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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 1,625

Journal Archives

Just Saw A New Joe Biden Commercial On World Series Game 1

Was that National?

William Barr Is Supposed To Be In Public Today

I read that he's speaking in New Orleans at some Police Officers Conference this afternoon.

I don't think he's actually been seen since around the time Drumpf went public with his positive test.

Bummer, I was hoping for the worst.

What Time Is Today's Nazis & Covid Rally In FL? nt

Bill Kristol Awarded 2nd Place To The Fly

First Place to Kamala.

Is Drumpf Golfing Today?

Haven't seen him so far today, and figure he's enjoying his Sunday, taking a day off from the rigors of campaigning.

FYI: Franken.....Al Franken.......Coming Up On MSNBC nt

CNN Is Showing A Bunch Of Morons With American & Drumpf Flags At Walter Reed

And 1 of them is letting the American flag drag across the floor.

This May Be The Final Image We Ever See Of Drumpf

Walking to the helicopter to go to hospital for a disease that currently has no cure.

I Don't Need To Remind Anyone Here, But Keep Eye On The Ball & VOTE!!

Don't be consumed by the minor distraction that is the health of Drumpf.

One way or another, his days are numbered. If not this month, then on January 20.

Does It Seem Logical To Conclude That Nomination Event Was The Superspreader Source?

The timing works out perfect, and there were people there who are now testing positive, that were not around the "president" at any other time. Like the guy from Notre Dame.

Perhaps it was circulating prior to that, or maybe it started there. But it does seem like at least 1 person there had it, and more likely, several.
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