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Democratic Stuff ( 10% off everything sale

Did Boy Scouts Keep "Perversion Files?"

KO is playing some of the attacks on Obama

Militia Probe Included Undercover Agent

Advice on setting up a paypal collection

Blumenthal Blasts Conn Humane Society Board Practices, Says Hurt Animals And Staff

Teacher Jaimie Escalante has died

Rachel's got more CStreet Family Bizniz tonight

Obama did go after jobs first he was just given to small a stimulus package.

caption time!

Georgia congressman David Scott says he's received death threats

Militia Probe Included Undercover Agent

Amy Goodman: The Obscenity of War

Italian church to stop cover-up


Moment of Geek!

Swift Boat vet offers Crist a race-tinged endorsement

Ohio has 2nd chance at federal education cash

Is it OK to discuss clause 32 of Project X in public yet?

Is it OK to discuss clause 32 of Project X in public yet?

Government Workers Are Great, So Lay Off

Majority of D.A.s in state oppose Obama nominee

Sen. Brown: STOP LYING!

Sen. Brown: STOP LYING!

Don't turn on C-SPAN 3

What is wrong with this fucking Brown jagoff? Maddow is not running for office you fucking stalker.

Medical Society Files Lawsuit to Block Health Care Overhaul - guess who?

Lobbying pays off as drug industry hits jackpot with health overhaul

She said it with a straight face

Who Is The Fucking Idiot On larry king?

Senator Hatch: Goodwin liu "a controversial nominee" because his views "appear to be pretty liberal"

1 killed, 8 wounded in D.C. shooting

Tea Partiers Root and Loesch Say Get Rid of Social Security

Is the fact that virtually no mainstream news media is covering Willow Palin's alleged

"Bill O’Reilly just has the lovely and brillint Dr. Monica Crowley on"

Caption time

How's that Parenty Hoody thing going for you Sarah.....

Glenn Beck fill in calls tanning salon tax "racist"


Spring 2010: “This has been the best (legislative) session Jeb Bush has ever had.”

Letterman's Top Ten: Number 2 If you can't spend donor's money at a

Robin Williams on Jon Stewart

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Obama: "I will continue to reach out to Republicans... & incorporate their ideas" Kill the Mandate!

Obama Expects U.N. Sanctions on Iran to Be Approved Soon

Word of the Day: Hidiocy

The teabagger mentality, neatly summed up

I fear that Maryland will join New Jersey and Virginia in the governor's mansion

George Hutchins and CONSERVATIVE CAPITALIZATION strikes again!

I saw a bumper sticker disturbed me,

the president of the tea party on letterman

RNC Sex-Club Flap Only Tip Of Fundraising Iceberg

Anyone expecting the Pope to express regret or contrition...

Anyone expecting the Pope to express regret or contrition...

Letterman was gentle with this teaparty lady who is misguided - likes palin, beck, jim demiint n/t

Palin's secret CSU (Cal state university) speaking fee sparks outcry

Here's an anti HCR poll you can have fun with (warning: FB related)

Awesome idea for bumper sticker for Nov.: Be willing to invest in America what we spent for Iraq.

Who knew? Steele is actually a great suporter of the arts

Health Care Reform Weekly Web Chat

Hightower on court ruling to disclose bailout details.

Hightower on court ruling to disclose bailout details.

New Mexico body parts pile up in Kansas City, KS

Anyone know the origin of the word Hutaree?

Went to the hand doctor today

I'm dissapointed: there aren't any death panels

Could this be the origin of the huge/hugh confusion?

Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent

Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent

Declining Progressivity in US Taxes

Tell me this is not a B Movie scene where the gangsters just beat the rap and are outside the court

The military runs on NCOs

Does anyone remember this classic?

Can St Louis compete?

I LOVE Randi Rhodes

Stormfront Forum Member Daniel Cowart Pleads Guilty to Terrorist Plot

Mysterious whale die-off is largest on record

Won't this HCR bill create jobs in the health insurance industry?

Lipstick on her WAR FACE!

Weird: Clone of DU's Front Page Found on a British Government National Health Service (NHS) Website

Media Ignoring Labor Union Successes

SEIU's attack on union democracy

US tech coalition calls for new online privacy law

MO Dem announces on the House floor that she is a rape survivor

Media Matters: Right-Wing Media Machine Is Distorting The Views Of NLRB Appointee Craig Becker

Catholic Child Abuse and Confession

Germany Celebrates The world's oldest still-operating suspended monorail

Right Wing Violence -- time to freak out about it, or let them hang themselves with their own ropes?

Going to the Supreme Court: Dad of fallen Marine vs. Westboro Baptist Church

World Leaders Popularity Chart World Survey

86-Year-Old Woman Named Ill. Veteran Of The Month

Majority of young women (in the UK) in university

A question about a possible "protest" ...

Oh this is rich!!!

Oh this is rich!!!

I was looking through the want ads today. Can someone help me? I need a job...

WTF??? Did you hear Andy Card on Joe Scum?

Gallup Poll on vandalism and threats = 138%

IMO one thing that may hurt Democrats

Please educate me: Does the catholic church have some sort of special immunity?

Breast cancer genes can't be patented, federal court rules

Senator Johnny Isakson back in hospital

Global Warming Activist, Journalist, Perish in Antarctica

Westmoreland Man Jailed For Barking At Police Dog

Tavis Smiley’s PBS special “MLK: A Call to Conscience”- MLK’s Televised Challenge to Obama

How Is The Job Situation In Your Area

xpost - Every day should be Connie Saltonstall Day!

U.S. Government To Save Billions By Cutting Wasteful Senator Program

Under fire, Blue Cross Blue Shield agrees to insure Texas newborn who was denied coverage

The Tea Party is a distraction

"Students must now turn to Uncle Sam and the American taxpayer for their student loan"

LL Cool J: Fox News Is ‘Misrepresenting’ One Of His Old Interviews To Promote Sarah Palin’s New Show

The fastest way to real reform

The Militias' YouTube Strategy

Are GOP Congresspeople Subject to Ethics Violations?

Salazar: 'Cap And Trade' Not In The Lexicon Anymore

“Well, Ronald Reagan wasn’t very smart either” (But he was a Great Man)

Dirty, Dangerous and Expensive: Truth About Nuclear Power

Notice that there won't be any off-shore drilling anywhere off south Florida

Someone correct me if I am wrong but States can prevent drilling right?

Bondage-bar scandal has Rove's attention

Who Is The Fucking Idiot On larry king?

December 13, 1636 - Foundation Day of the American Mlitia

Misogynistic David Brooks

The Export Land Model (Or, why do we really need to start fucking up our offshore areas for oil?)

The Export Land Model (Or, why do we really need to start fucking up our offshore areas for oil?)

All I can think about when I see Palin in leather

Major flooding forecast for a third of U.S.

MSNBC: Tiger bought his gf a Subway sandwich for dinner...

Republican candidates scramble to bring Tea Party into GOP fold

Repubs: Healthcare bill was no good because there was no "bi-partisanship"..

Report: By 2020, more senior citizens to be homeless

NPR NEWS-RNC Sex-Club Flap Only Tip Of Fundraising Iceberg

NATO to Expect Local 'Political Leaders' to Direct Next Assault on Kandahar - “This is not Fallujah"

The Rude Pundit - Right Wing Vs. Left Wing Violence: Conservatives Desperately Try to Justify

U.S. Government To Save Billions By Cutting Wasteful Senator Program

has Obama made any announcements on green/alternative energy?

What is with all the haters today?

Controversy over Arctic conference

I KNEW I could be president between 2001 and 2009, but not now...

The RNC is spending more money than it's raising.

Youngstown congressman cancels meeting when protesters appear

CBS Poll

Any auto mechanic types on here?

Coming to a coastal vista near you... (Dial-up warning)

Molly's 5th egg is about to hatch!

DFAS workers who were slated to lose jobs because of credit problems get a reprieve

Blame The Gays: "Child Molesting Priests Weren’t Pedophiles Because Most Boys Were Post Pubescent"

German brewery wins right to market 'F**king Hell beer'

Bill Donohue (yes, the anti-gay Catholic League guy): Al-qaeda treated better than the Pope

Give Us Hearts to Understand

FL gubernatorial candidate blames teachers' unions for FL not winning Arne's money.

Immigration Officials Set Deportation Quotas, Shifting Focus from Dangerous Illegal Immigrants

Financial Reform?

The Dynamics of Complex Civilisations

I need the link on how healthcare reform benefits states/Cong. Districts

I need the link on how healthcare reform benefits states/Cong. Districts

Court Martial this fuckwad.

I've never seen a baby cry with Obama

MIT Study: Magnetic manipulation of the sense of morality

7 Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe

Debate Planners Can't Find Anyone to Argue Health Reform Is Unconstitutional

Why do we need to drill for oil in our already faltering oceans? n/t

Hutaroo Wedding Picture: The bride was armed and dangerous

National Flood Insurance Expired Sunday, Right Before Epic Rainfall

If an oil deposit the size of Saudi Arabia's Ghawar (~170 Billion barrels) were to be discovered

Life and Death at Suicide High

Life and Death at Suicide High

Suppose Congress Leaders Were Told Calif +4 Other States Would Default on Obligations this Monday?

China Secretly Executed Thousands in 2009

Congressman Fattah (D-PA) "Americans Favor Nuclear Energy" pushing for support on Clean Energy Act

Calling Afghanistan what it is: A drug war

Agree or Disagree - As dissapointing as Obama has been, he's still better than any Republican

Supreme Court: Sixth Amendment obligation to inform a defendant about immigration consequences

BREAKING BIG: Christian Terrorist Suspects Have ALL Requested Public Defenders!!!

Blow out the candles; party’s over for mansion’s tax break

Teabagger leaders advocate elimination of Social Security

We did not get a census form. Anyone else?

What the "drill baby drill" crowd believes

What Jesus reads when he's naked. By Mark Morford

World Oil Production

Eastern floods scatter residents as worst awaits

Chamber To Spend $50M On Anti-Health Care Reform Campaign

Emotional freeper "JerseyDvl" encourages, motivates Teabaggers with the reassuring words of Ghandi

Mayors make their rounds, meals in tow

Lawmakers (Kansas) approve sovereignty statement

(New York) City Will Stop Paying the Poor for Good Behavior

On China’s Hainan Island, the Boom Is Deafening

On China’s Hainan Island, the Boom Is Deafening

update #4 (not good) on Vt. nuke plant event

Ban ALL foreign government lobbying and political donations.

Did I miss it? What happened to Grayson's public option bill?

What happenss when you put a token in place

Help Me Out Here

On Cesar (March 31st) Chavez Day, Rediscover Cesar Chavez

Anatomy of the 10 Daily, 'Unvetted' Letters the President Reads Every Day

Wow. An email a friend of mine recently received (shout warning - posted as received)

Drill, Baby, Drill! Obama OKs Virginia Offshore Drilling

Have you noticed that the Republican politicians against HCR are just about promoting Single Payer?

Is There Now Reason to Support Obama Policies - and HIM?

Indicted Michigan Militia nutbags featured guns prominently in their wedding.

Break out the Water hoses, Teargas, batons and dogs! (radical rant)

Democrats: The party of action

Patients Out of Time: A compassionate, science-based educational forum

Palin's 'Real American Stories' is (no surprise) a fraud

The growth of deep poverty after "welfare reform"

South Africa compensates Zimbabwe farmers

Complaints about Obama drive 11 percent surge in Rep. Tiahrt's (R) office spending

Sean Hannity / Pope Bendict poll - who's gonna fall ?

Banking and Jobs: Inseparable Issues

Will they drill for oil off of the northeast coasts?

Rage on the Right - Southern Poverty Law Center

Move over Moran

And the beat goes on...If Alan Grayson does not tire of writing...I don't tire of sharing it here.

And the beat goes on...If Alan Grayson does not tire of writing...I don't tire of sharing it here.

Scott Browns Campaign Office says no idea of source for Maddow Campaign

Obama vs. the Teabaggers: The war between the Center Right and the Far Right

A simple question on oil drilling

Charter Schools Fight For Equal Funding, Though Critics See Evidence Of Abuse

Dumping pregnant dog lands man in jail

Scientists Reverse Alzheimer's-Like Memory Loss in Fruit Flies

Should We Go Onto Repug Sites and F**k with their Heads?

and I might add, STAY OUT OF CALIFORNIA!

Heh, just lost a FB acquaintance over challenging a political bs thingie

Lurking Teaballers try this "Small Government" challenge. Challenge your friends as well..

Progressivism is the tent city just outside the big tent.

"The Authoritarians" required reading to understand the teabaggers

So will VA get any tax revenue when federal govt allows drilling off our coast?

When I wanted to talk about oil, no one gave a shit. But now that

I got an e-mail from "friends" and it upset me so much I want to send a good response

Will Sarah Palin's Alaska show feature how she turned the Lakes in Wasilla into cesspools?

DU this poll for Alan Grayson please!

DU this poll for Alan Grayson please!

Offshore drilling and Pres. Obama's stance

Hutaree Militia Included Undercover Agent

Feds To Remove Toxic Ships From Suisun Bay

C-SPAN Caller: 'Too Many Black People' Phone In

A 'Special' Message From Sean Hannity and The Freedom Alliance

Drill all you want, it won't make a difference...

One possible reason why we get inspired and they get angry

Slain Marine's dad getting help with court costs

There was a guy demonstrating at a college a few weeks ago

Does anybody think that the Democratic Party should be called the Democrat Party

Health Insurance Corporations Already Finding Ways to Game the System


couldn't we save MORE oil, by banning plastic garbage?


Boston "classic rock" station sponsors crackpot right wing fundraiser

Boston "classic rock" station sponsors crackpot right wing fundraiser

Use the debate over the war supplemental to talk about the human cost of the war!

Use the debate over the war supplemental to talk about the human cost of the war!

LAT: Obama to announce drilling tomorrow

The far right

Hey Sarah, how's that fakey-folksy thing working out for ya?

US family finds traces of slave-trade past in Cuba

US family finds traces of slave-trade past in Cuba

New RW Meme Says An Email Exists Proving That MA Ds Asked Maddow To Run Against Brown

My recent confession attempt at The Shrine of "Divine Mercy"

HCR: The Good News and the Bad News


Tea Party Film Festival Looking for Conservative Movie Makers to Compete for Cash Prizes

Tea Party Film Festival Looking for Conservative Movie Makers to Compete for Cash Prizes

Repubs Rally 'Round Wife Beater

"Hello, this is Charter Schools, my name is John. How can I help you today?"


Rightwing XXX-tremist ----Schwing-nuts ---Log grabbing Republicans....Jon Stewart in a tickled fit

Barbara Bush released from Houston hospital

New credit report rules kick in Friday, Ads must include free option

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

a BIG request of democratic office holders...

Dylan Ratigan is all over the concept of peak oil.

Congress to Obama on Israel: Do what we say, not what we do

Congress to Obama on Israel: Do what we say, not what we do

Man who leaped to death from Empire State Building ID'd

DNC:For some reason, the RNC wants to focus on expense reports for another day

CIA Realizes It's Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years

Ron Reagan and cross-eyed Christie are on Tweety

I know RI is small and all but

General Attitude Poll

So, we still want to be a consumer-driven economy buying doodads that

Boeing Complains About Losing Health Care Tax Break Despite Being One Of Least Taxed Big Corporation

Man Saves 2 lives & Dies a HERO with over $700,000 in Medical Bills

Ohioans increasingly turn to foodbanks - 1.4 Million, 18% jump since 2006

Does anyone use a computer that is not made of any plastic?

The drilling would be in the area of a proposed National Marine Sanctuary

obama and palin agree ? why ?

obama and palin agree ? why ?

Rachel Maddow announces her candidacy to replace Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts!

Regular mammograms...or not? New study says yes.

WTI CRUDE FUTURE (USD/bbl.) 83.610 +1.24

Looking for work? Healthy? No dependents? A huge tip for you:

In loving memory of Fire_Medic_Dave

Teachers, parents, students flood Legislature in opposition to tenure bill

Obama: Troop move to Mexican border under consideration

Please vote for this school to get a $250K grant

Yikes!!! Obama said he was AGAINST Liquid Coal during the campaign.

Stand Strong Against Hate

SoCal schools drop parental OK for medical leaves

Iraq's Election: Can This Deadlock Be Broken?

Iran nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri 'defects to US'

And ABC chooses to quote the "energy expert"

The Little Boy who Cried Wolf (Updated)

Ne. Senators try to curb animal fights

Santa Clara moves toward hotel tax for 49ers stadium deal

Sean Hannity and Freedom Alliance 'Scam' Facing FTC Complaint and Possible IRS Investigation

How many sell-outs to the right will happen before President Obama loses the support of his base.

POLL: The IQ of Sarah Palin ?

Maybe its a good thing that Obama is opening drilling rights.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 5


The President I knocked on doors for

The President I knocked on doors for

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

Eye on Palin

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

MO lawmaker's challenger: her husband

Are Teabaggers the Dumbest People in America?

Obama Administration Kicks Out Bush Wiretap Lawsuit:

TOONS: Really letting the Pope and Church have it

The Banksters are an internationally despised lot......


Boehner criticizes Obama's offshore drilling plan

Fox News drops LL Cool J from Palin's new show

Hilarious spot-on comment on the Strip Club flap.

Any unemployed accountants in the Santa Barbara area?

On drilling

Firm that worked for PG&E named to investigate SmartMeters

NH GOP consultant calls Obama "dictator"

U.S. Government To Save Billions By Cutting Wasteful Senator Program

Who you calling fool?

why? beacause of heathcare...because he's trying to extend healthcare to his citizens...

Appeals Court Upholds $20,000 Fine Against Orly Taitz

Colbert on Boehner 's tan: "He looks like he tried to replace the core of a nuclear reactor"

Dr. King’s Televised Challenge to Obama: Tavis Smiley's Anti-War MLK

Ross DUHthat & Bill Donohue blame Catholic sex abuse scandal on hippies and gays

WaPo: At U.S. dinner tables, food may be a fraud

New Jersey MS patient gets five years in prison for growing his own medical cannabis (17 plants)

A Du-er asked this question earlier - And it is an important one:

What Makes Chechen Women So Dangerous?

"Offshore Florida oil: Not much there, there " From a recent report...not much oil off Florida.

Quote of the Day:

The $250,000 joint

Using Outdated Quotes from Colin Powell, Obama Justice Department Files Brief to Support DADT

Another big win for the Blue States!

True/False: Republicans will support cap-and-trade in exchange for oil exploration

Do you think this student loan bill will create jobs?

Well, I think it’s remarkable that Obama saved as much Social Security as he did!

A History of Getting to Now

Ron Reagan v Ron Christie --

15 yr old sold her 7yr sister for sex..

Marine's father ordered to pay Westboro hate church's legal fees.

Keith is right, if we are the instigators, where are the Left-wing militias?

Can someone explain to me why getting more oil from domestic sources would drive cost down?

Is there a DU/Democratic Underground group/site on FaceBook?

The False Recovery--More Delusion

Female Senators Say Women Politicians Have Fewer Affairs Because They’re Too Busy Doing Their Jobs

Did you ever think that the Off-Shore Drilling is a trap?

Congratulations to Margarita Triminio and thousands of others - pics

'Wire,' 'Treme' writer David Mills dies

Doctor Screws-Up Operation then Drops Patient Off in Front of Another Hospital

David Frum refutes Rove's suggestion that Harriet Miers was finished off by her pro-life commitment

If Only: Family Research Council Dubs Obama "First Gay President"due to

Wow! Sara Palin's new show is gonna be so unique

Exposing the dirty money behind fake climate science

My god I wish Ed and the rest LOOKED at history

Does Obama really think that his new "drill, baby, drill" stance will win over that demographic?

This is the moderator appreciation thread.

53 Glenn Beck Fans Get Tricked by Fake Parking Sign, Have Vehicles Towed

Inquiry: Climate data not manipulated

A Kohler woman said her Toyota Camry accelerated into a wall, after she had the recommended repairs

NSA Wiretap Program Declared Illegal

Dozens Of Cars Towed At Glenn Beck Event

Dozens Of Cars Towed At Glenn Beck Event

If Fox News could profit more from programming for liberal/strong/smart people, would they switch?

Fox cuts LL Cool J segment from Palin's New Show

Wire,' 'Treme' writer David Mills dies

Illegal Immigrant Likely Killed Arizona Rancher

Like LL Cool J, Toby Keith was unaware of his inclusion in Sarah Palin's show

Beware This Bogus Talking Point - "wave" of announcements of corporate losses. "

DRILL, baby, DRILL! Obama to Set Plan on Offshore Drilling

How Many are filling out and returning their Census?

How Many are filling out and returning their Census?

Bush-ordered wiretaps illegal, judge says

FBI Releases Files Kept in Room Filled with Secrets

Federal Judge rejects Obama Administration "state secrets" claim against civil liberties lawsuit.

Not much reaction to oil drilling here

My wife wound up in the ER today.

SCOTUS: Defendants entitled to immigration advice

If we need to incorporate Tea Bagger ideas - let's kill the mandate, not Drill Baby Drill! WTF!!!!!

Three years, that's all, three years

New Codes Make Shopping Easier-Your Phone Can Now Scan Product Information

Mom of teen charged with bullying blames victim

US Women Priests weigh in on church pedophile scandal

Flip-O-Meter on Pres. Obama's Support for Offshore Drilling


Indie Filmmakers Sue Thousands of BitTorrent Users

Indie Filmmakers Sue Thousands of BitTorrent Users

Justice Department recants nearly every major claim against Abu Zubaydah

Cleaning up at my Dad's house....

Oil Drilling - Like - "Fucking For Virginity" - NOT "Change©" I Voted For - by paradox

How much money will WE get for OUR oil that Obama wants to drill? Simple question.

Stand back! This may get ugly---

Have You Done Your Census Yet?

Who's afraid of Naomi Wolf?

Police: Tenn. man rams car with Obama sticker

Police: Tenn. man rams car with Obama sticker

Yet another thread about offshore drilling

Home Video Captures Gunshots as Police Shoot, Kill Woman

Is Michael Steele trying to undermine the Racist Party?

A disturbing anecdotal presence within my dental practice:

School boys 11-18 who were executed finally recieved an apology-FEB 24,2010.

Calling Afghanistan what it is: A drug war By Alfred W. McCoy

28th Amendment - what IS this code for

28th Amendment - what IS this code for

ABC Series ‘V’: Invading, Fascist Lizards Arrive With ‘Universal Health Care’ and ‘Message of Hope’

Soul of a Citizen saved my soul during the long nightmare

"It's the redistribution of the poverty that's killing me"

Who's behind the Republican Tea Party? Money and Organizations:

One benefit (for me) of the HCR bill the President signed

MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT! LL Cool J calls out FOX NEWS for misrepresenting that Palin interviewed him

Anyone hear Hartmann jump the shark yesterday?

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- Polling!

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- Polling!

Fucking Hell Yes - OK Boehner, DUers got one better than you

Family Research Council Asks Members To Stop Donating To RNC

Question of the Day: Do we really need a Republican Party? And if so, WHY?

If I ran the DNC... my political ad for this fall

FOX NEWS calls jailed militia / domestic terrorists "CAPTURED WARRIORS"

Yes, big insurance can still use rescission to reject your insurance claims! - Huff Po

Offshore drilling! I don't like it! F***!

Yale student jumps from the Empire State Building

Obama's playing chess. Now I don't think it's a very good game

Hutaree anger stoked by phony baloney email

Frozen Dog Found Chained To Tree (Children Spot Dog While Walking To School)

LL Cool J BETRAYED By Fox News and Sarah Palin

Help Please...

Subway riders question NYPD’s ‘ridiculous’ show of force

This teacher definitely gets it.

Do you think we'll see a repeat of Ruby Ridge or Waco soon?

Obama Goes After McCain Over Offshore Oil Drilling - June 18, 2008

Environmental Activists: Obama drill plan is betrayal.."all so the oil industry can make a.. profit"

RNC Tries to Deflect Attn from Lesbian Bondage Sex Story

Update on 30-day Extension of Jobless Benefits

Heads UP: Think You Can Exceed The Speed Limit By 5 To 10 MPH? Maybe Not

Big Pharma Wins Big With Health Care Reform Bill

Big Pharma Wins Big With Health Care Reform Bill

Candidate Obama on Off-Shore Drilling: "It would have long-term consequences for our coastlines ..

Obama's Offshore Drilling A Disaster for Wildlife & Climate (defenders of wildlife)

So what if Bush said Drill, Baby, Drill? What would you be saying?

Obama education plan boosts privatization, victimizes teachers

Have you ever learned from a public school teacher who was drastically underpaid ...

Cindy Sheehan

“Our President Is Deceiving the American Public” Daniel Ellsberg

Movies Rebooting the 1980's Including Red Dawn

US man rams car with Obama sticker

Got challenged tonight on the road per Sarah's "hopey changey" instructions

why I think a living wage doesn't cause unemployment or excessive inflation

We are holding 100% of them accountable! Even the kids who are terminally ill have to take the test

Opening Offshore Oil Drilling Off Coast of North Carolina Will NOT BE POPULAR

Title of Ann Coulter's lecture at UCLA today: "Why Liberals are Wrong About Everything"

Should religion be tax exempt?

R.I.P Bailey

R.I.P Bailey

America is broken and the hatred grows.

Germany: Who is behind the neo-Nazi march in Duisburg?

Is the RNC a ponzi scheme?

How I went from "left wing" to "far left crazy"

Thank you, CODEPINK, for pulling the mask off the Turdmaggot

Disappointed but at least Obama kept the West Coast ban in place

How many DU Catholics have been demoralized by the church scandals?

9/11 Mother Demands Obama Try Terrorist Plotters In Civilian Court (VIDEO)

Interesting Discussion on Diane Rehm Today: Rise of Militias and Hate Groups in the U.S.

Second annual Motorcycle and Scooter group public service announcement

The war of all against all -- and the knowledge of a better world

N.J. teen sold stepsister, 7, for party sex

N.J. teen sold stepsister, 7, for party sex

Outrage in Florida. Duncan has no comment. Will drastically effect teachers.

Obama, 2008: "This is a proposal that would only worsen our addiction to oil"

Is there still room in the Democratic Party for those who advocate for these Liberal Issues?

Is this possible? Make all public schools public charter schools?

x-post:Tea Party Express coming to Bettendorf Iowa

We have to take down the liars and hate speakers through some sort of legislation.

Time for a new Nukes poll

Amy Goodman: The Obscenity of War

First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts the Spring Garden Planting at the White House Kitchen Garden - pics

Court OKs Repeated Tasering of Pregnant Woman

Cesar Chavez Day

How much do you have saved in your IRA?

I would sacrifice my life and my entire life savings for each of my Facebook friends.

Please, some lyric help needed.

A friend in need


What golf cliches will commentators avoid when Tiger plays next week?

howdy lounge!

53 Cars towed from Glen Beck event at UCF in Orlando

Bronc to breakfast, that's what.

Woman gets 6 months for fake-breasts heist

My Gmail theme is fadorable!

LOL, cute little kid pic i ran into!

I was looking through the want ads today. Can someone help me? I need a job...

I am currently fighting a cold. I am currently losing the fight.

Let the Death Panels Commence!

anyone here ever work in the Federal Govt?

Anyone got a little 'you-know-what' that I can borrow?

If you were on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

You never give me your money ----Beatles

Want to get some head in Kansas City?

A quote for the times from a friend of mine:

No more sleep for me tonight. 3-4 fire trucks, over half a dozen cop cars outside

Check out the picture in the thread in GDP.

Things I don't like


Robin Hood Trailer. Just found it online.

Peeps Show IV, the Peeps Diorama contest from WaPo!

CONFESS!!!!!!!! What is your hidden talent!!!

...and Jerry Mathers as The Beaver, OR ...and Antonio Fargas as Huggy Bear?

MSNBC: Tiger bought his gf a Subway sandwich for dinner...

Scariest Discussion Topic in the Lounge right now:

German brewery wins right to market 'F**king Hell beer'

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/31/10

Great-grandmother and Champion Powerlifter

I woke up this Morning, and my computer screen was upside down!

Huffington Post's idea of Sports News

Any auto mechanic types on here?

CONFESS!!!!!!!! What is your hidden talent!!!

LOST spoiler. I think I just figured something big out about what Smokey is doing

Whatever happened to dead time (TV) at the top of the hour?

Molly's 5th egg is about to hatch!

Threads crying out loud to be remade

Something stole Phoebe's eggs

C-SPAN Caller: 'Too Many Black People' Phone In

Holy CRAP, what a COOL video. "Beyonce Irreplaceable on iPhone by Korean Girl"

here is some of my art.

Westmoreland Man Jailed For Barking At Police Dog

I can't go back into GD. So many stories just breaking my heart.

Molly Hatchett!!!! Yeah!!!!!

Homeschool Fail... HUGE!

has anyone tried "legal herbal smoke"?What was your opinion

I'm Not In Love

Fantasy Baseball anyone?

Playground Love


Do you get worked up at all over sports? (Arsenal v. Barca spoilers)

"I don't know what it is, I can't get this Omish guy to fax me his references"

For once, I'm speechless.

Post deleted by OP.

U.S. Government To Save Billions By Cutting Wasteful Senator Program

Jury Selection was fun

Worst musical act named after an asshole talk radio host.

Forgive me for asking, but who the fuck is Jesse James?

Us Magazine posts the photo that's GUARANTEED to heal the Bullock - James rift...

i can't bring myself to read rainbow bridge threads.

Musical acts that used the word "Head" in its name, what are your faves?

DU Musicians: What if you did "Can't buy me love" to the style of Mike Nesmith's "We are awake"?

so right after my ex signs over the car to me

Mike Nesmith - Magnetic South (1970)

Doi-Oing - Blue

Does anyone here watch Breaking Bad?

Does anyone here watch Breaking Bad?

Now, THIS is why Al Gore invented the interwebs!

Anyone else having problems with Twitter

Stinky stupid question guy strikes again.

Clash of the MF Titans!!!

8 Wonders of the Solar System

Suggestions on how to deal with people at gym who don't wipe down machines after use?

I wonder if Lovecraft was thinking of Montesano, Washington, when he imagined Innsmouth.

Greatest musical act named after a GOURD.

War of the TV moms

You know that flat faced little homewrecker that everyone

DU is A Little Over 600K Posts Away from 50 Million Posts

Well, it's been a crappy month.

So I watched "Capitalism: A Love Story" last night...

Voice of an Angel

For The Big Bang Theory fans in the house! BEST EPISODE EVER!

PSA: Dr. Strange isn't the Lounge's biggest Rush fan--Its Symarip

New 7-Eleven in our neighborhood; guess who was its first customer?

I have music of my own in my head, but I can't sing and can't play musical instruments

Fun story: When I taught in Japan, my students converted my name into Kanji (i.e. word pictures)

Started watching that "new" "Star Trek" last night...shut it off after about 20 minutes.

The poem I didn't read tonight at the open mic...

Keeping kitty cats safe, your tax dollars at work...

need some good DU vibes

Has anyone here ever owned a Mazda Protege?

I saw a sea otter last night! I can't recall seeing one in that cove before. :^D

It's the DOUCHEPOCALYPSE! Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt give themselves "true native-American names"

I have this friend who has a problem and I don't know where else to turn

Who is better? Chuggo or Rush?

Cesar Chavez Day

Greatest musical act named after a FRUIT.

Best Dancing in a TV Commercial

OK, fess up. Who else wears their sox inside out?

Do you sleep with the TV off, or on? Why?

Favorite euphemism for tombstoning?

Why do we watch Star Trek movies?

Caption the Hutaree mommy-bride and her little raison de mariage

I need to lose some rss feeds

Has a Rush fan ever lectured you on why you should like their music?

The Fifth Element

So about the new Star Trek movie...

Hi. My name is William, and I am addicted to Law & Order

Which musical artist's catalogs aren't bad, but just OK?

Favorite movie villian?

OMG. All is lost. I found a library book in the freezer.

Who is the most hated and despised DUer in the lounge?

No amount of understanding will ever help you 'get' this painting.

I love videogame emulation.

Movies crying out loud to be remade

I saw reported ONE time a few days ago that a new poll showed Dems. erased "enthusiasm gap"

"Selective Health Reform Studies Misleading Young Adults"

Biden fans, Facebook users - come join!

The Presidents #11: James Polk

The Presidents #12: Zachary Taylor

No amount of understanding will ever help you 'get' this painting.

NYT editorial: Enforcing School Standards, at Last

Everyday Should Be Connie Staltonstall Day!

If the feds can prosecute those teens for bullying that girl

"For a look outside presidential bubble, Obama reads 10 personal letters each day."

"For a look outside presidential bubble, Obama reads 10 personal letters each day."

So, Republicans want to take their ball and go home? I say we help them out - I HAVE A PLAN!

"RNC and lesbian bondage are now tattooed on the American brain"

Obamacare = Romneycare ???

****Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on Energy Security, Live 11am EDT! ****

Pat Sajak should stick to entertaining old folk via a washed up and pointless game show.

Political cartoonist Tony Auth: 'What's Next?'

see, its not off shore drilling...

Tea Party President was on Letterman tonite

Drill, Baby, Drill!!!

so let the oil barons and Obama drill for oil offshore because

Is the spring back in President Obama's step?

POLL: Democrats Gain in Ohio. Fisher, Brunner up over Portman. Strickland up over Kasich.

Are we still on track to have all troops out of Iraq in August 2010?

Daily Kos Diary: Conference Call: Browner, Salazar On Obama Energy Plan

So apparently, we really DO need to have a Presidential primary in 2012.

Nutburger Birther Doctor Dumps Career

I Just Finished David Plouffe's 'The Audacity to Win' (Spoiler Alert)

How important is the offshore drilling decision to you?

Sallie Mae, who processes student loans out of INDIA, stabbing Americans in the back AGAIN.

John Shadegg (R - AZ): (teabaggers) feel that they are in the minority and being shut out

So when McCain wanted to do it, it was "the same Washington politics that has prevented us...

The wife and I are going on vacation this week.

Specter wins endorsement from AFL-CIO

Retiring Ark. congressman Marion Berry backing former chief of staff's congressional bid

Ray McKinney making second bid for Barrow's congressional seat

Poll: Bill McCollum widens lead on Alex Sink in governor's race

Barack Obama 10/08: "explore new ways to get more oil, and that includes off-shore drilling."

**Heads Up: FLOTUS Conducts Opening Session of WH Flexibility Forum, 1:15pm EDT**

Big announcement coming from Hutchison

"China agrees to discuss sanctions against Iran"

The Plumline: Pelosi Statement on Drilling

ADP Employment Data Casts Doubt On Jobs Rebound (23,000 jobs lost in March)

"Obama's act of vision and courage is a momentous moment and brings to mind FDR"

Health Reform is a BFD

Now that climate change is in focus, here's something else that's bound to be an issue

Mark Kirk Backs Off "Repeal" Charge

The more Obama succeeds, the greater danger he'll be in.

Obama is doing very well with Democrats.

Go to MSNBC! Ron Reagan is kicking ass n/t

Comparing us to them. "The President knows something we don't know"

Question for those filled with shock and outrage

All Part Of The Plan

WTF is UP with Obama? New Nuke Subsidies and Offshore Oil Drilling?

Anybody know where I can buy more Obama/Biden bumper stickers?

Gibbs is a good guy, but Burton is a lot better than him in front of a camera

He's not the only one...

What is the LA Times trying to say with this? And they wonder why nobody buys papers anymore

Half a million people marched on Washington last week. They didn't get news coverage.

This is what President Obama said...

The Presidents #14: Franklin Pierce

Political Animal: Dems Need to Keep Their Foot on the Gas

Steele has spent more than he has raised at RNC

The Presidents #13: Millard Fillmore

a cop should not be in charge of the US drug dept.

Florida GOP Leaders Offered Ousted RPOF Chairman Jim Greer 'Hush Money?'

"Kerry’s Office: Drilling Will Help Get 60 Votes For Climate Legislation"

Developing: Judge Walker Declares NSA Wiretap Illegal

Fun fact: Obama up two-points in Gallup's poll.

"the White House is betting that they'll force Republicans into a corner"

University of Wyo. cancels William Ayers speech

Journalists’ E-Mails Hacked in China

UK 'Climategate' inquiry largely clears scientists

EXCLUSIVE: Iran Nuclear Scientist Defects to U.S. In CIA 'Intelligence Coup'

President Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time

Inquiry: Climate data not manipulated

Banks to lose billions in student loan revamp

Is the European Union Exporting Torture Devices?

China Secretly Executed Thousands in 2009

Colombia's FARC rebels release captive held 12 years

Pakistani MPs abandon US visit over body scanning

Another member of Christian militia Hutaree arrested (9)

Clinton to co-chair Haiti rebuilding authority

Police: Tenn. man rams car with Obama sticker

Hotel ordered to reinstate workers

Consumers slowly show signs of springing back

Obama's offshore drilling policy is actually a triangulating stroke of political genius

Jesse James enters treatment facility

Is this whole new drilling exploration thing going to make a difference anywhere except in politics?

C-SPAN Caller: 'Too Many Black People' Phone In

Government set to unveil offshore drilling plan

WTF? US Launches Nuke-Capable Missilein Exercise with Saudis

Volcker Optimistic for Financial Revamping This Year

.New suicide blasts shake Russia

Nine killed by twin bombings in Russia's Dagestan

After overhaul passage, Republicans turn their ire toward Pelosi

Ford, Microsoft align to recharge cars

Palin Left Alaska With Debts Equal to 70 Percent of Its GDP

Exxon Sues U.S. for Oil Dumping

How do you feel about President Obama's support for offshore drilling?

Sounds like a plan: "protecting sensitive areas in the Arctic...Alaska’s Bristol Bay"

Obama takes care in sizing up 'tea party' movement

Obama to Permit Oil Drilling Off Virginia

US family finds traces of slave-trade past in Cuba

Charity defends Christian-only hiring

Wire,' 'Treme' writer David Mills dies

I have failed to appreciate Obama's brilliance.

Anyone a member of a Left Wing Militia???

Kay Bailey Hutchison to stay in the Senate

Dozens Of Cars Towed At Glenn Beck Event

RNC cancels Young Eagles events

For what it's worth- The President fully explains his plans and the rationale behind them

Senator Chuck Hagel and John G. Stumpf Nominated to Chevron Board of Directors

Democrats Gain in Ohio (Gov/Sen)

Plant closing to cost 400 jobs (employed 7,700 people at its peak)

For a look outside presidential bubble, Obama reads 10 personal letters each day

U.S. Says Weapons From Iran Sent to Afghanistan

Pakistani general: Al Qaida-Taliban haven to be cleared by June

US Navy plane crashes in Arabian Sea

Wiretap of Islamic Group Ruled Illegal

Flood insurance program expires - again

California should seek to block healthcare plan, Whitman says

(Rapper) LL Cool J: Fox News 'misrepresenting' Sarah Palin's new show

Chechen rebels say responsible for Moscow bombings

White House denies Obama has ignored immigration overhaul

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 31

Allawi says Iraq at risk as (Shiite) coalitions talk merger

Big Ed: The Fairness Doctrine needs to be seriously looked at

University of Wyo. cancels William Ayers speech

US test-fires Trident missile in drill with Saudis

Palin, Fox News, LL Cool J tangle over phantom interview

Obama Closes Loophole That Allowed Drilling In Rockies Without Environmental Review

Army chief: I won’t discharge gay personnel

One dead, five injured in Washington, D.C. mass shooting

I Trust President Obama On The Oil Thing

Prosecutor: 46 guns seized from Ind. man in militia plot

Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) urges conservatives to stop giving money to RNC

Breaking: Judge Walker Grants Summary Judgement Finding Govt Liable Under FISA

Former Florida GOP chairman under criminal investigation

Man crashes car into 737 aircraft in Nigeria

i tend towards a critical view but...

Wall Street is driving up oil prices

U.S. attorney: Hutaree member shot (his own) cat to prepare for attack

Bill O'Reilly to Pay Court Costs of Fallen Marine's Father (who sued Westboro Baptist Church)

Teacher Jaimie Escalante has died

U.S. stock futures move deeper into red after ADP report

Fuel efficiency rules to spur advanced vehicles

Reinstating middle class tax cuts scheduled to expire without upper bracket cuts needs strategy.

Abortion bill clears Round 1 (prohibit almost all abortions starting 20 weeks after fertilization)

Barack Obama has a Nelson "Mandela-like temperament"

Obama announces drilling expansion for climate push

Urgent assistance needed with a domestic matter

Blanche Lincoln Suddenly Stands With Obama??

Jaime Escalante On Being A Teacher

The Census: Communist Counting Plot?

Riz Khan - Impact of the Gaza war on Israel

RNC Big Tent Includes Strippers

Nancy Skinner on Fox Business talking about Chamber of Commerce's Healthcare Repeal Efforts

Policing for Profit - The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Thom Hartmann vs Elizabeth Ames Jones - Why do Texas politicians suck up to Big Oil?

Health Care Reform: A Historic Victory

TYT: Lobbyist Wrote Financial Reform BIll

Dems: HC bill momentum for 2012

AP Interview: Obama Dishes on White House Food

Uh oh!! Rachel Maddow & Eric Williams bring the hammer down on the Family/C street sweetheart deals

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sarah Palin's New Reality Show

Naughty Republican Donors

Senator Bill Nelson's Office Action in Support of Dan Choi and Jim Pietrangelo - Queer Rising

TYT: Racist C-SPAN Caller - Too Many Black People! (Video)

Sarah Palin's New TLC Show About Alaska

Obama on Social Security

Histrionic Teahadist Leader Explains HCR... (the hidden parts) LOL

Dick Cheney Takes a Hit...from a Right-Winger

United States France: Both leaders reaffirm ties, ...

RT interview with the Oath Keepers leader

Recent Right-Wing Violence

Olbermann w/ Michael Musto: Was GOP's Nightclub Visit Actually In Support of the Arts?

Rachel Maddow desperately begs Scott Brown to stop lying about her

Occupied Washington DC

Rightwing Road Rage

TYT: Sarah Palin's funny Obama mistake

Grayson Is FURIOUS About The Death Threats To His 5YR Old Son, Goes BALLISTIC On Teahad Apologist

You're a Pain ! - Palin Parody of "You're So Vain !"

Thom Hartmann - Is America failing because we don't have enough socialism?

Wow! Read Simon Jenkins' article in the Guardian:

Forget 'Repeal and Replace,' GOP To Run On 'Rinse and Repeat'

Kos: Teabaggers: No one saw nuthin'!

Not Throwing Stones: A Protestant Remembers The Best Of The Catholic Church

Is the European Union Exporting Torture Devices?

Is the European Union Exporting Torture Devices?

Israel lobby presses Congress to soften Obama's tough stance on Netanyahu

Obama and Dems Put a Stop to the Republicans' Kickback Cash Cow in the College Loan Industry

The President’s Lawyer

Robert Scheer: Sarah Palin, Neocon Messiah

Sallie Mae Gobbles Government Money at Expense of Students and Colleges

Magnets 'can modify our morality'

GOP wary of health law repeal push in fall races

Exposing the dirty money behind fake climate science

Eric Boehlert: What If Fox News Actually Wants Mob Violence?

Ideology trumps experience in Federal Election Commissioner’s rise

Grayson, decries death threat on his 5 yr old son. Really GOP, is there no limit to your depravity?

Free Newspapers

Journalists play the Access Sweepstakes

Alfred W. McCoy: Can Anyone Pacify the World's Number One Narco-State?

Oath Keepers and the Age of Treason - Rise of the RW Militia Inside American Military and Police

Surprise! Republicans Suddenly Oppose Offshore Oil Drilling

Amnesty International Convenes International Human Rights Leaders in New Orleans for 2010 Annual Mee

To Sinead O'Connor, the pope's apology for sex abuse in Ireland seems hollow

Tiger's Moral Hazard

Garrison Keillor: The old America is fading

Share More Dark Truths From Guantanamo as Five Innocent Men Released

Joe Conason: Hannity's charity vows to rebut fraud charges -- someday

GOP's Complaining Has Turned Unheatly

Making Voting Systems Open Source Could Forever Change Election Technology

'Begin by breaking up the banks', by Larry Elliot in the Guardian.

Best Political Cartoons of 2010 (So Far)

Our Government Is Planning to Stay at War for the Next 80 Years -- Anyone Got a Problem with That?

Greenpeace Report... Koch Industries: Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine

Return of the paranoid style in American politics

Two Forest Biomass Initiative pilot projects receive stimulus loans and grants

NYTimes: India, Finland, and US Agree to Reprocess Nuclear Fuel in India.

Obama to permit oil exploration off Virginia coast

Families of 153 trapped Chinese miners fight for hope

New Path To Solar Energy Via Solid-State Photovoltaics

Inquiry: Climate data not manipulated

Toxic Levels Of Parathion, Cyhalothrin, More Discovered On Tons Of Vegetables Sold, Seized In China

Yay! We're Saved! Boston Local TV Weatherman CRUSHES Climate "Scientists" W. Amazing Data!!

Model Predicts Shifts in Carbon Absorption by Forest Canopies

Geoengineers get the fear - Researchers fail to come up with clear guidelines ...

5 Yrs After Crash, Scientists Cross Fingers For Ice-Measurement Satellite Launch 8 April - Guardian

German film offers answers to Gore climate concerns (bad headline)

Drumbeat: March 31, 2010

Solar power’s dirty secrets

Tahoe-Area Bears Breaking Hibernation Early, Breaking Into Homes In Search Of Food - Sac Bee

That Didn't Take Long - Spanish Cops Arrest 9 In Alleged Carbon-Trading Tax Fraud - Reuters

California Sea Otter Populations Down For Third Straight Year

Al Gore to Speak at Duke on April 8 (Happy Birthday Al)


Campaign launched to gather 500,000 signatures in support of capping CO2 at 350 ppm

Britain brandishes olive branch to restart global climate change talks

Solar, Wind Power Groups Becoming Prominent Washington Lobbying Forces

Faltering (2,000) Ganges Dolphins Pounded By Pesticides, Sewage, Contaminants In Remaining Range

In White Nose Syndrome Caves, Dead Bats Carpet Floors; Index Cases Confirmed In Tennesee 2/16 - NS

Greenpeace Case Study: The Koch-funded “ClimateGate” Echo Chamber

Low Cost Gas Engine Innovation Doubles Fuel Economy - Australian company, Revetec, claims

New Climate Central projection map shows local and national retreat of freezing temperatures in Marc

NRC Report Recommends Ways to Regulate and Improve Fuel Economy of Tractor-Trailers, Buses, Work...

Does anyone understand the oil business?

Lovelock: 'We can't save the planet' [BBC]

Nissan Leaf US pricing official: as low as $25,280

Environmentalists attack Obama plan to allow oil drilling off Florida's coasts

Armed with information, people make poor choices, study finds

New Silicon fab process for making Solar panels

Cato Institute sets John Stossel straight on "Nuclear Corporate Welfare"

Jesus' Favorite QB Meets with the Pats

San Francisco executive endorses Cowboys' RB approach

Happy Birthday to Mr. Hockey!

Not so fast, Duke haters: These overachievers are worth rooting for.

Cuban Province to Set up Modern Telephone Plant

FBI Questions American Travelers To Cuba

Chicago: Direct from Cuba, a rare opportunity to hear Cuban student leaders speak

Cuban Proposal to Help Haiti and Chile Approved

Red Cross confirms FARC will deliver remains of Mayor Guevara on Thursday (Spanish)

Bolivian president seeks inroads into opposition stronghold to consolidate power

Chevron Wins Arbitration Claim Against the Government of Ecuador

Cuba: Real Commitment to Human Rights

US family finds traces of slave-trade past in Cuba

More than 25,000 Chernobyl victims treated in Cuba

HAITI: Looking More and More Like a War Zone

Arab MKs join 10,000 protestors to mark Land Day

U.S. seeks 4-month E. J'lem building freeze in exchange for direct talks

Israel lobby presses Congress to soften Obama's tough stance on Netanyahu

The plague of darkness has struck modern Israelites

Goldberg: Obama wants Livni in coalition

Take A Stands With Our Brothers and Sisters In Pennsylvania

Judge: Covanta, SEMASS violated workers’ rights (including withholding nearly $1 million in bonuses)

Terrorist attack on Moscow subway: unions respond

Steel labor case could set precedent

Jobs Forum In Oregon Looks At Financial Transaction Tax To Create Jobs

Nurses At Temple University Hospital In Pennsylvania To Hit Picket Lines

Employers lock out window cleaners after workers raise safety questions

Legal Challenge to SMWIA/UTU SMART Merger Rejected By Federal Court

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Comes to Chicago Thursday April first

Today in Labor History Mar 31 Cesar Chavez born, FDR signs legislation establishing the CCC, more

Israeli leak suspect held in secret house arrest

Hamas releases footage of 'Gaza clashes'

Settlers try to stop new Palestinian city

Gay advocates assail Obama’s Justice Department

Pro Wrestler Comes Out as Bi

No Guns for Negroes

Minn. man trapped, shot ex with kids in car

Rail cops go great guns

Unexpected Flight Delay -> Hotel Stay -> Criminal Prosecution for Gun Possession

Beautiful decay, Nome style

Spring in Utah.

Spring is here, and a happy Pre-Easter week to all - especially to CC from my "shovel and rake"bird

I wonder if this is a message for me

Rachel is talking particle physics tonight! Wow...

Ever wonder how they test aircraft wings?

Clear-Winged Woolly Bat Sings Like No Other

Pac-Man Moon

My god, it's full of stars

Terrifying Sea "Critter" Hauled from Ocean's Depths- comments are INANE, but then it IS Fox "News"

Written Language of Ancient Scotland Discovered

A slow mind may nurture more creative ideas

A pair of herons

Another sample of presidential handwriting.

A new message from Matthew is up for those who are interested.

Feng Shui tip for the day

Dealing with people that just don't "get it"

You have to be ready for what is forming astrologically

Pluto problems

Did anyone lose their faith due to the prevalence of evil?

Jesus an atheist could love - No more crosses

Case proves need for health reform - lte from a physician

Jaw Bone Grown from Adult Stem Cells

Risks Seen in Cholesterol Drug Use in Healthy People

Interview with Andrew Maguire & Adrian Douglas

Dr. Housing Bubble 03/31/10

Men - What is your opinion on male circumcision?

Any idea what is up with Jefferson Lines/Greyhound (buses)?

Susceptibility to Autism Tied to Genes

Fraud on the Street by Robert Reich

SHORTER WORK TIME -- An approach to Unemployment and the Economy

Jaime Escalante 1930-2010

Toon: Just you wait, Florida...

Angry New Orleans Parents Not Nearly So Thankful for Katrina as Duncan

Parents weigh in on florida legislation: "Insanity"

NYT Editorial: Enforcing School Standards, at Last

WSWS: Obama education plan boosts privatization, victimizes teachers