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Tue Dec 19, 2017, 10:21 PM

Sam Bee: Full Frontal Parody of "The Matrix" Highlights Voting Vulnerability

Got the email below the video clip from Verified Voting. Sign up for their email list if you haven't; they do great work! https://www.verifiedvoting.org

Great parody of The Matrix on voting systems vulnerability from Sam Bee. From November, but well worth watching and very clever.

TBS’ Full Frontal Parody of ‘The Matrix’ Highlights Voting Vulnerability

It’s been eighteen years since we dodged those slo-mo bullets with Keanu Reeves, but when it comes to our election systems, the question still stands...
Will we pop the red pill, ignoring the security threats that face our elections?

Or will we swallow the blue pill, to face and fix our matrix of electoral insanity?
Samantha Bee wants to Neo.

In Full Frontal’s parody, she interviews cyber security researcher Logan Lamb (Morpheus) who, having hacked into one of Georgia’s voting machines --run by Kennesaw State University--declares them “hilariously” insecure. And he’s not sheepish about sharing his findings: Did you know that a 4-digit PIN code is all that stands between a hacker and our democracy?

You do now, thanks to busy Sam Bee.

She also speaks with Donna Curling and Donna Price (collectively, the Oracle), two local advocates, who are pushing for a return to voter marked paper ballots. We vote for that!

As you may know, Verified Voting has a long history with The Donnas, going all the way back to 2005. Disturbed by the Diebold voting machines taking over polling places after the passage of the Help America Vote Act, the Donnas fought tirelessly in Georgia, trying to push local legislators for more secure voting practices. Meanwhile, Ohio, Florida, California, Maryland and other states cleaned up their poll acts--the Diebolds were poleaxed--but Georgia resisted.

After finding only pits in Peach State politics, the Donnas retreated for a while, until Logan Lamb’s sacrificial hack showed us just how big Kennesaw State’s digital hole was. This has re-animated the Donnas, who have been agitating valiantly ever since.
As you know, this topic is serious; our democracy hangs in the balance. But Sam Bee, cracking jokes in black latex, may just sting us into consciousness.

So please, please, swallow the blue pill. Donate to Verified Voting today to keep America’s elections safe and fair.

And share this clip!

Best Regards,
The Verified Voting Team
PS - We were thrilled when Full Frontal producers reached out to us to get our perspective regarding election systems for this segment. If you're interested in learning more too, check out The Verifier to see how your home state stacks up and the areas around the country in vital need of securing!

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