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When wingnuts Collide!!!

The Dutch they are known in the Norwegian...

When the BP investigation is done and Americans are angry how do we

Callen v. Blackwell (WTF?)

Remember. Republicans opposed lifting BP's 70 Million dollar cap.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll....only....without the Rock and Roll

Study suggests the war on drugs might really be a war on sex

Blockades, Bombs, and the Supernatural: An Evangelical Christian’s Solution to Iran’s Nuclear Progra

David Cameron promises to allow churches to hold civil partnerships

Van Der Sloot Attorney Quits: 'This Isn't For Me'

Influencing the course of history, religion and art

Ancient Oceans “Salt remnants of ancient oceans flow through our veins . . .”

Ancient Oceans “Salt remnants of ancient oceans flow through our veins . . .”

Democrat:Lawmakers going to take Hayward's 'hide off' (Stupak)

Its not a game Mr. Reich!!! We have an honest president who came to talk to the American people

Lol - I am such a beatch!

Republicans Barbour, Bachmann Explain Principles for Holding BP Accountable - FDL

BP Bloody Piss-poor - British pensioners will pick up the bill for fund being set up..

What image would cause more damage to an Obama term?

I know how Obama got the concessions from BP.

Feds seize 7,200 pounds of pot in Arizona

Does the GOP have Rand Paul under house arrest or something?

BP boss 'sorry' about 'small people’ remark - 'clumsily' used term

CAPITAL CULTURE: Slaves who built Capitol honored

NYT: Hummus Catches On in America (as Long as It’s Flavored)

The $20B fund is to pay for damage claims filed by individuals, correct?

So, Bachmann is now the congresswoman from BP?

Court: Planned NM Uranium Mine Not on Navajo Land

Islamic Sharia Law to Be Banned in, ah, Oklahoma

Rep. Steve King: "Profiling has always been an important component of legitimate law enforcement"

no call for green alternative energy is real unless it also calls for...

Democratic group seeks approval for unlimited donations

Mexico to hire PR firms to scrub drug war image

Another Fed Official Supports Plan Forcing Banks To Spin Off Derivatives Units;

Cleanup workers are still getting screwed. And that was before the hookers arrived.

Can someone please provide a link that either affirms or disputes...

GOD, you have until the end of the week to stop the Oil Spill......

Despite spill, most Americans back offshore drilling

BREAKING: Prop 8 campaign now trying to revoke 18,000 same-sex marriages

Fremont, Nebraska to vote Monday on a "show me your papers" law

Drill THERE Drill NOW

Why were those BP creeps allowed to speak in front of

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Durbin fights to keep card provision from being swiped out of Wall Street bill

Breast Milk Banks

How many here know that an "Energy and Climate Change" bill now languishes in Congress?

Meg Whitman's son was arrested for breaking a woman's ankle

For crying out loud, part deux

Heywood Banks just updated Big Butter Jesus LMFAO

Whites-only legal notice has Massachusetts residents furious

Rural Life is not for me - tonight I realized why I love living in the city

If any of ya'll missed Gov. Jan Brewer on Greta Van Susteren's "Super-Duper Scientology Hour" on Fox

That felt surprisingly good.

So if BP thinks we are small people, maybe they would listen to Willy Wonka?

Clearly I should not post when I have been up for more than 24 hrs. n't

Fox Business Network's New Libertarian Show, "Freedom Watch" - More and More Extreme!

DeMint Uses Christian Reconstructionist Mailing List To Raise Money For Angle

To the people who do not like my posts.

H mmm... Keith has toned it down tonight....

Was Father Coughlin from the right? Or was he on the Left and then Moved even more to the Left?

What Happened?

More Than 90 Banks Miss TARP Payments

Animals in Peril (Graphic)

gay scientists isolate christian gene

Do you think, in spite of the stately picture today, that Obama pulled...

Is there any possible way that Obama could perhaps become a better leader?

Is there any possible way that Obama could perhaps become a better leader?

German court says gay man's foreign marriage must be recognised as a partnership

With Criminal Charges for Oil Spill, Costs to BP Could Soar

My new signature.

Centuries later, slaves are honored for erecting the Capitol Building

Democratic Voice of Burma to Sen. Jim Webb: "Stop this ‘better than nothing’ talk"

High-Speed Internet Rules Might Prove Costly

Coleen Rowley: WikiLeak Case Echoes Pentagon Papers

Tea Party Express backs Miller over Murkowski.

OPED in today's Cape Cod Times

How will the US be different in 2030? What will be different than now?

In 1984 Union Carbide killed 15,000 people in India and then its American Chief fled to US

Plan for Agent Orange cleanup released

2002 karachi bombing investigation links sarkozy to corruption

Satellite image from NOAA as of 6/14. Huge image +smaller

Navy Times: Petraeus reaffirms 2011 OEF pullout conditional

Navy Times: Petraeus reaffirms 2011 OEF pullout conditional

Key senator (Racist-AL) blasts Kagan’s record at Harvard Law

Gov. Charlie Crist checks a Florida beach for signs of oil

DU this "anchor baby" poll

DU this "anchor baby" poll

Ozarks Afro-American Heritage Museum May Close

Ozarks Afro-American Heritage Museum May Close

Katrina Van Heuvel is on Joe Scum discussing

The Forever War: U.S. military officials play down year-end Afghan review

What reason has the gov't given for not accepting help from other countries?

Satirical BP Oil Spill Greeting Cards to Raise Money for Cleanup Efforts

10 nutbags we should all know


NY Times Editorial - "BP Begins to Ante Up"

NY Times Editorial - "BP Begins to Ante Up"

Dreadful anti-equality activist Maggie Gallagher has conceded the prop 8 trial

Limbaugh’s solution to childhood hunger: Kids should ‘dumpster dive’ (Audio too)

U.S. prices could rise with Chinese workers' salaries


Israel cabinet votes to ease Gaza Strip blockade

Defense Tech: Pass Supplemental Spending Bill Or We Start Doing Stupid Things: Gates

The Hill: Centrist GOP senators not in rush to support challenger to Reid

The Hill: Centrist GOP senators not in rush to support challenger to Reid

Spill disaster a wake-up call to the end of oil

Date rape drink coasters will be distributed in Aspen

Is the Gulf of Mexico worth 20 billion dollars?

NYT: In Illinois Race, a Teaching Career Is Questioned (Kirk, again)

Experts: U.S. has no long-term political strategy for Afghanistan

Idaho ‘Attorney for the Damned’ Arrested in Plot to Murder Wife

Pennywise, pound foolish BP. We will all pay for their miserliness. (See story)

Pennywise, pound foolish BP. We will all pay for their miserliness. (See story)

Harkin To Keep Up Fight For EFCA (should not have to 'crawl across broken glass' to join a union)

How Do We Get Oil? Its a complex process

Björk's home country RAWKS !!!!

Small People

Is it possible everything will be alright?

How long will HuffPo keep their "bodypainted soccer-playing porn stars" article on the front page?

Dispersants May Be To Blame For Thousands of Dead Fish In 2 Florida Shore Locations

BP Shares Surge After $20B Oil Spill Fund Deal

I hope Obama listens to Rachel Maddow's rewrite of his Oval Office address,

PROFITS and GREED saving the Environment?

"Small People"

Australia: Greens threaten two-party system

As The World Burns.........

John Kasich, Lehman Brothers populist!

NASA Prepares for Potentially Damaging 2011 Meteor Shower

For those interested in Made in U.S.A.

So how much is the CEO of BP going to personally sacrifice or suffer?

VA still needs specialized clinics for Gulf War Veterans exposed to chemical warfare

Heads UP. Tony Hayward to testify before Waxman this morning 10 am..

Why worry about the sun when this can happen?

Internet service company to show 'Cove' in Japan

Rachel Maddow for President... wow.

Reaction to Obama's Oval Office Address... From A Member of The Intended Audience

Just a poll wondering what everyone thinks

FBI Accused of Using No-Fly List to Keep Some Muslim Americans Abroad

Has there EVER been a nuclear weapon detonated a mile underwater?

Tony Hayward appearing

One-man mission to catch Bin Laden goes up in smoke (he does sort of look like Tommy Chong!)

Some republican just accused obama of a 'shakedown' of BP

End the Drug War

GOP spent 8 years deriding Europe with 'Old Europe' and 'Freedom Fries'

“This is what I Learned at a Virginia Crisis Pregnancy Center”

Dupe de do.

The Oil Drum: Newest on Oil Collection, POTUS Speech, Resource Depletion, etc.

Mr. Fish: Great News On Afghanistan!!!

Police: Arizona mom says she no longer wants her kids (punches one in front of the cops)

Is Bart Stupak a dummmy or does he simply sound like a dummy?

New claims for jobless benefits rise sharply

Americans HATE BP, and now Republicans are Defending them...I love it.

Is there a better word the media could use for repugs than 'conservative?'

Asking? Asking? WTF!

Who is this mutherfucking republican talking to Tony Hayward????

Hayward looks like a surly 16 year old. Sulky, rolling his eyes,

RCMP officer saves baby porcupine from highway

The Media and Mark Kirk

The Media and Mark Kirk

The Media and Mark Kirk

The Media and Mark Kirk

The Media and Mark Kirk

The Media and Mark Kirk

Has Obama ever played Risk? Even Once?

We Have A Black President, But That Doesn't Resolve The Deep Racism Built Into The American Psyche

Proof that BP is doing a good job!!

I lost a friend because of the oil catastrophe...

Barton (R-Idiot Texan) just called the escrow fund a "shakedown" and apologized to Hayward

Cheney hasn't had anything to say lately. Anyone else notice this?

This is one hard core protester at BP hearing!

Arlington National Cemetery headstones found lining stream bed

Rethugs know it is just a matter of time before Halliburton is brought into the WH for a little talk

Kidneys transplanted between HIV patients

2010 Top Lobbyists - The Hill

So if the GOP doesn't want BP to pay for the Gulf who do they want to pay for it?

I just realized....

Nigeria - Far From Gulf, a Spill Scourge 5 Decades Old - Nigerians Astonished At Gulf Attention

Yesterday , the Republican 'study committee' called escrow account 'Chicago-style shakedown'

a quick fyi - c-span3 is about to replay Barton's comments

Fuck you, British Petroleum

My nomination for quote of the day: Is Sarah Palin a feminist?

Wave breaking on Orange Beach, Alabama

Photo: Oily Wave

Why isn't there pressure for the "other" oil companies to pay for their out of work employees?

The Mother of Invention is . . . ?

Boehner invested up to $50K in BP stock

CNN poll: How would you rate President Obama's handling of the gulf oil spill disaster>

75 percent of board overseeing major study into effects of oil spill have ties to BP

MEG Whitman, The BULLING SNOB, Demands The Governorship

Madame Fake President Rachel Maddow

Madame Fake President Rachel Maddow

Have anything to add to the Joe Barton - BP Pity Party?

"Joe Barton, in my view, made a very brave statement"

Turn in to Rachel if you don't have it on, right now

Wink Hartman, Repub from Wichita, KS Running For Cong. Lives in Florida

"Insider influence" accurate descriptor.

"Insider influence" accurate descriptor.

Shocker! President Rudy Gu911ni disapproves of Obama's handling of BP disaster

BP Hearing thread ...

Who in government has any equipment for or expertise in drilling oil wells?

S. African killed by wife, kids in TV spat. He wanted to watch soccer, they, a religious show.

Taxed for going to Jail

Obama kicked their ass, alright. Photo:

The GOP Word of the Day is: Shakedown

Our Dumb Country

Our Dumb Country

When They Lie by Alan Grayson

When They Lie by Alan Grayson

Louisiana, Red to Blue?

Afghan War Becoming a Bloody Farce

So - do repubs just say a lot of stupid shit (drawing straws? taking turns?) - then see what flies

Wow Keith, Seriously?

"Does the candidate get paid?"

TNR: Liberal Despair and the Cult of the Presidency

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Increased 12,000 Last Week to 472,000

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Increased 12,000 Last Week to 472,000

Texas Textbooks: What happened, what it means, and what we can do about it

FYI for Jacksonville folks -- St. Johns river is not feeling well (beware of contact)

Shakedown? SOMEBODY has got to pay for it!

Adding Animal Cruelty to the List of Charges BP Should Face

BP is ponying up $20 billion for Gulf oil damages. And Republicans don't like it one bit

Quick LIST Of Republicans Supporting BP While Calling Obama's ESCROW ACCOUNT American Betrayal

Why shun the conservatives when you can troll them?

"Shakedown" . . . . . "Slush Fund" . . . . .

an aside: Vuvu-mania spreads around the world

Oliver North, Hayward and MMS

Democrats home in on offshore worker safety

Feingold links foe to Angle, Paul

$1.4 MILLION *donated* by the oil industry to Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX)

Everyone needs to stop whining about BP...

Well.....Warning: TCFW (too cute for work)

Rep. Barton (R-oil) To Star in Democratic Ads -- Mother Jones, David Corn (amusing ad copy)

Chris Matthews: 'Rise Of The New Right' Special Will 'Scare The Heck Out' Of Liberals

Tony Hayward hearing on break for 30 minutes.

Their name is Legion. Please come CAPTION Thud Limpblah and Head Wreck!!!

I dont Think its Necessary for DUers to have to Explain why they Support the President.

Choose one

MAP: where oil has hit beaches (FL, AL, MS) -- also shows oil slick trajectory

Where's Dick Cheney on the BP oil spill?

Innovations That Rocked the World

My landline phone and my daily mail serve mostly as conduits for marketing to me

Gulf of Mexico oil spill response by Adm. Thad Allen is inadequate, Plaquemines president says

100,000 protesters accompany parents on way to jail over segregated school

Is there a picture of Obama and Hayward together?

Is there a picture of Obama and Hayward together?

Dick Armey Tells Tea Party Canidates To Drop Tea Party Label

Drones Vs. Drones

A week later, and Greene's Senate nomination is still a mystery for S.C.

GOP opposition to the BP $20B fund is the best thing we could ask for in 2010.

Governments regulate capital requirements for insurance companies

The US government, media, and business is moving rightward....

"SC Dems hearing protest over US Senate primary"

Grill Baby Grill .....

The Liability Cap Caused the Gulf Spill

Family values: Man killed for watching soccer instead of Gospel Program (The Onion NOT)

Fiore Flashtoon "Back in Black"- Knuckles the torturer is back!

A note to CEO's from us little people

Incredible new technology!

Teabagger Morans - I need to feel better about myself

self-delete (nt)

Mr. Hayward - Do You Know Anything About Your Company?.....

The great tree wall

To the Republican Congressmen groveling to BP...

just crazy: "Fair Game" egyptian actor under inquiry after embracing israeli actress in Cannes

So CNN interviewed a salty old guy in Louisiana who was saying that Obama has

Resources for those who think this administration acted too slowly on Gulf Disaster.

BP-Hired Mercenaries Keep Reporters From Interviewing Workers

It's all about bonuses...

Joe Barton knows a little bit about shakedowns.

Anyone have more info on Lawrence O'Donnell's new show?

Local teevee newscast (ABC linked) showed Joe Barton's "shakedown" statement.

S.C. Dems push to get independent on Senate ballot

Progressives help the Right continue to divide by mimmicking the "Lack of response" meme

Has anyone asked lil Bobby Jindal if he thinks it's

Oil Disaster in the Gulf Coast 'I Have to Keep My Good Spirits'

No. Don't laugh. In an open letter to shareholders, mining giant, Rio Tinto's chairman,


Great picture from the BP hearing...

Barton well-funded by Big Oil, including BP

I Would Like To Be A Fly On The Wall To Hear What This Slimy Hayward.....

So when can we expect Joe Barton to do the old "walking it back" routine?

BP oil spill Corexit dispersants suspected in widespread crop damage

who else should the GOP apologize to?

Philadelphia Fed Numbers Show Ugly Economic Trends

I want to thank everyone here on DU who have been supporting my lung transplant

I want to thank everyone here on DU who have been supporting my lung transplant

Tony Hayward hearing resumed. Thread 2 here:

Scientists have limited options in Gulf due to GOP policies

Earth Times: Dead sperm whale found in Gulf of Mexico

HEADLINE: Cleanup workers describe conditions as "beyond bad"

I just love that CNN thinks we need Candy Crowley to reconstrue the reconstructions every 5 minutes.

White House Deconstrues Barton's Bowing and Scraping Before BP

"No evidence of reckless behavior" Hayward

FCC could boost power over broadband firms

Rachel Maddow WILL Become President

That oil-drenched albatross hanging 'round the neck of every GOPer running for office is

"Well Mr. Chairman, he did answer that today is Thursday."

We were discussing this in my graduate program recently:

MarketWatch: If you think things are bad now...

Sorry state of affairs: An open apology to private corporations that have been wronged

I live on a little marshy finger of a lake

Remember "Arthur", the little irresponsible pampered "shit" and this scene with Gielgud?

republican'ts apologize to Big Oil

Hey, Tony Hayward! You remind me of this guy!

A GREAT match - France vs. Mexico 0-0 at the half

CNN reports on fraud linguist's Obama speech analysis

Some information about how large charitable foundations operate.

Has Bobby Jindal put himself under house arrest or what?

House Conservatives Call Escrow Account 'Chicago Style Shakedown'.. &.. Right Wing Freaks Chime In

GOP congressional candidate: The federal government and BP colluded to spill oil in the Gulf

Can someone please explain why the congress and the people accept that a criminal is in charge

Paul Craig Roberts ~ Helen Thomas: an Appreciation

Boehner distances himself from Barton apology to BP

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Why is BP taking ALL the blame?

Stop McCain: Tell Your Senators to Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell!"

LA Times Front Page: Death by Fire in the Gulf:

If some guy wanted to grow pot on Mars...

Barton: My words were "misconstrued"

Rep Barton apologizes to Tony Hayward

Michele Bachmann sponsoring hip-hop event in St. Paul July 3

Obama speech too 'professorial' for his target audience??

So Keith, Rachel and Thom all think that Obama's speech was weak..

Oil Industry Donations to House Energy Committee

Great GOP to BP "We're sorry Obama was mean to you" T-shirt

Massachusetts man charged in family's slayings

Misbegotten Barton Is Misconstrued

Big Oil Top 20 $$

Florida ReTHUG Jeff Miller calls for Barton to resign

538: Top Corporate Donor to Barton Is Partner of BP on Deepwater Horizon

C-span Hearings on Gulf Spill continue . . . and wow!!

GOP = Greedy Oil Party

Did I miss something? What is up with all the crap about Obama being "worst"?

Watch Protest of SC Primary LIVE via BradBlog

Billions of New Nuke Giveaways in Kerry-Lieberman Bill Exposed

Mohegan Sun Casino Owners Received $54 Million In Stimulus Money

Thanks, but, no thanks...

is it okay to pander to the religious right without actually legislating in their interests?

Bullying Snob Demands the Governorship

The "Small People" Quote Not That Bad

Orin Hatch needs to drug test Touchdown JeeBus...


Watch Protest of SC Primary LIVE via BradBlog

series on the homeless; part 2

Barton is getting TORN UP in the Committee Hearing!!

Pelosi, Hoyer blast Barton, GOP leaders,Washington Republicans seem to have forgotten

BP CEO: "We care about the SMALL PEOPLE."

Cornyn says the President has become the Claims Adjustor in Chief

North Korean Fans Are Chinese Actors PAID To Cheer World Cup Team

I want to take the opportunity to say I want Rachel Maddow to run for senate

Good news for once:Relief well drilling ahead of schedule

Good news for once:Relief well drilling ahead of schedule

Freepwads laud Rep Barton for his principled stand

Freepwads laud Rep Barton for his principled stand

North Idaho quick lube shop finds bomb under car during oil change

Daniel Ellsberg: Wikileaks' Assange New Hero of Mine; Pres. Obama, Post the Video Online

Lincoln's Backers And The White House Flushed $12 Million Down Toilet: Progressive Group

Accurate Statement Re Olbermann's Displeasure with Speech...

Fox News & 24 Hour Fitness

Wife waits after bridge collapse (husband presumed dead)

'People are calling for his head'

Something Smells Funny and Its Not Wikileaks

School bans student's hat honoring Army troops over no-weapons policy

GM to Keep US Plants Open During Summer, Cites High Demand

They are trucking the oil leak waste inland to landfills

DNC already has a Barton ad!!!

received this today but cannot make it - anyone who is available, please

World Crude Oil Production

Revealed: Congressman who apologized to BP for 'shakedown' raked in $1.5 million from oil industry

Dems already fundraising off Barton remark

Would-be Senator from Nevada in favor of outlawing alcohol, legislating morality

Why only 2 relief wells?

Detroit brands top JD Power new car quality survey for first time

I'm suing The Nation -I've had it!

I'm suing The Nation -I've had it!

We need to create a Dunkirk type evacuation for trapped Sea Life in the Gulf.

Summary to Date of Tony Hayward's Testimony:

Gulf Disaster: The Perfect Storm Is Coming ("Death cloud underneath the gulf")

Do you think NYS Cong. Dems will block finance reform?

BP Purchases 32 of Kevin Costner's Oil-Water Separation Machines

Fault Lines: "In Deep Water" -- on AJE and FSTV and online here -->

NYT's Matt Bai on Obama's failed 'populism' (and BurtWorm on failed received wisdom)

NYT's Matt Bai on Obama's failed 'populism' (and BurtWorm on failed received wisdom)

You know why Haley Barbour and Joe Barton and the rest of those

Boozman Crushing Lincoln

Boehner takes hit on 2009 BP stock buy (Instant Karma!)

Inbred Sperm Fertilize Fewer Eggs, Beetle Study Finds

Rep. Kirk may have misstated teaching career too

Gibbs Says Obama Baffled By Barton's BP Comments, Biden Swipes Too

More about that Schlumberger rumor + a great article

Red State update from the hair salon regarding Barton's apology to BP!

Study (Commisioned With MMS) Shows MMS Knew In 2009 Of BP Safety Failures

Organic Bytes: Generation Monsanto (GM) - Why We Need Labels on GM Foods Now

Organic Bytes: Generation Monsanto (GM) - Why We Need Labels on GM Foods Now

Republicans Apologize, Grovel to BP

To BP: I Wouldn't Shoot The Dog Who Spent 60 Days Shitting All Over My House Either

European court of human rights to hear El-Masri rendition case

Statement by House GOP Leaders Boehner, Cantor, & Pence, Barton Was Wrong

Get your "I killed a man by firing squad in Utah" coin on ebay in the not too distant future!

Rezko associate got $600,000 loan from onetime National Republican Committeeman

BBC says BP "disregarded safety measures"

Asinine claims process, doublespeak and blame

4 Ways BP & Officials Are Working To Suppress The Outrageous Facts About The Gulf Disaster

Joe Barton and BP - a love story - Tweety's opening salvo

Cracks Show BP Was Battling Gulf Well as Early as February

Cracks Show BP Was Battling Gulf Well as Early as February

BPOE Sniper Shoots Armed Drug Dealer Down on a Street.

Sea creatures flee oil spill, gather near shore

Verizon Statement on FCC Vote on Broadband Internet Services Inquiry

Did anyone catch the WH presser today w/Gibbs? Biden was with him and they

New Orleans runs $5M anti-British campaign – paid for by BP

Andrew Romanoff rocking the house on Big Ed Show

Terry (R-Ne) chides Barton on BP apology

Never take investment advice from orange people

The credit card companies don't even try to make me feel special any more

GOP FL Rep Calls For Barton To Resign Committee Post

my ad campaign would be as follows: heavy video of marine life swiming in the GULF...

Senate Fights For Billionaire Fund Managers’ Tax Breaks, Blocks Jobless Aid

Wall St. and BP's Tony Heyward and the "Other Guy" talking about "Small People." LEARN!

my ad campaign: video, heavy with creatures swimming in the Gulf, life abounding...

Digby: What’s the Worst Case Scenario for the BP Oil Spill?

Family Research Council basically says: Gays are evil just for the lulz

Watch PROTEST of SCarolina DEM Primary ongoing LIVE: witness questions and closing statement -x

Nuking the BP well may just win the lifetime award for the most asinine thing...

Original artist offers help with new Jesus statue

Does Barton have a GE challenger?

By the way, one great up-side of all this is that if we DO have access to Alien Technology...

Soccer Coach Says Kim Jong-Il Speaks To Him On A Tiny 'Invisible' Mobile Phone

With all the depressing news about the Wildlife, want to share some good news.

New telescope seeks Earth-threatening asteroids

Can I get a little sympathy here in Barton's district?

More GOP Lawmakers Hop On Bandwagon To Smear $20 Billion Escrow Fund As ‘Chicago Style Shakedown’

You can get it "for free"...

Tweety's Fox-Styled Reporting

What's wrong with America?

HuffPo - "'Rise Of The New Right' Special Will 'Scare The Heck Out' Of Liberals"

Should Congress 'Punish' Rep Barton?


Why are ruthless American politicians give lone Brit a 'public flogging':

Visualizing the BP Oil Spill Disaster

Visualizing the BP Oil Spill Disaster

Halt deep sea drilling. Period. Stupak just asked about the ultimate failsafe BOP

Virginia wants to follow in Arizona's (Immigration) footsteps

Southwest seizes dozens of human heads

Video - Oil Confirmed to Be Leaking from Cracks in Sea Floor

Army Preps ‘Unblinking Eye’ Airship for Afghanistan (A Half-Billion Dollar Contract)

Army Preps ‘Unblinking Eye’ Airship for Afghanistan (A Half-Billion Dollar Contract)

I've had it with big shots who call us "small people", "the little people", "the little guy" or

Heritage Foundation parrots the "shakedown" theme, compares Obama to the Godfather

White House Flip Flops On Reining In CEO Pay

Homeless Vet doesn't want a home: He calls it "BLOOD MONEY"

Those floods in France

Right W. co-worker just said to me why didn't Obama let the Dutch

Hayward makes $456 an hour 24 hours a day, plus stock, golden parachute and perks...

Labor Board Hobbled By Senate Obstruction Has Hundreds Of Cases Invalidated By SCOTUS

U.S. banks may end free checking accounts: report

Edward Markey & The Fountain of Truth

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates: Misplaced Hate?

Toyota shifting Corolla production from a union plant to a nonunion facility

Overheard at the meeting between Obama and Hayward yesterday.


Anderson Cooper commits an act of real journalism.

Post EZ, Low Cost/No Cost ways to save water here!

Why have I heard several talking heads describe oil as having come from dead dinosaurs???

"During the Samurai days, we just give you a knife and ask you to commit harakiri."

Bernie Sanders claims GOP follows Beck and Limbaugh, not science, on climate

Part II: This Note's For You, by William Pitt on Truthout

Part II: This Note's For You, by William Pitt on Truthout

just sent Joe Barton an email regarding his apology.

Admiral Allen mismanaged the Coast Guard bady

my impression of the BP hearing so far

First DEAD WHALE Found In Gulf Since BP Rig Explosion And OIL SPILL

Mother Jones: Is the BP well Unstoppable?

The death penalty for white collar corporate crimes

A year and a half into his Presidency, the Gulf oil disaster is not Obama's fault for this reason.

BP, you killed us.

Great Opinion piece - Arizona citizenship bill targets children

And it continues... Sen. Isakson (Asshole R-GA) refers to constituents as 'unwashed' then apologizes

Olbermann, DU & others criticized Obama for not approving the berms to protect LA

I'm freezing my ass off up here on this mountain!

PHOTOS FROM TODAY: 4th Generation Shrimper Protests BP CEO Tony Hayward In Congress

Gates, Buffett to megarich: Give 50% of your wealth away

Please support Cozad for Congress (Barton's challenger)

The oil is here - Destin FL

‘Too Young Not to Work but Too Old to Work’

Rachel Maddow (and others) had an off-the-record lunch with Obama today

Lieberman's at it again: Internet 'kill switch' proposed for US

She had a major black-eye; but she was opting for "street justice"...

Body Language Expert: Alvin Greene is Lying

What really gets me about Tony Hayward's situation

I shouldn't be laughing, but I remember when DU first fell in love with Obama

Woman is building a house from a scrap 747!

Joe Barton's Democratic opponent is

KO Checks Out of The Daily Kos

Life Beyond the Peak of Oil Production.........

Rep. Edward Markey Appreciation Thread

The End of the Gulf as We Know It ...and some Assclown Rep from Texas ....

The Rude Pundit: Now That You've Asked, Why the Hell Doesn't God Do Anything About the Oil Spill?

I give up.

This sorry bastard Hayward doesn't have an ounce of sincereity

The Pubs want their Gov't Back...But they never say Who will replace the Democrats in there now,

The Pubs want their Gov't Back...But they never say Who will replace the Democrats in there now,

The Pubs want their Gov't Back...But they never say Who will replace the Democrats in there now,

The Pubs want their Gov't Back...But they never say Who will replace the Democrats in there now,

Wikileaks Soldier Reveals Orders for "360 Rotational Fire" Against Civilians in Iraq

Time For BP Shareholder sensenbrenner to step down from oil spill probe

I was never a "Bush-Hater"

I was never a "Bush-Hater"

Matthew Simmons of Ocean Energy Institute was on the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC.

Aside from the oil, very little commentary on the METHANE. nt

Trigger warning: FGM at Cornell University

Senate Accepts Expanded Fed Audit **(Excellent News!)**

Cracks Show BP Battled Well Two Months Before Blast

86% of self-identified liberals support Obama - My question is why?

Former police official denies torturing prisoners.

Why didn't the US accept skimmers from Norway, Sweden and Japan?

Church: Softball team with gay coach can't play

A modest question.

Is the BP oil catastrophe a turning point?

Is the BP oil catastrophe a turning point?

Nonresidents can be sued over Florida Internet posts

Barton apologizes to Polanski, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union and Charles Manson

No, tutoring or TAing is not the same as being a teacher.

Reagan's Tricky October Surprise Report-Evidence Shelved, Hidden & Suppressed-By Robert Parry

Obama Administration Approves 448 New Drill Leases for Gulf of Mexico

Obama Administration Approves 448 New Drill Leases for Gulf of Mexico

He's baaaaacckk!!!

Fight erupts in church over "Touchdown Jesus"

Keith Olbermann, the Kossack Cheerleaders, and Fake President Maddow

GOP on slippery slope with planned 'anchor baby' legislation

Kerry, Lieberman vote against repealing oil industry tax breaks

How long can democracy survive that only sometimes & then only partially enacts will of the people?

Poor, poor Nigeria

'The Oil Age, America, is OVER!'

'The Oil Age, America, is OVER!'

BP's Oil Havoc Will Benefit the Democrats in November.

To all of you who knew Obama had it in him!

I am having a misconstrued misconstruction moment:

How the other side perceives the 20BB commitment from BP


David Plouffe: Apologize to BP? Sign the open letter today:

GOD. Someone kick Tony in the balls so he speaks up please!

LISTEN UP, PLEASE: It's NOT a g*damned "LEAK," or a "SPILL," or an "ACCIDENT."

Anyone want to chip in to build medieval stocks to lock Tony Hayward in?

The Injustice of Modern Day Debtors Prisons

Bronx charter school's entire curriculum is based on the marshmallow test.

What an ARROGANT SOB Tony Hayward is!!! (I'm watching the congressional hearing now)

Obama: We've Been Outflanked, Cap & Trade Dead

PSA: If you hit a cyclist, the last thing they want to hear is: "I didn't see you"

Facebook COO Says 'Email Is Probably Going Away' (replaced by Facebook)

I just sent this video to Morning Joke and told them this is what they look like

League of Women Voters calls for 'Medicare for all'

In the Spirit of Kennedy

One Lawsuit to Stop Them All....Filed Today

Keith Olbermann:Check, Please


You are amazing! I don't tell you that enough.

Addressing the National Debt


Well, I went nuclear -- computer-wise

Ever been stabbed in the back of your neck?

102 recs

Heywood Banks just updated Big Butter Jesus LMFAO


Am I the only one who likes the valenzuela?


Wow, Clinton was president when South Park made their Pokemon episode?

Another highlight from my trip

DU posting bug ATE my poll...please delete

As that one guy said, "Roy g bacon."

I need a real time conversation with someone. Anybody up to that this hour?

gay scientists isolate christian gene

How long will HuffPo keep their "bodypainted soccer-playing porn stars" article on the front page?

Woman caught smuggling 500 pounds (!) of pot

Do you have relatives posting in DU. If so, kill 'em!

Instant Online Vuvuzela!

Tai Chi-cken

Seriously. The Big 12 has 10 members and the Big 10 has 12 members.

Anybody watch "Keeping Up Apperances"

Ain't Life Grand? Best. Video. Ever. I dare you to post a better video.

Kansas City to host 2012 All Star Game

"Pros and Cons of Hitchiking" was a wildly under appreciated record.

I believe my stomach speaks whale

Category is "Best TV commercial using pets" - The award goes to ...

Father's Day...Major FAIL!

Wisdom of the Ages

Coming this summer at TLC: Little People, Big Oil Spill.

Silly Thursday - A Resolution

The deal went through on my truck today

Best Poll Choice Representative

Found kitten. Need advice.

In another lifetime, I designed woodworking projects for

Vuvuzela filter!

"Lillies" (pic)

A message to all the "nyello" people

Anyone else notice a lot of anyone else threads today?

Skeletons of cartoon characters

Viva Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone here have an iPad? What do you think of it?

"The Page Turner". Excellent movie.

So has Zimbabwe won the World Cup yet?

Do Not Feed The Trolls

Vuvuzelas and Sarah Palin

Can you help me dig up "Aunt Bertha" LOLcats?

Craigslist post forwarded by a friend is crawling with red flags

Bundt cakes. Giant pretentious donut or elegant dessert?


This Fukin Oil Spill Is Making Me Crazy

Police find naked men covered in mud

RCMP officer saves baby porcupine from highway

I hate to say it, but the Braves are doomed tonight

Gorn Free!! FREE THE GORN!!1!!

Clearly I should not post when I have been up for more than 24 hrs. n't

"On a scale of one to ten, Toy Story 3 goes to infinity, and beyond. "

AAUUUUGH!! PFARGHHH!!! I lost my pen, and it's driving me insane!!!!

Anyone else here found their home on Google Maps/Earth?

The Geography of LOST

Oil Spill Update: Dead Snorkelers Washing Ashore

I Just Found A Pen.... Anyone Missing A Pen?

Depeche Mode or Apple Pie a la Mode?

RIP Garry Marshall Shider (July 24, 1953 – June 16, 2010) Vocalist/Guitar of Funkadelic

My cousin is 47 years old and has just been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.

Potato cat doesn't want you near his potatoes.

Badass of the Week - Yang Youde

'Intimate waxing' fundraiser goes awry - British man nearly loses testicle in charity event

We have a bat living in our bat house!


Best Vonnegut Film Adaptation

fabric scraps/crafts projects

"Jaws" did it to me again!

I hate to say it, but the Lakers are doomed tonight

What's your favorite pizza?

I hate to say it, but the Celtics are doomed tonight

Red Gladiolas

Holloway/Flores/VanDerSloot Case - Question

He is... The Least Interesting Man In the World

Anyone else think that Progressive insurance girl is kinda hot?

Hollywood: Here is your challenge.

Two kittens rescued from trash bin in Milwaukee

Anybody else's cat get lethargic in the summer heat?

See if you can figure out the oddity in these pics.

Rural Life is not for me - tonight I realized why I love living in the city

Post Trucker Songs for our very own new owner-operator

Casier says your total is $6.66. Do you pay or add a pack of gum to change the total?

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Greatest Drummer EVAH!

Intense Hatred Found Where It Was Least Expected

Do animals have souls?

NYT: Hummus Catches On in America (as Long as It’s Flavored)

Mexico official blames army in two child deaths

San Francisco passes mobile phone radiation law

Oil spill may ground offshore July 4th fireworks shows

Steve King: I have no regrets about ‘black person’ comment

Citigroup, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac offer mortgage relief for those hurt by Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Medical schools don't produce enough primary care doctors, study says

BP agrees to $20 billion fund for gulf oil spill claims

Congress members overseeing firms involved in gulf spill held oil, gas stock

Pakistan 'gave funds' to group on UN terror blacklist

Study: Botox affects emotions

League of Women Voters calls for 'Medicare for all'

Chris Matthews: 'Rise Of The New Right' Special Will 'Scare The Heck Out' Of Liberals

High-Speed Internet Rules Might Prove Costly

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, ordered to delist (from stock exchanges)

Dem Lawmakers Challenge Pentagon on Afghan War

Israel braces for mass protests by Ultra-Orthodox

Honduras: Violence and Human Rights Violations

Kenyan police beat and extort Somalis fleeing war: HRW

Sen Kaufman Ties Diebold Stock Swing To Flash Crash, Seeks Inquiry

Army charges 3 more in Afghan civilian killings

Bishops' conference blasts nuns for health care endorsement

Erdogan Rebuffs U.S. While Insisting Turkey Isn’t Ally of Iran

Prototype Prius plug-in getting road tests

Group seeks to decriminalize marijuana in Miami Beach

BP Shares Rise After Deal on Fund

Barriers to news coverage of Gulf of Mexico oil spill remain despite promises

Spirit Airlines makes a deal to end pilots' strike

Greenland OKs firm for offshore drilling

U.S. announces more sanctions against Iran

With Criminal Charges for Oil Spill, Costs to BP Could Soar

GAO still encounters delays in access to federal agencies

Justice Department Says Blackwater Case Should Have Gone Forward

NOAA Conducts Tests to Determine Fate of Whale Found Dead in Gulf of Mexico

SoFla Station Owners Feeling BP Boycott Blues

Up to 70 feared dead in Colombian mine blast

Survey: Obama's more popular abroad than at home

FCC set to reconsider broadband regulations

Slippery Start: U.S. Response to Spill Falters

(Amy) Bishop indicted in brother’s death

Intelligence chief G8 conviction

Court: 2-Person Labor Board Can't Make Decisions

Cleanup workers describe conditions as "beyond bad" (defying BP's gag order)

AP poll suggests growing support for healthcare law

GAO still encounters delays in access to federal agencies

Senate defeats GOP jobless aid bill

Former VP Cheney Speaks At Pa. Conference

Supreme Court backs police department that read employee's texts

Victims recount horrors of ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan

Colombia coal blast kills 16 miners, 70 feared dead

Boehringer Sex Pill May Not Aid Women, FDA Staff Say

Canadian oil spill technology may head to the Gulf of Mexico

SC Primary Protest to Stream Live; Rawl Camp says E-Vote Machines 'Crap'; History of ES&S Failure

BP's Hayward - Gulf oil spill was preventable

Va. Man Trapped in Egypt on U.S. No-Fly List

First 4,400 Chevy Volt buyers to get free chargers

(Texas GOP Rep. Michael) Burgess to BP: We owe you no apology

‘I Can Still Smell It On Me': Unexpected oil encounter for dive group near the jetties

Republican apologizes to BP for 'shakedown' by government

BP still hosting fundraisers for members of Congress

Toyota to restart stalled Mississippi plant

(GA Sen.) Isakson apologizes for ‘unwashed' remark

(VA Atty. General) Cuccinelli explains health-care lawsuit on webcast

GM scraps summer shutdown, will hire thousands of temp workers

Rep. Joe Barton Retracts Apology to BP's Tony Hayward

BP Surpervisor Fired for Expressing Safety Concerns.

US cars top imports for 1st time on quality survey

Website to release video of deadly strike on Afghan town

Top Corporate Donor to Barton Is Partner of BP on Deepwater Horizon

Toyota to Resume Construction of Mississippi Plant

GM To Keep Most Plants Open This Summer

US Lawmakers Accuse BP Chief of Putting Profits Ahead of Safety

US current account gap widens for third straight quarter

Killer, 13, sent to juvenile detention until age 21

New jobless claims up sharply as layoffs persist

GOP lawmaker demands Barton step down from top committee spot

Banks May Have to Unload Hedge Fund, PE Accounts After All

Barton Plans Gulf Fishing Fundraiser

Oil rig workers forced to job hunt after drill ban

Hillary Clinton Says White House Will Sue Over Arizona Immigration Law

Dead sperm whale found in Gulf

Cheney avoids hot topics in speech to sold-out Erie crowd

Top Corporate Donor to Barton Is Partner of BP on Deepwater Horizon

New claims for jobless benefits rise sharply

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 17

Obama administration spends $1.2 billion on cycling and walking initiatives

Obama Lunches With Progressive Pundits: Maddow, Robinson, Collins

U.S. Rep. Parker Griffith: Cigarette smoking worse for the country than Gulf oil spill

Israel says easing Gaza land blockade

Will marijuana be OK in Detroit?

Chevron: No relief well needed off Newfoundland

Cracks Show BP Was Battling Gulf Well as Early as February

White House slams (GOP Rep. Joe) Barton comments as 'shameful'

Afghanistan Moves Quickly to Tap Newfound Mineral Reserves

BP Shares Surge After $20B Oil Spill Fund Deal

Feds question cost-effectiveness of border virtual fence

Afghan Mineral Wealth May Be Greater: $3 Trillion

'Operation Stolen Dreams': DOJ Arrests Nearly 500 In Mortgage Fraud Crackdown

Bachmann fears Obama using BP escrow fund as a ‘permanent ATM card’

Army Corps of Engineers Suspends Nationwide Permit for Mountaintop Removal Mining

Damn Small People Tees Shirts already.

President Announces Members of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling Commission

NYT editorial: BP Begins to Ante Up

Pirate Smile Appreciation Thread

Our hard working president seems to be enjoying himself tonight with the ANA after a very long day.

Anyone know the odds that Tony Hayward will say something stupid tomorrow?

Ford jumps and Toyota plunges in key quality measure

UAW Leader King to Focus on Organizing Toyota Workers

White House Guts Reform To Protect CEO Pay

Video: Rahm on Charlie Rose (6/15)

Speaking of ass kicking ...

The Blessing of the Fleet - Or Google is Your Friend, Part Deux

Newsweek's Julia Reed just said on AC360 that President Obama is "out of his cotton picking mind"

CNN o\poll on Prez and Gulf needs help

With Criminal Charges for Oil Spill, Costs to BP Could Soar

Anyone have info on what is a conservative constitutionalist?

Photo: Caption This

Wetlands restoration plan is huge undertaking for White House

Having a President beat his chest and reflect our anger = short-term satisfaction

Photos: Put up or Shut up. (The Obama Presidency, Day 513)

Would you expect me to support this Arkansan Democratic person for US Sentate?

Anyone post a fact check to Obama's speech?

I don't know....

Hey Tony Hayward, how is your day looking?

Gail Collins: The Boring Speech Policy

Wow! Joe & Mika are defending Obama

I'm about to watch Creature.

Sharron Angle floated possibility of armed insurrection

This is what...

Administering Fund, a Master Mediator

Building up and tearing down

Crazy Tea Bagger Sharron Angle Raising $100K Per Day

Poll: Most Americans support Arizona immigration law

How are the "small" people any different from the "regular" people the media's faux populists love

Republican Congressman Joe Barton APOLOGIZES To BP

Monday on HBO - Premier of GASLAND

After Obama, Gibbs Bats Cleanup in Virtual Press Conference

Obama administration spends $1.2 billion on cycling and walking initiatives

So KO opens up talking about why a Swedish man said "small" people instead of "little"

Boehner distances himself from Barton's Apology to BP

Obama speech too "professorial" for his audience.

McCain, GOP Dont Deem Climate Bill Worthy of Discussion

Ooh, more bizarre analysis of the President's address from CNN


Holy Mother of God what is going on at the trial...

Obama: " I love nurses. I love nurses. "

The PUNDITS made fun of President Obama's kicking some ASS

House Republicans lose it over BP escrow deal: "Chicago-style shakedown politics"

House Republicans lose it over BP escrow deal: "Chicago-style shakedown politics"

End Is Seen to Free Checking

Video: GOP Rep Barton's Apology to BP

Too bad Stupak didn't let Hayward finish his response on what they

A family member wrote this. An open letter to Inhofe:

AP-GfK poll shows gains for health care overhaul, supoort now at 45/42 versus 39/46 last month.

HEADS UP: Rachel is going to give the speech she wishes the President had given.

Who invited Joe Barton to speak at the BP committee hearing

My 12 year old grandson today said that oil was really for old people

Funding doubled for bicycling, walking projects

Josh Marshall: "Republicans will rue the day they took BP's side"

Obama's global popularity: Mixed marks a year after Cairo

Reuters: Some Republicans Consider BP Deal A U.S. "Shakedown"

Cheney crawls out from under his rock to criticize President Obama's response to the BP disaster

Words with Meaning. Feel what they're like. Recover your health.

Hayward, Barton, and shadow boxing

Joe Barton: Campaign Finance

GOP lawmaker - Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) - demands Barton step down ranking member of his committee

One of these is not like the others...

Papantonio: We Wouldn't See $20 Billion in a Case Like This for Decades

Best part of Hayward's grilling LIVE on MSNBC now!

Speaker Pelosi on twitter and Senator Reid on Barton's BP apology

CRIMINAL BP won't allow clean-up workers to wear respirators - they'll be fired.

White House Guts Wall Street Reform To Protect CEO Pay

Joe Barton, BP Apologist, In '04: Offshore Drilling So Safe,

If Dems were smart they would produce ads of Barton & other Republicans apologizing to BP

"To Tackle Climate Change, You Have To Actually Tackle Climate Change"

** Heads Up & Grab Your Popcorn! BP's Tony Hayward Testifies Before Congress, 10am EDT **

How does BP's CEO, Hayward do his job

John Boehner Runs Screaming from Idiot Rep. Barton's Apology to BP

Even Repukes are calling for Barton's head on a platter

DNC statement on Barton's apology to BP

Republican's oil spill gaffe hands advantage back to administration

White House hammers Barton, says "members from both parties should repudiate his comments"

This does go far beyond Barton...

"A misconstrued misconstruction" Barton

I almost wrote a post defending the Prez

They aren't wasting their time on Barton--just got this from John Kerry

They aren't wasting their time on Barton--just got this from John Kerry

Republicans who sided with Barton all need to issue a public apology (Updated w/DNC video)

U.S. Economy: Recovery Creates Few Jobs, No Inflation

Did you see Apology Joe on CNN

Piling On With Palin: Tea Party Express Backs Murkowski Rival

Whitman, in Spanish, touts opposition to Arizona law

"What on earth is going on here?"

USA Today/Gallup Congressional generic ballot poll: Dems up by 5-48-43

S.C. Dems push Ketner for Senate

"Where Obama’s climate leadership is really lacking": making senators STFU

Polls show Hoekstra, Dillon lead -- but many voters stay undecided

Another double standard: Giuliani bashes Obama over "vacations"

Feingold links foe to Angle, Paul

King blasts Gardner, tea party for nixing appearances

Lead, please.

"Apologize to BP?" - - Plouffe smacks around GO(B)P in fundraising email

Wow, Wow, Wow, Jon Stewart just showed video of the last 8 presidents.......

This is awesome: Dems already fundraising off Barton remark

'People are calling for his head' (Barton) - Updated

White House to CEOs: "*$%@ shareholders: pay yourselves whatever you want"

Obama can have you killed if he wants to...

Just think, McSAME and Failin Pailin could be in charge right now. OH JOY !

So Holder sitting across the table from the BP execs made them cough up the 20 B?

BP reportedly planning $10 billion bond sale

Biden to Join Gibbs at Today's WH Press Briefing

** Heads Up: VPOTUS Biden Joins the Daily WH Press Briefing **

"I think the frustration that supporters of the president have ..."

The extraordinary hypocrisy of Joe Barton

Gibbs on GOP: "Hard to tell what planet these people live on"

Best Quote on Obama's Speech: "as if you called 911 but got connected to Dial-a-Prayer" n/t

GOP leaders forced Rep. Barton to retract apology to BP

BP chief Hayward rejects Barton's remarks on $20B relief fund

Barton retracts apology to BP, hoping to tamp down uproar

On President Obama, Change and Leadership

Faux News spliced out Joe Barton's apology from their coverage

Kerry obviously doesn't buy Barton's retraction

Hey, Joe and Mika! I didn't see you at the White House with Rachel and Gene!

Memo to Republicans: There is nothing "natural" about the BP disaster


The Idiocy of US and mirroring the wisdom of George Will

BUSTED: Rep. Who Apologized To BP Has Taken Millions From Big Oil

Lincoln's Backers And The White House Flushed $12 Million Down Toilet: Progressive Group

House GOP Leadership: Barton Was 'Wrong' On BP Apology -- And Spill Is A 'Natural Disaster'

Barton's apology for his apology was a non-apology - FUCK YOU, OIL WHORE BARTON!

Rockefeller pushing against climate change bill

So... That's what BP means?

Obama Will Challenge Arizona Immigration Law

Joke: How to Spot a Republican

Our Discourse Has Come To This

"Obama Lunches With Progressive Pundits: Maddow, Robinson, Collins"

Eugene Robinson blasts speech - attacking Dr Chu being the lead on fixing the problem

Should Obama replace Biden in 2012 as VP candidate?

Limbaugh, along with Barton, promotes (blackmail/shakedown/slushfund) mantra ~ Media Matters

Rachel, Eugene Robinson and Gerry Seib just left the West Wing....

Olbermann Discovers He's Not a Popular as Barack Obama

Liberal Despair And the Cult Of The Presidency

Didn't it take decades for damages to be paid for Exxon Valdez?

Q&A with Tony Kennon, mayor of Orange Beach, Ala.,

Joe Barton's office is flood

Michele Bachmann's opponent pounces as she tries to back down

GOP keeps digging! Sen. Cornyn (R-TX), NRSC chairman, says he shares Barton's concern.

Painters (artistic) who live in the middle of nowhere

F.C.C. Moves Toward Deeper Broadband Role

The only thing we want to hear is the hole is plugged.

The left's disatisfaction with Obama's overall performance is crazy

Andrew Sullivan: Getting Shit Done

What a difference a day makes - The White House got everything it was hoping for from BP

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: A Different Kind of Malaise

Seattle police to review training after girl punched

BP escrow account, a turning point for Obama?

Weiner on BP: "We Shouldn't Leave These Guys in Charge of Anything"

The Short Film BP Doesn't Want You To See

Gulf spill ignites energy debate

Thom talks with TARP COP Elizabeth Warren - Should we have any hope for real financial reform?

President Obama's Oval Office Speech on the Gulf Oil Crisis (HD)

Code Pink Report from Gulf pt1 Medea Benjamin

Tony Hayward CEO of BP

BP Oil Spill (clean up experiment)

Obama Loves Nurses

Thom Hartmann: President's speech - How's that hopey changey thing going for us?

Jeremy Scahill: Minerals, WikiLeaks, and Blackwater for Sale

'Design vs. Chance' by PZ Myers, AAI 2009 on intelligent design, evolution

BP Apologizes to the American People

Even little kids think Sarah Palin is a moran

GULF OIL SPILL Huge Explosion Of Toxic Gas & Tsunami Possible - PT 2 of 2

Bill O'Reilly Calls Out Sarah Palin On Fox News!

Interview with Eric Lotke at America's Future Now! 2010

Young Turks: Why Was Touchdown Jesus Struck By Lightning?

Michele Bachmann Worst Person In The World!!!

It is looking more and more every day like Palin is the republicans' hope for 2012.

Young Turks: NRA Fights For Legal Bribery Of Politicians

Here - Feel Good...(full screen - do it)

B.P. Should Stand Up To Obama! Congresswoman Bachmann

100 top toxic air polluters in USA

The Rise Of The New Right

Rep: Steve King's Sixth Sense - From AmericasVoices TV

Rick Chicken Perry Meets Disco Chicken:

Chairman Waxman Questions Tony Hayward

BP CEO makes first Hill appearance


The Power of the Presidency

Glenn Beck's Race Tourette's

Rep. Ed Markey Responds To The Lies Of Disgraced Rep. Joe Barton, The BP Apologist

Texas GOPer apologizes to BP, criticizes White House "shakedown", creation of "slush fund"

Debunking TEA Party Claims

Barton- 'I Apologize' To BP For Escrow Fund

Rep Quizzes Hayward: Do You Think Escrow Is A 'Shakedown?'

Get Away From That!

Rachel Maddow: Top Five Oil Cos. Cut-&-Pasted Same Response Plans

Sheldon Whitehouse on oil industry corruption of the Minerals Management Service

TYT: Exposing Glenn Beck For Taking Obama Out Of Context (And Suggesting He's Racist) To Protect BP

4th Generation Shrimper Shuts Down BP CEO Tony Hayward Testimony

TYT: Obama Oval Office Oil Spill Speech Slammed

Shrimper Diane Wilson shuts down BP CEO Hayward hearing

AC360: Newsweek's Julia Reed Says Obama Is "Out Of His Cotton Picking Mind"

Gay is icky: That's Bullshit

June 17, 1972- 5 arrested at Democratic National Committee headquarters in Watergate Hotel

Papantonio: BP's $20 Billion Down Payment


Rachel Maddow: What I Wish President's Oval Office Address Had Been

Cries From The Gulf - An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Jackson Browne- Lives in the balance

GULF OIL SPILL Huge Explosion Of Toxic Gas & Tsunami Possible - PT 1 of 2

Loss of sacred ground prompts tears

Selling Out

Joe Conason: A Green ‘New Deal’ Now

BP's next challenge: Disposal of tainted sludge (BP saying waste is not toxic)

4 Ways BP and Officials Are Working to Suppress the Outrageous Facts About the Gulf Disaster

NYDN: The Best Way to Punish BP is to build more subways

Alvin Greene's in a boxing match with no gloves on

A self-defeating strategy via Gene Lyons.

How Can an Atheist or Non-believer Have Any Moral Compass?

Fewer Guns Mean Fewer Deaths

Uzbek refugees from Kyrgyzstan pogrom vow to return

BP's next challenge: Disposal of tainted sludge - (Coskata's got the answer: Turn it into ethanol!)

Time to Tax the Wall Street Casino

We Have a Black President, But That Doesn't Resolve the Deep Racism Built into the American Psyche

The Justice Department and the Torture of Maher Arar ( Scott Horton)

Profiling 10 of the Deeply Troubled Individuals Leading the Right-Wing Government Hating Crusade

Russia needs to develop new types of industrial activity

Angry Turkey Prepares to Cut Ties to Israel

North America facing years of toxic rain from poisonous BP oil spill dispersants

Could I be a victim of censorship?

‘American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act’ To Stop Foreign Tax Credit Loopholes By$14.45 billion

It Ain’t Me, Babe

EPA Concerned About Monsanto Pollution Control Dam

Loss of rain forest leads to malaria spike, Univ. of Wisconsin researchers find

Austal launches line of fast, fuel efficient work boats designed for the offshore wind industry

Drumbeat: June 17, 2010

The Oil Drum: Newest on Oil Collection, POTUS Speech, Resource Depletion, etc.

Is Solar Toxic? Part Two - First Solar's Responsibility to Environmental Protection

Australian rainforest plant yields possible cancer killer

Uncle Sam, Solar Landlord, Is Under Fire

NW English Water Utility Preparing To Apply To Gov. For Emergency Drought Authority

US Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) Apologies To Tony Hayward For "Shakedown" Of BP - AFP

Dolphins, Sharks, Rays Near Gulf Shore In Unusual Numbers - Oiled Birds Heading Inland To Die

Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of Conservative Idiots

Remarkable. What Global Warming? Raleigh NC - nearly every day in June above 90 degrees.

40-Year Pakistani Survey Shows 14 Small Glaciers Gone, "Stable" Glaciers Losing Thickness

Thai Drought Drives Nation's Two Largest Reservoirs To 20-Year Lows - 31%, 35% Of Capacity

IPY Conference, Oslo - Winter 2010 Record Cold, Snow Likely Caused By Arctic Sea Ice Loss

Gulf oil spill: Experts disagree on kindest way to deal with oiled-up birds

Little-known pancake batfish could be one of oil spill's early victims (CNN)

MS Gov Barbour (R) Dislikes Escrow Plan - "We Need Them (BP) To Generate Revenue To Pay Us"

Expansion Of Nuclear Energy Is A Key Contributor To Combating Climate Change (IEA)

BP Oil Slick Now Threatens 60 percent of America's Tidal Marshes

US Forest bars motorists

OK, RI, TN, AR - More Freak Floods, New Records Just As Predicted By Bush Admin. Study In 2007 - AFP

Global warming book withdrawn from Millard Public Schools

Tinfoil Porsche Runs on Pedal Power

50 Billion gallons of ethanol, from carbon monoxide, from world's steel producers: LanzaTech

BP's next challenge: Disposal of tainted sludge - (Coskata's got the answer: Turn it into ethanol!)

If Pac-10 becomes Wicked West, what becomes of NCAA?

Argentina-South Korea


I'm Going to vomit- Golf Channel

World Cup on ESPN Radio

Zenyatta Stands Alone With Record 17th Win

Confident Rachel Blooms Again in Fleur de Lis


A GREAT match - France vs. Mexico 0-0 at the half

Drogba poised for Brazil start

Tiger's Gonna Win the US Open

To the sports forumites

Is Jaime Moyer a future Hall of Famer?

Follow-up HOF question, which 10 CURRENT MLB players are Hall of Fame Locks?

Mexican experts to tunnel for Aztec rulers' tombs

Chile's senate scraps changes to mining royalties in Pinera's first bill

Honduras: Violence and Human Rights Violations

Honduras: Violence and Human Rights Violations

Colombia coal blast kills 16 miners, 70 feared dead

Lobo attacked over Honduran journalist deaths

Santos and Mockus clash in live debate

So, compas, what is your first political memory?

Prop 8 sponsors seek to revoke recognition of 18,000 marriages


Culhane: The pro-Prop-8 argument

Ia. Church group backs gay marriage

Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this one...

How will Judge Walker rule on the Federal Prop 8 Trial?

Eminem Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage (Yes, Hell Hath Frozen Over)

Toy soldiers run afoul of school's weapons ban

Court: Pot cardholder can carry gun ...

Fewer Guns Mean Fewer Deaths

Getting themselves exempted from the Disclosure Bill was a slick move by the NRA.

How many games will Ubaldo Jimenez win this regular season?

Schwarzenegger, some unions cut pension deal

NYT: In China, Unlikely Labor Leader Just Wanted a Middle-Class Life

Labor Dept. boosts penalties for child labor

Boeing Workers To Meet With Federal Mediators In Effort To Avoid Strike

Thousands Rally In NYC Protesting Budget Cuts That Threaten Public Jobs And Services

King Elected UAW President

Reid Moves Toward Vote On Bill With Medicare 'Doc Fix,' Medicaid Provisions

Organized Labor...

Today in Labor History June 17 usan B. Anthony goes on trial, "Mother" Jones pleads on conditions

Economic Report: NYC Ranks Third Highest In U.S. Worker Compensation

No way out in bridge collapse (1 worker missing presumed dead)

Temp union jobs with AFL-CIO

Employee monitoring: When IT is asked to spy

help identify this bird, please.

Louisiana... Mississippi River Bridges

Two more days ....and the excitement begins

Wild Flowers

Syria warns of backlash on Israel over Gaza flotilla

US Congressmen express ire toward Turkey

Israel to ease Gaza land blockade

Astronomers in astonishing feat of photography

Amazing Starling Flocks Are Flying Avalanches

Lasers in the Jungle

Paul Craig Roberts ~ Helen Thomas: an Appreciation

Next stage ignites in the rocket biz

Geologists to be charged for failing to predict earthquake

The Circles of Descartes

Amazed Boffins Probe Ozzy's Genetic Code

What the Israel-bashers learned from Bush

I Can Do It® Online: An All-New Series to Change Your Life!

Global Psychics on the Gulf

Some beautiful and relaxing music... feel free to share yours too!

I passed my massage praticuum today!!

Salt reveals resonance patterns in 2d-material

Many of you may have wondered why this "rebirth" isn't hitting you and what's coming next...


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