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Member since: Thu Jan 14, 2016, 01:56 AM
Number of posts: 1,400

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Have The NRA Pay All Medical Bills For All Gunshot Wounds

Since they want every angry psychopath, and every drunken half-wit heavily armed, and loaded for bear, let the NRA pay for the damage they do.

Not the tax payers.

Not the families.

Are The Young In UK As Screwed As The Young Here?

Do they have 20 trillion in debt to repay, a planet that is collapsing, and a handful of wealthy "campaign contributors" running their country as their own piggy bank too?

Most Americans have no idea how badly they are being screwed. Young and old. Half the ones being screwed are too stupid to figure out who is screwing them. I wonder about the Brits.....

The Democrats Didn't Surrender On Gun Reform - What Is Going On?

Has the Earth shifted on it's axis?

Did someone put something in the water?

Is someone handing out spines?

I still don't believe it.

Stay On Vacation Until Ryan Schedules A Vote - Say "Saving Lives Is More Important"

The Dems can campaign 24 hours a day on this issue until Ryan holds his vote.

To hell with compromising with the NRA.

They have got 100% of what they wanted forever.

Times are a changin'.....

When Is The Next Filibuster On Background Checks? And The Next? --- >Surrendered Already?

So here is an issue that 92% of Americans agree on.

Background checks.

And the Republicans block action.

And the Democrats surrender as usual.

Anyone with half a brain would be filibustering right now, and scoring political points by the truckload.

What are Democrats waiting for?

The next mass shooting, I forgot.

Not filibustering RIGHT NOW is political malpractice.

The Democrats have once again already surrendered.

And they wonder why people don't vote.

FILIBUSTER UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Do Not Have To Treat Any Republican With Respect

Republicans are traitors, every single one.

They should be treated as traitors who put party before country.

If you have friends of family that are Republicans, say "I don't want to talk politics because I might tell you the truth".

I am not letting corporate owned Democrats off the hook, but there is a difference.

The Left Shutting Down Free Speech

Kimberley Strassel (Author) was complaining on Morning Joe about how people like Condi Rice were not allowed to speak at some college, and how the mean liberals were silencing free speech.

How horrible.

Since criminals like Condi Rice are never prosecuted when they commit treason I guess "silencing them" is all there is left for the left evidently.

Kimmie forgot to mention why some folks might not want to hear her "mushroom cloud" voice again....

The Intimidation Game - Her Book


I Support Progressive Issues - (You) Will Need To Earn My Vote

Climate Change
Endless War
Unlimited Political Spending By Billionaires
Wealth Disparity
Lack Of Health Care For 30 Million Americans
Insane College Costs
Tax Reform Where Corporations Actually Pay Taxes

The Oligarchy....... Running Our Government For Their Own Benefit <--- Most Important

I have more.....

Impress me!

If you don't plan on fixing what is broken, I won't support you.

Donate to, doorknock for, phone bank for etc.

Rush Limbaugh Endless Stream Of Lies

After I drop off my wife at her work, I have a 20 minute drive to my employer. The last 2 days I listened to Rush for one minute. He was lying. First yesterday about there being no Right Wing Extremists the FBI should be checking on. Today he had a former FBI employee lying about what the FBI can't do because of PBO.

The FBI isn't going to say what they do or don't do.

Rush, you are a pathetic liar, among other worse things.

I hope someday you get what you deserve for helping brainwash your idiot listeners.
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