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BP Oil Disaster: Relief, Restoration, and Reform

Retired U.S Military Colonel Ann Wright interview ...

An Open Letter to James Cameron

We have our first winner of the night: (VA-05) Hurt Wins GOP Nod To Challenge Perriello

Don't pee in my Wheaties. Don't pour cold water on me.

Ladies, Tweety sees all those R women candidates as our future.

Until the Final Victory: Celebrating Six Years of the IWW Starbucks Workers Union

Scientists challenge BP containment claims

GD duers, lounger LeftyFingerPop says he is gonna come over to GD and fuckin show us who is boss

Keith just described 2 teaparty groups beating up on eachother.

Whitman, repub candidate for CA Governor, writes victory speech hours before polls close

Universities profit from students' credit cards

Where do campaigns get their polling data from?

"We will pay all legitimate claims" "We will use recovered oil profits to set up a wildlife refuge"

Black job seekers in Twin Cities face worst unemployment gap in nation

Black Women See Steepest Decline in Unemployment during May

Voter Lawsuit Filed in Arkansas' Blanche Lincoln, Bill Halter Senate Runoff - PoliticsDaily

General question re: a local primary measure re: sales tax

Only the happily employed need apply

Only the happily employed need apply

Mayor reportedly caught on video stealing school's giant mixer

NASA Satellites' View of Gulf Oil Spill Over Time (Link to Video)

Georgia elects a Teabagger

Georgia elects a Teabagger

Fears 'Come to Full Flower' in Garland County, AR Polling Place Closure Fiasco - BradBlog

NYT Editorial Calls for Investigations on Illegal Torture Experiments

NYT Editorial Calls for Investigations on Illegal Torture Experiments

Is Orly Taitz and Lady Gaga the same person?

Deepwater drilling safety review may not take six months, panel leader says

American exceptionalism

American exceptionalism

So the UK bans Chris Brown from entering the UK but Tony Hayward who is responsible for the death

People often talk about the military refusing to fight in an illegal

Not sure if this has been brought up, but with most oil wells don't the drillers

Chefs answer first lady's call to service

Politico has Halter taking the lead but their numbers seem screwy

Friday would have been Jacques Cousteau's 100th birthday

Ok we need to see who or what has had returns

DAMN! Tom Graves (tea party canidate) won in Ga. runoff.

Ok here is a hell of a question regardling Arkansas

1% reporting at TPM, Lincoln ahead by 6%....

Corsi's Emanuel/Greenberg/BP conspiracy doesn't make sense

Christopher Hitchens is on TDS tonight

SC Dems didn't have much of a chance anyway

If and only if Halter loses in AR with a close margin, should he sue?

If and only if Halter loses in AR with a close margin, should he sue?

Nikki Haley, Gresham Barrett advance to June 22 primary runoff in S. Carolina GOP governor

Bill Halter needs to take that crooked woman and her henchman all the way to the supreme court

Labor, Netroots Turn Arkansas Election into Referendum on Corporatist Democrats

Update: clerical error? (Halter just took the lead in AR 51 - 49%) AP & Politico calling for Lincoln

Japan PM appoints first Taiwanese-Japanese cabinet member. And she's a woman!

Breaking: Fiorina has 668% of the vote total so far, a record share for a senate primary!

Unknown Candidate Wins Senate Nomination

Question for AR folks - how many polling places were open in Pulaski County

Well, we just handed the Arkansas Senate seat to the Republicans

Ok thank Helen - Facebook

Ok thank Helen - Facebook

I will be donating increments of $25 to Democratic Senate and governor candidates this year

Politico just called it for Lincoln

Court fee hike staggers justice system-567-percent increase in the cost of appeals, etc

Was Helen Thomas set-up for a fall?

Chicken Lady's winning her primary in Nevada!

Fuck BP!

Fuck BP!

This is PERFECT!

Kind of suprised this isn't bigger news in the west - North Korea shoots three Chinese people

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Necessary changes for a post oil dependent world

OK, let's poll this Arkansas senate race

Warm congratulations to Alvin Greene.

If Halter had won the Democratic Nomination, Clinton, Obama and the rest of

Lakers Beat Celtics

So... Bill Clinton And The DINO DLCers Get Their Corporate Toady Over The Finish Line...

Whitman wins GOP nomination for Calif. governor

Why should Orly Taitz winning be a surprise? It's CA, where murder is legal. n/t

Behind the hype of charter schools

Any numbers in the Harman-Winograd primary yet? (District 36)

So, the Tea Partiers will be able to vote for their fave guy this Nov here in Maine.

Off-duty cop accused of pulling gun in road rage (a civilian honked his horn at him)

If someone says "free Tibet" do they hate Chinese people?

If someone says "free Tibet" do they hate Chinese people?

The 3rd rail is not social security, it is Israel.

Israel Asked U.S. To Increase Weapons Supply, Haaretz Learns

Looks like the Chicken Lady's Goose might be cooked (race called for Angle now)

Alvin Greene's win in SC could be a boost for Dems!

Senator Lincoln, just because she has Senator in front of her name...

Caption Me: Schwarzenegger forced to recast ballot - selects 2 senate candidates

NV: Angle leads 37-31 with 32% reporting

Are there any adults left in this country?

Oil Spill's Real Threat Lies Beneath the Surface (Speigel)

If we can desalinate sea water, why can't we clean up billions of droplets of oil?

Palin to Obama on oil companies: 'Give me a call

Seriously, are you in this politically to win or score debating points...

If someone in Texas says Mexicans should go home, are they racist?


Fiorina on my TV not surprised

recap of the last 24 hours of the ongoing response to the BP oil spill

Next CA Lt. Gov: Gavin Newsome

Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse - Laffer

The Lincoln victory in Arkansas is a victory for obama as well.

Judge Walker issues series of questions prior to Prop 8 trial closing arguments

I'm kind of out-of-the loop here in the Oregon wilderness .. but riddle me this (re: BP)

I'm kind of out-of-the loop here in the Oregon wilderness .. but riddle me this (re: BP)

Fiorina and Whitman... oy

Orly Taitz Getting Hammered in CA

DU Singles: Stay away from!! (Dating site horror story follows.. Danger! Danger!)

DU Singles: Stay away from!! (Dating site horror story follows.. Danger! Danger!)

The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment

Tweety & The Pundits Got It All Wrong About Tonight. Surprised?

People, we are taking out a sitting Superior Court Judge tonight in San Bernardino County

MSNBC Just Aired A Commercial For Fox News/Fox Business During Keith's Show.........

Hilarious FR thread on Orly's primary performance

Halter concedes. nt

Seriously, fuck you California GOP. Meg Whitman wins the primary.

Roger Waters Has A New Video Out...

California - Corporate Sponsored Propositions 16 and 17 Are Leading In Early Returns - Wake Up!

Why didn't the Progressives come out and vote for Bill Halter ?

Whew... That Was A Close One... So... How Many Of You Plan To...

Whew... That Was A Close One... So... How Many Of You Plan To...

Whew... That Was A Close One... So... How Many Of You Plan To...

Sue Lowden = Chicken Chowder

Fiorina wins GOP Senate primary in California

Pics: Out of Work, Sleeping in the Fields

We're gonna cut the military budget, er, perhaps not. . .

U.S debt to rise to $19.6 trillion by 2015

Suicide attempts by Marines continue to rise

A Warning From Noam Chomsky on the Threat Posed By Elites

Afghanistan Strategy Shifts to Focus on Civilian Effort

South Carolina was already a lost cause, but really?

Your tax dollars at work:In Pakistan, trucks carrying vehicles to forces in Afghanistan are attacked

Britain Gives US Pledge to Stay in Afghan War

Britain Gives US Pledge to Stay in Afghan War

Today in Labor History June 9 Helen Marot is born to a wealthy family, went on to champion labor

DoD Buzz: Skelton Doubts Obama F136 Veto

Defense Tech: If You Happen to Find One of Our Undersea Robots, Please Call Us: Navy

More $$$ down the toilet

BP investments are mostly held in pension funds: Who will pay for the spill?

Feds Knew of Gulf Spill Risks in 2000, Document Shows

Do Some of You Truly Not Understand the Difference Between Racism and Distrusting the Police?

Oil spill: BP shares fall 5% after Obama attack

‘Birther queen’ Orly Taitz may actually win California GOP primary

"Sure. Ya want me to bend over, too?"

"Sure. Ya want me to bend over, too?"

Your tar balls are in my junk shot, By Mark Morford

Detroit Metro Times: Should prospective employers be allowed to ask for your financial history?

Robets Gates: We're never going to leave Afghanistan

Brain Injuries Remain Undiagnosed in Thousands of Soldiers

Did Russian servicemen steal money from Pole killed in Kaczynski crash?

Snakes in mysterious global decline

Steve Forbes on CNBC

After iPhone 4 announcement, Sprint's EVO sells out

NATO Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan

Basic Positions of the Beach Polluters exposed as lies of Biblical Proportions ('toon)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Isn't there some room for Helen Thomas?

Some teabagger out side a True Value in Ohio just called me a Communist.

Noam Chomsky: The Real Threat Aboard the Freedom Flotilla

Watching the oil leak cam

Eff the SC Dem Party leaders: the Fowlers. I don't know why they are surprised about Greene.

Four American service members die in helicopter shot down in Afghanistan - NBC News

It is early morning and they are having the most insane discussion on Moaning Joe.

It is early morning and they are having the most insane discussion on Moaning Joe.

wheres this racist pig-food come from?

NATO convoy enroute to Afghanistan attacked in Islamabad

"Her last words were: 'Look at how beautiful it is.'"

Sign of the times

The American case against Jamaican officials

The Road Most Traveled

2010 Could Be Big Year for Democrats

Robert Reich: Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) might have passed had it been high on Obama's agenda

Fox Nation Urges Readers To Watch Man Having Heart Attack At Obama Speech

If oil companies can't drill off the coast: can they sue the Gov for break of contract?

thanks humans....

Orly Taitz to Subpoena Pancake Painter

Orly Taitz to Subpoena Pancake Painter

Jon Stewart Takes on Another Stupid School Board

When banks lend you money , they suck your blood in interest payments

Animal Cruelty. Can they bring animal cruelty suits against BP

Both Props #16 and 17 are defeated!

I like the metric system for driving on the highway for 1 simple reason

Scientist: BP Well Could Be Leaking 100,000 Barrels Of Oil A Day

Scientist: BP Well Could Be Leaking 100,000 Barrels Of Oil A Day

Rep. King Introduces Resolution That Would Force Obama To Accept Israeli Naval Protocol Near Gaza

Florida Q Poll: Crist 37, Rubio 33, Meek 17

Jesus' General: Crushing a Black Child's Soul

Jesus' General: Crushing a Black Child's Soul

"It is a tragedy that homophobic threats and abuse have forced this couple apart,"

Another Al Gore Family Marriage On The Rocks

NOBODY who would withhold their support from an abusive spouse has the right

Thank you AFL-CIO & CWA, SEIU, Move On, Arkansans for Change, and other groups for the

I'm watching KO and this underground blowout

Congrats, Senator Lincoln

Based on returns so far, looks like Cali voters are going the "useful idiot" route on props

Based on returns so far, looks like Cali voters are going the "useful idiot" route on props

Arkansas Garland County Election Commission Chairman Charles Tapp Shutting Down Polling Stations

Auth TOON: "The Thinker"

Fuck it, I'm going back to bed


BP felonies

The Oil Drum: The BP Deepwater Oil Spill - of Plumes, and Drillships, FPSOs and the ASJ

Chuckie the fuckie Todd is spinning the Lincoln win

Helen Thomas You Got Played by John Cole

Send Helen a little love. Poll response needed.

Posted without comment

Every "anonymous" comment from the WH has Obama's seal of approval on it.

Seriously, DU gets it's underpants in a wad over a passing comment

Mods, please Tombstone my account. Ban/delete it, whatever.

Virginia has a nuke plant event

Colorado has a little energy crisis of its own. (Xcel substation exploded 2 miles away from me)

Endangered Species?

Unclaimed Persons: Please Tell Someone

AP IMPACT: BP spill response plans severely flawed

Hunger strikes... until this Oil Spill is contained...

What's your favorite providence of Canada?

"Please don't pray for my family's destruction," Freeper Follies

Gulf Crisis: Anybody have any credible links to current flow rate vs. last week???

Back in the early 70s, the Coast Guard had the primary responsibiity for...

Lincoln will NO DOUBT lose the Senate seat because...

Tweety is slaughtering Orly

That the Dog Returns to His Vomit - Video Trailer for Glenn Beck's New Fiction Book

'Terrorism expert': Obama is an Islamist, an ideological ally of our enemies

Does anyone know if Orly won last night? What was the difference in the Halter/Lincoln race?

Gun-packing Wacky Tea 'Bagger Wins GOP Primary to Go Up Against Harry Reid

Oiled pelicans story on NPR

Why Would Democratic Underground Lock Out A Legitimate Discussion About Blanche Lincoln?

Why Would Democratic Underground Lock Out A Legitimate Discussion About Blanche Lincoln?

More Americans in Jail than in Alaska and More in State Prisons than in New Hampshire

Was Carly Fiorina born male?

Wikileaks/Manning: "Are America's foreign policy secrets about to go online?"

Is there anything better than DU the day after an election?

Fresh from the Gulf Disaster BP urges Canada legislators

well at least Cali did not buy the PG &E protection Act

"Senator Lincoln survived this intra-party war by fully embracing her liberal Washington record."

It Only Cost Meg Whitman $81 Million to Buy a Shot at the Mansion

I can't decide of California voters are wise or stupid.

Faux and Bloomberg vie for the Helen THOMAS seat in the front row

Best-ever pic of Joe & Jill Biden

Murkowski's "Dirty Air Act": Senate vote tomorrow---call legislators!

Murkowski's "Dirty Air Act": Senate vote tomorrow---call legislators!

Sick Irony- Fox News Shoe In To Take Helen’s Front Row Seat

South Carolina might have Stephanie Miller as Governor?

Seriously, I have to ask this - is there something more than we can do to cleanup the Gulf Mess?

Doing The Same Thing - Expecting Different Results

A may vote for a Republican in November

What to do WHAT TO DO???? New Idea re CRUDE OIL LEAK in GULF

NOBODY who would withhold their vote from a Democrat has the right to call themselves "Progressive"

Round II on Limbaugh. Please give him what he deserves: a CAPTION!!!!

Mural gripe costs Prescott official radio job

Wake up Wednesday with a CAPTION.!!! Come do Limbaugh the Volcano.

Police are looking for a man with missing fingers,1500 kgs ammonium nitrate.

Lawmaker worries that a national discussion of DADT will force parents to tell children about gays - "Oil Cleanup Hearing" on Capitol Hill. (Didn't find it on C-Span or CNN TV). nt

More Outrage Over Helen Thomas Comment Than Murder of US Citizen

She always said she depended on the kindness of strangers.

WTC mosque protestors from Egypt harassed by the non-Arab

WTC mosque protestors from Egypt harassed by the non-Arab

"Bilderberg 2010: Don't call it a pow-wow!" (6-9-10 Guardian UK blog by Charlie Skelton)

BP is in total control

I bet nobody listened to the folks in 1930 either

AP journalist dives into Gulf, can only see oil

Costner machine clogs during test; scientist says it won't help

Thank you Mods!...

Why The Hell ISN'T Congress RIPPING Into The Bush/Cheney SECRET ENERGY POLICIES?

A Congratulatory Letter to Blanche Lincoln.........

Do I really have to see sores and wounds (meth ads) to read DU?

Do I really have to see sores and wounds (meth ads) to read DU?

Divide and conquer...

Robbed of Jobs by the Deficit Cultists by Dean Baker

How much money has Halliburton spent on the Gulf oil cleanup so far?

What to say when the DNC or CampaignObama asks you for money.

There is a lot of revisionist history going on with Lincoln and HCR.

Report: Another Gore marriage is on the rocks

Leon Unczur, the Modern day Sheriff of Nottingham, talks about his gay partner

Toon "How on Earth could her profession defend her?"

I'm looking for a toon: a guy saying "Obama DO something" while filling up his SUV.

As I'm reading through threads on here

The Roberts Court Strikes Again-NYT Editorial: Keeping Politics Safe for the Rich

Oil Disaster - BP buying search terms

a rant

Why Did The U.S. Refuse International Help on The Gulf Oil Spill?

How Does DU Square this Oil Spill Dilema

Hispanics flee Arizona ahead of immigration law

On the Vilification of Helen Thomas-by Robert Scheer

hang Carly's golden parachute on the whole GOP

Howard Dean's "You did your job" is the wrong message.

Jawdropping LTTE

van der Sloop could face "Law of the donkey"

Karenna Gore and husband separate

Not just Helen Thomas. A take down from 2003.

BP has already suffered as much as they are going to suffer

BP to burn Gulf oil than put on tankers?

Will new sanctions keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon?

Jack Abramoff Out Of Prison: Disgraced Lobbyist Heads To Halfway House

Senate weakens bid to tax Wall Street like rest of us

GRRRR.... Thom check the returns BEFORE you go on the air

This can't be good

That Sound You Hear After Sue Lowden's Defeat Last Night in Nevada

Texas billionaire's legacy: Death, but no taxes

RNC: Why will Obama talk to Ahmadinejad, not Hayward?

Exclusive: Senate Intel Committee to Consider PHR Findings on BUSHCO-Torture/Experiments

Exclusive: Senate Intel Committee to Consider PHR Findings on BUSHCO-Torture/Experiments

what's in the sky over Louisiana?

CA voters pass Prop 14 -- which ensures that voters have fewer choices on election day

Carlton S Fiorina

Pssst.... hey, media.... it's not working

Did Blanche Lincoln STEAL the AR Primary??

The significance of Blanche Lincoln

Thom Hartmann is doing his show live talking about the California election and got some stuff wrong

My mother, diagnosed with fatal brain cancer, wants a non-religious ceremony

Haven't we assaulted our sea life enough yet? SOAB!

Unemployment Benefits Lapse Causes Panic And Confusion For The Jobless

Man, John Stewart is

Poll: Support for oil drilling dwindles

The Oil Disaster is a HOAX!! Here is the proof!

"Hate speech is not free speech!" Agree or Disagree with this statement

Jonathan Livingston Seagull takes the cake!

Credit Default Swap contract for BP hit record high of 380 basis points (up from 45 bp).

Religious Right-Backed Candidates Fail At The Ballot Box

stuff that makes us happy

I am going to try posting this again. I think there was a glitch

Rabbi Who Recorded Helen Thomas Now Suffers From His Own Viral Video Past

Mexicans are seething as US Border Patrol kills teen

BP's Moped to Uranus (TOON)

Bhopal and BP

cover of Vermont Catholic magazine... a little ironic humor to lift your day.

Primaries, polls show tea party's struggles

The Gulf of Mexico has about 7,000 active leases, 64% are in deep water.

Somewhere, at this very moment, a committed gay couple is quietly biding their time, waiting ...

Gore daughter Karenna separated from husband

Anchorage MoveOn holds a vigil in solidarity with our friends on the Gulf - Photos

Thank you for my star, whoever you are!

Left in the campaign dust... Richard Pombo

Since Sunday, 17 U.S. troops have been killed in Afghanistan.

17 Ways to Clean Up the Gulf Oil Spill

Mural gripe costs Prescott official radio job

Any one else getting weird error messages at the GEM$NBC

HP pays, once again, to make Carly Fiorina go away!

I've gotten all kinds of bank scam email spam over the years, but this one is new to me:

Innane story with misleading headline.

And why the hell am I voting for the "coroner"?

I'm supporting Barbara Boxer

Torture is still happening, says Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez

Turkey voted "no" on Iran sanctions.

Tweety's going to have some Orly Taitz fun

Stay classy!

Skelton wants to keep DADT so 7-year-olds don't hear about 'the gays'

one thing i've learned from this disaster in the gulf

Back When the Republican World Really Began to Crumble (great old pic)

"Democrat?" former RIAA CEO Hilary Rosen now working for BP!

CNN's 'Gentlemanly' Henry says Fox should get Thomas's seat

Ottawa inventor claims he can soak up Gulf oil

The Penguin Laments Rise of BP Head Tony Hayward As Top Villain

Republican candidates campaigning without mention of their party!

Turkey-US ties face ‘breaking point’ over vote

China to further promote cross-border yuan trade settlement

Child Caught Drinking From Beer Bottle at MLB Game

Orly Taitz in a landslide!!!

SC Greene (D) News ......

Incredible dust storms in Ft. Rock/Christmas Valley area (photos - dial-up warning)

Revisiting the inaugural optimism of young & old

States begging Congress for $24B Medicaid bailout

'Americans for Truth' [sic] Launches 'Truth Academy' [sic] aka "Teach Our Youth How to Hate Gays"

Russia threatens payback if Iran sanctions affect its interests

Government dilutes nuclear bill under U.S. pressure

Pres. Obama trip to Alabama Gulf Coast announced...

Ed Schultz is taking on Lannie Davis BIG time....

It took a while, but Dick Morris comes through -- Clinton made BP fiasco happen

New threat to oil spill workers? Deadly snakes...

Bernanke Warns Congress Not To Cut Spending, Cautions About 'Fragile' Recovery

Bernanke Says the Federal Debt Is ‘Unsustainable’

Jonathan Capehart just schooled Tweety!

I'm proud to be a member of Democratic Underground.

Why do manufacturers keep reducing package sizes?! The environmental toll...

Explosion kills 39 at Afghan wedding in Kandahar

Anyone know how Winograd did?

Israeli Document: Gaza Blockade Isn't About Security

"White House Officials", "Some People Say", the Media and Citizen Kane

A Bitter Rick Sanchez Corrects Obama's Twitter Spelling

Like Glenn Beck, Ayn Rand Peddled Garbage As Truth -- Why Did America Buy It?

Pissed About Halter Losing: Progressive Need to Get Andrew Romanoff Elected In CO

Aren't Republicans and teabaggers the same thing?

Under the Bus or On the Bus?

where's the IN PERSON outrage, complete with PROTESTS?

Larry Wilkerson is one of the few non-ideologue Republicans left alive on this planet

Hurt Locker Lawsuit IP Addresses Revealed

George Carlin was prescient

Boxer backers are already shredding Fiorina with video ad

Ariz. man sent back jury summons with obscenities

AR Runoff Primary is NOT over - Garland County attorney Ben Hooten files a lawsuit

Democracy for America

Tweety's got that fucking Michelle Bernard of the Independent Womens Forum on now

Fugg you Sarah Palin Poll: Support for oil drilling dwindles

Garland County, AR Election Commissioner resigns after voter law suit filed

Robbed of Jobs by the Deficit Cultists

British government introduces plans for market-driven school system

The Rude Pundit: Memo to Sarah Palin: A President (or Governor) Is Not a CEO

Fiorina's success as a CEO qualifies her to be in the Senate!

California voters reject ballot props by our corporate enemies. YAY!!

Fiorina Open Mic Gaffe On Boxer's Hairstyle: 'So Yesterday!

If there was an election yesterday in which you were eligible to vote, did you?

WTF, California?

Gulf Spill is Obama's Katrina? Do not let them get away with this bullshit!!

Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood: an outlaw hero that even the rich can love

Hot Mic catches Fiorina dissing Hannity

wanna check out a good candidate against McCain?

In your personal experience, people who self-identify as "politically independent" are...

University of Texas poised to re-title dormitory named for KKK leader

Dear Senator Boxer...make jokes about Fiorina's HAIR and she will fucking have you for LUNCH.

If I were Elton John, this is what I would say to my critics...

Jane Hamsher's Lincoln-Halter post-mortem

Anti-Halter Business Group Likely To Abandon Lincoln In The General

GOP congressman: BP oil spill is a 'statistical anomaly'

The religious right vs Comedy Central

Cheney's push of deregulators led to BP disaster

Capitalism is dead

If You Liked Embedded Reporting, You'll Love the "Fake Lake"

Are America’s foreign policy secrets about to go online?

Overall, what did you think of the outcomes of last night's primaries?

I will continue voting for Democrats every chance I get posters hyper-racist reactions to Border Patrol shootings

A tv show you should see

A tv show you should see

E-VOTE FAIL: I Was Unable to Cast a Vote on L.A. County's ES&S E-Voting System (Again) Today

GOP congressman: BP oil spill is a 'statistical anomaly'

Combat's Hidden Toll: 1 in 10 Soldiers Report Mental Health Problems

Poster on Kos: Lincoln's victory and Halter's loss "has the stink of Clinton about it."

Saudi clerics issue fatwa okaying adult breast-feeding as way of circumventing Islamic law

Personality predicts political preferences

Salon: Whitman & Fiorina "Silicon Valley's shabby side, tech industry's less-admirable values"

Welcome to Wal-Mart!

Please help me counter this RW'er...

Lookout Below !!! - 'Supreme Court Blocks Arizona Election Funding' - LATimes

New Goo: Photos of oilpocalypse - sunbathing with a gas mask?

In jail for being in debt

The Empire under Obama: UN Human Rights Expert Says US Claims Right to Kill with Impunity

The best and most detailed account I have read of the procedures leading to the blowout

Congress throws away 5 billion by letting the estate tax lapse for just one individual

Stunning Photo Gallery: Ripple effects of the BP oil spill

Why hasn't the federal government seized control of the BP oil spill?

These female conservative candidates.

Lunch with a Republican Co-Worker yesterday

Have ex-Presidents Bush made any public comments about the Gulf catastrophe

6 Companies That Make Money Solving Problems (They Made Up)

Was this always like this and I didn't notice? (DU site)

The Doomsday oil scenario: a description of what could be happening (with diagrams).

Dear President Obama,

Question: Is the Obama administration as "liberal" as we are EVER going to see?

"10 million down the drain" from someone spending a billion a month in Iraq

"10 million down the drain" from someone spending a billion a month in Iraq

South Carolina budget cuts target education and health care: 25% cuts

Forget ANGER, OILED PELICANS and OBAMA: the drama in the Gulf is the Earth's "moment"

U.S. Market for Small Wind Turbines Gained Ground in 2009

Social Security and the Age of Retirement

Mean Street: Ben Bernanke Tells Paul Krugman and Robert Reich to Shove It On Jobs Stimulus

CBS Poll: With Higher Visibility, Less Disapproval For Gays

WTF!? A 'fantasy league' to draft girls &, unbeknownst to them, score points for sexual encounters

Sarah Palin Demands Hardball Regulations and a Takeover of BP

man tased after deputy interrupts pair having sex

Laurie Higgins "McDonald’s is hell bent on using its resources to promote homosexuality to children"

GM, Ford to Accelerate Growth at Mexico Plants Where Workers Get $26 a Day

AFL CIO COULD have indeed used their money to help re-elect progressive caucus members.

"Tax cuts result in *increased* tax revenue for government at all levels."

Here is my handle, here is my spout - lol pics

Cops Forced to Rescue Egyptian Passersby from Hostile Wingnuts at Islamophobic Ground Zero Protests

How to live like a college student in the bad economy

Whoop... There It Is !!! - 'AR-Sen: In Pyrrhic Victory, White House Attacks Labor - DailyKos

SPLC: Man With Napalm Bomb is Latest Oath Keeper to Face Trial

It ain't easy being sleazy

It's about control

Ask your senators to vote NO on Murkowski

Why I Won't Be Buying A Nissan "Leaf"

18-year-old Ambah Young has cosmetic surgery to feel young again

Palin to Obama: "What the Heck, Give Me a Call"

Progressive ratings for Sen. Lincoln-- For ALL who need to remember the enemy

One Lawsuit to Stop Them All....Revisited (Foreclosures)

RW friend complaining because budget cuts effect her

It's Not Over Yet Blanche...The Sec. of State Says There's A Problem

Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data (BBC)

In jail for being in debt

The Plutocratic System

Diane Wilson of Code Pink pours oil on herself at Senate hearing

CNN Breaking - Joran van der Sloot paid $25K by FBI? WTH?

CONFIRMED: Aerial Video Shows Second Leaking Rig Near The Deepwater Horizon

If you oppose unions, you are not a Democrat.

Estate Tax: the taxed person isn't the one who earned the money and died.

Wanted: 400,000 truck drivers

The Wealthy Get Wealthier: No Estate Tax This Year

The Wealthy Get Wealthier: No Estate Tax This Year

Steny Hoyer advising Democratic candidates to not dismiss any ideas to cut Social Security

The simplest and most effective solution to the "Social Security Crisis"

Overheard during breakfast in a restaurant this morning....

Senator Levin: Gitmo Closure Going Nowhere, 'Not Enough' Push From Obama

Robert Reich on EFCA: "Organized Labor Got Hoodwinked"

Remember if you shop or Buy Gas at AM/PM you are supporting BP. which means you are directly

Obama throws Labor under the Bus, he throws his presidency too

Let's start it here...

There's a popular notion that the defining characteristic of human beings is high intelligence...

Brown tosses gauntlet at Whitman - challenges Whitman to 10 town hall debates

Brown tosses gauntlet at Whitman - challenges Whitman to 10 town hall debates

BP oil leak fix tied to LANL

Just Who in the Hell Do These Unions Think They Are?!!!

Our hard-core, adversarial press corps: Frolicking with Rahm Emmanuel's squirt gun

WHOEVER wins a Democratic Primary Gets Support in November

POLITICO = Drudge with lipstick. I would not trust Politico if its tongue came notarized

Europe Chooses Economic Depression: End jobs stimulus, gut social programs, screw working people

Denver Commies Strike again... two more attacks against Capitalism

1904 Cartoon of Standard Oil

I'm staying up late watching CA's Prop 16 vote.

Three More Reasons for the President to Take Control over BP's Gulf Operation -- Robert Reich

What can the President/Government do about the oil spill?

"Does Obama Think Labor Wasted Money on Lincoln?" The Gibbs tap dance.

'My name is Eddie Vale of the AFL-CIO & I don't hide behind anonymous quotes'

AFL-CIO to White House: 'Labor isn't an arm of the Democratic Party'

Koreans in Japan supoprting North Korea in the world cup?

Inconvenient truths about the New Democrats, the Third Way, Democratic Leadership Council, etc

An intelligence community news thread for DUers that have an interest in these spooky subjects

I Come to Praise Helen Thomas, Not to Bury Her-by: William Rivers Pitt

Is it really possible that this oil volcano could kill most life on the planet?

I am so there any hope?

Where are the crazies from Peta? Why aren't they flaming BP? Protesting the killing?

...I'm thinking the RW media lost it's bid to herd US voters

Birther Queen Orly Taitz Goes Down in Fight for Republican Nomination for Secretary of State (CA)

Poll: Which catastrophe is the worst?

"Jews". Would you mind taking the time to say "Jewish People"?

I am happy to see all the support for Labor in here.. there was a time in 2004

First guy in the neighborhood to put a Jerry Brown for Gov, sticker on my car.

The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration

Making it real.

Hard to remain silent right now about what Bill Clinton said about Halter voters.

My daughter's music teacher, someone who really inspired her, is not coming back

Delaware, I like your license plates.

High Green


Don't pee in my Wheaties. Don't pour cold water on me.

Do you think that there's a market for companies with really large

I found this show on Netflix called Fear Itself, how did I miss this show.

Rappin' Weatherman

Elton Rush BFF: Can she teach that wet noodle to dance?

I can stay up tonight and hang out on DU, I mean all night.

Some random poll

Seriously - I need help in regards to a neighbor and his dog

Damn, they are singing To Sir With Love on Glee....

Love Rachel Maddow's election analysis!

Life is too short too.........

GD duers, lounger LeftyFingerPop says he is gonna come over to GD and fuckin show us who is boss

Anybody knows what language is this that permeates this thread ?

Why MiddleFingerMom is banned for life from Queen Soopers

Eye candy. No need to thank me. MODS: If this is considered a sex thread, please delete.

My cat is standing in my shoes.

How many of you DUers are in Asia right now?

Anyone here has mobile Wi-Fi for your car?

Facebook ain't workin out so good for me.

Anybody know if Joran's story will be on Dateline, 20/20, etc. later this week? nt

I was visiting a friend today and her neighbor behind the fence was smoking a joint.

I was visiting a friend today and her neighbor behind the fence was smoking a joint.

You know sometimes you just get lucky, and find yourself in the right place at the right time...


I am eating a Tombstone Original 4 meat pizza, it is pretty good for a frozen pizza.

Panda? Dog? Only his hairdresser knows for sure.

As much as I hate sports teams from Traffic Circle Hell, I will say...

My YouTube vid problems, constant buffering. Is my DSL honeymoon over?!1

Aaahh,the lounge.

Is this illegal? (Not a sex thread!)

Saving Grace - Why do I keep watching it?

Lady Gaga is "a glad gay"

Does anyone know where I can purchase an inexpensive Seven faced marble eyed transitory dream doll?

Da Fish!!!

The world's strangest, weirdest and scariest airports

Remember When Frozen Pizza Used to Be Good?

Content really doesn't matter

Do you buy gifts for a child's going away party?

"Watch the Sunrise" by Big Star. If you don't like this song, you're a neenerhead

Anyone here ever used a wireless phone signal booster?

Good news on the whole buck nekkid Diego Maradona victory lap thing

Facebook users, this is a hoot..

For the FB lovers- shrill or otherwise. Hand-fart William Tell Overture:

stuff that makes us happy

Just missed a call for extras for "Hung"

If you are gay/bi..did your parents know when you were a child?


People who join Facebook with any expectation of privacy are:

Twilight Eclipse

Starbucks House Blend, $8.99 / 12 oz. bag @ Safeway, $9.99 1 lb bag & free cup of coffee, Starbucks

Why does Chicago pro sports coverage tend to have asshole sexist pics?

Apocalypse, Rapture, Mark of the Beast, End Times: Courtney Cox wants a "Friends" reunion movie

Why I Won't Be Buying A Nissan "Leaf"

When you post something on DU or any other message board

This is really quite beautiful.

Chris Rock: "You're a bad man, Jay Leno."

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp!

I'm Getting Ready to Brush My Dog's Teeth

Lakers Celtics

Just finished refolding all of the maps in my car. Now for some diet coke.

So I was contacted for a job opportunity, but it sounds like a scam. What do you think?

I am SICK of being sick!

When posting on DU, the safe thing is to assume

What did you think of "Men Who Stare at Goats"?

Computer gamers 'have reactions of pilots but bodies of chain smokers'

Shutter Island -- SPOILER

The days are starting to...

Anyone interested in "Work of Art" - Sarah Jessica Parker's reality art competition

Announcing the 1st Swiss-American Ukulele Brigade ...

Schwarzenegger likes his busts from Russia

anyone have problems with Firefox

Squash Vine Borers- Any Good Ideas On Controlling Them?

14 strikeouts last night for Nationals' new pitcher - in his first game!!!!!11!!!

Was just checking stats from when I quit smoking......and wow

Ahem .... Heidi!??????????????????

Great customer service from Netflix.

Facebook Bashers

Downtown ATL/Sharky's Machine

Downtown ATL/Sharky's Machine

Ask your senators to vote NO on Murkowski...

People are very leary of TV bought items. I must tell of one that I

Best commercial evuh! (not an American one, of course)

Probably the most notoriously violent team was the "Broad Street Bullies" (Philadelphia Flyers)

I just discovered the weirdest thing about hockey.

DU Singles: Stay away from!! (Dating site horror story follows.. Danger! Danger!)

Reports: Nebraska to join the Big Ten

Instant lottery games

'Sub Attack Came Near Drill'

BP buys up oil spill search terms to skirt bad publicity

BP buys first place in Google results

Florida Finance Chief Faults BP's Slow Checks, `Shut-Up Money'

BP oil leak fix tied to LANL

First signs warning people to stay out of water go up on Florida Panhandle beaches

For years, BP managers warned disregard for safety risked serious accident

Gulf Oil Leak May Be Bigger Than BP Says

Oil spill's toll on Florida could be 195,000 jobs and nearly $11 billion

(California) Ex cop gets 30 years behind bars

Oil Consortium Behind War Crimes - Aid Agencies

Gunmen attack NATO trucks near Pakistan capital

Mexico asks for probe into teen's shooting death by U.S. border agent

‘Birther queen’ Orly Taitz may actually win California GOP primary

U.S. hopes to share prison with Afghanistan

Israeli commando who shot six passengers in aid convoy in line for medal

Deepwater drilling will continue off Scotland despite Gulf disaster, says defiant minister

Teens Face Worst Summer Job Market in 41 Years

Chile's Argentina envoy praises Pinochet, resigns

BP no-show for Mississippi House oil spill hearing

BP says it will burn off some oil captured in Gulf

Imagining the Worst in BP’s Future

Feds knew of Gulf spill risks in 2000, document shows

Liberal, NDP insiders talk merger

Legacy for One Billionaire: Death, but No Taxes

U.N. Is Set To Vote On Iran Sanctions

Whitman Wins California Vote

Karenna Gore and husband separate

Obama to offer Gaza aid to Abbas in flotilla aftermath

LDS Church fined for tardy financial reports during Prop 8

Gulf Oil Spill Dive: Reporter Takes A Dip Without Hazmat Suit

San Jose to boycott Arizona, sort of

Oil skimming boat headed to Louisiana via eBay auction

KBR Loses $24.1 Million Bonus Over Green Beret’s Death in Iraq

Remember the name: Charles Tapp.

Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein gets 50-year sentence (Florida)

At inmate's request, Utah prepares firing squad

Whoa, Halter leading by 18 points in Pulaski County (Little Rock) so far. He lost it by 12 in May.

Obama: U.N. sanctions "unmistakable message" to Iran

Oil services company seeks injunction against government's deepwater drilling moratorium

Albany fears government shutdown by Dem 'rogues'

FBI gave $25K to van der Sloot, official says

Showdown on Fund Taxes

BP says 'virtually all' oil to be captured soon

Palin to Obama: 'Give me a call'

"President Obama’s Head Falls Off"

Sanders calls for repeal of tax breaks for oil, gas industry Read more: http://www.burlingtonfreepr

Iraq and Afghanistan

BP Hires the Unemployed to Help Clean Up Oil Spill

Obama recorded a last-minute robo-call on behalf of Blanche Lincoln, which went out last night n/t

For those who have become tired of Obama commercials posing as OPs.

It's Lincoln

Progressive Joyce Elliott wins AR-02 Primary

U.S. sets BP 72-hour deadline for fresh oil spill plans

Fed Finding Status Quo in Bank Pay

Lead U.S. Spill Agency (the Coast Guard) Running Short of Cash

So now what?

Chinese Workers Win Wave of Raises

CA Primary Results

Gore daughter Karenna separated from husband

Orly Taitiz said She will win GOP for Cal. Sec. of the State

Want to buy Blackwater? Now's your chance

NY appeals court tosses ruling on RNC surveillance (of protesters at 2004 convention)

Pa. gas well contractor ordered to halt work (on fracturing services which exploded)

Breaking (NV-Sen D): Reid Thrashes his Opponents to Win the Democratic Nomiation

2 parites, 3 parties, 5 parties.. does not matter.. they all have to make coalitions

Voters approve California open primary

Rwanda genocide mastermind arrested in Norway

It's past time for Obama to become an asshole. I mean completely ignore the media

"Reid Opponent Embraces Patriot Group That Warns Of 'Giant Concentration Camps'"

U.S. Market for Small Wind Turbines Gained Ground in 2009

Animal Deaths From Oil Spill Only Now Becoming Known

Swiss Lower House Rejects UBS Pact (won't turn over names of tax dodgers)

Barack Obama announces $400m aid package to Gaza

John Rockefeller aims to block EPA rules

Good chance for "reasonable" reform bill: Volcker

Poll shows DFLers ahead of Emmer in Minnesota governor's race

Recession still hurting charities, new report says

AP: Sen. Blanche Lincoln Defeats Bill Halter in AR Primary Run-Off

" I know whose ass to kick"

Garland County election official resigns (Lincoln-Halter Primary)

Palin to Obama: "What the Heck, Give Me a Call"

(Chicago) City Council agrees to Arizona-based business ban

** Super Duper Tuesday Primary Results **

US senator seeks new environmental crime penalties

Voters sue over lack of Garland County polling sites

Alvin Greene Felony Charges: SC Senate Candidate Asked To Withdraw Over Criminal Past

Chrysler invests $300M to build new transmissions in Indiana

Bomb Kills 39, Hits Wedding in Afghanistan

PG&E-backed measure fails

Afghan president 'has lost faith in US ability to defeat Taliban'

Rightward Shift Likely in Dutch Vote

Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data

Poll: Support for oil drilling dwindles

Well, well, well - how will the media twist Lincoln's win into more "proof" of Obama's weakness?

Chicken lady lost

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 9

Bid to put a Green in Texas governor race may be illegal, expert says

Lisa Murkowski introduces a bill to undermine the Clean Air Act!

oh uh? Palin will be upset at obama tomorrow

Palin wants Obama to call her

US sets deadline (72 Hours) for BP as mistrust grows

Inmate set for firing squad sues, asks for stay

Inmate set for firing squad sues, asks for stay

Presidential News Conference

Autos Need Feature to Cut Pedal Risk, Test Chief Says

Is Orly Taitz a US citizen? Don't you have to be to run for public office?

Abramoff released from Md. prison to halfway house

IT staffing firms file suit over new H-1B rules

A serious question, in light of the WH anti-union statement and the growing BP disaster in the Gulf

It seems really weird to me that gas prices are staying the same or even going down!!!

Mormon Church Fined In Connection With Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign

Surprise SC Senate candidate has charge pending

CNN's Ed Henry to Vote for Fox News to get Front Row Briefing Room Seat

Mehserle Jury Seated Without Any Black Jurors: Family (of Oscar Grant)

An oil prophesy

So far Blanche Lincoln 51%, Halter 49%

June 8 Primary: Tea Party has Minimal Impact and More

Invent a phrase which encapsulates the DLC "But if you don't vote for us, the GOP will win" argument

I believe the pipe could have been sealed in under a month had all these experts we see in front of

Lincoln won with Clinton and anti-union message

Salon War Room: Democrats to Organized Labor: Drop Dead

Lincoln’s Win: Support for Derivatives Plan May Firm Up

AFSCME Endorses Bernero for Governor

GOP governor final vote count due today (AL)

AR-Sen: Who cares what labor does?

BP spill response plans severely flawed

Who (in the heck) Is Alvin Greene?

Adobe's Flash: A Security Risk? Hackers find their way in

Wanted: 400,000 truck drivers

Senate hearing disrupted as woman pours liquid on self

Meet Alvin Greene the unemployed vet who raised no $ but won SC Dem Senate primary


Had Chicken Lady proposed that Congress get paid w/ corn and veggies...

It seems like us wanting our principles to turn into policies is a problem

Sign of jobs thaw: Quitters outnumber layoffs

Apple's Worst Security Breach: 114,000 iPad Owners Exposed

Chuck Rocha On Ed Show

Kirk loses backing of two environmental groups

Alabama's automatic recount laws don't apply in primaries, attorney general confirms

The Republican Governors Association backs Haley in South Carolina

Alabama fire chiefs: BP keeping local officials away from oil spill response

Sanders calls for repeal of tax breaks for oil, gas industry

Biggest loser last night was Union Management.

England's monarch Queen Elizabeth to visit Ground Zero in July

Suze Orman resting after emergency appendectomy at Northwestern Hospital

Meg Whitman:150 million no problem to spend in General election

Inholfe finds Obama "ass-kicking" comment "not very presidential"

Anti-Halter Business Group Likely To Abandon Lincoln In The General

Rig survivors: BP ordered shortcut on day of blast

Warren Warns of Gutted Reform

How being anti-DLC can be consistent with "supporting Democrats".

Kenya was a British Colony...Obama is Kenyan...British Petroleum?

** Primary Results: NV Sen (R) - (Home of the Chicken Lady) **

Security Council OKs Iran sanctions

One lesson from the Arkansas results

June 8 Primary: Tea Party has Minimal Impact and More

queen of birther has problem with black people?????

("ankle-deep") Mousse-like oil on beach at Alabama-Florida line

Obama announces new aid for Gaza; calls conditions there 'inherently unstable'

Why Obama doesn't dare become the angry black man

SEIU not promising to back Blanche Lincoln

'Nuff Said ...

So why would ANYONE want to be President?

Menendez hails Lincoln win

Re: Obama not talking to Hayward - President can't say it, but I will . . .

This is the first time I have done this to a Democratic organization.

why has Blanche Lincoln won the primary?

Hey, Obama, Try Embracing Labor Unions

Huge seas 'once existed on Mars'

Not Pretty at All: White House and AFL-CIO Argue after the AR Sen. Race.

McMahon Poll Shows a 13-Point Race

Gawker: Finally, Obama's British Past Connected to Scandalous British Present

South Carolina Democrats Try to Push Nominee Out -- Ruh Roh.. Mr. Alvin Greene has a criminal record

Chuck(chucky cheese)Todd: SORRY labor unions your just not big players anymore

Ask your senators to vote NO on Murkowski...

BP exec denies oil plumes

Gulf Researchers Getting Roadblocks from BP

FLASHBACK: GOPer Angle Spoke Out Against Fluoride In Water Supply

Pics! Enjoy!

Mark Kirk Cited By Department Of Defense For Campaigning While On Active Duty,

PPP polling: Write off Lincoln

Alvin Greene UPSET: Mystery Man Stuns In South Carolina Senate Primary

White House scolds unions over Arkansas election

To DUers who live in AR, do you plan to hold your nose to vote for Blanche Lincoln in Nov?

Woman caught having sex in park, charged with adultery - in New York

Woman caught having sex in park, charged with adultery - in New York

This is Real Fishy (Alvin Greene)

Time to close the comments section on WH social media sites

Whoever at the WH that said that Unions "wasted" $10 million can go fuck themselves

Sharron Angle wins; Harry Reid gets race he wanted

Nato helicopter shot down in Helmand in Afghanistan

LOL.........John Stewart under the bus.......

Fiorina Caught on Open Mic-Mocking Meg Whitman & Sean Hannity

Sharron Angle: In wake of Gulf spill, we need to "deregulate" Big Oil

WTF? Palin wants Obama to call her

More employees jump ship as economy improves

39 dead in blast at Afghanistan wedding

Why taking on Blanche Lincoln was the right call

What I heard at a class reunion last weekend.

"Blanche Lincoln is DOA in November" by Blue Arkansas

Most annoying commercials on TV right now?

Autism gene discovery could lead to early treatment

Ezra Klein: Proposal to Hamstring EPA Nearing a Vote

‘Birther’ Advocate Orly Taitz Loses Bid in California

Self Portrait, With Horn.

Well....I hope Obama didn't watch Jon Stewart tonite....

White House official: 'Organized labor just flushed $10 million down the toilet'

Rachel Maddow: Meet Illinois Republican U.S. Senate Candidate, Mark Kirk, AKA The Fabulist

Dean: If finance bill weakened, I won't support it

Sheheen Wins Dem. Nod for S.C. Governor

Dick Cheney & Halliburton's Role In The Gulf Oil Spill

Cloth successfully separates oil from Gulf water

Oiled Bird Bath - Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Ground Zero: Religion Zero

Gulf Oil Spill Solution

Helen Thomas was Wrong, but Who's Right?

Michio Kaku speaks with Keith Olbermann (Nuke the Oil Well?)

Rachel Maddow reflects on the entertainment value of GOP primaries

Fiorina: The people of California have had enough. Apparently not enough of Fiorina, however.

America's future heading for China and India

US Marine Disarming Commandos: Beaten up at Israeli detention center (WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Oilpocalypse: Divers' underwater video of BP oil spill disaster

Meet Sharron Angle... In The Extreme

AP Exclusive: Scuba Diving in the Gulf Oil Spill

Gulf Oil Spill Hits Home

Rachel Maddow: The Whole of the Gulf is a Bad Air Day

Papantonio: BP's PR Machine Goes Into Overdrive


Kid falls asleep during Obama speech

Media Blackout on Oil Spill (Chilling IF true) Part 1

Obama: Too Chill for the Spill? ... Or did we intentionally elect a brainiac?

Carly Fiorina's mushroom cloud layin' motherf***er anti-Boxer moment: PleaseCallMeSenator-Gate

Howard Dean With TYT At The AFN Conference

Passengers grabbed Israeli weapons to stop the killing

Mike Malloy Engages With BP Expert

Media Blackout of Oil Spill Part 2

Jews for Helen Thomas

TYT: Cenk Rocks The America's Future Now Panel In DC (Fighting Big $, Pushing From The Left & More)

BP 'Massages' Google Links on 'Oil Spill'

Corporate, Religious Terrorism

A Closer Look at Israel's Terror Accusations

Keeping Politics Safe for the Rich.. NYT editorial

Palmetto politics make state hard to love

Turkey Basting

The Unemployment Catastrophe: You Too, Should Be Infuriated!

What Helen Thomas missed (Richard Cohen, WP)

Bred to Death: The pursuit of purebred perfection threatens some of our best friends

UN Special Rapporteur: Criticizes “illegal” targeted killing policies. Calls on US to halt CIA Drone

South Carolina Candidate Challenges Status Quo.

Keeping Politics Safe for the Rich

Bilderberg 2010: Don't call it a pow-wow!

Why This Ex-AIG Exec Is Protesting The Treasury's Backdoor 'AIG Bailout'

The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment

Glenn Greenwald: Our hard-core, adversarial press corps

The Real Helen Thomas Scandal

Lying Stinky Oilbags Who Lie

Lincoln's victory prompts new speculation about regulatory reform bill.


Obama's Blanche Lincoln Problem and The Liberal Toilet

Oil Companies Dishonor Our Troops and Undermine Our Security

Nuclear Reactor Eaten by Leaky Acid, Again by

The Song Remains the Same

Top 10 Dumbest Quotes About the Gulf Oil Spill

David Souter tells Americans to grow up.

Chronic Unemployment: Must read piece from America's Future 2010

Reasons to Buy Stock in BP: as told by Dilbert's Scott Adams

Millions forced to wait for food stamps benefits

Moving on from Arkansas and forward towards a letter.

Remember: In 1930, They Didn't Know It Was "the Great Depression" Yet

My once-in-a-generation cut? The armed forces. All of them

Oil Spill..Federal Estimates Again Eclipsed By Reality

CNN: Why Obama doesn't dare become the 'angry black man'

Woman Loses Home Over a $362 Water Bill -- the Sneaky Way Investors Exploit Poor Homeowners

Rolling Stone's blockbuster oil spill story

Mystery gray whale sighted again off Spain coast (BBC)

Nuclear Power, Energy Markets, and Proliferation

Iranian president says rich nations drink too much water

Dirty Illinois Coal Revived by Mining Deaths, Obama Crackdown

Ask your senators to vote NO on Murkowski

The Oil Drum: The BP Deepwater Oil Spill - of Plumes, and Drillships, FPSOs and the ASJ

White House Threatens Veto of Move to Thwart E.P.A.

I am Perplexed: Comments on the World Financial Situation and Peak Oil

Florida Charter Boats Gird for Losses as BP Leak Ruins Fishing

Snakes in mysterious global decline (BBC)

Swiss solar innovator wins Millennium Technology prize (BBC)

About rich nations and water. President of Iran said we drink (or use, or waste) too much water.

Mountaintop removal ban fails in Tennessee Senate

Steve Irwin surveillance-crocodiles travel across oceans

Snakes declining at alarming rate, say scientists

Blight-resistant GM potatoes field trial begins (BBC)

Drumbeat: June 9, 2010

Oil Spill Fallout: BP's Stock Plummets Today As Bankruptcy Speculation Flies

Senate Dems May Back Murkowski Plan to Block EPA Climate Rules

Buzz Aldrin: it's time for solar energy from space

Journalist dives into Gulf, can only see oil

The very deadly downside of energy efficiency in the home.

Should we euthanize oil-soaked birds?

NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice Extent Declines Rapidly In May - Highest Loss Rate For May In Sat. Record

Minnesota plant will produce fertilizer from wind

Two Killed in Second Fatal Texas Gas Pipeline Blast in Two Days

Aren't CF Bulbs Supposed to Last 5 Years?


World Cup trash talk, ambassador-style!

Was Pete Rose's bat corked?

Aaron Rodgers Ranks Tom Brady “Best by Far” and Thinks Tony Kornheiser is “Terrible”

HOLY SHIT@!!!@!!

Rachel Faces Four in Fleur de Lis

Zenyatta Assigned 129 Pounds for Vanity

Orrin Hatch is Juking and Jiving

At this point, College football just break into an Eastern and a Western Conference

On April 30th, the Dodgers had just lost 5 games in a row and were tied for last place in the NL.

NCAA penalizes Colorado for academic shortcomings

Congrats to Auggie and his Indians for beating the Red Sox Wednesday night!!!

Orioles eye Bobby Valentine in managerial search

You have to hand it to the Nationals...

Nebraska to Big Ten as Early as Friday?

Name the year Stephen Strasburg becomes a Yankee.

World Cup Group C - Fearless Prediction Thread

The Santa Clara 49ers

Peru passes "prior consultation" law on indigenous peoples

Border Patrol fires into Mexico in rock-throwing incident, kills teen

Chile's Argentina envoy praises Pinochet, resigns

Bolivia's lower house approves indigenous justice law

Video: 4Minute - HUH

Rep. Skelton (D-MO): DADT Repeal Means Talking to Kids About Homosexuality

Madrid gay pride march bans Israelis over Gaza flotilla raids

World of Warcraft Pride Event 6/19 - Mark Your Calendars, Geeks!

Another Chicago citizen defends himself

Editorial: Obama cuts crime ...

wow! Go Gaga! Her new Alejandro video is a strong message towards her GLBT fans

University unions to protest mandatory furloughs

Now, more than ever, unions can break down language barriers

NYT: Police Officers End a Mine Strike in Mexico

Chicago Wal-Mart Vote Once Again Delayed, Amid Labor Activist Resistance

Feds offer $19 million 'emergency grant' to help unemployed NUMMI workers

Mott Dr. Pepper Snapple Workers Increase Picketing In Third Week Of Strike

Today in Labor History June 9 Helen Marot is born to a wealthy family, went on to champion labor

Scam involving death of Middletown city worker may have stopped

Some photos from Anchorage's vigil in support of Gulf victims

Emily Dickinson's poetry blooms at New York Botanical Garden exhibit.


Visual alliteration, help me decide:

Experts mock Israeli inquiry into attack on flotilla

Was Helen Thomas set-up for a fall?

A Closer Look at Israel's Terror Accusations

Artide From Atlantic Mag referencing Netanyahu-Palin

Palestine 2010: Time for Plan B

Turkey Basting

US Jews to hold flotilla protest

Obama announces additional $400 million in aid to Gaza; Abbas says aid is 'positive sign'

Obama to offer Abbas fresh aid for Gaza in flotilla aftermath

My Take: The flotilla's lessons for Mideast peace advocates

More Outrage Over Helen Thomas Comment Than Murder of US Citizen

Probe: Erdogan knew Gaza flotilla would be violent

Israel eases embargo on food and drink allowed into Gaza ~ Haaretz

Barack Obama announces $400m aid package to Gaza

Israel apologizes sending link of video parody of Flotilla debacle

On the Vilification of Helen Thomas-by Robert Scheer

Rattling The Cage: I blame my country

Israeli students plan "Kurdish freedom flotilla"

What Helen Thomas missed

Kuwaiti Journalist: The Flotilla Was Violent; Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself

The Deepest Sea Diving Suit Is A 40-Year Old Sci-Fi Human Submarine

Scientists locate sarcasm in the brain

New space 'eye-candy' to appear in skies in mid-June

Weird H2O -Science Catches Water Doing Some Bizarre Things

Congressional Democrats back flotilla massacre

Israel eases Gaza blockade on some banned foods

Sloan Telescope Spots One Hundred Thousand Black Hole Behemoths

Existence of historic lakes on Mars confirmed

Guatemala warns tourists hypnotized by lava flows

Never mind the 'Freedom Flotilla.' Is Israel's Gaza blockade legal?

Could the Universe Be Older Than We Think?

Andrew Sullivan: Was Israel a Mistake?

What exactly is the blockade of Gaza?

Scientists locate sarcasm in the brain

"String Motor" Concept (Clean Energy Idea)

Israel Asked U.S. To Increase Weapons Supply, Haaretz Learns

Helen Thomas You Got Played by John Cole

Osama Qashoo arrives safely in Turkey

The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment

Big cats love Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men

Feline Ghost Adventures

Interesting news...

URGENT!!! Posts made to the new "other" site are VISIBLE TO THE PUBLIC!!!!!

Over 100,000 attend beatification of Polish priest and martyr

Anglicans cut Episcopalians from ecumenical bodies

A Pastor Takes on BP in New Orleans

Women hold demo for ordination

Coptic Pope Rejects Egyptian Court Ruling on Remarriage of Divorcees

What Helen Thomas missed

Religious left airs Obama frustrations

Sri Lankan priest raises resettlement concerns

FLORIDA: Christian School Teacher Sues After Being Fired For Pre-Marital Sex

To some chrisTian fundamentalists, the oil plume in the Gulf of Mexico heralds the apocalypse.

Nerck reaches deal with BPP on toxic sludge clean up. ~ AAP

ABC: Top 10 Riskiest Foods

Feeling grumpy 'is good for you'

Greece is tapping China's deep pockets to help rebuild its economy

The Blog Prophet of Euro Zone Doom

5,600-year-old leather shoe found in Armenian cave