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Home country: USA
Current location: Portland OR
Member since: Mon Jun 5, 2017, 11:50 AM
Number of posts: 796

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it seems to me the ability for these GOP

assholes to even attempt this coup, is fueled by the various subpoena that went totally unenforced and totally forgotten

where are those tax papers? when did Don McGahn appear?

gave them the go ahead for all of it

"we aren't really gonna do anything about corruption"

came and went, nothing happened to anyone

and here we are

one of the best signs from the Families Belong Together marches today

said plainly...

"First they came for the Toddlers?!?!?"

these are sad times indeed for our once striving-to-be-great nation.

I gots a Heart!


So CIA Chief Pompeo meets

with Russia spy chiefs, while making a statement that we should expect more election interference from Russia, and it's a fucking blip? I can't follow and understand these news patterns anymore. The shit just keeps coming faster and faster and I cannot keep shit straight anymore. Truly amazing.

What the hell? If we know and they are announcing it ahead of time, why is it just being swept under the rug? Not enough time to cover that scandal cuz he fucked a porn star. Or any other number of outrageous fucking situations. I've never seen or imagined anything like this. Insane.

I feel like Stormy Daniels, fucked and left hanging. I just wish I could get 130+ grand out of the deal.

i think the US is fucked in general.

this ain't goin away. i'm a fucking clown by nature, easy going, always a bright side kind of guy.

it's not possible now. i can't stand it. the trumpty dumpsters are hell bent on destroying America in all instances. healthcare, environment, education, science, etc. all rational thought is now given over to tax cuts, no fags or colored people of any kind, and the general raping of our obviously delicate environment.

i can't stand it anymore. where is normal rational thought? Human/animal consideration?

Here's a couple for you rich fuckers.

"How will I eat when there is no one to grow or harvest my food?"

"Or pump my gas?"

"Or rebuild my flood-plain-anyhow-built mansion?"

Texas is seriously fucked and so is the rest of the country accordingly.

please add thoughts.
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