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Opinion of Senator Mark Begich (D-AK)

Opinion of Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)

Opinion of Senator Mark Pyror (D-AR)

Opinion of Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

Opinion of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

Opinion of Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO)

Opinion of Senator Mark Udall (D-CO)

Opinion of Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT)

Opinion of Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT)

The Little Picture: Flower Power.

Palindrone - Keith is back

Semi-Offishul Webbed Sight of the Hutaree Brigade

Huffington Post: Obama's NLRB Recess Appointments: A Flexible Economy Needs a Nimble Labor Board

Huh? Wha?!

US News & World Report: Big Winner in Health Care: You

do you get friend requests on facebook that you never heard of?

Hutaree dialect -- rooted in religion or Pokemon?

Breaking on Rachel

Report: Otter Population Still Declining

Faux finds a former costar of Sean Penn's (a Latina, of course) to slam his support of Hugo Chavez

MoveOn or some other cutting edge progressive group needs to hold RNC Bondage Night. . .

Hatari! or Hutaree?

Greenwald on McConnell and Corporatism

Politico Suffers Staff Exodus, Loses Star Media Reporter

You know what the world needs? A theocracy that rotates through religions

I encourage the Tea Party

militias part of tea party ...'Open Carry Family Picnic & Tea Party'

(Cartoon) Mark Hurwitt March 2010: Big Box Stores

Half-Governor Palin! Ha!

This was almost one year ago:

A challenge for you math wizzes and Civil War buffs...

How come there are 17 Huteree (Militia) in their Web photo but 9 were only arrested?

Feds nab last militia member suspected in attack plot

Anyone Know about Earth Hour?

The Kaiser Family Foundation has posted a health care bill timeline

Norman Solomon: A Bomber Jacket Doesn't Cover the Blood

There's another Hutaree Militia Chapter in Utah according to SPLC

There's another Hutaree Militia Chapter in Utah according to SPLC

Hutaree militia leader couldn't pass psych test for mil service. MI State Police also rejected him.

I wish there'd be a better spokesperson than Mark Potok.

Wait, get this, KOS exposed Hannity's charity (for himself) in 2007, NO ONE paid attention, NO ONE

RNC disciplines aid for leaking reimbursement details for expenses paid under Steele.(w pics)

If anyone asks me about a 'hopey changey thing.' I'm going to ask them 'why don't you

"Ovarian Audacity"

Pelosi: 'I should thank' the GOP

Alaska dem headquarters vandalized - Palin rhetoric blamed

they are domestic terrorists

Can someone tell me exactly when Victoria Jackson jumped the damned shark?

THE DAILY SHOW starting now.....

Hutaree, Hintellivision, or Hodyssey?

Last of Nine Alleged Cop-Killing Plotters Arrested

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! It's MalloyVision time!!

The Fallon Forum: Steve King a national embarrassment

Anybody watching MikeMalloy Vision?

Freedom Alliance - BBB Report

Judge in New York dismisses human gene patent

flag of Obama with bullet hole next to head for sale

Obama 9th Circuit nominee rebuked Bush Administration for diluting Endangered Species Act

What issue will cause you to jump on a thread?

Could Clinton have achieved healthcare iniative in 99.

Could Clinton have achieved healthcare iniative in 99.

Could Clinton have achieved healthcare iniative in 99.

Insurance industry agrees to fix kids coverage gap

Salon: Complaints filed with FTC claim Hannity / Oliver North "charity" exploits American veterans

Link to RNC's "voyuer" club we site. - NSFW

WSJ: AHIP Cries "Uncle" and HHS/Dems Win (Don't be dissin' Sebelius)

Insurance Industry Agrees To Close Child Coverage Loophole

All DC Police Radios Down Citywide

Bridgewater Township official turns to militia for help

How is the constitutionality of the "individual mandate" even a remotely close question?

WaPo - Eugene Robinson - "The Hutaree militia and the rising risk of far-right violence"

Sometimes having your ARM start adjusting is a good thing

Sometimes having your ARM start adjusting is a good thing

10 people, ages 8-21, shot dead in Mexico

Man pleads guilty in plot to go on 'killing spree' against blacks

Grasshopper infestations strike fear on Western range- worst in over 30 years

White Supremacist Radios Ads Cause Stir

Shaw's workers continue strike - please support these workers

A constitutional convention would be INCREDIBLY dangerous

3 Marines killed in Helmand province

Norman Leboon - Loon, goon, and bufoon.

Coulter speaking at UCLA Wednesday

Willy Geist wants press shock and outrage for the Cantor threat

Collisions reported at CERN's Large Hadron Collider

Bad ass police dog in action..

Interview: Barbara Keshishian, President of the NJEA (NJ teachers union)

Oklahoma Accidentally Removes Religion/Race Protections While Trying to Deprive Gays of Rights

email from Harry Reid "buy dictionaries for tea partiers"

Wisconson Deaf Man Who Was Abused, Speaks out about Vaticans Responces..

Remembering Cesar Chavez

Hutaree Pale Horse Sickles Built Christian Fantasy of Serial Killing

Hutaree Pale Horse Sickles Built Christian Fantasy of Serial Killing

CBC's Neil Macdonald: 'Running from the snarling white mobs'

CBC's Neil Macdonald: 'Running from the snarling white mobs'

A moment I will never forget...

Shoes of the fisherman

I'm glad the fed busted those militia nuts in Michigan, but I wish they'd bust more in swing states

U.S. War Zone Commanders Spend Billion Dollars a Year in Cash

Scientists learn how to create Tea Baggers

In 1980, Jimmy Carter told America the truth. Ronald Reagan told us a lie.

Tea Party Convention contributor from Brentwood sues movement's leader

What issue will cause you to jump on a thread?

Militia Man Claims Mistaken Identity

Can Brazil's protectionism get US to practice free trade?

Is Mika auditioning for FAUX this morning?

Sarkozy lauds the U.S.: ‘Welcome to the club of states

GOP fires staffer over $1,946 topless club visit

Not the party of Hell No, just the party of Hell. Nuff said. nt

New RNC Logo...

NEED HELP--Iowa Families--Autism Bill in House

Vietnam MIA Finds Way Home

Another poll indicates Boxer and Brown in tight California races

anyone listening to Grayson on Stephanie Miller?

anyone listening to Grayson on Stephanie Miller?

RNC's itemized "office supply" expenses...$2,424 at Reagan Museum, $200 at Congressional Liquors...

South Carolina has a nuke plant event

Funny Conversation Re:Militia

Freeper reaction to the Michigan militia: They think they're innocent!

Freeper reaction to the Michigan militia: They think they're innocent!

Canada ranked No. 2 for competitiveness

MSNBC link: President Obama to sign health care and student loan bills(starting)

MSNBC link: President Obama to sign health care and student loan bills(starting)

Liberal Media? Please the media dropped Cantor's lie about the shooting PDQ

Displacement Fears Ahead of Kandahar Operation

Displacement Fears Ahead of Kandahar Operation

C-SPAN caller says Sarah Palin is glue holding Party together.

Hey Sarah, about my bumper sticker

Exclusive: FEC Commissioner Helped CONCEAL RNC Role In 2004 Vote Suppression

Obama: Tea Party Divided Between Fringe And Those With 'Legitimate Concerns'

Sign petition to stop Palin's Discovery "reality" show

Christopher Hitchens on MJ drunk again

Okay, so Steele didn't attend the BDSM club himself, BUT....

Staffer's Card Was Declined for RNC Nightclub Expenses

Republicans Throw Out Excuses Made By Bullies & Children Everywhere To Excuse Their Violent Behavior

It's been posted before, but it's even more relevent now ... Groucho Marx ...

U.S. wants Canada to remain in Afghanistan

Obama Appoints Ex-Pesticide Lobbyist as Agricultural Trade Negotiator

Campbell dining halls close, jobs cut

Clyburn: Reid's dealmaking cost Mass. seat

DoD Buzz: Hill Gets JSF Nunn-McCurdy

DoD Buzz: Hill Gets JSF Nunn-McCurdy

Can someone take a minute and explain this to me, the need to equate violence as equal on all sides

GOP Frightens Veterans with Healthcare Misinformation

Shep Smith Mocks Bill O’Reilly’s Infamous “We’ll Do It Live!”

Heard at a Tea Party Rally: ' Actually I'm not a Racist'

The U.S. is stuck in the Cold War

The U.S. is stuck in the Cold War

Op-ed: NASA is not just about human space flight

Is Orange County GOP Donor Erik Brown Just Michael Steele’s Faux-Lesbo Strip Club Patsy?

READ THIS!!! Time for everyone to order an Obama bumper sticker and put it on their car!

Murder by Metaphor

Freeps swoon over Harris Poll claiming Palin would "narrowly" beat Obama in West, Midwest in 2012

Prison plan assailed as 'sneaky,' misleading (Fl. of course)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:This Is Only The Beginning

Do the younger listeners know the right-radio gurus "record"?

Do the younger listeners know the right-radio gurus "record"?

Do the younger listeners know the right-radio gurus "record"?

Norman Leboon, a Threatening Kind of Guy

Obama serves only his corporate masters

Sexual Freedom Org: Steele & RNC "Posturing As Moral Purists While Indulging Voyeuristic Impulses"

President Obama signs the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 - pics

HCR-Reconciliation Bill expires in 2015 or 2020?

Let's talk about Free Speech rights

CEO: Chrysler to Break Even on Operating Basis in 2010

Has everyone heard that Tea-Bag Party members must now take a pledge?

Jon Stewart: White Powder Sent To Weiner's Office Was Just The Cocaine I Shipped Him

Conservative Womens Group Rips RNC: 'Did you really swill drinks-ogle young girls & plan business?'

Healthcare reformageddon - Living in a socialist nightmare! - By Tom Tomorrow

Thank God there are responsible Militias out there....

Top US military officer gets earful from Afghans

This word scares Teabaggers more than death itself.

I need to buy vitamin C tablets. I need to know something: Is Roche still advertising on Glenn Beck?

Medicare changes misrepresented, advocates say - send this to Seniors...

The Yes Men Call O’Keefe, Breitbart ’Sad And Pathetic For Targeting ACORN

LOL!!!!! Beck guest host Doc Thompson: Tanning salon tax makes health care reform a ‘racist law.’


Racists terrorize interracial N.C. couple

Racists terrorize interracial N.C. couple

Tax Receipts Rebound in U.S. as 15 Biggest States Forecast 4% Gain in 2011

Newsweek: "The Silent Surge"

Institutional Epidemic Pedophilia: (pope)

Would conservativism even exist without "enemies"?

Send Them to Guantanamo: (Mich. nuts)

John Avlon selling his ridiculous book on Wash. Journal this a.m.

The new HC law Adds to the Deficit, cuts Medicare, raises Taxes...

I had the "pleasure" of having NH Rep Al Baldasaro in my office last week

Who are the GOP "Young Eagles"? bondage clubs, retreat at Blackwater's U.S. Training Center

Is America ‘Yearning for Fascism’?

Danziger TOON on RNC strip club visit....

Palin signs her own pink slip for freeps: "I support his (McCain's) position on immigration"

Pravda writes about Sara

What people are saying about Voyeur West Hollywood (reviews page)

RomneyCare ‘Sort Of Similar’ To ObamaCare, But Only Obama Will Acknowledge It

The Hair-Tearing False Equivalency of American Political Violence.

Can Eric "I wanna be threatened too! Waah!" Cantor ever catch a break?

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Rose 0.3% in January

Why aren't we harvesting energy production from Americans WALKING?

Shepard Smith MOCKS Bill O'Reilly? 'We'll Do It Live' (VIDEO)

Ratcheting up the Rhetoric in Afghanistan:

RNC finds scapegoat, fires staffer

RW's response to Hutaree: Calling Hutaree "Christian Militia/Terrorists" is an attack on Christians

The Militia Movement Is A Toothless Old Dog,

ROFL!!! Well, THAT WAS QUICK!!! HCR Children Pre-Ex Loophole SETTLED!

Toon "If you don't want Government health care, can I have yours?"

Nation's top bank regulator favors banks over consumers

More spelling fun :)

poll needs help in right leaning news in orlando teabaggers vs democtric party

Republicans have more sex scandals

The Tea Party Is Over: Democratic "Patriot Majority" PAC Going After Tea Party Candidates

Common Sense

Minor Drug Cases, Major Trouble for Immigrants

BREAKING!!! Militia Leader Coordinating Massive Attack Against Gov't Captured (MUG SHOT!)

BREAKING!!! Militia Leader Coordinating Massive Attack Against Gov't Captured (MUG SHOT!)

Teabaggers- "My rights are being taken away!"

Teabaggers- "My rights are being taken away!"

State Debt Woes Grow Too Big to Camouflage

State Debt Woes Grow Too Big to Camouflage

I just gave a donation to the DCCC.

Rhode Island DUers

It's Not About Race -- Unless I Say It Is!

The 9 Christian militia members would implicate their mothers, fathers, kids and acquaintances ...


Have you seen this new one? "Microchiping in Healthcare"

So how come Obama is doing an LBJ on Afghanistan?

So how come Obama is doing an LBJ on Afghanistan?

Welcome to the Republic of Molossia

Michelle Bachman Overdrive denies racist attacks on lawmakers

Poor Sap Was Just Covering RNC’s Rejected Credit Card At Bondage Strip Club Read more at Wonkette:

Omaha NE Insurance agent kidnaps customer

Our Professional Media hard at work....

A reminder that DU has a MarketPlace group where you can sell things

LaHood announces that bikes/bikers will have a voice in transportation planning

Bachmann Accuses African-American Lawmakers Of Lying

Koch Industries: Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine

Kandahar? Offensive To Start In June - Doesn't The Element Of Surprise Mean Anything Anymore?.....

Batshit crazy!

Did Iraq Just Elect a Mass-Murderer?

Did Iraq Just Elect a Mass-Murderer?

Randi Rhodes has been great today.

From bucolic bliss to 'gated ghetto'

Michael Steele says either STFU or fire me.

duplicate thread

Black men in prison, black men in college

Paul Volker: Failing US banks must fear government closure

Jimmy Fallon brilliant tonight!

Past is prologue, and how we do not learn from history

Past is prologue, and how we do not learn from history

Computer Directs Swarms of Bacteria to Build Pyramid

SEND THEM TO GITMO! (with wedding pics)

The "America" Health Act

Calling them tea baggers is wrong..

High school dropouts: What minimum standards should they be entitled to?

There's just no way that Steele can survive Bondagegate.

Bitter sweet anniversary.

Work em over Rover heckled yet again

Borowitz: In Turnabout, Michael Steele Calls Same-sex Unions “Incredibly Hot”

Local ads for Glenn Beck FNC show.

For My 18,000th Post, I Want To Say:

About the Census --

If one decided to pull $arah Palin over...

Now THIS is a fine example of a real Texan

Fiorina: Passover A Time To 'Break Bread'

Obama and Sarkozy press conference on now

Sarah Palin bullies Alaskan authorities to protect daughter Willow; other partiers charged

Sarah Palin bullies Alaskan authorities to protect daughter Willow; other partiers charged

Uproar in Quebec border town after U.S. apprehends 83-year-old man

Banging My Head Against the Wall

MSNBC channeling Fox

Fuck you, John McCain and Sarah Palin, for your 2008 campaign of Hate

Fuck you, John McCain and Sarah Palin, for your 2008 campaign of Hate

Fuck you, John McCain and Sarah Palin, for your 2008 campaign of Hate

Retired Colonel Calls Obama 'The Black One With The Reading Thing,' Backs Crist

Retired Colonel Calls Obama 'The Black One With The Reading Thing,' Backs Crist

Kimmel Unveils Palin's Reality Show

Parkinson's Patient: "It seemed that the whole crew of Tea-baggers around me had "just snapped."

Bidding goodnight with some Schadenfreude: Cars towed at Glenn Beck rally

LBJ Orders Some New Pants---Burps, "nuts" and "bunghole" are involved

Get your Draft Sarah Stickers Here!

"How appropriate: the RNC goes to a club...

Tea Party Candidate May Be Headed for Jail

"We're not violent, but reload!"

Sean Hannity has an applause track today! LOL

Is it time to start calling them Mepublicans again?

Anti-war protestors shut down Karl Rove's book signing, force him to leave stage

To the mods: I want to have your babies

States' Massive Debt Overload, Some Over $3 trillion in unfunded public pensions:

Shrum to Buchanan: are you still against the Civil Rights Act?

Who's your baby daddy? - pic

If the teabaggers are pissed a policy must be fantastic

Funneling taxpayers' money to Wall Street, AHIP, PhRMA, AHA; now SS on chopping block

Ed Shultz going for Hannity in a few minutes

oops duplicate

Fraud convict was big RNC donor

So, 6 Arab men get on my plane. They looked like they were from Central Casting.

Why did our national debt explode when we moved away from the tarriff system?

Militia then high school shooters.

NEC intensifies war on metabolic syndrome

Pennsylvania A.F.L.-C.I.O. Backs Specter

My Sunday School Teacher sent the RNC cash and all he got for it was...

Is there any effort whatsoever being put into ending bush's wars?

Billionaire Meg Whitman running out of campaign cash!

Those who underestimate the enemy...

The seven stages of freeper-grief.

Why Democrats are doomed (to internal party arguments)

Lack of supply helicopters in Afghanistan means British troops 'survive on Spam for up to 50 days'

Oath Keepers and the Age of Treason - Rise of the RW Militia Inside American Military and Police

Obama Deals Stunning Blow to Bank Subsidies on Student Loans by Jane Hamsher

NRC holding closed door meeting on veront yankee in NH- to avoid VT's Right-to-Know Law

Elizabeth Warren: Half of all commercial real estate will be under water by end of year

Barack Obama Can No Longer Blame George W Bush...

“U.S. prep schools push to recruit foreign students”

How It Works: The Next-Gen Wind Turbine

Burglars tunnel into French bank vault

Air Force Works to Instill 'Warrior Culture' in Drone Crews

I think in today's GOP, Tom TanKKKredo could win the presidential nomination

'Rape' video game spurs outrage - CNN

Healthy Smoking Advocated (No, NOT from the Onion)

Report: Mich. Pol Asked Militia For Help

They were in obvious evidence in the 90's, went out of sight in the aughts, and now they're back.

Insurance industry AGREES to fix kids coverage gap after PRESSURE from HHS Sec. Sebelius

South Carolina Lt Governor Andre Bauer Calling for a Constitutional Convention

Ronnie Raygun vs the Bush Crime Family

Man fleeing Ohio police jumps fence — into prison

Racism is a Mental Illness: Cartoon Depicts Barack Obama as Rapist of Freedom &Statue of Liberty

Bondage themed club Voyeur incident

I'm switching gears, and it's probably for the best

John King, USA "politics & news for average Americans"

Fraud convict was big RNC donor

Steele absolutely should NOT resign or be fired....

Anybody just watching the Ed Show? Who WAS that horrible woman

Palin’s Politics of Personal Responsibility in Tatters; Daughter Willow Avoids Criminal Charges

Is there no justice at all? Must the kooks always prevail?

Local news just reported the Sarkozys went to Ben's Chili Bowl for lunch today.

Bush and Cheney: Is it normal for the Veep to be smarter and more competent and involved?

Bachmann: Senior Citizens' 'Lives Literally Are On The Line With ObamaCare'

Ricky Martin says birth of twin sons encouraged him to come out

GM to Pay $1 Billion Toward Loan

Freeper Payback

She didn't make it.

I know this is very wrong of me

Karl Rove on Leno tonight

Ok so who is going to organize "Roses to Michael Steele".

Liz Cheney, It's Your Father's Fault

Liz Cheney, It's Your Father's Fault

Palin Hosting Fox News Show Debuting Thursday With Celebrity Guests

Accessory bumperstickers to complement your Obama bumpersticker

Bring Out the Base With Marijuana Reform Ballot Initiatives

Divorced from the realities facing workers.

Here's some insanity, stupidity, and a despicable comparison combined into one

Neo-Liberalism has overtaken liberal thought in Washington

Rand Paul is not as different from DU'ers as you might think...

Repeal NAFTA and the Dem Party will be unstoppable in November.

"Is a Biometric Identify Card the Key to Immigration Reform?"

Exclusive: FEC commissioner helped RNC conceal role in 2004 vote suppression

Hey Freeps, Where's The Hutaree Defense Fund?

Glenn Beck new novel The Overton Window - The next "Turner Diaries"??????

Remember kids, it's not terrorism if your God is white.

A simple way to turn the entire country Blue

Mama Said "Oh, You Betcha?" LL Cool J guests on Palin-hosted Fox show "Real American Stories"

Are we becoming more racist as a nation, or less?

Fires at THREE Nuke power plants (Ohio, NORTH and SOUTH Carolina) (corrected)

GOP Candidates Told to Push Health Care Repeal

Why can't Democrats do a Single Payer Plan?

Look at what we got! A brand spankin' new grandson!

"Blue Gal" NAILS the new RNC Logo. I'm guessing they won't be using it, though.

Superman sez: 'Don't rely on some savior to bail you out. Rely on yourself,'

(Sexy!) CBPP: Tax Foundation Figures Do Not Represent Typical Households’ Tax Burdens (Hot!)

So, is it Hutaree (when singular) and Hutarii (when plural)???

My first post in my lung transplant blog....

"it's democrats who are prejudiced"

Heritage Foundation's "School Choice" campaign all over D.C. Is this legal?

Old boys club rears its ugly head as Amanpour prepares for ABC's This Week

Old boys club rears its ugly head as Amanpour prepares for ABC's This Week

Stone Family Wedding Was Held in Full Hutaree Military Garb

Soda cases are now 20 cans, but same price

If you have a billion dollars, how many generations could your descendants live off

An extremely proud report of a successful town hall meeting with one who's in Sarah's cross hairs

Ex-Gay Reparative Therapy Doctor Filmed Sexually Assaulting Male Patient(s 30+)

JFK is largely a myth

I just received my fourth mailing from the US Census Bureau.

Third NOPD officer charged in Danziger Bridge police shooting

Sean Penn smeared by Maria Conchita Alonso

What Do You Think Of President Obama's 6 Hour Afghanistan Visit?

The Rapture is Coming Soon!!!

Vatican Offers 3 Reasons Why Pope Not Liable For Abuse

Carly Fiorina: Passover a time "to break bread together."

Grade your member of Congress (House)

CSPAN: "portions of Mr. Farrakhan's speech were lost due to technical problems"

Teabaggers want to end Social Security

Why Blanche Lincoln's primary challenge is so different

Oh, Mr. Fish, You're going to Hell for sure now!

This John Avlon guy, all of a sudden is everywhere

Uma Thurman Movie Closes After Taking £88

Question about pre-existing conditions

I'm having a dispute with a professor in my department

CNN Fails to Stop Fall in Ratings

Exclusive: FEC commissioner helped RNC conceal role in 2004 vote suppression

Sanders: ‘I Do Not Want To See A Global Warming Bill Become A Bonanza For The Coal Industry’

Sanders: ‘I Do Not Want To See A Global Warming Bill Become A Bonanza For The Coal Industry’


The Tea Party and the Ancien Regime: It's the revenue streams, stupid

Why on Earth does America produce child sized shot guns?

College Group Pushes Back Against Palin Speech

Palin's future fundraiser at California university causes uproar

Put McCain Out To Pasture-it is time...past time...

WWMD? What would Mikey (Steele) do if the RNC fires his ass?

Pesticide Lobbyist Gets Posted as Chief Agricultural Negotiator

Judge tosses Rudy Giuliani son Andrew Giuliani's suit over getting boot from Duke golf team

Lifetime dream comes true for Georgia girl with Down Syndrome.

Unemployment: When Not Working At All Beats Working A Little

Unemployment: When Not Working At All Beats Working A Little

Youth may pay a lot more for health premiums

DU, Please wake me when the teabaggers get violent over Bloomberg calling for gun control

20yo gay Republican columnist calls date rape 'an incoherent concept'

Hey DU. It looks like I have a job.

From bucolic bliss to 'gated ghetto'

An open letter to the Tea Party activists

Unofficial DU Health Insurance Coverage Poll - End of March 2010 Edition

Palin Left Alaska With Debts Equal to 70 Percent of Its GDP

Who Would Jesus Terrorize?

Palin Advises Tea Partiers: 'Stop' Cars With Obama Bumper Stickers

Haha!! 53 Cars Towed From UCF During Glenn Beck event

Talkin' Birch Tea Brood Blues

62% of Americans Support Obama on Nuclear Power (record high)

Sinead O'Connor's WaPo op-ed on the Irish Catholic Church's sex scandal

The third sex: The truth about gender ambiguity

Follow the Large Hadron Collider Tonight!

Ford Moves To Repay $3 Billion of a Loan Ahead of Schedule

FDL praises Obama to the skies on student loan reform

Did everyone notice this - All these Hutaree idiots hate the government but

Social Security recipients - a question for y'all.

Can states still do their own single payer plans now? Or does the HCR foreclose that?

The Most Vital Ingredient in Wall Street Reform Goes Missing

Rasmussen: Most Say Tea Party Has Better Understanding of Issues than Congress

Naomi Wolf Thinks the Tea Parties Help Fight Fascism -- Is She On to Something or in Fantasy Land?

Banks to lose billions in student loan revamp

I've got a question about the possible effects of pot on a teenage brain

Reagan Sucked. Deal With It.

What America used to make: Ads in Time magazine from 1964

LOL: Teabonics..

Karl Rove on Leno. W.T.F. nt

The Grass is Green and Growing In Certain Areas...Three and Half Miles..North of Chicago.

Stressed out from all the bad news of the day?

Lovelock: "Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change."

How many times can a person get 'Born Again'?

Boycott Palin - Discovery Channel Petition

Boycott Palin - Discovery Channel Petition

More Morons with Signs classics from last weekend's teabaggery in Washington DC

About Birth Certificates, Natural born Citizens and the Presidency?

"You have been diagnosed with a medical problem. You have a right to a doctor. If you can't afford

Mom of teen charged with bullying South Hadley H.S. student Phoebe Prince into suicide blames victim

Mom of teen charged with bullying South Hadley H.S. student Phoebe Prince into suicide blames victim

Willow Palin - the ringleader of Palmer burglary/vandalism....

Did BUSH And CHENEY Knowingly MISLEAD The U.S. Into WAR With Iraqi?

Did BUSH And CHENEY Knowingly MISLEAD The U.S. Into WAR With Iraqi?

Nader: Attention Deficit Democracy

For the Record on Nukes and Deaths from Radiation Pollution (Tell Obama: No New Nukes)

For the Record on Nukes and Deaths from Radiation Pollution (Tell Obama: No New Nukes)

How Long Until We See the "Free the Hutaree 9" Bumber Stickers?

ACORNing WikiLeaks - Web Publisher under Attack

Segregation Academies and Other History Stuff

These Progressive Candidates Need Our Time and Money Now and Often!

Do You Get It? (Rant Warning):

Pope: Catholic Church will not be intimitated by "PETTY GOSSIP"

Were you ever taught by a public school teacher who should be fired for poor performance?

FL teachers protest. Advanced degrees won't matter, experience won't matter...

Report: Homelessness set to surge among US elderly (33% increase by 2020)

Code Pink shuts down Rove Book signing event in L A. Per CNN

Priests & Pedophilia: What Authoritarian Religion, Families & Schools Have Wrought

John Sinclair is back: A planned 'compassion center' could test medical pot law

This whole bondage club thing, begs a question...

Sinister evil plot at Easter!

Velvet Underground "Loaded"

La Femme Fetal

iTouch or iPhone?

Well, I just got X-slapped in GD (again), however, it could happen in LBN or LOUNGE, too!1 n/t

*ouch* Uma Thurman movie in UK makes..... $132

War on Easter....started yet?

Just got back from NYC and Long Island...had to go unexpectedly for a family emergency.

Have your reading habits changed because of the internet?

Scorpions - Wind of Change

1978-04-12 - Cameron Indoor Duke University - Grateful Dead "Truckin' snippet - The Garcia Windmill

Addicted to Cat Porn

So years ago my photo album was taken from my apartment. Should I start a new photo album

I hate old bores.......

Symptom check--anyone ever have what feels like a bubble in your chest?

Why the fuck do sitcoms in syndication air those god-awful clip shows?

Billy Squier - In the Dark

I want to learn Tilt-shift photography. It looks cool

I squished a dog on the way home from work tonight

Just watched zombieland.

A Peaceful Passover to All ...

Storytelling on Twitter

Seinfeld or Friends?

Into The Sun

LOST tonight: we finally find out why Jin was in the freezer

Is this real life?

Rage Against the Machine Makes Concert Offer to....Susan Boyle

Am I the only one who thinks Ayn Rand resembles Livia Soprano?

Doctor Who- Pretend to Be Nice & Doctor Who- If You Were Gay

The daughter of a friend has disappeared. Vanished without a trace.

Oscar's Best Actress Curse?

Happy Passover!

Lapdance advice... RNC, DNC or Greens?

Bullying teens will be charged. NO sanctions against faculty or

You've spent $1,946 at a strip club, and it's time to face the wife/SO

Heh nevermind...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/30/10

Tonight on a Very Special episode of DU Lounge, Rucky learns no good can come of lying about donuts

I'm a gonna lick you!

CA Highway Patrol officer lets Jesse James off with a warning after he whines about his marital woes

Has anyone else not received their Census form?

"fatal taint went straight to the top"

I just saw the back of my brain.

Today's random Wikipedia article: Gustav Weler


Food Shortages? EAT A REPUBLICAN!

Immature or not?

Kid's choir sings "Still Alive" from Portal

Harrison Ford

Sinatra Jr., all class; Jon Voight, all jerk

Rail surfing: Who would have thought this would end badly?

* * * zozosmom appreciation thread * * *

Has anyone else in this world ever watched/enjoyed/heard of the show SuperNews?


Have you changed your viewing habits of CNN in the last year?

My Dear Lounge...

Question about unfriending someone on facebook

The latest time waster...

JFK humor

I got my new bike!!!!!

The Presidents: #1: George Washington

In Russian, X doesn't have the sound "s," It's pronounced "khh" like popcorn stuck in the throat

The wind in your face...

In Portuguese, the letter X doesn't have the sound "s". It's "sh" instead.

A heartfelt invitation from me to most of you...

Stamford High security guard accused of buying underwear from student

I know I'm late to the party, but what's up with Victoria Jackson?

Ricky Martin. Wow. Didn't see that one coming.

Ricky Martin. Wow. Didn't see that one coming.

I give you the Muppets and Queen....

Am I the only one who has never heard Tommy_Carcetti's Ayn Rand impersonation?

OK In one week I've managed to...

The Presidents: #43: George W. Bush

Fred Locks - Black Star Liner

Lapdance advice: Silver Fox or Christie's Caberet

What musical act are you STOKED to see in 2010?

WTF? Billy Corgan dating Jessica Simpson?

The Wire is so freaking great. Discuss.

Smoke Monster From 'Lost' Given Own Primetime Spin-Off Series

I Think I'm Going Out Of My Head

Doh! I got Jury Duty tomorrow! I'll see that Quimby kid fry for this!

Red light runner -- got him.

Forma 2000

I just got Flipped Off!

I'm thinking of joining a fitness center. Any advice?

In Greek, the letter X doesn't have the sound "s". It's "k" instead.

Mas Que Nada

Who is more despised (or least loved) in the DU Lounge?

Heidi Montag MOVES OUT, leaves High Priest of Douchebag Husbands, Douchetradamus, AKA Spencer Pratt

Reminder, DU has a Market Place where you can sell things or buy things.

I should know this, but how does one hard boil 2 dozen eggs?

Do you like carnivals?

"If she didn't have the sex tape, she could have been Mrs. Bush."

What video sites do you like (other than youtube)?

worth signing up for facebook just for this

favorite greatest hits album?

This "art" i put together is in GD, but its not getting many hits. so....

Whatever happened to Joan Alpern?

The Canonical List of Weird Band Names (NSFW, graphic language)

Am I the only one who has never listened to songs based on Ayn Rand's ideology?

Billy Corgan kills Narwhals while Skiing with Danny Elfman and wearing Orange on St. Patrick's Day

Worst film,video, short, etc. you had to watch in School?

do you get friend requests on facebook that you never heard of?

Who has nicer legs? Carcetti or Rand?

Lou Reed - Lou Reed (1972)

New RNC logo?

Did anybody hear about what Joe Biden said? "This is..."

Featured pics from JAPAN NITE

Would you rather go to the Masters, The Super Bowl or the World Cup (soccer) Championship?

Who is/was the comeback king or queen?

I friended the wrong person on Facebook. What should I do now?

Patiently waiting for man purses to become socially acceptable...

Things you would rather do than listen to Rush? (the band)

Worst movie that was remade, and the remake was surprisingly good?

And now RPattz brings you...

Let's put it to a vote: Pattinson, Christansen or LaBeouf? There can be only one winner, but...

Papa Murphy's Pizza

Favorite VU Song off of "Loaded"

It really is embarrassing to live in Texas sometimes

do you check for seeds' viability if the package is old?

Has or does anyone here work for Enterprise Rent-A-Car?

Men: Speedo after 60?

The wife and I are going on vacation this week.

Dancing with the Stars

Laptop advice...Toshiba Dell or Sony?

My Latest Pen and Ink Drawing

My Latest Pen and Ink Drawing

I need to interview some people who can recall the period of time between 11/22/63 and 2/9/64

Krugman: Idiot-Proofing Financial Regulation

Deep thought from Krugman

My mother's surreal, harrowing experience with "the best health care in the World"

"Obama housing program gives $600 million to five states"

"Will HIR Really Cost Corporations Millions?"

Saw Hillary being interviewed in Ottawa today. She is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Democratic Patriot Majority PAC Calls "Citizens Across US to Help Monitor Violence"

The administration can run but they can't hide from the best solution

Here Palin Tearrarists....Go ahead make my day,

Founding Father signed health insurance mandate into law

Eugene Robinson: There Are Crazies on One Side

Insurers DROP Health Care Challenge

It's sad we have to focus on the tea-party theocracy, racism and militia craziness

Now large swaths of the electorate believe that Obama is...

No comment.

Donate to Bill Halter- fundraising deadline approaching

Okay, I was wrong. No fait-acompli HCR polling boost

President Obama signing student loan legislation reform Live now link:


The Presidents #2: John Adams

Closing Medicare's Drug "Doughnut Hole"

The guy who threatened Cantor ALSO threatened Obama, Babe the Pig, and others

Obama Administration redeemed, Florida Republicans destroyed.

Trivializing War

SC-05: Spratt Files for Re-Election

Moran Still Atop Tiahrt in Kansas GOP US Senate Primary

Another Repub argument shot down: ABA advocated independent consumer protection agency

Schiff Hits The Air -- Without The (R)

WSJ: AHIP Cries "Uncle" and HHS/Dems Win (updated)

Grayson and Paul tangle over 9/11

The Senate Must Repeal The Antitrust Exemption

So I guess Drudge is openly rooting for religious nutjob militias now?

How is the current HCR similar/different from Candidate Clinton's and Edward's plans

Fired RNC staffer was "Young Eagles" director

Obama to sign student loan legislation in Virginia today

Sun Shines Some Light on Ehrlich's Maryland Intentions

Department of Justice cites Colin Powell's old 'don't ask' view

Anyone else gets worried when Obama says his bill is basically RomneyCare?

Health Care Bill Is A Foreign Policy Victory

Kerry calls for the repeal of DADT in an editorial in the Boston Herald

"Dems have set a repeal trap. (GOP Rep Mark) Kirk's leg is already caught in it."

MSN - Why this is a rich man's recovery

Rampant Fiscal Irresponsibility!!! (Chart)

"RomneyCare" was/is NOT a "Republican bill".

Obama Jokes With Jill Biden: 'Thanks For Putting Up With Joe' (VIDEO)

Game Changer

President Obama: Tea Party features 'core group' against him

Krugman: Health Reform Revelations

The Presidents #10: John Tyler

Talk me down! I am really afraid that we are SCREWED with this recent SC ruling.

Vultures are starting to Circle the RNC

Crist supporter Bud Day - "vote for Crist because he is not hispanic or black"

The Presidents #5: James Monroe

Jill Biden to Convene Education Summit

Photos: Health care reform + student loan reform. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Next!

Bolton Suggests Nuclear Treaty Threatens American Sovereignty-Accuses Admin of 'Stunning Naivete'

Scott Brown touts Republican lies: "massive increase in spending that our country can’t afford"

Apple Boycotts ALL of Fox News ... because of Beck.

Obama Signs Largest Reform Of Student Aid In 40 Years

Obama's Humor:

Playing the Long Game

Obama’s Rhetoric in Afghanistan Prolongs US Role in Civil War There

What's the matter with white people?

Krugman is having fun

Krugman is having fun

Re: Medicare Buy In. Just heard Alan Grayson on Stephanie Miller.

Companies Push to Repeal Provision of Health Law

The Presidents #9: William Henry Harrison

TeaBaggers are REPUBLICANS. End of story.

Youth may pay a lot more for health premiums (+17%)

Majority of D.A.s in state (California) oppose Obama nominee (Goodwin Liu)

Carly Fiorina: Breadless Holiday Of Passover Is A Time To 'Break Bread'

President Obama: My Plan Is Like Romneycare

Biden sets reporter straight: "Not redistribution of wealth -- just being fair"

Tom Tomorrow: Health Care Reformageddon

"With the stroke of a pen...President Obama accomplished two of his administration's major goals."

MSNBC: Andrea Mitchell and USAToday: Susan Page

Who is heading up the organized effort to convince Americans the new health bill is good?

Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent

White supremacist pleads guilty in plot to kill Obama

Google mobile service partially blocked in China

RNC expense report renews criticism about Steele's spending

Indictment: Hutaree militia planned to kill law officer, attack the funeral procession

S. Korea military on alert in aftermath of ship sinking

Man charged in threat to kill Cantor

Administration warns insurers on children's preexisting conditions

Judge deals U.S. major setback in H-1B fraud case

Father Of Dead Marine Ordered To Pay Legal Fees Of Westobro Baptist Church Protesters

Lawmakers got a deal on rent, pastors charge IRS asked to look into whether back tax are owed

High court restricts whistleblower lawsuits

Vatican knew of defrocked Miami priest's troubles in Cuba, lawsuit contends

Exclusive: FEC commissioner helped RNC conceal role in 2004 vote suppression

U.S. Consumer Confidence Jumps as Americans Perceive Improved Job Market

GOP fires staffer over $1,946 topless club visit

Europe was Execution-Free in 2009

Leboon Arrested In '09 For Threatening To Have The Angel Gabriel Kill His Roommate

Accounting tricks investigated by SEC

US oil company donated millions to climate sceptic groups, says Greenpeace

Insurance Industry Agrees To Close Child Coverage Loophole

Media largely Silent on Large Middle ClassTax Cuts Americans are Getting as we Approach Tax Day!

The Presidents: #1: George Washington

The Presidents #8: Martin Van Buren

The Presidents #4: James Madison

U.N. Bhutto assassination inquiry report delayed

Backlash builds over Palin invite to CSU-Stanislaus

Prosecutor: Nine teens charged in bullying that led to girl's suicide

(U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum ) Debt from health bill 'problem'

Nevada AG Says She Will Not File Health Care Lawsuit

President Obama signs health care ‘fixes,’ student aid bil

'Young Eagles' director Allison Meyers fired from RNC in bondage club controversy

RIGHTS: Two-Thirds of Boys in Afghan Jails Are Brutalised, Study Finds

Arrest warrant issued for Las Vegas U.S. Senate candidate

Canada tells Clinton troops are leaving in 2011

Small plane just misses jet taking off from SFO

Obama set to ask visiting Sarkozy for Afghan help

'Pirates threw their weapons overboard'

New iPhone Could End AT&T's U.S. Monopoly

Our plan to achieve Communist revolution using the 2010 Census is right on track!

Hillary Clinton stirs the pot on Afghanistan, abortion and the Arctic

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 30

Glitches delay collisions at Big Bang experiment

Bodies of 21 Babies Found in China River

NASA will help probe Toyota acceleration problem

President Obama puts Heritage Foundation on the defensive.

Missouri hatemonger runs racist radio ads... to get elected to U.S. Senate

Obama: My Plan Is Like Romneycare

EXCLUSIVE: Iran Nuclear Scientist Defects to U.S. In CIA 'Intelligence Coup'

Bolivian President Threatens to Nationalize Sugar Growers

US ex-general apologizes for Dutch gay comments

Karl Rove heckled, called 'war criminal' at book event

R.N.C. Dismisses Aide Over Outing to Club

The Presidents #6: John Quincy Adams

Anyone ending up owing a lot more on taxes than expected this year?

Military: It Could Take A Year To Fix 'Jesus Rifles'

Judge tosses Rudy Giuliani son Andrew Giuliani's suit over getting boot from Duke golf team

Feds: Christian militia plotted police attack in hopes of inciting anti-government uprising

Obama: 'Core group' of Tea Party movement questions his legitimacy

The Presidents #7: Andrew Jackson

Heritage fires back at Obama

No means no, (Canadian) PM tells Clinton

Burgers go way of booze as US general Stanley McChrystal bans junk food

Sarkozy lays into US health care in NYC

Canadians Can Sue Foreign Officials for Torture, Say Lawyers

Legislature Bows to King Coal Once Again: House Kills Bill Banning Mountaintop Mining

BREAKING: Success For "God Particle" Search Machine

My web site was mentioned on Thom Hartmann's show!

The Presidents #3: Thomas Jefferson

Census Returns Way Down in Republican Parts of Texas

Google and Yahoo criticise Australia's 'heavy-handed' internet filter plans

This is a thank you for Frenchie, Clio, Cha and Nance! as well as

"Climategate" Researchers Largely Cleared

On the Edge with Max Keiser

Conspiracies and the Tea Parties

Bryan Safi's Advice for Closeted Gay Politicians

Is Faux News' Brit Hume Attacking Glenn Beck...?

Keith Olbermann & Mark Potok Discuss The Hutaree Arrests And The Huge Rise In Right Wing Extremism

TARP about to turn a profit for the taxpayer ?!

Rachel Maddow & Chip Berlet Discuss The "Kill For Jesus" Militia & Links To Other End-Times Loons

Thom Hartmann defends Obama Zombies from Jason Mattera

Thom Hartmann defends Obama Zombies from Jason Mattera


Teahadists break windows at Alaska Democratic Party Headquarters in Alaska

Mike Perbix talks about spying with laptop remote admin software (Lower Merion School Case)

New: ABC/NBC Reports on Right-Wing Hutaree Militia

Holy Conspiracies Batman!

Glenn Beck's star pupil, Victoria Jackson, exposes the liberal bias at FOX News

RNC has a family values night out at a bondage strip club

The Curse of Bhopal (Union Carbide disaster BBC)

Thom Hartmann - Should tea partiers be required to sign an

Ed Schultz Interviews Melanie Sloan (CREW) Hannity's Charity Investigation

Rachel Maddow- Will Michael Steele survive naked lady place scandal?

Todd Mrozek - March 22, 2010 TN-7th House Campaign Announcement, Part I

Make it Rain: Michael Steele Voyeur Club Remix! -

National Day of Prayer for Ascension

Sean Hannity's Charity For Children Of Fallen Soldiers Only Paying Out 15% Of What It Takes In!

Teabaggers go into meltdown mode as Harry Reid supporters allegedly egg their bus

Tea Party Violence: Teahadist Rams Man's Car With Obama Bumper Sticker

Caller Accuses Larry King's Teahadist Guests Of Conspiring To Overthrow The US Government

White Supremacist Radios Ads Cause Stir

Hutaree Michigan Militia leader was a Ron Paul fanatic who believed the Antichrist was on the way

Tea Party spokesperson Victoria Jackson

Teahadist makes excuses for the Michigan Militia!


Nightline: God's Army

White Supremacist Runs for Congress (Tom Metzger)

Code Pink Attempt Citizens Arrest Of Karl Rove & Call Him A War Criminal At Book Signing

One Of The Hutaree Domestic Terrorists Gives Survival Tips

TYT: Debate Conservative who says Blacks are Lazy and Immoral

TYT: Insurance Cos To Raise Rates & Deny Kids w/ Pre-existing Conditions (& More!)

How Did So Many Republicans End Up Believing Falsehoods About Obama?

Al Franken Takes On Jason Mattera: 'You Have To Shut Up Right Now, & Listen To Me'

progressive kicks DLC ass in primary

Berlusconi’s Coalition Makes Gains in Italy Regional Vote

Charities and that SCROOGE Hannity

Greenpeace Releases 20-Year History of Climate Denial Industry

Chairmen Sandy & Carl Levin are bound by respect, likability -- and Capitol history

Companies Push to Repeal Provision of Health Law

Ceci N'est Pas un Terrorist

No Hard, or Fast, Rules (Broadcasting & Cable editorial re FCC newspaper/broadcast ownership rules)

Under shadow of 1957, Arkansas stays out of health-care fight

Abu Dhabi sovereign fund chief missing

America Just Grew Up A Little More (Mary Lyon -- From The Left)

House of Anger


Mike McConnell, the WashPost & the dangers of sleazy corporatism

Yes men deem Brietbart and boy bots 'sad and pathetic' for targeting ACORN.

Time for Spring Cleaning the USA; time to put out the right wing policy trash

Pentagon Pushes For A Strong Consumer Agency To Protect Troops From Abusive Financial Practices

Toxic or Not, Commercial Whaling Is Back on the Table

NY Times: Obama in Kabul: "corruption remains rife"

Declining Progressivity in US Taxes

Sinead O'Connor: The pope's apology for sex abuse in Ireland seems hollow

The Hill's Brent Budowsky Takes a Dim View of Drudge

The Hair-Tearing False Equivalency of American Political Violence.

Past Decade Was Warmest on Record

RIGHTS-PERU: Alleged Letter-Bomb Killer Faces Justice

The Resources of the Cuban Opposition

Obama's "raw" Job Approval rating compared to other presidents in a "recession"

very good summary of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and comparisons

Barbra Streisand: Republicans on the Wrong Side of History

Boehlert: What if Fox News actually wants mob violence?

Climate change leaked emails author, Exonerated by British House of Commons

Obama's Afghan trip may be too late

Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent

RNC Sex-Club Flap Only Tip Of Fundraising Iceberg

The Collpase of Journalism / the Journalism of Collapse

"Non-Partisan" Think Tank That Played a Key Role in Afghan Escalation Got Defense Firm Financing

Is America turning into a third world country?

VIDEO: President Obama signs tweaked health care bill into law

'So how's that hopey, changey thing workin' out for ya?'

Are Republican Right Wingers Homeland Security Threats?

Are Americans as Stupid as the Media Think They Are? (Maybe)

Baptist propaganda

Eugene Robinson: There Are Crazies on One Side

The Census and the Cell Block

Oath Keepers and the Age of Treason

Losing their religion? Catholicism in turmoil,,MSNBC, AP

Do Hannity and North operate a "charitable" fraud?

Tea Baggers: Out of Work and on the Dole

The Far Right and Perverting Patriotism

AlterNet: Why Are We Afraid of Saying "Socialism"?

Mike Malloy Interviews Alan Grayson: Republicans & Faux Are Pressing The Panic Button {CC}

One Less Car.

Solar Thermal: The Next Generation

Oh. Oh. The critical mass of Curium-245 with SS-304 reflector is just 4.73 kg, r = 4.7 cm.

Sharp Announces that Operations Have Begun at Its New Thin Film Solar Cell Plant

Shell Eco-Marathon Americas Completes With Winner Achieving 2,487.5mpg!

Transit Workers Start Push For Greater Federal Investment In Public Transit

Wylfa in Anglesey 'could house next UK nuclear plant'

SA Right Whale Dieoff Update - 90% Of Deaths Calves Under 3 Mos; Largest Loss In Modern Records

Harbin, PRC - 30-40 Animal Carcasses Discovered In Pit @ Zoo Include Tigers, Leopards

Yemen's Insoluble Problems - Energy Bulletin

Gazprom's Trifecta Of Woes A Potential Boon To Europe, Caspian Sea

Indonesian Islands Disappear, as China Steals Sand for Construction Projects:

Aboriginal Nations, Sweden, Finland, Iceland Blocked From Attending Talks On "Preserving" Arctic

Edison seeks commercial customers to participate in solar energy program

Jack-Booted Socialism! Texas PUC Considering Tougher Efficiency Standards, Expanded Renewables

Drumbeat: March 30, 2010

Did Climate Influence Angkor’s Collapse? - Changing Environment Can Bring Down a Civilization

Professional Bowlers Question "Scientific" Consensus on Global Warming

EPA Formally Announces Phase-in of Clean Air Act Permitting for Greenhouse Gases/Agency ...

Polluted (Indonesian) rivers ‘are a CO2 ticking time bomb’

EPA to Scrutinize Environmental Impact of Bisphenol A

CBC - Warming Arctic Will Likely Produce Interlocking Negative Pressures On Seabirds

Oh, those sexy building codes: More powerful than 100 nuclear plants

Giant Private US Oil Company (Koch Industries) at Center of Climate Denial Funding: Greenpeace

Oil Sands Project in Utah?

Microorganisms in toxic groundwater fine-tuned to survive

Clean Energy, Guaranteed: Why Nuclear Energy Is Worth the Cost

Hacking the planet: who decides?

Does Phoebe Prince school bullying case in Massachusetts reflect political climate?

Nissan Leaf MSRP = $21,880 in CA after state, fed rebates

"Evil twin" (ocean acidification) threatens world's oceans, scientists warn

eHydrogen Solutions Announces New Self-contained Hydrogen Cell Requiring No Outside Power Source

Push to Eat Local Food Is Hampered by Shortage (of slaughterhouses)

Gasoline-powered alarm clock awarded EnergyStar label

Oakland Raiders zeroing in on Donovan McNabb

Agent: Det, SF, Cincy express interest in Pacman

Erin Andrews was on Dancing With the Stars!

For Star Power, Look to Bench, Not the Court.

Seton Hall to Hire Anne Donovan as head coach

Sources: Red Sox have 4-year offer for Beckett

Raul Castro Declares Himself Capitalist, Flees Cuba for Miami

Cordoba: FARC will talk to govt without demilitarized zone

Interesting. The last bit of spam about Venezuela is that

RIGHTS-PERU: Alleged Letter-Bomb Killer Faces Justice

Cuba Must Pay Tribute for Every Tiny Change in U. S. Policy

Honduras: resistance remobilizes in response to state terror

Cuba brings strong delegation to U.S.-Cuba Travel Summit

Bolivian President Threatens to Nationalize Sugar Growers

Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General, tells Castro to cut it out

Right now, Colombian soldier released by FARC

'British MPs Seek Review Of Arms Exports To Israel'

Union Authorizes A Strike Against Red Cross In Central Connecticut

Memphis police director accused of vindictive firing of union president

Workers from Pleasanton's Castlewood Country protest lockout

Scientology's 'slave labor' scandal

Union: State (Utah) should fill mine-safety job

Today in Labor History Mar 30 Chicago stockyard workers win 8-hour day, Police beat many demonstrato

USW Vows It Won’t Lose “Monumental Struggle” In Sudbury Mining Strike

No Agreement After Mediation In Shaw’s Supermarket Warehouse Strike

AFT Congratulates Race To The Top Winners, But Says Education Shouldn’t Be A Contest Between States

Past is prologue, and how we do not learn from history

Nurses say they will strike if necessary

'Teenager killed' in Gaza clashes

Right of Passage

Lisa and I had a mock wedding to benefit Benefitting the UU-UNO’s “Every Child is Our Child” Program

National campaign for Harvey Milk stamp

Sheehan apologizes for Dutch gays slur

Doc Who Used Shock To “Cure” Gays Charged With Sexually Abusing Male Patient

Ricky Martin announces he is gay

Bloomberg whines for more gun control

Contrived Iowa Shall-Issue Gun Controversy Distracts from Common Goals

Police: Home Invasion Leads To Deadly Shooting

Editorial, The real gun problem in America ..

Oregon judge fails to grasp own point

Chicago man charged in shooting death of his friend

Rewritten deadly force bill clears first committee (Alaska)

"Illinois legislature apparently plans to punt on gun issues "

Hovenweep (an alternative to Mesa Verde)

Photoshoppers: How do you correct a blurry photo? Or can you?

Shot outside my zone (photo heavy)

Before and After (Extreme Makeover, Photo Edition)



Agile 'roadrunner' dinosaur fossil discovered in China

The Polywell: The Worlds Most Important Invention You Have Never Heard Of

Giant mouse lemur seen in Madagascar threatened forest

Cat Fur Puts Criminals Behind Bars

Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent

Elephants' Legs Work Like Four-Wheel Drive

If you can, go back 1 year and post a pic from today

LIFE Big Pic: Frog Super Mom

Collisions at LHC! - March 30, 2010

Lead "Burrito" Sarcophagus Found Near Rome

Moral Judgments Can Be Altered: Neuroscientists Influence People’s Moral Judgments ...

Mercury in Taurus: April 2, 2010

Anne Ortelee: Weekly Weather March 29, 2010.

A Lounge post that could use some vibes and/or insight (missing woman.)

I am posting here to see if I got TS last night!!

Is anyone doing well -- really well?

Great ghost story of a Memphis bar

I wish to use my abilities for the benefit of others.

A Passover plea: Don't tread on E Pluribus Unum.

Socialism + Atheism = Progress

The Pope Is Not Above the Law

H1N1 shares key similar structures to 1918 flu, providing research avenues for better vaccines

Acupuncture Calms Highly Anxious Dental Patients

Consumers’ Big Question: What’s in It for Me?

Severe H1N1 Swine Flu Up in South

No Matter What, We Pay for Others’ Bad Habits

Flaxseed lower high cholesterol

Herd Immunity

Research links too much folic acid to certain cancers

Gee, turns out Congress members who voted for bailout had some stake in the banks.

State Debt Woes Grow Too Big to Camouflage

Gold is fiat currency too; in fact all currency is fiat currency.

Valerie Strauss: Arne Duncan the heartbreaker and Race to the Top

Tying Teacher Tenure to Student Scores Doesn’t Fly

Good toon on Duncan

Anyone watching Arne on MSNBC?

Rah Rah Rah...

Corporate media aiding and abetting attack on teacher pensions... Pension Law to Hit CPS Teachers

Letter to editor published today should shock local educators!!!

Christie says he will offer more state aid to school districts whose teachers agree to wage freeze

Anyone use the Desire2Learn learning management system?