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Sun Jan 28, 2018, 11:37 AM Jan 2018

As a veteran of the Watergate Scandal, please allow me to say

that it’s what you DO NOT KNOW that caused the perps to do what they do. As a relatively trite example, Melania moving out (rumoredly) May have more to do with the impending firestorm concerning treason and sedition than his bogging a porn star which, I may add, is neither new news or unusual for this spray-tanned fakir. In fact you could make a case that it’s the most normal activity he’s performed in years. I say that because I think his perversions are extreme and very disturbing even to those closely associated with him.

In their heart of hearts the perpetrators in the WH are aware of their vulnerabilities to prosecution of crimes which are rarely discussed in America outside law schools and literary fiction. They are aware that the term “Benedict Arnold” could someday be replaced with the name “Donald Trump” and are afraid for their lives literally.

Watch the cornered rats carefully for “clews” to their political apocalypse. You will in fact see “it” coming...

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As a veteran of the Watergate Scandal, please allow me to say (Original Post) PCIntern Jan 2018 OP
Spray tanned fakir! Gabi Hayes Jan 2018 #1
Thanks! Ill take a look at that! nt PCIntern Jan 2018 #3
The amazing thing to me is the whole Republican party is tainted. PatrickforO Jan 2018 #2
I'm still not convinced this will take down the repub party groundloop Jan 2018 #4
If it doesn't we are in deeper trouble than most American can imagine. usaf-vet Jan 2018 #7
You are correct. Delphinus Jan 2018 #24
I don't see it happening until we flip both Houses in November. PatrickforO Jan 2018 #12
NEVER FORGET: "Impeachment is off the table". I'm seriously afraid that could happen again. n/t BamaRefugee Jan 2018 #16
There is a possibility that Trump's biz can be confiscated. dixiegrrrrl Jan 2018 #21
This is worst than Watergate. rockfordfile Jan 2018 #25
Don't forget the state of New York world wide wally Jan 2018 #14
Thats a good point. citizen blues Jan 2018 #5
That may have had little or nothing to do with it PCIntern Jan 2018 #6
Yes PatSeg Jan 2018 #15
Good post. But please change fakir to faker... Hekate Jan 2018 #8
I was attempting humor. Nt PCIntern Jan 2018 #9
I have to say "spray tanned fakir" is a great turn of phrase, regardless Hekate Jan 2018 #10
Same with clews. Tipperary Jan 2018 #18
Actually the definition of 'clew' is kinda perfect in this context MadLinguist Jan 2018 #20
There is another reason tomg Jan 2018 #22
Great analyses you two! nt PCIntern Jan 2018 #23
Great points. In the end this is going to make Watergate look like a prank. Vinca Jan 2018 #11
As another student of the Watergate and Nixon near-impeachment, I think that .... Shoonra Jan 2018 #13
Absolutely. I was not equating the severity of each PCIntern Jan 2018 #17
Another Veteran of closely following the "Watergate Scandal.." Stuart G Jan 2018 #19
Great thread, great comments throughout. K&R. n/t ms liberty Jan 2018 #26
"Benedict Arnold" could someday be replaced with the name "Donald Trump" Tactical Peek Jan 2018 #27

Gabi Hayes

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1. Spray tanned fakir!
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 11:51 AM
Jan 2018

Excellent comparison with BA, btw

Also, speaking of the first traitor (not the fakir, in this case), have you seen Turn, Washington’s Spies?

So excellent, and a good bit takes place in your venerable city

Can’t recommend it more highly

On Netflix last I checked

And, did you see the Lucian Truscott story along the same lines

Here somewhere

Hope he’s right

Edit: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210150782


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2. The amazing thing to me is the whole Republican party is tainted.
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 12:52 PM
Jan 2018

Or at least the leadership. Ryan for sure. A bunch of other members of Congress.

This thing is going to take the whole party down the shithole. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

It has been awesome and evil to see it unfold.


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4. I'm still not convinced this will take down the repub party
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 12:59 PM
Jan 2018

I'm not saying it won't, I'm just still not convinced that it will either. Who's going to impeach 45*, his repub co-conspirators? Taking legal action against a sitting President, Vice President, and Congressional leadership is totally unprecedented and I can still see quite a few scenarios where this shitstorm manages to blow over. I sure hope I'm wrong, but I'm still not getting my hopes up.


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7. If it doesn't we are in deeper trouble than most American can imagine.
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 01:13 PM
Jan 2018

I would hope it would be easier to say who won't get indicted in the repug party. If we don't clean house based on these illegal activities what would it take? Mass murder on the WH lawn?


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24. You are correct.
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 05:59 PM
Jan 2018

Time will tell - I hope it comes down on the side of justice.

Belated welcome to DU.


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12. I don't see it happening until we flip both Houses in November.
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 01:30 PM
Jan 2018

Will we? It is my fond hope that we do. Otherwise we're fucked, traveling downstream in the old capitalist river without paddles, cold and wet, and our boat leaky, while the billionaire freaks steam by on a luxury yacht.

Because that's what this is - the coup of the capitalists. Their bid to finally get rid of the New Deal once and for all, subjugate the masses (that's us) into wage slavery and rule us through constant fear of falling with no safety nets. The richest will then be able to live in luxury while we toil in filth, hunger, insecurity and poverty.

They may have done it too soon, though, and some of the institutions are proving a bit more resilient that they thought.


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21. There is a possibility that Trump's biz can be confiscated.
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 02:59 PM
Jan 2018

It seems that the DOJ recently, under Trump, increased a policy of taking someone's money and goods if they are thought to have committed a crime. No charges needed, no trial needed, just suspicion.
Mueller won't miss out on that tool.

DOJ new asset forfeiture policy - police can seize property from people not charged w/crime even in states where it's been banned.

It's a TRUMP policy!!!!

What is the word for when irony and schadenfreude mate?

citizen blues

(574 posts)
5. Thats a good point.
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 01:01 PM
Jan 2018

In other words, she could be using the porn star scandal as cover to put some distance between her and Donald.


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6. That may have had little or nothing to do with it
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 01:06 PM
Jan 2018

As far as SHE was concerned. She knowsfar more than we do so our assumptions as to why something happened may be faulty.


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15. Yes
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 01:59 PM
Jan 2018

I am quite sure Melania knew of Trump's affairs and probably doesn't care all that much, especially if it means, he leaves her alone. The only way I see her caring, is the public humiliation and the effect it could have on her son. Then again, every day with Trump is a public humiliation.


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20. Actually the definition of 'clew' is kinda perfect in this context
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 02:44 PM
Jan 2018
noun: the cords by which a hammock is suspended.

The OP asks us to look for clews. The mammoth hammock supporting the POS POTUS's enormous ass and gargantuan crimes is in fact being supported by a complex set of cords -- being held by players both in and out of the public view. And the beast in the hammock is just as trapped by those clews as he is by the clues pointing to his crimes.


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22. There is another reason
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 03:00 PM
Jan 2018

that the word is pretty appropriate ( though I like your logic and imagery and the ops use of it). Originally "clew" initially meant a large ball of tangled thread. It derived from the red ball of thread that Ariadne wove and that she later gave to Theseus so that he could go into the center of the labyrinth, kill the minotaur ( who was her 1/2 brother) and find his way out.


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13. As another student of the Watergate and Nixon near-impeachment, I think that ....
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 01:55 PM
Jan 2018

In some ways this Trump scandal is worse than the Watergate scandal.

Primarily, the Watergate scandal was primarily about burglarizing the Democratic HQ, shortly before the convention where McGovern was clearly going to get the nomination. Very bad, but considering that McGovern was already assured of the nomination, and McGovern being McGovern, nobody can pretend that the burglary changed the course of the election. And it was entirely domestic.

On the other hand, the Trump Campaign's rather conspicuous and multiple collusion with Russia, with China, and with various foreign billionaires led to a lot of foreign money subsidizing Trump, foreign internet hackers spreading false reports and, perhaps most important, interfering with Democratic databases, all to help the Trump campaign, with the result that, rather obviously, the course of the election was affected and the current President is now deeply indebted and strongly influenced by foreign mentors whose interests are contrary to the best interests of America. In a manner of speaking, we elected the Manchurian Candidate.

And this is made even worse by the willingness of the Republican Party to obstruct and impugn the FBI, which is trying to explore and prevent this Russian (and other foreign) influence.


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17. Absolutely. I was not equating the severity of each
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 02:18 PM
Jan 2018

I was simply discussing the evolution of the motives of the perps

Stuart G

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19. Another Veteran of closely following the "Watergate Scandal.."
Sun Jan 28, 2018, 02:33 PM
Jan 2018

and I followed it pretty closely. Here is the most telling similarity............................

The news feels the same in a very specific way: We get one piece of news one day, and then there is another piece of news qualifying or enhancing that same news the next day, or a few days later. And, overall the story does get bigger and bigger, just like Watergate

Were getting it in bits and pieces, but the entire story is getting larger and larger as we hear more. That is exactly the same as "Watergate." So, there was a 15 minute gap in the important tape released during Watergate. The question was and still is," Who erased the tape?" Now, most of us believe today that it was Nixon himself who erased the tape.

So, in a very similar way, "Who was responsible for Russian involvement in the election?" It may come out later, that Trump knew completely that the Russians were helping and he even offered help to fix the election himself. That Trump participated in, and knew about, Russians fixing the election in his favor, would be the ultimate news. Who knows what will come out? One thing is certain, Mr. Mueller and his team know how to investigate this kind of thing..He and his team are not new to this "investigation job" Lots of experience in that team....

.....Actually more experience and knowledge on the "Investigation team," then on the "Trump team" In my opinion Trump figured that out a long time ago, and that is why he wanted to fire Mr. Mueller. He still wants to fire him, but I have a feeling that most of the investigation is done or done enough that the next investigator who comes on, will not have trouble getting indictments ....................and..............

That was exactly the same as "Watergate" ....Once the train got going there was no stopping the investigations, indictments and trials. ..............and eventual jail time for most of Nixon's crowd.....Yes, I believe that will happen the same way now: "indictments, trials, and jail time"

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