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Why The UK Detention of Miranda Was Unlawful

All In with Chris Hayes tonight...

So if the mucky mucks who run the country keep pushing for this Fracking procedure which promises

Russian conference interrupted by flying dildo

Planned Parenthood endorses Christine Quinn for mayor

I'm lovin' these reports about GOP reps getting grilled at their Town Hall meetings over ACA!

Anyone else planning to join the crowd in DC on the Mall this Saturday?

Is it possible the NSA did not know what files Snowden had access to?

Thank you for your quick response. nt

Al Jazeera begins life in the USA with an act of censorship

Jeff Toobin GETS HIS ASS HANDED TO HIM By NYT's James Risen and Glenn GREENWALD

Any discussion of the Dr. Phil rape tweet yet?

Escape prisoner breaks into wrong home...

Top Roger Ailes Adviser Fired and Escorted From Fox News Building (Exclusive)

Mulberry, Fla. Residents Fight Rev. Terry Jones Plan to Burn 2,998 Korans on September 11

22 maps that show Americans' opinions of other states

When did the prompt for logoff go in?

Britain defends detention of journalist's partner

Unprecedented Cut in Colorado River Flow Ordered, Due to Drought-Jeff Masters

Elementary School Clerk Says She Convinced Gunman to Put His Weapons Down and Surrender

We should STOP using the term "Islamist" on DU

United Nations Urges Russia to Repeal Antigay Laws

New Centcom Underground War Room in Amman (Jordan) for US Intervention In Syria

As suggested this STFU video

Top DHS checkpoint refusals

Colo. AG: Sheriffs lack standing to sue state over gun laws

How can ANY Democrat defend the detention of Greenwald's partner?

Another win for Tesla Motors and Elon Musk...

Man dressed in black, armed with AK-47, fires inside Georgia elementary school

On the issue of "stolen" documents . . .

McDonnell says he will serve out term as Virginia governor

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Tuesday’s Gone & a new Kitteh gif

Atheist Prison Group Deserves Reconsideration

Wow - cast iron skillets in the shape of US states!

Ladies and Gentlemen,I bring you a great band from the late 60's and early 70'...

Elmore Leonard's Ten Rules of Writing - RIP Elmore!

Well, I got sick of waiting for my exSO to answer my letter and phone calls

Internet Dog Conspiracy: Sunny is evil.

Another reason math RULES...

De Blasio Appears In Court In Connection With Hospital Protest Arrest

Cabinet Secretary dragged into Edward Snowden row

U.K. Ordered Guardian to Destroy Snowden Files Because Its Servers Weren’t Secure

Vice President Biden to remain in Houston as son is evaluated at hospital

All my life the Moon has been fucking with me.

A petition concerning the Met Opera's opening gala... and Putin's anti-gay insanity.

Solar Manufacturers May Boost Capacity as Demand Surges

Well folks, school hasn't even been in session for a week at most places

OK..It's Official: "Michael Hastings Had Relapsed Before Fatal Accident"

Watauga County, NC: All Hell Broke Loose at the Board of Elections Meeting (Corrupt Bastards)

In Texas, Oil Is Big But Solar Is Cheap

More Religion, Less Science for Indonesian Students

PBS American Experience "Silicon Valley"

Watch the Earth "breathe"

Asheville NC Solar Developer Plans 25 Solar Farms for 2014

New Details Show Broader NSA Surveillance Reach

Checking out the new AlJazeera station...

So the Brits on the Independent's site think NSA is searching clouds...

God Bless Elmore Leonard.

Ex-army chief Juan Emilio Cheyre admits Chile adoption

A Mass offered this morning in India, in the Tamil language.

Lake Erie wind turbines will be built by 2017, says LEEDCo

Rachel is tearing the family McDonnell a new one

I met the "Cookie Lady" at Moral Monday in Charlotte yesterday. (pics)

US Official Admits That UK Detention Of Glenn Greenwald's Partner Was 'To Send A Message'

Housewives join ranks of rough justice in Mexico's Wild West

Does anyone here watch course lectures on youtube?

Florence + the Machine

"Stand Up to 'Stand Your Ground'" PSA - Re-enactment of Trayvon Martin Shooting - Chilling

The Merkle Boner and the Snodgrass Muff

Aljazeera America

Another possible glitch...the Ignore Thread feature not working

Jobs Corp Groundbreaking Today. Thanks To An Anti-Union Congressman It Is Three Years Late

In your opinion, is the leaked information more of a threat to our security or ...?

You can teach a cat anything...

Miranda detention facts:

MidMissouri PrideFest Interfaith Worship

A better breast implant after mastectomy

le ville d'austin

Merkel expresses her 'deep sorrow and shame’ during historic Dachau visit

Conservapedia: "Moral Zeitgeist"

"Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallicies"

Why would anyone need to carry a weapon into the Capitol?

Firefighters use oxygen mask and IV to save dog

"DCCC Fundraising Slows In July, But Still On Record Pace (UPDATE)"

Israel's monument to gays persecuted by Nazis planned for Tel Aviv

We've got lots of red sweet peppers...anyone got a good roasted sweet pepper soup recipe?

Prosecution rests in Fort Hood shooting case

Do they still have Kangaroo Courts in the clubhouse after MLB games? Donnie Baseball has no balls.

"Marco Rubio Shifts Focus From Immigration To Health Care Law"

Is not support for liberal western democracy an assumption of what it means to be a liberal or

Las Vegas Sun publisher sues Review-Journal over plan to end agreement

"Beluga deaths in St. Lawrence worry whale researchers"

"Journalists are terrorists...truth-telling is violence." I'm calling bullshit.

So does Thom Hartmann really want to keep writing for this racist, sexist Daily Caller site?

So, if I understand some people correctly -- if Bush detained Mr. Pitt's family that's be OK.

If the allegations are true, how fucked is Johnny Manziel?

Hecklers confront Ted Cruz at town hall meeting

Stakes High As Democratic Mayoral Candidates Prepare For NY1 Debate

How the NSA scours internet traffic in the US

I can't believe that Greenwald would do

Colombian rebels say they share blame for decades of bloodshed

Detroit mayor count in chaos as Wayne County refuses to certify primary results

Do you trust the "national security state" more just because there's a Democratic president?

Anti-Greenwald and Miranda feeling on DU: how much is closeted homophobia?

If you thought two llamas having sex was "sick" wait'll you see...

Lawrence does a long segment on Teslas and the next two commercials are for a crummy Korean car...

Uruguay President Jose Mujica takes active role in Colombia’s peace talks

"Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood appears at risk of falling apart"

Obama DOJ Asks Court to Grant Immunity to George W. Bush For Iraq War

State puts gravel road plan on hold

Taxi jumps curb, plows into pedestrians in Midtown

Pakistan's Ganj madrassa blacklisted by US Treasury

Tesla Model S Scores Better Than Perfect On Safety Tests

I'm drunk and Lover Boy is working late

NSA Surveillance Said to Be Broader Than Initially Believed

The Casualties

Miranda detention propaganda:

Press group condemns slaying of Guatemala journalist, urges officials to find, punish killers

Are Democrats the "New Authoritarians"?

Keep Yo Business off Yo Facebook!

Guy Who Wrote Legal Memos Defending Torture Defends NSA- It Takes Too Long To Obey The Constitution

How the NSA scours the internet in one handy graphic

Small plane crashes into river in central Maine town; 2 men escape uninjured

People can be so sick... WTF...

Who will broadcast Stephanie Miller's show?

Mumbai: BJP ordered to halt illegal construction in public garden

Former Brownsville resident accused of vote fraud

Kids today -- what are you gonna do?

Serious hypothetical:

Fatal Pigtown shooting brings city count to 20 in 80 hours (Baltimore)

Budget Myths Abound - by Sen. K. Vinehout "...state debt reaches an all-time high of $14.7 billion"

Here's How Education Can Drive You Crazy...

And now the Giants' *ball girl* fails.

Bodybuilder breaks into Angela Merkel's jet, plays with cockpit buttons

What are we planning for Teh Lounge Labor Day Picnic this year?

WED. 8/21 Emergency Rally to Protest Bradley Manning Sentencing

Central valley, 88.1 FM Bradley Manning sentence and David Swanson on KFCF 8/21

"IRS faces lawsuit for failing to enforce church electioneering ban"

The price Gina Gray paid for whistleblowing

Has anyone heard anything about Michael Steele

8/24 9:00am Join Fresno leg of 21-day walk Sac. to Bakersfield. Pathway to Citizenship

No 10 contacted Guardian over Edward Snowden secrets

If you've seen the movie "The Butler" would you rate it for me?

Irrefutable Proof that Darrell Issa Completely and Totally Lied About the IRS Scandal

St Paul City Council 8/21 3:30. Proclamation of Kellogg Briand Peace Pact Day

Miranda's rights: how Europe can learn from Latin America's independence

get your city to pass Kellogg Briand Peace Pact Day making War Illegal

Headline O' The Day: Romanian Princess, And Husband Arrested In Two-State Cockfighting Ring

Explosion rocks naval base in New Jersey

Four Republicans seek state Comptroller seat

Day 44: Outrage Over CA Prisons Force Feeding Plans of Hunger Strikers

Honduras: US-Korean maquila accused of CAFTA labor violations

If somebody like Edward Snowden had procured files in 2001 that the BushCo NSA was spying

Honduras: US-Korean maquila accused of CAFTA labor violations

Plateresque style obvious at Mission Espiritu Santo in Goliad

The Mako Mori Test: 'Pacific Rim' inspires a Bechdel Test alternative

New Evidence That the US Army Hired Spies to Go Undercover Among Local Anti-War Protesters

Holy Geez, the tea baggers are being proven right by Obama

My new favorite commercial

Having class teach bully a lesson earns educator jail time, probation

Chicago in 1948!

Chile rellenos casserole...

Hey Big Brother

Well, the latest debunking is being smeared...

URGENT Solidarity Rally with CA Prison Hunger Strikers 8/22 Oakland 5pm

LSD and Other Psychedelics Not Linked With Mental Health Problems, Analysis Suggests

Bradley Manning: 25 years in prison? Or 60?

Family accuses Houston pharmacy in morphine death of 6-year-old girl

Sgt Robert Bales confronted by Afghan massacre victim

Campaign to Defeat Indiana’s Marriage Amendment to Kick Off Tomorrow

Happy Once in a Blue Moon~Friends~

David Miranda in his own words on AC360 with his spouse Glenn Greenwald

Life and Death served up

In petition, veterans call for Obama to fire VA secretary

Cat Diaries: The First Movie Made By Cats

Hey! We've just been dissed by Skinner.

Top Democrat files suit against IRS over tax-exemption rules

Any of you using Creedo?

Scientists invent hangover-free beer

Thanks so much for the separate "My Bookmarks" tab!

check out the t-shirt on this plumber who helped save a woman's life in NYC

NSA surveillance covers 75 percent of U.S. Internet traffic

I am so not Bradley Manning...

Awesome Story About a Group of Men Who Have Been Playing a Single Game of Tag for 23 Years

Finnish comic strip in English

FBI Channels the Tea Party: Partners With the Banks and Blames the Poor for the Crisis

Daily Caller really gets stupid, this time about the new WH dog...

Q&A: Colombia Still in the Icy Grip of Impunity

Full Moonrise Tonight in Vegas

(Guardian editor) Alan Rusbridger condemns government over Snowden

Conspiracy to commit journalism

The price Gina Gray paid for whistleblowing on Arlington Cemetery wrong doing

Reports of massive chemical attack near Damascus as UN observers arrive in Syria

Fukushima warning: danger level at nuclear plant jumps to 'serious'

Xpost fm LBN: Fukushima warning: danger level at nuclear plant jumps to 'serious'

Don’t Get Complacent About Social Security. They Still Want to Cut It

Insurers seek limited insurance exchange plan networks

Just Be by Ashley Jana (featured on Dance Moms, Season 3 Episode 33)

Will Mubarak go free?

How Detroit is being stolen

St. Louis County police apologize to black family for 'headless horseman' remark

And again, Medical Marijuana is treated like a giant joke by the White House.

TYT:Michael Hastings' Toxicology Reports Twisted Throughout Media

August 21: National Pecan Torte Day

Taibbi: We're Saddling College Students with Crushing Debt and the Govt. Is Acting Like a Profiteer

Scandalous Detention of a Journalist's Partner, It's Too Clear What Kind of World We're Heading to

How America's Killer Drone Strikes Undermine Yemeni Democracy

Coroner's report: Michael Hastings crash death 'instantaneous,' drugs not factor

Raven being gay ruined my childhood....No

How the myth of the welfare queen died

Fukushima warning: danger level at nuclear plant jumps to 'serious'

WikiLeaks trial: Bradley Manning to be sentenced at 10 a.m. EST

Warren Buffett Invests Big Time in Tar Sands

And again - it happens again

A UPN Exec Wanted Boy Bands To Sing On The Enterprise Every Week

For those who think Snowden and/or Greenwald have engaged in terrorism,

Government Works Fine, Just Not For You

U.S. Air Force can’t find enough people willing to be drone pilots

Syria conflict: 'Chemical attacks' kill hundreds

Last week, a Blimp. This week, POTUS in my little berg!

This is what happens when all the news gets remixed:


ACLU: FBI Exercising Vast Secret Immigration Powers

BREAKING: Brand new Q-Poll has McAuliffe up 6 pts. Over Crazy Ken Cuccinelli in VA-Gov Race

Watch a bull terrier nurse cute baby goats using special milk pants

Immigration reform: 3 reasons why the Tea Party is losing August

Texas national TeaParty candidate does a AMA on redditt gets laughed off the internet.

Cruz Calls ‘Why Don’t We Impeach’ Obama ‘Good Question’

IRS Nonprofit Scrutiny Included Look for ACORN Successors

Last week, a Blimp. This week, POTUS in my little berg! (x-post from GD)

Morning Joe is great today. Joe and Mika are not there. Katy Kay (sp?) and Donnie Deutsch are

You still alive? Prove it. Mark Morford

I'm trying to understand the pov that Greenwald is a terrorist

The Fifth Estate trailer:Benedict Cumberbatch plays Julian Assange.

The Party Left Me Before I Left The Party

NAFTA on Steroids: The TransPacific Partnership and Global Neoliberalism

IRS faces lawsuit for failing to enforce church electioneering ban

U.S. in TPP rush due to ’14 elections. Froman: It's "a top priority” for Obama

How Social Media Is Changing The Way We Approach Death

Jeffrey Toobin Likens Greenwald’s Partner To A ‘Drug Mule’ (VIDEO)

North Carolina Republicans Escalate Attack on Student Voting

It really doesn't matter what your political Party stands for...

Why Homophobic Russia Loves Gender-Bending Pop Stars

The GOP Plan to Crush Silicon Valley, Science, and Technology

Reason the Limits of Drone Use Are Murky: We Can't Decide What 'Terrorists' or 'Conflict' Mean

Why is the NSA "overwhelmed"??

Now THIS is Cool!

Poll: McAuliffe Leads Cuccinelli in Va. Governor Race

Documentary about silent film legend needs our help!

Goldman Sachs' Massive Trading Error

Baseball Reference says Elmore is the 14th player since 1936 to pull off the daily-double.

After same-sex couple victory in Collegedale, church ousts gay detective's family

ABC: The Top Five Priorities of the GOP

Jason Isbell - Flying over Water

Give us a song title that references someone by their full name!

Stun gun death toll mounts

My three biggest unanswered questions about the NSA discussion:

When Welfare "Pays Better Than" Work - the Newest Welfare Queen Myth by CATO Institute

Enough Of this Bullshit

Black Helicopters: Britain's Blind Faith in Intelligence Agencies

You're at Georgia Tech--best speech

Enough Of This Bullshit (xpost from Veterans)

50 Years Later: We March on Washington to End Racism, Materialism, and Militarism

We are being dovetailed into a paranoid society.

man dismembered for raping woman in Araira (Spanish)

Egypt court orders Hosni Mubarak freed

"We Do Absolutely Anything They Ask": How the NRA's Grading System Keeps Congress on Lockdown

This is wisdom:

the most dangerous man in none

Terrorist vs. Journalist

The TPP: "If money is speech, Citizen's United is about to go global"

The American Police State: Get Ready For The Next Stage

The anti-1% subtext of Allen's Blue Jasmine

An Unexpected Family Reunion, Seven Decades After the Holocaust

I'm sorry Al Jazeera is not "News"

Pakistan: 100 tons of explosives seized in Quetta

Greenwald: How Dare I NOT Curtsy to the Queen & Thank The UK Government For What They Have Done.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- No privacy

"My stomach was in my throat for the whole time until I saw her face on the bus."

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- School's back

El Salvador/Spain: Will Col Inocente Orlando Montano face criminal trial?

Even Republican young adults want health insurance, poll finds

A School Clerk persuaded Gunman To Lay Down Weapons

Dolphins' visit to White House, “another Super Bowl of a different kind"

Jazz pianist Marian McPartland dies

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- GOP, voting and nuts

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

‘Bribe tape’ GOP boss is toast, party says

New Zealand extends domestic spying powers

After years of neglect, Venezuela tries to win over tourists

School Shooting in Georgia, Alleged Gunman in Custody

'NSA and FBI . . . monitored content of ALL email and text communications in Salt Lake City '

The best way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person. Period, end of sentence.

Payday Lenders – A Tax On The Poor

In bus beating case, we are sending kids the wrong message

Getting closer & closer to Wyden & Udall's iceberg-NSA Bypassed the Fourth Amendment for 3 Years

City dwellers: have you ever used Uber taxi service?

How can anyone with even a minimal awareness of Surveillancegate

Abandoned Dogs Roam Detroit in Packs as Humans Dwindle

Chris Lane Shooting Sparks Aussie Tourist Boycott, Gun Control Comparisons

How do I get rid of a browser hijacker?

The Top 5 Lies of Corbett's Outgoing Press Secretary

Sexual harassment in India: 'The story you never wanted to hear'

Financial Crisis-Era Derivatives Are Making A Comeback

The GOP Plan to Crush Silicon Valley

"Raven is a lesbian, my childhood is officially ruined."

DailyKos: And here's my first experience with Obamacare

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 21, 1968

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 21, 1968

Abandoned Dogs Roam Detroit in Packs as Humans Dwindle

Alternatives for driving from LA to north of SF?

5 Terrifying Statements in the Leaked Climate Report

What NSA Transparency Looks Like

Sirota: This cowardly silence is an act of war

pbs aired something on the life of muhammed

Article Explains Why PA. Att. Gen. Kane Needed to Replace Corbett's Favorite Grand Jury Judge

I fear Manning's Punishment will be severe

Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years. War criminals? Zero. We’ll keep fighting for you, Bradley!

BREAKING: Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years for WikiLeaks Disclosures

Bradley Manning sentanced to 35 years -

I hope this is bullshit: Opposition says as many as 1,300 killed in gas attack near Damascus

Manning sentenced to 35 years, this should be a national day of mourning

JEFFREY TOOBIN: Glenn Greenwald's Partner Was Like A 'Drug Mule' Carrying His Information

Vote: Whom should President Obama nominate as the next chair of the Federal Reserve?

2003: Rove declares Valerie Plame 'Fair Game'. 2013: UK govt declares David Miranda 'fair game'

Trade Agreements and Investor "Rights" That Trump National Laws

Mike Luckovich Toon: Back to School

The Whistle Blower gets 35 years. When do we get to the War Criminals he exposed?

I have a friend with cancer and no insurance in Florida. Need resources please

Question....does Tesla use Union Workers???

Oh brother....

SHAMELESS plug for Seattle PD's Dorito fest, now with Tweets!

Chicken Run in MD - A DU MeetUp?

Tesla's Model S Sedan Destroys Safety Tests ... Literally

NSA surveillance covers 75 percent of U.S. Internet traffic: WSJ

Thailand, conservative but tolerant, may legalize gay marriage

BwahHAH it gets weird when even ARPAIO threatens to shoot the Come-Take-It militias!1

Ex-pope Benedict says God told him to resign during 'mystical experience'

Tesla roof so strong it broke crush-test machine: USA Today

Ever wonder how you landed up on the NRA's mailing list

Democracy May Prove the Doom of WBAI (Pacifica) - NY Times

ACLU on Manning Sentence: "Something is seriously wrong with our justice system"

Administration OKs sale of enough coal to "undo all of Obama’s other climate work"

Fort Hood shooter rests defense case without calling witnesses

Finally, someone is suing Bush, Cheney, et al on Nuremberg judgment grounds...

Poll: Louisiana GOPers Unsure If Katrina Response Was Obama’s Fault

Why I am proud to be a member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (

Six boys, one cop, and the road to restorative justice

I just ordered me a sack of these to give to some people

How Far Into This Retro Children's Guide To The Internet Can You Get...

Christie endorses Lonegan for U.S. Senate

I have a question about Al Jazeera's purchase of Current TV

Close Cameron aides asked paper to destroy Snowden data

Like Sharknado, We Face A Banknado Of Wall Street Criminality - Richard Eskow Explains

Russia blocks Greenpeace ship from entering Arctic waters

35 years. Could you do the time?

When being a "good Democrat" makes one a stooge for conservatives

Authoritarian State Yet?

Louisiana GOPers Unsure If Katrina Response Was Obama’s Fault

A warm, professional exchange between a former employer and yours truly...

Louisiana GOPers Unsure If Katrina Response Was Obama’s Fault

Right-wing Tory's political agenda: "Halt the RSPCA's political agenda ..."

Anyone see that commercial

A legal theory regarding the destruction of The Guardian's hard drives

Beau Biden Gives a Shout-Out to Well-Wishers

How the Terrorism Act was invoked to detain Glenn Greenwald's partner

Manning tossed in a hole, Bushco to be immune to war crimes... What a proud time to be a democrat!

I kinda ran away.

Nuclear Energy Development and Slowing Climate Change

Burned Alive in Bulgaria

Beau Biden Has Mass in Brain

Poll: Obama responsible for Katrina poor response and for Fukushima Disaster..

Can Ted Cruz run for president if he was born in Canada?

Stephanie Miller is a Koolaide lover

Guardian has video of British Agents getting the files.

Poll: Louisiana GOPers Unsure If Katrina Response Was Obama’s Fault

THE KINKS - Where Have All The Good Times Gone (live 1979)

You will love #2 of this list. Trust me.

Patch Welcomes Ken Cuccinelli as a New Blogger

NYC/Westchester-area DUERs: Vigil for Manning Today in Hastings-on-Hudson

Truthout: Greece's Golden Dawn: A Wake-up Call for Europe

Minneapolis Chief of Police marries long time partner

Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Rise to Highest Since 2009

With regards to Manning, my hope is that on the last day of his term, Obama commutes to time served.

Pic Of The Moment: Justice?

Kaitlyn Hunt back in jail, to be held without bond until trial

A 3-Year-Old Shot and Killed Himself, and for Once the Cops Did the Right Thing

Radioactive Leaks in Japan Prompt Call for Overseas Help

Al Jazeera America for you means no more Al Jazeera English for me.

The man with the nerf-edge wit, gnat intellect, and vast vacuities. Come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!!

Al Jazeera America for you means no more Al Jazeera English for me.

House 2014 Fundraising Start Signals Incumbent Dangers

Concern rises after border-vigilante standoff

the stupidity of republicans

You Have No Idea

Center for Constitutional Rights Condemns Manning Sentence, Should Have Never Been Prosecuted

Gay Reporter Kicked Off RT After Protesting Anti-Gay Law

Christopher Boyce (22 years) and Andrew Lee (22 years) aka The Falcon and the Snowman

Remember the video of "Christian" the Lion? Here's a similar story of a man and Gorilla

Ellsberg on Manning: "One more casualty of a horrible, wrongful war"

New Banksy Mural in Los Angeles Responds to Those Who Vandalize His Work

Avigdor Liberman: Turkish PM Erdogan is Nazi propagandist Goebbels' successor


At end of day, he sings his blues away. Please come CAPTION Numb Nuts for old time's sake!!!!

Israel Warns US: Alienating Egyptian Army Could Risk Peace Talks

Breaking: Double Stuf Oreos May Not Actually Be Doubly Stuf'ed; Only 1.86 Times Stuf


Top US General Says Syrian Rebels Wouldn't Back US Interests, Rejects Military Intervention

Homophobe trying to get away with being a homophobe.

It Appears to be legal to bribe an Ohio Governor

Well, now we know they're serious - if there was ever any doubt.

NSA Program Found Unconstitutional Went On For 3 Years; Started Right After Telcos Got Immunity

Court Gives Kodak Approval to Leave Bankruptcy

Nickelodeon Star Lucas Cruikshank Comes Out as Gay, Surprises Very Few

Moment of Silence for Lost Youth and Lost Ideals.

More from the bottom of the sewer...

WikiLeaks says Bradley Manning jail term is 'strategic victory'

Atheism a Religion? Government Says Yes for Tax Purposes


Bulgaria’s First Medieval “Poison Ring” Found (Oooo! I want one!)

Thom Hartmann: Climate Change is Worse than You Have Ever Imagined


Facial Scanning Is Making Gains in Surveillance

Favorite Song at The Moment?

How To Cast a Circle

Critics call Quebec’s proposed ban on religious headwear ‘Putinesque’

UK Officials Destroy Guardian Hard Drives with Snowden Docs

Taylor Swift Performs Closer with Tegan and Sara - Minds are Blown

Mexican Leader: Gays Can't Marry Because Don't Face Each Other During Sex

LIVE: Bradley Manning Defense Attorney David Coombs’ Post-Sentencing Press Conference

Missouri House opens doors for Famous Missourians Suggestions

North Carolina Republicans Escalate Attack on Student Voting

Just Struck Me-FUNNY

Climate Diplomacy: President Obama must focus on getting other nations to cut their emissions.

The NSA Still Has No Clue About What Snowden Took, Months After the Leaks

Astronaut's Story of Near-Drowning Is Disturbing Reminder That Space Is Terrifying

In Iowa, Howard Dean says ‘at this point I’m supporting Hillary Clinton’

Brazilians tear strip off NSA in wake of Snowden, mull anti-US-spook law

Republicans Are Losing August

Props to Al Jazeera America for covering the Bradley manning Press Conference!

NIDA denies marijuana is less toxic than alcohol

A Courageous Person...

Just tuned in to Al Jazeera.

Our own little "Russia" right here in Texas

Not everyone a fan of oil boom in ND - "flaring off a third of the Bakken's natural gas"

UPS to drop 15,000 spouses from insurance, cites ObamaCare

Gay Reporter James Kirchick Kicked Off Russian News Network For Protesting Anti-Gay Laws

Zuckerberg unveils plan for free Net access for all

Rockaway Ferry Service Will Run Through January

Fukushima +18 months - What's a "melt out?" (7 min) .

"Glenn Greenwald's straight crush Ron Paul"

First Atomic Level Simulation of a Whole Battery

Greenwald: 'Sending a Message': What the US and UK Are Attempting To Do

So....Booz Allen....still getting government contracts? Still has NSA clearance?

LA Gay Councilmen Protest Russia's Anti-Gay Treatment With Photo, Resolution, Flag Ceremony

Mothers are not 'opting out' - they are out of options

New Zealand Parliament Narrowly Passes Controversial Spying Law


Londoners plan protest against Russia's 'gay propaganda' laws

Lewis Black tells Rick Perry: Go back to college, ‘and this time, try to memorize some stuff’

New York Health Benefit Exchange announces new name; health and dental plans to be offered

Texas ranks #1 in small business climate. nt

Bakersfield School District Spends $36K On Emergency Toilets And Cat Litter

Cruz heckled during ‘Defund Obamacare’ event: ‘You have health care, so can we!’

Plasma-treated nano filters help purify world water supply

A Picture of Courage - Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years in Military Prison...

Kyrgyzstan Authorties Find Pipeline That's Been Smuggling Illegal Booze In The Country

Elizabeth Warren Slams Eric Holder

When Worlds Collide: Fandom and Male Privilege by Lucy Gillam

Dean supporting Clinton --- How's that work?

The Poorest Rich Kids in the World - Excellent article on the Duke heirs - Rolling Stone

I want to share a tune from my rocker ex who's 65 and battling cancer.

The Weird News Drinking Game

NSA-Corporate Collusion Built Network to Reach 75% of Internet Traffic

I am outraged, disgusted . . . really, there are no words . . .

Papantonio: Cash Hoarders Devastate Economy

I'd rather be alone than be in a relationship with someone that I didn't love.

No, it's not hopeless.

Glee clip from new Season. ****SPOILER ALERT****

What macho men do to pigeons:

Scott Stringer Releases Report Showing Embarrassingly Slow Internet in New York's Public Schools


Why I think Bradley Manning should do time.

Rick Perry Quietly Lobbies The White House For $100 Million In Obamacare Funding

Ok, here is something both groups may agree on...

Massachusetts Woman Sues The State To Stop Rapist From Seeking Visitation With Her Child

Antoinette Tuff: Meet The Bookkeeper Who Stopped Ga. School Shooter :News One , AP News:

For comparison: "Ultimately, Calley served only three and a half years of house arrest in his


Seemingly Mentally Ill Internet Commenter Presumably Functions In Outside World

I heard that, with time off for good behavior, Manning could be freed in as little as nine years.

Hmmmmm...Ted Cruz, a GOP Senator from Texas, has Canadian citizenship...

Christie Lead Over Buono Shrinks by a few points

Atlanta school shooting Antoinette Tuff - she is one tough lady

Volkan the Intruder: Man in Underpants Partied in Merkel's Jet

Texas Towns Frack Their Way To Drought Conditions

You can't solve the "NSA/Privacy" issue as long as we're on Permanent War footing...

Who controls which ads go on here?

Democrat leads repubic in Virginia Governor race.

A :Level of Discourse:

NSA spying on Powell, Alito?

GLAAD Study: Gays & Lesbians Still at the Back of Hollywood's Movie Bus

New findings on shock collars: why the UK wants to ban them

Beau Biden Has A Mass in His Brain

If I carry medical marihuana through an airport and get busted.

NSA Collected Thousands of US Internet Communications Over 3 Years w/ No Terror Connection

Spanish Media Warns of Jihadis in Syria Return to Europe

(RT) BREAKING: Manning is asking Obama for a Pardon

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday August 21st

How would you have decided the Bradley Manning affair?

The People's View Blog Homophobic? 2007 "How Obama Lost My Vote" (anti-gay McClurkin)

Trumad Obama Poll

Zombie tools at the movies

Quinn Blasts de Blasio’s Wife Over Children Comments

Calling ACA experts: WTF? Will employees start losing their good insurance coverage?

Heartworm drug resistance: It's real

Momentum is already starting to grow to urge President Obama to pardon Bradley

Seattle city council and mayoral candidates consider a $15/hour minimum wage.

Young Republican Event Produces Spat Over Snowden

In West Bank, The Logic Of Annexation Supersedes The Rule Of Law

NSA scooped up ~56,000 emails of Americans per year with no connection to terrorism from 2008-2011

Texas seeks federal funding for mentally disabled

Check in here to support an immediate pardon for Bradley Manning.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Driver In Custody After Early Morning Crash Spans Two Boroughs

What do you think of the NFL's new screening and stadium entrance policy?

'Partridge Family' star Cassidy charged with DWI

If I wear Stewart Black with a Bonnie Prince Charlie

One sure sign that you're off the NSA watch list.

Rick Perry names his former chief of staff to PUC

Don't use the word "girl" or "girls" when you are referring to adult females. It's my pet peeve.

American Leverage Of Military Aid Won't Find Any Takers In Egypt...It Never Has

With Full Employment Business could not simply opt-out of Obamacare

Restore the United States’ human rights record and grant clemency to Pvt. Bradley Manning!

Watch Glickman on HBO on the 26th August

Texas ACT scores rise, now match national average

This original post has been self-deleted before being written.

Greg Abbott’s actions, words are giving a big boost to possible Davis campaign

Greenwald Critic Jeffrey Toobin Stole Classified Documents for Profit

Mo. Man Charged With Kidnapping as Search Resumes for Girl

Dumb Criminals: Rapper's Instagram Habit Leads NYC Authorities To Largest Gun Bust In History

Now they're blaming President Obama for Katrina

Dear USA

FISC Opinion Holding NSA Surveillance UNCONSTITUTIONAL (October 3, 2011)

Explaining the First Amendment for the Internet

The Southwestern US border is the new US military encampment.

An ACA facet that the GOP loves..and uses MORE than Dems do

HOward Dean is Supporting Hillary Clinton for President

Ark. Girl Fighting Rare Brain Infection Can Speak

Fox News confirms firing of top network adviser

Aggies host LSU on Thanksgiving in 2014; help crank up SEC Network

Gohmert: GOP afraid to block Obamacare

Check in here if you think Manning was justified in releasing the helicopter videos

PSUV candidate for Sucre admits taking picture with recently shot gang leader

Yes indeedy, Vladimir, god DOES work in mysterious ways

We are Obama's supporters AND detractors for a Damn Good Reason

While we sit and whine about whether the NSA looks at "kitteh" attachments

More Young Republicans Use Key Obamacare Provision

Curious about grayed-out text in some replies

Residents inquire developers about Energy Tower at Midland town hall

Liberals, Moderates Agree: Arrest James Clapper

The hardest thing to do is say "I was wrong"

Rick Perry Quietly Lobbies The White House For $100 Million In Obamacare Funding

Traffic alert for weekend: Avoid US 281 on northside of San Antonio

New Mexico County Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Gotta love this email............

No change in marijuana laws coming, White House says

Parents: Store policy discriminates against diabetics

Liz CHEENEE breaks family tradition, pays bond/justice for "false statement" (not shooting in face

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In Salado, the Tea Party Contemplates the Nation’s Future — and Rep. John Carter’s Not in It

Hey, tobacco might be good for something, after all!

New Study Suggests Twitter Could Be Greg Abbott's Achilles Heel Vs. Wendy Davis

New Study Suggests Twitter Could Be Greg Abbott's Achilles Heel Vs. Wendy Davis

Jeezuz Effin' Christ: NC Sherriff wants to prosecute Profs who give extra credit for voting

Rep. Jared Polis: Would be very happy if Holder resigned

Best headline ever? Man in his underpants danced on the wing of Angela Merkel’s jet

Even Young Republicans Want Health Insurance

So, how many of you still think Snowden should "come home and face the music?"

For Ted Cruz, crazy is a family business - By Joan Walsh

October 3, 2011 FISC Opinion Holding NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional (Full Text)

More and more, I feel like this

Report: The body of Adriaunna Horton found

Bronx KFC turns away Iraq War vet over service dog: lawsuit

4 Easy Ways You Can Avoid Paying Taxes, Just Like Rich People Do Visit Liberal America to read more

aggressively prosecute those who expose war crimes, and diligently protect those who commit them

Please DU this push poll on unions

Look at this gorgeous animal that got euthanized because of a system failure.

Great Idea from a Wingnut: Increase Debt Ceiling and Pass a Budget In 'Exchange' For...

Newly unearthed ruins challenge views of early Romans

David Cassidy charged with DWI in New York

Did something happen with the smilies?

NASA sees another Earth-directed CME (Aug 21)

New York Times prints retraction after Maureen Dowd caught doctoring quotes from NYC mayoral race

UPDATE 1-Peabody on hook for some Patriot Coal retiree benefits -US court

City Planning Commission greenlights $1 billion Astoria development on waterfront

Rogue Planets Could Form On Their Own in Interstellar Space

I hope this kid is a Liberal. This was on CNN as an epic speech.

A breath of fresh air

Beau Biden has 'successful procedure'

The Remarkable Slowdown In Health Care Costs Since The Passage Of Obamacare

WHITE HOUSE PETITION: fully pardon Bradley Manning

Am I evil for wanting this

Award-winning German playwright rejects invitation to Moscow over anti-gay laws

Elderly More Likely to Be Employed Than Teens

Do you ever wonder when we we're on this site talking about

"7,000 Gun-Loving "Patriots" Living in an Walled Citadel Built Around an Arms Factory in Idaho"

Gohmert: GOP Leaders ‘Scared To Death’ Of Plan To Defund Obama Care

Future Jobs Will Be Freelance Contract Jobs. No Employer Of Record.

On behalf of the Religion Group, I have a question for you.

Perpetual war and its costs

Papantonio: The Republican Disease Weakens Critical Thinking

Glenn Beck conference rip off

"How low can you get: the minimum wage scam"

Right-wingers using fake picture to race-bait...

Is This Why MSNBC is Bringing The Ed Show Back to Weekdays?

UCLA wastes a scholarship on P. Diddy's son

Snowden is really up sh!t creek now without a paddle.

A new DU smilie was added just for us.

At Least One Person Seriously Injured In Queens Bus Accident

New Mexico AG won't challenge same-sex marriage licenses

NSA Declassifies Documents Revealing Unconstitutional Spying On U.S. Emails

It has been 2 months since the "Pardon Snowden" petition passed 100k signatures. No Response from WH

High school students asked to bring their own digital devices to school

If reps win big next year, NSA spying advances 50 years; while the rest of us move back 50 years

Smashing up computers won't stop spying investigation

Thanks to Elad

Heaven is a place in earth

If you don't check in here you are evil incarnate. ;-)

"Republicans Move to the Center? Nope, They’re Crazier Than Ever"

Where is the OUTRAGE? WSJ Reports "75% of Americans Spied on" Reported from Un-named Sources!

NAFTA on Steroids: The TransPacific Partnership and Global Neoliberalism


Jindal pulls Louisiana's Obamacare application, cites not wanting to care for more people

Le Police Car

If I didn't know MFM was fucking immortal, I'd swear he'd been reincarnated as a dog...

Proposed ban on religious symbols in Quebec a 'violation of freedom of religion'

Budding Medical Marijuana Industry Attracts Wall Street Scammers

Catholic Leaders to Take Immigration Push to the Pews

If you are a creationist, you are a fucking idiot

How the NRA built a secret database of gun owners

Beau Biden has undergone "successful procedure," heads home on Thursday.

Afghanistan: The SEALs Get Ready to Go Back

Auditor is audited in battle of audits

Police taser man to get him off a roof, choke & drag him face-down across a staircase, killing him

Democratic congressman sues IRS over political rules ( 501(c)(4) )

NRA keeps database of gun owners and potential members: Report

"Wonkbook: Newt Gingrich explains how the GOP’s Obamacare tactics backfired"

LA Weekly: Michael Hastings feared his car had been tampered with

Greece needs third bail-out, admits German finance minister

Fox & Friends, Daily Caller Falsely Report ’3 Black Teens’ Arrested in Chris Lane Murder

Angry Nixon: New tapes reveal an overwrought president in grips of Watergate

"How Obamacare is Slowing the Growth of Health Care Spending"

Ok, this is getting out of hand.

What Manning Revealed

Paterson explains why Spitzer’s sins are forgivable

NSA misrepresented scope of data collection to secret court

Germany Criticizes U.K. Over Handling of the Guardian

NRA built massive database of gun owners while opposing national gun registry

The New York Times' prophetic 1983 warning about the NSA

Veterans and iraqi/afghani civilians speak out for Bradley Manning

The Little Bopper has passed: Jay Richardson (son of JP Richardson) dead at 54...

Leslie Cannold quits as WikiLeaks party candidate

Documents show NSA may have collected tens of thousands of emails of Americans

Charles P. Pierce: Manning was treated barbarically for 112 days. This didn't happen by accident.

"Prison Break" Star, Comes Out As Gay, Declining Russian Film Festival Invite

Ted Cruz: Obamacare is causing people to lose their health care

Fed appeals ruling on its debit-card fee cap

Horsey: I think I liked It Better When Our Ranch Was Only Being Overrun By Illegal Immigrants.

Me vs Dee Dee Benkie on Andrew Wilkow's Show on Blaze TV

Maddow: Meet the Republican who’s holding up all legislation in Congress

NM county issues same-sex marriage licenses

Epic: 700 Club Co-Host Loses His Mind During Interview

Rick Perry Seeks Obamacare Funding For Texans

Wells Fargo Said to Eliminate 2,300 Mortgage Jobs

'The Periodic Table Of Alcohol' Charts All Your Favorite Beverages

Texas Rep. Michael McCaul Loses Top Spot For Wealthiest Congressman; Issa Surges Ahead

Duck Dynasty star goes on anti-abortion rant.

White House: Obama not ready to back legalized marijuana

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 22 August 2013

"Joe Biden: Beau 'Is In Great Shape,' Will Be Discharged Thursday"

Did Liz Cheney get into trouble

Jesse Jackson tweets that killing of Chris Lane ‘frowned upon’

Oprah Winfrey Should Win an Oscar for ‘The Butler’ (

Russia Says Rebels May Have Staged Alleged Syrian Chemical Attack

Chinese restrictions limit recycling locally

Just cut off all my hair. Must wait for shower tomorrow to see how it all turns out.

Russia Slams British Authorities Over Pressure on Guardian

Statement from Bradley Manning, on the occasion of his being sentenced to 35 years in prison

This is another (adorable) test

Bradley Manning wishing he’d just shot an unarmed black teenager

Identify works of literature from their word cloud

6,100-year-old crock pot has earliest evidence of food spicing (and it's still delicious)

Nevada AFL-CIO condemns Obamacare

How can the e-cig people claim they're not marketing to kids and yet

"How The NRA Built A Massive Secret Database Of Gun Owners"

Anybody Watching New York Democratic Mayoral Debate

Atheists Reject Tax Break From Federal Government To Protest Religious Exemption

Wyden: NSA has not addressed concerns in the two years since the FISA ruling was issued.

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Has 12 years not been enough of this Homeland nonsense?

What NSA Transparency Looks Like