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Fri Feb 15, 2019, 08:38 AM

BTRTN:The "Polar Opposite Vortex..." A Theory on How the Democratic Field Will Shake Out

Born to Run the Numbers with a novel theory on how the voting population will go about its duty of winnowing the huge field of Democratic candidates:


Excerpts: "But there is perhaps an even more intriguing element about the eight year cyclical change that may be helpful in assessing the huge field of contestants for the Democratic nomination. A case can be made that what people generally look for in the personality of their new president is the exact opposite of the dominant personality trait of the incumbent, a trait which may have once been the exact nature of their appeal, but one that has gone stale and become downright alienating with time. Ike was elected because he represented stability, wisdom, restraint, and caution to a nation weary of war. But over time, those traits transitioned from ripe to spoiled, and Ike began to look old, boring, cautious, and bland. Who did Americans elect in 1960? The dynamic, energetic, youthful, and immensely charismatic John F. Kennedy..." (a full catalog of examples follows).
"We’ll call this theory the 'Polar Opposite Vortex.'... which of the dozens of Democratic candidates is truly the polar opposite of Donald Trump? Donald Trump has so many serious faults that the hardest task is figuring out which of Trump’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities is viewed by voters to be the most egregious. Trump is a veritable Sybil of dysfunction...
"Both Warren and Klobuchar seem to realize that the first step toward winning the nomination is simply to be one of the few candidates who is still standing after Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and California. Owning a distinctive and important 'lane' is the way to accomplish that. With two dozen candidates, voters will eagerly grab onto simple, powerful messages and visual imagery in order to sort out the candidates and cull the field to a manageable number..."

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