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Bunning Enthusiastically Backed Extending Unemployment Benefits That Weren’t Paid For In 2003

Call Senator Bunning and let him know he flipped off ALL OF US, not just a reporter.

Goldman Sachs Refuses Shareholders' Requests for Investigation Into Bonuses and Pay:

Chris Hedges on Obama and the Timidity of the Left:

How would the world have reacted if it was Al Qaeda who had pulled

OpenLeft: Bunning continues filibuster; Republican assistance growing

Come all without, come all within..

Supreme Court Decision May Allow Corporations and Unions to Make Anonymous Political Donations


Harold Ford dropped out of the NY Senate race

"Poll" Robo call I just received

San Antonio police officer charged with sexual assault of transgender woman

Fox's Megyn Kelly says "freedoms" are being taken away, but won't say which ones. USA! USA! USA!

Online minister faces 66 child-porn charges

Don't read this on a queasy stomach: Rick Perry praises "heroic" prolifer Bush for saving lives

Heads up: "Dolley Madison" on PBS at 9 p.m. EST.

Thanks, Jim.

Yikes! Who did Lawrence's make-up?

Afghanistan bans news coverage of Taliban attacks

CIA Doctors Without Morals

Need a casket? Now you can buy them at the mall. Personalized!

My letter to Jim Bunning

Jerry Brown to declare his candidacy for governor Tuesday

Student apologizes for UC San Diego noose incident, claims no racist intent

Keith just gave a live update on his Dad

Wild pitches from Sen. Bunning

Judge Grants Asylum to German Home Schoolers

(Harold) Ford Decides Not to Run

Jon Kyl (R-AZ): Unemployment Benefits Make People Not Want To Get A Job

Last update on Nate, he got cards from all states and 63 countries!

I cannot give my 2008 Toyota Tacoma (17,577 miles) away (well, I exaggerate)

Has it been posted that Senator Bunning shot a reporter the middle finger

A little Frank Luntz in reverse for our side: it's not "reconciliation", it's an "up or down vote"

Body found in Haiti believed to be KC area doctor


Republicans Will Excuse Their Inaction By Demonizing The Unemployed - Welfare Queen, Part II

President Obama and pResident Bush have one thing in common...

How will Jay Leno do in his return to The Tonight Show this evening?

Chris Hayes: The Republicans think you should get off your fat ass and find a job

Don't click on this if you haven't been charmed by a baby. Baby Barack, who became our President

Hey, Baseball Jim ....... I got a good bit of the ten billion we need to cut, right here ......

Look Senator Bunning 3 fingers!!



Jim Bunning doesnt want to add to the deficit......

Photoshop request - Bunning

Rachel I love you

Hotheaded Emanuel may be White House voice of reason (WP)

Things I learn from pro-wrestling

Sestak Attacks Specter on Veterans’ Benefits Funding

Federal judge rules that New York must move mentally ill out of group homes

Given that John Marshall established judicial review, doesn't that make him the greatest activist?

Who is this Phil E. Buster guy anyway???

One in four Germans wants microchip under skin: poll

If Republicans say that unemployment insurance dissuades people from finding work, then why...

The Right-wing "activist" bloc of SCOTUS is working to revert to pre-Miranda law

Yanno, it really does seem like the senate is broken.

Sen. Imhofe Accused of Waging 'McCarthyite Witch-Hunt' Against Climate Scientists

Whenever I hear someone calling for cuts to education, I wanna scream at them

Pics from counter protest Westboro Baptist Church - Norfolk Va today

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

When an organization is failing its task, who is more likely to be at fault?

Deportations breaking up S.F. family

Wash. man electrocuted after urinating on power line

New Facebook Group: Fuck You Jim Bunning!!

AP - "Republicans setting filibuster record" - Vote Republican Or Else! How To Extort The People...

We didn't ask why - we didn't blame - when it came down to it we stood togehter

When Will An Insider Republican Grow A Conscience And Expose The Plotters Against Us...

Judd Gregg during Bush's term: "If you've got 51 votes for your position, you win"

How would you spend $10B to solve world problems?

Air Force nuclear units fail inspection in Montana

Texas official primary day March 2nd.

How to end the wars - the easy way.

Republican wet dream

Wow 2.5 billion in MATRIX infringement suit?

Is Jim Bunning leading a filibuster??

Former Bosnian leader Ejup Ganic arrested at Heathrow

9 Dems who voted no on health bill may reconsider

6 Reasons Dick Cheney Should Advise President Obama

Hall & Oates bassist T-Bone Wolk dies

Listening to Evan Bayh on Charlie Rose, he doesn't get it either.

I Resubmit to You: This Is Not Health Care Reform in D minor

Investors fly to moon as space race goes private

Obviously, Being Paid A Salary in the Senate Dissuades Senators From Doing Any Work

Thousands Looking for an Alternative to Frothing Teabagging Crowd Find Refuge in New 'Coffee Party'

Up Or Down. - Time To Govern - 2March 2010

They are Training Police for Specialized 'Israeli Spotting' Now in Dubai

It just occurred to me that the Republicans know that Democrats do a better job...

why we need healthcare reform now

Tomorrow, I'm starting a Draft Howard Dean to primary Barack H. Obama - website, FB, the works

Catholic Charities in DC are going to stop insuring spouses because DC is marrying gays

So now there is a racial conspiracy behind abortion?

The Year of the Drone

Digby: ACORN Cleared — Cowardly Dems Must Feel Great for Defunding Them

Do politicians realize that most people hate them? And do they care?

I remember when I was a kid, before credit cards....

So, extrapolating from what we're seeing now economically

MarketWatch: Wall Street is stealing another 20% from you

Our Future dot Org: Tea Party - Everything you know is wrong.

Of no consequences and bad examples for our youth - our country's decline

What could we have had for the $$ spent . . .

Rare tiger cub found in China dies of malnutrition

Goldman board rejects shareholder demands on pay

Bunning Blockade Leads To 21 Percent Fee Cut For Doctors

Seaside villagers lost homes and livelihoods in Chile quake

So Bunning Proves It's Republicans Who Want To Kill Off Seniors, Right?

Catholic Charities of Washington Drops Spousal Coverage Due To D.C. Marriage Equality Law

Just as passing thought on the future for Republicans


Good morning DU!

I just found out that I'll spend 1.26 microseconds less with you people per day..

Senate gavels in at 10:00 this morning for anyone interested.

Buying Health Insurance Across State Lines

More on climate change hoax

Can't they bypass Bunning through reconciliation ? After all these months

Good news in poll for Arlen Specter...

Could we just agree on this?

US-AFGHANISTAN: Habeas Challenges for Bagram Prisoners

Screw respecting these CLOWNS! Talk to them like they're frigging 4 yrs old

Gary Randall: Opposing death sentence for gays is "Perverted Tolerance"

Jon STEWART eviscerates Rick SANCHEZ over tsunami coverage (video link)

Letter I wrote Bill O'Reilly

OPINION: Right-Wing Obama HATERS Should Stop Speaking In CODE

OPINION: Right-Wing Obama HATERS Should Stop Speaking In CODE

The Military Strategy on Afghanistan in Just 16 Characters

Toyota to replace oil hose on 933,800 vehicles (no big deal, just another defect)

Analysis: Republicans setting filibuster record

Oliphant TOON' "She wears glasses, doesn't that make her an intellectual?"

This is the way I remember things when I was laid off for almost 2 years under Reagan

"What a Beautiful Weapon!"

"What a Beautiful Weapon!"

Goldman board rejects shareholder demands on pay

GOP Senators’ Votes On Reconciliation

GOP Senators’ Votes On Reconciliation

Dems To GOPer Bunning: Thanks For Demonstrating Filibuster Abuses

A Thumbnail Portrait of Fox News

Toles sums up the Republican Campaign exactly

British Study: Liberals smarter than Conservatives

Flood Insurance Program Is All Dried Up -thanks to Bunning.

Documents detail serious problems with F-35 program

GOP senator: Unemployment benefits make people not want to work

They're gonna hafta find someone worse than PALIN before I bother to vote again.

Australian town, 326 miles from river, hit by raining fish

Consumer group sues insurer over policy changes

Judge who was after Bush cohorts now hobbled by Spanish gov't.

The Underlying Problem in the whole Apple underage workers story (that the MSM ignores)

Thank You Jim Bunning

Rare Buddhist flower found under nun's washing machine

NASA radar finds ice on moon's north pole

Baxter admits flu product contained live bird flu virus

Curling - a sport?

Curling - a sport?

GM recalling 1.3 million Chevrolet Cobalts, Pontiac G5s

FaceBook Group: YOU came to OUR country, You learn OUR language

Peeing in the pool

Wiseguys Tickets charged with hacking into Ticketmaster, Livenation to illegally grab best seats

Any ideas what we could use closed school buildings for??

Tea Party 2010 = Militia Movement 1994

Luke "Lucky Sperm Club" Russert on...

Hey Arlen---see what happens when you act like Democrat?

Hey Arlen---see what happens when you act like Democrat?

States May Ban Credit Checks On Job Applicants


I haven't posted this in a long time. Johnny Cash v. War.

Chart of the Day!

Bridges financing plan delayed by Bunning action

Anyone watching the Senate?

Anyone watching the Senate?

Harold Ford shows his true colors

This is rich: In a NYT Op-ed, Harold Ford explains why he's not running

Remember the Alamo!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Coal as an essential element of modern society and the cost

Cut Saturday Mail... makes sense to me

Thread created over highly contentious topic

Any other "SCOTUS nerds" out there who will be waiting for transcripts of todays oral arguments?

Any other "SCOTUS nerds" out there who will be waiting for transcripts of todays oral arguments?


S.Korea clamps down on abortion to boost birthrate - Rewards for informants

S.Korea clamps down on abortion to boost birthrate - Rewards for informants

Chuckling because Scarborough's kingmaker game appears to be

Consumer group sues insurer over policy changes

According to CNN Radio ,7am Central 3/2/10, ..Jim Bunning is a reasonable guy

chuck todd called the current supreme court an 'activist court'

Pay-day loans and Sen Bunning:

Hatch Forgets About The Bush Years, Claims Reconciliation Is Meant To ‘Balance The Budget’

Rand Paul, KY senate candidate, supports Bunning.

Jim Bunning's hold is also killing "flood insurance"

Kentucky Civil War/ Protest at Bunning 3:00 today

Everything's dandy in Afghanistan - except for the Afghans killed and maimed by NATO forces

Watching Certain People--the police state is here

Watching Certain People--the police state is here

Let Them Eat Cheap, Mass-Produced Cake

Let Them Eat Cheap, Mass-Produced Cake

Lincoln's Challenger Raises Scads of Cash on Day One

...will mr bunning hold up the wars in iraq and afghanistan when funding is needed?

Vote for Republicans, Get More Bunnings

When they stand up, can we stand down?

When they stand up, can we stand down?

Senator Kyl is a Moron and here is why

Wall Street's Bailout Hustle/Pls delete if already posted.

NOW calls for NY Gov. Paterson to resign

Hotheaded Emanuel may be White House voice of reason -

More judiclal nomination hearings set for Thurs.

U.S. Company Bankruptcies Drop More Than 70 Percent From A Year Ago

Republican concern about the deficit

Warrant Issued to Reagan's Grandson

Union (AFL-CIO) Pushes for Its Own Jobs Plan

Residents want North Side sign honoring general removed (Michael Hayden)

The Rude Pundit - Jim Bunning Has Been Hit in the Head by Too Many Line Drives

Bunning postering because has nothing to fear from the electorate.

McGwire being punished for steroid use

War, Peace and Oscars

Cast raises money for real 'Stand and Deliver' math teacher's fight with cancer

Bunning is the test case for the tea party candidates...

Bunning is the test case for the tea party candidates...

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Tea Partiers Work to Dems’ Advantage

In light of the looting taking place in Chile, isn't it about time that the media acknowledge

Tea Party Leader Was Involved With GOP-Tied Political Firm

The Media and Debra Medina

The Bunning Gap

WI-Sen: Tommy Thompson might challenge Feingold

Marjah prelude to larger military campaigns, next stop: Kandahar

Why was this thread locked after only three responses?

What are the best ideas about how we move the Democratic Party back to a firmly

IT WORKED!!!! 31% of Americans believe Toyotas unsafe; GM's Domestic Sales Climb 12%

We need some fricking Inflation!

The Snow Storm nonsense talking point on unemployment

In The Shadow of the Olympic Flame: the Poorest Neighborhood in Canada

I wonder how many times Bunning voted for unfunded military expenses...

Danziger TOON- Great moments in representative democracy

Supreme Court Rulings Open Loopholes for Water Polluters

My guess is that Blanche Lincoln will lose the primary and run as an independent to hurt the Dems.

Warren Buffet: Health Care Bill Needs Redo Focused On Costs

Is Jim Bunning Acting Alone?

NASA - Chilean Quake May Have Shortened Earth Days

Women's Bodies: Wholly Owned Subsidiaries of the Christian Right

The Republican Mindset

The Republican Mindset

I say place as much,, if not more, emphasis on supporting life enhancing occupations in this country

2010 Senate Race Ratings - NY Times

How the mighty have fallen: Mark "Turn the Page" Foley opens secondhand store.

We burned draft cards and changed America,

U.S. Empire Building with a Smiley Face

U.S. Empire Building with a Smiley Face

Were there any women at

Communication Workers of America Study: Health Care Excise Tax Will Harm Middle Class:

Putin: Russia To Build New Strategic Bomber

This many people will lose unemployment benefits because of one stinking POS!

Slam Dunkin On The Plane

Unemployment Benefits Would Be Retroactive


Credit checks keeping some unemployed

Pres Obama is one confused & messed up dude

I just have one thing to say

Post office moves towards eliminating weekend delivery

Steny Hoyer criticizes the Senate

No time for tea; Minnesota janitors stand together to win new contract and improve community

A look backward to May, 2003 with an article by Robert Freeman.

A look backward to May, 2003 with an article by Robert Freeman.

A look backward to May, 2003 with an article by Robert Freeman.

Unemployment benefits ending for some Ohioans

Coffee Party USA

Training Tuesday: Free and Low Cost Online Tools

Tsunami swept away fleeing bus full of retirees

Help, we're being invaded !!11!! (series hugh and such)

A Couple Of Comments & Observations On Bunning And Filibuster Use.......

Rage on the Right, The Year in Hate and Extremism - SPLC Quarterly Report on Hate Groups

Chips and sweets now make up a quarter of kid's diets....

Does the GOP Hate Jobs?

Does the GOP Hate Jobs?

CNBC "Should we abolish the Post Office?"

CNN reporting that Dems could bypass Bunning,

CNN reporting that Dems could bypass Bunning,

what is Bunning talking about?

In winter snows, soldiers work to warm relations

Redefining what makes America great - Aspen Daily News Column

MarketWatch: 8 reasons Wall Street loses another 20% in this decade

Most bizarre distraction of the year: After Bunning and Reid just completed a lengthy

It Wasn't a Mortgage Recession After All: So Why Don't We Feel Better?

Red/swing states most affected by Bunning's unemployment insurance ban

WTF? Maybe Reid will override Bunning by NEXT WEEK?????

Bunning is faux filibustering, getting away with it, and the Dems aren't forcing a REAL filibuster?

The Dangers of Nationalizing Sacred Space

What makes the life of John Wayne Gacy, Jr., so valuable?

(NC) Why No Regulatory Action on Banksters’ “Destabilize the Markets” Threats?

One by one, residents of Marjah stood up to voice complaints — houses damaged, relatives killed...

what is the 21% medicare cut

Unemployment benefits ending for some Ohioans

Senator wants nation’s jobless to be his servants

Robbery Victim's Family Say They're "Sorry" Baby Died in Shooting

Robbery Victim's Family Say They're "Sorry" Baby Died in Shooting

The Bunning Effect

Durbin calls for sanction on Web firms that do not promote Internet freedom

I want you to look very closely at this picture . . .

If only Hillary had won?

Oklahoma House Bill Bans (Women's) Egg Sales

The Coffee Party is up to over 52,000 on Facebook

The Moral Problem of Neocons like Bunning Who Love to Cut Off Poor Peoples' Living

Dems!!! Pay VERY Close Attention To This: SPECTER SURGING IN PA

Bank bailout part deux - The Bunning Assist

Geithner aide goes to lobby

Bankruptcy looms, Greek PM warns

remind me never to live in Tulsa

The Latest Rahmlinology-- More Reason to Detest Rahm Emanuel; He gives the Finger to Justice

Just another post-imperial guerilla war

Anyone else hear McConnell blubbering on the Senate floor?

Blame the upcoming increase in crime on Bunning. And the decrease in GDP

Bunning is the next fall guy.... right after Lieberman.... few in the senate want to extend benefits

Paul Ryan, another "free market" Republican asshole

If you like justices like Sotomayor......

(NC) So Why Hasn’t the Credit Default Swaps Casino Been Shut Down?

Roger Ailes "Comes Out Of The Closet As A SELF-LOATHING Liberal"

Rand Paul Rallies Support for Jim Bunning

U.S. May Set Rule Requiring Brake Override System on Cars

"I'll show you Obama's birth certificate when you show me Sarah Palin's high school diploma."

The Bunning Blunder: Some local news stories from the past few hours.

Hey, I didn't know Rahm Emanuel was once an Israeli army volunteer

So what just happened on Ratigan? He cut off Mark Williams' mike

How this douchebag on Shushter's show can defend Bunning is beyond me.

Heads Up: Prayer Warriors and Sarah Palin Are Organizing

Quake may have shifted Earth's axis, shortened day

Since when has "Physical Therapy" been considered "Experimental?"

Former US Rep. Foley opens Fla. consignment shop

Did GOP Rep Resign To Squelch Ethics Probe?

Hey Senator Bunning, why dont we send another 100 Billion to Iraq instead of extending benefits

Later, Leno

GOP to the Unemployed: Drop Dead (You Bums)

GOP to the Unemployed: Drop Dead (You Bums)

How Obama's Health Care "Reform" Kills Health Care

AP Source: Obama to add GOP ideas to health plan

Greece must make more cuts, not clear how much -EU

'Hella Big': Soon To Be A Scientific Measurement?

Bloom box challenges: Reliability, cost

Orrin Hatch’s Brazen Lies About Filibuster — Clearly He Thinks You’re Stupid

200 Russian tanks found abandoned in forest

Dems: Emanuel's "gut instincts" trump Obama's

3fer profiles: unRacist MURDOCH (abt "Mexicans"). Rethug-Sen.ZUCKERMAN. Lib-AILES.

New report finds that right-wing extremist groups have grown 244 percent in the past year.

Nose scanning techniques could sniff out criminals

FLASHBACK: Bunning ... Backed Extending Unemployment Benefits That Weren’t Paid For In 2003

Salon: Shut down Jim Bunning Foundation (charity fraud set up to shelter baseball memorabilia $$$$)

Ford on the move. Sells more vehicles than GM for first time in 12 years.


Can someone versed in Senate rules please explain why Bunning alone can continuously block

Fundies: HUD study is designed to promote 'homosexual laws in housing'.....

Right Wing Employs McCarthyite Tactics To Smear DoJ Lawyers

Hel-lo, Did anyone else see Dylan Ratigan just now?

Fifth grader brings pot laced cereal treats to class

Lefty Groups Planning Massive Research Dig On GOP Stimulus “Hypocrisy”

Specter takes lead in Senate race, poll shows!

welfare for farmers (agri-business)

Cuba’s Health Politics: At Home and Abroad - must read

I lost my job because I was sick

Teaching where there's transiency:

Bill Halters first ad:

Joe Klein of TIME sums up vile Republicanism thusly:

Pssst. Hey teabaggers. According to Dick Cheney " Reagan proved deficits don't matter."

The laziest dog owner EVER

Bunning Complicates Republican Strategy

Rightwing Extremism: revisiting the threat assessment

Dems should be running ads against Republicans blaming them for the Bunning 'filibuster'...

NO MATTER WHAT GOP proposals Obama incorporates into Health Care reform

Modesto schools: 400 layoff notices going out

Palin on Leno tonight. Did he have her on so that she could endorse Meg Whitman?

Palin on Leno tonight. Did he have her on so that she could endorse Meg Whitman?

President Obama is coming to Savannah, GA tomorrow.

(Bloom Box) An Open Letter to John Doerr Regarding Bloom Energy

Hungary had a Cosmic event

Draft Spitzer

GM to recall 1.3 million cars over Cobalt, G5 power steering complaints

Relations between the Government of Jamaica and the US

Food Costs Rise as Strapped Consumers Spend More on Food

Report: An 'Astonishing' Rise In Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Government Groups

NPR this morning with Diane Ravitch: rethinking No Child Left Behind

There's going to be an all nighter in the Senate tonight

3 guilty in cult trial, starvation of toddler

is it just me or is every republican asshole taking turns holding legislation hostage

This is just wrong . . .

Even before fomal announcement, Jerry Brown leads in the polls

Obama angers union officials with remarks in support of R.I. teacher firings

Things that should be outlawed: Cats, Pot, & Uncut Dongs.

Big Ed just said the standoff with Bunning is over!!

Rumors circulating of deal struck with Bunning to be announced this evening

"Buy Farmland and Gold" advises Dr. Faber("Dr. Doom") --- Psst! Pass It On To The Unemployed

Rhode Island Teachers’ union files labor charges over Central Falls firings

Why are we still in Iraq....

Chris Matthews for Bunning?

One year in...where would we be...under President Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Dubai seeks Israeli prime minister’s arrest over murder of Hamas militant

F&#K Republicans. America-hating, shit eating wastes of space.

'Toyota defense' could reverse criminal conviction

If you get a chance, watch the show Earth 2100 on the History Channel...

Brooklyn brewhaha: Babies in bars

The Apolitical Me.

Please DU these polls about Bunning and Unemployment.

Whirlpool uses $19M for job creation -uses it to close US factory

Whirlpool uses $19M for job creation -uses it to close US factory

Judge Wants Counseling For Runaway's Family

Rove admits to error on Iraq as Bush strategist

Down the AfPak Rabbit Hole

Auto Web site Edmunds offers $1 million for cause of runaway Toyotas (WP)

We live in amazing times

Apple Sues Google's Phone Maker

Obama Endorses Blanche Lincoln In Arkansas Primary

At first pass over the day's postings, one is left with the sneaking impression

Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC absolutely kicks butt!

what's with all the abortion polls lately?


The War Against Medicare: An Attack on Single Payer

Westboro Baptist Church counter protest - Richmond, Va today

Westboro Baptist Church counter protest - Richmond, Va today

Are you a troll?

Jim Bunning, on how he keeps up with World Events...

In case anyone's interested PNAC which is now called The Foreign Policy Initiative

Former 'No Child Left Behind' Advocate Turns Critic -From an interview on NPR

I liked this toon that was in my local paper today...

I liked this toon that was in my local paper today...

Sen. Jim Bunning Wreaks Havoc on the Unemployed -- And His Own Republican Party

Swiftboat Justice? Sometimes I think there just might be a God

Do you support the current US strategy in Afghanistan?

Arizona Senate kills texting-while-driving ban

Obama taps outsourcer for commission to reduce debts and deficits

This Modern World: TOO MUCH CRAZY

Supreme Court Appears Ready To Overturn Chicago Gun Ban

Updated list : 33 senators have spoken out so far on Public option

Conservatives have a similar utopian worldview that communists and Marxists have

Living Together First Doesn’t Make Marriage Last, Study Finds

AFL-CIO appalled at comments from Obama and Education Secretary supporting school teacher firings

Lil Wayne faces a year in prison for being near a gun in a bag that belonged to his manager

Found this on a news aggregate. Not exactly the way I would put it, but....

Woolly mammoth remains resurfacing in Siberia

update #4 on Antarctic event

Weeding Through the Hype: Pot and Schizophrenia

Yahoo News dug up an old photo of Strom Thurmond - pic

Cheney group questions loyalty of Justice lawyers

LOL! McCain: I'll Cut Deficits Like Reagan!

Do you realized how fucked up we are when putting spies in the health systems is good?

Is it just me, or do Democrats have a tendency to cede power

Rahm Emanuel: Saboteur Of Hope And Change

Right-wing media praise Bunning for blocking worker pay, relief to unemployed

Right-wing media praise Bunning for blocking worker pay, relief to unemployed

Ohio Patients Forced To Drive 20+ Miles For Prescriptions-CVS Caremark Merger

Repubs can get away with "tough shit", because that's the "new" American attitude

Dodd: Put CFPA Inside Federal Reserve

'Mowing the Grass' in Afghanistan

Bob "Swift Boat" Perry loses $47Million decade old case!!!!

Bob "Swift Boat" Perry loses $47Million decade old case!!!!

Jim Bunning's fiscal hardball jams GOP

We spend less than 1/10 on education as we do on "Defense". That is a fucking outrage.

In Obesity Epidemic, What’s One Cookie?

Fox’s 24 Casts “Markos” as a Terrorist

Temporary Workers Made to Think Twice Before Taking Union Jobs

Unemployment insurance is OUR MONEY!

Unemployment insurance is OUR MONEY!

Caption This: Jim Bunning cant finger out why he is a Senator

How was voting for the "bailout" an atrocity? Hven't the banks paid


Drug gangs taking over US public lands

I don't care if Howard Dean danced a foxtrot wheehaw naked,

A socialized medicine experience.

BRILLIANT! For Pennies, a Disposable Toilet That Could Help Grow Crops

Parents at PS 15, an "A" school, ask state to intervene in PAVE charter invasion.

Cruel and Inhuman

Utah legislator who wants to criminalize miscarriages is a Glenn Beck '912er' and Tea Party fan

Why is it NOT surprising LIMBOsevic would live in a "gaudy, tacky" pad?!1 (It's for sale)

How about legalizing "duels of honor?"

How about legalizing "duels of honor?"

Governor ( Heineman R-Ne) gives award, gets earful (No one should be denied prenatal care in Ne)

Freepers call out fellow Freeper on racism

Kucinich Announces Introduction of Privileged Resolution to End Afghan War

Liberals will agree with this conservative viewpoint

Anyone else viewing AR senate race as a test?

Something Many DUers Aren't Going To Like Or Want To Admit

Teachers Union files state complaint over Obama-backed RI school firings

Any DUers able to identify fish from Florida?

Kentucky Teabaggers Support Bunning!

California politician proposes bill to ban sex offenders from using social networking sites

KBR gets $2.8 Billion NO-BID contract - Must've used up all that accountability on those teachers

Obama removes Bunning jab from speech: would be "too partisan"

earthquake changed earth's axis

IMF-Style Austerity Comes to America:

How can a guy with the mental acuity of a kumquat shut down congress? (re: Bunning)

Brown's Running

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Rick Sanchez Over Tsunami Coverage

Jerry Brown is Back and I'm Beside Myself With Joy Today! Here's His Video Announcement!

If poor students are always the result of poor teachers;

Is it too broken to fix ??

$1,000 for a toothbrush, $140 for ONE tylenol, and (more!)


Remember how that one Senator prevented the Iraq War by putting a hold on it?

AFA: If America was ruled by Biblical law, then that killer whale would never have killed that woman

Lack of abortion rights could spell the end of the Democratic Party

Poll: Abortion

I want to say something about accountability and I'll probably be blown up for it.

I think Ratigan kind of went over the top -- anybody else catch that? He really

President Obama adopts Republican ideas for yet another newly revised health care bill

Pass the g-damned Senate healthcare bill and get it out of the f-ing news cycle and

Former Texas GOP chairman: Bush ‘was a lousy president of the United States.’

Breaking: Supreme Court refuses to stop DC's gay marriage law!

Crash Course in Historic Market Crashes: Today.. looks eerily similar to...1929, 1930, 1987, & 2007

Jerry Brown to announce bid for governor Tuesday

City sues couple who removed their lawn

U.S. POSTAL SERVICE PLAN: Delivering for you: 5 days a week

Labor Unions Regroup After Being Stunned by Losses Under Obama, Democrats

A supreme court sponsored end run for the prince of Enron?

Democrats May Force Senator Bunning To Engage In An Actual Senate Floor Filibuster!

Democrats May Force Senator Bunning To Engage In An Actual Senate Floor Filibuster!

Public option vs private insurance, my own story

What ever happened to the Democratic Agenda?

Civil Rights activist Walter Fauntroy (D) petitions Supreme Court to stop gay marriage in DC

I hate going to the dentist

As militias return, so do the same exact debunked conspiracy theories they had in the 90's

As militias return, so do the same exact debunked conspiracy theories they had in the 90's

Republican & Democratic Parties are Both Part of the Problem. But One Could Be Part of the Solution.

Republican & Democratic Parties are Both Part of the Problem. But One Could Be Part of the Solution.

Secondhand smoke raises risk of hardened arteries among 13-year-olds

Poll: legalization of cannabis

4-Year Old Daughter of "Ax Men" Star killed by Family Dog(Rottweiler)

Let me break down the logic of the people who dismiss pot-schizophrenia link studies.

Time to call bullshit on the War on Public Education

"President Obama is going to alienate every school teacher in the United States."

Is there a point in pregnancy when you become uncomfortable with abortion?

Homeschooling: German Family Gets Political Asylum in U.S.

If white people were treated this way ...

Sunday Morning

Makes Me Wonder

Nothing Lasts Forever / Heard 'Em Say

This Love

These Words

My Latest Podcast is up!

YouTube - "The TRUE history of our sixteenth president...Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

YouTube - Badfinger, "Day After Day, Live 1972

YouTube - "Beavis and Butt-head Scared Straight"

Yikes! Who did Lawrence's make-up?

I never felt more pride then when I read this piece on Vancouver

Coming up in 1 hour 10:15 EST on TCM: Days Of Heaven

Books and DVD's for trade

click here if you've ever eaten Alf

"The Journey" and "I'm so blessed" two hideous expressions

You Know You Are Living In 2010 When...

Carolina Chocolate Drops.

I've just realized I've gone over one thousand pounds.

It's Two Days Later, And I Still Feel Happy!

Wow - Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Wendy Malick, Jane Leeves in new sitcom -

YouTube - "Brady Bunch Variety Hour: Disco Medley"

Gertrude Stein by Pablo Picasso

How did your March arrive?

Dubai has US beat now: Giant Levitating Monster Trucks and a Moon Program

A "senior moment"

Booty Pop!

Wolf moon picture from last month.

Snow forcast for Tuesday night-Wednesday morning in SE Penna....

Fraggle Rock is available on Netflix Instant watch.

I violated my Meatless Monday vow to myself today

Is it more likely Betty White will host SNL, or John Mellencamp will run for Senate?

Why is Valdosta, GA so hot? Yesterday on the news it was 10 degrees hotter

Well, the first thing I wanna say is, 'Mandate, my ass!"

It's a "fuck it all" thread. Yay!

Good morning DU!

You can go fuck yourself you maggot eating free throw missing scum of the earth asshole.

Final Cut Pro and Windows

Watch "Parenthood" Tonight, 10 EST, NBC.

Thread created over highly contentious topic

USPS ending Saturday mail delivery will have consequences

Help in the kitchen

"i am very glad, in fact i,at last,come back home"

A true challenge for the Lounge: what kind of jelly beans should I buy for the Easter baskets?

Great, thanks to that Chilean Earthquake our day just got shorter - I kid you not!

Why must my cats insist on staring each other down

What would you LEAST want to find in your Easter basket...


Post of the day on GD. Please K&R.

I just have one thing to say

When you give a well-reasoned, rational response on DU, and nobody responds to it, do you take it as

A friend of mine stuck a garlic clove in his ear.

Do you mind if we dance with your DATES?

Do you mind if we dance with your DATES?

BREAKING: Bunning blocks benefits for 200,000; calls Steve Miller Band "fuckin' awesome, dude"

When is Easter this year??????

Good vibes for my first conference presentation.

Breaking: Steve Miller flips off Senator Bunning while on a date with LynneSin


Roger Ebert is on Oprah today.

Request Denied

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Seriously, you Steve Miller Band Bashers JUST DON'T GET IT!!

How do you feel about Victor Newman?

why oh why did I click the link to see John Gosselin's tallywacker?

Netflix Nuts. Check out the movie "Ben X".


There's no Video Games section on DU?

R.I.P. Hall & Oates Bassist Tom 'T-Bone' Wolk, age 58

I'm not even about to click on mcctatas' link re: Gosselin's schlong

In honor of Chile, a poem by Pablo Neruda

OK - so according to friends of Ted K, an Irish boy drinks and looks at pictures of his brothers

how much is a taxi ride from Penn Station to Meadowlands?

Help with a Lenovo computer

Midlo showed me this new t-shirt design today

The Flaming Lips featuring Henry Rollins...Pink Floyd's "Us and Them"

Did anyone get their federal tax refund yet?

You got something on your face.

Wash. man electrocuted after urinating on power line

Yeah, it's a safe bet Howard Stern doesn't like Jay Leno

Eart Wind & Fire is the greatest group in all of music

Why is this year's Oscars only going to be 80 seconds long?

DU Grammarians... a consult, please?

Word of the Day: Dickiedoo!

Outsourcing group activity

If I casually say in a conversation that I never plan to have children...

Update on my Dad

Have you ever asked someone else whether you are within the range of normal?

So if you hear they are making a movie version of The A-Team, will you want to see it?

Lady bugs buzzing around the house, chickens laying eggs like crazy,

Ever just have "ONE OF THOSE DAYS" where you are so mad

The laziest dog owner EVER

Steve Miller Band SUX

Facebook: Sometimes you wonder what in the heck you could have possibly done...

Will YOU Take the STEAK CHALLENGE??!!!!

So is Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' really about a perfect day, or is it about heroin?

Procrastination until death

You know you are in the DEEP SOUTH when....

I am going to a pot luck on Saturday. Any helpful recipes?

Song (or book, movie, etc) that gave the artist a pass for life

Video: Slow-Motion Dogs

Is there some way to bring up the threads that one has rec'd and/or

What foreign language(s) did you study and why did you pick them?

Cats. Should they be outlawed?

Rare Buddhist flower found under nun's washing machine

So, what's the obsession with all things Sci-Fi?

Some folks just should not be in the military

My Weight Loss Update

Cinnamon sugar, butter, apples, chedder cheese & flour tortillas

I went "Office Space" on my coffee maker this morning. Why are modern products crap?

Most romantic song of all time?

Do you drink green tea for health/mental benefits?

Who eats Rabbit on Easter Sunday?

Post here business you have/are boycotting...

Post your favorite movie here, and I'll give a quote from it.

Updated List of 2010 Progressive House and Senate Candidates

Tiahrt in the clear

FDIC joins consumer protection agency push

Dems hammer Portman for COASTing

Rice endorses Whitman for governor

Rubio "mistakenly" double-billed for plane fare

A History of Overhauling Health Care (interactive timeline)

Ford Decides Not to Run

"Should We Thank Jim Bunning For His Knuckleball To The Senate?"

"How the Public Option Would Likely Get a Vote During Reconciliation."

The Peacelike Mongoose by James Thurber as read by Keith Olbermann...

Boozman files for U.S. Senate; Lincoln heckled

I hope everything will work out.

Ky. candidates spar over fillibuster

What is Cenk talking about a deal Obama made with Hospitals?

What is Cenk talking about a deal Obama made with Hospitals?

Krugman: "...failing to engineer recovery"

WH Paints Bunning as the Poster Child of GOP Obstructionism

Photos: "I think I'll go for a walk outside now..." (The Obama Presidency 3/1/10)

Rethugs have narrowed thier 2012 convention to either Florida, Arizona, or Utah

TPM: AFL-CIO Backs Halter in Arkansas, Commits $3 Million to Defeat Lincoln

TNR's Jonathan Cohn: Memo Outlines Possible Easter Recess Timeline for Passage of Healthcare Reform

Poll: Obama's Nevada Visit Hurt Reid More Than It Helped

Obama's popularity dips in swing states

White House Talking Points On Obstruction

Dupe,, pls. delete. nt

So i guess Obama is both listening too much to Rahm and not listening to him enough

What Bush would have sent Harper after losing bet.

Bunning/repugs/neocons = It's RACISM!

Water is Wet. FauxNews lies. Warren Buffett: 'I would vote for the Senate bill.'

I believe that underneath many teabaggers and fundies feel anxiety.

Here's a great song; which describes my feelings towards republicans!

Rand Paul: Grayson Voted For Bill Clinton! Grayson Camp: Paul Voted For His Father!

Notice that all the Rs are in the house with the President in Georgia.

Ezra Klein calls latest WaPo piece on Rahm BS

Bill Clinton Gives Tiger Woods Words of Support

***HEADS UP*** President Obama talks about jobs and the economy, from Savannah, GA

Obama to spell out rebates for energy efficiency

Remember folks those new JOBS and UNEMPLOYMENT numbers comes out this Friday

PA SEN POLL: Specter in strong position. Beating Sestak 53/29. Beating Toomey 49/42.

Sen. Bunning is proving my point! The republican party is a terrorist organization.

Pelosi's spokesman corrects Fox Noise distortion about health care bill

CA-Gov: Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

HCR vote timeline

It's 'Almost' Pathetic

m$nbc: bunning on Senate floor trying to justify his assholedness, 10:30amET. nt

Why are the Democrats not attacking the GOP (rather than Bunning) about blocking the bill

Lincoln’s Challenger: I Support Public Plan, And It Will Be Issue In Campaign -- Moveon Email Blast

G.O.P. Splits on Senator’s Move to Block Benefits (Bunning really F'd up)

PA-Sen: Quinnipiac Gives Specter 7-Point Lead

Harold Ford: "The notion that liberals didn't accept me is just wrong."

Rep. Weiner calls out Fox & Friends for misinforming on health care (VIDEO

Silence you serfs - Lady Lynne de Forestation told you how to vote. You ignored her. How dare you?

Treasury Aide exits for K-street

Lawrence O'Donnell is one of the few decent journalists on TV

Nate Silver: Obama's No F.D.R. -- Nor Does He Have F.D.R.'s Majority

Republican compares Obama to Snooki

Jim Bunning! You've made it into the Photoshop Museum of Asshats!

If you forget me...

So, Bunning has a hold on all Obama nominations as well.... :O

Democrats May Force All-Night Session To Break Bunning's Filibuster

Democrats May Force All-Night Session To Break Bunning's Filibuster

Dodd and Corker may sidestep gridlock, give consumer power to Fed

FLASHBACK: Bunning Backed Extending Unemployment Benefits That Weren’t Paid For In 2003

Why are these idiots waiting for Easter to past health care

Why are Obama and the Dem leadership going against the public on the PO and an individual mandate?

Blanche Lincoln’s Contempt for Working Families

BREAKING-Bunning stand-off over...

Any Liberal candidate is better than any Conservative candidate.

Oooo Oooh I just figure out how they are gonna finesse the Reconciliation

Top athletes as politicians...

Fat Boy: Jim Bunning is a HERO to people

Wow Dylan Ratigan really went after this Tea Party Organizer

A policy-driven White House

Former Bush Ed Official: NCLB is a Failure

Somebody better sit Charlie Rangel down and tell him its over.

Gillibrand: Ford 'underestimated me' (VIDEO)

Why do so many people here know/report on what "Limbaugh said today"?

Obama Tells Congress He Likes Four GOP Ideas For Health Care

Obama should keep using nicotine if he wants to (and keep it on the QT)

Bwahahahah... Obama to take on Bunning

Jim Bunning voted NO on Pay-As-You-Go

UPDATE: Obama to Say Democrats Will Use Reconciliation to Pass Senate Health Care Reform Fix...

Whip count: 33 Senators support public option via reconciliation

This Is Getting Good

Obama sides with principle over Rahm on detainees

Obama's Position on Education [Question]

McCain Camp Plans End Run Around AZ GOP

NY D.A. Clears Brooklyn ACORN: 'No Criminality Found'

New Evidence Surfaces in New Orleans Killings

Clinton offers to help resolve Falklands spat

Republicans setting filibuster record

(4,000) Twin Cities janitors declare victory in campaign for ‘good jobs, green future’

Common weedkiller turns male frogs into females

White Powder Found at IRS Facility in Odgen, Utah: Anthrax Attack?

Marjah's residents wary of U.S. after Taliban ouster

Iran summons Kyrgyz envoy over Rigi arrest remarks

Two more House Dems demand Rangel step down as panel head

Russian Olympic officials should resign - Medvedev

Christian Genocider Calls the Bosnian War a "Holy" Attack Against Muslims

Ky. senator defends benefits tactic

Investors fly to moon as space race goes private

Widow of pre-genocide Rwandan leader arrested in France

Two die in India unrest over Taslima Nasreen article (challenges Muslim practice of veil wearing)

Iran targets reformist media

Eurosceptic UKIP MEP Nigel Farage faces reprimand

Data Shows Camrys Not Recalled Also Had Problems

Geithner, Summers Leading Search for Successor to Fed’s Kohn

Obama plan excites S. Florida educators

Ukraine’s Orange Coalition Dissolves

General and prosecutor charged in Turkey plot case

Senate committee to review Toyota recalls

Banks Raise Pay as U.K. Efforts to Cut Bonuses Fail

Immigrants Rally for a Nationwide Strike in Italy

Goldman board rejects shareholder demands on pay

Paterson Is Said to Have Ordered Calls in Abuse Case

Greece must make more cuts, not clear how much -EU

Missile 'kills Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader' in Pakistan

Jim Bunning's fiscal hardball jams GOP

200 Russian tanks found abandoned in forest

Consumer group sues insurer over policy changes

Union (AFL-CIO) Pushes for Its Own Jobs Plan

GM will recall 1.3m compact cars for steering issue

Residents want North Side sign honoring general removed (Michael Hayden)

Farrakhan: Obama is targeted by U.S. Jewish lobby, Zionists

Cast raises money for real 'Stand and Deliver' math teacher's fight with cancer

Ford's U.S. Sales Up 43 Percent; Second-Quarter Production Up 144,000 Vehicles Versus Year Ago

Company(KBR) Under Fire For Faulty Electrical Work In Iraq Awarded Deal Worth Up Yo $2.8 Billion

Utah: Kidnapping Defendant Found Fit for Trial (Elizabeth Smart)

Ford's U.S. Sales Up 43 Percent; Second-Quarter Production Up 144,000 Vehicles Versus Year Ago

Afghanistan Bans Live Coverage of Taliban Attacks

IBM cuts hundreds of jobs, sliver of 400K workers

EU Socialists suggest euro zone rescue fund

UCSD: KKK mask found near Dr Seuss statue, Geisel Library

Toyota fixing 1.3 million vehicles for engine oil leak

Muslim Leader Issues Anti-Terrorism Fatwa

Consumer group sues Anthem over policy changes

'Toyota defense' could reverse criminal conviction

Ford Tops Sales in February as Recall Slows Toyota

Goldman Board Rejects Shareholder Demands on Pay

Senate panel calls NHTSA response to Toyota safety issues 'deeply troubling'

Bloom box challenges: Reliability, cost

GMAC’s Carpenter Gets Pay Package Rivaling Blankfein (1.2 Million for 1.5 months)

Some House foes eye switch to 'yes' on health care

Ukraine’s Orange Coalition Dissolves

Obama to incorporate GOP ideas in health plan


Report: Body found in Chelsea King case

The Standoff w/ Bunning is over

Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth

Brown to announce California governor run Tuesday

Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth (and knocked the Earth off axis by 3 inches)

New SPLC Report: “Patriot” Groups, Militias Surge in Number in Past Year

Dubai police chief to seek Netanyahu arrest

10 killed in clash between two Taliban groups

Senator Graham calls cap and trade plan dead

Film-maker Jafar Panahi arrested in Iran

Apple audit exposes serious labor law violations(China)

Harold E. Ford Jr. Decides Not to Run for New York Senate Seat

Casey, Wyden, & Udall Join Call for Public Option Through Reconciliation, Now w/ 33 Supporters

Blair warned in 2000 Iraq war was illegal

Bunning Accepts Deal Allowing Benefits Bill to Advance

Anti-Government Groups Show Surge, Watchdog Warns

Kentucky's Bunning again blocks jobless benefits

Radovan Karadzic claims Bosnian Muslims 'killed own people' in Sarajevo

Gov. Bill Ritter injured in bicycle crash

ACORN workers cleared in NYC prostitute video

Court refuses to stop DC's gay marriage law

President Obama to outline rebates for energy efficiency

Student apologizes for UC San Diego noose incident, claims no racist intent

(3.7) Earthquake in (Missouri) Bootheel, no damage reported

GM and Ford Score Huge Sales Gains In Chilly February

AFL-CIO Backs Halter In Arkansas, Commits $3M To Defeat Lincoln

Democrats May Force All-Night Session

Airstrikes kill fewer Afghans, but more dying on ground

Workers Let Go Over Jaywalking

Hillary Clinton offers to help solve Falklands dispute

Collins Tries to Stop Bunning Filibuster

Argentina celebrates diplomatic coup as Hillary Clinton calls for talks over Falklands

Jerry Brown to declare his candidacy for governor Tuesday

Islamic scholar Tahir ul-Qadri to issue terrorism fatwa

GOP Sen. Kyl: Unemployment Benefits Make People Not Want To Get A Job

Catholic Charities to drop health coverage of spouses of newlyweds, new hires

Ukraine to get visa-free travel, free trade zone with EU in a year

Al Franken's Radio show: secret tape of the hunting trip Scalia had with Cheney -- April 13, 2004

VIDEO Retrospect - Obama's $150 million Record Month (BROKEN HEARTS / BROKEN PROMISES)

Sen. Bunning is Angry: "Excuse Me!"

Rachel Maddow - GOP Use FoxNews To Misinform

Rush Vs. Reality: SEIU 1199 Edition

Senator Bunning Throws A Wrench Into The Works Of Middle America

U.S. Senate Candidate wants to reform the Filibuster

Amazing Campaign Video on Education (This Senate Candidate will win for sure!)

Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report on the scandals of Paul Volcker OverRuled

Utah Bill Would Punish Women For Having A Miscarriage

Now this is a Campaign Video (Cal Cunningham for U.S. Senate - NC)

(4 of 6) Michelle Singletary: "I See Debt People"

U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln Faces Protesters on Filing Day

Blood on Your Hands


Dylan Ratigan Show: Revising the outdated regulatory system

Young Turks: (R) Senator Stops Millions of Unemployment Checks - What Is His REAL Motive?

Rep Brod- Government can not be moral or compassionate

Coffee Party Movement - Atlanta

Why can't all doctors be like this?

TYT: Obama Admin Defends Corporate AR Senator - Why?

Senator Kyl: Unemployment Benefits A "Job Disincentive"

AR-Sen: Halter officially files, supports public option

Sanders on Senate Blockade of Unemployment Insurance

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: Ben Stein Psycho Talk - 03/01/10

Anthony Weiner goes on Faux & Fiends and calls out GOP lies, smacks Lieberman

Bunning: We want a country that don't owe everybody in the world

How to use Talking Points to Scare Dummies

Confrontation with Westboro Hate Group, Richmond, Virginia 03/02/10

Sen Franken: You Might Remember George W Bush Took Office With A 200 Billion Dollar Surplus!

Keith Olbermann's Post Script To Last Weeks Special Comment

Scenes from a KKK rally in Georgia, February 2010. Yes, the KKK in 2010.

Giant Jesus on I-75 Speaks about American Culture

ANIMATION: How to Recruit Dummies for Suicide Mission - Tea Party

Empire, Oligarchy and Democracy

Dean Baker: Nice work if you can share it

Sallie Mae Sells Out Students Safety and American Jobs

Fuck you and your MBA.

Reform Déjà Vu: Dems follow failed health care strategy and preemptively surrender

GOP Senators Deny ANYBODY is Unemployed

For Me, the Party Is Over

Ralph Nader Was Right About Barack Obama By Chris Hedges

Pelosi Aide Calls Democratic Plan to Pass Health Care Bill "A Trick"

CNN Poll: Majority says government a threat to citizens' rights

Can Obama Assassinate Americans? By Nat Hentoff

Genuine American exceptionalism on due process

No City for Black Men

Jim Bunning killed the unemployment benefits extension. What now? (CS Monitor)

Obama's Budget Revealed: Money for Wars and Weapons While More Americans Face Joblessness and Hunger

The “Threat of an Arrogant Laboring Class, ...a Threat to the Foundation of Wealth

How Reagan ruined conservatism

Learning From the Sin of Sodom

Bunning: pay for U.I. benefit by taking $10 Bil from another program. Kentucky got $20 Bill in grant

Sen 'Schmuck' Shelby says even a watered down CFPA "is nonsense"- Huffington Post

Bunning's callous grandstanding

The Moral Problem of Neocons like Bunning Who Love to Cut Off Poor Peoples' Living

Where's "Honest Services" from the Supreme Court?

Why We Need to Have Empathy For Tea Party Lunatics

The war on terror is anti-American

Doctors Without Morals

The Earth has its own set of rules

15 Years Ago, the Combined Assets of the 6 Biggest Banks Totaled 17% of GDP… By 2006, 55% … Now, 63%

Calif. initiative process has gone off course

M$M keep repeating the GOP chant that the Dems and the GOP are separated by an unbridgeable gap on

The most dangerous right, by Dennis A. Henigan (Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence)

How Reagan ruined conservatism (Gideon Rachman, Financial Times)

the Truth about Conservative "journalism" - Eric Alterman - good article on conservative paranoia

Sibel Edmonds: The Traitors Among Us

Are Some Conservatives Treading the Line When it Comes to Treason?

Translating for Fox Nation ("ram through": pass by simple majority vote).

Nazi Film Still Pains Relatives

The World According to Stupak

VW aims to be electric car leader by 2018

Supreme Rulings Restrict Clean Water Act, Foiling E.P.A.

Drumbeat: March 2, 2010

Progress Energy abandons dirty coal front group ACCCE

Richard McKenna Charter School Project Leads to Installation of Onsite Wind Turbine

Popular nanoparticle (nanosilver) causes toxicity in fish, study shows

Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth

Coda Automotive to launch all-electric vehicle in the fourth quarter

PNAS - 2.5 ppb Atrazine Causes Frogs To Change From Male To Female; Can Then Lay Viable Eggs

Environmental Cleanup Of Tampa Raytheon Plant Will Take 78 Years, Homeowners Learn

MoJo: South Dakota Public Schools to Teach Climate Denial?

Retailers Sponsor Wolf-Killing Contests:

The Earth has its own set of rules

Research team breaks the ice with new estimate of glacier melt

S. Dakota Legislature Declares Astrology Among Forces Affecting Weather & Climate - Not A Joke

New definition for 'peer review'

Baby survives global warming suicide pact

Leafs GM Brian Burke press conference.

The first Spring Training game of 2010 is underway...

Curling - a sport?

Chelsea - A team going through a rough spate, or an aging Dinosaur spiraling into oblivion.

You can have ONE MILLION DOLLARS..... if you throw a perfect game

A-Rod to be questioned in Canadian doctor probe

John Daly was ordered by the PGA to seek rehab/help SEVEN times

Ice Skating Toon >>


US protects Bolivian terrorist

Doctors Without Morals

Lula, first leader to travel to Chile after quake

Guatemalan police chief, drug czar detained

James Cameron on a Mission: Will He Support Real-life Ecuador Struggle Against Chevron?

PERU: Relocating Entire Villages for Mines, Dams

Honduras: Gorilla transfer of power

Argentina asks US help to end Falklands spat

Brief update on Chile 3/2/10

Argentina celebrates diplomatic coup as Hillary Clinton calls for talks over Falklands

Venezuela: Central Bank Transfers $1.5 Billion To Fonden Fund (Chavez Slush Fund)

Cuba sends medical mission to Chile

Strange item in the NY Post about Cuba

Growth that Palestine can believe in

Russell Tribunal aims to hold the international community to account

Hamas leader disowns son for spying for Israel

Universities across the globe mark Israeli Apartheid Week

Dredging up the Israel/apartheid question

'Israeli PM to be put on wanted list if Mossad's links proved'

Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat plans to demolish Palestinian homes for park

It's too easy to fault any critic of Israel

Dubai police chief says to seek Netanyahu arrest

Israel's NGOs must operate freely

Israel has its faults, but apartheid isn't one of them

Israeli PM: Israel must keep Jordan Valley

Today in Labor History Mar 1 Successful nationwide strike for the 8-hour day & much more!

(4,000) Twin Cities janitors declare victory in campaign for ‘good jobs, green future’

Today in Labor History Mar 2 1807 - The U.S. Congress abolished the African slave trade

(Maine Human Rights) Commissioners to seek input on transgender guidance (re: students' rights)

Uganda activists petition against anti-gay bill

Former Copa "Queen" Wants Nursing Job Back

California Supervolcano Has Split Personality

Common weedkiller turns male frogs into females

Tonight on Nova: The Pluto Files with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Scientists Strive to Map the Shape-Shifting Net

Quake may have shifted Earth's axis, shortened day

Giant Snake Preyed on Baby Dinosaurs

This is how a few dunder heads can really hurt us BAD....

Saw McDonald Today

Human Culture, an Evolutionary Force

Transparent Digital Keyboard

Best. Comment. Ever.

Who needs a gun in a National Park? Well.....

ABC News - Understanding the 'Guy With the Gun' (Open Carry)

Surf, Sand and Smith & Wesson at San Francisco's Baker Beach

Utah Legislature: Businesses urged to welcome guns

Congress Should Force the Court's Hand


The Second Amendment’s Reach

the chair, and snow, again

Colors of February

First crack at HDR

Went out and about. Took a few pictures and stepped

Sometimes the best thing to do, is also the saddest thing to do

How much Arms Control Do You Support?

Robbery Victim's Family Say They're "Sorry" Baby Died in Shooting

Daley "very optimistic" on eve of McDonald

Little worlds..

Anyone else getting "hit" hard today/this week?

"The Sacred Awakening" Series

Parents say doctors hastened death for dying kids

Whirlpool gets $19M in Stimulus, offshore outsources the jobs

Vaccinations: Still Amazing After All These Years (HuffPo Column)

Wall Street is stealing another 20% from you 2010 to 2020

From Churchgoer to Charges as Church Burner

The president said only 7% of Central Falls passed the state math test. True?

Please sign this petition to keep Long Beach (CA) schools funded

Colorado Moves Ahead with School Funding Lawsuit

Business principles won't work for school reform, former supporter Ravitch says

San Francisco intros 9th grade ethnic studies course for SFSU credit

Rhode Island, Central Falls, Ethnic Diversity and School Performance

Jeb Bush ally in FL Senate files legislation to gut teacher tenure, forcing tougher requirements

Teachers’ union files labor charges over Central Falls firings

Obama Backs Rewarding Districts That Police Failing Schools

Statement from AFT re: Central Falls

Theology student gets angry at bush and burns it (starts huge forest fire)

Cross post from the Lounge - what kind of jelly beans should I buy for the Easter baskets?

Cross post from the lounge- ideas for what to bring to a pot luck dinner.

1 Chicken, 17 Healthy Meals, $26 Bucks, No Mayo

Share the wealth, so to speak. I am alone and find it difficult to