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When Not Terrorizing Children What Do Republicans Do? (Original Post) SeaDoo77 Jan 2018 OP
Other Republican fun hobbies Ohiogal Jan 2018 #1
Wax the stairs at old age homes ? CentralMass Jan 2018 #2
Hold fundraisers Va Lefty Jan 2018 #3
Kick puppies and kittens. BigmanPigman Jan 2018 #4
Trash teachers, reporters, and anyone who doesnt have white skin. lkinwi Jan 2018 #5
Call up their favorite hooker and ask to be spanked. nt procon Jan 2018 #6
They seem to enjoy terrorizing women as well. Mrs. Overall Jan 2018 #7


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1. Other Republican fun hobbies
Fri Jan 19, 2018, 10:10 PM
Jan 2018

Polluting the environment

Insulting our international allies

Taking womens' rights back 100 years

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