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Archives: May 11, 2011

Harry Reid's Eye?

Means Testing Medicare Makes Medicare An Entitlement

RIP Cornell Dupree

Gregoire to allow WA universities to hike tuition

ACLU: The Tide is Turning on California's Death Penalty

Police sweep arrests parents for kids' skipping school

Orange (County, FL) school board votes to close troubled Imani charter

My God, They’ve Weaponized teh Gay!

Donald Trump, Welfare Queen

US Senate confirms Obama nominee, former ACLU staff attorney, to US District Court

Immigration Reform: You Want Fries With That?

Peter Barca from Wisconsin is on Rachel

The Sneaky Ways the Christian Right Has Re-Entrenched Itself In Our Politics

The Sneaky Ways the Christian Right Has Re-Entrenched Itself In Our Politics

Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan, not photoshopped or Steven

Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan, not photoshopped or Steven

Best comeback for the May 21st Rapture story, from a reader:

Taser safety studies significantly biased from ties to manufacturer

Not a house, hardly a mansion, and a far cry from a mere compound...

So what should the Seals have done if Osama were getting a dialysis treatment?

Our Nielsen rating log was heavy with MSNBC

Evacuees enter no-entry zone / Given 2 hours, 1 plastic bag...

Jane's Addiction at I/O Live After Hours (YouTube Live at 10:30 pm EST)

should we declare victory in afghanistan and bring the troops home

10 Worst States To Be a Woman

Student admits giving tapes from Labor Studies class to 'friends'

City council won't strip nightclub of its permit - if it changes name and plays pop instead rap

Anyone know anything about this?

The Sneaky Ways the Christian Right Has Re-Entrenched Itself In Our Politics

Japan drops plan to boost nuclear energy

Is this another case of Democrats trying to lose future elections again?


Jon Stewart rocks tonight

New Leads coming from Bin Laden intel cache hourly

Anti-gay former Asst. Michigan AG Andrew Shirvell says he's the victim of the infamous Gay Agenda...

Bin laden sons join Republicans in condemning Obama

Jon Stewart, or Stephen Colbert....

MO House approves bill that would restrict union dues for political purposes

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Maru gif

Strange... the Deficit Commission voted for a public option

This one takes the cake. "AP IMPACT: FEMA asks for return of disaster aid"

I'm seriously considering getting a tattoo that says

Topless Woman Arrested After Leaving Baby In Car

Dana Loesch Led Despicable Smear Campaign Against University of Missouri System

Contrast between Authentic, Original Nazis and Some of Today's Pilots

Does everyone here support Israel's targeted killings of HAMAS leaders?

If an MP3 player supports "WMA (DRM)" format

What song is in harmony with your present state of mind when it comes to politics?

Jon Stewart Slams Democrats For Failure To Counter ‘Team Bush’ Bin Laden Credit Offensive - VIDEO

Osama bin Who Gives a Fuck

I went to Waukesha WI today

Condi Rice and Michael Hayden say they had name of courier in 2007?

Killing foreign leaders whom we've previously supported has been an ongoing disaster.

Now that the day is tomorrow.... I hear absolutely nothing about it.

MSNBC Video: Detroit Dog Rescue - saving sick, frightened stray dogs from the mean streets

(JAPAN) Chubu Electric to start work Thurs on halting Hamaoka reactor

Cut Medicare? No Way! Make It 'Medicare for All'! by John Nichols

Did Bin Laden's "peace loving" son really say he would not tell where his dad was ?

Bernanke Weakening dollar - $179/barrel oil soon

Bernanke Weakening dollar - $179/barrel oil soon

Tepco turns to (JAPANESE) government for cash

SB1070 Goes to U.S. Supreme Court, SB1070 Author to Be Recalled

Photo of the day (JAPAN)

Osaka day laborer duped into reactor cleanup (JAPAN)

Hey, OBL! If you're not dead, then PROVE IT!

More Than Half of GOP Voters Still Doubt Obama Born in U.S

Mississippi Delta braces for historic flood

Mississippi Delta braces for historic flood

'No plan to dump N-waste overseas' (JAPAN)

Navy Will Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Rageh Al-Murisi yells "Allahu Akbar!" rushes cockpit door...

Elusive ex-commando to replace bin Laden?

Bin Laden Sons Say U.S. Broke International Law

Today in History- its the birthday of

NJ Public Library Closing. Can't pay rent and utilities.

Slutwalk may be coming to Milwaukee

"Who says republicans won't protect wolves?"

It seems to me that the media really ignores Lawrence Wilkerson's thoughts on Bush and co

watching rachel maddow online

Don't Abandon Afghanistan After 2014 Handover,Plead Generals

Suspected US Drone Strike Kills 3 in Pakistan

3 word argument for estate taxes

Iraqi PM Seeks Political Support to Keep US Troops

Suddenly. . .their lives became a musical. . .

Obama mocks Republican position on immigration

I'm confused. There are people saying they have paid for their Social Security benefits over their

Michelle Rhee Steps Out With Scott Walker To Accept DeVos Accolades

Is Alan Grayson eyeing a comeback?

ACLU says jail in South Carolina is banning books 'for no good reason'

52% of Republicans Want a Third Party

LOL: today's poll... what's hurting Jane Corwin the most in the ny-26 race.

NPR reports on teacher protests in California, interviews one person: a lone Tea Partier.

Mr. Obama

Blog for Iowa: Shock Doctrine, ALEC and Iowa

"I wouldn't mind making it harder to vote," ... "It should not be easy."

The maiden Voyage of the USS Karma

The ENTIRE GOPer Party needs to be RECALLED...their overall governance sucks

What’s the GOP Without bin Laden? - By Robert Scheer

Reid To Boehner: If You Want $2 Trillion In Cuts, Start With Oil And Gas Tax Breaks

Thank you for all the "get well" and advice on my staph (MRSA) infection

Obama approval hits 60 percent

Mississippi Delta braces for historic flood

Frontline: What is the Secretive U.S. "Kill/Capture" Campaign?

Children Don Masks, Hats in Fukushima as Radiation Looms

Why not a windfall profits tax on gasoline?

GOP House Has Time To Honor George W. Bush, But Not Troops

Morning Joe is much more palatable without the Joe!

Bwaaahahahaha! From the National Review:The GOP Stupids Step Out

I don't understand the need for corporate welfare.

Toon: Shining a light...

From Taxing Railroads to Buying Elections - People For The American Way

Senior U.S. Interrogator: Torture Talk Puts Troops at Risk - Osha Gray Davidson - Edison 2.0 - Forbe

“Things are getting worse, but I don’t know what to do.”

Republicans, Democrats escalate budget-cutting campaign

Jon Stewart: Bush officials are ‘the Winklevoss twins of getting bin Laden’

May 21 should be a nice dry run for 12/21/12

SlutWalk’ anti-rape march coming to Australia

Of panties, pearls and hand-wringing... Sexism and war-talk.

Of panties, pearls and hand-wringing... Sexism and war-talk.

8 awesome facts to make you go blind, By Mark Morford

"Extremists on the left" become Neo-Nazis???

Indiana passes legislation to cut Planned Parenthood, your thoughts?

Facebook leaked personal data to advertisers

Wisconsin - Walker sneaks 21 policy changes into his new budget.

Republicans accused Saddam of aiding terrorist because

Mother Worries Son Will Struggle to Find Marijuana

Oh,No. One of the few Union businesses in my area has closed

Colbert mocks Trump and Gingrich announcing future announcements

AP-Gfk poll: Obama approval hits 60 percent

Bristol Palin Book Deal To Publish, 'Not Afraid Of Life'

This just in! Osama bin Laden is


Check out the google

Toon:The Rich are job creators

Fantastic "I'm An Ex-Mormon" ad from Emily Pearson

Rajaratnan, guilty on ALL 14 counts. I wonder if this is a message to wall street /nt

Boener's Choice for 2012

Has anyone suggested a bin Laden defense fund?

AP-GfK poll: Obama approval hits 60 percent

Something really personal that I'm having a hang up with...

The subjects need to be de-programmed

Video posted online prompts threats to UMKC professor

Live.: Minnesota Senate debate on marriage amendment

GOP Freshmen On Medicare Attacks: Let's Let Bygones Be Bygones

Meanwhile, in the compound next to bin laden's....

When did we accept the PNAC-RW meme that Iraq and Osama Bin Laden are connected?

A More Likely Nuclear Nightmare

The American Majority Rejects Austerity, Wants Jobs

Protesters of Uganda’s ‘kill the gays’ bill sprayed with pink dye

A volunteer's journal of hope for Tohoku (JAPAN)

David Korten: Making a Living (Economy)

Coal Cares about your kids

just heard on thom hartman / Florida is Dem 41% 30% repub

Does everyone here support Russia's targeted killing of Chechen supporters?

states cutting jobless benefits

I finally came around to start an ignore list.

Do you trust Facebook?

Florida city paying a consultant $2,500 a day to discourage workers from unionizing

Am I the Only One Who Can't Stand Piers Morgan?

Pentagon to White House, American People on Afghanistan: Take a Hike (July Drawdown to be 5,000)

Jon Stewart Derides Bush Administration For Taking Credit For Killing Osama Bin Laden (VIDEO)

Boehner’s unreality check on the deficit

Strap On Condom Invented for Drunk People

Wikipedia Propaganda - Mixed Economy page edited to make it heavily Socialistic

What things could have been done with the $3 trillion spent on the Iraq/Afgahnistan wars?

When you rob a bank, make sure you accessorize properly .......

Why is the 'GAY/LESBIAN' training taking so long in the military?

Two teams went in for Bin Laden.. a capture and interrogate team and

The Donald's "candidacy" drops from 26% to 8%, in 5th place behind Ron Paul

Date set for Gov. Christie’s meeting with Iowa donors

Let's revisit this legality issue after Bush 43 is prosecuted for war crimes.

Was the development of Marxist theory financed by the exploitation of the working classes?

Newt in His Own Words: 33 Years of Bomb-Throwing (MoJo)

Documenting a bit of blarney in the WH

Documenting a bit of blarney in the WH

Now that Newt's officially running, when will he whip out his child actors?

Had my purse stolen from my car

A comment from a conservative in my local paper:

ACLU to Obama administration: Back off prosecuting medical marijuana providers

NPR jumped the shark

Catholic Professors Criticize Boehner in Letter

Help Stop Paul Ryan.....

'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

100 years ago: US Supreme Court upholds breakup of Standard Oil

Hedge fund founder convicted in inside-trade case

WTF?: Bill would allow states to stop long-term jobless benefits to pay off Federal loans

To Osama's sons: "Oopsies"

Ignore or Last Word?

Facing long odds, Democrats reintroduce DREAM Act

Japan nuclear operator suspects new radioactive leak into sea - From No. 3 reactor

NEA chief Dennis Van Roekel proposes they back Obama -- again

Library of Congress and Sony Music team for 'National Jukebox' free streaming of vintage recordings

The two types of "flawed" Republican presidential candidates

I feel as if I am stuck in a real life Pod People Movie

So...will we Waterboard the Wives?

School board candidate loses election because she didn't vote for herself

No. 2 House Democrat against contractor disclosure

The Free Market and the Culture of Victimization

We Like War

Instead of the media focusing On Common, they should turn their cameras to Wisconsin and keep their

60 arrested in state Capitol rally protesting school budget cuts and no cable news coverage

60 arrested in state Capitol rally protesting school budget cuts and no cable news coverage

Obama is the first black man in American History

Teachers protest in Cal capitol... 65 arrested for refusing to leave at closing

The Right Word: Fox News's black-and-white view of Pakistan

RI Republican’s leadership position up in smoke

toon- 125 years of coca cola (warning, rude toon)

Common, the Greatest Living Threat to American Freedom

Illinois Tries to Opt Out of Federal Deportation Program

What do you think of a service that provides sexual help for the disabled?

What DU Forum is Most Appropriate for Bristol Palin Posts?

Accused son of slain neo-Nazi steeped in beliefs - 10 Yr Old shot father

Why do some liberals think Governor Daniels is the most reasonable Republican who might run in 2012?

Irritated to the max that when crude oil drops - so does NYSE

Bristol Palin says she had corrective jaw surgery

So did M$NBComcast finally send Buchanan packing

Fox News accidentally debunks its own attacks on ‘vile’ rapper Common

Type the word Republicans in your google.

Google shuts down Amanda Knox site WORLDWIDE, under orders from prosecutor Magnini

It costs 1.7¢ to mint a penny, and 10¢ to mint a nickel...what is wrong with this picture?

Americans United Opposes Taxpayer Funding Of Houses Of Worship

Green Mountain Dreams

I'm torn between 2 ideas....

Library of Congress puts lots of old music up online..

just heard on thom hartman / Florida is Dem 41% 30% repub

Singer Jill Scott Is The Next White House Guest Being Targeted As Racist By The Right

MERS is being sued in MI about Foreclosures

MERS is being sued in MI about Foreclosures

NY Rep Anthony Weiner is so cool

Years of Republicans bashing the Left for not being tough on terror, then this amazing silence

Voter ID (WI) Spends Millions, Solves Nothing

Sure, the weather in April was a tad rough

Breaking - two earthquakes in Spain

BEST description of the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden

BEST description of the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden

University of Michigan distances itself from Mitt Romney's health care speech

GOP (WI) wants to change “Eau Claire” to “Eau Questionable”

Had enough? Get involved.

The Targeted Assassination of Osama bin Laden: Obama cannot serve as judge, jury and executioner


Penny-a-mile electric motorcycles gaining traction

Trump reveals best orgasm, rejects comb-over classification- rolling stone

Poll: Obama leads all 2012 Republicans by double digits

I hate junk mail and it's not my duty to be quiet about it so that the USPS can make money on it

I hate junk mail and it's not my duty to be quiet about it so that the USPS can make money on it

New Associated Press poll released - Obama job approval: Approve 60, Disapprove 39

Texas Passes Ultrasound Requirement for Abortions

Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says. About time!

Hundreds of thousands of cars were lost in the Japan Tsunami

Greek crisis triggers fierce conflicts inside Europe

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial calls SC recount a "waste of time"

SWAT team fired 71 shots in raid (former Marine who served in Iraq twice)

Last of the domestic car dealers closes in San Francisco

MN state senator says, If vouchers are better than MinnesotaCare, let's try it ourselves first!

Why the GOP Can't Get Rid of Its Clowns ...

Marco Rubio's Love of Gangsta Rap

The Investment Paid Off: GM Adds Thousands of New Jobs

The Investment Paid Off: GM Adds Thousands of New Jobs

Oil Company freeloaders to go before Senate and beg them not to cut off their welfare benefits

Nice to see Bashir recognizing the 30th anniversary of Marley's death

What's the bigger disaster, Katrina or the flooding and tornados in the South?

Wow .... Jerry Springer is a fantastic spokesman for liberal causes.

BIG OIL Pay "Protection Money: To Republicans & Blue Dogs In Return For OUR Tax $$$

Has anyone decided to challenge Obama in the primary?

The GOP Proposes

Another reason why Steny Hoyer blows chunks

Keith Gets M Moore, Ken Burns, Markos as Current TV Contributors

Osama Bin Laden photo released "Warning! Graphic!!!!!"

Did a Democrat really propose phasing out the Big Oil subsidies?

I don't understand some liberals... some here, Rosie, Greenwald, Sirota. Obama broke the law? really

FCC's Baker Heads for Job at Comcast


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial calls SC recount a "waste of time."

Important Email Message from President Obama

2 earthquakes in Spain kill 10 and cause major damage

Cuomo: Gay Marriage May Not Get A Floor Vote In NY

Retired Iraq War General Steps Up For Dems In Texas Senate Race

Sony Says Playstation Blog Attacked in Revenge for Lawsuit Against Hacker

Are Republicans LGBT-Friendly?

Are you familiar with J. Aron and Company?

Live online - chase tornadoes (in car cams from the chasers)

Lobbyists ‘intimidate’ congressional staff after Citizens United decision

PURE GENIUS from Douglas Adams.

GOP Freshmen Admit To Playing Politics, Ask Obama To Stop Doing Same

School board candidate loses election because she didn't vote for herself;

"...all wealth belongs to the government to distribute as they see fit."

Tell Ugandan President Museveni: Stop the "Kill the Gays" bill.

treatment denied

Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Choke on a Pom-Pom (Education Series: Part 3)

jewish newspaper apologizes for erasing women from white house photo

Bumper sticker on a NEW Toyota FJ with temp plate that JUST rolled into our lot

Question About The Hiring GM Will Be Doing........

Trump doesn’t know what the 13 stripes on the American flag stand for

The Immigration Conundrum and Why Obama's Speech Won't Lead to Major Reforms

So we are administering STAR testing today.

Obama Makes It Through Another Day Of Resisting Urge To Launch All U.S. Nuclear Weapons At Once

Need some help in making a decision? Study: coin flip better than listening to pundits

Warmongering Democrats

How do you negotiate with someone who refuses to compromise?

I am getting so sick of GOP ignorance and game-playing...

Keith Olbermann announces first group of regular contributors, including Markos

trump: 'Torture' led to catching bin Laden

NRC Waives Enforcement of Fire Rules at Nuclear Plants

School Board candidate loses by one vote. Her own.

"America's Top Racist"/TRUMP spends an hour per day on his dandruff: World class decision-making

Is anyone going to huddle around the old wireless tonight...

Donald Trump: They hate me. They really hate me.

The latest Modern World and Slowpoke (toons) are awesome!

Dairy's Dark Side Ad needs a very strong warning attached

Dairy's Dark Side Ad needs a very strong warning attached

Daily Kos: Workers Show Union Spirit Helping Tornado Survivors

On a lighter note, I praised a Junior High class today.

On a lighter note, I praised a Junior High class today.

On a lighter note, I praised a Junior High class today.

Gingrich Campaign Slogans by Jesus General

Greek anarchists storm hospital, attack policemen

To the wackos that are going crazy because a rapper was invited to the WH - HOW do you explain this?

Texas Funds Formula One, May Fire Teachers

Worried on China, US seeks rules in space

Newt makes it official: "Today I am announcing my candidacy for President..."

Tweety is lovin' Jon Stewart from last night

Revised ‘Net Censorship Bill Requires Search Engines To Block Sites, Too

Iraq Withdrawal Date For U.S. Troops May Be Pushed Back Beyond 2011

Doctors' group greets single-payer health bill in Senate

google logo today... a must see

I am pleased to announce that I am running for president.

I am pleased to announce that I am running for president.

OBL family wants probe...sure! Right after you pay for the damages of 9/11

Tying deficit cuts to debt limit "insane": Goolsbee

Florida Senate fails basic biology, accidentally outlaws sex.

If Trump Doesn't Say Anything When Time Comes To Declare

NBC Nightly News viewers make a difference for the Detroit Dog Rescue - video

Senate Dems Renew Push For DREAM Act

Think I heard Tweety suggest the reason the GOP wants the bin Laden death pics released ...

Repug whining reaches ear-splitting levels

Congress Yawns Over Warmaking Power

Coalition Fears That San Francisco Ban on Yellow Pages Hurts Labor, Small Businesses, Seniors,

Unconditional Love (GOP style)

This is why education needs to be funded.

"The Working Poor"

Survivors re-traumatized by Peace Corps after reporting rapes

Survivors re-traumatized by Peace Corps after reporting rapes

Union opposes rapper/poet 'Common' White House visit

If "America Can Do Whatever We Set Our Mind To," How Come Our Leaders Won't Set Their Minds on Jobs?

Good news! Thank you mods

Avaaz petition: 48 hours to kill the Uganda anti-gay bill

Court Bans Sale Of Tax-Free Cigarettes By Tribes

"No more excuses - end this war" -- SOJO

Pakistan's Bin Laden Policy (5-5-11 The National Security Archive/Electronic Briefing Book 344)

I don't care what you think of me, I'm glad that we shot OBL dead

I found a picture of some of the teabaggers parents

Obama DOJ equates gay servicemembers w/ drug addicts, alcoholics & those who are threat to security

Bill Black: Why CEOs Avoided Getting Busted in Meltdown

Good gawd, Newt almost makes Trump look like a serious contender.

Hannity playing the 'scary black poet/rapper invited to White House' card.

Missouri Muddle: Show Me State Faces Vote On Reckless Constitutional Change

Radioactive water found in No.3 reactor pit

So I'm at the Kaiser lab getting a blood draw from a union phlebotimist

National Teacher Sickout (wildcat)

National Teacher Sickout (wildcat)

Libyan Revolution Day 83

Koch Fueling Far Right Academic Centers At Universities Across The Country

Got an email from someone considering music for a dying baby...

Breaking: IRS to go HARD after American Crossroads/Priorities USA

The consistency of the widths demands an explanation. ESA report.

Vincent Warren: Osama Bin Laden's Death Can't Erase 10 Years of War & Lawlessness

A co-worker just found his utilty knife in his laptop bag. TSA didn't.

Google's title bar is a tribute to Martha Graham today.

"Repeal the 20th Century"? - PSC-CUNY article on MO state senator & ALEC member Jane Cunningham

Who says the government is not efficient?

NPR joins AP in demanding visual proof of Osama bin Laden’s death

Huge trove of historic recordings at Library of Cong. "National Jukebox"

In praise of Ted Poe -- Republican Representative from Texas.

LOL !!! - Once Again... Believe What They Say... Republican Warning...

Diane Ravitch: WHy Won't Reformers Listen?

the google doodle today--AWESOME tribute to martha graham

I'm running for President in a republican

My Mind on Tuscaloosa

Japan to abandon nuclear power expansions, focus on green technology

kindle people. i dropped and broke my kindle. i have almost 200 books.

CNN: Will voters forgive Newt for the indiscretions of Little Newt? (A.K.A. the Nenis©)

CNN: Will voters forgive Newt for the indiscretions of Little Newt? (A.K.A. the Nenis©)

Maine GOPer CRUSHED in Maine State Sendate Special Election.

They Denigrate our Troops

Newt: He'll always love America. Unless it gets cancer.

The Coolest Guys in the World. The men most likely to succeed as Navy SEALs

Ill. lawmaker says raising obese kids should cost parents at tax time

The Koch brothers, university donations, and getting to pick the professors

Man facing 6 Years in Prison for Videotaping Police, Videotape Missing

google ridirect virus

Watching gender stereotypes develop early.

Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich Defend Oil Companies Against Democrats

Ted Rall Toon: Going After Terrorists...

Texas Taxpayers Finance Formula One Auto Races as Schools Dismiss Teachers

A Reminder From Taverner, or "Not all ducks quack"

Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says

Wisconsinites, please get the word out -- Photo IDs are NOT required for the recall elections

Just received a solicitation call from Obama for America.

Iraq Withdrawal Date For U.S. Troops May Be Pushed Back Beyond 2011

Toon: A T-bagger imagines...

Michael Steele likes Newt Gingrich

We are at war with Al Qaeda. Congress authorized it. Targeting the enemy's generals is legitimate.

Can anyone explain to me the difference between a single payer system and a public option?

The £12m question: how WikiLeaks gags its own staff

Brazil under fire for World Cup slum evictions

Grads walk out of U of M Law School senior day over Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) - video

Kansai bids to be 'backup capital' (JAPAN)

Wisconsin 14 speaking across the USA to help the party!

How redistribution of wealth works... and why what we need is restoration of wealth.


Catholic Scholars To Boehner: Your Agenda Defies ‘Church’s Most Ancient Moral

Catholic Scholars To Boehner: Your Agenda Defies ‘Church’s Most Ancient Moral

Japanese media organizations appear to be in bed with the government and TEPCO

Are Ice cream trucks near schools subverting efforts to encourage healthy eating habits?

Newt’s invisible friend Jack Abramoff: "I have more pictures of him than I have of my wife."

GOP governor candidate calls Obama a 'Sambo,' Pelosi a 'bimbo'

When did the shrub look the dumbest?

Bin Laden death photos to be viewed by some Congress members

Question: Do two wrongs make a right?

Breaking: Smoke/steam pouring out of Reactor No. 2, 3, 4 (Pics & Vids) + many more articles/vids

Breaking: Smoke/steam pouring out of Reactor No. 2, 3, 4 (Pics & Vids) + many more articles/vids

Democratic Republic of Congo: 1100 Women Raped Each Day

Marijuana compound shows promise in fighting breast cancer

Bristol Palin says she had corrective jaw surgery

The Death Penalty Increases the Murder Rate

Walker wants private sector to run assistance programs

United Nations Special Rapporteurs statement on bin Laden

Is rapper Common getting the racist treatment from the conservatives?

Anyone else feel that wave of rage over them when listening to Repubs?

The People vs. Goldman Sachs -Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone unloads a broadside indictment

The People vs. Goldman Sachs -Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone unloads a broadside indictment

Isn't the insurance industry

Remember This? Newt Shuts Down the Gov't b/c He Couldn't Sit Up Front on AF1

Billboards warning of the End of the World

Naked subway rampage in NYC (w/ video)

Photo of pat-down of baby at KCI goes worldwide

I can HEAR you now!

Health Care Reform good news

Instructions For Posting in DU in Cursive

Bin Laden kept a journal of all the ways he wanted to kill you.

School Board Elections

U.S. Postal Service reports $2.2 billion loss

68% to 32% - It's Great to Finally Have Good News!

Noam Chomsky: "The U.S. and Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World"

This video shows a promising way to pave our highways:

370 teachers in one Florida county have filed for early retirement this spring.

The Death of the McMansion

Uh oh. Christian Right leaders worried that Ayn Rand worship is messing with their theocratic plans

I think this is a good time to dig up the theory debate: Is terrorism crime or warfare?

What did you hear, my blue-eyed son?

Please cite the law that Obama Violated when He Had Bin Laden Killed

Bin Laden son calls burial at sea 'humiliating'

Single-payer, medicare-for-all, legislation introduced in Senate & House by B Sanders & J McDermott

Grab some popcorn. Update to something from earlier.

Grab some popcorn. Update to something from earlier.

It's 1:00 AM, Do You Know Where Newt Is?

Is cursive handwriting obsolete?

Surprise amendment stuns (MN) Senate during debate over health care for poor

Surprise amendment stuns (MN) Senate during debate over health care for poor

Wisconsin - SOS Doug LaFollette needs your support !!!!

What's Lurking in Your Stadium Food?

Obama's DOD not required by law to dock gay servicemembers pay

Science has determined that anal probes are probably not a good thing.

What kind of roadkill is best served with a delicate lemon-butter sauce?

Jane's Addiction at I/O Live After Hours (YouTube Live at 10:30 pm EST)

CLASSIC 1971 Soul: Dramatics - "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get"


Anyone have a link to live free NHL games?

Any Northwest DU'ers up for a meetup this weekend in the Seattle area?

Why am I having trouble remotely connecting to my ubuntu box from my mac?

One of Marvin Gaye's GREATEST songs is one that he didn't actually perform...

A funny video - maple bacon dog


Need cooking help: I have three cod fillets to cook, some butter and some lemons.

Internet attention span

Li'l MiddleFingerMom pretty much hit the ground running.

Can't we all just get along?

Cat versus Blu-Ray Player (video)

HOME MADE Kazoku - Thank you!! (Arigatou!) - With lyrics

poor ole Newt --

Oh, yikes. We're under a tornado warning (Minneapolis).


okay everyone, please get off the national jukebox

Think Rebecca Black is bad?

Does anybody else think it's creepy

I'm jealous

Is this a legit message from

Fuzzy math

PHOTO: All I need is some catnip and my noise-canceling headphones

This just in: Osama bin Laden is still dead!

Forrest: I'm not a smart man, Jenny... but I know what love is."

Freudian theory:

Freudian slips:

I have way too much blood in my caffeine stream

Fatboy Slim is fucking in heaven.

Time to get HYPNOTIZED!

Cellphone cameras often make it impossible for MFM to deny that he's been, um... under the influence

I'm seriously considering getting a tattoo that says

Self delete

Google To Announce Chrome Laptops - $20 / Month

What hurts the most from a dog's Eyes

Itteh bitteh kitteh attacks yellow monster...

You've heard of the 'Arnold Palmer' - now try the 'Laura Palmer!'

Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen)

I've got a bad feeling about this....

Which Macca was better? The Wings or Macca solo?

Bob Marley (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981)

Can you be flimmed without being flammed?

Baby Seal Release Into the Wild - JOY!

I'm doing a Gaddafi run - post here what I can get you

Spider-Man places "role model" at the bottom of his to-do list

PHOTO: It's Dessert Time on Pottymouth Lane!

Always read the fine print....

The Dude abides...can you?

Don't panic but Douglas Adams passed away ten years ago today

"Crime Watch" PSA:

I'm doing a coffee run - post here what I can get you

If the Fukushima plant starts glowing will it emit a cyan aura?

I'm doing a liquor run - post here what I can get you

PHOTO: Just a boy and his little pet kitty cat.

Main course suggestions for vegan serial killers to accompany some fava beans and a nice chianti?

Menu item MOST LIKELY to send MiddleFingerMom into convulsive fits of adolescent-style laughter

I walked from the bedroom to the kitchen & back today.

Question: Do three lefts make a right?

I have a VM from Jehovah's Witnesses inviting me to some sort of gathering

MFM needs a "Car" music thread to get to the hospital. What should he take?

PHOTO: As a child, MiddleFingerMom had the beginnings of a "magnetic" personality...

Pepsi "Throwback?"

necessity truly is the mother of invention....

You want to be a real man, do what I did, put in your own

Baby Seal Can't Believe It's Being Released Into The Wild (VIDEO)

Nothing like getting ice cold beers from the drive thru at 5:03

The Game in "Last Year at Marienbad"

Pink Floyd Announce Massive Reissue Project...with rarities 'from the very back of the cupboard'

What should I buy for a one year old boy's birthday present?

Breaking news: Singer Adele has a weinie

Had my purse stolen from my car

Please indulge me to put a photo of my fur baby here.

Venezuela Asked Colombian Rebels to Kill Opposition Figures, Analysis Shows

More Hopes Than Gains At U.S.-China Meetings

What are some good websites for purchasing mp3s?

US plans initial Afghan force reduction of 5,000 in July

Report: Up to 44M more uninsured under GOP budget

Does this irritate you?

Burt Reinhardt dies at 91: Newsman helped launch CNN

Gov. Martin O’Malley signs immigrant tuition bill into law in Maryland

AP sources: US closer to calling for Assad to go

No Pardon for Felon Elected Mayor in Oklahoma

For you pet owners who expect to be raptured on 5/21 - Pet Care Service

Presbyterians clear way for gay clergy

Politicians party on at La Picota prison: W Radio

EU to open Benghazi office to aid Libya rebels

About 24 hours from now, I will be hopefully recovering from knee surgery...

Interior Dept. strikes deal to clear backlog on endangered species listings

IRS gift tax move could hit new anonymous groups

Just 11 shopping days left until the end of the world. What are your plans

GOP Medicaid plan would slash N.Y. funding

What actress should play CatWoman next?

Critics argue Australian surplus in 2 years will be ‘made in China’ because of export reliance

Navy Halts Move To Allow Gay Unions By Chaplains


Schoolgirls targeted in Bahrain raids

Syria sent detained Northwest reporter to Tehran

Judges in Va. appear skeptical about health overhaul arguments

Ex-Peace Corps Volunteers Speak Out on Rape

Appellate Court Rules Poor VA Mental-Health Care for Vets Is Unconstitutional

Federal judge in Utah to consider dispute over release of 1995 Oklahoma City bombing videos

Romney to outline plans for health care repeal

Jockey Michael Baze found dead at Churchill Downs

Syrian security forces kill 18 in new (tank) assaults

Bedbugs, meat can carry drug-resistant MRSA bacteria

Groups rally to oppose LePage budget cuts

Al-Qaida leader warns of 'worse to come' in eulogy to Bin Laden

How do you fit in when you move to another country?

Planned Parenthood eyes restraining order over bill

2 plead guilty in firebombing of Ark couple's home

LePage budget fix would cut welfare benefits, state jobs

Self-deleted by member

Hedge fund founder convicted in inside-trade case

GOP says boost to state budget won't help unions (WI)

Senate protesters (WI) bring action to a halt

Bin Laden Raid: Pakistan Hints China Wants Look at U.S. Stealth Copter Remains

Job Openings Rise To Highest Level Since Sept. '08

Iraq PM opens door to longer US troop presence

French Lean Toward Ban of a Controversial Gas Extraction Technique

Case Against WikiLeaks Part Of Broader Campaign (Fed Grand Jury Against WikiLeaks Begins Tomorrow)

One third of world's food is wasted, says UN study

ok cute DOG ONLY pics contest

Democrat Ricardo Sanchez to enter race for US Senate in Texas

Gingrich Officially in 2012 Race... Finally

Houston might FINALLY get some RAIN...

Transportation Security Administration officers give eight-month baby pat-down

Minn. Senate OKs 2012 vote on gay marriage ban

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Galleon’s Rajaratnam Found Guilty

Iraqi PM open to US troop presence if blocs agree

Global Marijuana March Shows International Support For Pot Legalization

ISI hires US attorneys, pleads immunity in 26/11 case

Magnitude 5.3 earthquake kills at least 4 in Spain

Clones need lovin', too.

Kali is a regular fixture in Tucson parades... riding one of her proud steeds in full regalia.

Senators: US military plans to reorganize forces in Japan are unworkable, unaffordable

Trump blames Ryan budget for GOP woes in NY special election

Mass. plane passenger tries to open emergency door

CME Halts Energy Trading After Gasoline Plunge

Yemeni man yelled "God is Greatest" on flight: prosecutor

Nebraska Senate: It's A Tea Party For Bruning

Funds Steered to Amtrak's Northeast Corridor Prompt House Republican Criticism

Raided medical marijuana providers sue U.S. government

Radiation in soil near troubled Japan nuclear plant exceeds Chernobyl evacuation level

After approving NBC buyout, FCC Commish becomes Comcast lobbyist

Suit seeks to nullify Schwarzenegger commutation

UN chief Ban calls for immediate Libya cease-fire

Billy Graham in hospital

AP - Gfk Poll: Obama's Approval Hits 60 Per Cent.

Catholic Professors Criticize Boehner in Letter

3 dead after shooting at San Jose State University

Critics call for AZ sheriff to resign, be indicted

What song is in harmony with your present state of mind when it comes to politics?

I did not get the IBM job...

(Log Cabin Republicans) seeks immediate lifting of gay military ban

Texas Funds Formula One Race, May Fire Teachers

Most shocking death of a main character in a movie or TV series

Journalist killed in Honduras, the 11th in two years

Strikes over austerity measures paralyze Greek capital

applegrove was disappointed. Her friends had told her that it was a good book.

Kitty quicksand:

Night In Baghdad

Osama Bin Laden Videos Released By The Pentagon Are a Hoax!

World without end

Michael Savage Praises Obama

Thom Hartmann: High food prices - Government failure or over-population?

Best Of ED Show: Gun Rights Group False Fear Of Obama

Young Turks: Cenk - Banks Behind High Gas Prices?

Papantonio: The Republican Colicky Babies Whine Again

Will Obama Reform Immigration?

Papantonio: Boehner’s Debt Fight Shows GOP’s Greed

Thom Hartmann: Should the Koch Brothers be firing teachers at a public university?

Papantonio: Birkenstock Liberals Angry About Bin Laden Death

TDPS: Fox Business Network Loves Joking About Torture, Lawrence WIlkerson Sets Rumsfeld Straight

MSNBC Host : Do You Want Obama Killed Rather Than Bin Laden?

Mrs Attacks

Healthcare: Sanders vs Paul

Harvey Wasserman on How We'll Survive and Win

Thom Hartmann: Our biggest threat is not Al Qaeda, debt, illegal immigration or taxes

Lou Engle Prays Over Newt Gingrich

What happened to "Chocolate News" that used to be on Comedy Central?

Rethugs going there...will demand answers on enhanced interrogation

POLL: 59% say it's time to bring U.S. troops home from Afghanistan.

for all our African American friends..... a website for us all....

Senator Brown and 2 other Republicans claimed they had seen photos of bin Laden shot?

SPTimes: Billionaire's role in hiring decisions at Florida State University raises questions

The military should create some photos of bin Laden

Yawn: Gingrich Officially Enters 2012 Race for Best Bloviating Adulterer

House Dems Protest GOP's Plans For Permanent War Against Terror

RE: Bin Laden shooting v. trial. We had 10 YEARS to figure out how to handle him. . .

John Boehner's Ransom Note

What’s the GOP Without bin Laden?

President to Renew Muslim Outreach, giving Mideast speech soon

Can we please put this crap to rest.. there were two a capture team for bin laden

Trump has thrived with government's generosity

"One of the great problems (Republicans) have .. is that we don't encourage you to be nasty." - Newt

Democrats are just a better party at getting anything and everything done..republicans self destruct

Statements of Support for President Obama's Commitment to Fix our Broken Immigration System

I was around in 72, when we lost. We lost big.

Who's supporting the Republican candidates?

Governor Daniels Says He Could Beat President Obama In 2012

What's next!?

* "A War on Civilians": Mexico’s Drug War Draws Protests as Grueling Death Toll Grows

It is a very historical day - Gingrich tweeted, he is running

Re: Obama approval rating at 60%

HEADS UP-An Evening of Poetry at the White House

I would support legalizing polygamy for criminals or potential criminals.

Common just delivered a beautiful poem and shamed his racist critics in the process

Conrad's budget hits millionaires with 3% surtax; uses 50/50 split of spending cuts, tax increases

One sure way to bring down Pres. Obama's approval is to inject RACE

I love having a young, fit active and intelligent first lady.

Does any white pundit on FOX NOISE even know who the fuck rapper Common is

Tthe latest manufactured nontroversy: Common's appearance at the White House poetry event

Obama appointee Meredith Attwell Baker leaves FCC after just two years to become Comcast lobbyist

****AP Poll: Obama approval rating at 60%!!!***

Matt Drudge tries to downplay Obama AP poll numbers

Sanchez (Retired Army Lt. Gen.) to Enter Senate Race in Texas

Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says

Question. Does Kucinich believe that Obama's capture/kill mission to be illegal?

In 2012, Obama will have the distinction of being the first (and only)

Iraqi PM open to US troop presence if blocs agree

Now Jill Scott is in the White House guest hot seat notice a pattern here? A racist one?

Nancy nails it: The Truth Hurts — You Did Vote to End Medicare as We Know It

Question about Uganda, their Coffee Bean & the Kill Gay Bill about to become law...

Dear GOP Freshman: You will surely reap what you have sown

Obama way ahead of Republicans for 2012 election

Obama team considering putting resources into contesting Texas in 2012

If most Obama hate is based on racism, would right wingers love him if he were white?

Robert Scheer: What’s the GOP Without bin Laden?

Havana: The State Retreats

The Bin Laden Photos by Scott Horton

Amy Goodman: Tony Kushner and the Angels of Dissent

Reassessing The Cost Of The Post-9/11 Era, Post Bin Laden (between $4 trillion and $6 trillion)

Fox didn't mince words:Former Mexico leader's message at UH: Legalize drugs, build bridges.

While Bahrain demolishes mosques, U.S. stays silent

Iran Gets Another Nuclear Fuel Batch From Russia: Report

Why the world might end next Saturday

Koch Brother Buys Professors @ Public University to Spread Free Market Propaganda -- Public Ed Next?

Susan Tompor: Debit cards hit jobless with 'junk fees'

GOP: Gay Friendly?

Thank You Scott Walker for handing Democrats another gift against recalled Republicans, Vouchers. Se

NASCAR community steps up

Gaddafi's nurse denied asylum by Norway

"People out there really care,'' says Tampa lung patient as donations top $90,000

BBC: Why are Americans so angry about petrol prices?

What Labor unions have accomplished for everybody

It's Time to Break Up AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner and the Rest of the Telecoms

Huckabee Adviser: Obama is a Soviet Spy - Mother Jones

Neo-Nazi Father Is Killed; Son, 10, Steeped in Beliefs, Is Accused

TSA Seaches 8 Month Boy - Fetuses Next

Obama Calls for Immigration Reform amidst Record Levels of Deportations

WI Senators Paying Corporate ALEC Membership with Tax Dollars

Noam Chomsky - U.S. Policy in Arab Word

GOP Budget Would Leave Up To 44 Million More Low-Income Americans Uninsured:

Video: Wet, cold weather weakening Washington state berry crop

Oz Greens Shut Down GHG Targeting Plans; Now No Party Working For Cuts @ Levels Scientists Urge

"Shrinking Balls & Degraded Bones" - Danish Zoologist Tracks POP Effects On Greenland Polar Bears

Satellite Data Shows Striking Loss Of Soil Moisture Across UK, EU - BBC

Q1 2011 2nd-Driest Quarter In NM Records - Fire In Cimmaron Nat. Grassland (KS) Burns 30 Sq. Miles

Study - Each 1F Increase During 6-Year Study = 15 Cubic Miles Of Additional Melt From Can. Glaciers

April 2011 Atmospheric CO2 Content - 393.18; April 2010 392.49; April 2009 389.46


Exceptional drought conditions ‘pretty much shut down’ Texas crop production

Former VY employee sues Entergy for wrongful termination.

Rate Of Iowa Topsoil Loss 50X That Of Soil Formation - NYT

David Swanson interviews Harvey Wasserman on How We'll Survive and Win (xpost)

UK's "Greenest Govt. Ever" On Verge Of Shredding Committments To Deal With Climate - Guardian

Drumbeat: May 11, 2011

Two Islands In India's Gulf Of Mannar National Park Submerged By Ocean

WHAT?? You mean the Bush Crime Family couldn't "arrange" for HAARP to save Texas' Ass?

German panel to endorse closing nuclear plants

States’ Best Practices Attracting Baseload Investment

Denialsits vindicated: climate scientists bought and paid for!

‘Coal Cares’ hoax website backed by science

In PNAS: "Methane concentrations were detected generally in 51 of 60 drinking-water wells (85%) "

Tarballs Linger On Uninhabited Alabama Beaches -

no pesticides or herbicides needed with right balance of soil microbes, sez govt. study

Is the NRC just putting on a show after Fukushima?

Indian Point Nuclear Evacuation Plan ‘Impossible’ Lawmakers Say

Coal is dirty, gets almost a billion dollars from "the GubMint"

Chain Reactions Reignited At Fukushima After Tsunami, Says New Study (MIT)

What's the cheapest commute: Leaf, Volt, Prius, Focus or a train?

LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (cold fusion - it just wont go away)

Gallup: 16 MONTHS AFTER 9/11, Bush Approval Drops Below 60% for First Time

Ugh!! Crazy Homophobic preacher on fb "friend's" page

Presbyterians Approve Ordination of Gay People

Tonight's Glee has to be seen to be believed

LATimes: Navy reverses decision to let chaplains perform same-sex unions

BREAKING: Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill Postponed Until Friday

Catholic Scholars To Boehner: Your Agenda Defies ‘Church’s Mo Ancient Moral Teachings’ On Helping

If the Devil offered you a deal that looked pretty good, would you give it serious consideration?

(Mexican President) Calderon Blames Violence on End of U.S. Gun Ban

Gun owner arrested in case of 7-year-old shot in chest (at Mother's Day party)

Boy tries to hijack school bus (with a gun) for attack on government officials, police say

Montana gov. strikes down gun-rights bill for easier concealed carry, vetoes 14 other measures

(Dem.) Governor signs new (tougher) gun law (MD)

Man On Raft Washes Up On Jones Beach With Loaded Gun

School gun idea debated (Columbia, MO)

Woman shoots and kills knife-wielding intruder

woman uses gun to defend herself from rapist/home invader

Report: 2010 was deadly year for law enforcement

Worker with a gun turns the tables on bandits at Walgreens

Why would any law that prevents innocent bystanders from suing be ok with anyone?

Officer Accidentally Fires Gun Inside Hazelwood East High School

Campus shooting

Guns in bars and restaurants bill passes Ohio House

Tell me again how faith is a quiet, private thing.

Gun bill: It's a chilling license to kill (MN Castle Law Insanity)

La Russa has shingles - ouch!

Uptown robbers target the wrong guy (They jumped a 61 year old ex-marine)

Sports cartoonist (NY Daily News) Bill Gallo has died.

Brett Favre to mentor Cam Newton??

And Wings force a seventh game!

Robert 'Tractor' Traylor found dead

Gun groups duel with polls on concealed carry

CUNY Votes to Approve Honorary Degree for Tony Kushner

Gaza Marathon: A Race for Freedom and Summer Camps (Ramzy Baroud)

Now, Kushner's Critic Has His Freedom of Speech Threatened (UPDATED)

DEMOCRACY NOW: PlaywrightTony Kushner Speaks Out on CUNY Controversy, Academic Freedom and Israel

Kushner Affair Puts Israel Dissent At Center Stage

Syria Drops Bid for Seat on UN Human Rights Council

Gun owning worker in Walgreens thwarts robbery..