!

Did you ever divorce and then remarry the same person, or did someone close to you do that?

How is Congress Going to Make HCR Better Next Year?

Holy crap! Just scared by a big red-shouldered hawk!

POTUS and the Big Dawg to Meet in the Oval Today at 1:30pm

Kindle or Nook?

What year did you lose your virginity? Please read instructions.

Why do most people like the music they grew up with best?

Handy Guide to how Global Warming/Climate Change exists despite today's cold weather

So, I'm driving the speed limit on the freeway today....

DUer ZodiakIronfist, husband of VenusRising, died this past Tuesday.

Aid convoy breaks Gaza seige

Cuba: Detained US contractor was spying

Prop. 8 trial will be shown on YouTube

Portugal set to legalize gay marriage on Friday

PM should replace 'rammed' Ady Gil - Greens

No Immediate Firings Expected Over Intel Failures

Pentagon: More return to fight after leaving Gitmo

Gun Advocates Want Right To Take Weapons To Work

Three Walmart stores no longer offering free bags

Bachelet Reopens Chile’s Torture File

Public backlash stuns sterilized mother of nine

(Canadian prime minister's office) hired Ari Fleischer twice, documents show

U.S. learned intelligence on airline attack suspect while he was en route

State panel vote paves way for sale of Thomson Correctional Center to federal government

A Promise Broken on a vow to end no-bid contracts

Bachelet Reopens Chile’s Torture File

South Sudanese cattle raid 'kills 140'

Yemen: Plane bomb suspect met with radical cleric

China tainted milk problem kept secret for months

4 Dead After 20-Hour Gun Battle in Kashmir

Hill Republicans join fight against D.C. gay marriage

Obama Backs Cadillac Tax as Pelosi Faces Discord on Health Bill

New Mexico teacher honored for saving student

'Saddam Street' upsets Iraqis

FOIA Request Filed for OPR Report on Bush's Lawyers

Nelson: We should have waited on health care

Honduras military chiefs charged over Zelaya's removal

EPA Replacing Bush Smog Limit With Stricter Rule

NCTC director Michael Leiter remained on ski slopes after Christmas Day airline bombing attempt

Germany warms to Turkish EU bid

German parliament to investigate alleged CIA (Blackwater) murderplot

Last-Minute Holiday `Surge' Pushes December Retail Sales Above Estimates

National security adviser: Airline bomber report to 'shock' Americans

Israel to Pay U.N. $10.5 Million for Gaza Damage

Man threatening to `kill all the Jews' taken off Miami flight, arrested

[Nevada] Petition to Legalize Marijuana Filed

AP: 2 ex-Blackwater Guards Charged With Murder

Just had an earthquake in Alameda County, CA

U.S. senators (McCain & Lieberman) laud use of drones against suspected militants

Security contractors charged

Marketplace blast kills 9 as violence rises in Afghanistan's east

Yemen Details Actions of Suspect Before Bomb Attempt

Yemen's Child Soldiers Go To War

Activists pursue Japanese whalers by helicopter

AP: 2 ex-Blackwater (Xe) Guards Charged With Murder

Gay Group Demands Letterman Apologize for Mocking Transgender Appointee Amanda Simpson

U.S. learned intelligence on airline bomb suspect while he was en route

Chiquita settles shareholder suits

39 Congressional Republicans want to trample on D.C.’s right to pass same-sex marriage law.

Obama Orders Air Marshal Surge by Feb. 1: 'Race Against Time'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 7

N.J. Senate rejects same-sex marriage

UN experts urge Iraq, U.S. to pursue Blackwater case

EPA pushes tougher smog rules

Eight killed in suicide bomb blast

Ronald Reagan's grandson (son of Conservative Talker Michael Reagan) arrested in Los Angeles

Salazar won't run for Colo. governor

With sales at a dribble, Minnesota is ending its once-ballyhooed prescription-drug service.

Killer recites Muslim prayer as he's put to death for murder of Toledo store owner

GOP Aides Tell RNC: Keep Steele Quiet

Indiana nabs electric vehicle manufacturing facility and 400 new jobs

Afghan war kills three children a day: report

Blackwater settles lawsuits over shootings

Economists worry economy won't recoup 7 million lost jobs

'Purple pill' Nexium's maker reaches deal to delay generic version for 3 years

'Purple pill' Nexium's maker reaches deal to delay generic version for 3 years

AP sources: Obama OKs taxing high-end health plans

Mobile phone use may stave off, reverse Alzheimer's: study

President Obama: ‘Ultimately the buck stops with me’

Nova Scotia Muslim woman refused entry to U.S.

Anthrax outbreak in Scotland kills 6 drug addicts

Lieberman tanks

Police: Ex-Bush lawyer tried to kill wife (Former W.H. Deputy Counsel John Farren)

Goodbye kiss provoked Newark airport scare: report

Kerry defends tax on 'Cadillac' health plans

Fighter jets intercept Hawaii-bound flight after passenger gets disruptive

BREAKING: Police: 3 people shot at St. Louis factory

Geithner’s New York Fed Told AIG to Limit Swaps Disclosure

Arrest warrants issued for Honduran military high command

IRAN: New Revelations Tear Holes in Nuclear Trigger Story

Bonuses are a symbol of business's bigger problem - an eroded sense of duty to the wider community

The Year the Senate Fell

Grist: Economics as pathology, part two

The Mafia Is Running the Giant World Casino

Catholic Bishops Embrace Anti-Abortion Terrorizers Missy Smith and Randall Terry

Gene Lyons (not even spring training and the home runs continue)

Instant News, The Genius of Brit Hume

We need to drop the health care mandate

Joe Conason: Partisan Hysteria Hypes (and Helps) Al-Qaida

Calling the Bluff in the Conference Committee

Hysterics on the high seas will never halt whaling

The Happiest People - The people of Costa Rica - financing education not war

Stick it to the banks

CIA and mercenaries plotted murder of German citizen

Repealing FDR’s Law Helped to Create Bloated Banks

Venezuela Presents New Evidence of U.S. Violation of Venezuelan Airspace from Curacao

Geithner’s dubious AIG cover up

Christian Right Seeks 'No Fly' Status for 'Flying Spaghetti Monster'

Little Blue Pills Among the Ways CIA Wins Friends in Afghanistan

David Sirota: After Helping Gordon Gekko Evade the SEC, Will Geithner Finally Now Be Fired?

Tea Party Email Warns Members: Beware Liberal Trolls Like Rachel Maddow

Afghanistan a gold mine for security companies

No fare deal for London or Venezuela

Karoli Kuns and Micah Sifry Debate Organizing

Chip Berlet & Rick Rowley on the Failures of Progressive Organizing

Arianna Huffington w/ TYT On Moving $ From Big To Small Banks

Rick Rowley: Narratives in the Tea Party Movement

The C-SPAN Lie - Health Care Debate Live on TV?

Olbermann Mocks Rep. Peter King - 'Terrorize the Terrorized to Do Terror Work of Terrorists...'

Thom Hartmann confronts Jerry Doyle on economic fascism

Young Turks: Michael Steele - GOP Won't Win In 2010 Elections

Joe Lieberman Blocks More Things

Papantonio: The Banking Industry America's New Thugs

Finally, An Obama That Fox News Can Love

Rachel Maddow Proves How Cheney, King, Steele Etc Are "Obviously & Demonstrably" Lying About Obama

And we all Shine On

Todd Harris, GOP Strategist, DECIMATED By Chris Matthews

To Justify Hypocritical Attacks, Rudy Giuliani Claims The Shoe Bomber’s Attempted Attack Happened Be

Sea Shepherd's Ady Gil attacked by Japanese Whaling Vessel

Part 1: President Obama Gives Security Update - 01/07/10

Remember THIS? Sea Shepherd claimed they were rammed then as well. They're liars.

Thom Hartmann - Why are conservatives doing Osama bin Ladens work for him?

RT "Keiser Report" - Wear Eldridge Cleaver Genitalia Exposing Pants to Comply with Airport Security

Part 2: President Obama Gives Security Update - 01/07/10

Rachel Maddow Interviews Bob Barker on Whaling Incident, Animal Overpopulation

Follow Up On "White Power USA" - A Sobering Look At The Growth Of White Supremacist Groups In The US

MIT economist Simon Johnson - 'We now have a financial system completely based on moral hazard'

TYT: Australia Comes After TYT On Racist(?) KFC Ad Controversey

60 Minutes: Palin Exposed 'hitting bottom' 'debacle of historic & epic proportions'

Jack Cafferty on Obama's HCR Transparency

Glenn Beck vs. Glenn Beck on Racism


Red State Update Prays For Tiger Woods

Climate activists released - and need your support!

Chinese resources chief eyes Antarctica minerals

Drumbeat: January 7, 2010

Fractal Adaptive Cycles in Natural and Human Systems

Rapid Arctic Sea Ice Melt: The Big Picture

Top British firms drag their feet to reduce carbon footprints

BBC: Methane release 'looks stronger'—seeping from the Arctic seabed

BBC probes bias in its coverage of science and the environment

Greenland real estate dries up

Hudson Bay Sea Ice Melting Season One Month Longer Than In 1979

University Of Montana Study - Warming Likely To Enhance Droughts, Boost Fires In Rocky Mountain West

Michigan's wind energy industry sputters

Study: US biofuels policies flawed

KY State Rep. Introduces Resolution To Ban All Potential State, Local Laws To Control CO2 Output

Old Polaroid factory turns to solar panel production

Warmer Climate Could Stifle Carbon Uptake by Trees, New CU-Boulder Study Says

The betting is that 2010 will be the hottest year on record (Economist article)

Study Finds Global Warming Will Stresses (Montana) Region's Forests

The Great California Condor Comeback

To save energy, thermostat becomes mini computer

NPR/Foreign Policy: Bolivia To Pave The Great Green Way? (convening an alternative climate summit)

Cape Wind Delay a Big Win for Dirty Energy Interests

Why it is so cold

Energy Magnate Koch Funds New Anti-Cape Wind Group

Obama's Health Care Lies And Reversals

Eddie 'the Eagle' carries Olympic torch

Antitrust Case Has Implications Far Beyond N.F.L.

Brett Favre Sexually Harassing His Co-Workers (Video)

Mark McGwire to be used a pinch hitter this season????

Eric Mangini will remain as head coach of Cleveland Browns

Since today seems to be a visual sort of day here at the Sports Forum

NFL Playoff Predictions - No Points Spreads

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Eagle Employee spits on the Star...

Report: MLB, Japan champs could play

NFL Wildcard Playoff Picks (with point spreads)

Bachelet Reopens Chile’s Torture File

Mexico urged to protect activists after campaigner shot dead

Chiquita settles shareholder suits

Colombian rebels acknowledge killing kidnapped governor, blame rescue order

“Obama Has Kept the Machine Set on Kill”

The Climate Change Crisis, a Challenge for the Human Condition and for an Ethics of Nature

El Salvador president enjoys nearly 90% approval

Arrest warrants issued for Honduran military high command

Israel to pay UN compensation of US $10m

IDF issues warning to Gazans after mortar barrage on Israel

Why we must cut ties to Israel

Advice from a felon: "buy a gun"

gun ownership is a non-iissue. it's protected by the bill of rights

Gun Advocates Want Right To Take Weapons To Work

the briefs are in from chicago supporters

Firedoglake: Obama Renominates Craig Becker to NLRB

WHY WE PAY UNION DUES by Robert R. Daraio

New York State Recovered Record Amount of Stolen Wages In 2009

Thousands More South Africa Workers To Join Coca-Cola Strike If Talks Fail

Another failure of signs stopping crime

Janitors charge ABM Janitorial Services with racial discrimination

'bout describes the current labor situation

8 shot, 3 dead at ABB power shooting

National Nurses United Wants House To Hold The Line On Health Tax On Workers

Right to Carry Bill To Be Heard ,Jan 12, in California Assembly Committee

AFL-CIO: We Still Have Leverage To Improve Healthcare Reform Bill

Today in Labor History Jan 7 Wobblie Tom Mooney pardoned and freed after 22 years in San Quentin

Man jailed for wife's guns/Bremerton WA

Zero tolerance--student expelled for possessing weapon OFF CAMPUS

Bonusgate - What a mess!

Portugal poised to pass marriage equality

New Jersey State Senate defeats marriage equality, Lambda Legal to go back to the courts

With NJ same-sex marriage defeat, supporters are going back to court

Watch the NJ marriage debate and vote live now

Maps of states that allow same-sex marriage vs. states that allow marriage between first cousins.

Boycott of Starbucks?

N.J. Senate rejects bill legalizing gay marriage

An Interesting Article On the Man Who May Get Us Marriage Equality

The winter long

Please recommend the preliminaries!!

A few more from '09


Photojournalism request I found in my email today. I don't have any shots to help them with, though.

Two House Finches at our feeder

Night shots in Chinatown

Twenty years old today.

Better or worse?

'Lifeless' prion proteins are capable of evolution

Viral DNA has been in the mammalian genome for more than 40 million years

First steps on land, giant leap for evolution

Orcas splitting into 2 species?

Giant Intergalactic Gas Stream Longer Than Thought

Strangest things in space

Series of Pic's leading up to my 2009 Favorite

FOMC Minutes: Expect Slow Economic Recovery

MBA: Mortgage Purchase Applications Lowest in 12 Years

Greece rejects speculation of bail-out

U.S. Jobs May Rebound In 2010, But Unemployment ?

Rubin Rides Again, By Mike Whitney

The economy is so bad.......

Total Non-Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Claims Hit New Record.

I think some here would find this interesting (earth-destroying supernova is overdue by 20 yrs.)

A book I ran across: "Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date"

Tax the speculators and create a public bank - a public bank? Hey, where did I hear THAT before?

So David Wilcock was wrong

The energy of a name

I had a very weird dream last night.

Treat Me, but No Tricks Please

Studies: Bone drugs may help prevent breast cancer

One in six American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer

Vitamin D lack, blacks' heart risk linked

Why is it that drs are bashed if they give pharmaceuticals, but praised if mega-vits?

A sonata a day keeps the doctor away

Anyone watching the PBS series "This Emotional Life"? I highly recommend it!

Please...Tell me how you healed your heel spur or plantar Fasticus.

Anesthesia for colonoscopy. Thanks, Cigna. NOT covered!

"The Vita-Myth - Do supplements really do any good?"

Vtamin D cuts major disease risk by 50-80% - can significantly reduce health care costs

Whites are mutant blacks - the evolution of skin color

Southern Schools Mark Two Majorities

School district says no to Race to the Top

Just How Private are Charter Schools?

School district to try no homework policy

Teachers, how does your state qualify kids as LD? MR?

Compassion is our salvation

Richard Feynman on doubt, uncertainty and religion

A theologian and humanist looks at Genesis and evolution.

Is the Devil part of "Intelligent Design" and how "intelligent" is it to create such a foe?

This video needs no comment:

Christians here, do you have unshakable faith that Jesus Christ was a real man?

Nourish: Five tips for making healthful, flavorful food

More from the Dia de Reyes supper - the dessert!

Do you make most of your own bread?

The curious history of General Tso's chicken

A cousin was invited to a Dia de Reyes supper last night - cow's head was on the menu

The crockpot is full of sliced onions