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Fri Jul 6, 2018, 08:01 AM

BTRTN: A Dispatch from the Civility Wars... Screw You, McConnell!

Born to Run the Numbers on why civility is the last thing we need as we head into one of the most partisan minefields in our history:


Excerpts: "If Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not want to be asked to leave a restaurant, she could do one of two things. She could pre-screen the restaurant owner to make sure that he or she is as stupid, bigoted, and deceitful as she is. Or she could inaugurate a spanking new policy in which she realizes that her job is to tell the American people the truth about the White House. Simple as that, Sarah. Enjoy the steak tartare in peace...

"Wake up, Democrats. The Republicans own the executive branch, the House, the Senate, and now they are going to own the Judiciary. What do you have? You have the majority of American people. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. If you want to fight Trump’s nomination, you are going to have to do it in the Red Hens all across the U.S. You are going to have to turn every meek and retiring “civilized” progressive into Kristin Mink – the kind of real-life action hero who walks up to Scott Pruitt in a restaurant and tells him that he does not deserve to be in his job. You know the kind of passive people I am talking about… the well-behaved, well-mannered nice people who have made rules that we just don’t talk about politics at cocktail parties. These people need to understand that the U.S. is one big Red Hen where enough angry voices in unison get heard. They have to leave the pleasant cul-du-sac, postpone the tennis game, and get their neighbors into the S.U.V. and drive down to that big Red Hen called Washington, D.C."

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