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Man Takes 'Pepsi Bath' With 300 Cans Of Soda For Some Reason (VIDEO)

"All I know is something like a bird within her sang..."

Congressman Claims Widespread Fraud Because He Saw ‘Physically Fit’ Couple Use Food Stamps

The USA In Four Words

Bad News for Labor: New Detroit Newspaper Strike Book Underscores a Broken System

Manning's release 'put Central Command in crisis mode'

President Obama put on a CLINIC today

Friday Talking Points (268) -- PBS, "Citizen Koch," And Obama's Press Conference

(Amber Alert) DiMaggio, girl sighted camping in Idaho

ACLU Comment on President Obama's Proposed Surveillance Reforms

Four Islamist militants killed in Egypt near Israel: sources

Honduras: Human rights activists abducted while defending children's rights

Honduras: Human rights activists abducted while defending children's rights

Raising the minimum wage would be good for America

The Top 10 Most Inaccurate and Exaggerated NSA Stories (So Far)

Not in our name: Dawkins dresses up bigotry as non-belief - he cannot be left to represent atheists

Gasifier - anyone have recommendations or experince with these? Or is there a previous buried thread

I just I&D'd the NASTIEST sebaceous cyst!

Religions asking if test-tube burgers allow them to keep the faith

3,800 miles on the new bike and my observations of crappy drivers. And a poll!!!

A Guide to What We Now Know About the NSA's Dragnet Searches of Your Communications

want shampoo info

Pope Francis tightens Vatican bank controls

Filner finishes rehab, office locks changed

National Security, Inc. (toon)

I just ID'd the NASTIEST sebaceous cyst!

Divorce in the age of the internet.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & a new Kitteh gif

Werner Herzog directs a documentary about...texting while driving.

SHOUT OUT: Horseback riders, especially back country lovers...

Everybody's Hometown.

If Obama's speech today was just a "pretty speech," what did Snowden change?

Portland police didn't use excessive force against Occupy protester, jury finds

NEW Food Porn from today's photo shoot: Stromboli + Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

If you want to get folks to notice a gun thread

Arpaio Requiring His Deputies To Carry AR-15s At All Times, Fight Crime Even When They're Off Duty

Eric Cantor Signals To GOP Colleagues That They Should STFU About Government Shutdown

Breaking Bad

Adrian Fenty & Laurene Powell Jobs Dating? Former D.C. Mayor Involved With Steve Jobs' Widow: Report

This jerk beat his stepson to death to get even with his mother.


FCC votes to cap, slash prison phone rates

Courthouse, Prescott, Arizona

Orwell would be amazed.

Breastfeeding Discrimination - Mom stands her ground

Those who do not remember the past. . .

DU/gd, I'm *proud* of myself as a DU/Dem: Today I was (yes, I'll GO THERE: ) Rosa PARKS!1

Wyden: Obama's NSA Proposals Are Nice, But They Don't Go Far Enough

NYT editorial: Snowden's "fears do not qualify him for asylum"

An e-mail I just received from an IT recruiter:

High school robotics team helps a kitten walk again.

Has anybody else noticed this?

Trailer Park Boys: Season 8

Obama describes Putin as 'like a bored kid'

Why do the 'pugs assume the Hillary biopics will HELP Hillary?

Not all tattoo's are crappy. One of mine.

Everyone Go See "Elysium".It Hits On All Cylinders!!!!!! Must See And Make It A Box Office Success.

What did I see just now?

Definitely starting to feel better about it...

Elysium Official Trailer...

How to spot a counterfeit playoff ticket

Why I changed my mind on weed By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

This is all I got for you, Lounge. I'm on von Suppe myself

Help keep Nathan Schlicher as state senator from the 26th LD--phone from home

Source Video: Remarks by the President in a Press Conference on August 09, 2013

Was George W. Bush Aiding Al Qaeda?

Son of (Alaska) State Lawmaker Pleads Guilty to Leading 'Bath Salts' Ring

Should I do Dexter on Netflix?

Obama signs bipartisan student loan bill into law.. YAY! Pete Souza Photo

As a furloughed DoD employee, I kind of took offense to the locking of the LBN Hagel announcment

Black colleges to lose students after federal loan changes

Obama Slams Putin: "He's Like a Bored Kid at the Back of the Classroom"

Republican Mayoral Candidates Give Big Boost To Bloomberg Policies

Wiesenthal Center calls for boycott of ‘Hitler wine’

Colombia’s authorities accused of murder cover up

NSA memo says the agency monitors 1.6 percent of all internet traffic

C'mon in!

(Jerry) Brown will intervene to prevent another BART strike

ACLU to Pres. Obama . . .

President Obama Holds a Press Conference

Aug 16th 6:30pm Cadillac Kolstad Dance Party: Give Peace a Dance!

30 of The Most Unfortunate Names Ever

Australian Candidate Thinks Islam Is a Country

James DiMaggio's friend explains possible motive

Australian politician shows just how stupid she can be...

RIP Johhny Logan

Solar suburbia to power modern cities?

50 minute interview with Harry Reid on KNPR (from Fri., August 9, 2013)...

President Obama on U.S.-Russia relations and Putin

Reuters: In North Asia, a growing crisis of confidence in nuclear power

Day 32: Mediators Talk with Prisoners as Hunger Strike Reaches One Month, Situation Critical,

MiddleFingerMom has two tattoos.

Record cereal crop predicted

Carbon cycle gets more extreme as climate changes

In the hometown of Google, abject poverty meets unfathomable wealth

V For Vendetta is on sale in HD on iTunes for $9.99

Pimping for DU recommendations; Courthouse, Prescott, Arizona

GOPPERS At Town Halls In Illinois, Maryland & North Carolina Incensed

Slaid Cleaves - You been home for a couple of years now buddy, but you're still fightin' the war...

"You can't get there from here!"

Keith is on ESPN right now!

FWIW as to the NSA business, I am with Sen. Wyden

Saw a triple, full rainbow today, a firefly swarm and a huge meteor

I always feel like a kid around my parents

I remember mandatory overtime at work

Fatal case of West Nile virus linked to blood donation

Obama Publishes Legal Background To Surveillance – but much is still unclear

Giant Maya Carvings Found in Guatemala

Where did the meme come from that civil disobedience requires you to sit in jail afterwards?

Ted Koppel: America's Chronic Overreaction to Terrorism

ACLU Comment on President Obama’s Proposed Surveillance Reforms

I'm still trying to wrap my head around Oprah's purse.

The Army in Our Midst

A-Rod returns at Yankee Stadium, fans boo

Feds: No charges for Border Patrol agents in Arizona shootings

OMG, Obama finally made good on his promise to bring a gun to a knife fight. And How.

A Virulent Racist With A Criminal History Was The Media's Go-To George Zimmerman Defender

White House: Background on the President’s Statement on Reforms to NSA Programs

Gregory Lauder-Frost exposed: The Tory fringe group leader with Nazi sympathies

Here is what most cable "news" shows look and sound like to me:

I used to read old Life Magazines.

I need VIBES for Monday!

How a fake Walmart stoked dissent in Toronto's Kensington Market

Isn't it time to turn a number of Southern States Blue?

Ann Arbor calling on Michigan Legislature to repeal Stand Your Ground law

The Wildly Misleading PR Claim re: NSA Spying: "We only monitor 1.6 percent of web traffic."

Test run for an Atlanta show

U.S. court: Michigan Legislature 'ignores' constitution in fast-tracking bills

Jimmy Holiday - "Baby Boy's in Love"

Fox May Produce Clinton Biopic Reviled by G.O.P.

The Daily Show 08/08/13 (D) Senator Kirsten Gillibrand interview

The sense of entitlement in large part explains support for Snowden

The Daily Show 08/08/13 (D) Senator Kirsten Gillibrand interview

"A Guide to What We Now Know About the NSA's Dragnet Searches of Your Communications"

Sheriff: Burned Body in Calif, House is 8-Year-Old Son of Slain Woman and Brother . . .

Anyone watch George Stroumboulopoulos on CNN?

Longtime Democratic Strategist Bill Lynch Dies At 72

IF "A-Rod" ends up losing all appeals of his suspension...

Oprah's Encounter With Racism Results In Apology From Swiss Tourism Office

I wonder what Oprah thinks about stop and frisk

Cut Emissions? Congress Itself Keeps Burning a Dirtier Fuel

Science question

Islam gaffe candidate Banister quits Australia election

TYT: The 'Australian Sarah Palin' Embarrasses Herself

Manchester United's many money-spinning commercial deals – in pictures

There's an awesome lightning storm going on east of Seattle now!

Judge dismisses lawsuit against NYC photographer

August 10: National Banana Split Day

August 10, 1821 – Missouri is admitted as the 24th U.S. state.

Obama signs student loan deal, says job isn't done

Obama returning to Martha's Vineyard for vacation

President Obama to address convention of disabled veterans

Mystery From the Grave Beside Oswald’s, Solved

Central African Republic in chaos, says UN chief Ban Ki-moon

Allow me to introduce Sam & Patricia Harless.She's a TX State Rep.He's running for TX State Senate:

Crazy Pills (Lariam anti-malaria drug)

Finally at 10,000 it only took me over 5 years

Great Ads

JPMorgan Chase In Hot Seat With Criminal Probes, But Will Anybody Do Time?

How the Texas GOP Is Moving Swiftly to Protect the Political Power of White Conservatives

Audio: Cuccinelli Doubles Down, Tells "Homeschoolers for Ken" He "Certainly" Supports EW Jackson

Who's Afraid of the People's History?

21st Century Parenting!

Scott Brown on TV, throwing crazyass brother under the bus!

Rampant Counterfeit Tech Threatens The Lives Of US Military Members

From what I'm learning, many religious people have no tact, nor boundaries...

Neo-Nazis in NY vandalize statue of Jackie Robinson

Spending is Not Growth: The Case Against GDP

Sea Ice area

While Obama's Snubbing Putin, How About Ending This Terrible Defense Contract, Too?

Give Us Our Flag!

Spoof about anthony weiner running for mayor

Nagasaki mayor slams Abe's nuclear policy on atom bomb anniversary


Nuclear revolving door gobbles up billions of dollars of ratepayers' money

Wish me luck. I'm going to upgrade my Viewsonic G to Jelly Bean.

Forging a ‘Godless alternative’... why a Horsham man is helping to found the region’s first atheist

Obama administration and REPUBLICAN lawmakers backs prayer at local government meetings

Texting (an important video)

Tebow 4 for 12

Nashville exhibit of Art Deco autos and motorcycles

NYT to Obama: A Weak Agenda on Spying Reform

Lying Sacks of S*** of The Week: “Christian” Pregnancy Centers

‘Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religions’ Edited Susan Tive and Cami Ostman

Strange tale of Shell's pipeline battle, the Garda and £60,000 worth of booze

It's fun to get old...I got up two days ago with a serious change in my presbyopia

Road rage

American Life League chastises Catholic Charities USA for affiliation

Bad day

Yemenis call U.S. drone strikes an overreaction to al Qaida threat

Man converts NYC dumpster into a home

NSA Circles the Wagons - Ditching 90% of its System Administrators to Keep Lid on Secrets

Does I haz to get up ...

Autism 'affects male and female brains differently'

"It's alive! It's alive!" Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

UNSCEAR members protest against minimising health effects of Fukushima radiation

"Being a nut's not all it's cracked up to be." Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

'Racist moments' against Oprah Winfrey should bring outrage

MSNBC: Cory Booker wants to be President OH PLEASE!!!!

Why you shouldn't use grenades to go fishing.

Florida policemen accused of forcing

Funny ...

How Bad is Equal Sweetner?

Texas Medicaid Womans Health Program tireded in 2011, now clinics receiving federal grants

Hello!Got my intro message after 10th post

"Edward Snowden broke the law by releasing classified information. This isn't under debate"

I'm with stupid

The Massive Demand For Solar In Asia Shows Us Where The Industry Is Headed

National film producers made last-ditch effort to extend NC incentives

Development near Hollywood fault allowed without seismic study

Check out the readers' comments and then tell me that there is no racism in Central Florida

Reid says Obamacare just a step toward eventual single-payer system

If you only watch one Video Today, let it be this one:

Making You "Comfortable" with Spying Is Obama's Big NSA Fix

I am so tired of the negative on everything.

950 jobs lost in Raeford...

Press Corps Fails To Ask Any NSA Questions At Obama’s NSA Press Conference

Question for DU musicians-What is the best resonator guitar?

Rumor/Report: FOX News Channel Is Throwing Hannity Over the Side

Aaron Rodgers at practice on Thursday......a 50 yard bomb into a net....A W E S O M E

EFF analysis of NSA announcements: Devil's in the details.

Here’s why we haven’t fixed our crummy voting system yet

NC Moral Mondays

Pap and Seder: Is Hate-Talk Radio Dying?

*Open Debate for Congress in Massachusetts, that we're hosting today at 11am Eastern!

Has ANYONE noticed the complete blackout on the huge anti-ALEC demonstration in Chicago last week?

dKos: The NSA, Greenwald, Snowden, and the incredible lack of skepticism on both sides.

There Seems to Be a Lack of Information on Civil Disobedience.

Hundreds protest in London against Russian anti-gay law

Regulating Electron 'Spin' May Be Key to Making Organic Solar Cells Competitive

This Is A Bizarre Story

One Great Film You've Never Seen

NH Moose Numbers In Freefall - Explosion In Ticks As Winters Warm, Fail To Control Parasites

Rorabacher (R-CA) - Global Warming A Fraud To Perpetrate World Government Bwa-hahhahhahhah!!!!

Iraqi Kurdish leader vows to defend Kurds in Syria

Why Hillary Terrifies the GOP

remember, the surveilance we allow now will be available to ideological...

What the heck is this?

2008 Olympic Nostalgia In Beijing - It's Not About The Event, It's That The Air Was Briefly Clean

Just way to cute!

Snowden revelations force Obama's hand on surveillance program

Unpacking Transphobia in Feminism

I am curious about this, if you all feel its worth commenting on:

Time is precious.

Myth and Reality: The Low-Wage Job Machine

Anything else besides Do Not Call List to stop telemarketers?

What are you reading the week of August 11, 2013?

Hey! the person who was trying to identify the brass item from their grandmother's collection-

Blue Cross Reaches Out Over Insurance Law Changes.

I think it's time for a Lounge road trip to New South Wales.

WSJ shocked by rationing of health services that the WSJ doesn't think should exist at all

Tomb of a Powerful Moche Priestess-Queen Found in Peru

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday August 10th

How to Kiss a Girl (advertising from 1911)

The Mennonite Ghost Rapes Of Bolivia (Stunned!Jeebus,Jeebus,Jeebus....Still in shock....)

In rural Maine, rise of the machines pushes out migrant pickers

Lavabit founder: 'If You Knew What I Know About Email, You Might Not Use It'

I just realized I went past 30,000 posts last night.

Trayvon Martin vs U.S.

Sochi Olympics Boycott Call Rejected By PM

Kali has been experimenting with sobriety.

Y'know... it's not EASY being TexasTowelie's SO.

So... ... ... ... a man walks into a bar...

Penguin dick:

MiddleFingerMom never did quite grasp the concept of beer pong.

There was a part of the trip to the dog park that MiddleFingerMomRover hated. Poor, POOR puppy.

Americans Giving Up Passports Jump Sixfold as Tougher Rules Loom

Luckovich: Back To School

Prof Peter Dale Scott: US Government “Protection” of Al-Qaeda Terrorists and the US-Saudi Black Hole

Scott Walker's aide, others notified by security firm of plans for mine site

The Trip From Bountiful

TCM Schedule for Monday August 12 - Summer Under the Stars: Catherine Deneuve

Republicans Own This

Among Blacks, Spitzer and Weiner Find a More Forgiving Crowd

Well, I'm in a pickle, I just have to whine


Author Busts Conventional Wisdom On Vegetables

If orderly Civil Disobedience was the most powerful tool for change...

Cars float down Highway 24 west of Colorado Springs yesterday evening...

This New Yorker article is a real eye opener.

A therapist's ruminations about Filner (stolen from a professional listserv)

Chemical spraying in Colombia threatens children's lives

WikiLeaks Founder: Obama Surveillance Changes Vindicate Edward Snowden

McClurkin withdraws from King Memorial concert

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Russian activist: Gay crackdown seeks to ‘shut down’ advocacy

Wave Of Bombings Targeting Markets, Cafes In Iraq Kills 52

Americans Giving Up Passports Jump Sixfold as Tougher Tax Rules Loom

Supreme Court rejects Va. request for stay on sodomy law

Space Fence Shutdown Expected To Weaken Orbit Surveillance Network

Swedish swimmers warned over testicle-biting pacu fish

Social Security to begin payments to gay couples

Obama Administration Asserts Broad Surveillance Powers

'No Muslim parking' signs spark outrage

Gun nuts are using the same vile tactics as westboro baptist church

For Obama, NSA Debate Intrudes Into Both Domestic And Foreign Policy Agenda

Albert Pujols taking legal action against Jack Clark (and Clark gets canned)

Is it a coincidence that "chatter" has escalated in light of Snowden and the NSA?

Assange: Obama And The U.S. ‘Owe Edward Snowden A Debt Of Gratitude’

Cory Booker's Terrible, No Good Startup/ Jeff Zucker's Son...Power & Privilege

Bradley Manning, the Nuremberg Charter

Texans Call For Boycott Of Retailers That Fought Wage Bill

There's a 6ft 2in 200lb 12 yr old pitching in the Little League WS

Motorhead Baby (uncensored)

What did Edward Snowden get wrong? Everything

Tweet: Help me spread the word— Kathleen Sebelius

Pap and Seder: Obama's Meager Compromise

Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Young Boy On Staten Island

What would you call these two recipes? As a bonus - Rhubarb Custard Pie!

If you watch only one Video Today, let it be this one:

There is no terrorist threat: The feds want you to think there is, compliant media goes along

Green Taxis For All Five Boroughs Hit The Streets

Miranda Warning - 2013

Local sales tax revenue climbing; collections uneven between downstate and upstate New York

So NOW the excuse is "Obama was going to discuss this all along, Snowden has nothing to do with it!"

I Blame Obama! A Poll for Members of the BOG.

Post No Bills

Anthony Weiner's donations shrink in wake of sexting scandal

You are being monitored.

Petition by NC Attorney General Roy Cooper --- Governor McCrory: Stop The Assault On Voting Rights

Rohrabacher would "defund white trash".

You know what I want?

Obama Started Conversation on Civil Liberties?

Maine Gov. LePage Jokes About Blowing Up Newspaper Building

Toon: Fox News concerning the embassies

Revised #NYC Know Your Rights Training (and everywhere else too)

Oldest Human Fossil in Western Europe Found in Spain

Who Is Tracking My Internet Activities?

Brown to intervene to prevent another BART strike

Louisiana is shrinking as Climate Change softens up the already-vulnerable Gulf coast

Rachel Maddow: Shrinking U.S. Budget Deficit Foils GOP Talking Point

HBO: We Know You're Pirating 'Game Of Thrones' And That's Fine

Laois ‘bog body’ said to be world’s oldest (Ireland)

New This Fall On FOX: "All In The GOP Family"

Can someone help me find a post, please?

Senate Candidate Tweets Racist Attack On African American Opponent Cory Booker

Got my new sticker for my truck

Two attorneys predict explosion of litigation on same-sex marriage in wake of Supreme Court rulings

New Report Identifies 466 ALEC Bills in 2013 That Reflect Corporate Agenda

Why Embarrassing the Govt. is The #1 Crime in the U.S.

More Doctors Are Quitting Medicare. True, but more doctors are also accepting Medicare

What's your notion of civil disobedience?

Security company donates surveillance camera to watch over Jackie Robinson statue in Coney Island

Rockwell was prescient

New food stamp policy partly responsible for the decline in childhood obesity?

"Why Are Seniors Changing? (Take A Look At Who They Are…)" (Digby)

How I Exposed an Undercover Cop (the author of the article, not me personally)

Jesus Would Favor The Second Amendment?

Pets Might Soon Become a Staple in the Workplace

Globalization and Keynesianism

Toon: The US Government's Incredible Threats

Question for DU Experts - in the history of America

NYPD Holds Gun Buyback Program In Brooklyn Church

TX Man Sues State Rep, Husband Over Repeated Tasing At Work

Gun-control bills could push California to top of firearm-restriction list

As a statement of reality, Snowden does Face the Consequences of his Actions

We Charge Genocide

How anger can make us more rational - study

Volusia fires beach officer for racial messages (Trayvon Martin)

NSA launches lip reading drones in United States

Gandhi, MLK, and Snowden: civil disobedience and jail

Even the smallest surrender of 4th Amendment rights is a surrender of them all.

this headline got my attention (until i saw that it was listed under sports)

I've found a new body wash I like...

Chest Stop? Florida woman begs on street for bigger boobs

President Obama pushed back against NSA and Republicans on cybersecurity, citing privacy concerns

This made my day!

As damaging sequester continues, Congress goes on 5-week vacation

Toxic Fukushima fallout threatens fishermen's livelihoods

Ed Shultz is pissed with Bloomberg re workers' pensions

Does this sound appetizing to you?

Bottom line: Obamacare really is for the 99%

Thoreau: "It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right.

Venezuela's Maduro: I sleep in Chavez's mausoleum

Ecuador soldier killed in clashes on Colombian border

FreedomWorks helps Koch Brothers manage North Carolina -Blue NC

The problem isn't Putin, nor it is Snowden. The Putin problem could be fixed in 5 seconds.

Report: NYPD Officer Accused In Wrong-Way Crash On Long Island

Papantonio: The Disastrous Larry Summers For Fed Chair?

Saw a few "Impeach Obama!" signs outside Bellevue Square Mall today.

Bankrupt Detroit Just Left $1 Million Sitting In A Desk Drawer

fabulous -- rita hayworth dancing{stayin alive alert}

William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day is postponed; until this evening, at the soonest.

Is there any way to see all my posts ... I am not talking about my journal

what was the first rock concert you attended and how old were you?

Obama: Progress made on (veterans) disability claims backlog

Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight - Watch Online

The Insider’s Economic Dictionary: B Is for Bailout

Summer semester is over. Let the beer drinking commence.

Paula Deen: A Cautionary Tale

Grumpy Cat....bus

AOL's CEO Just Fired Somebody for Pulling Out a Camera in a Meeting About Layoffs (UPDATE)

City Candidates To Join Sharpton For Commemorative March On Washington

"Buycott" the Koch Bros

Dismissed Vanderbilt football players indicted for rape

When Power Goes To Your Head, It May Shut Out Your Heart

Mystery of the Missing Waves on Titan

face it: Snowden/Greenwald forced Obama's/NSA's hand, and built real power to change things


Sarah Palin Slams Chris Christie: “I’m On Team Rand”

Gay skater Johnny Weir: I’m prepared to be arrested at Winter Olympics

MSNBC’s Karen Finney And Howard Dean Rail Against ‘Slap Hillary’ Game From GOP PAC

Religious family abandons US, gets lost at sea

6 of the Nuttiest Right-Wing Statements Just from this Week Alone

Drone strike kills two in southern Yemen: officials and residents

56 officers hurt in Belfast riots

Iowa woman accused of robbing paraplegic man

Fact Sheet: The Obama Administration’s Work to Honor Our Military Families and Veterans

The surprisingly sinister history of some of Britain's most commonly used phrases

Thank a bee.

Netanyahu Tells U.S. Mediator Palestinians Inciting Against Israel

Religous Family Quits US Gets Lost at Sea

Put the Republican members of the House of Representatives on the minimum wage...

Body recovered from mudslide in Colorado

With Egypt Strike, Israel Violates Two Borders In Three Days

Benevolent sexism: the real barrier holding women back

What Does The Peace Process Have To Do With Iran?

The eeriest thing just happened:

Racism in the Oprah handbag controversy