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Doonesbury vs. Starbucks gun 'activists.' Day four.

Official US Site for Earth Hour

A song for all the teabaggers out there

States fighting healthcare law don't have precedent on their side

Blanche Lincoln’s Campaign Running Anti-Union Telephone Survey To Arkansas Voters

Grampy McBush attempts to re-brand Palin's Dems In The Crosshairs bullshit as "Peaceful Revolution"

Fill in the Blank: I wrote to this/these reps/senators pleading with them to vote for HCR and to

It's driving me CRAZY! The Pronunciation of "Epithet"...

It's driving me CRAZY! The Pronunciation of "Epithet"...

I had to turn off Rachel. I can't listen to Quitterella for 1 more second.

Obama Called "Buckwheat" by Lone Republican in District 17 Race

10 Things You Must Believe to Oppose Universal Health Care

"Well Dur Dur, They Called Bush Names, They Protested The Iraq War, Der Der"

Tea Party Advocates Who Scorn Socialism Want a Government Job

Wow. Is "Country" separate from "Government"? Inquiring minds...

Aaah, Free Republic- classy as usual. Not:

If Palin is not the leader of the republican party, who is? Her appearance with McCain today totally

Slaughter House ‘10: The Gutting of State and Local Government

News that will Certainly make Dick Cheney Cry

News that will Certainly make Dick Cheney Cry

NLRB Recess Appointments Supported By John Roberts, Opposed By John McCain

The ease in which the GOP manipulated the teabaggers

Proposed new meme:

I think I am un-rec'ing my own thread. NT

I need some Facebook warriors

Goodwin Liu Hearing Rescheduled for April 16

A poll for you WHO WILL WIN in the BFD between Scott Brown and Rachel Maddow?

Crap, Morning Schmo's ratings going up

DU this poll please

I thought Teabaggers Saying "Keep your government hands off my Medicare" were bad...

Warning, Explicit (And Possible Spoiler Alert) !!! - Bill Maher: New Rule - HuffPo

Hmmm...... It's gotta be WALTER! (John Goodman)

how many teachers' jobs could be saved for the price of ONE B2 bomber?

The Teabagger's Pledge

Maher is going on some kind of break? How long does this last?

Oh Lord PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make Sarah Palin the 2012 Republican candidate

Pope Smear? Yes, according to the Vatican, and an "ignoble attempt" at that

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Best of Malloy tonight

If the Catholic Church was instead...

Historic Victory for Student Aid Is Tinged by Lost Possibilities

Can someone tell me what effect reporting the value of a health ins plan

Can someone tell me what effect reporting the value of a health ins plan

Breitbart on LA talk radio (KFI) NOW accusing Congressional Black Caucus of lying

Man arrested after giving CPR to roadkill

The new motto of the Republican Party....

Eric "Magic Bullet" Cantor

OUTRAGEOUS SCANDAL BREWING: What Pelosi did with the flowers. (Proof in pics)

Younger senators take aim at old Senate rules

Re: the Gov't takeover of Healthcare Meme: Some questions

Uphill fight for foes of healthcare law

Labor War in the Mojave

Why is Sarah Palin taken seriously by anyone that can fog a mirror?

Do you think charging 1 cent per email will curb spam. I get

HCR Reconciliation Thread - Final Comment

9 Of The Weirdest Alien Landscapes On Earth (PHOTOS)

This is the thread where you post all your stories about politics on Facebook.

Unemployment by city in Fresno County (map) ... 45.4% in Mendota

NATO Tries to Silence a Truth-Teller in Afghanistan After Killing Pregnant Women

Senator Harry Reid responds to the Tea Party coming to Searchlight, NV...

Efficient (But Dumb) Bank Robbers Call Ahead To Place Order For Pick-Up

Back from my latest trip and pimping myself

Disarmament - a new START

Disarmament - a new START

Co. settles complaint over anti-Semitism

Fox News abandons Cantor's fantasy

This is a new one: Deputies: woman operated strip club from trailer

Globalization: The Neoliberal Project for World Conquest

Wuterich’s Hadithah trial to go forward

Moyers Journal last night

Nancy Pelosi bumper sticker

It turns out the job of dog-kennel assistant is even less glamorous than it sounds...

Good News: VA ruling on former Marine's illness may affect thousands

Decline in 2009 personal income

Job numbers rise in top three foreclosure states

Speaker Pelosi to Democrats leaving for recess: It's a critical time to go on offense

Speaker Pelosi to Democrats leaving for recess: It's a critical time to go on offense

Caption Palin. Is she supposed to be a super hero in that getup? TeaWoman? WTF?

So, the local snewz caught up with the Bush wiping hand on Clinton's sleeve video.

Was God a volcano?

Talking points today right from caribou barbie

RNC rejects "Joint Civility Statement" from DNC (in fear that DNC might "wield it against them")

The New Housing Plan

Repeal and Replace Republicans

Judge recognizes historic accomplishment of pedophile priest

Alan Grayson and Chris Matthews about passing HCR back in January.


LOL! RNC rejects joint 'civility' statement

Recession is Over, Says Economist on Ed Show

I think this is one of the funniest posts I've ever read on DU--

Pedophile priests: "War between the Church and the World; between Satan and God" - Bishop Says

Words attributed to John Wayne for Eric Cantor:

CIA paper reveals plans to manipulate European opinion on Afghanistan

Four Day School Week: Illinois

Afghanistan War Resister Travis Bishop Released From Fort Lewis Brig

What happened to all our freeway bloggers?

UK Soldier jailed for resisting Afghanistan deployment

From the boys will be boys file:

Doonesbury vs. Starbucks gun 'activists.' Day five.

Hey teaparty! What about this guy? John Ensign Says He's A Victim Of 'Gotcha'

Hey teaparty! What about this guy? John Ensign Says He's A Victim Of 'Gotcha'

Education Reform Is The Best Stock On The Market

States fighting healthcare law don't have precedent on their side

States fighting healthcare law don't have precedent on their side

Helen Thomas on her one question for Obama

"On Leadership: Views on Google's refusal to continue censorship in China"

I love the Tea Party, FOX, Rush, Beck...

Perriello (D-Va.) calmly maturely refutes RW talking points to local RW radio host (AUDIO)

An anti-government militant -- on disability

BANK....BUST....FRIDAY !!!! ....... Georgia On My Mind, Again Edition

Fox News shows tight shot of Tea Party in Searchlight

dear new york times, it's President Obama

BY THE WAY, did America enjoy having health care bill stuffed down it's throat?

Bachmann: '100% Of Our Economy Was Private' Before September 2008

Washington AG gets protesters!

Fighting the Taliban, one text message at a time

What Percentage Of Teabaggers Are Racists

Searchlight... Local Dems create a potty shortage! LOL

New Rule: You Can't Use "There Will Be No Cooperation for the Rest of the Year" as a Threat If

Breastfeeding breaks mandatory under HCR - true or not?

WTF is wrong with M$NBC covering Sarah Failing and McLame????

Why is GEM$NBC behaving as if this is the 2008

No thank you to DU men and women who sat back and watched a....

Chertoff Joins Defense Firm that Defrauded U.S.

Republicans threaten life and limb...

Republicans threaten life and limb...

Sincere question: How can the government order banks to waive mortgage payments for unemployed?

Whistleblower site demands that US ’stop spying’ on its operations

Doonesbury vs. Starbucks gun 'activists.' Day six.

Salon's Joan Walsh: Eric Cantor phony victim story makes him the Ashley Todd of 2010

KBR Bills $5 Million For Mechanics Who Work 43 Minutes a Month

when 7-8th grade class joins protest and die in at Gov Pawlenty Offce, the Media attacks school

The right are chickenshits, and heres why

"The History of White People" NYT book review

m$nbc...the bad blood was only between sarah palin & john mccain's staff

Eric Cantor's phony victim story

Our past week in two cartoons. Pretty much sums up what went on in the USA

Eric Cantor's campaign office according to Google

"We need our top scientific minds on this, get India on the phone!"

DU This Poll on Gays Bunking with Straights in the Military.

Okay, let me get this straight...

oh please sarah.....

In Case You Missed This... An Open Letter To Conservatives - TPM

"Real Time" Comment by Bill Maher

It's the Attitude, Man! Screw the Truth!

Anthem/Blue Cross increased our premiums 60%. Now charges $2 more for a paper invoice.

Tea Party protest goes to Reid's hometown in Nevada

GOP Complains Health Reform Bill Doesn’t Cover Armageddon Until 2012

Laser Pointer Aimed Toward Space In 1997 Finally Annoying Planet 13 Light-Years Away

Bartlett: Teabaggers Totally Ignorant About Taxes

we're gonna get another fucking day of the twit from alaska....

Bill Maher's New Rule from tonight. One of his best....

Weiner On Palin's 'Twisted' Mind

The latest racist tea bagger indecency.

Will Bunch infiltrated Beck's closed appearance and is live Tweeting it NOW

Duct tape, used camera, balloon

"new health insurance requirement...was GOP idea" - yahoo news article pokes repubs

Unofficial Mexican Drug War Scorecard (Body Counts, w/videos, stills)

Head's up.. Sarah doesn't like the "BS coming from the lamestream media"

I never saw a single heckler dragged out of a town hall meeting last August

Health-care reform begins now

Heckler just hit and dragged out of the rally

Now THIS is journalism. No mention of Magic Eric's bullet

TeaKlanner who works for govt giving out tax dollars arrested for obstructing Congress.

Worst bumpersticker ever.

GRAYSON Family Gets Death Threats/ He Asks Cantor to Resign!

OMFG - Buchanan says Palin appeals to independent

Hitchens: Pope Benedict wants ‘wiggle room’ for ‘rape and torture of children’

With 'NAZI' tattooed on his forehead, suspect should be easy to find

I just heard: The windows broken after the HCR vote were broken by DEMOCRATS! Is this true?

Voter Fraud in the news

Don't be distracted in the Catholic sex-abuse scandals

N. Korea not linked to ship sinking

Can somebody give me some information about the "Fairness Doctrine"?

Bill Moyers &The Unbearable Lightness of Reform: Health care, students loans, financial regulation

Bank of America, Wells Fargo won't pay federal taxes

Welcome to Reid Country - pics

I lost a Facebook friend over the Eric Cantor stray bullet incident.

After the criminal acts, Jane Hamsher really should apologize for using teabaggers to troll us.

Welfare Queens Against Health Reform

Everything the right-wing does is designed to accomplish one of two things

MSNBC in NV showed a teabagger dressing up as a clown - He was in a stretch Lincoln limo

This week I met several Republicans who are pissed at the GOP for not playing ball

Gallup measures effect HCR bill passage had on Obama approval

The pet wingnut demanded I provide specifics of LIMBOsevic's inciting to violence, and my reply

Is MSRNC gonna cover every McCain/Palin appearance until August?

It's generally agreed that a turnover of the Congress is unlikely,

It's generally agreed that a turnover of the Congress is unlikely,

Group opposing health care orders DNC to stop using its slogan

The heckling teabaggers don't like hecklers

Fox News Poll: Is Health Care Bill a Victory for America?

Teabag first order of business: "Move back and to the Left!"

Does Sex Work Empower Or Disempower Its Providers?

'Showdown in Searchlight' (Las Vegas Review-Journal )

DU this poll

If you care about public schools or the Democratic Party you MUST bombard Obama and Arne Duncan!

With No Job, Plenty of Time for Tea Party

With No Job, Plenty of Time for Tea Party

OUTRAGEOUS SCANDAL BREWING: What Pelosi did with the flowers. (Proof in pics)

The GOP is...

DEAR GOD, Please GIVE These People Their Own Country

Honored by Clinton for War Service, Now Deported Vet

"Jesus was a Nazi. So's your preacher" (Roger Ebert on Glenn Beck post of the day UPDATED)

Fox News polling about HCR law. Get your opinion counted, so it's not all Fox-nuts answering:

Army retaliates and jails Marc Hall in Kuwait for seeking PTSD help

Redding radio host under fire for presidential 'fried chicken' comment

OK, Who's Rooting For JD Hayworth At This Point?

Child pornography is pornography the way Date Rape is a date

Okay, okay I get it. You only want people who blindly follow the democrats

I want to know ALL ABOUT these 'protestors' at the McLame "Rally"

I refuse to let this right wing cult drag my country further to the right!

FACEBOOK INSANITY - Prez. Obama proposes 1.4 pay increase for military but WELFARE increase is

With No Job, Plenty of Time for Tea Party

If you drive down the road you gotta think about America

Fox Video - Jean Schmidt: "I don't think this individual represents the Democratic Party..."

DU and De-Freep this poll on Obama's performance.

x-post Stupak explains to a pro-lifer how democracy works

Detroit Chuch Celebration- YES WE DID.

Sometimes a private DU e-mail can make you cry

Cry like a baby: The myth of the "Daddy Party" falls apart

Ack! Her voice is like fingernails on a blackboard! Let's do it.

Caption Palin

Tarryl Clark wins Democratic endorsement to oppose Michele Bachmann

Alan Grayson: Tea Party foe is “undead minion” in Palin “zombie army”

Searchlight Live Video Feed

Did we find out what the heckler was yelling about to Sarah Palin today?

Tea Party Leader Who Claimed No Slurs at Tea Party Events, Forgets his Own N-Word Sign.

DU this poll

White House Crashers - Tareq and Michaele Salahi Get TV and Tell-All Book Deal

Sad to see Dennis Hopper dying :-(

Alan Grayson:A Special Message from George W. Bush

Pontiac manager: Anti-Semitic remarks yelled at meeting

cnn...Tea Party protest heads to Reid's hometown in Nevada

Just Like In The Days of John Calhoun

Health bill restores $250 million in abstinence-education funds

Reporter not telling all about Searchlight

Health Care Protester Apologizes for Bullying Behavior

Great Statement from Reid about Teabagger Rally in his Hometown!

For Years, Deaf Boys Tried to Tell of Priest’s Abuse

That Acrid Smell in the Air? Timothy McVeigh-ism

Re The Health Insurance Reform Bill....there are No Subsidies but TAX CREDITS.

President Obama announces recess appointment of Craig Becker to NLRB

Freep asks question WE'VE aready answered: "What's wrong with Palin? Is she out of her mind?"

Bismarck folk singer rips Weiler

Presidential Primaries 2012

Nevada candidate facing felony bad check charges

Should Pope Benedict resign?

David Frum ~ So What Happened?

David Frum ~ So What Happened?

someone here recently asked if legal challenges to HCR (now the law) had merit...

Has CNN changed their name to tea bag/Palin

Don't be distracted in the Catholic sex-abuse scandals

The teabaggers are not American revolutionaries

911 Transcript of Eric Cantor Shooting

The US Supreme Court needs a radical change.

How many of your principles are you willing to abandon to gain a win?

International Criminal Court Gets Some Love from the Obama Administration

Is Palin driving, taking a bus or flying coach to Nevada? Afterall real teabaggers. . .

OK, what's the new weirdness about the IRS being involved in

Violent Teabaggers Attack Protester. VIDEO

Something I have noticed about the teabaggers...

PFAW Report Exposes Right Wing Playbook Against Immigration Reform

WikiLeaks to release video of civilians, journalists being murdered in airstrike

9th Circuit 3 judge panel rules in favor of police who tasered and scarred a pregnant woman

U.S. set to make $8 billion from bailing out Citi

I hope Rep. Dick Grayson runs for president in 2016

Has there been any discussion of Sgt. C USMC letter on civil war over at Freeperville?

Anybody kicking in on "A Congressman With Guts" today for Alan Grayson?

Is anybody here watching America and the Courts on Cspan?

Is anybody here watching America and the Courts on Cspan?

American URGENTLY need a course in US Government 101

Thank God for the recess- Sen. Bunning can finally channel all of this mental focus

'conservative woodstock'....oh my

Time for some recess appointments

How can Congress legislatively undo Citizens United?

OK Lawmakers Target Gays, Misfire

The last time the GOP/Teabagger crowd relied on Sarah Palin & Joe the Plumber. . .

The last time the GOP/Teabagger crowd relied on Sarah Palin & Joe the Plumber. . .

Bush: 170+ Obama: 15

WTF? AP Source: Skinner to interview for St. John's Job

By some measures, Afghanistan War now longer than Vietnam War

U.S. Chamber: Becker appointment 'contradicts' president's pledge to change Washington

More on the Banished Veterans issue

Laura Flanders: Courage for IMMIGRATION REFORM

Astroturfing, Tea 'Baggers and Populist Conspiracism

Virginians Buck Far-Right Policies Of McDonnell And Cuccinelli

Wingnuts: A Harris Poll That Has Generated A Lot of Attention

So are you planning on sitting out this November's election?

New Youtube trend: "Hauls", young women displaying their recent purchases

Obama portrayed as rapist of Lady Liberty in sicko, crappy cartoon

Teenager takes Biden to task over cuss word

Will Emboldened Obama Begin to Fight Overseas Job Relocations?

what's the meaning of the symbolism of rattle snake on yellow flag?

Working Families Win with House Health Care Reform Fixes

Has the media corrected the "Cantor shooting story yet?"

Four years to man-up for American rights, minutes to rally against healthcare for all Americans

How big was the crowd at the rally for McCain today?

"All jobs are required to provide healthcare"

Anthropocene Epoch dawns in midst of sixth largest mass extinction in Earth history?

Anthropocene Epoch dawns in midst of sixth largest mass extinction in Earth history?

Palin's Tea Party with Joe the Plumber - pics

DU is sometimes the only record of Democratic events of 4 or 5 years ago

I can't stand my f**king right winged family!

What if the Internet had been in use when Reagan was shot in 1981?

Doctrine Preoccupied Benedict as Archbishop

The heckler of the hecklers was arrested?


Biden: 'That's The American People, Man. We've Gotta Give Them Light'

Gingrich Says Democrats ‘Have To Take Some Moral Responsibility’ For Far-Right Death Threats

Amid recession, Memphis becomes America's hunger capital

Can we just call them the "Tealiban"? I'm tired of Teabagger.

I wonder how soon after this statement the check from the RNC showed up in this kid's mailbox...

Not For Sale --

Sarah Palin HECKLED!

The Latest MSM Talking Point - HCR Was A Republican Idea, Thus Giving The GOP Political Cover

NYC Pays 230 “Consultants” $722M/yr for failed project while laying off workers

Best Palin nickname? I think I found it:

McCain understudy Sarah Palin is now the star

I met someone who knows Kirkt Cameron......SHeeezzzz

I met someone who knows Kirkt Cameron......SHeeezzzz

You've got to hand it to the GOP

Republican Bartlett says conservative brain will slowly shrivel into dementia.

Excellent read on Obama's theory of politics and government.

Why is Obama afraid to call on Helen Thomas?

To the bailout naysayers: U.S. to profit $8 billion on sale of Citibank position

I want to see Harry Reid re-elected

Group Wants “Confederate Southern American” As Census Category

Something that few remember about Waco, Tx and the idiocy of right wing anti-Americanism...

Iced Tea Spiked with LSD Found at Tea Party Rally

WOW Active Marine to Tea Terrorists-This Is NOT A Civil War-If It Was I Would Have To Shoot You

Mexican drug gangs 'spread to every region of US'

American Commander Admits Afghan Atrocities ("We have killed an amazing number of people")

American Commander Admits Afghan Atrocities ("We have killed an amazing number of people")

SHOCKING Quinnipiac Teabaggers Poll: They're 88% white, 74% Republican, 77% voted for Grampy McBush

Flying the flag on your car

The war on WikiLeaks and why it matters

The war on WikiLeaks and why it matters

Oh, this ought'a be fun: Sat, March 27th ~ GLENN BECK ORLANDO EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR

US Marines top officer: Gays, straights shouldn't share housing

Robert Reich Blog???

GOP operative sends out homophobic attack on openly gay state senator

It seemed to me that Palin has lost any political cred that she may have had

What do the right and the teabaggers hope to accomplish exactly?

Why did the Tea Partiers say nothing for eight long years?

GA superintendent fires entire school. 10,000 to be fired in CA, 8500 in NYC

Teabaggers are upset that gov should serve "us".

Congressman Cleaver just told the funniest story!

Murder-Suicide possible cause of death for former GA state Senator

Has anyone ever volunteered for Habitat for Humanity?

I wish our 100,000 in 2002 got 1/5 the coverage 1,000 teabaggers get in 2010

Nevada's Democratic AG pwns RW Scumbag Governor Gibbons

Nevada's Democratic AG pwns RW Scumbag Governor Gibbons

In 2000 they told us: You lost the election, get over it.

Tea Party in Searchlight, NV, Sen. Reid's hometown - (Updated) pics

Your New Facebook Friend May Be a Federal Agent

God is love: Gays, criminals shouldn’t be given funerals, says Catholic bishop

Wow! I hadn't heard of this provision, called CLASS, in the health care bill!

Oh goodie...a parade of anti-abortion nut jobs to be on display

Can You Coin a Phrase? "Sour Grapes" versus ...

You can say what you'd like about Eric Cantor, but that's a wonderful family photo on his home page.

Liberal Media? Please MSNBC stopped their all prison all the time weekend ..

US troop deaths double in Afghanistan

How to make Corporate Personhood Ineffective for

Obama administration pushes for more war funding

Obama administration pushes for more war funding

CREW files FOIA request to see if federal agencies influenced congress on financial reform.

OFFICAL Thank you Joanne98

I am sick of hearing about your facebook conversations

Obama's 15 recess appointments: The Big List

Intermarriage worries Gulf states (birth defects.)

You lying motherfuckers

Do you believe the American People should have the right to violently oppose their own government?

Chavez: Clinton thinks US owns 'the continent'

You know what's depressing. The thought of having to listen to Sarah Palin talk

OUTRAGEOUS SCANDAL BREWING: What Pelosi did with the flowers. (Proof in pics)

Vote for Quentin Young for the Global Exchange Humanitarian of the Year Award

Conservatives Trying Their Best To Take Down a Liberal College.

Duncan Silent on Florida Education Mess (Unbelievable What Is Happening)

Teabaggers get no pass. There is no excuse. (updated)

Comic book artist ends life at suicide clinic after battle with MS

Health care - it's a wash. Nobody ever mentions this.

Tea Party Leader Who Claimed No Slurs? Now Famous For Holding N-word Sign

Palin in black leather suit with zippers onstage with McCain...WTF?

The Crowds!! WOW WOW..The CROWDS!!!

Evolution is a religion? Talk about an idiot on Wisconsin school board!

Ted Nugent inciting violence on Fox "news"


Your 'defense' tax dollars ($6.64 billion) at work, week ending 3.26.2010

Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go.

Planned Parenthood: Victory!

Ann Coulter is not dangerous,but Canada's intolerance is.

McChrystal: "We have shot an amazing number of people, but... none has ever proven to be a threat."

John Doe - "I Will Dare" (Replacements)

BREAKING: GOP spokesperson "Joe The Snake Handler" dies in snake-related mishap, Palin offers eulogy

Crap, I just got caught masticating while I was exacerbating..... Damn it!

Police: Man tried to revive dead possum; alcohol involved

It's driving me CRAZY! The Pronunciation of "Epithet"...

Discursing or discussing?

I spent the day working in the yard and taking bird pictures.

Other Pronunciation issues besides "Epithet," but you are RIGHT.

It's driving me CRAZY! The Pronunciation of "Epithet"...

It's come to my attention a lot of younger people don't know which of these tunes is which

The Legend of Lionel Messi

Today someone told me I have "an award winning personality"

Showtime On Demand is free this weekend

Townes Van Zandt and Blaze Foley - Snowin' on Raton

Darth Vader vs Rednecks.

Hmmm...... It's gotta be WALTER! (John Goodman)

Watching NCAA, Tenn/Oh St. Baylor/St. Mary's?

i'm creating some music CD in windows media, and i wanna print the play list and maybe cover

Does anybody else find this hilarious?

Here's a pic of me in the fabric store today picking out some upholstery material!

Uma Thurman's new movie grosses £88 (not a typo) on opening weekend in UK

I saw a frame of a picture on a show...

Quantum Immorality

Very funny audio from the BBC

Double earworm: the difference a decade makes!

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the large fonts?

Name a hand you used to like before it changed it's pound.

Did that one guy with the Spalding pic in his sig line kill all copycats around here or what?

I have met nurses like Nurse Jackie....

Shaking with rage because my race wasn't on the census form

Bigtrak is coming back...

Anybody else having problems with youtube?

"Johnny 99" - Bruce Springsteen with Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers - Jan 16, 2010

WORK! WORK that thing! "Don't Worry Baby" - Los Lobos live on Old Grey Whistle Test, 1984

Wilco - "War On War," live on David Letterman

Dash Rip Rock - "Country Girlfriend" live at SXSW 2009

"Golden Ball and Chain" - Jason and the Scorchers, live on "After Hours," 1986

The Long Ryders - "Looking for Lewis and Clark"

The Long Ryders - "Looking for Lewis and Clark"

I sleep with the bosses and they always get their way.

Me, Mariah Carey, and Fergie.....& Tarantino

Now with crunchy bits

Funny ad for cheese

Smile for me

Anyone here like the show "Justified"?

The THING has mighty power

I spent the day working in the yard and taking bard pictures.

Crawfish boil and beer pong at my house tomorrow!!!

Did that one guy with the balding pic of his hairline thrill all hepcats around here or what?

MORE Cowbell! Drivin' N' Cryin', "Can't Promise You The World"

For those with Netflix streaming be sure to check out Blushing Bloopers:

New Rules 29 Mar - least funny but most important thing he says.

Glenn Campbell to do farewell album- Jakob Dylan, Isaak, Westerberg on board


Bread, fish and cheeses of Nazareth

I will cross-post this in the DIY forum, but I have a dryer problem

President Obama announces recess appointment of Snoop Dogg to NRBQ

Buckaroo Banzai Monday introduced by Peter Weller in L.A.

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White - Perez Prado


"24" cancelled. I feel less safe.

If I had a time machine, I would probably go back and kill the guy who invented the leaf blower

Time to listen to me... Or go on with your boring life elsewhere

I need help getting rid of a picture in my profile.

Happy belated birthday,Mr. Spock.

I found this really cool art by Phil Lewis while looking for something else

Internet question..please help.

The best thing about Star Wars is the music

amazing queen singalong

"If I had a time machine (hot tub or other), I'd...."

Leather-clad Dominatrix,

Dowland's 'Flow my Tears'

anyone watching b-ball?

I'm making boneless porkchops with Shake n Bake and I don't want to hear any crap about it.

If you were cheated on, did you just 'know'..

Checking in...

Carol Burnett.

I just proved my Wisconsinite Street Cred today...

Did you SO ever cheat on you with you ?

If you are about 80% sure someone you are close to lied to you, would you call them out?

Police report attempt to revive flattened opossum

Outdoor hot tub. My wife and I are thinking of getting it worth doing?

ya know what word I hate? Chicken....

School condemned after... mock shooting???

Going down to Cousin Mary's house for Passover today - anybody else

Video: Jamie Oliver shows kids how chicken nuggets are made

Maths problem

Which episode of LOST should I watch next?

What was your first epic?

Venn Diagram: The Difference Between Geek, Nerd, Dork and Dweeb

Lounge vibes for my mother-in-law, please.

I am making Greek yogurt today

Our Little Yinny crossed over today

Our Little Yinny crossed over today

I sleep with the boss and always get my way

I saw Mayer Hawthorne last night. What an incredible show!

Don Cheadle kicks more ass than any ten other actors you can name.

There are so many marijuana dispensaries here in Denver...

Who here likes genealogy and the NBC show "Who Do You Think You Are"?

Why isn't HEALTH CARE compared to the MILITARY? Both are defenses against our enemies...

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the large pants?

I think that I just fucked up my interview with Procter & Gamble...GODDAMNIT!!

Sheldon gets a girlfriend

Anyone who makes boneless porkchops with Shake n Bake is a world class douche

Who here saw THE MIST? (Warning: Spoilers Abound)

Montreal, 2 years on - ask me anything

Who takes over when god goes on vacation?

Fisher & Paykel Washer - Grrrrrrr!!!!!

Food you can cook in a Microwave.

Whats the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?


UPDATE! Got called back for a second interview at Procter and Gamble!!

My Healthy Pina Colada

I hate the mall. I didn't make it past the parking lot. Where can I get some wrinkle free shirts?

Tell me about a pet you've owned that you've really disliked.

Fighting a cold...and starting a new job Monday

Not a poll question: your most favorite unpopular film?

And now, a food related poll destined to cause flamewars: Subject: Donuts

Post bands that will never be featured on Guitar Hero!

Democrat Craft dropping congressional bid, ally says

Mason-Dixon poll: Rubio leading Crist by 11 points

Health care win creates win-win scenario on financial reform

The success of health care reform has left Republicans dazed and confused

Dana Bash on CNN: The Police in Richmond Said the Bullet Wasn't Fired Directly at Cantor's Building

Geoffrey Fieger says he's considering another run for Michigan governor

Would the GOP go so far as to not ratify the Treaty even though Gates and Others worked on it?

Realtors endorse Murray as Rossi teases run

So Close: 1-Point Edge For Fiorina

Some New World Order shit stain posted a video on YT saying Obama was really bin Laden.


Watch for it...........

Can Republicans win by opposing Obama?

"RNC rejects joint 'civility' statement"

Obama's health insurance rule — it was a GOP idea

"Best week we've had in a long damn time"

AP: Obama's Health Insurance Rule--It was a GOP Idea

Nuclear weapons-free world: a vision of Kennedy, Reagan, Obama

Obama’s FDA Inexplicably Fails to Advance New Emergency Contraception Rules

Nevada Tea Party Senate Candidate Wrote $5,000 Bad Check, Cops Say

I want one of the new federal jobs that handle the cases of Health Insurance malpractice.

'...historic healthcare reforms...laid down the law to Israel...a landmark nuclear disarmament deal'

EPA Proposes Veto of the Largest Mountaintop Mine in West Virginia

Protestors THROWN OUT OF McCain palin event!!!

Whose Country Is It?

Protestors/Reid Supports at Tea Party Rally in Searchlight, NV. Plus morning Tea Party crowd.

The Teabagger Clown Show in the Desert (updated)

The original teabagger....

67 Senate votes are needed to ratify the Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia. Where do we get the 9?

Bill Maher on FIRE Tonight....GOPers looking like...BAD ..catch the rerun. no link

Very interesting Congressional stuff

Hey Look, McCain Is Campaigning with the Fonz

"That sound you hear is the relentless, irrepressible march of change. Welcome to America: The Remix

Are insurance executives ever denied when they make a claim?

Allan Lichtman:Obama is on his way to winning a second term

What is the difference between reading a teleprompter and reading off a sheet of paper?

Will DC gun laws clash with 2nd Amendment rally 4/19?

Will Fox "News" promote the Teabagger Fest 4/15/10 like 4/15/09?

Would McCain have stayed "moderate" if Romney had beaten him for the '08 nomination?

Kucinich sends Origami cranes to Obama + A new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

Well hell, who knew it was that simple?

Health Care Reform: Easy and popular thing to do after recess

Obama’s recess appointments include lesbian for EEOC

President Makes Recess Appointment of Open Lesbian to EEOC

Obama announces recess appts NRLB nominee Craig Becker

Teabagger on teabagger violence as Palin continues clueless speech

A reminder to teabaggers who want to "take back America" and who call POTUS a dictator...

Where does the Teabaggers' party end?

Russia wanted to test Obama, and hoped he'd buckle

NYT: Backstory On Obama's Nuclear Treaty Negotiations With Russia....

If the Republicans pick up on Palin's line, "Hell, no!", can we respond

"Tan tax sends bronzed set into slow burn"

Woo hoo! Orly Taitz has denounced me by name!

"Teabaggers on the federal just can't make this shit up."

Oh Cute. Teabaggers Calling Obama A Gangbang Rapist Now...

Charlie Cook: The Republicans are going to have a good year

Is there a limit on recess appointments? Obama should make more of them if not

‘Next Year in the White House’: The Obama Seder

ENOUGH Already. Letter back to viral e-mailer.

Nancy Pelosi: is this the most powerful woman in US history? (Guardian UK)

So I was at the post office this evening...

PHOTOS Troo Murikans.

PHOTO Most excellent.

Reid's statement (love it!)

TEABAGGERs are EMBARRASSING to the rest of AMERICA by their existence

The end of the affair? So, so, so, so sad.......

Activism 2010 - For the Sake of the Future, Do Something Small but DO Something!

"The Plot To Seize The White House" By Wall Street Bankers In the 1930s - Part II?

IF a Repub. were to win the presidency in '12, would it be possible to repeal the health care law?

U.S. to net more than $8 billion in sale of Citi stake

Judge Voids City School Closings (victory for the United Federation of Teachers and the N.A.A.C.P.)

With U.S.-Israel ties strained, Obama may make bold move

Ruling allows contributions to activist groups for campaigns

Uphill fight for foes of healthcare law

Arnold Forster, Fought Anti-Semitism With B’nai B’rith, Is Dead at 97

NATO Tries to Silence a Truth-Teller in Afghanistan After Killing Pregnant Women

Tea Party Candidate Facing Felony Charges

Israeli tanks 'enter Gaza' after deadly clashes

Israelis quit Gaza after worst clash in over a year

"I would not be in this store if I had not gotten such a large tax refund."

Dawn of the Anthropocene Epoch? Earth Has Entered New Age of Geological Time, Experts Say

U.S. take if it sells its Citi stake to settle cost of bailout: $8 billion

F.D.A. Says Millions Got Unapproved Heart Pills

Judge rejects request to dismiss charges against last Marine in Haditha case

Zionist Organization of America: Obama's Israel stance 'an insult' to all Jews

Police chief decapitated in northern Mexico town

Brazilian helicopters arrive for Colombia hostages

Rachel Maddow Calls Out Mark Kirk On Pledge To "Lead The Effort" To Repeal Health Care Reform

South Korea rules out navy ship sunk by North Korea

Obama administration revises anti-foreclosure strategy

Ex-TSA nominee Harding got Army deal after claiming sleep apnea as disability

Dollar Heads for Biggest Quarterly Gain Versus Euro Since 2008

UK Parliament hosts first same-sex marriage

High Court hears fate of two-member NLRB

Romney attacks health care law similar to his own

More post-Saddam mass graves discovered in Iraq

Minn. Dems endorse Clark to take on GOP's Bachmann

Illinois proposes cutting nearly 30% of state troopers

Tea Party thousands rally in Reid’s tiny town

Cardinal 'will not be forced to resign'

Toyota to Idle Plants in Europe

Teenager takes Biden to task over cuss word

ICE officials set quotas to deport more illegal immigrants

Obama’s Second T.S.A. Nominee Withdraws

Navy commissions new attack submarine in Norfolk

Lord's Resistance Army killed hundreds in Congo Massacre

U.S. take if it sells its Citi stake to settle cost of bailout: $8 billion

Boeing slashes benefits for 600 nonunion military-support employees

Health bill restores $250 million in abstinence-education funds

Phony products impress federal Energy Star program

Stupak: Anti-abortion groups 'used me as best chance to kill healthcare'

Obama makes 15 recess appointments, scolds GOP

Staff held Jim Moran back from protesters

NY town angry over Net slurs at suicide victim

New health insurance requirement ... was GOP idea

New health insurance requirement ... was GOP idea

PHOTO Caption it?

Newborn with Birth Defect Denied Health Care Coverage Because of 'Pre-existing Condition'

Bush and McCain warned Dems of financial melt down

Pap on O'Reilly: Palin Panders to Hate

Grayson On Republicans: They Have Nothing Left But Fear And Hatred

TYT: Stores Selling USED Panties!

Rachel Maddow Calls Out Mark Kirk On Pledge To "Lead The Effort" To Repeal Health Care Reform

Max Baucus special thanks for Liz Fowler's health care 'assistanc

Bill O'Reilly and the [f]art of debate

Weekly Address: Two Major Reforms on Health Care & Higher Ed

U.S. Considers New Base, More Troops In Iraq

Stupak explains how democracy works to a pro-lifer

Bush calls out Grayson

George Bush wipes his hand on Clinton's shirt ..after shaking Hatian hand..


GOP lawmakers fan the flames of hate "I'm A Proud Right Wing Terrorist"

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL08) unloads a full stand-up routine on Sarah Palin (R-Quitter)

Denmark's Green Revolution

Rachel Maddow Calls Out Mark Kirk On Pledge To

TYT Reaction: (R) - Unemployed Should Just 'Find A Job' (Video)

TYT: RW Blogger Inciting Vandalism & Violence Over HC (Called In To AC's Radio Show)

8 Kentucky Republicans Convicted Of Extortion, Vote Buying & Selling, Tampering With Voting Machines

Maher: New Rules - FULL segment

TEAPARTY CORRAL - Restaurant of the Future

GE exalts Reagan in new TV ad while pandering to the right and rewriting history

Political Music Video - Gaza and Israel - 2008 Conflict - by Op-Critical

Police use DRONES to spy on AMERICANS!

Palin heckled in Arizona during speech for John McCain - & link to protester being arrested

Grayson debates a teabagger

CNN Joins the Tea Party?

Bill Maher Rant Regarding Democrats kicking Republican ass 3/26/10 Real Time

Youtuber busts Republicans for racism.

Friday Talking Points (117) -- Piece Of Cake

GOP Complains Health Reform Bill Doesn't Cover Armageddon Until 2012

Benedict's record on abuse: all talk and no action (National Catholic Recorder)

Bob Herbert:Derailing Help for Consumers

Editorial: Say no to hateful acts (Ventura County Star)

How Dumb Do They Think (Know) We Are

The return of Nicaragua's old aquaintance, DynCorp

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Letter to the Pope

God's gig in the sky

Why Sarah Palin Is Not Only an Airhead But a Dangerous One

The Israel Lobby's Big Problem: People Aren't Afraid to Criticize Israel Anymore

NYT: Doctrine Preoccupied Benedict as Archbishop

Pope’s brother Georg Ratzinger: I slapped choir pupils

Sexually Abused by Priest, Deaf Boys Developed 'Sign of the Double-Crossed'

Did a White Sheriff and DA Orchestrate a Race-Based Coup in a Northern Louisiana Town?

(Las Vegas) Sun editorial: A tempest in a Tea Party

U.S. Plunges Central America Back To Era Of Coups And Death Squads

Arne Duncan's March madness

Bargaining away women's rights

Why Does Congress Allow a Pedophilia-ridden Church to Control Women's Rights?

Republicans: Violent Losers

That Acrid Smell in the Air? Timothy McVeigh-ism

Rev. Jim Wallis: Christians Stand Up To Glenn Beck

As the Rain Tumbles Down

Successful Legal Challenge Of Health Care Reform Could Topple Medicare Social Security: Legal Expert

Reflections of a senior Canadian Journalist on the rocky birth of Canada's Health Care

Reports of ACORN’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

Tea-Baggers and Arch Conservatives are just like al Kaida in that they don't consider lieing

Did Prostitution Really Exist in the Temples of Antiguity?

Beware of the new racist counteroffensive

"Red Dog loses battle over discharge permit"

Melt Beats Hunters To The Punch - Most Harp Seal Pups Dead Or Dying; Lowest Sea Ice On Record

US sees non-OPEC oil output growth ending in 2011

Six Renewable/Efficiency Energy Tax Credits You Need to Know About

Citing ‘irreversible damage,’ EPA nears veto of mountaintop removal permit.

New York Rejects Entergy’s Spinoff of Nuclear Plants (xpost)

Lights go out worldwide for Earth Hour

Civil Engineering: "Why Wind Power 'Works' For Denmark."

Justice Dept. sends interns to Four Corners to spread word about radiation exposure payments

Public support in US for nuclear power reaches all time high (62%)

Tony Babino - L'Internationale

JP Prince to Evan Turner

Watching Tenn/Ohio St., Baylor/St. Mary's?

I am proud of OSU

UNI. Up by seven. At the half.

cboy4 just puncked madinmaryland

And on the women's side....spoiler...

The Big Ten barely survives.

Well, Smirky McSmirk and Ken Starr should be happy >>

It's official...March Madness is now dead to me...

What?? Butler vs. Kansas State! Tune in now if you're not watching!!

All Major Conferences Except One have a Team in the Elite Eight. Wanna Guess which one Doesnt?

An all-SEC final is a distinct possibility...

Is there a way to change my audio so Bilas is muted and I can hear Enberg?

Clash of the cultural Titans

Tom Izzo is the Best Coach Come Tourney Time

De Tripas Corazón y Charros - Documentary by Francisco Pugliese

Two more journalists shot, killed in Honduras

The return of Nicaragua's old aquaintance, DynCorp

Venezuela: opposition candidate (legislative elections) sentenced to 2 and a half years af prison

Expert: Nordic Forest Companies Violate Rights of Brazilians

Honduran sisters say they were forced to work in West Palm strip club

Brazilian helicopters arrive for Colombia hostages

Song of revolution

U.S. Plunges Central America Back To Era Of Coups And Death Squads

Chavez: the OAS should be buried

Crime in Venezuela is higher - so do something about it

Venezuela: Police officers detain opposition deputy Wilmer Azuaje

Damas de Blanco funded by same Santiago Alvarez Fernandez-Magrina - same as Posada Carrilles

Professional exile bandwagon alert: Actor Andy Garcia to lead Cuba solidarity march

Colombian rebel captives' release seems imminent

Muslims pray for rain in drought-hit Guyana

Suspected human trafficking ring uncovered in Bolivia

Senator puts hold on US funding for Cuba opposition

US & UK have new Pariah state: Israel

Israeli tanks 'enter Gaza' after deadly clashes

Israel's U.S. envoy: We face monumental challenges this Passover

Israeli tanks 'enter Gaza' after deadly clashes

Israeli tanks 'enter Gaza' after deadly clashes

Israelis quit Gaza after worst clash in over a year

Palestinian Christians urged to celebrate Easter in Jerusalem

Zionist Organization of America: Obama's Israel stance 'an insult' to all Jews

The Simpsons go to Israel

PA, Israel team up to fight mixed marriage

Israel's Titanic moment: Does Obama want Bibi's head?

Zionist Organization of America: Obama's Israel stance 'an insult' to all Jews

Labor, the Left, and Progressives in the Obama Era

Working for Workers

Egg processer labor battle (actions by the company against the union supporters were so egregious)

NLRB rules in favor of Teamsters

Workers at Sutter Roseville (certified nursing assistants) vote pro-union, again

Obama's anti-Israeli hysteria dangerous and destructive

Harry Reid’s going to make it a LONG HOT summer…

Employer's policy limiting employee contact with media violated NLRA

The right-wing need for victimization and Israel

Huff Post: Deal With It: 2008 Wasn't Anything Like 1933 or 1965

Actor Danny Glover Offers Support In Fight Against Hugo Boss

Building Bridges, Opening Doors: Labor Education Conference Charts Movement’s Future

New Report: Unions Raise Immigrant Workers’ Wages, Benefits

Today in Labor History Mar 27 SCOTUS rules that undocumented workers do not have the same rights

Hundreds of Minnesota nurses to rally TODAY!

Workers seek support as Murray’s Restaurant imposes new contract (stabbed its employees in the back)

Building on Health Reform Momentum, NYC Workers Push for Paid Sick Days

Obama Appoints Two Democratic Nominees to NLRB, Leaves GOP Nominee Behind

Fed Ex Buys an Exemption From Labor Laws

Haniyeh threatens religious war for Jerusalem

Divestment bill vetoed at Berkeley

Abbas: Israel igniting Jerusalem

My apologies to Bluebear

Darn Sneaky Gays

Goodbye DU...

Marine Corps General James Conway: Marines Would Not Be 'Forced' To Live With Gay Soldiers

think I've posted this before but..ummm a .60 cal pistol?

No charges in gun show shooting

Took the class to renew my CHL today, and shooting test.

Doonesbury vs. Starbucks gun 'activists.' Day six.

Permit me to introduce myself

New D.C. gun laws upheld

a white Blue Violet

Friendly fat feline

Hello all, pimping myself

Theater restored as a "ruin"

Aural Sax

Now you're cooking.

New Human Species Discovered: Mitochondrial Genome of Previously Unknown Hominins from Siberia Decod

The Colossal Toba Super-Eruption 74,000 Years Ago Led to Near Extinction of Homo-Sapiens

Dawn of the Anthropocene Epoch? Earth Has Entered New Age of Geological Time, Experts Say

Art Bell Interviews Robert Lanza on C2C Tonight (3/26)

Mercury alert!

Found a cute site...angels, fairies and unicorns

13-year admits fatally shooting 11-year-old nephew

France: prison for authors of anti-Semitic graffiti on a mosque

The Dreyfus Affair

Any sufficiently primitive magic is indistinguishable from technology. e.o.m.

Religion on the Field

Was God a volcano?

Conservative Magazine Asks 'Will He Ever Return?'

The Quiet Christian Democrat

Republicans claim victory in passing health care reform

HPV-Related Cancer Not Confined To Cervix

'Good fat' cuts heart risk by a fifth, study shows

Victory for Chicago Teachers

AFT president Randi Weingarten on Bill Maher tonite

Education Reform Is The Best Stock On The Market

Need advice on creating better teacher evaluations

PBS News Hour hit piece on teachers' unions

Duncan Silent on Florida Education Mess ( Unbelievable Yet Not What Is Happening)

So on my way home today I stopped at the post office to mail 4 letters

Race to the Top Winners Coming Out Monday

Website: WEP&GPO... Social Security Fairness

'Devastating' layoffs loom in IL school districts statewide - total could top 20,000

Dear Obama: You're destroying education (Diane Ravitch interview)

Randi on Bill Maher: "The really good teachers don't want bad teachers"