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Justify turns down Visit to White House (Original Post) Norbert Jun 2018 OP
Thank you for the hilarity! Perfect. CaliforniaPeggy Jun 2018 #1
Wonderful tweet...... ProudMNDemocrat Jun 2018 #2
ROFL !!! CountAllVotes Jun 2018 #3
Lol ArnoldLayne Jun 2018 #18
(a very appropos avatar there!) lastlib Jun 2018 #21
K&R bdamomma Jun 2018 #56
I'm gonna kick for more recs! angstlessk Jun 2018 #4
Nay Nay he said. boston bean Jun 2018 #5
I'm stealing that joke and emailing it to my sane friends. Elwood P Dowd Jun 2018 #6
Already did. Lochloosa Jun 2018 #7
Me too.😂 Arkansas Granny Jun 2018 #11
This made my day. Totally Tunsie Jun 2018 #8
Winner! sheshe2 Jun 2018 #9
This definitely won the Internet this month. nt Lucky Luciano Jun 2018 #10
Ta-Daaaah! Paladin Jun 2018 #12
Best post of the day! Ohiogal Jun 2018 #13
Good One! Warren_Pointe Jun 2018 #14
That was a gem! oasis Jun 2018 #15
this pic: progressoid Jun 2018 #16
LOL! lunatica Jun 2018 #48
Justify is a true stable genius! DesertRat Jun 2018 #17
+10 nm reACTIONary Jun 2018 #47
LOL!! peggysue2 Jun 2018 #19
"Neigh!" lastlib Jun 2018 #20
This just in... Fritz Walter Jun 2018 #22
Trumps stud fee is ZERO. He has to pay. anneboleyn Jun 2018 #30
"Trump" and "stud fees"should never appear in the same sentence Fritz Walter Jun 2018 #45
That's what I call "horse sense" NT jayschool2013 Jun 2018 #23
Love it!!!! Initech Jun 2018 #24
He could always send along some souvenir manure. Vinca Jun 2018 #25
Awesome! Watching him win yesterday was my first happy moment in a long time. anneboleyn Jun 2018 #26
Hahahaha!!!! CLASSIC! Takket Jun 2018 #27
Plus, the ladies will be paying Justify not the other way around. Trump has to pay for attractive anneboleyn Jun 2018 #28
Trump has to pay.... SergeStorms Jun 2018 #51
Good one! usaf-vet Jun 2018 #29
K & R mountain grammy Jun 2018 #31
Made my day! lisa58 Jun 2018 #32
Talk about horse sense! 🏇 Heartstrings Jun 2018 #33
Bruising! bucolic_frolic Jun 2018 #34
LOVE this! Retweeted! calimary Jun 2018 #35
Priceless, wins the day!!! PatSeg Jun 2018 #36
There are more horse's asses in the world than there are horses. Never truer. kairos12 Jun 2018 #37
DUzy meow2u3 Jun 2018 #38
Brilliant! smirkymonkey Jun 2018 #39
Love this! LOL montana_hazeleyes Jun 2018 #40
lol Demovictory9 Jun 2018 #41
He doesn't need to go to the W(hore) House Wolf Frankula Jun 2018 #42
Cracked me up. A much needed laugh. KPN Jun 2018 #43
Horsey knows moondust Jun 2018 #44
One For The Ages! DoctorJoJo Jun 2018 #46
Perfect! highplainsdem Jun 2018 #49
Tweet of the year vercetti2021 Jun 2018 #50
Very fitting. duforsure Jun 2018 #52
Made my Monday morning! n/t NNadir Jun 2018 #53
Hah! lagomorph777 Jun 2018 #54
This made my day! onecent Jun 2018 #55
Too late to share this one. JohnnyRingo Jun 2018 #57
It'd be an interesting meeting, tho--"Whinny Meets Whiney"....! lastlib Jun 2018 #58
Restoring Hope seems just sinister enough to accept Awsi Dooger Jun 2018 #59


(20,890 posts)
3. ROFL !!!
Sun Jun 10, 2018, 03:23 PM
Jun 2018

Breaking: #Justify turns down invitation to White House. Asked why, the #TripleCrown winner said “If I wanted to see a horse’s ass, I would’ve finished second.”

Thank you Bob Baffert!

Elwood P Dowd

(11,443 posts)
6. I'm stealing that joke and emailing it to my sane friends.
Sun Jun 10, 2018, 03:38 PM
Jun 2018

Might even use it on a couple of brainwashed repukes I know.

Fritz Walter

(4,298 posts)
22. This just in...
Sun Jun 10, 2018, 04:54 PM
Jun 2018

The White House rescinded the invitation when cadet bone spurs found out that Justify had earned more money — and by honest means — this year than the Drumpf Organization did.

And there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that it was because Melania checked out Justify’s (ahem) assets. But then, there’s the news item about Justify’s stud fees.

Fritz Walter

(4,298 posts)
45. "Trump" and "stud fees"should never appear in the same sentence
Sun Jun 10, 2018, 06:57 PM
Jun 2018

Clearly, he must pay for such opportunities.
And most partners would insist on protection. And we’re not talking Secret Service, here.

Point well taken!


(5,611 posts)
26. Awesome! Watching him win yesterday was my first happy moment in a long time.
Sun Jun 10, 2018, 05:16 PM
Jun 2018

Big gorgeous chestnut boy — I’m sure Trump is jealous of him since he’s jealous of anything that gets more attention then he does and especially for a fantastic achievement.


(5,611 posts)
28. Plus, the ladies will be paying Justify not the other way around. Trump has to pay for attractive
Sun Jun 10, 2018, 05:18 PM
Jun 2018

ladies (of his own species of course) — Justify can relax and watch the $$$ roll in as he chills out in a giant pasture.


(19,208 posts)
51. Trump has to pay....
Mon Jun 11, 2018, 03:51 AM
Jun 2018

for any woman, no matter what she looks or acts like. I wish any woman who sees that mangy, bloated, repulsive creature approaching her the courage to run away, to resist the offers of money or fame, and not become another notch on that grotesque pig's bedpost.

In my opinion there would be NO amount of money that could get me to touch that abhorrent, adipose reject from the swine herd.

Don't do it ladies. #resist



(63,221 posts)
39. Brilliant!
Sun Jun 10, 2018, 06:19 PM
Jun 2018

"I knew American Pharoah, I ran with American Pharoah. You sir, are no American Pharoah!"


(18,743 posts)
57. Too late to share this one.
Mon Jun 11, 2018, 10:42 AM
Jun 2018

Something this hilarious will spread like... well, like a virus. Borowitz is kicking himself in the ass for not writing this one.

I wish I'd thought of it. Thanx for sharing.


Awsi Dooger

(14,565 posts)
59. Restoring Hope seems just sinister enough to accept
Wed Jun 13, 2018, 02:02 AM
Jun 2018

Never mind. The controversy that never ends on racing forums.

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