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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
Number of posts: 14,244

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The only thing worse than Meet the Press with Chuckles Toad

is Meet the Press with Steve "Tigger" Kornacki.

"The infected President"

That's what Mika just called Dummy. It's absolutely perfect!

How do I post a clip from You Tube to a post in DU? Thanks!!!

Although Dumpy is not going to get a Nobel

Prize I have it on good authority that he is way ahead in the running for another: The Preparation H Award. This prestigious award is annually presented to the world's greatest asshole.

I cannot shake the nagging suspicion

that the truth of what's happening is that Dumpy finally realized the truth of all the polls that show him losing handily to Joe. His Plan A was to impugn the validity of the election so as to throw it into the Supreme Court where his hand picked newest justice would cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of Trump. But that plan takes too long and still has a degree of uncertainty. So, in one of his moments of "stable genius" he came up with Plan B - declare himself infected with Covid-19 which, sadly prohibits him from campaigning in the last critical month before the election. This ploy not only gives him the perfect excuse for why he "lost" the election. It also permits him to endlessly feel even sorrier for himself than he already does,

Regarding Dipshit and Melanoma testing positive for Covid-19 -

I want to see a fair fight. I'm rooting for the underdog.

In one corner a tiny little undefended speck of life. In the other, the obviously most intelligent, stable genius in the known world who is backed up by an army of highly trained medical professionals and the most advanced pharmaceutical industry in the world. Hardly a fair fight. And add to that a killing virus vaccine literally just around the corner, possibly even only days away! I'd say the little virus doesn't have a fighting chance.

So that's why I'm rooting for the underdog.

If this god-awful shit show goes on to Version 3.0

Can you imagine what it'll look like with Kristen Welker as moderator? "Please continue, Mr, President. Joe, be quiet!"

Asshole's campaign is running short of cash

so he's now doing prime time rallies by calling them "Press conferences". Beautiful. Way to get all the networks to cover all your repeated lies and imagined grievanvances for free. Once again he's playing the media for suckers and they're going along.

Justice Department moves to replace

Trump's private defense in the slander suit against Trump. This was just reported on Lawrence O'Donnell (link from BBC below*). Not only is this move -unheard of before now - designed to economize Trump's money by letting the taxpayers pay for his defense on this charge. It also means that, if approved by the court the suit will be thrown out because the slanderous language complained of was made while Trump was President "in the scope of his official duties" and, since the government can't be sued under the doctrine of sovereign immunity it will therefore be dismissed.

Barr has now made it clear that the entire Department of Justice is Trump's private (free) law firm. Great way to beat all those legal bills, Donnie.
*The US Department of Justice has taken legal action to defend President Donald Trump in a defamation case from a woman who accuses him of raping her.

Under a court filing, the department is moving to replace the president's private lawyers and take over the case.

Columnist E Jean Carroll accuses Mr Trump of assaulting her in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54081921


The Moron-on-Chief can't even bother to learn the name of the drug that has shown some possibility to be of therapeutic use in treating Covid-19. If Dummy died of dysentery they'd be able to bury him in a shoebox.
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