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Tom Rinaldo

The media keeps suggesting there may be hidden Trump voters...

They are hidden all right: in fact they are so hard to see because they are being blocked out by millions of disgruntled former Trump supporters and newly engaged Democratic voters.

Forget worrying about "hidden voters", and look at the masses assembling in plain sight eager to remove Trump from the presidency. Look at grassroots fundraising, look at early and mail voting, look at all the voices screaming at the top of their lungs that this is the most important election of our lives and everyone has to vote!


New Biden Ad: Biden vs Trump through the years

(Joe Biden) "I’ve spent my entire career fighting for the middle class and standing up to the abuse of power. Donald Trump has spent his entire career looking out for himself and abusing his power."


The last debate is the final straw

(Jennifer Rubin/Washington Post) Nothing that occurred during Thursday night’s debate increases the chances we will have to endure four more years of the unhinged, know-nothing narcissistic president. Voters who made it through the 90-minute event saw a sharper, more fact-filled Biden than they have seen in previous performances. Meanwhile, the meandering, mean-spirited president was forced to resort to a flood of lies.


CBS/YouGov Debate Poll

Joe - 54%
Trump - 35%
Tie - 9%

Renew Deal

CNN Poll: Biden won debate 53-39

Poll of debate watchers.
32% Democrat
31% Republican
37% Independent

Favorability rating changes
Before 55%
After 56%

Before 42%
After 41%

Were Biden's attacks on Trump fair?
73% Yes
26% No

50% Yes
49% No


Vox: 4 winners and 5 losers from the last Biden-Trump debate

(Vox) Winner: Joe Biden. Loser: Donald Trump

During the primary and general election, Biden hasn’t particularly shined on the debate stage. His answers meander and he mixes up words in ways that take the sting out from attack lines. But tonight, Biden was sharper and more on target — allowing his strong qualities, his command over policy and his ability to connect with ordinary Americans, to shine through.

During the first segment about the pandemic, for example, Trump said “we’re learning to live with it.” Biden responded with a possibly rehearsed, but nonetheless devastating response — “he says that we’re learning to live with it, people are learning to die with it.”

He continued needling Trump about his refusal to take responsibility for pandemic policy, provoking the president into the most embarrassing stumble from either candidate in the entire debate: “I take full responsibility. It’s not my fault that it came here. It’s China’s fault.” It’s a line that you can bet will be in anti-Trump attack ad in very short order.

Biden was like this for much of the debate, clever and empathetic and even a little feisty.

Drunken Irishman

CNN Undecideds Focus Group, Post-Debate

9 say Biden won, 2 say draw, 0 say Trump.


Whining Trump posts recording of 60 Minutes interview, apparently thinking it makes him look good

Transcript of the start of the recording:

Stahl: "Are you ready for some tough questions?"
Trump: "You're going to be fair."
Stahl: "I'm going to be fair?"
Trump: "Just be fair."
Stahl: "But last time I remembered you saying to me, 'Bring it on. Bring it on.'"
Trump: "Well, no, I'm not looking for that now, I'm looking for fairness that's all."
Stahl: "You're going to get fairness. But you're okay with some tough questions?"
Trump: "No, I'm not."
Stahl: "You're not okay with tough questions?"
Trump: "Well I want them to be fair. You don't ask Biden tough questions."

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Merkel: "Germany on the verge of losing control of virus"

4 replies - Angela Merkel has warned that Germany is on the verge of losing control of its fight against the coronavirus, reportedly telling colleagues from her Christian Democratic party this morning “the situation is threatening” and “every day counts”, write ... (The Guardian)

Joe Biden Will Make His First Trip to Georgia Tuesday As Campaign Heats Up

4 replies - GEORGIA — Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will travel to Georgia Tuesday, his first trip to the state in his campaign and part of a late effort to flip the state blue. President Donald Trump carried the state in 2016 by 5 percentage poin ... (Baynews)

'A disgrace to democracy': Dozens of ballots destroyed in suspected arson of a Boston drop box

3 replies - The FBI and Boston police are searching for a suspect in the alleged arson of a ballot box Sunday morning in Boston. (Boston Police Department/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) The fire started early Sunday morning inside a ballot drop box in Boston's Back Bay ... (Washington Post)

Chile Votes To Replace Pinochet- Era Constitution: Early Referendum Results

2 replies - The current document was created in the 1980s under a right-wing military dictatorship. With a small percentage of the votes counted, it appears the majority of Chileans want a new constitution. Chileans voted overwhelmingly to replace their militar ... (DW)

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Civil rights groups sue de Blasio, NYPD over protest response

5 min ago - NEW YORK — The New York Civil Liberties Union and the Legal Aid Society are suing Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD brass, charging they are responsible for the “indiscriminate brutalizing of peaceful protestors” during a wave of demonstrations that swep ... (Politico)

Harvard Youth Poll

7 min ago - A national poll of America’s 18-to-29 year olds released today by the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School found historic interest in the upcoming election, with a higher proportion of respondents indicating they will ‘definitely be voting ... (Harvard Institute of Politics)

Curfew enacted in El Paso as county judge says hospitals and ICUs near capacity

7 hrs ago - Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Sunday that the state will establish an alternate care site to expand care in El Paso as the region deals with surging COVID-19 cases. El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego on Sunday issued a curfew from 10 p.m. ... (CBS News)

Fox News President and Several Top Anchors Advised to Quarantine After Being Exposed to Cov

9 hrs ago - JUST IN: Fox News President and Several Top Anchors Advised to Quarantine After Being Exposed to Covid on Flight to Debate. Several big names at Fox News Channel have been advised to quarantine after a fellow passenger on a private charter flight fr ... (Mediate)

Trump has list of top intelligence officials he'll fire if he wins reelection: report

9 hrs ago - Trump plans to fire several top officials in the national security sphere should he win reelection in November, Axios reported Sunday. The president plans to fire Defense Secretary Mark Esper, CIA Director Gina Haspel and FBI Director Christopher Wr ... (The Hill)

NYPD officer suspended after promoting Trump on police loudspeaker

11 hrs ago - A New York City police officer was suspended without pay Sunday for promoting President Trump's reelection campaign from a loudspeaker while on patrol over the weekend. Talia Jane, a Brooklyn-based freelance reporter, tweeted that a squad car was bl ... (ABC News)

White House lawyer helped shop controversial Hunter Biden story to Wall Street Journal: NYT

13 hrs ago - A controversial story alleging wrongdoing by former Vice President Joe Biden's family in foreign business dealings was pitched by Trump allies to the Wall Street Journal before it appeared in the New York Post, The New York Times reported. According ... (The Hill)

Texas Makes Convention Center a Hospital Amid COVID Surge, Polling-Place Masks Still Optional

13 hrs ago - A sprawling convention center in El Paso will act as a makeshift hospital starting this week, as the southern Texas city grapples with spiking COVID-19 cases and a subsequent surge in hospitalizations related to the disease. But while the state ampl ... (Newsweek)

UK Doctors Demand Free Meals For Kids As COVID Fuels Hunger

14 hrs ago - LONDON (AP) -- Pediatricians are urging the British government to reverse course and provide free meals for poor children during school holidays as the COVID-19 pandemic pushes more families into poverty. Some 2,200 members of the Royal College of Pe ... (AP News)

Black Contractor Braves Threats In Removing Richmond Statues

15 hrs ago - RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Devon Henry paced in nervous anticipation, because this was a project like nothing he'd ever done. He wore the usual hard hat -- and a bulletproof vest. An accomplished Black businessman, Henry took on a job the city says others ... (AP News)

Utah's hospitals prepare to ration care as a record number of coronavirus patients flood their ICUs

15 hrs ago - With new coronavirus cases shattering records on a daily basis, Utah’s hospitals are expected to begin rationing care in a week or two. That’s the prediction of Greg Bell, president of the Utah Hospital Association, who said administrators of the st ... (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Mike Pence to 'Inexplicably' Attend Senate Vote on Amy Coney Barrett Despite Close Staff Testing Pos

16 hrs ago - Vice President Mike Pence says he will be in the U.S. Senate Monday to vote in favor of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination, despite his closest aides all testing positive for COVID-19 over the past week. Pence told NBC News Sunday du ... (Newsweek)

Omaha civic leader David Karnes, briefly a U.S. senator, dies at age 71

16 hrs ago - By Henry Cordes When David Karnes was surprisingly appointed to the U.S. Senate in 1987, he said his biggest consideration in whether to accept the plum political post was its impact on his young family. "My family is number one with me," ... (Omaha World Herald)

Conservative New Hampshire paper backs Biden -- its first Democratic endorsement in 100 years

17 hrs ago - The New Hampshire Union Leader, a conservative-leaning newspaper, has endorsed Democratic candidate Joe Biden for president, despite its century-long history of backing Republicans. In backing Biden, the newspaper endorsed its first Democratic candid ... (CNN)

Kamala Harris to make campaign stop in Texas

17 hrs ago - BY ALEX SAMUELS AND PATRICK SVITEK OCT. 25, 2020 Kamala Harris, Joe Biden's running mate and the California U.S. senator, will be visiting Texas on Friday, according to an email Biden's campaign sent to Democratic lawmakers in Texas on Sunday. Harr ... (Texas Tribune)

Health experts question Pence campaigning as essential work

17 hrs ago - By MARILYNN MARCHIONE AP Chief Medical Writer Oct 25, 2020 Updated 1 hr ago Health policy specialists questioned White House officials' claim that federal rules on essential workers allow Vice President Mike Pence to continue to campaign and not ... (Associated Press)

U.S. disease expert Fauci says vaccine verdict due by early December

18 hrs ago - LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said on Sunday it would be clear whether a COVID-19 vaccine was safe and effective by early December, but that more widespread vaccination would not be likely until later in 2021. " ... (Reuters)

Senate advances Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination in key procedural vote

18 hrs ago - Washington (CNN)The Senate advanced Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination in a key procedural vote Sunday, paving the way for a final confirmation vote, which will likely take place Monday evening, just a week before the November 3 elect ... (CNN)

Europe's Jewish Population Has Dropped 60% In Last 50 Years

19 hrs ago - Europe has lost almost 60% of its Jewish population over the past 50 years, mainly as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union after which many Jews left eastern Europe as borders opened, a study shows. Only about 9% of the global Jewish populat ... (The Guardian)

Gov. Whitmer calls Trump rally in Lansing a 'recipe for disaster' as COVID-19 cases surge

19 hrs ago - LANSING — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer called President Donald Trump's planned campaign rally in Lansing on Tuesday "a recipe for disaster" among soaring coronavirus case numbers and urged the public not to attend the event. Whitmer, speaking liv ... (Detroit Free Press)

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez says Biden's position on fracking doesn't bother her

21 hrs ago - Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who has introduced a bill to ban fracking by 2025, said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Biden’s position on fracking doesn’t bother her. “Biden has made very clear that he does not agree wit ... (Washington Post)

Health Agency Halts Coronavirus Ad Campaign, Leaving Santa Claus in the Cold

22 hrs ago - A federal health agency halted a public-service coronavirus advertising campaign funded by $250 million in taxpayer money after it offered a special vaccine deal to an unusual set of essential workers: Santa Claus performers. As part of the plan, a ... (Wall Street Journal)

White House chief of staff: 'We are not going to control the pandemic'

23 hrs ago - White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Sunday that the US is "not going to control" the coronavirus pandemic, as cases surge across the country and nearly 225,000 Americans have died from the virus. "We are not going to control ... (CNN)

Biden rebounds to edge over Trump in Texas, as Hegar slightly narrows Cornyn's lead in Senate race

Yesterday - By Robert T. Garrett 4:45 AM on Oct 25, 2020 CDT AUSTIN — Former Vice President Joe Biden has regained a narrow lead over President Donald Trump in Texas, after wooing more independents and Hispanics, according to a poll released Sunday by The Dall ... (Dallas Morning News)

Lines Stretch for Blocks as New Yorkers Turn Out for Early Voting

Yesterday - Tens of thousands of New Yorkers flooded polling places and waited hours in long lines on Saturday, the first day of early voting, with many saying that they turned out because of concerns that their ballots might not be counted if they tried to vote ... (New York Times)