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Gold, and lead, bring illness and death in Nigeria

Pot Smoking Nuns?

Missouri GOP rips ACORN but may have misread crucial document

Now on Discovery Channel - "Disaster in the Gulf"

LOL !!! - Ultrasound Jesus !!!

Studies Show Jews’ Genetic Similarity

Cell phone Video Appears to Show US Border Patrol Killing Mexican Teen

Gamma rays from lightning

Chatigny Clears Senate Committee

Chatigny Clears Senate Committee

No need to look at the spillcam. Oil is still PISSING out at an extremely high rate.

A letter from my President...and it's not to just sign the same old petitions

Alvin Greene Did Not File Forms With FEC

Quality Time: van der Sloot Took Coffee, Drug Break Next To Corpse Of Woman He Just Murdered

Newly Elected Joe The Plumber Leaves Before Casting First Vote

Newly Elected Joe The Plumber Leaves Before Casting First Vote

Widow of Deepwater Horizon rig worker: we need off-shore drilling

Government Doubles Previous Oi Fllow Estimate for BP Well (2.1 Million Gallons a Day)

Considering BP's history...

Abby Sunderland - search plane leaving shortly

World's oldest shoe

Matheson nomination to the 10th Circuit advances with help of Hatch, criticism of Kyl

Anderson is tearing BP a new one

Anderson is tearing BP a new one

Chevron admits to Canadian Senate that the BOP for their deepwater well off Newfoundland might fail

Thanks to all who called their senators about the Murkowski resolution

are we damned if we do and damned if we don't?

You know what's kinda scary? All those CRAZIES in the House and Senate are actually reflective of ..

Putting Names To Faces

Boxer received more votes than the top 2 GOP kooks in the Tues. CA primary

No surprise: Liberals are empathetic and compassionate, conservatives love orderliness

Incident Command Post Activated for Florida Peninsula for Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill

Poor Rachel. She looks exhausted.

Here's some good news for stoners

Taliban executes boy, 7, accused of spying as suicide bomber kills 40 children at wedding

Anyone else notice that the only Viagra ad being

Greene For President ......

Bob Menendez: Tea parties are saddling the GOP with loser candidates

Where Did Their Love Go? - digby

Former Sec'y of Labor Reich: Don't Listen to the Cheerleaders, Main Street Economy Isn't Improving

The oil corporations have done way more damage to

'First, Do No Harm' - CommonDreams

Rachael Maddow Show: "Beach Protection Completely In BP's Purview"

BP post-spill image-rebuilding ad airing nationally and on cable, but NOT in Gulf markets

New Ground Zero Deal Gives Plaintiffs $712.5 Million

"There's the road sign up ahead. Your next stop: The Twilight Zone!"

Freeper "CondoleezzaProtege" ( ! ) posts "Palin, Don't Let Them Call You Quitter!" thread...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Blanche votes for murkowski and Alvin greene

Read Our ''Hold BP Accountable'' Resolution

People, people at DU, please listen to this broadcast of "Fresh Air"

Payback for Y2K Election? All states effected by oil spill voted for Bush

IRS Should Investigate South Dakota Church That Endorsed Gubernatorial Candidate

Etsy Sellers Unite To Bring Help to the Gulf Coast - handmande/vintage/supplies

Mr Fish!

Well listenign to the Discovery Program on the gulf disaster

Anybody watching this guy from SC on Keith?

How long are they going to tell people it's safe to swim at the beach ?

Do the oil companies own the oceans?

ABC News "Chamber President Says His Group Will Find Way to Get Gov. to Share Cost of Gulf Clean-Up"

Gov. Palin’s statement on the oil spill disaster will be viewed, in years to come, as ‘historic’

Andrew Romanoff Signifies BP Disaster – "our generations’ Sputnik;"

To understand the impact of the BP oil disaster, read what oil had done to Louisiana

All of the college students along the gulf coast are now on summer break.... Hire them!

Memo to BP: Hire Gulf Coast residents to answer calls, e-mails about oil spill

Who is your favorite Founding Father and why?

End Religious Harassment in Rehab

Boy, 14, Held In Abduction Attempt At Store

Canada’s social democrats ally with right-wingers in BC anti-tax campaign

House (GOP) Targets Underwater Homeowners - Ryan Grim/HuffPo

16-yr-old Abby Sunderland is alive and apparently safe aboard her damaged sailboat

Senator Greene: Carol & Don Fowler's chickens come home to roost on national teevee.

Dumb ass BP Executives Spill Coffee

Think Progress - "Boehner agrees with the Chamber of Commerce that taxpayers should pay for spill"

Think Progress - "Boehner agrees with the Chamber of Commerce that taxpayers should pay for spill"

Is the oil spill BP's karma for cutting corners and putting

Warning of famine in West Africa (Niger/Chad)

Bob Cavnar's column that was mentioned on KO. Enough is Enough - Time for BP to Sit Down, Shut Up:

Honda executives say they are not antiunion.

Honda executives say they are not antiunion.

Why does everyone accuse the White House of bashing Unions?

Lawmaker questions mental health of S.C. candidate Alvin Greene

DoD Buzz: AF Suspends L-3 Special Ops Unit

Coast Guard gets more money to combat oil spill

McChrystal: Kandahar operation 'will happen more slowly'

McChrystal: Kandahar operation 'will happen more slowly'

KBR Loses $24.1 Million Fee Over Green Beret’s Death (Update2)

First the Spill, Then the Lawsuits

Sex suspects catch break

Blackwater in Trouble?

Chuck Grassley: Fix oil gusher by turning Gulf into Coors Light. Or something.

A note from my census crewleader

Did I misrememberhear Bob Cavnar on KO last night?? Did he say

Gulf region backs offshore drilling industry

Afghan president 'has lost faith in US ability to defeat Taliban'

They call it bullying -- I call this assault

Curious as to what regulations for offshore drilling in the UK are like.

Fearful NATO supply truckers curse their jobs

Mullen says China needs to step up

(GAO) Report faults Pentagon's buying of spare parts

US drone 'kills 10 suspected militants' in Pakistan

Pentagon's Nightmare Budget Scenario

Watch how the UAW takes down the teabagger Rand Paul in Ky this November

BP is a victim?????

Is DU a site for...

Just think what we would be saying now if CITGO had caused the BP catastrophe!

How many times has Congress tried to regulate the oil industry?

Last Friday I volunteered and did my first PETA protest

Why Not More Skimmers

There ought to be a "good for the gander" law

Mandela to miss World Cup Opening as his 13 year old great granddaughter

So nice of GE and Morning Ho' to catapult corporate propaganda.

Mister Orange Boner, We've been paying at the pumps for years.

June 11, 2010 has arrived!!!

Rachel's BP vs. ACORN piece last night got me to wondering.... Is ACORN regrouping?

WTF? Prescription required to use my reimbursement account for Advil?

US Stock Futures Fall After Drop In Retail Sales; DJIA Off 51

New Estimates Double Rate of Oil That Flowed Into Gulf

Chris WALLACE admits Faux is wingnut. Trapped by SLimus. "poetic justice" to take HelenTHOMAS's seat

Is DU unhealthy?

Angry Gulf Coast Residents Take It To The Halls Of Congress

CNBC: BP didn't get the message about wasting money on TV ads!

CNBC: BP didn't get the message about wasting money on TV ads!

New York Times editorial blasts White House's anti-union stance

How large is the oil disaster?

Obama is kicking BP ass! Boot to the throat and all that!

Dawn Johnsen: GOP opposed me because I oppose torture.

Sorry, my British friends... But you are WRONG to defend BP

Exclusive: REPUBLICAN Senator’s Plan To Let GUNS On Amtrak Moves Closer To Reality

Historical perspective

Gilbert man posts online ad to trade marijuana for iPad

Gilbert man posts online ad to trade marijuana for iPad

Billy Kennedy Weighs in on Foxx's Phone-In Featured on Keith Olbermann

Gay Republicans Go Off Message, Embrace Camp

CNN wooing "Got Talent" Piers MORGAN. Will "blow it up" in 6 mos if things don't improve.

Glenn Greenwald: Don't forget about Beltway cowardice

Debtor lockup

Obama urged to tone down "anti-British, prejudiced" attacks on BP

Ok, so I just watched Alvin Greene...

If I Hear the Righties Invoke the Founders One More Time...

How we SHOULD be handling the oil in the Gulf mess..

How we SHOULD be handling the oil in the Gulf mess..

FTC Cracks Down on Another Dubious Claim by Kellogg

South Africa vs. Mexico: Who Do You Have?

FBI investigating AT&T security breach that exposed iPad users.

Biased CNN: "President attended fundraiser during Gulf memorial service" but fails to mention

Do we really want them to one day say, "that was too easy" Democratic loss

Beck crops speech to claim CEO admits to "plan to take over the country"

Senate Committee Approves Auto Safety Bill

Driver was untangling flip-flops when he killed bicyclist

BP & government authorities collude to suppress reality of oil spill

The VA: Fucking Vietnam vets yet once again

Ashley Judd on our other eco-disaster, mountaintop-removal coal mining: the 'rape of Appalachia'

MOH Recipients Push PTSD Counseling

PREDICTION: Alvin Greene will be arrested within the next two months

FAA is closing air space in the Gulf of Mexico (map included)

Arne Duncan's morale building:

VP Biden is at the World up today

Reality effin' bites, and the sooner you

Reality effin' bites, and the sooner you

Some good news this morning. Not to make light of her rescue,

Would you support a citizens oil embargo if it

We all need to remember that in the long sweep of American History...

News more watered down to help CIA with image problems? You be the judge

ESPN Zone Closings are Making me Sad...And I have no Idea Why

ESPN Zone Closings are Making me Sad...And I have no Idea Why

Can a well informed voter, who still votes for the GOP, be a moral person?

Burning wood or biomass produces more

Haven't heard anything lately about any new plan to cap the well

The "serious" people still have a chance to blow up the world economy.

Whirled Cup - Live Blog

LIfe is cruel, cruel....

Pelosi considering rewriting ethics rules drafted two years ago

Will we ever have a NON-WHORE president?

Sediment Thicknesses in the Gulf of Mexico

The Oil Drum: Dispersants, Net Energy, and More Oil Spill and Other News

The Oil Drum: Dispersants, Net Energy, and More Oil Spill and Other News

Arne Duncan lobbies Bulls for new coach

Anatomy of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Well - large JPEG

whose ass to kick...

whose ass to kick...

Paul Broun(R-GA) says Dems made-up economic downturn..

New google phone service whispers targeted ads

Better armor, helmets expected soon

Who's behind the anti-immigrant crusade?

Which of the following are legitimate Democratic candidates for the 2010 General Election.

The Department Of Energy Would Like YOUR Help In SOLVING The OIL SPILL Crisis

RT @zerohedge BP paid zero federal income tax in 2009 and received $156 million IRS refund

Thanks Mods!!!

Thanks Mods!!!

Chrysler's Historic Investment in Kokomo Indiana

Candidates push back against criticism of Arizona

South Carolina Democratic Primary: It's irrelevant if he was a plant or not

Robert Reich: Putting BP Under Temporary Receivership: Some Qs and As

how is Alvin Greene different from Bush ?

Bernstein vs. Greenwald

Alvin Greene on KO


Vacation, all I ever wanted...Congress heads home for 4-day break, fails to extend jobless benefits

BP Oil Spill: Daily Dead Wildlife Tally (Twitter Account)

"The only truth is in my hand." Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Bachmann: ‘No Question’ Obama Is Worst President in History

CT Man Trapped Under Furnace Nearly Amputates Own Arm In Escape Bid

Report: Deepwater moratorium won't have major impact on oil supply

Report: Deepwater moratorium won't have major impact on oil supply

The Sun Herald from Biloxi doesn't seem very impressed with the clown they have as a governor

Rethug in Illinois gets caught lying about his military service. Blames the Obama administration

Bush is gone but his legacy will be very hard to get rid of,,,

Marc Ambinder under fire for dubious claim about "the left"

Juan Cole: Netanyahu is the Iranian hardliners' best friend

Got any questions for the WH about the spill.?? Here's your chance.

Pentagon Manhunt-Wikileaks-on the verge of publishing a batch of secret State Department cables

Clyburn's Dem Challenger Denies He's A 'Plant' -- But Hired GOP Rep.'s Aide

Conservative activist punched at N.C. rally charged with assault

OJ lawyer to make high court appeal for new trial

OJ lawyer to make high court appeal for new trial

South Carolina State Senator Censured For ‘Raghead’ Comments, Says He ‘Could Care Less’

Romney leads GOP in Iowa poll

The eight kinds of Republicans

Suicide Bomber Kills Two U.S. Soldiers, Wounds Six in Iraq

Water Pressure, etc. at The Bottom of The Gulf

$4300 per barrel

Newsweek: Cheney MIA

GOP Leaders Play Games While Oil Pours Into the Gulf

Pentagon hunting for Julian Assange?

My local wingnut's cri de coeur, admitting Shrub-DISASTER but claiming OBAMA is worse

Why the Gulf Spill's Effects Will Be Bad, But Limited

Something that almost never happens: A bill is getting TOUGHER as it goes through conference

Something that almost never happens: A bill is getting TOUGHER as it goes through conference

Something that almost never happens: A bill is getting TOUGHER as it goes through conference

In 2008, BP Touted New Tech To Measure Oil Flow

TPM: Gay Republicans' L.A. Fundraiser: The Tea Bag Toss!

Scalise, Who Once Feared Regulatory ‘Gestapo,’ Now Champions ‘Competent Government’

Amy Klobuchar to headline Iowa’s Democratic convention

Young solo sailor is like the balloon boy episode

BREAKING NEWS: Missing teen sailor Abby Sunderland is alive and well, say searchers

Got my signed certificate today thanking me for help in passing the health bill

senselessbrenner part of bp probe, even though he owns stock, lots of it

State spends $50 million on (1000) slot machines

47 years ago today:

Todays Workplace: No Pattern To Be Found (Massey Mines -- getting away with it)

Saint Sarah

They adjusted the oil counter at WKRG.

Judge stalls retiree premium hike (my union defends members that haven't paid dues in years)

In BP He Trusts: Obama's Point Man Thad Allen Under Fire From Locals Over Spill Response

Is Georgia the New Arizona?

Boycott BP - It's working

I don't understand why Jim Demint is so worried that Alvin Greene would be recruited

Police: Dutchman to reveal Holloway location

Police: Dutchman to reveal Holloway location

Kyrgyzstan declares state of emergency as deadly clashes flare

Question about federal spending

Kagan role in Clinton sex harassment suit withheld

BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence

Bill Gates Backs Grossly Misleading Ad on Clean Energy R&D

U.S. Fury at BP Stirs Backlash Among British

"GOP Congressman on Gulf oil leak: 'not an environmental disaster'"

Progressive Groups Protest Washington's Pay-To-Play Culture

Les Kinsolving’s Latest Birther Question to Robert Gibbs LOL!

My political poem: Nightly Newsworthy

Immigrants make Germany ‘dumber,’ Bundesbank board member says

16 confirmed dead, dozens missing in flooded campgrounds in Arkansas

Deepwater Lesson: Expropriate the Expropriators

BP. The Man.

Google slammed for disclosing Windows XP zero-day bug

BP’s oil dispersant is carcinogenic (and “may be absorbed through the skin”)

Outrage over the spill response seems to be directly proportional to the size of the spill.

Glenn Greenwald Is Not A Liberal. He Says Bush Was Not Conservative

FBI to target mortgage fraud

Are Private Sector Unions in the United States a Relic of the Past?

Crist drops anti-abortion language from website

Racist or not...YOU decide.

This is a horrible time to be a toddler.

Regarding the BP boycott- if they go bankrupt...

More than half the members of the GOP’s ‘Young Guns’ program are eligible for AARP membership.

Sign warns go slow 'For Fox Sake' on Oxfordshire road

Daniel Ellsberg coming up next with Dylan Ratigan

Europe, US to see snowy, cold winters: expert

New York: Catholic Archdiocese Forbids Sex Ed In School Building Leased To City

Selling It All to Roam the Country in a Lamborghini

Labor-dissing Dems, think again

ZH: Scottish Widows Fund Doubles Down on BP

Rachel Maddow I love you

Unified Democrats Grab Lead in Generic Ballot

Shelter Island prepares for soldier's funeral , taking on Phelps

Sharron Angle is proof that one can obtain a contact high from using Rush Limbaugh's ...

Contessa football terms are not rocket science


6 year old girl and CHP killed in 2 separate California high speed chases

Teen Sailor Abby Sunderland Found Alive; Family is 'Relieved'

And you thought drilling Deepwater Horizon was a feat? meh.

This is not Obama’s Katrina. If anything, it’s Bush’s second Katrina.

BP oil spill Corexit dispersants suspected in widespread crop damage

Gov. Charlie Crist vetoes abortion bill

Nickname the techwreck before she gets a chance to fire you, too!

GOP Mayor Of Reno Backs Reid, Calls Angle 'Wild'

GOP Mayor Of Reno Backs Reid, Calls Angle 'Wild'

I feel really bad for Alvin Greene. He looked so scared in that Olberman interview.

Road sign in PA encourages drivers to "check for smegma".

Pelosi: We’ll stop blaming Bush when Bush’s ‘problems go away’ (Chuck Todd: "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!")

Hey Eric Cantor and Bloomberg!

Hey Eric Cantor and Bloomberg!

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Run for City Council

One small sentence that needs to be highlighted and publicized for its glorious, proud wrongness.

The ruling class will rescue BP--just a question of how?

Economic recovery isn't going as smooth as we were led to believe

Is it just my imagination or is the oil spill worse than ever right now?

Another week passes and no decision on extending unemployment

W - T - F ???

Dawn Johnsen: Restoring leadership and integrity to the Office of Legal Counsel

On Turner Classic Movies NOW: Cousteau Odyssey, next another Cousteau special

On Turner Classic Movies NOW: Cousteau Odyssey, next another Cousteau special

I talked to Alvin Greene yesterday...


The best way for Obama to reposed to the spill: a Presidential Crisis Center on the Gulf.

Crist Vetoes Anti-Abortion Bill From GOP Legislature

i think Jeebus saved Abby Sunderland

I had a novel idea the other day.. Athiests and the LGBT communities should unite

Externalized costs and corporate greed

Externalized costs and corporate greed

Bush Ignored Warnings From 2000 About Deepwater Oil Spills

ah yes, the bullhorn fixes everything...

Is the morning RW meme still alive?

$10 million down the toilet - off-the-record comment or talking point?

Hillary supporters, I apologize.

Hillary supporters, I apologize.

Transocean Stonewalls Congress On 'I'm Not Hurt' Forms Signed By Rig Workers

Sometimes I really hate people.

Has the source of the WH Union Bashing been identified?

Has the source of the WH Union Bashing been identified?

Malawi Couple Imprisoned for Being Gay Officially Pardoned

Taxpayer dollars defending Prop. 8?

Arizona immigration law cited as reason for restaurant closing

DADT - Will You Stand With Missouri?

Saint Sarah - To white evangelical women, Sarah Palin is a modern-day prophet

Arizona's Next Immigration Target: Children of Illegals

The TARP Money-Back Guarantee

A couple of good ol' boys figure out how to soak up the oil

Globalization, Standard of Living and the Environment

Globalization, Standard of Living and the Environment

Heartbreaking TCM Cousteau marathon today...

The Genius Behind Minority Report's Interfaces Resurfaces, With Mind-blowing New Tech

Party Affiliation Gap in U.S. Narrowest Since 2005

Billionaire Teabaggers Down Under

Crime Watch Captain: Call 911 for "Afro Teens"

More Active Sun Means Nasty Solar Storms Ahead

History of BP in Photos

I just saw a clip of James Carville bemoaning the loss of an entire

ONLY Thinking About Making Money: Would Buying BP Stock be Smart Today?

More disturbing details about Kagan (supporting gov evangelism and religious discrimination)

Uncle Sam shelled out more bonuses in 2009

Uncle Sam shelled out more bonuses in 2009

The Chances of a "Double-Dip" Recession are Essentially Nil

Best comment on the Church sex scandal I've heard in a while

Secret Ingredients in Corexit Oil Dispersant Are Carcinogenic and Absorbed Through Skin

Foxconn CEO Guo Tai-ming has said workers commit suicide for the money

74 Democrats sold you out to AT&T, Verizon and Comcast

Finally! Obama calls for "accountability"! Supports firing those responsible!

GoM stock dividend was a huge source of income for working Americans

Lessons from Arkansas. Two progressive views.

How many in government DON'T match this definition: "Compromise oneself for money or other gains"

A note from my census crewleader

Why is BP so cagy about plumes and so forth?

Let's help Alvin Greene plot a winning path to victory in November!

Martin Luther King Jr.'s thinking evolved over time

As the oil spill smears Florida, a way of life slowly dies

As the oil spill smears Florida, a way of life slowly dies

Fifteen straight years of no job growth?

Democrats' image improving with voters

One sure way to hurt the fucking oil companies

HuffPo: BP Logo Redesign Contest (PHOTOS)

HuffPo: BP Logo Redesign Contest (PHOTOS)

Besides the Obvious Legislative Functions...What Power Would These Folks Have...?

After being suffocated he was ready to confess to 'do whatever he could to sustain' his life

Senator Schumer supports the continued Gaza blockade.

To all those wrongly boycotting BP gas stations. Please get the facts first.

Subway employee fired for giving sandwich to fire victims...

BACK To The CENTER! Blanche Lincoln NOW Distancing Herself From HCR

Sex death apocalypse iPhone 4, By Mark Morford

Rachel Maddow on Real Time tonight

Rachel Maddow on Real Time tonight

Olbermann needed to ask Alvin Greene some more questions.

Young sailor Abby Sunderland found Alive and Well!!!!

When corporations dominate

Can we legally just nationalize something?

There are some very strange arguments for justifying a non-Democratic vote.

Interesting Tutorial on How to Beat the Banks at Their Own Game

Alvin Greene once punched a hole in a cow, just to look down the road

Explaining the oil disaster to a 5 year old

Explaining the oil disaster to a 5 year old

Officials under Jindal's authority help BP block media access

Homeowner puts in 500,000 gallon pool, caused drought

Most support raised taxes on upper income people

I'm disappointed in Obama but I'm glad I live in MA and get to vote for Kerry

Bachmann: Obama is the Worst President in the History of the United States

Japan unfurls solar sail in space

Curious - are you going to watch Tweety's Teabagger special on Wednesday?

5 officers indicted in post-Katrina fatal shooting

Just for my own curiousity, let me give you a hypothetical

Why on earth would we boycott BP?

At 61, I feel so naive. Of COURSE, winning is all that counts!

"Corrupt Chicago thugs"

AP - "Louisiana leaders want Gulf drilling to resume" - Say Its Safe Overall!

HuffPo - Harry Reid's GOP Opponent, Sharon Angle, Says We Should Deregulate Oil Further!

Why would someone compare this spill to Katrina. Nature stops Hurricanes

Why Carly Fiorina is anti-choice - Because she couldn't have kids

The Secret Of The Original BostonTea Party- It Was Anti-Corporate! Down WithThe East Indies Company!

U.S. State Department denies push for UN Gaza flotilla probe

BP is finally starting to get rattled

Do you want to know who is connected to the Macondo oilfield and the Deepwater Horizon well?

Look at this poor, poor man and tell me that you don't believe...

Breaking: Michael Boomberg Hearts BP..."They didn't exactly go down there and blow up the well"

I'm sorry, I wanted so damn much to believe, have hope and faith America was changing direction.

Palin permitted BP to escape from $672 million in fines

"Don't tease the panther": An exclusive look at Glenn Beck's The Overton Window

‘I Can’t Believe What I’m Confessing to You’: The Wikileaks Chats

Army pvt. bound for Hood jumps from NY bridge

Thoughts, prayers, good vibes or whatever floats your boat to Abby Sunderland!

How Obama blew his critical offshore drilling decision

First They Came for the Cranky White House Columnist: Helen Thomas Learns That Free Speech is a Myth

I, too, confess to some degree of naïveté

Every time Obama opens his mouth BP stock price goes down?

BP Refuses to Allow Scientists to Test Oil Spill Samples

Bill Clinton to Health Insurers: 'I Want to Thank You for Your Support of The Healthcare Reform Move

Bill Clinton to Health Insurers: 'I Want to Thank You for Your Support of The Healthcare Reform Move

Schoolhouse Rock. Sometimes I rediscover one.

Alvin Greene: Local News Scoops MSM

Need opinions on this. BP says they will not pay for salaries of those hurt by 6 month moratorium

I have a question for DUers

VERY bad news from the Gulf Oil Spill

Lincoln scorns Clinton's pleas to save planet

Explain to me what 'nationalizing' BP would do.

Laying in bed last naught thinking about why there is such disappointment

Confused dolphin oiled from BP oil; link to site regarding volunteering

Obama/BP reconsidering their BIZARRE rejection of Dutch help with Gulf catastrophe

From the Ground: BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence

More info on Southland Christian School in FL (School that fired teacher for premarital sex)

OK, here's a question for all

What angers you most about the Gulf catastrophe?

Former BP exec: Profit comes first, safety second

I bought a new phone last night.

Company causing late FCAT grades in Florida has history of problems.

"America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion"

Arpaio attorneys cut off from county funds - including SB1070 author Kobach

Obama Continues to Stonewall Efforts to Hold Bush Administration Officials Accountable

BP stock dividend is huge source of income for British pensioners

Sunlight Foundation rolls out its new platform

Archbishop urges Congress not to repeal DADT: Don't sacrifice "moral beliefs"!


Sorrowful sandcastle (pic heavy)

Who's behind the anti-immigrant crusade?

There's one little problem with "boycotting" BP: it's not possible to do so

Native Kentuckian Ashley Judd on Our Other Eco-Disaster: the 'Rape of Appalachia'

Europe Looks to Break US Ratings Monopoly

On January 20, 2009, Obama was handed a plate full of shit sandwiches

Rate Obama's Presidency To Date.

It's Not a "Defense" Department

Transcript: Daniel Ellsberg Says He Fears US Might Assassinate Wikileaks Founder

Transcript: Daniel Ellsberg Says He Fears US Might Assassinate Wikileaks Founder

I am going to let you guys in on something I bet most of you don't know about

It's NOT a Boycott...It's Self-Respect

It's NOT a Boycott...It's Self-Respect

Why, oh why, can't we be good little soldiers like the unnamed Senior White House official wants?

LED Bulb could illuminate the developing world

"The Jones Act" of 1920 - We don't have Dutch skimmers because of the Jones Act?????????????????????

So, we have the option of investing in 401(k) plans, etc. with our employment. Are we wrong to?

Cat killer gets 8-year sentence


Girl, women describe discrimination in Arizona

Who else is sick of the missing-white-girl stories already?

BP sponsors weekend baseball series between Cubs and White Sox! BP Crosstown Cup goes to winner!

What is a corporation?

Why do people have such a problem with science?

Dear American Friends...about the British pensioners and the BP stock thingy...

A very Catholic guy I know said something crazy about birth control

Not from the onion: Tea Party and FreedomWorks plan demonstration against mandatory trash collection

In Sweden, the Men Can Have It All

& now, disturbing truth of natural gas mining: Living In The Middle Of A 'Gasland'

16 year old Abby Sunderland located...

Post here if you love and/or appreciate the British People but hate what BP has done.

Rate Obama's Presidency To Date.

'Experts' Eye 100% Unverifiable E-Vote System in 'Win' of SC's Mystery U.S. Senate Nominee

Oh, the Irony......More priceless signage, courtesy of the Teabaggers

Oh, the Irony......More priceless signage, courtesy of the Teabaggers

Hello, DUers! Time for the Friday Afternoon Challenge Question!

Living in a wounded world.

They have unleashed Armageddon!

Its bad enough being poor, throw in a natural disaster and...

Bill Clinton Thanks Health Insurance Industry For Their Healthcare "Reform" Work

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

Just got The Ultimatum from my GF

Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill

For those who lived through that era of American history....

Well, I had a chance to go see the Eagles in concert WITH Joe Walsh

I have been watching a show called Fear Itself on Netflix, what a creepy tv show.

How do you do it?

A creepy parent of one of my worst students cyber stalked me. Ew!

If the PAC 10 adds two teams will they

So is the DU Lounge just rant about anything?

What's worse?

Radical gay Mexican Islamic Jihadist addicts with machine guns flood Arizona border towns....

what antivirus software do you like...?

Is DU unhealthy?

Is DU a site for...

Gilbert man posts online ad to trade marijuana for iPad

Days Of Futurama Past: The Futurama characters redrawn as X-Men!

Poor ddeclue

What was your favorite TGIF show?

*That* didn't take long at all: VAN DER SLOOT's left nipple is on GEmsNBC.

Alternate title for the upcoming George W. Bush memoir using It Takes A Village as your template

I just had a weird experience.

So, they can't even show the nipples on a TOPLESS PINATA?


no point

Nightly Newsworthy: a new poem

Sign warns go slow 'For Fox Sake' on Oxfordshire road

Funniest comment I have ever seen on youtube

I lost Barney :-(

A certain DUer wants to know if we are coming for him with pitchforks, which begs the question...

What channel is the South Africa - Mexico World Cup Match on?

Funkentelechy vs. The Placebo Syndrome

We have repainted the apartment and I picked accent wall colors

My daughter quoted Yoda in speaking to my wife this morning

Is the WWE Struggling

Actors who should play relatives on stage:

I can go go go in my Hoveround indoors outdoors

Librarians Do Gaga

British Cats are so much more respectable than American cats.

Go USA! Cage the Lions!

...and I'm all out of bubble gum.

Chicken fried bacon

What Health Insurance Coverage is Absolutely Essential?

Question for anyone who's seen the movie "The Road"

Google backgrounds

Would you drink a full glass of bacon drippings on a dare?

What is the difference in these books


Our vet said we should consider putting Heidi down...

So , am I toast ?

I have very strict standards , if I seek someone from, the following criteria

Happy Birthday Jacques Cousteau.

Pit Bull Blues--AWESOME video!!!

Remembering John Cazale - on HBO on Now

Something bugging me about new Karate Kid movie...

woke up this morning with a piece of tooth stuck to my gums

woke up this morning with a piece of tooth stuck to my gums

My father-in-law took the !@#$%^& CAT FOOD!!!

The BP Oil Spill Re-Enacted By Cats in 1 Minute

Guess who this is?

I just woke up at 1210AM with a complete song in my head from a dream.

Just one more reason that Oklahoma sucks.

Post a video by a band that cares

Ms. Lincoln has besmirched my carefully chosen screen name.

I've decided to start naming my kidney stones

In my absence, we saved a Cocker Spaniel from death row at the pound....

How come girls are much more likely to be horse-crazy than boys? nt

Post some songs about Death or Dying or Murder or (you get the drift)...

What will be the result of Saturday's USA vs. England match?

What have you learned today?

My wife saw a TWENTY FOOT PENIS in the neighbor's yard! With 8' diameter balls!

Selling It All to Roam the Country in a Lamborghini

Should I post my annual "I hate shriekingly loud motorcycles" rant?

Real Names of Celebrities

Anyone here tried Inworldz?

Guantanamo Bay's $2 Billion Pricetag

Gold, and lead, bring illness and death in Nigeria

New Estimates Double Rate of Oil That Flowed Into Gulf

Oil spill fallout could pollute the 'special relationship'

W.H. Summons BP Brass to Face Obama

BP Oil-Leak Estimate Doubled by U.S. Flow-Rate Science Panel

Oil Spill Hasn't Changed (Pat) Toomey's Mind On Drilling

China Inflation Rises to a 19-Month High

U.S. Fury at BP Stirs Backlash Among British

Federal judge calls Guantanamo inmate's detention 'unlawful'

US recovery in slow lane; trade gap widens, jobless claims up

Bank of America Will Pay $108 MILLION to Customers in Countrywide Case

BP's oil spill claims firm has boasted of paying as little as possible

FBI to target mortgage fraud

News Ltd criticised as police chief cleared

OJ lawyer to make high court appeal for new trial

Louisiana Rep. Charlie Melancon moved to tears by gulf spill

GOP lawmaker with BP stock has role in spill probe

Nurses' strike (12,000) ends in Twin Cities

Defense In Fatal Toyota Crash Alleges Mistakes (Koua Fong Lee still in jail)

From the Ground: BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence

Amb. Crocker: Putting Iran in the ‘Axis of Evil’ Led Them to Release Brutal Insurgent Leader

Oil spill: BP to decide about dividend cut on Monday

Retail sales drop 1.2 percent in May

FBI begins probe into AT&T iPad security breach

French trial of Pinochet officers to go ahead


Administration Takes a Hard Line Against Leaks to Press

'Experts' Eye 100% Unverifiable E-Vote System in 'Win' of SC's Mystery U.S. Senate Nominee

2 U.S. soldiers killed, 6 wounded in Iraq suicide attack

Pope Begs Forgiveness for Abuse

Japan PM Naoto Kan warns of 'collapse' under debt pile

Confront Iran on brutality not nuclear weapons, says Nobel prize winner (Shirin Ebadi)

GOP renew call for probe of WH job offers

New oil numbers may mean more environmental damage

(US) Chemical Maker Dropped From Iraq Poison Gas Suit

TARP Repayments Surpass Loans

Russia says air-defence missile deal will be unaffected by Iran sanctions

Host South Africa opens 2010 World Cup with 1-1 tie vs. Mexico at Soccer City Stadium in Soweto

Nelson Mandela relative killed after World Cup concert

Jindal says Obama still doesn't get moratorium's economic impact

Oil spill: BP plans to suspend shareholder dividend

"The Manning-churian Candidate" (Alvin Greene)

Boehner: Government--i.e. Taxpayers--Should Help Pay For Oil Spill

TARP repayments of $194 billion exceed outstanding balance of $190 billion

Brunner flouts D.C., backs Marshall

BP Atlantis Oil Platform Should Operate During Probe, U.S. Says

McInnis served on Republicans for Choice board for nearly a decade

More on Today's Meeting Between the White House and Labor

Norton Courts the Right in Colorado

Obama Admin Looking for a Way to Give the BP Dividend Payments to the Victims

It's been a while since I posted here. And, not sure I will post

HEADS UP-That possible plant who won the Dem. nomination in SC will be on Countdown tonight!

BP spills coffee..great comedy..sad but true

Virginia and New England Aquariums Release Sea Turtles to Make Room for BP Oil Spill Victims

An example of the type of TV ad that Blanche Lincoln will run in October 2010...

Sen. Harkin to hold hearings on federal funds to for-profit colleges

Whitman offended by comments in Calif. gov's race

"In the wake of... the worst environmental calamity in our history, this is, well, freakin' insane"

Lincoln scorns Clinton's pleas to save planet

Watching Alvin Greene is breaking my heart

If I lived in Ark I would have voted Halter in primary; and now Lincoln in General

Teacher Fired for Becoming Pregnant Out of Wedlock

12 dead in Arkansas flash floods

Judge: Patronage led to Philly neglect death

Pelosi: We Can Stop Blaming Bush 'When The Problems Go Away' (VIDEO)

Pentagon Fears Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Will Spill Secrets

Frank: Volcker Rule In The Direction Of Levin-Merkley Will Be In The Final Financial Reform Bill

I saw VP Biden on ESPN

(New Orleans Mayor) Mitch Landrieu lashes out at London mayor's BP comments

Administration Takes a Hard Line Against Leaks to Press

The powers that be have lost faith in their ability to fight inflation

Oregon Guard soldier's use of medical marijuana runs into Army's drug abuse policy

Joe Madison: This is why I'm just as hard on liberals as I am Conservatives

Can Bill Halter Still Run In The General Election?

Transparancy!!! Yet here we have people prosecuted as spies

My rant - This White House seems to be more and more politicly inept

Barney Frank: Tough Version of 'Volcker Rule' Will Be in Bank Bill

Consumer confidence hits two-year high

This is an article on voter suppression in Arkansas, penned on June 9th

The media just might make Alvin Greene the new media darling

Just goes to show you how far out this site has gone

More Scott Brown's confusion. (The EPA is a non-governmental agency).

Trumka: Road to economic justice paved with jobs, jobs, jobs


Election Experts say the SC Senate result is very odd.

FLOTUS: 'I believe in you'-Michelle Obama addresses the Anacostia Senior High School Commencement.

Obama isn't Superman (about time someone said it)

Iceland passes gay marriage law in unanimous vote

A View of the Spill -- and a Weak President -- From Across the Pond

Clyburn says S.C. Dem Senate candidate a 'plant'; calls for probe

Gov. Charlie Crist vetoes abortion bill

Democrats certainly have high expectations considering how often they expect to be disappointed

How Obama Made His Critical Offshore Drilling Decision

GOP tests 2012 theme vs. Obama

(SC News on Greene) The Manning-churian Candidate

NRC approves operation of New Mexico uranium plant

Pelosi: We'll stop blaming Bush when problems go away

New Orleans Oyster Processor Runs Out Of Oysters

Most Americans support Kagan's nomination to Supreme Court, poll finds

Common pain relievers (NSAIDs) raise heart risk for healthy people

Mexico condemns Border Patrol shooting of teen

OH SHIT!!!!! James Cariville goes off on Fareed Zakaria

Obama's real base

Avoiding The Issue

WH hits David Brooks

McCain and Snooki team up on Obama

Dawn Johnsen: GOP opposed me because I oppose torture.

Why the Arkansas Primary Challenge Was Worth It

Ass Hysteria

Joe Conason: Lincoln scorns Clinton's pleas to save planet

Bill Clinton to health insurers: thank you for your support of the health care reform movement

An Open Letter to President Obama.. follow your heart

South Carolina Republican Party calls on Jake Knotts to resign Read more:

Anti British Obama attacked over BP

Democrats becoming more UNIFIED

The mills of the gods grind slowly . . . we killed for oil and we may be killed by oil

Bernstein Smacks Down Greenwald

Tweety on Charlie Rose: "I want this president to succeed",

Senate Unanimously Passes Kerry Cruise Ship Safety Legislation

"Trumka said there is no break between the Obama administration and the labor movement"

I'm getting a lot more worried about Obama and his chances in 2012

Japanse mission unleashes solar sail in deep space

Crist vetoes Fla. abortion ultrasound measure - would have compelled women view image of ultasound

FauxNews POLL: Democrats jump into lead on generic ballot (41/38), first time this year.

Reno Mayor says Angle is too far to the right. Oh, and he's a Rebublican

Why were there no "investigative reports" on Bush's (and his admin.'s) failures weeks after 9/11?

Does anyone see Michelle Obama running for office someday?

Hamsher basically admits the current version of the financial reform bill is strong

You have just three choices when you post, and the one we want most is not one of them

Pelosi: Dems' blame on Bush still warranted

Tweety: The CA. Governors race is a DEAD HEAT!!!

JESUS CHRIST Tweety stop having an orgasm over Palin

Jerry Brown re: Meg Whitman-"by the time she's done with me, I'll be a child-molesting..."

TARP Repayments Surpass Loans. Bailout loans now fully repaid

I'm tired.

Mystery in S.C.'s Democratic primary deepens

Be Patient, It's Coming

Why Daniel Ellsberg's claim about President Obama and Iraq is preposterous (updated)

(Jerry) Brown Turns Palin Blasts Into Fundraising Tool

Michelle Obama does things I've never seen another First Lady do

How progressives view black Arkansas voters?

Poll: 3 in 4 credit cardholders say their accounts are better off today

Panel commissioned by Barney Frank recommends nearly $1T in defense cuts

Officials under Jindal's authority help BP block media access

I haven't watched a lick of MSNBC and its programs in over a month and I feel great.

Record number of LGBT staff in Obama administration

Abby Sunderland is alive and apparently safe aboard her damaged sailboat

"Why ACLU's Head Honcho is 'Disgusted' With Obama" (Mother Jones)

An attempt at clarification from a Briton or How We Came To Love Our Collective Liberal Media

Why is Dick Cheney silent on the oil spill?

Last time I looked this was the Democratic Underground

The President's policies aren't progressive enough?

Who is your favorite 19th century Republican president sans Lincoln?

Cogent discussion of political issues, in solidarity.

"Obama’s A+ in education"

Gulf Oil Spill - Nuclear Usage - WE MUST STOP THIS !

Israel’s “self-defense” narrative falls apart

Glenn Beck praises pro-Nazi anti-Semite. Oops!!! - Countdown

AIR UNSAFE Gulf Oil Spill Warning

Young Turks: Gay Prom King And Queen

Deal with Deficit in Progressive Way

134-Year-Old Oyster House Shucks Last Oyster (New Orleans)

Eddie Vale, AFL-CIO, Is the Obama Admin slowly committing political suicide for 2012?

Lizz Winstead on Club Ed

Iran's gonna kill us all!!!

June 10, 2010 CNN Anderson Cooper: BP & Transparency

Sam Seder, 'That's Bullsh!t', addresses 'border violence'

Smuggled footage from Mavi Marmara Part 2

VIDEO BP DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE! - edwardjamesolmosprod

Rachel Maddow compares & contrasts GOP treatment of ACORN & BP

Chavez sings about Hillary Clinton

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky has audacity to tell progressives to "get off their asses" WTF

TYT's Cenk Uygur on Midweek Politics on Racists, Wingnuts, more...favorite progressive media

Thom confronts Curtis Sliwa - Is sending more drones THE most stupid policy imaginable?

Keith Olbermann Interviews Alvin Greene

Thiessen’s Heroes by Scott Horton

Conservatism to blame for Gulf spill

Why the Arkansas Primary Challenge Was Worth It

Oil spill fallout could pollute the 'special relationship'

SCO Summit Expectations

U.S. Public Deeply Divided on 'True Justice' for BP

Who is the Worst Offender: The Climate Denier or The Complacent Staller?

New Hips Gone Awry Expose U.S. Kickbacks in Doctors’ Conflicts

Banks Face Short-Sale Fraud as Home ‘Flopping’ Rises

McCain Urges Obama to Back Regime Change in Iran

Russia parliament votes to strengthen KGB successor

Stakes Rise Over U.S.-England World Cup Match: Settling Score Over BP

Excellent NYT piece: "Israel Without Clichés", by Tony Judt

BP’s Ignorant Attitude Surprises Belgians

Republicans on the defensive as younger people are less racist

BP hides assets from potential oil spill lawsuits

Thad Allen, Obama's Oil Point Man, STILL Trusts Discredited BP CEO Tony Hayward ...Huffington Post.

Jon Stewart Exasperated By BP Oil-Plume Denials

Gov. Jennifer Granholm and family to build a Habitat for Humanity house in Detroit for another famiy

Driving While Black, Flying While Arab, Walking While Latino

Our Hard-Core Adversarial Press Corps...who does "Water Ball" for Fun & Games!

Tea Party Flacks Are Drill, Baby, Drill Messengers Too

Melissa Harris-Lacewell: You've Got to Be Carefully Taught

Jacques Cousteau remembered, 100 years after his birth

"BP: Is Team Obama Pushing for a Full Externalities Precedent?"

Boycott Big Oil? Prepare to give up everything

As My Party Continues to Crater

Mutiny on the Bounty-less

Provocation of the Day: Our Karmic Debt to Immigrants

Nuclear Regulators are like Oil Regulators (TooClose) and More Disasters May Come

Dawn Johnsen: Restoring leadership and integrity to the Office of Legal Counsel

The Enclosure of the Gulf

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam's brutally candid apostate

Don't Buy in Bulk! Busting Down the Myths of Bargain Shopping and Coupon Clipping

A Rocky (&Bullwinkle) Weekend for the US Constitution June 11-13, 2010

Why Is Dick Cheney Silent on the Oil Spill? - Newsweek

Neo-cons lead charge against Turkey

Central rock rat- thought extict -is found in NT outback

Betrayal the key to feral goats fight

Drumbeat: June 11, 2010

NRC approves operation of New Mexico uranium plant

The Oil Drum: Dispersants, Net Energy, and More Oil Spill and Other News

Saudis Block Move By Small Island States For UN Study Of Impacts Of 1.5C Temperature Rise

Sudden Oak Death Confirmed In Wales - Has Spread From SW England Since 2009 - BBC

Alaskan Pollock Showing Higher Carbonate Levels In Blood - Likely Response To Ocean Acidification

More Oil Needed - The Irony of Nearly $1 Billion in Investments For Carbon Capture and Storage

Leading Oz Marine Scientist - Barrier Reef Shallow-Water Corals Likely Dead By 2030

Bonn Climate Delegates Make One Notable Cut - Most Ambitious Emissions Reduction Target Now Gone

Study: Shrinking glaciers to spark food shortages in Asia

U.N. Award-winning Sustainable Community - Subterranean Damanhur Temples of Humanity in Italy

6/11 - NSIDC Arctic Sea Ice Graph Still Diverging Down From 2007 Record Low

Potsdam Institute Study - 1.5C Global Increase "Virtual Certainty", No Matter What Nations Pledge

How long are they going to tell people it's safe to swim at the beach ?

Significant fuel savings possible for cars, SUVs with presently available technologies _ NRC

One of the wildest World Cup games of all time.

2004 Auburn Tigers - step up and claim the MNC

South Africa vs. Mexico: Who Do You Have?

Whirled Cup - Live Blog


Iowa Set to Become Second Most Boring State in the Big Ten

Nebraska Officially Applies for Membership in the Big Ten

"Roh Roh Roh." - Big Baby (Celtics tie series with Game 4 Win)

Notre Dame Cancels Yankee Stadium Game with Army in 2013

a question about conferences and academics

So for all those who excused Sidney Crosby for not shaking hands with Lidstom last year

Mexico-South Africa

Boise State moves to Mountain West!

Court sides with Bonds on steroids evidence, but trial will proceed

Boy! That was sure an exciting first day of the World Cup. Two ties. >>

Your Top 5 Sports Teams That You Hate

Welcome Nebraska to America's Premier Athletic and Academic Conference!!

Venezuela condemns remarks by Clinton

French trial of Pinochet officers to go ahead

Colombia: Another Trade Union Leader Assassinated

Will the World Bank undermine the people of El Salvador in mining dispute

Did anyone here see the South Carolina Democratic party nominee (Alvin Greene) on Countdown w/KO?

Sad result of Wet Foot/Dry Foot that allows Cuban felons to enter and get a clean slate.

Correa: Ecuador still waiting for FARC computer

My new cynical theory

Yuma mayor calls gay soldiers “limp wristed”

Friendly Voices - Ben Cohen

Iceland's Parliament Votes 49-0 to Legalize Same Sex Marriage

Exclusive: REPUBLICAN Senator’s Plan To Let GUNS On Amtrak Moves Closer To Reality

New Georgia CCW law includes knives ...

Think the Second Amendment is obsolete? I found you some fellow travelers.

Hialeah Mass Shooting Most Recent by a Concealed Handgun Permit Holder

Raid on gun collector's home nets 22 million dollars in cash.

Brady Campaign sells its member list to raise cash

When does the gun lobby stop? Apparently, never.

Hello Labor Forum

Pollster Celinda Lake: Worker Anger At Corporations Exists Alongside Distrust Of Government

Today in Labor History June 11 Police shoot at maritime workers striking United Fruit Co.

Union treasurer accused of theft

Mom sues in meatpacking plant death (also has been fined by the U.S. Department of Labor)

Twelve Thousand Minnesota Nurses Stage One Day Strike Over Nurse-Patient Staffing

A handheld panorama (of a moving target) that worked

NYC DU'ers - Go to MOMA! - The Cartier-Bresson exhibit is running through 28 June

Can someone help me identify this laughing duck?

Canoeing the Lower Buffalo River

Late light in my kitchen today

In response to Bernard-Henri Levy

Excellent NYT piece: "Israel Without Clichés", by Tony Judt

There Is a Method to Israel's Madness ( Pepe Escobar)

The VICTIMS SPEAK OUT. Gaza Flotilla Testimony (Axis of Logic)

Seal whiskers sense faraway fish

The US Needs to Ensure that the Israeli Siege of Gaza is Lifted (Amnesty International)

Gaza youth forum says under attack by armed groups

Astronomers image exoplanet orbiting its parent star for the first time

Ordinary Gazans, Not Hamas, Hurt Most by 3-Year Blockade

Female spiders fight dirty

Israel plans to send bill to Palestinians over boycotts

Gaza flotilla captain: Activists prepared attack against IDF raid

Putting Names To Faces

Israel, U.S. agree on nature of Gaza flotilla probe

Hopelessness...(calling Sagetea and Grandmother!)

Does anyone here believe in ascension?

wave from the other side

Vibes for this afternoon, please?

Wow - a nice reading for a change!

Medical update.

Damanhur - Exploring alternative, intentional spiritual communities.

LOL !!! - Ultrasound Jesus !!!

Which assumption is more shaky?

i think Jeebus saved Abby Sunderland

Science will win because it works (Stephen Hawking interview)

Since 1979, how many Iranian writers have been put on trial for having written works of fiction?

High blood pressure - tell me what to do

Laser pointers 'pose danger to eyes'

Is BP the Next Lehman Brothers?

Lehman E-Mails That Say 'Stupid' Didn't Stay 'Just Between Us'

BP: Is Team Obama Pushing for a Full Externalities Precedent?

Best Management Talent

Sixth Weekly High Yield Outflow Leads To New All Time Consecutive Redemption Record Of $4.6 Billion

In jail for being in debt

Can the U.S. Punish BP’s Shareholders? Debate..