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Details of Operation to Kill OBL Emerge as SEALs Commander Testifies Before Congressional Comm

Hearing-impaired inmates sue for more services

Rep. Peter King is a Shameless Immoral Liar

Does it matter?

Reuters Posts Photos

Debate Rekindled on Guantanamo

just a faint whiff of fascistic thinking here lately?

Coast Guard halts search for cruise ship passenger after video shows her jumping

Rumors! Rost your Breaking News Red Hot Rumors! Rumors here! Bonus for all caps!

winning the future

The next time you hear someone say Obama is anti-American, a Muslim terrorist, etc.

Rather than fear immigration, most Canadians actually support it, and there is even a widely popular

Quite Amazing: There was NO FIREFIGHT. No one in the house appeared to be armed.

Words like violence, break the silence, they come crashing in........

NEA Looks to Put Dollars Behind Ballot Efforts

Does any here remember the crap Tom Brady got when he DIDN'T decline an invitation from the POTUS?

Dalai Lama suggests bin Laden's death was justified -'Forgiveness doesn't mean forget what happened'

So will the bin-Laden family in compound all disappear now?

Lone American Hunting OBL In Pakistan: LBN Retrospective 6-15-2010

Will Osama Bin Laden's body ever surface? Did they weigh it down?

DOJ letter to NCAA: ‘Why does FBS not have a playoff?’

Most wanted Al Qaeda member surrenders, Saudi Arabia says

Obnoxious rhetorical question finally answered

Vote: Whose policies deserve more credit for leading to the killing of OBL: Bush, Obama, or equal

President Obama Nominates Judge Christopher Droney to Serve on the 2nd Circuit

No House resolution honoring SEAL's bin Laden mission

After a few days to think about it, here is what I think. There was

After a few days to think about it, here is what I think. There was

Obama killed Scott Baio in Panama? WTF?

The Republican conundrum of hate

Koch Brothers Pick A Fight With The New Yorker - RawStory

How About Next Week We Get Back to the Economy and Fuel Prices

*Wilkerson affirms Rumsfeld 'delusional,' re: waterboarding. Ed Show

So this is what happens when conspiracy theorists are allowed to go mainstream.

Jon Stewart Rips Pakistan, Musharraf For Not Finding Osama Bin Laden

Would reactions have been different, had Bin Laden been killed

Would reactions have been different, had Bin Laden been killed

Wow... Joe Barton's column in the paper praised the president.

It has only been days and the same anti-Obama administration gang on DU are starting up

Apple parts Supplier has SUICIDE NETS outside their workshop to keep employees

WARNING; Very graphic pictures from the Guardian (Bin Lauden compound)

As early as January, mercenaries were being hired and brought into Libya.

Fuck the American public

Women who left 5 year old alone while working gets help

Has Anyone Seen Pat Buchanan Since His Affrimative Action

Has Anyone Seen Pat Buchanan Since His Affrimative Action

Today is the 125th Anniversary of the Haymarket Affair

At Least We Don't Complain About The Funeral

people that don't understand why we don't have a precise telling of events immediately, please

Budget talks: Republicans offer to seek common ground with Democrats

David Barton on Jon Stewart.

Special report: Why the U.S. mistrusts Pakistan's spy agency

GOP's Winning Issue For 2012: "We're Strong On Defense; We'll Release The Images Of Osama!"

Osama's Death Auto-Tuned

Did a Mississippi town beat the Westboro Baptist Church? (Made Up Story)

Treasury suggests $2 trillion debt cap raise: sources

Treasury suggests $2 trillion debt cap raise: sources

Al Qaeda Member Turns Himself In

Justice Dept. has 'serious questions' for NCAA on college bowl process

WIS Supreme Court Recount 70% as of 5/4, 6:PM - (P) 543,148 -- (K) 500,296 -- Kloppenburg +210

Do You Personally Care Which Type Of Mission It Was That Got Bin Laden ???

Something is very fishy about this whole Bin Laden story.

Big Ed just said Republicans backing off their attack on Medicare

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Orlando Sentinel: "It’s Teacher Depreciation Week in Florida"

Kill the Poor and other Republican Plans

"Mr. Daryaei, here is the reply of the United States of America"

U.S. Refusal of 2001 Taliban Offer Gave bin Laden a Free Pass

U.S. Refusal of 2001 Taliban Offer Gave bin Laden a Free Pass

U.S. Refusal of 2001 Taliban Offer Gave bin Laden a Free Pass

House Democrats to Start Unveiling Energy Agenda

President Hillary Gingrich 2016

Tasteless or funny

What would happen if they simply kept the compound under tight surveillance?

Tearch: The Photo That Captured It All

Tea Party Founder Objects To Obama Interrupting The Apprentice For Bin Laden Announcement

Husain Haqqani and Dennis Blair on Charile Rose

State politicians(Pa)accept trips, meals, tickets!

If we had captured OBL alive would Pakistan have the right to demand him back?

Voters Revolt Against Corporatism in Ohio

Some Bush supporters really crack me up!

it doesn't get more bizarre than this: wingnuts trying to make Steven Tyler the face of abortion

Thirty percent of GOP still believe Obama not born in U.S.

Michael Moore tweet:

Can we talk about the "grassy knoll" for a while.

Live community forum on education, happening right now

Live community forum on education, happening right now

May 12

Real or fake?

Senate confirms McConnell for District court, Republican filibuster fails

First let the right-wingers get all worked up about the death photo (kinda like the birth cert)

House Republicans give up plan to slash Medicare

Bill Maher betting on ‘Ninja President’ Obama for 2012

Doctored bin Laden corpse photos go viral, global

First gold, now fish

Republican Pres. Eisenhower Quote Warning of Tax cuts for the Rich

Republican Pres. Eisenhower Quote Warning of Tax cuts for the Rich

Bin Laden death: Photos show aftermath of raid

Right now the most important information out there re Osama, is right here on DU! From 2007 !

So the economy can't be blamed on Bush, but the death of OBL is all him?

Son, 10, says he shot Neo-Nazi dad

Suddenly, conservative Republicans are having a hard time believing....

Abbotabad compound built in 2005, right after the 2004 election.

Obama proved bush was 100% wrong for 8 years on Afghanistan.

I get that people want to celebrate OBLs death. I'm not but I understand that some want to. However,

New bar drink: The Bin Laden

Get Your RED-HOT bargains..right here folks, step right up..

Why is there no delete option in this website?

Criticize Israel? No honorary degree for you, you anti-semite.

I Want... (video by the Animal Humane Society)

When you go to see "Rio", Rupert Murdoch smiles & fondles his wallet

Could the Bin Laden raid have revealed a secret new helicopter?

Kudos to the Prez

Kudos to the Prez

I need help. Earlier today, I saw a split-screen of Kerry and * during a debate.

I need help. Earlier today, I saw a split-screen of Kerry and * during a debate.

Open Discussion: Geneva Convention, Protocol II, Article 4- Humane Treatment

Are any DUers watching the Pakistani Foreign Minister's Press

Koran burning and Osama corpse photos

Illinois withdraws from federal immigration program

We're Superior. We Have Commandos; They Have Thugs

Legislature overrides veto of redistricting map..Carnahan will lose district seat

The misery was even worse in 1937, the first time levee was breached (Missouri )

How would it make you feel if all the Al Qaeda training videos that have been

34 Chow Chow dogs left on the side of the road

Missouri Department of Transportation proposing staff layoffs & closing facilities

Republicans Censure Democrat For Use Of The Word 'Uterus'! Legislating Female Procedures Involves Fe

Milwaukee Urinal / Sentinel begins requiring Facebook login to post blog comments.

Conspiracy theories in the United States.

Sign the petition to Bring the Troops Home

When are assassinations legal and morally justified?


John Ashcroft takes image-rehab job with Blackwater

Cops: Boy robbed stricken Pittsburgh Pirates usher



Most expensive gas in the country? $6.03 in Hana. It's still worth the drive

on capturing osama

Trump "University" Just Infomercials, Lawsuit claims

We all know that the Osama killing was planned so the Royal Family could honeymoon in private

Obama chooses Trump as Republican opponent in 2012

Obama heads to ground zero for 'cathartic moment'

Derek Miller's last post

Hightower -- GOP House Chooses Big Oil Over Granny

Make the Wealthy Pay to Save the USA

Further proof that Washington can't get anything done: the Capitals

Hey Mika Mouse, Doris and other morons

anyone remember the term dark fiber?(unused intenet capacity)

Missouri house speaker speaks..

Tom the Dancing Bug (from 2003) on how we wished Bin Laden would be captured

Words I will never utter...

Pakistan Seeks to Dispel Criticism After Raid

Social Security's Paperless Transition

Did anyone see this article?

Saudi Arabia’s 13th most wanted terrorist offers to give himself up to Saudi authorities

(Newsmax no less) Rumsfeld Exclusive: There Was No Waterboarding of Courier Source

The wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan will end now that Bin Laden is dead?

JibJab He's Barack Obama

Mr President, if my dad was alive today...

Question: Do you support DUers posting incorrect facts/ known falsehoods

So the ReTHUG House of Representatives

Remember the bombing of a mosque in Jacksonville last year? They got him!

Andrew Breitbart will be interviewed by Brian Lehrer on WNYC (NPR) bet'n 10 and 12 today.

Andrew Breitbart will be interviewed by Brian Lehrer on WNYC (NPR) bet'n 10 and 12 today.

Paul Ryan: Secret Union Lover?

Bush feels Obama ignoring ex-president's role in Osama Bin Laden strike

Throw Your Smartphone Down the Rabbit Hole

has Osama gone to hell?

1862-Cinco de Mayo-France wanted an empire to park its extra pretenders on

I know one thing for sure....

Osama bin Laden dead: Archbishop of Canterbury criticises White House

House GOP d-bags insult Navy SEALS

ghost pepper and tear gas

self delete

GOP's Kinder, Gentler Medicaid Gutting

Alta. oil pipeline leaked 28,000 barrels

Suicide drugs could be made available over the counter if euthanasia laws are changed

Looking for bin Laden gossip? Colbert nails it

Isn't this wonderful?

Anti-Islamic political leader Geert Wilders comes to Canada

Harry Truman wouldn't have approved of post-mortem photos of Hitler (if they existed)*

Donald Trump's lawsuits could turn off conservatives who embrace tort reform

Mike Pence To Run For Indiana Governor In 2012

Paul Krugman: Falling Dollar Phobia

Fugg you Pataki

Decisive majority reject Palin, Trump presidential bids

Luckovich on Obama gettin' dissed re: OBL

Regarding the photo of the president watching the action unfold

Leaky Poplar Bluff levee highlights national problem...PORK !

Hey pugs! Mr. President will decide if and when he releases a document/photo when he gets damn good

Sarkozy-Berlusconi: A border control farce (more about political theatre than serious policy reform)

Email about new Wal-Mart product especially for the southern states

China demands Nobel Prize apology from Norway

AP and Reuters sitting out of Fox News GOP Debate

What the “We're Not Broke” Backlash Means for the Climate

US military's history of backtracking on initial reports (The Guardian)

Last W.W. One combat veteran dies in Austrialia.

Debtor's Prison Catch-22

If OBL was completely blown off

Do you think the alleged terrorists at Guantanamo deserve a trial in a court of law?

Osamas glass MJ pipe with the little frog on the rim

People have said that they will vote third-party, but they've never tried to get me to do so as well

Was Osama Bin Laden my neighbour?

Then how about a pic of Osama exiting the ship, as was appropriate with JFK Jr. funeral?

Question about photo of President Obama watching the action

Honestly...I felt the killing of OBL was one of those necessary evils

"W" on OBL

Loony-ass Insurgents vs. Waffling Bores: GOP Presidential Fight Starts Tonight!

Texas GOP House Members Join Dems to Applaud Obama

Poll needs some help...Thank you

Verizon's New Money Grab: S-2664

House is debating bill H.RES.245 / offshore drilling

The "new" SirusXM has killed America Left 167 and rearranged some times

Our view: Armed or unarmed, bin Laden got what he deserved

Civil War buffs, I need your help to identify a gun.

Jon Stewart: Bin Laden death photos can’t be worse than CSI

More on HR3, The Anti-Women GOP Bill Whose Sponsor Wants to "Re-Enfranchise The Unborn"

GOP Throws Ryan Under the Bus

This should be our cue to declare victory and get out of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I wonder if Bush, Cheney, Feith,

Interior Department Announces Wolf Delisting Rule

So I had a huge battle the other day with XM, and I thought it was straightened out

"The Money Masters"--this video is real good

I used to think that DU should ignore threads that were meant to distract, I admit I was wrong

Now that it has been confirmed that Pakistan is not a true ally, what do

The Constitution Crumbles Under The Weight of The GOP’s HR 3

Our tax dollars were used to kill him. I think we deserve a photo.

They shan't work together again? Taliban, Al Qaeda consider parting ways in wake of dead asshole

Top Secret Stealth Helicopter Program Revealed in Osama Bin Laden Raid

Texas teacher on leave over bin Laden comment

Poll: If you were told beforehand there was going to be an assassination squad?

GOP Insisting Errant Cheney Hunting Pellet May Have Hit Bin Laden.

Dear Congressional Republican Financial Geniuses:

No resistance in ‘cold-blooded’ U.S. raid: Pakistan officials

Just heard a call for medical research subjects on the local news

Toon: This Changes Everything?

Congress to discuss use of Geronimo's name in Bin Laden mission

Shock: Christiane Amanpour predicted bin Laden whereabouts in 2008

Last WW1 Combat vet dies at 110

Judy Ruliani

LOL- Cartoons to Hawk Healthier Foods

Obama, Pentagon call an end to disclosures about bin Laden killing

Holy Shite did you just hear RI democratic congressman

Pakistan army orders cut in US military personnel (as apparent retaliation)

George W Bush will be a no-show at the WTC site today.

kent state massacre--4 may 1970

So where are all the "jobless claims hit 8 month high" threads?

(Former U.S. Attorney General Alberto) Gonzales wishes Bush admin had gotten to bin Laden first

About those pictures....

Anti-Islamic graffiti on Portland ME mosque

No body, no eyewitnesses, no photos, no video, no DNA . . .

okay, this HIll article about my rep is a bit odd

Currently making the rounds on Facebook

On Steph Miller a few minutes ago

Do you know who is most pissed that the funeral was at sea?

On the lighter side: "Japanese Lab Invents Internet Kissing Machine"

I'm not sorry for ReTHUGS but

Hillary colludes with Japan PM to block radiation monitoring "rumors and reputation" damage

If I read 1 more teapublican post on fb saying Obama did nothing

Bush didn't care about OBL before 9 11 01

NOW's Press Release on Anti-Women H.R. 3

NOW's Press Release on Anti-Women H.R. 3

Anyone getting tired of the bin Laden death coverage yet?

The Rude Pundit: Even If Torture Led to Bin Laden, It Was Wrong

Mark Fiore Flashtoon- Good Riddance

Productivity Growth in U.S. Slowed in First Quarter as Labor Costs Climbed

So Who Gets To See "The Photos?"

Wal-Mart - did it join Haley in opposing Amazon jobs in SC?

"Who Gets Abortions??"

WTF moment. I was just staring at a box of table salt and floored to see sugar has been added

Tea Party activist to challenge Democrat in recall :

Stanford study backs Einstein's relativity theory

World Food Prices Rise to Near-Record as Inflation Accelerates

Suspected Florida mosque bomber killed in Oklahoma shootout.

Operation Geronimo in 1,000 words

Salon: The Media's Pentagon Worship In Action

Saxby Chambliss and 2 other GOP senators PUNKED with fake photos of dead Osama Bin Laden

The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern

NCAI Releases Statement on Use of “Geronimo” as Name for Osama bin Laden Operation

The odds of porn to be found or has been found on Bin Laden's hard drives

My son-in-law is in Kandahar

Target Corp was the top contributor to what EVIL WOMAN of the Right?

Why was Osama's death reported by SEALS as "Geronimo was KIA"?

New Campaign Launches to Stop Karl Rove Corruption of the 2012 Election

Gee, This Doesn't Seem Like A Planted Story AT ALL (Roll Eyes)

When man walks on the surface of another planet, it'll be our greatest moment as a species

Boehner "optimistic," demands trillion-dollar cuts

Democrat's pro-gay speech racks up YouTube views

Harold Ford...

Harold Ford...

TV watching heads up: Michael Moore on Piers Morgan tonight

John Ashcroft has a new job--ethics advisor for Blackwater

Virus Total (huh?)

Toon: God-Man has a Close Call!

Man Who Met Bush Says Bush Masterminded OBL Killing

Dear dog, by eyes. Warning, Will Robinson

John Ashcroft Now in Charge of Blackwater's Ethics

Suspicious packages sent to D.C. Public schools

Suspicious packages sent to D.C. Public schools

Race politics hit North Carolina redistricting

'Tax and Pretend' Republicans Allow Gas Tax Increase

But He Was Unarmed !!

Bumper Sticker seen in Madison WI

quick - anybody got a link to an article from when boosh disbanded the team searching for bin laden?

Sarah's OSB tweet

Roll call of shame: List of dem fuckwads who voted yea on today's restrictive abortion bill

Northwestern giving Stephen Colbert honorary degree

GOP House refusing to pass resolution praising the troops who got bin Laden

GOP House refusing to pass resolution praising the troops who got bin Laden

Haha, Army-Navy surplus store was swamped with calls asking for SEAL insignia/patches!1

Congressional hearing on Native Americans/Geronimo on now

The Ultimate Mom's Day gift (if your kid is at war)

Trump won't be driving Indy 500 pace car

Voter ID card

Russ Carnahan confronts Emanuel Cleaver in House

Would Cuba have been right to send a hit squad to US to kill Orlando Bosch?

Suit against PC renter raises privacy questions

Georgia Republican State Rep. Compares Tornado Victims To Idolaters Praying To FEMA

We should have waited till he was finished on the john, monday morning quarterbacking

Massachusetts governor to testify at ex-speaker's trial

Crude Oil Tumbles Most in Two Years on Jobless Claims, Gain in the Dollar

Oil Prices Drop on Today's Trading

Oil Prices Drop on Today's Trading

House leaders considering bin Laden resolution

"Hide thread" is back.

I REALLY REALLY can't wait for SNL this weekend

Pakistan pays U.S. lobbyists to deny it helped bin Laden

Breast Feeding FAIL

Liberals and David Koch Agree: Trump's Presidential Bid Is a Stunt

Is it feasible to compromise on the OBL pics?

Albinos in Tanzania murdered or raped as AIDS "cure"

GOPers keep talking about how Bush Sr. lost in '92 after a big poll bump in '91...

This pisses me off: Obama floats plan to tax cars by the mile

So . . . let's assume they brought him back alive. Or maybe just brought his cold, rotting body here

With Liberty and Justice for… Corporations?


Simple Graphic Illustrating The Deaths In The Iraq War

Simple Graphic Illustrating The Deaths In The Iraq War

Should UCLA researchers get BIN LADEN $25 M REWARD: named ABBOTTABAD as likely OBL HIDEOUT

PPP Poll Shows McCaskill in Dead Heat With Akin

Russia has a nuke ice breaker event

Next step for Russ Carnahan?

Pakistani Army Chief Warns U.S. on Another Raid

So, all hell breaks loose on May 15th...(Arab march on Israel)

Christian avenger Osama hunter likely never wanted to catch Osama.

Democratic lawmaker introduces LGBT-inclusive immigration reform bill

Fox Business Host Wants Obama to Be Tortured

Release the photo.. so we can see more headlines like this:

Youth coalition calls for protest in support of Arab revolutions

Has anyone seen a picture of Cheney since Osama was killed?

Will tonight's GOP debate be televised or streamed?

Quick- before it disappears. The ties between Newt and Sheldon Adelson.

2 comments on Insannity's FB post

Ed Schultz is going OFF on country singers today

What to watch for in the GOP 2012 presidential debate

Breathless in Gaza: Marathon finds unlikely home

Crhis Rodda, Director, Military Religious Freedom Foundation Giving Her Book Away Free To Counter...

10-year-old boy charged with killing his neo-Nazi father

Gay GOP group denounces gay Republican candidate as ‘a bad joke’

The Presidential Credit/Blame Scoreboard According to Conservatives

The Presidential Credit/Blame Scoreboard According to Conservatives

Okay, that was just plain creepy.

MATT TAIBBI: Loony-ass Insurgents vs. Waffling Bores: GOP Presidential Fight Starts Tonight!

President Obama Is The Real Deal

Cancelled my OnStar service today after receiving an email telling me to watch "The Apprentice"

Alan Grayson: Help Save Sesame Street

Has Donald Trump's presidential run been canceled?

how to teach deductive reasoning?

Small dog found alive in ruins after S.F. fire

So who's debating for the GOP tonight?

I've gone to the mattresses against 2 people in the past 2 days...

Beck, Hannity, Malkin, Coulter, Limbaugh et al. 'Obama going to 'ground zero tomorrow is horrible

Regarding the raid on the Amish farmer in Pennsylvania ...

how do I talk to my friend about unemployment benefits....

Voters Revolt Against Corporatism in Ohio - FDL

Voters Revolt Against Corporatism in Ohio - FDL

Michael Moore will be on Piers Morgan tonight

Mass. Democrats want Brown to explain photo comments

Brazilian Supreme court is voting on extending full rights to same-sex couples as I type this.

Osama bin Laden Living on Pakistani Military Property?-Evidence Suggests Direct Role Harboring Osama

did anyone hear what Orrin hatch just said to Norah ODonnel?

E.U. plans payments for fishermen who catch plastic

Can anyone ID this moth/butterfly?

Here's your photo, Sarah !

Offshore drilling bill ‘decreases safety, increase Big Oil profits’

I'd like to put this out here - I'm 100% whomever the Democrat Candidate is in 2012 Prez race....

Fortune 500 and The American People: The Huge Divide and The Robbery Continue

Obama administration gearing up to launch the bi-partisan battle for lower corporate taxes!

Only five GOP presidential hopefuls to debate on Fox News

Lawrence O'Donnell Interviews Condi Tonight: Maddow Calls It

The first hand story of a Navy Seal (A fictitious account)

"Kinda like when you open a pickle jar and somebody goes, 'Yeah but I loosened it.'"

David Koch: I Don't Think Obama 'Contributed Much At All' To Bin Laden Killing

duplicate, please delete

amidst power struggle, allies of Ahmadinejad arrested for sorcery

Fidel Castro criticizes US for bin Laden kill

2 good news stories, imo>people power.

Shep Smith Makes On Air Request That Faux News File A FOIA To Get Bin Laden Photo

Shep Smith Makes On Air Request That Faux News File A FOIA To Get Bin Laden Photo

Life, Loss of liberty and the Pursuit of Hash in Oklahoma

Oil drops below $100 on worry of weaker US demand

I don't know how to say this kindly, so I won't

I'm a Solid Liberal

FBI updates Most Wanted Top 10 list, shows OBL deceased

Ex-Powell chief of staff says Rumsfeld ‘delusional and deceptive’ on torture

Anyone else have problems logging into DU and/or navigating in DU. If I go

Osama bin Laden dies, torture thrives

Coke or Pepsi

Beck boycott works! Boycott Fox Advertiser Proactiv

The Price of Retribution

Exxon Makes $30.5 Billion, So GOP Votes Unanimously To Give Them Tax

Selling the U.S. Justice System on Craigslist

Homelessness Is Not Just About Housing

GRAPH: An Average CEO At America’s Big Corporations Earns 200 Times The Salary Of A Navy SEAL

Political humor's Best OBL jokes

Not about the bullet in bin Laden's head

Not about the bullet in bin Laden's head

U.S. Official: "This Was a Kill Mission"

House GOP Blocks Vote On Oil Subsidies ,,,

Republican push to privatize Medicare unraveling

REALITY CHECK: Is it really OK for Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) to reveal "classified briefing" details?

Heads up. On May 16th, PBS will be airing a documentary on

David KochRoach: Obama didn't contribute much at all to the bin-Laden operation

Which fascist media whore sheriff is the worst?

George Bush does deserve credit and thanks in the death of Bin Laden

Wilkerson: 'Let Me Waterboard Donald Rumsfeld and Then We'll See if He Says It's Torture or Not'

What 'Situation Room Photo' reveals about us

for those claiming idiot son should get more credit than Obama, read on. Obama's 5%...shoot him

Geronimo was mission succesful call sign...

GM Adds 250 Jobs at Kentucky Corvette Plant

Wall Street Journal launches WikiLeaks imitation

Debra Burlingame: Obama turned his back on me

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Amigos y Amigas!

Republicans say they'll reject any nomination for the Consumer Protection Agency.

The Christian Right Extremists Behind the GOP's War on Women

Obama Smacks Down Bush- "We Don't Trot Out This Stuff Out As Trophies"

Increased financial regulation is creating jobs right now, at least where I work

So the 'two telephone numbers sewn into OBLs clothing'....???

Wisconsin - Democrats confirm it: Pasch will run against Darling in recall

The paperless office is here

The DOGS of war

Rachel highlights some of the "gee-whiz" tech in the military theatre... and the cost at home.

Crude Oil Falls Below $100 a Barrel

This is ALL THEY'VE GOT!!!!!

nytimes: The Torture Apologists

Worker Cooperative Startup Guides

Worker Cooperative Startup Guides

SD state Sen. Deb Peters says ALEC "is extremely educational. ALEC staffers are our staff."

Does anyone realize there's a GOP Presidential debate tonight?

GOP House Blocks Bid To Name Elizabeth Warren Head Of The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

President Obama is the kind of guy you could have a beer with

PBS: Tonight’s GOP Debate Sponsored By Extremists: John Birch Society And The Oath Keepers

I just got a call from an 'Obama supporter' in my state. She wanted to know it she Obama could count

To all you Freeper Trolls -

Drug Lord Tombs in Sinaloa Showcase of Gaudy Mausoleums

Liars for Jesus. Now available as a free download.

I'm still amazed at the week Our President had:

Minnesota GOP leader declares war on Neil Gaiman

This afternoon I had a very long chat with a local police officer from our heavily-repuke county.

Hey! Newt wants to hear from YOU~ His new web site... (evil grin)

Crude Oil Prices Collapse - FDL

(Phoenix)Caught On Tape: Cop Pushes Teen Girl Into Wall

Yemeni Official: U.S. Drone Strike Kills 2 al-Qaeda Operatives

Would Mordor have been right to send a hit squad to Mirkwood to kill Orlando Bloom?

Failing Grades on Civics Exam Called a ‘Crisis’

Fifty years ago: America went into space

Protesters Interrupt Wells Fargo Shareholders Meeting - FDL



Rep. Paul Ryan blames town hall backlash on ThinkProgress

Japan may be showing the way to the world

Chambliss: SEAL's 1st shot missed

Do you think we'll ever elect a president with no political or military experience?

Waukesha County: City of Brookfield Recount Starts With Ballot Bags Dispute (six new bags)

Pakistan Pays U.S. Lobbyists to Deny it Helped bin Laden

IF what the SEALs brought out of Bin Laden's house is 10% as deep

AT&T Starts Capping Broadband

AT&T Starts Capping Broadband

Vermont single payer heads to governor's desk

The Guardian UK asking readers to suggest which US blogger should replace Tomasky.

On conspiracy thinking and mistrust of the government

Navy SEALs Used a Dog to Hunt Osama bin Laden

Colin Powell "Rumsfeld is delusional and deceptive and I can prove both points".

The Bin Laden and Bush connection

TV Reporter calls out Freepers on threats and harrassment

What I really wonder about is how many wealthy Saudis will appear in the Osama computer files

What I really wonder about is how many wealthy Saudis will appear in the Osama computer files

What I really wonder about is how many wealthy Saudis will appear in the Osama computer files

Does this even need a caption?

How Many Gays Must God Create Before We Accept That He Wants Them Around?

"Why don't you fix your little problem and light this candle."

Rachel Maddow: Lawrence O'Donnell Interview w/ Condi Rice Airing Tonight Was "Epic"

SEALS thought OBL was reaching for a weapon

The truth to all you trolls

Sarah Palin tells Obama to stop 'pussy-footing around' with release of Bin Laden death photos

Why I Don't Feel Much About Osama's Death

They were not watching the raid live

New pet health report: diabetes increasing faster in dogs than in humans

Bin Laden planning another attack on the US for the 10th anniverary

Is Gov. Rick Scott (FL) Rewarding Donors With Private Prison Plan ? - ThinkProgress

I'm only beginning to understand just how vast the devastation here in Tuscaloosa is

Bankers made $40.1 million in government-backed business loans last month in Wisconsin

Are all or even most truck drivers from the South?

Toons: Mor-on deathers....

So we deliberately invade a foreign nation, violating their sovereignty,

Gasoline prices around the world. >>>

After 50 years of decline, household size is growing

I had to shoot a skunk last week.

Remember when we were dismissed as "Bush haters"?

Yesterday he cut Marta off in traffic, today he is in critical condition

Paul Ryan Gets an Earful as Tour Bombs

Did I just see Brian Williams try to equate Obama at the Correspondents' Dinner with

Witnesses say man may have pulled gun as Obama motorcade passed near Ground Zero

Gosh Bill Clinton sure is lucky he didn't kill Osama Bin Laden.

Breaking: White House Releases Picture Confirming OBL's death

I find this truly frightening for the future of our country:

great pic of the potus

I think I have political fatigue...

Republican election fraud in Wisconsin

Health Crisis Rocks the Gulf in Aftermath of the Spill, But Feds and BP Turn a Blind Eye

Highway of Death

Elisabeth Hasselbeck reads her bin Laden children's poem

Who is responsible for more deaths? Bush or Osama?

Love this Trump poster

Love this Trump poster

Theory: Liberals use deductive thinking, Conservatives rely on inductive reasoning.


OBL bought Pepsi and Coca-Cola by the case.

The only thing still made in America is money

David Koch: ‘Hardcore socialist’ Obama is ‘scary to me’

About the use of "Geronimo": If a group of Americans are offended by it,

Found our first pirated e-book today

Found our first pirated e-book today

Photographic proof Bush was JUST as involved as Obama in OBL's demise....

Trump gets his @$$ fired won't drive Indy 500 pace car, after all

Dear landlord: Please cancel the lease on my nonexistent apartment (tornado damage)

I just discovered a great way to make a victory garden today..

Slow-moving disaster rolls down Mississippi River

"Bush feels Obama ignoring ex-president's role in Osama Bin Laden strike for 'victory lap': source"

So Tweety lets two 9/11 mothers fight on camera???

Bristol Palin before/after major plastic surgery pics

Bristol Palin before/after major plastic surgery pics

Bristol Palin before/after major plastic surgery pics

Fifty percent of the conversations on DU in the last few days.

Human Filth

Obama CANNOT LOSE in 2012. Now is when we need PROGRESSIVE ACTIONS.

I No Longer Care What the Right Wing Says or Thinks

What happens to candidates who buy the .com but not the .org

Mom's 911 Call: 'I'm Missing My Daughter's Party'

Tomorrow morning I have to tell my student his best friend killed himself

ADAPT Takes Medicaid Reform Fight to the Senate's Gang of Six - 101 protestors arrested this week

Day of the Dead: The Hit Man as Hero

Single Payer: 100. Insurance Companies: 0 (In CA) - DailyKos

Valerie Lucznikowska says Bin Laden should have been brought in alive

America's transport infrastructure: Life in the slow lane

The latest White House story and clarification on how they got Osama bin Laden. Fire the writers!

Warning from Robert Reich: Repubs plan to kill Medicare

Pam Geller: Obama illegitimate because parents had ‘sham’ marriage

Libyan Revolution Day 77

Cracking Bin Laden's Hard Drives

Washington’s official story unravels, confirming extra-legal execution of Bin Laden

Florida woman jailed for making sex noises.

Florida woman jailed for making sex noises.

Alabama’s Entire GOP Delegation Voted To Cut Weather Satellite Forecast Capability In Half

The Spectacle of a Bin Laden Trial

I don't know if this has been said but...

Is Poverty the Key Factor in Student Outcomes?

The View From Overseas (cartoon)

Playing Politics: 9/11 Widow Describes Slightly Contentious Meeting w/Obama on Fox News - FULL video

What Osama bin Laden, Troy Davis, and You Have in Common

For those of you who believe execution was preferable/acceptable in the case of bin Laden

Anyone just hear that tribute on NPR? Wife telling the story of her husband calling from WTC on 9/11

Dylan Ratigan: "If Breitbart Comes On Again, He'll Be Identified As "Race-Baiter" & "Liar"

Gold, Silver, and Oil prices are crashing today.... and I love it!

I have a great idea for everyone that...


Look at this CUTE photo and you won't need to look at another cute photo for the rest of 2011.

I had leather sex with a porn star last night

Hey EDM fans, DJs...techno house, deep house

Obama killed Scott Baio in Panama? WTF?

Smilies are dead.

Gives "short-haired cat" a whole new meaning, innit?

A free spirit at heart, MiddleFingerMom, um... you know... feels pockets are WAY too restrictive.

What a bunch of fucking assholes

The Bureau of Weights & Measurements has FINALLY come out with "Mac & Cheese Standards".

You should have used a different font.

Whoever gave me my star....

ACHTUNG!! Tasteless Osama joke within. Do NOT click if easily offended.

I Married Reese Witherspoon

I have zero motivation to write my final paper. Someone inspire me.

Cinco De Mayo!

My sincere thanks to my Star Donor.

Low Rider

When a graphic artist gets bored....

The Cisco Kid

The World Is A Ghetto


I heard something, think it was on TV. About clock running forward and temporal lore


He's back from England although, despite a Royal Invitation, MFM never attended the actual ceremony.

I love to cook, but once I had a girlfriend very much like this.

12 Unlikely versions of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

All Day Music

Sampling throwdown: Jamie's Cryin' or Wild Thing?

Me and Baby brother

The Washington Capitals are becoming what the Boston Red Sox used to be!

Jackie Cooper Points out the Plot Error in Sleeping Beauty

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Still life: Bent objects

Spill The Wine

Photo: Oh, come ON, give me a BREAK...It's ONLY Harvey.

A childhood photo from Ginny Thomas, Teabagger and beloved wife of Chief Justice Clarence Thomas.

I often wondered how some plants were seen this time of the year, how the lore

"Poor Lady"

I am in a strange phase at the moment

Anti-war songs

I got one of those Remote Operated Airplanes - Mine is Triangle Shaped

Alberto Ammann "Cell 211" - WOOF!

Has anyone here ever done one of these?

Slippin' Into Darkness

Who wants to know the REAL conspiracy theory surrouding OBL's demise?

I Saw A Giant Triangle Shaped Object Going Across The Sky

Goodyear to swap out three-blimp fleet for real Zeppelins

Obama/Osama Graphic Arts Collection

PHOTO: This kid's parents are the BEST.

Strange Theft Of Parking Stops Confuses Police, Victim

Rumor has it that Amerigo Vespucci goes WAY beyond constructive criticism.

Got that "not-so-fresh" feeling?

MiddleFingerMom STILL "goes camping" in his living room.

HELP! What kind of convection oven should I buy for my 85 year old mother in law?

No no no you don't love me

PHOTO: After unrelenting pressure from the media, MiddleFingerMom relents and "releases the photo."

For those contimplating having a Sourtoe Cocktail - more about the Toe

Ultimate Dog Tease Youtube

The phrase of the day is "swallowed the toe". Replace anything in a thread with "swallowed the toe".

Has anyone else's NYTImes app begun to really suck?

If you're a true aficionado of attitude, you really should go to Glasgow, Scotland.

Your interesting historical fact for May 5th

Car Tunes

If not for Cinco de Mayo, I might still be living in the CSA*.

OMG - this is a REAL SHOT you can buy and drink - Sourtoe Cocktail

I approve of this post.

Ugh I'm having a panic attack.

my favorite cover band guy with his band

Guys Who Like Fat Chicks (Village Voice)

Who is the biggest star in the world?

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Hip Hop Puppy

Breast Feeding FAIL

Saiorse Ronan cast for Melanie/Wanderer in the movie adaption of Host.

What do Karl Marx, Soren Kierkegaard, Michael Palin and Tyrone Power have in common?

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # MAY MILESTONES # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Win of the Day: "Pulp Fiction" storyboard drawings - Simpsons style


I'm stilling kicking it mothafuckas...

Weird things rhymed in song. List yours here:

Putting a price on love (eBay meets eHarmony)

Elvis exits as Jacob, Isabella top baby-name list

Hunter Thompson's "The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved" (1970)

So we've got a little horse race here this weekend in Louisville

need help finding good royal wedding pic for mum-in-law

Just think about how fucking AWESOME it would be if the dinosaurs hadn't all become extinct.

Favorite movie tag lines?

What part of "don't cut it" is too difficult to comprehend?

A poll on your opinions

Kali just THINKS she has the solution to the horrific methane emission levels from her ranch.

New bar drink: The Bin Laden

Anti-abortion bill passes House

California moratorium on executions is prolonged

Ivory Coast troops retake pro-Gbagbo area of Abidjan

Doctored bin Laden corpse photos go viral, global

Obituary: Claude Choules (last surviving WWI combat vet)


Paul Ryan Gets an Earful as Tour Bombs

Reporter gunned down in northern Peru

Suit Accuses U.S. Government of Failing to Protect Earth for Generations Unborn

Texas teacher on leave over bin Laden comment

Okla. Man: Attackers Tattooed "RAPEST" On Forehead

Giant asteroid heading close to Earth

Brazil court considers same-sex civil union rights

ACLU sues in N.J. over FBI ethnic data collection

Pelosi on Afghanistan: 'very impressed for the first time with the intention to leave'

GOP won't push Medicare cuts at budget talk

Scott Brown: Osama Bin Laden Picture I Saw Wasn't 'Authentic'

Legislature overrides Nixon veto of redistricting map

RI lawyer confirmed as US judge; GOP block fails

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (05/05/2011)

Two mid-level al Qaeda leaders killed in Yemen

China boosts foreign investment in Latin America

Need some good vibes! Still trying to move out of this trailer and build a modular home

California boy charged with murdering neo-Nazi dad

Florida Struggles With Arizona’s Immigration Plan

Panel backs pardon of Irish man hanged in 1845

Coke or Pepsi

No House resolution honoring SEAL's bin Laden mission

Inquiry sought into D.C. test scores

Syrian Forces Step Up Raids in Damascus Suburbs

Bin Laden aides were using cell phones, officials tell NBC 5 phones were seized

A funny bin Laden joke

Egypt's ex-interior minister sentenced

Obama Ground Zero Visit Gives New York City Moment Of Justice On Osama Bin Laden

CONFESSS!!!!!!! What do you perceive is the greatest thing since sliced bread

McCain: Waterboarding didn't help

Brazilian press owner shot dead

American hiker charged with spying by Iran will not return to face trial

U.S. will stand by Pakistan, Clinton says

House GOP rejects effort by Democrats to vote on repealing oil industry tax subsidy

North Korea hands over remains of RAF pilot

Haiti cholera outbreak linked to peacekeepers, UN admits

Allies offer Libyan rebels cash lifeline

Just lovely - police bust a prostitution ring at a house within walking distance of me.

National Museum of the American Latino recommended by presidential panel

David Koch Gives President Obama Zero Credit for Bin Laden’s Death

Bradley Manning case: William Hague accused of 'playing avoidance game'

White House, GOP To Delay Controversial Deficit-Cut Ideas Past Elections

What to watch for in the GOP 2012 presidential debate

Breathless in Gaza: Marathon finds unlikely home

Top Secret Stealth Helicopter Program Revealed in Osama Bin Laden Raid: Experts

Gadhafi's Ukrainian nurse moves to Norway, seeks asylum

Leeeeeet the sunshine. Leeeeet the sunshine in...

Body recovered from sunken wreckage of Air France Airbus

Cheh, others arrested during Capitol Hill protest

Three arrested over Morocco cafe blast

House panel moves to revive alternate jet engine

Tampa General Hospital lung transplant patient's family needs $10,000 to save his life

48-unit S.F. apartment building gutted by fire

Walker signs law pre-empting sick day ordinance

Oil down nearly 9% (under $100/bbl) on demand fears, metals selloff

Officials: SEALs thought bin Laden went for weapon

One in three Africans is now middle class, report finds

Republicans in House Signal Retreat on Medicare Plan

Florida mosque bombing: wanted man shot dead by FBI

Righthaven engages ‘superstar’ attorney (against DU) in litigation campaign

Ivory Coast court proclaims Ouattara president

Two Students Plead Guilty In Bullying Of Teenager (Phoebe Prince)

Air Force grounds entire F-22 fleet

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moderate earthquakes strike Mexico, Alaska, Japan

Tea Party Members Oppose License Plate Design

Osama Bin Laden Evidence: Al Qaeda Considered 9/11 Anniversary Attack

Health Care Repeal Is 'Dead,' Says Top Republican, Sights Turned To Repealing Individual Mandate

Pakistan Army Wants Cuts in US Military Personnel

Bin Laden killing boosts Obama's approval rating

Judge won't keep Loughner records confidential

Fidel Castro criticizes US for bin Laden kill

Feds suing more anti-abortion activists

Children with President Bush on 9/11 relive moments (when Bush visited school/read The Pet Goat)

UK votes on changing Parliamentary election rules

Clinton: allergy, not anguish in my bin Laden photo

(26) States ask US court to overturn health overhaul

Pakistan pays U.S. lobbyists to deny it helped bin Laden

Ryan Says Politics Prevents ‘Grand Slam’ Agreement on Reducing U.S. Debt

UBS bank admits cheating U.S. municipalities out of millions

Donald Trump backs out of driving Indy 500 pace car

Poll: Number of ‘birthers’ plummets

House GOP tries to weaken financial reforms

Newt Gingrich Primes White House Announcement

GOP House Blocks Bid To Name Elizabeth Warren Head Of The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

White House slams 2 GOP drilling proposals

Congressional move that lifted wolf protections in N. Rockies challenged as unconstitutional

Syria protests: Rights group warns of 'Deraa massacre'

Homeland Security Demands Mozilla Remove Firefox Extension That Redirects Seized Domains

Attorney General Holder Vacates Immigration Decision Based on DOMA

Ahmadinejad allies charged with sorcery

US, Pakistan threaten each other with military action

New jobless claims jump to 8-month high

Anonymous to Sony: it wasn't us

Witnesses say man may have pulled gun as Obama motorcade passed near Ground Zero

Wisconsin: Democrats Allege Massive Fraud in GOP Signature Gathering on Recalls

Bin Laden 'firefight': Only one man was armed

Bin Laden, two others didn't fire on SEALs: sources

32% Performance Gain From Radical New Intel 3D Processor (major breakthrough in its 43-year history)

Ex-Bush official (Monica Goodling) reprimanded by bar

Sony tells Congress Anonymous might be responsible for massive PlayStation hack

Atheist ads vanish from Kelowna buses

Extension of recount deadline in Wisconsin Supreme Court to be sought

George Bush angry at Obama's Ground Zero 'victory lap'

Pakistan may not allow Americans access to Osama bin Laden's relatives

Johnny Cash on Vietnam: Not a hawk, but a dove with claws

CSNY 'Ohio' (w/ Kent State Photo Montage)

Scott Walker's REAL message

Donald Trump "Bugs" Barack Obama One To Many Times!

WE ARE - Maya Rides Away

TYT Exclusive: Medical Marijuana Vs American Express

Matthew Alexander, Former Military Interrogator: Torture Slowed Down Effort to Find Osama bin Laden

No Photos Released Of Bin Laden's Head Shot

President Obama to address troops at Kentucky's Fort Campbell

Osama's dead, so can we go home now?

Fox's Judge Napo: Obama Will Kill Me And Glenn Beck Next

Will Munny has the final word on Navy SEALs shooting a poor, defenseless, unarmed Osama bin Laden

Why do they hate 'Merca? No House resolution honoring SEAL's bin Laden mission.

What now for the "war on terror" after Osama Bin Laden's death?

TSA Security Checkpoints Coming To A

Thom Hartmann: Are liberals really enemies of the poor?

Revealed: Michele Bachmann Is An Alien!

Amazing Video Inside Fukushima Daiichi - Driving Up And Inside

Thom Hartmann: We are not who Bush tried to make us into

Thom Hartmann: Bush's fear vs Orwell warnings

There is a Republican Presidential Nominee Debate on Thursday?

TDPS: Mitt Romney Suggests Hanging President Obama

I just got attacked by an Obama supporter for suggesting he work to overturn

Obama honors victims of 9 11 at ground zero Full Text Of President's Remarks To Firefighters

Federal gov't committed $216M to alleviate homelessness last week

President Bush Reacts to Osama Bin Laden's Death with Will Ferrell

Hey Abbott-abad! - How Bin Laden's Death Leaves Tea Party Dazed And Confused

What is Obama's next big legislative/policy goal ?

What is Obama's next big legislative/policy goal ?

Osama Bin Laden - Marijuana Smoker?

Oil Waste and Debris Hidden All Over Grand Isle

GOP Working to Delay Dodd-Frank Reform

Obama thanks NYC firefighters: We will never forget

The end of the inbox presidency?

President Barack Obama Motorcade 5/5/11

Thom Hartmann: Fox News should move their crazy theories to the libertarian paradise of Somalia

Randy Hopper Bio TV Ad Wis. Sen. who left his wife shows her in his recall elec. bid

With bin Laden’s death, U.S. sees a chance to hasten the end of the Afghan war

My Bet with Donald Trump and My Response to thequeernews

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Fox News - Bin Laden Death Upsets Liberals

New York Times Style Writer Talks NYT Journalism

Winning! Crucial GOP Chair Delivers Blow To Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan

Walker asks public to identify outstanding public employees without mentioning he screwed them over

External Enemy? 'Stay scared while govt steals your rights'

Will Ferrell As George W. Bush Responds To Osama Bin Laden The "Teachers Can't Talk About Homos" Law

Papantonio: US Chamber – A Modern Day Mafia

Pennsylvania bureaucrat tries to explain why citizens can't be heard at fracking hearing

CNN: President Obama visits Engine 54 New York City (May 5, 2011) Must See Interviews!

Toles: Once and for all-ery

Toon: If the Republicans were involved in the OBL takeout...

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll: 52% approve, 40% disapprove!

Rick Perry Explains Loser Pays

Does OBL's death make Obama invincible?

Toon: Change

Rep. Charles Rangel calls the Thom Hartmann show and reflects on 9/11

GOP Said ‘Jobs’ Are ‘First, Second, And Third Priority’ Before They Voted For Abortion Bill

Thom Hartmann: Why are we giving tax breaks to billionaire yacht owners?

Austerity Hawks Want a Return to 1920s Capitalism

It is one of the BIG differences between Democrats and Republicans.

President Obama Lays Wreath at Ground Zero

NYT: The Myth of Mr. Obama’s Weakness

Why wasn't Obama wearing his American Flag PIn while he capped Bin Laden?

President Obama in New York City to honor 9/11 victims, first responders

When someone says Bush should get credit for Bin Laden, ask them this....

Obama giving NYC its moment of justice on bin Laden

Bill Clinton Supports Marriage Equality in New York

Faux News have now moved from having the anti Obama family members on to trash him to now having

Bush refuses to go to Ground Zero because Obama hurt his feelings

To listen to the rethugs try and give Bush credit for killing Bin Laden is just plain comical

AARP: Protect Social Security and Medicare

President Obama on the Death of Osama bin Laden (SPOOF) (the ending is hilarious)

Senate Dems To Cantor: Walking Away From Medicare Plan Is The Right Move

Michael Moore's Osama bin Laden Non-Conspiracy Conspiracy


President Obama invited Bush to N.Y. for today's visit with 9/11 firefighters & families of victims

The only thing Bush deserves credit for is allowing 9/11 to happen. Period.

Talkingpointsmemo Slideshow: President Obama visits ground zero to honor 9/11 victims

American Savagery

Kiss his bigoted ass GOODBYE: Donald Trump bows out of Indy 500 pace car role

The Limits of Spin

Slip of the tongue

From "AP source": President Obama will meet with the SEAL Tesm tomorrow.

IMO Bush should get the lions share of the credit for getting bin Laden...

Congress Nears Deal on Debt Limit

Let me get this straight - Rudy Guliani & Peter King accompanied President Obama today in New York,

Bush declined to go to Ground Zero because his people couldn't stage set it with rubble

Don't forget the unemployment numbers come out tomorrow

Gallup: Fewer 18- to- 26-Year-Olds in U.S. Uninsured in 2011

Obama's Speech Against the Iraq War, Oct. 2, 2002

The President Visits Ground Zero

Compare '03 with '11...

Laying a wreath at an event downplayed = being too political. This, though?

Unreal. Can I get a 'whaaaaa'?

I think I'm picking up the meme on GWB and credit for the Osama takedown.

If Julian Assange had gotten his way Osama would be alive and at large

FAUX News is making me even sicker than usual today. They have every anti-Obama 9/11 family on they

NYMAG: Per "High Placed Sources"....BUSH is pissed

Believe Out Loud: A Million Christians for LGBT Equality

E.J. Dionne: Who is Obama? Now We Know

GOP/Right-Wing Apoplectic About Obama Laying A Wreath At Ground Zero

Poll shows 3 percent now think Obama born abroad

GOP unveils new logo...

ABC: Obama-directed raid that killed bin Laden may have helped avert *another* 9/11 attack

Now that a 10 year time line is in review...What made W decide to layoff Osama after 7 months?

President Obama Motorcade at Ground Zero and crowd threat

PHOTO on a NYC subway sign: On the demise of Osama bin Laden

Let me say this EXPLICITLY: I'm GLAD that he's DEAD

"I dispise his guts."

Beck, Limbaugh Go 'Overboard' In Criticizing Bin Laden's 'Overboard'

Curbing Voting Rights in Wisconsin

The Agendas Behind the Bin Laden News Event By Paul Craig Roberts

U.N. rights boss asks U.S. for facts on bin Laden killing

GOP on the Brink of Weakening Flight Safety Rules

Want to be a SEAL? Tough is just a start (35% make it through 6-month training)

GOP debt plan enters next phase

Sorry, Republicans, The Economy Is Not Crappy Because Of “Uncertainty” About Taxes And Regulation

Why won't President Obama release a photo of Osama bin Laden in hell?

Debate over Lawfulness of Bin Laden's Killing

Gaddafi’s Libya reminds U.S. who issued the first bin Laden arrest warrant

HUMOROUS EDITORIAL SLAMS skeptics o OBL's death (Who says serious can't be funny too)

Blogger would like to brand President Obama as "Protector in Chief." Thanks, but NO THANKS.


BBC: Al-Qaeda around the world (long article with map)

Osama bin Laden death: Pakistan says US may have breached sovereignty

Only 6 Out of 100 Applicants Can Get a Job at McDonald's -- Stop Ignoring Our Jobs Crisis

Bradley Manning is at the center of the WikiLeaks controversy. But who is he?

America's exceptionalist justice

Fatigue shows in Libya by Victor Kotsev

AIPAC, a Not-So-Benign Night Flower – By Janet McMahon

Eighty-Nine Disability Rights Activists Arrested Protesting Paul Ryan's Medicaid Cuts in DC

Glenn Beck: "Let's Kill Obama"

Mitch Daniels

David Koch Gives President Obama Zero Credit for Bin Laden’s Death

United States Ranks At The Bottom In Total Taxation

The More Efficient a Product Becomes, the More Its Owner Will Use It. True/False?

'Success' in South Georgia rat eradication (BBC)

Nuclear Energy: Bad Policy, Worse Business

Thailand To Delay Development Of Nuclear Power

Turmoil, Disasters Cloud Atomic Energy Pacts - Nuclear Deals Appear Shakey (WSJ)

EPA ends Fukushima monitoring, Activists concerned about Strontium in Milk, Plutonium in Air

Divisions Shown in Nuclear Commission

Drought Monitor 3 May - Continuous Level 3 & 4 Drought Now Reaches From S. Arizona To Arkansas

NSIDC April Update - Slow Start To Arctic Melt Season, Though Russia Sees Early Snowmelt

Boise City, OK Hits 222 Straight Days W. .25 Inches Max. Daily Rain Total - Drier Than Dust Bowl Era

After Warmest April Ever, Thousands Of Fires Burning Across Northern British Isles - Independent

Australian Fur Seals Are Losing Their Fur

NOAA estimates there were more than 600 tornadoes during the month of April 2011 (prev record 267)

April's tornado outbreaks the two largest in history

New online mechanism for electric vehicle charging (auctions)

Fukushima workers begin repairs on damaged nuclear reactor Read more:

Morganza Spillway May Open For First Time Since 73 - Would Route MS Floodwaters Through Atchafalaya

On Small Farms, Hoof Power Returns

Budget Cutbacks For NOAA Delaying Mulltiple Earth- And Ice-Monitoring Satellites By 1-2 Years

Siemens building HVDC transmission system with record capacity of 2,000 MW

State bans coal tar sealants in big win for foes

BMW Prepares Electric Car Rollout As N. American CEO Talks Down EVs, Pushes For End To Tax Breaks

"Tornadoes that can suck up pavement are a rare breed"

Arctic melt 20 years ahead of climate models

Italy Minister: No Nuclear Return Unless Sure Fukushima Unrepeatable (WSJ)

Joule Unlimited secures 1,200 acre site for making ethanol and diesel from sunlight and CO2

Question for any energy experts out there

What's the best time to do laundry in the summer?

Is a 10 percent chance of disaster too high for a nuclear power station?

Exclusive: Renewable energies to leap, costs fall: U.N. (IPCC new report coming out)

Canadian farmers say the "food vs fuel" debate is over with release of their report on ethanol

How many gays must God create before we accept he wants them around?

Is it better to say we are no different than anyone else?

How dry is it in Texas?

I guess fish don't count

Jewish group joins Islamic center's fight to build new worship facility

Secular Americans Praise Rep. Pete Stark’s National Day of Reason Proclamation

Pope Blood! Get your Pope Blood!

The Buddha as warrior

DOJ's Breuer authorized wiretap in fast and furious case.

Daley requests bodyguard detail after leaving office

Illinois Gov. Vows To Veto Conceal and Carry

Open Carry Stunt Ends Badly (NYC)

Accidentally Showing Gun Not A Crime, Says Fla. Legislature ...

TEXAS: House backs bill to allow guns in cars at work

Brady Issues 2010 State Scorecards: Calif. Is Tops; AZ, AK, And UT Are "Do-Nothing" States"

Any gun laws OK with you?

Red Sox game is full of verbal abuse LOL

Be warned!!! I haven't seen a photo this scary in quite some time!

Hockey Joke

Could someone explain when we're allowed to kick the jealouse douchebag thread?

For Joey: win or lose LeBron is a douchebag

UMD's Gary Williams announces retirement

Trump won't drive Indy 500 pace car, after all...

Lincecum breaks record of Christy Mathewson..

So I hear Rex Ryan has a book out

How about that team from Dallas. Two wins on the road against the

Predictions! (boxing)

Israeli court delays jailing of former president

Criticize Israel? No honorary degree for you, you anti-semite.

Palestinian joy as rivals Fatah and Hamas sign reconciliation pact

Bin Laden’s death a dilemma for Palestinian benefactors

Olympic athlete wins Gaza's first-ever marathon

Fight over Israel and Tony Kushner heats up

Hamas chief criticises way bin Laden killed, buried

Bin Laden lessons for Israel

Netanyahu: With bin Laden dead, Iran Supreme Leader is world's greatest threat


Haiti cholera outbreak linked to peacekeepers, UN admits

Reporter gunned down in northern Peru

Hosted by Back to Google NewsPeruvian radio reporter who alleged corruption by local official s

Journalists resign after being pressured to stop criticising presidential candidate

5 of 10 Venezuelans qualify Chavez' goverment as bad (Spanish)

Lead investigator resigns from Uribe wiretapping case

Peru accepts Ecuador maritime borders, much to Chile’s chagrin

Brazilian press owner shot dead

Fidel Castro criticizes US for bin Laden kill

Brazil court considers same-sex civil union rights

638 ways To Kill Castro.

Cuba blends peas and coffee again in cost-saving move