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These may be the unsung heroes of the insane Trump era.

Career federal employees, including military people.

One way to describe the Trump era, besides insanely self destructive, is leaderless. In many ways we have been without a president the past two plus years. Somehow the State Dept. is still functioning....


People voted for Democrats in the last election so they could oversee the Executive Branch....

Because Republicans failed miserably.

They never wanted to get to the truth. From Mitch McConnell, to Paul Ryan, to Devin Nunes, they all carried water for Donald Trump and ignored the facts staring them in the face....


There is much with which to be annoyed in the often mindless media coverage of this

"administration", but one of the recurring themes that never ceases to yank my chain is the nonsense about Trump having "plans" or, better yet, "strategies"; about his "preparation" for meetings with world leaders; and, about his "policies".

The man has no moral core, no convictions and has never believed anything beyond "I'm entitled to whatever I want when I want it"....


Pelosi's detractors were right about one thing: She IS a lightning rod. And thank God, she is

And I’ll bet the red state Members who, even if they support impeachment, need some time and space to help their constituents catch up with the rest of us, are grateful that Nancy Pelosi is taking the incoming bolts for them.

That’s what a leader does. And Pelosi is doing it so well, she makes it look easy - so easy, in fac, that some people don’t even realize she’s doing it.


A pro-choice rally in my little red town

I attended a pro-choice rally in my little, ruby red part of Florida this evening. It was organized by a young woman, whom I was proud to meet.

As the president of our local Democratic Women's Club, I felt obligated to attend - and wanted to attend. 2 things: 1. it was near 100 degrees at 5 p.m. (in May in Central Florida, for sweet Jesus' sake!) and I do not handle heat well, to say the least (think near heatstroke); 2. I truly was afraid we'd get shot....


He's obstructing justice in plain sight.

A blanket objection and refusal to obey any subpoena or request from a co-equal branch of government, which has the legal authority and duty to investigate possible crimes and corrupt behavior revealed in other testimony and evidence obtained legally by both Congress and the Special Counsel. Now, saying that he won't do his job (infrastructure that HE promised to his voters), unless the investigation ends... can't get any more obvious than that.

Obstruction of justice in plain sight, and Trumpers STILL can't see what the con man is. Some do and don't care. But some really ARE that blinded by worship and loyalty.


Congress's case for its subpoena on Deutsche bank was a SLAM DUNK. How do I know?

Because today, at the hearing, after the lawyers on both sides made their arguments, the judge took a ten minute recess -- and then read out loud his 25 page opinion, all written and ready to go.

He didn't need a week to consider anything. He didn't even take a day.

He had already written his opinion, refusing to issue an injunction, before the hearing started.


I think Nancy is playing it perfectly - by giving him all the rope he needs.

She really knows how to play him. She sets him up and he takes the bait every single time. Today is the perfect example.

I suspect she will impeach, but only after he does half the work for her. The more days we have like today, the easier it will get. Keep the orange bastard squirming. Desperation does not look good on him.


A note of appreciation for Mayor Pete . . .

I am supporting Elizabeth Warren, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. But I wanted to express my appreciation for the way Pete Buttigieg handled himself in the Fox News town hall. Butiigieg answered every question that was put to him in a straightforward manner that wasn't at all cagey. What's more, he deftly evaded every rhetorical trap Chris Wallace tried to snare him with.

On a very loaded question about late-term abortions, Buttigieg beautifully flipped the paradigm. He said (and I am paraphrasing here, not directly quoting): "We're getting all hung up on where to draw the line, but in doing so, we're missing the crucial question of who gets to draw the line. I trust women to draw the line." It was the best possible response anyone could have given to that very loaded question....

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American who fought for Taliban freed early from US prison

18 hrs ago - John Walker Lindh, the American captured in 2001 fighting for the Taliban, was released early from federal prison on Thursday morning, according to the Washington Post, which cited his lawyer. Lindh was released despite concerns expressed by some US ... (The Guardian)


19 hrs ago - Next month the Royal family will meet the Trump family. President Donald Trump's children and their spouses will join his state visit to the United Kingdom in June where they are expected to be greeted by the royal family, sources with knowledge of ... (KTIC Radio)

Bank CEO Indicted for Allegedly Aiding Manafort With Loans in Exchange for Trump Administration Job

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