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DMCA Copyright Policy

Do not copy-and-paste entire articles onto this discussion forum. When referencing copyrighted work, post a short excerpt with a link back to the original.

To simplify compliance and enforcement of copyrights here on Democratic Underground, we ask that excerpts from other sources posted on Democratic Underground be limited to a maximum of four paragraphs, and we ask that the source of the content be clearly identified. Those who make a good-faith effort to respect the rights of copyright holders are unlikely to have any problems. But individuals who willfully and habitually infringe on others' copyrights risk being in violation of our Terms of Service.

Democratic Underground believes we have an ethical responsibility to respect the rights of copyright holders. For this reason, we strongly encourage our members to refrain from violating copyrights when posting here, and we make a good-faith effort to deal with copyright violations posted on our site when we are aware of them. However, please be aware that as a matter of law, individuals who infringe on copyrights in their postings on this site or elsewhere can be held individually responsible for copyright violations they post. Democratic Underground does not necessarily have a legal responsibility for the things members post on this website.

If you believe there is content on the Democratic Underground website that violates copyright law, let us know. Specifically, send us an email or letter that includes substantially the following:

The notice should be sent to our designated agent, David Allsopp, via email (earlg@democraticunderground.com).

Democratic Underground reserves the right to (1) review the allegedly infringing material and independently determine whether it is infringing; (2) publicly display a copy of your DMCA notice; and (3) forward the notice to the person who provided the allegedly infringing content.

Please also be advised that in appropriate circumstances we ban the accounts of repeat infringers.

If we receive a DMCA takedown notice and subsequently remove material that you posted to Democratic Underground, but you believe that the material was not infringing, you can submit a counter-notice. For more information on counter-notices, see the Citizen Media Legal Guide. Please send your counter-notice to our designated agent, David Allsopp, via email (earlg@democraticunderground.com).