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Jones Act NOT Blocking Aid Ships to Gulf'

Possible Replacements for McChrystal

Woman sets fire to get out of work early

3 More NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan

EXCLUSIVE: On Heels of Diebold/Premier Purchase, Canadian E-Voting Firm Dominion Also Acquires Sequo

BP went judge shopping to remove the ban.

Video: Lee Terry's (R-Ne) Do-Nothing Decade


College World Series stars visit children's hospital

McCaskill's move against anonymous holds already bearing fruit

The absence of the common enemy

McChrystal Should be Charged With A Crime...

Google, Twitter go to bat for Theflyonthewall

Just Saw A FSTV Commercial On MSNBC (Rachel)

So What Will The Headlines Be Tomorrow 6//23/2010

Wikileaks makes contact with US government

Consumer group targets McDonald's Happy Meal toys

In preparation for tomorrow, no matter what Obama decides about McChrystal, he will be EXCORIATED

The Justice of Oz: As Kagan shows, you need to lose your heart, brain, & courage to get on SCOTUS

Conservatives are even hypocrites when it comes to their conspiracy theories..

IBM to hire 600 new workers in Oregon

IBM to hire 600 new workers in Oregon


It is amazing how many delusional people actually think....

Requiem for a right wing sacred cow. If was it a fatted calf?

Live Feed of Oil Gushing: Why does the oil look brown now?

Tim Scott wins nomination to become first black Republican congressman since 2003

People Who Suppress Anger Are More Likely to Become Violent When Drunk

Before firing McCrystal, Obama should arrange a photo op

Another hate-filled Facebook page...warning

Absolutely Fabulous star joins BP clean up efforts...

One thing to remember about McChrystal

My opinion with respect to Gen McChrystal and Afghanistan

Must see TV-Anderson Cooper has a survivor of the rig on now


George W. Bush’s invitation to Prayer Meeting for Peace draws criticism

HEADLINE: Obama embraces incremental response to gay issues

The Either/Or thread.... I'm just here to help

So, BP is gonna use Kevin Costner's oil spill clean up machine....

Pic of the oil slick

Judge who blocked the drilling ban has conflict of interest and was appointed by guess who?

Far Leftist Kid in a Democratic Socialist Candy Store.....

Immigration Could Be Perry’s Undoing in Texas

Not just oil: Methane gas may cause 'dead zones' in Gulf

The Fate of the Internet. Decided in a Back Room

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Introducing a new Kitty gif

Geithner testimony today, TARP oversight; Eliz Warren chair, CSpan, NOW

I prefer to watch Rachel while imbibing cocktails.

Scouts: Philly's priorities off in gay-rights case

Ensign staff tell ethics panel inquiry that lobbying rule-breaking was known

Will totalitarianism make a comeback? io9 asked Zbigniew Brzezinski.

So McChrystal worked to spread a lie re: Pat Tillman's death,

ANOTHER Republican defends BP: says Obama "arrogant" for asking for escrow fund!

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day six

Quote of the day

It's Alive: Can Elena Kagan save the legal left?

2 Englewood women charged with harming sea turtle nest

If you are watching the World Cup on your computer.. Devuvuzelator ..

Kearney (NE) Hub: Now Fremont must figure out way to enforce ban

Salazar will hand down an order

Salazar will hand down an order

Wtf is a McChrystal anyway?

New book makes the case for our living Constitution and obliterates originalism

General McKurtz has got to go

Poor taste in advertising award goes too...

McChrystal's Future in Balance - CBS - "I gave him the article last night, and he was angry," Gibbs

If I had to guess, I'd say Lieutenant General David M. Rodriguez

Agai' dika (Lemhi Shoshone) Gathering

Latest 'stuff' I've heard on the street

Obama Admin Knew About Deepwater Horizon 35,000 Feet Well Bore, Green-Lighted And Jesus Interrupted. Revealing the Hidden Contradiction of the Bible

Should President Obama Fire General McChrystal?

Realistically speaking, what could Kerry have done in 2004.

British austerity humor: sounds familiar

Rich get richer, but don't you DARE call it "class warfare"

Shocker: Judge Who Blocked Drilling Moratorium Has Massive Holdings in Energy Companies

Public fury over power outages poses test for Iraq

Congress: Pentagon ignored payments to warlords

As long as we're getting rid of McChrystal, why don't we end the war with him?

As long as we're getting rid of McChrystal, why don't we end the war with him?

How 'Rolling Stone' Got Into McChrystal's Inner Circle

How 'Rolling Stone' Got Into McChrystal's Inner Circle

General McChrystal's PR staff outnumbers State Department

Do you support a living or a dead Constitution?

I would hate to be on the next flight after the checks...or any thereafter.

Woo Hoo! Elaine Marshall Won on her OWN the Dem Nomination for NC Senatator against the Repug!

Woo Hoo! Elaine Marshall Won on her OWN the Dem Nomination for NC Senatator against the Repug!

General Faces Unease Among His Own Troops, Too

Military suicides remain high, especially among reservists

Now they want to tell...

1980s Time Warp: The Time Is Right, Again, for DoD Reform

Judge Feldman sits on FISA court, and jokes about friendship with Scalia

Pics from the march that opened the US Social Forum in Detroit today (pic heavy)

Join June 23rd Actions to Demand Aid for the Unemployed…and Jobs

Join June 23rd Actions to Demand Aid for the Unemployed…and Jobs

Gates must be wearing beer goggles

Hoyer: Middle-class tax cuts may be on chopping block

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - The New Epidemic In The Military

CNN RW meme: Cut the general some slack

93L and friends - system looking strong

House to Vote on Subpoena Power for Spill Investigators

2 US Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Very late Father's Day story...

Be nice...

The skinny, smart kid. The one they called a sissy on the playground.

Jack Jacobs on MJ: "[McChrystal] was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome with the RS reporter

Teabaggers roughly twice as likely to have negative attitudes about African-Americans and immigrants

David Viiter's adviser on women's issues attacked girlfriend

Will the GOP take the House or Senate later this year?

Blaming immigrant workers for our economic catastrophe is like blaming shrimpers for the BP oil spil

Why does the right wing promote racism?

Juan Cole: McChrystal Drama is Sideshow; Can Obama define a realistic Goal?

"Foreign vessels offering help have been turned away"... FALSE

Should the US have invaded and occupied Afghanistan?

10:00 this morning. Examining the Filibuster: Silent Filibusters, Holds and the Senate Confirmation

McChrystal denies offering to resign

Most Trusted Name in News? CNN political analysts Hilary Rosen, Alex Castellanos tied to BP oil

Brit Hume: "No one over the age of four would speak on the record to Rolling Stone"

Keith has a special commentary

Radio satirists known for sending up politicians are fired

Radio satirists known for sending up politicians are fired

Gonna get away from oil, go solar, get away from BP? Maybe not...

Civilian Control Of The Military=Democracy

No Afghanistan = No McCrystal

McChrystal Should Not Resign, Obama Should Not fire Him

DUers, if you get a chance check out Ed Schultz on CSPAN WJ.

Cracks Found in Boeing 767 Engine Pylons

Pssssssssst are you watching

Are Napolitano's Mass Spying Powers a Greater Threat to Civil Liberties Than Under Bush?

chuck todd tells us that President Obama is getting conflicting advice re: mcchrystal

Sigh: It's just fiction:: Shrub awaiting trial at The Hague. "CLINTON got impeached, not me."

MSNBC: There's a "media blackout" in Afghanistan, with troops told not to talk to reporters

Horrific close-up of oil soaked wave washing ashore

Do you believe the American Medical Association's agenda is good for you?

BP ROV watch - they have taken the cap off the BOP!

Limbaugh Jokes That Hungry Children Should Dumpster Dive

Should Feldman be impeached by the House for his conflict of interest and his failure to recuse.

CNN says 5 minutes to know what happened to McShitzle. Mr. President is supposed to fill us in on

Take the toys out of the Happy Meals or face a lawsuit

How Do You Seriously Apologize For Something.......

Very late Father's Day story...

EPA Reverses Controversial ‘Human Guinea Pig’ Rule

Airline sales pitch: 'Check out the oil on our beaches'

The Oil Drum: Entering the Old Well, Jimmy Carter and Missed Opportunity, &c.

Militant’s Path From Pakistan to Times Square

Someone is hiking the "Applachian Trail" again....

How the Obama McChrystal meeting MAY have gone:

AP: Vitter Aide Who Assaulted Girlfriend Resigns

"I may be a 4-star general & you may be a reporter for some hippie mag-but I feel I can trust you"

** heads up ** hearing on "secret holds" has started. Watch it here >

Educated, older immigrants prefer Canada; uneducated immigrants prefer the U.S.

Coca-Cola starts advertising on Glenn Beck's show, blocks @StopBeck on Twitter

Why we should worry about the Tea Baggers getting into office.

U.S. vehicle CO2 emissions still almost double Europe and Japan

McChrystal leaves WH without attending strategy session?

"No one is saying that what McChrystal said wasn't true, not even the Administration"

Looks like Joe Barton's Energy Committee seat is safe

The person in this video is alleging Obama was a CIA operative and helped the Mujahadeen and used

I just saw The Big Dawg on ESPN. He's in Pretoria at the US FIFA match, and looked pretty

In honor of Kathleen Parker's new CNN show...

Oh, how the stupid burns!

One Nation Indivisible - Secularist billboards in North Carolina

Neocons are SERIOUSLY freaked about the McChrystal story

So it's McChrystallnacht...

Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker to Host 8PM Show on CNN

By the reactions, you can tell who consistently reads Rolling Stone and who doesn't...

Open Left: McChrystal's Lesson: Trampling the Constitution OK, Using Mean Words,Is Not

Winston Churchill's cigar airbrushed from picture!

PD CEO Guest Columnist: You low-paid slobs need to "COMPETE"!!

Sales of U.S. New Homes Plunge to Lowest Level on Record as Credit Expires

The Dead Hand of Ronald Reagan Rises from the Gulf - By Dave Lindorff

The goodie bag from hell at the SF Zoo

So why didn't Salazar initially prepare his case for moratorium as though

The most amazing part of the McFail story is the amount of coverage

Spill cleanup workers face labor-camp conditions

Spill cleanup workers face labor-camp conditions

Really Denver PD? 12 cars?

GOP oilman leading tonight in Calif. state Senate special primary election

Barton will keep top GOP spot on Energy and Commerce panel

Predictions on McChrystal's fate?

Predicting an end to Roe v. Wade

does anyone know a good website for info about immigrating to Canada? eom

not enough workers to repair booms, etc.

As BP Works Through Backlog, Cleanup Worker Illness Stats Triple Since Prior Report

CDC advises “Everyone, including pregnant women” to avoid areas affected by spill;

Town Halls support needed for Medicare and Social Security - The fight is just beginning!

***McChrystal's meeting with Obama is over.***


Oil well is now shooting like a rocket

Fuck Barry!

here is some more on oily rain

Just figured out how to win in Afghanistan...

Just figured out how to win in Afghanistan...

C'mon USA!

Blue Dog Jim Matheson defeats liberal in Utah, bolstered by President Obama

Dire scenario: McCrystal is replaced, new guy abandons COIN strategy.

Glenn Beck Producer Goes After The Weekly Standard. 'A Hit Piece Barely Worthy of Media Matters'

BREAKING NEWS: Images from BP well suggest dramatic increase in oil flow; watch live stream here

nuke plant to get a $70,000 fine for violations

nuke plant to get a $70,000 fine for violations

Self Delete Dupe nt

Should Christopher Hitchens apologize to Iraqis (and U.S. peace marchers)?

Insult To Injury: Hatch (R-Asshole) Wants Unemployed Drug Tested To Get Benefits

Karl Rove's puny haul

Karl Rove's puny haul

Self delete...topic already posted here.

BIG ED! Just Now on C-Span: "Obama has done more for small business than any President in History"

Any medical people here? (questions about death)

bad news for the homeless vet

President at 1:30 Rose Garden

News Alert: Obama plans to make remarks about McChrystal soon

DoD News Briefing (6-25-08) with Col. Charlie Flynn (now Chief of Staff for a General in trouble)

Bin Laden hunter might have been shaved for security reasons

Enterprise temporarily halts production (Cap removed)

A few words you should hear from the newly elected President of the UAW and those who

Baby deer born seconds AFTER her mother was killed by car miraculously survives

If you are a Leftist, why are you one?

Lawrence Taylor Officially Charged with Rape

Book Review: 'The Overton Window' by Glenn Beck

Lawrence Taylor Officially Charged with Rape

Lawrence Taylor Officially Charged with Rape

Book Review: 'The Overton Window' by Glenn Beck



After listening to many comments this morning on the radio and tv,

Boy those corporate media pissants just HAVE top get their "scoop" don't they?

Let me tell you a little story relevant to the McChrystal situation.

Petraeus to Replace McChrystal, breaking, m$nbc. nt

Generals who live in glass houses should not talk to Rolling Stone..


Too Funny: Newt Gingrich's working seminar gives attendees free tickets

Top U.S. civil rights leaders accuse Beck of hijacking Dr. King's legacy, plan 8/28 counter-rally

Eliot Spitzer, Kathleen Parker to Co-Host New CNN Debate Show

Source: Petraeus chosen to succeed McChrystal (AP update)

Readying tea leaves

5th Set of men's match at Wimbledon -score at 37 -37!

I am more interested in the Fed meeting today than I am about what happens to McChrystal

Official Thread , Obama to Address McChrystal situation LINK to live video

Obama on now n/t

McChrystal interviewed on FoxSnooze in 10-9-8-7-

San Francisco board passes ban on outdoor seating at resturants ,bars.

All Government contracts should only go to Union shops. Everything from highway construction

Teixiera to Republicans: Change (leftward) or Die

Teixiera to Republicans: Change (leftward) or Die

Some thoughts on "term limits"

French cannibal ate cellmate's lung in 'cry for help'

Change in personnel, not policy

Jeff Masters: 93L likely to become Tropical Storm (or Hurricane) Alex; landfall on north Gulf coast


Limbaugh Is Now Too Oily For Republicans To Touch

Republicon Homelanders: 'BP, we're sorry you're having to endure shakedowns and suicides...'

Minimum Wage

Big Mac toon >>

Arizona Restaurant Serves Up Endangered Species Burger (Lion!)

Can someone familiar with the military tell me if you can be "fired" honorably?

Tell me again how soccer's boring

Something has knocked BP off the front pages of the MSM.

We're in Afghanistan & Iraq because of 9-11...right?

Flaw found in Sarah Palin's prayer plan


House Democrats Propose $7 Billion Budget Cut

beyond explanation 41% of America believes in the near return of Jesus Christ

Oil Spill Poses Risk to Gulf Power Plants ...

A good Idea...Oil Gusher/BP Related (With a Bit'o Saecastic humor tossed in.

Trying to stay sane


Today President Obama exercised Trumanesque leadership

Fox TV affiliates distance themselves from Fox News Channel

Interesting Aftermath Contrast - McChrystal vs Helen Thomas

If you don't want $36 Billion of taxpayer money going to nuclear power loans...

A license to witch-hunt

Second man pleads guilty in church fire

Second man pleads guilty in church fire

Raise Taxes on everyone or cut back on defense spending

Chicago Sun-Times: CTA layoffs derail lives

How do you process typos?

Dont Let the McChrystal Frenzy Obscure the Dirty Truth About Afghanistan

The Wall Street Casino, always looking for new items to place a wager on......

Bill Clinton to U.S. soccer team: "You are amazing!"

one reason gender socialization annoys me

Stop! Laughing. So Hard. Side Hurts. Cramps

Video of Obama's press conference this morning?

Garry Wills: McChrystal Does Not Matter. He was sent on a fool's errand.

US advanced at the top of it's group to the next phase world cup

Has the President just selected his 2012 opponent?

Limping man surprised to discover gunshot wound

Some one explain why this thread was locked...

Statement by General Stanley McChrystal

What happen to the General's staff

POTUS on c-span now, re: McChrystal.

David Petraeus is the right choice

If you felt the quake, go to this link:

Rick sanchez..

Soothe Bond Market by Challenging Powerful, Not Gutting Social Security

McClatchy: Would Blue Dogs try to oust Pelosi as Speaker?

Fed decides to leave interest rates unchanged.... again

Massey Sues Mine Safety Regulator For Allegedly Violating Its Constitutional Rights

China Youths Flee Internet Addiction Boot Camp

I'd very much like to hear people's thoughts on Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: you create

"To discuss these developments in Afghanistan we have Fox News Military Analyst Gen. McChrystal"

Steinbeck archive auction...estimated at $200-$250K...brings in $73K

Earthquake tsunami warning.

My husbands WONDERFUL new health plan and how it may cost ME my job!

Oxygen levels down in Gulf of Mexico oil plumes, dropping 1 to 2 percent per day

Oxygen levels down in Gulf of Mexico oil plumes, dropping 1 to 2 percent per day

I'm over the McChrystal/Patraeus drama - what I want to know is will the mission be

Reporter to Obama: Can the Afghanistan War be won? See his answer here

Reporter to Obama: Can the Afghanistan War be won? See his answer here

Question for whoever claims Petraeus is a good pick for McChrystal's position

Why you CANNOT demote a General Officer

Were McChrystal's comments a mere flub, mistake or deliberate? He may run for President in 2012

If you were president, how long would it take you to end the war in Afghanistan?

SHOCKING! Fox "News" poll results...70% responding think McChrystal "should have been forgiven"

Afghanistan is lost, counterinsurgency (COIN) has failed

Afghanistan is lost, counterinsurgency (COIN) has failed

Barton's Apology to BP Opens Door for Opponent

Dems Give Up on GOP, Deal With K Street Instead on (Unemployment) Extenders Bill

Food prices vs nutrition

We are not at war

Should states require a DNA test before listing someone as the father on a birth certificate?

New Oil Spill Info From Maddowblog...And It Ain't Good

McCain on msnbc...

Do you like something that President Obama did?

If you were a billionaire, would you run for office?

"We aplogize for America's World Cup victory." - Republicon Homelanders

Judge who got criticized by Chavez leaves country after getting death threats from Chavez supporters

The Rude Pundit - In Brief ...

The Rude Pundit - In Brief ...

Are two options in polls enough options?

Do you agree with President Obama's actions?

Mandatory Contraception (Poll)

Hurricanes and the Oil Spill - NOAA’s Oil Spill Response

How the hell did it get so polarized? (NOT DU but people in general)

The Oil Industry's Go-To Judge Comes Through

Gen Patreus says he is unable to visualize how the Afghan war will end?

Alan Grayson:The McChrystal Moment: Swords or Plowshares

Sometimes just one incident can negate everything else

Dems: We’re not bound by president’s tax vow

Soccer's Boring, but, compared to Rugby, it's constant excitement.

This phrase is, unfortunately going to become repetitive this

MSNBC just announced that Obama relieved McChrystal of his command.


The Jobs No One Wants

Washington Governor Defends HCR, fights own AG in lawsuit

Republican Campaign Slogan: "Screw You Voters, We Care More About BP"

Vandals leave note on handicapped vet's car - "too mobile"

When the President is talking about civilian control...

Only a fool would continue the Afghanistan "mission"

To Selma then we came. Come CAPTION Head Wreck as he stands against the oppressor!!!

To Selma then we came. Come CAPTION Head Wreck as he stands against the oppressor!!!

"My mind's not right" Please come CAPTION Head Wreck at the shrink!!!

"My mind's not right" Please come CAPTION Head Wreck at the shrink!!!

The Cost of Torture on Returning Vets

"We Shall Overdumb!" Please come CAPTION Head Wreck, champion of drivel rights!!!!!

Fox host: Being president is ‘just like’ my job

I would be forever grateful if The New Boss replaced The Old Boss with this order to the troops:

U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study

Petraeus, really? That guy?

Merkel Tells Obama Spending Cuts to Boost Economy, Not Put Brake on Growth

Does the New Right Represent the End of Civilized Debate?

SC "big win for the Tea Party-style right and a defeat for GOP moderation"

Absence of sunspots make scientists wonder


Keith Olbermann Responds To Spitzer & Parker: 'Best Of Luck'

it's getting worse:Problem With Cap Causes More Oil to Gush in Gulf

Is McChrystal still in the military?

If you haven't noticed, the right wing defenders of McChrystal all call him a "warrior".

Single Asian Carp Found 6 Miles From Lake Michigan (first found beyond electronic barriers)

Oh McCrystal and insubordination

Be sure to let the Catfood Commission know that you do not want Social Security dismantled

Just Spit Coffee On My Laptop...

New drilling agency head to form internal investigations unit

Anyone on the east coast just have an earthquake?

Pentagon to Re-Build Data-Base on People "of Interest"

Pentagon to Re-Build Data-Base on People "of Interest"

What would you do?

BP Blocks Attempt to Save Endangered Sea Turtles from Oil Spill

CNN cheering General Petraeus.appointment! More killing of civilians good...

Corporate Anarchy

"Deepwater Horizon commission gets executive director, subpoena power"

Four BP-style extreme energy nightmares to come

I didn't hear any Stanley Can nooze until late afternoon. Now all I hear is "Dave" Petraeus this . .

House votes to give subpoena power to oil spill commission

Before former General Stan went to visit the prez, he met with insurance gangsters.

"You were right"... I wish media and politicans had the courage to acknowledge it

Former Bushbot, Fran Townsend, sez she thought GenStan would survive - on CNN spot

Two Americas By Brad Friedman on 6/23/2010 1:24PM

Oh god.....

Viacom Loses To YouTube In Landmark Copyright Case - HuffPo

Just how ugly is the GOP?

Pelosi Statement on House Passage of Legislation Providing Oil Spill Commission with Subpoena

RIP Edith Shaine. You were one of the iconic women of your generation.

A cap is being moved in place at the gusher.

Housing Crash Redux?

The Corporate Snakes In The Supreme Court Grass

The McChrystal Moment: Swords or Plowshares

Ship Captain’s Death (Gulf) Likely a Suicide - FDL

Whew! Just got home after the Ottawa earthquake

Jeb Bush is as crazy as his brother George

Toles strikes again.

German Millionaires Volunteer To Pay 10% More in Taxes

I still hope that many of our Dire Predictions won't come true..but I wouldn't Bet on It...for sure

Beck Caller: Oil Worker - Resist Moratorium 40 Men, 75 Weapons, 100,000 Rounds

Americans United Urges Senate Panel To Question Kagan On Church-State Views

Looking for an article: Human extinction in 100 years...

I just want to cry. Obama is still committed to the "mission" in Afghanistan. nt

Another R caught lying and of course he poo-poos it.

Cleaning animals?

Reagans Dead Hand Rises in the Gulf: The Oil Industry's Go-To Judge Comes Through

Mike Huckabee says gay people are 'icky', but he'd be pro-gay if forced to have sex w/ Nancy Pelosi

BP struck a vein of mustard?

Has anyone ever order a course from The Teaching Company...

Video: ‘Literally raining oil’ in River Ridge, Louisiana

Elizabeth Warren Takes on Geithner re: Foreclosure Crisis

Maybe we oughta sit and chat about what it means to be a leftist

I’m glad that McChrystal is out, but with Petraeus in I don't expect for the war to change.

Don't let the McChrystal frenzy obscure the dirty truth about Afghanistan

Let's make our predictions on McChrystal!

Trading Tweety for John King on CNN during 7pm hour

'When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one'

BREAKING: NBC News says sources state Obama has relieved McChrystal of his command.


Hunting the lion burger butcher


Methane in Gulf of Mexico ‘astonishingly high’ – Nearly a million times above background levels

Tucker Carlson is an insufferable little piece of #!&*

Oh, by the way....MSM how's it feel to be beat by Rolling Stone - har de har har

People Are Fucking Stupid

Assuming the federal government didn't maximize its response to the spill...

Governor Haley Barbour: A New Level of Stupid

What "Less Government" Really Means

Gay Magazine Outs Antigay Lutheran Pastor

The rise of hugely insufferable women, By Mark Morford

Military Madness

Today I go to honor a hero

Obama, Clinton pledge to defend gay rights

Sullivan's Island SC proposes ordinance making it illegal to sing on the street

CNN Hires Eliot Spitzer, Kathleen Parker to Host Show

Owners get approval for demolition of historic Moulin Rouge casino in Las Vegas (first desegregated)

Jesus will return by 2050, say 40pc of Americans - Telegraph, UK

So, You Think You Can Download? New Guide Shows Threat to the Internet, What You Can Do About It

McChrystal: "We've shot an amazing number of people,"

The progressive movement is over…?

Dylan Ratigan has completely jumped the shark.

General Wes Clark will be on CNN with Blitzer, shortly.

What is it about Jon Stewart, KO or RM that gets people so giddy?

I am SICK to death of the Mods on this site

Private E2 Stanley A. McChrystal

So McChrystal is a Cheney hack

Spec ops officers shocked by McChrystal comments


Teach for America: costly turnover, little student improvement, perform below certified teachers

Heads up at the state level--are you going to get your very own Catfood Commission?

Have you heard about this: Petraeus for President (2012)?

Ode to Ms Bachmann

Free Speech TV launched on Directv Today

TX GOP platform: outlaw oral & anal sex, undermine science, ostracize immigrants

It is even more depressing when an intelligent Pres. delivers pure propaganda

Are anchovies Kosher? (Little Jackie gets a post prison gig at an unlikely place)

USA will play Ghana

USA will play Ghana

Two people helping with Gulf response died

The "rest of the story" that everyone seems to be missiing:

I have a question... RE: Spanish & English

When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains

When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains

'Oldest' images of Christ's apostles found in Rome

Joe Barton, the gift to Democrats that keeps on giving...

A Colossal Fracking Mess - The dirty truth about new gas drilling

A Colossal Fracking Mess - The dirty truth about new gas drilling

Visiting Chinese scholars shocked by low American living standards

Progressive challenger defeats DC establishment in NC

"Who Needs High School or College When You Can Listen to Rush Limbaugh"

Mr Fish

So this lady in Englewood, FL that disturbed the turtle nest has a reputation as a....

Disgraced Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Working In Baltimore Pizza Shop


You know...the smartest guy isn't always making the decisions.

New York Dem Insurgency To Protect Wall Street Fizzles

Maywood to lay off all city employees, dismantle Police Department

American Psychosis. What happens to a society that cannot distinguish

U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study

Oil Slick in the Florida Keys

I'm starting to think Americans should watch more soccer.

Disagree with me. Go ahead, Feel free. Really, it won't bother

Disagree with me. Go ahead, Feel free. Really, it won't bother

Now its Obama's war and no one else's

FCC OKs AT&T buy of assets from Verizon

Can I ask for the return of our Memorial Wall? Nostjami, Kephra, Andy and Sapphire Blue

Let's talk about Adrian Lamo, the guy who outed the WikiLeaks leaker, Bradley Manning

Let's talk about Adrian Lamo, the guy who outed the WikiLeaks leaker, Bradley Manning

Obama restates limited goals for Afghanistan victory.

Please Remove Your Shoes - New Movie Picks Apart the Transportation Security Administration

Grayson With Ratigan: Best Interview Ever

Day 64 of the Crusher Gusher. Depression reigns here.

An opportunity for justice in Savannah, GA (re: Troy Davis Case)

••• Praiseworthy job skills that can hurt your career - this is not a joke •••

This Guy?!?!

America Can't Solve Crises Because It's a Company-Owned Town

In Law Schools, Grades Go Up, Just Like That

Ravitch criticized the education plans to top-level Obama officials. They told her she was wrong.

Will BP be Fox News' tipping point?

May 2009: Seymour Hersh - McChrystal Was Cheney's Chief Assassin; Camp Nama

Can someone explain to me in simple terms why McCrystal was fired?

Reporter: "Can the war be won?".....Obama: Silence.

Reporter: "Can the war be won?".....Obama: Silence.

Anyone think Kerry should step up to run again in 2012?

Mexico joins Arizona immigration lawsuit

The future of the Gulf?

BP Now Asking Lousiana Police To Pull Over Activists?

Too many laws. Too many cops.

Are you disappointed in president Obama?

Do you approve of President Obama's job performance?

beyond explanation 41% of America believes in the near return of Jesus Christ

Put your ideology where your mouth is: 2 weeks ago I gave up driving and donated my car to charity

What Would A Corporatist Do?

Hitler got special treatment in jail, papers show

Happy Summer Solstice

Watch the BP ROV Under Sea Cams...Thread #29

Stay With Me Tonight

Stay A Little While, Child

Back And Forth

She's Strange


Bachelor Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi split

I'm not naming names, but...

I AM naming names, and........ITS YOU

Who gonna win the NC primary run-off?

Guess the Theme Songs


Drunk again, after....I don't know, quite some time so how is everyone tonight?

User interface suggestion for DU

Gorn To Be Wild

Are his Gornads hanging out?

Are his Gornads hanging out?

For the record, I did not produce this animation...

Waddy Wachtel Band w/ former Raider Keith Allison, "Just Like Me," live 9-15-08

Les Dudek, "Old Judge Jones," live at Carson City, June 2008

She's Like Candy

Wow! Talk about the fish that got away...

oh child

Did Missing Persons do Lady GaGa before Lady Gaga did Lady Gaga?

Poll question: Best porn movie of all time

Some light entertainment!

I'm Gornholio!

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - "Rattlesnake Shake," live in Helsinki, 09-14-69

A good mood song

Anybody know the rule, "going up 100 ft in altitude is the same as going 300 miles north?"


I remember the eighties, and it was lots of fun for all!!!

The Lounge needs a good McLovin thread, just to keep up

I wonder if anyone has bootleg recordings of songs the Beatles sang at the


The Lounge needs a good McCrystal thread, just to keep up.

I like posting in the Lounge, it's much more relaxing than posting in LBN

What's the point in compulsory mathematics in public schools?

News report shows that children truly prefer product associated with cartoon characters.

Anyone see the movie "London to Brighton"?

PSA: Get the root canal before you get the crown.

Spencer Pratt's Dad 'Wishes He Had Worn A Condom'

"The Jerk Store Called" Tell us a DU zinger that you didn't think of until too late.

Most annoying Insurance company ad

How? How is this even remotely possible?

If you felt the quake, go to this link:

How I know we are meat eaters...

Dupe - Sorry

Anybody else having problems with SSO?

Rachel Ray really like the Beavers...


What's your favorite crossword puzzle word?

So I call my wife, all excited

Seriously - fuck Barry!!!

Let's go smoke some pot!!!!!

Since I cannot refer to him as "Barry" I will now refer to him as

USA-Algeria World Cup match thread

Fuck Barry!

Today I had my first one-on-one Yoga class…

How do you process typos?

"Tip of My Tongue" - The Tubes/Maurice White/Earth Wind & Fire Horns

San Francisco board passes ban on outdoor seating at resturants ,bars.

Autolux- Blanket

******** Braking HARD! *****

True Blood fans: Season 3 spoilers!

Jill Biden to make cameo appearance on Lifetime network's 'Army Wives'

How many more messages do I have to post before I'm eligible for the free submarine sandwich?

Broadcast- Pendulum

Just Spit Coffee On My Laptop...

$3,600 found on highway returned to Pa. newlyweds : would you return it?

Summer Breeze

People need to stop sending me this stuff at the office - they already think I'm insane

I am just glad I didnt give up last week......

People who lock their dogs in the car in this heat should be shot in the head....

Best title for a porn movie.

What would you get if you crossed Michael Dorn with a Gorn?

Folks in the UK - what is a "chav"?

Earthquake! Yeah, we have 'em too

Those of you younger than, I guess about 35, did you know that

I'm About to Become A Grandma!

Come Blow Your Gorn

Good news, everyone! Futurama returns tomorrow!

HBO's "Treme" - A Wonderful Love Story to Musicians

George Carlin died two years ago today...

Do Americans cook their bacon until it is brittle

Question for iPhone users

Any hunters or naturalists here?

NJ man sentenced for having Navy cannon

Let's count our blessings

°º¤øº¤ø ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨...¨°º¤øº¤ø „¸¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤øº¤ø ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨ ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤øø ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨ø

FB users; one simple click can really help out a 97 year old artist!

Tennis History - Right Now

Dear Oregone, I am sorry I put you on IGNORE

What Is Your Favorite AIRLINE?

1 space or two spaces after ending a sentence?

Seriously- can we see a painful death to the Gladiator Shoe fashion

What TV should I buy for my bedroom?

Central Ohio quake/tremor?

A question about long hair

Have you ever ran a red light while fixated on someone attractive?...

Has anyone had Gornarrhea??

How do I re-establish a snake population in my Carolina Piedmont yard?

Very new poem: The Promise

Not just oil: Methane gas may cause 'dead zones' in Gulf

Lawmakers: Pentagon ignored payments to warlords

Exiled police major gives deposition on Colombian militia

Appeals court opposes release of Hutaree militia members

Portland (Maine) rejects medical marijuana moratorium

Alleged drug lord Coke captured in Jamaica: police

Afghan politicians rally around Gen. McChrystal

Public servants(Cdn) under foreign influence: CSIS

Infrastructure Spending Needed to Overcome 'Massive Deficit': CEO Lutnick

Two Dead in Confrontation in Oaxaca, Near Site of Canadian Mine

Two Dead in Confrontation in Oaxaca, Near Site of Canadian Mine

Gulf Prepares for Possible Blackouts

Mexico files court brief against Arizona immigration law

Son of one-time segregationist loses to black Republican

Elaine Marshall wins Dem Senate nomination in NC

Shuttle swan song delayed to 2011

Iran to send blockade-busting ship to Gaza

Haley, Scott win SC runoff for GOP nominations

Radio satirists known for sending up politicians are fired

Financial Reform Conference: Auto Dealers Beat Obama, Win Exemption From Consumer Protection Agency

Energy agency says BP oil spill was avoidable

Ruling Is Upheld on Release of Data on Police Shootings

World's richest shake off crisis blues

Germany Takes Stand against Patents on Plants and Animals

Turkey. Bus bombing kills five in Istanbul

French cannibal ate cellmate's lung in 'cry for help'

Salazar seeks to reimpose drilling moratorium

Hiring plans of US CEOs at 3-year high

Trust Private Sector to Create Jobs: RNC Chairman

Iran Says It Triples Stockpile of 20 Percent-Enriched Uranium

World Drug Report 2010: drug use is shifting towards new drugs and new markets

(Sen. David) Vitter Aide Resigns After ABC News Disclosures About Past

San Francisco board passes cell phone emission law


UK health system is top on 'efficiency', says report

Obama has relieved General McChrystal of command

Inmates Get Homebuyer Tax Credits: Gov't Report

More oil gushing into Gulf after problem with cap

Women's bodies 'choosy' about sperm: Australian study

McChrystal relieved of duty

USA vs Algeria (Can't post the exact title without giving away Spoilers)

Bin Laden hunter is released, returns to U.S.

Breaking News: Earthquake felt in Toronto

UPDATE 2-US to issue more flexible oil drilling moratorium

Grand jury indicts Taylor

Spill video shows sudden surge in oil

5.5 Ontario/Quebec region

Maywood (CA) to lay off all city employees, dismantle Police Department

Joe Barton privately apologizes to GOPers for BP mess

Federal judge of 40 years dies (Duluth, MN -- labor and civil rights work)

Sarkozy summons ministers to discuss World Cup debacle

Key meeting begins without McChrystal

Obama to make press statement about McChrystal, scheduled for 130pm ET

Accident triggers removal of containment cap on oil geyser

Smart grid cyber security to become multibillion-dollar industry

Eliot Spitzer & Kathleen Parker: We're Not Doing Another 'Crossfire' On CNN, We're 'The Conversation

US advances at World Cup with 1-0 win

Man arrested on explosives charge ahead of G-20

House resolution on Sestak-Romanoff job offers fails at Judiciary

Southwest to get 1,000 more Border Patrol agents

Nurse in V-J Day kiss photo dies

Feinberg to quit pay czar post to focus on BP fund

(12,000) Nurses, hospitals agree to return to bargaining table Thursday

Soros Says the Euro is a Flawed Construct

'Joe Barton was right,' Joe Barton tweets

Senate Democrats struggle to revive jobless aid

Voters to decide on California global warming law

Bid to suspend California Global Warming Law Qualifies for November Ballot

Sources tell NBC that President Obama has relieved Gen. McChrystal of command

Pennsylvania poll shows deadlocked Senate race

UN says poor nations on track to cut poverty

Arizona governor gets NRA endorsement

Lesbian Teen At Center Of Prom Flap To Meet Obama

Gulf oil spill: Boat captain, despondent over spill, commits suicide

Elliot Spitzer Gets Primetime CNN Show

Sales of new homes in May plunge 33 percent

(Chicago Mayor) Daley urges Wal-Mart to raise minimum wage

Salazar: MMS 'is no more'

Source: Alleged bin Laden hunter released by Pakistan

More oil gushing into Gulf after problem with cap

Christian group slams Obama salute to gay dads

Andhra gives nod for India's first BPO in jail

Andhra gives nod for India's first BPO in jail

IRS Audits Block 10% of First-Time Homebuyer Credits

Pa. jury: City can't evict scouts for no-gays rule

Magnitude 5.5 quake moved the ground in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and several U.S. states

Bork: Kagan is 'immature,' inexperienced

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 23

U.P.: EPA is destroying records

AP: Gen. Petreaus to Succeed McChrystal

(BART police shooting case) Mehserle lawyer, Grant's friend clash in court

Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick indicted by feds on 19 mail fraud, tax counts

Whaling 'peace deal' falls apart

Nurse in V-J Day kiss photo dies

GOP sorry for 'chicken shack' quip about Ohio gov

Netflix Backs U.S. Postal Service Saturday Delivery Cut

Julia Gillard becomes Australia's first female PM

"Rolling Stan"

******** Braking HARD! *****

I'm outraged!

Is there a full moon or something tonight? Just a rather odd assortment of OPs.


Photos: Gadfly (The Obama Presidency, Day 519)

Gen. McChrystal is Woven Into Obama's Afghanistan Strategy

McChrystal Imbroglio Could Strengthen Anti-War Headwinds

WWE fires Bret Hart over real life lawsuit from Owen Hart's widow?

"Its going to take 3 years to get the country to the point we can accomplish anything"

The same people who wanted Petraeus fired for criticizing Israeli policies...

McChrystal Should be Charged With A Crime...

Well-Meaning Infidels

Isn't it great to have a president who is going to hear his side of the story before deciding!!!

It's a good thing that President Obama isn't running the country based on rants

He should have been more professional

Wrestler's widow suing WWE, Conn. Senate candidate

I Hate Fascism; The Last President Who "Agreed" With Me...

U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study

Do you think McChrystal should or should not be let go (either by firing or resignation) tomorrow?

US vehicle runs over family in Ninewa (Iraq)

Senator Vitter's Trusted Aide (on women's issues) Drove Drunk, Attacked Girlfriend, Still On the Job

Big Eddie is on C-Span, here :)

Judge who nixed drilling ban has oil investments (AP)

Yeah, That's What I Thought Skinner.....

Regarding McChrystal: Obama is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

Public Policy Poll (PPP) NC Senate: Marshall has strong chance against Burr

What will be the reaction tomorrow if Obama keeps McChrystal on?

On Monday Night, McChrystal Called Biden To Apologize

I believe McChrystal will stay, and Obama'a ratings will go up.

Top Republican: Barton's Seat On Energy Committee Is Safe

"White House asks for possible McChrystal replacements"

DEVELOPING: President Obama is expected to make remarks on Gen. McChrystal at 11:35 a.m.

Hilda Solis on the new Patient’s Bill of Rights

Is McChrystal Trying To Get Fired?

Jebbie Bush now criticizing Obama

Clive Crook: McChrystal and Obama

Obama, McChrystal Conclude Oval Office Talk (McChrystal departed ahead of a war strategy session)

Watch the fate of McChrystal, here:

Joe Barton Apparently Sticks by His Initial Apology

Forty minutes til we know about McChrystal

McChrystal wore his dress uniform, not his combat fatigues


"McChrystal to Administration Official: 'I've Compromised the Mission'"

Why should the average American care about the political theater of 'Obama vs. McChrystal'?

BREAKING-Obama to make statement in Rose Garden at 1:30pm ET

I have a Question

You have to love the fickle nature of Rasmussen's Polling

This is a big F*&king Deal

Why the President would be well advised to can McChrystal IMHO

Internet polls from MSNBC/CNN show overwhelming support for Mcchrystal-Firing him=bad politics

Breaking: McChrystal is toast, Petraeus in?

Up next? Rep Barton to apologize to McChrystal. nt

The Media Still Pretending That Health Care Reform Is Not Popular (updated)

Watching Faux news just to hear their spin - GUESS whose fault the McChyrstal debacle is?

You can always tell when POTUS has made a smart decision....

Could this Gen. Meth McCrystal's diarrhea of the mouth been a "set up"?

Judge leaves Colombia after receiving death threats

IMO the President should had chewed out McChrystal but kept him on.

Heads up - LIEberman, McCain and Graham are going to be holding a presser soon.

McChrystal firing allows Obama to reassert leadership at critical moment

Kerry On President Obama’s Decision On Afghan War Command

Who here thinks Obama should double down and accept McChristal's apology.

I Stand With The President On Firing McChrystal

ED Schultz: "The President has relieved General McChrystal of his command."

the MSM has exhausted me!

Anyone listening to Bill Press show: McChrystal will STAY put

White House Cancellation Frustrates Backers of Senate Climate Bill

Media Praise Obama's 'Brilliant' Handling of McChrystal Controversy (VIDEO)

"Firm action of a self-confident hand-on executive"

Vitter Adviser on Women's Issues Attacked Girlfriend

"How Republicans Would Govern"

Even FoxNews couldn't fault Obama today (from the short peek I took at the network)

Notice a pattern?

We are all witnessing a slow but sure MURDER!

GOP’s Fanaticism About Repealing Health Reform Will Secure Their Place In History’s Dustbin

McChrystal Out; Petraeus In

Lieberman seems too giddy about Petraeus taking over. We should be worried

Side Message to Afghan Government - stop fucking around.

MSM's breathless coverage of "McChrystalgate" the last two days demonstrates their hypocrisy

McCrystal runs a lot of miles everyday and only eats once a day

Rand Paul has long history of controversial views

What makes me a Progressive and a Liberal?

National Review: "Obama's Home Run"

Everyone chill the fuck out.

"Stanley McChrystal never really had a chance"

"Stanley McChrystal never really had a chance"

A friend of mine was at the White House yesterday...

Tweety's Poll: WSJ Poll

Keith's Special Comment just now: DON'T Fire McChrystal

***** Breaking HARD! ***** "Voters Say Hillary More Qualified To Be President....

More from Faux - Did you know that Obama is going to grant Amnesty

"I Welcome Debate Among My Team, But I Won't Tolerate Division'

Herbert: "There has been no (needed) radical change, only caution and timidity and more of the same"

Predicting an end to Roe v. Wade

Suggest people read RS article before commenting on whether McChrystal was disrespectful.

Weak, ah????

Fannie Mae Will Deny New Loans to Homeowners Who Walk Away

It's funny, All the wingnuts are suddenly huge Jon Stewart fans

Fox host Gretchen Carlson: Being president is ‘just like’ my job

Brilliant Brilliant political move today

Ron Paul-Endorsed Mike Lee wins Republican nomination for US senator from Utah

I'm not a history buff but I have to say President Obama

Three-Dimensional Chess

Have Republicans apologized to McChrystal yet?

Palin/McChrystal 2012, or McChrystal/Palin 2012?

Prosecutor: Al Gore was focus of sex crime inquiry in Portland

Green Party signatures cost $532,500; were they legal?

Mike Malloy - "Small People" Lining Up For Free Food

Congressman Brian Baird says Fox News is wrong about the Gulf efforts failing because of bureaucracy

THE REPUBLICANS' CHOICE: Energy Policy for Joe Baton & BP, or for America?

Papantonio: Republicans Love a Criminal Corporation

Afghanistan Is Hopeless and Unchanging

Mike Malloy - The Hell With The Small People

HYPOCRITE!: Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's Attorney General Power Grab

Kaine on Kasich: The perspective of a Lehman Bros consultant

Deadly fumes over Florida possible with Agatha's arrival

Rolling Stone magazine writer explains McChrystal article

Samantha Power - Advisor to Obama reads statement from President on Iran's "Green Movement"

USA's qualification goal L.Donovan USA-Algeria 1-0 (23th June) World Cup 2010

President Obama accepts McChrystal's resignation, appoints General Petraeus as replacement

RFK, Jr. and Dennis Kucinich Discuss US Foreign Policy

GOP TO THE UNEMPLOYED: Trust Wall Street to Help You Out

McChrystal out, Capitol Hill responds

TYT: Texas Trying To Ban Oral Sex?

no one left behind - g20 police state harassing civilians

Earthquake Rocks Press Conference In Ottawa


Young Turks: Moron Glenn Beck Slams World Cup & President Obama

KO's Special Comment advising Obama not to fire McCrystal

Crops Dying Inland Along Gulf Coast.

What Is A One-Hit Wonder That You Loved Way Back When And Still Do?

Its Raining Oil In Louisiana

Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at LGBT Pride Month Event

McChrystal's Lesson: Trampling Constitution A-Okay, Using Mean Words Is Not

'US curb on offshoring retrograde in nature'

Amy Goodman: Another World Is Possible, Another Detroit Is Happening

Financial Reform: Five Reasons Why We Need Protection From Car Dealers

The Gulf Oil Disaster Will Not Change U.S. Energy Policy

CBS: Without McChrystal, Afghan Strategy Could Change

McChrystal Seeks to Lead Counter-Culture Counter-Insurgency

U.S. and Russia can end the suffering (By Scott Horton and Baktybek Abdrisaev)

Where Americans Go When They're Down and Out

McChrystal's Not The Real Problem

L.A. Times Op-Ed: An increasingly politicized military

The Dead Hand of Ronald Reagan Rises in the Gulf

Runaway Defense Spending Not Winning Any Wars

FCC having backdoor meetings with industry lobbyists to sell out network neutrality

"Bogus, Misdirected and Effective": Monbiot on the Tea Party and 'progressive cringe'

Deepwater Horizon Gets A Whole Lot Worse

Tolerance of white militias exemplifies racial double standard

van der Sloot: all that wasted potential. He could have been an executive for BP, Goldman Sachs OR

"Progressive Challenger Defeats Washington Establishment in North Carolina" (The Nation)

What Would Lincoln Do?

Strawberries Can Give You Cancer? Poison Gases Being Used to Grow Crops

BP-Style Extreme Energy Nightmares to Come: Four Scenarios for the Next Energy Mega-Disaster

Dumb and Dumber, Take Two

Where To Find Really Healthy Eggs (It's Not at Whole Foods)

One reason why humans are special and unique: We masturbate. A lot.

A belated apology to Jimmy Carter

Uranium Mine on Indian Land? Court Of Appeals Says 'No' - Navajo Nation says 'Yes'

Bob Williams: Who owns California's water?

Many, many thanks to moderators

McConnell settles for expediency on energy

Drumbeat: June 23, 2010

The Oil Drum: Entering the Old Well, Jimmy Carter and Missed Opportunity, &c.

Urban Areas Getting Hotter Faster

After 4 Yrs. Of Drought, Syrian Wheat Crop Down By Nearly Half - 1 Million Have Migrated To Cities

Deepwater Horizon Containment System Removed After Robot Sub Collision - AFP

New Peruvian Proposal Would Build Six Dams In Amazon Basin To Export Power To Brazil

Marine Stewardship Council Certifies Krill Fishing As "Sustainable" - NYT

China Dwarfs U.S. in Clean Energy Investment

Podcast interview with Bill McKibben

Lightbridge Invents New Transformational Nuclear Fuel Technology

Huntsville bicycle parking law rolls closer to passage

Raining Oil in Louisiana? [Video]

Tata Chemicals’ ethanol plant validates claims on sorghum

Asian carp found near Lake Michigan

Australian company expects 8,000 litres of Ethanol (conservatively) per hectare with Agaves.

An environmental question: I live on a 60 acre property in Upstate New york near

Several Sierra trails are toxic, group says

Major Corporations Add Gardens for Employees

"Astonishingly High" Levels Of Methane In Gulf Near Spill - Nearly 1 Million Times Normal Amounts

British Antarctic Survey - About 10% Of Global Sea Level Rise Due To West Antarctic Ice Sheet Loss

A Colossal Fracking Mess - The dirty truth about new gas drilling

To hell with Deep water oil bombs, we could triple our ethanol supply by importing most of it.

Reminder: proliferation is a critical problem with nuclear energy

Unbelievable!! The Big Ten Network is having a "bleep" fest over the Michigan football

Grandpa Moyer beats Cleveland 2-1...

Pssssssssst are you watching

Marlins fire Fredi Gonzalez; name Edwin Rodriguez interim manager

Winslow Homer Makes Return in Iowa Derby

Lawrence Taylor indicted on rape charges in New York

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!!

Sorry, guys! I am slipping...

Group D: Ghana-Germany *** Australia-Serbia


Nats Should Trade for Cliff Lee

Marlins fire Gonzalez; Rodriguez named interim manager

Sharks cut ties with Nabokov

Group C: USA-Algeria *** Slovenia-England

Fun facts about the Isner/Mahut marathon

Important Breaking News from Pittsburgh!!!!

The most relieved man on the planet right now

5-year-old hits 90 mph pitch

Tell me again how soccer's boring

Absolutely freaking amazing match at Wimbledom right now...

Alleged drug lord "Dudus" Coke captured in Jamaica

Exiled police major gives deposition on Colombian militia

Two Dead in Confrontation in Oaxaca, Near Site of Canadian Mine

Floods in north-east Brazil kill dozens of people

Judge leaves Colombia after receiving death threats

Xpost: U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study

Morales Says He Won't Hesitate to Expel USAID From Bolivia, La Razon Says

Union members to march in GLBT Pride Parade

Robber who accidentally shot himself could get 70 years

NY Times bloggingheads: "Goodbye gun control"

More guns is not the answer to the national epidemic of violence.

Ex-worker gets 3-6 in theft, arson

12,000 Twin Cities nurses resoundingly authorize open-ended strike

Money For Jobs, Not For Banks Is The Rallying Cry At Detroit March For Full And Fair Employment

USW Wants Stronger Safety Standards In The Oil Industry, Higher Safety Fines And More Money For OSHA

Today in Labor History June 23 anti-worker Taft-Hartley Act was passed over Truman’s veto

UFCW Could Strike 150 Supermarkets In Southern New York State

I thought they were going to be tiger lilies, but then something strange happened...

2010 SCA Photo Contest!

white man's world

Looking to buy an Olymput E P1? Prices are dropping.

Heads up!

Gone to the dogs!

God particle signal is simulated as sound

Rain uncovers ancient cemetery in Nicaragua

An Island of Honeybees in the African Desert

Very Complex Interstellar Pre-Biotic Molecules Discovered

Northern Lights amazing video

Shuttle launch as seen by skydivers

"Going up 1000 ft in altitude is the same as going 300 miles north,"

Hebron Jew won't claim home until Palestinians return

Netanyahu: Pollard Acted As Israeli Agent

Israel and the Surrender of the West

Hamas: We won't let Red Cross visit Shalit

Netanyahu: Israel's legitimacy is being attacked

Meditations for the Oceans

Lunar Eclipse in Grand Cross This Sat... Any ideas what the energy will be like?

"I Love You" video...

true raven story, happened this morning

Anyone watching tennis?

Heart Rate Variability

Last Thursday morning....

Interesting Law of Attraction experience; made me think....

beyond explanation 41% of America believes in the near return of Jesus Christ

Southern Baptists' diversity doesn't reach the top

Stop! Laughing. So Hard. Side Hurts. Cramps

Sometimes people do the right thing

N.C. billboards say: Non-believers are Americans, too

People Who Suppress Anger Are More Likely to Become Violent When Drunk

Judge's innovation may offer malpractice fix

dupe. deleted.

Zapped with laser, I can see clearly again in my right eye!

Sex addiction may be caused by neurological damage: Study

Harry Markopolos (Madoff whistelblower) on Pharma Companies

Women's bodies 'choosy' about sperm: Australian study

Whooping cough epidemic in California Jesus Interrupted. Revealing the Hidden Contradiction of the Bible

BUSTED: Sen. Blanche Lincoln Caught Looking For Special Favor For Bank Owned By The Wal-Mart Family

Geithner Yet Again Misrepresents TARP “Performance”

US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus