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Are you afraid too?

Fantastic column by Paul Begala today

Baby Killer Boy Also A Birther

When tea partiers and other Repugs benefit from health-care reform, they'll never admit it!

He's back!! Welcome back, Keith.

Did you read it? Did you?/??! HELL NO you didn't read it!!!1

KO is baaaaaaaaaaaack

Better Than Nothing: Labor Reacts to Passage of Healthcare Bill (photo of Obama at vote 216)

Question: was any other bill passed without Republic party support?

I just heard Fineman say nobody knew how they could get HCR passed.

Funny, Wall Street loves the HCR Legislation. Dems and GOPers on CNN agreeing that both

Should I continue to support Democrats or visit DU? If so, which ones?

If your Congresspersons supported HCR, call and thank them for their patriotism

"We have to defeat these bastards! We have to wipe them out!"

Social Security expanded, Medicare expanded HCR will expand

Rapture Ready is off the hook!

Join this Facebook page - Help Rush Remember to Leave the Country

A question about these Death Panels

delete posted in wrong place.

What do you think the chances are the bill will pass the Senate by the weekend?

This is a dumb question, but what does Bachmann expect from a bill to repeal?

does this mean the class war is over now?

KO Special Comment coming up 90 seconds from...soon!!!

Caribou Barbie's Fatwa: Health Care Vote A "Clarion Call To Action"...oh, you BETCHA!

Senate Parliamentarian RULES IN FAVOR OF DEMS

any good in there with the bad? What do you think?

The fat lady sings!

Conventional wisdom said America "wasn't ready" for a black president.

New Freepperism Alert! Freep schools another on spelling and, predictably, gets it wrong:

OMG..a local repuke just had an election the end of it

Cretin Strategery

were the death squads deployed today or must they wait till the bill's signed?

Letter from a poor Schmuck

Utah's AG challengeing the mandate to buy insurance

Over an Alito Dissent, Supreme Court Denies Review in School Band Case (9th Circuit ruling stands)

What the Health Care Vote Says About the Parties

Some Americans rreally believe this is the end of America.

Now that the right wing is severely wounded

My local (red) paper ran a story with a state poll showing support for HCR.

Rep. Giffords' Tucson office vandalized after health care vote

The View From Your Recession

Israeli PM Netanyahu speaking to AIPAC LIVE on CNN.

I wish senate dems punk staffers would print these and hand them out

Is anyone else watching Benjamin Netanyahu on CSPAN right now?

Iceland may soon become utopia for journalists and publishers

with less than 60 in the Senate ..

An excellent summary of the new HC bill's provisions from my Congressman

HCR: Once Again, Mass. Gets Zero Respect

Newt On Health Care Reform: Vote Was "Worthy of Hugo Chavez"

I need help to reply to this hate filled, obviously racist, email, I received.

Tort Reform Tort Reform Frivilous Law Suits Sleazy Attorneys

Barney Frank calls out Teabagger muse Michele Bachmann

LA Times: Outside Texas, alarm over textbook changes

self delete

Dodd Planning Vote on Financial Reform TODAY, Massive "Managers Amendment"

Something KO said tonight was so very, very true

Thought I would toss out a little bit of good news

Thought I would toss out a little bit of good news

Does anyone know how I can get a job with one of the "death panels"?

How about a few LOL's - pics

GM Brazil moves to expand, modernize operations

Here is another take on the Health Care Proposal

When will the US have single-payer, universal health care?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


Wellington's Victory Overture by Beethoven.

Forehead, meet Brick Wall

The Magic Voyage, according to Republicans.

The Rage and Fury of Millions of Ordinary Rightists...water cooler, talk radio, etc

Republican lawmakers stir up the 'tea party' crowd

Just an announcement from Deist Games

Just an announcement from Deist Games

I have been part of DU for over six years.

Jesus was an Ayn Randian? Whodathunkit

I am NOT missing all those anti-reform commercials.

Alaska bans felt-soled waders-after hearing testimony from anglers, lodge owners and others

Thank Nancy

Chill the F*** Out: Waterloo

WTF? When did California switch their statue in Statuary Hall to Reagan?

WTF? When did California switch their statue in Statuary Hall to Reagan?

wow...Perth gets hit with freak hailstorm. . .

Anyone know if HCR changes Medicaid rates, in terms of what it pays MDs/hospitals?

Websites form to support the nomination of Goodwin Liu

ACORN: The Big Lie Worked

Who is the Parliamentarian? Who what how when and why?

'Some People Will Do Anything For Insurance Companies '...Pelosi plays the Who's Your Daddy card

Dubai bans restaurants from cooking with alcohol (meh, NY wants to ban salt)

Dubai bans restaurants from cooking with alcohol (meh, NY wants to ban salt)

I'll bet it's the credit cards & "payday lenders" who oppose HCR

Man, DU has changed lately

Poll: Iraq and Afghanistan Vets Accept Gay Soldiers

Alan Grayson on Palin: She's an Inspiration to Quitters All Over the Country

RW vs LW criminals.

I was really asked tonight...

Democrat Emanuel Cleaver Won't Press Charges For being Spat On.

"Waterloo" dedicated to Sen Demint (video)

NOW, NARAL displeased with Obama-Stupak deal

NOW, NARAL displeased with Obama-Stupak deal

Having OverSpent on other Weaponry, the GOP Arrow Head System is all thats left 4 Political Battle`

Can I just say one *small* thing that has nothing to do with HCR?

Boy, the Democrats had better start marketing this health care thing soon ...

Is CNN competing w/ Fox for the same

Two protesters arrested in House gallery are members of Glenn Beck offshoot

200,000+ at the Washington Mall on sunday: immigrant rights

The owners of America

Man stabs and kills 8 students in eastern China

Can We Have Some Law And Order

ROMNEY is joining the GOP pout-rage tantrum over HCR?

If the senate reintroduced the public option in their bill, would the CBO estimates tank??

Nancy Pelosi's Republican opponent.....Send Nancy a Bomb

If they are good enough for private schools, why not insurance?

Up Or Down. Democratic Party's Party. 3.22.10

Why Republicans Lie 101: It WORKS

Texas sized hypocrisy: AG files suit against HCR.

40th anniversary of The Female Eunuch

Prison-policy study shows how inmate counts yield redistricting clout

DU this CNN poll

Rape suspect accused of trying to hire hit on victim, 11

ADHD Drugs Don't Help Children Long Term

I believe this qualifies as terrorism...

Barack Obama may yet be the best political strategist

Lengthier smoking habits seem to reduce the odds of developing Parkinson's disease

Boat Made of Plastic Bottles Sets Sail from San Francisco to Sydney

Man Wears ‘Sign Of Shame’ As Punishment

Mattis denies improper advice on Hadithah

Teabaggers of New York circa 1863

I Support The Health Care Reform Bill But I Am Still Underwhelmed By Its Force

AIPAC, Day 2: A Fake Press Release, and Dershowitz Runs Down J Street

Lt. Dan Choi interviewed in Newsweek: ‘This Is My Mission’

Urge Bennett to continue fighting for the public option in the Senate

Help me debunk or verify the 17k IRS agents.

A seventy two billion dollar ka ching coming your way

Movies spark young adults (who are already smokers) to light up

Chinese consumed millions of gallons of toxic sewage oil: study

SEIU: March for America: 200,000 Turn Out For Immigration Reform

To even the playing field all people with health insurance should drop theirs

Rudy Ghouliani....

Rudy Ghouliani....

Sheehan faces slander lawsuit for false quote from Dutch general

When FDR & Congress passed FDIC

Coburn: "Medicare's (gonna be) in bad's gonna be cut."

Coburn: "Medicare's (gonna be) in bad's gonna be cut."

If your NCAA bracket is dead, play this one instead: The Bracket of Evil

Canadian university to Ann Coulter: Your hateful rhetoric won’t fly here, so watch your mouth

Not a good way to go - ReTHUG canibalism is on in earnest

NPR is sounding like Fox News Radio this morning

Charges possible against ex-Blackwater officials

"It's The Children's Hour Here"

Republicans Call In Sick

Judge Rejects 9/11 First Responders Settlement as Too Small

Alcohol in Moderation Is Good for Sick Hearts Too, Italian Study Suggests

A movement that could successfully mock the Teabaggers and punish dunkin Donuts at the same time?

Republicans, Republicans, Republicans, it isn't the end of the world

Jebus, Teabagger teachers and the Teabaggers' kids are now harrasing liberal kids in Texas.

Hitler reacts to Health Care passage

Update: Brick thrown through Monroe County Democratic Committee office window

Update: Brick thrown through Monroe County Democratic Committee office window

Republicans Turned off by size of Obamas Package~

Unemployment on the rise in virtually every US urban area

Who's message does the Teabag movement more closely follow?

Representative Issa (R-CA): Bush admin got us voted out of office, They were the BIG SPENDERS.

In hindsight

In hindsight

Make me gag!!! Michael Steele

Celebrating the Passage of a Flawed But Necessary Bill, Part 1: Taunting:

A recap of health care reform

In 2008, we didn't vote for Health Insurance ACCESS, we voted for Health Care COVERAGE

I don't know about other states but our AG here in Delaware is busy pursuing real crimes

we're about to see the republican party shit all over the senate

Secret Service Paid TJX Hacker $75,000 a Year

Here's my problem in Tennessee ...

Health Care Reform: The Return of Interposition

Judge Approves $9.5 Million Facebook ‘Beacon’ Accord

SINGLE PAYER - And the Fundamentals of Politics

Clyburn: Racist Faxes, Image Of Noose Were Sent To Office (VIDEO)

Teabaggers' New Rallying Cry: 'Mrs. Obama, Hands Off Our Obesity!'

Rebuilding Iraq: Slow but steady progress

Glass Microbiology

Any recommended websites where they debunk HRC lies targeted at seniors?

Doonesbury vs. Starbucks gun 'activists.' Day two.

Poor Joe Scum

Ah, the answer was so simple. Matt Morris sings of it so perfectly in "The Un-American"

NY Times issues correction to articles claiming O'Keefe dressed as a pimp at ACORN offices

Has this ever happened before?

And This is The Problem

Kaiser: "Doctors, Hospitals, Insurers, Pharma Come Out Ahead With Health Bill"

Puke: China recycles cooking oil... from raw sewage

BOB HERBERT: GOP Is 'The Party Of Trickle Down-WMDs-Birthers & Lunatics'

Gabrielle Giffords door smashed hours after HCR bill signed

Two great rants last night - Keith and Rachel

For Better or Worse, We WILL by Judged by the Truth

On yahoo front page today... a reminder

Nancy should send Repubs. to their rooms without supper

Has the Tea Party evolved into a terrorist group?

Senate kicks off HCR 2 this afternoon...

Is There A Calculator For Small Business Owners/Self Employed Tax Credits On Health Care?

Fury as Google puts the SAS's secret base on Street View in 'very serious security breach' far

GW Bush's Economic Speechwriter: Republican's Waterloo

What I am finding most entertaining is watching the Wing nut pundits meltdown

Ohio high court upholds limits on injured worker suits

'Lethal Weapon's' Glover in Ohio to support workers at closing Hugo Boss plant

Nelson, Lincoln Sticking with Cornhusker Kickback

Why is it whenever the Dems pass something major

Underemployment Hits 20% in Mid-March

Tim Kaine: 'Bring back pre-existing conditions’ is one helluva bumper sticker,'

Bulgaria has a nuke plant event

Geithner says Fannie, Freddie overhaul must wait

Watch Obama Sign The HCR Bill Live 11:15 EDT/8:15 PDT this morning.

Is Everyone Watching MY President? (...our president - what a smile)

Did Andrea Mitchell just say that?

Obama in 2007: ‘I will judge my first term as president based on’ whether we delivered health care

Obama is letting Joe Biden Speak 1st

Teacher May Lose Job Over Tirade

Will the Clintons be at the bill signing ceremony?

Visit to Haiti: Did Bush wipe his hand on Clinton's shirt?

Fact Sheet: The Truth about this Health Care bill/law

How can we spike the ball in the end zone?

How can we spike the ball in the end zone?

Need some advise....

Please DU a Poll. (do you support AG's challenging Health care?)

Please DU a Poll. (do you support AG's challenging Health care?)

India launches ultra-luxury Maharaja train service ($800 to $2500/night)

NJ Gov. wants to pull funding for all planned parenthood.

I forgot what a tool Joe Scarboro is

I forgot what a tool Joe Scarboro is

There's a lesson too late for the learning...

If a corporation is now a person...

a hug of the President from Leader Reid

So how do you defeated bastards feel today? Feelin' wiped out yet?

Where the bloody hell are ya? - pics

Where the bloody hell are ya? - pics

Anyone notice when Obama mentioned Ted Kennedy, there was a crack in his voice /nt

Biden: Mr. President, You are that leader.

I'm in tears. These stories kill me. (Obama signing)

Here's what it's like to be in a runaway Toyota (simulator):

There's a little thing called political momentum

Obama: Teddy Was Confident That We Would Do The Right Thing

Coulter To Young Muslim Student Re Air Travel: "Take A Camel"

Has the Health Care known as Romney Care been challenged

Where can I watch the actual signing ceremony, instead of

More investors with cash are buying houses

I Just Hope That The Spirit Of The Dem Party That Was Displayed In That Signing Room Today......

Bill Gates Start-Up in Talks on Small Nuclear Reactor

A crazy, simplistic approach to healthcare regulation that just might work.

AIPAC's Week on the Hill: Problems With Its Three Talking Points

AIPAC's Week on the Hill: Problems With Its Three Talking Points

Almost ALL people will use a piece of the social safety net at many points in their life.

The best comment made by any DUer about the passage of the health care legislation

NY Police cite driver error in Prius case

Republicans weigh costs of losing ugly-"The only thing worse than winning ugly is losing uglier."

Court Slaps Prosecutor Who Threatened Child-Porn Charges Over ‘Sexting’

What exactly is President Obama signing into law?

How can the Supreme Court declare a decision they make, not be used as precedent

After watching the last year on the HCR issue

So exactly what stuff is effective as of this second?

The right wing grasp over America is over. We can now control whatever we want.

Tennessee Democrat: Health Care Reform Opt-Outs Are Motivated by Racism

I thought Obama gave a great speech

He Signed It

What the rich will pay

Christie Bans Part-Time Workers From N.J. Pension, require teachers to pay for health insurance

Anyone hear McCain plagiarize Winston Churchill - "we shall fight them in..."

There is an easy fix, don't forget. But people need to know it first.

They created a public option for long term care but not for health care?

Rep. John Boner, "We will fight to help America regain it's freedom." 3/23/10

Massachusetts Bans Electronic Bullying

Bibi hits the Hill

Parents say special-ed kids falling victim in charter battle

Parents say special-ed kids falling victim in charter battle

Health Reform Vote: Global Impressions

GOP NY Gov Hopeful Carl Paladino Compares Health Care Reform To 9/11

Now...about those 2 wars...

How would a public option affect the current CBO scoring in terms of deficits and spending?

AR-Sen: Look who is whoring for Lincoln

The Onion Is Coming To Television

Most people

Cosmic Rays may be Causing Unintended Acceleration in Toyotas

In The Loop: The Pay-Day Lenders' Ties To Powerful Beltway Influence-Peddlers

In The Loop: The Pay-Day Lenders' Ties To Powerful Beltway Influence-Peddlers

So I decided to watch the signing on msnbc via the web . Now, once again, I remember why I stopped

Gibbs on Twitter re: Biden's "This is a big fucking deal" "And yes Mr. Vice President, you're right"

So I decided to watch the signing on msnbc via the web . Now, once again, I remember why I stopped

So I decided to watch the signing on msnbc via the web . Now, once again, I remember why I stopped

Last night, Health Care went from being a "privilege" to a "right"

Biden to Obama at Health Care Legislation signing: "This is a big fucking deal"

So what's new? nt

Ohio group seeks vote to block U.S. health-bill requirement

New HBO movie captures Ted Kennedy's battle for immigration reform

Will Republicans go the way of the DODO bird without bloodshed?

Remember this photoshop from the campaign?

After HCR is signed into law, when is the SOONEST ANY of its provisions become active?

After HCR is signed into law, when is the SOONEST ANY of its provisions become active?

Let's watch the market collapse today. Or not...

More Republican Hypocrisy: VT Lawmaker sponsors DWI legislation, then caught driving drunk

Sign a Bon Voyage Card to Rush Liebaugh (& copy card comments here)

Obama .... 'Go to any credible news site and read what it does'

Glen Beck

Rep. John Lewis and what the people who called him a N***** should know

America’s Energy Consumer Protection Agency Fails; People Face Enron-Style Market Manipulation While

Earth Hour 2010: Power Down for One Hour This Saturday!

All together now...


There needs to be a grassroots movement in states where the AG's are suing re: HCR

President leaves the room (signing) talking to Rep. Kucinich

Have Any On-Air People Reminded Rush Of His Promise To Leave The Country?

Groups Are Still Trying to Get A Public Option Vote In Reconciliation. There Is No Chance.

Hey Rush - pack your bags - There's a first class non-stop flight to San Jose leaving at 8pm tonight

I Hope Daniel Lipinski (D-IL 3rd) Now Feels Like A Damn Fool For Voting No On This Healthcare.......

Scary New GOP Poll-Obama Derangement Syndrome—pathological hatred of the president

Two protesters arrested in House gallery are members of Glenn Beck offshoot

The Rude Pundit: Why Glenn Beck Ought to Be Repeatedly Cock-Punched, Health Care Edition ...

Your medical premium is now the most regressive tax ever created.

Two protesters arrested in House gallery are members of Glenn Beck offshoot

Rush Limbaugh's bye bye song as he leaves for San José, Costa Rica

Bookmark This Thread: Repubs Are Going To Get Their CLOCKS CLEANED AGAIN In Nov.

I can hear FOX now: "A big day for the President, but SOME say Biden's word-choice was offensive...

To all the GOP and Teabaggers that weep and nash

Aggghhhhh!!! We're all gonna die!!!

This isn’t a Health Care Bill - It's a Nostradamus Quatrain...

Hold the GOP accountable for its role in Tea Party hate Here's the message we sent to our members,

Also Known As... The Many Names For Tea Partiers

Barack Obama and Socialism

Barack Obama and Socialism

Science Channel aka Discovery Refuses To Dumb Down Science Any Further


Bill Kristol was on CSPAN WJ this morning, exercising his expertise as a reverse barometer

Cretin Strategery

O.K., all the signing pics are great, but without apologies this is the best:

I have had tears rolling down my face since I read this story earlier today....

Lunar Rover Is Spotted For First Time In 37 Years

Auto Suppliers Rebounding After Brutal 2009; Optimism Builds; Companies Add More Employees

From one who was born with universal health care

Heads Up: Prayer Warriors and Sarah Palin Are Organizing Spiritual Warfare to Take Over America


What did Biden say to the youth just before Obama signed the bill this AM?

Why America's Health Care Is Still Going To Be Ridiculously Expensive

Revenge of the white men

So now that the right part of the Party got their win with the passage of the HCR bill

Anyone watching the Senate on CSPAN2? HCR debate is about to start nt

Bill Kristol just guaranteed Obama will win a second term

Cold Leads To Record Manatee Deaths-this year more dead have been recovered than in all of 2009

WA AG Joins Suit to Nullify HCR

Now I know why Boehner was so mad about HCR

How Many Hours Per Week Do You Estimate That You Spend Posting and/or Reading on DU?


Can my 22 year old neice go back on her parents plan immediatly?

TR could not do it. Nor FDR, or HST, or RMN, or WJC, but...


Why is calling out the right of the pary flamebait, but calling out the left of the Party welcomed?

Anyone else wish we could program sound effects into our OP's?

The Theocratic Ten Commandments

I have an idea for the teabaggers. They can "opt out" of HCR if they join the Amish.

How do people get on library boards? I don't want to, I just wonder

Could you effectively live without driving a vehicle or car?

Jeffrey MacDonald (Fatal Vision) appeal being heard after 40 years

Michael Steele: "There is no downside for Republicans. Only for Americans."

So if they win their suit against the mandate, can Dems pass public option?

Wouldn't it be funny if...

Wouldn't it be funny if...

Wouldn't it be funny if...

The CubeRat asks...

Could the activist judges just ignore all the precedents and deem this illegal?

The real "Imminent Threat" to the United States of America...

Stop telling Rush to pack his bags. He gave himself an out...

Public opinion already going positive on HCR

Pelosi responds to Boehner's criticism : "some people will do anything for the insurance companies"

Tea-Bagger-in-Chief lobbied for Iranian terrorist group

Tea-Bagger-in-Chief lobbied for Iranian terrorist group

$6 Billion Later, Afghan Cops Aren't Ready to Serve

Daimler charged with violating U.S. bribery laws

Without the mandate, what we have is good, solid insurance reform! Let's help get rid of it, then

March Madness begins the racist sports related comments season..

This moaning about the mandate is driving me nuts

SEC Employees Viewed Porn While Rome (and Wall Street) Burned

Sexist slogan? "I check the breasts of my employees myself."

2.45 million settlement for mistaken shootings by California cops

2.45 million settlement for mistaken shootings by California cops

2.45 million settlement for mistaken shootings by California cops

Check in if you got to chuckle under your breath while a winger blew a gasket today.

Costa Rican Health Care Explained

"Ok, Questions! Anyone? Hello? Anyone???? Beuler???"

Sarah Palin near deal for reality show

I've got a live one on Facebook now

I've got a live one on Facebook now

i'll give a cookie to the DUer that gives me the funniest crap they can find

I wonder how many wrong-way driving accidents are the result of GPS?

A special message to our Right Wing Friends... WE OWN YOU.

Poll: Most Say Health Care Fight About Politics, Not Policy

Poll: Most Say Health Care Fight About Politics, Not Policy

Please allow me to introduce myself.....

Question - Why All The Pens?

Beijing tightens censorship of Google

Nancy Pelosi is "Lyndon Johnson in a skirt."

Indian military to weaponize world's hottest chili

In light of the state's suing, a question for DU'ers in law...

Indiana farmer who wrote Obama: "I guess your voice can be heard"

For my fundie friends on FB: God's Welfare plan

For my fundie friends on FB: God's Welfare plan

Senate just voted to begin debate on the Health Care Bill reconciliation...

Senate HCR debate: Baucus kicking off...

It's about character RUSH - Do you stand by your word?

It's about character RUSH - Do you stand by your word?

Sometimes it's OK to drop the F-bomb

"The dogs bark but the caravan moves on."

I was about to post that there had better be something in this bill for long-term care. There is

FreedomWorks/Tea Party Leader Dick Armey Lobbied for Terrorist Group

Has the bill passed, or not, or what the hell?

Having jumped shark, GOP moves on to cod, hake, and flounder

Who is left uninsured by the health-care reform bill?

Opinions turn favorable on health care plan

Facebook Fatwa: Caribou Barbie "targets vulnerable Dems" who voted in favor of HCR

Obsession with 'Pure' Food Leads to Eating Disorder

When did Judd Gregg fall in with the tea partiers?

Just sent this easy to understand list of what the new Health Care Bill includes to my email list:

Repukes prepare to attack Senate parliamentarian if they don't get their way...

Inglewood to pay $2.45 million to settle claim in 2008 police shooting death

Inglewood to pay $2.45 million to settle claim in 2008 police shooting death

one sic fuk.... Paladino Compares Health Care Reform To 9/11

From Howard Dean: A Congressman Who Doesn't Need a Spinal Transplant

Native Americans Reap Benefits From Health Care Reform

The Citizens United case is the most important

Patrick Kennedy's note on his father's grave: "Dad, the unfinished business is done."

Broke? Buy a few warships, France tells Greece

Good TPM Article On The Likely Results Of SCOTUS Challenge To HCR....

Former Police Officer Gets Prison Time For Online Chat

Bush speechwriter: Republicans ‘work for Fox’ (well Duh!)

Waterloo For Fox News?

Isn't it lovely how concerned the Senate Republicans are about Medicare?

Victim of a hate crime left with no police help: now what?

Google China: Inside the firewall, information is in short supply

Thumbs up

Discount residential broker launches online

Teabagger Tries To Harass Congressman’s House, Lists Wrong Address, Stands By His ‘Journalism’

I suppose many of us will have these anecdotes in the coming weeks

HCR Opponents I have called today

Super-sizing the "Last Supper" - researchers analyzed 52 paintings depicting the Last Supper

To those of you who get on your high horse and criticize Canada for its hate speech laws

Sheldon Whitehouse is on Tweety

Where can I find a good video of the racist-homophobic-spitting incidents from Sunday.

Lawyer for 12-year-old shot with a beanbag shotgun by Portland police sues the city

An Open Letter to Conservatives

Where did this "Hopety Change" slur come from?

My company had me down as a resignation and not a invol term due to lack of work

New Items to Celebrate the New Era of Health Reform

Former Riverside police chief charged with drunk driving

Tom Tomorrow and You can't make this stuff up....Toon

Tom Tomorrow and You can't make this stuff up....Toon

Tom Tomorrow and You can't make this stuff up....Toon

Tom Tomorrow and You can't make this stuff up....Toon

Congrats to all the parents who have children that were previously denied coverage

Now I know why Boehner was so angry the other night

Some Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne songs for our conservative friends

People who make below the federal poverty level will need to wait four years for insurance?

Teabaggers / anti immigration republicans who are proud of their ignorance and who hate "them elite

I'm Watching John McCain on Cspan and I'm seeing how very lucky we are he is not President

Are We Better Off Having the HCR Bill Passed?

What this should tell us is that we don't have to be bipartisan at all

Want to send roses to Pelosi for her 70th?

There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning.

Local FOX Poll: Healthcare vote aftermath

Via FB: "This health care bill is all about FREE ABORTIONS FOR EVERYONE!!"

So Rush is going to be leaving the country within five years, right?

NPR today subject bullying.

Crapo R-Idaho (What a name, huh?)

Neugebarger uses his "baby killer" outcry as a fund-raising video

A helpful tip to DU from the Geochemical Society and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Prenatal attached to strick pro-life bill

Los of discussion on one of my local NPR stations about the health care bill this AM -

The best Democracy money can can buy.

What will be the fine if we don't join the pool or health care

A rare "Congratulations" to the Democratic leadership

I think I went to Kindergarten with a little boy who must now be in the GOP Senate

Gov Palin: Don’t Retreat. Reload!!!

People from a country where Janet Jackson's nipple caused a national crisis...

Suppose an uninsured person takes a trip to another state and gets into an accident

The Conservative Entertainment Complex

Some of you mentioned right-wingers around you going crazy.

Iraq Inquiry asks to question George Bush's senior officials

Hey, anyone else get their Death Panel application yet?

DOJ Vows to ‘Vigorously Defend’ Health Care Law

Kansas is shrinking the Right to Legal Abortion

Check out the Repukes pre-signing press conference...

Turn on Ed Shultz

I just want something to protect and take care of our son...

Effort to block health care reform in KS fails, for now

So now, what will happen if you go to an emergency room and don't have insurance? nt

The hypocrisy of pro-life proponents

Boy admits sexual assault on toddler in Lytham St Annes

Franken enlists `SNL' star to raise campaign funds

Environmentalists question solar plants

African myths about homosexuality

62 Haitians arrived in Jamaica today

Mormon bigot Senator Bob Bennett trying to use health care fix to repeal marriage equality in DC

The creepy tyranny of Canada's hate speech laws

The creepy tyranny of Canada's hate speech laws

SEC Employees Were Masturbating to Kiddie Porn While Your Economy Tanked

Mediawhore-"I'm not familiar with that process". YOU'RE SUPPOSEDLY A CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDANT

HULU (owned by NBC, FOX, ABC) blocks internet TV viewing

Whistle-Blower: Banks Give Homeowners the Runaround

Easy way around the 'unconstitutional' HCR mandate

Legal experts: State lawsuits over health care reform won't succeed

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!! Biden used the word "SOCIAL" in his introductory remarks!!!!!

Rotarix rotavirus vaccine contaminated, officials say

How the healthcare bill will impact you, your family and your business

Join the boycott of the Westin in Providence, RI

Colorado Attorney General joining a national lawsuit against HCR

Film Shows Kennedy Battle for Immigration Reform

OK this is classic! Nobody gives a shit what Republicans have to say today

Just heard Norman Goldman say that Grayson's bill is wallowing in the

Justice Dept. Accuses Daimler of Paying Bribes

Yep, the Dutch are REALLY angry over Sheehan.

(urgent) Web campaign against Ethiopia Gibe III dam

Scott Brown: Help Me Defeat Rachel Maddow, Who Might Run Against Me, According to Twitter

McCain? Hayworth? Say Glassman

cspan has the senate debating

Jane Mayer to Marc Thiessen: Your Guys’ Ignorance Got Us Attacked

GM Tests Show Vibe Brakes Can Stop Unintended Acceleration

Lies, Damn Lies, and the Media

This Is Not A Great Bill But,

Lie-in for teenagers has positive results (starting school at 10 am)

Jim DeMint's Facebook Page Gets "ABBA-Rolled"

8 children stabbed to death at Chinese school

After a hard night destroying the nation...

Texas Education Board Member: "But that secular state is founded off of, uh, biblical principles.”

The symptoms of American fascist thinking By FDR's Vice President

President Barack Obama signs the heath care bill - (updated) - pics

Neptune may have eaten a planet and stolen its moon

Arbitrage: Obama and the Dems (article)

This town hall from back in August always stuck in my craw (VIDEO)

This town hall from back in August always stuck in my craw (VIDEO)

LAT: Controversy Over Obama Judge, GOP "preparing to mount an assault"

For everyone who DIDN'T want Al Franken to be the senator from MN

For everyone who DIDN'T want Al Franken to be the senator from MN

Britain expels Israeli diplomat, issues travel warning over identity theft

Britain expels Israeli diplomat, issues travel warning over identity theft

Election Looming, Tories Put Posh Foot in Mouth

Halliburton, KBR drop court appeal in rape case- Thank you Sen. Franken

Republicans in Fantasyland: Health Care Reform Repeal "Impossible"

I Hate Defining Who's A REAL American... Not A Fan Of The Xenophobia, And All The...

Update on challenges to Conservadems

What Americans really think about the overhaul (online poll is "news")

Senate Repukes move to stop all hearings in retaliation for HCR...

Medical expenses are the major reason people go bankrupt

In PA, nearly as many Repub state legislators support single payer as Dems

J Street has a a very good ad in the NYT about settlements in Israel

So I have to know: Are Democratic politicians still willing to sit on their hands in November

And the Gallup Poll is in. Do Americans support the Healthcare bill's passage?

When was the last time you were in a fist fight?

Protesting Health Reform, GOP Attempts To Bring Senate Hearings To A Standstill By Blocking

What Chinese Censors Don’t Want You to Know

A special day for 11-year old Marcelas Owens and Vicki Kennedy - pics

"The History of White People": What it means to be white

To What Countries Could Rush Limbaugh Flee?

To What Countries Could Rush Limbaugh Flee?

Blaming Unemployment Insurance for Unemployment

If the Left and Right hate this bill

Mr. Fish: Madame Secretary (i was not quite ready for this toon)

Barn owl cam

Toyota's Second Shoe Drops: Shareholders Sue

Larisa Alexandrovna: Rush Limbaugh Says Corporate Profits More Important Than American Lives...

A few gems from facebook today:

Proof --- No one gave a shit what Republicans had to say today.

After HCR Passed, Militia Leader Said: 'Break Democratic Party Windows'. So They Did.

After HCR Passed, Militia Leader Said: 'Break Democratic Party Windows'. So They Did.

2010 Census Participation Rates - How is your community doing?

2010 Census Participation Rates - How is your community doing?

Republicans have a news conference to discuss health care legislation - (LOL) pic

Republicans have a news conference to discuss health care legislation - (LOL) pic

A note to my sister, the self professed conservative.....

Cute HRC bill cartoon (Biden reference)

Even This Month, GM And Ford Outspending Toyota On Incentives

Paul Wellstone, you were right!

Coming to 'Merica': The Teabagger/GOP Plan to Secede and Form a More Perfecter Union

Coming to 'Merica': The Teabagger/GOP Plan to Secede and Form a More Perfecter Union

Social Evolution calls for Weaker Systems to fade off in deference to Improvements

The Nation: Attack of the Cheneys

Washington to join lawsuit over mandate

So, The Discovery Channel bought Palin's bullshit and she has a 1million

Phoenix councilman says HE may be charged with assault following altercation with police

Phoenix councilman says HE may be charged with assault following altercation with police

Phoenix councilman says HE may be charged with assault following altercation with police

Phoenix councilman says HE may be charged with assault following altercation with police

NBC "news"' first 10 minutes was a complete bashing of HCR passage. Not one piece about

Thank you for passing the Health Care Reform Bill - pic

Next big project for Obama and Dems to tackle?

GOP: "The American people are against this bill waaaarrgarble!!!"

Rep. Louise Slaughter's (D-NY) CHILDREN get death threat

FDR had his New Deal, Obama has his Big Fucking Deal

Probably the single most disturbing freeper comment you'll read today

Probably the single most disturbing freeper comment you'll read today

Question. If state Atty Generals are filing suit to block HCR, can we countersue?

K&R if you felt good today

Color of Change Petition: Hold the GOP Leadership Accountable

Thank you Mr Obama

Where's Michelle? I can't remember the last time I saw a photo of her.

NY Times: Britain Expels Israel Diplomat Over Fake Passports

The socialist left always criticized FDR by saying that he saved

The socialist left always criticized FDR by saying that he saved

Um, WHAT??? Bill Gates, Toshiba in early talks on nuclear reactor

Toxic Narcissists of American Politics

AT A GLANCE: Most Health-Care Stocks Close Up After Overhaul OK

I just don't know

I wonder how much better off we'd be if Ayn Rand never lived

Scott Brown: Help Me Defeat Rachel Maddow, Who Might Run Against Me, According to Twitter

USA Today: Americans by 9 percentage points have a favorable view of health care overhaul!

According to Elizabeth Hasselbeck - it's ok to use racial/homophobic slurs when the vote is close...

Let,s make it official--Fracking replaces Fucking


Getting into Massa's Drawers: The Truly Creepy Details of the Congressman's Behavior Centers Around

Coulter: I’m victim of ‘hate crimes against conservatives’

Civil War hero from Delafield in line for Medal of Honor

Toyota, Flying Saucers And Bigfoot

Toyota, Flying Saucers And Bigfoot

The face of FreeRepublic...

Tom Monaghan's Xtian law center sues over health care overhaul, says it's unconstitutional

Do nuclear proponents claim nuclear power is PERFECT vis-a-vis safety?

Joy Behar NOW: Calling him "Boner"!

Whatever you do... love

When average families realize that their lives are easier because of HCR, what then?

When average families realize that their lives are easier because of HCR, what then?

So far, 13 States have joined the Confederacy

My favorite picture so far!

The Deadline to Extend UI and COBRA Programs Before They Expire is Fast Approaching (Again)

ROFL! Repubs already backtracking on threat to appeal HCR.

Salon: 4 Years Ago, Conservatives Saluted Romney For Signing A Healthcare Law Similar To "ObamaCare"

The Real "Baby Killers"

How Is The Federal Govt Taxing People Un-Constitutional? Don't Want To Pay For Insurance? DON'T

HLN: 'Wearing a Bikini on Spring Break is Asking for Rape'

Ban on Rescissions????

Right-wing mass message techniques (eg,"death panels")


Is it unconstitutional to require you to buy auto ins, or a car, or a phone, or sell to x? no.

Attorney: Dog-busting cops caused woman's miscarriage

Militia leader in Alabama Called for Breaking Dems’ Windows

Report: Blackwater Execs May be Charged

'Dad, the unfinished business is done' (Patrick leaves note on Ted's grave)

The One-Two Punch

Bob Herbert's MUST read column today

You can't make this stuff up-By Tom Tomorrow

You can't make this stuff up-By Tom Tomorrow

You can't make this stuff up-By Tom Tomorrow

Alan Grayson on His Medicare Buy-In and Reality Show Personality Palin By Heather Tuesday Mar 23, 20

David Frum on GOP: Now We Work for Fox

Is there any valid reason for a State to bring these lawsuits against the HCR bill?

From 100K lawyer to 450 week unemployment

Travel Agency Offers Rush Limbaugh One-Way Ticket To Costa Rica

I can't help but look at President Obama with wonder at the pace and scope of change in my lifetime

Help needed -- changes to Medicare in the new bill?

Fiat 500 EV to be built by Chrysler.

pay your premiums (mandated or voluntarily) ... but denial of claims & treatment will continue?

So I have to know: Are "progressives" still willing to sit on their hands in November

When the party's top leaders do not respect teachers, how can we expect children to do so?

This place is even worse than it was yesterday.

Tea Party’s bigotry is a birthmark, not a tattoo

HMOs may hike premiums, slash jobs under reform

Question about HCR and NON profit organizations...

Project Censored: Top 25 Censored Stories for 2010

Obama Signs Bill In Flight Suit And Cod-Piece

Turning insurance into a mandated private utility (unregulated utility) -- Econ 101.

Turning insurance into a mandated private utility (unregulated utility) -- Econ 101.

10 Things Every American Should Know About Health Care Reform (

What happens when you combine "Get a brain morans" and vandalism?

In a constructed reality exercise, assuming the U.S. Department of Justice was an independent arm of

Overheard today at my small family local produce store

DOD reportedly examining IF, rather than how, to repeal DADT

There is plenty wrong with the medical insurance bill, but

Meg Whitman Breaks Campaign Spending Records (could spend an unprecedented $150 million by November)

The official JOE BIDEN IS FUCKING AWESOME thread...nt

Introducing the 97%(96.83) Party.

So the lawsuits start, and it's interesting.

So the lawsuits start, and it's interesting.

Why you should never read/listen to Fire Dog Lake- THEY LIE

Dr. Michael Parenti: "Terrorism, Globalization and Conspiracy" (Wealth Creates Poverty?)

Get your 'BIg Fucking Deal' Biden Tshirt

Is Something BIG Coming? A Future Without the Republican Party?

An unbelieveably, brutally good smackdown of the GOP

National Post: I'm the victim of a hate crime, Ann Coulter tells Canadian audience

More health bill TOONS plus

More health bill TOONS plus

the Harris Poll...

Teabaggers Will Get 1 Million Facebook Twitter Signatures To Repeal NobamaKKKare, With Your Help!

Let's get rid of the mandate! Without it, we simply have great insurance reform!

Hannity Scandal got pushed out of news when MORE info is coming out on it

Taibbi: New Democratic Party is an excellent substitute for the old Nixon/Ford Republican Party.

My wonderful 15 year old son ( read this- it is great)

• DU Demographics: The Results •

How long before actual physical brawls return to the House of Representatives?

LOVE IT! Texas Democrats as Repub AG to explain his anti health care lawsuit (MUST READ)

Rep. Gabby Giffords Tuscon office windows were shot out yesterday.

Worried about all these repeal/court challenges to HCR? Don't be.

Overheard at the office today

An Open Letter To Conservatives

Dolly Parton takes on Repub. senator over refusal to regulate payday loan industry

Dolly Parton takes on Repub. senator over refusal to regulate payday loan industry

88-Year-Old Ex-Nazi Hitman Convicted

Idiotic Poll in Orlando Sentinel Right Now

The Drunken Poor: A Conservative Lie

Reagan on the $50?

Michael Moore: Healthcare Bill “A Victory for Capitalism”

Exasperated with the lame insurance reform package, still I must give two cheers for its passage.

“The monsters never go away.”

"A Ticket For Rush"...Website want to send Limbaugh to his underaged sex vacation paradise forever

Make no mistake - Big Insurance just won a major victory

I read "The End of Overeating" by David Kessler, and there's a problem in the 2nd paragraph:

I read "The End of Overeating" by David Kessler, and there's a problem in the 2nd paragraph:

Pro-single-payer doctors: Health bill leaves 23 million uninsured

Health Bill is NOT what "generations of Americans have fought for, marched for, hungered to see."

Thanks Democrats, You are About to Cost Me My Job.

Folks, I hate to go here but,

So, if these violent @ssholes are going to target Democrats at their offices


This bill is a regressive tax, and here are the numbers nobody seems to be thinking about

Some of the very best teachers are in low-performing schools.

The greatest robbery of the last 100 years–committed by the Pentagon!

A Right-Wing bad behavior rundown here...

Oh Shit! A friend on Facebook had Bunco night! She's not even Midlo.

Predators trailer. It looks pretty good.

YouTube: This cat is REALLY into whatever he/she is watching. REALLY.

School, state & national songs to make love to.


Experiment, let's see if this works. If it does I want to send PELOSI a birthday card


Tron Trailer!

Nobody asked me, but I've got a great idea for the next DU fundraiser.

This is a really amazing photo and album cover

Music video shows boy band being destroyed by electricity-vomiting chemo patient/alien.

Amusing You Tube Video

Clyde McPhatter - A Lover's Question

Joan Osborne and the Funk Brothers!

What'll become of Teh Lounge when The Revolution comes?

Getting my wisdom teeth in...

Happy Birthday William Shatner! He's 79 Years Young Today!


do I really need to know the lyrics of this ?


Please help. What does "Comminicamus" mean?

Need to be up in 4 hours for work. Goodnight DU (& good morning MissHoneychurch!)

Adversity on its Head - Haven't We All Been Here?...

Besides attorneys and Earl the Squirrel...

Skinner. Can we set a donation for LynneSin so that she does not have to eat used cat litter?

Good morning Lounge

Waterloo GERMAN !!

Do you ~a vulgar word~ ?

Have I got a chair for you!

The one bad thing about health care reform passing is...

Beck - Lost Cause

Favorite rock & roll band featuring a bare-chested lead vocalist who plays the washboard

I am getting the world's most awesome birthday present!

Favorite rap song featuring mayonnaise?

Cute girly stuff. I need to buy shoes...

Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes ( yes this is a real cookbook )

Note to those trying to sell bullshit to people looking for jobs at networking events:

Is there a web site that host political and other polls you can participate in?

Anyone have any experience with Sprint cell phone service?

It will be hard to make the spare with that 4-10 split. (video)

Half the people can be part right all of the time, Some of the people can be all right....

Fields Of Gold - Sting


MAIZE...what YOU call "corn." You can run, lil' cob, but you can't hide.

Scottish rap 1987?

Actors in need of a comeback

Anyone see Craig Ferguson interview John Cusack last night?

Before I knew what it really meant, I thought that IBTL meant "I Bet This Locks..."

I was called a "Hunter S Thompson Liberal" I am not offended

Hitler discusses the Republican Party

GOP Campaign Slogans for Nov. 2010

Ex-inmate gets 15 years for breaking into jail

My favorite "fan-made" youtube - you have one?

Skepdudes - A Celebration of Hot Male Skeptics Who Are NOT Libertarian

post your special riders to the healthcare bill

DU Demographics poll results posted in GD.

Nature by Numbers

I love

You can't lie; what did you think was the first line of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me"?

Hey Sports fans, post your favorite plays of all time

Not really asking opinions on this song, but it reminds me of something, and I'm going crazy

Barn Owl camera on ustream

Would your DU experience be improved or worsened if the "Sarcasm" smilie were outlawed?

the art of picking your nose and how not to get caught

Schadenfreude - suddenly, I'm taking GREAT joy in this busted bracket thing.

cute kitten video

google images must think anything small and concrete is a garden gnome

There are a couple of old fellers up here that sure must hate local music.

Be careful renting from Blockbuster.

You know you haven't been around here for a while when...

Favorite Rock n Roll song featuring bagpipes

What the hell, body?

Nick Lowe - So It Goes

favorite rock songs with choir

Howard Dean dyed his hair?

I just finished a 26 hour work shift.

OH NO!!! Biden said fuck.

Motorized Ice Cream Cone

My company's "Lumberg" tore me a new one today


Fun History Exam... (No, not the 1895 one. This is for kids of the 20th century)

Post your poo pics here!

why are the clicked on threads NOT showing up in a different color

Anyone have experience with Geico?

For women: fashion trends

Does your cat ever do things at night just to wake you up?

I was wondering who clicks on Graywarrior's

Chris Evans tagged to play Captain America

Was Larry David more responsible for the funniness of "Seinfeld" than Jerry Seinfeld?

Blinded By the Light......WFT is this song about??!!

They forgot one (What Disney Taught Us Growing Up)


Anyone see "The Wild Blue Yonder" by Werner Herzog?

What 'huffing' can do to you...

"Hellraisers" Good read.

Dammit. Broke my diet today. :(

'Torchwood' exclusive: Would U.S. version turn Capt. Jack straight?

Craig Ferguson..?!

What's your favorite Pink Floyd album?

Complete this: "I don't believe in ________ "

Let's make a musical about vasectomy surgery!

What gets you the most condiments?

"Reality Check" Photos: Wendy's Bacon & Blue Burger...does it look as good as it does in the ads?

Okay. I know DU is all hi-brow and sophisticated daisy picking rainbow humpers, BUT...

No, you can't just "drop by" our house without notice

What gets you the most compliments?

Innocent FReeper asks his brethren to show him where the HCR bill funds abortion.

1,000 Words: Embraceable Edition

Kristol Blue Deflation

Something's wrong with my TV. No laughtrack with Sean InSannity interviewing the Queen of Quit!

Reid’s goal: Wrap up final touches on healthcare package by Saturday

Part of me wishes I could have been a fly on the wall last night...

Off the Bus

Here's what I'm thinking for messages for 2010 races

Individual mandate question

Anyone got a pic of the dems walking hand in hand through the teabaggers today?

Healthcare finished, House Dems switch to jobs agenda

Some states want to assert their right to oversee health care

Rachel is kickin' ass and takin' names tonight

Will you add your name?

NYT Says Student Loan Reform Was the Clincher

Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Indian author Sherman Alexie wins the Pen/Faulkner award.

Several Democratic party offices were vandalized last night

This pretty much sums up the last 70 years of domestic policy.

Faux News claiming that 12 state AGs will take the HCR legislation to the Supreme Court

would it be unconstitutional to impose a "health care" tax on all taxpayers?

what is this about the Bill the house pass not being the exact Senate Bill?

It'll be awesome watching Romney run from his healthcare reform in 2012.

WaPo - "How Obama revived his health-care bill"

We need to become crazy like Right WIngers when the next republican pres is in office

THANK YOU Republicans, Teabaggers, Rush, Glenn, Fox, Etc. for.......

Eugene Robinson: Tea Party Bigotry Can’t Stop History

Joe Madison: We as talk show host better STOP!!!! this racism or history will repeat itself

Policy Challenge

Health law will make calorie counts hard to ignore

Moron Joe says that pharma and insurance companies did not oppose the HCR bill

And America says... very little

Gerson (Conservative) - "Obama shows a president can be both strong and wrong"-Interesting RW Take

Breaking on Olbermann - Senate parliamentarian declares Republican challenge a 'dud'

This is what change looks like. Official White House photos from Pete Souza..."Health Care"

Countdown To Reform Wire (TPM) - Good link

When is the bill signing and is it on TV

Harry Reid: 'Let's Get This Done'

Vicki Kennedy, Members Of Congress To Witness Signing

The Fat Ass CEO from Blue Anthem should get the first pen

CBS Evening News had to have been produced by Limbaugh tonight

In an effort to begin to win him over to this issue, I just sent this link to my husband...

So now the Democrats are the party of NO!

A simple solution to the "forced" payments for coverage the Republicans are howling about

Rachel Maddow's list of what the new health care bill will do

If those waiting in the bill signing room don't start doing the Wave now...

unbeliveable "Fox" is airing the signing..

Health care is now an American right

PHOTO: Two guys have a talk

TPM: Jack Welch: Republicans in for Awful Shock in November

Senate debate on Reconciliation: 20 Hours

"If This Bill Is Socialism, Then Why Is The Stock Market Setting New Annual Highs"

One of the biggest LOSERS in the HCR fight is the Right Wing Errand Boy Asshat Matt Drudge

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Signs Health Care Reform Bill at 11:15 (ET)

Wink-Gate....Who did Obama wink at during Biden's speech?!

"Say NO to Socialism!" (Image)

Next on the agenda: eliminate the conditions that allow medical bankruptcies

More Sour Grapes: Apparently Phyllis Schaftly is not happy...

Thanks to all the Teabaggers and Republican Congress members.

So, the people who always blather about "activist judge who legislate from the bench"...

MSNBC: Tweety ask this idiot Jon Bruning, Attorney General for Nebraska...

I just LOVE watching Joe and Barack walk together, I have no idea why. nt

Groups that benefit

Michael Steele:There is no downside for Republicans, only for Americans

Thank goodness the bill didn't fail to get passed because

Wow... hopefully many more to come!

MSBNC: Shuster with David Frum (conservative writer)

Any Republicans in that room?

The Republican outrage against the new health care bill is going to backfire, and here's why:

Which of the five things that happen now do the Republicans want to repeal?

Ted Kennedy is happy today!

Breaking: 13 GOP State Attys General has filed a Lawsuit against the Health Care Bill

Duncan's office kept list of politicians' school requests (Doesn't sound good))

Senator John Barrasso (R) from Wyoming is clueless as a doctor.

Uh-oh! Opposition en fuego! Big turnout at pre-health care signing press conference by House GOPers

Damn I hope there is a transcript and video of Obama's speech today available soon.

MSNBC: Tweety suggesting that Savannah had the pulse on how HCR was going to turn out.

The Entire GOP Group, Hannity, OReally, Rash, Savage, Fox, etc defeated by 70 year old NANCY

Obama love threads

President Obama said go to any credible news outlet website and look in terms of what reform...

On the mandate, who is going to be genuinely outraged?

I am not the first President to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last.

Obama Will Use 20 Pens To Sign Bill

Two African Americans threaten the President on Tweeter

Mandates vs the 10th ammendments

If any teabagger heads didn't explode Sunday...

FLY your American flag and wear your OBAMA shirt...

Democrat Pokes Neugebauer for ‘Baby Killer’ Remark

Bart Stupak Wants 'Baby Killer' Shouter To Apologize On House Floor (VIDEO)

Yes. He. Did. (What a sweet sight)

Grancart just made an excellent point - It is the DEMS that are united, not the repigs.

As President Obama signed the Bill, one phrase came to mind....

There are NO Mandates in the bill. There is only a tax.

MSNBC, you uppity m****** f******


Coburn: We Can't Stop Reconciliation Bill

I know they're crazy, but why are Senate Republicans opposing the sidecar fix?

Breaking: Britain expel Israeli Diplomat

Today, somewhere in America is an Insurance claims adjuster

Success Begets Success

Coming in late. What was the deal with the SHORT senate adjournment? They adjourned and are

There is only one thing that bothers me about the signing ceremony today

Winds Can Shift Pretty Quickly

David Gregory has gotten his GOP marching orders...

My Senate HCR Reconciliation fantasy

How about a bumper sticker that reads: Democrats Get Things DONE?

Biden did not say "Big F*cking deal" He used an Irish term and

Seth Meyers' thoughts on Biden's comment

I sure hope "It's not really a mandate!!" is not the best talking point we've got.

I was listening to Tom Coburn on the Dylan Ratigan show. I have no idea what he was talking about

Are Independents Turning from Republicans?

Best Birthday Ever!

Was the President signing the health care reform bill into law today a "big fucking deal"?

Where is Boehner?

PHOTOS Marcelas Owens' Special Day

No Presidential Greatness Without Spending Political Capital

Scary New GOP Poll

***HEADS UP*** Senate in session, debating Reconciliation Bill

Has anyone on the internets compiled a reasonable Pros/Con list on HCR L.a.w. ?

Candidates hope to pack Tuesday's caucuses with supporters(Utah)

Wyo Democrats could get gubernatorial candidate this week

First Democrat emerges in 5th District race

South Carolina: Club Endorses Scott

Texas to Kay Bailey Hutchison: Don’t quit Senate

Retired Judge Pfeiffer may run for Patrick Kennedy’s House seat

Teton County resident to challenge Lummis

Whoa! Obama zings Rep. Altmire upon hearing he would vote against health care reform.

Michelle Obama appears on The Simpsons

Republicans admit they can't stop reconciliation

Call Senate and Congress Democrats to

MSNBC: Ratigan with the loopy Senator Coburn

What SPF do you think Boehner uses ?

The very first talking head, rw nut job etc that criticizes the VP for whispering F*&*&*ing deal.

More great photos to mark this historic day

Fired up? Ready to go!

The GOP Storm on Health Care Begins to Subside - reconciliation expected to wrap up by the weekend

So, who got the 22 pens?

Which Republican was the most hapless at trying to stop health care reform?

Sarah Palin unveils target list...

Gates to announce changes to ban on gays in military

Ezra Klein: Transparency and the health-care reform bill

"Is Nancy Pelosi the most powerful woman in American History?"

Handwriting Faceoff: Obama vs. Bush

"Health Care Reform will pass over my dead body" -- John Boehner, two weeks ago

Dow up over 100 points, biggest gain in 5 weeks

White House Officially Endorses "F#@king"

C-Span: Repubs killing me softly with their stupidity....

What's so funny about peace, love, understanding and economic stimulus?

Breitbart: Democrats "wanted to provoke something" by "walking through" the tea party crowds

Coburn's Poison Pill on Reconciliation

According to Fox - VP to President: "This is a big f**king deal".

"Millions of white men who voted for Barack Obama are walking away from the Democratic Party"

Dow finishes up following health care vote -- paging Jim Cramer

Grayson Has Tea Party Challenger

Believe or not, Neil Cavuto on Faux Business seems to be arguing HCR is good for America..

Believe or not, Neil Cavuto on Faux Business seems to be arguing HCR is good for America..

Will Obama Stick It To The GOP?

PHOTOS Dennis Kucinich and Courage

USA Today: Opinions turn favorable on health care plan

PHOTOS Healthcare, Hillary & Hugs (new official photos)

Today I watched the signing ceremony with a great sense of relief.

Obama: "I Promised Teddy".

How much credit do you give the Internet for passage of Heath Care Reform?

Breaking: Is "break" Demint's waterloo?

My tribute to today's historic event as a desktop background

DNC: We’ve Pulled In $1 Million Since Bill Passed — Without Asking

If the courts struck down the mandate...

How does James Carville do it? He should be nominated for a Nobel prize or something.

The argument that mandates are like the government taxing us and then...

After an hour no has come why the President used 20 pens to sign the HCR Bill into law?

Why did I start a Facebook battle. Look at this response I don't even know where to begin?!

Ezra Klein: Repeal drive loses steam

New GOP Talking Point: "Obamacare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL b/c he signed it with 20 pens!"


GALLUP: By Slim Margin (49/40), Americans Support Healthcare Bill's Passage

NBC nightly news is doing one hit piece after another tonight on HC Bill.

Meg Whitman sets record spending pace in campaign for governor

Sorry, been at work...did Joe really say "This is a big fucking deal!" ?

"Go ahead and file your HCR lawsuit...make my day."

Why healthcare reform could work for Democrats now

Kerry: Historic Health Reform Victory Will Benefit Massachusetts

Aren't those living in flood zones required by federal law to buy flood insurance for their home?

Gallup slump. Obama down to 51% today ;)

Another example of Hillary trying to undermine Obama!

PHOTOS Law of the Land

What President Obama Didn't Say (Esquire, Kucinich)

Headache on horizon for GOP as it weighs health reform repeal

Axelrod: Obama more excited by bill passing than being elected

IMAGES from today's bill signing, courtesy of Official White House Photographer Pete Souza

What are your thoughts on Tom Coburn? He seems to know what he's talking about to a degree


Sarah Palin tells her Twitter followers to RELOAD

How bad is being political on Facebook right now?

24% of republicans think Obama may be the antichrist

Another lie smashed - Members of congress are NOT exempt from the health care reforms.

Patrick Kennedy left a note on his father's grave: "Dad, the unfinished business is done." (IMAGE)

Wait just a minute - do I have this right? The Party that complains about frivolous lawsuits

There are already Big Fucking Deal t-shirts for sale.

"In the meat" and why the Republicans are in for a historic loss.

A Quote from Harry S. Truman

Calculator: What Does The Health Care Bill Mean For You?

BREAKING: ACORN Announces Intentions to 'Bring Operations to a Close'

Opponents take last stand against health care bill

Some Americans rreally believe this is the end of America.

Bank Panel Clears Bill on Overhaul

Netanyahu, Obama to meet at White House

Witness: Michael Jackson doctor interrupted CPR

Man stabs and kills 8 students in eastern China

After public rebuke in Biden visit, Israeli approval of Obama soars to 69%

Britain to expel Israeli diplomat

Civil War hero from Delafield in line for Medal of Honor

Texas Buffalo Shooting Triggers Culture Clash

AP Exclusive: Sources: Charges eyed for Blackwater's ex-president, others in NC gun case

HMOs may hike premiums, slash jobs under reform

AP analysis: Average county was stressed in Jan.

India launches ultra-luxury Maharaja train service ($800 to $2500/night)


Obama signs landmark health bill into law

Election Looming, Tories Put Posh Foot in Mouth

Broke? Buy a few warships, France tells Greece

OPEC seeks crackdown on speculators

Civil servants to strike Tuesday in France

Democrat Pokes Neugebauer for ‘Baby Killer’ Remark

Beloved N.M. Giraffe Tossed in Dumpster

8 children stabbed to death at Chinese school

Stocks near 18-month highs

(urgent) Web campaign against Ethiopia Gibe III dam

U.S. sends three Guantanamo detainees to Georgia

No more daily jabs or endless blood tests... The 30-minute op to give diabetics their lives back

Google Faces No Hong Kong Censors After China Retreat

David Frum on GOP: Now We Work for Fox

Venezuela holds Chavez critic for "conspiracy"

U.S. drinking water pollution causes drastic overhaul of EPA policy

French government backs down on carbon tax plan

(Rumsfeld's High-Value) Detainee abused at Guantanamo ordered freed

Democratic offices in Wichita, elsewhere vandalized

Four Suspended From Labour Party in U.K. Scandal

Charges eyed for ex-Blackwater chief

UK: Israel behind passport forgery in Dubai killing

1st Sikh in decades graduates Army officer school

Taliban fighters training in Iran, U.S. officials say

Acorn to Shut All Its Offices by April 1

Afghan Taliban name new deputy leaders after arrest

Judge rules against lesbian teen in prom flap

Pay czar cuts top earners’ pay at bailout firms

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 23

Opinions turn favorable on health care plan (49 to 40%)

Britain to expel Israeli diplomat

Effort to block health care reform in KS fails, for now

Recall petitions hit the street (target Nelson D-Ne)

Bush In Haiti....Caption this...

PHOTO Caption it? (Nancy and the Orangeman)

Delegate aims to stop Cuccinelli's health care suit (Virginia)

El Salvador urged to repeal Amnesty Law

Tony Blair in citizen's arrest scare as Brussels journalist tries to detain him over 'war crimes'

Stupak: Randy Neugebauer Should Should Apologize on House Floor for "Baby Killer" Remark

Document: Toyota warned dealers of throttle surging in 2002 (NHTSA hid it)

Shell and China's CNPC sign 30-year gas discovery deal

(Iraq) Haditha Killings: Last Marine May Not See Trial

Judge won't force Miss. district to hold prom

Obama signs landmark health bill into law

Vandals hit at least five Dem offices nationwide, threaten to ‘assassinate’ children of pro-reform l

Obama pledges to help Mexico fight drug cartels

Indian IT poised to gain from US health reforms

Holy crap - there IS a tanning salon tax!

Digging Out

Fineman: 'Obama, who comes from a country of long-distance runners'

Rachel Maddow: Rep. Jan Schakowsky - 'We Saw Abortion Language Same Time as Stupak'

Re: House Member Appears To Yell 'Baby Killer' At Stupak

CNN: Michael Moore on HCR Pt. 3 - 'Bill is 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back'

Excellent Rachel Maddow Health Care Commentary: "Gov't is For Fixing Problems"

Rep. Dingell's Historic (BLEEP) for Healthcare

CNN: Michael Moore on HCR Pt. 2 - 'I Think People of America Turned It Around;' Got Bill Passed

flying purple teabagger

On Countdown, Congressman Clyburn (D-S.C.): Racist Faxes, Image Of Noose Were Sent To Office

On Ignorance (Obama is not a socialist!)

The ugly face of health care reform opponents.

Theyre Back! AIPAC Confab Returns to D.C.

Thom Hartmann - Parkinsons patient Dr. Bob Letcher targeted by Tea Partiers

CNN: Michael Moore on HCR Pt. 1 - 'Worst Thing About the Bill is That...'

Thom Hartmann - How do we stop China from continuing to eat our lunch?

Healthy without health insurance in America

Death Takes a Second Job

Sad Robot

Immigrant marchers confront teabaggers on Cap Hill

Rachel Maddow- Desperate Republicans target reconciliation

Kansas: Dust in the Wind

TYT: Conservative Blogger Incites Violence Toward Obama

Howard Dean with Shuster: This Is Coverage Expansion Not Health Care Reform

The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

Hideous Congresscritter "Baby Killer" Neugebauer Responds - Doubles Down

Judaism Rejects Zionism at AIPAC

Captain Picard on legal rights

'If GOP hired Lawrence O'Donnell... Bill would have been Dead on Arrival in December...'

Rachel Maddow: house Democrats show some spine in the face of violent rhetoric

Kansas - Dust in the Wind ...and all your money won't another minute buy.

Deeply disappointed Grampy McCain on unsavory Chicago sausage...we will fight, we will prevail

TYT Debunks (R) Talking Points On HC Bill

Countdown: Kos - 'For First Time Gov't Admits Health Care Is a Right'

Al Sharpton: American Public Voted for Socialism When Electing Obama

President Obama Signs Health Reform Into Law

Waterloo Was The Right Analogy.

Obama Mocks 'Armageddon' Claims: Six Months From Now 'You Can Check It Out, We'll Look Around'

CNN John King: Senator Kennedy's Widow Vicki Kennedy On The Passing Of Health Care Reform Bill

Red State Update: Health Care Reform Bill Passes

Biden to Obama at Health Care Signing: 'This is a Big F*#cking Deal'

TYT: Pros & Cons of the Health Care Reform Bill

Washington State Governor Gregoire Goes OFF On WA Atty Gen For Joining Anti-HCR Suit!

Olbermann is Back - Special Comment: 'GOP Self-Destruction Imminent'

Also Known As... The Many Names For Tea Partiers

Tea Party Demonstrators Pray to Kill Obama Health Bill

Passage of Moderate RomneyCare Drives Republicans Insane

Fitzgerald to Head Probe on Possible Outing of Undercover CIA Agents

Auschwitz Death Camp Doctors' Documents Found

Russia, the United States and global problems: Something must change

The empty locker

Interesting take in the Guardian on giant pandas and the UK economy:

The Alternate Reality of Marc Thiessen

Next Big Issue? Social Security Pops Up Again

Policing Afghanistan - Should Pentagon award a new contract to Xe?

Fox News, health care, and the right-wing nervous breakdown

We support the Health Care Reform legislation ...

The 10 Most Outrageous Right-Wing Freakouts Over the Health Care Bill

GOP Seeks Federal Mandate: Everyone Must Buy Their 'Bullshit'

Let's stop calling it Romney care.

Paul Krugman...NY Times..".Fear Strikes Out"

Actual socialist weighs in on "socialist" health bill

Going Down the Railroad Tracks

Palin Supports Creation Of Third Party: ‘That Can Be Part Of A Healthy Process’

The creepy tyranny of Canada's hate speech laws

There is no more denying that the Republican Party is the Party of Hate

Are Americans Too Broken by Corporate Power to Resist?

Despicable Republicans! 38% believe Obama is "doing what Hitler did".

Mexico's drug wars rage out of control

Physicians for a National Health Plan weighs in on HCR package.

Could The Public Option Slip Back In?

If this bill were a step forward, we would support it.

From a Republican.."This is Waterloo all right:..ours" conservative journalist ..David Frum

LA Times: Revenge of the white men

Tea Party Isn't The Fringe

Changes seen in rainfall trends in March, June and October since 1945 in Spain

ITM Power Buys Hy9 Hydrogen Purifiers for Vehicle Refueling Station

"Aleutian fish still contaminated by old military sites"

Iceland volcano could have world consequences

Oilwatch Monthly March 2010

Drumbeat: March 23, 2010

NYT: Mixing in Some Carbon (capture the carbon dioxide emissions and lock them into cement)

Edison's bright idea: Solar panels on industrial roofs can act as mini power plants

Nestle Steps In It Twice - With Indonesian Oil Palm Producers And W. European Customers

S. Burlington (VT) planning huge solar array to be 14 times larger than any other in State

Perth, Australia - One Month's Rain Falls In Seven Minutes; Amazing Video From BBC

The game is changing with recent IP pipeline deal between Iran & Pakistan. Will China join in?

Virent and Shell Start World’s First Biogasoline Production Plant

New approach to water desalination-Could lead to small, portable units for disaster sites or ...

Senate Climate Bill Compromises Frighten, Infuriate Some Enviro Groups

Stanford Study - Approx. 1/3 Of Planet's Arable Land Devoted To Animal Feed Production

Greenland Ice Sheet Losing Ice Mass on Northwest Coast, Says New International Study

New Jersey Nets CEO yells at (paper) bag-wearing fan

New Sport: Chess Boxing

Prosecutors seek jail for Arenas

Shades of March 26, 1997!

TCU to play Oregon State at Cowboys Stadium to start 2010 season

Stanford women crush hapless Iowa..

Cowboys put the bite on suiteholders

How many baseball games are you getting to this season?

Husky games available to view for WVU fans' education?

Dirrell vs Abraham (March 27)

Dolphins Ronnie Brown arrested for DUI

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The Militarization of the Peruvian Countryside

Chavez foe arrested over drug haven comment

Arrest in Venezuela raises free speech concerns

USA seeks to destabilize Nicaragua

Canada's Long Embrace of the Honduran Dictatorship

El Salvador urged to repeal Amnesty Law

Gloria Estefan calls for march in support of Cuban protesters

Moderate fall of poverty rate in Bolivia

Venezuela holds Chavez critic for "conspiracy"

Obama (or Netanyahu) as modern Moses!

Israel soldier killed by 'friendly fire' near Gaza

Netanyahu reaffirms 'right to build' in Jerusalem

In the fight over Jewish settlements, who are Israel's real friends?

Britain to expel Israeli diplomat

A stark truth

Israeli arms, U.S. dollars

The Doomsday Weapon

New East Jerusalem homes approved hours before Netanyahu-Obama meet

Britain to expel Israeli diplomat: report

Rabbis: Cellular internet must be filtered

Britain: Israel responsible for misuse of British passports

Fired Worker Sparks Organizing Campaign at Family-Owned Chicago Grocery

Today in Labor History Mar 22 Mark Twain extolling the Knights of Labor’s commitment to fair treatme

Today in Labor History Mar 23 Nixon declares a national emergency 30,000 troops to NY to break strik

BETTER THINGS: a documentary about an artist friend who underwent gender reassignment

New Season, US of Tara

And the hits just keepa comin' on DADT --

African myths about homosexuality

Glenn Beck's latest Advertiser: RuPaul's DragRace on Logo. I shit you not.

Hey GLBTers, Sec. gates is throwing you a crumb! Catch!

Georgia teen allowed to take his boyfriend to prom

Gates to announce changes to ban on gays in military

Why can't Constance bring her date?

Paranoia: the lady doth protest too much, methinks...

Wedding guest shoots himself playing Russian Roulette

I read a zombie book which some of you pro-gun folk may enjoy.

Holy cow. No gun used yet the guy was beaten to death (BAN FISTS)

Police: Sac(ramento) Homeowner Fires Shot To Scare Intruder

BBC article - Mexican goverment "insists" about our constitutional freedoms

New quantum dot sensor to revolutionize digital imaging?

Volcanoes helped dinosaurs rule the Earth, say scientists

This Spring, Birds and Buds--Add yours

Moon’s Water Comes in Three Flavors, Scientists Say

Google shuts search service in inland China over censorship

Astronomy Picture of the Day- The Sun is showing its prominence

"Up for auction in Fairbanks: High-tech history"

March 30 the LHC will create conditions of THE BIG BANG- OH NOESSSSSS!

Nature by Numbers

Toledo Blade editors wish recent robbery victims had been unarmed...

Brady Campaign Continues Slide Into Irrelevancy

I need someone else to do the prayer thread in April.

Expect violence

Wow, there is a TIDAL WAVE of negativity going on.....

Scientologists Accuse Film of 'Intolerance'

New abuse charges against Catholic clergy in Germany

In western Ukraine, many Catholic priests are married, fruitful and multiplying — with the Vatican’s

Christian Science Church Seeks Truce on Medicine

Anyone who uses the term "Fundamentalist Atheist" isn't interested in debate

How broad is your definition of "god"?

Those of you who don't "believe in god" (whatever that phrase means to you)

New Superbug (C. diff.) Surpasses MRSA Infection Rates in Community Hospitals

Doctors, hospitals, insurers, drugmakers seen benefiting from health care bill

Sam Harris: "Science can answer moral questions"

Study urges vitamin D supplement for infants

ADHD Drugs Don't Help Children Long Term

OOPS: F.D.A. Asks Pediatricians to Stop Using Rotarix Vaccine for Now

No more daily jabs or endless blood tests... The 30-minute op to give diabetics their lives back

High Fructose Corn Syrup Linked to Liver Scarring, Research Suggests

ADHD Drugs Don't Help Children Long Term

The Biggest Greek CDS Speculator Has Been Uncovered - Culprit Is... Greece!

Former Chief Technologist Seeks to Assist Developing Companies

Now you can Re-Fi your CAR for "extra money".

A Simple Explanation of How The Use of Derivatives Created The Great Recession

My GM preferred stock keeps gaining in value!

Who Grades the Graders?

If this doesn't just blow all....since the lunchroom monitor lost her cool and screamed shut-up the

Federal appeals court: parents can sue school for failing to provide special needs

Duncan had list of favor-seekers