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Bernie Sanders Hints at 'Progress' After Meeting Joe Manchin Over Biden Plan Impasse

(Newsweek) Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has hinted at progress following talks with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) about President Joe Biden's infrastructure and social spending bill. Manchin and Sanders briefly spoke to reporters outside the U.S. Capitol Building on Monday and suggested they could be on the path to reaching an agreement over the proposed $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act. In a video shared to Twitter by NBC News' reporter Frank Thorp V on Monday, Sanders appeared to suggest the talks could be successful.


Senate Republicans Blocking Biden Pick to Spearhead Capitol Riot Prosecutions, Says Report

(Daily Beast) In July, President Joe Biden tapped the ex-federal prosecutor Matt Graves to lead hundreds of cases against Capitol riot suspects. The Senate Judiciary Committee had signed off on Graves’ nomination to run the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, but the appointment is now reportedly being held up by Senate Republicans. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat who represents district, told Insider the nomination is “being used for leverage,” adding that the senators don’t seem to have a problem with Graves himself. “‘Caught in the fire’ is how I would put it, because it doesn’t have anything to do with him,” she said.


Jan. 6 Select Committee has Released its Report Calling for Bannon to be Referred to DOJ

(January 6th Select Committee) "The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, having considered this Report, reports favorably thereon and recommends that the Report be approved. The form of the Resolution that the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol would recommend to the House of Representatives for citing Stephen K. Bannon for contempt of Congress pursuant to this Report is as follows..."


Australian Leader Smacks Down Ted Cruz Over COVID Rules

(The Wrap) Michael Gunner, chief minister of Australia’s Northern Territory, isn’t interested in Ted Cruz’s opinions when it comes to COVID-19 protocols. Cruz tweeted his disappointment in Australia’s COVID measures, specifically calling out a video of Gunner imposing new vaccine mandates in the territory. “Here are some facts,” the Australian official wrote. “Nearly 70,000 Texans have tragically died from COVID. There have been zero deaths in the [Northern] Territory. Did you know that? We don’t need your lectures, thanks mate. You know nothing about us. And if you stand against a life-saving vaccine, then you sure as hell don’t stand with Australia. I love Texas (go Longhorns), but when it comes to COVID, I’m glad we are nothing like you.”


Marjorie Taylor Greene tweets panicked message to supporters following poll of GOP voters

(Salon) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., the freshman congressman who has repeatedly spread Donald Trump's baseless claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, was apparently dismayed to learn that 4% of her state's electorate said they "won't even vote" in future elections due to that very "fraud."


How Virginia school boards are being weaponized to help elect a GOP governor

(Popular Info) "I am a concerned parent. I am not a plant. I am not an activist. And as anyone who knows me, I've always been identified as a Democrat," Virginia resident Harry Jackson said on an October 14 appearance on Fox News. Jackson has been outspoken at school board meetings in Northern Virginia's Fairfax County, which is a key battleground in Virginia's upcoming gubernatorial election. Jackson is a parent. He was recently elected president of the Thomas Jefferson High School Parent Teacher Student Association. But that is not the full story. Jackson is also part of the "Leadership Team" of Parents Defending Education (PDE), a dark money group created earlier this year. In its first tweet, PDE said its intention was to "build a grassroots army to begin reclaiming our K-12 schools."


Texas House wants to use COVID relief funds to send $525 checks -- but only to homeowners

(Corpus Christi Caller-Times) Texas Republicans want to use billions in federal pandemic relief to send checks to homeowners just ahead of next year’s November elections — and call it property tax relief. Senate Bill 1, which passed out of the House on Friday afternoon, is a roundabout way for Republican legislators to deliver on a longtime pet issue — property tax relief — without running afoul of a federal rule barring the use of stimulus dollars for tax cuts. The bill originally came over from the Senate as a straight-up tax cut bill. House lawmakers gutted the Senate proposal to use it as a vehicle for the $3 billion in checks for homeowners.


Trump faces a pile of civil lawsuits as depositions begin

(NBC News) Former President Donald Trump has been ordered to answer questions under oath in a lawsuit Monday, and his attorneys could set a date for a deposition in another case, as well. The lawsuits, involving allegations that his security guards roughed up protesters outside Trump Tower in New York and allegations of defamation by former "Apprentice" contestant Summer Zervos, respectively, are just two cases in the mass of civil litigation Trump faces post-presidency. At least 10 civil cases are pending against Trump, whose ability to delay them has been curtailed since he left office in January.


Trump testifies for over 4 hours in deposition about 2015 alleged assault at Trump Tower

(CNN) Former President Donald Trump answered questions under oath for about 4 1/2 hours Monday as part of a lawsuit brought by men alleging they were assaulted by his security during a demonstration outside Trump Tower in 2015, a lawyer for the plaintiffs said. "We examined Mr. Trump on a variety of issues including statements he has made at various campaign events and rallies that counsel believes encouraged violence at those events or encouraged security guards to engage in violence or the confiscation of property," said Benjamin Dictor, attorney for the men who filed the 2015 lawsuit.


What if the universe had no beginning? Science : By Judi Lynn

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Here are the rest of my airshow pics. Photography : By Grumpy Old Guy

More photos from the Pacific Air Show. Photography : By Grumpy Old Guy

A few things to entertain/amuse The DU Lounge : By packman

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The National Park Service Could Soon Have Its First Native American Director

28 min ago - Charles "Chuck" F. Sams III could soon become the first Native American to head the National Park Service in the agency's 105-year history. Sams is an enrolled member of the Cayuse and Walla Walla tribes, which are part of the Confederated ... (NPR)

CNN's John King Says He Has MS, Grateful For Vaccinations

35 min ago - NEW YORK (AP) — CNN’s John King revealed during an on-air discussion of COVID-19 vaccine mandates on Tuesday that he has multiple sclerosis. “I’m going to share a secret I’ve never spoken before,” King said while leading a panel discussion on his “ ... (AP News)

Federal grand jury indicts Rep. Jeff Fortenberry on charges of lying to investigators

2 hrs ago - A federal grand jury has indicted Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.) on charges of lying to federal investigators about his campaign contributions. The congressman, who was elected in 2004, said he expected to be indicted. The federal grand jury cha ... (Washington Post)

Second Amendment 'sanctuaries' pop up across the country as Republicans rebel against federal gun l

3 hrs ago - October 19, 2021 ‘Gun Society’: Foreign countries issue warnings to their citizens about ‘indiscriminate’ US gun violence Republicans funded by the National Rifle Association have borrowed from the ideology of the slave-holding South to t ... (raw story)

Bolsonaro should face murder charges over Brazil's Covid disaster, draft senate report says

3 hrs ago - Draft text says neglect, incompetence and opposition to science fueled ‘stratospheric’ death toll The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, should face murder charges for his role in the country’s “stratospheric” coronavirus death toll, a draft repor ... (The Guardian)

Yellen says Democrats raise proposed IRS bank reporting threshold to $10,000

4 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (Reuters) -U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday she welcomed a revised proposal from congressional Democrats to raise a bank account tax reporting threshold to $10,000 in annual transactions from a proposed $600 level, with ... (Reuters)

Homeland Security secretary tests positive for Covid-19

4 hrs ago - (CNN)Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who is vaccinated, tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday morning, according to department spokesperson Marsha Espinosa. "Secretary Mayorkas tested positive this morning for the COVID-19 vir ... (CNN)

Florida kids still lead all ages in positivity as COVID cases fall

5 hrs ago - Even as the delta variant wave recedes, children 11 and under still can’t get vaccinated and remain at risk of infection. The delta variant wave of COVID-19 cases has significantly receded for all the state’s age groups. But a worrisome trend that s ... (Tampa Bay Times)

Nearly 2 Dozen Escape Injury After Plane Crashes on Takeoff in Houston

5 hrs ago - HOUSTON Nearly 2 Dozen Escape Injury After Plane Crashes on Takeoff in Houston No deaths reported in fiery crash outside of Houston Published 2 hours ago Updated 35 mins ago What to Know -- Aircraft was departing Houston Executive Airport Tuesd ... (Channel 5, NBC in Dallas-Ft. Worth)

Rachel Levine, openly transgender health official, sworn in as four-star admiral

5 hrs ago - A senior Biden health appointee who made history when she became the nation’s highest-ranking openly transgender official has also become its first openly transgender four-star officer. Rachel Levine, the U.S. assistant secretary for health, was swo ... (Washington Post)

Navy probe finds major failures in fire that destroyed ship

5 hrs ago - By LOLITA C. BALDOR WASHINGTON (AP) — A Navy report has concluded there were sweeping failures by commanders, crew members and others that fueled the July 2020 arson fire that destroyed the USS Bonhomme Richard, calling the massive five-day blaze in ... (AP)

Facebook settles with DOJ to resolve allegations of discrimination against US workers

6 hrs ago - Facebook will pay $4.75 million to the federal government to resolve claims of discriminating against U.S. workers through its recruitment and hiring practices, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said Tuesday. The company will also pay up to $9.5 milli ... (The Hill)

FBI raids home of Russian oligarch and Putin associate Oleg Deripaska

7 hrs ago - FBI agents are at the home of Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, the agency confirmed Tuesday. The agents are conducting "court-authorized law enforcement activity" at Deripaska's home in Washington, D.C., an FBI spokeswoman told CNBC. The sp ... (CNBC)

Capitol police officer pleads not guilty to obstruction charges

7 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Capitol Police officer on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to charges that he obstructed a probe into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol complex by supporters of then-President Donald Trump by urging a participant to destroy Fac ... (Reuters)

Covid-19: New mutation of Delta variant under close watch in UK

7 hrs ago - Officials are keeping a close watch on a new descendant of the Delta variant of Covid that is causing a growing number of infections. Delta is the UK's dominant variant, but latest official data suggests 6% of Covid cases that have been genetically ... (BBC)

Texas Lawmakers Pass New Congressional Maps Bolstering GOP

9 hrs ago - Texas Republicans approved redrawn U.S. House maps that protect incumbents and decrease representation for minorities. 10/19/2021 12:02am EDT | Updated 2 hours ago AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Republicans approved on Monday redrawn U.S. House maps ... (huff post)

Hearing aids without a prescription or an exam? The FDA takes big step toward making that happen.

9 hrs ago - A long-awaited Food and Drug Administration proposal would allow millions of consumers to buy over-the-counter hearing aids in stores or online without a prescription or medical exam. More than four years after Congress ordered the agency to allow ov ... (Washington Post)

Trump criticizes media for treating Powell 'beautifully' in death

9 hrs ago - Former President Donald Trump lambasted the media on Tuesday for what he said was too favorable coverage of former Secretary of State Colin Powell after his death on Monday. "Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famo ... (The Hill)

Rights activists urge boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

10 hrs ago - By NICHOLAS PAPHITIS ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Human rights activists urged international governments, sponsors and athletes on Tuesday to boycott what they called China’s “genocide games” as Greek officials handed over the Olympic flame to 2022 Beijing ... (AP)

Jobless benefits uncertain for Washington workers who quit or are fired over vaccine mandates

11 hrs ago - As the vaccination deadline for thousands of workers in Washington state arrived Monday, officials warned that those who quit or get fired over Gov. Jay Inslee’s mandate for state government employees, health care workers and others shouldn’t count o ... (Seattle Times)

'Curse Him': Trump Attacks GOP Senator Bill Cassidy for Doubting His Ability to Win 2024

17 hrs ago - BY TORIA BARNHART ON 10/18/21 AT 10:51 PM EDT A Republican senator, who voted to convict former President Donald Trump on an impeachment charge of inciting an insurrection, was criticized by Trump for questioning whether he could win the 2024 GOP no ... (Newsweek)

Manchin meets with Sanders, Jayapal amid spending stalemate

23 hrs ago - Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) met separately Monday with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) as liberals and centrists in the party struggle to cut a deal on President Biden's sweeping sp ... (The Hill)

Nick Rolovich out as Washington State football coach after refusing state-mandated COVID-19 vaccine,

23 hrs ago - PULLMAN, Wash. -- Nick Rolovich is out as the Washington State football coach after refusing to become vaccinated for COVID-19, a requirement for all state employees, a source confirmed to ESPN. Monday was the deadline for state employees to become ... (ESPN)

Latino groups sue over Texas redistricting

23 hrs ago - Several Latino people and groups filed a lawsuit Monday challenging redistricting maps drawn by the Texas Legislature, saying they dilute the voting rights of Latinos. The lawsuit was filed Monday afternoon as the Texas Legislature was nearing compl ... (NBC News)

Senate Democrats ditch Hyde Amendment for first time in decades

Yesterday - Senate Democrats on Monday for the first time in decades left out a amendment from their annual government funding bills that blocks people from using Medicaid or other federal health programs to cover abortion services. The provision, also known as ... (The Hill)


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