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double post. delete.

Obama is speaking ...I hope he makes this case:

Obama quote: "Offshore drilling that will be absolutely safe"?

What I didn't hear...

So say we have the toughest regulations ever!

How much did you hate the Speech?

How much did you hate the Speech?

Petraeus hedges on Afghanistan withdrawal

A 2,000-sq-ft home holds 3,089 barrels of oil

President Obama once again acknowledges Peak Oil...

Big fireworks bust in Illinois

For all you vuvuzela aficionados: There's an app for that..

This dude on CNN from Louisiana that Anderson Cooper interviews

Obama Reconsiders Offshore Drilling

EXCLUSIVE: Documents, Employees Reveal BP's Alaska Oilfield Plagued By Major Safety Issues

Open Letter to Steve King (R-Stupid): You're obviously an idiot, Maybe you should shut your fresser.

Finally a name not only for pinball machines but also for the spill

Lawrence O'Donnell to get his own show at 10:00pm after Rachel Maddow

Anybody hear that hag on NPR responding to the speech?

NYTimes: In Oval Office Speech, Obama Presses BP on Compensation

DCCC adds Tarryl Clark (vs. Michele Bachmann) to "Red to Blue" list!

DCCC adds Tarryl Clark (vs. Michele Bachmann) to "Red to Blue" list!

I Guess We Now Have To Listen To The Cable News Talking Heads To Tell Us How To React To The Speech.

We did this. BP was our tool. And now we're mad at daddy because he can't fix it.

You know what I am really happy about....

There was no solution proffered, because

Which way does the power flow in America?

Is there any GD good news about the GD Gulf oil problem?

How much should each fisherman..

The President just told the truth. Imagine RWR, GHWB, WJC, GWB doing the same?

Scientists up estimate of leaking Gulf oil. Flow could be up to 2.5 million gallons a day!

Sodium Bentonite. Is that a solution?

Say What They Will About Bush, It's The Same GOP

fun pic

30 years down the road, when I will likely be dead and gone..

Independent UK: Indian couple electrocuted for daring to marry outside caste

Energy independence as HCR: "I am happy to look at other ideas & approaches from either party"

"Hold their feet to the fire?"...Be the FIRE or cut off their feet!

"Hold their feet to the fire?"...Be the FIRE or cut off their feet!

Sperm whale faeces 'offset CO2 emissions'

Do you think now would have been a good time for the President to call for

Reaction to Obama's Oval Office address pours in

For crying out loud

On June 12th...

when push comes to shove how much of the cost will BP pay?

MSNBC hammering Obama on speech.

Which corporation will be given the contract to get paid to disburse billions of BP's dollars?

Pertinent excerpt from Paul Hawken's "The Ecology of Commerce"

Tweety what the fuck do you want from Obama

Obama Addresses "Peak Oil"!

Is anyone monitoring the rainwater around the guld for contamination? nt

Rescue Groups, BP Unwilling To Take Donations

O'Reilly is giving Palin quite a grilling right now in her response to the speech.

So Obama has named some ball buster to head the MMS. Do you think Salazar

Suspended, then killed going home

I just can't help myself....

Meanwhile the corruption, the kleptocracy, continues unabated..

Documents, Employees Reveal BP's Alaska Oilfield Plagued by Major Safety Issues

Presidents aren't judged by yardsticks, but by tape measures...

Lots of DUers have been introduced to The Oil Drum since the beginning of this disaster.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bu$h used that prayer crap too :(. The Bu$h Prayer - Part 2

The Oil Drum: Why the Flow Rates are Increasing (BOP metal wearing from sand) and Open Thread

New York City Council honors murdered gay Puerto Rican teenager’s family

Does anybody else think that Alvin Green was a GOP test for November and 2012?

On policy

The TV talkers tell me the speech sucked.

Thick as (Corporate) Thieves......

Chuck "One Too Many Kicks to the Head" Norris says Gawd is being extracted from Amurka

Rachel Maddow v. Ezra Klein Debate - This Is Why I Like TRMS

Rachel Maddow v. Ezra Klein Debate - This Is Why I Like TRMS

Home in Anaheim, Calif. murder-suicide was in foreclosure

Palin wants 'socialist' Europe to help with the BP oil crisis

Meet the 'Patriots'

Cops find naked drunk men covered in mud in woods

Immigration To China

C-span is running some terrific replays of Hearings and LIVE hearings . . .

Artists Refuse Silence on Zimbabwe Atrocities

It looks to me like DU is about 60% against the speech...

Artists Refuse Silence on Zimbabwe Atrocities

Afghanistan's 'game-changer'

The usual crowd on the speech and Rahm Emanuel - Charlie Rose tonight

I thought it would be easier just to post what this person was posting elsewhere about taxes...


Anyone have a link to the President's speech?

Building boom in Angola's capital, Luanda (Chinese/oil money)

I'm getting annoyed with Chris Matthews being all outraged with the oil spill

A thought while watching Big Oil's Congressional hearing...

Fox News - "Obama's Oil Spill Speech Turns to Energy Policy, Fueling Capitol Crossfire"

So the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe has been reduced to...

American arrested searching for Osama bin Laden / CNN

what estimate have they given for the overall financial liability BP will have to cover?

BP's oil spill grows ever more ominous

Salinas man gets 30 months for fake maydays

Media Matters - "Fox News keeps praising Bobby Jindal -- why?"

I hear there was a Georgetown Cocktail Party tonight

Nevada candidate Angle left GOP in Reagan years

What would it have been like if not for my fellow liberals? Some things are worth fighting for.

If President Obama had gone down there on day one and got all bullhorn

Austerity measures unveiled in Pakistan’s budget

Yeah, you gotta love it..Millions of gallons a day.

"efforts should capture up to 90% of the oil" opinions?

German government crisis intensifies

BP Engaged in Massive Coverup of Oil Damage, Human Health Crisis

The Consequences of Parental Consent Laws: 13 Year Old Performs At-Home Abortion With A Pencil

Abuse of 10-Y.O. OK in God's eyes, Mn. Tea Party leader says

Long interview with Julian Assange

Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits Suicide

Bloody Sunday (Derry 1972): New report finds soldiers lied, victims innocent

Building The New Permanent Underclass Talking Point By Talking Point

Pat Robertson and touchdown Jesus getting ruined.

Royalty payments?

If Salazar's cleanup of MMS was "just too slow," why is he still there?

Senator "Slow Thinker" Brown-Ma talks to NECN (New England Cable News)

Just a preemptive warning about the next nontroversy to erupt

Just a reminder that the President does take responsibility. Yes, I will not abandon ship in these

The Mysterious Illness Hitting Gulf Workers Now Identified As 'TILT'

Ecuador first to ratify new UN mechanism to enforce economic, social and cultural rights

Could we use assets forfeiture to nationalize the oil industry?

Could we use assets forfeiture to nationalize the oil industry?

AP-GfK Poll bolsters congressional Democrats

What BP's partners are doing in Gulf oil spill cleanup

The Oil Company cleanup plans submitted to congress - is it just me

New Report Identifies Threat Environment to the North American Electric Grid

Huffington Post: Obama's Oil Speech Panned: Short On Details, Broader Climate Plan

Russia to float out new nuclear submarine after delay

Carrie Fisher on teabaggers: "for them it's all white or f**k off"

LInk...President George Bush (1) addresses the nation and visits Alaska on the Exxon Valdez

HRW presses Iraqi Kurds to ban female genital mutilation

France hands over night vision technology to Russia

Poll: Louisiana Loves Bobby Jindal -- And Offshore Drilling

With all due respect, Mr President...this is not a "leak"

Shill Baby Shill !!

BP Faces 225 Oil Leak Lawsuits as Cases Spread to States Beyond Gulf Coast

Bernie Sanders, Tweety Coming Up on Bill Press..

Chris Matthews: Checks the Phillies Box Score every morning in newspaper

How is BP, With Obama's Order, Going to Capture 'Up to 90%' of the Leaking Oil?

What will happen along the Gulf as the health problems from the oil intensify?

What I wanted from President Obama's "Gulf Disaster Speech"

Touchdown Jesus zapped by lightening, Gay Pride parade unscathed.

The Big Butter Jesus is DEAD !!!

I see Mexican people: Don't call it "racism" anymore, it's now called "a sixth sense"

11 dead men

The speech.. Hope meets Hype.. It's a tie

Gingrich's film on JP 2 is 'act of devotion'

Sharks heading inland/shore to avoid oil. Heard this morning on

Ohio church plans to REBUILD TD-J! Fire loss estimated at $700,000 by fire chief...

Top officer sees military caution as backfiring

Got A Few Minutes to Fill? Help Me with Clean/Green Energy Research

"Obama's Katrina"...

SHH for you complaining 'bout MSNBC

Thom Hartmann on Corporate Psychopathy.....from Dec. 2009

Increased shipping is a good economic sign

Maybe history can guide us. 1982 IXTOC I Oil Spill Economic Impact Study

Housing Starts in U.S. Decline More Than Estimated to 593,000 Annual Pace

Cow executed for seducing man for sex

Finally a Helen Thomas Cartoon

Allowing BP to remain in control of the CLEAN UP effort

Poltico inteview with Ed Schultz.... what do you think?

More trouble for Fannie and Freddie

Bomb Attack Kills 2 US Service Members in Northern Afghanistan (30 Dead This Month)


Supreme Court: Torture and Rendition Victim Maher Arar Cannot Sue

The "19 Kids and Counting " Duggars To Headline Values Voters Summit

Arizona immigration law could overwhelm state's court system

Mississippi the most unhealthy population per capita in the nation cuts $14 million from Medicaid

Did you ever hear of Ixtoc before the Deep horizon event?

7.4 quake off Irian Java, Indonesia

If BP put as much energy into the clean up as the cover up...

I saw a cross section of the deep horizon well showing

Who Will Oversee the Gulf Coast Relief/Cleanup Fund?

BP's Alaska Oilfield Plagued By Safety Issues

WHAT?? ? No more English muffins???

Matt Simmons Revises Leak Estimate To 120,000 BPD, Oil Covers 40% Of Gulf Beneath Surface

Congressional hearings this week re: BP

BP gets OK to burn off captured oil, gas at sea

"There is no U.S. Department of Deep Sea Drilling" - Dick Durbin just now on Senate floor. n/t

America leaves Iraq a toxic legacy of dumped hazardous materials

Senate/House Conference on Fin. Reg. Bill resumes at 11:00 on

Why do Democrats have to suck up to Repukes to get legislation passed

Way more than a "spill".. Spill is too "gentle" a toddler knocking over a sippy-cup

Freddie and Fannie ordered to delist from New York Stock Exchange

St. Louis pet waste removal worker finds $58 packed in dog poop, returns it to customer

BP Is a Corporate Criminal - by Jim Hightower

2011 - 2013 delivery dates on electronic components

In Washington-"Green" Still Mainly Means $$$---The Gulf and Our Oily Campaign-Finance System

Lawmaker tells BP chief to 'commit hara-kiri'

Who really owns your home mortgage note? You probably don't know. Find out here!

Random thoughts on football, politics, and leadership.

Is Obama's meeting with the Big Oil honchos going to be televised? Thanks. nt

New Mexico candidate suggests securing border with landmines

The Wall Street Casino is betting on a BP bankruptcy

I think Michael Shermer just explained Glen Becks' problem on TED...

I think Michael Shermer just explained Glen Becks' problem on TED...

The U.S. War Addiction: Funding Enemies to Maintain Trillion Dollar Racket

Si, Se Puede

FEMA , the Coast Guard, and Homeland Security

40 years later someone is suggesting we clean up the sites we contaminated with Agent Orange/Dioxin

Do you think BP/US/WhoEver will stop this leak by November?

More on global warming hoax

More on global warming hoax

Anyone out there want to trade credit card horror stories?

Seriously thank you Tea Party for folks like Rand Paul and Sharron Angle

Newt the Apostle: "If he’s prepared to publicly recognize God-maybe we should encourage him"

Senator Landrieu On Larry King Live

Scientists locate oil plume extending toward Dry Tortugas

This might be a stupid idea... but why don't we pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan ...

The Oil Drum: Today's Posts (Flow Rates, Piggy Principle, Renewables?)

Matthews/Olbermann getting bashed for their analysis on local

John Rawls, etc.

Transcript of Pres. Obama's speech:

What are we going to do AFTER the November election?

Robert Reich: A Missed Opportunity to Tell It Like It Is

Marriage, kids, adulthood. But why? By Mark Morford

Why Won't Obama Listen to Sarah Palin's Solution To Stop Oil Leak? They Should Have Built Dykes!

No one gives whale-shit about the environment anymore

Why don't we have a government agency to deal with environmental crisis situations?

Why don't we have a government agency to deal with environmental crisis situations?

As Mess Is Sent to Landfills, Officials Worry About Safety

NPR Poll Shows Tough Road Ahead For Democrats

Oil is ruining our environment & yet SUV sales up 32 % in May-RAISE THE GAS TAX!

Per haps they should nuke it.

Democrats Block GOP Effort To Roll Back Provisions Of Health Care Law


Creating the Next Crisis ( Simon Johnson)

Stupid on a Stick

Does anyone have a pool going to bet how long till

Financial Reform Committee Boosts FDIC Insurance From $100K to $250K

I wish the P had referred to 'wildlife' as 'wildlife' NOT as 'bounty' - biggest kill-off of wildlife

Rape and Spillage-By Robert Scheer-"This is the wakeup call to fight corporate arrogance"

Where did all of the anti-big gubmint teabagger republicans go?

Point-by-point Analysis of Obama's Address on the BP Disaster

Ed Schultz of MSNBC is praising Obama's Speech

If there's one thing that I've noticed about human nature...

Good on San Francisco (cell phone radiation)

".... so was Chernobyl" -- Contessa Brewer on MSNBC

Partial Owner Of Deepwater Horizon Declines To Testify-Receives 'Exec Of The Year' Award Instead

Don't you blaspheme in here.....DON'T YOU BLASPHEME IN HERE !!!!

Don't you blaspheme in here.....DON'T YOU BLASPHEME IN HERE !!!!

which is a bigger problem in Washington: partisan bickering or corrupt, business owned politicians?

I'm not crazy about how the M$M is calling the huge spill an "environmental

Hartmann is on fire today. 100% right - 0% wrong

Three Gulf Research Institutions to Receive First Round of $500 Million Funding

Rape and Spillage

Fuck Keith Olbermann! Fuck Helen Thomas!

I woulda watched the President on TV but the guberment stole my TV signal

Buddha sculpture proves to be a graffiti magnet

After making ‘American English’ the official language of Texas, GOP recruits Latinos in Spanish.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

Americans don't want change

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 5

Are we addicted to

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 6 (Bonus round)

The fast gums in the west. Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

"Pretty Please...with a Cheney on top"

"Pretty Please...with a Cheney on top"

So I'm visiting my parents this week for family birthdays. And my Father is watching

So I'm visiting my parents this week for family birthdays. And my Father is watching

C-span -- Financial Regs Hearings LIVE now on C-span 3 . . . 12pm Wednesday


Indonesian mud volcano possibly caused by drilling fills 50 Olympic sized swimming pools every day

Steve King (Racist-Iowa) tries to drag other republicans down with him

BP 'to fund $20bn spill payouts'

I need a good article on MMS and Cheney's relationship detailing

Olbermann, Kucinich, others get thrown under the bus for criticism of Obama...

Jumping the shark: "Obama failed to act like a chief executive tonight"

Mexico's deadly drug violence claims hundreds of lives in past 5 days

How's this for a battle plan, Mr President? A Modest Proposal

How's this for a battle plan, Mr President? A Modest Proposal

Gonzalo Lira: What do BP and the Banks Have In Common? The Era of Corporate Anarchy

MSNBC: BP puts $20B in an escrow account to be managed

About BP's $20 Billion dollar escrow account....

'The war between financial theocracy and democracy'

A view from above (Picture Heavy)

Grand jury indicts mortgage co. chief in TARP case

How much oil does it take to ship all of our goods from China?

Let's plan a Gulf Protest...

Clyburn: SC's E-Vote Computers May Have Been 'Hacked'

Military: Turkish Troops Cross Into Northern Iraq

"We will live up to all our LEGITIMATE responsibilities" -- BP Chairman,

Rachel's heavy sigh about the speech, when KO asked for her opinion, said it all.

The BP Speech: Obama Still Refuses to Lead

have any of you guys ever study voting patterns

Pentagon report in April never mentioned $1 trillion in Afghan wealth

Building your local economy on a few (or one) business model is a bad thing to do

Just a little perspective, if I may . . . . . .

For those of you angry at Maddow, Olberman, Matthews and others.

Man honored for donating kidney may lose job

Kenneth Feinberg, BP Compensation Fund

The Rude Pundit - Obama's Oil Spill Speech: Us and Them

BP's Options to Limit Liability From the Oil Spill

Has the Obama criticism risen to the level of Carping? If not what is that point?

Blind Dog Has Seeing Eye Dog

Put Up Or Shut Up: Dems Press Boehner To Get Serious About Making BP Pay

Lawrence O'Donnell gets his own show on MSNBC!

Jesus Christ, is Tony Hayward ex-KGB or something?

Dana Perino's credo: Never let facts get in the way of spinning unbelievable bullsh*t

More Dirty Details From My BP Mole -- HOOKERS! lost paychecks! DRUG TESTING FOR COMPLAINERS!

Do you think Obama will be re-elected?

BREAKING: BP Agrees To Deposit of $20 billion in Escrow Account

Call the Politburo, We’re in Trouble

Al Gore: The President's Oval Office Address and What's Next

Even the crazies don't want Steve King

Genetically Modified Alfalfa and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Blowout

I hope I did this right. This is not a political video, but one

Robert Reich: "....It's A Contest between Citizenship Interests and Shareholder Interests"

So What Does BP Agreeing to $20bil Escrow Tell Us About Prospects of Stopping The Oil Leak?

New York Dems Standing Strong For Wall Street

Presser now, gibbs, browner, allen. msnbc

"We care about the small people" ...

"BP-How The Hell Are We Suppose To Feed Our Kids Now?"

Remember when we had Obama's back? - by citizen k

OK MSM Obama locked in a 20 billion fund with no cap

Sharron Angle Floated '2nd Amendment Remedies' As 'Cure' For 'The Harry Reid Problems'

Did you know there's another 'emergency' supplemental in the works?

Closing BP's Escape Routes

Closing BP's Escape Routes

10 Reasons Why America's Social Safety Net Needs Fixing

Talking to upset people is hard to do.

Talking to upset people is hard to do.

i just unsubscribed

Cab driver locks tourist in cab to get 10% tip

I think there should be a drug test before paying taxes

5 Fort Lewis soldiers now charged with murder in Afghan deaths

The incessant loyalty to the President is disturbing

The president's job last night was to speak to 90% of americans who do not watch cable 24/7

Stand with Bernie Sanders and me. Click here to demand strong Wall Street reform.

'Touchdown Jesus' statue fire not a sign from God, Solid Rock Church leader says

Former House Dem leader Gephardt hired as lobbyist by firm battling SEIU

I have been critical of Mr. Obama's response to date, however...

I hope that it all works out with all my heart. I hope that President Obama gets

America’s addicts are graying

Biden needs to be put in charge

Obama's call on energy bill fails to sway Congress

LOL: Alternate "Saint Sarah" Cover on Newsweek

BP Should Not Drill the Relief Wells:

Has anyone else grown tired of the split screen?

WIKILEAK'S-Julian Assange: "We don't believe in "balance"--we believe in accuracy & fairness"

Barbour Is Concerned That Escrow Account Will Cut Into BP’s Profits: ‘It Bothers Me’

So, when are we going to get a Manhattan Project for renewable energy?

Senate voting on Reid Amendment NOW. (Extension of tax breaks & unmployment

Geithner: U.S. taking first steps toward tougher Iran sanctions

There's a reason why WE are let down

There's a reason why WE are let down

Third-Party NV-Sen Candidate: " I Had To Change My Phone Number After THREATS From Angle Supporters

WH explanation of BP claims process

Home building dives to five-month low

The U.S. War Addiction: Funding Enemies to Maintain Trillion Dollar Racket

Mobile residents smelling oil in the air

Why is Texas requiring Hepatitis A vaccinations for kids for school?

Meanwhile, over in Wingnutland: GOP find oil spill a slippery subject for usual crude messaging

Town Administrator allegedly took lurid photos, bugged offices

Rand Paul, Man of Jello

The new guy Obama appointed head the MMS helped prosecute Olie North and Iran Contra

Amy Bishop charged with murder for 1986 shooting of her brother

Geithner on CNN announcing new Iran sanctions! NOW. nt

an estimation method for the oil spill

US Includes Itself in Human Trafficking Report for First Time

The $20 billion BP escrow is to be paid ..... over next 3.5 YEARS.

POTUS Talk (Rant - feel free to ignore my frustration)

Where's my "Chill the fuck out, I got this!" & " I know whose ass to kick" President?

Why is Halliburton getting a free pass on this Oil Spill?

Why is Halliburton getting a free pass on this Oil Spill?

A little good news - Dutch oil skimmers now working in the gulf

Breaking down the President's Speech

Dean Baker: "most economists have lost the ability to understand basic economic concepts"

We need to drug test the bastards who have helped the corporations export American jobs.

HUD Report: Fewer Homeless People, More Homeless Families

Ohio Man(30 years old) killed by his dogs in horrifying attack (9 dogs)


"Neither a floor nor a cap"

Now that I've seen the President's speech on the spill I know....

Prostitutes for the oil spill workers---more from Mother Jones.

Obama told BP exec: It's all about Gulf residents- Does this count as emoting yet?

US expands sanctions against Iran

Kasich was destroyed by Joan Walsh on Tweety! He said she "smeared" him

Anyone else having trouble with Countdown website?

Chris Matthews: 'Rise Of The New Right' Special Will 'Scare The Heck Out' Of Liberals (VIDEOS)

Healthcare by Monthly Membership

Jeff Greene just said he doesn't remember who he voted for in 1980

WikiLeaks to release video of deadly US Afghan attack

Imagine if such a document had come within a few hours of the Cheney-Energy meeting-I dare you-Try!

***BP has tentatively agreed to put $20 billion in escrow acc't***

Kucinich: Afghan Mineral Discovery Demands a Thoughtful Way Forward

Best anti-BP art.

New York Dems Standing Strong For Wall Street

I saw a Congressman today

Matt Simmons Update - He resigned from Simmons & Co over their BP BUY recommendation

Tweety is on tv now, eating crow

Broken Promises, Broken Laws, Broken Lives

Sea creatures flee oil spill, gather near shore

I feel horrible and don't know what to do!

More Dirty Details From My BP Mole: Horrific - Chaotic - Insufficient-Except For The Hookers

what the Center for Biological Diversity said about the speech:

I think I'm watching too much MSNBC - Tweety's "documentary" about

From the WTF? Dept: Boyfriend, 14, hunted in stabbing of 13-year-old mother of his child

Glenn Beck's New Novel About Liberals Staging 9/11 Is a Lot Like a 2005 Novel About Conservatives

Bush/Cheney took big oil behind closed doors and gave them billions of dollars

Senate approves extension to qualify for homebuyer tax credit

Dems flirt with backing Crist

Meg Whitman's son was arrested for breaking a woman's ankle

Wow. The president's speech made me even more depressed.

Haley Barbour: $20 billion for Gulf oil spill victims might be bad

Obama's Oil Spill Speech: What Was The Point? - Jason Linkins/HuffPo

Obama's Oil Spill Speech: What Was The Point? - Jason Linkins/HuffPo

Neil Young’s Enviropocalyptic Comic

The MMS did not fail...

Drivel. I just heard a lot of it.

BP CEO Tony Hayward: "I am deeply sorry, my sadness has grown, sticks & stones can hurt your bones"

Looking for work? Unemployed need not apply

The Picture Of Inaccuracy: The Evolving Estimates Of BP's Oil Leak

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day one

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

A letter from Lucy 'Lulu' Buffett re gulf coast tourism. Please read.

OK, Enough Already

I don’t want to disappear without living the life I want to live…

Push for court diversity hits snag: Partisan rancor ties up action on Obama nominees

LOL- "Can you do Ringo? Everyone loves Ringo!"

Welcome to South Africa's version of a "sundown town"

Welcome to South Africa's version of a "sundown town"

NOAA Expands Fishing Closed Area in Gulf of Mexico

Pelosi's new office is House's costliest by far

A brief primer on benzene and air quality in the vicinity of deepwater horizon.

BP keeps cleanup workers getting sick from pollutants out of its records, claims only two

Minuteman Founder Being Chased By Bounty Hunter, Ex-Minuteman

BP brings in the mercenaries...

News Release by Jan Brewer (the cry baby)

Should Retired Justices Be Called Back to Supreme Court?

Celebrate the day after 9/11, win a free gun!

Orrin Hatch: Let’s Drug Test Unemployment Insurance Recipients

Orrin Hatch: Let’s Drug Test Unemployment Insurance Recipients

Could they really be burning turtles?

Porn star Devon James claims Tiger Woods is father of her 9-year-old child

I hope everyone has emailed this around - Riki Ott with Keith on BP spill effect coverup

Obama speaking NOW

This about sums up how the media reports on the Prez.

Iceland to exhume chess champion Bobby Fischer over paternity test claim

My God... There It Is... Out Of The Mouth Of Barry Goldwater, Of All People !!!

Fantastic News from BP British Petroleum!

More Bad News For The "Republicans Will Regain Control" Crowd

Turkish Troops Enter Northern Iraq

Rand Paul Not Really a Doctor Like in the Board-Certified Sense

Just keep whistlin'---fools!

Hey Mrs Brazil

Rush Limbaugh mocks Malia. You stay classy, Rethugs.

Kudos to President Obama

Yay! Wall Street ratings industry wins self-regulation!

SALON - "BP surrenders to Obama" (how's that for a headline?)

10 Gigawatts Solar Power Installed Suspected

Need some help refuting spam from an old friend. Can't let this pass, but want to remain friends.

"despite our best efforts, oil has already caused damage to our coastline and its wildlife"

With Federal Approval, States Cut Special Education Spending

Has the President declared the spill a national emergency? If not, what exactly is he waiting for?

Thomas Kinkade's Mugshot

Do you know what's worse than an evil corporation?

Keith Olbermann wins another Edward R. Murrow Award

Van Jones on Ed - This guy rocks

Losing a Legacy

BP et al. vs. Science

Unemployment bill dealt Senate defeat - AP

Well... That Was Dissappointing...

So far, I'm liking what I'm hearing from President Obama about the deal with BP

John Dean on with Hartmann: Prez is too nice, too naive

Rand Paul's ideas crash into reality

Obama's Speech: Not The Turning Point He Had In Mind - Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

Republicans just don't get it.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

Organizing for a new direction: UAW convention & US Social Forum in Detroit

Pictures of the oil spill from the Chinese media (Warning: Lots of Pics)

Maybe the Republican Party should be recognized as a terrorist organization

Medical schools don't produce enough primary care doctors, study says

What Katrina vanden Hueuvel said...

Neli’s story (of racism, ill-trained police, and a young man with Asperger’s)

Man arrested for kissing small kid's foreheads

Seeking advice for dealing with a depressed cat

BP starts burning oil siphoned from ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico

You know I was going to watch the Chris Matthews "special" hour

'Agent Orange has given me a death sentence'

Jon Stewart brings it.

Jon Stewart brings it.

Have the Feds Gone Soft on Porn?

Keith and Maddow's shows suffered in ratings last night

Keith and Maddow's shows suffered in ratings last night

My Daughter graduates from High School tomorrow. For a long time, I didn't think that was going to

Cliff Notes of Oil Spill Speech.

Obama declares war on Big Oil

Student MOONS and THROWS PUPPY at Hells' Angels!

"Ask not what your country and do for you, ask what you can do for your country".

How refreshing to have a President who actually works for a living.

BP to Suspend Dividend and Set Up Fund for Oil Spill Claims

So what did BP get in exchange for all of their cooperation today?

Cynthia Tucker: Obama squandered his Oval Office moment

Scientists: BP leak could be equivalent to Exxon Valdez spill EVERY FOUR DAYS

This Is What An Oil-Soaked Ocean Wave Looks Like

Two thoughts about America's oil consumption:

What action should Obama take?

Keith Olbermann tweets on last night's speech

Thatcher and Palin: The Iron Lady Meets the Pitbull in Lipstick

I want to know WHAT is going on at these Georgetown Cocktail parties in DC

FBI to Target Mortgage Fraud (Hundreds of Arrests!)

Ok Boys And Girls... Here's How It's Done:

Dallas police ban "dancing in the streets" party in Christian area.

Senate Wants Jindal Oil Spill Records Open

American Man in Limbo on No-Fly List

Shutting Out Parents:

I read the President's speech and thought it was pretty good. But


US Mail: I hate how they bury things I *need* to see in ads and junk mail

Please Contact your Senators and tell them to Support the Energy and Climate Change Bill!!!

99-ers are forgotten

Paris police ban pork street party in Muslim area

Dreams of Deregulation, a capitalistic wet dream...

Palin Humiliated by Bill-O "What Would YOU Do?" -- The Mudflats

Palin Humiliated by Bill-O "What Would YOU Do?" -- The Mudflats

Gulf Oil Spill: What Obama Is Overlooking - Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

Gulf Oil Spill: What Obama Is Overlooking - Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

Gulf Oil Spill: What Obama Is Overlooking - Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

Gulf Oil Spill: What Obama Is Overlooking - Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

Caravaggio's death solved at last – painting killed him

I think Blackwater's Prince fleeing the country should get maximum attention from the left bloggers

Wow Juan Cole LOVED The Speech: "Obama Launches Green Equivalent of Moon Mission"

Nearly all shrimping boats abandon Key West after crew pulls up oil-covered shrimp

Please stop comparing oil to a drug and its use to addiction.

Bachmann Blasts 'Redistribution Of Wealth' Escrow Fund, Says BP Shouldn't Be 'Chumps'

It's not about the money, Mr. President

Jon Stewart is tearing Obama a new one

Senator aims to force unemployed to take drug tests

Too Fat To Fly? Southwest Apologizes To Passenger

The press dislikes Obama's speech because it threatens the core interests of their corporate owners.

Afghan minerals could turn war's tide

Dirty Tricks in South Carolina - Interesting Connections

This reaction to the speech sums it up well:

Should ALL drugs be fullly legalized?


A light-hearted thread about misspelling pet peeves (add yours if you wish)

It amazes me how tone deaf some people are. The faith stuff @

Sounds like Dems may let 21% cuts to Medicare doctors go through at end of year.

"The Surge of Ideas" by Michael Flynn (posted 6-16-10 on Right Web)

Legal Schnauzer: Obama DOJ Is Stonewalling on Records Connected to Siegelman Case

I love this - watch the video

Church adopts a public school. Pastor says by befriending students they can now convert the parents.

The sexualization of girls and mental health problems

From this moment on, when I do Un Rec a thread, i will explain why

Yesterday a homeless veteran said:

Land of plenty: Families in homeless shelters increased 7% in '09

I still think we wouldn't have so many problems with oil if people didn't drive so much

I still think we wouldn't have so many problems with oil if people didn't drive so much

Gallup: Obama's approval rating among Liberal Democrats stands at 86%

The Sovereign State of BP - Down for the Count?

So I just put MSNBC on the same block I have Fox on.

"The Rise of the New Right"

Obama Was Created by Our Failure to Impeach Bush

Helen Thomas to DU--thank you for the support!!

You should all be scared shitless by now.

Are you willing to consider voting for candidates other than Obama in the 2012 Democratic primary?

For all you vuvuzela aficionados: There's an app for that..

Eating Crabs, Chesapeake Style, on MPT, NOW!

Thomas "Lush" Kinkade is on ShopNBC now

A message to all the swallow people

Ed Sullivan '60s music shows, PBS, now, EASTERN time zone

Please folks, it's just "chicken fercryinoutloud"

I went and did it, now I get 3 dvd's at a time from Netflix.

Lounge Lizard Picture Thread....

this has to be the funniest newspaper story comment ever

Hank Williams was a genius.

A message to all the swallow people

A message to all the Buffalo Wallow people...

Which one of you Dallas folks made Vince Young ragin' mad?

******Official Presidential Speech Post****

A message to all the callow people

The Big Butter Jesus is DEAD !!!

Betty White moonlights as World Cup referee to pay for boob job

Is old C& W better then modern country?

well, i got the woman i've been dating pregnant

A message to all the callow people

Just so you know - Blogslut is a #(*%#$* genius. I just want to share that with the lounge

There is too much gornography here.

A message to all the gallows people

Anybody watch 'Man vs Food' on the Travel Channel?

Who else thinks that Lamebait[™] is way over rated?

"Rose DeLauro Is A Fucking Hipster"

Bigfoot spotted in rural Cleveland County NC!!

I'm gonna get some Wizard of Oz flyin' monkeys and dispatch them on anyone who screws with me

I blame The Beatles for autotune


The fine art of the DU Double Post.

A massage to all the shallow people

Democratic's Underground World Cup wesbite


Ever get all entertained out?

A message to all the sallow people

A message to all the Rainbow people

This is what an NBA finals is susposed to be.

Gorn to be Wild

I need to chill out in here for a while

BREAKING NEWS: Shatner to direct film about... Shatner

fishing last month


Gorn in the USA

This Is Alot Of Nunsense

Mr Tinkles played last night

A message to all the "shello!" people

Ever get tired of being sanctimonious?

Is this good enough for Rachel Maddow's Twitter contest?

From the BP PR Dept.

'Persons Unknown' miniseries reminds me of 'the Prisoner'

Finally, A Game of Thrones teaser....!!!!



What could be more fun than Thomas Kinkade parody?

Not sure what to make of this PostSecret

The fine art of the DU Double Post.

Tori Spelling sends psychic Farrah messages from beyond to Ryan O'Neal, who does not respond

Vuvuzela ringtones for all!

COMIC SANS! Fuck Yeah!

What are you listening to? Me - "Slaughter on 10th Ave" by Mick Ronson

This is the funniest Johnny Carson clip I've seen in quite a while...

I don’t want to disappear without living the life I want to live…

A message to all the marshmallow people


My house got broken into two nights in a row

Mrs. Lib and I almost bought the farm yesterday.

are my dogs wierd

Will a woodpecker kill a tree?

Post your (up to 10) favorite music albums of the year so far


On Friday, it all becomes real. My footprint on the steep and rocky path.

Hitler is informed the cake is a lie

Your favorite cool cat?


At this time the score is nil nil,and the ball is out of play.

And I the only one who LIKES the vuvuzela?

tomorrow is my anniversary - 15 years. I don't know which of us is worse.

Summer vacation, let the ___________ begin!

Pushing 50 - too soon for a bucket list?

Anyone Here Have Any Calling Cards? (Could Use Some Advice)

I bought a semi today (pic)

Dog Water Dish: Plastic vs Stainless Steel?

LynneSin's review of the movie "Orphan"

Grandchild #8 arrived this morning. A boy, 8 lbs, 4oz.

I just cashed in my old life insurance my father took out on me when I was a baby.

Rabrrrrrr's Match Game Story: "Although everyone loved Lucy's melons __ kumquats."

Spain vs. Switzerland (spoilers inside)

Favorite color of the rainbow

I think the talking Frosted Mini Wheat square is an embezzler

Obama in training to personally plug oil gusher on July 4!

A message to all the châteaux people

Men of the lounge, could you dress everyday like men in the 70s?

What do you do when you are caught between a rock and a hard place?

Holy shit! Lots of little ants!

Do you have relatives posting in DU. If so, spill 'em!

Today I committed a random act of kindness....

Women of the Lounge, could you dress up everyday like women in the 30's and 40's,

Your favorite Deadly Sin?

Your favorite hot dog?

Motorcycle gang leaders arrested

Iowa Republican: Obama favors blacks over whites

Sperm whale faeces 'offset CO2 emissions'

Scientists: Oil leaking up to 2.52M gallons daily

Stimulus Bond Program Has Unforeseen Costs

Salinas man gets 30 months for fake maydays

Artists Refuse Silence on Zimbabwe Atrocities

Afghanistan's 'game-changer'

Worse sexual health for obese

Soros: European recession next year "almost inevitable"

The Mysterious Illness Hitting Gulf Workers Now Identified As 'TILT'

Ernst & Young faces inquiry over Lehman audit

Scientists: Oil leaking up to 2.52M gallons daily

Ecuador first to ratify new UN mechanism to enforce economic, social and cultural rights

AP-GfK Poll bolsters Democrats' hopes for retaining control of Congress

Afghan leader faces tough questions on Japan trip

(LA State)Lawmakers subpoena Transocean officials

Afghanistan seeks bids to tap huge mineral wealth

Guards join service delivery protests in Durban

Battle Rages Over Australia's Internet Filter

Russia to Buy Canadian, Aussie Dollars for First Time

Drug Abuse Admissions Up Among People Over 50

Two Chevron protesters arrested at oil spill hearing

Partial Owner Of Deepwater Horizon Declines To Testify-Receives 'Exec Of The Year' Award Instead

Housing starts and permits tumble in May

San Francisco to warn consumers about cell radiation levels

Former boss of US lender accused of $1.9bn fraud

(FL Attorney General) McCollum: Don’t sue BP while company says it will pay claims

NPR Poll Shows Tough Road Ahead For Democrats

Cuba Braces for Possible Oil Spill "Disaster"

Iran To Build 'Powerful' New Nuclear Reactor

US Reps ask Chile to keep missing prof case open

Prop. 8 backers target 18,000 same-sex marriages

Pakistani Militancy Spreads To Country's Heartland

House-Senate Talks Drop New Credit-Rating Rules

White House, BP agree on oil spill damage fund; company to pay $20 billion

French reforms substantial but insufficient

Unemployment bill dealt Senate defeat


Iraqi tribes end dispute over bride by using firearms

Calls for NDP MP to resign after Israel comments

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 16

Afghan minerals could turn war's tide

Civilian arrested at military base with possible explosives

Looking for work? Unemployed need not apply

Fading data could improve privacy

Man pleads guilty in Mass. black church arson

BP Swaps Rise to Record at 35% Odds of Default: Credit Markets

Senate approves home tax credit extension

BP documents highlight PR strategy after deadly Texas blast

Louisiana cleanup crews trampled pelican nests, official says

Dutch outraged as South Africa charges women over beer babe stunt

Obama told BP exec: It's all about Gulf residents- Does this count as emoting yet?

Turkish troops 'pursue Kurdish rebels into Iraq'

Nevada candidate Angle left GOP in Reagan years

Who else thinks Rabrrrrr is way overrated?

Deadly flash floods hit southern France

It's odd to finally have him looking at us (in the camera), since it's an Oval Office speech.

The Republicans "R" Oil

Prosecutors to Judge: Muzzle Rod Blagojevich

Count how many times Tweety and Fineman say "Cap and Trade" in the Post Speech Analysis

Sharron Angle needs time to prepare for media's questions, says senior Republican (Cornyn)

Campaign to save the Arabic language in Lebanon

(MI Gov.) Granholm calls on Congress to boost R&D funding for electric vehicles

NOW: Robert Gibbs on YouTube answering questions about bp disaster:

Oil Spill Forces Animals To Flee To Shallow Water Off Coast, Scientists Warn Of 'Mass Die-Off'

Law Requiring Listing Of Cell Phone Radiation Levels Passes (in San Francisco)

'Congress will act' if China doesn't reform trade policies, Rep. Levin says

Prop. 8 forces target 18,000 same-sex marriages

I'm heading to the bar now.

Sec of Press Gibbs answer your quesion

Obama Goes On CNN..SO..When Does He Go On MSNBC

Bah. Not enough on climate change legislation.

Unemployment Bill Dealt Senate Defeat

Iowa Family PAC to sit out governor’s race

I'm disappointed!

Sacramento City Council Votes To Approve Arizona Boycott

Rossi seminar: good time to buy $1 million waterfront house?

Gibbs: Obama’s ‘direction’ on energy reflects Kerry climate plan

Iowa congressman's fundraiser for Cory Gardner canceled after controversial remarks

this just in: we are losing the game!!

Yeah... Larry O'Donnell getting his own show at 10 PM on MSNBC

Flight attendant downplays role in helping land airliner

The President's call to action via OFA includes climate change

Opinion on tonights Address....

What a surprise... the people that usually bash Obama are bashing the speech

I Noticed One Big Disconnect Today Between Obama & BP......

Dozens of Pakistani troops 'captured by the Taliban'

Sierra Club: Response to President Obama's Oval Office Address

Sierra Club: Response to President Obama's Oval Office Address

Excerpted conversation at Grist on Obama speech

if you don't know how to fix every f***ing problem you might face...


(Sen.) Stabenow to Obama: Discuss Great Lakes oil drilling ban with Canada

Obama "Will Not Accept Inaction" On Climate Change (FULL TEXT of SPEECH)

Explosives Found in Vehicle at Georgia Army Base

Explosives Found in Vehicle at Georgia Army Base

(AP Video) Obama: "We Will Make BP Pay!"

Bob Poe dropping out of the governor's race (AK)

Meg Whitman writes $20 million check to campaign, bringing total to $91 million

Photos: "A Menacing Cloud of Black Crude" (The Obama Presidency, Day 512)

Statement by...Al Gore on President Obama's Oval Office Address on the Gulf Oil Disaster

Rep. Steve King is not apologizing

Even FOE found some merit in the President's speech

Dave Obey slows war funding

New Cause: Abolish the Damn House of Lords

No one has mentioned it, but Obama identified whose "ass" is to be kicked

Basically, We Needed FDR But Got Neville Chamberlain.

NRDC statement on the President's speech

Not rating the smoothness & quality of the speech, for it is always great, but, do you think

You know that Energy Bill the President Didn't Mention?

Barack Obama

Ambinder:WH"strategy here for getting climate change legis passed.It's called"getting to conference"

Review of the Speech on NYT's Dot Earth blog: Obama Seeking New Ideas on Energy and Climate

Top Texas GOP lawyer hired to represent the Green Party. Who's paying?

Palin has "you forgot Poland" moment, Blames Obama for not letting Dutch fix oil spill for us.

Petraeus Defends Withdrawal Plan for Afghanistan

Well, the LTTEs are pouring in on the Bob Etheridge story

How would you rate Obama's speech (06/15/2010)

LOL...Rachel is also disappointed in Obama's speech! Is she anti-Obama also?

8 House members investigated over fundraisers held near financial reform vote

Who is watching C-SPAN?! It's brilliant.

BP engineer's testimony contradicted by e-mail released by congressional investigators

Louisiana Rep. Joseph Cao tells BP exec Lamar McKay to commit ritual suicide

Republican (Darrell Issa) seeks to bar GM, Chrysler from hiring lobbyists

AP-GfK Poll bolsters congressional Democrats. More people trust Dems, want them to retain control.

There's distinctly a conflict as to who is/was in charge of the clean-up

Louisiana perspective

Carter had Iran. Reagan had Beirut. Clinton signed DOMA and DADT. Bush 1 said READ MY LIPS

Watchdog Group Files Complaints Over South Carolina Primary

President Obama's Oval Office address on the BP disaster

Man gets 9 years for killing childhood rapist

BP going Bankrupt...

Obama Says Spill a Call to Action to Cut ‘Addiction’ to Oil

S.C. lawmaker proud 'redneck'

Hundreds of tar balls wash up on small stretch of Okaloosa Island

'Fierce' Obama to meet BP execs, deliver public statement at 12:15 ET.

BP Can Run, But They Cannot Hide. We'll Smoke BP Out Of Their Caves. BP, Wanted Dead Or Alive.

Time for serious hardball -BP is a repeat offender and scofflaw when it comes to fines

Push for Court Diversity hits snag

21st century media would not have allowed a FDR

I refuse to listen to talking heads telling me what I should think about ..

Byron Dorgan was right about the repeal of Glass-Steagall. Could he be right about cap and trade?

Nothing But Net

We Can't Fix Everything

I expected better of Obama's speech tonight. His speech in Pensacola to the Military was Incredible

An assault on our shores: an editorial

OH BOY the democrats are going to stay home in November according to PPP

BP Agrees to Set Aside About $20 Billion for Spill Claims

What the hell is wrong with Robert Reich?

Wow, Rachel just said NONE of the Oil Company CEOs knew anything about the Ixtoc 1 oil spill

1/28/10 - "Obama gave lawmakers no specific guidance on how to move forward"

He told us that we were "fucking retarded"!

People still don't get it. The Media bullies Obama into things like tonight just to criticize him

President Obama 49% approval on Gallup

How lucky we are to have Tweety and Olbermann telling us what to think

Lousiana Editorial on MSNBC

Here is the Problem, President Obama has no one in his administration

Americans must end our addiction to oil and corporate Democrats

Done deal... Watch for a bump for handling well

We're losing the gulf war

UPDATE: FedEx Expects Senate To Alter Driver Labor Laws

CNN's Ed Henry gets grilled on lame-ass press corps

Obama Loses Msnbc

Malloy: I just finished listening to George Bush's address to the nation

In football they say the quarterback gets an unfair amount of the blame and the credit

Miss. Gov.: $20B escrow by BP might hurt, not help

I get a kick out of the folks around here who suggest that Obama won't be re-elected or renominated

Ed Schultz is NOT trashing Obama's speech

MSNBC First Read asks: what speech were you watching!?-Calls Obama address a hit

BP has history

So much for MSNBC being the liberal Fox News

What magic did we expect from Obama?

Heads Up: President Obama's statement at 2.30 p.m. EDT

House Senate FinReg Conference LIVE on

BP is the ONLY ONE who can stop this leak!!!

Perp walk! bp execs going into the WH, on m$nbc now.

The Congress vs Obama

Why I was not "hugely disappointed" with Obama's speech

Please list all progressive MSM pundits who have ever complained about Obama!!!!

It Always Comes Down to Speeches

Kerry, Lieberman on the President's address.

BP cancels Dividend For First Three Quarters of This Year

MSNBC Bashes Obama, While Matthews Plays Footsie with Oil Lobbyists

Latin American teachers demand to reinstate democratic rule in Honduras

Poll: Enthusiasm dips for Democratic voters

Breaking BP Suspends Dividends for rest of year. Will re-evaluate later

DiLorenzo drops exploratory bid to run for Oregon governor

Obama Bashing (warning, rage)

Democrats flirt with backing Charlie Crist

Sharron Angle Left Far-Right Third Party For Electoral Expedience, Members Say

"It's an open season on Obama"

Barack Obama Campaign Promise: Invest in all types of alternative energy

So Who Else Could The Democrats Put Up In 2012..

BP comment about 'small people' causes anger

GREAT NEWS: C-SPAN Viewer Reaction to the Presidential Address linked below.

“Reitinger Testifies on Cyber Bill” S.3480 Sponsors: Liberman, Collins, Carper

MoveOn endorses Marshall

Ezra Klein: What could Obama have said last night?

I have to give Obama huge credit for not being a whining crybaby,

Today DU seems a little less angry at Obama

Obama's Oval TV Rating

Americans Want Democrats, Not Republicans To Control Next Congress: Poll


Lawyer: Children benefit from gay marriage ban

If executives were actually arrested for the crimes their companies commit, you'd see change pronto

Obama Ladies had a good time

And the White, Independent, Male Ohioans say......

The White House has released a statement:

Joe Klein: The Obama Speech

Feinstein Slams House Democrats For NRA Deal

DAY 60 Cheney

BP surrenders to Obama-Conservatives call the president a bully

Now that everyone has had a chance to calm down over the speech.....

David Obey holds up war funding until domestic priorities are addressed

Carville: Obama's getting it right

The money quote the MSM is ignoring from tonight's speech by Obama

I could write the reactions here hours before he opened his mouth

Obama To Nominate Marine Commandant Who Is Reportedly More Willing To Repeal DADT

Can you imaging George W. meeting with Tony Hayward about the spill....

Ezra Klein: Unemployment may be at 9.7%, but the Senate is moving on

So we got another speech. Will anything be different tomorrow?

So we got another speech. Will anything be different tomorrow?

The President "Flunked " last night only because punditry set the expectation incorrectly.

"The weird relationship between the DC press and the Bush administration"

FACT SHEET: Claims and Escrow

Stand Up for Strong Wall Street Reform!

Stand Up for Strong Wall Street Reform!

Tweety is killing me.

White House: We're Not Going to Waste This Opportunity by Throwing Bones to the Pundits

White House: We're Not Going to Waste This Opportunity by Throwing Bones to the Pundits

Obama Justice Dept, which let AIG off, to crucify 22 yr old whistleblower Bradley Manning

Democrats flirt with backing Charlie Crist

Grade Obama's BP spill speech

Obama administration announces $250 million funding allocation for healthcare work force

Were There Overnight Snap Polls On The Speech That Totally Contradicted The Pundits Slamming???

The White House-FACT SHEET: Claims and Escrow

Obama must be wondering what the fuck is next.

I really hope Obama doesn't attend anymore WH Correspondents events

I will stand with the President for a Clean-Energy Future, because I can!

BREAKING-BP agrees to put $20 billion in escrow for claims

Why has the media so Politicized this Disaster, but didn't opt to Politicize 9/11?

A picture in a thousand..

Ed Shultz is killing me too....:He's totally having an OBAMA-GASM. Geez

Why Obamas Words Are Empty

Credit where credit is do. The President seems to have dealt with the money

"Gibbs Chides Olbermann, Cable Pundits For Being Out Of Touch" (HuffPost)

"Pundits Steal the Speech"

Republican Asshole Eric Cantor says he agrees with Olbermann on "Lack of Leadership"!

"I'd swear she's getting dumber."

Joe Conason: Obama and the long game of American politics

The President gets an A+ (updated)

I think Obama aimed his speech toward...

It's meaningful to me, that the President made his remarks

Without the 20 billion dollar account...

Olbermann just tweeted the following

Sea creatures flee oil spill, gather near shore

Why I've given up on MSNBC...

Tweety on MSNBC sounding a bit different than last night

MSM has jumped the shark when the fact that the pundits trashed a speech

Gibbs: Obama’s ‘direction’ on energy reflects Kerry plan

Whatever this president says or does, it does not matter

Now Big Ed's kissing Obama's ass, too

Under What Law Can BP Execs Be Arrested?

"My dad started crying"

(((PEAK (fucking) OIL! )))

So.....about that Tweety "Tea Party" Special on MSNBC.....

So.....about that Tweety "Tea Party" Special on MSNBC.....

BP Should Not Receive Any Federal Fines or Penalty...

Sum of Tweety's show...

Barack Obama appreciation thread

Keith Olbermann Appreciation Thread...

To gop senators' dismay, Petraeus affirmed that “July 2011 is etched in stone.”

Obama has had it easy

Official: US lacks moral authority to judge Cuba

My reponse to the President's speech: CALL YOUR SENATORS!!!

Argentine Nobel winner Perez Esquivel finally testifies against his alleged torturers

BP Flash Mob Hangs with the 'Hawks

107 seconds of BP suck

TYT: 50 Year Old Construction Worker Hunts Bin Laden w/ Sword, Pistol & Night Goggles

Jesus Destroyed By God Old Fart Rants

Thom Hartmann asks GOP Girl Radio host Heather Bachman - has the GOP no Humanity left?

Fox News Interrupts President Obama's Oval Office Address!!

What Senate GOP Say and Do on Clean Energy Go Together Like Oil and Water

Mike Malloy - Rand Paul Is A Right Wing Teabagger Racist Freak Liar

Tea Party pick, former CIA officer, gets approval from Republicans

Palin responds to President Obama's oval office speech

Ron Paul Crowd Send Condolences to Sue Lowden

Riz Khan - The 'Youtube Wars'

Thom Hartmann - Judge Vic Rawl on the potential voter fraud of Alvin Green

Texas approves immigration checks

President Obama Speaks to Military Personnel in Pensacola, FL

Offshore Drilling Moratorium's Impact on Jobs

Seattle Cop Punches Girl in Face - Jaywalking Stop 6-15-10

Gingrich ok's Obama's oil spill religion. Is he not merciful?

Federal Reserve Cop Says You Can't Film Federal Buildings!

Weiner: BP Lacks Credibility, Shouldn't be in Charge

Rachel Maddow calls BS on Afghanistan minerals story

Rachel Maddow busts Boner on his obvious lie, trying to stiff taxpayers for crony capitalism

Simmons Says Nuclear Device Only Option to Stop Oil Leak: Video

17 yr old Girl Punched in Face by Seattle Cop

President Obama Lays Out Gulf Coast Strategy in White House Oval Office Speech

Rep. Rob Andrews Against Republican Motion to Recommit to Repeal Affordable Care Act Provision

BP Blocking Media Access to workers - WDSU TV (Private Security blocks News Anchor)

BP Blocks Media Access with Private Contractors

Rachel Maddow on Sharron Angle

Woman Shoots Herself To Get Health Care!

Trust Me

How Dummies Report the Gulf Oil Crisis

Bachmann: It's probably what will happen but I'll give the President the benefit of the doubt

Somewhere Over the Gulf Coast (when Glee meets the oil spill - beautiful, sad video)

Former Governor who quit after only half a term armchair quarterbacks Obama speech

Olbermann, Matthews and Fineman React Badly To Obama Speech

TYT: Muslim Radicals Killing World Cup Fans

TYT: Barney Frank fighting Al Franken's brilliant financial reform amendment


The real victimization of sex-trade workers (LTTE Winnipeg Free Press)

Afghanistan's newfound mineral wealth could fuel further conflict

Transocean rejects Anadarko claim of force majeure

Obama's Disappointing Spill Speech

Robert Scheer: Rape and Spillage

Documents, Employees Reveal BP's Alaska Oilfield Plagued By Major Safety Issues

Sirota: "Putting the 'I' in Environment

Obama's Conservative Call to War Against Oil

Utter Failure; It's Time to Rethink the Prison System

The Very Angry Tea Party

The Gulf and Our Oily Campaign-Finance System

Iran sanctions cripple the UN

Sierra Club Chooses Corporate Sponsorship Over Grassroots Activists

Peru’s Alan García: Low-Balling Human Rights

Slate: Will the New Climate Bill Damage U.S. Energy Security?

Rep. Obey Stops War Funding Until Jobs Funding Passes

Social Security Protects Our Children

Senate fails unemployed, states

Jon Stewart on Obama's executive power record

Ten Things That Terrify Right-Wingers

Battle Rages Over Australia's Internet Filter

Stimulus Bond Program Has Unforeseen Costs (Wall Street at it AGAIN!)

Guardian UK: The only way to clean up the oil industry is to put it under public control

Jim Hightower on BP: A Corporate Criminal

Official Transcript of President Obama's Address to the Nation on the BP Oil Spill

Day 57: Updated Figures Show Oil from Spill Could Have Powered 68,000 Cars for Year

The Oil Drum: Why the Flow Rates are Increasing (BOP metal wearing from sand) and Open Thread

Emissions Free Lawn Care

Carbon capture guidelines in works

WWF urges suspension of Arctic oil drilling

Drumbeat: June 16, 2010

The Oil Drum: Today's Posts (Flow Rates, Piggy Principle, Renewables?)

Judge doubts wolf split, questions whether law allows Idaho, Montana hunts without Wyoming.

Floods in France leave 15 dead, 12 missing

Breaking: BP Agrees to Set Up $20 Billion Compensation Fund

Rare Earth Minerals' Scarcity Worrisome for Growing Tech Sector

President Obama discussing renewable energy at the Oval Office right now is so awesome.

Towards nanowire solar cells with a 65-percent efficiency

Climate Bill Sponsors Bow to Big Oil

Perspective: US Needs to Transition to Hydrous Ethanol as the Primary Renewable Transportation Fuel

A modest proposal for an aggressive clean energy plan

Super-Yeast Generates Ethanol from Energy Crops and Agricultural Residues

Disaster in the Gulf: Dead Zones

Beauty and Bounty... Is this the limit of our understanding?

A return to the land, and fresh food, in the backyards of the Delta

PBS Nightly Business Report gives wrong impression that Off-shore oil is a big part of our supply

Tom Izzo staying at Michigan State.


The New Big 12 By-Laws


South Africa-Uruguay

Geography lesson: Charlottsville/UVA is NOT the DC area. It's nearly 3 hours away.

Fat Albert Wants a Trade.

Orioles stifle the Frisco Ginats 4-1.

Royals tabbed to host '12 All-Star Game

Utah joining Pac 10

NFL, union officials meet, discuss longer season (more revenue)

Plans for A's stadium in San Jose moving forward

Official: US lacks moral authority to judge Cuba

Bolivian Coca Colla Is The Real Thing -- Coca Leaf Included

Argentine Nobel winner Perez Esquivel finally testifies against his alleged torturers

Ghosts of the Pinochet regime haunt Chile's conservative president

Colombia's Human Rights Abusers Must Not Be Protected From Justice

US Reps ask Chile to keep missing prof case open

Peru’s Alan García: Low-Balling Human Rights

Latin American teachers demand to reinstate democratic rule in Honduras

Watching "Out and Proud in Chicago".

Withers: Conservative MN pol takes a gay porn star to dinner

Tracy Moore is a hero. If he'd had a gun, he might be a living hero.

Update: Microstamping fails in NY senate ...

Today in Labor History June 15 Police in LA attack some 500 janitors, Morris Udall was born

Job openings

Today in Labor History June 16 Inacom fires 5,000 & FDR signed the National Industrial Recovery Act

12,000 Nurses to vote on open-ended strike

Lawyers Get Less Under New Settlement Proposal For 9/11 Responders

Online organizer position with CNA/NNU Website Developer

Greed Behind BP, Mine Disasters

Building Trade Unions Call On UBC To End Raiding

Well been going down the hole into the guts

West Texas

Austin Biker Rally weekend 2010

Comparison of "compact Super Zoom Camera" group test.

Light-bending cells cause butterfly wing color

US experiment hints at 'multiple Higgs bosons.

Strange Hole-Punch Clouds Explained

BP’s ‘Nightmare’ Well: Internal Documents Uncover Negligence

Dino find shows new type of skin texture

GOES-15 Solar X-Ray Imager Makes a Miraculous First Light

Hubble scrutinises site of mysterious flash and missing cloud belt on Jupiter

An avalanche of alien planets

Suddenly, the Israel lobby discovers a genocide

Tension in S.F. over anti-Israel resolution

The 'God particle' may exist in five forms

ExoMars: ESA's search for life on Mars!

Orign of Life: Adding UV Light Helps Form 'Missing G' of RNA Building Blocks

43 days looking, 700 planets found

Male voices reveal owner's strength

Police fear mass Haredi protests over segregated West Bank school

Israel and the U.S. ruling on war crimes

IDF to charge soldier with killing two Palestinian women during Gaza war

Calls for NDP MP to resign after Israel comments

What's wrong with the sun?

Stone tablets

Dr. Emoto's Water Healing Prayer for the Gulf

Many people think that people who are churchgoers and profess to be religious

Anthropologist Lionel Tiger on how churches act as ‘serotonin factories’

PZ Myers: 'Here's the logic behind the scientific rejection of religion...'

The Temptation of Faith Fibbing for Jesus

Nutrients may be why some smokers avoid cancer

Worse sexual health for obese

Commercial health insurers inaccurately process 20% of medical claims, AMA says

Dropout? Need a job? Maybe one day you could live in Arizona...

Throwing away 31 million people...

Fed rules to cap late fees on credit cards, ban inactivity fees

Are there any CDs that pay decent interest rates?

What do BP and the Banks Have In Common? The Era of Corporate Anarchy