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It was an ordinary day; June 23rd, 2010.

British Troops Could Stay in Afghanistan for 5 Years

hey mods banish me to 9/11, Aids is a conspiracy theory...

The Big Three and Small Government supporters.

Chuck Norris: The White House hates the Boy Scouts

This is my 1000th post...

Holy shite Bill Randall is as stupid as

Oil Rig Worker: Blowout Preventer was Leaking - CBS

Oil Rig Worker: Blowout Preventer was Leaking - CBS

Gulf seafood in the stores and restaurants is safe to eat and even if the government or BP tells me

Can someone interpret the BP cam for me? Did they put the

The Karzai factor

Scott Brown (yes that one) is working to weaken the financial reform bill.

Apparently... Some Of Us Never Learn... The Lake Peigneur Disaster (Louisiana 1980)

If Obama is serious about 'unity' or

NYRofBooks:Father Maciel, John Paul II and the Vatican Sex Crisis

Washington Times doctors photo of Obama nominee to put her in turban

Report: Bay Area counties give so rural counties can receive

Cap again collecting oil from Gulf leak

BP May Be Burning Sea Turtles Alive

Victims of Oiligarchy

Gary Coleman Had Filed Restraining Order Against Ex-Wife

I've been thinking about putting all of DU on ignore....

Aerial footage of tar on Pensacola Beach

Not Prosecuting McChrystal is ANOTHER Fatal Mistake...

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day seven

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

One more Church and State case to be released by SCOTUS this year

Heads up: Who should replace Kit Bond as U.S. senator?

Texas Judge Rips Creationism Group in Science Degree Suit

Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns

Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns

Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns

Robert Klein's Comedy special is on HBO-E now. If you haven't seen it,

A Stalled Strategy & Doubts, even in the Military, that Afghanistan Can Be Won

A democratic argument I've heard a lot is that...

You Tube Video: "Saving Planet Earth - Top Ten List"

Open source marks a new era for African independence (BBC)

I really actually honestly saw this bumper sticker on a large pickup truck yesterday...

Less Than One Percent Of Modified Mortgages In Obama Foreclosure Plan Involve Principal Cuts

BP Disaster: A few rough estimates

Unemployment: Outlook Grim For Jobs Bill Ahead Of Vote

Wanna See An Avalanche On Mars ???

so, captain william allen kruse shot himself out of desperation for the oil spill damage

BP's Next Disaster

Witnesses admit lies in Troy Davis death row hearing

McChrystal only eats once a day.

Olympics 2012: fans must use Visa for tickets (BBC)

GOP Greatest Hits Collection! Buy the boxed set!

Feingold statement on Petraeus: 'After 9 Years...It Is Time To End This War'

Feingold statement on Petraeus: 'After 9 Years...It Is Time To End This War'

U.S. scores dead last again...

A speck of sanity in the GOP? GOProud strikes back and refers to Christian Right as "dinosaurs"

Obama needs to step in and let the LA people dredge their berms

New BP spill chief criticizes 'rush to justice'

Blago calls Obama ‘hen-pecked’ by Michelle

In Petraeus, White House picks safe ally for Afghan strategy

56 Lawmakers Ask USDA to Deny GMO Alfalfa

Swedish Dock Workers Refuse To Handle Israeli Goods In Week-Long Protest

No punishment after deadly Afghanistan (Wanat) firefight

In Afghanistan, doubts grow and weariness deepens

Report: Military's pain relief programs fall short

What's on Pakistan TV talk shows? Extremists.

A rapid-fire chain of events led to Gen. McChrystal's downfall

A "get out of jail free" card for Wall Street

Meat as "condiment instead of a large-meal focal point."

Shut down burn pits, lung association urges

Give thanks Joe Scum is from Florida

Know Before You Deploy

Glenn Beck and MLK

Can you say 'pass the buck'? BP based spill plans on flawed US data

Troops in Afghanistan react to McChrystal's firing

Away From McChrystal and Back to the Basics

Judge Gerald Heaney 1918-2010 (of the first ashore at Normandy, “should have been a SCOTUS justice")

What the Taliban Think of McChrystal's Ouster

Eric Cantor on MJ: "Joe Barton is not the issue," sez he with a smile.

Analysis: Switch to Petraeus betrays Afghan policy crisis

Roughead stresses affordability, creativity ( for very expensive Naval ships)

Top U.S. civil rights leaders accuse Beck of hijacking Dr. King's legacy, plan 8/28 counter-rally

Embarrassing question re: McChrystal's resignation.

Something to make you smile...

I trust my Congressional delegation. They represent the interests of real people

Florida teabaggers develop new strategy: spelling

Google sends Grayson's emails to Spam

BP Puts Gulf Well Manager on Leave Pending U.S. Investigations

Elena Kagan's E-mail

Girl geek appeal: Women's movement online (BBC)

New benefit system in Britain forces sick and disabled into work

Mia Hamm will be on KO; Landon Donovan coming up on Rachel

American Apparel faces fresh crisis

Obama heads to Canada, where more skeptical audience awaits

Shoddy disposal mars Gulf oil clean up

Big Oil Laundering 2010 Contributions To GOP Candidates Through Joe Barton

Power from the People: Developing world generates innovative energy strategies

Anyone have list of 15 senators who DIDN'T sign letter of support for Israel after flotilla attack?

The death of that dolphin is my new waking nightmare.

Are Iran’s vice police providing forced mastectomies . . . to mannequins?

Fundie Thomas Moore Law Center sues to force Detroit-area bus system to run anti-Islam ad

Nixon approved of abortion in cases of rape and to prevent bi-racial babies.

Juan Cole: Lessons of Petraeus’ Iraq for Petraeus’ Afghanistan

Shoddy disposal work mars oil cleanup

Head Wreck has a vision. It's him! Please come CAPTION!!!!!

Bollywood makes Osama bin Laden spoof

Bollywood makes Osama bin Laden spoof

Brace yourself for the dumbest comment ever made to a newspaper article EVER

Shoddy disposal work mars Gulf oil spill cleanup from Mississippi to Florida

Christian Right is full of "Ex-Muslim expert" conmen

California weighs 'digital adverts' on number plates (BBC)

Osama bin Laden Hunter Snapped Up by PR Firm

On the Streets: The Federal Response to Gay and Transgender Homeless Youth

Don't make me go back to Florida

Oil Surfing Pensacola Beach, FL video

June Deadliest Month For Troops in Afghan War

The US Social Forum: The kids are alright

Chamber of Commerce "Offering Their Endorsement Ahead Of Vote" Against Campaign Reform Bill


'Party of Parasites' author took $1M in farm subsidies

Brits to 'work until they drop' ?

MSNBC is acting like the GOP's campaign manager today.

MSNBC is acting like the GOP's campaign manager today.

Meanwhile, over at Faux Noise...

Meanwhile, over at Faux Noise...

Sen. Whitehouse criticizes GOP's lack of cojmpassion for the unemployed

Now the FBI is on my case.

Uganda's "kill the gays" legislation still lives: with the support of US fundies & other shady types

Uganda's "kill the gays" legislation still lives: with the support of US fundies & other shady types

Have you ever asked anyone WHY they think the MSM is liberal?

Have you ever asked anyone WHY they think the MSM is liberal?

What are the pressures in your state for and against getting off fossil fuels?

Isner breaks Mahut and it is over 70-68

A Higher Level of Stupid

MN pastor likely to keep job despite gay report (support group "in accordance with his faith")

Rolling Stone Reporter believed McChrystal was ‘untouchable’

Lawyers dissect story of GOP Meg Whitman $200,000 spat

Algeria player slaps female reporter

Algeria player slaps female reporter

Your assignment this week is to find out who your precinct captain is.

'new poll shows doubts about the President's ability'

When did the title of "investigative journalist" become a joke?

Does Anyone Know If Alan Simpson Collects Social Security?

Abramof takes a pizza job

I had had it up to here with the 60 votes needed in the senate to get anything done..

Group of youths attack Jewish dance group

The most incredible (and damning) quote I have ever heard about the US "justice" system

Could the Right to Rent Stop the Foreclosure Hurricane?

Could the Right to Rent Stop the Foreclosure Hurricane?

What if it had been 10,000 Teabaggers?

Anyone notice Iran's president Ahmadinejad being described in TV ads as the "enemy" all day long?

Medical study results:Promise Seen for Detection of Alzheimer’s

Medical study results:Promise Seen for Detection of Alzheimer’s

Michele Bachmann - Cheerleader for Big Oil

You know, we need to help the Republicans nominate more people like Sharron Angle

Eliot Spitzer possible political comeback as candidate

U.S. Department of Justice to Probe NC Teabagger Sheriff'S Office Over Racial Profiling of Latinos

Kevin Costner: Oil Spill 'Could Be Confronted Without Dispersants'

Got a good chuckle out of this..things aren't much different

Supreme Court limits use of 'honest service' fraud law, sides with ex-Enron CEO Skilling

Chicago Cubs will have float in Gay Pride Parade

Since When Are Death Threats Against a Gay Teen His Fault?

Complaint filed over Texas governor's mansion spending

New Drilling Agency Will Have Investigative Arm

Breaking - Christopher Dudus Coke just waived his rights


It's like this: The MSM CRAVES political conflict...

Sheldon Whitehouse: Thank 'Republican Debt Orgy' For Current Deficit

Court orders U.S. militia members held without bond

Court orders U.S. militia members held without bond

Court orders U.S. militia members held without bond

Can we talk about the DRAFT. Something that I, myself, may not fully agree with...

FYI from the ACLU: It's Time to Modernize Our Privacy Law

High heat in the East. Any right wing media stars arguing this proves Global Warming is real?

Whooping cough epidemic in California

The Supreme Court is now a total agent of corporations

The Supreme Court is now a total agent of corporations

Is Jon Stewart's job to fellate politicians of any flavor?

Any idea when posters will start getting locked out of threads?

June 24th, 1859, Solferino, Italy and what it teaches us about the disaster in the Gulf

Best idea to stop BP leak!

More polling place chicanery, this time in CA

Rupert Murdoch,Bloomberg Lobby For Immigration Reform, Path To 'Legal Status' For Illegal Immigrants

Supposedly, we went into Afghanistan because the Taliban harbored Al Quada.

Who actually believes the Official Story of the whole McCrystal deal?

Heard yesterday on the BBC radio that the new American BP spokesman said

Sara Palin having trouble selling tickets in Georgia (!!!)

Why was the rule changed on January 20, 2009?

State's attorney to drop charges against woman whose cell phone was snatched

Halliburton has some great timing.

You had it for five years . . . . . and then it was gone for decades.

Fox News is BP oil spill misinformation clearinghouse

Immigration, civil liberties, and immigrant rights

Would you consider Apple to be a progressive company?

Toyota, not Detroit, tops American-Made vehicle index

If the Democrats can win 10 Republican seats in the 2010 election

Hands Across The Sand - Seal Beach, CA - SAT June 26

So how does Costner's oil cleaning machine work?

Second Oil Well Now Leaking Into Gulf, While Oil Leaks Through Seabed Around BP's Well

Stay denied; U.S. says it's complying with moratorium ruling

KO & Guest discussing Doug R's post (on TOD)

Oliver Stone's movie "South of the Border" --about how Latin America is emerging from US control.

Let Them Eat Cake...GOP Poised To Kill Tax-Extenders Bill

The mind's a terrible thing to erase. Please come CAPTION Yon Calamity!!!!

Please help

grrrrr... Andrea Mitchell is gleefully touting

So, has everybody actually read Rolling Stone's McChrystal piece?

So, has everybody actually read Rolling Stone's McChrystal piece?

Invest 93 - unless stopped, heading for the Gulf

So, one of my Facebook pals is pushing the "social justice = communism" meme

So, one of my Facebook pals is pushing the "social justice = communism" meme

General Wes Clark on Campbell Brown show, rerun, 4:00 am EDT.

Gene + virus + injury = disease? - new study and (my own) thoughts on vaccines

Alvin Greene takes to the Twittersphere

Is there a group of politicians with enough courage to make my "wish list" a reality?

Taxpayers in MD may soon foot the bill for a developer to build a school in a subdivision.

"You cannot believe how many people have told me to call them on 20 January"

"You cannot believe how many people have told me to call them on 20 January"

Unease Among US Troops re: COIN Rules:

Gore Was Accused of Sexual Advances

Look, I don't usually side with the Flag Desecration Amendment crowd, but ...

Senator (Sanders) Introduces Legislation to Shift Tax Burden Back to Billionaires

When is lazy Congress going to okay funds for The Nat'l FLOOD INSURANCE program?

Susie's Law Signed After Months In The Making

aare congressman in what are considered safe districts teasing voters with their remarks?

BP's Political Action Committee Donated to House Energy Committee Member, Several California State C

Shep Smith "grossed out" about Andrew Napolitano "standing up for BP" and "blaming the government"

Does America Need a Fat President?

Costner plan: sell reclaimed oil - donate proceeds.

Pensacola Beach Today

How do you determine which generation American you are?

Angelina Jolie's Dad Bashes Obama - Again

Waah! GA Christian event w/Palin not selling many tickets.

Republicans Cozy Up With BP Lobbyist Thursday

Despite Huge Cuts — And Weak Fed Economic Indicators — Republicans Still Filibustering Extenders Bil

Leader of Military’s Program to Treat Brain Injuries Steps Down Abruptly

Disclose act -- will it impede bloggers (trying to disprove a bogus tweet)

California welfare cards can be used in many casino ATMs

With all this hand-wringing by Faux, Tweety and Chucky about

I finally got a bullshit answer from the FAA on restricted

I finally got a bullshit answer from the FAA on restricted

THANKS To BUSHCO: "Fed regulators allowed deepwater operators to base their plans on surface spills"

After Saying ‘I Would Fight All Of The Stimulus Money,’ Rick Scott Profits Off The Stimulus

Sen. Stabenow: Republicans "willing to take the people of this country down with them"

Life in 2050: Amazing Science, Familiar Threats

Stabenow: Republicans in ‘Cynical Game’ to Crater Economy by Stopping Jobs Bill

CNN video: Alvin Greene states he will debate Jim DeMint for 'one hour live' on TV in September!

Err what? Greta Van Susteren is a Scientologist?

David Vitter’s Aide on ‘Women’s Issues’ Stabbed His Girlfriend

WaPo conservative blogger: "The world would be a better place if Drudge set himself afire.

WaPo conservative blogger: "The world would be a better place if Drudge set himself afire.

FL Teabaggers are suing each other

Fuck you Chuck Todd

my latest letter to the editor about healthcare reform printed today

Inventing a Nation of Deficit Hawks WaPo, NYT misread polls on public and spending

AIDS drug funds threatened by Tea Party scare?

NBC/WSJ POLL: Sarah Palin is toxic

Obama Conspiracy Different than Bush Conspiracy

Obama Conspiracy Different than Bush Conspiracy

DUers-when you start to doubt yourself,watch this...

Mullen says he was 'nearly sick' over McChrystal article

has anyone seen the video of the Dept. of Labor secretary Solis

Gulf oil spill a threat to Arctic birds

4 Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone 4 Today

I'm New Here

Killings by Angry Customers now equal Killings by Angry Employees

Killings by Angry Customers now equal Killings by Angry Employees

Tell me again why we mandate parking at bars?

Supreme Court: Washington can release names of ballot signers (Ref. 71)

** Conserve Energy **

Michelle Bernard is on w/Tweety. Take a peek at the organization she heads.

Gawker: Congressman Reads 'BP Escrow Fund = Hitler' Column on House Floor

DU: All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace a Chance?

Belgian Catholic offices raided in sex abuse probe

It's Summer1994 - Most Americans are focused on World Cup Soccer or arrest of OJ Simpson for murder

Government Insiders: Get Ready for the Gulf "Dead Zone" -scary prognosis I have not read before

The CIA/Likud Sinking of Jimmy Carter-By Robert Parry (A Special Report)

Judge Denies Obama Administration's Request For Stay On Deepwater Drilling Moratorium

People sleeping on line to buy a phone...

I am 100% correct about Tweety

Middle class shackled by banking debt chains.

Latest Mr. Fish Toon

Sarah Palin Defense Fund Was Created Illegally, According To Ethics Probe

Desperate Rick Perry: Is financing the Green Party his best hope?

Probs with AOL e-mail today, anyone?

Tornado warning for Fairfield County, CONNECTICUT.

99-ers may be out of options.. No help is on the way.. no jobs available..

So ... is "Dave" still Centcom or just the head of Afghan ops?

Senate Urges Tougher Volcker Rule, With Exemption

Could we please do the Bipartisan Thing by ourselves for a while?

Portland woman says Al Gore groped her in hotel room

With 80 dead this is now the most deadly month for the coalition since invasion of Afghanistan.

very scary pictures

BP's Gulf Gusher disaster is going to be with us for quite a while

Aide dead in bomb blast at Greek public order ministry

Aide dead in bomb blast at Greek public order ministry

Coca-Cola says it will no longer air ads on Beck's show in the U.K.

So what are the conditions for this "conditions based" draw down from Afghanistan?

The Soviet Experience in Afghanistan

The iPhone craze going on today...

This thread made me wonder..Anyone seen Jackeens lately??

WOW...MSNBC Tweety doing a hit job on ZITT BUTT....tune in if ya can

Abandoning your laws in the name of expediency is a sign of a failing rule.

House approves campaign finance bill in 219-206 vote

Anecdotal BP Rumor

Relief May Not Come Soon for BP's Runaway Well

See, the problem is this...

Supreme Court Rules for Petition Disclosure

WHY is BP still pumping COREXIT into the oil geyser???

Oh shit, the baboon faced idiot is back on Ed's show

For all you freelancers: "How Not to Discuss Rates with Translators" (video)

Global Warming or Climate Change? And, where is YOUR head?

Jon Stewart Mocks Media Reaction To Michael Hastings' Ability To Do Actual Journalism (VIDEO) UPDATE

Don't Be the Butt of Bad Teabagging

The White House should send a letter to all of those 99ers and State Workers who will lose

Judge OK’s deal for 9/11 responders

Bristol Palin makes long-awaited acting debut

Listening to Oliver Stone on NPR today makes me want to run away from my Country

Any fellow Wobblies here?

What taxes are being raised where you live?

The Dems side with the Banksters......Again.

In both Iraq and Afghanistan the USA is engaged in "Nation Building"


Gates wanted to keep McChrystal

To Chris Mathews, Howard, et all: The Vietcong had nothing to do with the fall of Saigon, nothing.

My suggestion to "leftists"

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

FREE bumper stickers-"Prosecute BP"

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Medium chance that a tropical cyclone will form in the Carribean within 48 hours

15 Gulf Oil Spill Myths

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1 -In the pages of the Rolling Stone...

Rand Paul supports amendment to Constitution to deny citizenship to children of illegals

take a step back-why I love DU

Chimps Beat College Kids In Computer Game

BP Moving Ahead With Offshore Alaska Rig Despite Moratorium

Alan Grayson & Dylan Ratigan Coming Up On The Young Turks

Texas Judge Rips Creationism Group in Science Degree Suit

The Rude Pundit: Release the Petraeus

Here in New Orleans...

BP, Climate Blues? ON COAL RIVER Film Premieres Inspiring Story of Fearless Activists

On the light side of life... Italy goes home

On the light side of life... Italy goes home

RFK Jr.: BP guilty of "biggest act of theft in American history" by "privatizing" Gulf coast w/spill

Did anyone see the baby dolphin on CNN?

For Blackwater The Good Times Roll On

Can someone *briefly* summarize the DU rule changes?

To anybody who still thinks there is no difference between the Dems and Repukes

Nation Building in Afghanistan? That's Afghans' Job.

Will killing the jobs bill lower the unemployment rate?

Tired of Slutty Unemployed Women and Their Divorces

Are we going to have the Gore discussion?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2 -More Mac on a plate

McChrystal Banned Fox News From Headquarters

Earthquake in Canada, eh?

'Outstanding' Walmart employee Bruce Florence dies after trying to stop thief in Texas store

Note to the makers of Gasland, putting false information in a documentary is not good

Becoming unemployed and scared

OCTAVIA BUTLER: "Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought. To be led by a coward..."

Should Elementary Schools Give Condoms to Students?

Gates Foundation teams with Coca-Cola to increase Warren Buffett's market share in Africa (1/10)

The news that is suppressed by the corporate media, some of it, can be watched on DirectTV or DishTV

Prescott S. Bush, Jr. dead at 87

So It's Looks Likle Crist Is Going To Beat Rubio

Daily Kos - Emerging Details on the High Risk Pools

I made a poem about America. I'll clean up the mess asap

I'm really getting tired of the MSNBC commercial breaks

Emergency: Fracking bill (please help!)

Your Opinion, Please

How low will it go? Mika bustline...

Holy Shite Julia Gillard replaces Kevin Rudd

97% of active climatologists agree that human activity is causing global warming

Should Judge Martin Feldman be Impeached?

BP Skirts Offshore Drilling Moratorium by Building an Island (Alaska)

An Odd Conversation with a Potential Client

July 2011 Deadline for Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal: Politics Over Policy?

In Other Afghanistan News: Six More NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan (75 in June)

Pelosi: 'What did middle-class families ever do to Republicans in the Senate?'

Fundies/Puritans win again - A Fond Farewell to Candy Cigarettes

Flat Stanley McChrystal got lucky....

Flat Stanley McChrystal got lucky....

Sarah Palin is toxic

Owner of 40ft sign saying 'Democrats are parasites' took $1 million in govt. farm subsidies.

Obama Admin's "thought crime" legislation (searching for torrents = "imminent infringement")

Obama Admin's "thought crime" legislation (searching for torrents = "imminent infringement")

Water "boiling" on Pensacola beaches!

Driven to distraction: 15 cats in car is too risky

America Detached from War

Southern Baptists change course after BP spill, call for government regulation of environment

Is shoplifting considered a psychological problem if not done because of need?

Dying In Their Sleep: The Invisible Plague Attacking U.S. Soldiers

Lost in the Fraudulent Foreclosure Forest.

Lost in the Fraudulent Foreclosure Forest.

Could the Right to Rent Stop the Foreclosure Hurricane?

Health Insurance System Destroying American Entrepeneurship

Rand Paul supports amendment to deny citizenship to children of illegals

per MSNBC...strange car apprehended in Toronto, Canada, G20 Site...filled w weapons

Oil spill ‘too much’ for skipper who committed suicide -- ‘We're helping cover up the lie’

As a Proud, Long Term, Liberal Activist, I will continue to do as I've always done.

The Very Angry President

CNN: Almost All 1989 Exxon Valdez Cleanup Crew Dead!!!!!

Verdict: Canadian police tasered new immigrant to death

Man arrested for taking picture of cop in his own home

San Francisco Police Dept considers privatising DNA testing of evidence

Jacksonville settles with family of man shot by police in 2007

Video released in alleged police beating

Texas man arrested in own home for taking a picture of an univited cop

Parent brawl erupts at kindergarten graduation

California teachers under attack

Tolerance of white militias exemplifies racial double standard


Are you unemployed or poor? Senator Orrin Hatch wants your urine

*****JUNE PHOTO CONTEST*****Voting round for the contest finalists "Visual Alliteration"

Aiming My Anger

Public employees paid too much? GOPer for MI govnr has plan to lower salaries

Bernie Sanders Bill Restores Estate Tax on Billionaires

Will Pitt: These Empty Spaces

After All the Screwed Up News Lately....


The four basic personality types

If only Sarah Palin and a Gorn are on the ballot ?

Gorn-Again Christian.

I have become a rastafarian.

DU , want to MELT ?

DU-ers from any of the British Commonwealth nations, a question for you, please.


These ads are driving me nuts!

Make your own Glenn Beck at home!

Tammi Rae Jenson's a fake

He is still alive.....

I just downloaded Google Earth X-Ray, which can look inside buildings and vehicles on demand.

Anyone else just fucking hate Will Smith?

I Want You

Marvin, You're the Man

Inner City Blues

Let's Get It On

Got To Give It Up

Mash-up: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell's "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," The Velvets' "Venus In Furs"

What's Going On / What's Happening, Brother

Is there any truth to this rumor?

and its 1-2-3

Free the Baby!

Man , that shit about Mods that are not actaul MODS , is blowing my mind

Oh gourd...what to do?

One reason why humans are special and unique:

Corporations can now vote twice due to the ignorant

that match is at 67-68 now

So I'm in my car. Some person rearends me I think. I look back and see

Hey, DrunkenIrishman!

Why did I leave the Lounge, I can't take anymore sad Gulf stories.

Sunflower buds.


Women Wearing Wedding Diapers?!

20 years after first hearing it, "Supper's Ready" is still one amazing song.

Facebook fails. God these never get old.

This seems to be a very good online photo site....

Anyone else just fucking hate Will Wheaton? then I says to da guy...

it is hot and humid out here and what am i listening to on my ipod?

Michael Jackson will NEVER be alive in our hearts

I shot the raccoon (not the Duer of course)

Now the FBI is on my case.

People still float on intertubes?

22 ordinary things that look like the Starship Enterprise

Watch the Mythbusters build and test Capt. Kirk's 'Gorn cannon'

Tpmorqow I fimallu gwt mi bifocals

Play the Google Game!

I got a new roof yesterday.

(The Walking Dead) First Production Photo of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

Post movie trailers (from movies) that you are embarrassed to say that you like.

What I don't get about the Star Wars prequels.

BP ordering oil turtles to be burned alive?

I just bought a homeless guy some alcohol

BeagleWalk 6.24 - Survey of the entrance looks safe

Talk me down, people

Finally saw "Iron Man 2" last night (spoilers)

San Francisco Zoo Euthanizes Tony The Tiger

It's HOT in "Hotlanta" today!

Who would win in a fair fight?

Why do American men hate soccer so much?

109 º F

My friend's widow just posted this on facebook.

That stupid tennis match is finally over

Glacier National Park robin's nest webcam

My aunt just told me, "Only you, Toby. Only you," while laughing at me

I'm A Grandma! Woo Hoo!

Cops: Siblings brawl over butter in mac and cheese

How the hell are you guys?

Obama Administration Announces Massive Library Crackdown.

Train wreck in aisle 2.

"But the Azzurri finished last"

Anyone else just fucking hate Will Smith?

I just got my first cell phone. How do you do a text when each key has 3 letters? n/t

How do I know when Phoenix is having a heatwave?

The internet is scary/weird how much information it has.

How many of you seek my approval?

What is (was) the best DU username ever?

So the girl I broke up with is now seeing a guy who's nearly 40.

If somebody speaks fluent Spanish, can they also understand Portuguese?

Anyone else just fucking hate Will Ferrel?

I bought some flags for 4th of July. (Implicitly anti-Teabagger.)

Mr. and Mrs. Lib are now grandparents

Political Cartoon Rorschach Test. What's Your Political Profile? Rate Cartoons and Find Out.

52 Years old and I've still got the body of a Greek god.

This story DWARFS the McChrystal coverage: "La Toya reunites with Bubbles the Chimp"

I miss Graywarrior.

Good blog for writers

I have the same birthday as both Pope Pius X AND the Marquis de Sade

I make it all winter, and in June...

Michael Jackson will always be alive in our hearts

Besides Robocop, Brazil and BREAKIN 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO which eighties movie

Post your real name here.

Dungeons and Dragons ruined a lot of lives in the 70s

House votes to give subpoena power to oil spill commission

Barton to keep seat as top Republican on committee

Egypt mulls reducing oil drilling in Gulf of Suez

Offshore Oil Drilling Insurance to Shrink as Providers Flee BP-Like Risk

Gov. Charlie Crist tours Pensacola Beach: 'It's pretty ugly' (w/ pic)

Viacom Loses To YouTube In Landmark Copyright Case

Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns

Oil response hurricane plans still lacking details

Owner of 40ft sign saying 'Democrats are parasites' took $1 million in govt. farm subsidies.

CSU faculty told staff is busy prepping for Palin

(NY AG, Democratic Gov candidate Andrew) Cuomo Accepts Millions From Interests He Assails

Verdict expected in US terror case in Pakistan

Australia gets first woman PM after shock party coup

No punishment after deadly Afghanistan firefight

Spanish train kills 12 on tracks near Barcelona

Japan blames whaling foes for collapse of talks

Candidates should watch the company they keep

BP, Chevron target China deep water block-WSJ

Hispanic community in need of doctors, group says

Minn. pastor likely to keep job despite gay report

Bollywood makes Osama bin Laden spoof

CIA hires Xe, formerly Blackwater, to guard facilities in Afghanistan, elsewhere

Witnesses Say Case Against Troy Davis Based on Lies

U.S. Jobless Claims Drop but Remain at Elevated Levels

12 killed as train hits festival-goers in Spain

BP refits Gulf of Mexico oil cap after accident

Endangered-Species Status Is Sought for Bluefin Tuna

Senators Prepare A Citigroup-Sized Hole In Volcker Rule

UPDATE 1-Senate Democrats push jobs tax compromise

Gov't asks oil judge to put decision on hold

Short, Tense Deliberation, Then a General Is Gone

Police: 'Not enough evidence' in accusations against Gore

Police: 'Not enough evidence' in accusations against Gore

Obama to launch Asian diplomacy

La. hires independent administrator for oil claims

NYC mayor, major CEOs lobby for immigration reform

Judge Refuses to Delay Ruling on Gulf Drilling Ban

Senate cuts to recession relief bill favor special interests

Belgian Catholic offices raided in sex abuse probe

China to send pregnant pandas into semi-wild areas

Judge paves way for deepwater drilling in Gulf (Denies delay pending appeal)

(Sky News) Exclusive: BP Plots Latin American Asset Sales

Report: U.S. hikers seized by Iranian police in Iraqi territory

UN forms team to look at impact of discriminatory AIDS laws

Ford Motor to invest $450 million in new Thai plant

Pakistani court sentences Americans for terrorism

Merkel rejects Obama warnings that cuts will damage global recovery

NOAA: Undersea oil plumes came from BP well

Senate OKs new penalties against Iran

US says Gaza flotillas 'irresponsible'

UN: Most of the cocaine going to Europe passes through Venezuela

AP check: Shoddy disposal work mars oil cleanup

Pensacola Beach closed because of oil spill

North Korea threatens US prisoner Aijalon Gomes

(Canada) G20 venue sees arrest after officers stop car

5 Americans convicted of terror charges in Pakistan

Abramoff's hiring doesn't change kosher pizzeria

Napolitano: proponents of 'secure' border 'moving the goal posts'

Univ. of Michigan Medical School won't accept drug makers' cash

N.J. county (Morris) going solar with unique financing

New York pension fund to sue BP for investment losses

International talks to curb whale hunting fail

Seoul: NKorea in father-to-son succession campaign

Reid blasts Republicans as tax extenders bill sinks in the Senate

Aide dead in bomb blast at Greek public order ministry

Calculation mistakes lead Aetna to withdraw rate-hike plans

GOP fails in effort to get documents on alleged job offers (to Sestak and Romanoff)

Five US men convicted of Pakistan 'terror plot'

Justices uphold releasing names of those signing statewide petitions

Judge rules Green Party can be kept off November ballot (in Texas)

Mass. school district under fire for condom policy

Lawmakers Urge Obama To Show Greater Support For Israel

Report sees need for 500 additional biofuels plants

Japanese told to go to bed an hour early to cut carbon emissions

Oiled dolphin found near Ft. Pickens

NC governor and dog toughen animal cruelty laws

BP pursues Beaufort Sea drilling that critics call risky

BP Demise Would Threaten U.S. Energy Security, Industry

Supreme Court Rules Ex-Enron CEO Skilling to Get New Trial

Judge in Peterson murder trial: 'Fox taped autopsy?'

Conrad Black given fresh hope of early release after US supreme court ruling

Obama, Democrats prepare for campaign with iPad, iPhone apps

Reporter believed McChrystal was ‘untouchable’

Deported man may be Houston-born citizen

Maryland installing charging stations for electric vehicles

Court refuses to keep petitioner IDs private

Danger at sea: Toxic metals threaten whales

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 24

French Strike Over Plans to Raise Retirement Age (to 62)

Obama admin. appeals decision blocking drill ban

BP Relied on Faulty U.S. Data

Ethics probe: Palin legal defense fund was illegal

Venezuela to nationalize U.S. firm's oil rigs

Children don't come cheap: Report finds cost of raising kids up 22 percent since 1960

3 senators propose billionaire estate surtax

North Korea Claims $65 Trillion From US As War Compensation

Worry Underwater: Oxygen Levels Drop as Oil Continues to Flow

Retiring Rep. Vern Ehlers endorses Pete Hoekstra in governor's race

Hey man! PETREUS is the 'Surge Guy'

Jewish dance group stoned in Hanover, Germany

Latta seems to skip query on Obama's birth origin at town-hall meeting

was/is mcchrystal on that stuff?

Alabama New South Coalition endorses Terri Sewell in 7th District runoff

Kasich mocks Strickland's upbringing

Wisconsin court: Gay parents do not have equal rights

"Short, Tense Deliberation, Then a General Is Gone"

I hope the McChrystal's aides that were voicing those comments are bumped out.

Obama on McChrystal, Truman on MacArthur

General McChrystal’s Twitters

Anyone watching Morning Joe? That was Funny.

Close up shop, come home. Give us all a break.

If every person in the US Military were

Largest Teachers' Union In Connecticut Endorses Ned Lamont For Governor; More Than 40,000 In CEA

The Plumline: DNC Web Video: 'On Their Side'

Do you approve of President Obama's replacement of General McChrystal with General Petraeus?

Take Action: Final Countdown for Financial Reform

"BP Says Has Reattached Cap For Leaking Undersea Well"

Rand Paul on Ky. Gov's Troubles: Pardon Yourself

Public Policy Polling (PPP): Hispanics rallying to Dems following AZ law

My take on the 2010 US Senate races state by state

My take on the 2010 US Senate races state by state

AFL-CIO: Financial Reform Must Maintain Strong Rules on Risky Derivatives

Crisis Management 101-Obama's pitch-perfect handling of the McChrystal affair

Local Soldiers Support General McChrystal's Comments

Before people begin freaking out about Obama's 45% approval rating--look at Reagan in 82-83

LA Times editorial: Drilling moratorium shouldn't be second-guessed

Will Olbermann retract last night's Special Comment?

Are the Dems poised for an upset in the North Carolina Senate race-Rasmussen shows a tie race

Climate advocates plan $11 million ad campaign targeting ‘key senators’

Arizona Cops Threatened by Mexican Drug Cartel

The Religious Right Draws The Line On "Nurturing Families"

Despite Spill, Louisiana Remains Wedded To Oil

Senate passes Iran sanctions

Charlie Crist looks to Democrats for campaign dollars

The tick-tock: How President Obama took command of the McChrystal situation

Hiring plans of CEOs at highest level in 3 years

Did Scarborough say that Obama and Petraeus had to be pulled apart from from arguing?

Obama takes Medvedev to Ray's Hell Burger

Grade Obama's First Year in Office

C-Span3: FinReg Conference. Final Day. Derivatives up today.

Pa. bicyclist on cross-country cancer ride killed

HEADS UP: Obama and Medvedev Holding Joint Press Conference

Photos: Skipping Town (The Obama Presidency, Day 519)

Petraeus reiterates support for ‘President’s policy’ to begin Afghanistan withdrawal in July 2011.

Salazar Endorses New Revolving Door Restriction

Scarborough asks Cantor why Barton allowed to keep his job; DNC response


USA World Cup Goal: Amazing Reactions To Landon Donovan Game-Winner (VIDEOS)

Obama's Afghan Strategy Remains Plagued by Problems

Samuel L. Jackson Scale of Black Emotion

Another Democrat for Crist

Obama will raise money in KC for Carnahan

More Polls: Kitzhaber & Dudley close, Wyden over Huffman by wide margin

Clinton backs White, blasts Perry

Brewer gets NRA endorsement for Ariz. governor

Psyche of Obama

" well, he went a little funny in the head... you know... just a little... funny."

Sen. Stabenow: Republicans "willing to take the people of this country down with them"

Senate Armed Forces Committee should approve Petraeus- Democrats hold a majority 16-12

Yet another major poll finds strong public support for global warming action

Congress votes to spare doctors from Medicare cuts

NBC/WSJ Poll: 40% blame Bush for economy vs. 27% Obama

White House Backs Electric-Car Aid

WH: Finish Line in Sight on Wall Street Reform

Senators to Offer Plan to Strengthen Volcker Rule

Jobless Aid Measure Dying In Senate

Former Perry aide paid for aborted Green Party petition effort

iPhone 4’s first users report reception, color problems

CNN POLL: 41% blame GOP for economic problems, 28% blame Dems.

I don't recall Chris Matthews demanding to know what the lines of authority were in the Bush Admin.

Shep Smith gets "grossed out" about Napolitano "standing up for BP", "blaming the government" (VIDEO

DISCLOSE Act passes in House

McChrystal: A Social and Political Liberal who Banned Fox News

PPP Polling: Democrats losing Independents BADLY!!!! because of economy

UFW union encourages citizens to become farmworkers, 'Take Our Jobs'

What are we doing to get those fucked up REPUBLICANS out of Office?

If there is another oil gusher on the coast, the government shouldn't help...

Stabenow: Republicans 'Want This Economy To Fail'....

On energy meeting: "Dems tout 'thrilling,' 'inspiration,' 'best caucus' ever " (w/Kerry's statement)

Obama takes Medvedev to Ray's Hell Burger ( they shared french fries)

Senator Harkin is close to crying on Ed's

PHOTOS: President Obama and Medvedev hit Ray's Burger

Rasmussen Poll Shocker--NC Senate: Burr: 44% Marshall 43%

Obama's Weekly Video Addresses Becoming Increasingly Avant-Garde (The Onion)

(Photo) President Obama adjusting Dick Van Dyke's tie

Ed Shultz bombing the GOP.....relentless rant with many good points.

Sarah Palin Defense Fund Was Created Illegally

Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Afghanistan. NOW.

"I am not a parasite" - funniest GOP fail of the day

Would you have advised President Lincoln to fire Grant for getting drunk?

"Obama’s iPad/iPhone App Hits the App Store Tonight"

President Obama: Afghan war will worsen before it improves...

WH: On a Path to Ending Homelessness

Salon: Do Republicans Actually Want America to Fail?

Where the f*** is the media??????

Republicans kill Senate jobless aid measure

Ezra Klein: As far as Senate is concerned, recession is over. Election has begun.

Obama Admin Keeps Promise on Whale Conservation at International Talks.

Obama to McChrystal: This one mistake is not what you'll be remembered for

Obama to McChrystal: This one mistake is not what you'll be remembered for

With Petraeus in Command, will we Win in Afghanistan like we Won in Iraq?

Media Narratives About The Failure Of Obama That We Bought Into, Then Forgot. Media Bias Anyone?

Gulf Coast Attorneys File RICO Class Action Lawsuits Against BP

Prescott Bush, brother, uncle to presidents, dies

Why we are in Afghanistan

*****JUNE PHOTO CONTEST*****Voting round for the contest finalists:

Republicans are Undercutting National Economic Recovery, and Dems Need to Say So 24/7

Three police trying to provoke violence Montebello 2007.


Day 58, Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up Crews Destroy Least Tern Nests

Gulf Oil Disaster: Hurricane and Tsunami Threat

KO - another grim day at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico

Sheldon Whitehouse Criticizes GOP's Lack of Compassion for the Unemployed

Rachel Maddow: 'Americans Forced into Paying Attention Again' - New Afghanistan Docu 'Restrepo'

Tired of walking downstairs?

Barney Fife and the Preamble to the Constitution

Important Discussion on Marijuana Part 2

Important Discussion on Marijuana Part 3

AZ GOP Gov. BROKE THE LAW! Help us elect Terry Goddard!

Important Discussion on Marijuana Part 1

Human Rights Campaign Healthcare Equality Index 2010

Bill Clinton talks about the American win at the FIFA World Cup

The Whitest Kids U'Know - Clint Webb for Senate

Grayson on Ratigan: 'The War is making your Poor'

Rachel Maddow uncovers new Teabagger conspiracy theory: the Gushers

Azar Nafisi (Iranian Academic/Writer) speaks at NED 2010 Democracy Award Ceremony

Fault Lines | In Deep Water: A Way of Life in Peril

Rahm, u got it right

Eric Cantor Bravely Defends Joe Barton on Morning Joe

McChrystal, Afghanistan Policy, And... Penises

Tom Emmer — "Good People" Indeed

TYT: Cut Social Security & Medicare (There Aren't Enough Rich People) - Tucker Carlson

Tourists using GOJO to clean tar balls and oil off of them. Seaside Beach, FL. June 23rd, 2010

Senate Dems: GOP Policies Cost Millions of Jobs, Now Obstruction Hurts the Vulnerable

TYT & Midweek Politics: Cenk Uygur Interviews David Pakman

Interview With Tarryl Clark, Opponent For Michele Bachmann's Seat In Congress

Young Turks: David Sirota On McChrystal And The Constitution

Gretchen Carlson: Being president is just like my job

DNC Ad: Republicans-This Is How They Would Govern

Young Turks: RNC Chairman Makes Fool Of Himself On CNBC

This is the most feel-good video you Americans will see in quite a while.

Kid with oil stuck on her! Destin Beach, Fl. June 23rd, 2010 (tarballs wet, fresh, oil)

PENSACOLA: Dying Baby Dolphin & Ocean "Water Bubbling "...Like It's Got Acid In It. God Help Us All"

Christopher Hitchens & Stephen Fry confront the evil in/of the Catholic Church

Utah Republican Mike Lee THINKS TAXPAYERS Should Be On The 'HOOK' For BP's Oil Disaster

Heartburn Drug Linked to Parkinsons'-like Disease

TWO RIDICULOUS MINUTES from crazy Glenn Beck

Louisianna Woman With Inside Look At BP GoM Tells It Like It Is

It's raining OIL - I was correct in my prediction

Rolling Stone Votes Gen. McChrystal Top All-Time Rock-head

Brent Bozell and MRC's decades-long losing battle against gays

“Chuck Prince” Is Going To Run This Bank (Into The Ground) by Simon Johnson

Right-wing self-delusion


Candidates should watch the company they keep

The Public Option

Death threats, abduction, extortion and dismissals at Coca-Cola

Is it time to 'kneel, baby, kneel' our way out of the oil spill disaster?

Why Sarah Palin Will Never Lead the Religious Right

Health Reform Helps Millions with Chronic Conditions

BP Has Built An Artificial Island To Get Around Offshore Drilling Ban In Alaska

"Will It Take a Submarine Ride to Show These BP Executives That These Plumes Exist?"

How Obama got left holding the bag on McChrystal - Brian Dickerson, DFP

Just what does 'secure border' mean?

Haley Barbour's fundraising takes off

Center for American Progress: great source of intelligent discussion of issues - links

Krugman on the necessity of running a deficit to build our way out of this Republican Dystopia.

Philippines: Investigate Killing of Massacre Witness

Health Reform Will Impact Existing Plans More Than Promised

The Well from Hell: Petroleumworld`s Opinion Forum

Focus U.S.A. / 'The U.S. will have to confront Iran or give up the Middle East'

Evidence Arizona Immigration Law May Be Fatal Mistake for GOP

KRUGMAN nails Social Security Chicken Littles for trying to have it both ways

Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

Germany Aims to Double Amount of Ethanol Blending by Year-End

White House Backs Electric-Car Aid

Is fusion power really viable? (BBC)

Legal action on whaling an option: NZ

Experts, Organizations from 14 Countries Call on NSG to Bar Chinese Sale of Reactors to Pakistan

Restarting Monju - Like Playing Russian Roulette

Drumbeat: June 24, 2010

Vermont Gives Hydro Quebec Renewable Energy Label

Our Cities Ourselves: 10 Principles for Transport in Urban Life

An LED That Mimics an Old Standby

U Georgia Scientist - Oxygen Levels Within Gulf Oil Plumes Dropping 1-2% Per Day -

Rats! Lord Howe's owls may be sent home to roost

Extreme DIY: Building a homemade nuclear {fusion!} reactor in NYC (BBC)

Canadian Oil Sands Could Lead U.S. Oil Imports This Year

Experts rediscover plant presumed extinct for 60 years (BBC)

Sierra Club Conservation Policies: Nuclear Weapons

Endangered-Species Status Is Sought for Bluefin Tuna

Unbelievable! Video of Kids Frolicking on Oil Contaminated Beach

Why is whaling undesirable? When is whaling acceptable?

La Nina Looms, Scientists Say

BP spill solution #1,456,325c rev. 6

Single Antarctica glacier causing sea to rise by 10%

World Cup 2010 - Algerian slaps female reporter

Tee See Youuuuuu!!!

Nat's Strasburg loses first game, but breaks a 55 year old record in the process


Ubaldo Jimenez falters but Rockies rally past Red Sox 8-6

italy - slovakia...

Speaking of French sportsmen acting like D's...

Japan is just KILLING on set pieces.

Group F: Slovakia-Italy *** Paraguay-New Zealand

Group E: Denmark-Japan *** Cameroon-Netherlands

How far does the US of A go in the World Cup Knockout round?

Sharks resign Marleau and Pavelski

For those who want to relive the glory of The Great Giambino's walk off home run, here's the video >

Japan Eliminates Denmark, Advances At World Cup

Henrik Sedin Named NHL MVP

Why i like soccer

Filmmaker Don North Examines El Salvador’s Past

Correa asks Santos to reinforce border

PDVSA to Seek Seizure of 11 Helmerich Oil Rigs in Pay Dispute

(Panama) U.S. Army training civil defense workers

Non-jerky sports stars?

Uruguay secures oil and Venezuela food supplies in strategic agreement

Venezuela and Brazil to sign deals on oil and power

UN: Most of the cocaine going to Europe passes through Venezuela

International Socialist: Venezuelan democracy is threatened

'Crude' director gains support in Chevron suit

International Socialist: Venezuelan democracy is threatened

Not to call anybody out, but...

Teen books with gay themes take off

Univ. of Hawaii Prez Distances Himself From Antigay Letter

Weird. Disturbing. Kind of erotic...Ad banned in France

Dallas Transit Agency OKs Trans Protections

Supreme Court on R-71: Names on anti-gay rights petition must be made public

US stands by as Iraqi officials abuse LGBT people?

GOP Tries to Soften Blow of Rep. Travis Childers (D) ’ NRA Endorsement

Enraged customers fuel a disturbing trend

McDonald case prediction time

McDonald, The 14th Amendment, Civil Rights and Guns.

Families Lobby for Stronger DC Gun Laws ...

New Aussie PM: No to Gay Marriage

I cannot believe it...Anti-Gay Activists Given OK To Proselytize At Pride Festival

Today in Labor History June 24, 17 workers are killed as methane explodes in a water tunnel & more

Unions At Rite-Aid Call On Its Shareholders For Fair Labor Contracts

Take our Jobs Campaign!

This seems like a pretty good online album/editing site. Posted in the Lounge, but no response.

A photo lit by LED lights. Did auto white balance in Gimp

Desert Dance

*****JUNE PHOTO CONTEST*****Voting round of the finalists is up in GD

'Superstorm' rages on exoplanet (BBC)

Creationists suffer another legal defeat

When Humans and Neanderthals Split

Toxic metals threaten whales -- ‘I don't see any future for whale species except extinction’

The Writer Who Couldn't Read

Swedish Dock Workers Refuse To Handle Israeli Goods In Week-Long Protest

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon - Ramzy Baroud

Senate OKs new penalties against Iran

US says Gaza flotillas 'irresponsible'

Reports: IAF Landed at Saudi Base, US Troops near Iran Border

87 senators oppose U.N. flotilla inquiry

Building a homemade nuclear reactor in NYC

American gun owners are fueling Mexican drug violence REALLY?!

I wanted to share this with my friends here

Join the Gulf Call to Sacred Action

A Dramatic Culmination in This Week's Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

I just got a Matthew Message email

Please, help.

Sunday is the most popular porn viewing day # 14

Let's have a little post about respect...

Promise Seen for Detection of Alzheimer’s

Low-dose polio vaccine effective: study ~ (Reuters)

Doctors replace woman's missing thumb with big toe transplant

Scientists grow a rat lung in the laboratory

Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns

Gene + virus + injury = disease? - new study and (my own) thoughts on vaccines

Heavy health burden: Fat but not my fault

A woman's history of vaginal orgasm is discernible from her walk.

Dylan Rattigan suggests a way to take back the economy

Unemployment Bill Fails 57-41