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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 16,088

Journal Archives

romy - lifetime (studio-1985 ooops I mean October 2020) fun little throwback tune ...

Sounds great really loud ... it'll take ya back to the dancefloor in the 80's in seconds

the flaming lips - tiny desk concert (from home - last week) cause life can always use some lips

Man if you'd told me 30 years ago that in 2020 the 'She Don't Use Jelly' band would be respected elder statesmen of indie rock, and that Wayne would look great (and Steven would still be alive and awesome) ... I'd never have never have believed ya.

kamal. - homebody (studio-2020) this a smooth track from a young londoner ...

As an aside, I love the production job, sounds just excellent.

The video is pointless, don't bother watching it

john scofield and john mayer - i don't need no doctor (studio-2005) a ray charles cover

and it's a damn good one ... john and john on guitar, sounding great ...

Let's say hypothetically, you wanted to buy some carpet spikes for your speakers

And you found these at a good price and they pretty much look like what you want ...

Do you order them, or not?

tre burt - under the devil's knee (studio-two weeks ago) yeah, it's about what you think ...

and it's a powerful track

screamin i cannot breathe my lord from under the devil's knee ...


emmylou harris - the road (studio-2011) always a good time for a drive ...

with Emmylou on the radio ...

Special 3-Hour Free program from Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival coming up today!


"Our program will include newly recorded performances, archival footage from fans & our archives, interviews, as well as the history of HSB. #letthemusicplayon"

Looks like you can watch on Circle TV if your smartTV has the channel (seems it's Live channel 317 on the Roku Channel for example) or various websites like at https://nugs.tv/free/?showID=415

Starts in just under 3 hours.

Says it's a one-time only program.

This sure is a convenient excuse for IQ45 to agitate that the election must be postponed ...

Also gives him a great excuse for LOSING when it's not postponed.

And then that losing will provide something for him to publicly whine about for all his remaining years.

As well as something for Cult45 to piss and moan about endlessly.

Just sayin'

I expect his lackeys to soon demand that Biden cease all campaigning (and ads) on account of it's 'not fair' to poor Donnie.

So, I let my mind ponder the ramifications of IQ45 pulling through, but the First Escort

NOT making it and I've come to the conclusion that ... she should probably carefully monitor her tea intake.
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