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4. Thanks. I couldn't remember it ever having been done.
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 08:43 PM
Dec 2018

Maybe just because I'm trying to get holiday packages shipped did I notice it now.


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9. That doesn't make it...
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 09:26 PM
Dec 2018

any less ridiculous. I know it's not your fault, Ocelot, you're just passing along information.

The Post Office's busiest time of year and they're taking days off for a guy who, I don't think, will ever be put in the ground. The "mourning" has been going on for a week, tomorrow. My Dad died and his ashes were in the ground three days later. Of course he was never president either. This just seems like overkill, so to speak, that's all.

The Velveteen Ocelot

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10. It does seem to be excessive to shut down the whole federal government
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 09:28 PM
Dec 2018

for the day of a former president's funeral, but that's what they've being doing for a long time. I think we are noticing it more this time because of the upcoming holiday.


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11. I feel sorry for the mail carriers.
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 09:41 PM
Dec 2018

Well, not just the carriers, but everyone who works for the USPS. It's the high volume time of year. The carriers do have a lot of extra baggage now. The amount of extra catalogs they deliver this time of year would break a Water Buffalo's back. I guess that's why they get the big bucks.


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15. The post office was still delivering packages today.
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 10:22 PM
Dec 2018

It was only regular first class mail that was not delivered. It is not the end of the world.


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16. Yup. I got a priority mail package today
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 10:58 PM
Dec 2018

that was due for delivery yesterday (and got lost somewhere in a regional mail sorting facility), causing it to get switched to an expected delivery date of Thursday... but ended up being delivered today thank goodness. They had had it since last Friday.


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13. One day. Regular service is suspended.
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 09:45 PM
Dec 2018

Three weeks before Christmas. Special deliveries still made.

It's not a calamity.


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12. Every president since JFK, at least.
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 09:44 PM
Dec 2018

And the stock market has closed on the day of a president's funeral dating back to Grant in 1885.


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5. That Reminds Me of a Bumper Sticker I saw at Glacier National Park
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 09:07 PM
Dec 2018

"Annoy a Republican and help someone."


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7. Social Security Admin. was closed, too. I tried call them.
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 09:13 PM
Dec 2018

But I got a robocall on my answering machine from what was IDed as SSA about criminal fraudulent use of my SS number. Weird, huh...


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17. My daughter works for U.S.P.S. They got called in for a meeting ---
Wed Dec 5, 2018, 11:20 PM
Dec 2018

"I was just told, we have off Wednesday because a president died."

(Immediately resulting in kind-a happy faces)

"No, not that president."

The room resorted to a general level of happiness for the day off.


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18. Getting the day off makes double sorting the next day.
Thu Dec 6, 2018, 03:59 PM
Dec 2018

And most likely unwanted overtime the next day. The mail keeps coming .


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19. This is a prime example of humour being best when it is rooted in truth.
Thu Dec 6, 2018, 06:35 PM
Dec 2018

Grim, but true...but I happen to like gallows humour.

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