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Fannie and Freddie attack clean-energy plan

Does Apple Give Orders to California Law Enforcement?

Dungeons and Dragons ruined a lot of lives in the 70s

Bwahaha! Keith Olbermann is comparing tea bagger in fighting in

Think you know what SCOTUS did today? SKILLING v. US... what is it?

First BP suicide? Gulf boat captain shoots himself on deck after 'becoming upset over oil spill'

Woman uses her bare breasts to quiet neighborhood

Huffington Post's Home Page story: "Dems Side With Wall Street...Again"

This way to the BP exhibit - Iowa aquarium highlights Gulf oil spill (pic)

Obama's Twitter hacker receives a suspended sentence

Obama's Twitter hacker receives a suspended sentence

Obama's Twitter hacker receives a suspended sentence

You guys see Stabenow give the rundown on Rachel?

FL-Sen: Rubio supports oil because it's safe

Let's mass-email Drudge

McChrystal Does Not Matter-We Need To GET OUT NOW!

Can DU Get Andrew Romanoff On TV

I'm meeting Stephen Grey tomorrow - Ghost Plane author

As Oil Gushes In Gulf, All Eyes On Central Caribbean Tropical Wave

Rep. Kanjorski's odd statement (our bill will help good people, not minorities)

Dudus looks happy to be in New York

Three Fort Campbell soldiers die in Afghanistan

An empire built on Drill/Spill/Fill-Lifestyles of the Rich and Fossil Fueled by Mark Fiori

could obama have stopped this?

Why did Ben Nelson vote against the jobs bill?

Parents sue in federal court over Live Oak High flag flap

Suspected tornado shatters largest city in Conn.

A question for the political "Dear Abby"

Tough shit, huh ........ ya grifter?

I hate to be the one to say it, but this is a sad reality


Americans, Republicans do not give a f**k about you......

Americans, Republicans do not give a f**k about you......

What BP did to us

What BP did to us

Newsweek: Replacing McChrystal Doesn’t Change Anything (..."something like Vietnam...")

AC 360 has segment on dolphins coming up next

Thank you Mods. n/m

Just imagine the progress that could be made if people devoted to the Gulf Coast

Gun Decision Now Expected During Kagan Hearing

We need to start taxing foreigners living abroad.

Boeing grounds 787 test fleet

iPhone 4 flawed?

" I'm having a wild time at GOPAC's 2010 State and Local Summit here in Pittsburgh."

OMG! YouDidIt

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Massage therapist who has accused Al Gore says she no longer works on VIP clients at hotels

Freepers respond to Palin non-compliant defense fund: "obama doesnt have a birth cert and thats ok"

Portland massage therapist who accused Al Gore of groping confided in friend shortly after the 2006

Regarding a nationalized oil industry . . .

5 US. men convicted on terrorism charges in Pakistan, given 10 years in prison

What happened with Al Gore, a logical deduction

New Orleans Saints have yet to visit the WH. Is it because their owner doesn't like Obama?

Racists claim Idaho lawyer was set up

Blogging behind Vietnam's bamboo cyberwall

On brand loyalty and consumerism

Were Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg paid by the State of California?

10 'Angry women' detain accused changing room peeper

Kansas RW choices for Senators to take Brownbacks place

SCOTUS Expected To Decide On Monday Whether It Will Hear Siegelman Appeal

Officials say Pakistan cozying up to Afghans

Officials say Pakistan cozying up to Afghans

Silly picture from an old article, but had to share ...

A new word for EPIC FAIL

Unconcious man drifts a mile into Gulf off Fla. on pool float

Do you think they should ban peanuts on airplane flights?

Do you think they should ban peanuts on airplane flights?

Who Is This Phil A. Buster guy anyway, and why do the Republicans use him against us?

Blind Dog Plays Fetch - The video

Parents Of Baby With Bong Investigated

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day eight (snail mail)

Korean war 60 years on: Haven in South for young defectors from North

Would we have been better off with nationalized oil?

Demand An Immediate Passage Of Bill H.R. 4213 Extension Of Unemployment Benefits

This site may be some help for folks who find themselves looking for a house/apt share

Oiled dolphin's rescue ends in death (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Will Texas govenor be a Democrat ? Polls says White even

US, Afghan Forces Hammer Haqqani Network

Australia: "Coup" - new prime minister - big business agenda

Gore Accuser looking to tell story for Million Dollars

Defense Tech is pissing and moaning about McChrystal

Documents: Tanks leaked fuel near Camp Lejeune well

Gulf residents cope with unknown impacts of oil spill


After rearranging deck chairs, the Kabuki occupation continues without missing a beat

Joe the Plumber endorses iced tea, Icet

"Millions of US Tax $ funding the Taliban every week! ARE YOU F$%KING KIDDING ME?"

Details of secret US-UK 'spying pact' released

Good'ish' news for the oily Gulf -93L moved SW overnight

Advances in Oil Spill Cleanup Lag Since Valdez

Praise for an Israeli Judge Drives Criticism of Kagan

NREL Improves On Swamp Cooler Tech to Create 90 Percent More Efficient Air Conditioner

India to try to extradite ex-Union Carbide head

one to watch -- "60% chance of tropical cyclone formation in next 48 hours" -- heading to Gulf

Papers please

Limited wind power will be available in North Dakota

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls blown-out Gulf oil well 'theft'

BP welcomes you to the apocalypse, By Mark Morford

Toyota loses bid to curb experts in US court fight (rules for safeguarding its trade secrets)

French cannibal killer Cocaign jailed for 30 years

Thomas Kostigen, MarketWatch: BP's environmental terrorism

Caribbean Storms Strengthen, May Head for Oil Spill

Dear President Obama:

MPR: Nurses union asks for 'unfair labor practices' strike (could not replace strikers permanently)

Palin Guilty of Major Ethics Act Violation: Must Return $386,000 in Contributions

Gates: U.S. not 'bogged down' in Afghanistan

So, would one of the "realistic" and "politically savvy" folks who always apologize for and justify

Why God Doesn’t Listen To Your Prayers

Why is the "700 Club" called that?

Political shocker: Rhetoric doesn't always jibe with lifestyle

"What Was That Robot Thinking?"

Some California fire agencies charging for crash-scene services

Obama Administration Keeps Promise on Whale Conservation at International Talks !

Obama Administration Keeps Promise on Whale Conservation at International Talks !

Food stamp usage drastically rises in Gulf region following oil spill.

Food stamp usage drastically rises in Gulf region following oil spill.

Private enterprise vs Public

Seattle: Five-week campaign beats back predatory landlord

Friday Toon

Friday Toon

Friday Toon

Friday Toon

BP's spokesperson gets his news about the spill from the news

FSTV on Direct TV

YOO is afeard that KAGAN might put the whup on some other, future torture monger like him

Oh Great!

Republicans to the unemployed: Go F*** yourself.

Oh Great!

Why did M$Greedia just ignore the President

Right-wing website calls for coup by Joint Chiefs

Toon on the "keep drilling" court ruling

Clarification needed concerning the new way DU rules will be handled.

Political neophyte challenges Feingold

Declassified UK/ USA Signals Intelligence Agreement Documents Available

Krugman: Against The Super-Asinine, The Gods Themselves Contend in Vain

U.S. states face Greek-style budget crises

DU Experts - please post details of the Financial Reform

DU Experts - please post details of the Financial Reform

GOP Candidate Foley Addresses 2 Arrests In Past

Bad Parents

President Obama Speaks to the Press: Live

Green Change Wants Delaware to Revoke BP’s Corporate Charter

Report: 97 percent of scientists say man-made climate change is real

Hulu About To Charge Customers

Do many Rapture-ready people WANT to destroy the Earth?

Chambliss and Isakson's phones are very busy. Sounds good to me! I got through

Democrats in the Senate....

The Perfect Political Ad

The Perfect Political Ad

Fiorina Facts: If you liked Sarah, you'll love Fiorina (video)

Turtle On A Plane: Two-Inch Pet Causes Taxiing Plane To Return To Gate

P-town to rethink condom policy

Good post about Rasmussen (right wing pollster)

Banks ‘Dodged a Bullet’ as U.S. Congress Dilutes Trading Rules

We can win jobs if we fight for them, autoworkers tell U.S. Social Forum

projection: the party with ACTUAL ties to nazis/hitler, is the one accusing the other

Once again the Media will have egg on its face regarding Obama

"I refuse to pretend"

The Republicans actually want to repeal the health care bill after the 2010 elections.

Carly Fiorina did business with Iran

Kid with oil stuck on her (Destin, FL): video

Little flag, Bighorn price: Detroit museum looks to make millions off Custer's Last Stand relic

Today is the day we brown bag lunch to beat Boehner.

Myths and falsehoods on the Gulf oil spill spewed by Fox news. See how many you've seen posted here

Success and Scrutiny at Hebrew Charter School

Thank you EarlG!

Please, please correct me if I'm wrong.

The Oil Drum: Taking on "dougr," Saudi '93 Oil Spill, Methane, and Nat Gas

Anyone got that GOBP logo? You know

How is it that Republicans still run the country?

“The Ed Show” is up more than any other cable news show among A25-54, growing 28 percent!

This is a youtube video of DOL secretary Solis

FREE Prosecute BP bumper stickers

I don't think this is working

NWRA: Jindal ignored berm restrictions

CIA Hires BLACKWATER (Xe) to Guard Its Facilities in Afghanistan and elsewhere

Will newspapers eventually just disappear? If you think so, when do you think they'll be gone?

Will newspapers eventually just disappear? If you think so, when do you think they'll be gone?

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s

Nevada now has highest unemployment: 14%. also highest foreclosure rate. more cuts to come.

Senate Dems urge Transocean to suspend dividend payments

"The timing of the group's real-estate acquisitions...clearly was not good,"

"The timing of the group's real-estate acquisitions...clearly was not good,"

"Hands Across the Sand"

Aside from unemployment compensation, the jobless need jobs!

German court: Ending life support not criminal (assisted suicide)

Sharron Angle's Fringe Third Party Sponsored Virulently ANTI-GAY FLIER In '90s

Al Gore: The hottest May ever shows need for Senate to pass climate bill

Fidel Advises Obama?


VIDEO - Shep Smith Rages On Fox News Colleague (Napolitano) For Defending BP

Luckovich TOON: BP Pr person....

The Supreme Court stabs the people in the back again and rules in favor of Enron

BART cop uses Taser on fare-evasion suspect

Nail a Friday's dismount. PLease come CAPTION Head Wreck in conversation with his peers!!!

Court: States can publicly ID petition signers

In Law Schools, Grades Go Up, Just Like That

EDITORIAL: Don't sing the blues for BP

Rand Paul wants underground electric fence at Mexican border

Boeing to temporarily ground 787 Dreamliner test plane

Do Republicans actually want America to fail?

GOP Filibuster Stops Jobless Benefits

New study finds that lesbian parents raise superior children

Is there anything, anything at all in the Democratic Agenda that Ben Nelson

Rep. Paul Broun criticizes federal government for saving depositors at failed bank he co-owned

Refresh your memory with the song on u-tube link. Then look at the cartoon and remember Obama

Food for thought: When You Should Not Adapt in Place

American Workers' Wages Stagnate

why don't we make them filibuster?

To Reach Afghans, Pentagon Drafts Mimes, Storytellers, Wizard of Oz

I am listening to FDR's inaugural speech ("fear itself")

CBS: Jindal holds up deployment of National Guard to fight spill

Navy exaggerations damage Ill. Senate candidate

Pennsylvania has nuke plant event

Pakistan watches Google, other sites for blasphemy

Pakistan watches Google, other sites for blasphemy

PALIN Tweets To Followers: Warning ' BP ESCROW FUND ' Could Lead To A NAZI-LIKE DICTATORSHIP

From chain emails to Beck to Congress

Anon. Gore Friend To WaPo: Portland Massage Occurred 'Without Incident'

Can anyone tell me why so many Dems voted against the jobs bill?

Nebraska, what you going to do about Nelson?

When the hell will we take the damned FILIBUSTER away from the GOP!!!???

SOS Mr. President! We are at WAR in our own Country! HELP US!

No rational human would ever accept bipartisanship in the future will succeed after yesterday.

No rational human would ever accept bipartisanship in the future will succeed after yesterday.

Called Grassley's office, tried to be civil but couldn't hold back

Know nothing about Tori Spelling but she doesn't look right.

Donna Smith (of 'SiCKO'): I Can See Healthcare From Here

Number of child deaths from hot cars is on rise

Number of child deaths from hot cars is on rise

Can anyone offer an explanation..or does an explanation exist?.WHY DON'T THE DEMS LET THE REPUKES

Provisions of the negotiated financial reform bill

The mods are still havin' fun, and they're still the one!

Vatican 'indignant' over Belgium police raids

Greece puts its islands up for sale to save economy

The Fruitcake Lady's answers a question about voting (comic relief)

So I remember this NPR piece from about a year ago....

Suicide is called another casualty of BP oil spill

The Stanley Cup comes out ... Blackhawks player will carry it in Chicago Gay Pride parade

Why is Reid being spineless on the unemployment bill?

Mr. President, can you feel our pain? Are your feet warm, yet?

Mr. President, can you feel our pain? Are your feet warm, yet?

Summer of '11 means the end of the ten year war

14 U.S. Workers Killed Per Day, due to Lax OSHA Enforcement

BP's "Watergoo" : BP market losses hit $100 billion on spill cost fears

The Pea Pickers Dilemma or (handy clickable Gen Y title) The Epic Fail of American Politicians

Barry Ritholtz ('Bailout Nation' author) grades today's financial regulatory reform

Petraeus to change Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan. Civilian killing rules too restrictive.

The New American Icon?

Everyone who thinks Big Oil should get $31 billion from U.S. taxpayers....

Everyone who thinks Big Oil should get $31 billion from U.S. taxpayers....

"It is a party of no that is hoping that the voters will vote yes in November,” Durbin said.

BP Oil Spill: Kindra Arnesen Venice LA Local @ the Gulf Emergency Summit

why do their talking points have to be so stupid...

If the GOP is allowed to plan the future of our country...

Has anyone else noticed the substantial increase in DUPE posts lately?

I know it's a stupid question, but WHERE is OSHA for the cleanup crews in the Gulf?

I've got an idea for a campaign video

One of the good guys

Turn on Cspan!!! Tour of the Gulf, with local folks.

South Africa-based church claims it invented vuvuzela, strikes compensation deal with manufacturer

3 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan

3 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan

MSNBC is completely useless today...

Anyone remember the show, "The X Files"?

McChrystal: Anatomy of An Accident on Purpose

US Army employee threatens vuvuzela blower with an axe ("sick of the constant honking")

Speaker Pelosi, More War Funding Next Week Is No "Emergency"

Rolling Stone's Michael Hastings: I'm a Journalist, "Not a Stenographer"

A WAVE of oil hits beach ( pic)

NYT: White House Hiding Off-Site Meetings with Lobbyists

Not sure about this concept (pic)...

BIG msm stories today: Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith are still dead.

Sounds like Scalia and Thomas were selected to represent the interest of crooks

Bank Stocks Rally!!!

Have you heard of the anchor baby/global terrorist nexus?

Another Candidate (R) Exaggerates Vietnam Experience

Senate Democrats have asked Transocean to delay paying $1 billion in dividends.

Chris Jansing has learned to ask questions just like Tweety!

Taliban endorses General Petraeus, says new U.S. Afghanistan war chief 'not smarter than McChrystal'

Former Oil Worker Says Cleanup Just For Show

Bionic Cat Gets Two New Paws

I think that some progressives are hostile to those that have children either by accident or choice.

"When one plane crahses we don't ground all planes"

McChrystal/Petraeus..something stinks

Mission Accomplished: The Reagan Occupation and the Destruction of the American Middle Class

Witnessing Against Torture: Why We Must Act By Kathy Kelly

McChrystal Voiced No Objections to Final Draft, Was This a Show?

Why are senate Republicans committing economic treason?

Can anyone confirm this crazy Hannity rumor?

Pakistan to monitor Google and Yahoo for 'blasphemy'

It is really sad to see Gulf residents cleaning their beaches when the effort is so fucking futile.

So when do the worst people in the world decide what is news? Today.

The "cleaned up" oily sand & dead critters should be loaded on barges

Crazy George's Greek Going-Out-of-Business Sale.....ALL NATIONAL TREASURES MUST GO !!!!

Pigs can fund war but not unemployed.

Just reported on MSNBC: 80% chance of tropical storm forming and heading into the oil area.

Great quote about banksters

Newsflash AZ anti-immigrant advocates: YOU'RE AN ABOMINATION IN GOD'S EYES!

10,000 posts later.....

Uh-oh for the Christian Right. Ergun Caner removed as head of Liberty University seminary

US Bar Owner Charged in Food Critic's Beating

Leahy Anti-Fraud Provision Added to Financial Regulatory Bill

What will be something to behold in the 2010 and 2012 elections - the Dems are doing so much -

BWHAHAHA: Slave BLOGGERS At Say Farewell To Dave Weigel

G20 protesters win small victory versus sound cannon

FinReg Complete, and Banks Stuck With $20 Billion Tab for Implementation

Here's one of those hopeful 'green shoots' that is evidence of economic recovery:

The End of Men

The End of Men

Vegetarianism: I'm frequently disappointed by the attitude of so many DUers

I can't figure out the ritual hari kari the GOP is performing right now

Link to a pretty cool photo

There is nothing Obama can do about the oil riser. Criticize him only about the booms.


Speaker Pelosi, More War Funding Next Week Is No 'Emergency'

At least 3 ways to see the effects of the Financial Reform and the Wall Street Response:

US Supreme Court limits ability to prosecute corporate swindlers

My response to the latest Muslim-bashing wingnut email blast.

Bobby Jindal Holds up Deployment of National Guard

Mike Papantonio and Alan Grayson coming up on The Ed Show

Mike Papantonio and Alan Grayson coming up on The Ed Show

Vatican 'indignant' over Belgium police raids

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!! ...... Happy Hour bye-byes.

Guts or hubris?

More stupidity from Fox

classified as "domestic extremist" by police. john catt, 85 years old.

GOP = Greed Over Principle !

With broader powers, Fed to face greater scrutiny

High risk pool implementation in WA State

TN GOP Candidate Comments On Islam (One of the most offensive i have ever seen...)

The $1M Question for Skinner and DU

Treating other D.U.ers like you want to be treated & how does the rec function work

Do letters to the editor count when you work for the paper?

Old Captains never die they just fade away.

NOW Snowe 'cares'. Snowe: Pass UI Extension Separately

School district blames disabled student for own molestation

Can the extenders bill be passed by reconciliation?

Hmm... Is The GOP Getting Worried ??? - 'Snowe Formally Calls for Standalone UI Bill' - FDL

A Gulf Gale Might Halt BP Oil Collection Efforts for Two Weeks: 2-3 Valdez spills unleashed

These guys on the Gulf beaches complaining about the government cleanup response


Biggest Loser's Kai Hibbard Says Show Triggered Eating Disorder

The whiplash must be painful.

GOP Rep: Hezbollah Partners With Drug Cartels To Infiltrate America's Southern Border

Massive Pensacola Beach cleanup effort proves futile – Oil buried under inches of sand

Palin continues the Obama=Hitler memo...

GOP panel says Idaho needs to form state militia

The new financial reg bill: what say you?

Grayson: "God created men to enjoy, not destroy, the fruits of the earth and of their own toil. "

Gov. Bobby Jindal Still Hasn't Deployed Louisiana's National Guard Forces

British Airways' discriminatory ban on unattended minors sitting next to men strikes again

Democrats See Signs of Hope in Job Trends

Jason Bateman booed for cutting in iphone line

Animal activists whale film called a "scam"

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. K

Please Send this Suggestion to Top Honchos in the Democratic Party

EPIC Fail: As Jindal Criticized The Federal Bureaucracy, Louisiana Guard Troops Sat Idle

Treating others with civility & how does the rec and un-rec function work

Republicans: "What could happen?"

In Saint Paul, MN, it's raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.

U.S. To Begin Selling GM Stock

GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: Most Republicans Think Iraq War Was Unlawful

WaPo reporter resigns after intimating that Matt Drudge is nuts in off-the-record emails

UGH, a fairly liberal friend of mine asserted that most homeless people are drug-abusers...

It's perfectly clear: GOP will ruin millions of Americans' lives

IRS wants taxes from BP payments for lost wages

Toon: Ain't it the truth!

Ind. faces $1.2M food stamp sanctions

Pelosi: "Without Jobs Bill We Could Slip Back And Have Another Recession"...WTF?

Why did the Medicare cut deferral receive a vote but unemployment benefit extensions did not?

God not on side of union-busters, Catholic scholars say (a mortal sin)

The economist did a story a few years ago about how business students

Police: Calif couple tried to sell baby at Walmart

BP's Blowout Preventer is Leaning and Might Fall Over

Republicans to Unemployed: ‘Get a Job!’

Furious Ed Schultz Calls On Obama To Step In And Help Jobless: 'They Are Begging'

A deep, preternatural sadness for the Gulf.

Another Possible BP Casualty: Bluefin Tuna

Ginni Thomas wants us all to be politically active...

Soccer and the poor

Labor Notes: GM: New Workers Now Make 20% Less than Average Manufacturing Worker

"If I'm proven wrong, I'll probably feel a lot worse..."

half-term twittering quitter backs one looney over another ...likes Tiahrt

Did Olbermann jump the shark last night?

McCrystal Scandal Shows Us the Military No Longer Protects America -- It Guards Empire

McCrystal Scandal Shows Us the Military No Longer Protects America -- It Guards Empire

$20 Billion Fraud -- Funds NOT for Victims of Disaster

Teabagger Picnic......Literacy Not Required

There are three active systems in our hemisphere

Living the dream (or nightmare) in corporate America...

Some good news (for once) about the Gulf gusher. Relief Well One detected primary well yesterday

Childlessless at record high in U.S.

Police planting drugs and brutalizing man (video)

Social Security Must Pay $100,000 Damages for Violating Worker’s Rights

do you know the dangerous meaning of the Black Kitty and the Wooden Shoe?

We need to totally defeat republicanism then tackle our own party, agree?

We need to totally defeat republicanism then tackle our own party, agree?

Just When Ya Think It Can't Get Any Worse... Here Comes The Sun - MSNBC

Oil enters Mississippi Sound

Oil enters Mississippi Sound

Wal Mart Grocerys....Watch The Sell By Dates...

A toughie for the Friday Afternoon Challenge Question, kids!

This is How Dumb Rasmussen's Sample is: 41% Think Its likely the US will win the World Cup

Mission Accomplished: The Reagan Occupation and the Destruction of the American Middle Class

'This will never be the same' - pic

We don't need no Stinking Deficit Cutting Commission in the middle of a Recession/Depression

Michael Hastings Says Troops Are Happy That General Was Ousted

Back In The Ranks Of The Unemployed

CBS: Jindal holds up deployment of National Guard to fight spill

American workers are the milk cows of the globalist military-industrial complex.

'Hands Across The Sand' Acts Against Offshore Drilling With Global Demonstration

Dear Ms. Krawcheck... Go Fuck Yourself... 'World's Rich Got Richer Amid '09 Recession: Report' - ABC

Meet Carl Casale- The Monsanto - Nalco (Corexit) Connection --Director & CFO of both!

Remember this?

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson On Storms: Get More Ships In Gulf

From Louisiana: "We are expendable to these people. We do not matter."

Cops Doing Good Things

U.S. citizen deported to Mexico

Who do you blame for the failure of the unemployment extension bill?

Obama has been standing up to BULLIES....please help reduce the GOP BULLIES

Oiled dolphin's rescue ends in death -- dolphin was crying as people rushed to save it

what would you do if you hated america and wanted the economy to tank?

"Don't tase my granny!"...Officers taser "aggressive" 86-year-old disabled woman in her bed

So I Let A CEO Have It at The Store Tonight...

Leahy wants jail time for oil execs who knowingly use shoddy practices

Rep Pete HOAXstra to run for Michigan Governor

In your opinion, is breaking the law unethical?

The new #2 man in L.A. schools was forced to resign in Maryland over a questionable doctorate.

Are you familiar with this Right Wing delusion?

Dear Blue State America,

Tom the Dancing Bug: I run my family like a Corporation!

Rumsfeld's portrait unveiling ceremony at the Pentagon today - pics

does THE POST from the Oil Drum ring true to you?

Internet Sex domain gets official approval

Gore Accuser tried to Sell Story for 1 Million Dollars

Republican Governor balances the budget

The fucking vultures are circling already. (Are you surprised?)

Afghan War: "Under New Management"

For those who watched the Kindra Arnesen video that hit the top of the Greatest Page yesterday.

How many Americans are targeted for assassination?

Police Tasered an 86-year-old disabled grandma in her bed and stepped on her oxygen hose

Methane in Gulf "astonishingly high": U.S. scientist

I always thought the FEMA camps would be for climate refugees, not Obama critics

NH woman on oxygen dies after power cut to home

Democratic leaders pull unemployment compensation bill leaving the jobless twisting in the wind.

Vatican astonished at Belgian police raid (Tough shit, Ratfinger)

Tips for parents to remind themselves small child is in car

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer: Most illegal immigrants smuggling drugs

Here they go again: TX-Gov: GOP pays to get Green candidate on the ballot

Do people really not understand how tides work? or the basic dynamics of wave-action?


Banks Keep Derivatives Units, Volcker Rules Softened; House-Senate Con

McChrystal article author warns of "push back" through CNN's Barbara Starr & WAPO

Would what these old guys posted be against D.U. rules? Just asking.

Immigrants: take our jobs!

"Feel free to repost without the broad brush group attack." To honor that invitation by the mod,

My daughter's t-shirt at basketball camp.

Another MSM fail & it's effect

Internationalism, Freedom, Fascism, and Dark History

Anyone watching Gary and Tony have a Baby on CNN ?

Anyone watching Gary and Tony have a Baby on CNN ?

With 1.2 million people losing their unemployment benefits we'll have thousands more homeless

Vegetarians Are Happier Than Meat-Eaters

Anyone else think it's getting to the time

Did McChrystal Frag Himself? Obama Misses the Afghan Exit Ramp...

"It Could Never Happen Over Here" - But It Is Happening!

Well, I see the unreccers are out in full force in the lounge today. n/t

Glee welcomes “The Most Talented Girl in the World”

Bird dances to Ray Charles

David Baerwald - The Waiter

"Yo, VICTORIA"...Stallone set to make movie about John Gotti

Shake, shake, shake...

Everything you need to know about Futurama

Its Finally Sunny and Hot here

Congratulations to 'Grandma' TEACHER DINGER

Powers of Ten (Gas - Microscopic)


O.K., Luann (the comix) has gotten ickily racy. Near my personal boycott.

Thank God That Adam Sandler Movie Gets Released Tomorrow

I am going to 24hour Fitness to relax now

RIP Pete Quaife Original bassist for The Kinks

At least Orangina is acknowledging their gay furrie customer demographic

Train wreck aisle 3

I've been badly brain-fried for over a week.

LOL... SomethingAwful pulls the best of the ATS forums...

I wanna put on my my my my my

Must have for Star Wars and Astronomy geeks

Steve Martin's tour rider leaked.

How would you react to this HR problem?

Tough presidential trivia quiz

I'm thinking of buying this man bag. What do you think?

The best ever death metal band out of Denton

The best ever death metal band out of Denton

Does your employer offer clothing-optional Fridays?

I got a fever, and the only prescription is...


Next step: Taking over the laptop


Any NRFU Enumerators here? I have two cool stories to share...

Anyone else just hate fucking Will Ferrel?

What bed should I buy to go with my TV?

Since the time for many of us may be up soon at the new DU, I figured I'd post this bit of red meat

Amputee cat gets bionic feet

What's your favorite Star Wars retcon?

Snarky note to iPhone 4 users

Professional trombonists playing Brahms and Ravel on vuvuzelas:

Why Wimbledon > World Cup Soccer

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day

I thought last night someone was dropping the Nuclear Bomb on the east coast!

I promised when we were struggling with several episodes of 2ft snow

Nonsense about the sacrifice of motherhood

The best Morals Teachers on how to live your life


Kinks bassist Pete Quaife dead at 66

Post some songs that are about or mention Illinois!

God will not love me any more or any less simply because I spam others with corny email.

A week from today we're starting our roadie.

Macaroni and cheese

Onion: Elena Kagan Asked Straight Up: 'You Got What It Takes?'

Post some songs that are about or mention MINNESOTA!

Onion: White House Jester Beheaded For Making Fun Of Soaring National Debt

WHICH is more annoying...BAGPIPE music, VUVUZELA music, or any random post by Amerigo Vespucci?

Post some songs that are about or mention FLORIDA!

Old woman fakes driving

Jason Bateman getting ushered to the front of the line at the Apple Store to buy his effing iPhone

Post some songs that are about or mention TACOMA!

The Ass Hole Song

Post some songs that are about or mention INDIANA!

About the term "Breeders"

GREAT MOVE, Starbucks! Wall-to-wall assholes on laptops & cell phones nursing BEER & WINE.

When are you going to start shopping for school supplies?

Naked Man Arrested in Armed Rampage on Interstate

Gorn or Doomsday Machine?

I was thinking about starting a thread here

What happens with you take rap in one hand, bluegrass in the other

Post songs Woody Guthrie wrote about your hometown . . .

I might have bought stolen property this morning

Posting Youtube Videos in General

A professionally shot video of my band playing to 300 people last week at a local club

Haha, Pearls Before Swine puts the whup again on Billy (from Family Circus)

Post things I do that annoy the shit out of you

Notes from the Northwest Teabagger Preserve

Who's less funny; Will Ferrell or Molly Shannon?

Post songs about nowhere in particular

Grateful Dead~ "Werewolves of London" 07.08.78 Red Rocks

Ask the voices inside my head any question

Post some songs that are about or mention OREGON!!

drinking, now reading

I need your help!

I shouted at a hairdresser in Reno

Cheese and Onions

Is anyone here familiar with working on Saab 900s?

Deadhead ALERT: This weekend, all Wolfgang's Vault Grateful Dead Downloads are $5 or less

There's a coyote in my cabbage patch

cheese and Macaroni

There's a possum on my porch.

"The last thing you want to be doing is growing salmonella in your sack," Gerba said.

I wasn't thinking about starting a thread here

Yesterday, Ivan the tuxedo cat brought home a dead baby bunny. I was not pleased. Today,

Pick a Praia

Facebook pet peeve: "Like"

Gah. I start a job Tuesday that requires me to be in at 6:45...

Post some songs that are about or mention CALIFORNIA!

Mysterious 'horse boy' on Google street view

I Havnt Had KFC in months...

Post some songs that are about or mention Everywhere!

These older cars were on display across the street...

Holy Smokes! The "Wyoming Forum" has been hijacked!!

Is it possible for someone (with a sex addiction) to have a fetish with remote controls?

I want to watch some old VHS tapes--do I need to run a cable through the cable box

I just bought a house

Maple Donuts--Etters, PA

You'd think that after all the outrage Shrub Sr. generated with his dislike of broccoli...

This looks like an EXCELLENT resource for dog owners...

Michael Jackson: STILL DEAD or more alive than ever?

Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize for American Humor: Your choice for 2011?

What Facebook games are you addicted to and how much do you hate yourself for it?

Stories that happened in your childhood that involved brothers and/or sisters.

Post some songs that are about or mention PLACES WHICH DON'T EXIST!

Why would two central air conditioners fail at the same time in the same house?

I am posting from my Dad's nursing home, would y'all say hello.

today is San Juan's Day

2010 FIFA World Cup: The Knockout Stages.

Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns

Toyota President Feared Having To Step Down Over Recalls

Food Stamps Applications Soar (Florida panhandle oil disaster)

US scientists make major progress on lung regeneration

Not so secret: deal at the heart of UK-US intelligence

Report: Toxins found in whales bode ill for humans

PG&E to charge more so it can upgrade system

Oil company initiative qualifies for California ballot

Documents: Tanks leaked fuel near Camp Lejeune well (Former Marine Base Refueling Facility)

Mehserle takes the stand at his murder trial

Jobs Bill Fails In Senate: Democrats Say Thursday's Doomed Vote Was The Last Chance

Reports: IAF Landed at Saudi Base, US Troops near Iran Border

‘Official’ Sarah Palin legal defense fund deemed ‘illegal’, $390,000 to be returned

Leaders differ on how to nurture a global recovery

Details of Cold War intelligence pact published

UK to press ahead with deep-sea oil exploration

House and Senate in Deal on Financial System Reform

Details of secret US-UK 'spying pact' released

German court approves euthanasia with patient consent

House offers compromise on derivatives

Minn. nurses say they'll file strike notice

Zimbabwe Blood Diamonds Talks Collapse

N.Korea issues no-sail warning; missile eyed-paper

In Joseph Stalin's birthplace, tyrant is finally toppled

Alcoa Gets Union Approval for Labor Deal, Including 5% Pay Rise (6,000 staff at 11 U.S. plants)

House, Senate lawmakers finalize deal on bank bill

Romanian court: Austerity cuts unconstitutional

Taliban endorses General Petraeus, says new U.S. Afghanistan war chief 'not smarter than McChrystal'


Obama claims victory in financial overhaul deal

Taliban behead 11 Afghan civilians: police

Obama boosted by US finance reform deal

Oakland votes to lay off 80 police officers

Petraeus to Modify Afghanistan Rules of Engagement, Source Says


Chronic Pain Often Follows U.S. Soldiers Home: Study

Brooklyn Diocese Seeks Sainthood for Priest Who Fought Bigotry

Gulf Coast Governors Leaving National Guard Idle

BP Bankruptcy in U.K. Is Obama’s Worst Nightmare: Caroline Baum

Worried by increase in population, Britain to announce immigration curbs

Syncrude guilty in death of 1,600 ducks

U.S. mortgage rates shrink to lowest point since mid-1950s

Jackson death anniversary marked

Fake Fishermen

Study indicates life was possible all over Mars

Across From White House, Coffee With Lobbyists

Biden to travel to Gulf Coast next week

ElBaradei leads big Egypt anti-torture protest

BP Victims’ Fund to Fight Bogus Claims, Feinberg Says

Dem Congressman Contrasts 'Minorities' with 'Good American People'

Whirlpool producing last refrigerators in Evansville, Ind., as production shifts to Mexico

(British) PM wants troops out of Afghanistan before next election

Light bulbs to get new 'nutrition style' labeling

Lesbian Miss. teen is marshal at NYC Pride March (Constance McMillen)

House, Senate lawmakers finalize deal on bank bill-complete massive overhaul of Wall Street rules

UK doctors: fetus can't feel pain before 24 weeks

Belgian Catholic bishops angered by police raids

Axelrod predicts GOP support for Kagan

Fla., Ga. bank failures raise year's tally to 85

If posts entirely in capital letters were allowed, would DU be better for the hearing impaired?

Court: Gay marriage is not universal right

(TN) Driver's license office sued over immigrant's seized ID. Immigrant charges racial profiling.

70% chance of Gulf-bound tropical depression in Caribbean

Satellite firm cuts Hamas TV broadcasts to Europe

Storm system may slam Gulf, BP cleanup sites within the next 48 hours

Dire climate change warning to Australia

(GOP) Candidate says Murfreesboro mosque part of movement to fracture Tennessee's moral foundation

Bulletin: Tropical Depression #1 forms in the Carribbean sea-forecast to enter the Gulf of Mexico

Military high court denies Abu Ghraib appeal

Lawmakers Seal Deal on Historic Wall Street Reform

Peace campaigner, 85, classified by police as 'domestic extremist'

Newspapers Retract 'Climategate' Claims, but Damage Still Done

Our Job-Killing Senate

ACLU Of Tennessee Calls On (Gov.) Bredesen To Veto Racial Profiling Legislation

Lincoln strikes deal as overnight push to pass Wall St. bill nears close

The mission remains impossible (Afghanistan)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Ex-Aide Accused of Vote-Diversion Scheme

Prime Minister Gillard assures Obama of support in war

Sheets to run for Congress as independent (MA)

The bottom line is this: $100 billion in aid to the unemployed helps Democrats in the fall

As Generals Change, Afghan Debate Narrows to 2 Powerful Voices

U.S. economic growth revised down to 2.7%

Kratovil's poll shows him leading rematch with Harris in 1st district

Kinks Bassist Pete Quaife Dead at 66

Obama administration announces new border security measures

Obama administration announces new border security measures

US financial reform deal imminent

Define "win" in the context of an undeclared war half a world away

Eugene Robinson: Leave the Nation Building to Afghans

WH statement on Republicans obstruction of jobless aid for Americans

Obama Administration Keeps Promise on Whale Conservation at International Talks (Greenpeace USA)

Aetna scraps 19% rate increase for individual policyholders

A Party Of Bunnings

CNN: "41 percent say the Republicans are more to blame for the country's current economic problems"

Heads Up: President Obama's FinReg statement at 8.40 a.m. EDT

I'm watching the "Yes We Can" Video.. Oldie but Goodie..

******Weekly Polling Update campaign '10**************************

So Obama's poll numbers are falling because of whites JESUS!!!!!!

McChrystal's fatal error

McChrystal's fatal error

Mehserle weeps: 'I didn't think I had my gun'

Schwarzenegger bans welfare cards at casinos

Kellogg Recalls 28 Million Boxes of Cereal

President Obama's remarks on the financial overhaul deal

Another HEARTLESS Rethug

Wall Street reform: What's in the bill

Biggest Wall Street Revamp Since 1930s Approved

Rachel has a wonderful graphic on her show tonight...

Palin encourages followers read column warning BP escrow fund could lead to Nazi-like dictatorship

"What's next, Mr. president? Immigration?"

PHOTOS: Our hard working President arrives in Toronto for the World Summit


Meg Whitman explains how she "escorted" an employee from the room

I want to give folks a reminder.........

US visas pose 'pervasive problem'

Republicans so very concerned about the deficit, yet insist Bush tax cuts for the rich not expire!

Kerry "In times of economic trouble, our country expects Democrats and Republicans to pull together"

Remember this?

Americans are too apathetic to remember the GOP blocking anything!

Brewer: Most illegal immigrants smuggling drugs

Analysis: Wall Street won (banks keep derivatives units; Volcker rule softened)

IRS wants taxes from BP payments to oil spill

WSJ: Major Provisions in the Financial Overhaul Bill (updated)

If ya wanna really help America Recover and actually Advance with more jobs

Any Republicans asking you why Obama turned down 30 countries' offer to help clean the Gulf area?

It's an election year, I think Reid should let the GOP filibuster unemployment benefits

Kid Condoms: Provincetown Likely to Limit to 5th Grade and Up

New Pew Poll: Obama approval 48% (-1 since January) "Oh, noes! he's in freefall"--Media

Caption It: Geithner ...... and ZINNIAS!!!

Quiz: Name the speaker, name the date....

Who the Fuck is PatToomey?? His ad is void of Party AFFILIATION?

Obama Backs Down from July 2011 Drawdown in Afghanistan

Medicare Proposes New Rules to Ensure Equal Visitation Rights for All Hospital Patients

Gulf Coast Governors Leaving National Guard Idle

NYT: "Financial regulations not only remained strong but in some cases got stronger"

Dupe, pls.delete. nt

Graham won't negotiate on energy bill while oil spill influences politics

Troops Are Happy That Obama sack Gen. Stanley McChrystal

AFR Hails Wall Street Reform as a Significant Step toward Economic Stability

AFR Hails Wall Street Reform as a Significant Step toward Economic Stability

Is Sen. Scott Brown raising campaign funds by scalping tickets in violation of MA law?

NYT: Democrats See Signs of Hope in Job Trends

Weigel Resigns from Washington Post

Biden heading to Gulf Coast to view spill efforts

Imagine sometime in the near future republicans take both the house and the senate badass David Petraeus already looking at modifying rules of engagement in Afghan War?

Latest Batch Of White House Visitors: 450k Names Now Online

Kissell dodges indy bullet

Look at this headline from the hill...

It took the prez a matter of hours to pick a CO in Afg, so why is it taking months to plug the leak?

A Historic Year

'Secret' law lets police arrest for failing to show ID near summit

Obama Rips GOP on Jobs Bill Vote

Merkley, Levin: Ban on High Risk Trades Victory for Workers and Businesses

Financial reform provisions and moving the goal post

House, Senate seal deal on FinReg - biggest rewrite of Wall Street rules since Great Depression

Millions of jobless need those benefits & 57 votes aren't enough?

Vander Plaats to Go Public For First Time After Iowa Republican Primary

Why is BP still in charge of the oil spill relief efforts?

The House adds another cosponsor to the Fair Elections Now Act bringing the total to 156.

Can anyone tell me if the White House has a coffee shop?!

Presidential insult and RW code word translation guide.

If Dems don't have enough to unite and want to CRUSH the GOBP in Nov., nothing will do it.

BP accused of killing endangered sea turtles in cleanup operation

Ouch! This Hurts! Janeane Garofalo Sours on Obama!

Stalin statue removed in Georgian town of Gori

Obama Has Same Position on the Beginning of a Drawdown in Afghanistan

Obama Making BP Pay Is Good Government, and That's Why GOP and the Corporate Media Are Freaking out

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed - BP, the World Cup, and Stanley McChrystal's big surprise.

President Obama Rises to the Occasion

"Jon Kyl walks back White House border story"

Steve King (R - IA) Goes Birther on the floor of the House

Elena Kagan: Aharon Barak my judicial hero

Presidential Double-Standards

Obama Hate Masks the GOP's Shakedown of the American People

Senate Dems urge Transocean to suspend dividend payments

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel Resigns Following Strange Semi-Scandal

Despite being a NUT CASE Sharron Angle is ahead of Reid

June 24, 2010 Petraeus backs July 2011 Afghan withdrawal deadline

I'm glad that Obama fought as hard for extending unemployment benefits

We Thought That We Were Electing a Prius, and Got a Tank Instead: The Last Gasps of Empire

A historic win for President Obama overnight, re: FinReg --- This is a BFD!!!

GOP Will Call Military To Testify Against Kagan

Backlog of Colombian human rights cases pose a test for new president, the U.S.

BP Bankruptcy in U.K. Is Obama’s Worst Nightmare: Caroline Baum

WH staffers meet with lobbyists at coffee shop: Not subject to disclosure on WH visitors’ log

Rolling Stone broke interview ground rules with McChrystal, military officials say

The Myth of a Liberal Break from Obama

42% of Americans consider themselves conservative, only 20% say they're liberal (Gallup).

Obama calls to congratulate new president-elect of Colombia

UN lauds Venezuela's achievements on fighting drug trafficking

BP oil blame game

Steven Seagal Tells Off BP British Petroleum After Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.mp4


What They Aren't Telling You About The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill


Young Turks: Fox News - Being President Is Easy

Rachel Maddow - Team USA Landon Donovan

Countdown Worst Persons -6-23-10 -Monica Crowley, Michael Steele, Gretchen Carlson

Thom Hartmann - Should BP be charged with criminal animal abuse?

Olbermann: Jeremy Scahill - 'Blackwater cleaned up their act as much as BP has cleaned up the Gulf'

Top Catholic Priest Accused of Sexually Abusing His Own Sons

Obama Fires General McChrystal

Stupid comments from Johnny Isakson and Tom Price

NEW Unemployment Extension UPDATE 6/24/10


Reid: Republicans Protect the Rich, While Vulnerable Americans Suffer

What In The HELL Is Going On In The Senate! - Ed Schultz

Social Security Broke: That's Bullshit (Sam Seder)

Pioneering vet gives cat new prosthetic feet

Change at the US Social Forum

Republican Gulf Coast Govs aren't using all the National Guard troops they reqested

USSF: Who Decides About War?

This Is The True Core Of The Republican Party! - Ed Schultz

Hobo's Lullaby

Bridge to Nowhere

What Nikki Haley Represents

Obama Speaks on Financial Regulations Bill - 'Will Hold Wall St. Accountable'

Methane Hydrate Explosion - Wars for Oil - BP Oil Spill Doomsday Scenario from History Channel

Rep. Markey on the Deteriorating BP Wellhead and the Need to Plan for Worst Case Scenario

PRIORITIES: Snowe & Collins Give Billions to Wall Street


Lutheran Pastor Tom Brock - God disrupted ELCA gathering with tornado because of its gay policies

Ready to Rally: Crowds gear up for anti-G20 protests

Canadian Security Clampdown for G8 & G20 Meetings - June 25, 2010 Democracy NOW!

The Cove PSA - My Friend Is

BP, Obama, and what Real Hope and Change might look like

Tortoise helps tortoise

Ten Republicans That Just Don't Care

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - Oil Drilling vs Oil Production

Gulf oil spill tars NY seafood prices

Rachel Maddow - Senate Dems punked again as GOP blocks unemployment benefits

Young Turks: Republican Busted On Government Handouts!

Fox's Neil Cavuto Called an 'Asshole' by AFL-CIO Economist On Air

QUEEN MEG Pushes Her Way Into CNA Headquarters



Thom Hartmann - More Guns, Less Crime...or is it more equality, less crime?

Rachel Maddow: The job Have-Nots - a brilliant examination of the GOP's cruel mindset

TYT: Cenk Debates The Daily Beast's John Avlon On The So Called 'Radical Left' & Much More!

Republicans To Unemployed: You're Spoiled, Drug-Taking Hobos & Animals, Who Shouldn't Breed

Government Lets BP Write Its Own Environmental Review Papers for Alaskan Project

Deporting 'Son of Hamas'

Prescott Bush Jr., Scion of a Political Family, Dies.

Oliver Stone: The US Has Intervened Fifty-Five Times in Latin America

McCrystal Scandal Shows Us the Military No Longer Protects America -- It Guards Empire

House-Senate panel approves Wall Street reform bill

U.S. Lawmakers Reach Accord on New Finance Rules

U.S. Lawmakers Reach Accord on New Finance Rules

Leonard Pitts Jr.: No apologies from the purchasers of influence

Republicans vote for 2nd Great Depression

Palin embraces Obama = Hitler analogy

Depression, Abuse, Suicide: Fishermen's Wives Face Post-Spill Trauma

McChrystal's fatal error

Republicans block unemployment aid bill

Sen. Stabenow calls out Repubs for killing unemployment extension for political gain

Arbitrary and Capricious, Indeed

Mr. President, regarding the GOP's fight to stop you from repairing the damage they created, may I

How many Americans are targeted for assassination?

Petraeus vs. the Mafia

When the Whistles Don't Blow

Hedging Millionaires Buy Jets, Art, Bling, Give Less to Charity

Paul McCartney: "I like Obama...and he's right to have a go at us for polluting his country."

Do Republicans actually want America to fail? -

The mission remains impossible (Afghanistan)

"The Unbearable Lightness of Being There" Weekend Economists June 25-27, 2010

IRS wants tax $ from BP payments for lost wages

Gasland - Debunked......

Drumbeat: June 25, 2010

Peak oil notes - June 25

ODAC Newsletter - June 25

(Princeton) Study: "Assessing the climatic benefits of black carbon mitigation"

Researchers Call for 'No-Regrets' Approach to Climate Warming

The Oil Drum: Taking on "dougr," Saudi '93 Oil Spill, Methane, and Nat Gas

Advances in Oil Spill Cleanup Lag Since Valdez

Photo gallery: Historic drought in southwest China and the Mekong basin

Scientists Question EPA Estimates of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (from manure lagoons)

ISU researcher develops green, bio-based process for producing fuel additive

Higher wetland methane emissions caused by climate warming 40,000 years ago — No clathrate gun

Guardian UK: London air pollution 'worst in Europe'

Answer to What Ended the Last Ice Age May Be Blowing in the Winds, Paper Says

Hands Across The Sand / Saturday, June 26, 11 AM your local time

Nanoscale Architecture May Solve Solar's "Thick & Thin" Dilemma

San Diego utility charges ahead with electric-car plan

United Airlines Tries Hypermiling a Boeing

Sea ice in the Arctic does not recover

Study Says Natural Gas Use Likely to Double

Journal "Science": Agriculture’s Next Revolution—Perennial Grain—Within Sight

Terrific blog about ice

Where will the Isner-Mahut tennis match rank all-time?

Gretzky's California hockey legacy continues to grow

The Orioles thrash the hapless Marlins in preparation for the Beltway series...

UK makes history with five first-rounders

Is Condem's CWS game over? I think it is in the 11th.

Free agent Westbrook lining up suitors

Liverpool set to announce Roy Hodgson as manager

Group G: Portugal-Brazil *** North Korea-Ivory Coast

Sources: Marlins to hire Valentine

Hopefully we will have our Chess reports soon, to break up the boredom of all these

Matsuzaka, Okajima?

Man shot at Michael Vick's birthday party

NY Giants draft pick Chad Jones seriously hurt in car crash

Reactions to Landon Donovan's goal

It's the Beltway Battle tonight in Baltimore as the Orioles host the Natinals!

Group H: Chile-Spain *** Switzerland-Honduras

Next few weeks will have big implications in the N.L. West

So I keep watching Landon Donovan's goal and the amazing thing is

Breeders Cup: Calling All Sprinters

Which World Cup soccer players do you think would be good at American sports?

UN lauds Venezuela's achievements on fighting drug trafficking

Are the Chicago White Sox for real?

NHL Governors approve major penalty for hits to head + one awesome idea!

General Assembly President and Venezuelan leader discuss development, UN reform

Chevron accused of attempting to sabotage Ecuadorian court system

Oliver Stone, 'South Of The Border' Tour Guide (NPR link)

Oliver Stone: The US Has Intervened Fifty-Five Times in Latin America

Inter-American Court Finds Colombia Guilty in Senator's Murder

Backlog of Colombian human rights cases pose a test for new president, the U.S.

Bagua, Peru: A Year After

Venezuela says it captures suspected drug smuggler wanted in US on cocaine trafficking charges

NOM loses again! This time in Maine.

'Senator Swish' - from 'Well Covered: Pulp Pride'

Morning Meme - Fox does hit piece on Will Phillps, Gays ban gay, and A Father's Love

N.Y. Congressman Calls Obama "Timid" re gay issues

DC woman sues Baptist church over gay marriage

Military tells Congress to keep gay ban for now

A moment of 'yum' in a sea of 'meh'

Gun Decision Now Expected During Kagan Hearing

Univ. of Colorado to appeal repeal of gun ban

The Pink Pistols are needed now more than ever. Here's why:

NRA's First Endorsement Goes To Dem Strickland

Chicago - Park District Balks at Gun-Rights Group Meeting

2 Shot Dead At 2 Medical Marijuana Clinics

Q+A-What does China's labour unrest mean for foreign companies?

AFSCME President: Filibustering Republicans Will Be Responsible For Lost Jobs

Last Unpaid Furlough Day For California State Workers As Gov Again Threatens Minimum Wage

UNITE-HERE Hotel Workers In Toronto Hit Pickets Lines At G-20 Summit

Madison, Wisconsin Painters Are On Unfair Labor Practices Strike

Huffington Post: Chicago Wal-Mart: Unions Reach Deal, Passage Expected

OSHA to publicly shame job safety violators

Berkeley Bowl’s New Union-Busting Campaign

Today in Labor History June 25 The Wages and Hours act was passed, 21 workers are killed & more

Congress Hotel Strike Marks 7th anniversary

Even plain, ordinary seagulls look cool,

I am losing!

Rats Breathe With Lab-Grown Lungs

Whooping cough at epidemic levels in California

Scientists find explanation for blindsight

Water Flowed on Mars More Recently Than Thought

African livestock offers 'untapped genetic resource' (BBC)

'Quantum computer' a stage closer with silicon breakthrough

Likud Committee Votes on New Settlements

"Flotilla Fact Check" - israeli claims and matter of facts, according to IMEU

The Boycott Divestment Sanctions Movement (The Nation June 28)

Alan Dershowitz endorses a Republican

Amazing video from a Louisiana fisherman's wife re: the gulf:

Cosmic Citizen "Poll" letter.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and a Lunar and Solar Eclipse

A request for visualization, please

Okay, so I am kind of into pyramids, and

Idaho GOP Passes Measure to Ban Transsexuals from Marrying ANYONE

Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Barbara Hand Clow

Vatican shocked over Belgium police raids

Do many Rapture-ready people WANT to destroy the Earth?

WOW! Who says Christians can't do GREAT websites!!!???

Why God Doesn’t Listen To Your Prayers

Why God Doesn’t Listen To Your Prayers

Acupuncture school pins down Gulf War Illness with DOD funds

Vaccinomics: Scientists Are Devising Your Personal Vaccine ~ Scientific American

Smiling makes you happy research into botox shows

THIS is how America once fought back against corporations